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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  November 10, 2021 7:00pm-8:00pm EST

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get this shut down. liz: will have you back on soon, good to see her. thank you for watching, i am elizabeth mcdonnell, even watching the evening edit on foxbusiness. hope you have a good evening and join us again tomorrow night. ♪♪ kennedy: the white house is lying to you. inflation is here to stay. it is not transitory, that doesn't even mean anything. of course it's going to get worse but that's not according to republicans, one of the most powerful democrat in the senate, maybe the most powerful man in the world. how can you protect your finances before sleep he chose policies? empty your bank account and ruin your holidays. so fun starting to show on a positive note. labor department announced the crisis jumped 6.2% compared to
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this time last year. that's the biggest spike in more than 30 years and the last time it jumped that much was a member of 1990. everyone was sad. ice ice baby mother number one song in america. right now, up 11%. bacon is up 20%. enjoy your blt with no b. states, whopping 44%. today president biden said he's on top of the crisis. >> i'm here to talk about one of the most pressing economic concerns in american. and it's real. that's getting prices down, number one. number two, making sure stores are fully stocked. number three, getting a lot of people back to work while tracking tackling these two challenges in the world economy. the global supply chain has helped dramatically bring down the price we pay for things we buy but they also made us more
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reliant on what happens in other parts of the world. kennedy: reliant on other parts of the world. inflation, here we come. all right, president joe, what are you talking about? you might expect repugnance to say the president is wrong. >> i want to ask ourselves and how many of you have been to the grocery store and notice what's going on? the price of everything is going through the roof. american people said basically last tuesday, stop. enough is enough. kennedy: he looks like a flapper but it's not only repugnance think the white house is full of baloney, expensive baloney some democrats do, to including senator joe manchin. here's mr. powerful tweeting by all accounts the threat posted by record inflation is not transitory and it getting worse from the grocery strike to the gas pump. americans know inflation tax are real d.c. can no longer ignore the economic pain americans feel every day. one new york grocery store based
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in new york says buckle up. >> a minimum of ten, 15% higher especially thanksgiving and we will have shortages so i'm saying two people, by early, don't take a chance being short something special for your thanksgiving or christmas at home. kennedy: so how long will this last? since we can't count on the white house, look at each of us do to save a little bit of money next joining me to discuss, king's college in manhattan, brian, save us, brian. >> you want me to save you? explain 2% inflation, the highest in 30 years and you've got the administration saying we are going to spend more money to get us out of it. that's the problem here. you've got administration wants to poor fuel on the fire which is why it will last a lot
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longer. what happened now, it's gone from an issue where it based largely in used car prices and energy to now everything. grocery store, appliances, you name it. wherever you go, you pay more so what can you do on the one hand, your viewers at home know how to pinch pennies. you pinched pennies before i can do it again. the problem is resigning yourself to that. i think with the biden administration would like us to do to say you can't do anything about it, there's just a lot of demand supply issues are globally based so just buckle up and deal with it blame it on the theoretical global supply chain meatpackers and truckers, don't take response about it for yourself but is there something the government can do or with the government be better during bus? >> first, start saying central things. talking about spending your way out of the problem. number two, cap document curtailing energy. the pain thing people are
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concerned about, gas and oil. it's going to be winter in michigan and minnesota, the northeast, it's going to get cold. people don't want to pay 50 to one 100% mark for heating costs. talking or canceling pipelines. 540,000 barrels of oil, get rid of the vaccine mandate that's following up employment markets. we don't know how big the effect is ask the president, if 4 trillion is good, wouldn't 15 trillion be better? if you're going to get the economy kick started with 4 trillion, why not quadruple it spent serious money because this will be the most roaring economy the world has ever seen. but that can't be true. >> we can spend for trying to
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break down for trying, why not 15 trillion? he doesn't care. he's not looking at the problem, he's looking at his agenda. this is a road bump on the path to what the left demands he do which is why his answer has never changed no matter the problem they've been talking about this renewed deal plan for four or five years. notice the same plant that existed four years ago for social justice reasons conveniently exist to solve inflation. somebody with the same solution at different problems, no it's not a solution, it's their agenda. kennedy: it's like the same tax to pay for a number of different projects. one source can't find everything you want and janet yellen and treasury secretary says it's going to be gone by early next year, why is she saying that? >> because she has to, the administration needs her to because of she admits what's
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going on, they have to change course and stop spending and stop killing energy markets and stop with the labor policies. she cannot tell the truth because the truth demands the opposite of what they are doing which is why the president will not reverse course which is why it's a problem that will be with us a long time. financial markets, if you look at anybody taking an honest look where markets will go next year, everyone says inflation is here to stay transitory was the biggest economic lie we've heard this year. kennedy: jerome powell janet yellen engaging in a lie, doing it to cover up for the president and they should resign for a number of reasons. >> they are doing it to monetize the debt we can't pay. that should scare everyone, that's the inflation. kennedy: nothing easy about quantitative easing. brian, only right here. very good. meanwhile, vice president s-uppercase-letter approval
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rating plummeting. >> i think i know why kamala's ratings are low besides racism which is obvious. it's because whenever she is next to joe standing near or behind him, she looks like an assassin. [laughter] ready tooth -- right? be too ha ha ha i remember when he was really funny. sexism and racism really to blame for kamala harris horrible numbers? she stands in the background doing nothing. that's really gets. that's insulting as well but let's get into it with the party panel. carol is back from a former state department deputy spokesperson and fox news contribute, dutiful buckeye red from 2020 libertarian vice presidential candidate and maybe the president of the future, spike owens is here. he's in new york but we can't
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see him. is a secret. let's discuss some of us. i think sexist to say the vice president does nothing from you think should be expected of her and if we do expect something from a backup quarterback, effect on us. carol. >> i just want jimmy kimmel to explain how he's more unlikable than kamala harris. he's a white man and get these super unlikable. i don't find kamala harris that unlikable, she's got some annoying traits, but once you spend time with somebody, there was traits come out, we got to know her a little better but i wouldn't say unlikable, i just don't find her effective at her job which is a separate matter so i wouldn't say sexism or racism from others plenty of unlikable white men, jimmy kimmel is high on that list. kennedy: jimmy has been knowledgeable for a long time, that's how he got his
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broadcasting but saying kamala harris quarterback, that's not quite true. you can have two games happen simultaneously. you have to when you are running the country, you have so many problems happening, so many games happening at the same time and cast vice president with really big jobs. i would argue her race and gender are the only redeemable interesting things about her. >> kennedy, i think we have a long history of women and politicians of color judged by very different harsher standards and a lot of the language used to criticize emily harris is incredibly sexualized. we saw it when she was named vice presidential candidate when people questioned how she had risen so far in politics and insinuated terrible things so i do think a lot of the criticism is on its face, sexist and
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racist but it doesn't make sense she has a lower approval rating than someone like cheney who literally shot someone in the face. there's something going on here and i think part of it is sexist and racism. part of it joe biden has given her an incredibly powerful agenda is vice president, many vice presidents haven't had that much power. mike pence didn't have a huge agenda when he was in the white house so she's in charge of back, that's part of it probably, to. kennedy: if that were the case then by marie's logic if we are employee sexism and racism, joe biden should be really popular, spike. >> cheney shot an attorney in the face so i think that helps him. if jimmy kimmel thinks kamala harris is racist and sexist and that's why approval ratings are going down, who am i to argue? maybe he means democratic voting base who had a low opinion of her and her run that she dropped out before they even have the
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actual primary, maybe that's what he meant. i tend to think it's because her approval rating is low for the same reason joe biden's is low. the biden inflation, soaring inflation we are seeing backlash from the vaccine mandate, problems from the supply chain and flavorful, everything else we are going through and the fact as you said, joe biden keeps almost using kamala harris as i spoil, he keeps putting the most difficult things on her she often doesn't have any power to do anything other than stump on and i think it stabbing her in the back there. honestly i think joe biden is making sure he doesn't have a primary challenger in 2024. kennedy: yes, too big to fail, she was secondary succeed and i think that's what the get ministration is worried about but the administration is not the one being for care, it's american voters. she's got such poor numbers because everyone knows the president is in cognitive
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decline, he's not doing well. he looks more tired and less coherent than he did a year ago she's supposed to be the person who's going to step in and for some reason he has to resign, i think that worries voters more than having joe stay put for another three years. party panel will stick around, we got more including president biden spending months pushing his workplace vaccine mandate but have you heard how he plans to enforce it? your part of the plan from one and only, john, he's going to break it all down. next. ♪♪
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the one and only john, welcome back. >> thank you, kennedy. kennedy: what is osha trying to do? they've only got 800 inspectors and there are 100,000 places with 100 or more employees. the math doesn't add up so what are they asking people to do? >> well, the reports are they are relying on snitches like you said. i think they will get them, there's always some workers disgruntled and want to turn in somebody they don't like or don't like the employers enforcing it but i hate that you say they only have 800 inspectors. that too many. bill clinton was fond of holding up a chart among workplace injuries have dropped since osha was created. then somebody did some research before osha was created and the slope of the line was exactly the same, meaning as we get
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richer and smarter and learn from mistakes, things get safer. you don't need these 800 inspectors second-guessing every employer of the country. plus, is covid supposed to be almost over now? now is the time to initiate more intrusion? i don't think so. kennedy: won't that just exacerbate the supply chain issues we arty have? they're having a hard enough time getting enough people, enough bodies inside expection plans to get stuff outdoors and put together and on the shelves so this adds another layer that comes up the entire process that everyone desperately needs to keep going. >> the politician never thinks about that. they just see a problem and think of a rule they can impose that might solve it in the fact
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that you get millions of businesses making decisions every day and having to adjust to this or that reality that you're going to screw that up doesn't occur to them. kennedy: you think the vaccine mandate will stick? you think the legal challenges will undo it and make things better for people trying hire and keep enough employees? >> i don't think it will stick. the legal challenges may help but if we now have guilt to make it so most people don't get very sick can get treated, why do you need all these draconian measures? most people are vaccinated, the virus is pretty much under control. the only people dying are people my age who are obese or have another condition that might have killed us anyway. kennedy: did you get vaccinated? >> yes.
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kennedy: i didn't, i haven't got a booster shot yet but there are still people who glare at me in the elevator if i'm not wearing a mask and i'm like, i had the virus, you are wearing a mask and i got the vaccine, wires we still acting as though we are at the peak of the virus when you make good points about the pill and treatments we've already got? people have lost their minds and they have because politicians have been selling us this fear to amass more power. >> there are people who embrace the fear even without politicians doing it. in debate here generally wins. you might kill me in the elevator, you should wear a mask. it's hard to argue with that, i put on just because i don't want to tick people off. kennedy: i carry it with me in case there is a newborn baby, i don't want to make a mom upset. i totally understand, if somebody is really freaked out,
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i get it. i don't want to make anybody sad but i do like telling people who don't have a mask on when i'm not wearing a mask in the elevator, to wear their mask. >> i tell people thank you for not wearing a mask, it makes life better. i'm in florida now, as little masking as i see and new york. kennedy: this entire nudist colony of people having a great time here in new york. you've got the right way, thank you for coming on the show. appreciate it. coming up, president biden reports planning this week to send notices to illegal migrants after he said those separated under the trump policy are going to be paid half a million apiece so why is there immigration broken and why do we keep offering incentives? the party panel will discuss in a moment. ♪♪
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the u.s. immigration system is a mess. president biden have a broom. according to a new report from the of ministration will send out notices this week to tens of thousands of unprocessed illegal migrants good luck with that, that always works out pretty well. the president had immigrants separated at the border under trump deserves big payouts migrants are still coming in at record numbers. customs and border patrol says this fiscal year, 35 year high. good job, that's exciting. isn't this an invitation for more people to make the painter's truck and come here illegally? why not just get to the root cause and end the drug war? party panel it back, marie harf and spike collins. there's so much wrong with
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immigration policies in this country, karol. i honestly don't think paying money to people who have been aggrieved is a good way to control the flow of people coming in right now. >> i think mitch mcconnell had the best line where he said it sounds like a joke right wing made up to make fun of the biden administration, biden agreed with that because he called the plan garbage when he first heard about it. it is average because it's going to encourage people to come. it's not like you in guatemala here about this and say it's only a few people. they are going to hear they will become millionaires if they get to the american border and it will encourage people to take this dangerous truck. i was a refugee, we were in italy before we were admitted to the u.s. rumors have spread to the communities, australian is not letting people in anymore and people would make like light
7:30 pm
decisions on that so we are going to ruin a lot of lives with this. this isn't just a payout that makes no sense, it's going to destroy lives for people. kennedy: anytime you have $450,000, that's a lot of money for someone who's got a great set of circumstances but for someone who's been held hostage by terrorists and is desperate to leave their country, it's -- you're going to do everything you possibly can rip your own child out of your own arms to get that payout and i don't see how you could caught anything but excessive. >> i don't know that will end up being the final number, as part of an ongoing set of legal cases. kennedy: for $50000, you think you will have that effect? >> let me finish, this is part of ongoing litigation on behalf of families forcibly ripped apart by the trump administration and the question
7:31 pm
for all of us, if it happened to us, if our children or parents were forcibly separated from us, what number could we put on that? i do think our country owes something to these families we forcibly and humanely ripped apart. we can debate what the incentives are for people to take backtracked to the united states and that's a fine intellectual debate to have brought in this narrow issue of these families our government did this to, i do think they deserve something, i don't know what the number is but something kennedy: fact fine, while democrats -- not that. while democrats admit what they are doing now is just as bad as what was done over the past administration and pretty much every administration before that? will you admit that or are you only going to abstract certain grievances when it's politically convenient? i think that is immoral, go
7:32 pm
ahead, spike. >> it's interesting joe biden when he was asked about this said it was garbage so we have a bad policy from the biden administration which biden himself either doesn't know about or lied about not knowing about, either way, it amounts to the same thing but it's true this is only going to a handful of families who were separated and he speaks to a bigger problem government has which is when the government abuses people, we have to pay for it. they don't have to pay forts. it's obviously an argument for ending the war on drugs and migration but it's a call to an immunity for government and its agents. politicians and agents and agencies should be the one on the hook for this, not the american taxpayer. someone said we did this, i didn't do this. no one here on this panel and no one watching this unless you are a border patrol agent involved, no one actually did this and the other ones and future
7:33 pm
generations in the form of debt payments are the ones who will have to pay this off. the best way to deal with this, you hold that actors and government accountable and ending the war on drugs leading to these surges of people coming here in the first place. it's not good policy be to guys not watch narco mexico? help me out here. when it comes to foreign policy, president biden is also failing so badly even his friends are turning on him. the from president former senate colleagues, they used to have a good relationship. south carolina republican senator lindsey graham, once called biden the nicest person in politics, said this today on his failures in afghanistan, watch. >> the military told president biden if you withdraw all of our forces, if you leave barbara airbase, we can't defend what's left in the place will collapse. joe biden has them been the most incompetent president in my
7:34 pm
lifetime, worse than jimmy carter. he doesn't understand the nature of the war on terrorism, he has blood on his hands and he's made america less safe and he's been the most consistently wrong man on foreign policy in my lifetime. kennedy: he's going to say that a few more times. as joe biden the most incompetent foreign policy president in history? that's really saying something, karol. >> i don't know why he's limiting it to foreign policy. we are having trouble stocking up on shelves and what it does get to the supermarket, it's like $60. i don't know why we limit it to foreign policy but absolutely, the fact we left americans behind in afghanistan is a travesty and should be on the nightly news everything on my. we should be covering the americans left behind but because the media generally provides coverage for the biden ministration, we don't see that on the nightly news so lindsey graham and i don't always agree but i appreciate he's calling out buddy, biden. i do. kennedy: is it possible, marie
7:35 pm
heart, that both joe biden and lindsey graham about on foreign policy? >> instagram you can criticize afghanistan from we can all criticize things done in afghanistan but lindsey graham for four years has given up every principle lindsey graham has ever had on foreign policy including rings like being tough on russia so i don't think he has credibility here. kennedy: you agree with president trump? that's good admission. >> no, i definitely don't but a. >> back into the fold and he's
7:36 pm
been taking on china and russia in ways president trump didn't so i think lindsey graham is playing politics like he always does and joe biden is working hard to rebuild that. kennedy: pointed the president, and say beijing should not hold the 2022 winter olympic games? that would be putting pressure appropriately. i have a lot of favorite topics, that's important for you said the president is tough on china. how? okay, spike -- >> i will let you talk now. >> i appreciate that, thank you. first of all, i'd like to apologize because i voted for lindsey graham twice, he's my senator. so take everything i say with a grain of salt because i voted for him and for six years i said that's good, then i voted for him again. with that said, i don't know anyone could have done the
7:37 pm
pullout of afghanistan worse than the biden administration and representative doing so i think it's hard to dispute that but i am glad he did it. lindsey graham has not found a more round person he doesn't want to drone bomb yet. he's the worst neocon war hawk alive, rip to john mccain he's basically decided to be the next john mccain and frankly when it comes to foreign policy, he's not mad at joe biden, he's not that the endless war in afghanistan is over and yes, he's playing politics because he's on the other side of the aisle but this is to rabbit possums arguing over which is more dangerous. kennedy: yes, it's what i've been saying from the beginning. it's possible for two people who seem to have different points of views to both hold awful views. i think that's what you are saying here and i think spike collins owes each of us for
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$50000 because we deserve a payout. >> that report is garbage. kennedy: pay up, buttercup. party panel, thank you all so much. coming up from different police continuing to backfire. disturbing trends. called follow home robberies. oh no, don't go home. they are with you. plus, a brand-new kennedog. this is winston. winston can hear me. # canada all on twitter. bye. ♪♪
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look at this. i feel like they are going to kick me out. at beavis and butthead approved, does it feel like we are in a middle of a crime with? 51% of americans believe crime is very much up in their area and into california cities. the threat is real police department warning residents of affluent areas, lookout for home robberies, criminals hanging out in the fancy part of town, a nice store or nightclub and follow your home and steal everything you've got. car break-ins from so out of hand they are being told not to rent cars. culture broke district attorney being recalled soon, that would be great. 2% of car burglaries and arrests, is it punishment because into crime spike?
7:44 pm
d.c. police detective defense attorney in fox news contributor one of my favorites, happy belated birthday to ted. [laughter] >> hey, kennedy, how are you, sweetheart? thanks for having me on. have you ever heard of willie sutton? is a famous bates robert and once asked why you rob banks? what he said is that's where the money is so when you look at what's going on in these neighborhoods out there in california, the crooks are not done, they are not stupid. someone as smartest people are, you can conceivably think of are in jail. the bottom line is, they know where the money is. the money is in hollywood author where everybody or everybody
7:45 pm
drives a rolls-royce. i saw you with your volkswagen. everybody has one out there. kennedy: i'm hoping my roles roll up. i think i will have to follow someone home and take bears. i think it's gone there. is it because of defined police movement and not as much proactive policing in big cities like los angeles? you just don't have enough officers out there to respond in every area especially some of the more affluent areas like beverly hills, beverly hills has their own police department but they don't have a big police presence and people steal things from a they know about. it takes props a long time to get there and they get what they need and leave before anyone arrives. >> you are absolutely correct. as i've said before, these criminals are not dumb. they realize not only is there defunding movement in these in major metropolitan metropolitan
7:46 pm
areas, there are shortage of police officers to police various neighborhoods so the smart criminals have schemes to go out and rob and do the things they need to do to make money. when i am simply saying is there are a lot of criminals who are smarter than the politicians out here. the politicians hollering defund the police. crazy. kennedy: they are crazy and a bunch of dingbats. we have about ten seconds, if someone follows you home and friends to rob your stuff, what should you do? >> go buy a volkswagen and they won't follow you home. or just call the police. kennedy: i'll call you, ted. thank you so much. [laughter] always good to talk to you. >> my pleasure. kennedy: tropical storm is up
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next. tonight is just the gun. we are flying away. flying away. we are flying away. goodbye. ♪♪
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jobs at once. i appreciate it when my employees text me after hours they remind me to help you by sending a client emerges, so sweet. are they always crying? i don't get it i have nothing to put in the shows hate mail segment. looking forward to tomorrow night. topic number two. arby's and not getting into the alcohol business. i hate to break it to arby's, based on their customers they are very much in the alcohol business. coming soon to underneath an overpass near you, arby's clearly and kregel fries flavored vodka. sounds gross but it makes a great spot to catch up. there may from solidified corn oil, infused with arby's fry flavors like cayenne, paprika, onion and garlic but don't take my word for it. see for yourself after you puke up on the sidewalk.
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broader, heavily watched. i'll be right back, the got kennedog. ♪♪
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i love it. last, laura sent in her pub, roof. waiting for her pub cap. i love your face so much. thank you for watching the best out of your day, follow me on twitter an instagram. tomorrow night, gary hoffman, steve hilton and justice. can't watch the show? dvr it. good night.


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