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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  November 10, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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to join the marines? he answered simply, because i wanted to earn my citizenship. he has done that, a hell of a lot more. this is him hugging his mother at graduation. that was at paris island 20 years ago. happy birthday to the marines. semper fi to all of you wonderful people. that does it for "fox business tonight." see you tomorrow. elizabeth: we're going to get you an up-to-the-minute update on the fireworks in the kyle rittenhouse trial, the defense asked for a mistrial today alleging misconduct by prosecutors. to this story, democrats are really on thin ice with working class voters. biden's man made energy crisis. biden's comptroller nominee wants oil and gas companies to go bankrupt for climate change, wiping out jobs. biden's climate sar says in 10 years there will be no coal
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plants or jobs. pelosi says overseas that the u.s. is a bigger polluter than 140 countries combined. with a 30-year high inflation, wiping out your wage growth. the government warns that half of you will pay 30% more this winter. joining us congressman tim walberg, die an herring barger, kt mcfarland. former federal prosecutor jim trusty, former dhs official mike howl. president biden creates another uproar. he wants to turn private sector workers into whistle-blowers snitching to the government to trigger fines that could wipe out the little guy. snitch usa. bombshells come out of durham criminal probe of trump russia, the main source, igor danchenko today pleaded not guilty to lying to the fbi. covering up that a top clinton
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operative was his source for the clinton steele dossier that hillary's campaign paid for, delivered to the fbi to sabotage trump. durham indictment indicates clinton officials were potential conduits for russian disinformation, should lawmakers demand hillary and her campaign come clean, on what they did? senator joe manchin is slapping down the white house's new narrative, that soaring inflation, supply chain chaos are good things. if that were so why is the president today claiming his agenda is an inflation fighter, that it will stop the supply chain crisis? also to the border chaos. texas claiming that thousands of arrests of illegal aliens in its border crackdown, that texas is moving on that. florida governor ron desantis pushing back and hard. he is now moving to block florida funding of airlines and buses aiding biden's catch-and-release. thanks for joining us. i'll elizabeth macdonald. "the evening edit" starts right
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now. ♪. elizabeth: welcome to the show. you're watching the fox business network. okay, let's get you updated on this. biden's man made energy crisis, it is now front and center. he and democrats are making life miserable for working class americans that the president promised to help. middle and working class voters are slammed by soaring prices to heat their homes. gas prices up 60% versus a year ago. 30-year high in inflation. we have biden's nominee for comptroller of the currency, saule omarova. white house wants oil,h coal, gas industries to go bankrupt to tackle climate change. hillary vaughn in washington with much more. hillary? reporter: speaker pelosi says the department of defense needs to reduce their dependence on fossil fuels. she agreed at a climate conference in scotland with a question who made the case the pentagon is one of the biggest polluters in the world.
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>> the pent gone is a larger polluter than 140 countries combined. >> we recognize that as well. big user fuel. >> the department of defense announced that military vehicleses are going green. not just non-combat cars and trucks but also tactical vehicles will go hybrid using a mix of fossil fuel and electricity. retired general ron spaulding a former b-2 stealth pilot, even if the u.s. military were to go green, our ad very rarelies and china and russia are not worried about their carbon boot print. >> not only they do not care about the carbon footprint of the military, they don't care about the carbon footprint. we're supposed to be the ones to defend i like to see how long it would take to charge an electric tank. john kirby was asked by our lucas tomlinson when we see
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battery-powered fighter jets. kirby would not give a timeline. he was asked by where china and climate change rank as national security threat. he said they are equal. lauren: hillary vaughn, thanks for your reporting there. we have tim walberg and michael burgess. both on house and energy commerce. congressman walberg, what is your reaction to nancy pelosi saying that the u.s. military pollutes more than 140 countries combined? >> this is absurd. it runs along the agenda that they have that has no common sense at all or in touch with reality. to equate our military as being polluters that are beyond repair to the point that we have to turn them over to a total different fighting force because of so-called climate change that they're impact something absurd and shows why the leadership team that is there right now does not have america's best
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interests at heart nor are they capable of leading this nation. elizabeth: congressman burgess, like your reaction to biden's comptroller nominee saying that the white house wants to bankrupt oil and gas companies for climate change. watch this. >> several industries that serve in transitioning and here what i'm thinking about primary coal industry and oil and gas industry a lot of smaller players in that industry are going to probably go bankrupt in short order, at least we want them to go bankrupt if we want to tackle climate change, right? the way we, we basically get rid of those carbon financiers with we starve them of their sources of capital. elizabeth: going bankrupt, starving them of capital. she wants to put even more people out of work during a pandemic. what do you say, congressman? >> i say they are morally bankrupt. coal, natural gas, hydropower in
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this country as well as nuclear, all of them are going to be required as well as renewables. we can't turn our back on any energy source. here is the simple truth. we'll require to 50 to 60% more energy over the next 30 years in this country. that same time frame where the administration want to go to zero carbon. >> i'm sorry you don't get there without new nuclear. right now they're not paying any attention in the build back better bill. not one dollar for new nuclear research development, employment of new nuclear facilities. yet, looking to the united states military. look at the fantastic record of military and safety the united states navy has with the nuclear powered submarines patrolling the atlantic for 50 years without any trouble. elizabeth: congressman walberg, omarova wants all of our bank accounts with the federal reserve. senate democrat jon tester --
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we're four million job shorts versus pre-pandemic. talking about getting rid of jobs not the time to do it during a pandemic critic was say. where is biden, where is bernie sanders, where is john kerry policing china and india? they're still firing up coal plants. china has nor gses than the u.s. and developed world combined? >> china of course is trying to move ahead of america in every way. they are building more coal-fired plants. they're getting coal from everywhere. they need that while we're turning ourselves down for the future. i sit here in michigan and we have the concern winter is bringing on. farmers are drying their grain products right now. they need propane. this governor of our state along with the president talking about shutting down another pipeline. january 20th, they shut down the keystone pipeline. following that they opened up the russia nord stream pipeline.
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they took jobs away from american people. they took energy independence away. you have to look back before january 20th. we were exporting energy. elizabeth: yeah. >> we were totally energy independent. we were not polluting the world. we can do every single thing john kerry and this insanity approach do we will still increase carbon because of china and other countries who will not join into anything our country seemingly wants to do to give away our freedom and opportunity. elizabeth: to congressman walberg's point, congressman burgess, the arrogance of democrats here. biden, john kerry, energy secretary granholm told energy workers go code, get software jobs. you will be fired. the climate czar kerry says the u.s. won't have coal plants by 2030. we're two million barrels per day less producing u.s. oil before the pandemic under, this is during the height of the energy boom and they have been undercutting it. when you see all of this going on, when you put all together,
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al gore wants to do surveillance stalking of climate violators with climate activists using hundreds of satellites, sensors, artificial intelligence, it feels like they are really out of touch. they're the ones who flew airplanes. they're the ones who use four-by-four motorcades, helicopters, out riders to the you know climate conference. what about stalking themselves for the climate footprint? >> this is not the first time that democrats in the federal government have been on exactly the wrong page, a very different page than the american people t happened in 93 with the btu tax. it happened in 2009 when markky cap-and-trade bill t will happen again with the build back better act. people don't want the type of energy policies these people are selling. they repudiated them every single time. they will again. elizabeth: you know what? how about hearings on the biden administration officials investing in china through
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investment funds that invest in chinese solar panel companies that are made with prison labor? what about that? we've got the biden doing a redo of obama's task force on gouging. gas companies for gouging. he has no proof of that, congressman walberg. when you see all of this put together, how do you think the american voter feels? >> he has no proof of that. the american voter has to be looking at what is taking place now and saying why are we allowing this to happen? what did we do with our last election? why did we turn down success? you're absolutely right i offered an amendment in energy and commerce committee on this very issue we would not do any business with countries that use forced labor. that is china. that was turned down by the democrats summarily. they want to continue moving away from america's independence and let our enemies that is what china is, we have to look at it that way, gain traction. that will hurt america and
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michiganders, the we need energy. elizabeth: congressman walberg and burgess. good to see you. main source of the steele dossier, igor danchenko pleads guilty of lying to the fbi. covering up a clinton operative was his source for the debunked steele dossier. should hillary clinton and her campaign come clean about what they did. house gop doctors caucus member, diana harsh barger. he wants all workers to employ vaccine mandates. talking about snitch usa to trigger fines to wipe out the little guy. keep it here on "the evening edit".
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♪. elizabeth: joining us now, congresswoman diana harshbarger of the house gop doctors caucus. great to see you, congresswoman. reaction to the report about the white house talking about turning workers into whistle-blowers to about the vaccine mandate. it could come with big fines that could wipe out the little guy shut down by the pandemic an inflation. what do you say? >> i say it is probably true.
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you know there are going to fine these private companies $14,000 per person going up to 70,000. i wouldn't be surprises if they didn't pay out whistle-blowers because they would get a percent of whatever that fine was. so it didn't surprise me at all, liz, as to what they're doing. elizabeth: this is happening even as the fifth circuit suspended the vaccine mandate for constitutional problems. more than half the states oppose it. it will end up in the supreme court but turning workers into snitch usa, snitching on their bosses if they don't enforce vaccinating workers or testing workers. if workers get fired, then what? is the white house going to pay for their lawsuits? >> hey, who knows. well they're going to pay illegal immigrants $450,000 supposedly being separated that wouldn't surprise me at all. i will tell you this. there will be health care facilities and there are numbers out there, 50,000 different facilities with 17 million workers that will not enforce
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that. they will accept natural immunity from the millions of people who have been exposed to covid and already got through that particular bought. they have natural immunity and these hospital systems are going to accept that instead of having them do two shots of a vaccine that they don't need. elizabeth: let's stay on that for a second because reuters is reporting that france, sweden, finland, and canada, let me back up. sweden, france, canada, finland, are warning about moderna's vaccine for people younger than 30, that there are health issues there. when you come back to what the osha rule that biden is using there are 1800 osha workers to cover 130 million workers in the country. why dragooning private sector employees to be snitches, whistle-blowers is what is going on. >> yeah. elizabeth: congress never passed any law that gives osha broad power to do a nationwide vaccine mandate. it is outside of congress's
6:19 pm
legislative powers. osha is treating, regular healthy unvaccinated workers the same as a osha work place hazard like water on the floor. >> osha has no legal authority over any kind of vaccines. congress did not give them over that. osha's primary objective to work on safety in the work place, for god's sakes. you have to have a grave danger. they're using a emergency standard to mandate this and the grave danger, if it was so grave, why are they giving them two month to institute the policy for the mandate basically? grave danger to me means toxic substances, cars again i can substances, flammable substances things that hurt the general public. this is something they have no purview over. didn't open it up for comment period for the general public. elizabeth: this is stunning. last time tried in 83, it was
6:20 pm
tossed out by the courts for asbestos. tsa is saying delaying the mandates, biden. after the holidays, you have chaos coming. congresswoman diana harshbarger thanks for coming back on. high-stakes courtroom drama. we have the fireworks in the kyle rittenhouse trial coming up. former national security official kt mcfarland is with us next. the main source for the clinton steele dossier, igor danchenko pled not guilty for lying to the fbi. that a clinton operative was his source for that debunked dossier. should hillary clinton and her campaign come clean about what they did? the story next. ♪. (man) still asleep.
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elizabeth: welcome to the show former deputy national security advisor kt mcfarland. great to see you again. the main source for the clinton steele dossier, igor danchenko, pleads not guilty today to lie together fbi including covering up that a clinton operative was his source for the steele dossier. should hillary clinton and her campaign come clean about what they did, delivering fraudulent information to the fbi, to sabotage trump that hung up the country for years? >> of course they should. do you think they ever will? not a chance. the crime they committed, they created a lie. they gave it to the fbi. the fbi knew it was a lie. the fbi gave it to the mueller investigation. they knew it was a lie.
6:25 pm
they gave it to the media. they knew it was a lie. meanwhile the country was torn apart for two years, hurt people's reputations, get golden ratings on television and media, presumably to cover up what hillary clinton's people did all along. elizabeth: morgan ortagus really went after democrat adam schiff on "the view" yesterday. declassified documents show that adam schiff was told by susan rice in testimony, also we've got sally yates, james clapper, james comey, loretta lynch, he had testimony showing there was no evidence of trump-russia collusion. she called him out on "the view" for spreading conspiracy series. adam schiff dodged by bringing up the capitol riots and ukraine. >> here is the thing really upsetting about what was going on on capitol hill. here is the head of the house intelligence committee. he is privy to all of this information, classified information. they're telling him, hey there is nothing to this steele dossier.
6:26 pm
trump did not collude with the russians but yet he leaves these classified hearings. scampers off to the press, oh, i have inside information, donald trump is a russian agent. meanwhile the same people testifying to him in closed-door sessions they were going out to the media and they were pumping that same donald trump is a russian agent story. so i think they're all at fault here, not only schiff but the intelligence community and frankly the media, that just lapped it up because again it was terrific for their ratings. elizabeth: because accusations are tantamount to a conviction and forwarded it as if it was authoritative and real and true when steele's own sources were saying it is gossip said over beers, in jest, speculation, take it with a grain of salt. adam schiff read steele's debunked claims into the congressional record, pushing it on tv. hillary clinton campaign paid for the dossier. her campaign, steele, lawyers of at perkins coie push to everyone
6:27 pm
they could, fbi, major outlets, watch the media stenography. watch it. >> allegations with the christopher steele dossier, are stunning. >> substantial portions of what was in the steele dossier, a raw intelligence document have indeed checked out. >> based on our own reporting and word from numerous official sources the dossier in fact is far from bogus. >> i think we'll have to stop calling it the infamous dossier. increasingly it is the accurate dossier. elizabeth: what do you say? >> the big lie. they were all in on it. they were all willing to betray the constitution, to betray their country, not to mention their own integrity. why? because a lot of politicians got a lot of airtime with this. a lot of media got a lot of golden moments and high ratings and a lot of dollars for this and even then hillary clinton didn't manage to win but they tried to sabotage the united
6:28 pm
states presidency. elizabeth: you know -- >> no forgiving of that in my book. elizabeth: steele was not a james bond sleuth. his main source, igor danchenko who worked for brookings institution. his main source was charles dolan. he is a clinton operative with deep ties to bill and hillary clinton. he was feeding danchenko rumors, speculation, things he read in newspapers. dolan had more ties to russia than anyone in trump's circle. he had ties to the russian foreign ministry. he took a tour ever the ritz-carlton presidential suite. his fingerprints seem all over the trump sex tape story the media reported as true. >> it is even worse than that. not only did they make it all up, but the guy who made it up, he was promised, he was told he would have a big job in the clinton state department when she won thanks to what she was doing. do these people have no
6:29 pm
integrity at all? it is all about them. it is all about their own personal careers and what they did to this nation for two years, not to mention how they destroyed peoples lives, myself included. yet they were happy enough to do it. why? because it was great for them. not great for anybody else but for them. elizabeth: we understand trump has been forced by a federal judge siding with the congressional committee investigating the capitol riots to release white house documents. everybody understands that. critics say also there is this, senate intelligence found the russian government diddies rapt the 2016 election to help trump but that hillary's side was prone to disinformation too. take out the words trump, take out the words clinton. look what happened. look at the facts. look how manipulation went on. how the media manipulated national conversation for years. still msnbc and cnn are putting on analysts unchecked, unchallenged, still poisoning the national conversation,
6:30 pm
talking about using and politicizing a political, politicizing the intelligence community to go after a political opponent. that is so dangerous for this country. final word. >> that is the single most dangerous thing. when the military, when the intelligence community decide to play politics, put their thumb on the scale for their preferred political candidate, that is the end. elizabeth: kt mcfarland. great to have you on. you will come back again soon. we'll stay on this durham indictment story. he is also linking biden national security advisor jake sullivan to a faults trump russia story. also shows that clinton officials were potential conduits for russian disinformation. we're digging in. fireworks in the kyle rittenhouse trial. up nexting congressman jason smith. democrat senator joe manchin slapping down the white house's new narrative that soaring inflation and supply chain chaos are good things. if that were true why is the president doing a hard sell
6:31 pm
today that his agenda is an inflation fighter, will stop the supply chain crisis? keep it here on "the evening edit".
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♪. elizabeth: okay, we had major courtroom drama today as kyle rittenhouse took the stand in his own trial. rittenhouse faces multiple charges for shooting three men, killing two, wounding another, during rioting in kenosha, wisconsin in 2020 after the shooting of jacob blake. mike tobin is in wisconsin with more. mike. reporter: liz, while his mother cried in the courtroom kyle rittenhouse insisted he didn't do anything wrong. he says he didn't use deadly force to protect property, only to defend himself but when it came time to explain the encounter that killed joseph rosenbaum, the now 18-year-old rittenhouse fell apart. >> mr. rosenbaum was now running from my right side. and, i was cornered from in
6:36 pm
front of me with mr. simnski and there were -- [crying] there was -- reporter: after a break in collecting himself, rittenhouse said rosenbaum lunged for him, grabbed his rifle, rittenhouse fired four times killing rosen obama. he ran up sheridan road. people in the crowd shouted get him. he was hit with a rock, kirked in the head. anthony huber hit him with a skateboard twice and he turned around and killed huber. he killed critz pointed a pistol at him. he confirm in his own testimony. the district attorney attempted to get rittenhouse say he intended to kill. rittenhouse insisted he only defended himself. >> mr. rosen obama was chasing
6:37 pm
me. i pointed my gun at him. that did not deter him. he could have ran away instead of trying to take my gun away from me. he kept chasing me. it didn't stop him. reporter: rough day for the prosecution. judge bruce schroeder admonished the prosecutor binger for attempting to work in previously banned evidence, evidence that rittenhouse in an earlier incident said he wished he had his ar-15 so he could shoot some shoplifters. the defense asked for a mistrial. the judge has taken that into consideration. liz. elizabeth: mike tobin, thanks for your journalism. switching gears, bring in member of house budget, congressman jason smith with the house budget committee. take this on. democrat senator joe manchin is slapping down the white house new narrative that supply chain chaos is good things. manchin says it is not transitory. if they're good things, why is in the president in baltimore
6:38 pm
saying his agenda is an inflation fighter and will stop the supply chain crisis? >> i'm glad to see senator manchin is agreeing with the house republicans and the senate republicans this inflation tax that is facing all americans where they walk into the supermarket and they see that the price of food, the price of clothing, is only going up. the fact that joe biden and the folks at the white house say this is only transitory, that it is only a high class problem, tell you, the folks where i come from, the folks all across america, they care about prices at the supermarket dealt. they don't care about the prices on wall street but unfortunately i guess that is what the biden administration only cares about, what is going on on wall street. we have to stop this inflation but unfortunately they're trying to spend another four 1/2 trillion dollars of reckless spending that is not paid for which will only fuel the fire of
6:39 pm
inflation and -- elizabeth: i tell you something. we hear you loud and clear. they already got through 4 trillion, 5 trillion, talking about another 4 to 5 trillion. so this is, this is exactly what obama put on the debt in its entire eight years in office. so here's the thing. this is, this is a third rail for the white house. it is what knocked out jimmy carter out of office. inflation is political strychnine. reagan won in a landslide. now claiming that you know, first we went from claiming that spending costs zero, nothing, to saying that spending fixes inflation, to saying inflation is a gadd -- good thing. now pete buttigieg is saying highways, the way they were constructed and design are racist. we have the "washington post," you know, fact checker glen kessler saying that is wrong. historians and academics already debunked that. >> this administration is so out of touch with real -- reality. they care more about definitions
6:40 pm
of words than problems facing americans. we have an inflation crisis. we saw today, inflation year to year 6.2% increase. since joe biden has become president as of january 20th, inflation has hit 7.4%. that is the highest in 40 years. that means that every american is having to spend more, just to put food on their table. it is unacceptable but they care more about racist bridges, racist bridges than they do about the struggles real americans are having, trying to provide for their families. >> the stories have debunked racist bridges. overpasses, it was done for aesthetics away from a park, not for a gigantic buses. that is the fight over there. biden goes to baltimore to talk about the supply chain crisis that is actually in california because california is hyper regulating out of existence independent contractor truckers who say this is the worst they have ever seen. goods are stranded in ports
6:41 pm
there. thieves are stealing it. they want more money for pop up container areas. your final word on that? >> i'll tell you, we all know why there is a supply chain crisis. it is because once again the biden administration has failed. the fact we can't get people back to work. they're trying in this reconciliation bill to continue to pay people over $3 billion in this reconciliation bill to incentivise people to stay at home and not work. we need people to work. we need these ships unloaded. we need to stop these policies of rewarding people to stay at home and not work. elizabeth: congressman jason smith. good to see you. come back again soon. still to come this hour we'll get you updated on the border crisis. texas claims it arrested thousands of illegal aliens in its border crackdown. we have that update. florida governor ron desantis is moving to block state funding of airlines and buses aiding
6:42 pm
biden's catch and release. up next former federal prosecutor jim trusty, the bombshells keep coming out of durham's criminal probe. we've got durham linking biden national security advisor jake sullivan to a false trump russia story. also showing that clip where officials are potentially conduits for russian disinformation. we'll investigate next. voltaren is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory gel for powerful arthritis pain relief. voltaren, the joy of movement. (dramatic music) - [narrator] as the eyes of the world focus on the latest flood of calamities, the most urgent may not be the most visible to the average person. for decades, we've seen an erosion of our nation's values, but today we are experiencing a world gone mad. the country is facing an inflection point and cultural norms are turning away from traditional values.
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6:47 pm
the aisle is not particularly fair when it comes to russian accusations of russian collusion you and i will be more careful. reference to a foreign policy advisor referencing jake sullivan is limited in the sussman indictment. there are substantial nuggets in the igor indictment. one is, we're seeing 25, 39, page indictments for false statements. these are talking stories. these are indictments designed to do more than just establish false statement prosecutions. they're establishing a really sinister bit of politics on behalf of the hillary clinton campaign creating false information to poison the electorate and to manipulate law enforcement or perhaps to manipulate a friendly law enforcement and the fbi they shouldn't do. elizabeth: anyone on the clinton team get indicted? >> that is a great question. i tell you i was looking really carefully at the more recent
6:48 pm
indictment, of igor's, one thing stands out relates to that question. the person they're identifying publicly chuck dolan is on page 8 of the indictment. is sending an email to somebody else in the u.s. where he is talking about danchenko and he says, you know this guy is too young to be kgb but i think he is probably fsb. think about that for a moment. it is a democratic operative for the clinton campaign who is helping funnel this bad information that makes its way into nice is warrants eventually, acknowledging that he is working with russian intelligence, with someone too young to be kbg but in the kgb success sore. that is extraordinary. the second part that is really extraordinary, liz, two pages later, page 16 of the indictment there is a quote to this person who we believe to be mr. dolan n the indictment it doesn't say when or where this conversation took place. it just says he later acknowledged to the fbi.
6:49 pm
that smells like a proffer to me. every other statement to the fbi has a time and place. this statement says he later told us. that sounds like he is proffering, he might be on the road to cooperate scrooge deal-making, got it. >> that terrifies the democratic camp. elizabeth: charles dolan is a clinton operative, long time connections to bill and hillary. the clinton team appears to be a conduit for russian disinformation that ended up in fbi fisa warrants for wiretaps to spy on the trump campaign, is that the implication here? that the fbi used basically russian disinformation to spy on the trump campaign to use powerful fisa wiretaps meant for terrorists. is that the question. >> that is the question. whether durham will be satisfied that the fbi winked and nodded when they received false information or duped. elizabeth: that is dangerous stuff, beyond dangerous. that the is clinton team allowed rush h russian disinformation to
6:50 pm
flow into the steele dossier, to float to the fbi. the fbi takes it. they talked to danchenko in january much 2017. danchenko said this is not corroborated at all, it is speculation but they went ahead with fisa wiretaps. your final word. >> that is the thing. this is known, that steele was not reliable, paid by fusion gps, the democratic party, that was known in 2017 though we had politicians like mr. schiff trumpeting the dossier was true all the way through current day. there is a lot of people that really have hell to pay for how they treated this bad information t starts with the political circles but also includes the possibility of the fbi. we have to wait for durham to see. elizabeth: jim trusty, good to have you on, we'll have you on back soon. up next, former dhs official mike howell. border crisis. texas says it arrested thousands of illegal aliens in their
6:51 pm
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back with us now, former dhs oversight council, mike mcrae to
6:55 pm
have you back on. texas is saying the border crackdown that it's working, stepping in for the biden check that, 76000 illegal immigrants, arrested 800 for state or federal crime like drug smuggling and human trafficking. what you say? >> texas is stepping up for the biden administration left them hanging it in the eye of the storm. everything possible to be done. given recently it's only getting worse, there's more to be done. arrest books on stress packing charges but they need to be ready for the caravans coming up with task facing large scale caravans marching to the border, citizens are scared to death texas needs to step in to make sure no illegal alien is able to enter who shouldn't. liz: 1150 countries from around
6:56 pm
the world. the new york times reported that. local residents want this stopped, their properties are getting damaged, branches and railroads migrants hiding on trains. they are tearing up private property. the criticism of texas, what they are doing is they don't have enough basis for these charges. what they're talking about arrested on trespasses charges since july, takes months if not a year to come up with the conclusion of the cases. >> you are right. you know who has no basis? the biden administration who invited the crisis in facilitating the crisis and rewarding the crisis. we set a lot of time texas has the authority and not enough talking about the biden administration and constitutional takeover of the country. i think texas act, lawsuits are great, executive orders are great but this is the time for action. there needs actual action to repel and remove these people coming in.
6:57 pm
kennedy: it's so dangerous for children, children are attacked and killed, thousands of people are dying. it's not humanitarian what they are doing. they invite human trafficking and drug smuggling so we got florida governor ron desantis taking the border fight to the white house saying he's going to block all four contracts to companies and airlines for aiding the catch and release. >> that individual who was murdered was murdered by an illegal alien on one of biden's flights, these midnight flights unannounced, no notice, no support for the state, no ability to veto it had a time. the use private contractors, how can we fight back against the contractors? we can obviously deny them state contracts which we will do. unfortunately, they do have the ability to get into these airports because the faa
6:58 pm
controls it the feds have jurisdiction over it so we are trying to work with local airports to see if there is a way we can get around that but we are going to go after some of these contractors because they are bringing in people, they are causing bargains on us and we see tragically, causing someone to lose their lives. liz: the governor is talking about the white house resettling 24-year-old illegal alien falsely claiming was a 17-year-old unaccompanied minor, taken in by a family in florida and he went on to allegedly murder a 46-year-old father of four. your word are met? >> this is an absolutely preventable crime. the administration staff this but. kennedy: we can't say that, right? that's a stretch, you can't go from there to back but there is an issue with criminal illegal aliens against u.s. citizens, right? >> it is, as davenport never have occurred had they not been flown in. that's what needs to end right
6:59 pm
now, the biden administration's needs policies. we know this will lead to these terrible events. there's no reason why individuals should be flown across the country without the consent of local officials and state officials, they should know who's coming into their communities. unaccompanied minor programs for under 18 is rife with fraud. of course people are claiming they are under 18 because the biden administration set that's who can be let in so everyone is claiming it. there is little oversight and no one knows who's coming into their backyard and more crimes like this will continue unless we shut it down and get control of the immigration system again. kennedy: >> is going to end up in the supreme court versus the federal government? >> i think a lot of these are heading to the supreme court. it takes a long time. nine, ten months we are into the biden ministration, who seem over half a million illegal aliens released into the interior.
7:00 pm
it's untold more common until we get this shut down. liz: will have you back on soon, good to see her. thank you for watching, i am elizabeth mcdonnell, even watching the evening edit on foxbusiness. hope you have a good evening and join us again tomorrow night. ♪♪ kennedy: the white house is lying to you. inflation is here to stay. it is not transitory, that doesn't even mean anything. of course it's going to get worse but that's not according to republicans, one of the most powerful democrat in the senate, maybe the most powerful man in the world. how can you protect your finances before sleep he chose policies? empty your bank account and ruin your holidays. so fun starting to show on a positive note. labor department announced the crisis jumped


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