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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  October 27, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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shutting down a second in-n-out burger location for allowing indoor dining without checking customers for proof of vaccination or negative covid test. in and out's chief legal officer said we refuse to become vaccination police for any government. don't alienate in and out. folks love it. evening edit right now. >> democrats looking for ways to pay for their big spending plans. latest action, tax the rich and companies. why there might be a good chance you are paying for trillions in spending they're looking for. joining us congressman sam graves, greg murphy, greg stuebe. dagen: james comer, senator burn burn and ws marsha blackburn, bill mcgurn. tough questions and angry exchanges with senators over his memo aiming doj power at concerned parents. pressed on the border crisis,
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crime the durham report and more. there were calls for his resignation. we'll talk with a senator from that hearing. the supply chain crisis hitting the economy and impacting the holidays. estimated $24 billion in goods stuck off the coast of los angeles. americans already experiencing rising prices and empty shelves. plus the vaccine mandates could force more people to leave their jobs and create a health care crisis as well as impact to the holiday travel. then the chaotic afghan withdrawal. the pentagon confirms more left behind. nearly 450 americans trapped in afghanistan. a look at why this number keeps changing and what is being done to bring them home. the border crisis. republicans sending a letter of accusing the biden administration tying the hands of border patrol agents calling new i.c.e. rules affront to rule of law as tens of thousands of migrants are headed towards the southern border again. i'm edward lawrence in for elizabeth macdonald. "the evening edit" starts right
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now. edward: we begin with the democrats latest plan, free and two trillion dollars does not add up they will have to add a new way to pay for president paid's massive spending agenda. enter the billionaires tax. the proposal is getting pushback. some say it's in. some say it's out. critics saying it is too complicated to implement. hillary vaughn joins us from capitol hill to sort it all out. reporter: edward, democrats are getting desperate scrambling to come up with the cash to pay for president biden's social spending package after a lot of tax hikes are getting taken off the table. a new tax hike to the billionaire income tax is getting mixed reviews by some moderates. >> i don't like it. i don't like the connotation that we're targeting different people.
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there is people that basically, they contributed to the society, create a lot of jobs, invest a lot of money, give a lot to philanthropic pursuits. reporter: prompted house democrats to say the billionaires tax is dead but it may live another day after manchin carefully walked back his opposition earlier. senator bernie sanders met at the white house after being clearly ticked off this morning how many tax hikes are being ticked off the list by democratic colleagues this, every sensible revenue option is almost destroyed. almost every progressive revenue option that the president wants, that the american people want, that i want seems to be sabotaged. house ways and means chair richard neal is working through the pay-fors. he tells me thinks he can get it done. are you going to be able to nail down all the revenue pay fors by today? >> i want to do that. most of them are there. it is just a matter of dusting sum of them up, that's all. reporter: edward, with all the
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talk about billionaires, millionaires may think they're off the hook but that is not the case. chairman neil said senator sinema is open to this surtax on millionaires. edward. edward: thank you, hillary vaughn from capitol hill. very interesting that things keep changing how they will pay for this. with more, bring in house transportation and infrastructure ranking member, missouri congressman sam graves. thanks, congressman for joining us. i want to get your reaction to the democrats proposed tax on the wealthy even if it won't change the bill? >> they're trying to change tax policy at the 11th hour. they're throwing everything they can to make it stick that tells us they're farther from an agreement than they're letting on. edward: seems like this is all last minute, trying to push forward. i want, this is what white house press secretary jen psaki said about taxing the wealthy. i want you to listen to this listen. >> so you're referring to what has been shorthanded out there as the billionaires tax, an idea
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put out there by number of members of congress including your friend senator warren and it is one of the ideas under consideration and discussion. i will note there are a lot of different tax proposals that are out there that are being discussed by members right now as a means of not just paying for the package but again making the system more fair including a corporate minimum tax that would include a 15% corporate minimum. edward: you hear there the white house now saying exactly what your assessment was, throwing everything they can against the wall to see what sticks. is this desperation at this point and could anything really realistically be done in the next 48 hours? >> that's a good question and the fact of the matter is, they will spend five trillion dollars. when you add up the infrastructure package, green new deal they're talking about, throw in the reconciliation spending package in there, talking about five trillion dollars and it will reach down and get everybody. no way you can pay for this with
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just a billionaires tax. by the way corporations don't pay taxes. that gets passed on to the average person, you and me. we are going to end up paying that in the long run. people are going to pay if they get this spending package through. edward: yeah. senate democrats also you mentioned corporations, proposing a 15% minimum corporate tax rate on profits. how will that affect businesses and the economy as we're starting to see those prices rise even now to a 13-year high? >> it is going to of a effect the price of everything out there whether that is a good or a service. we're seeing inflation as a result of so many other things.
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policies that the administration is putting out but this will have a massive impact on the price of everything that common people are going to be buying, normal people, poor, moderate income, medium income. higher income. everybody's going to end up paying things like that. edward: we're already starting to feel it. progressive democrat sources telling fox news, they are prepared, progressives to vote down the bipartisan infrastructure bill if it comes up again without the massive social spending bill. is this a little disingenuous? many of those progressives made a speech over the summer about the importance of a true infrastructure bill? >> isn't it if they would concentrate on traditional infrastructure, those things very important we need to get done roads, bridges, rail, ports we wouldn't be in the problems that we're in right now, or seeing problems we're seeing right now. for instance, you know the backup at the ports in southern california. if they would just concentrate on true infrastructure, real infrastructure, traditional infrastructure but they can't do that. they have got to pass this massive spending. again, five trillion dollars. it is just unbelievable. edward: you think the american people suffer for that? that we don't get right now this true infrastructure bill? >> yes, they are going to suffer for it. not only what they will pay for anything and taxes will be
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increased ultimately to pay for it but it will have devastating impact on the economy. edward: hear what senator joe manchin says about the timing of the infrastructure bill. >> we're not doing everything today. we're doing a framework. the president is clear, he will go over to the house, basically explain to the house they've a framework but there is awful lot of work to be done and we're going to have something happening president is getting everything he has to make this happen. edward: sounds like the president will go to the g20 and climate conference empty-handed. seems like senator manchin is not willing to rush this. >> when you say framework, there has been a framework from the beginning. the bottom line there is no bill. they do not have a bill. until they come up with something concrete i don't mow how they will work on it. how do you pass a rule or bring a bill to the floor that is only a framework? very frustrating. goes to show you how
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discombobulated their entire caucus is on this. >> last 45 seconds, along the lines of infrastructure, supply chain crisis what the administration is doing to solve this and what is not being done? >> the problem the administration's throwing in arbitrary vaccine mandates that creates companies for companies, transport companies and rails go along with it that makes the problem just as bad. when the president says the private sector needs to step up, he needs to step up to back off some regulatory burdens. edward: congressman sam graves from missouri. thank you for your time. this is something we'll be following. it will continue into next week seems like. thank you again. still to come this hour, the border crisis the republicans sending a letter to the biden administration limiting border patrol agents ability to secure the border. the republicans call the i.c.e.
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rules an affront to rule of law as tens of thousands of migrants are headed towards the southern border again. again attorney general merrick garland back on the hot seat grilled by senators over focusing power and focusing on the border crisis and senator marsha blackburn had tough questions for the ag. we'll be hear to talk about what she heard. you're watching "the evening edit" on fox business. limu, you're an animal! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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edward: senate judiciary committee grilling attorney general merrick garland on capitol hill today, blasting the justice department handling of high-profile cases and controversies such as the school board memo to investigate parents hunter biden, crime and the border crisis. some even calling for garland's resignation. they should have sold tickets for this. listen to some of this on capitol hill. >> why didn't you rescind that memorandum and apologize for your, for the memorandum? >> core responsibility of the justice department, i said in my open something protecting americans from violence and threats of violence. >> did you consider the childing effect that this sort of -- chilling effect of federal prosecution would have on parents exercise of their constitutional rights to be involved in their childrens
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education? >> don't believe it is reasonable to read this memorandum chilling anyone's rights. >> judge this is shameful, your testimony, your directive, your performance is shameful. thank god you're not on the supreme court. you should resign in disgrace. >> in drafting the letter the national school board association collaborated with the white house for several weeks. they worked on it together. you're just the vessel, isn't that correct? >> senator i did not speak with anyone from the white house. >> your son-in-law makes a very substantial sum of money from a company involved in the teaching of critical race theory. did you seek and receive a decision from an ethics advisor of the department of justice before you carried out an action at that would have a predictable, financial benefit to your son-in-law? are you refusing to answer if you sought an ethics opinion. >> there is no possible. >> just saying no. answer it directly. you know how to answer a
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question directly. did you seek an ethics opinion. >> i'm telling you if i thought there was any reason to believe there was a conflict of interest i would do that but i cannot -- >> why do you refuse to answer the question? why won't you just say no. >> i'm sorry. >> you're not going to answer the question? edward: wow. joining me now is senate judiciary committee member, senator marsha blackburn from tennessee. you asked some very hard-hitting questions from the attorney general. did you hear what you needed to hear? >> no, i did not. you know, i asked him about the china initiative? he couldn't answer that. i asked him about these trials that they have gone soft on for some of these chinese spies that are posing as executives or professors in the country? he couldn't answer that. i asked him who wrote the memo that came out under his signature? he would not answer that. and then he said, well he based it off of the nsba letter and news reports.
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he added news reports during the hearing. so i, senator cruz and i each asked him about that because he had responded to me with news reports. he couldn't artic late or define those. i said why don't you do this? why don't you put it in writing and send it to us so we will know what news reports you were getting your information when you put together a memo that basically calls u.s. parents terrorists, domestic terrorists. edward: you know it is interesting the department of justice got that letter from the national school board association and in a matter of days formed a task force of potentially investigate upset parents yet you asked for written progress on the durham investigation into the origins of the russia probe. have you gotten a response from the doj yet? >> no. i brought it up to him today because we wrote him in august. think about this. it was 44 of my colleagues and me writing and saying we want an
6:18 pm
update. have you fully funded it? are the results going to be made public and what is the status and he couldn't answer the question. he said, oh, that was a question about the budget. no, no. this was the request for a status update and a specific request to make this public and he punted on that also. edward: you know, we just showed here "the wall street journal" editorial board going after garland criticizing him for refusing to rescind his quote, misguided school board memo. the association wrote the letter, now apologizing, taking it back. the attorney general refuses to reverse course on that. is this all political? >> oh of course. you know, what they have done is to politicize the department of justice. i have never seen anything like it. it has become very political and the school board memo is one thing that shows you just how political it is. another, was his answer on the
6:19 pm
durham investigation. until we wrote in august they had done nothing and shortly thereafter at least there was the indictment that came forward but i asked him about susan hennessey who is very anti-the durham investigation and very political and has made statements against barr and durham and he said, well he did not know her. he did not hire her but then the takeaway on that was, he turned around and said, oh by susan hennessey has nothing to do with the durham investigation. which shows he does know her and he did hire her and she is overat the national security division where she was placed. edward: i wanted to get your thoughts on this, senator. do you feel like the reason that garland is being so political right now is because maybe senator mitch mcconnell would not give him the nomination of
6:20 pm
the supreme court in 2016? is this revenge against republicans? >> i don't know if it is revenge or just kowtowing to what the biden administration wants. if he couldn't be on the supreme court, he becomes the attorney general and basically as we know, you have got ron klain and barack obama and valerie jarrett and susan rice, jake sullivan, they're calling all of the shots there in the white house. so you know, i think it's up for discussion as to whether this is revenge on his part or whether it is just he is such a weak leader, he just has, he is the figurehead but he is not running the department of justice. lisa monaco was there in the room today. maybe she has more of a hand than people had thought she had. edward: senator marsha blackburn, i appreciate this. this is a topic not going away
6:21 pm
from the great state of tennessee, thank you very much. >> thank you. edward: thank you. still to come this hour vaccine mandates could force people to leave their jobs to create a health care crisis to impact holiday travel but up next "the wall street journal" main street columnist, bill mcgurn if you will get your holiday gifts in time? goldman sachs estimates 24 billion of goods sit off the coast of california waiting to be unloaded. empty shelves and rising prices next.
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♪. edward: voting industry rocked by backlog, even boat sales threatened by the supply chain crisis with manufacturers adrift having a hard time keeping up with demand. madison alworth at fort lauderdale international boat show in florida. madison? reporter: madison, the boating industry has been hot since june of 2020. they have seen about 35% increase in sales and activity but now supply chain issues and shipping delays could threaten that. according to the national marine manufacturers association inventory across categories is down 20 to 60% below normal. part of the problem is the different parts, resin, the material used to make parts on ships is in low supply and costs more because of the price of oil. chip shortages keeping ships otherwise ready to go still in shipyards waiting for the technology. engineers like yamaha, mercury,
6:27 pm
and suzuki are having supply chain issues. >> certain size motors, bigger center consoles require bigger horsepower. this thing exploded in terms of positive way for our industry, all the companies stepped up for suzuki is really nice but the demand has outpaced the supply. reporter: cargo ship delays hold up everything from engines. a cargo ship arrived today with eight yachts on it. it was supposed to arrive a full month ago. edward? edward: thanks, edward. need to figure out how you got that gig looking at yachts. let's dig deeper into the supply chain crunch with "wall street journal" main street columnist bill mcgurn. bill, goldman sachs says there is a stagger $24 billion in goods sitting out sigh the ports of los angeles and long beach alone to get unloaded. other than when we were british colony have we had so much trouble getting goods off of a
6:28 pm
ship? >> no. it is very complicated. you just talked about boats. last weekend i was in my college roommate beach place in bethany beach, delaware. he wanted to buy some kayaks to go in the canal. he called hupp. they have got up to like $1200, which is crazy. it is affecting every aspect of economic life. and again i think there are a lot of complicated answers. one of the problems i think is president biden sort of pretending that the answer is like you flip a switch and you order a port to go 24/7. i think he is implying that he has powers that he doesn't have. edward: right. you know and also that middle mile. he has got the fedex carrier, the last mile going 20 four seven. now we'll get the ports going 24/7. what about the inbetween part? isn't this going to stockpile stuff to cause a backlog? >> yeah. look reality supply chains are
6:29 pm
incredibly complex networks built on voluntary contracts and people making decisions all the way and you know again the president says that the private sector doesn't step up we're going to call them out and ask them for help. i mean the wrong way to do it, the way to do it say, how can we help, how can we get out of the way? we had a story recently about target i believe and walmart and home depot. they're chartering their ownerships. some of them are flying their goods in by plane. it will be more expensive but look at it this way, edward, if you had to get a cell phone from china to your house door-to-door, who do you want in charge of that? the guys at apple and so forth or pete buttigieg and the transportation department? i know who i want. edward: right. so the amount of products that we're out of stock online is up 172% compared with january of 2020 according to adobe analytics. i'm hearing it will be well into
6:30 pm
next year before this is all sorted out. we also hear the administration talk about what they're doing. you talked about some of that. is the white house actually doing anything though? and doesn't this boil down to some regulations that are being strictly enforced and causing some issues? >> yeah. i don't think there is any one answer but again the approach, again, look how the trump administration got our vaccine. they basically told the drug companies what do you need, how can we remove obstacles in your way? meanwhile we're saying, you guys aren't paying your fair share, you're making too much profits, we're going to raise taxes on you and we'll regulate or i will issue an executive order. wrong way to go about it. i think there are a lot of things we should be reanalyzing in terms of our regulations, things that can help speed up the process and get the supply chains working again. they're very complex things yes is why we at the journal always opposed the tariffs and so forth that interfere with these things and hit a lot of innocent
6:31 pm
people. edward: how long as you're looking at this and reporting on this, how long do you think this will last? and this does, these beaucoups are a, inflation is a direct result of some of these backups. how long do you see these consisting? >> one point about inflation because if it costs people more to get the goods to their stores and so forth, that will be reflected in prices. look i agree with the transportation secretary. he says it will go into next year. they are telling us scale down your expectations for christmas. your stuff will not get under the tree in time. the grinch will run this one. so i think it is anyone's guess and it depend on will they use this as an opportunity like you say to deregulate, get out of the way and let these people use their initiatives, use their contacts to figure out better ways of doing things? edward: bill, thank you very much for your time. maybe by my birthday day in
6:32 pm
january. hopefully by valentine's day. my wife will kill me. >> thanks, edward. edward: don't go away. the chaotic afghan withdrawal still to come. the pentagon confirms nearly 450 americans are trapped inside of afghanistan right now. a look why the number keeps changing and what is being done to get them home. first greg murphy of the house gop doctors caucus on the vaccine mandates that could force more people to leave their jobs and create a health care crisis that will impact holiday travel. you're watching "the evening edit" on fox business.
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edward: covid restrictions hitting caregivers hard. a new study finding up to 43% of people caring for children or elderly parents could be forced to choose between their jobs or their home responsibilities in the next 12 months. this as strict vaccine mandates force businesses and government employees into a corner with the
6:37 pm
message, play by the rules or be shut down. joining me now is house education and labor committee member, house gop interests caucus member, north carolina congressman, greg murphy. i want to see that on a card, first of all. second of all, listen to what a congressman had to say about all this. listen to this. >> we have a health care shortage now and if this mandate goes into effect they have not seen anything yet. you saw what happened in new york when they fired the nurses and physicians and they had to bring the national guard in. it is going to be bad because labor shortages are absolutely contributing to supply chain issues and disruption in those issues. so we'll see what happens. this is, they haven't seen anything yet. edward: congressman, are we, are we, should we be concerned about this? are we in for a shortage in the care facilities? >> edward, i think we are. the sad thing is a lot of these decisions here about vaccines an
6:38 pm
mandates, i've been pro vaccine the entire time but the problem is so many decisions made by this administration is made by emotion. they don't understand the secondary or tertiary consequences of this. in the midst of this supply shortage debacle, labor shortage induced debacle, you will lay off a quarter of a percent of the workforce especially in health care? you talk about a recovery? there will be nothing but a decline and recession and critical times in america if this goes through. thankfully someplaces are bucking it. i get it in hospitals, i get it, you want to take care of patients, want everybody to be vaccinated of the pushing this across america in every facet is literally dangerous and will hurt our country tremendously. edward: mandates, obviously that really bothers but as a doctor you see the need for the vaccine. you see the need for people to be vaccinated but it's a choice, right? they shouldn't be forced to do something, is that what it boils
6:39 pm
down to? >> i feel very strongly, edward, when i have a patient comes to my office, i still see patients, they sign a permission form, if i recommend a surgery they sign a permission form. that is a medication or treatment i prescribe. that is between a doctor and a patient. we have now a medical relationship somehow between a government and a citizen, that they're forcing people to have a vaccine. i believe they're safe and effective, no medicine, no surgery is perfects specially as we go into the mandates, what will happen in the pediatric population, i think these decisions need to be made by doctors and patients and the government needs to get the hell out of the way. edward: 70% get vaccinated, we have herd immunity. what does it have to be 100%? where is this herd immunity? >> classily, herd immunity is 60, 70%. this virus, mutated virus doesn't play by the rules. 2/3 of this world is not
6:40 pm
vaccinated. we live in a world of international relation, having everybody, 100% vaccination in this country really isn't going to change anything. we have to ask people to do it. we have to ask them to be smart. there is a point to continue living. we have to get back to what reality is. we don't need to lower expectations of life. edward: fda recommending, pfizer low dose vaccine approved for ages 5 to 11. do you see a mandate for children coming on the vaccine? >> i do, edward. i see that is problematic. fauci says we have vaccines for children, measles, ruble last, mumps. why? they are childhood diseases. we've seen time and time again covid for children are exceedingly rare to cause a problem. dr. rubin, most horrific problem you have to give a vaccine to children to see what the side-effects are? i just don't buy knit a population that is so not at
6:41 pm
risk for severe illness. edward: what do you say to parents, we have no idea how this will affect the young kids as their bodies are still developing? >> i think that is really true. i want people to be vaccinated but that is a dangerous statement to make. any parent who cares about their child will think twice about this i want kids, i want folks to be vaccinated. i want people to be safe. i want to return to life as normal. forcing this thing down americans throats, leading to another sense of consequences far more injurious to the american public. edward: doctor, thank you. >> thank you. edward: pubs about sending a letter accusing the biden administration tying the hands of i.c.e. agents as tens of thousands of migrants are heading to our southern border. house foreign affairs member
6:42 pm
greg stuebe on the chaotic withdrawal in afghanistan. the pentagon confirms 450 americans still trapped in afghanistan. we investigate next your shipping manager left to “find themself.” leaving you lost. you need to hire. i need indeed. indeed you do. indeed instant match instantly delivers quality candidates matching your job description. visit hi, my name is tony cooper, and i'm going to tell you about exciting medicare advantage plans that can provide broad coverage and still may save you money on monthly premiums and prescription drugs. with original medicare you are covered for hospital stays and doctor office visits but you have to meet a deductible for each, and then you're still
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♪. edward: president biden's crisis in afghanistan continues as the pentagon now confirms nearly 450 americans are still trapped inside of the taliban-run country. joining me now is florida congressman greg stuebe of the house foreign affairs committee. congressman, your first, i want to get your reaction to the new number to 450, up from 363 according to the state department last week and the 100 they kept saying were still there. >> my reaction is disgust. it is two months now, more than two months now that joe biden abandoned american citizens in afghanistan and early on it was oh, it is only 50, it is only a few, only maybe a 100. no more than 100. we're not in congress, on the foreign affairs committee
6:47 pm
getting legitimate information and numbers from this administration because obviously they want to hide the fact of the huge number of americans we have stuck behind enemy lines and now they are forced to negotiate with a terrorist organization a globally recognized terrorist organization to get our citizens back. it is absolutely atrocious we're in the circumstance. it is atrocious our president would pull out our troops and military without getting all of the citizens out of the country first. edward: critics says there is a lot of false information, outright lies from the botched withdrawal but do you still think the number is on the low side? it doesn't even count all those who helped the u.s. over the year and the embassy workers? >> i do and i will tell you on. early on when afghanistan started to fall, we had briefings, bipartisan brief national congress. the numbers told to us there were 10,000, is 15 american citizens in afghanistan. weeks later we were told they
6:48 pm
evacuated 5000 american citizens. do simple math, i'm not a mathematician, simple math shows you there are a lot of people stuck there that haven't gotten out. edward: what is being done to get the americans out? have you heard anything? >> that is the thing we don't get return phone calls from the state department or administration because we're republicans. every time we open cases, every time we have information and nothing is returned to us. it is an absolute disgrace months after we pulled our troops out of afghanistan. we can't got our people out. our people are stuck there. we're relying on internationally recognized terrorist organization to get our people out. edward: simple question, do you believe we're less safe from a potential terrorist attack in the u.s. than before president biden yanked all the american troops out the way he did? >> absolutely no doubt that is the situation in the middle east. not only do we not have military assets in the area, we don't have military assets around the
6:49 pm
area. we don't have the availability to surveil. it takes eight hours to fly a uav to surveil the area. we have no assets around there. why russia and china are applauding the fact we don't have assets on the ground and can't surveil in the country. edward: what do you think could be done to help the americans or fix the situation? >> the very first thing should have been done, we never should have left the military assets until we got all the people out. now that we're in the circumstance, we should run missions to go in, get our people out. once we have the human assets out, our citizens are safe. we need to destroy every bit of military equipment now in the hands of a terrorist organization of the taliban. edward: is that feasible? we don't have eyes on the ground? >> we send a aircraft carrier on the coast to send assets on the ground. it is completely doable. we have the ability to show america is able to strike anywhere in the world. the administration set us up for failure in that regards. they're refusing to go in and
6:50 pm
get our people out and refusing to if get our assets left behind. $80 billion worth of equipment is left in the hands of the taliban. edward: change top picks quickly, last time i get to ask you 20 seconds, how did it feel to hit a home run in national as park? that is something i wish i could do being a native washingtonnian. >> it was a great feeling. republicans won here last september in the baseball game. we'll win next november. edward: legitimate home run. that is impressive. thank you, congressman greg stuebe. >> thank you for your time. good to see you. edward: coming up next, congressman james comer, he is one of the men who sent a letter accusing the the biden administration new i.c.e. rules as an affront to the rule of law as tens of thousands of migrants are headed towards the southern border. keep it right here on "the evening edit" when you're driving a lincoln, stress seems to evaporate into thin air.
6:51 pm
which leaves us to wonder, where does it go? does it get tangled up in knots? or fall victim to gravity? or maybe it winds up somewhere over the bermuda triangle. perhaps you'll come up with your own theory of where the stress goes. behind the wheel of a lincoln is a mighty fine place to start.
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you republican congressman set a letter to home and security secretary l.a. hunter my office yesterday saying ministrations policies are tying the hands of border patrol agents and ice agents, recently issuing new guidance on the enforcement of immigration laws which is such go into effect november 29, this is border apprehensions hit an all-time high of 1.7 million in
6:55 pm
fiscal year 2021, more than all of the states, all the people in the states of west virginia than the people of hawaii, maine, delaware, montana for example the ranking member of the house oversight reform committee, congressman james, signed the letter. thanks for joining us. the letter refers to new guidance the rule of law, visit the new guidance or what is in the guidance that concerns you? >> guidance ties the hands of border patrol agents. andy biggs and i visited the border, he's been there several times. for agent tell us what they need, the president does exactly opposite of what ice agents and border patrol agents want and this will allow for more illegal immigration to cross the border, more illegal immigrants without arrests. what president would order his law enforcement not to abide by the rule of law but joe biden has done that new order.
6:56 pm
>> eyes obtained by the washington post shows immigration rest in the interior to the lowest level of more than a decade in fiscal year 2021 so it's not that there are fewer illegal immigrants, it's that there's oppression of activities meant to uphold the law, immigration laws. >> that's exactly what it is and the more that comes out of this administration from the more we will see increases in border crossings because the people considering crossing the border right now no there's no consequences. there haven't been any consequences from day one of the fighting administration and fist in order to even more advantageous to cross the border. i can't imagine why joe biden was continuing to do this. it's unbelievable, border patrol agents, the morale is at an all-time low and they keep calling republican members of congress, begging us to do something so we sent a letter requesting exactly what process
6:57 pm
joe biden went through to make this decision. it's a major decision, biden border crisis is they're not just crossing the border and staying in texas or arizona, the administration is funneling them to basically all the state in the continental united states. >> that's right and i talked to drug control agency kentucky a few weeks ago increased activity and drug they are seeing and kentucky is a direct result of mexican drug cartel manufacturing crystal meth in mexico and mexicans are just crossing the border, untouched making their way to kentucky and it's affecting drug activity on the streets of activity. on the streets of kentucky because joe biden refuses to
6:58 pm
secure the border and this order he released this week will make it even worse. >> tom holman, forming acting ice directors at the biden administration's policies caused a sharp drop. listen to what he had to say about this. >> ice has been decapitated, can't do the job anymore. he came up and basically set no longer illegal to be in the united states. being in the country illegally is not enough reason to be arrested by immigration officers. >> what you think? >> that's exactly right and exactly what border patrol agents are telling me and all members of congress, especially those who represent the poor in new mexico. >> it's interesting as you said 60%, dropping 60%. biden administration thank entered in january and
6:59 pm
enforcement priorities illegal immigrants national security threats are recent border crossings and those convicted of aggravated felony all of these people coming to the u.s. to signal that basically you can cross the border and want your process, you can just jump i might as well have welcome to america sign for illegals crossing over the border and give them a gift when they come across before and ask if they need a ride to go to whatever city you desire to go to because nothing is happening to these people crossing the border. the biden administration continues to turn a blind eye to border security and now they are creating a situation where if they are apprehended, there are no consequences to face so obviously border crossings are going to continue to search this is totally opposite of what the american people expect the president of united states when
7:00 pm
it comes to national security specifically on our southern border will have to leave it there. james, this is an issue we would be talking about it. you've been watching the evening edit on foxbusiness, that does it for us. thanks this is all stuff we will be following, see you again. ♪♪ liz: . kennedy: i got a fantastic show. mike tyson is here. psychedelics, just a little while. from west virginia but first, nothing is off the table for criminal charges. alec baldwin middle onset shooting but the actor, could he be the one to take the fall for the? they've been going through a mountain of evidence related to


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