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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  November 3, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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night that was democracy in action. americans spoke up. let's see where it takes us in 2022. all right. that is going to do it for us on "fox business tonight." thanks fortune fortuning in on our special. "the evening edit" starts right now. ♪. elizabeth: okay. the white house, democrats, the media, reeling. it was a seismic wake-up call, a turning point for america. now voters rejected the left in virginia and in minnesota but the left and the media reacting by claiming they're not out of touch. everyone else is racist tell that to black conservative winsome sears who won as lieutenant governor in virginia. tell that to minority voters saying we want to unify on kitchen table issues, not on far left identity politics. moderate democrats are outraged
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they will lose congress in next year's midterms, media, party leaders are sewing the seeds of their owner relevance. joining us tonight, former chair of the white house council of economic advisors. he is kevin hassett. congressman brad wenstrup, mike johnson and brian babin plus economic expert mitch roschelle. freedom works director of education reform. laura socker. vulnerable democrats balking at the biden agenda. voters say they're losing under biden. voters cannot name one thing the president did besides covid relief which started under trump. the president cannot claim he is unifying america when half the country disawe proves of him. the new and growing grassroots movement of multiracial school board parents. they're set to take the states and midterms by storm. democrats and media, hopelessly out of touch, avoiding parents
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including minorities who say, yes, teach the ugly history of racism. learn from it. but stop with the poison of dividing our children based on race. also tonight, the house gop demands u.s. attorneys in all 50 states turn over all documents about attorney general merrick garland's shocking and disturbing order to aim federal firepowers meant for jihadists against parents. republican senators today moved to outlaw biden's vaccine mandate saying the president has no right to make you lose your job if you're not jabbed. president biden, he dropped the idea to pay illegals separated at the border $450,000 each after a backlash. also, texas, now installing cargo containers to secure the border as thousands of illegals approach. the border states stepping in where the white house has checked out.
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i'm elizabeth macdonald. "the evening edit," it starts right now. ♪ elizabeth: thanks for joining us. you're watching the fox business network. we begin with the white house and democrat leadership now in disarray. the president was flying in with his costly entourage from a u.n. climate summit in scotland last night crestfallen to see republican glenn youngkin win the virginia governors race. conservative winsome sears win as lieutenant governor. she is the first black woman ever elected statewide in virginia. she says she totally loves this country and would die for it. the president and nancy pelosi now called lame ducks. pelosi trying to ram through the biden agenda now, possibly with a vote tomorrow before congress goes on recess. hillary vaughn is at capitol hill with more. hillary? reporter: liz, even though the youngkin win in virginia was a big loss for democrat as lot of lawmakers we talked to today are
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not rethinking their plan to shove through a multitrillion dollar massive government spending package with no republican support. even those up for re-election in 2022, like senator blumenthal tells us democrats need to double down and deliver. >> i need results that i can show the american people that congress can deliver. is it results that americans want? if progressive policies are popular why did they elect a republican governor. >> it is not about progressive and conservative labels what people can see with their own eyes. reporter: give you pause people are rejecting more progressive policies. >> i don't believe they are. i don't believe it at all. reporter: moderates and progressives are more dug in. they are plowing forward with spending package. paid family leave is going back in the build back batter bill.
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moderate the vote joe manchin was against the idea. he was kept in the dark about it. he says democrats plowing ahead are in denial. kevin mccarthy said last night's win is road map for the republican take back house. the rcc added 13 vulnerable seats, saying no democrat is safe in their eyes in 2022. liz? elizabeth: hillary vaughn, great to see you. thanks for joining us. kevin hassett, former chair of the white house council of economic advisors under president trump. the author of the drift, "stopping america's slide into socialism." >> great to see you, liz. elizabeth: the other media has been all over the map what happened in virginia. they don't seem to understand what happened. what was your reaction to what happened last night? >> well i had two reactions. one is as an economist i decided
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that it probably means there will be a lot of democrats that are wary of pushing this socialist agenda you see in the build back better plan which is a poorly named plan. it is the reverse. the second thing i was a little disturbing, if you think about terry mcauliffe. he is on attractive candidate. saw all the chaos in loudon county and poor girl assaulted in the school. joe biden the worst year of any president ever, half of democrats still voted for mcauliffe. i thought youngkin would win by a bigger margin. elizabeth: seems like there was a triumph of reality based candidacies, listening to what voters care about. saw it in virginia, saw it in minnesota. they're pushing back against the toxic abusive agendas in school. minnesota saying no, minneapolis say we'll keep our police department. so you know, pew research is
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saying 75% of the country is saying no, don't defund the police but when you come back to what happened in virginia, it was a race that was mcauliffe's to lose and he did lose. he didn't get there he was supposed to win it. >> right. you know, he really wasn't. the thing is, this i go into the book, the drift, these radical ideas are really, really firmly entrenched in america's left. that they control the universities. they control a lot of the media, through the media. they have a huge influence on candidate. think about it. terry mcauliffe was a moderate bill clinton democrat and then he is running this crazy left-wing campaign because all of those people have such a big influence on him. that is what the drift is about. you need to understand. there is still a serious threat. think how close mcauliffe got to winning despite all the problems he had. that shows how close we are to
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still being controlled by these people. in the end, what will happen, the moderates will vote for that stuff. the economy will probably, if we pass the build back better plan, go into recession next year. they will see the kind of wave we've not seen since 1994. elizabeth: the president has no coattails down ballot. gallup said no president since world war ii lost more public support than president biden. independents, democrat, swing states are moving against him. we talked about this, the economy wrecked it for nixon and clinton, midway through his term. biden does not have clinton's quiksilver political skills. biden won by a narrow margin than obama. we have got the president whispering again or yelling or whispering, the vice president saying just four-days ago what happens in virginia will determine what happens in 2022. like you to listen to this. watch this. >> and lastly, you know, if you take a look at what economy is
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growing? the united states. >> what happens in virginia will in large part determine what happens in 2022, 2024 and on. >> i think the democrats are coming across in ways that we don't recognize that are annoying and offensive and seem out of touch in ways that i don't think show up in our feeds when we're looking at our kind of echo chamber and i think this is a message here. elizabeth: yeah. van jones just said the quiet part out loud, kevin. the media, the cnn, msnbc, they are in a d.c. beltway, new york beltway, henhouse echo chamber where they're talking to each other, it is confirmation bias, they're out of touch with what voters and the american families have to deal with every day. you and i talked about this. now the federal reserve and,
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federal reserve is saying inflation, supply chain crisis will last until next year. now that inflation is outpacing wage growth. can everybody just get out of their boxes and start listening to voters? what do you say, kevin? >> real wages are declining under joe biden. they went up under president trump. income inequality actually declined. african-american unemployment was lowest ever while president trump was there because the pro-capitalist policies work. but the far left that controls the universities, they're basically now the democratic party, i was a working class kid when i went to college. all these people from fancy prep schools that acted like i didn't belong. that is the way the democratic party is treating the american people. elizabeth: kevin, you hit the nail on the head. they have been doing it for generations. they talk down to people. cnn, msnbc, they talk down to people. they think they're above it. that they have this sort of vision quest of what is morally right for the country. when they're in their elitist ivory towers in gated
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communities and expensive apartments and houses, they're so out of touch with the working class has to deal with. by the way, mr. president, the u.s. is trailing china, india and the uk. we're not leading the world in growth. your final word, kevin hassett. >> you know joe biden has been asleep at the wheel and asleep at the conference and i think the american people are tired of it. they're looking for people to work together and pursue sound policies and i don't think you will get that out of the democratic party because they're basically captured by the drift, sadly. elizabeth: the drift. which is your book, kevin hassett. everybody buy it. a great writer and great thinker. kevin hassett good to have you on. elizabeth: we have a new grass root movement of multiracial school board parents, that will upend the midterms and 50 states on the move, democrats, we're staying on this, they're so out of touch what parents are dealing with and what american families are dealing with. parent say absolutely teach the
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history of racism to learn from it. don't divide students and children based on race. up next congressman brad wenstrup of the house gop caucus vaccine mandate may fail. republicans say it is against the law. defense industry workers may be the ones to wipe it out. you're watching "the evening edit." stay right there.
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elizabeth: welcome back to the show congressman brad wenstrup of the gop from doctors caucus. great to see you, sir. what was your reaction more than 40 senate republicans moving to outlaw biden's vaccine mandate on private workers as unconstitutional? they're using congressional review act. what do you say to that? >> i think they should do that, americans after four or five don't do well with the idea someone saying i told you so you have to do something. that is what this mandate does. as doctors in the doctors caucus. we're all for vaccinations. we have done public service announcements. i've been out giving shots, vaccinating people myself. those are decisions that should happen between patients and their doctors. here is another thing. we are putting at risk so many important components of our
6:17 pm
american society. our national defense, our health care, you're going to see police and fire being told they can't come to work because they have not been vaccinated. we have alternatives. we could be checking them for natural immunity. we can be testing patients and seeing where they are that day. it doesn't have to be this way. it should be waivers. are should be exemptions but at the same time, i'm for vaccinations but not for mandates. here is the thing. even when we were in trials we knew that vaccinated people got covid. they got covid-19. they didn't get sick. very few actually got sick. they were not necessarily hospitalized and they were not dying this virus like other viruses produces variants. even if 110% of the world is vaccinated covid-19 is not going away. although the vaccine has saved a lot of lives and done a lot of good we should be focusing on therapeutics so we can treat people that get covid. elizabeth: not firing people from their jobs.
6:18 pm
>> right. elizabeth: listen to what senator marsha blackburn had to say today. watch this. >> the american people and indeed tennesseans are not anti-vax. what they are is antisocialism and what they see happening with this vaccine mandate, this one size fits all, government going to tell you what to do, how to do, when to do, they see this as a part of the democrats' agenda to take control of your life. elizabeth: you know, to your point the defense industry workers are standing up. raytheon workers, lockheed martin, boeing, we have got textron and arrow system workers and also supply chain, ups, fedex, warning you can't vaccinate the entire workforce in time for the holidays. we have government worker unions, police in revolt in l.a., chicago, portland, seattle, new york. fire departments in revolt.
6:19 pm
the l.a. sheriff is saying he could lose 1/5 to 30% of his workforce. he can't lose cops in the middle of a crime wave. >> this mandate will have far more harm than it will have any benefits. i think that is what has to be recognized. i don't understand why the president is going in this direction. the bedside manner has been horrible since the beginning. if you're getting your medical advice from facebook or joe biden or even president trump then you're in the wrong place. you should be talking to your doctor and that is the way it should be managed but we have since the beginning of this with lockdowns, everything else, we have not sat and explained things to people why we think this is in the best interest of public health. it has been just telling people what they have to do. americans don't tolerate that and make that is little bit of what we saw in virginia. elizabeth: here is your point. they closed businesses. they closed schools. they closed churches. they raised grocery prices.
6:20 pm
we have national shortages now, putting on mandates you will be fired if you're not vaccinated. people have had it. congressman brad wenstrup, great to have you on. you will come back on soon. good to see you. up next texas is installing razor wire and cargo containers to secure the border as thousands of migrants approach. texas and border states are stepping up where the white house has checked out. we have freedom education reform, laura sorc, movement of multiracial school board parents set to upend the midterms. democrats and media so out of touch over this, the parents are saying fight toxic agenda. learn the history of racism, learn from it, do not divide our children based on race. we take it on next.
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♪. elizabeth: joining us now, freedom works director of education reform, laura sorc is with us. great to see you, laura. surprising that the media and democrats are shocked about this new powerful multiracial grassroots revolt. it is happening in blue cities and blue states and includes minorities. what was your reaction when you saw democrats in the media surprised against a movement racializing children? >> i really don't see what they're shocked about. obviously they're not paying
6:26 pm
attention to what is happening across the country. parents are showing up to the school board meetings. parents are being thrown out of these school board meetings. disrespecting parents. parents are saying if you do not start listening to us, we are going to vote you out of office. there is no confusion here. they have just chosen to ignore what we've been saying all along. elizabeth: been saying it for months. watch the media on this. watch this. >> critical race theory, which isn't real, turned the suburbs 15 points to be trump insurrection endorsed republican. >> exit polls showed which was interesting that the coronavirus or that the virus was a -- wasn't important to many voters. was education. >> right. >> which is code for white parents don't like the idea of teaching about race. i mean unfortunately race is just the most palpable tool in the tool kit.
6:27 pm
elizabeth: flat-out, breathtakingly idiotic stuff. msnbc, yeah, critical race theory is real. virginia education department funded it. so did mcauliffe. no, msnbc, parent do want students talk the ugly history of race. learn from it. they don't want their kids bullied to believe they're racist because of the color of their skin. martin luther king, this goes against his dream of a color mind society. everything you heard there was pretty much racist, what do you say, on msnbc? >> just really shows how ignorant or misleading they are because we've seen in loudon county, virginia, we've seen peoria, arizona, brevard county florida, these parents are showing up to the school board meetings, they're asking well prove to us, show us. they're showing up with these foia requests they have received where they're getting this class
6:28 pm
work showing specifically that our kids are being taught the critical race theory ideologies across this country. they think they're outsmarting but reidentifying it, putting a new label on it but parents are smarter than that. these individuals are just out of touch. they're just lying to the people that they're speaking to. elizabeth: black parents, hispanic parents are saying no to this. they're so out of touch. parents just spent a year forced to do homeschooling. then terry mcauliffe we don't care what parents think about what it comes to what teachers do, school boards do with education. that is a huge insult. parents rose up. this is an issue around parental and children's rights to get a decent, unbiased education based on academic merit and excellence and not dumped down. listen to asra who lead as
6:29 pm
parents group to fight for education reform. >> you know what the parents did? they stood up and they tried to have meetings with ralph northam, the school boards, the education secretary and you know what they did? they all canceled the meetings. they never had meetings with them. a little headline here, terry mcauliffe when we tried to have him speak to our parents he asked for $20,000, for one hour with our parents. glenn youngkin did not ask for a cent. this is the real conscience that we need to invigorate and amongst all of our leaders. realizing we're human. not some white supremacist. we're good people. elizabeth: what do you say to that, laura? >> oh, my goodness. well we've seen how that worked out for mcauliffe, didn't we? asking for $20,000 and ignoring the parents and saying that they're not welcome in the
6:30 pm
classroom. i was in loudon county, virginia, last week i was, really was, it was hilarious to go through and see the signs that ashley said, keep parent out of the classroom, vote mcauliffe. that really shows he lost the respect of the parents. that race was really lost because he did not value parental rights in education and i want that to be a signal to all of these little elected officials across the country. our parents have been saying if you do not listen to us, you do not respect our voice, we will remove you from office. and that is exactly what we saw in virginia last night. elizabeth: laura sorc, great to have you you on. come back soon. we're coming out of the bottom of the hour. watching the fox business network. the house gop demands u.s. attorneys in all 50 states turn over any documents and e-mails, minutes of meetings about attorney general
6:31 pm
merrick garland's order to use federal firepower to go after parents as domestic parents. could the gop hold ag garland in contempt? he is stonewalling congress not turning over his evidence why he put out that memo. up next mitch roschelle, he is an economist. new reports the white house is bracing for a big fail. they're trying to get a vote through tomorrow. vulnerable democrats balking at the biden agenda. voters in a new ap poll say they're losing under biden. we'll explain all of this next.
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dad, we got this. we got this. we got this. we got this. we got this. yay! we got this. we got this! life is for living. we got this! let's partner for all of it. edward jones elizabeth: we got breaking news. the news came in at the commercial break. democrat new jersey governor phil murphy has won re-election to the new jersey governor race. he basically is the first governor in more than four decades to win re-election in the garden state. so there is governor phil murphy taking charge again in new jersey. let's move on to this.
6:36 pm
this is what voters are up in arms aabout, things like this. before the president flew to the u.n. climate in scotland they tried to tear down barricades in the white house. they vandalized the statue of andrew jackson. tried to vandalize the commerce building. tried to storm into the department of interior. police officers were assaulted and injured. more than 50 arrests as well. welcome to the macro trends advisors founding partner, mitch roschelle. these are the underlying streams and trending through the u.s. economy. american people, moderates out there are saying what we see the activists do, we don't like it. vulnerable house democrats balking at the biden agenda. they may go against the vote tomorrow in congress on that. what do you say about all of this? >> listen, we all care about the climate. we also care about the economy and, it is pretty rich that the
6:37 pm
countries like china weren't there. countries like russia weren't there at this so-called summit. china is still building new coal powered plants. should the united states make all these sacrifices so china can continue to pollute the planet? it doesn't make sense. i don't think we necessarily have partners in this climate process. elizabeth: yeah. >> and the restrictions on the united states are just more regulations that are going to slow down business. we were energy independent just a few months ago. now we're paying $1.30 more a gallon for gasoline. seems like more reckless policy. elizabeth: mitch, to your point, disasterous policies and chaotic messaging that could see democrats lose congress next year. joe biden had one job. inherited a v-shaped recovery. three approved vaccines. all he had to do was sit back. but he tanked economy.
6:38 pm
inflation outpacing wage growth. inflation supply chain problems moving into next year. we'll live with this for some time. president was saying wages are growing, but they're not. after inflation, wages are going down. what do you say? >> in fact i don't often yell at the screen when i did when the president said wages are growing faster than inflation, they're not. in fact as it relates to the fed because you mentioned them, liz, the fed's target for inflation is 2%. we're running more than 4%. we're running more than two times the fed's target and, you know chairman powell today talked about it as being a supply chain problem and a supply problem. yes, the economy has been shocked nearly 18 months but he also neglected to realize once wages do go up. that is inflationary. that is something you can't undo. you can't get the toothpaste back in the tube when you start to raise wages. we need policy that will get people back to work so we can
6:39 pm
get the economy back on its feet. elizabeth: we hear you on that but we also have this, 2/3 of voters in a new ap poll they're losing under biden. see the wages going down. inflation outpacing what their wage growth is. the president cannot claim he is having economic success when americans out there are feeling it. they do feel the pain right? he claims he is unifying america. half the country disapprove of him and half the democrats don't want him at the top of the ticket in 2024. >> you're not unifying anybody that fills up a tank of gas. you can point one big fat finger at white house. that is one of the first things the president did, sign an executive order or series of them to make us less energy independent. the energy independence is not just about the economy but a national security measure. that was beyond reckless as it relates to this country. the electorate spoke. they spoke, they spoke, you mentioned it at the bottom of
6:40 pm
the hour, that murphy won. reality is that race was so close in a state biden ran away with. what is the electorate saying? we don't like the policies of this party. they certainly said that in the state of virginia. i think it is high time that the democrats listened to the electorate and not push through a $7 trillion, whatever the headline number is, spending program that is just going to cripple our economy. elizabeth: more inflation. mitch roschelle. good to sue you. come back soon. still to come this hour, texas installing razor wire and cargo containers to secure the border. thousands of migrants still approaching. border states are stepping in where the white house has checked out. up next congressman mike johnson, house judiciary, he will get us updated on the house gop demanding u.s. attorneys in all 50 states turn over documents and minutes of meetings about attorney general merrick garland's orders to aim federal terrorist firepower
6:41 pm
meant for jihadists at parents upset with school boards. will the gop hold the ag in contempt for stonewalling congress, not delivering his proof and evidence why he put out that memo. keep it here on "the evening edit". (man) still asleep. (woman vo) so, where to next? (vo) reflect on the past, celebrate the future. season's greetings from audi.
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elizabeth: back to with us now, congressman mike johnson from house judiciary. sir, great to see you again. can you talk to us more about house republicans sending letters to all 93 u.s. attorneys in all 50 states saying turn over documents on the steps you took after the attorney general merrick garland ordered you to aim federal terror firepowers meant for jihadists at parents upset with school boards? what is the update on this now? >> liz, two dates to remember, october 21st, the attorney general appeared of course before the house judiciary committee and he acknowledged to us under heavy questioning by our team, the republicans, that the basis of that memo directing all the firepower of the federal
6:46 pm
government, the department of justice against concerned parents showing up at school board meetings, the basis was the letter from the national school boar association, the infamous letter where they compared the parent to domestic terrorists. less than 24 hours the national school board association receiving all the public outcry after the hearing, retracted the letter and apologized for it. still today as you and i are speaking, liz, the attorney general has not withdrawn his memo, he based it on wild allegations by the school board association no longer exist. they retracted it. he won't take that step. what we've done we sent letters to all thes u.s. attorneys. 94 judicial districts in all 50 states what if anything they have done to advance this memo, the unprecedented directive by the attorney general. we're awaiting those results. it will be interesting to see. elizabeth: it is so shocking and disturbing one letter can trigger the fbi, the national security division, the threat
6:47 pm
assessment center, the secret service to go after parents, one letter, with no evidence. the ag testified they didn't have any evidence. >> right. elizabeth: he still isn't presenting you guys with evidence for why he said it was justifiable to send out that memo ordering all of this. are you guys going to hold him in contempt? >> we're going to press them. now of course right now at this moment as we speak we're the minority party. it takes a majority vote to hold an official in contempt but i can tell you there is a sea change going on. you saw it last night in virginia. as has been said on the program already tonight, parental rights and education is key part of this movement. the parents have had enough. the attorney general headed down this path. there will be a reckoning. we'll be in control of congress after the election next year. the national security division, for goodness sakes, that was created under the patriot act to prevent national security threats, to keep the homeland
6:48 pm
safe. he has yet to explain to us how parents exercising their first amendment rights engaging in decisions about their children's education, is somehow a threat to national security. their priorities are completely misplaced in the biden administration. we are going to be on this, and continue it pause the american people deserve around demand that so, also are you demanding the nsba hand over its communications between it and the white house? there is talk of collusion between the nsba, national school board association, and white house weeks ahead of time, to use patriot act firepower to go after parents, is that what is going on too? >> yes. the house republicans on judiciary committee issued a half dozen letters in last three or four-days. we're demand august it evidence, note, again todays of any meetings that have been held. we want to know what is going on. we have the right to do that. we have oversight responsibility over the department of justice
6:49 pm
and everyone involved here. that is our john. we're going to do it. i think the american people deserve these answers. parents deserve to know, should be encouraged do not be dissuaded any day to speak your views. that is your first amendment right. obligation, duty, responsibility to protect your children. now is the time to do it. elizabeth: during ag garland's testimony before the house next month he appeared to have no idea whether the order was actually taking place? >> right. elizabeth: what is the going on, final word. >> the memo said they were supposed to do all this by november 3rd. there was supposed to be a meeting in everyone much these jurisdictions. he didn't know if it happened. we'll find out. as soon as we we'll let you know. elizabeth: scary stuff. thank you, congressman, come back soon. up next texas congressman brian babin on the border crisis. texas moving to install razor wire and cargo containers in order to secure the border as
6:50 pm
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we got reports coming in, texas now building a wall out of dozens and dozens of shipping containers on the banks of the rio grande in areas surrounding eagle pass. migrant caravan of thousands is approaching. this is a backup to the more than 6500 texas department of public safety highway patrol troopers and texas army national guard meant to go into the region. steve harrigan is at the border, he's got more on the story. >> we've been watching a steady stream of people crossed over today. most from venezuela, including a woman with an injured leg and her 2-year-old daughter. the man accompanying was not a relative. he does it for money, he charged $700 a piece this morning to cross over the rio grande. this afternoon when the water level was up, who was raised to
6:55 pm
$900. the toughest part of the journey so far has been taking the bus across mexico. >> going up and down was difficult especially with the baby. i can barely handle myself and adding a baby to that is very difficult. >> border agents seeing brutal themes including a young girl stuffed inside a duffel bag. the girl survived and it's not just cartel making money, a number of people crossed over today told us every step of the way on a weeks long march to mexico stopped by federal and local police forced to pay bribes of roughly $20 apiece despite the hardships. the numbers keep going up, the numbers up over the past year, 508%, five time rise in the number of migrants crossing in just one year. liz: thanks for your reporting for destroying us now, cochair congressman brian, great to see
6:56 pm
you again. your reaction to this, a steady stream that keeps on coming. your reaction? >> it's no wonder they have a steady stream that continues to come up.. if not onlyad t t welcoat butheeeslnuynu ce ivizin these the peoo o ciatciliiokaacss ggo togoo p p 1 mon m ieg is i on ph aesmn a a a00 ion tir anctincvesnc iten ieg i aegal a totoin in op thatt weot the t t c illeg ills cominom i w hav uraw rar rde with amil it'st'ncllionil her angel families, families of our fallen soldiers and 9/11 victims, they get nowhere close to this. it's no wonder they keep to
6:57 pm
come. it's incentivize asian by the biden administration one 100%. liz: it's dangerous for the migrants to cross that way, they get killed and assaulted on the way, people are afraid for them doing it illegally, they should go to the ports of entry and do it legally as others have done. we've got hundreds of thousands of homeless in our country, we got veterans on the streets of america almost, and appeared crisis as well. what you said about the $450,000, the president today is saying no to that, the aclu is up in arms, they are angry with the president right now. aclu is in a lawsuit over this is saying the president, aclu -- he doesn't seem to be aware of what his own justice department is negotiating with this for $50000. it's about a quarter of what --
6:58 pm
let me back up, it's four times what goldstar military families get so aclu is blasting biden saying no to the payments. >> this president seems to be kh with the fed as well as the president. all i can say, it's intentional. we know what's happening down at the border is an intentional strategy on the part of the democratic party. they are going to pay the piper and the first clue to that was last night in virginia. that was really something to see. i think democrats, they better wake up quickly because i believe next year is going to be
6:59 pm
a bloodbath in the main terms. kennedy: humanitarian, legal immigration, they are very concerned about people doing it illegally and getting assaulted, thousands killed among the white if they do it illegally and at the same time we've got u.s. taxpayers under the gun, their taxes are going up to cover for the payments. when we already have to save our own the tribe veterans numerous hundreds of thousands of homeless on our streets of america so this texas and border states are stepping up saying we are going to basically arrest anybody who crosses illegally. white house is still silent on that, like you think this comes down to? >> article four section four u.s. constitution says the federal government will protect states from invasion. they are not. not only are they not protecting us, they are incentivizing the crossing so the government of our state and several other border states, making arrests
7:00 pm
and again, there's 557 dead people found down there this past year the drugs coming across are unbelievable. liz: come back soon, good to see her. i am elizabeth mcdonald from a human watching the evening edit. that is it for us, thank you for watching. we hope you have a good evening. ♪♪ kennedy: the democrats got shellacked. a lot of it had to do with republicans finally racing some libertarian idea so how big of a victory was it for liberty lovers across the land? glenn duncan defeated establishment democrat terry mcauliffe for virginia governor. manno mercy did that lead to a wonderful and delicious meltdown. >> some of it was


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