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tv   Cavuto Coast to Coast  FOX Business  October 26, 2021 12:00pm-2:00pm EDT

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stuart: utterly irrelevant to investing money, making money in the stock market which some people are doing well. what are you cooking today. >> i'm cooking up chicken. served with a arugla, red onions, grounded padano olive oil, press lemon juice. stuart: you are italian. kenny polcari. i will hand off to another gentleman of italian heritage, neil cavuto. welcome back, neil. neil: do you like italian? stuart: i am no-carb diet. no pasta. thank you, my friend.
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neil: remember. heartfelt. kenny, thank you very much too. that sounds delicious. thank you for the kind words. address the elephant back in the room. i know enough of the weight jokes. god knows i heard a few of them. a lot of you have discovered that i became covid positive. still technically am covid positive. i'm not harming or threatening anyone in new york city for the time-being. i only stress for the time-being. this might be a little bit of a bumpy ride these next couple hours. everyone has done yeoman's work trying to make sure it happens. i even trained my dog to handle my ifb and some of these other technical things we use to get the show to you. so i do have you know a couple of breathing issues. concentration issues. can't smell, taste or any of that. this isn't about me. this is about emails and tweets about me. let's get right to it before we get in and talk about the latest
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push for mandates and more people vaccinated. we'll have dr. richard besser joining us very shortly, president, ceo of the robert wood johnson foundation, former acting cdc director. meanwhile i wanted to address a lot of comments flooding in from all of my shows from all of you. some good, not so good. to help me out in the process is mike. you might recognize him as i used to call chipotle mike. he and kevin fitzgerald are happy to share the brisket news and excitement over chipotle. did such a good job with that, we're letting mike, production assistant handle some emails and tweets. mike, you have to break it to me then, did they miss me, do they love you? >> they missed you. many people love you. many people love to comment on you, cavuto. neil: well that is very, very nice. let's get right to it, my friend. >> we'll get right to it. we have a tweet to start us off here and it starts off with
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neil cavuto is not and cannot force anyone to do anything. he was speaking from his own experience and his hopes he can get people not to have experiences as well. he had a very difficult time and he doesn't want anyone else to avoid it as possible. neil: that is the truth. you know, but that was my goal here. i'm not trying to preach to people. look, i had my druthers, good or bad, those like me, don't like me, rather you get vaccinated. i want to keep getting nasty emails from you, especially that crowd that refused to get vaccinated. i think it's a good idea. i hope that was the message but it didn't really register with everyone, did it? >> we had some different experiences as well. we also had an email from kevin and it's, what is the difference between cavuto and job security? right about now, nice going, idiot. neil: that is mean. that is actually sounds like your writing, mike. but i digress. keep going, my friend. keep going. >> here is another tweet for us.
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his point is he still alive to advocate it. all research shows that he is over nine at this% of those dying were unvaccinated so, neil is smart enough to understand that the vaccine quite likely saved his life and he is grateful. he is likely to save others as well. neil: well, that was my goal but apparently not everyone sees it the same way. continue. >> an email from barbara here. i admire your remarkable strength through so much adversity but let me give you some advice. shut up and enjoy the fact you're not dead for now. a little rough there. neil: yeah. a little rough. keep going. >> another tweet here. get a jab with horrible side-effects that doesn't work and actually allows its recipients to spread covid? cavuto, you had enough mold in your brain to produce a pint of penicillin and haven't learned a thing. neil: okay.
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that's a lot of penicillin if you think about it. >> last line there was, go back to your country club and cocktail parties and leave us alone. neil: country club and cocktail parties? i don't belong to a country club and i don't like cocktail parties. that is mean. that is definitely you. that one is you who wrote this. come on. all right. do you have any better ones or is this where we're going here. >> yeah the email from ellen actually, keep your chubby hands off my body you full figure freak. i decide what i take, not some mr. potato head elitist with snap on fake hair who getted paid by big pharma. that is a whole lot in there for you, neil. neil: i don't know where to begin. first of all it is not snap-on hair. it is the best i could do and no one from big pharma pays me. what did i do with the pfizer
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check? nothing, just when you advocate for vaccines or something if they're paying you off. incredible. had they sent me bottles of marinara, they did not that would be different thing. keep going. >> another email from jay. my wife says you have especially kind face and trusts you implicitly. she says your words are from the heart but don't you have a bad heart? i'm just asking? neil: yes. i've had open-heart surgery. it is not a bad heart. it is just not a perfect heart. where are we going here. go ahead. >> another tweet here, life is too short to be an ass says neil cavuto who is an expert being an ass. they took a direct quote from you, neil. neil: they did. it is rather hurtful here. is this supposed to be helping my recovery? just curious. please. >> one last tweet here. neil cavuto from fox news is
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talking about the need to get vaccinated says life is too short to be an ass. so all of you asses out there, get your shots. neil: well that is not exactly what i was saying but i love how you kind of gerrymandered that. but mike, thank you very, very much. it was great making your final appearance on the show. >> pleasure working with you, neil. neil: absolutely. chipotle mike, thank you very much for relaying that. we'll relay more. a lot of, quite a few, i was actually stunned by all of that. all kidding aside i'm glad to be on the mend. i do attribute it to be fully vaccinated. i was among the population compromised. you hear a lot about that, because of my multiple sclerosis and other conditions in the past i learned something that i'm actually part of a large group of people, half those who have had what they call breakthrough cases, in other words, getting covid, even after getting fully
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vaccinated but among the immunocompromised, they make up to fully half of those cases. dr. richard besser was kind enough to appointment that out, president, ceo of the robert wood johnson foundation, former acting cdc director. the good doctor was kind enough to check up on me while he was out. i always appreciate that. doctor very good to have you. fans overwhelmingly lopsidedly missed me, pained by my absence, maybe not lopsided overwhelmingly, maybe not at all but my point is, i think having been vaccinated i was saved something that could have been a lot worse. what do you think? >> well, first, neil, it is great to see you back and great to see your bravery in sharing your story and calling on people to do what they can so they don't need to experience what you have experienced. you know, your point is a good one. you were fully vaccinated and
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one of the critical things that i tell people all the time is, that, when you get vaccinated you help protect yourself, you help protect your family but you also help protect people you don't even know, people like you who are immunocompromised, may not get full protection from the vaccine. if you're vaccinated you're less likely to get infection, when you're walking down the street, in the store with somebody, in the workplace with somebody who may be immunocompromised, you don't even know they're immunocompromised. you're doing something really good for them and for the people you care about and in the community. by being fully vaccinated increased your chances of pulling through this. we all morn the loss of recently of colin powell who was also immunocome compromised and fully
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vaccinated but was not as fortunate as you to make it through the illness. neil: a lot of people see things through black and white terms, i can understand that, doctor, the science changes and adjusts to the reality, many, many people tweeted, you did everything right you still got this. colin powell did everything right he still got this. as you raised with colin powell, 84 years old, dealing with myeloma situation that had been bedeviling him for years it obviously complicated things this was used again and again using people to tell me i'm sure as hell not getting a vaccine. why should i get something that hasn't worked. how do you answer that? >> i try to talk about risk. risk is a really hard thing to take in and talk about clearly. if more than 90% of the people who are dying from covid are unvaccinated, that says something. no vaccine is 100%. it is really important that
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you're honest and up front about that. no vaccine will give 100% protection but what we're seeing is people who are vaccinated are so much less likely to have severe disease or be hospitalized or to die from this. you know, it is just like saying no seatbelt will save every life in the a car accident, but it will help. it will reduce the chances you will die in a car accident. you don't say i won't wear a seatbelt bass it is not 100%. i will wear a seatbelt and be careful when i'm going around a curve that i'm not driving toe too fast. each of things we do will have added benefit. no one thing is 100%. you don't want to sell people on those grounds because it is just not true. neil: doctor, a lot of people have been saying that they're not keen on vaccine mandates, the government or a company ordering them to get vaccinated or else. i kind of like the approach where it is encouraged and you
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get regularly tested as well. be that as it may, there is a push now to say we've hit heard heard -- herd immunity so we don't have to freak out about demands to get vaccinated. how do you feel about that? >> if you look at the numbers, we're seeing 1500 people dying from covid every single day so we're not out of this. i think we've become a little numb to it. when you have more than 700,000 people who have died, 1500 people may not now sound like a lot but that is a lot of people. as a pea trish shun i'm used to vaccine mandates i see what they do in keeping children safe in school. i see what they do in terms of making sure we don't see something like measles or polio come back. and i think that what we're seeing with vaccine mandates is that they are making certain
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places where people go safer. so, you know, if you were able to implement a program where people are tested every day, who are not getting vaccinated, that's, that's terrific but that is a challenging thing to do and in certain circumstances like health care settings, places where it is so important you're keeping the population safe, mandates, mandates i think really have a role to play. neil: you know as a pediatrician you're probably well aware that the fda is weighing pfizer's vaccine for kids, i believe as young as five to 11 years old. separately moderna is looking for similar vaccine to benefit kids as young as 6:00 and has shown strong response in some of their tests. china is looking to vaccinate kids as young as three. what do you think of all of this? >> well i, you know, as a pediatrician i'm really excited
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by the possibility that we could soon have safe and effective vaccines for young children. i've been watching the fda hearing today and you know the numbers are pretty shocking. if you look at children age five to 11 that is what is being considered today, there have been 1.9, over 1.9 million cases. a lot of cases are not diagnosed. there have been over 8,000 children in that age range who have been hospitalized. thousands who developed a inflammatory syndrome, 150 children, five to 11 who died from this and if we can prevent that, that will be incredible. we'll see a number of parents who want to get their kids vaccinated right away. there are a parent who say absolutely not. and there are a group of parents who will take it slow, see how it goes.
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having availability for parents to get their kids vaccinated will be incredible. as a pete trish shun i spend time every visit talking to parents about vaccination, answering questions, meeting people where they are, meeting them with respect, helping them make a decision right for them and their family and their children, i think that is what will happen with covid. neil: we're in the fall. cooler weather. a lot of people fear that could mean spikes in cases. any prediction? >> you know, it is a tough call. when you look across the nation, if you look at national figures, we're getting close to 70% of people vaccinated but when you break it down, it, to a smaller level, here in new jersey it is about 70%. west virginia it is 40%. even within my state, my town it is 80%. in trenton where i work as a pediatrician it its 60%. i think there are still communities that are quite vulnerable. as you're saying viruses do better indoors.
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if we stay vigilant, if we're still masking indoors, if we don't let our guard down i think this winter is going to be far better than last winter. we could, what we do really matters. this winter could be a much better situation than we've seen before and we could be on our way out of this but it really depends what people do. neil: all right. dr. richard besser, former ftc c cdc director. testing positive for covid or not, be aware it is still out there. be aware it is still killing. be aware it has claimed five million lives across the globe. try not to play politics with it, whatever your passions politically, think healthily, get vaccinated. that is my opinion and i'm sticking to it. we'll have more after this.
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and save money while you're at it with special offers just for movers at neil: take a look what is going on the corner of wall and broad. nasdaq not too far from a record, i believe about half a percent away. mine is kind of foggy with the covid thing.
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with the smell and taste, you might wander away from reality here. what i can clearly see a lot of major market averages are clearly up. what becomes of the final human infrastructure package, whatever you want to call, it will not have income tax rate hikes in it. it will have other tax hikes but as things stand now, hard as it seems to believe, not the income tax hikes that were expected for, the upper income. let's get the latest right now from chad pergram on capitol hill. chad, where does this stand. reporter: good afternoon, neil, and welcome back. dredge muched what liberal democrats want to happen to 700 of nation's wealthiest citizens, the wealth tax was designed to court the left especially goals like family leave, beefed up coverage and hearing, dental likely get scrapped. >> i think that we all understand the importance of making sure that billionaire who have been paying virtually nothing in taxes are forced to
12:22 pm
pick up and pay something to help run this country. reporter: in other words, the plan would tax paper assets, the wealthy hold, not just when they sell those assets. senate finance committee chairman ron wyden what is called a mark-to-market system. tax observers are dismayed at plan emerging now. >> unfortunately don't have a lot of details. that is the troubling sign, we're in the ninth inning of negotiation and lawmakers will craft an entirely new tax regime to go after a handful of wealthy citizens. reporter: utah senator mitt romney abhores the idea. he says the ultrawealthy will hide assets offshore. >> not a good idea to billionaires, don't come to america. don't start a business here. multibillionaires will not want to tax the stock market because as it goes up i will get taxed.
12:23 pm
reporter: democrats have struggled to get agreement on raising taxes as part of a social spending bill. there is no disagreement on boosting the corporate rate. the white house says a floor for a corporate tax is still on the table. democrats devised a scheme to satisfy the base, taxes on ultrarich. neil? neil: chad, thank you very, very much. chad pergram on all of that? where is this going? get the read from jim clyburn, house majority whip. congressman, good to have you,. >> thank you very much for having me. neil: so where are we on this wealth tax or whatever they're calling it? are you for that, congressman? >> i am for a wealth tax. i think there is a big difference in the so-called wealth tax and all of this thing about a billionaires tax. how many billionaires do we have in the country? well, you know, i have done the numbers. you don't get anywhere near the money we need to raise in order
12:24 pm
for everybody to participate in the build back better efforts. and so the wealth tax is something that i support. i think that all of us are aware that the wealthy, uber wealthy at least, have not really done all that they could to help the country move forward and i'm not able to understand this. you know, it seems to me, that we ought to want to have good health for everybody. you can't have good health if you can't afford health care. and you can't afford to eat a decent meals. these things are basic and it seems to me those of us who can afford ought to be doing our fair share and that is not been happening. everybody knows it has not been happening and with we're trying to do here is make it happen.
12:25 pm
neil: all right. but this would only raise a fraction of the money thaw formally would have had with the income tax rate hikes being considered. are they off the table now? we just not going to see those income rate hikes? >> well some things have been taken off the table but not everything. spent some time last night with the chair of the ways and means committee, richard neal. he assured me put forth a, over 2 trillion-dollar effort that he thinks can do exactly what we need to do to cover the cost of this bill. you go the to remember -- neil: without income tax rates, but without income tax rates hikes? how is that possible? >> well, i didn't say without, billionaires tax. he spread it out in such a way that it is defined as a taxing the wealthy and but it goes far
12:26 pm
beyond billionaires. there are about 750 or so billionaires in the country. they don't give us enough. we have to have a broader tax base than that. neil: all right. so the way things stood, congressman, you were going to lift the top rate up to 39.6%, higher capital gains rate, what have you. so are you saying that those, they're still on the table? >> well, i'm not in the room so i don't know what is on the table. what i shared with you is a conversation i had last night with the chair of the ways and means committee and he is convinced me that he has put forth a plan that is fair, if that plan were to be adopted we would be able to pass these bills, get funding moving again and not leave anybody behind. whether or not we accept this plan i don't know but he is convinced me that it is a good and fair plan. neil: what's to stop you though,
12:27 pm
if you go after billionaires at 750 or 1000 of them, sir and the idea is to go after their monies or made better than $100 million three years running to extending this as much as we did with the alternative minimum tax, something now has ensnared fully 1/3 of all u.s. taxpayers? who is to say that isn't going to happen here? it starts with billionaires and very rich, eventually hits everybody. >> the reason i am smiling you know that is what i said. neil: i know that is not what you said, that is the fear how it starts. not your view, not your goal but that it could happen. the alternative tax is a good example of that. it did happen. >> that's right. it could happen but not on our watch. we democrats are doing two things, we're trying to be fair with the tax code and we're trying to not to pass the bill for this on to our children and
12:28 pm
grandchildren. that is the one i think your listeners ought to be interested in. whatever it is that we do, we're going to pay for it. we aren't going to do like the previous administration and do a 2 trillion-dollar tax break and pass it on to our children and grandchildren to pay for. we're going to do this for around $2 trillion. it will benefit everybody. and we're going to pay for it. neil: all right. finally, sir, looks like senator manchin and senator sinema are succeeding for lower price tag ultimately. in fact senator manchin was outright entertained switching parties or going independent. he said no, in the worst-case scenario, even if he did he would caucus with democrats. do you welcome him into your party around staying in your party? >> yes, i do. we have two independents.
12:29 pm
bernie sanders is welcome to this party. he is an independent. caucuses. senator king is an independent. he caulks with democrats. so we do that all the time f that is the way he wishes to be labeled and will still help us build back better, i welcome that. neil: do you think he is a democrat? do you think joe manchin act the like a democrat? some much your colleagues, particularly progressive caucus say no? >> joe manchin is a democrat. he has been a democrat for a long time. i take people at their word. i don't always make all democrats happy with positions i take. so he is not going to always make me happy with the positions he takes. so that is what makes us reflective the country, is that we have a broad spectrum of philosophical thoughts and we try to bring these together in
12:30 pm
order to make for a good result. you know, that is the way families operate. we don't us agree on everything but we try not to be disagreeable and we try to be unified and that does not mean being unanimous. neil: fair enough. i know what you're saying about families. half the nasty emmails i get are people from my own family. congressman. very good seeing you. thank you very much. >> -- family. we're good people. we take care of each other and we are not nasty to each other. we may be nasty in private but not in public. neil: oh, no, they will go both ways. congressman, thank you very, very much. be safe and well, thank you. congressman clyburn following the fast-moving developments. following tesla, the stock is continuing to ramp up right now. the decides the fact that there is a trillion dollar market cap company we could see all of this
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♪. neil: take a look at tesla right now. up and up she goes, where she stops some people say they already know, maybe two, or three, or even four trillion dollars, and that direction will take elon musk, the guy who runs the company, has most of the stock, become the world's first trillionaire the rate we're going. is that feasible. alan knuckman, financial market strategist. alan, tesla following all the momentum. doesn't hurt when hertz says they will buy 100,000 of your vehicles and others could be pressured to do the same. what is going on here? how real is it? >> there is a lot going on. you mention the momentum,
12:36 pm
justice sicks -- it is now a best time to be an investor and trader. this is a perfect example of that. look what elon musk has done with his personal success he tied that to how the company performs. capitalism wins. this stock is up 1500% in the last two years. it gained $1000. today it is over the $1000 threshold. it is up a thousand% over the last 10 years. what this is what this example h is not dead. every time in history until it doesn't we have seen the market continue to back off and rally the distance of that drop. neil: what if the government, i think "the wall street journal" was sort looking into this, took away all the incentives to buy electric vehicles? and that's been one of the early
12:37 pm
catalysts for tesla. clearly with the money it is making now doesn't need that. what if, i am taking the leap, were taken away, all the government incentives and benefits and credits to get them? >> well i would say what if you doubted elon musk, really? that is what it came down to. people have been doubting elon musk for years and years. they have been wrong. the smart bunch of innovators it is not just elon. it is facebook, it is twitter, so, you know this smart bunch is very, very successful against all doubters. yes, the incent tiff is a small amount, get people's attention, help at the beginning but this has been transformative. i think elon's net worth will increase more from his other ventures. he obviously cut a great deal with tesla as far as getting those options and getting you know, those gains if the stock
12:38 pm
took off. you know he got what he wanted. again, don't doubt elon. neil: his space ventures all together have market caps north of $100 billion. paltry compared to the trillion what is happening with tesla. you're quite right. that is something to watch on the other front. alan, thank you very much on that. >> thank you. neil: meantime, a serious look at a comic right now facing some serious headwinds over some comments he has made and dave chappelle has finally addressed that. take a look. >> to the transgender community, i'm more than willing to give you an audience but you will not summon me. i am not bending to anybody's demands. you cannot have this conversation and exclude my voice from it. that is only fair. you have to answer the question, am i canceled or not? neil: all right. controversy over some controversial remarks but does it justify canceling chappelle
12:39 pm
outright. he fears that is what is going on right now. he will not accept it. we have the fox across america radio show host. this guy has a razor sharp wit. happy to have you. jimmy what do you think of this? >> first of all i think it is absurd. i don't think anyone is offended neil. i think getting offended has become its own form of currency. victim-hood is own form of currency. if you act outraged, it brings attention tangible improvement to your own work situation. that is what is going on at netflix. let's be very clear how comedy works. when we make fun of you at a comedy club, we're treating you as equal. we're not putting you in a corner as infan tallized lesser than. you're here, guys, gals, married people, single people. understand chappelle did what to the trans community? he accused them of being thin-skinned. they responded by walking out getting offended. this is like if i called you an
12:40 pm
alcoholic so you chugged a keg of beer said i didn't know what i was talking about, neil. neil: how did you know i did that? anyway, here is what i don't understand, what will be the fallout mere for chappelle. >> nothing. neil: the netflix ceo is getting nervous a little bit. i don't know whether he will dial it back whatever, speaking in defense of chappelle freedom to say whatever he wants. he run into a buzzsaw of criticism to take it out on netflix. you know how it plays out. >> for chappelle, he has already gotten paid. what plays out for him, this if anything will make him more of a rebel, that will with comedy people who know the difference between a joke and a hate crime. that is the problem here. neil: hard for him to sell movies and documentaries in this political correct world. >> initially yes, in the short term but our attention span in this country as i'm sure you know isn't beyond 72 hours from now, 100 hours from now, the
12:41 pm
next controversy comes along. chappelle will be fine. if he is not fine, i will sign up for that not fine level. he has 100 million in the bank. smokes about a yard of weed in an hour. he is worse than you, neil. neil: what is amazing you hear nasty comments of people, when chappelle said in one of his acts you must watch me a lot. you keep criticizing me. i get me emails, i wonder, you're the same won who called me a imbecile and jerk before but my point is, how far do you go responding to your audience versus caving? >> what he is trying to do here is he is trying to demonstrate what he demonstrated in the special. if you watch the special he had genuine empathy for the trans community. he is talking about in the second half the special a transcom mick he befriended who he disagreed with initially, ultimately had her opening for him on stage. sadly she wound up taking her
12:42 pm
own life. what did chappelle do, he set up a scholarship fund for her family. that is hardly the actions of a guy with no empathy for appreciation for trans lives. back to my original point. most of the people outraged didn't watch the special. his demand you watch the special. if you do it in good faith there is no way you can look at that. this guy hates people. he doesn't hate people. that is the part so ridiculous. i think he will survive beyond this. he is trying to thread the needle demonstrating empathy and not caving, that is genuinely who he is. any comic that knows chappelle, they love him. he is a great comic. neil: you know what you're getting into. you expect it a g rated performance. i watched special, you could be brought to tears listening to the story of trans woman he was talking about. it is what it is. people harden positions here. i'm wondering the message to
12:43 pm
other entertainers feel cancel culture exists. what is your advice to them. >> don't back down. adage in comedy you have to read the room. no real comic like chappelle reads the room. they are in charge. a lot of comics kowtow to the outrage mob when they had more power than they did. tyranny of the minority. we identified these people for who they are. a whole industry of people get out of bed looking forking they're mad at. scientists have a word they're losers. everyone knows that. i can't wait for the guy who gets offended after everything shows up. you know why, neil? because that guy doesn't get invited to the party. neil: i think you just criticized me. >> i did not. i've been sticking up for you. all right. neil: no, no. you're absolutely right. we all got to take a chill pill, bring it down a notch. >> thank you. you're my man. neil: thank you very much.
12:44 pm
fox across america radio show host. i guess it could be the same with responding to anything you say on vaccines. just bring it down a notch. just bring it down, a little. more after this. ♪ say it's all right ♪ ♪ say it's all right, it's all right ♪ ♪ have a good time 'cause it's all right ♪ ♪ now listen to the beat ♪ ♪ kinda pat your feet ♪ ♪ it's all right ♪ ♪ have a good time 'cause it's all right ♪ ♪ oh, it's all right ♪
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insurance. neil: we have very serious weather problems. in fact this nor'easter, whatever you want to call it right now, well, bad, to worse, but again, it is not as nearly as dangerous as some were thinking it could be. let's get the very latest right now. unfortunately i just lost my place in my run-down here. who is it going to be? kendall smith. kendall, i'm sorry, i lost my place. i'm not blaming it on the covid thing but my stupidity.
12:49 pm
it started out nasty. how are we doing now? >> yes that is okay, neil. so great to meet you. we have been out here all morning long since 6:00 a.m. and so we are here with fox weather. we are brand new free streaming weather plat tomorrow launched yesterday. if you had not a chance to download the app do so, changing weather conditions. we're talking this nor'easter. we have been getting pounded with he have, heavy rainfall over the last 12 hours. we have more to come. we've been looking at radar, it is just spinning, churning over top of us as this area of low pressure, this "bomb cyclone" if you will continues to move over. you can see the bright green polygons. that are active flood warnings for the next two or three hours in portions of pennsylvania, new york as well. that will continue through the afternoon. then also, most of us from the
12:50 pm
northeast we're under a flash flood watch through this evening. right now although it appears we're dry here in new york, which is great. manhattan, we're dry, getting a break, i will step out so you can see, we have more rain coming in this afternoon and this evening. people, folks, they don't have rain gear right now but that will be changing later on this afternoon because we also have heavy rain on the way. also damaging winds. so we're watching this really closely for downed trees, downed power lines and that flooding concern, neil, as we head into the next 12 to 24 hours. neil: kendall, thank you very much, i apologize. part of this new fox weather -- have you seen the app, by the way? this thing is beyond wild. you have to download it. it is free. man, oh, man, they have 3-d weather charts. the thing they go way into the future what the weather will be.
12:51 pm
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♪. neil: see the latest price numbers that we're getting out of housing, case-shiller index year-over-year, running nearly 20% clip. that's like wild but i have to hand it to best friedman, a real estate ceo, she was telegraphing this when nobody was. respect that. man, i'm looking at these data, i don't know how far it can keep pushing this, but it does. what is going on? >> first of all, neil, welcome back. i hope you're feeling better. i'm glad you're doing okay, nice to see you. shows consumer confidence is still incredibly strong. who would have predicted it would be like this. it is really crazy but real estate is so local, depends on the supply and demand in whatever region you live in, for example, in connecticut. we know that the supply is really tight but in new york city we have good supply but
12:56 pm
we're seeing bidding wars. i have a couple who just purchased their first home. they were lifelong renters and they missed out on two apartments before they finally got the third apartment they bid on. they had to pay over ask. they were unprepared for the process. they didn't have the mortgage set up. so i just think it is really intense. i think once the borders open, people internationally can come and purchase, i think it will be even busier than it is now. neil: quickly i wish we had more time. if the package in washington doesn't include tax rate hikes targeted at billionaires, how will that affect the housing market? >> it is, neil, this is just a good point to remind everybody that next week it is the general election here for mayor. super important that people show up and vote on november 2nd, a week from today. i'm working as a poll worker. we have to be very conscious of
12:57 pm
what is going on. we want to make sure we get really responsible legislation out of albany. we do not want to drive people out of new york city. we don't want to have slogans like tax the rich. all those sorts of things have hurt the city. so we have to be very responsible. i think eric adams will help us with that. neil: all right. we'll see what happens on that front. take a look what happened on the washington front after this . . .
12:58 pm
12:59 pm
1:00 pm
1:01 pm
♪ ♪. neil: all around the world, that is happening right now, my young staff a legitimate group, stand corrected not corrected with the transport because they believe in the dow theory that the transports go of trucks and trains and planes and this telegraphs how the rest of the economy if you buy that you gotta like what's happening as a regular market, in an out of record territory, certainly for the dow and s&p 500 with chicago o'hare's airport.
1:02 pm
>> so happy to have you back, pretty soon international travel will be back, november 8 there will be different sets of rules for those who are vaccinated and those who are not vaccinated for starters fortner coming into the united states will be kept out they will not be allowed in and out at all except for a few exceptions for kids under 18 and people coming from countries with low vaccine availability but by and large here are the rules not to show provable vaccination to enter the united states, you have to have a negative covid test within three days of your flight into the u.s. and you have to wear a mask while you're traveling for americans trying to reenter the united states if you vaccinated a half to get tested the same role will apply in the future as well that's within three days of departure but if you are not
1:03 pm
vaccinated the rules are stricter you'll have to show proof of negative covid test within 24 hours of departure and because international travel is back for the first time and so long for many countries in europe, great britain, ireland and others were expecting a surging demand for international travel the folks say because of that you can expect to see prices go up about 15% from now until the holidays thanksgiving a month away, one final note on who is policing all of this, essentially the airline's responsibility to check vaccine cards, make sure they legitimate and they will have to have updated contact information for all travelers that they might have to provide to the federal government for contract tracing purposes a whole new world in terms of international travel. neil: at least it gets a chance to inch back, thank you for that. in the meantime whether you're traveling or not you have to deal with the supply chain
1:04 pm
disruption but what is worrisome there not just happening here there happening everywhere and not expected to be a problem for the rest of this year but well into next year lydia hu with more on that side of the story. >> economist say they're expecting the backlogs of the shipping words will stretch into next year which means companies will continue to search for ways to keep their products moving even bond the holidays. for now dozens of ships containing millions of dollars of goods waiting outside of the docks in los angeles and long beach, the lack of truck drivers, the constraints are putting pressure on retailers and manufacturers who are weighing whether to forgo having products for the holiday season for pay increase shipping rates for air cargo that the deliveries will make it in time, the shipping index which tracks mobile shipping prices shows the global average for shipping
1:05 pm
container by ocean is over $10000, the price for shipping from east asia to the united states to the west coast over $16000 keep in mind before the pandemic these prices were around $1500 you can see the increase their retailers have the option to ship by air and the benefit is faster they can avoid the bottleneck but these costs have soared by 20% or more in the supply-chain issue and the capacity of the congestion at the ports and the rising shipping costs are costing retailers money, hasbro are the makers of transformers in my little pony they reported yesterday that these issues cost the company $100 million worth of ordering in the third quarter, the company does say they will be able to fill most of the orders later this year but does that mean the toys will make it in time for the holiday season, meanwhile amazon is reassuring the public that they
1:06 pm
can handle the holiday season they say they double the capacity and increase the number of ports and using more carriers, the bottom line that navigating these delays and congestions cost money and the companies will have to pass the cost along to the consumer. we already know prices are soaring which means if you could buy what you want for the holiday season you will probably pay more for it, economist expect the pressures to ease after the holiday season when demand subsides. neil: thank you very much for that, there is a view on the inflation that will linger in the months that jack dorsey tells us the global investor for a lot longer than that he's looking at hyperinflation as a big worry kathy would saying it is not but therein lies the great debate forget about the supply chain disruption that could be with us for a while and the higher prices are still with
1:07 pm
us for a while. scott martin and dan on that. welcome to both of you, what do you think about that we will have to deal with the higher inflation, maybe not hyperinflation as dorsey sees it behind inflation, is that right? >> it makes good headlines, it scares people in they read on to see what the real details are, they told us everything is okay or will be okay because supply chains will be relaxed and they'll get back to normal then i don't think people would care as much and move on to the next story what i do believe there are better days ahead, the point of jack dorsey and others it's taking longer than we thought but it goes to show you the balancing of prediction to conjure up one of my favorite songs from the early '90s linger from the cranberries if i divulge on tv, it is going to linger there is major problems look at the issues with the ports about the u.s. auto loans around the world we have to be prepared for that but that's
1:08 pm
what you see some of the companies is a report earnings for q3 talking about the problems coming down the pipe as far as things they need to expect, the markets have been able so far to digest troubling news because there are better days ahead and it will take longer to get there. >> if you look at the market does not seem to be dominating their concern and i'm wondering if part of it might be a notion that the spending package of democrats what they cobble together might not have the onerous income tax rates hikes, it does not mean it does not target guys like you but that is just billionaires. is the market saying this might not be as bad as what we thought? >> i think the market does have a view that is going to be difficult for the democrats to be able to pass large increases across the border from a tax
1:09 pm
standpoint in the package has acknowledged and is going to be much smaller than the original intention, as far as how the stock market is reacting i still think it goes to the core of interest rates, jay powell says inflation is hanging around a little longer than we thought but he really is not getting to the point where he saying we have to act and raise interest rates that's what i think the market is relying upon because as we know there is a lot of cash on the sideline, we have inflation going up, interest rates holding, so where are investors going to go they need to go into the market to keep up with the rate of inflation that's why the market is really not doing anything but going up right now because there's no other game in town. neil: that seems to be the case,
1:10 pm
when it comes to the federal reserve jerome powell has to get going on the tapering he's telegraphed next month that presumably starts buying fewer treasury securities, he's been doing it at $120 million a month we don't know how much he will tailback but i'm wondering how the market reacts when he finally does it, what do you think? >> does he have to, that is the thing were on this planet a lot of countries major developed economies are in the same vote, unless aliens come down and say you have to pay up to the other galaxy, which actually might happen there's weird stuff going on it doesn't seemed like that will happen necessarily. i get what you're saying a lot of people don't describe to others, it doesn't act on it is it going to be just as bad as if
1:11 pm
he did? >> a great point it hurts the credibility but at this point the fed has taken step forward and steps back. for our money i think the fed will be ridiculously accommodative i don't think the fed is going to raise interest rates again because the day that they do if you look at history the days that they did in december from 17 that was a disaster the market hated them, seems like the fed is going to be extremely accommodative and they will take any policy in the market is going to love the supply or support that the market is getting from the old friend, the federal reserve. neil: you pointed out there is very few options for investors today if interest rates in chapel little bit more you have a ten year and he gets over 2%, that could change, barring that how long do you see the stock rally continue. >> i think this rally is going to continue, obviously not
1:12 pm
forever but until something changes with interest rates or a black swan event that causes something major i think the market will continue to do what it does. if there is no change in policy from the fed and we don't see anything else happening why would it change. i think inflation is actually the greatest threat to the stock market because that may be what forces the fed and having to raise interest rates. back in your day when carter and paul volker did that into a recession, that is dangerous territory as well. neil: go get me started on buchanan inflation but that's for another show. great seeing you both again we will see how the sorts out, we do not know, we are looking at near-term issues it could be big issues for the market what's
1:13 pm
going on into key off year election contest, one in virginia and one in new jersey in both cases the democrat was expected to run, that's no longer the case. after this. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
1:14 pm
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neil: first was virginia a very tight race some people said look at what's going on in new jersey both are a lot closer than experts thought. let's go to edward lawrence, what is at stake. >> they are getting a lot of attention specifically virginia president joe biden is gonna go to virginia to campaign with terry mcauliffe, the bringing out the big guns to push that race over the edge a new usa today jerry mcauliffe and glenn youngkin are tied at 45% a
1:18 pm
piece, 5% of likely voters said they are undecided. the race is on for the 5% glenn youngkin has made education a central focus after mcauliffe said. should not be telling schools what to teach. >> as governor i'm gonna work for parents and children and teachers who were absolutely sending me notes please help us teacher children what to think. this is all about her kids and i cannot wait to work for all of them. >> this is also a referendum on bandmates. mcauliffe favors all schools requiring teachers to be vaccinated, he supports masks for all students in school regardless of vaccination status and he supports the use of masks and believes everyone should be vaccinated but no mandates associated with it. the white house avoiding talking about it and democrats should
1:19 pm
unite from the state to you national level to make a total transformation of the economy, society and everything. >> we are going to get those things done, secondly he's nine months into his presidency. >> more left to be done, president joe biden carried virginia by ten points over forward president trump, both parties view this as an indicator of how the 2022 election cycle may go in the midterms. neil: thank you very much for that, i want to go to the prize-winning author, a great thinker michael goodwin joined this fox news contributor it is interesting maybe because i live in new jersey and am looking at polls that had phil murphy 26 points back in the summer, down to a five-point race, that has been a forgotten contest, something is going on. what do you make of it. >> thank you. i do believe joe biden is
1:20 pm
weighing heavily on these elections and his polls we see nevada national polls that have him down nine or ten points underwater meaning ten points more unfavorable than favorable in his job performance i suspect if you get in to the swing states such as virginia, not necessarily new jersey but virginia biden's approval is probably lower their, in new jersey it strikes me as quite a surprise that is even that close. but it could be another carryover from biden in there are local issues that got derivatives of the national agenda and certainly is the school choice issue, the parents feeling as if they're shut out in terry mcauliffe mistake to
1:21 pm
say that parents should help teachers want to teach, i think a lot of parents everywhere are alarmed it was a gift to youngkin i was surprised barack obama came in over the weekend, he dug the same hole. i thought he was better than that but when he said this was trumped up stuff, meanwhile you have what seems to be certain arrayed by a young woman in a school by a transgender student, that is allegation. and the school board knowingly covered it up from the parents, there is a lot of things in the wind that are core lessing about this idea of taking back the power that the government has too much power, we knew that up against the overall biden agenda which would give the government more power, much more power over the economy and private businesses in schools and mandates, i think this is
1:22 pm
something of a test whether the democrats have gone too far and taking away the power from local communities and states. neil: i am wondering the strategy that both democratic candidates are using in virginia and certainly in new jersey to link their opponents to donald trump because is a more controversial figure and maybe taking bait from gavin newsom to make the contest about donald trump. what do you think of that strategy that they're using now that is certainly come to focus in the last week. >> i think they will keep using it as long as it works and it did have an impact in california but certainly virginia is not california and neither is new jersey i do think that trump is a sword that cuts both ways. right now if you look at the
1:23 pm
election, joe biden one virginia by ten points, you would then bring in joe biden to campaign a call glenn youngkin a trump mini me. then you would hope to win the election on all of that and to overcome all the other issues on the race. if it works they will keep using it. that is often one of the main takeaways from these elections that set the stage for what will be the issues that the candidates ran on in the midterms and it will largely be determined by the early races. neil: i am telling you i could be onto something, watch new jersey i don't think, there's much more reporting than i think it's getting.
1:24 pm
meanwhile connell mcshane gets the best assignments, this when he deserves he has gone to dicing places in houston they call the world series. and right now it is between teams that don't garner a great deal, i don't know warmth, maybe that does not matter and to set the stage. >> there is one in particular from here to houston that is not exactly a fan favorite. they're hoping to use the world series to rebuild a damaged brand. will tell more about it when we come back. were lively houston, texas at the world series. more after this "coast to coast". and you could fearlessly face the unknown. (kids playing) you still can. ♪ ♪ (blowing dust)
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1:28 pm
neil: the world series is on and right now it kicks off in houston, texas that's where you will find my buddy mcconnell
1:29 pm
shane it's building isn't it. >> it away as does before event like this. this year in particular it is interesting. almost an exercise in branding surrounding one team the houston astros were standing at a place years ago that used to be called enron field but after a scandal they renamed it minute maid park, and similar fashion this team is hoping to rebrand, there involved in the cheating scandal years ago that scarred the team name in the world series victory in 2017 if you talk to the players there looking at it as a way now with this victory of making people forget about the past. >> we are late here because were motivated and that we are a really good team we are just here because we worked really hard from the moment that we showed up at spring training. >> way past spring training at
1:30 pm
this point as they get minute maid ready, ted rosenthal stop by, he is the reporter that broke the story about the sign stealing scandal for the athletic in 2019. we talked about the rebuilding of the astros bran. >> in terms of the brand this is a different team only four players remaining 2017 world series champion team it's a different type baseball instituted numerals. it's a little bit of a different landscape and different game, if you win this year you could say we've done under the present rules. >> on the other side of the be the atlanta braves, there is great on-field story, it did not have more wins than losses until the sixth of august. they fought through it making the first world series since 1999 they have the astros in the series for the third time in the last five years, we will be here for game one and it's great to
1:31 pm
see you in the chair back at the city today, welcome back. neil: i saw the sign of connell mcshane i was wondering what the heck happened. it's weird in all seriousness look at atlanta they skipped over for the all-star game and here they are returning to the world series. >> it is true. neil: you cannot make that up. >> wall street journal had an article saying the commissioner will have to present the trophy, one of two cities that are big fans of him, moving all-star game and people in houston some angry about the scandal was handled, it's an interesting matchup in that way. neil: just confirming we were talking about baseball? >> yet baseball, nothing gets by you. neil: nothing gets by this next
1:32 pm
guy, charlie gasparino back and forth on taxes and the way i am reading it the income tax rate hikes may not happen at all in the focus is all on capital gains in millionaires and am wondering what happened. >> kyrsten sinema is in a state that trends republican even though she's a democrat joe manchin is in a state that is clearly republican even though he's a democrat in the path of least resistance, i am telling you this and realize capital gains tax which might be the lousy economics from what i understand from my lobbyist sources these are wall street lobbyist sources try to figure this out that of the past for obvious reasons they think is a good chance not just because those two are probably on board with it as long as they don't
1:33 pm
have the other stuff but republicans are going to be a little tempted on their attacks. i wrote a column criticizing the economics and the wall street journal editorial page did the same. you will have conservative libertarians like people like us that do that. here is the weird way that this works. it's focused on billionaires as you know most of those billionaires are people like jamie dimon, mark zuckerberg, jeff bezos, they're all progressives they are all for the entire package, the republicans are saying to themselves why am i not making them pay for this package up therefore it and why am i allowing this package to be paid for by regular wage earners why doesn't warren buffett pay for this package. that is the kind of politics that you have going on is pretty
1:34 pm
interesting it's also interesting the democrats that are backing away from the staff, i saw congressman from connecticut criticizing it saying how do we implement it when the billionaire stocks go down or investments go down you give them a refund what is not saying connecticut is the home of billionaires, he is talking in his book a little bit, the politics of this thing is really interesting when i do talk to wall street lobbyist they say this is a decent chance of getting through even if the economics are there because of politics are all over the place in republicans are going to be hesitate to throw a lifeline to warren buffett and jamie dimon to zuckerberg, you name it, neil cavuto as well. great to see you again back in
1:35 pm
the driver seat. i missed you i was out in l.a. santini last week. neil: i want to come back as you i want to come back as charlie gasparino. yankee very good to see you, breaking news left and right then again the world's best business, that's what you do i just have to make sure my tie is okay. we will have more after this. ♪ i promise our relationship are
1:36 pm
1:37 pm
good time 'cause it's all right ♪ ♪ oh, it's all right ♪
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1:39 pm
>> so the vaccine in the future might be a combination of mrna for covid-19 and seasonal flu
1:40 pm
and whatever covid is attacking at that time. neil: the modernist ceo is talking about a one-stop shop for vaccines you will get the flu shot, your booster for covid, they're all moving in that direction, the university of hospital, the president and ceo of the former new jersey commissioner, great to have you, they could for taking the time. >> thank you so much for having. >> let's talk about what my moderna is telegraphing and others looking at this notion of a combination for people who could go ahead and get treated for covid in a booster shot and get your flu shot altogether, what do you think of that. >> it is an interesting take on this the cdc has said it safe to take a covid vaccine and the flu vaccination at the same time so
1:41 pm
combined product is not unreasonable and it would make things easier for folks who do not like to get shot to get stuck. i think we will see more of this as we see more vaccines come into respiratory season, these vaccines are effective and able these combinations but certainly promising. >> at the same time my moderna is looking at providing research to the fda on its own vaccine for kids that is looking very, very promising, pfizer already seen it being reviewed today what do you think of these possibilities for children some as young as five? >> it is very promising i want to talk about a couple things related to vaccination in children, first of all we have reduced doses for pfizer and my moderna proposing for children
1:42 pm
it is very clear that they were. reporter: about the inflammation that they solve very rare but they still solid and young adults, to correct that the major the doses were much smaller for kids, the effectiveness data out of pfizer of clinical trial was quite impressive 91% effective of preventing symptomatic disease in ages 5 - 11 and the other point by opening and allowing kids age 5 - 11 to be vaccinated your expanded eligibility of so many more folks to get vaccinated which will bring us closer to herd immunity and as a parent myself i have a 5-year-old i'm eager to make sure that the fda authorizes it and the safety has signed off but to get my own child vaccinated. neil: there is a great resistance of the vaccination. has not helped a lot of communities where they forced the mandates and put people up against the wall i'm a big believer in vaccinations and
1:43 pm
dealing with covid i just know the situation could've been a lot worst and my doctor told me it could've been a whole lot worse but how do you get past the home that people are resistant to this, they don't have to worry, herd immunity might already be settling and so we do not need it, what do you tell them. >> we mandated vaccination for our hospital employees at university hospital here in newark, the rationale was not only to keep our employees safe and to not spread internally but then spread to our vulnerable patients that we see every day, folks who just got liver transplants, focus on chemotherapy or cancer treatment or other vulnerable people by virtue of age and chronic conditions, our rationale we cannot abide by the risk anymore of spreading the deadly disease to our patients into our community, the way we implemented the mandate is really important we were very
1:44 pm
compassionate with our approach, i personally had lunches with our employees were unvaccinated and try to convince them this is about nothing more than keeping them safe and keeping the community safe there was a chance the misinformation and disinformation that were seen on social media we only ended up having to release very few number of employees out of 3700 and the vast majority of people comply because they got vaccinated over 93% or they got a medical or religious exemption, the way that you approach mandates is important and i think it's a different ballgame altogether when it comes to hospital and healthcare settings. neil: are you worried for the fall the cooler weather and what can happen with the virus now? >> i am beginning to worry a little bit, people's guards are down more than usual and cold-weather can cause people to gather and people will travel for the holidays, the most important advice is to get vaccinated if you're going to
1:45 pm
travel and see family i think it's totally safe and possible if you are fully vaccinated it's important to get the shot and i don't think we should think about more and more restrictions and not allowing folks to visit families i think were passed that but the key to doing that safely is to get vaccinated and encourage your family and loved ones to do so and i think you people do that we will not see another surge after the holidays a lot of folks were predicting a surge after school started that did not happen in most places because of vaccinations, hope to see the same trend going forward. neil: very reassuring without dabbling into the politics, very good to see you. in the meantime a lot of your commenting and e-mailing about my issue with covid one viewer
1:46 pm
saying you care about your fellow workers, you are still covid positive and you are still subjecting them to god knows what risks, first of all i'm coming from a remote studio i'm not in new york and i am testing positive and amended environment where my wife is also positive so were not harming or risking each other and no technician is with me right now no one is in danger right now but my message whether i'm in a large group were here remotely to you that is better to be vaccinated, i strongly believe that, i hope you do too. stay with us. (vo) while you may not be a pediatric surgeon volunteering your topiary talents at a children's hospital — your life is just as unique. your raymond james financial advisor gets to know you, your passions, and the way you give back. so you can live your life. that's life well planned.
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neil: tesla adding to yesterday's gains much better than $1 trillion market cap. what do you think of that and a unique club that the company is doing, think about the guy who runs the company who can come to this pace is maintained the first trillion are on the planet imagine all of those for that tax, scott martin back with us the cio and fox news contributor and my buddy david asman, staff always loves him and says he so much nicer than you. welcome to both of you. it's interesting when you look at tesla, in the early days and
1:51 pm
maybe it's overdone on the other side right now but the first thing i thought about was the wall street journal do we need to give these guys anymore incentives for their customers to buy their cars i don't think so. >> i don't think so either but president biden needs the company right now you look at the deal that they made with hertz to build 100,000 cars is a brilliant move by hertz because rental cars have gone way up, i rentacar i do not own a car the last car was a 1963 nobody junker that i sold in 1977 so i've been looking around for cars and i might buy an electric car, the bottom line a lot of people are upset with the rental agencies because they jacked up their prices so much if they can give them a bonus by renting out electric cars does save money on the gas that you're paying a premium for i think that could
1:52 pm
help the rental car companies get back into the swing of things it's a brilliant move by the rentals and it made a lot of money they're getting over $4 billion for the sale he keeps making the right moves i don't think getting back to your point, i don't think he needs extra government money, the freebies from the government. neil: it is interesting he is among 800 - a thousand billionaires that the latest democratic push to get the human infrastructure package is relying on to pay for. i'm just wondering and knowing how smart that money crowd is, do you honestly believe that they will not take measures to avoid just that? >> all very close friends of mine we ate mcdonald's yesterday together. it is every day, fine dining, and get a disagree with you guys the subsidies make some sense tesla is creating jobs and wealth and technology in
1:53 pm
excitement, what is the alternative, bailing out the traditional automakers, what do we lose on gm. neil: they don't need them. i don't know the incentive to tesla has received so far, they generated pretty cool stuff, as far as tesla, elon musk traded a lot of junk vehicles, it's probably overdone to some degree. >> it is time to cut the cord. >> what you mean where are they going to get the money they got $4 billion from her. >> were they going to give the money. >> why did they have to give, they're taking the money from us, this is tax dollars that are turned into tax gifts to tesla, they don't need the gifts they're doing fine, trillion
1:54 pm
dollars. neil: you both raise a good point in trying to be nice to both of you, i'm very tired and i'm not very focused. >> were gonna give you energy. >> i have a serious question and i did want to raise us as well, the idea of attacks on capital gains you haven't sold the underlying stock, you get a for the billionaires and it does remind me i'm showing my age the tax that was supposed to open millionaires and billionaires not paying their taxes, now it's americans getting sucked into it i'm wondering if that is the strategy that spread quickly. neil: i think that's why you haven't heard much from the squad even though they have been denied all the things that they want they are being told once we get this in place eventually we will expanded now only in terms of spending but the taxing part of the bill as well and you're
1:55 pm
absolutely right, the original tax in 1909 i know you were there when they were debating that but it was supposed to hit the top 1% and it was only to take 1% of their income look what's happened now the alternative minimum, the amt is the same thing and it will be the same thing, every country almost every country one or two exemptions that have tried have gotten rid of it because it fails to bring in the revenue that is supposed to bring in and pushes capital out of the country france got rid of it in 2017 after china for a few years because their entire gdp went down by a billion dollars a year and they focus on the wealth tax is the reason being why it does not work it will not work here. >> maybe they know that the democrats putting this together
1:56 pm
does not come close to the 2 trillion that they need to pay for this, but they do not care the spending is the goal and if he gets there, so be it. >> nevermind the record revenues that the treasury department is receiving year after year even through covid, taking away tesla subsidies a beautiful innovative absolutely experimental american company. neil: are you sure you're not italian. >> i am getting there. i want to thank you very much anyone feeling of anti-italian, will this added to the e-mails. we have a lot of stuff going on 41 points on the dow, on the s&p both in record territory. tesla is coming back.
1:57 pm
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neil. take a look at the corner of wall and broad. we're still up some concerns out there eased a bit. we were well off the highs but still enough into record territory the dow, s&p. the nasdaq has been flirting with records, about half a percent away. a lot happening in the next hour. usually find my buddy charles payne. lauren simonetti is here for the usual great work. lauren: i'm lauren simonetti in for cha


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