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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  November 16, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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pictured in september on horseback trying to deal with migrants. they were falsely accused by joe biden, president himself for whipping them. and now, nothing. how about an apology, joe biden? does it for us on "fox business tonight." "the evening edit" starts right now. ♪. elizabeth: okay, we are monitoring the action in kenosha, wisconsin. if there is a verdict in the kyle rittenhouse trial we will bring it to you live. we've got fireworks on capitol hill today on one of the hottest political stories of the decade. fbi director christopher wray grilled today on trump russia and the durham criminal probe. it is about accountability for the hillary clinton campaign, the fbi and the media on misleading the country for years. even bob woodward, investigative journalist today, he called the clinton steele dossier, quote, garbage. a waste of the nation's time. how can america be assured the
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fbi never against uses political opposition research like the clinton steele dossier to justify spying on a political opponent as the gop says happened to trump? joining us tonight senators ron joan son and marsha blackburn. former cbo director douglas holtz-eakin phil flynn, ford o'connell and sheriff mark lamb. in d.c., secretary mayorkas admitted in testimony that the border is quote fundamentally broken under biden and mayorkas was hammered for dubious tough talk, no action and no answers to basic questions about crime. he delivered a bombshell. we got it, the news from this heated hearing. the white house's defining moment. it could stop biden. it is inflation just as it slammed presidents nixon, ford and carter but the white house botching it again with the new blame shifting narrative that can be easily circled back to
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democrats. all to cover up that they had no answers to stopping the pain americans now feel in their wallets. also they have got zero solutions to rising gas and heating prices as winter approaches. we've got the latest on the billions of dollars biden is now giving to a new civilian climate corps to go after oil and gas companies. we have more on his infrastructure czar's ties to, china and biden's controversial comptroller nominee, saule omarova is worse than realized. tonight the invasive government control she wants for your bang accounts, the government and the economy. beto o'rourke in focus. his weak policies, he is running for governor of texas. he wants to defund police and basically defund the border. now will the lone star state go for that? thanks for joining us. i'm elizabeth macdonald. "the evening edit," it starts right now.
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♪. elizabeth: look who is back with us, the chair of senate homeland security. we're honored to have senator ron johnson with us. senator, great to see you. talk to us about fbi director christopher wray testifying behind closed doors on the durham probe and trump russia. is he zeroing in on both the hillary campaign and the fbi? >> hello, elizabeth. i hope he is. the indicts have been handed down by john durham. they are shocking. not shocking to me but should be shocking to the american public. they should really lock the mainstream media but they're not. thereby and large being ignored. we had a few muted corrections but it should trouble every american how the fbi, how the department of justice covered up and were involved in this hoax against the trump campaign, the trump administration. the deep state is very deep and it should trouble every american. elizabeth: it looks like durham
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in his indictment sees the steele dossier as largely a hillary clinton campaign paid for, funded fiction. the danger is that russian disinformation got into that dossier and got into the fbi. the durham indictments are indicating the fear of that. what do you say? >> well, yes, i mean what has been revealed the alfa bank allegation was also cooked up by people affiliated with the clinton campaign but remember, we had a fisa report from inspector general horowitz that in the body of the report it said that bill priestap said there was no knowledge within the fbi that there was any russian taint to that steele dossier but my staff uncovered redacted footnotes, classified footnotes that completely righted what was in the body of the fisa report. so i asked michael horowitz, who redacted that? he said, well, higher-ups in the department of justice and the
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fbi. that is why the fbi, the department of justice, they have to end the coverup. they need to become transparent. i subpoenaed christopher wray. i didn't even get a fraction of the information that we subpoenaed. then president trump in the last few days of office declassified probably a treasure trove of information. we have not seen one document from that declassification effort. so christopher wray continues to cover up for his agency. his agency was corrupt. it put this country through political turmoil for years. i would argue culminating in january 6th. but conservatives aren't, we're not surprised by any of this. we've seen the complicity of the mainstream media. the coverup by the mainstream media together with the coverup of the fbi. elizabeth: so what were in the footnotes that your team saw that contradicted the fbi, i think it was acting director, assistant director bill priestap? bill priestap told, he basically made a statement said there was
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no russian disinformation in the steele dossier, no russian influence. durham's indictment of igor danchenko the main source for the clinton dossier, says yeah he fierce that. what did you guys see in unredacted footnotes? >> bill priestap said he had no knowledge there was any russian disinformation in the steele dossier. the footnotes righted that. they knew that by 2016 by sure january 2017 you had those corrected. russia was involved in creating that dossier. it in fact russian collusion with the clinton campaign that was actually driving this and fueled the entire mueller probe. they knew this before the election and they knew it shortly after president trump took office for sure. elizabeth: this, continue. this should be front and center. finish your thought. go ahead. >> no, it should be front page
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news this should be massive news. this should be a massive scandal but again the mainstream media, they are on the side of the left. they basically installed biden. allowed him to win a president's campaign from his basement. they with complicit. they will not admit they were wrong. they will not publicize it much. they will quietly publish a a retractions and move on. rush limbaugh was perfect describing them as the drive-by media. elizabeth: they said that they had found contacts between russia and trump campaign. the public wasted time on this nonsense but now we're, the main focus should be did russian disinformation which is treating the 2020 election like a cat's paw, did russia purposely put disinformation inside of the fbi, the fbi used that disinformation to get fisa wiretaps to spy on the trump
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campaign? if russia can feel they can go to those lengths, that is terrifying. that should be scary. that the intelligence communities can be manipulated like that, with bias with peter strzok in text messages and others against the trump campaign. like the fbi was just biding its time, waiting for more information to come out to get trump but it didn't arrive. all along russia is playing this. what do you say? >> you're blaming the wrong entity. you need to blame those actors in the fbi that knew full well that the main source of the mueller probe was the steele dossier that was tainted by russian disinformation. they knew that. they knew that very early on. they should have given no cried dense to it. quite honestly christopher wray, under his leadership, the fbi came to the senate leadership that said the steele dossier was credible. the fbi knew this in 2016 but they continued to play along
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with it. that is complete and total corruption. it was not corrected by christopher wray. that is why i hope there was some fireworks in that house intel confidential briefing but christopher wray has an awful lot to account for -- elizabeth: where is the accountability? former fbi acting director andrew mccabe got his pension reinstated. he was fired for misleading fbi officials about the clinton foundation story to the outfits like "the wall street journal." peter strzok as you pointed out saying fbi sister agencies were leaking like mad. they felt scorned and worried after trump won. it kicked into over drive their political leaks to the media. where is the accountability? final word? >> through public exposure but again you're describing the deep state. the deep state is not populated by conservatives. it is pop lated by leftists. they support the democrat party. so you can only interpret what the reinstatement of the
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pension, paying off andrew mccabe's attorney fees as a reward for hits corruption. how else can you interpret that by merrick garland and president biden. total corruption. elizabeth: we hear you. we'll stay on the story. we've been talking about this for five years. senator ron johnson always great to have you on to interview and hear your thoughts about this. it is good to see you again. come back soon. still to comeback this hour the white house defining moment that could stop biden t plagued nixon, ford carter, a shifting narrative that can be easily circled back to democrats. to cover up they have no answers on the pain americans now feel in their wallets. up next senator marsha blackburn. more fireworks on capitol hill. dhs secretary alejandro mayorkas admits in the testimony to historic border crisis broken under biden. he couldn't answer basic questions. there was a bombshell. we've got it. stay there. back in two. it's once-monthly injectable cabenuva.
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we'll keep you ready for what's next. comcast business powering possibilities. ♪. elizabeth: back with us now, tennessee senator marsha blackburn. senator, you're with senate judiciary. great to see you. tell us about your reaction to the testimony from homeland security secretary alejandro mayorkas today. >> we were really surprised that he was so unprepared. you know, he had to put the hearing off when he had covid.
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so he had plenty of time to prepare and he came before us today just really unprepared for facts and figures and didn't seem to understand that immigration, illegal immigration at the southern border is at an all-time high. wanted to challenge those numbers. so we found him to be very incomplete in his presentation. so elizabeth, there will be a lot of questions submitted for the record for his written response. elizabeth: we hear you loud and clear. the secretary admitted to a quote, historic high of illegal border crossings. said the system is quote fundamentally broken under biden. we've got 164,000 illegal immigrants apprehended in october, the highest october in the history of homeland security. and he said of the 1.7 million apprehended last fiscal year, 375,000 were let into the u.s. interior. that is on top of 400,000
6:16 pm
"gotaways." what do you say to that? >> well, what we know is there is an incompleteness in those numbers. i asked him for the total number of ntas, notice to appear and notice for removal, which is you know, right around that 300,000 number but then you have the 1.7 million they have apply apprehended. what about the balance there? what about the 1 1/2 million got-aways. elizabeth: sorry, 1 1/2 million got-aways? we heard there were 400,000. >> when you talk with some of the border patrol agents they think 400,000 for the year is a very low number. that there are many, many more got-aways then what are being reported. elizabeth: okay. >> so when you look at this, then you say, okay, you all are
6:17 pm
still using the number of 11 million illegal immigrants in the country in total. now that was a 2005 number. look at what has happened since then. so -- elizabeth: mit, mit says now it is 22 million. >> that's right. elizabeth: watch what happened between senator ted cruz and secretary mayorkas, to your point he didn't have answers to basic questions. watch this. >> in the past year has joe biden been down to see first-hand the biden cages? >> senator, i will again -- >> has joe biden been down to see this facility? yes or no? >> the president has not been down to -- >> no. how many murders have you released? >> i'm not aware of any murders -- >> how many rapists have you released? >> i'm not aware of any rapists. >> how many child molesters have you released. >> i'm not aware of any child molesters have you been released. >> how many whim were sexually
6:18 pm
assaulted trafficked into this country in 2021? >> senator i have no ability to determine how many -- >> you don't know. so you didn't try to find out? >> how many have been sexually assaulted in mexico along the migratory -- >> how about this, how many children have been sexually assaulted by traffickers or other people when they were coming in illegally? >> i do not have that data. >> okay. so you don't know that either. elizabeth: let's show the data. there are nearly 11,000 illegals caught who were convicted criminals. they were convicted of homicide, assault, rape, domestic violence, burglary, drug and human trafficking. but now the biden administration has weakened the border more. senator lankford pointed this out, now they are, you know, told to show up to i.c.e., not even to a court date. they have to report to an i.c.e. officer and they're not even doing that. senator lankford found dhs notices given to illegals, quote, don't worry, if you don't show up, you will not be taken into custody. is that true? those notices are going out?
6:19 pm
>> we are hearing those notices. senator lankford has brought this forward. and bear in mind, what they are trying to do is make it easy for people to illegally enter this country and then get handouts and benefits and they're making it hard on the american people who are legal citizens to deal with the issues of jobs and inflation and they're making it very difficult on people who have chosen to immigrate legally to the united states because elizabeth, they end up going to the back of the line with biden's border policy. elizabeth: senator marsha blackburn, great to have you on again. come back soon. it is good to see you. >> good to be with you. elizabeth: same here. still to come this hour, biden's controversial comptroller nominee, i'm i'm. itsaule omarova.
6:20 pm
this is worse than realized. this is against america's free market. we dig into what could happen if she gets the position. up next former cbo director douglas holtz-eakin. the white house's new defining moment, inflation t was a problem for nixon ford, carder. the white house is shifting responsibility with a narrative that couldsly circle back to democrats. we take it on next.
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elizabeth: welcome back inflation undercutting biden just as it did for nixon, ford, carter. kennedy, lbj tried to jawbone companies into lowering prices. nixon tried wage and price controls. the only thing that worked jacking up interest rates, that triggered recessions like it did under carter which led to reagan. the white house new narrative, all of biden's problems could be blamed on covid. when the democrats led shutdowns like in california. hillary vaughn with much more. hillary. reporter: liz, americans are being hit with high prices around the country but house republicans today say democrats are too concerned about supply chain issues with green energy in the future instead of focusing on what is impacting americans with the supply chain right now. >> instead of holding a hearing how we can fix the supply chain crisis, fix higher energy costs
6:25 pm
unprecedented inflation, we're here to talk about the clean energy supply chain this strikes me as a bit of a joke. president biden is doing everything in his power to make energy less affordable and harder to come by. reporter: president biden is trying to make green energy affordable though, dumping taxpayer dollars into green energy and products into the bipartisan infrastructure teal he signed into laws but billions in taxpayer cash could be going overseas if the u.s. does not have the supply and manufacturing here to meet the demand. >> this also is a national security issue. you can't rely on on china to build our nation's energy infrastructure. that is just the wrong way to go. we need reliable supply chains and we need to recognize the need of the american people. reporter: representative with the united steelworkers also told lawmakers today they are worried that jobs could also be going overseas because they have been having a conversation with lawmakers for the past two
6:26 pm
decades about a green energy job and they say that promise has not been delivered on. liz? elizabeth: hillary vaughn, good to see you, thank you so much. joining us now former cbo director douglas holtz-eakin. great to have you back on. >> thank you. elizabeth: white house disarray, you probably saw this already, the white house infrastructure signing ceremony, it was supposed to be a bipartisan victory lap. vice president kamala harris took the podium, introduced with the wrong name. watch this first. ♪♪ >> [cheering] >> police welcome heather kurtenbach. >> in a moment. [laughter] elizabeth: kind of a fun any weird moment. what do you say to everything that you're hearing about infrastructure supply chain dysfunction in the veep office? what is your take on everything? >> well, i think we can just put the infrastructure bill aside when start talking about inflation and the supply chain. that is a bill that spends an
6:27 pm
additional $500 billion over the next ten years. largely goes out two or three years from now. it will have a small beneficial impact five or six years from now. so that is non-issue. it's a talking point but not a real economic point. as far as the supply chain the important thing to remember that supply is measured relative to demand and the fundamental error of this administration was to throw $2 trillion of stimulus at the economy in march when it was already growing at 6 1/2%. they created these enormous amount of inflation in the process. the fed's preferred measure of inflation is double what it was in january and continues to rise and that is a unforced error and now they're trying to figure out who to blame. last thursday when they put out commentary on new claims for unemployment insurance, they insert ad line in the president's remarks, i'm committed to the fed having freedom to combat inflation. get ready fed, you're getting measured for blame on this one or blame the world supply chain. >> they're blaming covid for inflation when democrat run
6:28 pm
cities led the way in shutdowns. here is the thing, it is two trillion, we're seeing total of potential 7 trillion new spending all in. it is running up against, your point is a good one. running up against a worker shortage, a labor shortage, a trucker shortage a food factory worker shortage. we have the goods and grocery shortage there. so it is fallacy of shutdowns that is leading to this, right? >> well, it is a big problem. we these supply constraints. then the next thing you hear, oh, this is all because no one can get services during the pandemic. now as they switch back to services we'll not have the inflation problem. well that doesn't look too promising. services inflation is now 3 1/2% per year. it was under two at the beginning of the year. we're spending about 400 billion less in services we would have not had the pandemic. what happens when you run up against a shortage of waiters, waitresses, people to work the casinos and shows, all of that labor shortage as you try to get the leisure and hospitality
6:29 pm
sector going? you get inflation. no way around it. elizabeth: pay people to stay at home. 4 million people quit in september. four million fewer workers pre-pandemic. this other thing, biden's infrastructure czar, mitch landrieu, is a strategic advisor to the china heartland association that supports china's investment in u.s. infrastructure. it's a business exchange between china and 20 states in the america's heartland. cia director william burns said he cut ties with this group when he was running the carnegie endowment. what is this weirdness with the infrastructure czar and his connections to china? >> it makes you wonder about the commitment being serious on both china and on the infrastructure right? this is supposedly oversight of taxpayer money. there should be no question about the incentives integrity of a person running program. appearance is bad enough. not cutting tights to with the people in the operation is
6:30 pm
worse. lack of seriousness you mentioned. elizabeth: hang on, i want to make this point. 110 billion of the 1.2 trillion infrastructure bill actually goes towards roads and bridges. that is tiny amount. 555 billion for green energy. china dominates green energy. it dominates in solar panels. it dominates in batteries. will that go through the infrastructure czar over to china? because he has ties to china with china heartland association? >> well, one would hope that the congress would do enough oversight that would never happen, half a trillion dollars wander overseas. there are nuts and bolts problems, elizabeth. they will demand union jobs. enormously expensive installations. we still have tariffs on all the solar panels, they are more expensive yet. by the time we go through the half a trillion dollars we won't have much in the way of solar power. this is not a real solution. elizabeth: consumer confidence according to the university of michigan, it is at 66. before carter lost to reagan it
6:31 pm
was 75. it was even lower than what it was under carter. douglas holtz-eakin great to have you back on. come back soon. still to come this hour, beto o'rourke weak border policies in focus. he is running for governor in texas. he is back defunding the police and basically defunding the border. will the lone star state go for that? up next, energy expert phil flynn. white house has no answers on stopping rising gas and heating prices but a lot of answers for climate activists. biden is green-lighting 30 billion bucks for new climate corps and. look what it all means here on "the evening edit" . so you only pay for what you need. oh, yeah. that's the spot. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ trelegy for copd. [coughing]
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network, to find out if you can save on your prescriptions, and to get our free decision guide. humana, a more human way to healthcare. elizabeth: back with us now price futures group senior analyst and fox news contributor phil flynn. it is great to see you. good to have you back on. biden gave the green light to russia's nord stream 2 pipeline through germany.
6:36 pm
germany is stopping that same pipeline. because it is based in switzerland, not germany. what do you make of this whole fight? >> i think angela merkel was warned by the trump administration don't trust vladmir putin. everybody on this end of the globe that looks at energy are wondering why is germany making the entirety of europe dependent on vladmir putin for natural gas supplies when historically he has already proven he would use natural gas and energy as a weapon and they decided to do this and now of course they're starting to realize they made a huge mistake. they're not going through with this because of the way that vladmir putin is acting on the global stage right now. reportedly he has troops on the border of the ukraine. putin lackey, you know in belarus is saying hey, if you sanction me i will cut off your supply. europe is particularly vulnerable because they didn't listen to the warnings of the
6:37 pm
trump administration and everybody else that has been watching this situation in europe. elizabeth: they get 40% of their energy from russia. watch energy secretary granholm. now we come home to the u.s., what is our policy? how are we staying independent. watch secretary granholm topspin, claiming biden is all over high gas prices. doesn't mention anything he is doing to lower the cost. biden wants to take a wait-and-see if prices drop. watch this. >> the president is all over this. he really is very concerned about inflation obviously and the price of gasoline because that is the most obvious manifestation of it. and as you know no president controls the price of gas. so the president is looking at the limited tools that he has. i have nothing to announce on this. the energy information agency which is the objective agency the government has to project and forecast the cost of fuels is going to be has said there will be, you know, reduction in
6:38 pm
cost in both oil and gasoline over the next few months. he wants to see whether that is going to be taking hold. elizabeth: so we're all supposed to suffer in the meantime and the tool in their kit to tap the strategic petroleum reserve which is usually done during crises like the arab oil embargo? the '70s. they're admitting the crisis is that bad? they are not doing anything to bring prices down? that's it? >> they can do something to bring prices down. elizabeth: what? >> tell opec, guys raise production today or we'll unleash the american oil production machine. the only wray to get opec and russia back in line to get what they really are afraid of, u.s. energy producer. when we backed off, being the u.s. energy producer we gave opec and russia a monopoly on supplies. and it is not only an economic problem. you're seeing it's a geopolitical risk problem, right? who controls the energy controls
6:39 pm
europe and controls the world. we made a tactical mistake by pushing back from fossil fuels. listen, america does it cleaner, better than anybody else on the globe. i would send a message to opec, hey, you guys don't want to raise production, fine. we'll unleash our producers. elizabeth: but now biden he is not doing that. biden's infrastructure bill, biden infrastructure bill gives $30 million to a new civilian climate corporation of activists to attack u.s. energy and oil and gas. what do you say to that? >> hello climate police. pretty soon they will look in your window to see if your lights are on 24 hours a day or have too many christmas lights or the wrong kind of christmas lights. this is ridiculous. we don't need a civilian group of climate police trying to put energy companies out of business. that is their stated plan. if they go ahead with that plans the only thing they will succeed in doing hurting the middle class and the poor. >> they don't have a plan.
6:40 pm
that's right, they're slamming the lower income. this is fisher-price policy, right? this is amateur hour. >> yes. elizabeth: this is total amateur hour. your final word. >> they don't understand energy. because you know, talking about the releasing oil from the reserve, you know, banning u.s. exports in both of those things would be disasterous for oil prices and for the u.s. consumers. elizabeth: phil flynn, you're terrific. come back soon. still to come this hour. border crisis, democrat beto o'rourke is running for texas governor. his policies are now in focus. he is back defunding the police, defunding the border. will the lone star state go for that. up next, gop strategist ford o'connell on biden's comptroller nominee saule omarova. it is worse than thought. she wants government controls of the bank policies and the stock market. that is against america's free markets. we'll dig in what could happen if she wins that position. stay there.
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♪. elizabeth: let's welcome back to the show, gop strategist, for the ford o'connell. great to have you back on the show again. biden's controversial comptroller nominee, saule omarova. she went to moscow state university. she said the ussr had good things like gender pay. she supported the federal reserve bank manipulating the stock market by letting the fed shorts stocks it decides are too expensive and buy stocks if the fed decides they are too cheap. your reaction? >> this is mind numbing, emac. this is an underreported story. omarova is soviet sympathizer who recognizes soviet views and makes bernie sanders like a free market capitalist. frankly if she becomes in charge of the comptroller of the currency, this is very, very
6:46 pm
dangerous. this could have dramatic effect on the everyday lives of americans. elizabeth: omarova wants the federal reserve to control everyone's bank account. senator warren supports her. president biden tried to weaponize the irs by giving access to everyone's private bank account transaction data, thresholds from 600 to up to 10,000. he wants a bank regulator supports giving government seats on company boards with the government having disproportionate voting power? really? this is where we're at? >> the big lie of the 2020 election that joe biden would govern as a centrist and he would bring stability back to the country and i don't think there is any greater evidence of this lie than omarova's pick. to your point, liz, not only basically ending banking as we know it, she wants to eliminate the private sector and also bankrupt the oil and gas industry. i mean she is talking about turning america into a complete communist, central planned
6:47 pm
government and apparently the progressive have no problem with it on capitol hill. elizabeth: build communism back better you would say. watch saule omarova in action. watch this. >> there will be no more private banks accounts and all deposit accounts to be held directly at the fed. people travel industry and serve in transitioning. here what i'm think about primarily coal industry and oil and gas industry. a lot of the smaller players in that industry going to probably go bankrupt in short order. at least we want them to go bankrupt if we want to tackle climate change, right? the way we basically get rid of those carbon financiers we starve them of their sources of capital. elizabeth: okay. and are you going to put 11 million people out of work? really saule omarova? who do you think you are? >> emac, you're absolutely right this is the progressive goal to
6:48 pm
eliminate oil and gas in america. here you're actually hearing the plan to actually do that. put americans out of work, give the chinese communist party a foothold in this government. not only that not only will crush the working class. she will centrally plan our energy to run on literally green renewables that don't work. she will kill america effectively. she has no remorse about doing it. >> how fast do you think it will turn into i'm a victim, i'm a woman. you're attacking me because i'm a woman? >> it already has on capitol hill. i will say this, that she probably won't get through and it won't be because there is an attack of common sense among the democrats in the senate. it is because they just simply don't have the numbers, believe it or not, fdic chairperson under trump, a lot of people like elizabeth warren voted against her. they didn't that she was a woman or she was an immigrant or person of color. they only play identity politics when trying to whitewash someone's background. elizabeth: is the bench on the
6:49 pm
democrats side so tiny and so shallow that we end up with a communist to run the u.s. banking system? is that how bad it is with the policy shop over on the democrat side? what, this is not our parents or grandparents democrat party this is something else. there are some people leaving the democrat party to become independents. they don't know what it is anymore. is the policy bench that shallow that we end up with a communist running, i say that, i don't usually use words like that but in studying saule omarova and her papers, her research papers that have been declassified, yeah, she supports the soviet republic's policies. what do you say? it's a bench that is shallow. >> it is that shallow. they don't believe it is not open borders policy. it is no border policy. they want to eliminate fossil fuels and they believe they can resurrect connfl from the dust
6:50 pm
heap of history. somehow with democratic ingenuity it can work. it didn't work in the ussr. didn't work in venezuela. that is why the democrat party is collapsing. >> good to have you on. come back soon. >> up next, sheriff mark lamb of the border crisis. more than a quarter of border-crossers are repeat offenders. that is a disturbing high. democrat beto o'rourke's weak border policies are in focus. he is running for governor of the lone star state. we have more on that next. ♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪
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we've got breaking news, the judge in the kyle rittenhouse case has sent the jury home for the night, deliberations will pick up again tomorrow. 500 national guard troops stand at the ready for any unrest when the verdict comes in. we will stay on this for you. the crisis at the southern border, not getting better. for apprehensions hit another record high in october and more than a quarter of four crossers are repeat offenders. president biden still has not found the time to visit the border while traveling to places like baltimore and more. bill melugin is in texas with more. >> good evening, it's been on active day out here. we've seen consistently large
6:55 pm
family units arriving like over the summer it happened again today. look at this video we shot this morning. a group of several hundred migrants crossing illegally into la jolla arriving here, mostly family units mixed in with unaccompanied children and unaccompanied minors. these are people willing to turn themselves in and they find for patrol and give themselves up. as part of the same group, there were 30 runners who border patrol took down in the brush, people not willing to give themselves up. agents went into the brush, apprehended them, all single adult men and women. we talk about new numbers for patrol released. these numbers from last night, fiscal 2021 data in october this year there were 164,000303 encounters upper southwest border. compare that to last october
6:56 pm
when there were only 71000929 encounters, but 128% increase year over year. the members do not reflect are the number of getaways, the ones they see on cameras and sensors but they don't have the manpower to get to them. >> thank you for your journalism. arizona sheriff and protect america now advisor committee, sheriff markland. great to see you, your reaction to that reporting? their hearing hundreds of microns are showing up at the border in arizona asked texas moves to strengthen its border. what you say? >> we've been consistently getting from here at the border and we are going to consistently get them, we just -- 167,000 apprehensions in october, they estimated 49000 getaways yesterday we found 29 -- we saw 29, apprehended 20.
6:57 pm
this is ongoing everyday here. i know texas is dealing with us as well and we don't see end in sight as long as this continues. >> we want to thank you for your service, it feels like total lawlessness. we want to protect migrants, if they want to come from we should do it safely and lawfully because drug and traffickers. click on failed democratic beto o'rourke running for governor of texas, he's supported defunding police and talking borders he's talking about defunding the borders. >> is a terrible candidate and i don't see electing him. i'm with the sheriff today in training and detective sheriff's don't plan on supporting him either. let's not forget this is the guy who wants to take away your. even democrats have noneffective, i just don't see him carrying texas state, i
6:58 pm
don't think they will be enthusiastic about him and he's not what texas needs right now. >> when he dropped out, who's asked if you would run for governor of texas and he said no way, i can't even imagine that. texans are tired of your legal border crossings. hispanic vote is increasingly movie for republican and election straddling the border, you see that? trump one an astounding 23% in the regions of laredo and elsewhere, what you say? absolutely, a lot of latinos are area from mexican descent in arizona, a lot of them do not support illegal immigration. many of them went through the process of coming here legally and a lot of them expect these people to do the same thing and i think every american expects the same thing. we are not saying don't come but just follow the process. for the rest of them don't come if you plan to come in
6:59 pm
illegally. >> texas state representative ryan, he's a democrat, rio grande city lawmaker, he switched to republican from about the blood to the texas democrats, right? >> you're going to see that all across the country, more and more democrats shifting to republican, they can't support the bad policies. the americans will support us as well. we are standing up against these bad policies and for craziness on the border. >> how bad is it in arizona right now at the border? >> terrible, it's affecting our communities let's not forget this is not about immigration, human trafficking drug trafficking into america. in moral thing going on americans should not stand by him but it happened thank you for your service, come back soon. i'm elizabeth mcdonald, you've been watching the evening at it, that does it for us, thank you for watching. we hope you have a good evening
7:00 pm
and join us again tomorrow night. ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ kennedy: breaking news from the kyle rittenhouse trial, the jury moments ago retiring for the night. they will be back at it tomorrow morning 10:00 a.m. eastern seven in the west. full analysis on the trial coming up shortly. the biden administration is who was about the border. the president has never been there, that's fun. the vice president completely awol sniffing around for root causes and today we learned the


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