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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  November 5, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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tax the rich warned by aoc at that swanky met gala work tickets were 30 grand a head but aoc did it was cute. i was kind of a statement and what are the think of this dress especially after losing in virginia this week. joe biden was supposed big unifier sums that were more divided than ever for the debts of russ on "foxbusiness tonight", "the evening edit" starts now. ♪ ♪. elizabeth: build it back to bedlam biden begging for a vote on infrastructure, we are monitoring that prepress and biden desperate to get back on track after a major democrat lawsuit tuesday night. they were supplying jet approval rating for a president since world war ii. but the white house could botch all that success by doubling down. now talking about potentially hitting all small businesses up with biden's new vaccine mandate per we arty have a bad a labor shortage, supply chain
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chaos, and why the hand handed government vaccine wouldn't pfizer and merck have colored treatment pills? joining us now congressman, of parents of any education former federal prosecutor and former top ice official, we have a jampacked hour for you tonight. hillary clinton's campaign could be squarely in the sites of special special counsel john durham it's getting circular swapping here. durham says clinton's campaign deployed a longtime clinton operative as a source to help manufacture the debunked anti- trumped steele dossier democrats got inside the fbi, which was then used to help spy on the trumped campaign. and of course accusations are tantamount to conviction when it comes here. also the media losing credibility again pushing hard on a false narrative that racism one in tuesday's
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election despite republican minority winning. also this house speaker nancy pelosi for the disintegration of the democrat party. pelosi's patron is a nexus and ironfisted control stopping the rise of fresh democrat talents, moderate to threat her power. hibbing agency to activists stalking democrat centers like joe manchin plus this biden supported the aclu, are they getting a cut at the potential multimillion dollar payouts from biden's justice department to illegal border crossers who broke the law? are they doing it all pro bono? all this as military families get a fraction of those payouts and lose the benefits, that could happen if they are not vaccinated. an biden's beak work border policy the double whammy a new public health crisis more drug crime hitting u.s. cities. this is thousands of border patrol agents face potential firings because of biden's a vaccine mandate per thanks for
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joining us i am elizabeth mcdonald. "the evening edit", it starts right now. ♪ ♪ welcome to the shari wash the foxbusiness network for let's get you updated on what happened with the economy and a 531,000 jobs in october. that was a better than expected by the jobless rate did fall to 4.6% wages grew 4.9%, still getting pretty much wiped out by inflation. and people are still not storming back into the job market more than 100 million, look at that 100 million not working for 14 straight months. where than half of small businesses cannot find workers. still, 10 million job openings inflation is everywhere biden and his team continue to claim passing more government spending. inflation. okay edward lawrence is going
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to break it down within washington with more, hey edward it's good to see you. >> list this is a good jobs report that beat expectations milk at the top line and number c private sector added 604 jobs the government sector lost 73000 jobs for it in a capitalist market that's exactly what you want to see private companies leading the hiring here. we look inside the numbers though, it rages rows of 4.9% over the past 12 months. on tuesday president biden told americans at a news conference and glascow wages were righties think faster than inflation that simply was not true over the past 12 months. and today he changed his comments at this. >> not only are more americans working, working americans are seeing in their paychecks go up. weekly pay went up and october with an average hourly earnings up almost 5% this year. quick inflation at 5.4% this year. still, leisure and hospitality added back wondered 684,000 jobs. eight-point to percent fewer than in february of 2020. manufacturing is up, trading
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manufacturing cap and construction is at big bird house minority leader kevin mccarthy acknowledged a good job support for america. >> is great for america. to the biden's i don't know. they have been utilizing the poor job numbers to say why they need build back better. so if this was the case today why would you need the bill? >> that is going to be a question. the last time the unemployment rate was under 4.6% was march of 2020. right now we have inflation at a 13 year high. back to you. >> edward lawrence thank you. tony is now congressman john joyce. okay so we hear about the numbers, right? why is the white house doubling down possibly documenting all small businesses with a vaccine mandate of less than 100 workers. that's going to hit them hard for on site government inspection for workplaces and finding everybody, really? >> list that you make a great
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point. president biden's vaccine mandate does nothing to promote public health. the road to the public trust in the vaccine that were developed with president trump's operation at warp speed. it's on the phone today of not only individuals who only small businesses, but union workers have done everything they've been asked to do. they still have the constitutional freedoms which here in washington we should be fighting for. we need to turn away from mandates and understand that our workers and our businesses are only going to be hurt even further by these mandates. this is something that very interestingly, last december president elected biden said he was not going to be for vaccine mandates. he lied when he told us that. eleven months later we are struggling working into recovery eye institute vaccine mandate. he's going to weaponize osha to enforce those.
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>> erase the point about the president saying note to mandates last year, watch this, watch. [inaudible] prick. >> know it should not be mandatory i would not demand it would be mandatory but i do everything in my power just like i don't think masks have to be made mandatory nationwide brickwork set up the role the federal government. that is the role that institutions, private sector entities and others may take. >> we cannot require someone to be vaccinated. that is just not what we can do. and as a matter of privacy to know who is or who isn't. >> we do not want to mandate and try to force anyone to take a vaccine with never done that. you can mandate for certain groups of people like health workers but for the general population you can't. we do not want to be mandating from the federal government to
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the general population. it would be unenforceable and unappropriate. >> they are so in a bubble up or they do not even get white people are so frustrated with their mixed messaging and their flip-flop. they are accused of switching to the vaccine mandate to switch the headlights and the debacle in afghanistan the headlines there comes after the botched shutdowns per they don't trust the vaccine. look what is happening instead of immunized. a fudge that people are sick of politicizing everything. >> made of signs on natural immunity we need to work hand in glove with those individuals who have elected on their own accord to become vaccinated it's time to move on. bassem to make them accountable for their words do not enforce them acquire mandated vaccines. constitutional freedoms of each individuals must be maintained for.
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>> and eight funding unconstitutional. everyone gets importance of getting vaccinated. it's top-down federal government doing it. at least a dozen half a dozen gop governors are pushing back here. we see the chaos republican senators are saying it's happening potentially the supply chain crisis could get worse. there is no carve out for trucking companies. they have a shortage of truckers there. truckers are getting hit too. >> we are seeing this piercing empty shelves. because of this vaccine the workers are stepping back up. this is the time to allow those workers to make the decision that is correct for them. as a physician i am told each and every constituent who has asked me, talk to your doctor. talk to the nurses in your family. talk to your family members
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that make the decision that's right for you. >> the other thing happening as the other administration is still considering the pentagon is considering a dishonorable discharge of troops that do not get vaccinated. their talk about multi thousand 100,000-dollar payouts to illegal border crossers who break the law was to watch a west point cadet on this, watch. >> no, sir i would not of state as not just resisting an injection i was resisting a kingdom that glorifies ignorant submission and unethical behavior and unlawful orders. frankly i was just very upset with the trajectory of our government right now and realizing that when we delayed on my life for my brothers and sisters for political agenda. elizabeth: to point out she's not related to me but when you say to this question it. >> its overreach of the medical decision that my survey by the patient must be made by the constituent, must be made by the active-duty military individual. this is not the time for
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government to intervene. >> okay congressman john joyce was great to have you on, come back soon. still to come this hour, are biden supporters the aclu getting a cut of the potential multimillion dollar payout and bidens justice department through illegal border crosses who broke the law. they're doing it pro bono question recall this in military families get a fraction of the potential payouts if they lose a family member in the line of duty. and they may lose their benefits because they are not vaccinated. hillary clinton's campaign squarely in the sites of special counsel john doerr pillory's deployed a long time clinton operative as a source to help manufacture the debunked anti- trump steele dossier. that democrat put inside the fbi which was used to help spy on the trump campaign. did you get all of that? to break it all and clear it up for you next we are back into. ho build it a solid foundation.
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elizabeth: okay hillary clinton campaign officials speak clearly the sites of special counsel john durham critical probe and rush of the russia collision pusher leads right back to hillary clinton, her campaign and the dnc back with us now mediate columnist
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joe concha a very good to have you back on when he heard british spy christopher steele's main source for his anti- trump file was igor, arrested, charged with five counts of lying to the fbi including covering up a long time clinton operative who helped him in moscow to go after trump, what you say? rex my surprise when i saw the sun rise in the east and birds flying south for the winter the jet was the again last night for is not surprised by this at all. because you, lizzy. >> , a copy that is that okay? elizabeth: good at go-ahead. >> i like that better than any formal name i can call ruben talk but this for years that all along this was the story. not trump russia collision but who hired could not verify?
6:17 pm
the press is now almost entirely ignoring the story after pushing trump russia collision hourly for three years without resembling anything that is called verification. she nails it that clinton dossier should go down as the biggest scandals in u.s. political history. that is not hyperbole that is a fact also because of the clinton dossier it not the steele dossier. that too is 1% accurate we always know a lizzie mack have a similar dossier contain similar allegations against a democrat was ever conjured up it would never see the light of day. meanwhile buzz feed who released the dossier under ben smith the editor at the time the latest durham indictment cnn released a dossier can you cannot find one story on this. that is where we are at this
6:18 pm
point the allegation go so much more than the exoneration that's what we are right now. >> you and i started talking about this five years ago we have been on the story for five years. it could have a roadmap of future charges. this chuck dolan connected of high russian government sources that manufactured the anti- trump research about the trump tape in moscow. when the media took on the story check media times unquestioningly when you say to that? >> a lot of sizzled no steak all hat no cattle, right? remember cnn follows a bud buzz feeds a lead in putting portions of this clinton dossier into the public domain. what happens when they do that? it leads to present electron by the time being briefed on it by james comey in the fbi
6:19 pm
because it's out there now they have to talk about it. they gave this bs legitimacy in the process. you want to teach a class, buzz feed and cnn go right to the top of the syllabus on this front. elizabeth: the hillary campaign it looks like to the intermediaries they collude with russian officials, right? that is where the collision was. i mean the fbi was talking about russian agent disinformation for some time chuck dolan operative was working with high level russian government officials and the russian in ministry and the duma over there the parliament. they were in that presidential suite at the ritz carlton in moscow that is what chuck dolan is doing. we do not know yet about the dip bunked tape they've probed
6:20 pm
from 2009 to 2011. why didn't the fbi question? the only question in january but prior to that they had wiretaps to jump on the trump campaign. those wiretaps are made for terrorists. >> five words because they had an agenda print that is the fbi. we look back on it now and it all makes sense it's like watching the sixth sense that bruce willis movie where the kid can see ghosts and bruce willis is a ghost all along the way how did i not see that? oh, james comey wasn't involved and peter strzok was involved, they may have had an agenda after all. [inaudible] elizabeth: why did robert mueller, white and the fbi, why did those guys go after hillary clinton and her campaign for what they were doing here and cooking up a lot of fake information that own sources said was embellishment, speculation set of her beers and just.
6:21 pm
why didn't they go after them? >> six words for they wanted her to win yes that is six words. and that is where we are. look what happened james comey goes on the about the head of the cia he is on msnbc all talk about how horrible trump is they are the ones in the charge at the time. it's terrifying the intelligence powers were politicized potential in this way. thank you joe concha. still to hour house speaker nancy pelosi blame for the disintegration of the party. her iron fist to control for stopping the rise of fresh and democrats of fresh ideas, moderates have threatened her power were pushed aside. also giving agency to far left activist doing things like socking democrat centers like joe manchin right up next the founder and presence of
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parents defending education that racism one and republican victory tuesday night despite republican minorities winning, keep it here on "the evening edit". we'll be back in two minutes.
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elizabeth: was welcome to the show nicole neily ceo parents defending education. nicole it's great to have you
6:27 pm
on. what was your reaction when he saw anchors and cnn pushing the false narrative the only reason republicans one on tuesday is because of racism? >> it is appalling, offensive it's one reasons they are at least you losing viewers might grandparents more in internment camp in california during world war ii but my vice president as an indy american single american mother muslim hurt people like us are not race as it turns out a lot of voters to like be called saint it's one of the reasons how the outcome we did on tuesday. elizabeth: virginia's female black lieutenant governor. jason the son of a cuban refugee is virginia's first hispanic attorney general. 54% of hispanics but they car call this white supremacy. let's watch me too make this false claim, watch this brick. >> races have always found a home and the republican party. people traffic white supremacy have felt comfortable here. >> the sweater vest, very nice
6:28 pm
socket as a model has put out there, this new i am a palatable version who still says similar themes that trump said piglets on educational cre tapas trumped up dog whistling. >> critical race theory which is not real turned the suburbs 15 points. to the trump insurrection doors speaking hysteria over the coded bogeymen of critical race theory which is not currently taught in any virginia public school. >> crt the latest line of school busing, the welfare queen, you have it is in the same. >> in education which is code for white parents don't like the idea of teaching about race. and unfortunately, race is just the milk out helpful tool in the toolkit. the subtext of all this was we will not let these black and brown people run the country the messaging does not
6:29 pm
matter. i fact a good chunk of voters out there are okay with white supremacy let's call a thing a thing. they are more than okay. >> nicole what you say? >> we speak to parents every day across the country angry there counting canceling programs they are taught to view each others for inform us of the lens of race and gender but that is why parents are mad. if these talking heads persist on this line of arguments next year's elections will be an absolute bloodbath. i wish to have little intersection but i doubt if it. >> a soccer moms have become the school board parents it's a movement that is nationwide. there's not a sink crt's nonpublic solar finding critical race theory taught in public schools nationwide but why can't the people at msnbc do a simple fact check and look at school boards in their own education website. you will see crt sitting there. you'll see money appropriated for it.
6:30 pm
people do not to racialized their 5-year-old kids, divide them on the color of their skin and martin luther king said he wants a colorblind society. yes teach the history of racism, do that, learn from it do not racialized children. why are they in the immediate echo chamber? why are they sitting in the amen corner talking to each other during biased confirmation of reinforcing themselves so tone deaf not listening to you or parents out there. >> it is a great question. why are they in the echo chamber? we've seen at the chamber does not work for they want to talk about people they want to dumb down to us. elizabeth: talk to us what have you found about critical race theory being taught in public schools? >> sure. certainly no child has to read kimberly crenshaw. my 8-year-old about learning that. we are seeing is the implementation, being taught to view others to this lens and treat people accordingly. [inaudible] elizabeth: you are seeing that in public elementary schools
6:31 pm
and public high schools in every state nationwide? >> every state nation by we have a map on our website we have a to play and receive tips and across the country vet them in fact check and if things put up with backup for this is not just here to there documents, their screenshots are pdf people can make up their mind for themselves of them of their children to learn but they can see the evidence in front of their eyes. elizabeth: of yours are being misled across the country if they watch the other networks and up until the truth your final word? >> it is offensive and sad. the democrats proceed on this line of argument telling parents in speaking down to them at their peril. people i've sink him out in droves to vote on tuesday night. elizabeth: and minority voters minority parents us and they don't want that they would do not want to racialized their kids and teach that are being oppressed by the color of their skin when it's about empowerment okay nicole neily thanks for joining us good having on. were coming to the bottom of the hour your watch the foxbusiness network. celtic and biden's a weak
6:32 pm
board it's a double whammy has a public health crisis and more drug crimes than u.s. cities. thousands of border patrol agents though face getting fired due to biden's vaccine up next, the hills kristin tate on nancy pelosi for the disintegration of the democratic party. patroness, nexus armpits of control stopping the rise of fresh democrat talents. moderate to threaten her power giving agency to activist doing things like socking democrat centers like joe manchin. keep it here on "the evening edit". mocha bogeys on your six, limu. they need customized car insurance from liberty mutual so they only pay for what they need. woooooooooooooo... we are not getting you a helicopter. only pay for what you need.
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. elizabeth: back with us now kristin tate. love having kristin tate on just a great thinker and a great writer pray there's a d.c. story nobody really talks about. that talk has been on trump's effect of gdp, the finances, on the other side it's about how the democrat party
6:37 pm
disintegrated under nancy pelosi. >> that is exactly right. i think this all speaks to the fact that democrats misinterpreted the results of 2020. they thought they won that election because of voters wanted a left-wing agenda part that is not why they won. they won that election because they ran a candidate who is not donald trump. just as donald trump was almost very mobilizing on the right he was equally if not more mobilizing on the left. so we have this radical left wing agenda of defining the police, blowing out the federalist vending and infusing our institutions with this racist aesthetic shows and that's been peddled by these radicals and crazies like aoc are frankly taking up all the oxygen in the room. elizabeth: they don't have the man it really got into power 13005 at about size because how much of gop senator george perdue lost by that is the margin there. pelosi's power is sustained by
6:38 pm
patronage system and controlling ironfisted leadership style. she has squashed, silence and destroyed the moderate middle. yet kiersten gillibrand, chris spent helen running a house going to the senate, sheet silence of fresh talent, fresh ideas getting into the upper reaches of the party. i want you to listen to what senator mike braun had to say listen to this. >> this is a culmination of the most embarrassing moment and pelosi's career. she rules with an iron fist as a pleated leader of orchestra. this is what happens when you are so opportunistic, this is not a mandate. lbj had a mandate when he had 68 senators. here, they are pushing an agenda which you have been mentioning way over their skis. it is falling apart. trying to ram something to because they've invested so much in it. we've been hearing we were going to vote today we've been
6:39 pm
hearing that over a month ago. >> they may not get the votes. you know what else, house republicans have term limits on the tearing of committees. doling it out like favorites what you say? >> one would think pelosi has been around long enough to understand the democrats are going to get completely demolished next year end then again in 2024. i did not bring back the moderates of the blue dog democrats under the blue tent. that is going to a very hard because this is a party that's extremely fractured right now and the radicals in the party have completely hijacked the messaging. this radical agenda may be very appealing to naïve college kids and people who live in really blue districts, but blue dog democrats, moderates even normal democrats were not radical feel totally alienated by where the party is now. they don't know where they fit.
6:40 pm
elizabeth: the fall out is kyrsten sinema and joe manchin. let's watch what happened with joe manchin, watch this. >> is not important joe manchin? is it more important than my life? is it more important than your kids life. [inaudible] >> joe manchin, is it worth it is the money worth it? is the money that important? is it more important than my life? >> biden wants to give billions of dollars for a new climate activists who could do more things like that. after widespread destruction by minority immigrant neighborhoods by nt if blinding and injuring cops their silence is giving agency to that.
6:41 pm
>> is starting to scare a lot of american speaks of the fact that democrats have a branding problem on their hands. they have betrayed themselves at this point as the deranged socialist when violence occurs as long as that violence furthers their political goals. they have nothing to offer the american people and way of solutions. all they do is further business may be a behavior most businesses find it despicable i am not a republican i'm much more a libertarian i do not like to see this happen to the republican party. when a robust strong and ethical to hold the republican party accountable as well. right now this is the part of this gun totally off the hinges and totally off of line. >> is so disturbing and dangerous. it's not our parents democrat party, it is totally different. kristin tate thanks her break it down this is good to see
6:42 pm
you. still to come up bidens board to create double whammy. a public health crisis and more drug crime pouring into u.s. cities. thousands of border patrol agents face getting fired due to vaccine. bidens supporters at the aclu, are they going to get a cut of a potential multimillion dollar payout from bidens justice department to illegal border crossings who broke the law? are they doing it pro bono? they get a fraction of the pants. military family soldiers could lose benefits if they are not vaccinated with that is with being talked about keep it here on easy edits. for mike's retirement party. worth is giving the employee who spent half his life with you, the party of a lifetime. wealth is watching your business grow. worth is watching your employees grow with it.
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6:47 pm
aclu get a cut of that? we do not know if they are doing it pro bono. what do you say? >> it's a fair question everything you see out of this administration when it comes to settling civil cases it's like a jackpot. it is astounding how freely as i tell you the aclu the great question there is will take a look at what happened with annie mccabe's settlement pretty got fired as a disgraced fbi agent, lying. he gets it undone by this registration. they throw in cufflinks, a framed badge, a pension and get this, $500,000 in attorneys fees for a case there was never charged criminally. if you're going to throw half a million at mccabe's lawyers i think the aclu is sitting pretty with this administration. >> where is the transparency? how come taxpayers are not
6:48 pm
told about this? did biden campaign on doing any things like that? did campaign it's him giving hundreds of thousands of dollars per illegal it was separated from families a lot are fake families a third of them could be fake data shows. obama did it, trump inherited it, he was a zero tolerance kayak cause a lot of problems for that policy. he reunited some think% of the families separated. >> if we are going to break news on the standard that's a real headliner, right? other administrations are carved out or struggled with the idea of what do you do when the family illegally comes into a country. you cannot teach prisons or jails like hotel rooms you cannot have little kids with their family unit and they jail it does not work.
6:49 pm
>> number one they are breaking the law. they're not lodges and any other country on any other content you get thrown in jail for doing this. we are so weak about our border. mexico does not allow it. people in south america do not allow it. countries in asia do not allow it in africa they do not allow it. russia does not allow it. europe is not allowed. these other countries do not allow these payout are foreign half times will goldstar military families get at their loved one dies defending the country bread they're talking about dishonorable discharge for the troops for the do not comply with the biden meant they could lose their benefits are trying what slamming penalties after what had 40000 on small businesses for not per violation. if workers are not vaccinated. they talk about payoffs like this? why should we trust anything this administration does ever again? they are eating taxpayers so hard they do not care about the american people. >> will liz, let me make it
6:50 pm
even angrier. the people coming up to the trough and the average reported $50000 ahead have already been given a three-year parole into the united states. just by announcing they were separated at the border they are already illegally here, no risk of deportation for at least a three year period in the aclu have been reviewing this program at should include the pathway to citizenship. ultimately what we are talking us probably the most asked offensive campaign to buy votes and the united states. for $50000 ahead to have people collected the expense of our taxpayer. >> going to open the door to more criminality more people dying to get here that is not humanity and people get assaulted when they're on their way hit illegally. come back sue it's a great interview. cap next former ice official ronald vitiello on border policy packing a double whammy.
6:51 pm
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the story highlights how scary south of the border could get put a brazen execution of the beaches of cancún. look at tourists sheltering in place, this happened yesterday. they are in a lobby of a hotel after gunmen in a gun getting stormed ashore at a beach on the caribbean coast in the cancún area in front of luxury hotels and executed two drug bills may rival gang. the shooting sent to us cramming for covers for americans injured in the melee. former acting ice director, here is ron vitiello proof got that that is a drug shooting, right? bidens border is igniting public health crises and more drug crime. we have drugs and pouring into u.s. cities, slamming minority communities, what you say? >> is unfortunate beaches of cancún that spillover is
6:56 pm
affecting what some of the most legitimate ways people mexico can give money through tourism. as a relates to the border i'm very surprised how poorly how fast it has happened is because of these policies and the reversals of the pulses of the previous administration that handed us this message. within the largest surge on the southwest border in our lifetimes probably ever, ever. it's 1.7 million and rising. elizabeth: a people need by demonstration not care about this given 24 illegal immigrant he claims he was 17 years old the family took a minute in jacksonville. he stabbed to death the father, the parents of that family. we have two offenders, one came in from guatemala when other came in from mexico per their rearrest of their previous offenders are trying to get in again. that week border is causing crimes hitting american citizens were.
6:57 pm
>> correct. we have chaos on the border is harder for agency men and women of the border patrol to screen this population. things are going to slip the crooks. unfortunately that family in florida lost their dad from a kid that they took and they thought was a minor. again this chaos is only helping to the earlier point it's only helping the cartels. they are the ones profiting from the smuggling of the human trafficking i'm bringing poison into the country because the border patrol and set of boarding the patroller and guarding us all like they all do they're distracted with this care and comfort mission there so many people coming in that need to be put in the system. many of them are being released. we sent a signal to the world to send your children to the border or come to the border now because we are offering amnesty. we are offering rewards for people who came into the last administration were separated from the children under a zero-tolerance party. incentives are all wrong here we are encouraging is getting
6:58 pm
worse. elizabeth: era tony adjourning general told the administration thousands of border patrol agents could be fired due to your vaccine mandate. mexico said it made the biggest seizure of pure fentanyl in its history. five suspected drug traffickers arrested at elaborate 260 pounds a season. fentanyl is 50 times more potent than heroin we talked about this. it kills people party of 93000 opioid deaths in this country largely because of fentanyl pouring in from mexican cartels and chinese ingredients in the fentanyl per this is five times a murderer in this country what's going on with the overdoses. let's listen to center at mitch mcconnell, watch this. >> the left thanks a compassionate border means a week border weak security, weak enforcement, week on upholding the rule of law. now apparently were a cruel country unless we hand out a
6:59 pm
million dollars per family to illegal immigrants who sue america. the entire concept is dead wrong, it is not compassion for people all over the world from dangerous journeys with the promise of open borders and socialism in fact the government paying out six-figure sums that multiplied with every additional child and tell will only incentivize the most dangerous kind of illegal immigration. will be guaranteeing the even more children are dragged along the dangerous journey. elizabeth: what do you say. >> this chaos helps no one at the border communities, doesn't help anybody at the homeland it doesn't help the region are mexico, the people in the pipeline at the most risk, having this chaos is misery for everybody, the border patrol with the vaccine mandate, after having through the entire pandemic and other be entered with job loss because they don't
7:00 pm
want to take the shot. elizabeth: robin hello thank you for your service to our country, it's good to have you on. i you been watching "the evening edit" on fox business. we hope you have a good evening, join us again monday night. ♪ >> hello everyone welcome to "kudlow" i am larry kudlow coming to you from palm beach atlantic university. plenty of annex on capitol hill, let's get right to hillary bonnett the hell with the latest and presumably the truth. the spotlight is on you, what is the truth. >> progressives and moderates


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