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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  November 12, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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and today she now finds yourself a free woman. she can now make choices involving her personal life and also her finances. it sounds like for a lot of the free britney fans out here they're very excited and relieved, brian pray. >> it turns out something was not run right. appreciate your reporting from los angeles that doesn't rust on "foxbusiness tonight". the evening and it starts right now. ♪ ♪. >> okay, the more the white house fights to control the narrative, the more they are losing it. economists were in the white house stop the false narrative of the biden agenda will fix everything. it's going to raise taxes on the middle and lower class a new study shows that after the white house claims it won't. his agenda because zero even former top obama official warns all of the spending is pouring kerosene on the fire of inflation. government worker unions warn that biden's a vaccine man it will make the supply chain
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crisis of the holiday travel situation even worse despite what people do judge says. joining us dr. marty makary, brandon arnold of the national taxpayers union from a national security official kt mcfarland also former top dhs official. we've got a big constitutional fight and it is ramping up. biden cannot deputize any workers in the united states to be his vaccine mandate police. these whistleblowers mornings and grow about massive layoffs from that mandated homeland security and at the border. also tsa government unions warn of travel chaos. plus this new debate republican rivals are pouncing on abc's report the former president trump defended supporters who threaten former vice president mike pence we also see band indicted today. to the storm probably had multiple hillary contacts with the russian side the paperwork buried including a long time
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operative and tear officials who represented the government of russia and this bombshell even did pr for a russian player accused of hacking. also indications russian knew all along the clinton steele dossier import disinformation into it. also with this probe the wife of former official, biden's nsa, jake sold it works attorney general merrick garland. it is referred to in one storm indictment or going to break it down. also democrat infighting. according to welcome things like defund the police, as a crime rises crime discuss a battle in seattle ground zero not paying to escort government workers to their commute on trains and brought buses. private sector workers don't get that. and to the florida crisis governor ron desantis to the state of delaware that fight is picking up. plus it got the support, look
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at this. mexican cartels murdering people inside the u.s. still no plans for the president to go to the border. thank you for joining us i'm elizabeth mcdonnell the evening at it starts right now. ♪ ♪ welcome to the show you're watching the fox network. top obama economic advisor, he is blaming covid federal spending for sparking inflation before pouring kerosene on the fire also this, gas and heating oil up 60% natural gas prices about doubling and democrats balking at the biden agenda. edward lawrence in d.c. with more, good to see you edward. >> white house press secretary what the administration is doing right now to fix the issue. oil prices are part of the reason were single largest inflation numbers and 311 years. in fact overall energy prices
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the trend for the inflation numbers going up. white house press secretary be patient turning this back on republicans pray. >> about wind a number we would cut costs. we have a lot of screaming about inflation willingness to participate in the solution for. >> that is fallen on deaf ears given to investigate if there any gas price gouging which takes time. so far the present is resisted tapping the strategic oil reserves. her more self-inflicted wounds because of the policy fixed income seniors, or working families they are all feeling the pressure. a lot want to try to understand why the one thing i
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can point them to spin the reckless fiscal policy coming from jill biden and the democrats pray. >> the present is third cabinet meeting of his presidency he did not bring up inflation. other than to say the bipartisan infrastructure bill will ease under lawrence thank you so much for joining us. russia's client threatens to cut off europe's national -- supplies and eight border fight with poland. russia's pipeline transit to europe. joining congressman greg us to be up in congress and bryant styles of past financial services is great to have you both on. first congressman stooping to you. this is a portrait in miniature was going on and russia what's happening here. we cannot make the u.s. dependent on foreign sources. it's gotten so bad that president biden sent the director to moscow.
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pipeline into europe undercutting the u.s. oil boom here killing pipelines here when you say all that's going on? >> he's approving and lifting sanctions into europe. right here in the united states 21st things he did and we all wonder why we seek $3, $4 a gallon of gas and diesel right now. that's causing an impact not just to high earners low and middle income earners have multiple jobs have to transport children go to school at all those things. you're paying more single day because of the action he white house has taken in kind of the domestic production of oil all while they are asking for opec to increase the rate they want oil coming from the middle east they do not want to come from the united states. >> to congressman stu b's point, congressman steil, should we break up the disco pants and the pacer is this
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another 70s era crisis like the arab oil embargo, that period of time. he did not make your energy supplies and vulnerable. that be a lesson learned as we are going to be more dependent on opec and russia? just like europe is shutting down oil and gas here, what you say? >> you are exactly right. president biden wants to take it from the carter and congressman greg stu be is congressman straight on. on day one the work intimately kill american jobs to make it more expensive at the pump. you go to the pump to clobbering people pocketbooks they want to spend more money driving many ups killing low income workers and seniors on fixed incomes per. >> their pension power is getting eroded by inflation rate that is fixed income pension.
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congressman stu beebe and tuchman's and so is congressman steil the secretary of state said u.s. companies should not invest in chinese companies that china uses to impress people solar power companies using slave labor to see the point here at the climb thick talks begin the u.s. off of oil and gas. the biden white house, john kerry that that used with slave labor to make green products like solar panels. >> silent by perpetuate that push the grain to deal infrastructure that had a ton of spending that would help china because a lot of those components come out of china through slave labor. in china was not even there at this summit do know why? china has no plans whatsoever to cut their carbon emissions in fact they want to take imports from the united states on coal so they can burn it and more coal plants.
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they have no plans to slow down the amount of carbon they are admitting into the world all while they are using slave labor to produce the product that joe biden wants all of americans to purchase. >> to congressman scooby's point, congressman steil, john kerry wants to wipe out u.s. coal in there saying to those gas the white house wants to bankrupt oil and gas for climate change we've got al gore went mass surveillance via article intelligence. using hundreds of satellite tracking people, what you say to all of that? >> the biden administration is clobbering low income workers in the pocketbook. they're driving up the cost of filling up your car and gas to get it to work. they have been doing this since day one when they killed the keystone pipeline for the not talk about ending line at five it's essentially propane to heat homes in northern wisconsin, northern michigan.
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what they are doing is moving us in the wrong direction speak out of both sides of the mouth. trying to help low income workers but all of their policies are clobbering low income workers for quick student who doesn't like it? canada they don't like what they're doing. it's great to have you on still to come this hour the biden agenda to keep costs era. new nonpartisan study shows that will raise low and middle income taxes. we dig into numbers. up next dr. marty makary, faxing bandits but had the holidays. hot thousands of homeland security workers will not be vaccinated before biden's deadline. the tsa union warning of holiday chaos and truckers and retailers suing over the biden mandate. is this doing more harm than good? we are going to investigate, stay right there. ♪ ♪
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x is the hottest legal debate right now can they white house constitutionally deputize in government private sector workers to enforce vaccine at mande. more amort lawsuit say no. also this, there's truckers and retailers suing to stop it. setting a loss of work is right in the middle of the
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supply chain crisis. thousands of homeland security workers won't be vaccinated before biden's a federal deadline. and the tsa government worker unions they watch out if you're traveling in the airports this holidays you may be hit with chaos. we've got lydia cute she is with us with much more, good to see you lydia. >> good evening liz, 4.4 million americans quit their jobs in the month of september the highest recorded it really illustrates the current competitive labor market with a near record number of job openings sitting at 10.4 million all of that adding to growing inflation. more than 100 workers are supposed to be the mandate will further tighten more than
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a third of unvaccinated workers say they would leave their job if their employer required them to get the vaccine or get tested weekly. some businesses with fewer than 100 workers like the restaurant where we are hope the vaccine mandate helps them with their workers. watch for it hopefully it will open up potential people who do not want to get vaccinated because we do not have to require it will open up the pool for us and being able to hire people. >> the latest jobs report also highlights the persistently low labor participation rates suggesting these hiring challenging are not going away anytime soon, back to you liz. >> thank you so much reporting there. back with us now fox news contributor john hopkins university professor of public health is a great writer. doctor marty carey. doctor, the biden vaccine
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mandate is an undercut by the new treatments coming in, the oral pills and from merck and pfizer? >> that is right, liz, two of those medication cut deaths from covid to zero. if you have any medication because deaths that dramatically renders the medical case for vaccine mandate obsolete entirely. this is also broken promise. we are promised by fauci, the president and so many health officials we would never get to a mandate. final point, the timing about does not really help. there is a fire that gets old you are instituting in two months will call the fire department who will respond two months after that pushing back the deadline to november 23 and january 4 is really after the dulcet wave will have burned to the population per. >> to your .2, we have
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truckers and retailers, their groups also hospital workers, first responders a lot of these guys are suing. they are say they're not against vaccine it's about censoring government control faxes massive fines. everything is about to hit the holidays. we know you're not a competition lawyer it's whether biden can constitutionally use an osha rule to deputized government and private sector workers to enforce the mandate. a short rule was never used ever to enforce a vaccine mandate. do you have any thoughts about that? >> we were doing a well convincing people to get the vaccine. you had this retaliation sure there was a group that did it because they had to do it. now is that there is a large group that i believe will never get vaccinated with the
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911 response times go up. our staffing and hospital is dealing with issues nationwide now. all we needed was a little bit of flexibility with that mandate to allow for natural immunity and more exemptions. of the mandate. elizabeth: you make an important point why can't they be reasonable saying we hear your concerns, we get it, we understand it. he wants the mandate to all businesses no matter the size that is detected. has the whistleblower on bosses that they are not testing or getting their workers vaccinated. it is such a weird thing. now the trucking industry is saying four out of ten truckers could go. we already have 80000 shortage of truck drivers by 80000 that's what the economy needs to run smoothly when you say to all of that? >> i've been talking to people in the aviation industry.
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they are saying the airlines and the faa are downplaying the problem with these mass walkouts are going to be the result of the coming deadlines. i would not travel on those days. over 40% of tsa workers who are screeners have not been fully vaccinated. and by the way where did we get this term fully vaccinated from? maybe some people's two doses in the booster in other words three. maybe people at medium risk its two doses and in young people may be it is one. this idea they're going to set the number to be a threshold they do not treat you fairly our children and young people in their 20s tell you one dose is not adequate. that is the heavy hand of government right now. elizabeth: we hear you. people are looking for reasonable conversation, treat everybody like adults. do not treat them like children. the thing is to france, sweden, finland, canada they're talking about
6:21 pm
myocarditis and the magenta vaccine. but during his saying no to that. there are worries about that is a google and twitter going to censor the word myocarditis? >> european medicines agency said no magenta vaccines for people under age 30. that is pretty dramatic. and in that group we have seen the downplaying of the complications of that second dose which is why i think one dose can be reasonable and a young healthy person who is not already had or maybe had it already. we have seen this hard line approach. people are smart they are seeing threat they know that it is effective and they are getting frustrated per. >> we do not know the durability of natural immunity we understand that we know the debate. we hear you and will have you on again soon. just be reasonable. okay, we understand the importance of getting vaccinated, doctor marty carey it's great to have you on come back again soon. still to come this hour at the derma probe. the democrats science on the
6:22 pm
indictment after counting the steele dossier. multiple clinton campaign compacts potentially knew all along about the steele dossier manipulating it. we investigate the ongoing impact. also up next brandon arnold of the national taxpayers union they knew nonpartisan study way to second it will raise low and medical taxes are going to dig into the numbers.
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elizabeth: is welcome back to the show at national taxpayer union executive vice president he is brandon arnold for we love this guy is great. the more the white house pushes on the narrative and tries to control it the more it falls apart. the nonpartisan tax policy center says up to a fifth may be a third of middle-class taxpayers would pay more in taxes next year end millionaires would get a tax cut in the democrat spending plan. the tax hike is small a few hundred bucks. not quite the george h.w. read my lips no taxes at moment but he cannot campaign on this anymore is going to cut middle and lower income taxes. quick said no, i don't think so. every iteration of the bill the more they rework at the more we get the same result. middle income taxpayers are
6:28 pm
going to pay more. that is happening because of the gimmick nature of these tax provisions because are trying to provide benefits for a short period of time and take those benefits away. that's unfair and that is wrong. expression people deal with inflation. elizabeth: and you >> those in place, the state income taxes will go up when the federal revenue does not cover it. so your state taxes will also go up. also this, the "washington post" has been fact checking the white house claims that noble prize winners say more government spending will cut inflation in the short term, wrong. the white house to sing in the short-term wrong they said they would cut it in the long term if you make the investments and get more americans working and
6:29 pm
productive. what you say to that? >> what they are saying is that in the longer term if you make sound investments in infrastructure you make sure the interstate highways are functioning properly. the bridges are sound. you have the ability to move goods and services around this country it's positive for economic development. it does not mean in the near term the short term this type of spending is going to reduce inflation. this is completely spinning, turning the summer subside out and trying to use it to make the argument for a plan that will increase inflation in the short-term parade that will juice the economy even more and facilitate more for consumer demand which is not what we need right now per. >> also a fact transportation secretary people to judge. pete buttigieg deciding a reason for spreading historians have debunked that sort watch the transportation secretary here.
6:30 pm
>> i'm still surprise some people were surprised when i pointed to the fact that if a highway was built for the purpose of dividing a white and a black neighborhood, or if an underpass was constructed such that a bus carrying mostly black and puerto rican kids would have been in new york was designed to low for it to pass by for that office and reflects races and that went into those design choices. elizabeth: the bridge over pastor is not a fact, it is not obvious he has referencing robert caro's book about robert moses he was made racist comments pretty made it harder for people of color to visit properties. historians looked at this. purposely built bridges that were already in use that it overpasses that were low. it was about aesthetics, it was about cost and about much more. historians have roundly debunked this print transportation secretary reporting at if it is a fact, it is not.
6:31 pm
>> what is amazing to me here is the secretary of transportation must have an argument about racist bridges at a time when his agency's about to get over a trillion dollars in order to improve the nation's infrastructure. he has had an enormous a path they should be the busiest guy in washington as he begins to figure out where we should invest these dollars and make sure our infrastructure is sound. instead of her talk about a racist bridge in new york that was built decades ago. where are the skies priorities? >> historians confirm you can get to jones beach here on long island by train and by bus. the other thing is parkways were only meant for cars, not for buses. by that with the size of the buses back then, transportation secretary they were tiny. they're not deborah decker's. double-decker's were on rails, the trolley cars. when you start hearing talks about facts they say wait a second the narrative is so off-the-wall, brandon arnold thank you for coming on and squaring it with us. good to see you. coming out of the bottom of the hour you're watching
6:32 pm
foxbusiness network. still to come this hour more democrat inviting moderates versus progressives. stop being so woke over things like defend the police but look what is going on in seattle. remember seattle, ground zero and rioting. it got so bad if they defend cops. to escort government workers private sector workers not getting those come up next kt mcfarland democrats criticized rail a stylus on the derma indictments after a debunked dossier. indictment exposing multiple clinton campaign contacts with russia. they have disinformation into hillary's campaign is into the fbi. we are going to investigate that, back in two minutes.
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we've got chris christie already. chuck is in trouble thick riots don't take debate. republicans do not, the more we talk about january 6. >> who would want to be vice president talk about hanging in that's pretty bad stuff is not getting it credibility or credit the very cordial to
6:38 pm
each other. i'm not putting a lot on that. i'm sure angry people are talking about that intact but inflation, the economy, we should not be talking about the 2020 election. let's just move out about the screwed up things he democrats have done per. >> talk about supporting a hang your vice president does not sound good. got chris christie coming on. it's on tape that's an issue. here's another thing. the site but the derma probe. clinton official now bidens nsa jake sullivan, she works for attorney general garland. garland is anonymously and a durham indictment and the trump story that's been debunked. they've got to make sure durham is allowed to proceed absolutely. this is the swamp at its best, right? you have a national security advisor's wife is overseeing
6:39 pm
the probe or jake sullivan presumably is testifying. and after president trump was elected he was the one feeding the flames and fanning the fire to the media about russia, prussia, russia, trump, russia all a big lie. he knew it was a big lie now they have text message he knew about from the very beginning. the indictments are scoped speaking indictments a lot of bombshells coming out. reading through the documents ties to trash at longtime clinton operative deep ties to the russian government. he was the global pr person. he was the source of the clinton dossier. he's also 2006 -- 2014 worked
6:40 pm
for the russian government for pr. he also represented a russian anonymous player accused of hacking. that is the pr operative forveil he s touhe tourc the dirir otot onl hdaie h dn pauseecseec wassero psed pd bigob andnd theartmenarenfllarhi cliyon wntw e m h m uadp m a ole l . mad te t chene c too ss w bamehe fotifofofo of tteele ssiedohirchunch a b a b .. enthtenthen w giv g to fbibi es for fbi f f g fiviv the muellemuletigatition the t ew w o lfies.ieie thehe whole w time time bimeim medi iz eth: i to getet eheai el el e he said clinton steele dossier worked for russia fsb. the successor to russia's kgb.
6:41 pm
then have a durham indictment this is really important please move up in the script i want to get to it. terms indictment said the work could affect the likelihood hostile foreign intelligence services will learn of its attempt to influence a steele dossier. that means durum thanks russians were aware of it in for the disinformation into imported into the fbi to disrupt, right? the hillary clinton campaign is being manipulated clearly by russia that is what durham thanks, what do you say? >> willingly manipulated by the russians the clintons doing all the things they accuse donald trump of doing for it once trump is elected than to cover their tracks the one lie became a bigger library clinton and the russians were up to their eyeballs in it. they were the same people who are now in senior positions in the biden administration. that is what infuriates people. he is a lot of russian sources
6:42 pm
two. big backer of hilly clinton so much so this person asked please let hillary know i am a big fan and i want a job and hillary clinton state department your final words? >> are willing to convert the institution to advance a personal interest it doesn't get any worse than that free. >> kt mcfarland it's great to have you on come back soon good to see if he still to come this hour the border crisis, florida's governor desantis threatens to bust migrants in delaware plus texas law enforcement is finding mexican cartels are murdering people on this side of the border inside the u.s. all this in the white house with plans for the president to go to the border break up next murdoch on democrat inviting i'm being to woke things like defend the police. the pain to escort government workers to their commutes on trains and buses.
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who is baptist a great writer, he is a great thinker too. we've got democrats, they are fighting it's good to see her, the finally fighting amongst themselves about being too woke up. why all the sudden now are they answering the woke up call after a year of crime? look at this criminal justice experts warning the rise in homicide in 2020 the biggest one year increase is going to continue in this year. what is with the democrats being so slow to answer the woke up call? elizabeth great to see. i like the term woke up call it's very good. they have been mugged by reality. the police and cuts started during the george floyd riots
6:48 pm
and just after words we heard from aoc if we just defunded the police life would be like a suburb is what she said. it does not really look like that. a 30% interest the highest when you're spiked the fbi has ever recorded yuba city, by city, by city in york we got homicide up shoplifting and other crimes going on in san francisco, assaults just total bloodshed. with scott to the point where democrats cannot hide from this. you can look the other way people engage in white-collar crimes and other things we have dead bodies piling up. maria: you know it so pathetic? >> the cs backfired other backpedaling as quickly as they can pick. elizabeth: timid so pathetic? we all live under the constitution the bill of rights i would set down each one of the progresses of the squad members and they have you read the constitution? have you read the bill of rights? i would bet 1 dollar, i'm kidding, they have not. you are allowed to protest peacefully, not violently. got the black life later in new york threading bloodshed
6:49 pm
and riots. mayor of new york is saying silly he likely will bring the anti-crime unit. we have a 27 old woman raped in central park. another woman assaulted by a offender released from prison. after a year writing saw dozens killed houses hundreds injured, hit with hammers rocks and multiethnic cocktail. each report on that side too, what do you say deroy? >> who else needs to step it up as prosecutors but part of the reasons this man got up and made these threats yesterday eric adams slammed him for that the reason he's is doing that because he thanks he can get away with it and frankly these days you can. our current prosecutor district attorney here in new york city, dropped charges against 500 people involved in the rights here new york for these people broke windows,
6:50 pm
they attacked people, they set fires they have mayhem here new york city. >> and the apartment after set them on fire. right across from my apartment the their smoke and my apartment i want to see those people prosecuted the chief prosecutor here nork said he let them go. why not attack, make threats there are no consequences for this. it's not civilized reports we see that in seattle we see it in san francisco or prosecutors are not bringing charges because they think they're being awoke and progressive. they worked for us we do not work for them. it is enough little guys getting slammed these folks say they want to speak up for black hispanics and other minorities. guess who the victims of most of these crimes are?
6:51 pm
the black hispanics and minorities that they think of doing us a favor they're not people like me are getting killed i went to see them locked up put a white punished tracked down me and kill us. >> come back soon up next president biden on the state of florida we will put them in delaware. plus reports texas law enforcement warning mexican cartel is now committing murder inside the u.s. on this side of the border. all of that in the white house has no plans for the president to go to the border. the story is next. t with tums cy bites. fast heartburn relief in every bite. crunchy outside, chewy inside. ♪ tums, tums, tums, tums ♪ tums chewy bites your record label is taking off. but so is your sound engineer.
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liz: back with us now dhs actin. let's deal with this, texas law enforcement reportedly warning that drug cartels are killing people on the u.s. side of the border october 26 and was found murdered presumed to have been killed by mexican cartel members. this is next level stuff we have never seen that before. larry: we have not seen it directly before, but certainly there are part of what amounts to the gang violence in the
6:56 pm
united states. ms 13 is connected to the mexican drug cartels and they do plenty of killing in the united states. we haven't seen the so directly but they've shot into the united states before. governor abbott has talked about that. why should we be surprised when this administration is affected the ignoring and also limited in our border that they would come across into the biggest moneymaker market that they brought into the united states. liz: in important point, the white house, the president has no plans to go to the border, the last time we went there before he was vice president, he was not even at the border in 2008 he was 15 miles away. so crazy at the boarded-up 4000 russians were caught trying to cross this fiscal year. what do you say to that story? >> we catch people from 160
6:57 pm
different countries around the world, russians, chinese coming across, middle easterners, people are known or suspected terrorist list. when they force out the last chief of the border patrol this summer and is good by video to the agent rodney scott pointed out the danger that we are facing with open border from a national security standpoint. 20 years ago after 9/11, just about 20 years ago this month. the american legislators on a bipartisan basis recognize the danger of potential threats to the united states. i'm talking about government, beyond criminal threats coming across the border and they acted together to deal with it. now it's a political virtue signal for the left and joe biden is the biggest flag waver for the radical left unfortunately.
6:58 pm
liz: he is not president of immigration activist. he is president of the united states of america including all of the border states. what was your reaction when he heard ron desantis say he will bus for economic migrants to present the joe biden's home state of delaware. if they're going to come here were gonna provide buses and send that to delaware. he's talking about a legals coming into florida and other states. what do you say? >> the federal government has not been forthcoming with the states in sharing the information. the spending taxpayer dollars to transport illegal immigrants into our country did not take them home and repatriate them. the center for renewing america, we did suggest should do exactly that, bus them to the states that are pro illegal immigration and out of the states or want to stop illegal immigration. obviously governor desantis making law enforcement national guard available to the border states has made it very clear that florida will put their money where their mouth is in
6:59 pm
terms of pushing back on illegal immigration and abided a administration. liz: what do you think of putting them in delaware? >> i think it's a perfectly good idea. i would rather send them home. if were not going to send them home and ship them around the united states then they should go to the places where the politicians were responsible for these policies reside. delaware's entire congressional delegation and the president all support this policy. let them live with instead of arizona, texas and the border communities in california and new mexico. liz: is really unfair was happening with the border communities in the neighborhoods. final word. >> it absolutely is you have henry cuellar on here who is one of the loudest and most knowledgeable critics of this administration. that the democratic congressman from a border district in laredo, the third-highest commercial crossing points. a huge economic impact to the
7:00 pm
destruction of the border to the community study represents. liz: ken cuccinelli, great to see you. thank you so much for watching, i'm elizabeth macdonald. you're watching "the evening edit" on fox business. we hope you have a good evening and a good weekend. join us again monday night. ♪ ♪ ♪. larry: hello everyone and welcome to "kudlow", i am david asman and for larry kudlow. president by nate convening his cabinet meeting since july earlier today. nearly every member of that cabinet is facing a full-blown crisis. look at this list, vice president harris on the border, not even in the country, secretary blinken on afghanistan, secretary pete buttigieg on the supply-chain issue and many more. let's go to edward lawrence with the very


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