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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  November 9, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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systems accelerated by the pandemic. los angeles, san diego, california's biggest school districts basically directed teachers to base academic grades whether students learned what was quote expected of them, during a course and not penalize them for behavior, work hack bits and missed deadlines. that is that where we are folks. see you here tomorrow night. elizabeth: okay more protests against biden's having seen mandate around the country. more than half the country suing to stop it a appeals court temporarily blocks it. this fight expected to end up in the supreme court but president biden demands companies proceed anyway. he wants all companies potentially to be hit by it including small businesses. now half the country, new polls say, show he is not paying attention to problems that americans care about. we've got the big legal points that could put an end to mandates once and for all. what happens to fired workers if
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courts toss out mandates? now that oral treatments from covid are here in the form of pills. we went from 15 days to slow the spread to shutdowns, to firing healthy workers and first-responders. joining us tonight congressman james comer, nancy mace, michael waltz, plus former cke restaurant ceo andy puzder, former utah congressman jason chaffetz, energy expert phil flynn and former dhs official laura ries. the white house claimed 6 trillion in spending costs, zero, now claiming that more government spending fixes inflation, pouring gasoline on that fire while doing nothing to fix the big problem behind the supply chain crisis that is about to slam the holidays. we got it. democrat adam schiff for first time called out for spreading russian disinformation and conspiracy theories that
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debunked dossier paid for hillary clinton's campaign. schiff said he saw evidence of russia collusion. robert mueller never found that. the durham indictment is bade news for biden's jake sullivan. the media is in trouble over this. new sound surfacing of biden warning in 2007 against leaving weapons behind in afghanistan. that is just what he did as president this year. we'll show you that sound. and the energy crisis. al gore fear-mongers. climate activists are ready to ramp up artificial intelligence to do surveillance stalking of climate violators. will gore stalk himself? will he stalk the president? will he stalk former president obama, john kerry? al gore fear-mongers with this new narrative that oil and gas is the new subprime mortgage crisis? we'll investigate. this story, will biden's vaccine mandate force out border patrol agents amid the worst border
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crisis in history? thanks for joining us. i'm elizabeth macdonald. "the evening edit" starts right now. ♪. elizabeth: welcome to the show. you're watching the fox business network. we begin with this look at this, thousands of government workers, cops, firefighters, sanitation workers, city workers went out in force protesting vax mandates in los angeles. no jab, no job. now the new biden vaccine mandates, they're exploding into court fights that could end up in the supreme court. joining us how oversight and reform ranking member, kentucky congressman james comer. author of the capitalist comeback, cke former ceo andy puzder. how can biden proceed with mandates when the fifth court put a block on it? he wants all small businesses to
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be hit with it too. what do you say? >> i don't think he can but obviously he will continue to press on. remember when he came out with this decision to force decisions with 100 or more employees to vaccinate employees, that is when he was getting crucified for the debacle in afghanistan. i always believe he came out with that position to defer the media attention away from afghanistan and on to his trying to save america from covid because he was getting hit every day by the liberal media but the courts have ruled, the fifth court, this is unconstitutional. it is not going to get any better. if he appeals that, as it goes up the line with new conservative judges we have in place, they're not going to allow this because it is an constitutional. it is against your freedom, against our liberties, it is against everything we stand for and it is scaring americans that government is getting more intrusive, at a time we have the
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biggest labor shortage in my lifetime. elizabeth: let's stay on that the labor shortage. andy, the president's approval ratings sinking double digits to historic polls. cnn poll say nearly half say biden is doing a bad job. half don't want him to run again. he is in danger with blue-collar, rural voters, parents, first-responders. these are levels trump hit after the capitol riots. vice president harris is the worst ratings than any vice president in history. what do you say? >> i say the democrats should keep right on doing what they're doing. i love the impact it is having on american voters. i love what we saw in virginia. listening your summary coming into this piece and listening to the congressman speak, you have to wonder if the democrats are trying to screw things up, trying to mess the country up, i'm not saying they are, if they were trying what would they do differently than they're doing today? seems every time we turn around the democrats are doing something else to alienate
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american voters to, alienate the american people to, cut back on our freedoms and our liberties to bring down the economy. i think the democrats are in as serious trouble as that "usa today" suffolk poll showed. that the president's approval rating and the vice president's which are even worse, are reflective of what their policies have brought about. elizabeth: to andy's point, congressman, the constitutional problem biden can't do federal government mandates via executive order. he can't decree the entire country is vaccinated, people are pushed out of their jobs with no jab without alternatives like testing. there dialing back on that now but there is no public debate. where is congress' legislative authority here. the supreme court already ruled states have authority, not the federal government. the constitution equal protection clause, you can't discriminate people based on their health status like people with aids. you can't do that. >> you are exactly right.
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the democrat leadership in congress knows this. if this were donald trump doing this they would have hearings non-stop. as we've seen thus far the democrats are not interested in providing oversight to the biden administration this is another lack of leadership by the democrats in congress. this is another example of their failed leadership, their failed efforts to try to put some type of common sense, some type of constitutional legislative authority with the biden administration and they just continue to turn a blind eye to all the mistakes, all of the stolen liberties of this biden administration. elizabeth: yeah. so we went to 15 days to slow the spread, to botched shutdowns that were unconstitutional to now being fired if you have no jab. i mean really? i mean the thing is, what happens to workers if they lose their jobs and then the courts toss out the mandates, andy? they could end up firing truckers in the middle of a supply chain crisis. firing teachers, nurses, doctors, cops, firefighters.
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what happens if the courts toss the mandates and people have been fired? >> i heap the people become republicans. that is the only alternative they are going to have. the presidency, the executive branch just like the legislative and the judicial branches are branches with enumerated powers. in other words they don't have broad grants powers. the constitution grant them very specific powers. the fifth circuit court of appeals, the federal courts of appeal are the number two courts in this country. the only court superior to them is the united states supreme court and the fifth circuit cut of appeals has ruled he doesn't have the authority to do this. giving the government a chance to respond to the claims he doesn't but their inclination is he doesn't have their authority. he really needs to back off. elizabeth: to andy's point, congressman, if a threat is so obvious why is biden so coercive and sneaky? stretching osha emergency rules. that has never been about firing healthy people from their jobs. they're putting unvaccinated
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healthy workers in the same hazard category as work places with no fire alarms or frayed electrical cords on wet floors. you know what i mean? >> i do. elizabeth: there is that fight. how can he do this by decree? go ahead. >> he can't and i'm in paducah, kentucky right now. i'm meeting with union workers tomorrow. the unions are furious at biden because this affects federal contractors. it affects employers. there is a big union footprint in the western part of my district. unions used to be the biggest backers of the democrat party. they are fed up with the democrat party. they are fed up with biden. they're sick and tired of the mandates. they're sick and tired of the policy. they're sick and tired of inflation and i just don't know how much longer joe biden can continue to come up with these bad policies and expect to have any support in the democrat party. elizabeth: listen, people understand the need to get vaccinated. it's a dangerous virus. just how they're going about it. it is just heavy-handed. congressman james comer, andy
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puzder, great to have you on. come back soon. still to come this hour, the border crisis, will biden's vaccine mandates force out border patrol agents amid the worst border crisis in history. adam schiff falls apart starts talking about the capitol riots and ukraine after morgan ortagus calls him out on russia misinformation and collusion conspiracy. schiff claimed he saw proof of russia collusion. never delivered it. nancy mace on white house new narrative, more government spending lowers inflation? really? as fuel and food prices fire up higher. the white house shuts down the u.s. energy boom. the story next. ♪♪
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♪. elizabeth: president biden did blame his plunging poll numbers on americans not understanding things like the supply chain crisis. thanksgiving will be more expensive. staples will be tough to buy. the white house message is learn to live with less. of the trucking industry that the vaccine mandate could put out of business four out of 10 truck drivers, when the next is already short 80,000 truck drivers. this update on a story we brought you a month ago. california is about to make it all much worse. kelly o'grady is in california
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with more. good to see you. reporter: good to see you too, liz, 70,000 owner-operator truck drivers in california may have to stop operating overnight. the california trucking association is challenging the bill ab-5, which requires companies to reclassify independent contractors as employees. as the supreme court doesn't hear this case that could mean dire consequences for the port lack logs and consumer prices heading into the holidays. industry advocates argue this threatens american dream, forcing them to join a company, leave the state or quit all together. that is precarious because we're already experiencing a 80,000 driver shortage. i spoke with a driver who left her family behind to operate in a different state because of her loss of freedom as a business owner. >> my freedom was taken away as a result of ab-5 in california. financially as a company driver, i would have been okay. it is not the same pay as you
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know, someone who is an independent contractor and so i would have lost revenue as a result of staying in california. reporter: now as a result of this, you know, it is important to note that the supreme court's decision is key. it is not just going to affect our supply chain crisis but it sets the tone for a similar "pro act" included in build back better. that will not just affect californians, liz, truck drivers across the nation that value their flexibility as independent contractors. elizabeth: great reporting. kelly owe grady, thank you for your journalism there. joining us congresswoman nancy mace from house transportation. we heard from the truck driver that the woman who was running her own business has to move out-of-state, out of california. the white house is more focused on their spending plan and not the supply chain crisis? we have the inflation at the highest in three decades. now truckers being put out of business. what do you say? >> it is totally crazy. we have not addressed our supply chain crisis in an appropriate manner at all.
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when biden is talking about more spending, more spending is only contributing to our inflation woes and then to pay for all of this spending you have got to have more taxes. of course that contributes to inflation as well. i just don't understand the calculus here because it is not working clearly. things are only getting worse and more expensive for all of america. elizabeth: you know what is happening is, working class families and senior citizens on a fixed income pensions, their pension power is getting eroded. outside of biden, democrats lost seats in 2020. they got walloped in 2021. they will get walloped in 2022. they act like they have a mandate for the sweeping progressive agenda, but they don't have it, right? the thing is, we went from, human infrastructure, to 6 trillion in spending costs zero to congressman, i would like you to listen to this. now we've got the energy secretary just saying whatever, laughing off the energy crisis that the white house created undercutting the oil boom but
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warning, yeah your heating prices will go up. watch this. >> sturgis, michigan, it is $2.89 a gallon. i guess that is better than in california. what is the granholm plan to increase oil production in america? >> [laughter]. okay. that is hilarious. would that i had the magic wand on this. americans will likely be a cold winter. most of them are expect to pay higher prices for heating their homes? >> yeah. this is going to happen. it will be a, it will be more expensive this year than last year. elizabeth: what are you laughing about when americans are going to spend nearly $14 billion more this year in heating costs? what's so funny? >> right. you're talking 500 to $1000 more in those energy costs per household this year which is significant, especially when again wages have only risen 3% this year. inflation close to 6%. wages cannot keep up with
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inflation. this is not a laughing matter. in fact the biden administration policies made it so that we're importing more oil from places like russia, right? he cut down the keystone pipeline. his policies are worse for hard-working americans. he said earlier this year $2 trillion cares act would solve all the problems. then it was $1.12 trillion spending bill would solve all of our problems. 2 trillion and counting build back better plan that will really solve all of our problems when the fact of the matter this is contributing to it. elizabeth: democrats pay people not to work. they forced americans out of the workforce through vaccine mandates. they're driving up shipping costs and the supply chain nightmare. they're shutting downpipe lines. they're not now considering shutting down the current, the line 5 enbridge pipeline. you know, then you have the new tax on natural gas that they're talking about, that democrats want in their spending. we have nearly a dozen senate democrats saying biden you have to do more to stop the gas prices going up.
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now they're talking about tapping the strategic petroleum reserve? that is what you do when there is an arab oil embargo. are they admitting that they created a crisis like the arab oil embargo? >> and they're adding hundreds of millions of dollars to keep people going back to work and ongoing vaccine mandates in struggling economy from health care to aviation to every sector across the board. we're going to suffer more of the consequences of bad policy. elizabeth: congresswoman plans sy mace. thanks for joining us. we'll come back soon. new sound surfacing of biden warning back in 2007, don't leave weapons behind in afghanistan. he did that just this year. jason chaffetz up next. adam schiff called out for the first time for spreading russian disinformation and spreading
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conspiracy theories. schiff likely knew the steel does say was dubious. he claimed he had evidence about russian collusion but never delivered it. he challenges with the capitol riots. bad news for biden nsa jake sullivan. keep it here on "the evening edit". want to deal wit h this. oh, you brought your luggage to the airport. that's adorable. with shipgo shipping your luggage before you fly you'll never have to wait around here again. like ever. that can't be comfortable though. the smart, fast, easy way to travel. ♪ ♪
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with amerisave's consistently low mortgage rates, your little girl can go wherever her dreams take her, like toward a career in the ethics of rhythm and movement. anyway, good luck with that, because amerisave can only help with the part of the dream you can buy -- with money. elizabeth: former state department official morgan ortagus the first person to call
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out democrat ad dim schiff for spreading conspiracy theories and russian disinformation. joining us former congressman and fox news contributor jason chaffetz. there has not been anything like the clinton steele dossier in american politics. "wall street journal," "new york times," saying it was basic dubious, debunked and phony but adam schiff has been on tv since january 2017 pushing it. jason? >> yeah, no look, adam schiff, sorry i thought you would play sound of adam schiff because he has been spewing these lies for years and you know, he always did it with this kind of smugness that said you know i get to see classified information and you don't. so i know what i'm talking about but devin nunez, and john ratcliffe, those type of people got to see the same intelligence. they didn't come out to the press and lie about it. adam schiff was using it as a political bludgeoning tool and he was lying about it.
6:26 pm
that is crystal clear. it is an embarassment he is in the congress. it is an embarassment he is chairman of the intel committee and i don't understand how nancy pelosi continues to entrust him with our nation's top secrets. elizabeth: he claimed he has seen, quote, more than circumstantial evidence of trump-russia collusion. that there is ample evidence hiding in plain sight. documents from the dni's office that was declassified indicate that adam schiff knew for a long time this was debunked and dubious. watch what happened on "the view" this morning. watch morgan ortagus take on adam schiff. >> you made -- information yourself for years by promoting this. i think that is what republicans and people who entrusted you as the intel committee chair are so confused about your culpability in all of this. >> i completely disagree with your premise. it is one thing to say allegations should be investigated and they were. it is another to say that we should have foreseen in advance some people were lying to christopher steele which is
6:27 pm
impossible of course to do. but, let's not use that as a smoke screen to somehow shield donald trump's culpability for inviting russia to help him in the election which they did. force ukraine for helping in the next len shun which he did, insightings an insurrection which he did. none of that is undercut. none of that serious misconduct is any diminished by the fact that people lied to christopher steele. >> no, just your credibility. >> i think the credibility of your question is in doubt. elizabeth: wait a second. he knew it. the fbi knew this was dubious in 2016, the summer of 2016. they knew that hillary's cooking up opposition research. the dni documents indicate adam schiff knew this was dubious stuff. he read it into the, the steele dossier, clinton dossier into the congressional record. steele got paid 160,000 from the democrats to cook up the stuff
6:28 pm
about moscow ritz-carlton hotel, trump sex tape was false and phony. steele's own sources said it was false. fbi james comey knew this was phony stuff too. when he is challenged he dissolves to talk about the capitol riots or ukraine. he is dodging what morgan ortagus was doing. asking him about. >> adam schiff, adam schiff is a political punk. he is there to just absolutely take these talking points, as if they're not based in fact. he is the intel committee chairman, for goodness sakes. he is the one that has been spreading these lies. look, the reality is, it is the clintons and the democrats that were colluding with the russians in order to take this position that donald trump was colluding with russia. after the mueller probe, now what is going on with the durham probe, we're finding that was never true. donald trump did not collude with these people. in fact it was the clinton democrats political machine that
6:29 pm
was paying people to go generate this type of information and have people like adam schiff out there doing it. elizabeth: stay on that for a second. let's back up. obama officials, dni james clapper said there was no there there. peter strzok testified there was no there there. clinton operative, charles dolan a pr executive, shown to have more ties to russia, this guy has more ties to russia than trump did. had ties to the russian foreign ministry, the russian parliament. his fingerprints are all over the trump sex tape, you know what i mean? so, this guy, the charles dolan, he was igor danchenko main source for the steele dossier. for the media to fall for it, have been called out by "the washington post" eric wemple is expecting more corrections from the media on this. fat chance but who most.
6:30 pm
>> most every major news out let ran the story for years. put the trumps on the front page time and time again. as soon as it is debunked, as soon as it is proven to be false, as soon as indictments on people lying to the fbi about these things because of the good work durham is doing, they're nowhere to be found. they are walking this back. they gladly spewed this for years. and, shame on them. it is so fundamentally wrong and the credibility of adam schiff and these political outlets, it is just disgusting. elizabeth: yeah, the matt taibbi of tk news, pointing that out. showing the full screen. that is from matt taibbi. durham indictment from the steele dossier, let me back up. the durham indictment link to do so the phony trump russia alfa bank story, nsa jake sullivan is the foreign policy advisor, anonymously in there but he is the guy who was on the email chain about the trump russia -- excuse me the trump organization
6:31 pm
communicating with russia's alfa bank. the fbi debunked that as trump hotel marketing spam emails. your final word. >> jake sullivan, there is no indication he did anything wrong but he was on the receiving end of these emails. it is interesting to see where the probe goes. a lot of smart people who follow this stuff believe durham is laying foundation for wider conspiracy charge that could include some very senior people, well-known people who were engaged in this. hillary clinton and the dnc top guru along with mark mark elias seemed involved but those we'll see but those are the allegations. elizabeth: jason chaffetz, thank you. al gore is out there fear-mongering. he is saying artificial intelligence companies are hooking up with climate change activists to ramp up surveillance on violators of greenhouse gas emissions. that they will talk al gore, go after obama, baden, john kerry?
6:32 pm
they're all flying planes and taking motorcades. also this, congressman michael waltz of house armed services, biden warning back in 2007 don't leave weapons behind in afghanistan. that is just what he did as president this year. we'll look at the continuing fallout. keep it here on "the evening edit". i'm so glad we did this. i'm so glad we did this. i'm so glad we did this.
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6:37 pm
out. you leave those billions of dollars of weapons behind, i promise they will be used against your grandchild and mind some day. elizabeth: what do you say to that? >> well, it doesn't surprise me, liz, that biden is a little forgetful these days of of what he said back then but he was right back then. what i think happened between 2007 and the disasterous order he made this year, in the disasterous way it was executed, he was vice president under obama. and had a real chip on his shoulder coming out of that towards the military, towards the pentagon. it has been reported on multiple occasions he felt like the pentagon boxed him and obama in. he came in already into office now with his mind made up, determined to get out, regardless of the conditions on the ground. regardless of the advice he received. has come out now in hearings that i have been in and others that his generals at every level told him not to do it this way.
6:38 pm
told him there will be disasterous consequences in the withdrawal but as biden said in 2007, the thing that has me so darn upset and some veterans upset is future american soldiers are going to have to go back to deal with this mess, this taliban caliphate with isis rising, al qaeda rising, intending to at it being us again. now as he predicted we'll have to fight through our own weapons and there will be future gold star families. we need to think about that, heading into veterans day this week. future gold star families will be created at the hands of taxpayer-funded weapons that biden left behind. elizabeth: that is so concerning, right? we had 13 troops killed by suicide bombers. bagram airbase and taliban said you can use kabul airport but the white house seems to have dropped all that, right? we hundreds if not thousands of americans stranded. >> that's right. elizabeth: the president's poll numbers started to turn south on
6:39 pm
botching withdrawal out of afghanistan. even obama's former defense secretary leon panetta, that biden hurt his credibility, the worst mistake, chaotic afghanistan exit as success. panetta says the most important you have to be honest with the american people. admit the mistakes everybody seasoned you know was a mistake? >> that's right. any six-year-old could have planned this better. any six-year-old could see it didn't go well. so for biden to stand before the world and the american people to say this was an examinational success and we have only 100 americans behind, when every veterans group out there knows it was way more than that, to say our allies was fine, liz, when was the last time the british parliament formally censor an american president as they did biden because of this. and the biggest lie saying we're just as safe. al qaeda's gone, nothing to
6:40 pm
worry about. how we go back to deal with it when we have no bases or allies. elizabeth: from what you're hearing about over the horizon capability, from where you sit what you're hearing, how soon will this be an issue of us having to go back into afghanistan? >> just like the intelligence community shifted how fast the afghans would fall without our support. they're already shifting, gone from couple years to now six months when isis and al qaeda can be ready to hit us again. i think they can inspire an attack even sooner than that. elizabeth: congressman mike waltz, thank for being on with us. thanks for your service to our country. as the congressman said this is veterans day coming up this week. we'll do special coverage on "the evening edit." will the biden vaccine mandate force out border patrol agents amid the worst border crisis in history.
6:41 pm
al gore fear-mongering again saying artificial intelligence companies, climate activists they're ready to ramp up surveillance of violators of greenhouse gas emissions. are they going to stalk himself, obama, john kerry? al gore, this is the new subprime mortgage crisis. we'll investigate it here on "the evening edit." stay right there.
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elizabeth: welcome back to the show, price futures group senior analyst, fox news contributor, phil flynn. it is good to see you. good to see you again. al gore claims a coalition of artificial intelligence companies and climate activist groups are moving on mass surveillance with satellite an sensors to stalk people for greenhouse gas emissions, refineries and companies. he made this comment out of the u.n. climate junket that he had flown a plane into. so did obama. so did biden.
6:46 pm
they took polluting motorcades. what did you make of that when you heard that? >> that is not only hypocritical about the freedoms of the world. next thing they will look at my house to see if i left my lights on overnight or go through my garbage to see if i put the right recyclables in my can. this is crazy and a scare tactic for the rest of the world because the global green energy agenda is trying to take over the world and take away people's rights. what is happening the biggest transfer of wealth from the poor, middle class to the rich green elites, and through seeing it every day through the price of oil and gas. elizabeth: and china. we'll talk about that in a second. watch al gore. >> we get data continuously from 300 existing satellites, more than 11,000, ground-based, sea
6:47 pm
based sensors, multiple streams and using artificial intelligence and we can now accurately determine where the greenhouse gas emissions are coming from and next we're we'll have it down to the level of every single power plant, refinery, every large ship, every plane, every waste dump, and we'll have the identities of the people who are responsible for each of those greenhouse gas emissions streams. elizabeth: identities of people responsible. so investors or government or civil society activists, want to hold them responsible they can use the data to go after them. biden agenda wants billions of dollars for the climate activist corps. what do you say to that? >> that is crazy. if they want to catch the climate criminals, all they have to do is surround glascow scotland, because all of millionaires, billionaires are some of the worst offenders.
6:48 pm
they're betting than us. they are trying to save the planet. it is the rest of the world that is a problem. this is not about saving the planet. it is not about reducing greenhouse gas emissions. this is about power, okay? al gore and his green energy guys want more power. the more they get people off of natural gas and get them off green energy, the more rich they get. at the end of the day i think who will get hurt is your freedoms, and the way that you live your life every day. you become a criminal if you use too much energy. elizabeth: al gore claims there is a 22 billion-dollar subprime carbon bubble that will explode and slam investors. he is equating it to the subprime mortgage crisis which was built on paper. it was a jenga pile of paper, splitting up mortgages into tranches of principal and interest payments. it is unclear if there is a subprime crisis in the energy sector phil. >> i absolutely think he is
6:49 pm
wrong. based on al gore's track record from the his movie, "an inconvenient truth," we don't have to worry about his predict i've abilities when it comes to the market. energy companies are doing better than they have in years. opec and russia are doing fantastic. they are making more money than they have in years. basically the u.s. energy producers, fossil fuel producers stepped back from the equation. this is giving more power to other countries. al gore will be wrong on this one. of course he has been wrong before. elizabeth: solar panels, built by forced labor in prison camps that is an issue too, phil, write? >> absolutely. >> john kerry owns a stake in an investment fund that invests in chinese solar panels reportedly linked to forced prison labor. final word? >> the bottom line a lot of tax dollars are going to china for this production, green energy money from the united states. at the end of the day, if you look at all the billionaires,
6:50 pm
biggest billionaires in green energy, 70 to 80% of them are in china. make no mistake about it. the green new deal is a big win for china and it's a big loss for the u.s. economy. elizabeth: phil flynn, you're terrific. always have great information. come back. >> thank you. elizabeth: up next, top dhs official laura ries on the border crisis. will biden vaccine mandate force out border patrol agents amid the worst border crisis in history? you're watching "the evening edit" on fox business. nsurance, so you only pay for what you need. oh, yeah. that's the spot. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ your record label is taking off. but so is your sound engineer. you need to hire. i need indeed. indeed you do. indeed instant match instantly delivers quality candidates matching your job description. [ joe ] my teeth were a mess. visit
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you just heard from the wonderful sandra smith. now that bringing former dhs official and heritage foundation senior research fellow. it's great to have you back on. water officials, arizona's attorney general governors, they are warning about the vaccine mandate out of the white house to fork out border patrol agents amid the worst border patrol in history. >> the left seems to blame law enforcement first and no set of officers that experience that more right now in the officers enforcing immigration law so the
6:56 pm
democrats sought to defund ice to the pbp, they've stripped most enforcement duties, they still have to deal with this historic border crisis and now the of ministration seems fine potentially cutting almost half of pbp based on the vaccine mandate. i don't think administration is thinking through the consequences of this mandate and porpoise yard security crisis needs to get the top of this mandate. >> we hear you loud and clear, fox news internal home and security documents indicating about half of the border agents are not vaccinated. record-setting 2 million migrants apprehended by border patrol so far this fiscal year or they were getaways. we are talking about of the 19500 border patrol agents from
6:57 pm
others about 11500 not vaccinated. >> that's right. worst case scenario but the of ministration doesn't seem to be backing down. there have been lawsuits against the vaccine mandate. the fifth circuit court of appeals put a stay on the mandate but the fighting administration is saying disregard the court order boasting ahead and they seem to have no regard for american sovereignty and security and now separation of power. >> lora, functional is pouring in, the drug is coming up historic levels. so much so vice magazine reports heroin users cannot find heroin anymore, it's all about functional. that's how bad it's gotten with the drug crisis coming in over the border. >> it is, now in pima county, a border county in arizona has
6:58 pm
overtaken car wrecks as leading cause of death for teens. pima county deputy sheriff's are responding to calls about functional every 40 hours so this is poison flooding across our border. interestingly, it started in the labs in wuhan, china and the chinese partnered with drug cartel in mexico and they are sending the drug over largely in pill form too many parents are finding their children, teens, young adults that after taking just one pill. it's extremely poisonous in this administration seems to have no concerned with this as a consequence from their open border policy. >> one pill could kill somebody, one pill could kill a families child, right? it's unfathomable fly there's not more focus on that. we have that, we have migrant
6:59 pm
caravans continuing to come and reports coming in the biden administration is using the infamous outdoor detention area under the del rio international bridge that helped 15 hundred migrants crossing, i could have again, we don't know those levels but that's a report coming in. >> the administration has been hearing about the caravan for weeks, it's been in the news for weeks. they've had plenty of time to prevent them from continuing their journey along coming to our border. they've had plenty of notice with haitian migrants that came back in september but they kidnapping to stop it and instead of preventing illegal immigration, they are processing them into the country. it's irresponsible, dereliction of duty and again, they seem to have no regard for americans. the key putting americans last and illegal immigrants first. >> is not legislative authority.
7:00 pm
>> congress has to loss in the administration is ignoring them. >> it's always great to have you back on, come back again soon. it's good to hear from you. i am elizabeth mcdonald, you been watching the evening edit on foxbusiness. thank you for watching. we hope you have a good evening. ♪♪ kennedy: the supply chain issues are real and pervasive. there's a lot of anxiety it will negatively affect your thanksgiving. i'm here to make sure that does not happen and how will he do that? together with creativity, flexibility and ingenuity because the last time i checked, this is america. sure, turkeys are harder to get this year end part of that is because turkeys are the new toilet paper and people are turkey hoarding which in a dog


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