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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  October 29, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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dagan: the first time in 20 are shifting to atlanta businesses around the stadium helping to benefit up to the league moves all-star game away from the city earlier this year. the braves and astros are tied one game apiece may catch the game 8:00 p.m. eastern tonight only on fox. you all have a terrific weekend. evening edit start right now. ♪ ♪ >> the president oversees meeting with world leaders at the agenda at home in jeopardy. democrats battle over spending plans with no vote this week. we look at the cost plus find out what is in the bill with what is out of the bill and how it impacts you. joining us and that congressman jeff van drew and warren at davidson prater brownell arnold of the national taxpayers union, former national security official casey mcfarland, texas attorney general paxton and the points kite ceo and founder brian kelly.
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the devil is in the detail for the case of biden spending plan the taxes, the plan calls for increased powers for the irs to snoop on your money. hear from a tax expert is as it's full of budget gimmicks and is a horrible deal for taxpayers. plus will look at how president biden looks in the eyes of other world leaders, his troubles at home, getting his spending plans a path in the global powers testing the administration without a response. biden and top people heading into the climate talks on monday. without leaders of russia and china. this as oil hovers during a seven-year high end americans are feeling the pain at the pump. we investigated to push to go green will lead to higher cost in the u.s. vaccine mandates threatening holiday travel. manpower shortages from airlines to the tsa could lead to a travel nightmare. what you need to know before getting her ticket. and to the border crisis, is the biden administration sandy long wrong messages thousands of migrants had towards the southern border.
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there are eight deep in the spending bill is a move to grant lawful permanent resident status to migrants their reports the biden administration may pay hundreds of millions of dollars to migrate family separate at the border. i am edward lawrence and for elizabeth mcdonald "the evening edit" starts right now. ♪ ♪ >> present biden had hoped to reach an agreement on this massive multitrillion dollar spending agenda before jetting off to the g20 summit. that did not happen. eight framework deal that many are saying these sites do not agree too. critics say to keep the appearance of a smaller price tag of these firms globally packed with expiration dates going to be hard to hear rid of those programs later. hillary vaughn investigating and joins us from capitol hill, hillary p. >> biden is a new price tag for his social spending
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package, $1.75 trillion. some critics say the real price tag is way scarier. saying the plant uses legislative tricks for treats that think tank the manhattan institute and the social spending package and said if these programs are kept in place and blow past their expiration date the price tag could double. >> democratic's clan because it bush ten years of tax revenue but in many instances and only counsel one year or three years of the actual spending package. they don't complete later years of the spending program. if you include that the bill does not cost $2 trillion it cost $4 trillion and. >> manhattan institute analysis and says the provisions in the package used creative math to get it with lowering price tag for doing things like putting in expiration dates for programs to make them temporary.
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partial cost of programs, not using the cdo score she is the real cost but also inflating revenue estimates from tax hikes they say will completely cover the tempered biden's framework is not a done deal, both schumer and pelosi have indicated to their members, tweaks can be made to this framework within the next week, edward. >> thank you hillary bond and capitol hill. for more on this, let's being in congressman jeff van drew and the transportation infrastructure committee. warren and said of the committee. i want to go first to you, your thoughts on the actual cost of the spending bill? >> look it is laid out really well brian at the manhattan institute is a budget group. he does the work that cdo will not show but got a build the show your work act that's the group to dispose of the financial modeling for numbers. they are not showing their
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work. if they did he would be able to drill down and said this is a flawed financial model. either way it's essentially buy now pay later scheme that really is disingenuous. >> i want to show viewers, what is in what is out of this plan as we are talking here. as it scrolls and things pop out at you. $100billion for immigration increase enforcement for irs on taxes and taxes on corporations. what is out is a medicare for dental and vision. free community college, paid family leave, drug pricing. congressman van drew, i want to get your reaction to this bright know you cannot see the list scrolling you know what is in, what is out. i want to get your reaction to this bill over all. >> overall anything that is going to help americans basically is not in there. anything's going to cost americans more money, more taxes, more hurt, it is good hard working middle americans
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that are breaking their back every day. and now we are spending they say moreover all undocumented folks we are literally going to grant them amnesty it now across the board. we are going to actually charge people or make sure banks are reporting when people have transactions that take place which is intrusive and i frankly think that is totally unacceptable, not the america we know for this is not america first. this is america last. this is the worst administration that we have seen literally in the united states of america ever. the worst congress, the worst administration, it discussed me too see what they're doing with this bill. and they are being tricky by the way. as you pointed out they are saying it is a lower number. it is not a lower number. it is less time it's going to be a bigger number and it's going to become a much bigger number. and you know who's going to pay for? all the hard-working people in america.
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>> it seems like government first. i want you to both listen to this the republican leaders from both sides of the capitol in this, listen to this. >> do not view this as two separate bills. it is one bill. do not view it as a bill that's less than 2 trillion paid what they are doing is playing shell games. it is still the programs in there, they are dialing them back is still going to cost 5 trillion. the biggest revenue raiser to pay for this bill is to spy on america but. >> they are throwing spaghetti at the wall and hoping something sticks that will get 50 votes. they are not there yet and may take them weeks to get there if they ever do. >> so congressman van drew, was it a gimmick to negotiate with senators over true infrastructure because you're on the transportation committee. with these both linked in the presence of mind the whole time? >> teammate link them, i do not. i want to point out i have voted against everything so far they are brought up.
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the original infrastructure bill, the cr, the debt ceiling, obviously what's going on here with reconciliation. the one bill i think we should look i have read from page, to page, two-page, the transportation and infrastructure bill. it does have dams, bridges, roads, broadbent has bill infrastructure in it and it is the lowest number of course, the one we need the most. i do think we do need infrastructure. i would disagree they are the same they are not in any way the same. all of the other bills are terrible i voted no on all of them. think this is something that should be looked at. i think there is a reason some republicans in the senate, many of them covid 19 of them supported it. everything else is complete nonsense. >> is being held hostage. congressman davidson i want you to look is on the tax changes in the new plan to get your reaction to it. democrats think they will raise 40 billion for going after taxpayers, 350 billion
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from companies that move jobs and profits overseas a little fuzzy how you figure out what exactly, how to quantify that. plus 325 billion from a minimum tax on companies. the numbers rarely add up when you look back, do you believe these projections? >> i don't. this goes back to the show your work act and why it is so essential. if you look at the models they say it's off by about $500 billion. and then how does it pay for it? it basically makes a made in america tax pretty to look at the reassuring taking place and frankly should accelerate, looking at the supply chart we are seeing in our economy, look at ships stacked up at ports. one way to eliminate that burden is to make more step in america but did make it much harder to make things in america. frankly, even the infrastructure bill makes it almost impossible to generate enough electricity for all the demand they create for things made in china like batteries and solar panels. it is really a disjointed bill. joe biden looks at the two of
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them together. he said he doesn't care if it's six minutes, six days, six weeks they're not holding hostage the good things to do the bad things. i spoke with somebody who said they would love to see the prescription drug negotiations in there. that could be a one-page bill. we literally would have to spend five and half trillion dollars to save money on prescription drugs. that is the bad policy. the good news is democrats don't have the votes. that's why they're saying they're open to input over the next few weeks they don't have the votes. let's hope they do not get them. >> 20 seconds for each of you on this one question. what do you believe this shows to the world, to global leaders president biden's position in the globe he cannot and get his own party on board? we'll start with you congressman davidson. >> shows joe biden is a weak president. he looks weak in foreign policy. he looks a week as a leader in our country. and frankly joe biden has been destroying america. so 2025 cannot come fast enough. >> congressman van drew which
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give you some time, what do you think? >> worst administration ever. it does show the weakness i agree with the congressman. it shows a supply chain has weekends. literally with crime we have the highest crime rate in our cities now. it shows that literally approves other pipelines and other countries what he is down on his on his knees before chinese down on his knees before russia and india. we are not the strong country should be abroad. even when it comes literally to the hypersonic plans missiles they were speaking about that china has and we don't have that's not my america that's another one country in the world that's we've gotta get back to you. it is not at all what he represents. thank you both congressman van drew, congressman warren davidson i appreciate it. devils in the details in the
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case of biden spending plan the taxes the plan increases iris powers to snoop on your money. biden says it's fully paid for, arnold of the national taxpayers union said that is not so it's full of gimmicks. he joins me next right evening edit.
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edward: president binds multi- trade and spending bill with huge unanswered questions join me now brandon arnold the national taxpayer union executive vice president brandon. so i just talked out some of the money in the framework that had said it will come because the tax changes. do you believe these tack numbers add up? >> no absently not. this is a fantasy it lands at math. if you look at some of the proposals like the irs finding basically they'll put $80 billion into the irs and get 300 i'm sorry $400 billion out of taxpayers if they do that. that is a net of three to $20 billion. they looked at this and said you'll get $120 billion. up to 200 billion-dollar difference between what the official people are saying i am at the biden administration are trying to claim. it is absolutely ridiculous. edward: defining say the tax hikes and biden spending could
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raise 500 billion less as you alluded to. let's say the revenue does not come in and. where are democrats going to look to pay for those programs? >> that is going to be the tricky part. where they always look is borrowing money for that is the first place they look because it is the easiest to do is the path of least resistance. members of congress tend to be a little bit lazy they will borrow money. the problem is we have a 28 trillion-dollar debt the deficit situation is absolutely out of control. were starting to look at some the basket case countries like greece and italy that cannot manage their finances. that eventually is going to have serious, serious implications for our economy when it pushes up interest rates, when it makes inflation worse and wind exacerbates the underlying problems that exist in our economy. edward: he is looking at 350 billion coming from an overhaul of the tax code for companies shipping jobs and
6:18 pm
profits overseas. that is a little ambiguous. first of all, they will not be able to quantify that how they guarantee that money, that amount of money will be coming in? >> it is a tricky proposition as well. one of the things they did in the tax cuts and jobs act is create incentives for companies to keep intellectual property and keep other types of transactions on american soil. you keep that intellectual property here and use it to make money elsewhere across the globe. and now they're trying to penalize that. they're trying to remove those deductions because they say their handouts for corporations from the start penalizing corporations they tend to be very mobile they take their jobs, they take their economic activity overseas but he saw that before 2017, we fix that with the tax cut in jobs act another trying to break it again. edward: you said the bill is full of waste and unnecessary spending items, how so would you see?
6:19 pm
>> is a bunch of garbage in there from being absolutely frank. there's a billion dollars for pacific salmon conservation. a billion dollars per the original house bill at 400 million and they at that for some reason. there's almost $5 million in there for desert fish. i do not know in desert fish are i did not know their fish in the desert. there's another 5 million in there for freshwater muscles. it doesn't seemed like a lot of money but too much money if you ask me for that is not even counting so many handouts they are giving to electric vehicle purchasers for instance you tend to be very wealthy. you can earn up to $800,000 a year under this bill and still get a tax credit, a hand out to the tune of $12000. for buying a 70000-dollar suv. edward: quickly listen to senator mitch mcconnell but the irs snooping listen to this. >> i tell you it may be aligned with the democrat but it's not alive in the country. we are getting a massive communications from our constituents all across america, they did not want the
6:20 pm
irs snooping into their bank accounts for routine transactions. a cute mistake among many, that look like they could end up in a final bill if they ever get to a final bill. edward: in last 30 seconds or thoughts on that? >> the snooping proposal is of huge concern. while it is not including the latest proposal still very, very much in play. glad to hear people are weighing in and lighting up the switchboard on capitol hill, telling their members to keep it out of its absolutely important, keep that provision out of the bill. we do not want to supersize the irs in terms of a number of agents or in terms of their vast powers. let's keep that provision out at this bill is absolutely disastrous. >> brandon arnold think if you're inside of this i really appreciate it. >> thank you. edward: still to come this are the border crisis is the biden administration sending the wrong messages thousands of migrants head to the southern border? very deep and spending bills a move to grant permanent lawful
6:21 pm
resident status to certain illegal immigrants. plus there are reports the biden administration is in talks to pay hundreds of millions of dollars to immigrant families separated at the board approved the first coming up next, kt mcfarland the president meeting overseas with leaders from around the world. how weak he is standing on the global stage. he is facing multiple crisis is here and abroad including afghanistan and china flexing its muscles. so you're watching "the evening edit" on foxbusiness. he
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. edward: is a one crisis after the other president biden with this foreign policy expertise called into question after the disastrous withdrawal from afghanistan. now, major concerns with china testing weapons and increasing russians with taiwan as a biden is unable to keep his spending plans of passive voice heading over to see is to meet with other world leaders facing pushback from his own party. now, some say he looks weak on the global stage great joy to me now to discuss is for many deputy national security adviser kt mcfarland you again. how do you think other world leaders are now looking at president biden? speak, you know it's a real mistake for him to go there in person. a lot of people have a meeting with have known them for years, he likes to talk about how everyone is known for years. they're going to see a very
6:27 pm
visible decline. somehow will embody the sense that america is in decline. joe biden is in decline, why because america's foreign-policy after m afghanistan testing hypersonic weapon based on our technology. and the economy and america's bad the inflation rate is bad, unemployment is bad, president biden cannot get his agenda passed. and he looks like somebody who's in better days are behind him. someone who is on the decline. i really worry that the impression he will give to those world leaders. better to him of them is by video link, find whatever excuse you have one for the most important person in that conference is not at the conference that is the chinese president. he is participating that he is participating by video link that is what biden should have done. edward: that's interesting that we fall out of the countries pushing back and testing? i'm not just in better
6:28 pm
adversaries may be allies testing boundaries with u.s.? >> yes, the whole point biden says america's back my presidencies prove america's backward really? after afghanistan, after the various failures in foreign-policy all around the world with russia, with iran, with china, the impression is one of america's weakness. so what will happen is our adversaries will take advantage of that. it's a golden rule of foreign policy and rethink your adversaries a week that's when you make your move print think the chinese will do something after the beijing olympics with taiwan they're already threatening taiwan for their already telling taiwan do not expect americans to come to your aid, america's finished. then our european allies are looking at the united states to say wait, you're supposed to be leading us now? you're back in a leadership role and yet america is not leading. it's not leading on energy issues, it's not leading on climate issues. talks about stuff but the reality is we are not, we are
6:29 pm
begging the middle east countries to please a pump more oil because we are running out of energy ourselves and the energy prices are so high. so i think it's bad on all accounts. our adversaries will take advantage and our allies, like taiwan, like others will say gee, i don't think we can count on america. maybe it's better would make our own separate side deals with china or whomever. please have her talk about china was talk about afghanistan. the withdrawal of the pentagon says it left fort up at the american still stranded in a thousands the u.s. against the taliban. the number of americans keep going up. are they really telling the truth here? >> they do not know. that is part of the problem they have no idea. i talked to a good friend of mine involved with groups of former military officials and real american pages of into afghanistan and plainclothes
6:30 pm
is quietly no fanfare they wanted under the radar. the event six or eight flights already in the last two months. they are bringing hundreds and hundreds of not only americans but at the allies who helped us for who are played by the town man. while private citizens are able to do this on their no help from the government. and yet the biden administration, the state department the intelligence community do not seem to know what's going on. they anticipated nothing. again we look dysfunctional. edward: we do not have much time left let's move onto china. it seem possible threats, is there a potential terrorist attack on u.s. soil because of what happened in afghanistan? >> sure. we have now -- mcquay enabled the biggest terrorist company in the world to now be fully armed with state-of-the-art
6:31 pm
weapons. they are now writing high. they are absolutely emboldened and encouraged to do something. >> i want to ask you about china aggression towards i want. the testing of the weapons they are probably going to see another foreign policy crisis there then? >> yes i think will start seeing one probably after the beijing olympics. again those are in february i think starting in march and chinese are going to take advantage of it for the going to make a move in the south china sea they want to make a move against taiwan. not necessarily a military movement it's an economic move maybe it's a cyber attack move. it's all the same. they are telling taiwan you better do we want unity because america's not going to come help you. and if america won't nobody else will. edward: we are going to have you back after the olympics as if your prediction holds. i could talk with you all day but unfortunately that's what we have to leave it thank you kt mcfarland. >> thank you edward. edward: sell the comebacks he demanded threatening holiday travel. manpower shortages from
6:32 pm
airlines to the tsa translate into long lines of what you need to know before getting it. biden and members of his administration heading to climate talks on monday. the leaders of russia and china will not be here its oil prices hovered near a seven year high. americans for knee pain the tone. we investigated energy experts forcing the move away from oil which means you're going to pay more. ♪ ♪
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. edward: president biden left the u.s. without a spending plan, which included 15% global minimum tax on corporations that he wants the rest of the world to sign onto. also without his big climate change push, monday he'll be in scotland to commit to make economic changes in the name of climate change. but leaders of russia and china the two largest global polluters will not be there for joining us now is fox news contributor and futures -- price and futures group senior analyst the only guy to talk
6:37 pm
about energy with is the fill. what, if anything did you expect to see from this climate conference a special about china or. >> i am thinking we can look at some adolescent world leaders again. we'll get nothing out of this. the bottom line is president biden is to keep saying america's back. is leading the world on climate change but he cannot get it done at home he cannot get it done on the road. he is starting to realize, i hope, the climate change dream or carbon a mutual dream is an impossible dream right now. we have to face the realities of keeping people young this winter and keeping and gas in their gas tanks and that's not to happen this winter. at least not at a cheaper price. edward: at the perfect segue americans are filling the elevated prices were talking about at home with oil
6:38 pm
hovering near a seven year high. americans are feeling the pain at the pump also. what is your reaction? 58% increase in the pump gas prices for regular gallon of gas from laster to this year. the president forcing a big climate change moves like going after fossil fuels through regulation or executive orders as were struggling with energy prices, when you get your thoughts on that? >> i think at the end of the day president biden has made a huge mistake by trying to demonize the u.s. energy industry. we have a big house a panel about climate change and how big oil is evil and hid the truth about climate change. in reality they're going to need them to do a successful energy transition. what has happened because he had a bad relationship with the u.s. energy companies now going to go overseas along with other countries and begged opec to produce more oil. what is wrong with the united
6:39 pm
states producing more oil? this is a fundamental mistake and it is costing us in the economy at home. edward: we saw some of things in the 70s. what's driving these prices higher now? >> it is a combination of shortsighted energy policies by global leaders. the same people are going to be here touting how wonderful a job they did, closing down coal plants and shutting it down natural gas production fields building wind and solar firms that do not work when the wind doesn't blow and the sun doesn't shine they're going to be congratulating ourselves. at the same time they have to face the reality they can see public uprisings because of higher gasoline prices, higher heating bills buried are going to have to reality that you're worried about people in the future may be 50 years from now from climate change. people could die this winter if they can't get heat or electricity. that is the reality they're going have to really face.
6:40 pm
edward: switching gears a little but the wall street journal op ed was questioning plans to attend net zero by 2050 writing the politicians who make promises about how energy will be delivered within three decades can be fairly certain they will be merely a footnote in history, do you agree with that? >> absolutely. the bottom line even if you look at the people pushing climate change, they admit to get to net zero emissions, technologies do not exist yet. they figure if they spend trillions of dollars, it will come. but that is a gamble in their gambling with your money. edward: very interesting thank you phil flynn. again the only guy to talk to about energy, i appreciate it. still to come, the border crisis. is the biden demonstration send the wrong message question rick very deep the spending bill is to lawful
6:41 pm
status to certain legal migrants. plus there are reports the biden administration is in talks to pay hundreds of millions of dollars to immigrant families separated at the border. but cap next the points guy con founder brian kelly on vaccine mandates threatening holiday travel. shortages from airlines to tsa. what you need to know before packing your bag. (vo) this is more than glass and steel... and stone. it's awe. beauty.
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edward: as we tour the quarter past halloween this week and jump right into the holiday season, many people will begin to look for flights to go home to see family and friends. but, could vaccine mandates lead to less staff shortages at airlines this is our light prices expected to see it 18% jump over the next two months but heck here to help us sort this out as he points guy founder and ceo brian kelly. thanks for joining us with all this bad news. earlier this month we did seat southwest cancel more than
6:46 pm
2000 flights over four days. how southwest blamed on bad weather and air traffic control issues. they were also short staffed. we have seen a protest over the vaccine and mandate and the pilot unions and filing that lawsuit requesting a temporary block on a mandate and the judge denied that block. you think we could see even more massive cancellations because all of this is hitting including tsa agents? >> there are a lot of deadlines. by the a great day mandate not the timing could not be worse. most airlines have given their employees until november 24 to get vaccinated which happens to be the day before thanksgiving and one of the busiest travel days of the year. 60% of tsa agents are vaccinated today. the whole system right now is so stressed out. even on a good day we saw a southwest things can go haywire. adding on this extra layer of
6:47 pm
uncertainty, most companies have not even said what happens if you don't get vaccinated. there is a large dark cloud looming over holiday travel this year. elizabeth: is someone finds himself stuck in an airport because of the canceled flight or delay what should they do? >> my first tip is do not get in line go online for change your flight immediately. moe most airline apps will let you do it yourself if you sit in the long white waiting to talk to an agent, chances are the other flights are going to get. also a lot of credit cards have trip cancellation and delay coverage. if you are stuck paying hotels the airlines are never going to give you, they do not owe you a hotel. the airlines owe you nothing but a refund if they cancel your flight. try to use a credit card that gives this extra protections. edward: and where can people find the best of travel deals right now see prices going up? >> the best deals right now are to europe, international seafarers because the world is still pretty much closed off.
6:48 pm
starting november 8 the u.s. is opening up its borders. we are going to see international travel pick back up. right now that is were the best affair sales are. we have seen some airlines will run flash sales we've seen bahamas under $200. i recommend use your frequent flyer miles. not only can you save cash by using your points and miles, but most airlines what you cancel for any reason with your miles and points and you get them back. versus getting a voucher if you book a ticket with cash and end up changing it. use the miles and points you have laying around save cash this holiday. elizabeth: the next two months of the business for travel but what advice you give people trying to go home for the holidays? >> so number one leave on the first flight of the day for even if you're not a morning person, what happens with air traffic delays, whether they get worse as the day goes on. if you can try to leave in the first flight of the day. also, give yourself extra time. tsa lines can be really
6:49 pm
long-term to highly recommend getting tsa pre-check or clear if can hop the line. and also do not leave your house hungry. most airport staffing issues, restaurants are right airlines are not really serving food. make sure you eat and bring snacks with you. edward: that is a great tip that is also a great piece of art you have actual taste there behind you. that is just amazing. brian kelly or travis johnson found that summer. thank you brian kelly appreciate it. so up next texas attorney general paxton on the border crisis. his reaction to the message of this administration is sending. also a nugget buried in the side of the social spending bill being discussed for it to grant lawful permanent resident status to certain legal immigrants. plus the point should biden administration as it is in talks today, hundreds of millions of dollars to immigrant families separated at the border.
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♪ edward: so "the wall street journal" reporting the biden administration might pay each illegal immigrant forcibly separated at the border $450,000 each to settle a lawsuit the aclu is representing some 5500 families who were separated when they tried to illegally cross
6:54 pm
the border. senator tom cotton the tweeted: it's unthinkable to pay a burglar for psychological trauma they endured during the crime, yet the biden administration wants to reward migrants who illegally entered our country for just that reason. further, an entire family of service members, when a service member gets killed in action, they get less than $450,000. so in addition with the original social spending program, bill that was introduced, $2.8 billion is meant to process illegal immigrants into this country faster. also several sections related to the programs being created or expanded like the pell grant to attend college. it says this, quote: no individual shall be determined to be ineligible to receive benefits provided under this subpart on the basis of citizenship, alienage or immigration status. so then the immigration section if passed by the house will
6:55 pm
require the senate parliamentarian to make another decision the on it. but as it is, it changes the status of anyone here illegally to permanent resident status if they can show consistent employment working as an essential employee there january of 2020 to august of 2021 with the expanded definition of washing dishes at a restaurant, farm worker, uber eats, anyone who gave blood. attorney general ken paxton the, thanks for joining us. my first question to you, has the biden administration surrendered the border of this country? >> absolutely not only have they surrendered it, they're now inviting people to come across the border illegally, and they're going to reward them with large sums of money which infuriates me given i have children in the air force and army who are serving. they get offered no benefits like this, that's for sure. and these are people coming here illegally, and we're going to
6:56 pm
reward them with large sums of cash. edward: we have the state of texas spending $2 billion of state money to finish a smaller fence along the border so texas law enforcement is deploying also to prevent crossings. borders are supposed to be federal government responsibility. will you be asking for reimbursement of all this? >> absolutely, we will, but we know that they'll say no. they have no interest in stopping -- every policy that's been instituted since day one has really incentivized massive numbers of people coming across the border. it's incentivized the cartels, the human traffickers, thousands and thousands if not millions of people over the course of several years, and it's incentivized the drug trade and fentanyl. it's a really bad situation for the whole country. edward: you're hearing the signals coming out of this administration telling people to follow the legal immigration process? >> no.
6:57 pm
as a matter of fact, i know people in border roll, the head guy, and he told me he was never instructed to follow federal law. when he tried to follow federal law, he was put under pressure and ultimately pushed out of the administration because he wanted to do the job he was supposed to do under federal law. edward: you mentioned the drugs, and we just showed some of the drugs that have been con first candidated under texas law -- confiscated. 10,000 pounds of marijuana, 132 pounds of fentanyl. that's deadly. you know, talk about that a little bit. >> so fentanyl, that's enough to kill thousands of people. and that drug will kill probably thousands of americans over the course of time, and more is coming in. so the biden administration is knowingly allowing this, along with the spread of covid which we also know will kill people. they say one thing about telling americans they're going to lose their jobs if they don't get a vaccine, and they're allowing
6:58 pm
people to come across the border, inviting them and sending them all around the country without vaccinations or testing. edward: you're seeing that drug flow continue, right? >> yeah. it's amazing, i mean, i can tell you just from talking to our state police, from talking to border patrol, from talking to the national guard that it is a huge problem like we have not seen in probably decades and maybe ever. so i'm just saying consequences will come and not just to border states, but to the entire nation because the cartels are getting better at to logistically transporting all of this around the country. edward: i want to change the subject and ask you about the vaccine mandate. you signed on to a letter with 19 other state attorneys general challenging the mandate for federal workers. when could that legal action be coming? >> how about today? we're filing a lawsuit today. you're the first to know. we are literally filing a lawsuit today. other states are going to be the filing a similar lawsuit. we're all tired of it, at least many of the republican states
6:59 pm
are tired of of being told whate can and can't do, and we're going to defend these people. edward: so that lawsuit, how -- i guess it can happen quickly because the legal process takes a long time, but does it send a message? >> well, it is -- we are seeking an injunction. we are trying to make quick action because many of these people, as you noted earlier in your program, are up against a deadline of november, right? before thanksgiving and travel time. and it's going to have a major impact on the economy, on travel. it doesn't make any sense for the airlines unless they're being offered some sweet deal to do it. there's no upside in any way to this policy. edward: cha you take this lawsuit -- would you take this lawsuit all the way, if necessary. >> absolutely. people of america deserve to keep their jobs especially as we're letting people cross the border with covid. edward: i want to talk about the osha mandate, could we expect lawsuits for companies as they
7:00 pm
mandate vaccines for companies are more than a hundred people? >> i can promise you this, many, many states will file that lawsuit. we've already organized it, we're just waiting to see what happens, what the actual regulation says. edward: ken paxton, thank you for your time. i'm edward lawrence in for bleblgd macdonald. you're watching "the evening edit." that does it for us. have a great weekend. ♪♪ larry: hello, everyone. welcome to "kudlow," i'm larry kudlow. joe biden and nancy pelosi were force ifed once again to delay a vote on infrastructure as moderate can and progressive democrats remain at odds over the spending bill framework. hillary vaughn live on capitol hill. good evening, hillary, what's cooking? >> reporter: good evening, larry. you are having déjà vu because this is the second time that democrats have


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