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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  November 16, 2021 7:00pm-8:00pm EST

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and join us again tomorrow night. ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ kennedy: breaking news from the kyle rittenhouse trial, the jury moments ago retiring for the night. they will be back at it tomorrow morning 10:00 a.m. eastern seven in the west. full analysis on the trial coming up shortly. the biden administration is who was about the border. the president has never been there, that's fun. the vice president completely awol sniffing around for root causes and today we learned the
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home and security chief is quite a buffoon. alejandro mayorkas was on capitol hill for an oversight hearing and meant no mercy, republican senators were angry with him the verbal be gone was swift. first, texas went after him both barrels blazing. he went to get answers on the treatment of children who crossed the border. alejandra, no you didn't, wasn't having it. watch. >> how many children have been in the biden cages 2021? >> center, i respectfully disagree with your use of the term cages. >> has kamala harris been down to the facility? >> the vice president was at the border. kennedy: hong kong demanding answers on the plan to pay some of those migrants for $50000
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apiece. i want that job. watch. >> what should be our priority of the united states government? securing our border or giving amnesty to illegal aim aliens already here? >> sandler, justice is our priority, it includes securing our border and providing relief to those who qualify for under our laws. kennedy: you are sorry janet jackson. his ever possible to get a straight answer? it turns out it is but only when asked to rate his own performance. >> how would you rate yourself? >> senator, i'm a tough writer myself and think of myself in a for effort and support of our workforce. [laughter] kennedy: i love his modesty but he gives himself front and a forever, he puts the be nbs. the border situation continues to worsen. last month encounters were up
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128% over last year what will it take for the white house wake up tonight's party panel and see if we can solve this. alexandra wilkes is here from the richard fowler radio show, fox news interpreter richard fowler foundation for economic correspondent, the one and only, hallelujah, let's get out of alexander how secretary meyer% due today in the senatorial drilling? >> i think it's clear he's full of the same excuses biden administration has been offering since the beginning and when you have order crossings up over 120% this year, 2 million crossed into the u.s. this year, effect on purpose. we are not doing the whole cyclical seasonal thing anymore, it's clear this is on purpose by
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the biden administration their opening the gates and letting anybody in it does contribute to americans feelings things are out of control whether it inflation or changing covid metrics, the administration just doesn't have its hands on the wheel. kennedy: this is an issue but like inflation, it's not going anywhere and it has the greatest impact on independent voters and by both parties don't want to touch immigration. it's such a political hot petito but it's always about book when the guy and charge say this system is so broken, whoever is in charge, they've got there and full. secretory mayorkas, that's you. what is he going to do to fix it? >> thanks for having me but the funny thing here is all the folks asking questions, they are all auditioning to be present
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and while they are doing that, they also have the ability to fix the problem. we can acknowledge we have a broken immigration system, which often pass laws to fix it. kennedy: i completely agree to pass laws to raymond what he's doing, they could pass laws to change the biden administration operating at the border and get they want a brain scan for u.s. congress for the cameras. kennedy: senators have a great responsibility here if only we had a vice president was fresh from the senate who could talk to some of her old pals who now have a slim majority and talk about legislative fix is here. oh wait, she's not doing that because she doesn't want to do her job either. it is interesting because as i look at this situation, and it is a broken system and we need new legislation but anytime you have prohibition brothers drugs or guns people, you will have the same authorities at play, i
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think i made up that word. >> you may have made up that word but luckily we have kamala harris on the case. she was assigned to the root causes of immigration, she's the biden administration's top person on the matter so it's all settled. i get but between secretary meyer% kamala harris, we have the ineptitude of our political class on display right here. immigration is a hot button political issue but voters agree on common sense solutions legal immigration is a good thing. americans want more and to make it easier. border security is a good thing. americans want to make our country more secure and secure the border, it's not that hard to fix if they could get together to do it and stop grandstanding for the campus which is what ted cruz is doing but also stop deflecting right kamala harris has done and neglecting the issue like she hasn't even been to the border.
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kennedy: that brings us beautifully into our next topic how the white house entry, there are reports of hostility and dysfunction between the vice president and president brandon despite an awkward attempt at a hug yesterday, are we hugging? let's hug. seen in lames the president is frustrated with kamala for failing as border czar while the vice president can't send the president planning often possible assignments on her. the article claims many of those feel like he's stripping his medical duties to promote her and essentially setting her up fail her fans are panicked watching whole numbers lower than biden's worry even the base democratic votes starting to give up on her. the biden administration insists joe and kamala sticker be so with planting these? alexandra. >> you can only assume it comes
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from the kamala harris camp and that will depart from the course. she was the same person who called joe biden a racist to bring the democratic debate this was always convenient. he wanted to check boxes, she wanted -- she wanted to be vice president but said things before you cross over once the announcement was made so not a marriage meant to survive times and times are tough right now but it's an expectation team because when she was announced vice president, it was a historic and it was but did we get too far out with it? with her children's books printed about kamala harris premature? let's wait and see how this goes vq richard, i will ask you the same question, whose planting these worries but it's not marked for the biden administration be doing that because a picture, he promised she would be a woman and now she
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was supposed to have us impenetrable double sided shield and it's going to work against them if they throw her off the ticket and trade her out for pete buttigieg. that is political shenanigans from the biden side but she has to take responsibility for the job she's been given and she's accepted because there's something about solving the border crisis that would be such a massive political win for her if she can pull it off, she deserves to be present clearly she cannot so she doesn't. i should be a palace. >> i never give credit to the stories with anonymous stories but what i do give credit to is the precipitous fall in the approval rating among democrats to both kamala harris and joe biden where i think the problem lies when it comes to that in
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her poll numbers especially amongst african-american voters which we know the most reliable photo for the democratic party is the african-american woman from everything to do with the fact that african-american women feel like the democratic party and the white house is not talking directly to them about the issue they care about and the achievement they've made in their favor. for example, largest investment we seen in public education, many investments for colleges and universities some now more than ever, she be talking to voters about the decisions and the moves a party has made especially with recent infrastructure bill that would benefit. kennedy: you know where they could make headway, if she talked to the moms, black, white, brown, asian and otherwise and he said to them i believe in you as parents and you have the right to send your kids to school wherever you want. i believe in you and in school twice. then you see her poll numbers going in the right direction.
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>> don't hold your breath for that one. her poll numbers are down to 28% approval rating. the coronavirus has a higher approval ratings them back. nickelback has a higher approval rating than that. [laughter] we are talking legendarily unpopular politician. for me, it's a lesson in why you don't pick it vice president based on identity politics. she'd never done anything in her career except corrupt prosecutor that hurt the groups progressive claim to care about and win elections. they picked her to check off a box rather than her qualifications or charisma or lack thereof, she plummeted out of the democratic primary this is what you get from a political liability on your hands there were plenty of other choices they could have gone with. kennedy: she wasn't a great national cancer to begin with. i don't know why anyone thought she would miraculously show up transform the political stage. she's not good at it. nothing to do with her race or gender, she's not good at her
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job. you have like ten seconds. >> i will say, to say she's not accomplished is unfair. her attorneys general have a larger settlement against homes being taken away . kennedy: she was horrible -- to lower income tax -- >> that's not affect. kennedy: i will fax check you right now, it is a fact. got much more with the panel. i love them all even when they say this. so waiting for the kyle rittenhouse very to reach a verdict, it won't happen tonight. is there any sign how the jurors will vote? many more questions about the trial, next. ♪♪
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breaking news, the kyle rittenhouse murder trial, the jury deliberating all day but still no verdict. now they have retired for the night, they were told -- we are told they have written copies of their instructions particularly about self-defense. what does that mean?
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i don't know but i know someone who's does. this is a live look at kenosha, wisconsin. you can see protesters, those protesting in favor of against kyle rittenhouse in they have been gathering there the fear is that there will once again be pilots when we do get a verdict. hopefully bassett doesn't happen. hopefully everyone has learned running things down or hurting each other gifts you nowhere. if kyle rittenhouse is found guilty on any charges, potential or go away for a long time from a quick peek life in prison for intentional homicide charge so what's going on right now? , assistant u.s. attorney columnist and fox news conservator, mccarthy, welcome back, andy. >> how are you? we do thank you, good. obviously watching this great interest as many people are, there are a lot of opinions about this but what does it mean to you the jury asked for this
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specific instruction they did from the judge, first the part about self-defense and defense the rest of it. >> i think the idea was they would send one copy of the instructions back to the deliberation room and the instructions are like 40 pages long so they wanted copies for everyone or at least -- i think that's what they wanted. what ends up meaning for us as a practical matter, it's one of these unusual trials where there's not much dispute factually about what happened so it comes down to a legal question about whether there is a self-defense defense or not. trial jury waters, usually the way we know what they are focusing on at least we think we do is because they sent notes asking testimony on this, law on that but if this is mainly a legal thing and they have
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instructions, i'm not surprised we went the whole day without getting another note because i'm sure that's what the argument is about be to how complicated is the self-defense aspect? for the nuances and how is it that this could go a different way? >> the self-defense is fairly simple in the sense that you are an innocent actor and not be a statement, somebody is assaulting you and they are using lethal force in this case or you have a legitimate fear of lethal force being used, you are allowed to use lethal force so that straightforward. the issue in this case, can the prosecution convince the jury that rittenhouse somehow forfeited his right to defend himself by either acting in a way that was criminal or provocative that made other
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people or inspired other people to attack him first under circumstances where he'd be deemed as a matter of law not to be able to use lethal force to defend himself. that's what they were trying to tell the jury, i don't think they did it but that was what they were doing. kennedy: you keep hearing that term, provocative, provoking the crowd, they were heroes. all of those thanks so you were a prosecutor for a long time, you don't typically see assistant district attorney pointing a gun at a jury, is not usually a good idea? >> never got the idea, not for a federal or state prosecutor or anybody else. when i was a prosecutor, and this is like ancient history but they drummed into you were supposed to be over with the jury the guns were disarmed and they couldn't be fired because
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it's disturbing to be a few feet away from jurors and have firearms. kennedy: especially with the finger on the trigger. completely responsible for has no idea what he's doing. that's how a woman died on alec baldwin's film set, i couldn't believe what a dumb dumb back i was. >> kennedy, it's also strategically dumb dumb in the sense that the prosecutor wants the jury to think the guns and really dangerous weapon because the jury is looking at the courtroom where the defendant is sitting in a nice suit and you want to be reminding the jury that the defendant was out on the street with a gun so you don't want to treat it like it's a game and you don't want to treat it like it's a cops and robbers, he want to treat it -- like is a dangerous weapon. kennedy: waving around like it was a toy. i think he undermined his own
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stunt. thank you so much. if we hear more, we will lean on you in a couple of days. next, tensions flaring between the u.s. and china, last night virtual summit between president biden and president xi jinping, did they do anything to smooth things over? the panel returned in just a moment for michael. ♪♪
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fruitless meeting between president biden and president xi jinping has the communist party bragging about taking control of taiwan. how about that? virtual summit was filled with pleasantries but little to no substance, what a surprise. last week marie told me president biden so hard on china. the president did not confront
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china on trade human rights or even the origins of covid which has republicans calling him -- president xi jinping is telling his citizens president biden voice support for the one china policy recognizing taiwan and hong kong chinese territory. it didn't actually happen but china office they don't care about facts certificate the better of joe? party panel is back. alexandra wilkes, richard fowler brad palombo. brad, this is zero surprise nothing substantive came from virtual summit were you expecting anything different? >> no not really. i think the best i can say it in full fairness to present biden is one president trump met with kim jump in, i said it's good, right? active communication between world leaders to prevent conflict in lines of communication but it sounds like but the most they are accomplished here in very little substance achieve which is a shame because china needs to be
7:28 pm
called out people in these corporations won't do it because they are scared of their financial interest but they commit human rights atrocities and so many other things, it's so important for the u.s. to have moral clarity on so it's good we are talking at least we should be doing a lot more with that. kennedy: it's interesting because now anyone who deals with china and just employ the john kerry approach. not my lane. uighurs, genocide, concentration camps, not my lane. president biden, did you ask about the but? not my lane. is there anything in his lane? [laughter] >> i practice safe when you think about how we talk to china, the good news is that there's an open line of communication, they both understand they have to be in cooperation because there is no cooperation from the could be destruction.
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i think beyond that, if there's no cooperation, we could live the way we have the past four years under donald trump which was tit-for-tat, american consumers and american consumers overall and that's important to think about when we think about how we interact with china because we have to understand for the supply chain crisis we are currently and teaches us as we are in an interconnected globe with goods and resources coming from china. kennedy: coming from a bunch of commies, a couple friends hashing things out, what can go wrong? >> i think since the beginning china has known joe biden would be steamrolled by them. he's part of a system set up to protect china whether big wall corporations here in the u.s., big tech, entertainment hollywood, you have a system structured around protecting
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chinese interest and it goes hand-in-hand with democratic donors and the democratic party so it's not a surprise to me that this readout from the chinese red like it did, basically they had joe biden with this endorsement of the one china policy and the white house has nothing to stop that. kennedy: they know there won't be pushed back, they can say whatever they want about the exchange and they don't fear anything from the united states. the talking points, the president is really tough on china. beijing is terrified here. they are not, they want to keep doing what they are doing and what they are doing is throwing journalists in prison more than any other regime on earth and that is saying something and they are continuing to rape, torture and put them in concentration camps. one thing we didn't hear was
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china disappearing for athletes speaking up against the regime including professional chinese feng shui, she vanished after she was accused of retired in the chinese communist party of sexual assault. she not been seen nor heard from in ten days and she posted details of the alleged assault on social media brief the women's association called for an investigation into her claims and others in the community say they are very concerned for her safety. a news conference yesterday, china's foreign ministry spokesperson said they hadn't even heard about issue. what a shocker. that the chinese communist party silence one of the best athletes? anyone there be held accountable for anything? this is an incredibly serious story, no one has seen her or talk to her and it's because she claimed a very high-ranking official assaulted her when they entered their consensual
7:32 pm
relationship. >> it's a mortifying story and it shows to me two things. i'd love to know where the "me too" movement is on this, some people, rightfully so spoke out a lot for the same celebrities and corporations who have enormous financial interest in china, where they be as bold as they were here to call our injustices? i hope so but that it. the flipside is, fizzes what happens, we can look to china and see what happens when a government becomes powerful totalitarian, unaccountable to the people and unrestrained. we are nowhere near that but if we wrote the constitution and grow the federal government further beyond constitutional stop, it's the path we had down where it looks like 1984 and critics get disappeared and there's no accountability for crimes. i would say to people, don't look at it like it's fantasyland saying equipment not happen here, it could happen here. taken as a lesson to preserve
7:33 pm
those things. kennedy: the chinese dissident warned america is living in an authoritarian state. very few people are willing to stand up say and do what is right. lebron james doesn't add up, he cowers because he wants to make money and cancer risking his reputation, his career, he's the only one standing up and here is a young woman who apparently has been sexually assaulted and now she has gone. not only is off the chinese internet, so is the word tennis. >> i think we have to fight for her rights and beyond that, what we need now more than ever to reign in china's abuse is a global approach. when you talk joe biden yesterday and others last week and other global leaders saying we are going to condemn the chinese for not being part of the global conversation we are going to go as a globe from a developed world say china, your behavior is unacceptable from a faster way to do it.
7:34 pm
one country taking on china won't defeat them but when the globalized world set china, your behavior is unacceptable and we are your marketplace, this is unacceptable behavior and this will affect your bottom line, that's how you take on china. kennedy: i think they also care about control. power and control, controlling the narrative, controlling what people see. >> you can't control without money. >> that's what they care about controlling so we are talking about this, where want to sacrifice their economy and build our panels and china is like we are going to buy a cameroon. this is a very serious story, what you do? >> this is where we count on the institutions that have made up this country's to give voice to the voiceless. count on the media, entertainment. kennedy: or the vice president. [laughter] >> exactly.
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this shows all of their service about diversity and inclusion and training programs and grants to groups like black lives matter and me too, it is all for show because if you can't stand up for a muslim population that's in genocide in that country, you're not going to stand up for one tennis player and call attention to this story, he will allow them because that's what you do when you want to protect your financial interests over advocating for people who need it. kennedy: basic service to it as the head of the women's tennis association. he had tough words but we will see if that's followed up with action because they do have 11 events in china where they make a lot of money so good luck there. biden administration may finally take a stand against china on
7:36 pm
something, washington post columnist claiming feedback in a ministration will hold a diplomatic boycott of the 2022 olympic winter games in beijing. several white house sources say biden and other white house are planning to skip again because of the genocide against uighur muslims. will actually happen? honestly can't take games away from the athlete, they didn't do anything but why all the problems the china has on display that has been going on for decades, why did they give them the olympics in the first place? >> that is the milling dark question, literally so. why they gave it, the real question, what are people going to do about it? the olympics one thing but the nba could pull out of china and will be a huge financial loss but would be standing up further values they've stated about minority rights which china is oppressing in a little genocide
7:37 pm
pretty good on the biden administration for doing this but it should be going further. how the global community can play nice in china and in these games and sports, while committing a little genocide is beyond me. you are legitimizing their actions by doing this kind of thing and people should speak out about. kennedy: so the vice president and tony blinken will show up in beijing, that make a difference? >> they have to go far beyond just the vice president or possibly first lady, it has to be a globalized approach. kennedy: not doctor joe -- sorry. >> when the european union and others say they're going to condemn your actions and athletes will go, we will not go. this is what china doesn't want, china wants to be seen as a
7:38 pm
global player. when the globalized world says you are not, the chinese government communist party will be very upset and hopefully causes them to change their behavior when they are not part of it. kennedy: i would hold my breath but i would die. alexandra -- >> i agree with the boycott but let's face it, it's a bare minimum of what they could do and be easy thing to do because it very visual, they sort of get the accolades the community for doing so but it's really not that tough. what would be tough is holding china accountable for their role in the covid pandemic . kennedy: that's what i would like to read out president biden's on covid, would you do that to the rest of the world from a killed hundreds of thousands of americans, you are a bunch of jerks. it will probably happen in china again in 12 years because ioc is a bunch of weenies.
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you are all wonderful great americans might adore everyone of you. alex, richard and brad, well done. well done. coming up, closer to finally federally decriminalizing and rescheduling cannabis like never before. it may have to do with a brand-new republican bill, congresswoman nancy may joins me in a moment. ♪♪
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♪♪ kennedy: that was last night after trumpet monday. the winner was joan. joan is a lady and she's so good at mouth trumpet monday. last night we discussed how left and right right dropped the ball on cannabis glycation.
7:44 pm
my next guest, offering significant cannabis reform on a federal level. she believes it will bring people together from both sides of the aisle in one big happy circle. the bill sponsor, congresswoman nancy may, welcome to the show. >> good evening and thank you. kennedy: when did you decide to go bob marley on the republican caucus? i applaud you. >> i've been working on kandiss reform since i was a state law maker since before is an issue i campaigned on last year, i represent charleston, south carolina along the coast down south of there, a swing district and something i campaigned on, it's important to me personally and it's been a long expensive and very harmful federal war it's time to end it. we have all but three states in the country that have some form
7:45 pm
of cannabis legalization. my home state of south carolina, we permit cbd, they have medical california has full adult recreational use. it's time the federal government and law should catch up with where states already have and have been for number of years. kennedy: what your legislation is saying is basically we've been so prohibitive at the federal level, possess a schedule one drug, categorized with what are considered to be the most harmful addictive substances on the planet yet the vast majority of americans live in states where it is at least medically legal so the state should be the one to decide but we still have thousands of people in prison for canvas crime, nonviolent went. >> right, non- violent canvas crimes into still has a criminal justice of the federal life level.
7:46 pm
state driven, states in the driver seat, they can determine, no one state law should be forced to change under this particular federal bill but it gives the federal government providing a stack tax structure, 3% that regulates it allows states to do whatever it is they want that conservatives and republicans, moderates and democrat can get along with. it's a nonpartisan issue, 70 -- 30 and most states a super majority of americans live in states where there is a form of legalization or another where they live. it's common sense and pragmatic. kennedy: i am not surprised joe biden and kamala harris are lording over and administration that's very bad on the war on drugs particularly the war on cannabis that continues does a great disservice to our
7:47 pm
veterans. i hope it passes, i know you will get sponsors outside of your caucus and i celebrate that, i'm glad you took the time and put the thought into it. i wish more people in congress were rational like this. thank you so much. >> thank you so much. kennedy: do you smoke? [laughter] >> do i smoke? well, i have a personal story related to cannabis myself. when i was 16, i was raped, i've told this before but i was given prescription medication that made the feelings i had a depression worse than i stopped taking the prescription drugs and i turned to cannabis for a brief period of time in my life so when i talked to veterans, particularly protective of veterans ensuring they are protected, not discriminated against in the va can utilize
7:48 pm
cannabis for their ptsd and protections for ptsd so when i talk to vets and feel that pain, i see the pain, it hurts because i felt that pain before in my life, veteran suicide, we seat it every day. kennedy: and i have been an uptick botched afghanistan withdrawal, thank you for sharing your story. don't fear the reaper thank you for bringing this to light, keep us posted. >> thank you. kennedy: topical storm is next. ♪♪
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turns out i was wrong. so when a hand specialist told me about nonsurgical treatments, it was a total game changer. like you, my hands have a lot more to do. learn more at today. kennedy: a group of new york city sanitation workers suspended without pay for using counterfeit vaccine cards. lucky for them, they are used to being in deep crab. that's a cleanup crew getting caught dirty. this is topical storm. topic number one from another hollywood sellout. the volleyball the tom hanks castaway movie sold at an auction for $308,000. then again you can't put a price on friendship. he described wilson's condition as heavily distressed paint
7:53 pm
applied to create a worn and dirty appearance. basically, the same look as cardi b. wilson is expected to sell for around 80 ground but shocked the auction house by pulling almost four times that amount. it's going to be a white all winter. not surprised it went for so much, after all, it's not just a movie prop, it's a cast member. the ball was options with. reporter: other items including passions and weapons from famous horror movies you can pretend to hunt down innocent people like your favorite hollywood billing. alec baldwin and robert blake. allegedly. topic number two. recall for powder tropical punch canisters after small particles of metal glass were reportedly found inside. that's what happens when your product enters pipe breaking through windows and walls. contaminated canisters were sold
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at cost and have a best when used by date week 2023. of course all kool-aid best when not used at all. the company set they received no complaints related to the issue which means the only injury so far as those living at the bottom of the canisters, the answer. returning for a full refund or you can get rid of it the old-fashioned way telling democrats to drink the kool-aid in order to prevent climate change, works every time. topic number three. here's a video to give you -- pause. watch a giant black bear open the door enter a 711 convenience store in california. here he is. hey, late-night runs to pick up the bare necessities. the cashier is frantically screaming saying go away he's not wearing a mask. once inside, the hand sanitizer
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dispenser in his face. typical customer going straight for the alcohol. ironically, there wasn't already somebody inside with a gun pulled out. the bear didn't enter any further and eventually left. even a hungry bear knows not to eat all of those to kino's. [laughter] police suspect the bear peed in the 711 parking lot because they can't be sure that's what everyone thousand california. get out, mr. bear. before we go, tickle me tuesday. get the punchline on twitter using the # tickle me tuesday. what kind of car doesn't a drive? ♪♪
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[laughter] kennedy: it time for tickle me tuesday. here is your tuesday tickle. what kind of car does in a drive? a yolks wagon. >> that was good. kennedy: thank you, spike. some people said shelby.
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there's a hatchback, i appreciate those answers. that was not our punchline but still love you. i'll meet on twitter an instagram. tomorrow night on the show, it's a doozy. john gabriel steve hilton, can't watch the show? cannot dvr it make everyday a candidate. good night, friends. residents here basically have the atlantic ocean as their backyard. feel like fishing? charter your own boat and try to catch a 30-pound red snapper. or if you just want to enjoy some sun and surf, hop on a paddle board and cruise the coves. and if nature is your thing you can visit the sea turtle hospital or drive inland and go bird watching in the holly shelter game land. > if we were to get a house, what would you like to do out here on the beach? > sunset walks with the dogs.


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