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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  November 5, 2021 2:00pm-3:00pm EDT

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a side note on this, i'm just going well, record territory, what's going on the tenure right now, in-and-out at one of the half% of the jobs report raising concern things are going to get out of hand on inflation, they have a funny way of showing it the back and be the market, it can see things maybe others miss just like my buddy, charles payne. >> thank you very much, have a great weekend. good afternoon, i am charles payne. breaking right now, the market is reacting to what i call goldilocks report, it wasn't millions of jobs a month promised but still strong enough remaining from worker strike will keep the fed at bay on rate hikes and that is keeping wall street happy. this is a rally, the question for you is it too late, should you be cashing in?
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they're supposed to get spending infrastructure plan today but who knows how it will grow from it will get a vote small businesses. they are in dire straits, for congress come to their aid? i've got to brilliant minds to make the case about where the rally goes from there. break out your notepad from a time to make somebody from all about and more on making money. ♪♪ calling it a rally like the men, you think about this from a s&p in 15 out of 16 session, 63 new all-time highs in this morning to you and even more to this market, solid jobs report and participation in that allows the fed to keep rates accommodative the pfizer corporate drug with dramatically reducing hospitalizations. a couple of strong earnings and
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a ramp mowing down both market. moreover, lots of experts missed the entire move in that great because they've got to hussle really windowdressing from aquatic to discuss the jobs report, implications for the federal reserve with west marxist. michelle, the overall number, numbers are solid, probably the number if we adjust but the grand scheme of things, thinking about the jobs out there, and still goes like something was wanting. what are your thoughts? >> i do take encouragement by the fact that delta variant inchoate cases, we saw a pickup and a celebration in employment, we saw the companies fall in unemployment rate, all of this makes me more confident in the second half of next year, we are on pace to get back to have full
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employment levels but i agree, i was left wanting, we look at labor forces participation rate, it did not come back so we are seeing more hiring but there's not a strong evidence here, concerns about delta, people are willing to gather and look for jobs and that suggests the labor market shortages, which i think has been behind in labor statistics will fall away quickly. charles: chairman power this week made it pretty clear a labor participation i bet that number i can be weird, we have 69000 men, 69000 women returning to the workforce and it seems to me at this pace and you talked about next year, should we be modeling for three, too, even one rate hike? >> i think this is the question, if the labor participation rate doesn't improve and we continue
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to seek shortages in the labor market, companies are going to have to pay more for those workers and we will see upward pressure not only on wages but ultimately inflation because companies will have to pass higher wage costs through self the question is, will for fed and state of persistent wage and inflation gain really be able to stand or will they have to end up raising these issues? we brought expectations for rate hikes forward, the second half of next year even though they would prefer to stand, with the numbers will be to uncomfortably high to do so. charles: we know jay powell will want to stay forever. click on this job, your report he visited the white house, it feels like maybe the coast is clear, you feel a non- event, he
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will be renominated? >> i don't know that it's a nonevent, i think the market has been more comfortable with that possibility. don't forget the alternative are probably the same bill in terms of being predisposed to not making interest rates so from the market view, it's a very different situation than when we have uncertainty about a fed chair with potentially very different implications, all roads seem to show the same posture here. charles: thank you, it's a pleasure to hear your voice. i'd like to bring in mayflower advisor, larry, i think some of this is self-fulfilling, i want show the nasdaq 100 since 1989, november and december has been monster of people see this and they jump on board so self-fulfilling kind of thing but what you make of it that this could be a huge year?
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>> if you listen closely, you can hear the market speaking to us and it's telling us the covid trade is dead but the reopening trade is very much alive. all of the data reinforces not today. their markets are relieved, not just because of the pfizer news, unbelievable, it's innovation domestic innovation at its finest. that's not of value, that's a growth story. that's when defeat innovation across the board from a medical research, biotech, all about. city i live in from boston going through the roof as a ten or 20 your story but washington's impact, gridlock, the market left with mark. i think will be as bad as we hoped, taxes will go up as much as we hoped, all of its good news and even the elections, more moderate than we expected. maybe a little more, just as you said, you talk about the jobs report, very good, yields coming in from labor participation so
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not so strong, that means we will kill the growth rally. that's what's imperative and people miss the innovation story have missed the whole story here. charles: a lot of people have been guessing, we talk about mental a lot and i've got to be honest with you, at least have to guess on the show this year, value over growth, emerging markets of the u.s., most are trailing badly at this time and i don't understand, what the thought process when something is working in winning like for a long time, for years and years, i always think let it run its course. >> innovation is very much a domestic source. you don't see innovation in russia or even china. most of the emerging markets are importers of energy from the spike in energy prices, a lot of high-tech emerging market so it's a domestic story and the value of trade which is better if interest rates went through the roof they're not going to let that happen. the value might do better if
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washington had its way not spend as much money because it would be more inflation but hopefully that's not going to happen so becomes a growth story and there's a lot going on, you talk about the earnings today, you see companies doing well and companies not doing well. public growth like palatines of the world are yesterday's news. growth will be traveling and reopening stories and lots of opportunity. growth is a big bucket but you want to be on the future growth bookings and travel and crypto names payment names because that's when to benefit as the economy accelerates in the years ahead, not stay at home stories, stay away from those who are i credit rate payment names specialist coming up but i keep reminding folks, we are in the beginning of the industrial revolution that will include so many things that will change our lives. you have to be tethered to it financially but was the greatest right now? >> there are credit risk, we
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have supply chain issues and inflation concerns earning working families, rise in energy prices by your thanksgiving day turkey because it will go up, people are going to travel more all of those are real concerns. we'll get to the supply bottom christmas. the market will see where through through the worst of it and we can get back to innovating and investing in innovation and build your retirement and your kids education. charles: and what you knock out two birds with one stone, travel, buy a turkey farm so we don't have to worry about any of this. [laughter] >> happy friday. charles: lisa, crossing in general, we heard larry talk about some of that, we are talking about transforming the world, particularly the financial world. let's start with square, they reported docs under some
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pressure right now, what is going on? >> pressuring square, they have this cash app, their digital bank, digital wallet that has a huge amount of growth during the pandemic while banks were closed, people getting stimulus checks, extra unemployment, literally volume in the cash app was up for x over the last two years. now naturally as we are coming out of the pandemic and we see stimulus turnoff, it starting to decelerate but about two thirds is associated with that digital bank, high-growth, very profitable so investors are nervous about what the new normal looks like coming out of the pandemic. charles: are you nervous? >> not too nervous. it will take a breather from stock is up for x in the last two years so do for a breather but square is by buy now pay
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later in australia, the first quarter, most likely realistically stock may not do too much between now and then but once the deal closes, i think we're on to the next phase of growth. charles: another name very similar that's been slammed, getting hammered on this fine interest, the company denied it and ever since, it continued to limp lower. i happen to love both of these names and find them the right thing to do but i can't understand why it keeps going down. [laughter] >> paypal, hopefully fingers crossed, they report earnings on monday and hopefully they will have a good narrative around the pinterest situation and going forward because they lost some investor confidence with their interest in pinterest because basically investors are wanting to hear from the company, what
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is your big deal strategy? investors are fans of big deals for paypal unless it's big international deal so they are like okay, fine but if not pinterest than what else? they are nervous about that. they'd also like to hear paypal reconfirm their five-year guidance, paypal gave a five year outlook earlier this year pinterest made investors nervous maybe there is an underlying weakness in the business we can't see but they can see and as a result, they are trying to cover it up so to speak. i don't think that's true personally but that's what's creating weakness in the stock right now so hopefully they will come out with a strong perspective. charles: that's a great explanation and makes sense. but, the meta- verse and buy now pay later, are they going to work together? [laughter] >> the meta- verse, it's exciting because our payments
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companies from their view, from a payments perspective, meta- verse is like the next generation of payments, it's like what ecom was to brick-and-mortar, it opened new avenues of commerce that are digitally native and only digital, doesn't require physical goods so they see it as opening up micro payments, and fts, payments for digital goods and see it as another front tier, they are excited to be the commerce infrastructure that facilitates commerce in the meta- verse. charles: right answers, by the way. made me feel better about all of it, talk to you soon, have a great weekend. markets heading into another record low, the question is when do the bulls run out of steam? super bowl and superconscious, both going to make their case. biden sweeping infrastructure and social spending, supposed to get started on today. below third time be a charm for
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nancy pelosi? will weigh in on that more, next. ♪♪
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>> second way to make recovery is fulfilled, past bipartisan infrastructure agreement and my build back better plan which would be debated now i'm going to be heading over there shortly after i do this from a back to my office to make some calls. charles: president biden hustling back to the office, working the phones. yet another week to get the spending plan through. it seems a little more somber, whatever use of words you want to use my need to pelosi keeps saying it's 20 past but she's ben sasse with crafting a package that can make all democrats happy, perhaps the only way to pull it off to promise everything and use gimmicks to get through. checking out the headline here from a "wall street journal" article 3.9 trillion trojan horse, the real cost of the plan is twice what pelosi is saying. publican congressman, from pennsylvania, congressman, i know this has been a completely
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opaque process particularly for republicans, it seems to me to pelosi altered her famous model passing the bill to see what's in it for passing the bill and we can do the math, what are your thoughts? >> i got a lot of thoughts, what we have here is a delay, perhaps some are coming to their senses. nancy pelosi made a couple of predictions here, none of which come true because large the progressives are in charge. when i say i hope come to their senses, the democrats a shellacking tuesday night, clearly the america people are not interested in this far left agenda and the bill will do nothing as you know except row washington and exacerbate all the problems we've had with the biden administration the last ten months inflation, supply chain issues and workforce reduction. charles: you mentioned the election, i actually thought
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gave moderate more strength and i think monday afternoon, late monday afternoon we have representatives in new york and new jersey who put their foot down and now it's part of the package so how does she appease both sides? how does she get through this? >> it's true, he would think perhaps they would come to their senses or they are just going for broke over the next years because they know they will lose. you are right, bringing up the salt issue, that's an $80000 deduction that went from $10000 to $80000 to somebody making hundred thousand dollars in california were high state tax rate and 30,000 dollars property taxes, they can write it off meanwhile in pennsylvania, i have folks that have 7000 or 8000 or $9000 state and local tax and they can deduct that now so it's very unfair.
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charles: i'm a new jersey guy from i would benefit mightily from it, i'll be honest. let's talk about small business because i am worried about. i can't understand because they can't compete in this, you talked about inflation, wage spikes and these are for organic things, these are not things that organically happen, there part of the master spending that's going into this economy. adp had a report wednesday, you can see a spike, large businesses, they normally don't create that many jobs. light blue are small businesses, they normally create more jobs. congress doing anything? small businesses simply can't compete anymore. >> you're absolutely right, i'm on my small business committee and plan on staying on. we hold hearings and i talk with small business everyday, they are rattled and upset, they are pulling their hair out. they were forced with certain shutdowns like pennsylvania and other state, now they are being
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threatened with various mandates for those over 100 employees which is quite a few as well as taxes and added regulations and new insurance requirements, there's a laundrie list in this bill, the pay for his are going to be on the back to $206 billion on the backs of small businesses. it's a serious issue and onto this mandate thing just briefly, it's completely unfair. i'm calling on pennsylvania's governor to join the 24 other states. never before has there been, because it's not constitutional, a mandate from the federal government on requiring such vaccines. charles: i will add, even though they say 100 employees or more, it would be hard to compete, this covers 100 million americans and so many small
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businesses can't afford to make the testing or get the workers, but can't afford materials, fared in such a bind so much is unnecessary. thank you so much. we'll talk or bring real soon. next, growing market water who will save the case for a rally, so stretched but the guy who called the rally from the start site i can't wait, tweet me, winners of the week next friday, i can't wait to hear it. we'll be right back. ♪♪ ♪♪
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♪♪ charles: earlier in the show i called this a rally but i think we could also call miles davis
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rally because it seems like you have to be there or be square. that's a phrase originating with a jazz scene in the 1940s were folks who simply didn't appreciate jazz music. one that spent all over the rally from the start joins us now, bryant. it's not that the market is on fire that's the only think that's amazing, it's that bayous are freefalling and economic truths emerged earlier this year for why the rally was having come true, i know you say data ports, did you see it playing out this way? >> thank you for having me. i used to bribe my nieces and nephew to call me uncle call cap. [laughter] but i did a speech earlier this week in florida and reminded clients that don't believe the fear and rhetoric, remember as we enter this year there were so many fears about a blue wave and scares about inflation and then
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there's about rise in interest rates or whatever order and they haven't come to fruition. i think the truth is investing is about fundamentals and how do you defuse your through faith? the earnings environment has been spectacular in the u.s. we are calling an epic environment in canada and they coming into 2022 which we will be out with the forecast two weeks from yesterday for 2022, i still see stronger gains into 2022, the makeup of the market may look a little different but i'm going to up watch 25% move in the market anytime i can get it. charles: by the way, i will have my broker contact you about two weeks from yesterday, maybe we can get you to debut that in a few minutes but here's what i want to talk to you about, he mentioned competition in the market, that was a debate all year long, what you want to be on.
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also music keep playing, born of a decade, you still think that's the case? >> talking has he used to say saint as it ever was, same as it ever was. i would say we caught a lot of slack in the beginning of the year when we said equally parchment and small, equal in value. if you look at the five embassies, they are exactly the same in terms of performance. i think the same potentially will happen next year but it bodes to be a stock picker. plus about buying gross index and more about buying best growth stocks and best value stocks and that's where we are heading into 2022. charles: all right, cool cat. we will talk to you in a couple weeks. [laughter] a lot of folks missed the rally and listen, they come on a lot and many of them spew sour grapes but there are brilliant people in a rally but making the case that we are stretching
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their risk has grown and we should be paying attention. running me now, cio lance roberts, when i tweeted out you are going to be on the show, an avalanche of people set about time. i got to tell you, i started reading your stuff a couple of months ago and it's great. you been worried though lately, you've been talking about this everything bubble, what's the problem? >> there's really not a problem. brian is right when he was saying about earnings are spectacular and you can look at the inflation data, that didn't come around to what people expected from were expecting massive front of inflation, we do have inflation but a lot of this appears to be transit if we can get the buyers under control shipping back on track, inflationary pressures will come down. the problem is as we go into next year, everything is cyclical. we have great years and. of time when market don't perform as well and when you are looking at price three times
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earnings, you look at evaluation and second high on record, it comes back ultimately the earnings and under mentals and we are just getting to in the market, it doesn't mean that everything in cash but you may want to be more cautious about the risk you're taking in equity. start thinking about value versus growth, i think that's going to be at play next her. charles: i'm looking at the national association, money managers, trends with respect to individual investors and how much money they have exposed, is only a drop in the bucket 2009 compared to money put into bonds so it feels like cash starting to come, will offset traditional metrics that are red flags if more money keeps pouring in particularly these names from a paper and posting amazing earnings? >> absolutely. this is all about money flow and let's go back to market 2020,
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the fed has been doing 120 billion a month in liquidity. whether or not you think it gets into the market directly or a psychological support for people to take more risk and portfolios, it there and that's a big support corporate earnings have been good, lots of cash on the balance sheet, stock buybacks, this is important to go back 2011, stock buybacks for corporations making up 40% of the total returns in the market since 2011 so in other words, 4700, would be at 2800 so as long as corporations have cash, one buybacks stopped to make their earnings look better, the market can keep for a lot longer than people think. charles: you're out of time but i want to bring you back, he wrote about being skeptical from the beginning, you wrote about it being a scam and how it may infiltrate retirement plans i want to shortchange you because i've been concerned about it
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from day one and i can't wait for you to tell more so i hope you will come back soon. >> anytime you want. charles: thank you very much. coming up, tuesday's election outcome probably saved j policy job. the power of breakout, i set it up the tabs, you probably took two pages of notes from the ready to take more. be right back. ♪♪
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books, the market is on fire, having in the changing of the cards. hot upstarts pushing out to old guard, nowhere is it more prevalent in stomach doctors. 50% in 17 sessions, it's simply unstoppable while intel has been tripping over itself.
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you could advance micro in there. how do you find these ideas and when do you pull the trigger box without a doubt, charts will help you. i'm going to bring in michelle schneider, i want to start with a few breakouts, semiconductors, estimate that broke out in the volume has been strong. here's the thing, if someone missed that, can they still chase this? >> i personally and more of the parabolic move type of trader but aggressive model today rotation brought the leverage as out x out and that's obviously controversial and highly risky but it means it planning on being higher prices in the semiconductor space. if we take back to the smh which is most of us got, 285 and if it keeps holding, i don't see any reason it can't doctor 320 you
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mentioned a bunch of stops, heavily weighted, the most heavily weighted taiwan semiconductors in fact grossly underperforming so if you are late to the party and want to wait for something, you might want to wait psm to clear over 20 and i think we're going to really. charles: i do have a semiconductor like you and i do hope it comes back to life. also you set this parabolic move, we gave up big time gains from a big chunk right before the show darted, i started to accelerate so you can see some folks have a big spike but if we rally again after that, i can't wait to see what it looks like at the close. talk about 2000, everyone talked about it, it was sideways for six months, it's breaking out, what does it say about the market or the economy? have always felt is a proxy for the domestic economy. >> you are right, i caught the granddad of the u.s. economy
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because 2000, 99.66% of them are here in the united states. what's interesting about that is amc is the most heavily weighted dock in that but it's definitely looking like optimism about growth so again whatever fear mongering has been out there and i think it's 240 for iw and to hold, otherwise we could get into a meaner version but that looks like at this time people are still getting an and i would watch amc report, i think it's another one disguised. charles: # amc to the moon, sounds familiar. i want to give you props because you always come on and give us great stuff but you said watch transportation, i usually watch transportation for you set i whitey, it's another one worth watching. we broke through that trend which is phenomenal, we are
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getting double top. we are going to break out there. >> not so much about the transportation in an of itself, we talked about this, it's the relationship to the benchmark and i whitey is outperforming. unless it switches from about a double top, it's very possible we can see it hold up in clear over 350. this is this mode right now and momentum is great so i wouldn't fight it. charles: thanks so much, appreciate going through these with you. we learned so much and people are paying attention and making a lot of money. by the way, that reminds me, i'm excited about this investor revolution town hall, it's coming up. tuesday 2:00 p.m. eastern but it's not too late, get your questions and. e-mail your questions. peloton hoosier of the down street but financial media is
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also a big loser this week and looking out for a final hour of trading, stay with us. ♪♪ ♪♪
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better costs less than you think. at vanguard, you're more than just an investor, you're an owner with access to financial advice, tools and a personalized plan that helps you build a future for those you love. vanguard. become an owner.
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time for the weeks winners and losers in my -- the first inner, human beings. zillow cap crushed this week and after they announced their album or the model for flipping homes fell. turns out he should have been listed in the homebuilders and not the sheet. heather, in a world where aic takes over everything, there were no match for regular folks coming out and hustling and flipping houses i think it's great, i don't a i will get their revenge but for now, celebrating this. >> absolutely. the stock was hammered, down 25% in one day. wall street sangria is good. obviously not if you are zillow in the housing market. the reason was they could predict all prices, out six months ahead of time and had a crystal ball. that failed miserably and now
2:48 pm
they are laying off about a quarter of their workers. charles: autonomous cars when we do get them from it will be illegal for humans to drive because they could never figure out why the car in front of them all of a sudden made a u-turn. the present driving it was like -- [laughter] anyway -- >> i don't trust it yet. charles: will not be allowed to drive, that's all i can tell you. a lot of winners in politics this week but i do want to highlight new york city mayor eric adams because he saying the right things about cleaning up the city and taking the first three paychecks and for crime. squandering leadership in the financial capitol well, we are losing a lot of people quickly. what are your thoughts about that? >> he ran for the police and forcible choices are regardless of this year's democratic republican although he ran against democrats, he went as a registered republican, ran against taxation, higher taxes
2:49 pm
and against progressives and that tells me that americans, regardless where you stand, the social radical agenda is not resonating with people and then you've got it going, a fiscal conservative because you know an inflation head and if he will get paid in crypto, i think he has a lot of, a big young millennial fan base. charles: you can see where it's going, all the shops going down in miami and other places. got to turn that around. you brought up socialist, big losers on tuesday, i still think they have too much power in the republican party, or democrat party rather but the consequence, i think the losers because they were pushing to lead the fed and that's why we are four weeks late getting an announcement there so i think powell's job is secure and won't get, what do you think? >> i think they both just visited the white house yesterday, both seen visiting the white house and president biden said the decision on the
2:50 pm
new venture or keeping power in place is likely to come very soon and in history, usually they meaning the president, they announced the new venture around this time, october, early november so it's a little late and investors want to know who it's going to be. charles: absolutely. i think we are comfortable with power. another loser, three birds with one stone. financial media, short-sellers and sec, last month -- a couple of weeks ago, research, they get airtime particularly and other financial networks a couple weeks ago they were able to bash mp materials, they said the stock would get hammered 60%. it did go down so last night the company reported strong earnings report, stock was coming back. i'm worried about people who got panicked and sold because the report said the company earnings are coming from another company, 99% controlled by the chinese, anyone can have an opinion. i just worry they get too much
2:51 pm
of a platform to do too much damage. >> they do, look at robin hood traders and read it platform and forcing a lot of hedge funds to cause the stock to go up because of massive short squeeze so if they are in bed with china, it's a bad look if they are in bed with the chinese communist party so hopefully they don't have anything to do with that i'm not quite sure but headwind for the materials as well. charles: we don't have time to get into it but i will mention a loser for charlie munger, he designed a dormitory in every prison maker in the world gave him a phone call. see you again soon. >> thank you. charles: job creation, an interesting scenario for this market. right now, one of the strongest on record but can it get
2:52 pm
stronger? how can you make a buck or two? we'll be right back. ♪♪ ♪♪
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charles: so the reopening stocks are absolutely soaring, and they're really not alone. 10 of the 11 sectors are
2:56 pm
powering higher. the question really is, several of them, do you buy more, do you take profits, do you shift your portfolio around looking for new ideas, or do you wait for a pullback and never got in? rob luna and rob maloney, rob, you got that new platinum ball and chain, congratulations on the marriage. >> thank you, man. you know what, i just came back from honeymoon. i love where the market's at right now, charles. if you look at a day like today, we started pulling back, money rushed into the market. i think it's one of the most exciting times to be an investor. you're now seeing the whole thing come together. nfts, blockchain, crypto, i think it's one of the most exciting times to be an investor. charles: the body language is a little off. do we top off here? normally, you're a little more
2:57 pm
energetic. where's the ken that i know? >> it's here. congratulations, rob. we don't get markets much like this, charles. february, august, you know, kind of comes to mind, february of this year, august of haas year. and guess what? i actually get more aggressive. you're winning 21-0 in the first quarter of a football gaming you want to go into the half 35-06789 very quickly, those stocks that come out of those companies beat estimates and guidance, that's where the money's flowing. charles: ken, i love what you just said. first of all, i've written about that, when this wassers invest like -- investors invest like, when a football team is winning and somehow they lose, do what got you there. don't stop. the you were throwing a bomb, keep throwing those bombs, keep winning. i love that you said that. but on the chasing thing, it's also intriguing because, rob, would you also do that? i mean, you know, there's a big
2:58 pm
debate about that. we have a lot of folks that come on the show, and they always want to buy something that's not working. what about chasing the things that are working? >> yeah, no, i think that's extremely important right now. look no further than the marijuana stocks, the chinese stocks. people are trying to pick bottoms, and they keep getting crushed. the trend is your friend right now many. there's an etf if, mtum, but look at some of these big innovative trend leaders as they pull back in the overall uptrend, you need to stick9 with the winners. don't pick bottoms this a bull market like this, there'll be time for that later. charles: give us a brief sort of outline on how to pick them. is thinking standing out as -- anything standing out as we go into next week? >> these companies that beat and raised, a lot of semiconductors. the leaders there, amd and nvidia. we don't have to touch your account, you don't have to sell or add anything, you just ride the wave.
2:59 pm
and this is not the pe ratio, this is momentum and paying up for that growth. that's where the hundred is. it is not the benjamin graham type of market investing. charles: that sounds like a sideways diss at warren buffett, but we won't go there. i mauve you've been on -- know you've been on your honeymoon, rob, but what are you liking for the rest of the year? >> you've got to stick with the winner here, charles. the semiconductors, we used to look at those as a trend play. i think you need to be this semiconductors long term. the internet of things, you're going to need a company like nvidia, but looked at this metaverse, charles. people are getting on this, wall street's behind it, look at facebook, look at roblox, look at disney coming out with nfts next week. it's a great opportunity for anybody getting into this sector right now. charles: disney reports next week, they've been under some pressure here. of course, they've got to kind of figure this out. the covid thing is starting to
3:00 pm
fade away. they might be in a pretty good sweet spot for a buy on a quasi-dip. rob, ken, thank you both very much is. really appreciate your expertise and that energy because it's important. folks, you know what, listen, no one knows where the market's going, but when you do the work ask let the market speak to you, it's a lot easier. you don't have to make it complicated. a lot of green on the screen is, it makes me smile and liz claman too. liz: the miles davis rally you just talked about, that makes me smile. [laughter] i'm looking for the jackson five rally. [laughter] the nasdaq still higher, looking a little fragile. it fell back below 16,000 after hitting the magical mark for the first time ever, we're at 15,970 right now. markets did take off at the open, that is for sure, propelled by the pfizer covid treatment pill news and a tell lahr


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