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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  October 27, 2021 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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there. james, this is an issue we would be talking about it. you've been watching the evening edit on foxbusiness, that does it for us. thanks this is all stuff we will be following, see you again. ♪♪ liz: . kennedy: i got a fantastic show. mike tyson is here. psychedelics, just a little while. from west virginia but first, nothing is off the table for criminal charges. alec baldwin middle onset shooting but the actor, could he be the one to take the fall for the? they've been going through a mountain of evidence related to
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the case and with today according to new affidavits, assistant director told police he did not only check the gun before it was fired. they claimed they could check it and didn't see live ammo inside. he claimed no, on the set ever. but clearly that is not true. the cinematographer would still be alive. sheriff said they found 500 rounds, plaintiff live bullets. earlier tonight report that sheriff what it means for the investigation. >> that's what we're trying to determine -- the people that inspected or handled the firearm when it was loaded before it got to mr. baldwin, we are interviewing and those follow-up questions we need to do so if there's further investigation, further interviews. kennedy: whether it turns into a criminal case is remaining to be seen. he still could face charges.
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>> all options on the table at this time. not commenting on charges whether they will be filed or not or on whom so the answer is, we cannot answer that question yet until we complete a more thorough investigation. >> has been ruled out at this time. kennedy: no one has been ruled out, not even your. when the d.a. says something like that alec baldwin and others be nervous? let's meet tonight party panel, attorney cohost of the fox news channel, emily. we've got scene are evident and author of the brand-new book, or before you encounter supply chain csi hanukkah. most of the richest phallic scope valor, welcome, everyone. there are everything a number of
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criminal charges that could come down but what are some of the most serious findings we've learned about today? >> in my opinion, the first was there were at least five live rounds of ammunition found among 500 total and the sheriff was waiting for conclusive statements were he said i'm going to have it checked the fbi currently is on it, there pointed back with confirmation. federal resources are only brought in for that to employee resources to aid state agencies jurisdictional issues so that right there proves their elevating test to make sure all saint stones are overturned, the empire as investigation his throat but i may throw out a quick care laconically 14th a case outdoor to wear a camera assistant was she was hit by a freight train, a messy horrible accident and the director spent for involuntary man assistant director spent ten years on probation, an egregious case and a lot of safety issues not being
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met, safety protocols ignored onset there are parallels because referred now allegations about the assistant director david, on this set and along with the armored director so i think parallels are unfortunately strong and there was consistent patterns of complaint about lack of protocol regarding safety and safety is no accident, there are protocols in place and there on the ground set in place to protect cast members from horrific accidents like that sheriff's called alec baldwin actor producer alec baldwin thereby designating him for not absolving him about accountability he holds from that role as producer. kennedy: because that's the one producer is the one who's supposed to make sure parts have their own protocols that they were together and engage with each other and share that
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responsibility that we are hearing story after story about people on the set, nicolas cage will standoff a movie set, the armor on his set cap discharging weapons without warning him and he said going to blow out his drums and he marched opposite, rightly so, i don't blame him and there were so many warnings, people from the group waiting, what strikes you? >> the new york post story about hannah gutierrez -- i encourage everyone to read it, it is damning. it looks very bad for her. i think she's probably more like an alec baldwin to face potential charges or something about nature. everyone deserves due process, even people who did or appear to have done bad things so i am
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perfectly happy to d.a. and law enforcement they are taking the time that they will construct the case and look at all the evidence, there's no reason to rush the deceased should get whatever appropriate justice they determine but i am horrified by the onset armorers practices were based on the new york post story and what nicolas cage said, that looks damning. kennedy: i have a source in los angeles who knew exactly who this was when the story first broke and he did not have a terribly kind thing to say about gutierrez. what is there, i think you're going to see a push to take guns out of movies entirely. you have a bunch of people handling firearms develop icons and have no idea how to employ proper safety, i'm not going to be surprised to see backlash
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against any gun in movies. >> i hope it doesn't happen because our shows every single day who put guns in their movies funds in their shows, you think about all the criminal investigations, police shows, all detective movies, gangster movies where guns are involved, you don't see this happening because clearly prioritize safety in the fact that if you are in a rehearsal, is adamic on and when you're in the real thing, you use a real baby you don't have real ammo in that but this is a case in which we saw a breakdown in safety protocols in the breakdown caused somebody to die so hopefully it's a bad example that never happens again and it's a wake-up call to everybody in hollywood when we are dealing with ammo, there's a reason we have safety protocols to begin with to make sure nobody dies and is a way of doing this and as a way to do it
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every single time truck life and pursuit of happiness in this work at a are an actor handling a firearm, learn how to use it. part of cannibalistic around, much to get into tonight. we will continue with this so what exactly are investigators looking for? today santa fe sheriff layout evidence. >> we believe we have in our possession of a firearm fired by mr. baldwin. this is the firearm we believe discharged the bullet. we also believe we have the shell casing from the bullet fired from a gun. the actual projectile fired has been recovered from the shoulder of mr. souza. all previous mentioned items along with other items of evidence will be submitted to the fbi crime lab in quantico virginia for analysis.
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kennedy: i wonder if clarice will be on the case. what can the fbi do with the evidence local law enforcement is already doing? here with me to discuss, retired fbi agent, bobby, welcome to the show. they're going to be looking for a lot, what exactly are they looking for? forensically, what would determine who's at fault and who was negligent? >> that will depend on things like the trigger pull on the gun, how much it took to pull the trigger, can you do accidentally or do you have to fall the trigger with enough pressure that you have to consciously do it? there's a question of whether, it's homicide. someone pointed and pulled the trigger killing the person we could talk about, or the assistant director because a person holding a loaded firearm pointing at her person and trigger and pulp in a bar. was it accidental or, that will be determined by what certain
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things people knew at some times and who is response before knowing that? they will test the weapons and see if the gun go off accidentally i think they will find it cannot, it has to be clocked first, pulled back and blocked in the trigger pull so the person holding the weapon has to do two things, pull the hammer back, lock it and put enough pressure on the trigger to make the hammer thrust forward, firing pin it to in the bullet. it has to be determined where the responsibility lies, obviously responsibility on the assistant director, all three of them. safety obligations to make sure it was a safe weapon, any one of them could have prevented this from happening essentially the assistant director we inspect them and make sure there are no live rounds , he was shady
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apparently with the story he told her, and santa fe the armor is supposed to whatever it's called -- cylinder, chamber? chamber, that's what i said. she lied about having live rounds on the site and they were apparently taken the gun out and using it for target practice are they looking for points on the ammo boxes? what are they looking for? >> fail look at all of that, basically interviewing a lot of people in getting everybody's story and see what matches up, they did a search warrant at least all of it and interviewed a lot of people and match with the people are say to what they physically know from what they've taken off the site and they are doing get from doing what you said, if i never touched that, your fingerprints are on it, you can't say he's never touched it.
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apparently pad was fired on the previous movie for safety violation so there's a lot to go through a lot of statements about what happened, everybody is trying to push it off on somebody else but clearly the gun was loaded was on the cart and loaded when they picked up and loaded when he handed it to the actor set it's cold. kennedy: not as a mother and wife who is dead, he's paid with your life doing what she loved and this one to be punted to go around, we'll much more about this going around so much for coming up, mike-when kino's visit, he will want to hear all about it, a lot to say, iron mike partner running me in moments. they with me. ♪♪
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♪♪ kennedy: he will fight you and he will fight for your. mike tyson is a changed man since he started using marijuana. marijuana has been hugely
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beneficial, he wishes he spent his whole life is that of drinking. now he wants to you'd use weed and cure their addictions. joining me tonight, chairman of tyson, hi, chad. tyson 2.0, legendary mike tyson. i am so happy to talk to you, you have no idea, i know you are a legend in the ring product what you have said and done in the last few years that's had so much positive impact on people. i want to search specifically was something i think is incredibly important in the psychedelics cure people in a therapeutic setting. how has using five mel dm teeth changed dorsal? >> totally changed my life.
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i was using cocaine, drinking and someone tricked me into taking it and marijuana and cocaine and what it did, it blew my understanding away. kennedy: you explain how they take these little pimples on the actual toad and squeeze them and drive them out and make a powder you then consume but you have said you were not aware of what real love was until you get back. >> absolutely, i didn't know anything, i've been all over the world, i realized i knew nothing. kennedy: cute on a lot of things and continue to do those things including fighting which is great. chad, i would ask you because
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there are obviously a lot of canvas companies, we've reached the mass in this finally, people can buy recreational or medical cannabis, how is tyson 2.0 cannabis superior to other products out there? >> it's easy to look at it today and it says that the partner and it's one of the places, it's getting national covid in my day-to-day job is a technology company, who seems brands space and feel confident who has a lot of experience in canvas have the right partner market we are excited about it. mike is from new york, we feel have a good footprint there recreational state so very excited about it and. kennedy: your in the big city,
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big apple got to come see us in studio so we can talk about this in person. what i do want to talk to you about what is interesting tyson branch. what to do a triathlon in december. >> stop that, tyson branch is only 2.0. tyson 2.0 one times three equals six. kennedy: what am i going to go? kennedy: i've got other stuff to do, i'm just going to experiment with tyson 2.0 before the race and see how it goes. kennedy: i'm allergic to thc and it makes me barf but maybe tyson 2.0 is what i've been missing.
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>> i think you should try. there are strains that can definitely keep you energized. talking about how he was smoking cannabis and i helped him focus quite a bit and he wishes he smoked every fight so i i do nothing without the cannabis. kennedy: like the way you feel when you are not partake it makes you feel call it makes you feel like yourself. >> but listen, not me. if anyone doesn't like the marijuana. [laughter] kennedy: are you cranky when you don't smoke weed? >> considerate, yeah. kennedy: >> be nice to people, every day
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remember to be nice. kennedy: i know you are going to annihilate the brothers in the next fight which i think you should not smoke weed for like a week for super angry so -- you're going to crush. i was there, are you still friends. >> you see the part there? kennedy: did you have a good time when you are working together such. >> ever since i've been there and we have so many people, so
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many people, i haven't even met this guy, he's a rock star. kennedy: true, mike, yourself. ask yourself especially the last couple of years especially 2.0 fully supportive care of the can the daily show, chad so much. iron mike, you are a dream come true. >> thank you, kennedy. >> thank you for having us. kennedy: you know it. you want a drink, maybe? going to talk to distiller about how it's hard to get liquor. liquor. i don't even know her. thank you. biden's vaccine mandate, worried about a worker right before christmas. the president republican congressman, he knows a thing or two about the bourbon trail.
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♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ major business group pleading with the president to pause vaccine mandates until after the holiday season? the national retail federation and trucking associations say their industries would be a mess after this for employees over the vaccine and it couldn't come at a worse time. cities across the country are losing civil forces of the mandate, nypd officers haven't of product to get the job or face consequences and in los angeles, unvaccinated seated workers will soon have $130 taken out of every paycheck every week to pay for testing for what happens if they are quite? who do you call for an emergency? cradle-to-grave. here to discuss kentucky republican house judiciary
7:30 pm
committee member, let's get sassy with massey. nice to see you. >> but his ego, you know it's bad when even the u.s. chamber of communism -- i mean commerce advocating for smaller government. i have no love lost for the military industrial complex here but i think we better listen to the ceo when he says the vaccine mandates on contractors and subcontractors will put a kink in the supply line to our military, that's important when it starts to affect national security and i got off a phone call with my constituents, 22 year member of the special forces in the navy being forced into retirement or he will lose his retirement and g.i. bill because he refuses to take the vaccine. kennedy: it's like i am not anti- vaccine, i got the vaccine, i am very happy about
7:31 pm
the vaccine, we discussed, i got super sick with covid, there are a lot of things i do others don't do but i don't think the government should force them to do those things. there is also someone within the administration saying if you force people to get vaccinated, there will be more people working because people won't be getting sick wouldn't really it's older people and people with comorbidities still contracting the virus. >> yeah, it's not going to work out the way they say, it's a fantasy. i think it was goldman sachs who setback, employment would go up because you are people would be sick. today in our transportation committee, my colleague brian mass offered an amendment to forestall the mandates on faa employees who were marking an aviation bill for the faa. what a bad thing to do to impose this mandate and force people even if just 10% of the people responsible for keeping planes in the air, if you force 10% to quit before the holiday season, peace mandates are going to stop
7:32 pm
and tell the zoom class, the people who stay at home, liberal zoom cross who ordered our stuff on amazon and never go out for anything, until supplies don't show up at their doorstep, they are still going to advocate to the mandates and it's unscientific and illogical. i'm not against vaccines, i'm against vaccine mandates. kennedy: i don't disagree with you there and i also think it curious because you have a very vocal way and if the democrat party who has no problem creating all new dependents on federal subsidies and programs. the problem is, if this many people leave work, you're not going to have the space there to support people so when you think the end? do you think unions and some of these big trade organizations are going to make enough noise administration is going to get scared about 2022 midterms?
7:33 pm
>> i think it ends when the democrat pick up their based constituency. i called up biden's were on working women of childbearing age, these are people who typically, if you look at the statistics would tend to vote democrat but you have women leaving the workforce, we are not fishing college degrees because of the vaccine mandate and i think that's a shame and the democrats are going to start feeling it at the ballot box alienating minorities and women. kennedy: the absolutely are alienating minorities and women from some of the minority workers in los angeles were going to have $500 taken out of their paycheck every month testing, i don't think that's going to sit well with a lot of people were going to be very hurt by some of the mandate follow-up. congressman thomas massie, thank you so much be met thanks for having me on. kennedy: republican senators opening a can of pork -- on
7:34 pm
merrick garland, not a supreme court justice during a hearing on capitol hill, they went after him on vaccine mandate. the border prices. the real fireworks erupted with the controversial memo about snooping on parents. >> did you consider chilling effects threat of federal prosecution would have on parents exercise of their constitutional rights to be involved in their children's education? >> i don't think it's reasonable killing anyone's right. >> unit and i know it's political hackery that brought that topic to your desk, not reality. this testimony, your directive, it's shameful thank god you are not on the supreme court. you'd resign as a disgraced judge. kennedy: that one gets fiery. he claims the memo isn't political but should he still resign?
7:35 pm
will have a problem with that. emily compagno, robbie self and richard fowler. emily, who will probably be attorney general at some time, how would you have answered some of those questions? >> for all of our sakes, i hope not. our honest answer them. our highest ranking law enforcement official here in the country used a misguided fact -- nontax fields letter upon which he deployed federal resources immediately. the memorandum he wrote literally led it's not true disturbing spike and harassment trend and admitted to congressman jim drug he looked no further, he did not conduct any additional investigation and to me the biggest rub is that this isn't within federal jurisdiction anyway so we have an attorney general that relied on hearsay and handwringing to immediately say yep, here you go, here's all the federal resources you need to pick parents against parents teachers
7:36 pm
against parents and union against parents who are simply invested in their children's education and have the nerve to confirm did no further investigation and then fell down and refused to admit his mistake, refuse to take back the memorandum still stand even though the letter they've written an apology, he still has not. kennedy: he's not written an apology, he got up by mitch mcconnell so let's talk about this a little bit because when he goes on capitol hill and spins like a bat and want answer any direct questions, who's a better advocate for homeschooling and school choice, merrick garland or randy? >> exactly. the way school officials public education employees behave throughout the entire pandemic crystal clear parents and families need better choices,
7:37 pm
different choices and parent because the school systems refused to do the job of educating kids and watching them and taking care of them because so much of this was taking place over zoom in the home miserable not learning a thing from a parent were actually seen for the first time was on and so, what the curriculum looks like and they don't like it. if they are, they are making the objection known and public officials acting like you don't have any right what to do but they do. public officials work for us, the citizens, families. i should be family centered, the education or if they are not going to do what families want and families should be able to send their kids some of us, past the easy solution. you want to run your score the way you do? that's fine but let parents send their kids elsewhere school twice needs to be the solution. kennedy: they are failing them, they should be able to but the problem is and i think there are
7:38 pm
some democrats finally to this there's going to be a real problem created here unnecessarily by trying to distance parents from the process even if the perception is the public schools hate us, back it's parents brought up, they are going to gravitate toward candidates to our same school choice, you want the money to follow your kids? you've got. >> i think there's a couple of things, number one for me, i think you should be allowed to go to school board meetings, address your concerns about how the school is run and have a real conversation about curriculum and teaching the truth and actually wide open to the public can't be any clearer, the moment you decide to engage mccright to a school board member or threat 20 dear, you party violated state law. kennedy: and local . kennedy: you call the police and
7:39 pm
bottle block, he didn't answer my question, impressive. emily, robbie and richard, you are all great. fantastic. thank you. coming up, have you ever purchased any cocktail in a can? not the bathroom, q perfect. you know, aluminum. if so, you've probably noticed they are a lot more expensive than beer and that's racist against celiac. all the government faults. i'll explain that next plus kenne-dog later, here's a sneak peek at my wife money. there he is in his costume. # and a dog, send me some pics. love you. ♪♪
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with the pandemic creating a need for capitalism, the wonder of go to, to go drink was i don't know, i don't care, judge.
7:44 pm
it was born so of course the government will try to accept into oblivion, anything will has to be killed. cocktail distillers fighting back and rightly so on a probationary tax law forcing them to pay higher taxes than beer and wine products meaning a four pack of gin and tonic and some parts costs twice as much as a sixpack of beer. that's enough to drive you to drink, why does the government insist on taxing every last drop out of anything fun? joining me to discuss my spirits president and cofounder, welcome to the show, brooke. >> thanks, kennedy, glad to be here. kennedy: it is really hard for these smaller distillers to even make it to market, the barriers to entry are insane because the beer lobby is so powerful so why is beer taxes are much less than some of these can spirits? >> honestly, i don't have a good
7:45 pm
answer for you. it doesn't make a lot of sense from our perspective and you just want to make sure is an equal playing field, that's what we are looking for. kennedy: what are you doing? obviously you are up against so much because these multibillion-dollar beer companies that aren't even american anymore, they can fight tooth and nail with an army of lobbyists so how are you banding together change these tax laws? >> it's more about educating legislators and letting them know what's going on and when they see, it doesn't make a lot of sense and it's not really that we want to have the beer -- we love beer and wine and cider and spirits, we bought it, we want everyone to enjoy it so it's really not about them, is the whole category being raised up and making sure everyone has a chance to get to the consumer and consumers are asking for it so it's important we get back.
7:46 pm
kennedy: the consumers want products that have more than a fraction of alcohol in them, is that too much to ask? why does my vodka tonic have like 3%? >> i know and i want to be able to take it with me to go tailgating or anywhere, i want to take it with me, going to our friend house, i really like the taste so it solves the problem and we clearly need to get back in line so can be easy for everyone to grab. kennedy: and it's great, it is a great roadie so if you are a gallon the road, you can throw a couple in your purse and you could be down in a second without bringing your entire bar, when can we come to your facility your cider? >> what are you doing later tonight? let's do it, i'm ready to go. kennedy: everyone is coming out of every corner. [laughter] >> we will have a good weekend.
7:47 pm
[laughter] kennedy: best of luck to you and your company, we will your ride success in all you do. >> thank you so much, i love your # kenne-dog so we will have to put our dog on their. kennedy: awesome. kenne-dog is coming up and topical storm is next. ♪♪
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a team of scientists say they found a neuron in our brain specifically activating leaky photos of jennifer aniston flashbacks scientists say would have found it sooner but they were on a break. that's keeping your friends in mind this is topical storm. topic number one. competitive eater in new zealand. posting a video of herself a giant of new tele- in less than two minutes. first, watch this. i love chocolate covid kiwi. an incredible healing challenge. either that or thought her boyfriend was cheating on her. this is country normalizes the idea of second breakfast. this is all they have left to eat in new zealand after the cut
7:52 pm
themselves off and the rest of the world public. three kisses. a medical student, a medical cadaver when she chokes on back. she has a huge following on youtube and one guy but believe me, he is huge. i wished i had that. topic number two. his a video from the zoo, in the uk, a polar bear getting a root canal. so peaceful. they do have dentistry in the uk, reserved for the animals, talk about white privilege. i know he's a polar bear but in this video, he looks more like a gummy bear. pay attention, this is what happens when your diet is always coca-cola. these are some of the bravest in the world, last week they performed the same procedure on army hammer. don't worry, the bear will wake up anytime soon.
7:53 pm
he's been given full hunter biden cocktail. we intricacy if they find out his laptop is barely legal. [laughter] topic number three. swedish company offering all electric personal flying vehicle for $92000. this is the jackson one nicknamed after flying cars in the jetsons cartoon. air traffic in 562 miles an hour while caring 210 pounds. this is for your daily chart of new tele. all electric and can fly after 20 minutes on a full battery charge and to get home, you have to find a coffee shop to let your plug in your coffee shop three and a half hours. rapidly deploying parachute which in the event of an emergency will make it much easier to find. bad news, flying vehicles are only partially assembled, you have to put it together making it slightly safer, flying spirit
7:54 pm
airlines, barely. topic number four. just in time for halloween, a guard dog trainer in kentucky putting his german shepherd puppy through a homemade project obstacle course. she ain't afraid of no coast. as you can see, the dog through a mess of distraction including stroke lights, halloween costumes. just because she peed a little, doesn't mean she was scared. a fig skeleton, the scariest part of the obstacle course at the end when doctor fakih pops out of the jar full of sand flies with the beagles. organizers said this course helps build the docs confidence and test their ability to handle strange terrain and preparation for nickelodeon legends of the hidden temple. special halloween can evolve. ♪♪
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kennedy: i am excited about this week's kenne-dog. spooky halloween costumes because we love your little trick and treat as much as you do. tell me about your dog # kenne-dog on twitter. will make them famous. first up, donna sent in her dog,
7:59 pm
lucy, also known as girlfriend and her sheep's clothing. i love your disguise, are so cute, girlfriend. timothy sent as referee, who's a good boy? this is biker pup they've, getting ready to write his harley for halloween. can i have your candy? here, dillon sent in his desi, hey, girl. this is less of any of water coupe, big fan. these are rescue dogs. princess julie, they look so cute. i don't know if it's julie or deb -- oh my god, look at store. i want to take a bite, you are so delicious. promise to say anyone who addresses doctor fauci, good boy.
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last, that sent in his two pups, opie and daisy, the best little hotdogs in the world. thank you so much for watching best hour of your day, follow me on twitter. kennedys courts, canada dvr the show. goodbye.


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