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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  November 2, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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creation of new yorkers for fair future committee f that foes through, de blasio could start fund-raising for a statewide campaign, run for governor perhaps. oh, bill, take your ball and bo home. that does it for us on "fox business tonight." "the evening edit" starts right now. ♪. elizabeth: we're in the final countdown off the governor races in begin were and new jersey. they're talked about as referendum on the biden agenda but is it about something more? could it be a new turning point instead of dividing people by race and identity and helping everyone with kitchen table issues? glenn youngkin rattling democrats with a enthusiastic visceral closing argument about that but terry mcauliffe talks up trump and talks about race but this race is very much about
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how the far left failed the white house. voters do not want the country run by people who hate it. nearly half of democrats do not want biden to top the ticket in 2024. joining us tonight, congressman morgan griffith, kat cammack, forms media chair steve forbes. dr. mark siegel, ford o'connell and border patrol president brandon judd. republicans demand attorney general merrick garland show his evidence for why he aimed federal firepower meant for jihadists at parents upset with things like sexual assaults at public schools or porn at school library is are. terry mcauliffe says parents should but out, should not have any say what schools do. voters in minneapolis deciding whether to get rid of their police department as minorities nationwide said no, fund the
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police. give police more money. we're getting slammed by violent crime. more of the story we brought last night, will powerful defense contractors be the ones to turn the tide against vaccine mandates? the hypocrisy of biden's climate agenda, shaming, taxing you over your carbon footprint but republican senators say to the white house, show us the size of your polluting carbon footprint for your gigantic costly entourage to the u.n. climate junket in scotland. this hypocrisy, china's communist president said he was blocked to telecast into the summit. more on biden's outrageous plan to pay illegals 450,000 bucks. new, alarming numbers on drug traffickers are exploiting biden's weak border. they are hammering cities with powerful and fatal drugs like fentanyl. i'm elizabeth macdonald. "the evening edit" starts right
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now. ♪. ♪. elizabeth: welcome to the show. you're watching the fox business network. we begin with polls closing in just an hour in virginia, then later in new jersey. both are bellwether races on the national mood. the shocker virginia democrat mcauliffe was the clear favorite in the state that biden won by 10 points but polls have mcauliffe tied or trailing republican glenn youngkin. his rallies are now bigger than mcauliffe's. connell mcshane is live on the ground with more in virginia. connell, it is good to see you. reporter: good to see you as well, liz. talking to the voters you have interesting conversations. you were speaking about this in your open on this about kitchen table issues. the economy is huge issue in elections we cover. it is strong for republican glenn youngkin. you talk to terry mcauliffe supporters i had one with conversation she was motivated to vote by climate change. more than anything else, this
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race, this year in virginia, so many voters tell us education is the main issue driving them to the polls. take a listen. >> i mean i think it is very important parents are involved and have a say in what is being taught in the schools and definitely have a voice without being shut down. >> it is pretty shocking how he marginalizes the citizen and their input to something as simple as raising your child and put on education. reporter: glenn youngkin was focused on this education issue at his rally. we were there last night up in leesburg, virginia. he has the advantage among voters focused on this issue, who make that their number one issue. earlier today a stop in northern virginia youngkin says it was humbling for him how far his campaign has evolved over the last 10 months or so, he said himself he is not there yet, not done yet. terry mcauliffe has been the governor before. this has been a blue state.
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if mcauliffe is the story, the state stays blue. if youngkin wins it might be education that pushes him across the finish line. back to you. elizabeth: great reporting. connell mcshane, good to see you. we have morgan griffith of house energy and forbes media chair steve forbes. great to see you both. first to you, congressman, are democrats in panic mode, resorting to racial issues to win, not pocketbook issues like taxes jobs. look at this, terry mcauliffe campaign staffers physically block the media from asking mcauliffe questions. that exchange captured by journalist nicholas velasy. what you do say about this. >> the mcauliffe campaign is in panic last couple days, last few weeks, because parents matter. glenn youngkin has been pushing that. you had the failure of the biden administration on so.
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issues. terry mcauliffe says the parents should be involved in students education. that lit the fuse for the final stages of this campaign. we're being successful. we're seeing great turnout in the red areas of virginia, and okay turnout in the blue areas. elizabeth: what do you think, steve, to the congressman's point? the race was not about trump but he kept bringing up trump. there is widespread skepticism about democrat leadership. you saw the nbc poll. 71% said we're on the wrong track. half of independents say that. what do you think about that, steve? what is your word? >> the fact you can't run against rum trump. youngkin ran a great campaign focusing on issues, educated, the hated grocery tax and things like that. mcauliffe, they ran a great ad against mcdonald where he says trump, trump, trump, trump, like a tweeting bird every time he brought trump up. i think virginia voters see through it.
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the education thing is very important. people are really reacting, really adversely what happened during the shutdowns. where the teachers union said we run things. we don't want the schools to reopen. that is why you saw education savings account pass in west virginia and kentucky and parental movement elsewhere. seeing it in virginia, starting to see it in new jersey as well. parents want to control their kids education. elizabeth: they don't want to coparent their own kids with the government, right, congressman? mcauliffe has two problems. the education issue it exploded into a brand new movement after mcauliffe told parents to but but out. on sunday mcauliffe says parents allow parents to say what is in school libraries when porn has been found in libraries. what do you say, sir. >> parents should be involved in
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the school's education and kids education and i want to be involved in their education. i want to know what is going on. i have a right to be participant in that. terry mcauliffe said i don't have that right. parents don't like that. they have been doing things with the magnet schools, trying okay we don't want to have the best schools in the country. we want to do difficult things because of equality. wait a minute. we want equal opportunity for the best education they can get. that doesn't mean you dumb down the better schools in order to get there. elizabeth: congressman, to his point, steve, terry mcauliffe vetoed a bill, vetoed a bill in 2016 would have left parents to see what is inside of school library i ares t was terry mcauliffe's administration starting in 2015, yes push on critical race theory. watch glenn youngkin last night. watch. >> first of all, this is about parents and terry mcauliffe wanting to put government between parents and their children. we in virginia have a law that
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says parents have a fundamental right to make decisions with regards to their kids education. i stand for it. terry is against it. it is that clear. voters are standing up to against terry mcauliffe. he is the godfather of the modern day democratic party. he didn't know what else to do is introduce race into this. i tell you, sean, i will not be lectured by a guy on race who embraces someone who wore black face, asks him to leave and has somebody on his ticket who wore black face. elizabeth: that was about virginia governor northam. so you know, martin luther king's vision of a color-blind society is being upended here, steve. what do you say? >> well that's right. i think most american people are adversely reacting to that. i think again we're seeing a movement where the money should be controlled by parents to choose the best schools for their kids. each kid is different. so you may have a great school in your neighborhood but may not be right for your particular child. so let the money go to the kids. i think that movement is going
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to grow. it is the taxpayer's money. they should be able to determine where it goes best meet needs of these children and not bureaucrats standing in the way, blocking kids getting good education and parents not able to determine the best curriculum. we know it works in schools. elizabeth: to what steve is saying, also this, terry mcauliffe is turning to the democrat playbook saying republicans are racist, sexist, misogynist, homophobic and xenophobic. has the lincoln project using democrat staffers standing as tiki torch bearing. parents are outraged, that the gentleman who ran the urban institute said wait a second, terry mcauliffe is introducing a dog megaphone. crs is about dividing students about race. what do you say about all of that? >> i have to agree crt is about
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dividing students on race but i point out we have the most diverse candidate. our lieutenant governor candidate, winston sears is from jamaica. african-american. attorney general candidate mother came from cuba. we have the most diverse ticket than any party in the state of virginia history they want to call us racist. it is absolutely absurd. elizabeth: separate issue steve forbes about the push for mail-in ballots. voters are showing they have low trust in voter integrity. nbc poll shows 66% are confident their vote will be counted accurately. that is down from 85% in october of 2020. are you worried about be a be send tee ballots and mail-in ballots in this race. >> i hope not. it goes to show early voting has to be looked at again. one thing if you're away and need an absentee ballot. what are campaigns about?
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campaigns about making issues, enabling people to measure candidates. why let people vote in september when by november they may say hey i think education is really an important issue. i didn't realize it in september. i would like to change my vote. we should encourage voting on election day. that increases integrity and better political environment. elizabeth: we'll watch the virginia and new jersey races tonight. thank you, congressman and steve forbes. later we'll get you updated on the voters in minneapolis deciding whether to get rid of their police departments as minorities nationwide say, wait a second, give more money to cops. our neighborhoods are getting savaged by violent crime. progressives like cori bush are trying to win over moderates like joe manchin by bullying him. calling opposition to their far left agenda as racist. coming up, dr. marc siegel, the story we brought you last night. will powerful defense contractors be the ones to turn
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contributor dr. marc siegel. doctor, you and i talked about how important it is to get vaccinated. people understand how dangerous this virus is but, doctor, the white house is now dialing back the biden vaccine mandate for government contractors like boeing, lockheed martin, textron. the defense contractor workers don't like the mandate because they have been the ones to push back on this and turned tide? what do you think? >> i saw the story you broke last night, liz, i agree with that. i think the tide is turning in that direction. i think it is happening with american, united, southwest, they will dial back this and push back. you also went over the reason. because people that put themselves at risk of covid buy dealing with the public, by dealing with the high volume of public and maybe even got covid are really angry and upset to have a rigid mandate forces on them which doesn't include other options like testing, like counting natural immunity from infection. all the things that make
6:18 pm
scientific sense are excluded. just a rigid my way or the highway and one more thing, you realize some of the impact of the vaccine is waning over time, to the point where you can now transmit it. you may not get in the hospital, may not get a severe illness, but until you get a booster more likely to transmit it. how does the vaccine mandate make public health sense? elizabeth: i hear you loud and clear. the white house is saying federal government contractors won't have to show proof by the december 8th deadline and contractors will determine whether the employee has sincerely held religious belief or medical condition that says they can't be vaccinated. non-compliance could result in a loss of a federal contract. they say they will dial it back because they cannot lose defense industry contract workers. they need them. so that is a major pushback, doctor. so you wonder if this sets the stage for other vaccine mandates
6:19 pm
to be rolled back? again, people can be pro vaccine but against government mandates. that is the distinction, right? >> right. i'm usually pro vaccine but i'm against the rigidity of mandates and i want to see testing as an option, because after awl we're all on the same page here. we want the public place to be safe but may be rapid test something a much more accurate way to get there. the point you made by the way about economic hurt, you know, we lose defense contractors, we lose airlines doing holiday season that will kill the economy even more. elizabeth: yeah. >> so we have to figure out a way to do this where we invigorate the economy and superimposed threats and mandates and police actions almost are going to do the exact opposite. they will squash our economy at a time when we need to it recover. public health first. vaccines yes. elizabeth: you make an important point because there is labor shortages hitting the supply
6:20 pm
chain. we have first-responders, nurses, excuse me, hospital workers, firemen, police officers that we turn to help with the pandemic, now they're saying get, if you, if you have no jabs, you will have no job. feels unfair to them. people are really scared of the vaccine. let's listen to the fda advisor dr. rubin after the fda voted to endorse vaccines for kids. the cdc just approved pfizer vaccines for as young as children age five and up. they don't know whether the vaccine is safe. watch this. >> but we're never going to learn about how safe the vaccine is unless we start i giving it. elizabeth: did you hear that? we'll never learn how safe the vaccine is until we start giving it. is that the right message, we try out a vaccine on the general population? >> no. i have another way to look at it. there is 1/3 of the dose, liz. kids at high-risk
6:21 pm
hospitalization, obese, cancer, chronic health conditions. i think they should get it first. i think it is clear cost benefit analysis is in favor of that. we will not try it out on kids. we need to give it in kids, safe in 16,000 kids that got it. 1600 is not 16,000 or 16 million. we need to give to those at highest risk. the safety data will accumulate and make the decision for very healthy young kids at at the same time. that is the proper, rational way to do this. elizabeth: another thing is coming in. a judge on monday suspended the vaccine mandate in chicago, suspended the deadline for it for chicago police officers to be vaccinated but didn't interfere with the requirement that they be tested regularly. so that is happening too. we're just monitoring the vaccine mandates hitting first responder and in cities like l.a. and new york. you know, it is that, it is that distinction of you can be pro
6:22 pm
vaccine but antigovernment mandate. can you talk a little bit more about that and then we got to go? >> liz, you already said it, the issue is what about testing? if the vaccine is waning the rapid test may be more accurate. any work place has the right to say i want to test somebody before they come to work once or twice a week and i want to encourage vaccines and i think the key here is that it is coming from a government that seems insensitive and bullying. i think it is much better if a doctor is having that conversation. i can tell a patient why i think they should have a vaccine. i can explain how it is safe and how it decreases risk to society. you and i are pro vaccine. we don't want it forced on people. that has a very negative reaction and it will jeopardize and hurt the economy. elizabeth: forced on people by the federal central government, not as usually done by state and local governments according to the supreme court ruling in 1905. dr. marc siegel, thanks for joining us. great to see you. >> absolutely.
6:23 pm
elizabeth: still to come, we have outrage about the white house giving 450,000 to illegal border-crossers. that is four times what gold star military families get. biden weakening the border. fueling a drug crisis slamming u.s. cities. she's sures of fatal drug fentanyl doubling. we have more on the alarming numbers. congressman dan meuser on the hypocrisy of the biden climate agenda. shaming, taxing you on the your carbon footprint, senators say stop stonewalling, show us the size of your polluting carbon footprint with your gigantic entourage, flying airplanes and huge motorcades into the climate junket in scotland. the story next. our forward-looking views of the market. (other money manager) but you still sell investments that generate high commissions, right?
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elizabeth: welcome to the show, gop strategist ford o'connell. ford, also hitting the virginia race is this, republicans own senate and house judiciary saying ag garland has yet to turn over the evidence he used to aim federal firepower moment for jihadists to go after parents and call them domestic terrorists and they were protesting sexual assaults and porn in school libraries. he is stonewalling. he is still standing by his memo authorizing that. what do you say to this? >> i think the republicans on the senate judiciary committee are exactly right here because essentially what merrick garland
6:28 pm
did is that he used federal law enforcement to target concerned parents without a legal basis for doing so. it appears he did it at the behest of the national school board association and the teachers union. right now he is ducking it up. what is happening the biden administration is using federal law enforcement for political reasons and not for legal reasons. elizabeth: so they used the national security division meant to go after jihadists, to go after parents. ag garland testified he could not cite a single example of a threat of violence beyond news reports. he testified most of the quote, incidents leading to that nsba letter targeting parent not to involve threats of violence. he testified there was no evidence of widespread violent threats. what was he thinking? why did he fall, hook, line and sinker for a letter nsba then apologized for when his own son-in-law runs panorama, a
6:29 pm
consultancy selling toxic school agendas to school boards making millions off of that on things like crt? that is what the critics say, what do you say to all of that? >> attorney general merrick garland wasn't thinking. he was following orders from the biden white house who was taking their orders from the national school board association, which is an init grall part of the democrat's political machine. understand the teachers unions of this country, the democratic party are one and president biden is willing to do what they wish and want to quell the sense of school board meetings and schools across the country with concerned parents. one of the greatest things of the pandemic, parents recognize what is being taught in the school. they don't like it. i will say something else, liz, because of this action thank god merrick garland is not sitting on the supreme court because he has no judgment. nothing more than a democratic shill. elizabeth: senator tom cotton said the same. square this, help us out here,
6:30 pm
ag garland testified he missed newspaper stories about protesters, far left activists storming the department of interior to occupy it. he testified he did not see the stories about the high school girl raped in a public school in virginia but he then he said he did read newspaper reports about parent screaming at school boards across the country. are we to believe no one at the justice department informed him about protesters storming the interior department, and no one informed him about the sexual assault at that high school in virginia? are we to believe all that? >> yes, we are supposed to believe it but we should not believe it. you're absolutely right there is a complete double standard here. they are targeting concerned parent, concerned parents are basically a threat to the woke agenda that the democrats and school boards are pushing across this country and they're not interested in education. they're not interested in a different scope in history. they're interested in indoctrinating people. so you could have a whole new
6:31 pm
generation of aocs who will think and act like the democratic party. elizabeth: we have got analysts claiming on the other networks that critical race theory was not taught in schools in virginia. there is documented proof it has been. that terry mcauliffe's administration signed off on this and green-lighted it as far as back as 2015. and now this attorney for loudon county tried to throw in prison that father who was charged with misdemeanors. he was really angry at a school board meeting. he found out his daughter was sexually assaulted in a public high school and they covered it up. this same attorney campaigned to end quote, mass incarceration in the area but tried to throw that father into prison. this same prosecutor passed off the job of prosecuting that student who was moved to another school and assaulted another child. so what is going on in virginia? >> the same thing that is going on with merrick garland. there is a coordination between
6:32 pm
the school boards, the teachers unions and law enforcement. remember this lout lout commonwealth -- loudon county, she is soros funded attorney general. they push the woke agenda. they covered up a rape. they tried to throw the book at the father because he threatened the woke agenda. essentially the alleged person who committed the rape went on to do it again and the entire coverup is why you have the perfect storm in virginia. why youngkin is going to win tonight. elizabeth: ford o'connell. good to have you. come back soon. up next we'll have congressman dan meuser on the glaring hypocrisy of the biden administration chastising, and scolding you, wanting to tax you on your carbon footprint. republicans say now, stop stonewalling, show us your carbon footprint of your entourage going to the u.n. climate junket in scotland. we have the story next. stay right there. and having more of them is possible with verzenio.
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♪. elizabeth: let's welcome to the show house foreign affairs, small business committee member, he is congressman dan meuser. congressman, good to see you. it is pretty surprising chinese communist dictator xi xinping says he was blocked, he was not given the option to go green in teleconference by video link, address to the climate junket in scotland. we had thousands of politicians and activists, flying jet lanes and in motorcades, why block teleconferencing for the chinese dictator? >> i can't speak to that. much is normally mismanaged by the biden administration. elizabeth: this wasn't biden t was a u.n., it was britain saying we wanted people to be physically there. it was uk and scotland saying that. >> if they were notified of that before or not but the thing is china didn't respect the conference. they did send just a few representatives but what is even worse is last month china gave
6:38 pm
some conditions to john kerry and the biden administration stating that hey, we'll only talk about climate change issues if you promise not to talk about taiwan, covid, or human rights. so that's where china started. i don't know what russia's excuse was but maybe they saw this as a, as a ex-boy say of a lot of pontificating and really nothing getting done in the end. we joined something called the paris mat a accord treat think, there is no accountability at all on the world yet we're extending all kinds of metrics what we're going to live up to. that is what makes the american people frustrated i think. we're all for let's work together to making the climate as economically feasibly cleaner as we can make it but we can't do it alone and that is kind of biden's stance. elizabeth: show the viewer what senate energy ranking member,
6:39 pm
senator john barrasso sent a letter to the white house, show us your total carbon footprint for the junket. how much travel was spent? how much it costs to taxpayers? did biden need to bring a third of the cabinet where he slept through speeches? that is what the accusation is. back to your point, the president said they would cap green house gas methane, but biggest polluters did not join the pledge. people are saying, wait a second is where is the diplomacy to get everybody on board and the same page? >> that is true. it is not realistic. our approach with africa. africa hasbun daunt natural gas resources. natural gas is the reason the united states is alone, the only industrialized nation over the last three years, we reduced our carbon emissions the last three years in a row. no other industrialized nation has done that and now we're
6:40 pm
telling africa we'll send you some funding but you can't use it for natural gas. it needs only for what we deem as green energies. i think natural gas is a green energy. certainly a transition energy. if that takes 10, 20, 40 years, so be it. by the way, liz, that is when india said they would obtain the same carbon emissions reductions as us in 2070. what accountability is that? elizabeth: we hear you loud and clear, natural gas is clean in its emissions. there is this, the white house, the president is saying, russia, opec, step up, we need you to pump more oil and gas. our gas prices are too high after his administration knocked out the u.s. oil boom. the president is saying, it is not rational to think we're going to zero out oil and gas overnight and move to renewable energy. it is not rational. >> it is not rational. elizabeth: i understand there are shifting positions here and
6:41 pm
end point to try to get there just talking about raising taxes on the u.s. taxpayer when other countries are emitting more gas. china puts out more gses than the u.s. and the developed world combined. people say, hey, wait a second what are you doing, right? >> it is the height of hypocrisy, really is, trying to be objective to plead with opec and the middle east to start sending us more oil and gas and rattle our own domestic markets that are of course far cleaner than could exist in the middle east. the levels of hypocrisy you are referring to. we also on top of that want to tax our producers which is causing supply shortages and bottlenecks and of course foods to be made more competitively overseas. it is upside-down economic policy agenda we need to turn right side up. elizabeth: there is also this, the white house reportedly will put a climate policy czar at the pentagon while communist china is rapidly expanding its
6:42 pm
military and moving on hypersonic missiles. you know what i mean? >> yeah, i do know what you mean, liz, and once again a high level of silliness actually. our focus is on wokeness. their focus is on national security and strength. we had better straighten it out. today is election day. i think we'll see signs of that. i don't think the american people are buying what they're selling. elizabeth: congressman dan meuser, great to see you. thanks for joining us. up next, congresswoman kat cammack. we'll get you updated on voters in minneapolis deciding whether to get rid of their police department. minorities nationwide are saying do not defund the police, give them more money. our neighborhoods are getting savaged by violent crime. keep it right here on "the evening edit".
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♪. elizabeth: joining us now florida republican kat cammack from house homeland security. it is great to have you back on,
6:47 pm
congresswoman. voters in minneapolis will decide whether to get rid of the police department. the department, congresswoman, is already down a third of its officers. homicides are skyrocketing in minneapolis and minority neighborhoods are saying wait a second, give cops more money. we're getting savaged by violent crime. what do you think is going on in minneapolis? >> it's a total travesty, and across the country. it is not just minneapolis. it is albany, denver, cleveland, tonight they're voting to defund their police departments and implement what is called a comprehensive public health strategy. let me explain what exactly that does. it replaces officers with social workers. i myself have done half a dozen ride alongs with various departments from my own district and elsewhere, with all respect to social workers and they do a great job, i wouldn't want a social worker on 80% of scenes
6:48 pm
i've been in just a ride-along. officers need backup, support, resources. if you're truly concerned about public health and safety in your communities you invest in your community. you don't divest the very people who are working and putting their lives quite literally on the line to do that. it is really, really tragic to see what is happening in minneapolis and beyond. elizabeth: polls show voters don't want police brutality. that is understood. they do not want to defund the police. this is the backdrop of widespread pessimism over the democrat agenda. senator joe manchin saying you know what? i may vote against biden's, $1.75 trillion social safety net. demanded greater clarity. democrat cori bush, when he did that, instead of sitting down to talk to him, she said you're ant ant i racist, anti-child, anti-woman and where we want
6:49 pm
figure that out and instead you have the far left bullying people? >> it is a sad day in america the last card to play is the race card and name-calling. it is nonsense. i want to know if cori bush has been to manchin's state and really sat down to talk to his constituents about their concerns and their needs? we have to get back to common sense, basic civil discussion. the extremes are pulling us apart. you hit right on it, liz, 47% of americans today are wanting to see more funding for police. in fact 34% of democrats admitted they need more funding for their local law enforcement. you couple that with the reconciliation bill that will bankrupt america and of course the crisis on the southwest border, you can't defend your hometowns if you can't defend the homeland. elizabeth: stick on that. there is an economic backdrop, there is an economic backdrop to this. we pumped nearly $6 trillion into the u.s. economy we're having a supply chain crisis and labor shortage.
6:50 pm
we're in stagflation. biden inherited a v-shaped recovery. it was running at 6 1/2% growth rate. it is running around anemic 2% growth. these are bad numbers. these bad numbers predate the supply chain crisis that surfaced in october. we're basically seeing a national nervous breakdown, not overstating it in the u.s. economy. we're blowing economic circuits. crabgrass is growing faster than the u.s. economy right now. it is bedridden. progressives are treating the constitution like build your own buffet salad. building new bureaucracies in state government, that clientele that keeps voting them back into office. your final word. >> the constitution says we have equal opportunity, not equal outcome. that is something the progressives forgot long ago. we need to get back to basics, economy back on track, secure our border, get your americans home from afghanistan. that is what republicans are
6:51 pm
focused on, in virginia, manchester, new hampshire, republicans will run will win races. >> carter lost to reagan in a landslide. up next, brandon judd, border patrol council president, the president is weakening the border even more. the drug crisis is really slamming u.s. cities. stay right there. tools and a personalized plan that helps you build a future for those you love. vanguard. become an owner. new projects means new project managers. you need to hire. i need indeed. indeed you do. when you sponsor a job, you immediately get your shortlist of quality candidates, whose resumes on indeed match your job criteria. visit and get started today.
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liz: we are going to show your reporting other networks have been doing. we've been covering this six years now so we seen illegals continued to stream across the board into the u.s., violating u.s. law. many by drug cartel and should be priorities. many are assaulted. others try to avoid authorities. for 50000 potentially half a million getaways in the last fiscal year. we are staying on this jovial with more. reporter: we've been watching steady stream of migrants across here into del rio, texas. they generally give themselves up right away to the national guard or state authorities here. many of the families with fencing today are from venezuela including a family of the youngest child age four that
6:56 pm
paid $700 apiece just to cross the river. similar scenes across the texas border all along that were in the foil. a group of teens and young men and women turned themselves in to authorities extra baseball field but not everyone does decide to turn no caps and especially young men. and vanhorn texas from a pickup truck was pulled over for speeding when police investigated what was in the bed of the truck, they found 18 migrants lined up head to toe back up on top of each other. criticism continues to remain on the biden administration over potential plans to compensate. families split up over the trumpet penetration separated children from as much as were $50000. it's not a letter of criticism from 11 republicans. liz: wait to see you, great journalism fair.
6:57 pm
national portal, brandon, you heard that story. your reaction? the white house is talking about giving illegal wall process separated under trump for $50000 each, that's about four times what goldstar military families, what you say to this? >> on this issue, it is disturbing especially when you hear steve talk about these people across the border illegally, he didn't mention border patrol, he talked about the national guard, he talked about police and vanhorn and now when you look at compensation the biden administration is talking about, it's another incentive for people across the borders illegally, we are overrun and that's why steve talked about different agencies rather than border patrol taking them custody and we talk about preparations, whatever you want to call it, when you talk about that, all you're doing is introducing another magnet
6:58 pm
that's going to draw more people across the borders illegally. it's the wrong policy and message and it's going to continue to encourage people to violate our laws. liz: there's that story and this, devoting an election. border patrol seizing more and more rational, more than doubling record high compensated in the prior fiscal year. drug cartel are moving fast on fraternal and drug through networks of the eastern seaboard through the carolinas into virginia, into new york and the southwest. the southwest is getting hammered with opioid drug addiction vicodin, oxycontin, percocet, they are loaded with percocet -- excuse me, fentanyl. this is hammering u.s. cities, u.s. cities are suffering under the order. what you say? >> what's really scary about that is even though seizures are
6:59 pm
up exponentially, teasing a lot more of the drugs across the border even though we are seizing a lot more, there is a flood of it in our streets so we are not keeping up with the flow coming in and the reason we are not able to keep up is because we are inundated with illegal immigration. as long as we continue to have to deal with this problem, it allows the cartel the gap they need, and allows them to create the openings across products into the united states and that's killing children. we look at this administration and the policies, have to ask, why are they pandering to illegal immigration just to show our children on the bus and that our children suffer with drug addiction, overdoses and they continue to die simply because this administration will put the proper policies in place. liz: over 11000 pounds of fentanyl. single-digit parents a decade ago, less than that, for
7:00 pm
decades. ten seconds -- >> if they dump the policies in place, we won't be able to go after the cartel or the drugs and it's going to be united states citizens who suffer because of it. liz: thank you. i am elizabeth mcdonnell, join us again tomorrow night. ♪♪ ♪♪ kennedy: it's a big night and we have you covid from every angle. an election clerk, polls have just closed in virginia. all-important governor's election i'm sure you've been hearing about and following. a referendum president biden's big government agenda as well as progressive politics that have divided a party information who's going to win it


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