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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  November 3, 2021 6:00am-9:00am EDT

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finding their perfect home cost engel and lyndee more than they expected. but they also got a lot in return. including those feelings of security, accomplishment and pure joy. because in america dreams, and dream homes, still come true. [music] dagen: good morning, i'm dagen mcdowell. maria bartiromo will be up shortly. it's wednesday november third, your top stories at 6:00 a.m. eastern. virginia votes republican. gop businessman glenn youngkin defeating democrat terry mcauliffe in a highly-contested race for virginia governor. >> it's our virginia to build together and we are going to go to work on day one. dagen: we are live on the ground with what it means for the gop
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virginians and all americans. for the governor's race in new jersey still too close to call. republican jack cidarell neck and neck with democrat phil murphy. in new york city eric adams will be the next mayor of the big apple beating out republican curtis and lack at marks, futures searching for direction ahead of the federal reserve decision today. we have the mixed action. nasdaq futures slightly to the plus side this after a record day on wall street. the dow closing above 36,000 for the very first time. the nasdaq and s&p 500 also hitting fresh all-time highs. european markets are flat at the moment. we have slight losses across the board in england, france and germany. kospi down more than 1% and nikkei closed for a holiday.
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mornings with maria live right now. ♪ ♪ maria: and good morning, everyone. major win for republicans last night in virginia. glenn youngkin to be the common wealth next governor getting more than 50% of the vote while 48.6 voted for former democrat terry mcauliffe. we have all of the angles covered this morning. fox business chief national correspondent connell mcshane in richmond, virginia right now. connell, good morning to you. >> good morning, maria, the enthusiasm that we saw on the ground in this race was real as we see those results that you just showed this how long, glenn youngkin was drawing big crowds on the campaign trail on the final days to have campaign. i was with him in the last campaign and youngkin able to
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pull off the upset, first republican to win statewide in 12 years. now he did come out early this morning as a matter of fact to greet supporters zeroed in on the one issue that had driven him to richmond and that's education. >> we are going to press forward with a curriculum that includes listening to parents, input a curriculum that allows our children to run as fast as they can teaching them how to think enabling their dreams to soar. >> for those who picked education as top issue of the campaign, youngkin won big. overall the number 1 issues for voters in virginia the economy. that was followed by the pandemic and education was third. youngkin won two of the three issues and mcauliffe for his
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part thanked supporters. >> let me thank each and every one of you over the course of the last 11 months nor -- knocking on doors, 12 over the course during the campaign. i want to thank you. >> glenn youngkin's campaign message, it resonated with voters and emphasized lower taxes and talked about parental control in school and terry mcauliffe spent time trying to link youngkin to donald trump. he won not only trump supporters but he also won two-thirds of the voters who either voted third party or didn't vote at all in last year's presidential election, maria. maria: yeah, connell, that's a great point. he actually won the independents and what that means going forward is what we are focused
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on now. thank you very much. part of broader political outlook going into next year's midterm election and looking ahead in the 2024 election. fox news voter analysis shows that 65% of virginia voters think the country is headed in the wrong direction. joining me right now fox business dagen mcdowell and fox news contributor tammy bruce, great to see you ladies this morning. dagen, what connell just said is true. you had youngkin focusing on issues that mattered to virginians not just education, inflation, that grocery tax as well as security. your thoughts on this historic win. dagen: glenn youngkin kept his head down and ran for virginians as a virginian. i was in virginia over the weekend and there were signs galore all across the state not just glenn youngkin.
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she becomes the first woman of color to hold that office, former marine. she was the first black female republican ever elected to the general assembly in virginia. i just wanted to point that out, jason yares, cuban-american decent. this was a very diverse ticket despite what you were hearing from terry mcauliffe and all the democrats particularly the chatter boxes that you saw on other networks. i digress. number 1 the economy. glenn youngkin ran on getting rid the state's grocery tax. 2 and a half percent tax in the state. he ran on suspending a recent gas tax hike. both of those things alleviate inflation and really help average working virginians. he also talked about taking the 2 -- more than 2 and a half
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billion dollar surplus and using that to deliver a major tax cut on coronavirus. terry mcauliffe was lying about coronavirus and got fact-checked by the washington post talking about how much children were in icu over coronavirus. well, that was a lie. he got four pinocchios. this is worst than deplorable moment from hillary clinton. quote, i don't think parents should be telling schools what they should teach. he meant it and he stood by it over and over again. in his final rally he stood along side randy winegarden who has done more damage single handily to the children of the country than almost any individual. so that's who terry mcauliffe was, a bush, bill clinton that couldn't be rescued by the
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biden-harris ticket. maria: you get in front of a mama bear and you're in big trouble. what a huge mistake to actually tell mama bear and papa bear what their kids are going to learn regardless of what they think. your thoughts on what we saw last night and i also want to get your take on other races. we are waiting on results of the new jersey gubernatorial election. this was supposed to be a huge victory for phil murphy. the republican nominee jack ciattarelli slightly ahead of phil murphy, tammy, your thoughts there and really overall what all of this means for the biden agenda. >> it's interesting that just like with foreign policy, the system, the swamp, the establishment is getting surprised so often as though we think that they know everything and yet when it comes right down to it, there's such a disconnect, maria, about what
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the american people are feeling -- maria: totally. >> this is after we know there's outrage over the lockdowns, the handling of covid. we know, of course, when it comes to new jersey and new york as an example, the nursing home scandals to say the least, americans have not been in a coma, we have been watching what's been going on. yes the the school dynamic and shutting down the schools. all that has affected everyone in the country so in reality maybe it's not surprising that the democrat new jersey is having a difficult time. that this would happen in virginia because everybody has got the same issues that we are facing, the inflation, the job issues, the wage issues, the supply chain. what we've learned is that the establishment in a lot of ways clearly doesn't know what it's doing and enjoying its power a bit too much. so that explaining youngkin, private sector, a man who is a businessman coming forward.
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yes, very much like trump but let me also suggest that everyone saying, oh, this is proof that trump doesn't matter. let me tell you, all of this is happening because of what i would argue president trump showed the nation was possible that what you can do with leadership. that in fact, we are realizing that this is not a new normal and we don't have to put up with this and we can make a change and it's a message i would say to the republican party. that ticket as dagen wisely noted is diverse, is dynamic and it's a reflection of what virginians had wanted and now they've got it but with conservatives and a conservative point of view. that is what the republican party must pick on and realize that it has to be worked for because not everyone is going to be as lousy as terry mcauliffe and this is what we are dealing with. very exciting. maria: every -- really good points. just want to point out that we will have a new mayor in new york city, eric adams will be
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the mayor in new york city. we will talk about all the other races that are happening this morning. dagen, jump in. your final word, go ahead. dagen: i was going to add in terms of glenn youngkin if you look at how he performed, according to 5:38, gallon counting kin overperformed in most of virginia's largest cities and counties, astonishing for the state and does speak to as we've said policy matters and he ran on policy and focused on that. the issues that mattered to virginians and terry mcauliffe already had one bite of the apple and he had a history of turning his back on people -- on people who care about education on school choice and the like. >> and if i can add, nobody likes to be bamboozled and we
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have been bamboozled and that created opposition and americans said enough is enough in this election. maria: and i will say it again, do not get in the middle of mama bear and her cubs because i will never forget as a girl if i came home and told my mother something that was not right, my mother would take my hand and go right to the nuns and that was a terrible deadly mistake of mcauliffe but we are going to find out this morning with all of our guests how this affects the current biden agenda. let's not forget nancy pelosi is still trying to push through her spending plan, so we will get into it, your morning mover is lift. adjusted profit for the third quarter. rising revenue from a year ago. ridership, pre-pandemic levels now and still shortage of drivers. the stock right now up almost 15%. let's flip in a short break. we are just getting started this
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morning. we are rock and rolling, big win for gop in virginia sets the stage for national showdown in 2021. we heard from the gop leader yesterday kevin mccarthy, we are hearing from new voices today, what this major upset means heading into the midterms. gubernatorial in a race still too close to call. don't miss a moment of it, you're watching mornings with maria live on fox business. ♪ ♪ ♪
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you can keep your internet and all those shows you love, and save money while you're at it with special offers just for movers at maria: welcome back, futures are searching for direction this morning after another record setting day yesterday. the dow industrials right now down 32. s&p down 2 and a half but the nasdaq is higher up 19 right
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now. yesterday all three major indices closed at all-time high, record highs for the third session in a row. the dow closing above the 36,000 mark for the first time ever at 36,052. that was up a third of a percent. 138 points higher. nasdaq up 53 and the s&p 500 up 17 at 4:00 o'clock on wall street. now remember today is the day two of the federal reserve's meeting, we are waiting on fed decision on taping schedule and give us clues on when it plans to raise interest rates. the tapering begins this year. we are also standing by this morning for the october adp report. we will get our first look at jobs for the last month at 8:15 a.m. eastern and set the tones as well. joining me ken mahoney, ken, thank you before being here. the story of the morning, glenn
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youngkin will be the new governor of virginia, would this election news have any play on wall street, how are investors looking at election day 2021? >> it will. actually i was thankful we didn't have any suitcases that got rolled in. it's nice to see virginia -- look, this is a year -- maria: good point. >> we look at the election, democrats, they lost seats in the house, they lost seats in the senate and by the way the progressives, they won a handful of elections in the country and the demand last year wasn't going left. most americans came middle right, middle left and what does the administration go far left, aoc left, bernie sanders left and that's why there's so much inconsistency and destruction and concern because they are not listening, they are tone deaf. maybe after the election they will listen a little bit more. i think last night's election
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has a big impact on what's going to go forward. manchin is not going to be in the minority anymore. i think you bring moderates over to him, wait a second, can we look at the bill before we pass it. as an adult in the room -- maria: you make a great point because there are a number of senator who is wanted to see what would happen in virginia before they actually moved forward and i think joe manchin was one of them. he was reading the room proper i will saying, hold it, you know, voters are not necessarily all in on all of the spending and look where we are in terms of inflation, we will see what this means for the spending package. ken, we have the federal reserve today, what are you expecting in terms of the tapering and then you have a big day of earnings. cbs, health, discovery, marriott all on the books for reporting quarterly numbers. give us the sense of the federal reserve and what you have learned so far from the earning
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season? >> yes, the 2013 taper tantrum and it's out for months and we have all accepted it. probably $15 billion, 120 billion down to 105 billion, 90 billion so forth, kind of flatten out next summer and set the stage for normalization rates. by the way, raising rates a quarter here and a quarter there is not the answer, we hope that we are able to raise rates and the economy is numberrallizing so to speak. it's been great, maria, even though there's been members talking about disruptions and so forth. by in large guidance has been good, that's propelled the market. september was a month, october, once you turn the page in october and quarterly reports are coming out and the guidance coming out is very strong october into november. maria: all right, we will get the adp report out in about two hour's time we will see what that gives us on the macro
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story. sounds like you are bullish on stocks, ken? ken: there's been 8 occurrence through november 1st with the market s&p is up 20%. all the data occurrences, stocks and so forth and november, december is 8 and a half percent. no doubt the energizer bunny is still going, the energizer bunny is still going. maria: all right, love it. we are in record unchartered territory after a record-setter yesterday. ken, great to talk to you. ken mahoney. virginia votes red. republican glenn youngkin beating outerry mcauliffe. his message of the state of the new governor elect. is it better to be in a bad mood, why looking on the bright side may not always be the best?
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i have the answer for that. we have a surprising answers in this morning's hot topic buzz. stay with us. ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> virginia, we won this thing. we are going to restore excellence in our schools. all of us can deserve to look forward to grabbing, to aspiring, to dreaming and then achieving that great virginia promise. we still have a lot of votes to count. every single virginian deserve to have their votes counted. maria: votes are in. glenn youngkin will be first
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republican governor, terry mcauliffe got over 48% of the vote. joining me right now real clear politics, tom beven. great to see you this morning, thanks so much, give us your reaction to what we saw last night. >> well, it ended up about where, i think, a lot of people thought it would and particularly if you look at our polls we have the race youngkin winning by 1.7 percentage points and that's about where he is. so look, he was surging in the race, there's no question. the last 3 polls that we were taking had him ahead of mcauliffe. there was clearly he had momentum on his side based on the education issue, he had taken mcauliffe gaffe during the debit and turned it into a movement. prior to that, he wasn't getting a ton of traction in the race and that really was the fire that lit his campaign and on top
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of that obviously, you know, democrats are struggling with issues like inflation and what's going on in washington, d.c. biden was no help to terry mcauliffe in this race or to murphy up in new jersey either. the national ones are glowing against the democrats right now. maria: that's what i want to ask you, was biden's policy a real monkey on their backs. we know that we see poll after poll the most recent most stunning was that 71% of those people polled said that they think the country is going in the wrong direction and here is vice president kamala harris while she was campaigning with terry mcauliffe a week before this election, watch this. >> this is a bellwether for what happens in the rest of the country. what happens in virginia will in large part determine what happens in 2022, 2024 and on.
6:28 am
maria: so what about that, tom, what is last night's victory in virginia mean for what may happen in 2022 and perhaps '24 as well? tom: traditionally it's not been a great omen for the midterms, you remember barack obama and what happened in 2009 with bob mcdonnell and he went onto get slacked in 2010. big problem for the democrats is that they have this national mood that's working against them and they don't really seem to be addressing the issues. education and the economy were the two top issues in virginia and new jersey. on the education issue the democrats decided to basically say, it doesn't exist, crt is not taught in schools and this is racism on the part of parents and on the other issue on it, inflation, the party has not come up with an answer. they think passing the two bills will be the answer. i don't think the data supports that and meanwhile the administration has been sort of dismissive and mocking claims
6:29 am
about inflation, so unless the two things change they are in for a rough ride moving forward including next november. maria: yeah, and people see through that arrogance so do you think that the agenda gets stalled even further. let's face it, let's lack at new jersey's governor race, it's a dead heat, the race deemed too close to call. 80% of the vote is in and republican ciattarelli. what does that mean, they will push for the multitrillion dollar deals to go through? >> the left-wing of the party, their conclusion that the reason that races are so close because they didn't get things passed before people went to the polls and i depressed their vote. i think other parts of the party, other members to have party are going to say, hey, hold on a second, we have to step back and look at this because what we have been
6:30 am
profoesing doesn't seem to be resonating with voters and maybe this isn't the right way to go. i think democrats will have to sort that out. i'm not sure what happened. i think they will move ahead with the vote. they may get the hard infrastructure vote but the human infrastructure spending package i think is in real real jeopardy. maria: social spending. tom, good to see you, thank you so much, sir, we will keep following up with you, of course, real clear politics. we will get right back. we will get into china when we come back.
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maria: welcome back, as we have been reporting republican glenn youngkin will be the next governor of virginia in a stunning upset for democrats. cheryl casone with the details now, cheryl. cheryl: good morning, maria. what a night. fox news projecting that glenn youngkin will defeat terry mcauliffe. incredible upset being seen as
6:34 am
warning sign for the democrat party going into the midterms and blow to president biden. a major sticking point for voters education which youngkin promised to overhaul on day one. >> we are going to introduce choice within our public school system. [cheers and applause] >> we are going to embrace our parents, not ignore them. [cheers and applause] cheryl: meanwhile in new jersey the race for governor still a dead heat, republican jack ciattarelii and phil murphy within 1200 votes with 88% of the vote counted: ciattarelli overperforming and spent most of the months down double digits in the polls. governor murphy was expected to run away with the election. in new york city democrat eric adams claiming victory in the mayoral race defeating republican curtis. >> we are so divided right now and we are missing the beauty of our diversity.
6:35 am
today we take off jersey and we put on one jersey in new york. cheryl: nypd captain to tackle the city's surging crime problem. well, voters in minneapolis overwhelming rejecting a measure to replace the city's police department. 56% of voters saying no to the proposed amendment that would have eliminated the department and replace it with public safety agency. the amendment was drafted in response to calls to defund the police furthering the murders of george floyd back in 2020. the vote coming as minneapolis is struggling with rising crimes. well, the cdc recommended the pfizer covid vaccine for children ages 5 to 11 which means kids can start getting shot this is week. this decision makes about 29 million children eligible, however, according to kaiser say one in three kids will immunize
6:36 am
right away. stock slightly higher. finally this, the atlanta braves are the 2021 world series champions. >> to first. hello, champions. cheryl: braves beating astros 7-0 game six in houston and the improbable champions completing run and losing best player acuña, jr. to knee injury. this is first title since 1995. those are your headlines from over here. maria: that is awesome, cheryl, congrats to the bravers and i love the karma for the major league baseball that they yanked the all-star game out of atlanta and forced to go back because the braves were just that good taking the world series to atlanta. cheryl: yeah. maria: we want to zero in on the china threat. it was recently revealed that
6:37 am
the country tested hypersonic mice sills over the summer. two sonic missiles and we find the money now important to follow. a new analysis from my next guest finds chinese company linked to hypersonic tests that actually is investable in the united states. china great wall is a major, is in major investment indices and americans are inwhittingly helping by funding it. former senior director of economic affairs in the reagan national security council. he's roger robinson jr. and former chairman of the congressional u.s.-china economic security review commission. roger, great to see you this morning, thanks so much for being here. >> thank you, maria. maria: so roger, we've talked a lot about investors unwittingly in some cases funding the ccp's expansion. the ccp has made no secret of the fact that it wants to overtake the united states as the number 1 super power and the
6:38 am
debate of whether to invest in chinese companies or not has been raging in the united states. you've done some serious homework here and found a number of companies in investable indices. first, let's talk about the connection to the great wall technology group, what is its relation to the community that made those hypersonic missile launches? >> well, maria, they are called fractional orbital women bardment system that can navigate the earth in orbit and attack targets at will. they can even fly over the south pole to help negate our existing missile defenses. it's a very troubling development to say the least as recognized by the chairman of the joint chiefs. these and other chinese advanced weapon systems are not exactly what american investors had in
6:39 am
mind had help fund directly or indirect with their hard-earned investment dollars or investment portfolios, that's for sure. in terms of the connectivity here, they are doing so through the -- through a stakeholder in the company that's responsible for this hypersonic missile namely fitium, the company owns 31.5% stake in fitium, it's greatwall technology group and it's on at least four of the major indices and the exchange traded funds that are benchmarked against those indices not the mention the fact that's held by new york state teachers retirement system and i'm sure many other states. that was a function of just a quick look. so what we are looking at here is another chinese military company that has evaded
6:40 am
sanctions. its parent company which owns a 42% stake but it's really frankly more controlled than that is called china electronics corporation. it's denied access to the u.s. capital markets and it's on the pent again's list of chinese -- pentagon's list of chinese companies and china great wall is free to be invested in by the american people who are helping fund its -- its predations. this is the kind of problem that we are having on the grand scale. maria: yes, and investors oftentimes don't even realize that they are, in fact, funding the expansion of these military companies who ultimately want to overtake the united states. they are in indices msci and merging market indices and in the ftse 100 russell and as you mentioned they are in the pension funds in new york and in
6:41 am
california. tell me more about your research, roger, and what you have found because you have found some 5,000 chinese companies that have never seen the light of day in terms of regulation, have not seen any focus from our government on these companies and yet investors are buying them in these indices. tell me about the research that you are uncovered. >> we were troubled at looking at chinese a share companies. these are companies that can be purchased directly out of the chinese mainland domestic exchange in shanghai and xanxeng. the u.s. indicatic providers load up on these companies by the hundreds of times or even more and they bring them in to the list that they use and are in turn more importantly used by asset managers like blackrock and others to build out exchange traded funds around them which are as you know investable
6:42 am
vehicles and that's where you have scores of millions of unwitting americans that are holding these companies and port portfolio. have they been vetted, does anybody that they are sanctioned by the united states or national security and rights abusers, the answer again is no. how many did we find? my fear that we might find as many as a thousand. guess what, we found over 4,200 and are still counting. and when we look at the over the counter market, yes, sorry. maria: go ahead. i was just going to ask you about the over the counter market. absolutely. >> well, you know, that's in a mirky territory in the best of circumstances but i've been lacking at this issue as you know, maria, for a long time and maybe greater detail than other
6:43 am
folks and i can tell you, i've never heard about the otc being scrutinized by the sec with new disclosure requirements and the like. how many chinese companies are there? well, roughly 900. so here we have over 5,000 companies in the portfolios of the american people that have not been vetted, that little if any diligence performed again from a national security and human rights point of view, not to mention the vast and best protection challenge that we have that we often talked about on the program. maria: yeah. i will tell you, where is gary from the securities and exchange commission, you make so many great points. 4200 chinese a share companies in u.s. passive investment funds. another 900 identified chinese companies in the over the counter markets who are not scrutinized, do not face sanctions, do not face the audits that the publicly traded
6:44 am
companies have been faced with. roger, we will keep focus on this and we so appreciate this breaking news this morning of all of these companies and to think that american investors are funding those hypersonic launches that china completed over the summer time. roger robinson, thank you. thank you so much for pointing all of this out for us this morning. roger robinson, jr. joining us. we will be right back with more election news. stay with us. ♪ ♪ ♪
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maria: welcome back, the democrat party on edge as virginia turns red and something that nobody ever expected in deep blue new jersey the governor's race now in a dead heat. we have more election news in two-minute's time.
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maria: welcome back, being to bar, chocolate making my next guest using or vested beans to create wide variety of products including organic and vegan and it's a family-owned business and women-owned chocolate businesses in the country. kate mcclear, kate, great to have you this morning, thank you very much for being here. >> thank you so much for having me. maria: kate mclear, i hope i got that right. we are all about small business and entrepreneurship on the program and we want to know how you got started. >> absolutely. so i saw a void in the marketplace for organic and natural chocolates when i was in
6:49 am
college at nyu and my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer during that time and we were really turned onto organic and natural foods as a result of that diagnosis. we became one of the first certified organic candy makers in the u.s. and from there we expanded our portfolio and became the first bean to bar chocolate maker in our state which is really exciting. we import our beans from haiti, guatemala, dominican republic and belize and make chocolates with the conscious. maria: oh, my goodness, how wonderful. kate, let me ask you about really getting started. here you have a small business that has resonated but there are so many of our viewers out there who would like to do that who know that they can do that, but they need the funding. practically speaking, how did you do it, how did that first amount of funding come your way? was this your savings?
6:50 am
>> it was friends and family as well as i went after every single grant opportunity that i could locate as well as pitch competitions so i competed in a lot of the mini "shark tank" style competitions in my state as well as at the tory burch foundation and i won tv competition this year during the pandemic, so i've gone and competed in all of the pitch opportunities because you never know unless you put yourself out there. maria: how great, kate, and where can we find your chocolate today? how did you manage to get your chocolate out there? >> absolutely. so we are one -- handful of certified women that own chocolate companies. we have our annual certification through we bank, women
6:51 am
enterprise national council and i guy through the program for women-owned businesses to pitch and land on products on major store shelves. we are the only one women certified and law firmed in wal-mart, cvs and and you can find our products in various grocery stores or on our website maria: did you see a change during the pandemic, how did that affect business? >> absolutely. i call this the most intense whitewater rapid ride that i've been through so all sorts of complications in terms of supply chain, increases in freight cost, increases in labor costs that have been mandated as well as market compression and you just have to be nimble and gritty and have overcommunication with our suppliers and vendors. we did have to turn down some
6:52 am
orders but we also, you know, navigated through at times things like palates became -- we couldn't get our palate supplier to ship us any so my dad and i went palate hunting. we saw ingredients become short on supplies. maria: kate, great to have you, congrats on your success. we will be looking for bixby chocolate, kate mcleer joining us. thank you, kate, we will be right back with more election news. ♪ ♪ ♪ hello cashback! hello, kevin hart! i'm scared. in a good way. i'm lying. let's get inside. earn big time with chase freedom unlimited with no annual fee. how do you cashback? chase. make more of what's yours.
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maria: welcome back, time for this morning hot topic buzz. how happy is too happy? toxic positivity or acting happy when somebody is experiencing
6:56 am
negative emotions might make matters worse. forcing ourselves and others to always be positive can be harmful to relationships and people's well-being. dagen, what do you think? dagen: despite the assumption that i'm a 24/7 sour puss, there's a difference when you see a stranger and even say good morning, nice to see you, i hope that you have a great day. there's a difference between that and oh, let's turn that frown upside down, do you have the case of the mondays. you need to buck up and just smile. nobody wants that. [laughter] dagen: not even the biggest as we say downtown magnolia mouth. we don't need to hear that from anybody. just mind your own business. move along. maria: tammy. >> i think there may have been -- i'm normally in the a morning person but this is fabulous and i'm with you guys but i was -- i did not get a lot of sleep because i couldn't pull myself
6:57 am
away from the happy republicans have won almost everything twitter and this i'm thinking the democrats are relating to this especially because they are very sad today and, of course, a lot of other people are very happy. and i think that they're probably going through that a little bit but, everyone, it's good to find out that happiness is a choice and life is something that you should be happy about so get with it. >> yeah, all right, the gop had a happy night last night and we will get into the glen counting kin's win when we come right back, stay with us.
6:58 am
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(kids playing) you still can. ♪ ♪ (blowing dust) when you have a rock you can depend on for life, you'll be unstoppable. that's why over 5,500 companies rely on prudential's retirement and workplace benefits. who's your rock? maria: welcome back. good wednesday morning, everybody. thanks so much for joining u i'm maria bartiromo. it is wednesday, november third. your top stories right now. upset in virginia, republican businessman glenn youngkin wins the governor's race as voters reject terry mcauliffe, voters
7:01 am
making it clear they're against the woke policies, particularly in the school system and want to give the power back to the people. >> we're empowered by a conviction, a righteous conviction in our children's future. we're strengthened by our collective belief in the virginia promise. so let's climb that hill together. maria: more coming up on this race. in new jersey, it is still too close to call. incumbent phil murphy and republican jack ciattarelli neck and neck in the garden state. we have all the election news all morning long this morning. let's take a look at markets and futures are searching for direction this morning. we are waiting on jobs numbers today. the dow industrials right now down 34, the s&p 500 down 3 and a quarter and nasdaq is up 9 points, but we are still in unchartered territory when we begin today's trading session. we're getting a look at the private sector with the october
7:02 am
adp report out this morning in about an hour's time, 8:15 a.m. eastern. yesterday all major indices finished in record territory, the dow finishing above the 36,000 mark for the first time ever. the nasdaq was up 53, s&p 5 p hundred higher by 17. let's check europe this morning, the eurozone markets look flat. the ft 100 right now in london is down 14. the cac is up half a point and the dax index in germany is lower by 8. in asia overnight, red across the board. take a look. japan was closed for a holiday. the others, fractionally moving. "mornings with maria" is live right now. and a big win for republicans last night in virginia. glenn youngkin projected to be the commonwealth's next governor, getting more than 50% of the vote while 48.6% p went for former democrat governor terry mcauliffe. we've got all angles covered this morning. let's get to collin mcshane,
7:03 am
live on the ground in richmond, virginia. collin, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, maria. we had a voter in the suburbs of richmond tell us yesterday she really liked the way glenn youngkin ran his campaign, he didn't bring in a lot of outside voices, that he spoke for himself. we know the message he delivered really resonated here. there's a party in the early morning hours at the youngkin campaign headquarters, the former businessman talking about lower taxes, talking about giving parents more say in how their children are he'd catted. pretty -- educated. pretty soon he'll be talking in richmond as the state's next governor. >> there is no time to waste. our kids can't wait. we work in real people time, not government time. [cheers and applause] >> so on day one, we're going to work. >> reporter: the economy and education were the big issues in this campaign. take a look a voters who
7:04 am
identified taxes as issue number one for them. 62% youngkin. education, that's traditionally a strong issue for democrats. not this time, 71% youngkin. terry mcauliffe was strong on the coronavirus but it wasn't enough to get his old job back. youngkin, he won it with an economic message but also with an education message, resonating with parents, especially in places like the richmond suburbs. this is a big turnaround in the state of virginia, first republican to win statewide in 12 years. the outgoing governor won by 9 points four years ago. this morning it's a republican and glenn youngkin set to be the next governor. back to you. maria: yeah. and this was all that the democrats were focused on this weekend, connell, because they are worried this is going to portend for news in 2022 and potentially 2024. connell, we'll get back to you
7:05 am
as more news develops. thank you so much, on the ground in virginia this morning. i am here this morning with dagen mcdowell and tammy bruce and dagen, it wasn't just schools, although that was the probably most important issue that leaned for glenn youngkin but it was also as you mentioned the grocery tax, it was inflation, it was national security issues and i wonder how much all of these failed policies out of the biden administration also played in here. dagen: well, joe biden on the ground in virginia, he managed to cross the potomac for a brief moment. he mentioned trump's name, what, two dozen times. that's all he had. and essentially called glenn youngkin a white supremacist. and so there was this -- and even from kamala harris, everybody who seemed to come to virginia to campaign for terry mcauliffe, there was this sense of desperation and i said this before, but desperation is the world's worse cologne.
7:06 am
the people in nebraska could of smell it coming off the mcauliffe campaign. a few things to note. virginia in the last eight to 10 years has wildly underperformed in terms of job creation when compared to north carolina. and that was part of the message from glenn youngkin. i think north carolina created 10 times the number of jobs that virginia has. and this is a message that glenn youngkin was bringing to all virginia, from the rural south side, rural southwestern virginia and even into the heavily populated northern part of the state. glenn youngkin outperformed according to 538, outperformed the 2020 benchmark in most of virginia's largest cities and counties. and one thing working in youngkin's favor, it was also winsome sears who won in the
7:07 am
state, former marine, she is a -- she works in prison ministry and ran a homeless shelter for women. the woman, there is nothing she can't do and she won the lieutenant governor's race and also jason miarez who won for attorney general. he is a cuban american descent but also in the background of all of this was doug wilder, he is the first black governor of any state in this country, a beloved figure in virginia, a real virginia gentleman. and he had been talking a lot about this race and he didn't come out against mcauliffe and doug wilder is a democrat. but he might as well have. wilder told this radio talk show host in july, mcauliffe called on ralph northam to resign. he didn't resign. and why do you now seek his support and sought his support for your candidacy, over and over again doug wilder kind of behind the scenes really -- he
7:08 am
said that glenn youngkin called him on the phone to talk about funding the historic black colleges and universities and mcauliffe basically had had nothing to say to him so that's who terry mcauliffe is. he's a shape-shifter, a smarmy shape-shifter. maria: when i look at terry mcauliffe, all i can think of is the clintons. i don't know about you. he's been so tied to the clintons and, you know, voters got fatigue perhaps and tammy, then there is this, here is vice president kamala harris campaigning for terry mcauliffe a week ago. watch. >> it is a bellwether for what happens in the rest of the country and what happens in virginia will in large part determine what happens in 2022, 2024 and on. maria: tammy, that is exactly the sentiment that was driving nancy pelosi to do that whole
7:09 am
dog and pony show last week while bringing joe biden to the capitol to come up with the smoke and mirrors that they had some kind of framework agreement to try to get a deal pushed through before we saw the results in virginia. it didn't happen for her. >> yeah, it didn't. i think what their worry was and it's happened is that any other weaker democrats are going to now peel off because they see the statement. it is an undeniable statement what happened around the country. she lost the power. even aoc campaigned for a woman who was challenging the incumbent mayor of buffalo and she went out there and this is going to be a big progressive win that her candidate won the primary but he ran as a write-in and he's winning by over double digits. so this is what we've got with obama and kamala harris, i believe damaged mcauliffe, damaged what the democrats are doing and they continue to do
7:10 am
so. maria: yeah. and you make a great point because there are a whole host of moderates there in virginia and surrounding areas. you have to wonder -- in congress. you have to wonder if they're looking at these results and saying let me rethink this, take a page out of joe manchin's book. >> exactly. maria: and rethink whether or not i'm going to go forward on the spending. the people have spoken. when we come back, virginia decided, new jersey is hanging in the balance. we will stay on the key gubernatorial races, so far new jersey is still too tight to call. we are talking with congressman jeff van drew from new jersey, he will weigh in coming up. in the next hour, utah congressman burgess he owe of os here. we'll get his take on election day. and facebook makes a shocked decision to scrap facial recognition system as more companies reject beijing's influence. don't miss a moment of it. you're watching "mornings with maria" live on fox business.
7:11 am
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7:14 am
maria: welcome back. time for to word. hillary: word on wall street, top investors watching your money. joining me now, head of u.s. rates, gregory theranello and the fitzgerald group principal, keith fitzgerald. greg, kicking things off with you. we're waiting on the federal reserve. futures are searching for direction ahead of what we'll hear from the fed on the taper plan. we're waiting to see what that means for inflation and interest rates. what's your take on what we may hear later today from the federal reserve? >> sure. good morning, maria. it's great to be with you on fed day. so we'll dive right into it. we certainly expect the fed to announce formal taper today. it's been a long journey to get here. but we do feel the fed will
7:15 am
start to pull back on these emergency purchases starting actually this month. so categorically, if you look at that, we'll take our cue from the fomc minutes, 15 billion likely per pont, they'll split that between treasuries and mortgages, consistent to what they've been buying all along. there is another schedule out, this all flows through the new york fed. we could see that reduction in assets start this month, if not this month, perhaps next month. and then take its course over eight months, per se. that takes us into mid-2022. keep in mind now, the fed will be buying in conjunction with that. so we still will have even with this reduction in asset purchases, we still will have another 4 to 450 of billion of purchases. secondly, i would say the statement, people are going to be watching the statement today, change in language. the last statement coming out of the september meeting, the fed certainly used the word
7:16 am
transient. we think that should be thrown out the door at this point. i think market can participants and all of us are well aware that this inflation is going to run well into 2022. so we'll be looking to see how they change that statement with regard to inflation, around employment. certainly, substantial further progress though, which is the benchmark for theseasset purchat you now both on the inflation side which they've set, had been met before this meeting but now certainly on the employment side. and then lastly, what i think is really most important, the theme in the marketplace right now, powell's presser. if you look at at global interest rates, we were on last month, we talked about the bank of england. they're going to be up on thursday, after the fed. that's a live meeting. they're potentially going to raise rates. if you look at the bank of canada, they said no more with regard to quantitative easing and in fact this timeline for rate increase is the beginning of 2022, it's on the table. you look at that time reserve bank of australia.
7:17 am
yell curve control. this -- yield curve control. this was a central bank the fed looked for when they were exploring yield curve control, basically said this week no more yield curve control. short end global yields have gone up a lot. the u.s. has gone up about 30 basis points so we're really interested to hear from the chairman here with regard to not just the taper, but what his views are on interest rates going forward. we have two priced in right now for 2022. maria: let me turn to the other issues that we're looking at in terms of inflation, spending, earnings and then we've got this governor's race and this governor win. what's your take in terms of the impact on markets? >> sure. so with regard to the inflationary pressures, they're everywhere. inflation expectations are extremely elevated right now. if you look at really all
7:18 am
metrics of inflation across the board, they're extremely elevated. so powell certainly can't walk away from the fact that whatter we're seeing is real. with regard to the election today, i mean, rate market i think likes it short-term. we're seeing a flattening in the yield curve in general. i would say an interest rate environment, we saw it the beginning of the year when we saw the georgia runoff, rates did move up quite a bit, quite substantially. i think any type of balance that comes into the mix here on the fiscal side is probably going to be he net-net positive for rates. maria: all right. keith, turning to oil and the inflation that we've been watching. your take in terms of the impact on the macro story. here's what president biden said yesterday at the u.n. chai matte summit. watch. >> take a look at gas prices and you take a look at oil prices. that is a consequence of, thus far, the refusal of russia or
7:19 am
the opec nations to pump more oil. maria: keith, can you imagine on day one he walks into office and kills the xl pipeline and now he's blaming russia and other producers for not producing more oil for the price of oil and gasoline, as we're swallowing 40 plus percent increases in gasoline over the last year, keith. >> i've got to be really honest. it is very hard to maintain any sense of decorum here. he killed the pipeline. he shut down leasing. he put the screws to the industry. he killed jobs. he has policies in place, carbon, et cetera, et cetera, that are killing the industry. for him to blame opec and russia which now have an incentive to maintain high prices is not only rich but delusional. regardless of which side of the political fence you fall, this
7:20 am
is clobbering america at the worst possible time and i better get economics education on how the world works. we do need oil, regardless of what he thinks about electric vehicles. maria: do you buy oil here or do you want to buy commodity or stocks, the producers. >> i would rather be buying the stocks right now. stocks like chevron not only are investing in the current situation but they're looking lg beyond. you want to play it as a transition as a continuum, not as an on-off switch like the president is. maria: we will leave it there. gregory, keith, good to see you, gentlemen. thanks very much. it is a jam-packed program this morning on election 2021. we're going to take a break and then take a look at new jersey. right now, too close to call. the governor of new jersey. republican jack ciattarelli has so far outperformed expectations in his bid to unseat governor phil murphy.
7:21 am
congressman jeff van drew is here and he will weigh in next. stay with us. ♪ ♪ ♪ hey google. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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maria: welcome back. the governor's race in new jersey is still too close to call this morning. republican nominee jack ciattarelli slightly ahead of democrat governor phil murphy. murphy had been leading in the polls in the final days of the race but ciattarelli has come from behind and is now leading. joining me right now new jersey congressman jeff van drew, a member of the homeland security and transportation and infrastructure committees. he switched parties from democrat to republican back in 2019 because of the bad behavior that he faced from his colleagues in the party. congressman, it's great to see you this morning. thanks so much for being here. >> always good to be with you, maria. maria: so i've got a lot of things to ask you about. i want to ask about the salt deduction that we may see come out of nancy pelosi's new spending plan but first let's
7:25 am
talk about this race. how surprised are you to see jack ciattarelli where he is right now and what do you think is most important to the residents of new jersey as they go to vote, as they went to vote yesterday? >> i'm not totally surprised because i know jack quite well and i campaigned with him, certainly did a lot of work in the southern part of the state with him and stood in for him and what i realized was he was really talking with people and listening with people and that's something that you see in virginia as well. and you know, there's a number of factors here why he did as well as he did. number one, he's a great candidate and would make a great governor. he's very engaging, he's smart and he listens. number two, he knew and we all know how many things are wrong in new jersey. it's not just high property taxes. it's also the way that covid was handled, the businesses that were lost because of the way covid was handled and then there was the way that the actual
7:26 am
government itself was handled by this governor. governor murphy when it came to unemployment, people got unemployment that shouldn't have but people who really needed it at the beginning of dough individual didn't -- covid didn't and i know that from all the activity in my office as we tried to help people. again, another issue of just government not being run well. packing older people, geriatric people in nursing homes and all the deaths that occurred and gave new jersey the worst statistics in the united states of america as far as covid deaths. again, the way that the policies were enacted by the governor. so what he did was distributing the covid vaccine was another issue, needed so much help with that because they really didn't do it properly and it was a huge issue. the way education is dealt with in new jersey and the wokeism and the lack of real education at many levels that we see, similar to virginia. again, where parents need to have more of a voice.
7:27 am
and finally, the vaccine mandates, what we're doing to our military, what we're doing to our businesses, what he is doing to those that work in government and at other levels, all mounted up and it's more than people can take and it's not only in new jersey, it's around the whole country. but we happen to have an election this year. a super blue state and we're tied. he's actually slightly ahead. unbelievable. maria: yeah. it's unbelievable but you really listed a good look at the issues that voters are taking into consideration as they decide on their next governor. i mean, job growth has lagged in new jersey and you're seeing streams of people leave the state and go to no income tax states. you know, whether it's hedge funds, large corporations or individuals moving out of jersey the way they're moving out of new york. so now as i reported weeks ago,
7:28 am
the salt deduction is on the table in terms of negotiation. i was told weeks ago that they wanted to increase the cap on salt to pay for the surveillance for our bank accounts. now senator bernie sanders did not a take kind throw the news, writing in a statement, this is beyond acceptable a, i'm open to compromise which protects the middle class and high taxes. i will not support more tax breaks for billionaires. let's talk about this and what this would mean. i mean, if you the take the deduction of salt, put that back in place, that is helping rich people in the face of what bernie sanders says he doesn't want to do. do you think that's going to be part of a final bill here? >> well, two things. and i don't know what's going to be part of the final bill because that particular bill is something that i think is something that shouldn't happen. and i don't want to have
7:29 am
anything to do with had that bill because it's going to spend much too much money on many things that we don't need. but let's just talk about this other issue a little bit with the irs monitoring our bank accounts. unbelievably bad, wrong, and invasion in my opinion of privacy and of freedom and the amounts were so small. i mean, literally -- it was going to be $600 in the beginning, literally. i don't know are we going to monitor kids with their lawn mowing business or children that baby-sit. i'm being a little bit sarcastic, obviously but that was just bizarre, had so many things in this administration are beyond policies that you disagree with. they're really bizarre, unacceptable policies. and that was one of them. maria: but jeff, the point that i made -- yeah, the point that i made weeks ago was that isn't this incredible that the democrats are wanting to help rich people in new york and new
7:30 am
jersey as a way to surveil the rest of us. they needed to raise -- they think that's going to raise $400 billion or so and that is going to help with the money they need for those auditors at the irs. that was the point that i made weeks ago when i first found out that they were looking at salt. initially i heard they were going to raise the deduction to 20,000 from 10,000. but congressman, your thoughts on whether or not these victories from republicans, potentially in new jersey, certainly in virginia, kill the overall economic agenda. >> it's going to make it harder. there has to be. first of all, democratic party has changed a lot. it's why i left. that old saying, you know, i didn't leave the party, the party left me. it's absolutely true. this has become an entirely different party. but there are still folks in that party that are somewhat moderate. at least somewhat moderate and have some sense. i pray to god there are at least
7:31 am
a few. i think they're really going to look at this and they're going to think, hey, this is a real message and if i want to come back to congress or if i want to survive politically or if i want to do the right thing, i've really got to listen to people. so i think there's a strong and loud message. and maria, it didn't just happen in the governor's races. take a look -- i know new jersey well. council seats, mayor seats, county clerks. maria: good point. >> across the board. municipalities that normally don't have republicans in those positions now do as of yesterday. there's a real change afoot here. maria congressman we're going to watch that change. it's always a pleasure to see you. congressman, thanks very much for weighing in as we await the final results out of new jersey. we'll see you soon, congressman. jeff van drew. stay with us. newt gingrich on the other side of this break. [gaming sounds]
7:32 am
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7:35 am
maria: welcome back. now this. an nfl player facing two decades behind bars after a deadly car crash near the las vegas strip. cheryl casone now with the details. cheryl. cheryl: that is right, maria. the las vegas raiders releasing henry rugs overnight. police say the 22-year-old was under the influence and speeding when he hit the back of a car early yesterday morning. this caused it to catch on fire. a woman did die in that crash. rugs, who is expected to face a judge later today, is looking at a felony dui charge which could result in 20 years behind bars. well, zillow announcing plans to lay off a quarter of the workforce as the real estate firm shuts down the house leasing business, citing unpredictable of forecasting housing prices. zillow was listing by the way 66% of homes that they were buying below what they paid. last month zillow stopped by homes because supply chain disruptions and labor shore shortagescaused a backlog of hoe
7:36 am
renovations. the stock is under pressure. finally this, niemann marcus unveiling the most extravagant gifts for the holidays. the annual christmas book highlighting gifts and experiences which include an electric hummer, a trip to portugal, a ski trip with lindsey vonn and a diamond of ring worth $6.1 million. actually, just a diamond. that's the most expensive one. items and experiences in the book start at 35,000 each. it includes the option to make charitable donations or you could spend a lot of money. those are your headlines. maria: thank you so much. republicans are reigning. fox news projecting republican glenn youngkin has won virginia, beating out virginia democratic gubernatorial candidate, terry mcauliffe, the first time a republican won the governor's mansion in virginia since 2009.
7:37 am
the race expected to be a bellwether for the 2022 midterm elections. in new jersey, the governor's race is in a dead heat. republican candidate jack ciattarelli is slightly ahead of incumbent phil murphy right now. joining me right now is former house speaker, fox news contributor and the author of the new book, beyond biden. newt gingrich is here. good to see you. you called it. we spoke on sunday. you said it's likely that glenn youngkin will win. he won. tell me what you think this means for the next couple of years and the midterms and the presidential election of '24. >> well, first of all, i think that the republican national committee ought to have an ad with kamala harris who said on sunday that as the results in virginia are going to tell you about 2022 and 2024, so i just want to align myself with vice president harris in saying that she's right. not just in virginia, but across
7:38 am
the country, you saw similar things. in new york state, for example, voters turned down an effort to create an a easier to steal election. they defeated a series of referendums the democrats had put on the ballot to make things easier to steal an election. in boston, the more of conservative candidate backed by the establishment won the mayor's race. in buffalo, the incumbent mayor won a write-in against a self-professed socialist. in minneapolis, the voters turned down abolishing the police force. and most amazing of all -- we talked about this briefly on sunday, what i thought was a great conversation. jack ciattarelli is 1,000 votes ahead in a race take take people thought he would lose by 6 or 7 or 8 points. bergen county had a 21 point swing from the -- carried by
7:39 am
biden just a year ago by 16, now carried by the republican, ciattarelli, by 5. that's a 21 point swing in one year. and i think that tells you what's coming. i believe if the republicans have the nerve to follow what youngkin did, to follow what ciattarelli did, which is listen to the voters, talk about schools and parents, talk about jobs, talk about crime, take the left head-on, don't flinch, but do it in a way that the voter feels included, i think you could see a 40 to 70 seat gain in the house and at least four seats in the senate and the stage being set for an amazing 2024. maria: yeah. i think you make so many great points. and you know, you mentioned that on sunday when we spoke that youngkin was focusing on things that mattered to virginiaans and not trying to he focus on donald trump the way terry mcauliffe was and the federal politics of
7:40 am
the day. bail reform backlash was certainly a big spurring in new york city as well. but i want to get back to the dirty tricks and the lying and the stealing and the cheating. i think voters are onto that as well, newt. look at the dirty trick that terry mcauliffe's people tried to play on glenn youngkin with the lincoln project taking responsibility for lining up people to try to smear glenn youngkin by making some crazy idea that he was a racist and then they had to admit it. then i saw an interview with the head of the lincoln project. his only answer to newt was, okay, that's called playing hard ball. they still see nothing wrong with inserting this hate into our country with lies. i think voters are onto it. >> look, i think in the old days we had similar be pell language. this -- simple language. this guy's scoundrel.
7:41 am
he defends total, absolute dishonesty, by the way, incompetent dishonesty. they were trying to prove youngkin was a racist. one of the people they sent out was black. who is going to believe this black guy is standing there holding a sign is a racist? a race that he's a racist against blacks. the whole thing was an absurdity. we should point out by the way, the first african-american elected state-wide in virginia won yesterday for lieutenant governor and she is both an immigrant, an army veteran in the military and very arrest articulate, intelligent republican. this is again the attorney general comes of -- is of latina stock. what you have happen is a much broader republican party a than we used to have. maria: yeah. and dagen brought that up earlier. i'm going to get to you in a second, dagen. first, i want to get your take, newt, on what this means for the midterms. here is kevin mccarthy, gop leader on this program
7:42 am
yesterday. watch this. >> remember, president biden won this state by 10 points. this race shouldn't even be close. with this race being close, it really has been a bellwether for what's happened in congress they the future and the state has moved more blue than before so i've got to give glenn youngkin all the credit in the world. this is a guy who has not run for office before, he's not bringing politicians in, he's only been listening to the people. maria: speaker, your touts on what this means for -- your thoughts on what this means for 2022 and 24. >> kevin mccarthy sent out a memo to his team, pointing out the lessons to be learned in virginia. i would add new jersey as an equally interesting place to learn some lessons. i think that kevin last year stopped all the experts in their tracks, they said he was going to lose 25 seats. he actually gained 15.
7:43 am
that's a swing of 40 seats which is pretty huge. kevin is working hard on the idea of a commitment to america. i think we're going to see house republican party that wins the majority. i think we're going to see kevin mccarthy as speaker, because following the youngkin playbook. maria: dagen mcdowell, jump in here. dagen: newt, watching everything that was going on in my home state, the more that the chatter boxes on other networks, news networks, the more that all the democrats labeled virtually the entire state, if you were going to vote for any of these republican as racist and white supremacists and the repellant stunt from the lincoln project turned out to be, you guessed it, repellant. where does this leave them? these are just marks of desperation. i'll just point out that the outgoing governor, ralph
7:44 am
northam, we don't know if he's the one in the klan hood or the black face. >> look, the fact is, first of all, that glenn youngkin carried the latino vote in virginia as part of his victory coalition ands has of course a latino attorney general who just got elected. the left's effort desperately to create a divided, racist tribal america, the kind of thing that led terry mcauliffe on the last weekend to say there were too many white teachers which is a purely racist comment, i think that's all collapsing. here's the big problem for the democrats. the they are a washington centered party. they think if they pass something in washington, it's going to matter. what matters is what happened to my wife last night when she filled up her car and it cost $72 to put the gasoline in. what matters is when people in maine find out what the cost of
7:45 am
heating oil is going to be this winter. it's real life. the cost of food, the whole screw-up of the logistics chain, that's what matters and that can't be solved by nancy pelosi twisting arms in the house. maria: and you write about what's next and how the republicans can use this as the beginning to take back america. newt gingrich, beyond biden, is the must-read. we will see you soon, sir. thank you. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ opportunities... are all about timing. ♪ ♪
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7:49 am
maria: welcome back. facebook is shutting down its facial recognition system. the social media giant using the system to identify users in photos, videos on a platform. facial recognition technology has been criticized over privacy and surveillance concerns. microsoft and amazon recently both suspended facial recognition sales to police and ibm outright ended sales of the product as well. joining me now is tech analyst and star ship capital managing partner, john meyer. there are literally hundreds of billions of images of all of us because of facial recognition technology. what is your analysis of facebook now shutting down this technology? >> well, first and foremost, i'm known as one of the biggest facebook/meta skeptics out there. each as one of them, i do believe this to be one of the most positive moves by facebook in years, largely because for
7:50 am
the first time we're seeing them literally go against their dna, go against their dna of bringing in as much user data as possible to increase engagement and sell ads and there's only one force behind this, i'd say, and that's apple with their big privacy push which is affecting facebook's ad business and affecting facebook's public perception as the entity that really just wants to sell your data. maria: yeah. i mean, i think it's really noteworthy the that all of these companies are recognizing that facial recognition is a page out of china's playbook and its surveillance of its citizens. but p i don't know if the horse has already left the station here. like i said, i know for a fact that there are hundreds of billions of images of all of us, several images, there are cameras all over the place. so many cameras in big cities. meanwhile, yahoo has announced it is going to be pulling out of
7:51 am
china. they're citing a, quote, challenging environment to operate in. many of yahoo's services were blocked in china as you know because of beijing's internet censorship, john. your take on what that says as you've got all these wall street companies gearing up to own their own businesses in china. what kind of a treatment are they going to get now that we know what beijing has done to tech and yahoo's decision to leave. >> so right before covid hit, my firm was spending some time in china actually advising tech companies and tech start-ups and i made the decision to pull out because of the same issues that yahoo is looking at and that is the fact that if you go into china, and i did this firsthand and meet people, they're tracked by the government. they have social credit scores. they can't take trains. it's a terrible place to live and do business. maria: yeah. we've talked about this, absolutely. john, it's great to talk with you, thank you.
7:52 am
john meyer. stay with us. we'll be right back with more election news. growing up in a little red house, on the edge of a forest in norway, there were three things my family encouraged: kindness, honesty and hard work. over time, i've come to add a fourth: be curious. be curious about the world around us, and then go. go with an open heart, and you will find inspiration anew. viking. exploring the world in comfort. as someone who resembles someone else, i appreciate that liberty mutual knows everyone's unique. that's why they customize your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. oh, yeah. that's the spot. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪
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maria: welcome back. time for the hot topic morning buzz. a new trend coming out of this pandemic, keeping it casual and comfortable in the digital and dating world. online daters are choosing to forget the makeup and throw on sweat pants for a first date to show who they really are every day. tammy, what do you think? good approach? >> you know, i don't think so. i mean, one of the negatives of the -- the many negatives of the lockdowns is that we like slipped in the nature of how we take care of ourselves, if we get dressed up. even when you are going out, here in new york i notice women do get dressed up and they look really good and they're with a guy who is in a t-shirt and a pair of jeans. like the guys aren't matching women dressing up.
7:56 am
i think it's a sign of respect. you want to impress somebody. and i think it's important just to kind of show yourself to somebody else, what you can do. so i think that's sad. i think going out is important and dressing up is fun and we should do it more often. maria: well, i must admit, i did go out the other night and i put on my high heeled pumps and i really liked it, dagen. i've got to disagree with dagen. i like keeping it comfortable in my uggs and sweats. dagen: there's a middle ground. and i know these things because i bought a lot of clothing that that is -- it's shimmery and it's a night on the town clothing but it has elastic waists. i have jeans with an elastic waist, a jump suit with an elastic waist. so there's a middle ground there. as long as men don't wear
7:57 am
flip-flops out, i think anything goes. maria: well, i was definitely liking my jimmy choos the other night. quick break and america decides, burgess owens is here, he will weigh in on yesterday's governor races and how more americans are rejecting progressive woke policies. it all starts next hour right here. "mornings with maria" is live on fox business. ♪ certified turbocharger, suspension and fuel injection. translation: certified goosebumps. certified from headlamp to tailpipe. that's certified head turns.
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half his life with you, the party of a lifetime. wealth is watching your business grow. worth is watching your employees grow with it. principal. for all it's worth. >>. . . >> welcome back. good wednesday morning. thanks so much for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo. it is wednesday, november 3 your top stories right now 8:00 a.m. on the east coast. virginia votes republican, gop businessman glenn youngkin defeating democrat terry mccarthy in hotly contested race for virginia governor.
8:01 am
>> this is our virginia to build together, and we are going to go to work on day one. maria: live this morning on the ground, with what it means to gop, in future races governor's race in new jersey this morning is too close to call. republican jack ciattarelli neck and neck with democrat governor phil murphy we're on the vote the counts all morning long, stay with us for the latest in, in, democrat eric adams will be the next mayor beating out republican curtis sliwa, markets searching for direction we are looking at a decline ahead of fr today fed finishes two-day meeting we are waiting to hear the tapering plans from fed at 2 pm eastern but before that, we will get october adp report 15 minutes sometime right now dow industrials down 52 s&p 500 lower by 3 nasdaq higher by 23 points, all three major
8:02 am
indices, begin session in unchartered materiality after record session yesterday on wall street, the dow industrials closing above 36,000 for the first time ever, gain 139 points, one third of 1% nasdaq, s&p 500 hitting fresh record highs at 4:00 on wall street take a look at european markets this morning, they are flat this morning, where ft 100 in london right now showing a decline 30 points for the cac quarante in paris up 14, and the dax index in germany up 11 points in asia overnight, red across the board, south korea worst performer kospi index down better than 1% japan closed the for a holiday, "mornings with maria" is live right now. . and topic a, big victoried for republicans last night in virginia, glenn youngkin he projected commonwealth next governor, getting more than 50% of the vote while 48.6% voted for former democrat governor terry mcauliffe we've got all angles coveredlet get right to virginia joining us
8:03 am
right now live from richmond fox business chief national correspondent connell mcshane, good morning to you. >> good morning, maria. you know we -- covering race enthusiasm gap was real when would matt turns out it was it did we saw on trail glenn youngkin big crowds energy terry mcauliffe smaller o crowds youngkin pulls off upset first republican 12 years er to win statewide in virginia came out in early morning hours this morning to greet supporters zeroed in on the one issue that very well may have driven him to the capital in rush monday, that is education. >> we're going to press forward with a curriculum that includes listening to parents and put a curriculum that allows our children to run as fast as they can, teaching them how to think, and enabling their dreams to soar.
8:04 am
>> for those who picked education top youngkin won big 71% traditional a strong issue for democrats, overall number one issue for voters here with economy pandemic was second, education third, youngkin won two out you have three mcauliffe came to virus his part did speak last night before race called briefly thanks supporters for work they put in but bottom line glenn youngkin campaign message resonated, lower taxes talked parental control in schools mcauliffe opponent a lot of time trying to link youngkin to former president donald trump that walk fired, youngkin won two-thirds of the voters who voted third party in presidential election last year or didn't vote he won them both back to you. >> yes, he did won independents thanks very much connell mcshane on the ground this morning in richmond i am here with dagen mcdowell, and tammy bruce, tammy, what a
8:05 am
race incredible to see how this all played out why was education so important because for 18 months, parents were able to watch behind their kids' backs, while on zoom, during a pandemic, to see exactly what they were learning and they did not like critical race theory theory did not like being a lot being told to kids what arrogance comments from mcauliffe to say we're not going to have parents coming in telling us what our kids should learn, are i said earlier i will say it again, what a mistake, you get between mama bear and her cubs you will see reaction. your reaction. tammy: the message was clearly, yesterday and will be through this year and next year, is don't mess with our children. and we are realizing it was arrogance kvent just what was instructed but attitude also some children being told to not tell your parents, what is
8:06 am
happening here. parents being told to not be in the room, it was a fascinating thing to watch it was an important wakup call because this has been going on this is not new. teachers are weren't used to having parents involved in day-to-day we saw that repeated, by mcauliffe that wasn't new i have to say, that remember that moment, when the numbers crashed for mcauliffe youngkin's numbers shot up fox news poll that shows firt 8-point lead, was started day after barack obama spoke on before of mcauliffe made his remarks about the phony culture wars, that was another submissive arrogant smug remark limiting notion that parents could care should care had any right teer involved that kind of rejection you've
8:07 am
got in new jersey, a fascinating dynamic where even silver 538 polling had that state expected d, plus 12 other races in new york certainly in new jersey, are also seeing this not making as much news but they matter, this is not going to stop i end with, the fact that many on the far left are saying just progressives saying they weren't aggressive enough about americans biden being racist now you are seeing it with media picking that right ip they are not going to let go, and this is going to be a major mistake, and we're going to see results of this in certainly in midterms because they are never going to stop. maria: wow, they continue get it cherry on cake has to be merrick garland, merrick
8:08 am
garland threatening to sick fbi on soccer moms after national school board said they could be domestic terrorists, unbelievable, the virginia race about local issues, but when merrick garland said that brought it all home your thoughts. dagen: national school board association a letter to president biden that white house helped work on, then one of the authors of that letter, was then given a nice post by said administration. the school board association so much backlash across the country walked the language back, merrick garland did not. so that was adding to the from terry mcauliffe quote i don't think parents should be telling schools what they should teach. he missed those words that was not a mistake god bless politicians that screws up tells you what he really thinks because offer the
8:09 am
weekend he told chuck todd, every won clapped when i said that he said that virginia needed to get rid of white teachers not lousy garbage competent teachers but white teachers he said the teachers -- he said teachers are the true heroes of the covid crisis, kids -- unions not stwul women and parents had to quit jobs to stay at home while kids, learned over zoom, but adding insult to injury, you see it on the other networks like msnbc and cnn, want to stick to the extremism comes in a police vest that anybody who voted for republicans pays white supremacist a racist, but by saying that, and continuing to push this message, they fail to acknowledge achievement of winsome sears she is the first
8:10 am
black woman, to win a statewide election. and they are ignoring that she is first woman and first person of color to be elected lieutenant governor of virginia, but they ignore her and so who is -- who are the racialists in that you will? it is the people on the over network claiming it is somebody else. gentleman one more question for thank you, dagen, but let's not forget i mean you are you talking about the whole narrative of teachered being heroes everybody is a hero unless they don't get vaccinated then fired with no benefits, i mean that is that is what we've seen, so far, here is kamala harris, last week, campaigning with terry mcauliffe watch this. >> it is a bellwether for what happens in the rest of the country, seeing what happens in virginia will in large part
8:11 am
determine what happens in 2022, 2024 and on. maria: so that is the question for the midterms as well as this massive multitrillion-dollar spending package do these results change things going forward? dagen. dagen: yes, in our -- the fox news voter analysis almost two-thirds of the country -- two-thirds of people asked thought country headed in wrong direction, that is biden and harris. . maria: yep. tammy. tammy: if i could just say too this is in fact a i think, a reflection of what already occurred will give more people hope, it will inspire people, they will be more enthusiasm but what is -- has happened here is a reflection of what is already happened in the minds of americans, american families american parents, you cannot put this genie back in the bottle, and democrats are going to go too far and so america is coming back!
8:12 am
i can tell you that much. maria: we want to hear we want to hear from utah congressman burgess owens we he will take a break voters putting democrats on notice congressman from utah burgess owens here on what last night's stunning upset us in virginia means for to midterm elections. >> mayor of one major u.s. city joining crypto crazy wants his next paycheck live on fox business. . ] [gaming sounds] [gaming sounds] just think, he'll be driving for real soon. every new chevy equinox comes standard with chevy safety assist, including automatic emergency braking. find new peace of mind. find new roads. chevrolet. find new roads. chevrolet. that was quick. and rewarding. i earn 3% cash back at drugstores with chase freedom unlimited.
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8:15 am
we've got breaking news on jobs let's get to cheryl casone with adp number hitting the tape market mixed into this anybody cheryl casone what can you tell us. >> cheryl: big beat on adadp
8:16 am
571,000 jobs, added 571. the expectation was only for 4400 thousand this is better than last monthu 568 predicted to be honest fed decision statement that is going to -- takes action today send it back i will say watch estimates for friday nonfarm jobs report at this point we are looking for 450, 400 is private payrolls, this big beat now adp correlates to friday, you can see a very strong jobs number come friday big story is the fed decision 2 pm back to you. maria: i like this report, because we see larger businesses, businesses with 500 employees are seeing job creation that was 342000 up, in overall number that was up 571,000, on jobs we will see what this tells us about labor
8:17 am
report, coming up, and, of course, the federal reserve, as well, strong job are numbers for the month october, we've got a mixed story this morning futures cheryl, thank you dow industrials still down 51 points comes ahead of federal reserve decision later this afternoon, at 2:00 pm eastern criminal bank will likely announce beginning to steadyly reduce bond a big how will characterize state of economy and inflation until now has been calling, transitory joining me right now global xetf senior vice president jay jacobs good to see you. thanks very much for being here what are you seeing in terms of etf and flow what are people gravitating cards. >> right now, transportation, we have had 6 1/2 billion come into funds, infrastructure bill, transitioning to electric vehicles, you
8:18 am
know, older sector that has not changed in almost 100 years start to see massive upheaval with spending, part of that transition. >> really interesting given supply chain disruptions we have been talking about the fact we have a labor shortage when it comes to truck drivers, really interesting to see that. tesla ceo elon musk raising questions about a deal widely celebrated by wall street tweeted no contracts have been signed in detail with request hearst 1 ploo 100,000 cars from less had a hertz said it had begun your thoughts what this does oum etfs do you think tesla is in. >> s&p 500, probably everybody in some has -- one point, you know, everyone trying to --
8:19 am
hitch wagon to, doing so westerly hertz, suppliers everybody wants to be part of this movement, just getting started, this year, looks like about 7% cars sold globally will be electric, might seem small but that is over four million cars that will be sold a dramatic shift from years prior where we really -- a niche product a luscious sport car only a few people buying so electric, news to that mass market a huge transition, for transportation. maria: yeah sure is really interesting stuff thanks very as much for weighing in this morning how would you like to buy tesla when it was down at 600 or so that stock has taken off, more than a trillion dollars, good to see you this morning thank you minneapolis voters shutting down measure to replace the city police department, yes utah congressman burgis owens will weigh in on that after the
8:20 am
break unusual harvard on golf course alligator steals the ball. you will never guess what happens next in this morning's big buzz. back in a moment. . [laughing and giggling] (woman) hey dad. miss us? (vo) reflect on the past, celebrate the future. season's greetings from audi. at vanguard, you're more than just an investor, you're an owner with access to financial advice, tools and a personalized plan that helps you build a future for those you love. vanguard. become an owner. how does amerisave deliver such low mortgage rates time after time? awesome question. see, the risk-based pricing model we use called yield spread premiums is displayed as credits or hits, depending on the --
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okay, cool. who cares? ♪♪
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8:23 am
maria: welcome back it was a night for historic victories for republicans last night focusing on virginia, glenn glenn to be the commonwealth next governor getting more than 50% of the vote. >> we're going to introduce choice within our public school system [cheers and applause] >> we're going to embrace our parents, not ignore them [cheering and applause]. maria: and new jersey governor race neck and neck this morning, too close to call republican nominee jack ciattarelli slightly ahead of incumbent governor phil murphy into election day as favorite joining knee utah congressman mesh of the judiciary education labor committee
8:24 am
burgess owens, great to see you. thanks so much for spending the time give your reaction, to what we saw happening, in so many races in particular, virginia last night. >> thank you so much maria, first of all i want to thank new jersey, and virginia congratulate americans, big night to see what happens when when americans wake up very, very optimistic have been for months my message -- i knew that once americans woke up way people woke up started talking to each other across party lines as -- that is what happened last night i expect a lot more because now the, what is interesting, what is the rest does not understand i knew when i was here -- do not mess with mama bear don't do it -- and if something would never stop once parents wake up realize kids at risk,
8:25 am
people doing for decades -- we are in good shape i am very excited about tonight very excited about what for 2022 for sure. >> burgess exactly what i have been saying do not mess with mama bear get in the middle of her and her cubs, i remember as a girl if i came home told my mother something that nuns did she grabbed my hand took me to school told them what the business is you do not mess with mama bear i want your take on something you said what does this mean, for the rest of country what does this mean going into midterm elections 2022? now that we see, that last 18 miniperiod parents were able to see what kids were learning understand what they were being taught they moved forward in a strong way. >> we have a tendency to live in a bubble so many good things, build businesses spend time with kids do things never
8:26 am
realize at doorstep is evil, evil called marxism american people understanding what it is no longer hypothetical seeing caught anger, that is not us, we look forward to light again i have never been more excited finally not talking hypothetical we can see inflation we can see, the border all things we o know not right lack of rule of law now waking up now getting people offside lines understand, on field action going to see more activity, more drifting back to our way of life, and i'm very very excited where we are at this point. >> well there were a lot of victories on republican side. overnight for sure one vote in minneapolis is garnering serious attention minneapolis rejecting measure to replace city police department, congressman, 56% of voters said no to this proposed
8:27 am
amendment that would have eliminated the police department replaceing it with public safety agency, this amendment drafted in response to calls to defund the police, following murder of george floyd in may of 2020, congressman you also saw a real backlash across new york, in in nassau county southern county because of this very issue, this democrat push to defund and reimagine the police your thoughts on minneapolis. >> hard left never understood we, the people don't know our history don't know who we are we do not like chaos we like security we like to be able to predict lives in a very safe way put up with massive characterizes messaging quite a while curtain pulled back we understand exactly what it looks like not hint, you takeaway, police particularly front liners a mess chaos, the left thrivers on chaos, they love the fact we are fentanyl
8:28 am
on bigger government that takes care of us us but god-fearing country we are we don't go to that i am excited where we are talking cross party lines more than everybody before once democrats independents, republicans start talking we mooif you might disagree on many minings but believe in our nation in our kids, that is what brings us together i'm very very excited about that process, of coming together on topic that we can all agree on that is our kids. maria: can you imagine yeah let's take police off streets, that didn't work out very well but we saw that coming, being congressman let me take you back to your form life when you were nfl great with the new york jets oakland raiders as a former nfl great, colin kaepernick stirring controversy comparing nfl draft process to slave action in netflix special listen to
8:29 am
this got to get your reaction after we play this. >> what they don't want you to understand, what established a power dynamic before they put you on field -- no boundary respected. no dignity left in tact. maria: wow, congressman you tweeted out how dare colin kaepernick compare evil endured by so many ancestors to bunch of he plirnz mill i don't know sairz choose to play the game. >> this man is totally includeness sad to say this is voice of a marxist, nfl black and white players every unreasonable you can think of, what the left love to do is fill dream of our young people whoever that might be, and i
8:30 am
say keep in mind kaepernick not only made 12 million dollars in nfl last year but a bunch off nike face of nfl face of nfl in china, chinese nfl team there team, so they now understand this is what this is what i am going to say nfl commissioner, we have available lot to look at by the way, rays, put together last week in which giving to black and white players the test for black players presupposed lack less intelligent, in 2021 not hearing from kaepernick from nfl trying to keep it quiet will not happen truth comes out we hate racism period country will not tolerate nfl not -- nike -- tell how american dream should work out we should not trust those guys
8:31 am
they are about the gallon globalists have a different idea than we do don't worry about kaepernick he is going to be a footnote in the future believe they happy to see moral capacity from kentor when he called out nba chinese genocide going on from ccp quick before you go, why is it that the democrats think they can just start throwing around race you are spot-on we hate racism, but every time there is an election, the democrats think they can just throw around race issues somebody said the other day well in two years we will hear it again systemic racism they come out every time an election to try to dithe vide us, it is dying it has always in process of doing before guys started
8:32 am
trying to -- we do not like hatred do not like anger our country toward the light always remember that in a big tech way, next couple years for sure. >> right-on great to see you this morning thank you o so much for your leadership. . >> burgis owens joining us see you soon, in d.c. this morning stay with us. we'll be right back. .
8:33 am
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welcome back walgreens provide covid 1 vaccinations to eligible children beginning this week cheryl casone with details cheryl: that is right, maria. walgreens announcing it is going to begin vaccinating children 5 to 11 saturday in select stores nationwide on heels of cdc approving shots for this age-group decision makes 29 million children eligible according o kaiser family foundation only three in ten parents say they are going to immunize kids right away, higher by more than a
8:36 am
quarter percent in premarket. >> san francisco police department is placing 54 officers on leave after they failed to meet the city covid vaccination deadline, the department claiming staffing shortages not going to impact ability to protect residents as crime surges in that city homicides up 9%. >> workers continuing strike youn employees rejectingcrat offer the proposal for secured deal defeated by 55 to 45%, would have given immediate pair operative 10%, 8500 dollar bonus, premarket down more than 2 1/4%, and this is this atlanta braves 2021 world
8:37 am
series champs braves beating astros 7-0 in game six in how an completing run after below 500 the majority of the season and lost best player to a to me injury in july first title for the team since 95. a slap in the face for mlb in a don't miss with karma pull all-star again out thank you so much don't mess with mama bear don't mess with karma big night for goplast night nos news projecting glenn youngkin will be first republican in virginia governor mansion since 2009, are over in new jersey, governor's race still too close to call this morning, republican nominee ciattarelli is slightly ahead of the democrat governor phil
8:38 am
murphy murphy ahead in polls in final days of this race joining me right now washington examiner editor in chief hugo, great to see you this morning thanks for being here, what is your reaction to what we're seeing? it is a lot of republican victories across the country. virginia, we are looking at that close race in new jersey, and many d.a. offices going republican throughout new york and long island as well. your thoughts. >> that is right, maria. it is a red wave, right up into new york city council four republicans elected, what we are seeing extraordinary thing harbinger what is to come in virginia one of the really important things, glenn youngkin ran a really disciplined message campaign, he was talking about cutting state taxes, and talked about state you know giving -- making schools accountable to local parents. he ran a campaign remembered politics should be local.
8:39 am
what we have been writing about washington examiner restoring america the democrats have forgotten don't want to hear from local people they don't want politics decided democratic according to what people want where they are want to impose national agenda exactly what mcauliffe did in virginia, one of the big reasons why he lost. when parents made it clear didn't want this agenda pushed on children in schools he basically told them get loss at well winning issue for glenn youngkin. so, what we've watched, is across the nation, basically seeing people the scales falling from eyes realized democrats present themselves on side of the little guy actually want experts to impose ideological agenda
8:40 am
mcauliffe got randy weingarten teachers union boss, sort of, enemy number one for parents i think, campaign with him saying we don't care what you warrant want we are going with unions with ideology. maria: can you ave more of a tin area people that you have campaigning for you, randy weingarten kamala harris, joe biden, who say policies are being slammed and obviously, have failed. and what i like about the story the people taking back their liberty and their freedom, it is the people coming out saying no, no, no no this is not what we want no, no, no not what i want my children learning they know they are pushing back on the lies that we are hearing from joe biden, like, for example, multitrillion-dollar package on spending costs nothing then yesterday biden claimed wage growth for american workers
8:41 am
has outpaced inflation in recent months, no, it hasn't it is costing more for everything, data from his own administration, shows it is not true, inflation rose to 5.4% in september, compared to year earlier nachz highest rate 13 years wages, the same time rose 4.6% year-over-year, real wages are actually declining, 8/10 of a percent, when we see increases in fuel, double-digit he increases in food we know it is taking a chunk out of any increases in wages we got so again, is it incompetent or actual lies that people are just stupid? exactly that they treat people as if too stupid to govern they want experts don't want ordinary people, you are right 5.4 year-over-year running at
8:42 am
6% joe biden took office, unless getting 6% pay raise in your monthly check you are losing the value of your pay because inflation is running faster than wages opposite what joe biden said, this is all -- you know the congressman your guest bull's-eye people are waking up seeing they have the authority and power to take back the government and govern for them they don't have to accept this sort of ideological nonsense being imposed on them. >> this administration does not care about taxpayer per money late proposal to give a million dollars per family to illegals separated at you borrowed 450 a headed really. >> 86 billion dollars on the ground in afghanistan a hundred million dollars materials unused at the border
8:43 am
wall a crisis going on pushed more spending as would cause double-digit increases for kitchen table items hugo the people are reacting, that is the bottom line i think that is what we are seeing this morning we will keep talking about it with i please come back soon joining us from the washington examiner miami embracing the crypto craze we are on it stay with us. . this isn't just freight. these aren't just shipments. they're promises. promises of all shapes and sizes. each with a time and a place they've been promised to be. a promise is everything to old dominion, because it means everything to you.
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maria: welcome back. biden administration says stable coins could be a viable form of payment for americans built need to be regulated issuing only by banks digital currencies like the dollar stable coins could support faster more efficient, more inclusive payment options joining me right now former principal deputy solicitor of under trump administration former acting assistant secretary of treasury under president george w. bush as well gregory, good to see you thanks very much for to being here give your sense how digital economy will evolve, will it include stable coins? >> thank you so much for having me maria. last episode you spoke so eloquently about freedom and people wanting freedom. and you know, what stable coin is about is freedom people
8:48 am
don't trust national currencies anymore because obviously, governments have been printing money, why bitcoin was invented what we've seen with biden administration pronouncement is an attempt to fight back the urge people have to get control of their finances. maria: could yeah i mean i think you make a great point, but we're trying to understand where crypto is going, overall, stable coin and some other cryptos bitcoin ones showing on the screen, ethereum litecoin the main of miami frances suarez said would take next paycheck in crypto tweeted i am going to take my next paycheck one hundred percent in bitcoin problem solved mayor big proponent of the crypto said he was working on paying city employness bitcoin your thoughts what this says about
8:49 am
crypto. >> should have done it have this summer with bitcoin was trading in 30s now a lot more expensive, but, from interest taxpayers, you know i think, it makes the same point people have lost faith in governments that continue to print money seemly without end if you look at running up three trillion-dollar deficit this year where does that come from? it is ultimately printed, i think folks look to bitcoin cryptocurrencies as an alternative maybe a better play in potentially very inflationary environment. >> quick before you go how do you think crypto is going to be richard what do we need to understand on the horizon here. >> i think seeing attempt by regulators to get hands around something they still don't really understand, and as president's report said they need legislation to do it. i'm not sure congress is going to act anytime soon on this
8:50 am
might be we continue in this sort of gray area. maria: all right. we will be watching that have you back to talk about it good to see you again thanks very much, joining us this morning we will talk soon quick break day at golf course takes a wild turn to have you see who shows up in big buzz. back in a minute. . on travel purchased through chase with chase freedom unlimited. that means that i earn 5% on our rental car, i earn 5% on our cabin. i mean, c'mon! hello cashback! hello, kevin hart! i'm scared. in a good way. i'm lying. let's get inside. earn big time with chase freedom unlimited with no annual fee. how do you cashback? chase. make more of what's yours. black rock silver is bringing new life to a historic silver district, the second largest in the silver state of nevada with multiple recent high grade discoveries, black rock
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. maria: welcome back. morning movers zillow is sinking shutting down home buying business news amid weak third quarter report stock to open at lowest level more than a year decline 14 1/2%, on that move to end the home buying business. then bed bath & beyond skyrocketing premarket
8:54 am
announcing a partnership with kroger, accelerating share buyback home retailer stock one of the most he heavily shorted on wall street a classic short squeeze, it is sparking gains in other shorted stocks gamestop ambiden bed bath & beyond up 54 1/2% gaining half value in morning session, quick break then not unusual to run into hazards on the golf course one golfer found something he will never forget coming up in this morning's big buzz. . ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪ this is my granddaughter...she's cute like her grandpa. voya doesn't just help me get to retirement... ...they're with me all the way through it. come on, grandpa!
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♪ ♪ >> welcome back it's been a big buzz of the morning, an unexpected visitor at the golf course.
8:58 am
an alligator interrupted a group of golfers on a mississippi golf course and steals a player's ball. he popped it in his mouth, left the course and slid into the pond. how do you like that, would you stick around to film this? >> i love reptiles in general you can count on a gator to beat it again are in a state to be a snake. tammy bruce has much better information about alligators. >> i love them because they like dinosaurs. it's the closest thing to get to a dinosaur. but the women alligators are actually incredible great parents. they defend their eggs, they wait and wait and if there like the mama bear's of alligator world. then when the little babies are born, they begin to chirp and the mom carries them in her mouth. they are really incredibly great parents, the dads, maybe not so
8:59 am
much but the moms are pretty incredible. go alligators. maria: we are wrapping up what has been an incredible historic program after a historic night. dagen, we still do not have the new info on the new jersey race, it is too close to call with jack ciattarelli really coming one point ahead of phil murphy. your thoughts on where we are here after the victory in virginia for glenn youngkin? >> i knew something was up because within a half a century, my father never put a sticker on his pickup truck for any candidate but he did for glenn youngkin. he was putting up signs saying glenn youngkin. that's what happened. kudos to my dad. 85 years old putting up signs. maria: kudos to him. tammy, your thoughts with new
9:00 am
jersey, still too close. >> very exciting. we see that in 70 different races in new jersey and let's hope they come through. it would really be a complete change throughout the country, it's very exciting. maria: dagen mcdowell, tammy bruce, great to be with you. thank you for watching. we will wait for the federal reserve at 2:00 p.m. to get the conversation. "varney & company" begins right now. stuart: good morning, everyone. see the smile. some of us have been up all night watching the election results. for those of you tuning in, here is the news. glenn youngkin pulled off an extraordinary when in virginia. he is the governor elect. a republican jack ciattarelli is in a virtual tie in new jersey with incumbent governor phil murphy. that may be the biggest shock of the night. there are a million by democrats in new jersey than republicans.


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