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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  November 18, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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that is without the collection of, without the beefed up irs enforcement. they were claiming it was going to be 400 billion the irs brought in. that is why they have their knickers in a twist over this because irs is not going to bring in anywhere near this amount of money t doesn't cost zero. that does it for us. "the evening edit" starts right now. elizabeth: okay, we've got this surprising development. the judge banned msnbc from the kyle rittenhouse trial after a msnbc producer was allegedly stalking a bus with the jurors. the jury has been dismissed for the day. they resume deliberations tomorrow. fireworks on capitol hill. biden as nominee for the nation's top job for bank regulator, saule omarova too radical for gop and democrat senators. omarova criticized for communist
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ideas that collapsed economies and failed around the world. tonight, how did the wheels fly so far off the white house they let a person with such poisonous ideas get this close to power. senator boseman, ashley hinsons merck shell steel, michael waltz. air tone attorney general mark brnovich and "daily caller" vince collagnese. we have "quinnepiac poll," biden plunging to 36%. he is in the 30s in a new fox poll on immigration and the economy. the continued slide is so alarming this new debate, how the biden team is so far underwater like they're deep sea differencing and swimming in raincoats. house republicans demand even more documents in the administration targeting of school board parents as terrorists. doj watchdog warnings that the justice department is getting
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dangerously politicized. we'll investigate. americans are fed up with riots, shutdowns, inflation, vaccine mandates. more on the fallout of osha suspending enforcement of biden's vaccine mandate. the white house today, tells companies, keep going with it. what happens to workers fired if it all goes away. plus, more on "politico" reporting that biden's chaotic exit from afghanistan was so bad it triggered a mental health crisis at the state department. and "the washington post" issues dozens of corrections on stories dating back years after the durham investigation reveals how fictitious hillary clinton's steele dossier really is. how long before the media fingerpoints at bad fbi leaks and maybe adam schiff for their bad reporting? we have a new staggering u.s. milestone on drug overdose deaths directly tied to drug traffickers, exploiting biden's weakness at the border.
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thanks for joining us, i'm elizabeth macdonald. "the evening edit," it starts right now. ♪. ♪. elizabeth: welcome to the show. you're watching the fox business network. we begin with fireworks at the nomination hearing for biden's choice for comptroller of currency, saule omarova. both democrats and gop senators blasting omarova saying she has a long history of promoting and defending marxist communist ideas she herself described as radical. command-and-control policies that bankrupted economies, also millions around the world. while enriching those in power. hillary vaughn has more. hillary. reporter: liz, dr. omarova is trying to take back her past comments that she made like calling the banking industry a quote, a-hole industry and saying it would be a good thing if oil and gas companies would go bankrupt. >> you said at least we want
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them to go bankrupt if we want to affect chime mat change. >> i'm sorry i misspoke. reporter: some republicans say it is not just her past comments and published positions but her time growing up in the soviet union that are all red flags but some senate democrats say this is a smear campaign pushed by big banks that are scared. >> the attacks on your nomination have been vicious and personal. we've just seen them. sexism, racism, pages straight out of joe mccarthy's 1950s red scare tactics. it is all there on full display. welcome to washington and 2021. reporter: omarova made the case her politically charged comments in the past don't have anything to do with the duties of her job as comptroller of the currency but senator kevin cramer told me after the hearing he thinks that the way you enforce regulations is influenced by your political positions. liz? elizabeth: hillary vaughn, great
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journalism. senator john boozman and representative ashley hinson. good to see you, senator. how did the white house let a marxist get this close to power and do you believe senator warren that the attacks on omarova are racist and sexist? >> no. this is a white house and bringing somebody totally out of touch with american people. this person would have great oversight over the banking industry and the reality is she would do away with private banking, federalize the banking system. you can imagine if you're somebody that the administration is not in favor of that the chances of getting a loan. i often said that the backbone of america, the backbone of our economy is small business. the backbone of small business is our community banks. this would kill our community banks. elizabeth: we hear you, what
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senator boozman is saying, congresswoman. show the viewers what her policy positions have been in the past. she supports bankrupting oil and gas companies supporting climate change lowing millions out of work. she wants the federal reserve to control all bank accounts as senator boozman said, obliterate community banks. she wants the federal banks, federal reserve bank to control stock prices like shorting stocks and buying stocks on the cheap and setting wages. what do you say? >> well, this is fundamentally truly radical policies we're talking about here. it goes to the intent of what democrats in congress under speaker pelosi right now are trying to do, what the biden administration is trying to do, that is just more government influence in every aspect of our lives from cradle to grave. obviously we're in the midst of fighting back on a major piece of legislation, the bbb, the big bust for taxpayers right now. they're trying to supersize the irs to come after hard-working
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american families in a time we need to focus on those kitchen table conversations actually affecting american workers and iowans every day. i think what we've truly seen is these radical policies, radical nomineeses showcased. it is indicative where this administration wants this government to go. elizabeth: to the congresswoman's point, gop house minority leader kevin mccarthy, you know about this too, senator, new analysis about what the white house and democrats want for the irs. $80 billion. it would double the number of audits, 1.2 million audits over a 10-year period. go after those making 75,000 and under. that going on with the push of getting more irs power. what was the reaction when you heard the idea that saule omarova can split out and separate herself from her prior policy ideas? that these were just thought experiments when we've seen her forcefully defend these ideas more than a decade?
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can she dial it back? could she be split out her thought process and be a regulator? >> no i think it is ridiculous. and the idea that she couldn't find somebody that was more mainstream is absolutely crazy. you mentioned the irs agents. $80 billion, almost doubling the budget of the irs. 87 thou new agents. being in a situation after you reach a threshold of $10,000 in your checking account all that information starts going to the irs. the list goes on and on and on. that is why as you mentioned in the earlier something meant why the president's approval ratings at an all-time low. elizabeth: yeah we her you on that. we're showing a "fox news poll" on this as well. you know, congresswoman hinson, we have the president telling the ftc, go after oil and gas companies for price gouging. we saw that happen under the
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obama administration, president obama in the first term said oil and gas price gouging, when goldman sachs said oil would go to 100 this is typical when your policy shop is empty you 6:00 the regulate we are omarova, show the photograph at moscow state university. she won a scholarship. excuse me, she won the learn anyone personal academic scholarship. that is omarova in a circle. she wrote her thesis on karl marx. i would like your reaction what senator i don't jeong kennedy st the hearing. >> have you resigned, from the young communists. >> you grow out of with age automatically. >> did you send them a letter though resigning? >> senator, this was many, many years ago. >> she renounced her soviet citizenship. >> i understand that. you're not the witness.
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she is. elizabeth: what do you say? this is very clear goes to her intent and long term this is a radical policy, radical past. this should be a warning shot for the biden administration. this is the kind of person they are nominating to these very, very important positions. you talk about the oil and gas and targeting of those industries right now. their policies are clearly failing and the reason americans are paying double at the gas, filling up their gas tank right now is direct result of biden administration policies to reduce domestic production that will fix the problem. we need to unleash energy opportunity here in the united states. iowa, for instance, produces a lot of biofuels have a red example that is climate priority of this administration, to immediately lower the price people pay at the pump. we have the opportunity. they completely turn a blind eye. they have a spending spigot focus and that are the blinders
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for the biden administration. elizabeth: to the congresswoman's point, senator, the president's approval ratings are dropping as prices go up. it is like ford, president ford did whip inflation now. nixon had a problem with price increases. you look at the numbers of the preference now. americans want now republicans to run congress at levels we haven't seen since 1981 when reagan took over. this is the moment we're in. we've got the president asking china, japan, india to tap their strategic petroleum reserves to cover for their possible emergency moves we only see during things like the arab oil embargo crisis. you know what i mean? upside down policy in the white house is reflected in the polls. your final word, senator boozman. >> the difference between nixon and ford this administration is intentionally creating higher prices. when you go to get rid of the keystone pipeline, when you have a situation where you nix drilling on public lands, we're
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getting more oil from russia, than we are from alaska. that is driving up cost. the average price of gasoline's a dollar quarter more than it was a year ago. americans this thanks giving in many areas will be a lot colder. people on fixed incomes, because fuel costs are going to be up 30%. elizabeth: we got to go. senator john boozman, ashley hinson. "the washington post" issues dozens of corrections on stories going back years how fictitious the hillary clinton steele dossier is bad as it is. how do up next congresswoman michelle steel on house republicans demanding the education secretary turn over all documents on the targeting of school board parent as domestic terrorists. what does the education department have we don't know
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so while you handle that, you can keep your internet and all those shows you love, and save money while you're at it with special offers just for movers at ♪. elizabeth: joining us now congresswoman michelle steel of house education and labor. congresswoman, freight -- great to have you back on. why are house republicans demanding biden's education
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secretary turn over all communication between the school board association, the white house on targeting of school board parents as domestic parents? what does the education department have we don't know about? the. >> you know what? attorney general garland said he is not collecting any of these and they are not really tagging these parents. then we found out they were tagging. so there was internal information between education secretary cardona and attorney general garland and that they have all this information and they're actually treating these parents as a threat. we want to see all the internal information and congress has to review and we have to look at it. how they can actually treat parents, try to speak up on behalf of their children and they aren't getting treated like domestic terrorists. it is not going to be
6:18 pm
acceptable. so we're asking all the documents and turn over the all the documents and communications. >> the point is while you had peoples stepsably saying things in the media that behind the scenes there could be bureaucrats in the education department working with the doj workers and staffers at the white house to continue to tar get parents and go after them as if they're with isis but they're just upset what the school boards are doing to their children? that we have these actors that we don't know what is going on, is that what we need to find out? >> that is exactly it. they say they are not doing it but they're doing it. we want to see ault internal documents and look at it. these parents they know about their kids the most, not the government. i will really take up for the parents. elizabeth: to your point representative darrell issa was with us last night, congresswoman. he would likely agree with you. let's listen to what he had to say.
6:19 pm
watch this. >> well you know if the ag had admitted to it he would be admitting to the kind of wrongful conduct we haven't seen since j. edgar hoover went after martin luther king. the fact is targeting the innocent, targeting any group simply because they're "an inconvenient truth when they protest at school boards is no different than the civil rights movement. no different than when lois lerner targeted tea party groups for their beliefs. the fact it is weaponizing government agencies against people that are your political adversaries. in this strange case the political adversaries are moms caring about their kids getting an education. elizabeth: congresswoman, look at this. the watchdog, the inspector general for the justice department is now warning in a brand new report that yes, the justice department is becoming politicized. your word on that? >> they are too much politicized. they should not. especially they're going after
6:20 pm
these parents who are speaking up on behalf of their children. i think they should stop this because they know much more about their children than government or school board members. so that is the reason that they are speaking up. elizabeth: all right, congresswoman michelle steel, thank you so much for joining us. we'll have you back again soon. it is good to see you. still to come, a new and staggering u.s. milestone. u.s. drug overdose deaths for the first time surpassed 100,000 in the 12 months through april. border officials warn this is directly tied to drug traffickers profiting off of biden's weakness at the border. up next house gop doctors caucus member, he is dr. greg murphy on osha suspending enforcement of biden's vaccine mandate. the fight will likely head to the supreme court. what happens to workers already fired because of the mandate if this is overturned? keep it here on "the evening edit"
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elizabeth: get you updated on ductwork and sausage making and how the biden team, how build back better is paid for. congressional budget office is out with new score. looks like it is not paid for to the tune of between $160 billion to as much as 3$0 billion. we'll try to get the number for you. it ain't paid for. now to this. osha, we broke the news last night.
6:25 pm
osha suspended the implementation and enforcement of the biden vaccine mandate for private companies. okay, this is heading to the supreme court, if the mandates are ultimately overturned, what happens to all the workers let go? madison alworth has more. reporter: osha has suspended implementation of president biden's vaccine mandate for large companies as it makes its way through the courts. the cms mandate will require all health care workers at facilities accepting medicare and medicaid to be vaccinated is still moving forward. fox business spoke to two nurses in similar circumstances. jen peters who was forced to leave her job because she chose not to be vaccinated. she says that she contracted covid and wanted to wait to get the first dose while nursing her newborn. she is worried about the quality of care with so many qualified nurses forced to the sidelines. >> we're going to see the quality of health care decline. there will most likely be some staffing issues but you're also
6:26 pm
losing experienced knews. reporter: amy is a montana certified nurses assistant who is worried losing her job because of the vaccine mandate. she is his tenant to get vaccinated because she expecting. >> adding stress, when you see losing paycheck before christmas, before you bring a new baby in, all because of making a personal medical choice that doesn't align with the government. reporter: 10 attorneys general have filed a lawsuit against the cms mandate but it remains to be seen what comes of that. liz? elizabeth: madison alworth thanks so much for the reporting there. welcome back to the show house gop caucus member, dr. greg murphy. great to see you. first i want to do this. people are really fed up. let's turn to this first. remember how politicians and media were downplaying rioting. more than 570 riots that burned to the ground, small businesses, dozens dead, including
6:27 pm
minorities, neighborhoods wiped out, nothing to see here says politicians in the media. watch this? >> right i don't think what we're seeing in minneapolis. what we're seeing right there is frustration. >> do not get it twisted think that oh, this is something that has not never happened before and this is so terrible. >> being done by a commission or the city council, not a mob in the middle of the night throwing it in the harbor. >> people do what they do. >> -- [inaudible] >> that is myth. >> show me where it says protesters are supposed to be polite and peaceful. >> they will not let up and they should not. >> emotional protest. it is not, it is not generally speaking unruly but fires have been started. >> democratic cities are in chaos right now. is this what you want from joe biden and they're going to take your country away and taking down the statues. >> crime is rising. >> defund the police. >> oh, my gosh it is so bad. elizabeth: okay, by the way says constitution in the first amendment you're allowed to
6:28 pm
peacefully protest. we've got that, shutdowns and vaccine mandates throwing people out of work. people are really upset? >> yeah, liz. people are very, very upset. it is a tragic circumstance that this is consolation of problems that actually self-inflicted crises across the nation. you've seen what is going on in with medicine with cities, with protesters in the past summer. with the pandemic going on, there is obviously a sense of frustration happened in our country. here we are kicking out our health care workers who a year ago, who were our heroes, those people saving lives, now kicking them out because we don't want, they don't want to be vaccinated. especially this rule of cms coming down about natural immunity. it is wrong. the whole thing will be thrown out as unconstitutional. it is causing another dagger in the heart to getting country on back. elizabeth: the 1905 supreme court ruling says the states are allowed, they have the power to enforce vaccine mandates. not the federal government.
6:29 pm
we see the local level the courts are upholding that. we are got going to happen with workers at the local level. but the federal workers. what happens with the biden vaccine mandate goes away. he got it for the federal workers. osha suspending, vaccine mandate for private workers, right? >> yeah. elizabeth: what happens with that? what happens if people are let go because of those mandates? >> we look what is going on with the labor shortage right now. what a way to exacerbate the problem. those workers let go in my opinion should have never been let go prematurely or companies pushing vaccine mandates as well. those people are entitled to have jobs back. i'm a country of workers. i'm a physician. it is safe and effective but should not be rammed down people's throats. this is another thing, liz, wait until the vaccine comes out for children. children. covid is not pediatric disease. you will see frustration with the mama bears in virginia
6:30 pm
coming out with education. you will see it coming out with vaccine mandates with children. as far as large and wide, we need people going in the country. get our economy back, to get people back to work. elizabeth: four out of 10 tsa workers not vaccinated. this is a big issue right now. what happens to soldiers. will they still be dishon a bring discharged if they are not vaccinated? that was the storyline out there. that is equivalent to court-martial. that is not fair. >> that is not fair at all. look at the debacles in our military last several months. the utter debacle with afghanistan. we were so surprised the chinese have a hypersonic missile. we want to get trained members out of our own military. if folks are not safe, look at the population. there are low risk to the populations. medications are coming out. there is no rational for kicking people out of our military. elizabeth: congressman greg murphy, we'll have our you come
6:31 pm
back soon. coming out of the bottom of the hour. you're watching the fox business network. still to come, the washington post issues corrections on stories dating back years after the durham investigation showed how erroneous that the steele dossier is really is. how long do they go after adam schiff blamed adam schiff for abusing their power in order to get hillary clinton elected? michael waltz on this story. "politico" reports that the biden's chaotic exit from the afghanistan was so bad it triggered a mental health crisis from the state department. we're looking at continued damage from the botched withdrawal. you're watching "the evening edit" on fox business.
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elizabeth: back with us, from house armed services congressman michael walsh. congressman, good to have you on "politico" reporting that
6:36 pm
biden's chaotic withdrawal from afghanistan was so bad, a rushed exit to meet a artificial deadline, but also put biden's state department to a mental health crisis to the point where the veterans affairs, where the va was trying to offer help with support for ptsd. what do you say? >> i certainly appreciate the efforts of a number of the kind of working level state department officers that were doing everything they could to help, but on the other hand, you know, they, i hope they're directing their grief and many in cases their anger towards their leadership. towards the secretary of state, tony blinken and towards the president himself who made this disasterous decision to leave americans behind, leave our allies behind. they're still being hunted down as we speak and let terrorists dictate the terms. and you know, while my heart goes out at the working level for state, where it really goes out to, are the veterans groups, so many of which stood up and
6:37 pm
stood into the breach and the lack of leadership, many of them quit their jobs, exhausted their savings, they're still going at it. they're having their own ptsd issues, old wounds that were torn open by this entire event. many of the afghans and americans themselves, you know at least at the state department, they were sleeping in a safe place at night, even though they were working hard. these afghans, these americans that were left behind didn't know if this would be their last night. everything single night. and again, blunken, biden and others are lying about how many are left behind. there are so many that are still there and -- elizabeth: how many? >> by the thousands. when you -- elizabeth: you're saying by the thousands including americans and green cardholders are still there? >> that's right. elizabeth: we hear you loud and clear, thousands, we got that. so you know, people go into government to do the right thing. they want to serve, right?
6:38 pm
these veterans groups are heroes. your team, you've been performing heroically trying to fix the situation to do what you can. the state department official telling "politico" it is demoralizing. it broke a lot of people. people are going to manic stages, complete mental breakdown. they felt powerless. they were inundated by phone calls for americans to get out of afghanistan. it got so bad, they felt they were empowered, weren't told what the policy was, they were on phone calls. they could hear, people, desperately calling them. one father out of afghanistan. they could hear the the tall banging on the door. it was so scarey, they didn't know if the person on the other end of the line would get shot. they didn't know if the emails they would get for the person would be the last one, have the va step in, right, to help out state department workers. that is how bad it is. >> that's right. elizabeth: veterans groups you talked to, suffering from ptsd. >> that's right. elizabeth: it is opening old wounds. go ahead, sir.
6:39 pm
>> liz, every day i am getting videos of the beheadings, of executions, one of my interpreters get beheaded at a taliban checkpoint. people are being hunted down ever americans still trapped. i think what has everybody been so involved in this so upset the total lack of accountability from this administration. where is the person, one, just one that will raise their hand and say, we screwed up. it shouldn't have gone down this way. this was a strategic debacle. i will stand up and step forward to be held accountable. no one. not the generals in the pentagon. not the secretary of state. certainly not the president who says the bucks stops with me, but proceeds to blame everybody else. i think that is what has people, not just so distraught, demoralized, but frankly mad. and i can tell you from my perspective in congress, i'm not going to let it go. i promised these veterans groups and gold star mothers of the 13
6:40 pm
marine soldiers and sailors that shouldn't have been where they were when they were killed, that i will not quit and many of us in congress, veterans in congress will not stop until we have that accountability. elizabeth: what do you plan to do? what do you plan to do? >> we're pushing democrats right now to hold an investigative task force that is going to get to the bottom of it, right? we're going to hold them accountable and, you know, dig and dig and dig and if we have to wait until we're in the majority to get the appropriate answers and start issuing subpoenas, that is what we'll do. elizabeth: congressman michael walls, thank you so much for your service to our country and for your work on this effort. to all those va groups out there and people fighting to do the right thing, we support you, we applaud you. thank you so much for your herroism. good to have you on. still to come this hour, new and stagger milestone, u.s. drug overdose deaths for the first time surpassed 100,000 in 12 months since april.
6:41 pm
border officials warn this is directly tied to drug traffickers exploiting and profiting off the biden's weakness on the border. up next, vince colanese on the trump-russia probe. "washington post" issuing dozens of corrections on stories dating years after the durham investigation revealed how fictitious and erroneous hillary clinton's steele dossier really is. how long before the media finger points at bad fbi leaks and adam schiff abusing them and their power to get hillary elected? the story next. indeed you do. indeed instant match instantly delivers quality candidates matching your job description. visit i'll shoot you an estimate as soon as i get back to the office. hey, i can help you do that right now. high thryv! thryv? yep. i'm the all-in-one management software built for small business. high thryv! help me with scheduling? sure thing. up top. high thryv!
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elizabeth: joining us now talk show host, "daily caller" editorial director vince colanese. great to have you on. we have the "washington post" now correcting multiple stories on trump russia, dating back to 2017. they're correcting and clarifying editor's notes after the durham indictment show how fictitious hillary clinton steele dossier is.
6:46 pm
wapo executive editor said we can't stand by the stories anymore. what do you say? >> yeah, boy, this is one of the biggest, if not the biggest political disinformation campaign in american history going out with a whimper. you have "the washington post" making minor corrections, minor changes, pending editor's notes hope we move on to not look back. these are the type of reports that deserve full retractions and embarassment of journalists involved advancing fundamentally these lies. journalism is about the truth, exposing what the truth is. "washington post," other outlets failed in that mission. they ingested wholesale opposition research, generated by hillary clinton's campaign an her operatives in order to use the federal government and to trample on the civil liberties of her political opposition. it is all of full and it deserves real scrutiny. elizabeth: vince, how long do you think it will be before the
6:47 pm
media blames the faulty on bad fbi leaks and adam schiff for the debunked steele dossier? >> depends what other items come out from john durham. how much truth actually is exposed. basically whatever scapegoats the media can point to, in order to indicate it is their fault. the reality, you have a number of outlets, including "the washington post" who were lied to. at that point you need to prove your credibility. you need to prove sharing the news. expose the sources. tell us who lied to you as you lied to us. elizabeth: they can't, because promissoriry estoppel, they promise, it's a contract all thing and promised confidentiality at this, they can't break it, they can be sued by the source, depending on the state. i hear exactly what you're saying. it can come out with this,
6:48 pm
vince, let's go with what you've been saying. former fbi director james comey leaked to the media including interactions with truck. former fbi director andrew mccabe caught lying about leaks. fbi counsel james baker, conducted media meetings, met with perkins coie michael sussman. a lots of fbi officials reportedly leaked. what kind of coverage will we see in the durham indictment and the fbi going forward? >> i'm not hopeful at all. not in any way optimistic that the legacy corporate liberal press is going to spend much time dwelling on this subject. there have been a couple media reporters, even at "the washington post," eric women pell, who spent a bunch of time litigating all the failures by the press when it came to the steele dossier. the truth, only small number of journalists taken the issue seriously. they should. hillary clinton used her access and power within the federal
6:49 pm
government in order to weaponize it fence american citizens who did not have power. donald trump as rich as he was did not have access to the levers of government. the government was used against him, used to paralyze his administration all on the basis of lies. what we find out from the latest durham indictment, chuck dolan, an operative from clinton world was feeding information to igor danchenko who was putting it right into this disgusting dossier full of lies shared with the media and of course the fbi and that is how we end up all of the trump-russia collusion nonsense that paralyzed this country for so long. elizabeth: igor danchenko was investigated years ago by the fbi for being a possible russian agent, being too close to russian foreign intelligence or information over there. so the real fear is two things. that russia knew about this steele dossier and what hillary was doing, purposely used it to pour disinformation into it,
6:50 pm
knowing it would end up in the fbi to see how the fbi would react, right? because putin and russia is always studying how our government agencies respond in order to play it. the second thing too is, durham indictment revealing that you know, internet researchers on behalf of the hillary clinton team broke into the executive branch, meaning potentially the pentagon and darpa to find computer links between the trump campaign and russia. so that is a violation, doing things like that. your final word. >> my final word here, look, you're right, it is either that the hillary campaign was involved in manufacturing evidence to weaponize the federal government against the trump campaign and or they were willing dupes to russian disinformation. either way to look at it, all the accusations directed at trump, he was somehow advancing the interests of the russians, looks like as always this is a case of projection, goes right back to hillary clinton. what is the old phrase, the walls are closing in?
6:51 pm
they might be this time. elizabeth: hear you loud and clear vince. come back soon. air attorney attorney general mark brnovich with us, a new milestone, overdose deaths first time surpassed one had you thousand 12 months since april. border officials warn this is directly tied to drug traffickers exploiting and profiting off of biden's weakness at the border. you're watching "the evening edit".
6:52 pm
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running us now, attorney general mark bernard which. this is disturbing the u.s. surpass for the first time, 100,000 drug overdose deaths and the 12 month period from april. that's nearly 29% rise versus last year which was erected. this is where the bad stuff. the american families are getting torn apart by this. >> liz, thank you for allowing me to come on and talk about this. i was not only a gang federal prosecutor but this is a record amount of drugs coming into our country. i've never seen it this bad in my entire career. he talked to law enforcement, it will tell you that never seen it this bad. we know overdose deaths are the
6:56 pm
number one cause of death for places like pima county in arizona, surpassing car accidents. we know i not as a prosecutor the price of functional is falling not just in arizona but other parts of the country because the cartel seized operational control of the southern border, flooding drug into our country like functional and national -- meth and heroin into our country and it's killing americans, going americans shame on present biden enablers in the u.s. senate like chuck schumer and cartel kelly because americans are dying as a result of the cartel seizing control of our border and joe biden's policies. kennedy: the u.s. government ceased functional to kill each and every american this is the shocker, this is what viewers need to pay attention to and listen to because we are worried about this. bootleg counterfeit versions of drugs on the market, oxycontin, vicodin, percocet, adderall and
6:57 pm
xanax. oxycontin, percocet, adderall, vicodin and xanax. people are seeing their sons and daughters, mothers and fathers, family members die just taking one pill. that's how dangerous it is. >> about 2 milligrams of functional can kill a human. we had a traffic stop here in arizona, one stop a couple of weeks ago with 53 pounds of functional, that's enough to kill the entire population of new york city and washington d.c. combined. our sons and daughters, nieces and neck knowles nephews are dying as a result of the failed policies of the . kennedy: they don't even know -- go ahead. >> this is one thing we know, i have daughters, nieces and nephews, you could be a party and say here is an aspirin and think you are taking adderall or something you think that's
6:58 pm
nonlethal and it can kill you because we know the cartel are not only giving counterfeit drugs but they are lacing fentanyl and other drugs people are dying of overdoses, emergency rooms are being flooded with young kids dying as a result of joe biden's failed policies sorts a human cost, economic cost and we know crime is increasing and places throughout the country, more than 2 million people went to illegally cross the border, it's truly something overwhelming our country shame on joe biden cartel kelly people who will not address the issue. kennedy: when you look at the arizona border and see drug cartel operating there, are they working with china transnational gangs, productivity are you seeing now at the arizona border? >> the chinese are sending the chemicals into mexico and the
6:59 pm
cartel are making the final product for fentanyl counterfeit pills you alluded to, the cartel are making billions of dollars office. unfortunately, it's one thing because the federal government and biden administration from the president when it comes to border security and national security, this is up to the biden administration and we talked about this, that's why we have lawsuits against the biden administration trying to force them to build a wall and do remain in mexico and deport people work criminals or deportation orders because right now it's a failure of policy and as a result, the cartel have ceased control support. liz: when you say they seized control of the poor, what you mean and how many miles of that. >> well, there are so many openings of the border, i was down there last week, there was
7:00 pm
little he people coming across luggage and literally just told where to go. there's no criminal sanction or economic sanction. liz: thanks for joining us, good to see her. i'm elizabeth mcdonald, you been watching the evening edit on foxbusiness. thank you for watching. we hope you have a good evening and join us again tomorrow night. ♪♪ kennedy: are right, city on edge as we await one of the most high-profile verdicts in years. as the jury continues to deliberate the fate of kyle rittenhouse my sideshow and kenosha keeps getting weirder. protesters and demonstrators continued to gather outside the courthouse. some say how is innocent and others say he's clearly guilty. >> i believe he should be found guilty. the first one was justified but the second shot was not that's when he became a


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