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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  October 28, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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meta reflecting what they hope to build. hoping we're seen as metaverse company. they will change the stock ticker to mrvs. what will ron artest say, his legal name is metta. >> chaos on capitol hill. president biden making a push for his massive spending plan claiming it is fully paid for and not add to the deficit this is a framework, not a deal. the bill is more than 2400 pages long an still not sold to his own party. we'll weave through the noise, digging deeper how this affects you. joining us congressman bruce westerman, dan bishop and "wall street journal" john bussey, former congressional budget office director douglas holtz eakin,
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dr. marty makary and former i.c.e. official tom homan. supply change problems rage on. it is hitting our economy and prices. stores have empty shelves. mcdonald's raising prices. fallout of merrick garland grilling on capitol hill. house judiciary republicans launching a new investigation demanding a hearing, documents involving the national school board's association, the white house and the department of justice. we speak to a member of the committee looking for answers. covid treatments, antidepressant shown to reduce hospitalizations. this as merck makes a deal to take its covid treatment global while awaiting approval here in the u.s. what it means for recovery and your health. florida is suing biden over vaccine mandates and for federal contractors. new york firefighters take to the streets to protest mandates as warnings come of possible closures and extended response times. finally to the bothered crisis,
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the biden administration limiting i.c.e. raids at a variety of places including schools, churches, demonstrations as well as parades. now the white house also leaving texas to prepare for migrants heading to the southern border. i'm edward lawrence in for elizabeth macdonald. "the evening edit" starts right now. edward: we begin with president biden really wanting to push his massive spending agenda across the finish line. what is in, what is out and where does the bipartisan infrastructure bill stand? frustration running high as democratic infighting continues. progressive caucus members will not vote for the infrastructure bill until the spending bill is ready. time running out for the president. hillary vaughn has all the reaction digging deep into this.
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sort this out for us. reporter: edward, white house wanted to send president biden off to europe with a win, bipartisan infrastructure bill in his back pocket. amid the confusion today, everyone wants to know if that vote happens at some point today or even tonight but speaker pelosi earlier would not say. >> madam speaker, madam speaker? >> thank you all. reporter: are you holding a infrastructure vote today? have you made that decision? >> the president came to the hill what he thought was a deal. he walked into the house democrats morning meeting, telling reporters, everyone is on board but they weren't. source tells me senator bernie sanders told progressives before the meeting to stand their ground and not by in to vote on bipartisan infrastructure bill before the social spending package was ready. today moderate senators sinema and manchin were dodgy if they
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had a deal with the president and if they signed off on the framework? progressives say the president's word is not enough. >> it wasn't clear whether the two senators have committed to vote for it. i think it is a bit of a leap of faith in the president. >> infrastructure bill before the president lands in rome tonight? >> she said she wants a infrastructure bill today. reporter: but progressives say that vote is doomed to fail because their caucus is united. they will sink it if comes up for a vote. that is bad news for caucus co-chair josh gottheimer who helped to craft the infrastructure bill and waiting a month to get it passed. he told me and house democrats president biden wants a vote on the infrastructure deal before he landed in rome tonight. >> he made us clear he wants us to vote before he lands. reporter: are you confident that will happen? >> we have to bring it home. i hope that is what happens. that is what we're doing right
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now today, we're bringing it home. reporter: edward, breaking this evening -- is reporting there is not going to be a infrastructure vote tonight. instead the house will vote to extend the surface transportation deadline that expires on halloween. that is it why we had this deadline in the first place and that will give them more time to work out a deal on infrastructure and also finalize the social spending piece which is a huge win for progressives. edward: hillary, terrific reporting on this. what is the mood of those moderate democrats? we heard from the progressive caucus there, but what is the mood? are they confident? are they excited about this bill? reporter: i think this is big defeat for them, edward. that is the vibe we got from lawmakers that we were talking to that left this meeting, particularly those problem-solvers caucus members because 0-2 right now. with this breaking news there won't be a infrastructure vote tonight like planned, this is the second time the president has come to capitol hill and had
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the opportunity to use the weight of his presidency as the top most influential powerful leader of the democratic party and try to force a vote on the infrastructure bill. it didn't happen a month ago. it clearly is not happening today. and that is really leaving moderates at a loss for words who are trying to find a way to work on a bipartisan basis but really, are getting roadblocks from people within their own party. obviously the progressives have been cut coming out on top in both of these. edward: right. hillary vaughn on capitol hill, great stuff. for more on this let's bring in the transportation infrastructure committee ranking member, bruce westerman and "wall street journal" associate editor john bussey. congressman, first to you, what's going on capitol hill? the president had been there, september 23rd, he was there last month. he was here this month. september 23rd, secretary yellen, house speaker said they
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had a framework paid for. announced again today. what is going on? >> that is a good question, edward, kind of like lucy and charlie brown. we keep thinking we'll get to kick the football and they pull it out out of the way. it shows the weakness of president biden and the administration to even bring house democrats together, much less work in a bipartisan way. we could probably do a bipartisan infrastructure bill if they wanted to do one. obviously they want to pass the bill without going through a house t&i mark up. the largest infrastructure bill in history of the world and it will be done without going through the proper process in the house. edward: unbelievable. john, i want to ask you, if democrats are writing tax proposals in the middle of the night it seems. we see a tax on companies, stock buybacks, there is a minimum corporate tax of large companies of 15% in there. the ambiguous tax, punishing
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companies deemed to have shipped jobs and profits overseas. you're saying your people tax proposals are willy-nilly. what strikes your attention on this? what grabs your attention on this? >> that was the editorial page saying that. i'm in the news department of the journal. look they're trying to find away to pay for this. who said democracy wasn't messy. this is the sort of thing that happens in washington. there are big plans, lots of debate. consensus is tried, attempting to be found and deadlines loom for everybody. you see this very often in the process of washington. they're talking now about trying to fund this through a couple of mechanisms. one would be a minimum 15% tax on profitable corporations. that is well below the 21% tax that currently exists but it would be a minimum on those companies that are, whose profitability shows that they
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should be paying taxes. then discussion of a, essentially a surtax on the wealthy. those people making more than $10 million in adjusted gross income a year, a tiny fraction of america would pay an additional 5%. those earning more than 25 million. an additional 3% on top of that. edward: wait, john, does it add up? a lot of times -- >> that is the issue. edward: we put the taxes in there, they don't live up to the numbers that are supposed to be there? >> yeah, that is the issue. they haven't really squared that circle yet, have they? there is a lot of spending that is still in the program. they pared it down. 3.5 trillion down, to 1.85 trillion is a big drop. there is a lot in there that still has to be paid for and president biden has assured the public that it will be paid for. we haven't seen the details. we haven't seen the ledger add up. edward: i want to bring the congressman in here on this.
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i want to show some of the things that are included in the social infrastructure bill. what pops out here is 555 billion for clean energy and climate invests. aaa says gas prices are $3.40 for regular. that is 58% more than a year ago. does this 555 billion amount to spending that will cause gas and energy prices to go up? >> yeah. the cost of this bill is going to be outrageous, whatever the final number is, but the policy in the bill will be the bad part. we'll we'll see energy prices rise and not be good for the american consumer. there is a lot of shell games going on with the numbers. a lot of this is just to get the programs established and their future congresses to take them away. so the number is going to be too high but the bottom line is, the policy that is put in here is going to be bad for america. you know we talked about what is in the bill. let's talk about what is not in
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the bill, and hyde amendment protections are not in the bill. so i think joe manchin was not record saying he would not vote for a bill that didn't have hyde protections in it. progressives say they will not vote for a bill with hyde protections in it. edward: back and forth in the senate. a question to whether the senate will actually pass this. john, congressman, really appreciate you joining us for this. thank you very much. this will be something that is going to last well into the morning as we see if, we're hearing actually that vote will not come on the true bipartisan infrastructure bill. thank you, guys. i appreciate it. still to come this hour, the border crisis, biden administration limiting i.c.e. raids in variety of places as texas preparing for thousands of migrants heading towards our southern border. up next, former cbo director doug holtz-eakin as president biden heads abroad as supply
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♪. edward: president biden heading overseas right now to meet with world leaders but is leaving behind a shaky economy here at
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home. with supply chains clog clogged shipping prices for containers up 458% since last year. the backlogs are expected with delays getting worse. later today the white house national security advisor said the president will host a economic emergency supply chain meeting with other world leaders at the g20 the indications the supply chain issue is getting works, not better. that means much higher prices. ocean freight taking 45% longer to get door-to-door according to one index. the white house warning delays for gifts ahead of the holiday season. on the other side of that online retail sales for the season are expected to top $200 billion for the first time ever. the u.s. is already dealing with prolonged inflation, but industry experts tell us some of the recent solutions, moving ports to 24/7 operations will
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mean extra costs passed down to consumers. republicans say the massive spending push will bump price is higher. listen to this. >> i continue to hear the question ask whether you ever seen an administration and congress as incompetent as this? trillions of dollars of spending, major expansion of government agencies and more inflation that leads to higher costs for all-americans. those are all on the table. edward: joining me now is douglas holtz-eakin with american action forum, president, former cbo director, numbers, i want you to listen to go this. white house press secretary jen psaki. she is faulting american spending habits for economic woes. watch this. >> reporter: what is message to americans still worried about getting their chris mat gifts on time, halloween? will this be happening at a faster pace? >> i think our message is, one, what is happening right now, i wish i had the chart but we'll give it to all of you afterwards
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so many people across the country are purchasing more goods online. maybe some of it is from habits that developed during the pandemic when people weren't leaving their homes. some of it is because we've seen a economic recovery been underway for the last nine months where five million more people are working. unemployment rate has been cut in half. that is leading to a massive increase in volume. that is what is happening at ports but we would tell people we are addressing and attacking the supply chain issues even with the increased volume which is the root cause here. edward: so we're to blame, right? >> that just doesn't make any sense. the issue at the ports the goods can't get into the country, whether they get delivered from an online purchase or delivered to a brick-and-mortar retailer doesn't matter if they can't get in. that is not the issue, there is issue goes back to the american rescue plan, the $1.9 trillion stimulus because supply is measured relative to demand. the stimulus was inappropriately
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large, it was ill-timed, generated a lot of demand by american consumers for goods. so a lot of those ships sitting off california have the goods in them. they're in front of the goods with the christmas presents in them. this is self-inflicted wound by the administration. should avoid another round of this. when the president meets with world leaders, need to figure out one thing only, how to get workers back into their jobs because one man's labor shortage is another person's supply chain blockage. then it cascades. that is what is going on. that will be only solved by concentrated effort getting people back to work. edward: inflation, larry summers, democratic economic advisor in february wrote an op-ed in "the washington post" saying if we do the american rescue plan the way it was, then, at the end of the year we'll see record levels of inflation. we're seeing 13-year high of inflation now. so it is very interesting. so coca-cola ceo james quincy is
6:20 pm
warning about sporadic product shortages in addition to inflation. also through 2022. i mean, how does this get sorted out and do you see it going that long? >> well i mean if demand exceeds supply, one of two things happens, they don't get what they want, what you're hearing from the businessmen, or they raise prices to try to cut off the excess demand. so you know we've got inflation baked in the cake. we've got some supply chain inflation, producer price index has been rising at double-digit rates this year and so that says 2022 is going to have some evidence of one of those two things already. the question will we make it worse? edward, here's the thing, we have a gdp report today that showed nominal gdp, nominal production income in the economy is growing at 8%, a quarter of that is 2%, is real growth. 3/4 is in inflation. what does the fed do, pay attention to inflation,
6:21 pm
potentially damage the 2% or boost up the 2% or take their eye off inflation? that is bad news report for a central banker. we're in a tough spot. edward: the atlanta fed now says third quarter gdp is .2%. what do you make of that slowdown and how does it affect us as the consumer? >> when that report came out today, if you look at it, top-line growth rate of 2%, well down from 6.7 in the second quarter. two percentage points of it came from inventories going up. that means everything else was flat. that is not good news. consumers had the wherewithal to spend, personal income is rising. supply chain problems. autos. inability to get ships cut 2% off growth in the second quarter. durable goods down at very large rate. that is inability to solve the supply chain problems. number one thing facing the economy. edward: it will linger. douglas holtz-eakin, appreciate
6:22 pm
your time. this we'll be dealing with into the holidays, well into next year. thank you for your time. >> thank you. edward: still to come, vaccine mandates i impacting safety and security. firefighters protesting mandates as warnings of possible closures and extended response times. fallout from merrick garland's grilling on capitol hill. house judiciary republicans launching a new investigation demanding a hearing and documents involving the national school boards association. the white house and the department of justice representative dan bishop next on "the evening edit".
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their website. talk to someone who will take the time to help you, and get your free decision guide. humana, a more human way to healthcare. ♪. edward: so after two days of explosive hearings seems members of congress still have questions for the department of justice and their recent memo backing the national school boards association letter to president biden calling for some parents domestic terrorists. today gop members the house judiciary committee are asking chairman nadler to convene a hearing with deputy attorney general lisa monaco and acting assistant attorney general mark less coto investigate the national security division and their role in all of this. the letter follows a separate letter sent yesterday by all 19 republican congressman on the house judiciary committee to the nsba's board of directors, asking for their assistance in an investigation into the doj and the white house's attempt to
6:28 pm
use law enforcement to target concerned parents. now one of those signers joins me right now, congressman dan bishop of north carolina. he is on the house homeland security committee. congressman, thanks for joining us tonight, let me ask you before we get into the house's letter, take a look at some of the fireworks from yesterday's senate judiciary committee. listen to this. >> you have weaponized the fbi and the department of justice. it's wrong, it is unprecedented to my knowledge in the history of this country. >> it is about politicization of doj and you decided to submit as a vessel and you know better. >> do you consider the chilling effect that sort of threat of federal prosecution would have on parents exercise of their constitutional rights? >> this testimony, your directive, your performance is shameful. >> that is not -- >> thank god you're not on the supreme court. you should design in disgrace, judge. edward: congressman bishop, is the attorney general being political here or operating the
6:29 pm
doj in a fair and balanced manner? >> oh, my goodness i agree with the comments of the senators in the questioning yesterday. there has never been a more politicized misuse of the justice department in american history. this extraordinary memo where the attorney general unleashed the full weight of federal law enforcement against america's parents of schoolchildren and you know the national association of school boards had the decency to issue an abject apology for the letter on which basis the attorney general acted but yesterday the attorney general doubled down, so yeah, it is a remarkable, politicized, politicization, weaponization of the justice department against ordinary americans. edward: you along with your fellow congressman called for another hearing focusing on this further investigation into what the nsba and what they may have seen that calls for further investigation into, related to this document as well as their coordination for the
6:30 pm
white house. what is it that you are looking for out of this? >> one thing we know, edward, from the emails that were obtained by an outside group is that the white house and the na sb were working together for some weeks for some weeks. what we asked the national association of school boards for all the communications between the white house and the justice department so we can see if the attack may have originated in the white house and what exactly the coordination was. the other letter we sent to the national security, or to chairman nadler was to have a hearing. one of the things the attorney general said in that extraordinary memo was in the task force he is going to create, the national security division of the fbi is going to be involved. that was created under the patriot act and it is designed to protect america from terrorism. what role would they have with america's parents? edward: exactly. you're on the homeland security committee. you know, what is your reaction
6:31 pm
when you heard frustrated parents being compared to domestic terrorists? >> you know the first place that came out was in the letter from the school boards association and again, that is what they said in their subsequent memo they heard a lot from their members. they issued an apology. they said that was utterly unjustified, yet the attorney general of the united states, the leading law enforcement officer of federal law enforcement continues to double down on the memo that invokes that anti-terrorism mechanism. it is just extraordinary. i never seen anything like it, edward. edward: in the last 15 seconds we have, do you think a year from now we'll see the fbi opened files on regular people who just go to the school board meetings? >> i tell you one thing, we're going to find out. if we don't find out under this congress, we'll find out under the next one. we'll not stop until we know. america's parents deserve the first amendment rights.
6:32 pm
we're going to protect them. edward: thank you, congressman bishop, the great state of north carolina, i appreciate you coming on. >> thank you. edward: still to come the border crisis, the biden administration limiting i.c.e. raids at a variety of places. as texas prepares for thousands of migrants headed towards the southern border. look at that. up next dr. marty makary, covid treatments, an antidepression shown to reduce hospitalizations as merck makes a deal for its covid treatment to go global. find out what it means for your help. it started with an idea... and became a new tradition. this is financial security. and lincoln financial solutions
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edward: this just in, house speaker nancy pelosi is not committal. she will not say when she will move forward with the social infrastructure bill unless it matches and meets senate rules. that just coming in now. to a new study. a new study shows that parents received a low cost, widely
6:37 pm
antidepressant significantly reduces covid-19 hospitalizations. with me now is dr. marty makary. doctor, you know, it is not uncommon to see a drug used for one treatment that also helps another one, right? >> that's right. it is called off label use. doctors do it all the time. the fda has not given an indication for everything out there doctors use for. this was a flew vox a mean an antidepressant. one of the trade names is. 91% reduction in deaths among people that took the medication. that is a profound, profound result. related to the antiinflammatory properties of that medication. edward: is this one more step for to us live with covid-19 as opposed to trying to get a 0%,
6:38 pm
perfection of positive cases? >> i think it is, edward. it allows us to manage this condition better. no one should be dying of covid now in the united states with rare exceptions is. no one should be dying of covid. with this medication, steroid nebulizers, aspirins, vitamin-cs, other treatments, the merck drug used on a compassionate use basis. it is not unfortunately but it cut deaths to zero in the phase three clinical trial. edward: that is a good transition. merck will license the covid-19 pill to the united nations backed non-profit to increase global supplies for low and middle income countries as we're still awaiting for approval for treatment in the u.s. is there a matter of time for the treatment to be available and what's the hold up? >> first i want to applaud merck for i can making this move it. will increase access around the world. these are powerful antiviral medications. they can be used in combination
6:39 pm
with other treatments like monoclonal antibodies. merck should make it available on a compassionate use basis in the united states. unfortunately the medication is sitting on the shelf and the fda has the application and will probably not render a judgement until around christmastime. >> i wand to ask you about mandates. california is mandating all schoolkids to be vaccinated. looks like the fda is getting a step closer to making vaccines an option for kids but we don't have a long-term effects of these vaccines on a developing child. should there be a vaccine for the youngest of children? should these mandates be there or not? >> well, look i love the option. i don't love the mandate and the reason is there will be unintended harm to healthy kid who have natural immunity already who get vaccinated because vaccines do have complications albeit rare and for many kids the benefits outweigh those risks but we've
6:40 pm
got to respect parents who have concerns about complications and even deaths with have been documented after the vaccine. if a kid has natural immunity there is no evidence they need it. if a kid has a comorbid condition, preexisting illness, including obesity, the case is there for getting them vaccinated. be creative with the pediatrician. space out the doses three months, not the three week interval in my opinion thank you, dr. makary. bill my insurance. i don't think i have a co-pay. i appreciate it. >> this one is on the house, edward. edward: thank you, doctor. still to come now the border crisis. the biden administration limiting i.c.e. raids in a variety of places. texas having to step up to close the border where the federal government refuses to do it. up next republican strategist ford o'connell on the pushback against vaccine mandates. new york firefighters take to the streets to protest mandates as a warning comes of possible
6:41 pm
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and now, miracle-ear is offering a thirty-day risk-free trial. you can experience better hearing with no obligation. call 1-800-miracle right now and experience a better life. ♪. edward: more fallout from president biden's covid vaccine mandates as florida sues biden and nasa over the mandates for federal contractors. and now new york city mayor de blasio order for city workers to be vaccinated could force numerous fdny companies to close. the nypd already facing a street cop shortage as the fdny union leader warns the mandate will spike emergency response times and send the city into quote, chaos. joining me to discuss all of this republican strategist ford o'connell. get your reaction to your home state of florida suing the biden administration over these vaccine mandates?
6:46 pm
>> hat tip to florida governor ron desantis an attorney general ashley moody for standing up to the rights of florida workers and pushing back on these heavy-handed mandates that deprive many of these people to make a living and provide for their families. i think it is great he is pushing back and fighting because a lot of the mandates the biden administration they are pushing down very little to do with science particularly not taking into account natural immunity and when you trade on people's ability to make a mandate. that is wrong. edward: moving on to new york city, first-responders continue to push back against the vaccine mandates. nyfd at gracie mansion. the mayor said people not vaccinated by november 1st will be on unpaid leave. 45% of city firefighters are unvaccinated. he is worried about mass worker shortages. this is dangerous. >> this is boneheaded and
6:47 pm
extremely dangerous, edward. you're absolutely right. the idea behind a vaccine mandate, particularly coming out of blue state governors and mayors is the idea of public safety. let me tell you if enough cops an enough first-responders walk off the job, you will have chaos in the streets. i don't want to hear about bill de blasio talking about public safety when there is anarchy in new york city. edward: right and you know, you're talking about maybe 40% of the workforce could, might not show up on november 2nd because they wouldn't fall into this category. it's a safety issue. >> it is absolutely a safety issue and that's why i don't think a lot of policies are well-thought out. what is happening, blue state governors, biden administration and blue city mayors are looking at it. one of the things that put them into office the idea they had a solution for covid. they don't have a solution for covid. so they're doubling down on the mandates to keep the voters with
6:48 pm
them because they think there will be a solution. what they haven't come to understand is, there is natural immunity and people have to go out to live their lives as possible. provide the families for a living. remember, many first-responders and contractors in my home sate of florida have been working for the past 18 months as essential workers. what has changed now? absolutely nothing but politics. edward: polling was showing democrats were polling higher when it comes to covid, the response to covid. this might be a doubling down. do you think that will backfire in the midterms? >> i do think it is going to backfire on them because what you're noticing more and more is independents are deciding that the democrats really don't have a solution except doubling down on the same thing that isn't working. when you look at independents that will decide this election, two major concerns other than covid is the economy. we're seeing with inflation and supply shortages and illegal immigration. those are two things democrats certainly don't have a answer
6:49 pm
for. edward: fire department association says the effect of vax mandates could be catastrophic. listen to this. >> i don't think the mayor understand what will happen on november 1st. there will be a catastrophic staffing shortage, told not to use word manpower, staffing shortage of 3500 firefighters currently unvaccinated are told not to go to work. we've been scraping together to people to show up for work for the last several months just to keep firehouses open. edward: in the last 30 seconds, should this be a warning to other democratic mayors and governors who might look at these kind of mandates for first-responders? >> absolutely, particularly with global supply chain and with christmas on the horizon, the last thing you want to do if you're a chief executive is not have first-responders at a very critical time in terms of the economy and the season. edward: ford o'connell, thank you, appreciate it. >> thank you, edward. edward: you don't hold back. i appreciate that, thank you. up next, former top i.c.e.
6:50 pm
official tom homan on the border crisis. the biden administration limiting i.c.e. raids at a variety of places. this as texas is preparing for thousands of migrants heading towards our southern border. ss, unconventional thinking means we see things differently, so you can focus on what matters most. whether it's ensuring food arrives as fresh as when it departs... being first on the scene when every second counts... or teaching biology without a lab. we are the leader in 5g and a partner who delivers exceptional customer support and 5g included in every plan. so, you get it all, without trade-offs. unconventional thinking, it's better for business. there is a landfill in the ocean. bring your visit to outdated montepisa! our sights will take your breathing away. our food will make your mouth leak. and our roads will make you break wind.
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texas taking control of their own water security as the migrant caravan containing thousands heading toward the southern border. it is already overwhelmed with what's happening there now. dan springer joins us from the border to investigate. >> operation bum start is a month-long effort to crack down on illegal immigration and crime that comes with it. one thing that's not going deter migrants or smugglers who profit from the. in texas last night we saw a mexican cartel human standing on the u.s. side of the rio grande. he was on his own coordinating on the mexican side. there migrants across the river in the hands of border patrol, it goes on every night. migrants give themselves up. most of the 150 we saw last night will be allowed to stay because of a family unit or
6:55 pm
unaccompanied minors. rio grande valley had a record 550,000300 and 2021, five 100% increase over the previous year. one third of all along the southwest border. 60% of migrants are from the northern triangle country, honduras, guatemala and el salvador. the biden administration directs ice ages they are not allowed to take enforcement action in a number of protected areas including schools, hospitals and places of worship but also daycare centers now, playgrounds and rallies and demonstrations are also off-limits. this reverses another trump immigration policy. >> thanks, appreciate that. for more, former acting ice director tom holman, your reaction of what you heard there, homan purity alejandra mayorkas' issuing guidance about
6:56 pm
for they cannot arrest immigrants. you heard dan talking about schools, demonstrations, parades as protected areas, what is your reaction? >> first of all, schools and churches and hospitals have always been sensitive locations so you can't do operations there unless you get approval from the highest levels of government of ice that they've had a lot more locations. it's another attempt abolish the mission of ice. they want to abolish ice, i said a year ago they will never abolish ice because even though there's a historic surge on the border, we finished the year of historic numbers alienating attempted new cross the border any time in history in this nation. at the same time, taking the mission away from ice, secretary wrote on prioritization, you've got to be convicted of serious crime to be targeted by ice in the same memo it says you can arrest someone for just simply being here illegally, are you kidding me? when you can't do works like enforcement operations when he
6:57 pm
knows the number one reason people come to the country is to get a job and they can work here illegally was no fear of ice because ice was can't force operations. then he stopped building the wall, the second theory is doing everything he can to entice people rodman secure the border. >> cutting them off at the knees, to predict texas moving forward with building their own for a while, the trump administration completed 80 miles along the 2000-mile stretch, the biden administration stopped wall construction and materials sit there rustic, at the waist. >> this president, this is the first president in history of this nation came into office unsecured from the most secure border with overhead on purpose. when the biden stopped, they look at the data that clearly shows every place they built a border barrier, illegal went down. what is they're down side road flow decreasing or curtailment
6:58 pm
not making millions? what is the downside? the biden ministration stopped building a wall because it was trump's idea and they are trying to destroy everything trump regardless of how it affects the border. every decision this administration has made its present historic surge. it's by design, mismanagement, is not incompetence, it's open borders by design. >> 2021, 1.7 million coming in, i want to change topics quickly. in the social spending bill, a number of sections like funding for increased pell praise and grants to have affordable, they say no individual shall be determined to be ineligible to receive benefits provided with grant funds or work under this section including direct student financial assistance on the basis of citizenship alienage or immigration status, the bill would change immigration status for anyone here illegally to permanent residence if they can show consistent employment
6:59 pm
through covid as being an essential worker. that was expanded including restaurant workers, grocery store workers, convenience store workers, farmworkers to name a few. >> there we go, another enticement. just another enticement to bring more people here to this country illegally because they think their future democratic voters, that's where it comes down to so as we discussed earlier, it's just enticement. the worst water situation we've ever seen and that's for amnesty on top of everything else, it's ridiculous. >> is a tough situation and in the last 30 or 20 seconds, there's no easy fix but can they reinstitute trump policies that fixed it? >> if they reinstitute it, it could be stopped in a week. i have no respect for this administration bring back steve miller, we can fix in a week, this can be fixed. >> thank you. your insight is always very good
7:00 pm
on this subject. this is something we will be following, it's not going to go away without new caravan company. i am in for elizabeth mcdonald, you're watching the evening edit on foxbusiness. that doesn't for us, thank you for watching have a very good evening today. thank you. ♪♪ ♪♪ kennedy: it's about that can make or break joe biden's entire presidency. the democrats massive spending bill because mark division in a high school math class. if it passes, the president has momentum. if it doesn't, you could probably stick a fork in him, good luck on the mentor, it's all moving very fast. buckle up, buttercup. the president pushing signature $3.5 trillion social spending bill. what's that, larry


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