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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  November 15, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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new years eve event with proof of vaccination or covid-19 test with specifics to be unveiled tomorrow. the past years have been mostly virtual celebrations, the first annual event since 1907 without a massive is amount of people in times square. piece of advice. don't come. it is really miserable. that is it for "fox business tonight." "the evening edit" starts right now. elizabeth: critics say you have to be governing with incompetence to get no bump in the polls from a $1.2 trillion infrastructure deal but that is what tech going on in the white house. the biden presidency is falling into the same inflation abyss that hurt nixon, and carter. biden and the democrats are wrecking that. biden's numbers are even worse than carter's before carter lost to reagan in a landslide. look at this, "the washington post" is reporting so bad in the democrat
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party, progressive democrats and moderates are nearly getting into fistfights? joining us congressman byron donald, jeff van drew, drew ferguson, jim trusty, former wisconsin congressman shaun duffey and fox news contributor deneen borelli and former border patrol council president brand done judd. biden is not pivoting to the center like clinton did. he is trying to spend double, than with they're claiming and telling you. president clinton blaming biden for midterm losses, they say americans are too stupid to understand chaos and post spending where americans are paying for that with higher inflation. democrats face a swarm of investigations if top takes over, trump russia, botched afghan withdrawals, eric swalwell scandal. watch the democrat rhetoric ramp up. they don't want that. more on biden's vaccine mandate
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suspended again. appeals court cites chief of staff ron klain for its decision based on government overreach. we'll explain that. the media goes after adam schiff defending the indefensible, the false debunked steele dossier. schiff claims to support durham's criminal probe of trump russia. he spent the last two years undermining that. more on the black lives matter leader. he stormed out of a firery interview with fox's dan bongino, after bongino went after him for not condemning riots that killed minorities in 2020. one day, nearly 2,000 illegals swamped a main texas border sector. hundreds got way. we have a new migrant caravan of potentially 10,000 heading here this week, the same day biden meets with mexico and canada. thanks for joining us. i'm elizabeth macdonald. "the evening edit" starts right
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now. ♪. elizabeth: thanks so much for joining us. you're watching the fox business network. okay the president will meet with china's leader tonight we he and his team go on a nationwide media blitz to sell the rest of his agenda. house democrats try again to vote on the rest of biden's $1.75 trillion social spending plan. we've got a new read on that. it is actually 4.9 trillion. no bump in the polls from infrastructure. another "washington post/abc news poll" again shows a new he will elevator drop of biden approval rating low of 41%. 53% disapproval. edward lawrence at the white house with more. reporter: president joe biden signing this bipartisan infrastructure bill into law. it took three months to get to this point when the administration had said this is an immediate need. >> it will turn around in a big way. for example, because of this law next year will be the first year
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in 20 years american infrastructure investment will grow faster than china's. still. >> reporter: still a new "abc news/washington post poll" shows a problem for the administration. 59% of americans are concerned that the president will do too much to increase the size and role of the american government. 55% of people disapprove how the president is handling the american economy. 39% approve. the white house believes this infrastructure bill will unclog the supply chain and says covid cases are driving inflation. >> the number one thing the president can do is help get covid under control. that is the root cause for inflation and price increases we're seeing for a range of reasons. that is the best step he can take the administration can take to help get it under control. reporter: republicans say the president's policy got us to this point yet the president is still pushing more spending. back to you, liz. elizabeth: edward lawrence thank you so much.
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let's bring in for his reaction. by the way inflation is in focus. we'll watch earnings from walmart, target and depot, home depot. house budget and oversight, florida congressman byron donalds, house transportation and infrastructure congressman jeff van drew. congressman, start with you. nobody is persuaded that covid is creating inflation. democrat-led shutdowns the economy and pouring money into the system. you know inflation helped end the nixon, ford and carter presidencies. the white house is in a bind, congressman. the only cure for rising inflation to raise interest rates which can trigger recessions. what do you say for all that you heard? >> first to jen psaki and white house, nobody believes anything you say you've been lying the entire time you've been in office and everything you have done have been absolutely wrong. covid numbers are not the cause of inflation. cause of inflation, overspending from washington, d.c., shutdowns of our economy for far too long.
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that is the issue we have. we've been paying people to stay home. people had money to go out and buy things. there has been no exchange of actual man-hours for value and for service that leads to rising prices. it does it every time. we'll have to raise rates. we need to stop all federal spending other than what we typically spend money on. what he signed today should have never passed. should have kept the money here in washington, d.c., as opposed to letting it get out into the economy. elizabeth: congressman van sue to congressman donald's point, we okayed 6 trillion in covid relief. 1.2 trillion in infrastructure. that brings you to 7.2 trillion. now they're talking 4.9 trillion in spending if the provisions were made permanent. that is from the committee for a responsible budget. you know what i mean? we have university of michigan consumer sentiment hit a decade low at 66.8. when reagan beat carter, that reading was 75. what do you say to all of that? >> well let me just say,
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jen psaki's remarks is just sheer stupidity. i can't believe sheave can actually look americans in the face and press corporation -- press corps and say something so ridiculous. inflation is coming from spending and coming from a supply chain this president has even diminished much more. inflation is coming because we didn't allow the pipeline to be completed with canada and we are paying more, much more for petroleum products, gas and everything else. inflation is a absolute response to the policies that this president who by the way, let me be clear, i'm not going to be soft about this, this president should resign. his vice president should resign. he is the worst president in the history of the united states of america and think about it, so many people think that is an exaggeration, it is not. carter was a genius compared to this guy. this is unbelievable what we're
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doing to our country. elizabeth: we have obama's former treasury secretary, congressman donalds, he is blaming the white house messaging for being pretty terrible. watch this withering takedown from larry summers. >> look, they forecasted inflation would be 2% this year in the president's budget. it's three times that. they said in the summertime after they had been initially wrong that inflation would be back to normal by the end of the year. then they said early in the fall that inflation would subside early next year. now they're saying that it is going to subside in the second half of next year. elizabeth: what do you say, congressman? >> i say -- >> they don't know what they're doing. they don't tell the truth. elizabeth: thank you, congressman van drew. congressman donalds. my fault. >> i'm sorry. >> no worries at all, van drew. we'll get this thing right. >> do it together.
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>> do it together. we got it. this simple, larry summers is right. joe biden is wrong. he doesn't know the economy. nobody in that white house does. these issues are going to last with the american people well into next year, even further than they are estimating now and it didn't have to be this way. we could have had our v-shaped recovery, if he stepped out of the way, simply the way he ran during the campaign, step out of the way and do no harm. that is all he needed to do. but he tried to create a legacy. what he created is a disaster for the american people. elizabeth: we've got, let's show the washington poll abc results again. gop hold largest lead in midterm election voting in 40 years. that is a prediction. we have that. we have biden's comptroller nominee, saule omarova a tweet resurfacing the u.s. should be more like china. she wants more federal reserve money printing. she talked about you who the fed could take back money from people and americans during hyperinflation. i mean then she she wants to
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wipe out oil and gas and all our bank accounts should be at the federal reserve. that from saule omarova. a big push to stop her. an msnbc anchor basically americans cannot afford to pay higher groceries and heating bills because on average people have more money. watch this sound bite. >> the dirty little secret here, willie, while nobody likes to pay more, on a average we have the money to do so. household savings hit a record high over the pandemic. we didn't have anywhere to go out and spend. elizabeth: so that makes inflation okay? maybe if she thinks we can all afford it because she can afford it. what do you say? >> that is part of it. so unbelievably out of touch with america. almost mean-spirited, it is arrogant. almost reminds me of the jen psaki remark she said sarcastically she really felt bad for those that wouldn't get
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their christmas presents and their treadmills for christmas. you know what? people should be able to afford a thanksgiving dinner. it is shameful this will be the most expensive one in our history. people should be able to celebrate christmas and buy gifts. i mean these feelings folks don't care about average american people, don't care about america and now with the build back better, i call the bad, bad, bad bill, they will accent eight it and make it much worse. we have to be fearful. elizabeth: byron donalds, jeff van drew, thanks for joining us. still to come this hour. democrat adam schiff tries to double down but fails as the media confronts him for touting the debunked steele file, dossier. he claims to support durham's probe of trump russia, the criminal probe there after adam schiff spent the last two years undermining it. up next house gop doctor's
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caucus member, he is drew ferguson on the white house push for biden vaccine mandates as an appeals court again suspends it for government overreach. a one-size-fits-all sledgehammer. biden chief of staff ron klain is on the hot seat for this. we'll break it down. you're watching "the evening edit" on fox business. need. oh, yeah. that's the spot. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪
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♪. elizabeth: joining us now, congressman drew ferguson of the house gop doctors caucus. okay, so biden inherited three vaccines from trump. all he had to do was vaccinate people, right? instead he did this top-down federal government, centralized government mandate that is unconstitutional experts say and now we have the fifth circuit federal appeals court in new orleans again suspending the biden vaccine mandate for private businesses. in a withering takedown, government overreach exceeds government authority. one size fits all sledgehammer. i can't even count the number of constitutional clauses this violates. what do you say? >> liz, the biden administration and house democrats have learned absolutely nothing this vaccine mandate as you pointed out is unconstitutional. the courts are striking it down but it is going to have a negative impact on the american business and american families,
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whether it's putting pressure on a supply chain that is already strained from labor perspective or it's forcing children to take a vaccine. i don't think the democrats learned a single thing from their defeats in virginia and new jersey. americans want freedom. they want their economic prosperity back and the biden administration and house democrats are determined to kill that dream for america. elizabeth: people understand the need to be careful and to get vaccinated. people know that but you turn companies into biden's vaccine police? that is what the mandate does. it turns workers into government snitches to turn in their bosses hit them with fines that wipe out small businesses and jobs. we have more than a dozen lawsuits filed against it. this, by the way is a stretch of osha's authority. it violates the constitution's tenth amendment, the commerce claws, the first amendment and more. so the supreme court repeatedly said that the power to do this lies with the states, not the
6:18 pm
federal government. why didn't they get that at the outset? >> because they want to control americans lives. that is what this is about. this is going to make our communities less safe. think about what happens when municipalities start firing police officers and firefighters when this mandates goes into effect this is a backdoor defund the police movement. americans need their communities safe. and firing police officers who are willing to keep their communities safe and put their lives on the line, this is wrong. this is going to have a negative impact on the economy because it is going to put additional pressure on the supply chain and an intense work force. elizabeth: we have to deal with this. the fifth circuit cited ron klain's retweet, about the white house doing an end-run, a quote, workaround of existing government rules to get a
6:19 pm
top-down mandate done. the fifth circuit cited it around said the white house was pouring over u.s. codes in search of that end-run. so that is what the fifth circuit is citing biden's own chief of staff as you know, trying to rework the rules and stretch the rules and stretch government authorities to get this done. how is this not talked out? >> liz, once again the biden administration has not learned a thing and they aren't listening to the american people. they continue to go down these roads. it is all about control and it is having devastating effects on children, on businesses, on our economy. every single point they are making missteps. america has lost confidence in this administration. they continue to push back against this government overreach. elizabeth: you know what it is? it is just, just talk to people. just talk to people, white house. talk to the voter. connect with the voter. don't do top-down bullying. watch dr. fauci saying here
6:20 pm
there is a misplaced perception of placing individual rights over societal safety. watch this. >> then the next day the president is saying free michigan, free virginia. i didn't quite understand what the purpose of that was except to put this misplaced perception about people's individual right to make a decision that supersedes the societal safety. that to me is one of the things that i think went awry in all of this. elizabeth: all right. liz -- i got to say this. i got to say this. americans are coming off of a year of shutdowns. they shut down dry cleaners. they shut down a little shoe store guy, right? they shut down schools. americans suffered through shutdowns. we are still four million less jobs than pre-pandemic. that is what americans suffered through. why doesn't fauci acknowledge that?
6:21 pm
why isn't there kindness in the white house dealing with americans on this? >> look, i would say dr. fauci should stick to being a doctor but he is not real good at that but for him not to recognize this country is built on individual rights and freedoms shows how out of touch he is along with the administration. america doesn't want this. it is time to push back against it. americans mow how to make their own decisions. they know how to keep themselves safe. the last thing we need is more government overreach. it is time to put an end to this. elizabeth: congressman drew ferguson, thanks for joining us. good to see you. people understand the need to be safe and vaccinated this debate is morphing into something else. it is about politicizing vaccines. still to come, the bad messaging we'll stay on this sorry, coming out of the white house t could come at a steep cost. privately democrats behind the scene are blaming biden for expected 2022 midterm losses. chris dodd tells
6:22 pm
"new york times," biden may not run again. democrats face multitude investigations if the gop takes over. up next, former federal prosecutor jim trusty on the durham probe. democrat adam schiff tries to double down. he is failing. the media confronting him for touting the debunked steele dossier. he now claims to support durham's criminal probe of trump russia after he spent the last two years undermining it. keep it here on "the evening edit". when i heard about the science behind the new sensodyne repair and protect with deep repair i was super excited about it. it shows that the toothpaste goes deep inside the exposed dentin to help repair sensitive teeth. life is just too short to miss out on simple things like drinking that cold cup of water or having a sip of hot coffee.
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elizabeth: let's welcome back to the show former federal prosecutor jim trusty. it is great to have you on. okay, top democrat adam schiff trying to defend the indefensible. he is trying to flip the script. after he promoted the debunked steele dossier paid for by hillary clinton campaign and democrats, he read it into the record. he claimed he had proof of trump-russia collusion. robert mueller found none. what do you say to this. >> schiff was the judge, jury and executioner on the congressional side. he would stop during witness testimony to go out to talk to the press about how trump is a russian agent. what we know now about the durham indictments in particular, schiff was in a position to know the dossiers were entirely false. he continues to sing the same song about russian collusion. as a guy federal prosecutor at some point, maybe that was
6:27 pm
stepping stone for politics for him, this is not good to see federal prosecutors with accusations. elizabeth: in schiff's world, accusations is tantamount to convictionses. that is what has been going on for five years we've been talking about it. he said he supported the durham probe when he spent last two years undermining it. watch adam schiff. >> chair of house intelligence committee do you regret giving some credibility to the steele dossier before anybody had been able to verify anything in that? a lot of those clips were done before there was any good verification. >> i don't regret saying we should investigate claims of someone who frankly was a well-respected british intelligence officer and we couldn't have known of course years ago that we would learn later that someone who was primary source lied to him but what i just said with the clip you just played ends up being exactly right which is, steele
6:28 pm
did reveal the russians were trying to help elect donald trump. >> okay the summary was accurate but the details were incorrect. that does undermine the credibility, does it not? >> well certainly. you know, this danchenko lied to christopher steele and then lied to the fbi. he should be prosecuted. elizabeth: and he should have known it. you know what he is? he is a bully. schiff calls christopher steele a well-respected intelligence officer when the fbi dumped steel as a source in the fall of 2016? when the fbi knew that this was false early on in 2016, starting in the summer fall. he talks about paul manafort giving russia polling data. that's it. that is schiff's proof of trump-russia collusion? that idea he had no way to know whether a top source was lying when everybody in the fbi was talking about that in d.c., and it was getting leaked to the media that this steele dossier was baloney. everything adam schiff said there could be challenged.
6:29 pm
what do you say, jim trusty. >> should be challenged. two things are fundamentally dishonest. the first to to pretend he was all about the investigation. he didn't prejudge anything and he is glad they investigated it if they didn't turn out to be true. going back to steele, the well-respected spy, james bond story. christopher steele was fired because of his choice to go to the media. the media laundered his information through bruce ohr in 2017. bruce ohr warned the fbi, this guy hates trump. all this was known to adam schiff. he is literally accessing the classified information back in 2017. elizabeth: right. >> for him to claim surprise at this point is just a h absurd. you wonder if lightning will strike him for these five of things. elizabeth: my former editor at forbes, jim michael said the tedious power of self-righteousness. russia meddles in u.s.
6:30 pm
elections. russia has been meddling for decades in u.s. elections, right? by the way the mueller probe found out they were doing things to benefit hillary clinton. now we have clinton operative, charles dolan, deep ties with the russian government. he was the source for steele's main source, igor danchenko for lying to the fbi. this is what they said in the durham indictment. that danchenko's work could affect likelihood that a hostile foreign intelligence service, meaning russia would attempt to influence the election and, basically plow disinformation into the hillary campaign and into the fbi. so adam schiff is not aware that russia is capable of doing things like that to that degree. what do you say? >> well, the russians have been and will always be a problem. they will always meddle in our affairs and hopefully we do the same. the bottom line, this indictment came out last week for danchenko, really sets up a
6:31 pm
horrific scenario that is much worse than the russian state proper. it is democratic operatives for hillary feeding false stories, knowingly to a russian intel agent who gives it to a fired informant for the fbi and the fbi runs with it. like there is no legitimate good purpose behind anybody in that chain of events that led to two years worth of debilitating investigations. >> and putin is dealing with this, is laughing at this like a cat's paw, right? he is playing everybody. it is unreal. it is unreal that a top leader in house intelligence is so incompetent, right? and just doesn't get it, just doesn't get how he played the game and helped out russia doing more craziness. jim trusty, thanks for coming on. it is good to see you. we're coming out of the bottom of the hour. still to come this hour, black lives matter leader hawk newsom stormed out after fiery fox interview with dan bongino
6:32 pm
after dan challenged him for inciting riots and refusing to condemn violence that took the lives of many mining north during the antifa riots. congressman sean duffy, the bad messaging out of the white house, the democrats are blaming biden for that and expected 2022 midterm losses. former top democrat chris dodd, he is telling "the new york times" biden may not run again. we're looking into a party of disarray. they're getting to the level of fistfights in d.c. of that party. you're watching "the evening edit." stay with us.
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i'm so glad we did this. i'm so glad we did this. i'm so glad we did this. i'm so glad we did this. i'm so... ...glad we did this. [kid plays drums] life is for living. let's partner for all of it. i'm so glad we did this. edward jones ♪. elizabeth: look who is back with us now, fox news contributor, former wisconsin congressman, he is the coauthor of the great new book from fox news, ""all-american christmas"." it is coming out tomorrow. he is sean duffy. sean we want to talk about the book first. excuse me, let's talk about this first. i want to get to your book at the end of the hit. we have "politico" and
6:37 pm
"washington post" report that democrats bad messaging is so bad they will lose control of congress and now blaming biden. now today you have jen psaki blaming inflation on covid-19. what do you say to all of that? >> first to take a step back, looking at the democrat polling in the generic ballot looking at republicans and democrats, not a name, generic democrat republicans, republicans are up 105-41%. liz i've been in politics a long time. i never seen a number that bad for democrats. usually if democrats are up by four that is even. you will split seats going to election time because more republicans turn out than democrats. so the problem democrats are down by 14 points this looks likes republicans can pick up 50 or 60 seats if polling is this bad a year from now. they are stepping back, we've got a problem. it may be joe biden or maybe our policies and spending. things are not going well. america is not buying into the
6:38 pm
agenda. elizabeth: when trump had the same numbers in 2017, the republican went on to lose 40 seats in the house. so biden is looking to even more seats. when it has gotten so bad even china is ripping your messaging, for example the climate change conference, that you know you're bringing gas-guzzling motorcades, lecturing the world, when china is lecturing about your messaging is that a wake-up call that things are pretty bad, that you should fix what you're saying? they are claiming americans are not intelligent enough to understand inflation or the supply chain crisis. what do you say with that? >> with china, you don't have a weaker country insulting a greater country so you see china views america and the biden administration weak and therefore they conchas advertise us and chastise biden for the 85 car motorcade. apologize for getting out of the paris climate accords. that makes our country look weak.
6:39 pm
with inflation, all americans have to understand, going to the grocery store, see how much they're paying for turkey, cheese, milk, it's a problem. they look at their car, i'm paying way more of disposable income. where i come from, liz, they are not getting raises. they are on certain fixed incomes. making certain dollar amount therefore their dollar doesn't go as far. they see joe biden and massive democrat spending and they see that is to blame. elizabeth: we worry about seniors on a fixed pension. stop the madness, stop the shutdowns, stop the lockdowns, stop schools indoctrinating our children, stop the open border and million dollar spending plans that make inflation worse. tom cotton saying that. he had a one job, he had three vaccines. we're looking at 30-year high inflation and pathetic 2%
6:40 pm
growth, lower than france. you're right, inflation is wiping out the wage gains americans are getting. what do you say to all of that? >> that is 100% right. if you can't get the border right. you can't get crime right. you can't get covid right. you can't get afghanistan right. they look at all the things see failure after failure. at some point they say maybe we need better leadership to fix these problems. joe biden and democrats are focused on rechanging the whole way america and our government works and how much money we give out, just stick to simple things that affect us at the kitchen tables. if you do that, peoples lives are better. you are rewarded as a politician with people's votes. if you can't do that they will vote your behind end out of office. elizabeth: tell us about you're new book, ""all-american christmas"" coming out tomorrow. >> liz, we wanted to put together a lot of stories about the fox news family and about christmas. it's a great time of year. a lot of viewers get to see a lot of the fox talent but see them for an hour, maybe three
6:41 pm
hours at a time during the day but they don't get to know people in a more deep way and this book, we have fox talent sharing a lot of their christmas stories when they were little, how they're navigating it today. jesse watters talking about, it is funny, the christmas where a squirrel came home in the tree and got in a fight with the cat. we sad stories with john roberts and his father's passing. get this tomorrow at any bookstore. it is a great gift for christmas. we're number five on the amazon list. take us to number one with the ""all-american christmas"." >> i imagine the supply chain crisis hits the duffy household. you have to buy a lot of toys? you have eight children? >> i have nine children. the supply chain will not hit the book t was produced in america, made in america. no problems there. santa claus in my house has nine kids. he is already thinking what he has to do to make sure christmas works. elizabeth: sean duffy, you're terrific. come back soon. good to see you.
6:42 pm
still to come this hour. we'll get you updated on the border crisis. nearly 2000 illegal border-crossers swamped a texas border sector in just one day. hundreds reportedly got away. migrant caravans are arriving. potentially 10,000 coming this week. the border patrol getting pulled away from stopping drug traffickers. where is the white house on this problem? up next, deneen borelli, black lives matter leader hawk newsom storming out of a fiery fox interview with dan bongino after dan called him out for refusing to condemn violence and rioting that took the lives of dozens including minorities during the riots of 2020. we've got the sound. keep it here on "the evening edit". ♪♪it's a most unusual day♪♪ ♪♪feel like throwing my worries away♪♪ ♪♪as an old native-born californian would say♪♪ ♪♪it's a most unusual day♪♪
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6:47 pm
black lives matter leader, hawk newsom stormed out after fox news interview with dan bongino after he refused to condemn violence. >> when i put you on the spot you won't answer a damn question. >> i'm answering the question. >> violence all over the place. condemn violence burning buildings down, how hard is this. >> okay, when usama bin laden attacked to the world trade center did you say -- >> you're not answering the question. >> that is nothing to do with people burning down businesses in new york city. you're not going to answer the question, hawk. listen, i appreciate you giving it a shot. >> i will give you this. i will give you this. i don't condone it. i don't promote it. but i will not condemn it. >> that is cowardly, man. that is cowardly. stand for something. >> you're a coward. you're trying to bait me. god bless you man, i'm out of here. >> yeah, yeah. >> deneen, what do you say to
6:48 pm
what you heard? >> good for dan bongino for taking him on. this guys words scream domestic terrorist, fires and violence and bloodshed. that is insightful. where is the fbi on this guy? they're too busy going after moms and dads because they dare to go to school board meetings to look after their children. where is al sharpton? you will not hear anything from al sharpton on this as well, liz. this is reckless and this is dangerous and i do hope the mayor-elect, adams, will keep his word to make law and order and safety a priority with his, with his term. >> so you raise an important point. should the biden administration, should the biden doj investigate this black lives matter leader because he threatened quote, violence and bloodshed if new york city's incoming mayor eric adams brings back the
6:49 pm
anti-crime unit? but he had nothing to say about riots that killed dozens including plaque people, injured dozens of cops and destroyed minority neighborhoods and businesses. where is the biden white house doj investigating that as you say domestic terror? >> i mean their priorities are turned upside down as well. they're going after moms and dads for ridiculous reasons because they care about their children. they're going after the moms and dads, the papa bears, mama bears and the grandparents. so they should be all over this guy. these are words that inciteful, liz. we've seen weeks and months of the violence and the destruction that took place across this country, places are still recovering from the damage and destruction that happened. and i don't think that there was a level of accountability and comparison to all the damage and destruction we saw take place over and over again. elizabeth: to your point, hundreds were arrested in the
6:50 pm
antifa riots, and blm riots. many were let go in places like in oregon and also in seattle. and here in new york city as well. you know, i want your quick reaction to this. let's switch to this. virginia lieutenant governor-elect winsome sears saying voters elected her in part because they're tired of politicians who will not let america's racial wounds heal. she said, quote, they are tired of black against white, asian against latino, they're tired of it. the media keeps pounding on it. this is common theme on cnn and nbc. people understand the wounds of racism. she is saying it is time to heal. what do you say? >> i totally agree with her and congratulations on her win. i'm tired of it as well but the left uses it because it's a divisive tactic. it is an emotional topic of discussion and it just pits people against one another every time they play the race card to
6:51 pm
try to divide americans. elizabeth: deneen borelli thanks for joining us. it is good to see you. up next national border patrol council president brandon judd on the border crisis. thousands swamped the rio grande texas sector in one day. hundreds get away. border patrol pulled away from stopping things like drug trafficking. where is the white house on this? the story next.
6:52 pm
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more migrant caravans showing up at the border, a group of 10000 way of, for patrol pulled away to handle thought as drug and traffickers exploiting the distraction. bill melugin has more. >> good evening, it's already been a busy day out here, i want to get right to the video and show you what we are talking about. as soon as we got here this morning some seeing groups of migrants crossing illegally entered texas and walked down this single road and they give themselves up to border patrol. this group is about more than 100 here. out of the group included than 50 unaccompanied minors, young children, teens, they come completely alone, no parents or guardians. we saw border patrol lining them
6:56 pm
up and placing them on a bus and taking them away. they will be taken to hhs placed into their custody. this happens all the time, look what we saw at the same location saturday evening, a 5-year-old guatemalan boy completely alone. border patrol agents are telling us his parents were already here in the united states with this happens all the time now out here. look at this graphic look at the numbers. 2021 alone, roughly 147,000 unaccompanied minors encounter cap the border. look at the cbp numbers for 2020, almost fivefold, 2020 just about 33000. that boy was part of a much bigger group who came across. you can see in the video about the group was almost 300 in size from its what we see here most every night in la jolla.
6:57 pm
family unit constantly coming across texas dps c have seen the activity and they plan to bring in more resources troopers and patrols to the area to help out in already overwhelmed border patrol. liz: thank you for your externalism. joining us now, national or virtual, brandon judd with his reaction. what you say to that? >> we are led up of this administration is using us as a little pond. we are fed up with the administration prioritizing illegal immigrants over united states citizens. we are fed up this administration is not doing what's necessary to secure the border when this issue, this is easy issue to solve. we could solve it tomorrow if the administration wanted to. we are completely set up with this administration. liz: for patrol cost members of ms 13 street gang last week along with to my place of previous arrest alleged crimes.
6:58 pm
a passive sector finding dozens of young adult posing unaccompanied minors trying to cross. fifty-five adults posing as children october 1 and 1 out of 28, 27% are repeat offenders and that is a new hybrid we have never seen that before. one out of four repeated offenders trying to cross. >> we are seeing this every single day, glancing criminals entering this country angry, not just people coming here to try to better their life and work to make a living for their family. nursing an awful lot criminals crossing the border illegally criminal records, you just don't see it in law enforcement. as a people able to evade apprehensions escaping apprehension, we don't even know who they are so scary.
6:59 pm
liz: it is the getaways, illegal border crossers that are getaways. the numbers are probably higher because the getaways are not included. 9000 illegals apprehended for things like assault, domestic violence, battery, burglary, manslaughter, drugs. the getaways would make the numbers higher. your word on that? >> much higher and the administration could fix this immediately, they just don't do it, they are pandering to their political base want to energize their base and keep their base connected with this administration so they are just not doing what's right by the american public and fattest sickening to anybody wants law and order in this country and that's why we see so many of the problems we are seeing on our streets every single day. law and order is going out the window to pander to a political
7:00 pm
base. liz: . drug crimes swamping our cities and neighborhoods. you are terrific, thank you for your service to our country. we will have you back on again soon i'm elizabeth mcdonald, you been watching the evening edit on foxbusiness. thank you for watching from a have a good evening and join us again tomorrow night. ♪♪ kennedy: breaking news, live look inside kenosha, wisconsin courtroom murder trial of kyle rittenhouse. the judgment was ago handing the case to the jury, they do have it. city preparing for the worst, doors have been boarded up, 500 national guard troops are on the ground and residents are worried once again their city will burned down. earlier tonight prosecution and fed gave closing arguments and rittenhouse was charged with issuing shooting


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