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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  November 1, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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one. add $139 million to our tax bill right there. reckless border policies will cost us when we're all paying a lot more for almost everything. that does it for us on "fox business tonight." thanks for joining in and tuning into the show. "the evening edit" starts right now. ♪. elizabeth: guess you could call it a fly the phony skies. hundreds of world leaders flew polluting private airplanes to the climate junket in scotland. they drove polluting suv motorcades to get there in order for to you wake up, accept new gas taxes, reduce your carbon footprint. climate change is such a dire threat president biden caught on camera falling asleep after he left behind his stalling agenda, multiple crises and polls that show the overwhelming majority of americans say we are on the
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wrong track, including the majority of democrats say that. we'll take you live to scotland for the very latest. joining us tonight, senatorred to young, scott desjarlais, beth klein, beth van duyne, executive director of power the future, daniel turner, former wisconsin congressman sean duffy, former nypd lieutenant darren porcher. vaccine mandates, get jabs or no jobs. blamed for putting your health and safety at risk. the same essential workers got us through the pandemic getting put on unpaid leave. talking 9,000 new york city government workers this story coming up. the l.a. sheriff warns of a mass exodusp cops, but a judge suspended mayor lori lightfoot's deadline for the vax mandate. we have the story. is the white house slowly back off the biden vaccine mandate. we've got the news there. the white house criticized for topspinning multiple crises.
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the messaging is not so state of the art. we this new botched narrative, blaming consumers for the supply chain crisis. blaming americans and their outrage over citizens strand in the afghanistan creating quote confusion over there. the nation is watching. a virginia governor's race neck-and-neck. terry mcauliffe tried to make it about trump. polls show minority parents are angry over school boards toxic agenda for children. as terry mcauliffe says to parents, butt out of schools. democrat mayoral candidates claiming they support funding police after a year of their saying we want to defund the police. they say major losses. we have the story. the new backlash over the white house plan to pay border-crossers $450,000 each when they broke the law. gold star military families get much less, about a quarter, less than a quarter of that. thanks for joining us.
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i'm elizabeth macdonald. "the evening edit." it starts right now. ♪ elizabeth: okay. we begin with these images. crowded runaways of hundreds of polluting private airplanes at the u.n. climate junket in scotland as world leaders lecture you, stop polluting, reduce your carbon footprint, accept new fuel and gas taxes because you are dei fromming the planet. these leaders, they could have teleconferenced. edward lawrence is live from edinburgh, scotland, with more. good to see you. reporter: good too see you, liz. president joe biden apologized to the world because former president donald trump pulled out of the paris climate accords. in time of rising gas prices pushing inflation forward a global supply chain or energy shortage, the president is here trying to get countries to spend more in the name of climate change. he is committed the u.s. to
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going net zero by the year 2050. adding that the historic investment will be made by congress hopefully next week. however, senator joe manchin highlighting the problem late today. >> these are shell games, budget gimmicks that make the real cost of the so-called $1.75 trillion bill estimated to be almost twice that amount, if the full time has run out. if you extended it permanently. and that we have not even spoken about there is a recipe for economic crisis. reporter: so instead of being in the u.s. dealing with inflation or higher gas prices or trying to get his spending plans passed, the president's here making promises that so far the u.s. is not willing to keep. >> energy prices only, only reinforce the urgent need to diversify sources, double down on clean energy development an
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adapt promising new clean energy technologies so we cannot only, we, remain overly reliant on one source of power to power our economies and our communities. reporter: the change in messaging there as the white house now saying the higher gas prices show that we need more spending. the president will have full day of events tomorrow. expected to give a news conference before leaving back to washington. back to you. elizabeth: edward lawrence thank you so much for your time. great journalism there. joining me from senate foreign relations, senate finance, indiana senator todd young. good to see you, executive director of power the future daniel turner. first to you, senator, if they care about the climate so much why don't they all teleconference? >> that is a real good point, liz. most of my constituents around the country and don't we have problem at home, a problem at the border? the president has enough time to go for europe what is a
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high-profile press conference but didn't have time to visit the southern border at a time of national crisis there focus on the economy, empty shelves, supply chain problems and hundreds of thousands of unfilled jobs across the country. these are the sorts of things the people want the president to focus on. he is at cop 26 and they will not accomplish much. elizabeth: if it was so dire, why did the president fall asleep? it was not for a moment. it was off and on for a while, caught on camera? what do you say? >> if prince charles, john kerry speaking for that long you can't really blame the president for falling asleep. this whole conference is really nonsensical as you point out. this could have easily been done on a teleconference. next year's planned, cop 28, 2023 are already planned. huge global events that united
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states taxpayers and other citizens countries are footing the bill. they are staying at luxury hotels. they have huge motorcades. it is ridiculous with covid protocols and mandates, the elite never follow the rules they want to shove down the results of the average person. their hypocrisy is on display. elizabeth: given what daniel just said, the president found, you're right he found time to go to this when he says he has no time to go to the border. u.s. economy ground to a halt at 2% gdp growth. if you knock out inventory accumulation, real gdp was negative. you are right, we have inflation and gas going up, they're talking about, the white house is talking about lifting tariffs on european aluminum and steel. how much more pollution can you get from shipping oversees steel and aluminum in the u.s. instead of building it here? >> well, liz, look, the american people know how to reduce
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emissions. in fact we have been the global leader in emissions reduction among major economies in recent years and we've done it not through mandates and taxes that the american people don't want, not through crazy regulations but instead by adopting natural gas right here in the united states of america. this president instead canceled the keystone xl pipeline, green-lighted russia's pipeline underneath the baltic sea and at the same time he is scolding fellow americans to clamp down on the sort of energy that will help grow our 21st century economy. so instead the president really needs to focus on what works. he needs to focus on domestic issues like securing the border and getting our economy moving again, less on the communications side of things because the american people are fed up and they really want action. elizabeth: policies, daniel, new poll from nbc, 71%, a majority of democrats say we're headed in the wrong direction.
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latest university of michigan survey, consumer sentiment at a shocking less than 72%, 71.7. those are recession level reads, daniel. we haven't seen that since 2011. now what the white house wants, they want 3 1/2 billion dollars for climate change activists, a climate corps right? are they going to harass senator krysten sinema or joe manchin if they don't get their way? 3 1/2 million bucks for that? >> they need to stop living in in fantasyland. inexpensive energy makes inexpensive goods and inexpensive lifestyle. that is how our economy thrives. it lowers the cost of manufacturing, transportation, food costs. all of these costs are on the rise dramatically. we've seen the price of oil double. we've seen the price of natural gas almost triple that brings up the rising price of all other goods that we buy. the american people are
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suffering tremendously right now economically. so whether or not joe biden says we're not going to have a tax on anyone making more than 400,000, everyone is paying additional taxes, defacto taxes through this inflation, through these policies. he is punishing the average american. elizabeth: he said to be furious, the president said to be really angry, senator. he didn't get his agenda passed so he could show it off at the climate junket. he doesn't have a mandate. he does not have a fdr style mandate. steve hilton made the point. fdr had majority of popular vote, 57%. fdr had 33 in the senate, 196 democrats in the house as president. the democrats the slimmest margin since 1913. why is he stomping around saying we'll stop the u.s. oil boom? we'll not complain about russia and china not showing up at the climate junket? not a word on that. we're undercut u.s. oil boom
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that kept us out of recession during the obama years? >> you're absolutely right. when you look back at the last election, liz, republicans picked up seats in the house of representatives. we played democrats to a tie in the senate races. presidential race was won by someone who told the american people his aim was to unnye them and to be a moderate working together with both parties. he has not done that. rather than focus on these dough met tick -- domestic challenges like securing the border, tending to the economy when the american people need it instead he is working on left-wing idealogical issues and climate change summits in europe when frank lay we've had enough. elizabeth: all right. senator young, daniel turner. you both were terrific. we'll have you back on soon. good to see you both. still to come this hour, new backlash over biden's plan to give separated border-crossers $450,000 a piece when they broke
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the law. gold star military families get less than a quarter of that. we have congressman scott desjarlais, with house doctors caucus on vaccine mandates. we'll talk about it. are they putting your safety at risk? remember the first-responders, earnings workers officials turned to during the height of pandemic? now telling them get vabs or you have no jobs. we have an update what the biden white house may do with its own vaccine mandate. the story next.
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elizabeth: we've got shocking video coming in, an arsonist in brooklyn arrested for throwing molotov cocktails into a deli. it sparked an inferno. as new york city is bracing for fewer cops, firemen, more trash. the vaccine mandate took effect as happening in other cities nationwide. get jabbed or no job. we have 9,000 city workers put on unpaid leave. dozens of new york city firehouses face risk of shutdowns. reported workers doing a work slow down in protest. we're seeing trash pile up. this could abel weather in new york, happening nationwide. madison alworth with the story. reporter: liz, thousands are home without pay today. for the fire department, about
6:17 pm
20% of the fire engines and fire ladders are inoperable because of staff shortages that means wait times are increasing from anywhere from a couple minutes up to hours for those non-emergency calls. that includes things like being stuck in elevators. it is having a major impact across the city. >> it's a cascading effect. so what does that mean? in new york city statistically 65 structural fires a today. 1400 life-threatening medical emergencies a day. 80 heart attacks a day. when response time increases those things, survivability decreases. will take us longer to get there, longer to clear the alarm, longer for you to get back to business. reporter: this mandate applies to all city workers, including sanitation. this weekend trash piled up with a problem that will only get work. at last count the 83% of the sanitation department is vaccinated. they're down 20% of their workforce. those that are still working they have been moved to 12 hour
6:18 pm
shifts. liz? elizabeth: a madison alworth, great to see you. thanks for your reporting. we have scott desjarlais of the house gop doctors caucus. great to have you on. should you lose your job if you don't get vaccinated? can people just be tested instead? is this all hypocritical? these are the first-responders officials were begging to stay on the job to work. now they're firing them for not getting vaccinated. what do you say? >> i think it is absolutely ridiculous. these people have been there all along through 18 months of this pandemic and now for some arbitrary reason we have the mandate says you get the shot or you leave without even looking at the science. the american people are smart. they can handle a dynamic process and things change through the course of pandemics but as we see the science on natural immunity coming out, the city wants to suppress that. there are great studies on israel and britain that we novak
6:19 pm
scenes are failing because they need boosters. we're seeing the tip of the iceberg as the mandates -- elizabeth: we don't know how long the durability of natural immunity. one stud said a few months. we hear you on that. this is a dangerous virus. it causes pneumonic lung failure. it is crazy stuff. the white house now is backing off. it first said to all government contractors if your workers are not vaccinated no job for them and no testing for them either as a option. white house reportedly saying up to government contractors how you deal with your workers who don't want to get vaccinated. sounds like the white house is afraid of companies dropping their government contracts here, what do you say? >> yeah, i urged the white house and president biden to put a pause on this mandate because they're seeing the effects and we talked about red flags popping up all over and the worst is yet to come. it was interesting, you said the
6:20 pm
natural immunity might only last 16 months. where did the number come from? this started 16 months ago, we haven't had 30 months, or five years whether the immunity doesn't last. we know the vaccine immunity doesn't last. study out "wall street journal" forbes, picked up, studies say vaccines are better than natural immunity. they used a study of people vaccinated three to six months. it wanes after that. it is a ridiculous study. people need to be told the truth. elizabeth: watch this, chicago mayor lori lightfoot was booed offstage by union workers amid anger over the chicago vaccine mandate. cops are threatening to quick over rising homicides. a judge, put out a ruling saying we'll delay mayor lightfoot's vaccine mandate, the deadline for that. they will delay the deadline for it. it was december 31st. now we have the l.a. county sheriff, alexville knave have,
6:21 pm
warning vaccine mandate could cause a shortage of cops, 20 to 30% could leave when violence is on the rise. that is scary stuff. >> people are responding. people are waking up. they feel the impact on the economy. the lack of workers. see the supply chain interrupt unv people are not stupid. we get this. we see it. these are people that worked throughout the entire thing and now they're being told they will lose their jobs. in iowa governor reynolds said people would bet unemployment. we asked biden what is plan b, what is the contingency plan? i hope they come to his senses as put the paws button on the mandate. get through the holidays. follow the science on national immunity. look at the high infection rate creeping up on people that have been vaccinated. elizabeth: they haven't hit the pause button. they haven't hit the pause button yet on vaccine mandate. what they're saying federal government contractors, you decide how to deal with your own workers if you want to fire them
6:22 pm
or not if they're not vaccinated. congressman scott desjarlais, thanks for joining us. good to have you on. up next, the nation is watching the virginia governor's race. it is neck-and-neck. democrat terry mcauliffe trying to make it about trump. polls show minority parents are outrage over school board toxic agendas for children. terry mcauliffe again said yesterday, parents, butt out of schools. up next, former wisconsin congressman sean duffy. the backlash against the biden white house topspinning mullet pell crises. the latest, trying to blame consumers for the supply chain crisis and americans and their outrage over citizens stranded in afghanistan for creating, quote, confusion over biden policies there. the story next.
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6:28 pm
what do you think of the messaging that has been going on? >> first off on the vaccine mandates i think we all understand now, because we all know people who have been vaccinated. they can get covid. they can transmit covid. they can be hospitalized with covid and can die from covid. the messaging from the white house has been off, with regard to joe biden, when you're a leader, i was in congress nine years, but my staff would make recommendations to me, but i would never go on stage to say my staff told me i will ask questions for these first. this drives the image joe biden is not in charge. he doesn't have his faculties and can't command the room and take on different reporters and answer them without preprinted notes by his staff. elizabeth: when he is off the script problems erupt, right? also this, the white house press secretary tried to claim the president went to the border in 2008. that was before he was
6:29 pm
vice president and basically did a drive-through that was 50 miles away. sean, we have no incompetent messaging. the white house trying to blame americans for the supply chain crisis when the economy was growing like gangbusters before and at the start of the pandemic there was no supply chain crisis at that time. watch this. >> that, one, what is happening right now, i wish i had the chart but we'll give it to all of you afterwards, some people across the country are purchasing more goods online, maybe some of it is from habits that developed during the pandemic when people weren't leaving their homes. the important thing is, fundamentally supply chains and logistics are run by the private sector. people say to me will christmas gifts be delivered? i say call fedex. >> they are predicting a all-time record high in terms of sales. we have got supply which is in
6:30 pm
some cases actually up but not up enough to keep up with that demand. then, the biggest thing of all, of course you have the pandemic. elizabeth: this is breathtakingly idiotic. all of them should step up and say we were wrong. you know why? because we have the same consumption, the same level of retail sales pretty much during the pandemic. it is not like suddenly there was a surge because people were shopping online because of the pandemic. here's the problem. we talked about this sean. how about a biden executive order to stop the trucking shortage because of the morass of regulations putting truckers out of business in states like california? >> thank you. elizabeth: that would that is some of the most incompetent messaging to date. go ahead, sean. >> so as we've been shopping online for a year-and-a-half. before that we were shopping online. gdp was just 2% in the last quarter. we don't have a growing economy eight, nine, 10%. it grew at 2%!
6:31 pm
our system should be able to handle that kind of growth. when you have politicians like pete buttigieg, the mayor of a small town and others listen, they don't have the background and gravitas to deal with these kind of problems. listen, they're focused on climate change and vaccine mandates and raising taxes, more rules, more regulations, crt. they're focused on everything that doesn't resolve the problems we have in the supply chain. i agree it is the private sector responsible for the supply chain but the government has to look and say what can we do to make things happen easier? look at rules and regulations, increase weight loads. allow them to drive longer during the day. allow 18-year-olds to drive interstate. that gets -- elizabeth: we've got hundreds of drugs, we got hundreds of drugs in shortage right now at hospital pharmacies for cancer, for covid-19, for diabetes, inhalers, blood pressure medications. that is happening too. i need to turn to this.
6:32 pm
the state department is not really monitoring, doesn't have the real number of americans, people with legal status that live in the u.s. still stuck in afghanistan. now we've got the secretary of state antony blinken trying to blame americans outrage over citizens stranded in afghanistan for creating quote, confusion. watch this. >> very clear about this because i think there's a tremendous amount of confusion about this issue that built up in recent months. give me one second, i will try to explain it. first going back to march of this year, well before the president made his decision, well before afghanistan imploded, the government and the military imploded we started sending messages to those who had american passports in afghanistan, 19 between march and july, urging them to leave the country. elizabeth: what do you make of that? we talked to people who have been stranded. they say that this was a rushed, botched exit. that the white house messaging to get out of afghanistan was
6:33 pm
not as strong as the white house's now trying to topspin it. now they're blaming americans outrage for confusing the issue. your final word, sean. >> the american state department and military left so soon these people couldn't get out? very simple, take responsibility for your mistakes. admit you're wrong, and you will do everything you can to get americans out of afghanistan and you will be forgiven. elizabeth: sean duffy, great to have you on. come back soon, okay? still to come this hour, new and growing backlash over the president's reported plan to give separated border-crossers $450,000 a piece when they broke the law and gold star military families get less than a quarter of that sum. virginia congressman ben cline on the virginia governor's race. the nation is watching. it is tightening. democrat terry mcauliffe tried to make it about trump. polls show minority parents are mad about toxic school board
6:34 pm
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elizabeth: welcome to the show virginia congressman ben cline. congressman, great to see you. what is your take on the virginia governor race? what are voters really upset about? >> liz, glenn youngkin is talking to the voters about the issues that are important to them. they're talking about what their kids are learning in school, making sure their kids are safe in school. making sure we recover from this covid shutdown of ralph northam here in virginia. we get our economy moving again and glenn youngkin has solutions for those areas. that is why he will become the next governor of virginia. elizabeth: but the democrat candidate terry mcauliffe said yesterday on television that parents should not be picking the school books. that are used in schools. we have experts to do that. your reaction to that? >> terry mcauliffe thinks parents shouldn't be involved in the education of their children, whether picking textbooks or getting in the way of school
6:39 pm
boards and the decisions that they're trying to make, whether it is indoctrination of our children with crt, whether allowing boys into girls locker room. terry mcauliffe loves the woke agenda. he is trying to push it down the throats of virginia families just as he did when that was governor before. we'll not let it happen this time. that is why glenn youngkin will win tomorrow. elizabeth: watch hbo's bill march on this. watch this. >> -- bill maher. >> that is what critical race theory means, if it means separating five-year-olds by race, telling some you're oppressors, others you're the oppressed, giving up on a color-blind society and resegregation and racism is the essence of america, then i'm out. >> right that is what it is. >> i'm out. i'm in on tony morrison. i'm in on acknowledging racism persists. elizabeth: teaching history books, right? by the way terry mcauliffe is a rich guy. he sent all of his kids to private schools. he never in his life tell him
6:40 pm
we'll tell your 8-year-old something you don't want her to know. we'll keep here for hours and hours, teachers over and over again, he had no control over it. >> terry mcauliffe is, looking to implement this woke agenda, just today, he talked about how we needed to increase the percentage of minority teachers to equal the percentage of minority students. for him it is all about math and equity in our schools and -- elizabeth: pollses show minority parents don't want it. minority, blacks and hispanic parents are stepping up saying knock it off. stop racializing our children, congressman. they're upset about it. watch this mom in loudon county. she is tooking to what you're talking about, congressman. i would like your reaction to this. watch senator ted cruz. watch this. >> so if critical race theory is taught in more schools does your son-in-law make more money? if critical race theory taught in more schools does your
6:41 pm
son-in-law make more money, yes or no. >> this memorandum has noing to do with critical race theory. >> will you answer. >> 2020 my 6-year-old somberly came to me asking me if she was born evil because she was a white person. something she learned at a history lesson. you kept the schools closed despite the science it was safe to return. arrested hue minimum eighted falsely accused parents of being domestic terrorists. i refuse to allow to destroy our schools. they're not your schools. they're our schools. you all should be ashamed and have the moral courage and admit you're wrong and step down. elizabeth: by the way, just a note, senator cruz is talking about ag garland, merrick garland's son-in-law, he founded the consultancy panorama that sells curriculums and tests for things like critical race theory to school boards across the country, making millions of dollars on that. your reaction to what you heard, congressman? >> swamp is deep in washington and you saw the attorney general
6:42 pm
react to a letter from the school board association of the united states through him, asking him to investigate threats against school board members, actions which can be investigated at the local law enforcement level but he has initiated an wrote a letter wrote a letter initiating this investigation trying to intimidate parents who want to stand up against crt. and against this woke indoctrination. parents are mad. so they will elect glenn youngkin tomorrow. they're going to the polls. they will take back their schools and take back their communities. elizabeth: bellwether race. surprisingly neck-and-neck. we'll see about the outcome. we'll stay on the story. congressman ben cline, good to have you on. come back soon. up next, former nypd lieutenant, darren porcher on democrats phase sizable mayoral losses nationwide. the democrats are trying to whip fastballs by voters. "washington post" reporting claiming they're now trying to
6:43 pm
claim we support more money for cops after a year of saying yeah, defund police officers. we have the story next. i'm so glad we did this. i'm so glad we did this. i'm so glad we did this. life is for living. let's partner for all of it. i'm so glad we did this. edward jones ♪ ♪ there are beautiful ideas that remain in the dark. but with our new multi-cloud experience, you have the flexibility you need to unveil them to the world. ♪
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elizabeth: former new york city police lieutenant, lieutenant, great to have you on. "the washington post," the post is now reporting that democrats phase sizable mayoral losses nationwide. democrats are now trying to whip this fastball past voters yes, democrats do support more money for cops. this is after a year, lieutenant, you and i talked about this, they supported defunding police over the past year. your take on this news story? >> absolutely right. ray charles could have saw this coming. be careful what you wish for because you may get it. the wake of the death of george floyd we had democratic leaders on a national level that supported the proponent of defunding police. however the meteoric rise in crime is now causing them to do
6:48 pm
a 180 to go in a different direction. believe it or not, minority communities, communities of color are outraged with this defund police movement because they're experienced greatest carnage in the neighborhoods as a result. elizabeth: its happening according to the post from buffalo to seattle. even in cleveland liberal candidates are getting hammered over their positions on defund police and now they're shift in public opinion, you're right this is coming after the fbi reported a 30% jump in killings in 2020. that is the biggest one year increase in the '60s since the government began compiling your data, to your point, pew research is finding that there is a shift among the electorate, voters are saying give more money to cops, now nearly half the countries, half the voters are saying that. it was only 31% during the summer of last year, what do you say? >> if you're an elected official you have to produce. it is great for you to get on a
6:49 pm
soapbox and preach to the sentiment of look, you know what we need to defund police. this is the right thing to do, because they view this through a lens of that is what they believe the communities wanted. however if you don't provide results as we saw what happened in minneapolis when they defunded the police department and it was the actual citizens sued the city council based on the rise in crime, you're guarantying yourself a trip out of that elected office and we'll put someone in there that can get the job done. that is what we're seeing all over the place in large cities throughout the united states of america. elizabeth: we're showing this imagery of stunning footage of an arsonist threw molotov cocktails in a deli in brooklyn. that person has since been arrested this is terrifying stuff. talk to us how 75% of black americans, they're a decisive voting bloc in many mayoral
6:50 pm
contests. pew research say 3/4 of blacks say keep fundings. give more money to cops. keep spending on police. talk to us about that finding? >> there has been a seismic shift in the populations in the large cities throughout the united states. and that more specific to the african-american, and even the latino component in these communities. as a result, they present a significant voting bloc for whoever that electorate is. so when we have these rises in crime, we don't have a elected firm official standing behind the, that social contract is being lost and carnage exists in these communities, then you will have the african-americans, latinos look more a plausable solution. if the candidate of choice they already elected is in office, not getting it done, then we need to move forward to someone else. so when you point out the video
6:51 pm
you just showed what happened in a ocean avenue deli, this is a clear example of not getting it done from a public safety standpoint. elizabeth: got it. lieutenant porcher. thanks for joining us. up next, texas congressman beth van duyne. new backlash over the president's plan to give border-crossers 450,000 a piece. gold star families get less than a quarter of that. keep it right here.
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6:55 pm
now, congressman van dyne from half transportation. what was your reaction when you heard the reports white house considers having 450,000 a piece to each illegal immigrant separated from the white house? that's about a quarter of workers to military families. >> i was appalled as i think every other american has heard back. what kind of messages are sending people who came here illegally, we are going to pay for $50000 which is more than orchestra families? more some people who have had blood fighting for this country yet. whether people who lost loved ones in 9/11 get. think of the message they're sending those families and also think about the message we are sending to working families,
6:56 pm
working individuals about what the government thinks of their money. the fact that we are even having this conversation is insane. this policy is ridiculous. even be having this conversation except that. it's an insane idea but maniacs have taken over our government and that i we are forced to even have this conversation because democrat will do nothing other than appease the radical left. even if they don't have an idea going forward with this, the mere fact that even throughout this suggestion provides all sorts of marketing drug cartels and human traffickers. come on, come over to the u.s. and get free housing and education, free healthcare and borders are open. guess what -- even when for $50000 of american taxpayer dollars. it's dangerous and has to stop. liz: also at a time when the democrats and the white house are pushing for the irs to track and monitor everybody's bank
6:57 pm
transactions. senator joe mentioned as opposed to that, that may not show up in the final bill. let's watch what happens excuse me, fox news peter ducey tried to ask about this, the president ignored him and senator blackburn pre-much agreed with what you're saying, watch this. >> is a true we are going to get for $50000 of border crosses separated? >> missus for each person. if you've got more people in your family and there was separation, you're talking about a payout. 9/11 families, military families swear they have a loved one who made the ultimate sacrifice. they are not getting this kind of payout. we'd like to know what legal authority he's using to have dhs, hhs and department of justice go negotiate the
6:58 pm
prepayment of these individuals that have broken the law at the southern border as they came into this country. liz: what is the legal authority for this and why for 50000? why that number? >> has a great question, how to take water out of a hat? dollars a month the average annual pay is a little over 60000 pretty wise all of a sudden for $50000 x could be done million of family, we have no clue where the numbers come from but i think you have seen the insanity of these policies and how dangerous and destructive they are and it's obvious that the democrats are trying to remake america in this image they've created this image does not include working families, law-abiding americans and really does not include american citizens, it's americans last and whoever the democrat first and it's dangerous. liz: already democrats, the
6:59 pm
media, a lot of people forget this the u.s. nationalizes hundreds of thousands of immigrants every year. his approach immigrant country, nationalize about 900 immigrants because naturalized citizens every year end it grows double digits year-to-year so when the border is abused, immigrants become naturalized citizens, these people cutting in line filing violating and breaking the law walking across the board which you are not allowed to do in any other continent, people get really mad about that. >> who have waited in line for years and family members coming over, ceos trying to hire people, you got people doing legally going to all the right steps it takes time to do it. then what they see is the exact
7:00 pm
opposite, if they did illegally, that would have been a better way, that's the wrong message we are sending. liz: you're right, it's a green light, they are controlling big sections of before. beth van duyne, good to see you. i'm elizabeth donald, you been watching the evening at it. that is it for us, hope you have a good evening join us again tomorrow night of microsoft. kennedy: welcome to the best hour of your day, best day of the week. call it the first major referendum on the biden presidency, tomorrow's high profile virginia gubernatorial election but one time democrat insider terry mcauliffe plaza, what does it mean for the biden agenda? and 20222024? not looking good right now. mcauliffe is running against political newcomer glenn youngman, he's got money. a few weeks


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