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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  October 26, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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per her doctor's advice. that is according to buckingham palace. the british monarch doctor ordering rest last week after a few hectic days. if i had to go to the conference i would think i would rather stay home too. that does it for "fox business tonight." "the evening edit" starts right now. ♪. elizabeth: we've got this news coming in. senator joe manchin says he convinced the president to stop a democrat plan to get the irs to monitor your bank accounts. it looks like that is now dead. and democrats wealth tax will likely get stopped too as unconstitutional. now the democrats are failing to pay for a biden agenda they claim costs zero. does this mean the biden agenda is pretty much dead in the water? joining us tonight, senator bill hagerty, congressman scott desjarlais, nancy mace, former
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utah congressman jason chaffetz, former prosecutor and police officer phillip holloway and arizona sheriff mark lamb. we have a lot of stories for you tonight. are vaccine mandates going, going gone. we have a new lawsuit from government workers including homeland security workers against the biden mandate. now it makes the brand new strong case that could stop it in its tracks. we're going to explain. also the gop governor of alabama takes it next level. outlaws the biden mandate for state workers as quote, outrageous over reach. losing jobs not getting jabs because of centralized federal government dictates. the white house is being called stubborn, not delaying this until after the holidays. truckers, businesses they're warning this would worsen empty store shelves at holidays. retail theft is rising too. new outrage over the white house hiring the school board chief who got the white house to probe
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upset parents as quote domestic terrorists. today high school students in virginia walked out in protest over a school board coverup of a rape. the outraged father of that school victim was arrested. he basically was really upset his daughter, a ninth grader got sexually assaulted inside a school. now democrats, they're losing school board moms and potentially the governorship of virginia. now that race is in a dead-heat. and, we've got more on dr. fauci's morally convenient demand that we all follow the science when he does not. bipartisan group of 14 lawmakers now demand dr. fauci stop this scam, his agency wastes billions of your tax dollars every year on horrific and useless animal experiments that the fda says are not necessary. don't work. the texas national guard, we've got the story. they are deploying massive manpower as thousands of migrants approach. now why isn't the president
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telling these migrants to go back? how can president biden find time to go to scotland for a u.n. climate junket but says he cannot find time to go to the border crisis that he created? thanks for joining us. i'm elizabeth macdonald. "the evening edit," it starts right now. ♪. elizabeth: okay. welcome to the show. you're watching the fox business network. let's start today with senator manchin saying he convinced the president to drop the democrat plan to get the irs to snoop on your bank accounts to pay for the biden agenda. democrats claim the agenda costs zero. senator manchin saying the president indicated all of that in a talk with him. hillary vaughn on capitol hill with more. hillary. reporter: liz, that is exactly right and the idea behind this is the more information the irs has on you the more audits they can do and the more money tax revenue they can ultimately grab from taxpayers but the banking
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industry is begging the biden administration to throw out this proposal saying they're getting a lost complaints already from customers who want to what their bank would be handing over to the irs and treasury department's claim they won't use the information to audit anyone making less than $400,000 isn't making anyone feel any better writing this, quote, the likely question of any american taxpayer making less than that is, why does the irs need my account information if they aren't going to use it? senator manchin saying today he told the president that the idea behind this was basically crazy. >> i said do you understand how messed up that is to think uncle sam will be watching, what it does for bankers, this and that? i told him, mr. president, i don't know what happened. this cannot happen. it is screwed up. he said i think joe's right on that. i think that was going to be gone. reporter: white house hoping the beefed up irs proposal would beef up the tax revenue.
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they expected to get $780 billion over 10 years from this tax proposal but now that it has been thrown out, they will have to make up the money some other way. liz. elizabeth: great reporting. hillary thank you so much for your journalism there. joining us now, senator bill hagerty from senate banking. great to have you back on. what is the reaction to the development? now they're losing pay-fors for it, right? they can't pay for it. will this be dead in the water? what do you say? >> it is getting worse by the day. what we're seeing the democrats are in complete disarray. this $600, whether it is $600 or whether it es is $10,000, american people don't want the irs snooping in their accounts. i had treasury secretary yellen. what we heard was disturbing. what are you doing. we saw tax information given to "propublica" during the biden administration. they did it to attack the political enemies. what will they do to happen
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again. her answer -- >> get rid of the banner. we're showing the wrong banner. what is happening now, the news is coming in that president biden's indicating that the democrat push to irs snoop bank accounts is probably going away. this is coming right when activists continue to bully. they bullied again krysten sinema. we bottom them stalking and bullying her for the second time this month. you see viewers out there see the push that will probably fail of getting the irs to stoop on the bank accounts when activists are hounding and hawking senators like krysten sinema. what do you say to that? >> i say it is regrettable this sort of behavior is underway but this is typical of the way the democrat activities have been behaving. we need to step back to look back what is in our economy now. inflation has run away. last thing we need is more government spending. what they're trying to do implement the massive big government program.
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bernie sanders said. they want to transform america. this is not what the american public wants. they don't want to be snooped upon to make it happen. they don't want the socialist programs embedded in this. elizabeth: nearly 200 banks, industry groups, nearly all republican senators, senator scott and kevin cramer introduce a bill to block it f they can't pay for it, how does it fly, right? they can't pay for half of the two trillion in spending that means this is really on the verge of collapse. that is the news here. do you think it is on the verge of collapse? >> it certainly is. if you look what is happening in the house they keep cycling this thing back and forth over and over again. how many times is joe biden going to bring joe manchin down to his mansion on the beach? how often will he pressure people? they're not making any progress with this because essentially it is a terrible bill. moderate democrats are waking up to the fact. the more you and i talk about this, liz, the more the american public wake up to the hidden proposals in the bill.
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deeper chances are this will never make it. elizabeth: democrats want a wealth tax. that violates the 16th amendment under the constitution. you can only tax income, not paper gains and assets that have not been sold yet t would force people to sell a assets to pay uncle sam. it wouldn't just be billionaires. would aim it likely at the middle class t would violate the fifth amendment, the takings clause. so much more. by the way why not cut back on government waste before you go after taxpayers? you sent a letter to bernie sanders about corporate giveaways to big tech that nobody knows about. what is going on there? >> liz, first after you're exactly right on cutting government waste. there is so much opportunity well before we get into something a wealth tax that is unworkable and unconstitutional. with respect to the letter i sent to bernie sanders this is one of the hidden components of massive 2500 plus page bill, what they found out they blow the lid off green cards. allow unlimited number of
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workers to get green cards at big tech corporations. they will take away opportunities that our kids need to find their way into high-paying high heck jobs. i was in them fist last week, encouraging leaders there to get middle school, high school students to get engaged in stem education to take advantage of high-tech opportunity yet this bill would allow companies to hire foreign workers come in, skim off the top, work for low wages to take the opportunity from american children. they're putting the american dream in the rear view mirror. elizabeth: we hear you on that. all that is going on, right? the president has been yelling more and more, pass my agenda. he wants it done now before he flies off with his cabinet to a united nations climate junket but he says he has no time to go to the border. at the junket in scotland they will lecture americans to accept new gas and carbon taxes, russia, china, india are not doing anything to cut their emissions. china puts out more gses than the rest of the world and u.s.
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combined. lecturing from the top down white house and democrats americans are saying listen what are you doing? what are you doing to the american worker, right? senator your final word. >> you're exactly right. this is more misplaced priorities of the after the debacle in afghanistan president biden disappointed his friends in the european club to basically sell the american economy out. to show up i will destroy the american economy. i have this green new deal to present to you so he can join the socialist club of europe i presume. will do it at the expense of the american economy? i don't think the public will stand for it. elizabeth: by the way nearly 450 americans are still stranded in afghanistan according to the pentagon. your final word on that, senator, and then we have to go. >> it's a debacle in epic proportions. people will feel the the embarassment of this administration for years to comb. it goes back to jimmy carter days to see something as bad as this occurred. people will remember this for a long time, liz. elizabeth: senator bill hagerty.
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great to have you on. white house hiring the school board chief who called parents domestic terrorists as high school students in virginia walk out over protest of a school board coverup after sexual assault, a rape. could democrats lose school board moms in the governor's race in virginia? behind all the turmoil, facebook we'll explain up next, dr. scott desjarlais of the house gop caucus, mandates for vaccines will they get pushed aside soon? a new federal worker lawsuit against them has a surprising case to make to stop it. also the republican governor of alabama takes it next level, against the biden mandate. we'll explain. stay right there.
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♪. elizabeth: joining us now, house republican doctors caucus member, tennessee congressman scott desjarlais. okay. i want to get to this. four dozen federal workers, many including in homeland security, filed a new lawsuit against the biden administration over the te biden mandate. they're saying this, the biden mandate is basically not just a case-by-case review what is going on when they say they don't want to be vaccinated,
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they're saying basically if you fire people with a disability, meaning covid-19, you will be violating the law. it is similar to firing or not hiring somebody with hiv or aids. this could be a real serious pushback against the biden mandate. what do you say? >> i would say that is tip of the iceberg and there is much more to come. clearly a lot of unconstitutional activity that appears, the supreme court will get involved. they ruled in 1905 vaccines can be mandated. this is a different case a different country and a different court. so all these people have great cases. roughly 60% of our population vaccinate frankly the ones that are not are not going to be. we're moving head fast into a crisis that the biden administration i hope is planning for because it -- elizabeth: it doesn't look like that. we hear what you're saying.
6:17 pm
we have thousands protesting against the idea if you have no jab you get fired, you have no job. nearly two dozen arrested in new york city, cops, firemen, city workers, protested yesterday. now the republican governor of call bam, kay ivey, signed an executive order, saying state agencies you will not comply with the biden mandate. it is outrageous and overreach. what do you say to that? >> pretty amazing, liz. new york these protests are stirring up. this is not conservative state. not conservative issue, it's a civil rights and freedom issue. i've been an advocate for the vaccine, if you look at the science if you look at a physician, 95% of those occurred in those over 50. when you get under that age the case is no longer that strong. the vaccines have questionable longevity. natural immunity seems to be ignored by the administration.
6:18 pm
therapeutics are improving by the day. bottom line we're almost to the end of the pandemic at least hospitalizations are down. we've been at this 18 months, same firefighters, military people, border control, border patrol, pilots all the people have been working through the pandemic, and why now? why is president biden looking a lot like he did in afghanistan? sets up a arbitrary deadline. he steaming headstrong into it without looking at red flags popping up all around him. elizabeth: biden vaccine mandate came around afghanistan that whole debacle. mandates are nothing new. we have seatbelts. restaurant inspections. numerous vaccinations are required to join school and to to the military. the point is about state and control of control of vaccinations that is the 1905 supreme court ruling. thank giving dinner would could be the most expensive in history
6:19 pm
because of supply chains. 40% of truckers could quit before the holidays. they don't want to get vaccinated. that is tens of thousands of truckers. the white house, it is plowing ahead. the industry is already short 80,000 drivers. >> right. we have a supply chain shortage everyone is feeding. holidays are around the corner. if you were issuing a mandate why didn't you do it six months ago when people were dying at high rates? granted the delta variant was bad but this is after we had the vaccine? people are really confused by the changing rules and the fact that biden seems oblivious to what is going on around him just like afghanistan. you know, we saw what unfolded there when he chose to ignore the warning signs. i think we'll see a economic crisis that is going to be worse than what we experienced through the pandemic. people there working this whole time are now going to be punished.
6:20 pm
are we willing to jettison high school workers. i wrote a letter for tva, arnold air force base they're working on hypersonic, issues of national security. these are skilled jobs that can't be replaced. we don't have deep of a bench on jobs. hospital workers, if you go in for the emergency surgery, we can't do it. walked out the anesthesiologist, what is the answer? elizabeth: so the answer is, so the biden mandate says no to testing for federal contractors instead of getting vaccinated, right? you will fire them and pay them more money in jobless benefits that is the conclusion. >> if you do that -- elizabeth: kaiser, kaiser family did a poll, 30% are vaccinated would quit rather than dot vaccine. this is a heck of a story. we'll stay on it with you. congressman, so sorry we ran out of time. dr. scott desjarlais, come back soon. still to come this hour, here is the question, why isn't the president telling thousands of
6:21 pm
migrants heading to the border to go back? we have republican senate whip. he is john thune asking how can president biden find time to to bo to scotland for a u.n. climate change junket but cannot find time to go to the border crisis he created? up next former utah congressman jason chaffetz outraged over the white house hiring the school board chief who called parents, quote, domestic terrorists. we've got this. high school students in virginia walked out in protest over a school board coverup of a sexual assault. could democrats lose school board moms? they're upset over anti-parent mesessaging -- messaging. could they lose the virginia gubernatorial race? keep it here on "the evening edit".
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♪. elizabeth: a big student walkout today in loudon county, virginia. angry protests over what they call a school board coverup of a teenage boy found guilty of raping a ninth grade girl. now fox news chief washington correspondent mike emanuel is in loudon county with more. mike. reporter: liz, good evening. in the building behind me the loudon county school board is meeting, ground zero for parents in northern virginia sounding off about what is happening in their schools. a loudon county father, scott smith, demanded answers after his daughter was sexually assaulted in may in a girl's bathroom at school. now the juvenile judge says it
6:27 pm
happened, the family attorney says the smith family stands stronger than ever moving forward to insure that those responsible in the loudon county school system are held accountable. scott smith was arrested at a school board meeting in june after an activist told him his daughter was not assaulted. since then the national school board's association pushed the biden justice department to crack down on school board protests to characterize those involved as potentially domestic terrorists. >> attorney general has been quite clear that the job of the department of justice working with state and local law enforcement is to prevent violence, to prevent threats of violence, whether it is in school boards, whether it is in hate crimes. reporter: some in the community are calling for the resignations of the superintendent and school board members for the way that incident was handled. liz? elizabeth: mike emanuel, thanks for joining us. thanks for your journalism there. welcome to the show former utah congressman, fox news contributor jason chaffetz.
6:28 pm
your reaction to this report? >> well i just feel so bad for the smith family. they have gone through hard enough as it is but then to be called out and said no, this isn't true. you're just making this up. just the whole premise of which these elitists will go to great lengths to suggest that oh, this is just made up. for barack obama himself, the former president of the united states to say these are trumped up right-wing allegations to try to enrage people, that is so offensive. this young woman allegedly was raped and, to have it be dismissed like this is really quite disgusting but it is also, i think, will show at the ballot box. people are disgusted with people like terry mcauliffe who think that the parents really shouldn't have a say in what is going on at their own schools. elizabeth: it could hit the virginia gubernatorial race, right? the president will be
6:29 pm
campaigning on behalf of terry mcauliffe after the biden education department tapped and hired the national school board association president, garcia, to serve on a federal education advisory board. she wrote the letter comparing parents protest to domestic terrorism. in the sba retracted that as wrong and misinformation. emails obtained by parents defending education, that she coordinated coordinated with the biden white house and education department weeks ahead of time to get federal patriot act firepower aimed at parents as domestic terrorists when it was a parent who was upset, covering up student that raped not only his daughter but attacked another student at another school. that is all that has been going on. how will this hit the democrat party? because school board moms are really upset about this. >> well i think these parents need to understand that the obama-biden approach to this and
6:30 pm
now biden-harris, has been, this letter that was put into place and sent took weeks in the making. this was not i fired a letter off, it was an accident, i shouldn't have done this. this was done in conjunction with the white house. for them to come back we really didn't mean it. they really did mean it in fact the department of justice has taken some action. in fact the person who is authoring this letter, taking responsibility for it doesn't take any responsibility for it. now biden and harris are promoting her. putting her in even more powerful position. so i don't know how that squares with voters or parents in virginia. elizabeth: the other thing half of the u.s. civil rights commission said of this letter, it cited no evidence warranting the national threat assessment center, the fbi, the secret service, the national security division to be pointed and aimed at parent who are upset about the indoctrination of their
6:31 pm
children. they are upset about surveys that asked the 10-year-old churn about their sexual identity. parents are notably outraged in virginia over sickening books found with porn in school libraries and dividing children based on race. that is critical race theory. watch leo terrell here. >> critical race theory is evil, it's wrong. parents across the country don't want this. virginia is the bellwether state on critical race theory. they reject. on the fact that they concealed a sexual assault, this goes to the heart and soul of america, children. and parents are fighting back. that's why you will see a red wave starting in virginia because, what is happening on the republican side is, they're putting children first, not these democratic talking points. elizabeth: jason, parents defending education is warning about this, parents across the country need to listen. they need to listen to this.
6:32 pm
they're warning that facebook's mark zuckerberg's foundation is funding and paying for consultancy called panorama. there is also other consultancies doing this work to data mine students, to get their information, to make money off of them, right? so when you see indoctrination of children, when you see these toxic agendas pushed on children, when you see surveys asking children about their sexual identity which we never seen before, when you see things like, awful books put in school libraries, when you see agendas like critical race theory or dividing children based on the color of their skin taught by teachers who have no training in that, saying watch out, social media behind it trying to make some bucks. what do you say, jason chaffetz? >> parents need to be involved and engaged. these races matter. terry mcauliffe does not want the parents to look under the hood. they do not want parents to understand what is going on in
6:33 pm
these schools. if you reelect a person who already helped put some of this in motion, guess what, you're going to get more of it. it is up to the good people of virginia to make a decision but i don't think there is any decision to be made. they got to get rid of mcauliffe. elizabeth: jason chaffetz. thanks for joining us. we're coming out of the bottom of the hour. you're watching the fox business network. still to come, retailers and law enforcement warning that the holidays could see even more retail he thefts emptying out already empty store shelves. democrat bail reform is to blame. california now a shoplifter's paradise. but first we have the new dr. fauci controversy. animal cruelty, a bipartisan group of democrat and republican lawmakers, 14 of them, demand dr. fauci stop this scam at his agency. wasting billions of your tax dollars on horrific and useless animal experiments for drug tests that the fda said were unnecessary and do not work.
6:34 pm
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elizabeth: back with us now, congresswoman nancy mace. congresswoman, you're leading the bipartisan group of 14 lawmakers. you guys sent a letter to dr. anthony fauci demanding he stop animal cruelty at his agency. can you explain what is going on? >> yeah. thank you so much, liz. a few weeks ago i learned about these experiments that were going on under dr. fauci's leadership at the nih under the niaid. we spent most recently $1.7 million. we took 44 beagle puppies. we didn't do the experiment here in the united states. we did it overseas of course because we would never allow this. we spent our taxpayer money to take out the puppy's vocal chords. we had them drugged, killed, dissected all in the name of science. it is horrific, it is gruesome,
6:39 pm
it is disgusting should not be happening with american money at all. we have two dozen lawmakers on the letter. nine democrats and the rest are republican. it is shameful and disgusting. elizabeth: it is growing with more bipartisan pushback. we haven't heard yet from dr. fauci weighing in on this. the nih funds $19 billion of experiments on animals each year. it is cruel animal experimentation and primates. going on for years. the fda is not required. it doesn't require animal testing for drugs. there are physiological differences in animals and human. a majority of a lot of these times the drugs fail. >> right, totally useless according to the fda. the more i learn about these kinds of experiments the worst it gets. i'm learning about monkeys being
6:40 pm
frightened to death. mice addicted to cocaine. part of this story, another half million dollars was used to take beagle puppies to allow them to be eaten alive from the neck up by insects. what the hell are we doing with our money here? it makes no sense. we thought we didn't trust fauci with gain of function research and the lies were told and look what we're learning about all of this? bring our country together to fire fauci. we have to work together to make this happen. elizabeth: listen to senator rand paul on what you just spoke about. watch this. >> well he should be fired. i mean the thing is -- >> dr. fauci should be fired, by the president. >> absolutely. the thing is, just for lack of judgment if nothing else. he is admitting he lied. he will continue to dissemble to work around the truth and massage the truth. elizabeth: so, did you hear that last chart, he will work around the truth and dissemble. >> massage the truth, liz.
6:41 pm
god bless senator rand paul he has been on the front of hammering dr. fauci on the many lies he has told the american people during covid-19. i'm still waiting a response from dr. fauci and nih. when we have it you will definitely know about it and hear about it. >> congresswoman nancy mace, thanks for joining us. you will come back on again soon. still to come the texas national guard deploying massive manpower as new caravans of thousands are expected to arrive in days. question, why isn't the president telling them to go back? up next former federal prosecutor phillip holloway. retailers and law enforcement warning that the holidays could see an explosion in retail theft, emptying out stores shelves too. we have botched bail reform behind all of this. we'll investigate it next. ♪. bring your visit to outdated montepisa! our sights will take your breathing away. our food will make your mouth leak.
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♪. elizabeth: welcome back to the show former georgia police officer. he is now a defense attorney. he is phillip holloway. great to have you back on.
6:46 pm
politicians in states like california are really killing retailers with bail reform. it is cvs, walgreens, duane ride, target, walmart. we have serial shoplifters arrested again and again. released the same day and rarely prosecuted. can you explain this. >> i wish i could, liz. thanks for having me back. listen, private ownership of property is one of the foundational elements not just of our society but our legal system. our legal system, liz is based on english common law and in common law they went to great lengths to protect individual ownership of property. in fact alexander hamilton said in the 1700's protection of private property interests is one of the main goals of government and when a criminal justice system fails to protect people's private property rights, such as items on the store shelves, then that system
6:47 pm
has failed. elizabeth: california passed proposal 47. it knocks down from a felony to a misdemeanor thefts including shoplifting of anything under $950. since then it has skyrocketed. now we have organized retail crime where they're reselling things on the internet that they have stolen. so what is the thinking, what is the moral logic in california for that? >> i wish i knew the answer to the question but i simply don't. listen, what's immoral is allowing people to just walk off with somebody else's belongings. i don't care if you're retailer or end consumer of a product. private property is private period of property. we have a legal right from other people to possess our private property. that is the way our society works. that is the way our justice system was set up. the bail reform laws, basically you can go into costco and walk out with whatever you want, that
6:48 pm
is absolutely a recipe for anarchy. elizabeth: also, going to raise prices as well. i mean this is happening across the country, retail theft. it is new york, minute minute, chicago, san francisco, other states as well. stores are locking up the merchandise, they're closing up shop, moving out of cities. here in new york city an explosion of 6,000 more case this is year versus last year. one guy was arrested like 46 times. he is a serial shoplifter. he keeps being let out. so this is also going to cause prices to go up as well, right, sir? what do you say? >> there is no question about it. retail theft has always been something that sort of factored into the cost of doing business whether you're operating a cvs. whether it's a fast-food restaurant or any other type of retail establishment, people always have understood that some things are just going to be stolen off the shelves. not in this wholesale fashion. it is just unsustainable to have
6:49 pm
a criminal justice system that does not properly protect private ownership of private property. i'm not just talking about my property. i'm talking about retailers property because it affects all of us. elizabeth: phillip holloway. good to see you. thanks for joining us. >> you bet. elizabeth: up next sheriff mark lam of arizona. texas deploying massive manpower to the border as new caravans of thousands of migrants approach. now here's the question, why isn't the president telling these migrants to go back? and republican senate whip, he is john thune he is asking how can president biden find time to go to scotland for a u.n. climate change junket but cannot find time to go to the border crisis that he created? the story next. ♪ when you're driving a lincoln, stress seems to evaporate into thin air. which leaves us to wonder,
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texas sending a new message, they will arrest illegal work process. texas stepping up where they say the white house is falling down. arizona sheriff mark lampe would protect american now advisory committee. this is happening, texas releasing video from deployed in the same region where the del rio bridge, who care brands are
6:54 pm
crossing, we are showing footage of the deployment is beginning. what you say to this. >> that's what we have to do to protect our community. clearly the federal government has failed. this country and the communities along the border. they felt the southwest states which becomes an american problem. glad to see texas is doing and anxious what we are going to see an arizona to protect our community. liz: friday telling them to go back? >> honestly, they want us problem. last year they said they want to reinvent america and now they want to build back better. that's what they said everything we needed to know, undo what we love is america and we are seeing it. the border is a perfect example of one of the areas where they create chaos in our communities. liz: john thune asking how can
6:55 pm
present biden find time to go to scotland for un climate change but not time to go to the poor crisis he created? people are saying they're trying to be humanitarians, trying to allow people to come and claim refugee status but the loss said you can't claim economic asylum, right? where what you say to that? 's. >> i think that's dumb. climate change, this isn't a reason to come in or let people in. i've lived in these places in south america and they are beautiful places. i doubt it from other "issue is" the fact our government has spoken out there mouth, we have open borders and now we have everybody showing up to take advantage of the american way of life
6:56 pm
border authorities accused of fat and horseback works. >> you will probably stephen moore not because the states are trying to handle this by themselves. the federal government will probably do everything they can to impugn them or make them look bad if they are trying to do their job. so i would expect america will see a lot more of this administration trying to downplay or even disparage the work in us in arizona and the other border states are doing. liz: u.s. was built on immigration, right? the country is pro- immigration. they are against lawbreaking, against drug and human trafficking at the border. they are against migrants getting assaulted and raped on the way in. we have a mexican border secretary, he slammed smugglers
6:57 pm
during a press conference this week accusing them of misleading the migrants into leaving the u.s. would simply allowing them to freely walk across. are you hearing that, too? >> absolutely and i've been saying all along this isn't about immigration, it's about human trafficking and drug trafficking in this country. i want people to have a better life but we have the process for that. we are asking the people to follow that process and our government protect the other way which is where the cartel push humans and drugs through and they are abusing people on a daily basis, raping women and using children as pawns, extorting men and we as americans should be appalled, we should be clamoring for our government to take action. liz: reports indicate 147,000 -- 147 undocumented migrants registered in southern mexico between january and august of this year.
6:58 pm
the amounts versus last year same. in 2020 select watch what congressman had to say. watch this. >> we have parts of texas resting in fields in texas, title 42 not being enforced, we have americans been threatened to be fired from their job right now, fired from that job while we allow people to come across our border is not so much as a covid test. we have a president who refuses to enforce migrant protection protocols, president trump allowed to work with mexico. they are using asylum as the crux for all of us, the crutch. they are saying hey, if you in this world want to come to the united states, you claim asylum, you can come in. now he's creating, this president purposely creating an entitled class of migrants who do not qualify for asylum under our laws. liz: that's it, it's against the law. what's your reaction to what he
6:59 pm
said? >> exactly right, the hypocrisy that exists right now hannah americans in the everybody else in the south border, it's got to stop. that's right we stand together as sheriff, protect america because we are going to do our job for the people despite the fact the federal government leaves. liz: how do you see mexico here? >> mexico will take the easy way out, president trump put their feet to the fire and they will stay active. they have people on the other side helping us but as soon as the biden ministration opens up from they are not going to do the hard work if they don't have to so mexico's role is nonexistent right now but i wish they would get back to help protect the border. it's driving people through mexico as long as they allow it as well you want sheriff mark
7:00 pm
lamb, thank you for joining us and thank you for your service to our country, it's good to have you on. i am elizabeth mcdonald, he been watching for evening edit on foxbusiness. thank you for watching, we hope you have a good evening join us again tomorrow night. ♪♪ ♪♪ kennedy: how far would you go to fight for other people's freedom products sports activism is a mixed bag in this country and running the gamut from visionary. great people like jackie robinson and muhammad ali to attention horsefly colin kaepernick. his cancer has consistently taken upon himself to speak truth to power, not just against native turkish tyrant but also against china for their mere of human rights abuse starting with the best. last wednesday each week this


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