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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  November 19, 2021 9:00am-12:00pm EST

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will save the country from this monstrosity. maria: it looks dead on arrival in the senate. >> exactly. at the end of the day if the moderates on the house don't get the moderates in the senate, i truly believe will stop it and it is hopefully ends there. maria: have a great weekend. at 8:00 pm eastern, "varney and company" begins now. stuart: good morning. kevin mccarthy, the republican leader in the house, made a valiant effort to stall the build back better plan, successfully delay the vote the cancer the way forever. members going through procedural motions leading to a full vote later today. that is the theory. we get into what is in this
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plan and its actual costs. it is not what the democrats are telling you. wall street journal calls it the most dishonest spending bill in america's history. another big story. austria has declared a lockdown for the country and all austrians must be vaccinated by february. the first national mandate in a european country. germany has stepped up restrictions. where else will mandate and lockdowns expand? that is the major concern today. these two stories had a financial impact. look at the selloff and cryptos, there's a pastor regulation in the build back better plan. 56,000 earlier, 57-6, 4200 for ethereum. the stock market took a hit when austria announced direct connection on covid. and lockdowns and mandates spread, it is effective worldwide.
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a couple hundred points at "the opening bell". and the downside. the nasdaq shows a gain of 81 points. the nasdaq doing will because the 10 year treasury yield is down to one.35%. a new fox poll shows the build back better plan is not popular with voters. 46% oppose, 44% in favor. it shows parents oppose vaccinating children 51% to 43%. massive spending, transformation of society, forced vaccination, we will cover it all on november 19th, 2021. "varney and company" is about to begin.
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stuart: the house reconvened at 8:00, after delaying the spending bill vote. >> kevin mccarthy gave a passionate and record - within hours in 32 minutes. looks like they have the votes to pass it. then the measure goes to the senate then kicked back to the house. the final version, likely won't get that until the new year. stuart: what did the bean counters say this costs? >> $357 billion added to the deficit over ten years while bringing in $207 billion meaning the deficit is $160 billion.
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if the temporary programs, the real cost is $5 million in the cbo is not the only person saying that. if you take the childcare allow once they have it for one year. will they take that away? stuart: 10 years, the real cost of that allowance, $1.3 trillion. it is absolute trickery. the bills back better plan, the most dishonest spending bill in american history. let's go through this again. full well they will never be repealed and therefore knowing full well that the real cost is astronomical. i'm not buying it and i hope joe manchin doesn't buy it.
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what do you say? >> what a cynic you are. the idea using government would bait and switch us, tell us it is only going to be a year-long program and people love this so much, the only way the federal government operates. states hate this. it means the feds will start a program and if the state is required to pick it up everybody blames the governors. what it really is, the wall street journal is right, this is the most dishonest spending bill because it's not about spending. it is about realigning the economy from private sector to big government. more things will be controlled by big government. if you love government and trust government and make better decisions with their money, you can ever make for yourself, this is your bill, you want to get on the phone, ask your congressman and senators who write but if you have some degree of concern
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about how the federal government, if you don't want to see a bunch more of your money go to high tax states like in the northeast you better oppose this with all you've got. let's go back to wearing masks that say stop listing and we are wearing masks not for covid but because this bill stinks up america in the only way we can stomach it is to wear a mask over our face. stuart: the only way around it is to rely on senator manchin and kristen sinema to take the bad stuff out some way or other. we rely on those two senators. >> i'm praying for their safety. hope they have a wonderful thanksgiving. hope they enjoy their time and when they get back to places like arizona and west virginia, they are surrounded by seen people, not the crazy people.
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go do the right thing. and maybe they will save the country. stuart: senator manchin, had a reporter that affect. what happens when you get to the senate? you and i are in agreement about the dreadful build back better plan. we've got fox poll just out examining president biden's performance, key take aways. >> reporter: 44% of the job he's doing in office down 10 percentage points from 5 months ago. that is the overall rating, 44% approval. he doesn't do much better on the issues. 54% say he is focused on the wrong issue. winning four say legislation like build back better else there families and 53% say the president's age is impacting his performance.
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he turns 79 and tomorrow. stuart: a difficult thing to talk about, age. >> reporter: age and performance, he's 10 months in and we are less then a year from the midterms, not good for the president or the party. stuart: thanks very much. a great corporate story. apple getting into electric vehicles. they want to launch their self driving electric vehicle by 2025. david nicholas follows apple. do you think this is good long-term for apple stock? >> it is. secretive projects, fully autonomous electric vehicle by 2025 which is pretty ambitious but if they do it is great for the stock, disastrous for other electric automakers because apple has done not by building hype around their products. a huge confess in the consumer
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market, apple, facebook, microsoft, you can't that against these companies, even when their stock, has the capital to innovate. there is no steering wheel. one thing going 5 miles an hour. when you go 80 miles down the road with no steering wheel i am not sure i feel like that but you try first and give the swing. stuart: is the setting up apple versus tesla competition? >> no question. this is the biggest competition for tesla, and apple. this is the first auto company that could actually become petition to tesla. they build trucks. lucid is for the luxury market. apple may be the first car brand that can compete in all sectors, small and midsize and trucks against the company like this. stuart: ruby and is behaving like a meme stock.
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is a meme stock? >> ipos can be volatile at the start but retail investors lost a lot of money. the 150 range. it is not a meme stock but so much excitement around this. i love the excitement that i am a numbers guy and when i look under the hood, they will deliver 25,000 cars compared to gm or forward that will deliver 3 million cars. they give 6 million production capacity. i don't know how they compete with the gm report but they could compete in the commercial market. if ribian can get into a commercial space delivery vehicle i think they will do well. they will not be able to compete in the resale market. stuart: good to see you.
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we will see you next week. we are going down for the dow industrials. nice gain for the nasdaq. enjoy read would like you to believe concerns about inflation are just a republican talking point. >> republicans want you to believe the economy, is at its lowest point since before the pandemic began. prices are higher but americans spending record amount of money. stuart: we have a bombshell report on where covid came from. a top epidemiologist is pointing the finger at the wuhan market, not the wuhan lab. what does doctor scott atlas think of that? he served as trump's covid advisor. doctor scott atlas is here next. ♪♪
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comcast business. powering possibilities. >> in oklahoma, sunny but chilly. the house started the vote on the president's multi-trillion dollar spending bill known as build back better that started the vote count. speaker pelosi doesn't normally go to a vote unless she knows she's going to get it but it is a close run thing. we are following it all day. futures suggest a big drop for the dow, not as bad as if human is ago.
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nasdaq up 60. the fda has authorized pfizer and moderna's covid boosters for all adults 18 and older in the united states. they barred, going much further, >> vaccinating everyone over the age of 12 starting february 1st. the lockdowns begin monday. how long did it last? 10 to 20 days. the fourth lockdown, schools they open. the netherlands have a partial lockdown and there's talk that germany could follow. that's the reason the market is under pressure. the reopening plays getting hit, bonds are rallying because europe's are down. it is scary. could that happen here? stuart: it started here but i don't think it will go as far. >> would protest even more.
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epidemic says it began in a and the market in wuhan. doctor scott atlas joins us now. what do you make of it? >> i haven't seen the analysis but i will point out something critical. we don't have transparency on fundamentally important things not just this country but the world. all kinds of politicization of science was a bunch of virologists who should have known better, anyone who says is not natural is a conspiracy fierce and it was known it was natural. it wasn't known it was natural. i don't know the origin of the
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virus. i never heard any discussion about the origin of the virus. this is critical, a critical example as there is about erratic comments from leadership of the public health effort. we've not had transparency. we have compounding factors about funding. the american people deserve better. an investigation of the origin of the virus and instead we have science the scientists acting politically rather than seeking the truth. stuart: the fda okayed the booster shots for all adults 18 and older. will we see booster mandates in america? >> sadly, nothing will surprise me about what the role of the government, the most important factor undermining the confidence, they created a
9:20 am
misconception. the vaccines are still good at protecting from death and serious illness in sweden, there might be some waning against protection of death in the very old, only those over 80 is a reduction in the protection against death after the nine months of the study but there is clear evidence that vaccines do not last long protecting against an infection and against spreading the infection. we are not really protected against getting infected or against that. you are protecting yourself by taking the vaccine against serious illness or death but not protecting society by having other people get vaccinated. not after four to six months.
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personal protection, not really public protection, requires and should be allowed to have judgment on who should take the vaccine. as far as the booster, i think it makes sense. if you are high risk you want to consider taking the booster to mandate a booster to tell people under 20, who have no significant risk for serious illness, healthy people under 20, to mandate vaccines and boosters, boosters have no safe to daily. a few thousand people file for 30 days. that's not safety data. safety data on a vaccine takes 5 to 10 years, this is denial science, people in government who are really out of control, they are not acting on the
9:22 am
science, using words of science but not acting on the science. people need to become critical thinkers for themselves. stuart: scott atlas, thanks for being with us on a critical day. taking on president biden's vaccine mandates. >> science four bills in brandon, florida, you know the phrase let's go brandon. who is alongside him in the signing of those four bills? fiona, the second-grader suspended from school for refusing to wear a mask over and over again. this was deliberate but what does this legislation do? some of it is common sense. it requires private employers allow exemptions from the glad religious reasons, past recovery from covid. the ability to mandate vaccines and prevent schools from acquiring vaccination for students. stuart: that governor has his
9:23 am
head screwed on just right. in my opinion when it comes to covid if you go to florida it is bustling, like real society again. >> campaigning for 2024. stuart: check those futures, mixed picture down 70 on the dow, up 60 on the nasdaq, "the opening bell" is next. ♪♪ dad, we got this. we got this. we got this. we got this. we got this. yay! we got this. we got this!
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and better protection costs a whole lot less. you're in good hands with allstate. click or call for a lower auto rate today. stuart: mark mahaney, you look at all these earnings report, studied all of them. which stocks are you picking for us now? you like uber these days. >> the mega space. i'm intrigued by amazon, we went to a clearing event, it suggested the superstrong holiday season. what we are hearing that, with superhigh savings american consumers are sitting with, amazon does that.
9:28 am
stuart: you think amazon goes above 4000, that the previous forecast and your confirming that. >> that is right. got to give me a little bit of rope, 12 month outlook, hard to make 2-month calls. the strongest asset. stuart: uber is at 44. where do you think it is going? >> this has been frustrating for us. this is the part of all the sectors i look at. best bill the most impacted by covid is ride sharing. volumes are below where they were pre-covid. we have worked a commute back at normal levels and don't have business travel back at normal levels was when that occurs it is a matter of when, not if, 3, 6, 9 months and we get another covid down track, uber
9:29 am
continues to have problems. stuart: not all the covid winners are still winning. tell me more. >> a couple stocks re-rated during the covid crisis, with names like ebay, helicon and pinterest, but they are not permanent winners in a way that stocks first suggested. those 3 we would be cautious on. stuart: does that mean self and if you've got them? >> it depends on the timing, investment timing. we have hold on all of those. we are not buyers on start? stuart: i think you are most favorable towards amazon as you have always been. is that accurate? >> you and i talk about "squid game," and how much of the hit
9:30 am
that was. not always amazon. i have a bias towards amazon. stuart: have a good evening. 15 seconds to go. on friday morning, looking for some red for the dow and the s&p, looking for some green on the nasdaq. you will see some numbers on screen on friday. we are off and running and down from the get go. 8500 points down on the dow. the s&p 500 he can out a small gain, 0.4%. look at the nasdaq, a gain of one third of one%. big techs are doing well, only loser is apple. microsoft at another intraday high, $3.42 this morning.
9:31 am
what do we know about this apple self driving electric car? >> in 2025 apple will ramp up as i told you, a few days ago when you look at crazy valuations, the executives say we can do that too, we can get a valuation of $1 trillion with tesla priced in. maybe production of 4 to 7 years instead of something longer according to these reports. stuart: a target of 2025. >> you have to be careful with the term self driving. think of it as full self driving, the automated feature, we are not talking a self driving robotic car that will drive itself. this is a software update look
9:32 am
at looking at analyst notes everyone on board saying it is a question of when, not if and also morgan stanley, the most notable, the analyst at morgan stanley, software services, could be a subscription model in the future and jonas, the top auto analyst, nec case for everybody else. stuart: they like it. >> when apple gets and everybody will be shirking it. stuart: let's go to tesla who will be competitive with apple. >> i came with a note on the applecart. saying questions of when, not if, and raised target price to 1400 along that. >> didn't they raise their target price? 1400. >> okay. >> easy race we are in.
9:33 am
do we bring up the other easy stocks today, lucid -- >> really and was up earlier. >> a 10% decline yesterday. they double the offer price of the ipo. i don't think the profit is coming that quickly. stuart: they absolutely soared yesterday, 6%. a great introduction. >> the sweet cream. of fowler kind of girl. the price, $28 yesterday, doubling, looking at metrics, $5.5 million, the technology company, the orders are digital but we see this with consumer brands the past 12 months. in the first week or few
9:34 am
months, you have to prove it. stuart: my mother used to call salad rabbit food. some companies reported before the bill, footlocker reporting, down 8%. >> came out ahead with sales and profits but ongoing problems with the supply chain the rest of the year. we have been talking about semiconductors are king and the match provides services for big chipmakers, as i told you yesterday over and over you will hear ceos blame inflation or shortage. stuart: into it. >> turbotax with complicated books you have. into it makes turbotax and
9:35 am
others benefiting from credit karma. >> let's have a look at pfizer. they don't do much from 35 to 52, not bad but which financial firm has raised the target price? >> it is a 21%. maybe they haven't done much for 11 months, 21% in 30 days. today you have -- outperforming worth 60 bucks because they hype on anticipation of the pfizer drug with hospitalizations by 90%. >> that is where we are with vaccinemakers. look at nike, a clothing company and roblocks. what are they doing? >> can't wait to hear your
9:36 am
views on this, it is a lead up in the virtual world, they are launching a virtual play place of ideas on roblocks, they dress their digital avatars so is that cute? they will play in nike shoes. >> entirely understandable. >> it is on the verse where zuckerberg is calling it meta-verse but over and over we are hearing more companies jump to the end but because it is a digital world and things will change in ten years, not for better society but it will be virtually augmented. >> screens rule forever. you're getting into your phone, into the experience. >> it is a business, not great for society.
9:37 am
stuart: on the screen dow winners headed by microsoft, 343. amgen is in there as well. s&p 500 as we just explains and nasdaq, the winners are so far today - we've got winners, the dow is down 218 points, 35,600. look at the 10 year treasury yield, 152. that is why big tech is doing well. gold is up $0.10, bitcoin under pressure because the bills back better plan has a pathway to some regulation intos don't like that, crude oil down to $77 a barrel, natural gas is shy of $5, the other price for gas, look at california they
9:38 am
broke to a new level, $4.70 for regular, average in california. >> $5 a gallon. some pretty interesting things about the industry she hopes to regulate. key democrats are not backing down, they are defending her. role tape. >> do you have concerns that she said the banking industry is in a whole industry? >> he was talking about many of the people who work in that industry. stuart: who elected president biden to be the next fdr? alexandria ocasio cortez apparently. role that tape. >> a few weeks ago, congresswoman abigail sandberg are said nobody elected joe biden to be fdr. >> i did. >> he made an appearance. i did. look at it.
9:39 am
tesla, lucid, caribbean, apple, apple's he could've self driving electric car coming, might not have a steering wheel or petals. we will explain it all after this. ♪♪
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stuart: it has happened. the house has passed the multi-trillion dollars social spending bill known as build back better. edward lawrence is with us. it is on to the senate. >> one democrat voted no on this bill. half of the members, 105 of them voted proxy so they aren't in the washington dc area. the bill could happen in the
9:44 am
senate or at a later date. it is when nancy pelosi decides to enrolled the bill and moving on. more news in the dc area, the president has gone to walter reed medical center for his annual checkup. is he getting a routine colonoscopy, during that colonoscopy he will be under anesthesia. what happens now is the white house has transferred power to the vice president. in a statement the white house is saying, quote, president biden will transfer power to the vice president for the brief period of time when he is under anesthesia. the vice president will work from her office in the west wing during this time. this is the same procedure president george w. bush underwent in 2002 and 2007, temporarily transferring power. the 20 fifth amendment allows him to do that in section 3 for a medical procedure. that will come back to the president when he is out of
9:45 am
anesthesia and back thinking clearly as the fog of the anesthesia when you get to this. the president arrived at walter reed less than an hour ago undergoing that procedure and at some point he will get the power of the presidency back after he has come out of anesthesia. stuart: going back to apple. it is pushing back the return to the office date. they will begin the hybrid work program in february and bring more people in march. we talked about apple's self driving cars, great deal. they are working on especially designed chip just for that car. >> much of the work is already done on that custom core processor and apple tested it. it will enable fulfill driving capabilities. that means no steering wheel, no petals. it has been tested by other automakers. as soon as 2025.
9:46 am
apple is usually late to the game with devices and products but arguably better. canadian that this time? if they have this chip are they going to sell those vehicles to? tube are's for business use or do they let other people manufacture a car for them? stuart: we may have someone here who can answer these questions. his name is ray long. he's joining us in the studio. the chip for the apple car. how big a deal is it? >> the chip is important. the m one architecture allows him to process them superfast using the ai capabilities. what happens when a passenger comes in front of a pedestrian? the cars in front of you.
9:47 am
the chip has to be superfast, super intelligent and learn on the fly and has to be part of a larger network. stuart: it is a big deal. >> that is the chip they don't have. stuart: they could sell that chip to other otto manufacturers. >> the original project site and specifications, have a car with a steering wheel. and go the other way. a when you are our big tech guy. i take it you like apple stock in the long run bearing in mind this news. >> i do. it will have a lot to the capabilities and give another product line service line to go after. stuart: you like apple, you usually like tesla. you like tesla? a couple years down the road. >> they are different companies. tesla is a data company and services, part of the movement that is different, looking at lucid, one is a pet company that happens to be in your operating systems.
9:48 am
stuart: both are going up from where they are now. you don't have to explain to me just pass judgment on it. meta-. the meta-verse. you like it? >> it is a good model. it is going to win in the digital advertising. is an important space. is accompanied is a different story in terms of what it is doing. it doesn't add that. your data is sold out on you and that's the challenge with meta-blooge stuart: will that hurt the stock? >> they will do performance wise and it is a good ad. stuart: i write in saying the meta-thing is you live in the experience as opposed to looking at it on your phone. you are in it as opposed to outside. is that good? >> you have a digital representation and have a physical representation and sometimes they would get
9:49 am
together or blend and you will see representation the digital universe and meet the appointment in the physical universe. >> can i put on these goggles and see myself, a digital representation of myself walking down the street. >> it will start like that but in the future it is an environment where you will be embedded into the pixel. >> i can see them in the room. you wouldn't be there but i can see you there. >> a big screen all around you. bees will be around everywhere. stuart: this is fascinating. great to have you in the studio. thank you. completely different subject, the judge in the kyle rittenhouse trial bands m s nb from the courtroom after a producer follow the bus carrying jurists. sandra smith will consider the implications. orders are blaming the previous administration for the border
9:50 am
crisis was lara logan will take that on next hour. ♪♪ i promise to be a careful steward of the things that matter to you most. i promise to bring you advice that fits your values. i promise our relationship will be one of trust and transparency. as a fiduciary, i promise to put your interests first, always. charles schwab is proud to support the independent financial advisors who are passionately dedicated to helping people achieve their financial goals. visit what's strong with me? what's strong with me? what's strong with me? what's strong with me? with me! with me!
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stuart: the liberal media might try to dismiss inflation but this new poll paint a different picture. 73% of voters say rising grocery prices are causing hardship. 72% point to gas prices causing hardship. you are talking to consumers. what are they telling you? >> every day necessities are eating into their budget and it is worrisome to them. what is worse is not only dealing with these problems now but they are worried about the future and wonder if it will get better. that poll is recently out. it paints a picture of what we are dealing with today. when it comes to areas people are most concerned with you are looking at gas, grocery prices and housing costs. those are the things people are
9:55 am
worried about the rising gas, 72% of americans say it is causing hardship for the family and easy to see why. the average price for a gallon of gas just hit $3.41. that is up from an average of $2.12 the same time last year. when americans aren't feeling pain at the pump they are spending more on groceries with 3 quarters of americans saying their food. creating hardship for them as well as they tried to budget and battle inflation on all fronts. always setting up to a bleak economic picture for americans today. >> spent a lot of money to fill up my car. food prices are up. paying a lot more money than i have had in a while. it affected my wallet. i hope it gets better. i really do. got to get paid more. it is tough. tough right now.
9:56 am
>> reporter: you heard it, prices going up, wages are not magic and you understand why he was complaining about the gas prices. the station right here if you pay with a credit card for you are nearly paying $4 a gallon. all of this is about the economy and it is coming back and impacting the president. at last count, 58% of americans do not approve of the job biden is doing. stuart: 58%, big number. appreciate it. still ahead, kayleigh mcenany, rick grenell, tammy bruce, the 10:00 hour of varney is next. ♪♪ ♪♪
9:57 am
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>> ♪ keep away from run around sue ♪ stuart: what's this? run around sue? i don't know why we're playing that, but there you go, good morning, everybody, it's 10:00 eastern, straight to the money, the dow sliding to the tune of 181 points, the nasdaq actually hitting an all-time high, intra day i guess, you're well above 16,000 as we speak. big tech is doing pretty well, the yield on the 10 year treasury is down so big tech goes up, watch him go, a new
10:01 am
high for microsoft by the way, 344 and there's the treasury yield 1.52%, bitcoin taking it on the chin today, its moved up a bit back to 58,000 it was much lower than that earlier, there's a pathway to some regulation in the build back better plan that has just passed the house. that's why bitcoin is under pressure today, all right folks, now this. cheers, on the house floor that the democrats pass build back better. in my opinion, it is not an honest piece of legislation, there's trickery involved here. the true cost of this giant move to the left as i would call it is closer to 5 trillion, not 2 trillion. here's how the trickery works. take, for example, the enhanced child care allowance, a very big program costing $130 billion a year, it's scheduled to expire in one year, so the counters at the cbo put the cost at
10:02 am
130 billion, but it won't expire when the year is up, which politician is going to end a program that gives money for children? so the real cost over 10 years is? 1.3 trillion, not 130 billion. they aren't going to tell you that. in fact, if you cost-out all these programs properly, the true cost of the plan overall is 4.9 trillion. according to the committee for responsible federal budget, more than double what the democrats say it's going to cost. we're going to be borrowing trillions of dollars, to say it's paid for , and will cost zero dollars, is another form of financial trickery. their strategy is very clear. get these programs on the books and dare republicans to takeaway money for parents and children, right before next year's elections. it's a cynical ploy, slipping in radical change with financial slight of hand. the wall street journal calls it the most dishonest spending bill in american history, and i agree second hour of "varney", we're just getting warmed up.
10:03 am
all right, fox news poll, a new fox poll shows president biden's approval 44%. it doesn't look like passing build back better will help him out at all. more people oppose the plan, 59% , saying it'll be paid for by people like them, not the wealthy. tammy bruce joins us this friday morning. it's going to pass the senate, look now it passed in the house. now it goes to the senate. if there's a single program, one of these social programs if a single one of it survives the senate you'll never get rid of it, it'll be here forever, right? >> yes and everyone knows that. once it passes, it's going to stay, nothing ever really expires but this is where the senate can come in and we've seen them delay and push things off. mitch mcconnell has some control
10:04 am
there, obviously, it's a 50/50 senate. we've seen the signal of the virginia election, we see these polls showing the american people are not just unhappy they are enraged. we do not like what's happening. you see it not just in his poll number but the vice president is at 28% approval. this is in a different poll, but you see this collapse of their approval ratings but also, congress' approval is in the dumpster. american people don't appreciate what either the republicans or the democrats are doing. this has got to be more than about elections. its got to be about what are we doing to the country, and to think about that, and sometimes it's better to do nothing and if that's what they can do is push it off, or kill it, there's got to be at least a couple of democrat senators who will help us do that. stuart: i don't think they are going to kill it. i think there will be some arm-twisting, senator manchin was apparently seen at the white house yesterday, there will be horse trading, some arm-twisting , something will come back and then he goes back to the house, i've got that, but
10:05 am
it's not, i don't think this is going to be killed completely. i can't see that. >> i think that the difference is that you could be right, that they are in a bubble. it's clear that just even their comments about inflation, that oh, you can afford it, this is just a little bit more extra money, when you're worth $100 million, when some of the wealthiest people in the country, inflation doesn't affect you. stuart: no it doesn't. >> it affects the average person whose middle class or some, you know, lower middle class, some moving into poverty. that's what tells you that they're disconnected from the american people, and when that has happened, as it has, then yes, they will make deals even that burn our own house down because it's not their house and that's what, look, we'll have certainly a turnover next year, but in the meantime, people's lives will be ruined, this economy will be even further destroyed, and even if there's a return from the inflationary period, or at least if that stops, you've gotta have a deflationary period to get back to what the normal spending, what a normal economy would look like, and it doesn't
10:06 am
look like we're going to get out of inflation. stuart: the impact on the economy has yet to be seen. >> that's right. stuart: tammy, thank you very much. >> thank you. stuart: have a great weekend. during the debate, house minority leader kevin mccarthy, he had an eight hour speech, okay? he was trying to delay the vote and he succeeded largely. he was interrupted, who interrupted him lauren? lauren: it was alexandria ocasio-cortez, listen for her voice at the end of this exchange. >> just a few weeks ago, congresswoman abigail spanburger said nobody elected joe biden to be fdr. stuart: oh. lauren: that says it, as we're looking at this spending, who, why? he wants the legacy of biden, who campaigned as a moderate, is being pushed to be progressive. he wants to be transformative just like fdr. fdr back in the 30s had large majorities. he actively campaigned selling
10:07 am
the new deal to help americans after the depression. biden doesn't have that passion. he doesn't have that clarity of message. the new deal, everybody knew what the new deal was, we have b bb, we have the american rescue plan, it's all over the place. the biden administration has a slight majority in both houses and low approval ratings so there's the difference. stuart: yes, big difference. a huge difference. lauren: but if you wonder like how is this happening they are trying to transform our relationship with the government parallel that to fdr. stuart: it's the socialists pushing this , they will never give it up, good stuff, lauren. check those markets again, please. we are now what, 37 minutes into the friday trading session. dow is down 250, nasdaq is up 72 kenny polcari with me now. i don't see much reaction, kenny , to the passing in the house of build back better. what do you say? >> yeah, i don't think so, because i think it's going to go on to the senate where it's
10:08 am
going to be dead on arrival at least initially. i do agree with you that i think there's absolutely going to be horse trading and prompt chuck schumer will promise manchin and sinema all kinds of goodies for them to buy their vote, which be very disappointing if that happens, but i fully expect that we're going to get a bill eventually, it's not maybe going to be this bill that we see in this current form but it's also not even going to be 1.5 trillion like you said or 1.7. it is absolutely going to be closer to 4-4.5 trillion by the time it's over. if everyone is honest with themselves but currently they don't want to be honest about it stuart: it seems to me the big threat for investors for the market is the tax hikes that are coming in build back better, because they directly affect the market, and also, this prying by the irs looking into your bank account for any transactions over $10,000. this is very intrusive. this is a big negative for investors. i'm actually surprised that we've not seen a bigger reaction
10:09 am
to it on wall street so far. >> yeah, i'm actually surprised we haven't but i think part of that is that wall street, i think, is thinking that it's not going to, it's not ultimately going to make its way in. if it does, then i think we're going to see more of a reaction but i think wall street is making the bet that there is still a shot that back with the horse trading and back and forth, that that ridiculous aspect of it is going to get tossed out or at least, i hope so and if it doesn't, then i think the market reacts. stuart: are you buying anything today? >> i'm not buying anything today, because i'm waiting to see , i want to see what happened with this vote today, i want to see how the weekend goes , i put some money to work earlier in the week so i'm good at the moment with money sitting on the side waiting but today i'm not actually doing anything. stuart: tell me what you put your where you put your money to work earlier this week. give me a hint. >> [laughter] so, i put some money into microsoft. stuart: i knew it. >> one of your favorites and it's becoming one of mine, every
10:10 am
day that goes by i just love it more and more but i put money into ibm and i put more money into jpmorgan. stuart: i hear it, 344 on microsoft, thank you very much, kenny. you're a good man, you're all right >> have a great weekend. stuart: we'll see you next week. the senate grilled president biden's pick for bank regulator, lauren? senator warren, elizabeth warren , came to saule omarova's defense. lauren: don't give senator warren for being discrete. listen to how she answered hillary vaughn. reporter: senator warren do you have concerned that dr. omarova has said the banking industry is an a-hole industry? >> i think she was talking about many of the people who work in that industry. stuart: oh, well it was a good response. lauren: it was good. look, saule omarova called for shrinking the big banks, carving out a bigger role for the fed that crimps the private banks profits and makes them smaller that is exactly what elizabeth warren wants, clearly. stuart: okay. a fiery hearing, i believe just the other day, right?
10:11 am
let's have a look at some of the movers start with williams s onoma down 3%? lauren: they are warning of product shortages lasting until middle of 2022 including this holiday season so it doesn't matter how good the earnings are, how strong demand is, you need product. stuart: hr departments use this workday software. down 2%. lauren: it's popular now because it helps companies fill jobs, right? they are also making an acquisition of a company that helps manage business tasks in the cloud the stock is down but one analyst points out it's a little bit of a breather that hit an all-time high earlier this week. stuart: hotels, now with austria cracking down, i see it, hotels are down look at that. lauren: it's all in the reopening plays today, is austria the only country in western europe that's going to reimpose some sort of lockdown, it's a full lockdown in austria is germany next so if you look at the reopening plays, the airlines, cruises are all down today. stuart: particularly troubling
10:12 am
is that austria will force vaccination, a vaccine mandate for all adults starting in february. nobody else has done that if it spreads travel places get hit. lauren: does that eventually include the booster, the third shot? stuart: yes. lauren: keeps going. stuart: thanks lauren. coming up, 30% of hospital workers remain unvaccinated. i'll ask dr. ben carson what he thinks is going on there. time running out, if you're looking to buy artificial christmas tree this year, a report on the christmas tree shortage, yes, there is one, next. vice president harris is blaming former president trump for the problems at the border. roll tape. >> we can't just flip a switch and make it better. the reality is that we inherited a system, an immigration system that was deeply broken. stuart: [laughter] you inherited an immigration system that actually worked, and to control the border. laura logan will have more comment on that, coming up, next
10:13 am
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stuart: all right, let's go to the border, bill is there joining the texas department of public safety on a heavily armed gun patrolling the rio grande river, you're on the boat now, what did you see there, bill? reporter: stuart good morning to you that's exactly right. we are embedded with texas dps as they continue to have to help out their federal partners through operation lone star and what they're looking for here on the rio grande is going to be drug smuggling, human smuggling, rafts coming across the river you name it they are looking for it obviously a lot of the illegal activity that happens along the border happens in between the ports of entry and that's why we'll often see those rafts or people coming across the river so texas dps has these
10:18 am
boats patrolling hotspots down here in the rio grande valley. one of the things they are looking for is drugs, we know fentanyl has been pouring across the border how much are we talking take a look at the startling graphic here. the state of texas alone just in 2021 through last week, has already seized 413 pounds of fentanyl just to put that in perspective for you, that is enough lethal doses to kill 93.7 million people. just one kilo of fentanyl can kill 500,000 people, so that is an enormous amount. they aren't just looking for drugs they are obviously looking for human smugglers as well plenty of that down here take a look at this video out of far texas, down in the rgv, texaspursuing this truck driven by a suspected human smuggler after he saw it leaving a suspected stash house, they pull it over and take a look at these photos here. the smuggler was dressed up as a fake construction worker, he had a little vest on, a neon hard hat on as well, trying to play the part. he had five illegal immigrants
10:19 am
inside of the vehicle with him, that smuggler was charged with human smuggling five counts as well as evading. it's not just happening down here in the rio grande valley though take a look at this video up in the del rio area, this is where texas dps is also working the private ranchers where the runners like to come through in the middle of the night on private property trying tophet further into texas on this night they were able to get more than 20 of these runners often wearing camouflage, black, they do not want to be caught, and texas dps hads are the only ones out working those private ranches, if they weren't there the runners would get through without any resistance, back out here live texas dps is patrol ling this river all day long basically early in the morning all the way until the evening we're embedded with them throughout the entire day as they are hunting for , again, drug, human smugglers and any criminal activity just last week , in a span of 14 hours here in the rio grande valley, four
10:20 am
ms-13 gang members were apprehended so that gives you an idea of the activity. we'll be out here all gay day long, anything happens we'll be sure to send it back to you. stuart: great reporting, new vice president kamala harris is blaming former president trump for what she calls the broken immigration system. that's her words. listen to this. >> well it's not going to be overnight. we can't just flip a switch, and make it better. the reality is that we inherited a system, an immigration system, that was deeply broken, and it's requiring us to actually put it back together in terms of creating a fair process that is effective and efficient. stuart: deeply broken system, she's putting it back together and making it fair. lair a logan on the screen, what do you say to that, laura? >> well it's a lie. it's a complete lie and it's meant to hide the truth from the american people, and the truth is that the biden administration has open border
10:21 am
borders who are running their policy who they opened the border from day one, its never been closed. you know, stuart, don't you remember when obama was going down to the border to address the crisis in 2014-2015? we surpassed those levels, and yet this administration has never called it a crisis. they never have taken one single step or altered one single policy in order to reduce the flow of people coming across the border. in fact every action they take increases the flow of people coming over the border. their only instructions to border patrol are get rid of these people, get them out of sight as fast as you can, and would you believe this , stuart? bill was talking about the fentanyl coming over, do you know that this country now for the first time in history, the cdc estimates more than 100,000 americans died from overdose deaths in a one-year period. never happened before. stuart: how can we do away with
10:22 am
this. we've all been around for a long long time saying exactly what's happening, the fentanyl, the migrants, et cetera et cetera. why is it that nothing gets done and a second question, isn't this beginning to be a real political problem for biden? >> well, you know, they don't care what the political problems are for biden because it's very easy to just get rid of biden, right? and blame him for everything, and what they're not addressing is the actual policy itself. the policy itself is one of open borders. they have removed the word " illegal" from the language that border patrol agents are allowed to use. the media followed suit. we no longer talk about illegal immigrants, we talk about migrants. why? because the united nations has recognized migration as a human right, so the biden administration now is talking about the 1.2 billion refugees
10:23 am
that have a human right to migrate and what they've done by tying the hands of border patrol , tying the hands of law enforcement, and giving rights under mayorkas' policies giving rights to illegal immigrants to sue the authorities and to take other action that supercedes the rights of american citizens to have a secure border, to have a sovereign nation and so on and so on, and none of that is being addressed because the media either ignores it or covers up for the biden administration. they lie about it, every time you see the problem like you have say fox news will put over their drone and you'll see all of the haitians under the bridge , what is the strategy get rid of the haitians, ban the media, and pretend that it's not happening and its been dealt with. why do they move the children and the families in the middle of the night? why are they moving them on charter planes? why are they paying hundreds of millions of dollars to catholic charities and jewish charities
10:24 am
and ngo's? to get rid of these children? why have they remove removed all of the checks and the dna testing and all of the processes that were designed to protect children from traffickers and to protect women and young men from being trafficked by the cartels? they don't do that anymore. they don't interrogate them or interview them they got rid of it all. stuart: i'm glad you're here to point this stuff out, lara, because a lot of people just simply don't know what's going on. i have to end it but thanks for being here and you can watch part three of the new season of lara logan has no agenda, global extremism, is available now on fox coming up, austria going into their fourth national lockdown. worse than that, they're going to mandate the jab, for everyone, over the age of 12. could those extreme measures appear in europe, could they come here? good question to ask, a fox poll shows 51% of parents are opposed
10:25 am
to vaccine mandates for students dr. ben carson on that, next. >> ♪ your shipping manager left to “find themself.” leaving you lost. you need to hire. i need indeed. indeed you do. indeed instant match instantly delivers quality candidates matching your job description. visit
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read it carefully. stuart: the dow is down 247, nasdaq up 64, show me apple and microsoft, please, because both of them have hit all-time highs. apple has gone to 158, microsoft at 342, i believe it was at 344 a little earlier. susan is back, roku wait a minute, wait a minute what's this about the developing original content? >> yeah, 50 new original shows, that's what roku will put their money in over the next two years , you know 155 million people use roku and stream billions of hours each quarter so roku they are thinking well we sell 30% less ads if the viewers watch content on other apps, right? so we might as well get 100% of all that. stuart: i didn't know roku put out original content. >> well they are starting to. stuart: this is the big deal, okay that is a big deal. >> it's a smart move. stuart: stocks up, um not much.
10:30 am
netflix, what do you got? >> yeah, so actually they were rallying more than 1% last hour, and this is because of new covid curves in europe, germany, that means they are going to stream more netflix. stuart: so i'm told, robinhood? >> yeah, despite winning that meme stock lawsuit last night in massachusetts, deutsche bank is calling it a sell this morning only worth in their view $32 because deutsche bank says that meme stock euphoria is causing wall street to overestimate the growth when it comes to this , let's get back to apple by the way it's rallying maybe a little bit on that apple car news but i think it's because it's underperformed in the last few months, it's playing catch up to other big tech like google which we know is up some 80% this year. stuart: 158 on apple so it's 2.3 trillion roughly. >> that's all, right? imagine another trillion for apple car. it's all numbers. stuart: i'll take it i'll take it, i'm not invested in apple i never bought it. >> i know, 40 years. stuart: i should have.
10:31 am
>> whose idea was that? stuart: my children said to me, you gotta buy apple, dad it was about $12 a share and i said no, its had its run. >> $12 before four splits. stuart: true, susan, we'll see you again later. >> okay. stuart: look at this a new fox news poll, it shows 51% of parents oppose mandating the covid vaccine for students. now look whose here, dr. ben carson is back. do you think the jab should be mandated for kids? >> well, you know, i generally am not for mandates because, you know, this is america. this is a place with freedom and liberty but also, you know, recognize that we have the best healthcare system in the world, so why should government bureaucrats be mandating what people should do for their health? why not let them work with their healthcare providers? now, as far as those parents are concerned, it shows me that they're thinking individuals,
10:32 am
because we know that the mortality associated with covid-19 in children is about the same as it is for seasonal flu and we don't go through all these things every year for seasonal flu, but what we don't know is whether the long term implications of these vaccines. this is still an experiment, and who wants to risk their kid in an experiment and when did we get to the point where we mandate people take part in an experiment? stuart: fair point. let me raise this with you as well. according to the cdc, 30% of hospital workers are still un vaccinated. i thought they be jumping at the chance of vaccination if they are working in hospitals but apparently not. can you explain why 30% are still not vaccinated? >> well, i think healthcare workers probably have been exposed to a little more information than the average
10:33 am
person, and also, many of them being on the front line have already had covid, so if they have it already, and they have natural immunity why would they then subject themselves to additional risk that they don't even know about? when we know that it's very very unusual for anybody whose had it already to get it again or to be able to transmit it, and the cdc admitted that last week. they said we don't have evidence of people who had covid already being able to transmit it or being reinfected, and then they added, but we don't really collect that data. well how foolish is that. you don't collect the data and then you make broad sweeping mandates based on incomplete facts? that makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. stuart: well is there any chance that some of these mandates, especially in the healthcare industry, could be taken back so that you don't force people out of the hospitals and out of the doctor' offices and we've got a full staff medical system.
10:34 am
can we not do that? >> i think we are gradually moving in that direction. you know, there are other countries who are making exceptions and are actually understanding the impact of natural immunity and some other things, and also remember, stuart, we have a number of treatments that have proven quite effective. the cdc won't acknowledge them, won't look at them, but many people in the healthcare professions are aware of them and know that they have access to them, so i think that really accounts for the difference, and we just need to get away from all of this mandating. you know, liberty is the reason that so many people came to the united states of america, and the government works for us. the people are not the subjects of the government. i think some people have forgotten that. stuart: that's the difference between europe and america. you saw what they're doing in austria now, mandating everybody
10:35 am
has to be vaccinated by february you couldn't do that in america, fortunately, but you can do it over there. that's why i'm here. >> well they are trying. stuart: that's why i'm here, always great to see you, come back soon, please. >> you too. thank you. stuart: now, at least two children in california were left sick after getting the jab. lauren: yup. stuart: did they get the wrong dose? lauren: 14 children were given a double dose, and two kids got sick because of it. couldn't go to school, stomach aches one fell down, how did this happen? we don't know. why does it keep happening? we don't know. they are reviewing the mistake, the cdc says the kids will be okay because when they were doing the testing and trials they gave them all different doses so they will be okay but for parents on the fence, you hear story after story that kids are getting the wrong doses, you're going to hesitate. by the way itch a parent is taking their child to be vaccinated, the orange cap is the vaccine that you want, not the purple. purple is adults, orange is for kids. stuart: that right? universal across america.
10:36 am
go for the orange cap for kids. coming up apple wants their self -driving electric vehicles, doing the stock a lot of good new high 158 that new car may not have have a steering wheel or pedals, next we head to long beach to see if there's been any ease in the log jams, jonathan hunt has the report, after this. >> ♪ as an independent financial advisor, i stand by these promises: i promise to be a careful steward of the things that matter to you most.
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stuart: look at those markets go down for the dow 229 up for the nasdaq 85 points we've got this on boeing that stock just hit a session low, because the wall street journal reports that their dreamliner production has slowed, yes it is a dow stock down 4%, it's shaving 70
10:41 am
points off the dow industrials. we're just one week from black friday, retailers struggling to keep the shelves stocked, jonathan hunt is at the port of long beach in california. jonathan, those ports are supposed to be open 24/7 for over a month, how has the log jam eased? reporter: well, two parts to that, stu. first of all the number of containers are on the docks at the twin ports of los angeles and long beach have come down slightly on the other hand, the number of container ships waiting offshore has gone up from a month ago, we actually hit a record high this week, comfortably above 80 of those container ships waiting days, even weeks to get in. the latest figures we have as of today, 75 of those ships waiting to get in, and that, despite president biden this week touting his own personal
10:42 am
intervention to try to unblock the supply chain. listen here to the president. >> i just had to convince the ports of long beach and los angeles where 40% of all products come into the western united states, to stay open seven days a week, 24 hours a day, because they are backing up ships and container vessels for miles and miles and miles, hundreds of them, and that's the reason why you don't have things on the shelves. reporter: and the president is right on that at least. there are a lot of shelves that are bare and a lot of stores across the country, and anybody whose been shopping online is probably experienced the difficulties of finding the particular size you want, inventory everywhere is down and it's all very well for the president to say well, i told the ports to open 24/7. it's not as simple as simply opening the gates here of the port 24 hours a day, seven days a week. there's a whole lot more to the supply chain, as the port
10:43 am
director here tried to diplomatically explain this week listen here. >> we implemented flex hours, opening the gates a little bit earlier, staggering lunches, working a little bit later in between the day and night shifts , while offering the 24/7 capability here at the port, it's an effort to try to get this entire orchestra of supply chain players to get on the same calendar. we've had very few takers to date. reporter: very few takers for that 24/7 operation. meaning they still don't have enough truck drivers, stu. they still have the unions not wanting to work the long shore man for instance 24/7 so it's all very well for president biden to say i told them to open the gates, the practicality of that is a lot more complicated and that's why when we get to black friday next week, a lot of americans are still going to have trouble finding what they really want to buy. stu? stuart: got it, jonathan hunt
10:44 am
right there, thank, jonathan, see you later. vice president harris was confronted about rising inflation, and the supply chain crisis. what happened? lauren: i give her credit she acknowledged the problem but i don't give her credit for her solution. >> well first of all, it's real , and it's rough. we need to bring down the cost of living, and that's a longstanding issue, and so we passed this week the infrastructure bill, but also, we need to deal with the cost of child care. the cost of prescription drugs, the cost of housing, and that's what we intend to do when we get the build back better agenda passed. lauren: saying like a firefighter putting out the fire like way in a distance instead of the one right in front of them and we keep getting warning after warning from economist after economist that build back better induces inflation, yet they are offering it as a solution. stuart: it's a major issue, they are clueless of what to do about it and they don't understand the political consequences of letting it roll on that's my opinion. all right thanksgiving dinner,
10:45 am
going to cost you more. lauren: speaking of inflation. stuart: yes, a lot more this year, we'll tell you how much. msnbc joy reed says inflation is not an issue in the economy. i know. roll tape. >> the economy isn't bad. it's just that people are mad because everything is late and things cost a little bit more. stuart: oh, really? sean and rachel campos-duffy will take that on next. >> ♪ (vo) singing, or speaking. reason, or fun. daring, or thoughtful. sensitive,
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10:49 am
stuart: want to get back to this , msnbc joy reed easy is inflation is not an issue in the economy. roll it again, please. >> republicans want you to believe the economy isn't doing well that's terrible, prices are higher which is never good but americans are also spending a record amount of money, aka inflation. the economy isn't bad, it's just that people are mad because everything is late and things cost a little bit more. stuart: okay, i'm glad we figured that one out okay look whose here now, sean and rachel campos-duffy joining me, it's going to be a very expensive
10:50 am
christmas for you guys. you've got nine children. i have to ask, have you bought your turkey yet? rachel: i did already. >> we have it, stuart, we're ready to go. rachel: it was the most expensive turkey i've ever bought. stuart: most expensive what did you pay per pound, do you remember? rachel: um, i know for the whole turkey it was like close to $60. >> $54 for the turkey. rachel: yeah. stuart: don't you go to one of those -- rachel: it wasn't even my biggest turkey. i think i'll have to buy a ham to make sure we have enough. stuart: with nine kids i can understand that. don't you go to a supermarket where if you buy $20 worth of groceries they give you a free turkey? rachel: that's the way to do it. if they still have those deals, i think in many stores, they are running out of turkeys. >> also i just saw one stuart you have to spend $400 to get the free turkey, it's
10:51 am
inflation. stuart: exactly. all right, let's get real here. i want to talk about your book. it's the all-american christmas, i know it's out now, just in time for the holidays, obviously , there it is on the screen right now. this is all about fox stars and how they celebrate christmas. where am i? where am i? or lauren? rachel: you're in part two. i wanted to make sure we hit number one with this book before we did the stuart stuary varney traditions and everything he did in england growing up and how he has come to american tradition, you're in part two. >> i sent you an e-mail. you never responded my e-mail, stuart, about getting in the book. stuart: did you really? >> i did. lauren too, come on. stuart: look, it's a great book, i've read it. no i'm not in it, but it really is cool, a wonderful christmas thing. can i raise a pet peeve of mine about christmas? maybe this isn't the time but i'm going to do it anyway. i always objected to those
10:52 am
mounds, those piles of presents under the tree, lots of junk, lots of people buying stuff, just to have them to un wrap it. the kids get tired of it. do you share that feeling? rachel: yeah, i do. i think there's an over commercialization of christmas in general and i think one of the things that i love about this book is so many of the people that we interview the fox talent, many of them came from nothing and their christmas memories had nothing to do with what was under the tree, what the they really remember is when grandma came over the food they cooked, the time they spent together as a family and that's what we hope people would get from this book. the heartwarming stories hopefully will remind them of their own memory, but there's also fun stuff in here, there's play lists and recipes and all kinds of stuff. >> we have nine kids though, the tree does get pretty full on christmas morning i'll just say that. rachel: by virtue of the number of kids. stuart: just tell me if you don't mind, do you guys have a personal family tradition that's
10:53 am
really different from everybody else? >> we always cut down our christmas tree, you probably know this , being a stihl guy, i like going out and getting my christmas tree and it's fresh. we love that, rachel setup a nativity that her mom gave her that's the whole down of bethlehem that takes up a couple big tables, the kids love that and they try to break them too and try to drop them and play with them and it's a lot of fun and we want to keep christ in christmas, which is theres an attack on christmas we feel and we celebrate christmas at fox and there's no better way to get to know someone you might see on tv for three hours a day or two hours a day to see how they celebrate christmas and how they celebrate now and the stories very perm to them, they share them and all in this book and you can get it at fox news, or anywhere books are sold. we were number one a couple days ago on amazon we're now like number four, the 1619 project was beating us stuart.
10:54 am
so help us get back to number one. stuart: buy that book, foxnews .com is where you can get it. great to have you on the show guys and i'll be in next year's edition. thank you very much indeed. rachel: thank you, stuart. stuart: if you're thinking of getting an artificial christmas tree this year, buy one sooner rather than later. supplies are dwindling. lydia hu at the national tree company in cranford, new jersey. if there's a shortage, i got to believe the prices have gone up. is that right? reporter: oh, stuart you're exactly right. the average price for an artificial tree is around $104 but the national tree company, it had to hike their prices this year by 25%, to offset their costs that have gone up by about 30%, which driving those costs, well these trees are made in china and the container ships as we know are costing more they say they used to pay $2,000 for a container ship and now it's up
10:55 am
to $20,000. another issue is the inventory. the christmas tree association says that retailers are down about 25% of the inventory they usually have this time of year. watch. >> we think there's going to be very high de demand for three reason, people have money in their pockets, last years christmas was a bit of a bust because of covid and three is the housing market so everybody wants to decorate their new home , inventory starts getting tight and we start seeing empty shelves. reporter: so the message here, stuart is if you had your heart on a particular type of artificial tree maybe one that spins, you better go out and buy it this weekend, because supplies are not expected to last. back to you. stuart: lidia, thank you very much indeed. still ahead, on this program, just one hour, sandra smith, kayleigh mcenany, ric grenell and there's this , europe imposing new and draconian covid lockdowns, austria is forcing all to get the jab.
10:56 am
here is a lesson for democrat states here, don't try to do that here, don't try to become more like europe, voters here don't like to be told what to do that's the theme of my take, and it's next. >> ♪ i'm so glad we did this. i'm so glad we did this. i'm so glad we did this. life is for living. let's partner for all of it. i'm so glad we did this. edward jones
10:57 am
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your strategic advantage. senate it will be dead on arrival, it will get a bill, in the current form 2 one.7. it will be closer to $4 trillion. will: this is the most dishonest spending bill. it's not about spending but realigning the economy, moving from private sector to the government. >> whatever the republicans and democrats are doing, if you are worth $100 million or the wealthiest people in the country it doesn't affect you.
11:01 am
will: ac/dc. a little shrill for 11:00 in the morning. it is 11:00 eastern time, friday, november 19th at the house has passed the build back better plan. no real reaction on the markets but the dow is down, the nasdaq is up 80. microsoft, apple and google hit all-time highs but look at the other cryptos, bitcoin headed for his first week in 6 months, back to 57 grand as we speak. there is a pathway to regulation in the build back better plan. that is hurting the cryptos.
11:02 am
now this was the government of austria will impose a nationwide lockdown starting monday and a vaccine mandate for everyone starting in february, the first time the european democracy has ordered forced vaccinations. we have to show a negative test every day to get on a bus. honest, isn't it? you wonder if the lockdown folks will take? from europe. cases are rising, 90,000 new cases a day, 70,000 a couple weeks ago. you can see it coming, more restrictions, more mandates. disney won't let you go on their cruise ships unless you are fully vaccinated. you can't go into a restaurant in new york city without your vax papers. and and republican states oppose mandates.
11:03 am
and 58% believe vaccines are safe and effective, the value is down from 65% two months ago. 49% approve of biden vaccination mandate on private companies, down from 56% in september. bottom line, if democrat states try to impose more restrictions and mandates and try to become more like europe they have to contend with voters are increasingly against being told what to do. this is america. it is not europe. the third hour of varney, we are just getting warmed up. we've got more on build back better, more on the markets, more on everything but i'm getting into the e b market, the electric vehiclemakers. jonathan honing is with me in studio, normally in chicago but
11:04 am
in the big apple for some real action. the easy market is a mania when you look at the stocks. i marvel at the technology but look at the stock prices, there is no present or future, the past repeating over and over but i have seen this story before. look at tesla, has a p/e ratio up 700. the long-term average between 12, and 20, like the line from wall street, >> pick the winners in a crowded field. you try to shuffle out the losers here. do you have winners? >> too early to know. back to the era, the
11:05 am
average tech stock goes up 1000% in just two years. that is what you are seeing, ipos becoming public, no real history, making ocasio, and infospace, to $2 a share in two years time. i look at these in the late 90s and they are flying high now but as the market changes several stock prices. stuart: you are a hedge fund manager. you can bet against ev companies. are you shorting anyone? >> not yet. you have to wait for the exit crack. we see big tech, lost a lot of money betting against apple and waiting to see the first egg crack. where most people talk about the stock, they double down all the way down so that is what i would warm up with whether it is crypto or anything like that. some of these are poorly
11:06 am
managed. there is going to be some winners or something else but so many of those names never came back. when you see valuations like this, 500, 8000 times earnings, the company can succeed but if stock prices go nowhere because they are highly valued. stuart: you are the only person who has ever come on this program and said i must a ton of money on that, shouldn't have bought it. you are an honest man. >> the secret of investing is not that you are right all the time but cut the losers and let the winners run. none of us are omnipotent. we are not gods. you can say i was wrong and move on. none of us are right all the time. take the loss and move on to the next trade. stuart: what brings you to new york? >> i climb on the side of 5 scraper today. there's a new attraction called city climb, and i don't think
11:07 am
the city is dead. i will embrace it, and experience what the city has done. stuart: i'm glad i asked. thank you for being here. be careful on that mountain. the judge presiding over the kyle rittenhouse case has banned msnbc from the court room. this comes after freelance producer for that network was accused of following the jurors bus. >> no one from msnbc news will be permitted for the duration of the trial. don't know what the ultimate truth of it is but someone who is following the jury bus, that is a very extremely serious matter. >> msnbc said last night a freelance receiver traffic citation, traffic violation took place near the jury van. the freelancer never contacted are intended to contact the jurors during the liberation and never photographed are intended to photograph them, we
11:08 am
regret the incident and we will cooperate with authorities on any investigation. sandra smith joins me, intimidation seems to be part of this trial and i don't like it. >> the judge has been supportive of putting tv cameras in the courtroom, brought a lot of national attention into the courtroom and nbc is denying this person, was actually following the bus, traffic citation happened near the jury van, it brings rigor questions why the jury wasn't sequestered, why was such a high profile case you don't sequester the jury, that will forever be asked no matter the outcome of this trial. the judge said this was the matter under investigation and we know msnbc has been shut out of that court room but there are big questions over who should be in there knowing the attention this case has gotten
11:09 am
and whether they will let tv cameras and again. the judge will think long and hard about that in the future. stuart: make a jury decision this afternoon. >> andy mccarthy, there could be a hung jury, there was a chance of that, the "national review" this morning, nobody knows, if they don't come to a verdict by end of day-to-day. at 10 am eastern time, does it go into weekends, roughly 7 hours of deliberation yesterday, total deliberation 23 hours, wasn't that long of a time yet. not like deliberating for this bigger case for that long. stuart: you will be dealing with that this afternoon and dealing with this as well. the story from austria, they will become the first country in europe that made vaccines mandatory for all residents in
11:10 am
the first country in europe to go back to national lockdown, mandatory vaccinations for every one. what is your take on that? >> 55% of the population is fully vaccinated. there have another spike in cases. to reenter lockdown since the spring causes ripple effect concerns that there is more lockdowns. i it has been brutal. stuart: a vaccine mandate. >> 55% -- stuart: no one else has done that. no other country, certainly not democracy in western europe, none have said you got to get vaccinated. you've got to. >> reporting 10,000 new cases over the last 7 days and they are seeing a serious spike. stuart: does that justify a national mandate? >> there hospitals, according to associated press, hospitals are inundated.
11:11 am
stuart: do they get away with it here? you think you get away with it? >> the mandate? there are mandates. stuart: everyone has got to get the jab. do you think you can do that? >> anybody wants to get better. doctor fauci talking about vaccinated individuals -- stuart: i take to press but what do you think? >> about what? stuart: vaccine mandate for every adult in the country? >> you run into a lot of problems. there needs to be taken into account as every doctor tells us people who had covid have natural immunity, why isn't the science applying to all scenarios, those are reasonable questions to ask without being anti-vaccination or -- stuart: in the news business, i'm in the opinion business. my opinion, vigorously
11:12 am
anti-mandate. >> doctors we speak to say if the science tells us the vaccine is the best way to go why don't they see what the science says about natural immunity? the question for doctor fauci, two jabs to be fully vaccinated, you need a booster to be fully vaccinated, i don't know where this goes next but are they going to ask those, do they have a breakthrough case after that and are they going to still need the third jab, where is the science, let's see it. >> don't know why the fda won't lay that out. stuart: it was an interesting discussion. you've got to go. >> historically speaking, the s&p ratio, 21 to 25. >> 15 to 25. >> i haven't seen jonathan.
11:13 am
stuart: we will be watching sandra. give you a hard time. >> will it be turkey day? >> all right. having trouble today. an american band from leaving china for four years is back on us soil. vice president harris says she and biden are not discussing the 2024 race. the democrats are celebrating after passing the president's $2 trillion social spending plan. hillary vaughan spoke to need nancy pelosi, she has a report from capitol hill next. ♪♪
11:14 am
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11:18 am
stuart: democrats did indeed secure enough votes to pass the president's massive social spending plan. hillary vaughan on capitol hill. democrats are celebrate that billback better still needs to pass in the senate. do we know when it is going to the senate? >> we do not know when it passes the senate. there will likely be changes made to it but house democrats are taking a victory lap because they finally passed the billback better bill in the house but house republicans today say the bill is written breaks the promise the president made. it is not fully paid for. >> how do you respond to republicans today that say democrats -- they said this plan costs $0 when the cbo says
11:19 am
it at least adds $160 billion to the debt? >> let's not present what republicans say is the fact that you are predicated a question on. understand what is happening. >> reporter: not just republicans worried about the price tag. some moderate democrats waited to vote for this bill until they have the cbo score and some of the beach grudgingly voted for it today. betting on the fact that it gets slimmed down once it gets to the senate. moderate congresswoman stephanie murphy explained her yes vote saying i continue to have reservations about the size of the legislation and concerned about privacy provisions that are extraneous or unwise there are too many badly needed investments in this bill not to advance it in the legislative process. i will work with my senate colleagues to improve this bill, so that is where we are.
11:20 am
the bill heads to the senate where it will likely carved up like a thanksgiving turkey. stuart: carved up like a turkey, i like that. we will see you later. kayleigh mcenany in new york city, it all depends on the senate and it all depends on joe manchin. >> joe manchin is the one because he has problems with the paid family leave provision and express discontent through the process. you have bernie sanders and bob menendez who say i have a problem with the local tax deduction in blue states and michael bennett has problems with the salt deductions. he's from colorado. the bird rule that contains reconciliation means the immigration provisions drop out and you send it back to see if the squad accepted without the immigration provisions and whatever changes.
11:21 am
stuart: what happens if they don't, if the squad doesn't accept? >> you might understand off. we saw the standoff between pelosi and the squad, in my view policy won that, passing it separately, you have a standoff again and that is when the ultimate closer should come in, president biden. the few times he has come in has not been successful. stuart: if there is one single social programs that makes it through the senate and back in the house and get through, you will never get rid of it ever. and entitlement program, can't take it back. >> the affordable care act for evidence of that in the cbo score goes 10 years but what about the many decades thereafter? the cost is not accompanying. stuart: the runaway cost right there. vice president harris says she and the president are absolutely not yet discussing the 2024 race. maybe they should discuss the president's following approval ratings? quinnipiac has the approval of the president down 36% and harris 28%.
11:22 am
i think the democrats need to pivot but i don't think they can. >> think you are right. they need to pivot. we saw president obama, president clinton make a comeback, especially president obama after losing virginia in the same session but to make a comeback you need to reverse course on some of your policies. that inflation is really bring down inflation and lower gas prices. we haven't seen that. we will say this. i think kamala and president biden should talk about 2024. that is where a lot of tensions are in addition to her failing on her tax. he said he is running, she clearly is posturing. stuart: we have a problem with government. it is not political. we have an aging president, he's going to be 79 tomorrow, he's unfocused and not always following through in the right way and very little confidence invite president harris. those two at the top of the executive tree so to speak i think we have a problem because the country has no confidence in either.
11:23 am
>> i saw an interesting piece today talking about how president biden comes from the senate which is a deliberative body. he's used to back and forth and jockeying and not making a decision, the decision-making on jerome powell, he has been wrestling with ever weeks. we need a president who is deliberate, who knows where he stands, able to make a decision. not sure we have that. stuart: donald trump is different. >> you knew where he stood. sometimes you should change this policy, never. if i promised on the campaign trail i'm sticking by it. stuart: that is the way it was? i'm sure you miss those days. >> they were fun. stuart: thanks for being here. i will watch you on outnumbered, or as i call it, ambushed, at 12:00 noon on the fox news channel.
11:24 am
one crypto group has lost its bid to buy a copy of the u.s. constitution. >> 13 remaining copies of the constitution and the group known as constitution dow crowd funded ended $40 million worth for a copy. they were defeated by million-dollar bid on auction. this was the largest crowdsourcing ever. he captured the mainstream attention, showed the real world power of crypto and being able to band together to raise money. stuart: it has arrived and it is here. let's talk about apple. they are looking to release self driving cars by 2025. is a catch? >> full self driving, no steering wheel, no petals. that is the edge the applecart would have against things on the market but they need an edge so they are late to the game. electric and autonomous. tesla is trying to do it, they are beta testing their full self driving that has some issues which can apple do it better? web the bush gives apple a 65%
11:25 am
chance that they will unveil a self driving electric vehicle in 2025 which is right around the corner. stuart: investors leavitt, a new high for apple, 159, never been there before, intraday high. in parts of germany they are canceling the christmas markets because covid cases are surging. germany will not rule out a full-blown lockdown even for the vaccinated. that is germany. austria will pause vaccination of everybody. us is considering a boycott of the winter of the pics in beijing. that we keep american dignitaries but not athletes away from the games. rick grenell takes that on next. ♪♪
11:26 am
i'm so glad we did this. i'm so glad we did this. i'm so glad we did this. i'm so glad we did this. i'm so... ...glad we did this. [kid plays drums] life is for living. let's partner for all of it. i'm so glad we did this. edward jones
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11:29 am
stuart: you all know it. it is deliberate.
11:30 am
77 degrees. susan is with us looking at some movers including boeing. >> i would rather be in st. petersburg in the cold. boeing is a big drag with the wall street journal reporting in the past hour the boeing 87 dream liner and defects slowing down production further. talking about problems with the doors, making new planes in the earliest resumption for delivery will be february or march, it is not given the problems with the 37 and the max jet. stuart: amazon. here is what i want to hear about. amazon, google and microsoft hitting record highs. >> apple too. nasdaq, has more to do with 10 year treasury yields but this is a big announcement in the past hour. amazon, microsoft, google and
11:31 am
even oracle to bid the $10 billion just icon, to microsoft under the trump administration is amazon sued, politically motivated with trump upset at washington post coverage with jeff bezos, the pentagon canceling the deal, starting all over again and this time the entire contract could go to more than one cloud provider, not just microsoft or amazon but all four in different parcels. stuart: the bottom line is amazon is not at the record high, microsoft is. and apple is. good stuff indeed for big tech. the first country, austria, first country in europe to make vaccines mandatory for all residents over the age of 12, got to get the jab in austria. austria begins its fourth lockdown next weekend germany's health minister says they won't rule out lockdown the the. rick grenell is former us
11:32 am
ambassador to germany and joined me now. these chronic lockdowns over there, forcing people to get vaccinated, i don't think you can do that in the united states. what's the difference from here to there? >> there is a difference between austria and germany. i don't think it will happen in germany. the minister of health, i spoke this morning with doctor hendrick streak who is for all intents and purposes the doctor fauci of germany, much better than doctor fauci and he told me at the height of covid for germany, icu covid patients totaled 5800 people in december of 2020. today they have 3500. government officials panicking as they look at the numbers but
11:33 am
the reality is a lot more people are vaccinated even in germany and i don't see lockdowns coming. bavaria, the munich area, southern germany, they will never go for that. there's been a lot of protests in berlin just like here but they are doing a good job, watching it and they all got to remember freedom first. you can't force people to do things and that the lesson germany needs. stuart: you couldn't do it here? you couldn't have a vaccine mandate over the age of 12, you couldn't do that in america. >> looking at the picture you are showing in austria it was scary, i am very uncomfortable with it. stuart: next one, president biden says he is considering a diplomatic boycott of the upcoming beijing olympics. watch this.
11:34 am
>> coming out of the beijing a mix. >> we are considering. >> there are areas we have concern, human rights abuses, serious concerns about human rights abuses. stuart: do you think we should boycott the olympics, athletes as well, just not go at all and if we did that, what would it achieve? >> we need to be clear the human rights abuses in china, the fact that they don't allow people to have access to the internet. a bunch of problems. we need to be clear on those. it is a little late to tell athletes after they have been training and sacrificing that they can't go. what i would say is better, is have a corporate boycott. no us company should be giving money. try to squeeze them in a different way, and at this point i would have supported a boycott of the olympics a while ago before people train
11:35 am
intensely. we have waited too long, it wouldn't be fair to our athletes. what i would say is let's figure out a way to squeeze china and remind the biden administration they should have done this a long time ago. china ever since they came to alaska and lectured us with finger waving, they have been getting the best of us and we need an administration that acts quicker and much more forcefully. stuart: will there be a military component to this reacting forcefully to china? i saw general jack teen suggesting we needed more force upfront, closer to china. what are you saying to that? >> i am a diplomat and tried to avoid talking war and military stuff. the state department needs to have diplomats that are cutting-edge, that have muscle, that can solve these problems
11:36 am
before we go to war. diplomats stick to the lane of talking about diplomacy. stuart: you sound critical of anthony blinken, secretary of state, aren't you? >> incredibly. anthony blinken has demonstrated that he's manipulated by george soros, the blinken center at the open society, what that has done, albania and how randomly they put sanctions on the conservative members, no proof of that. we had members of congress like leesville and asking for proof and anthony blinken, when i was acting director of national intelligence, none of that information was in front of me and i was watching closely. this is manipulation, political manipulation, we see weakness from anthony blinken and addie sherman and let's finish by talking victoria new to push
11:37 am
the steel dossier when she was in the obama administration protecting her friend hillary clinton. the media have never gone after what she knew and somebody who was concentrating on england and great britain. she had a lot of influence over the steel dossier. stuart: you know what you're talking about? a pleasure to have you on the show with all these revelations. rick grenell, have a great weekend. thanks. an american blocked from leaving china for four years is back on us soil, released monday right before biden's meeting with china's president. he had never been convicted of a crime and held unlawfully under china's coercive exit been because of those bands the us government has warned citizens to reconsider traveling to china. your thanks giving turkey and changing the subject, thanksgiving turkey will cost 24% more this year and nearly
11:38 am
54 million people are expected to travel for thanksgiving next week but two big storms could throw a wrench into those plans. we have the weather forecast, fox weather forecast next. ♪♪ ♪♪ take me home ♪♪ to the place ♪♪ i belong ♪♪ west virginia ♪♪ ♪♪ take me home ♪♪ country road (judith) in this market, you'll find fisher investments is different than other money managers. (other money manager) different how? don't you just ride the wave? (judith) no - we actively manage client portfolios based on our forward-looking views of the market. (other money manager) but you still sell investments that generate high commissions, right? (judith) no, we don't sell commission products. we're a fiduciary,
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11:43 am
national thanksgiving turkey and after the ceremony both birds will retire to a farm in indiana. the white house turkey party is a tradition that goes back to ronald reagan. thanks giving dinner will cost more this year because of inflation. lauren has the numbers. i'm skeptical about how much you can feed a family of 10. >> the answer is $53 and it is up 14% for 10 guests, not for $53 each but 53 total, $6 each. you can see the menu. turkey prices are the highest this year, $24 from a 6 pound turkey, that is up $4.60 from last year, with ham, pumpkin by, cranberries, potatoes, green beans. i don't know where they shop because that is cheap. a lot of families are reuniting, going to talk about politics.
11:44 am
can imagine doing that without booths. one in 4 families could see inflation so high they are cutting out wine and beer and cocktails, just the food. stuart: good to know that. >> come on. keep the glasses flowing. stuart: something far more important, there are two big storms ahead for the thanksgiving holiday and they are coming. fox weather meteorologist jason fraser. what does this mean? >> can we talk about the magic juice? that is what i call it. let's talk about the storms that could be impacting, whether you make it on time, we have a low pressure system that is going to be developing this
11:45 am
weekend and will slide eastward. parts of cleveland and erie, pennsylvania, the rest of the northeast including mid-atlantic states and we can see rain showers, as we put future track into motion, sunday morning we will see rain showers pushing across chicago and southern indiana. this continues to move eastward into ohio and western pennsylvania. across new york, connecticut, and and and this could turn into a lake effect system, and snow showers across parts of ohio and pennsylvania, if you are thinking about traveling, if you are on the east coast.
11:46 am
and that is when we will see showers going across the east coast, the midwest as well. and you will also think about doing it on monday or tuesday and stuart, you asked me about thanksgiving and the secondary storm likely impacting parts of texas. that is the baby storm in the main storm is happening sunday into monday. >> friday feedback is next. ♪♪ i promise to serve, not sel. i promise our relationship
11:47 am
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stuart: listen to the music. we are ready to go and here we go. from john, mister varney, i hear you live in new jersey. you are a smart man. why? i left two years ago and never
11:51 am
went back. come to arizona, sunshine and low taxes. should we do the show from arizona? >> i get to see my brother who lives in arizona. stuart: should we do the show from florida? >> florida is great, lower taxes, great sunshine. stuart: you would like to stay in new york. i can't move from new jersey because my job is in new york city. i can go to florida occasionally to have got to work from here. matt on facebook says next time you say microsoft has hit an all-time high can you give us a woo hoo or hands in the air? we know you have the shares. look. put the camera back on me. i'm not really demonstrative, i'm just happy to make a great deal of money. >> elegant demeanor. stuart: that's one of the
11:52 am
nicest things you ever said to me. david. you show new york street and it looks like they are back, wall to wall cars on the streets. i'm surprised you didn't make a comment or if you did i missed it. i didn't make a comment but i noticed more cars on 6 avenue, crowds are back. >> my commute has doubled over the last 6 or 8 weeks and i went to the lincoln center for concert and it was packed with people. more cars are back because people are not taking public transportation but having said that the crowds are back, new york city getting a buyback. stuart: not entirely back to where it was. june right to this, asks this. what is your favorite thanksgiving dessert? apple pie with vanilla ice cream. >> con pi. >> keith ablow with vanilla beans on top. there's a big difference.
11:53 am
>> you like pumpkin pie? stuart: i called the day after but pump compile is always cold, never hot. i think it is. jimmy right this. i know you are a big beatles fan. my question to you is have you seen rain or the fab 4? >> i have not. i don't go too many concerts and have not seen the tribute band. i just listened to the old music. have you ever been to a beatles tribute and? >> know. >> would you ever? lauren? can you name the four beatles? >> there is only four of them, right? john, ringo, paul, george harrison. thank you. stuart: incredible. jessica sent this email to us. i'm a new viewer of your show and a student of stu.
11:54 am
i am 36 and for the first time ever i bought some stock this weekend so far so good. you should have told me which stock did you buy? i hope it was microsoft because i own a little bit of that and would have done well. >> nvidia has done better. stuart: i think you are right. if jessica was watching us, we were promoting nvidia. >> we were discussing the market dynamics. stuart: it is only positive. >> a positive stock. in all the key areas right now. stuart: that was your way of getting out of it. >> stock in a company that is doing that. stuart: listen to this one. you are going to love this. are you intimidated by the intelligent young ladies, susan and lauren? there like walking encyclopedias? let me correct you. they just read the script. >> not true. go ahead.
11:55 am
stuart: you just read the script. >> we write them too. stuart: that's the way to come back at me. you write this comes as well. >> stuart varney always beers off course so not like you read this cup so i can't read the script. the conversation is very organic and more natural. stuart: i'm not intimidated by these good ladies by any means but it is fun. it is a good show with a good relationship, some fun, some laughter, a lot of opinion. that is why people like it. it is a talkshow, that is what it is. >> we like each other to keep moving. of the let's not get carried away. time for the friday trivia question. are you ready for this? surely you know the answer. how many rooms are there in the white house? the answer when we come back. >> 92. stuart: i would have a hard time. i think i would go for 132.
11:56 am
it is a big place. ever been inside it? >> the west wing. >> in washington dc never took the tour. anyone the answer after this. certified turbocharger, suspension and fuel injection. translation: certified goosebumps. certified from headlamp to tailpipe. that's certified head turns. and it's all backed by our unlimited mileage warranty. ... flexshares etfs are built with advanced modeling. to fill portfolio gaps and target specific goals. strengthening client confidence in you. before investing consider the fund's investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses. go to for a prospectus containing this information. read it carefully.
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11:58 am
11:59 am
stuart: all right, how many rooms are there in the white house? there's your choice, last guess, susan? >> i'm going to guess 109. stuart: lauren? lauren: i said 92 but i'll go with 109 also. stuart: okay i'm going to guess 132. >> wow! stuart: 132 it's a big place,
12:00 pm
including 35 bathrooms on six levels there are 412 doors, 147 windows, and 28 fireplaces. 132 rooms in all. >> we need more fireplaces. stuart: well, look, ladies thanks very much indeed for being here for the whole week great stuff, susan, lauren we'll see you next week. times up for me, but you know whose next? yes, sir, it's neil. it's yours. neil: and 980 clocks and one guy whose only job is always setting them making sure they're to the second. do you know that? stuart: is that true? neil: yes. stuart: did you just google that neil: no, no, i just remember that. stuart: some kind of white house clock buff? just say it. neil: i have a lot of trivia. you are with geography, i'm with white house trivia, so i know all of the secret entrances, but that's a whole other show, a whole other time have a great weekend. stuart: see you. neil: exactly that's how we're st


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