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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  November 17, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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dagen: before we go presence harry and meghan markle have no plans to join the royal family in the uk for christmas, despite the queen's first christmas without prince philip. don't spend it with your elderly infirmed grandmother. well-done. that does it for us. "the evening edit" starts now. elizabeth: news from the kyle rittenhouse trial in wisconsin. the jury has been sent home for the day. deliberations will resume tomorrow morning. we have got this story for you, house republicans demand attorney general garland testify again under oath. should they bring if fbi officials too? a whistle-blower revealed fbi counterterrorism and criminal units are spying on parents upset with school boards as if they're isis. ag garland testified this is not happening. is this about shutting down a
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powerful new voting block, school board parent? the scariest thought is this. is ag garland deliberately clueless or don't know what is going on? is the fbi a law unto itself. the gop calls this another terrifying egregious abuse of power. joining us darrell issa, dan bishop, jason smith, senator bill hagerty. former top dhs official chad wolf and former top i.c.e. official tom homan and former utah congressman jason chaffetz. the biden mandate is in trouble. osha suspended enforcement of it. they are moving to toss it out as unconstitutional overreach. what happens to all the workers fired because of it? what happens to them if this mandate truly does go away? we have biden's nixon whip inflation now moment. the new narrative out of the
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white house no one believes as biden big government spending stops inflation. obama officials larry summers and steve rattner dismiss that. democrats are ramming through the biden agenda to stay in power. they are expected to lose congress next year. we have dhs secretary mayorkas indicating he does support massive payouts to illegal aliens separated at the border when they broke the law. that is more than military gold star 9/11 families get. we have a dhs watchdog punted on patrol of border patrol on horseback, accused of whipping migrants with split reins. remember biden and media demanded answers to the dubious story. reports that the durham criminal probe of trump russia is zeroing in on the hillary clinton campaign for funding and pushing false trump russia claims into the doj and the fbi. even bob woodward says the steele dossier is quote, garbage.
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"the new york times" blasts media like cnn and msnbc for touting it as fact. we look who this investigation might take down. thanks for joining us. i'm elizabeth macdonald, "the evening edit," it starts right now. ♪. elizabeth: thanks for joining us. let's get right at it. with us now from house judiciary and house foreign affairs is congressman darrell issa and north carolina congressman dan bishop. house judiciary and homeland security. first to you, congressman bishop, will there be new hearings with ag merrick garland? will you guys bring in the fbi? the counterterrorism criminal divisions after government whistle-blower revealed emails that they are spying on parents upset at school boards. what is the plan now? >> liz, this is a huge development, very concerning, an fbi agent troubled enough by the news to come forward as whistle-blower to report that
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the counterterrorism division of the fbi is threat tagging parents of, across the country in terrorism databases. of course we didn't know anything about it. and you know, liz, this came out, that memo went out to the fbi on october 20, one day before ag garland testified the last time and i had written weeks before that asking for all of the documents relating to his memo that started this, on october 4. we didn't have that when we talked to ag garland. that is what we said today to chairman nadler, we need the ag back before us. i agree it ought to be the fbi director as well. elizabeth: officials. who knows if they're wiretapping parents. it is not a stretch to think of that, congressman issa, we've seen the fbi be a law unto itself in the past under trump russia. why didn't ag garland admit to this in testimony? why is the fbi still doing this after the national school board association disavowed its letter to the white house demanding this action?
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>> well you know if the ag had admitted to it he would admit to the kind of wrongful conduct we haven't seen since j. edgar hoover went after martin luther king. the fact is targeting the innocent, targeting any group simply because they're an "an inconvenient truth when they protest at school boards, no different than the civil rights movement, no different when lois lerner targeted tea party groups for their beliefs. it is weaponizing government agencies against people that are your political adversaries. in this strange case the political adversaries are moms carrying about their kids get an education, a real education, not just a videoconference with their teacher remotely. elizabeth: are they trying to squash dissent? school board parents are a powerful new voting block, we saw that in virginia, right? is that what is happening? this is a total deal breaker for
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independents. they don't like what we see here. congressman issa makes a good point. we've seen this kind of big government power abuse in the past. >> liz, i think that is the only explanation. we're not talking about, i mean to this day we haven't seen some violence or threats of violence that have materialized that would justify any of this. what's left is that a political, a left-wing political group called on the white house and then the white house, then, this letter materializes. the white house helped to orchestrate. and the attorney general jumps to the command and directs the fbi to go harass this political movement across the country. grassroots political movement. it is a pure corruption of the use of federal law enforcement authority and there are a lot of questions that have to be answered to that. elizabeth: to congressman bishop's point, congressman issa, ag garland testified he had no evidence that parents were engaging in credible threats or acts of violence.
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he based the dragnet on a letter of complaint to president biden from school board officials. you remember when they reauthorized the patriot act? the concern the patriot act bag then was going to go after americans. now they're going after parents. the fbi a explanation, we do threat tags as we do track drug traffickers. now they're comparing parents to drug traffickers? got congressman issa? okay. congressman bishop, can you pick that up? >> i think i can liz. he must have have lost his feed. this is a total, you see a total double standard of justice. we heard about around the country over and over. it is selective. you have picked out a political opponent or enemy, as they perceive it in the white house. this is just not, it is not the way the to run the justice department and it has got, it
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has got to stop. but first of all, it has got to stop being covered up. as i said when we asked for the documents before justice garland appeared, chief, attorney general garland appeared, we didn't get them. so we din have a commands to ask him about it. this is worse. they're targeting political opponents. elizabeth: how can they not give congress documents? we don't work for them. they work for us. you guys have oversight on this. i think congressman issa is back. so, you know, you heard what congressman bishop is saying congressman issa. what he is saying, how can they, how can the doj stonewall and block any transparency on this? okay, his feed is still down. of the congressman bishop, there is that too. i want to move on to this, what started all of this congressman bishop, a father was upset. scott smith, remember he was hauled out of that school board meeting. his daughter was raped by a teenage boy wearing a skirt in a
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loudon county virginia public high school bathroom. we have news coming in that teenage boy pleaded no contest to charges of abduction and sexual battery in a second case where he allegedly force ad female student into an empty classroom in another high school in loudon county. no contest plea. he is not admitting guilt but admits prosecution has sufficient evidence for conviction. parents are upset coverups of that. coverups of things like porn at student libraries. why the top-down approach, heavy hand of government power, why not just talk to the parent? >> liz, i don't think the american people will put up with this, to your point scott smith speaking that night, a school board member said there was no sex al act against his daughter. this came it subsequently. people like scott smith, the
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education establishment and then the white house, the department of justice, the fbi turned against. i think it made the difference in virginia in the election and i think you're going to see, i mean we've already seen moms and dads up in arms about racist hate theory being taught, about all these issues, some you up toed on. they are not going to tolerate the federal law enforcement cracking down on parents. elizabeth: congressman issa, we're so sorry we had technical difficulties with you. >> no problem. elizabeth: your final word. what do you say? >> final word, just like member of congress some do town hall meetings and listen. others show a disdain for the people who elect them. appears in some cases that disdain by these school boards has turned into weaponizing the attorney general and the fbi against them. it would be wrong if a member of congress didn't like his constituents complaining at town hall meetings. it is certainly wrong when parents are being targeted. that is what is happening we've
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seen it before. we need to stop it and stop it now. elizabeth: congressman darrell issa, congressman dan bishop, great to have you both on. come back soon. still to come this hour, biden will meet tomorrow with mexico and canadian leaders as migrant caravans again flood our southern border. up next, house budget ranking member, congressman jason smith. the democrats racing to pass more spending as their power evaporates. a 14th house democrat leaving. the latest attacks, gas light the cbo for saying the biden agenda is not paid for. new nixonian whip inflation now moment. even obama officials larry summers and steve rattner this new narrative more spending fixes inflation is breathtakingly absurd. the story next. i'm so glad we did this. i'm so glad we did this. i'm so glad we did this. life is for living.
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♪. elizabeth: the democrats margin of power is shrinking fast. a 14th house democrat, jackie speier now leaving. democrat control is three net votes. the white house racing to do this. they are going after the cbo. the cbo are the official government score keepers of spending. already says no the biden agenda is not paid for.
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that could cause democrats like joe manchin and krysten sinema to say no we're not voting for this. hillary vaughn has the story. reporter: the president is very clear, he thinks his social spending plan costs zero dollars but estimates released from the cbo this week foreshadow some of his math is not adding up, like the extra tax revenue they would bring in catching tax cheats. the cbo says it is closer to 120 billion in revenue, not 400 billion biden was betting on. so now the white house is turning around and attacking the non-partisan congressional budget office's credibility an ability to do their job. >> there has been wide agreement on the part of everyone involved, moderate, liberals, et cetera, that cbo does not have experience analyzing revenue amounts gained from cracking down on wealthy tax cheats who are taking advantage of every honest taxpayer. reporter: but the cbo says they actually do know how to do that. the former directing everyone
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reminding why congress created them in the first places saying this, quote, perhaps the most important thing to know that the cbo exists simply because congress decided it could not rely on any administration for reliable budget information. i talked to house ways and means chairman richard neal today. he is one of the guys that helped come up with the ways to pay for biden's plan. he says he told house democrats today in their meeting they should not overreact to what the cbo says are their estimates. >> i think that there are different and competing perspectives from time to time. so i don't denigrate what a professional agency like cbo suggests as much as to say it is but that, an estimate. reporter: liz, that is what we've heard from democrats throughout the day here on capitol hill, that the cbo is a framework, it is an estimate. it is not an exact calculation of what the plan will cost. liz? elizabeth: hillary vaughn, great to see you. thanks for your reporting. it should also be pointed out
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another reason for democrat panic. despite the infrastructure win, look what happened with obamacare? democrats lost 63 house seats and control of the house after obamacare. joining us now, congressman jason smith from house budget. okay, this is, sorry, i'm going to be blunt. this is really dopey stuff. first of all andrew bates, the white house deputy press secretary said everyone, moderates and liberals, talking about, talking everyone, he forgets that the congress's own rules for the cbo says you're not allowed to score tax collection, right? you're not allowed to add that in to the revenue raisers how much your spending agenda will bring in. they're flat-out breaking the rules already on this. >> they're very consistent about the breaking the rules, liz. i was listening to your segment right before, i just kept thinking you know the democrats, the same democrats complaining about what the possible cbo score will be on this huge tax-and-spending bill was the same ones back in 2017 during
6:19 pm
the tax cut and jobs act saying the cbo was the gold standard but now they're very concerned? because they should be concerned, because even independent analysis has been looking at this reckless spending bill. such as "the new york times" and they have said it is not paid for. in fact it is going to cost hundreds of billions of dollars more than what they're projecting in fact add about $800 billion worth of debt over the first five years. elizabeth: the other thing too is, the democrats, by the way, former treasury officials work at the cbo they do have the experience here. for them to hold them, democrats hold them up as a gold standard and now to gas light this is so pathetically absurd. the other thing, when you use the irs, right, go after the rich, the rich can shelter income. they can afford lawyers and accountants. when you double irs enforcement
6:20 pm
power, they go after the little guy, small businesses who can't afford that. small businesses are hammered by the pandemic, hammered by inflation, hammered by a labor shortage. 20 million people, a stunning number, 20 million people quit their jobs since may that makes it tripping hard. should the white house back off, should democrats back off? >> they absolutely back off. folks are, the irs is one of the most feared agencies like you're talking about. when they hire 87,000 new auditors, not to go after the wealthy. it is to go after working class families who are barely making it by, who don't have teams of lawyers to defend them. that is who they are going after. you're seeing help wanted vacancy signs all over the place. small businesses are trying to find people to work for them. but unfortunately these polys within this build back better bill, only makes it worse. in fact there are over
6:21 pm
$300 billion in this bill, liz, that will push people to stay at home and not work. elizabeth: we hear you loud and clear. i hear you loud and clear on that. listen, i covered the irs for decades. it is a tax factory. they move on to the next case. they move on to the low-hanging fruit. it is a job. critics warn biden is in serious trouble. his polls plummeted faster since hoover, what george will says. he appears to no empathy for the chaos and pain he is starting. no tacking to the middle like clinton. overheated economy, record inflation and pushing on the irs to bring in more money to pay for his massive government spending. your final word? >> people are upset because they have been watching president biden this admin strange make one crisis after another, the inflation crisis, border crisis, the energy crisis. he has forgotten how it is
6:22 pm
affecting working class americans. they have had enough. his poll numbers are plummeting. the american people see what he is doing. they're not having it. elizabeth: congressman, good to have you on, jason smith. come back soon. still to cometh hour reports are coming in that the durham criminal probe of trump russia could be zeroing in on the hillary clinton campaign members for funding, pushing abetting false trump russia climbs into the fbi and doj the fbi is being called out too for abuses of power. even bob woodward says the steele dossier is garbage. "new york times" blasting media like msnbc and cnn reporting it as fact. up next former top dhs official chad wolf. the president is said to meet with leaders of mexico and canada tomorrow. as migrant caravans flood the southern border. border apprehensions more than doubling. highest october in record. where is the white house on this growing crisis? why are they still awol at the border? the story next.
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♪. elizabeth: joining us now former acting dhs secretary, now a visiting fellow with the heritage foundation. he is chad wolf. chad, great to have you back on. okay, the president is going to meet with the leaders of mexico and canada tomorrow. any idea what the president is going to say to the leader of mexico? we have got another record number of border apprehensions in october and a new migrant caravan coming out of mexico.
6:27 pm
what do you say? >> well the president should be talking to the mexican president about stepped up enforcement measures that can take place in mexico, not only on their southern border but obviously on their northern border as well. unfortunately what we've seen over the last eight to nine months the u.s. is not doing enough to pressure mexico for them to do more inside of their country to stop the illegal migration we see to the u.s. southern border. mexico in turn usually asks the united states to continue to invest in the country. really focuses on economic measures and i think it will be incumbent upon president biden to really stress the security and enforcement measures we need to see on the southern border to get this crisis under control. elizabeth: they're looking for more money to address root causes. that is what mexico is looking from the u.s. and not doing enough to stop the caravans from pouring across its own border, is that the idea? >> well i think that's right. they're not only looking for money on the root causes but
6:28 pm
looking for incentives and other types of economic assistance for the mexican economy. i think, again what president biden needs to do is stress the importance of security and enforcement measures that mexico can taking on variety of different fronts, well before these migrants make that very dangerous journey, to come to the u.s. southern border. that is what they need to do. and that, along with other measures can help address the crisis that we see today. elizabeth: dhs secretary alejandro mayorkas, he testified to senate judiciary yesterday. he indicated support of 450,000-dollar payouts to border-crossers separated under the trump zero tolerance policy. the point being that when they came here though, they broke the law. biden earlier this month did call this idea of payments quote, garbage. he then flip-flopped on that after outrage. let's watch the secretary of homeland security in action yesterday. watch this. >> the immigration system though is fundamentally broken, a fact
6:29 pm
that everyone agrees upon. >> true or false, secretary mayorkas, this year under joe biden we've seen the highest rate of illegal immigration in 61 years? >> again i don't know the number of years but certainly a historic high, senator. >> so you're right it is broken but you broke it. >> where does that leave us? how many people are estimate here? of the 1.7 million, how many people are still here? >> i would estimate approximately 375,000 are -- >> still here? >> yes. okay. elizabeth: that's a lot. 375,000 inside of the u.s. interior. came in. we have 400,000 "gotaways." we've got homeless veterans on our streets. the payouts could hit a total of one billion dollars. senator marsha blackburn said that money could pay for 50 miles of border wall, hire more than 50,000 border agents,
6:30 pm
7200 immigration judges. way more than what gold star military families or 9/11 families get. what do you say? >> the numbers the secretary gave senator graham was inaccurate. it is closer to 600, 700,000. elizabeth: does that include "gotaways"? does it include "gotaways" or catch-and-release? >> it does include a percentage of those got-aways as well. if you add "gotaways" to the illegal apprehensions, looking 700,000 for possibly even more. when we talk about the $450,000, it is one thing for the president, vice president and others to nod, to be supportive of that. it is different for the secretary to not condemn payouts for that because it impacts his worder patrol officers. he knows that is incentive, another pull factor, if you pay individuals for breaking the law. what we know is that other
6:31 pm
migrants will come to the border, hoping that if they come across the border they get an attorney, they file some type of suit against dhs they too will receive some type of a payout as well. it sends exactly the wrong message in the worst of a wrong border crisis we ever experienced. that is another bad decision. elizabeth: that one billion, one estimate, said could provide homes for 80,000 homeless people. it could feed 42 american families for one year. forgive student loan debt for more than 27,000 american college students. you know what i mean? separate out -- we're a humanitarian country. we get it. come to the ports of entry. do it legally. chad wolf, we ran out of time. terrific to see. we're coming out of the bottom of the hour. you've watching the fox business network. still to come. biden's vaccine mandate is in trouble. osha says it will not implement or enforce it. court litigation is pending.
6:32 pm
what osha is saying. all 50 gop senators back a new resolution to wipe it out as unconstitutional government overreach. one of those senators, bill hag getter, he joins us coming up. first former utah congressman jason chaffetz on reports that the durham probe might be zeroing in on the hillary campaign. hillary and her testimony called out for funding and pushing the false trump russia steele dossier into the doj and the fbi. we look how far this can go and who it will take down. the story coming up. don't like surprises? [ watch vibrates ] proactive notifications from fidelity keep you tuned in all day long. so when something happens that could affect your portfolio, you can act quickly. that's decision tech, only from fidelity.
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we are not getting you a helicopter. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ ♪. elizabeth: okay, joining us now fox news contributor and former utah congressman jason chaffetz. we're going to jump into the way back machine. let's watch this. watch. >> well that is because he would rather have a puppet as president. >> no puppet. elizabeth: meaning putin would rather have trump as puppet.
6:37 pm
remember these headlines. looking back, jason, you remember how it all felt manufactured or orchestrated? didn't it feel that it was really how aggressive hillary was, her team was pushing the phony steele dossier. her campaign funded. they put a clinton operative as a source for it. pushed it into the media, into the doj, into the fbi to kneecap trump for years as a puppet of russia. going back, remember watching how all of this unfolded, didn't you feel something was wrong? >> it does, especially as being illuminated now because what happened was the accusation was that russia was colluding with donald trump and his campaign but it ends up it was hillary clinton who was colluding with the russians to put this together. if you follow the money, look at millions of dollars, what they did, clinton campaign would put that into their attorney. their attorney, led by marc elias at per kinds couey, would then be able to go out to spend
6:38 pm
it on the bogus dossier. the dossier is dropped into the fbi. because it is in the fbi they write about it. because they start writing about it, the fbi says, let's go ahead to start doing more with this. next thing you know you have a manufactured crisis where donald trump is put on the defensive. where he has tried to have to prove the negative but it ends up that hillary clinton was just a liar. it was just an absolute fabrication. elizabeth: we have the come-to-jesus moment from "the new york times." even "the new york times" saying how did so much of the media get the steele dossier so wrong? even bob woodward said hillary's steele dossier was quote garbage. "the new york times" op-ed calls out the media reporting it at fact. for all of trump's many and grave sins he was victim of gigantic slander abetted by the fbi. when we read through the durham indictments, a speaking indictments, road map to the potential future charges a lot of lawyers say it looks like he might be zeroing in on the
6:39 pm
clinton campaign. what do you think? >> very well might be. there might be an allegation of corruption and conspiracy that they bring forward. look it is not against the law to lie in a political campaign. what i think they should focus their efforts on adam schiff and eric swalwell. adam schiff was the chairman of the intel committee. he would walk into the meetings. would walk out of them. i have classified information. i have seen it first-hand. the evidence is there. that was an absolute total and complete lie. it was misreading, misrepresentation of classified information which is against the law. so how, how does hillary clinton be able to do this? because she gets the credibility of nancy pelosi's self-appointed person in adam schiff and it is the most shameful thing in the world, that he continues to have security clearance let alone the actual ability to run that committee and see classified information because of the way
6:40 pm
he misrepresented it. he should be dismissed, absolutely. elizabeth: you would think that democrats don't want the fbi turned on them, right, as hillary did with trump. that the durham criminal probe would clean out what happened. we had former fbi attorney kevin clinesmith saying things like, viva resistance. we have to get rid of the crazies. peter strzok's bias anti-trump text messages. how hillary's team went on full frontal attack, jake sullivan, jennifer paul my airy, taking taking the alfa bank story to the media, sussman taking it to the fbi. durham indictment is saying somehow, somebody broke into the executive branch to access, probably internet data in order to try to connect trump to russia, meaning the trump alfa bank story. i know msnbc is still pushing on this. the fbi has debunked it. if you're breaking into the executive branch of the
6:41 pm
pentagon, darpa is in the executive branch. what were they doing? >> the whole predicate for their analysis and their diving into it was just simply not there. when they did know this dossier was bogus and not verified, yet you still had officials signing a fisa warrant, signing the warrant and verifying data and information at same time they knew it was false how come somebody isn't held accountable. how come the judicial branch allows them to get away with it? where is the judicial branch in all of this? elizabeth: that is perjury before the fisa court meant to catch isis. jason chaffetz. you will come back on soon. still to come this hour, government watchdog for homeland security, you know what? will not probe border patrol on the horseback accused of whipping migrants with split reins. that office is punting on that. what happened to biden vowing to get to the bottom on this? more on media silence when they
6:42 pm
ramped up the this and actual photographer doubted it. osha suspends enforcement and implementation of it. it is all about court litigation there. also this, all 50 republican senators black a new resolution to kick it out for good as unconstitutional government overreach. what happens to all of those workers and first-responders fired over that? one of those senators, bill hagerty supports that resolution. he joins us after the break. keep it here on "the evening edit".
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6:47 pm
over this. what is going to happen? >> well it is very appropriate that it would be brought to a halt. i was the first person, first senator, liz to reach out, the week that this mandate was put forward to demand labor secretary walsh bring this mandate to congress to be subjected to the congressional review act. that act is going to be implemented. we just got the rule here today. i expect it to be very difficult vote for democrats to stand by. i think we'll have all 50 republicans on this. i think this is going to get a vote of disapproval. fifth circuit already said it is unconstitutional. i said this in the very beginning. i think it is in big, big trouble and well should be. elizabeth: now all the courts proceedings are consolidated in a supreme court in ohio. we have osha ruling. they will suspend enforcement and implementation of the biden mandate. all 50 senate republicans including you pushed a new
6:48 pm
resolution to knock it out for good as unconstitutional government over reach. what happens if that happens and what about all the first-responders and workers let go because of it? >> it is amazing, first-responders, people that worked in health care, people in grocery stores, keeping store shelves filled. they were essential at that point in time. they risk being exposed. many were exposed. now we're saying there is a vaccine available they will lose their jobs? they made a personal decision not to take the vaccine. i made the personal decision to take it. i worked with my doctor. that was the right decision for me but i respect the decision americans come to. everybody has their own personal medical decision to make. that is our right, our liberty at americans to do that. we do not need big government stepping in. this is an unconstitutional move. 49 of my colleagues join me and agree to that i think we'll have more when the vote comes to the floor. elizabeth: the workers can conceivably join in class
6:49 pm
action, who knows. i don't know if you can sue the government because it's a entangled mess. the supreme court in 1905 says powers for vaccine mandates belong to the states, not the federal government. the osha rule stretched the biden vaccine mandate, treating workers if they're a hazard in the workplace like water on the floor with a electrical cord. it came with heavy fines. turning workers to snitches on their bosses not doing the vaccine mandate. those fines could wipe out small businesses. that is a stretch much the osha rule. do you agree? >> i agree, rule. the way it was drafted could be up to $14,000 for individual violation. with this build back better passed i certainly hope be, would be fines imposed on small, medium companies $700,000. this could bankrupt companies. they will make the decision go out of business themselves, lit employees go or let the federal
6:50 pm
government do it for them. this is not the america we need this is biden's america. we got to stop it. elizabeth: bill hagerty, thank you for joining us. people understand the importance of vaccinations. it is top down government approach. good to see you, senator hagerty, come back soon. look who is back with us, former top i.c.e. official tom homan. the watchdog of homeland security punted on the probe of the border patrol on horseback. remember they were accused of whipping migrants with split reins? what happened to all white house and media outrage? media and democrats ramping up a false whipping narrative. the actual photographer and witnesses said that is not what happened. we'll take it on again next. ♪. ♪♪♪ ♪♪it's a most unusual day♪♪
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look who's back with us now, fox news conservator, acting ice director, tom, your number this, the media outrage in the president, now he's not home and security office of inspector general deciding not to investigate what the outrage was and it was wrong, for agents using whips against migrants earlier this year.
6:55 pm
they're sending it over to customs and border's protection office of professional conduct, what is going on here? >> a couple things from i think inspector general is smart, he looked at the video and set there's no violation of policy, no crime here just watch the video the agent did their job and did it well knowing there is no crime or violation, first of all, they don't want to investigate something they didn't have to. second, inspector general is getting ahead think i don't want to find an investigation if there is it because that's going to embarrass the vice president and secretary who the men and women to force horse patrol so it's on pr. liz: the president said we are going to get to the bottom of this, the media's overreaction, comparing the agents actions to those of slave catchers. a photographer took the photo and witnesses said nobody with
6:56 pm
anybody. >> from day won this administration, your innocent until proven guilty unless you're wearing a badge. they don't support law enforcement i went nuts when i saw this because i was a border patrol agent and no rules of engagement and didn't violate any policy or course of politicians proper narrative out there but they are a racist. he got the president and vice residents comparing racism in the second himself that he's appalled and training horses to assault children? is meant and women are patriots bring their lives on the line for everybody every day. the president of united states the country talked about how the last administration, they start on the banks of the rio grande valley. they are putting their lives on the line and saved 8000 lives but border patrol agents understand the president abandon the vice president abandon them
6:57 pm
and the secretary has because he still on tv saying no prices of the border in a secure. no respect for leadership. >> but watch senator mike lee on all of this. watch what happened yesterday at the hearing. >> did you defend them when they were attacked from whipping people? they were not. >> what i said quite clearly is the independent investigation will determine the facts the facts will drive the outcome nothing less and something more. >> birth failure to defend them then and now is nothing short of morale if you want to maintain the border which you do not have, it's not a way to get there. >> morale crushing. not going to get control of the border if you behave like that the secretary is line, he ought to be a charge of perjury. it's your what he said, he said he was appalled by the video and
6:58 pm
they trained horses to attack children. the ig reports to the secretary. old reports of the cbp who reports secretary, how can they have an independent investigation when their boss on national tv says was appalled to attack children? >> self-destructing because i want to go to this, functional seizures skyrocketed by 40% in the month of october, drug traffickers and cartels taking advantage of the water prices, agency data shows 1050 pounds of fentanyl, opioid ceased in october. the amount in october is more than two and a half times what the agency sees in the first two months of 2019, roughly 40% in all of 2019. we got skyrocketing opioid overdoses across the country. twelve month overdose death toll at record highs.
6:59 pm
where do you see the white house and homeland security secretary coming down on that? are they forceful on what's going on drug crimes pouring into u.s. cities? >> absolutely not. open borders and immigration from a cartel control the borders to type border patrol to push functional across the border. this week, 100,000 overdose deaths because of the incompetence of the biden administration. both parents separated from their children forever, they bury their children, how much are they going to get? for $50000 for the incompetence of the biden administration? they are to file suit today. i don't want to hear anything about rewarding them to come across the country illegally because a separate like every u.s. citizen family separated and prosecuted about the moms and dads and parents, hundreds of thousands of lives lost because of this administration at the border?
7:00 pm
>> complete agony for these families. final word? >> it's sad. i've talked to moms and dads and ice director, they are the greatest americans out there and my heart break for them. joe biden will meet with the migrant -- >> thank you, join us again now night, thanks for watching. ♪♪ kennedy: another explosive day in the kyle rittenhouse trial as we await the jury to return a verdict liberal media losing their minds over the judge. how will this prosecutors withheld potentially critical grown video my they claim the


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