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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  October 22, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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since august 16. that's going to do it for us on "foxbusiness tonight". the evening edit starts now. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> let's get you updated on the news before you head into your weekend. we are learning more and more with the real biden agenda is. it is top spinning and being as transparent as a bucket of tara when the president creates even more controversies like last night on cnn were going to show the highlights including the president claiming he quote has no time to get down to the board and when he spent a month and half of weekends at his home in delaware or camp david for the press secretary, jen psaki, claiming the
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president did visit the board in 2008 big four he was even the secretary of state anthony blink and admitting on camera the record shattering numbers of illegal crossings is quote unprecedented perv got that soundbite joining us tonight congressman nancy mace, scott fitzgerald, a former security and the hills joe conscious and kristin tate. the president is been called out for being as stubborn on vaccine mandate as he was on the botched afghan exit. think cops and first responders should be fired if they don't follow it. now we have a crime wave and a pandemic. it's cities and hospitals of first responders were at ups and fedex vaccine mandates will worsen the supply chain chaos. now the atlanta fed is warning of labor shortages to as people walk off the job. the american medical association, the chaos and the supply chain and
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urgent public health crisis by the fda sees a shortage of 115% prescription drugs in need of things like covid, cancer, diabetes and more. also, more on republicans calling out the attorney general for this double standard print they did nothing went left wing writers are broke into d.c. federal buildings in washington, injuring cops plus we've got the update e-mails to show the white house. talk to the school board association before the d.o.j. and federal firepower is domestic terrorist we dig into a.d. garland to hunter biden's conflict including while hunter was pulling in big bucks are dubious oversees a dealings with china and russia. and to the immediate silence the drop in florida's covid cases we're going to show the multiple attacks on the media
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on governor desantis. we are pushing back against mandates and the sunshine state. now i am elizabeth mcdonald and "the evening edit" starts right now. welcome to the show what we're watching the foxbusiness network. let's start with the president triggering controversies with the cnn town hall last night, look who's back with us congresswoman nancy it's great to see both your your both bathhouse transportation and infrastructure, congressman mace the prez has no time to visit the border drug and human traffickers are making their cities is unrecognizable. what is your recognition and check what do you say? >> it is unbelievable really. we are going to have upwards of 400,000 potentially illegal immigrant apprehensions in the month of october. and then were going to fire the border patrol agents that do not have a vaccination even
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though many of them have probably already had covid-19 and are vastly more protected by having natural immunities and bite someone who hasn't had it and has a vaccination. i talked a lot of in the current unchecked independence and democrats in the swing nation folks are very frustrated i would save in pitstop with president biden without their voting for someone who is moderate middle-of-the-road and they are like what dhec is going on here? he cannot it be bothered address the crises at the border the inflation and spending and we solve this disastrous town hall on cnn last night people are scratching their heads asking what is going on? >> i know you're fired up and ready to go i would like your reaction to what happened last night in that town hall let's listen, watch. >> my guess is you'll start to see gas prices come down as we get by and going into the winter and i am sorry next year in 2022. i don't see anything that's going to happen in the
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meantime this going to significantly reduce gas prices. >> your talk about natural guardsmen and women driving trucks questioner. >> the answer is yes if we cannot move -- increase the number of truckers which we are in the process of doing for question plans to visit the southern border? >> i've been there before i haven't. i know it well i guess i should go down. but the whole point of it is i have not had a whole hell of a lot of time to get there. elizabeth: listen to the press secretary and overdrive try to clean this up, watch. >> why did president biden say he had been to the border? >> peter as you may have seen there has been reporting that he did drive to the border when he was on the campaign trail in 2008. elizabeth: was not good enough is what you think? 2,008,013 years ago before he became vice president. >> at the state of the unit i told the president you needed
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to go to the border but you needed to support our border patrol agents preheated to stop the drug cartels are overrunning them pretty said he was going to do something about it but clearly we are seeing record numbers coming over pride what's really frightening and i am terribly concerned for national security right now. we knelt 52 individuals with al qaeda ties have been stopped in panama, attempting to come to the united states. we also know there have been severable under and several individuals on the watchlist stopped by customs and border control. what about the people crossing over that's happening at the poorest parts of the border. all these individuals are releasing it's a very dangerous situation from securing the border and stopping the fentanyl that's coming over. elizabeth: they had a note then shall they caught that was going to kill 700,000
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americans before it was copied the president's point he can do an executive order with a pen he could fix the border he could fix the energy crisis he could fix the kerr supply crisis all over the map really haphazard and disastrous answers there what do you say? >> 's crisis after crisis where we talk about the border we talk about signing executive order with president biden is an executive order on day one the border policies we had steel on the ground at the southern border ready to build a wall he ended it all. his policies have been disastrous. we've seen record numbers of illegals across the border. 1.7 illegal immigrant apprehensions year to date so far this year that is a record in over 20 years. here we are in congress i had a hearing on oversight a couple weeks ago. it was not about the border it was about the northern border
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of less than 10,000 apprehensions year nothing to address the crisis at the southern border, the humanitarian. people are paying five -- $8000 a person to the cartels were literally funding the drug cartels and mexico where they're making more money and human trafficking on trafficking drugs it's wrong and they know it. >> there is that an about gas prices seven year -- 13 year highs in oil prices and heating prices the u.s. oil boom he's making like there's nothing he can do about it for the energy department's word and going of heating and gas prices in 13 year highs. note state has average gas below $3.60 or whatever. now he's about to fly to a un junket in scotland like polluting airplanes and is going to talk about carbon taxes. his poll numbers are crashing. in new hampshire the democrats want to primer him half the democrats in new hampshire on two primary him. congresswoman. sean: what you say about
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that? >> the disregard coming from this administration on the problems every day americans are facing get natural gas to heat their home gasoline to take their kids to school. electricity doing up at the lights on? to hear jen psaki blow it off and be sarcastic about it when this is going to affect every single american person, it is truly a tragedy it's unfortunate we have the lack of leadership he canceled the keystone pipeline he is making europe more dependent on russia. he wants us to be more dependent on opec. it is completely outrageous he's dismantled to be energy independence in this country. you can't say that restoring civility to the white house are constantly chose the same for the boat up with the biden agenda is falling apart congressman's malliotakis. finger waving over the crisis
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with which they have no solution. that is the issue what about thinking of the american taxpayer first? >> right i would love for someone to ask jen psaki about russia were increasing our endpoints of russian oil. russia is not an ally here. they have lied over, and over, and over again to the american people whether returned by the border crisis were talking about the exit from afghanistan i've sat in classified hearings about afghanistan and other members of his administration lied to both republicans and democrats facing our country. they lied about the haitians at the board at the going to go back while they did they came to the united states. they are in the middle of the night which are where they are, how many they are or where they're going for it's impossible to track their not along the american people to see it. it's not been done in broad daylight. it's dishonest and un-american
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brick. >> congressman nancy mace and congresswoman malliotakis. president biden said first responder should be followed if they do not follow vaccine mandates. fedex and ups are warning they will worsen the supply chain chaos. the am eight now warning that supply-chain chaos is creating an urgent health care crisis. a shortage of 115 prescription drugs needed for covid, cancer, diabetes and more. cap next congressman scott fitzgerald from the judiciary calling out the attorney general for the double standard for the justice department did nothing but left wing wider's broke into d.c. federal buildings in washington. recently they injured cops. plus the update on e-mail showing the white house talk to the school board association before the d.o.j. aimed federal firepower at parents as domestic terrorists, the story next.
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elizabeth: georgia made out congressman scott fitzgerald from judiciary. it's good to see you sir. first let's deal with this. you were there when congressman gregg's to be asked the attorney general what was with the double standard? why didn't you go with left-wing activists who got
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away with getting in and occupying federal buildings in d.c., injuring a police officers. one officer was taken to the hospital, what's with that? >> i mean congressman stu beat was right on the market. what we have continued to see is that he has politicized the department. he was asked point-blank bite numerous members on the judiciary committee, liz, he did not have a good answer. i've got to be honest with you i was disappointed with the entire day. he was ill prepared, he dodged a lot of questions. there were some he just did not have good answers for. it is disturbingly talk about the major issues facing the nation and the attorney general of this nation is ill-prepared to deal with them. elizabeth: let's watch what happened yesterday, watch this. >> suffice to say it's clear you feel very strongly but is in full force of your position to prosecute those involved in the january 6 protest.
6:17 pm
what's not clear however if use the same force against violent left-wing terrorists, would you call both of these acts domestic terrorists? >> look i am not going to comment about particular matters. >> i'm not asking you to comment on a particular matter i want you to comment two photos we have two pictures forcing themselves in a government building record washington d.c. part one, as i laid out, very welcomed called the domestic terrorist but you are refusing to call groups like this to commit the same atrocities here in washington d.c., domestic terrorists. elizabeth: what you say? >> this is evidence and proof he is politicizing the office that he holds. a lot of the items related to the school board stuff, he pretended to he did not know what was in the memos. there were questions related that we ask later on about the clinton foundation and whether or not he's going to continue
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investigations with they accuse president trump is exactly what is going on right now. there is a ton of influence coming out of the white house both the capitol right is bad don't let left-wing occupy the department of the interior, that is bad but yet e-mails pointed out this, e-mails obtained by parents defending education indicates the white house was talking to top officials at the national school board association, leaks before sender late september letter to the president saying yes demand federal firepower. payment at the parents that is what firepower is meant to catch a terrorist bit payment at parents upset with school board, letting torn school libraries in dividing children based on race. why isn't anybody in the
6:19 pm
government sitting down the parents and listen to them? why isn't the white house doing that? why isn't the education department doing that? >> yes numerous members of judiciary brought up this same issue. i thought we did a good job of laying out the case that when the national teachers union put out a statement and then continues to lobby for the idea that parents who show up at the local school board meeting should somehow be labeled as domestic terrorists. we are outraged and we know there is a five day lag between when that press release went out and when the white house started to put pressure on the ag. he denied it time and time again. but the facts speak for themselves but there's absolutely a linkage between what that national teachers union asked for what the ag's office put in that memo. >> of the attorney general also testified yesterday took the word of the school board association he admitted he
6:20 pm
signed off that is pretty scary stuff that anybody could go that far, right? >> is shocking those of us listening when he admitted that this was something that was completely unacceptable quite honestly i can't believe the white house is not doing more damage control. still out there today and nobody's addressed it. elizabeth: the conflict of interest with the ag that made was $27 million since 2017. it quadrupled its business since the president took office consultancy work with school boards.
6:21 pm
dividing kids based on race, sexual identification, come on. this is not to be want for our children. congressman scott it's gerald it's so good to see it thank you for coming on the show. still to come this hour the border prices secretary blanket omits on camera the record shattering number of illegal crossing is on pressing a prig at the president said he has no time to visit the border. we've got drug and human trafficking crimes soaring. our cities are unrecognizable. where is the urgency from the white house? up next congressman jeff andrew on this story. the president saying yes cops and first responders should be fired if they do not follow vaccine mandates but fedex warning the mandates will worsen the supply chain chaos. at the ama creating a urgent health crisis a shortage of 150 prescription drugs needed for covid, cancer, diabetes and more.
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keep it here on "the evening edit".
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elizabeth: welcome to the show new jersey congressman. i know you're fired up and ready to go. i want you to sit tight and listen to the soundbite president biden sank first responders and cops should be fired if they are not vaccinated, watch. >> as many as one in three emergency responders in some
6:27 pm
cities like chicago, los angeles, right here in baltimore are refusing to comply with city vaccine mandates. i am wondering where you stand on that? should police officers and emergency responders be mandated to get vaccines? and if not should they be stay-at-home or let go? >> yes and yes. [applause] [cheering] [applause] by the way, i waited until july to talk about mandating because i tried everything else possible. elizabeth: okay, do you know what is bothersome about this? how about the president or anderson cooper or any of us try to walk in the shoes of a first responder for just one day. they would not want to get up the next day, how about that? >> you know what, just at the get go i have to say this is literally the worst administration and the worst majority congress and the
6:28 pm
history of the united states of america. it is unbelievable. these men and women put their life on the line every day. they go through all kinds of abuse. they do everything they can to protect us. they did not have the option of course of staying home the way a lot of us did. they had to be out there, they had to be on the streets, they had to be protecting us. they had to risk their lives now in more ways than they ever did before. and to just dismiss them and say they should be fired if they do not do exactly what the president once, i am not sure he knows what he wants it. i have previously asked him to take a cognitive task but of course he hasn't done it. it is awful, it's horrible, it is mean-spirited but let me say one more thing, this administration and this administration talks down to the good working men and women of this country. there is an arrogance there
6:29 pm
that is not acceptable. we work for you, congress, the senate on the president work for you you do not work for us. elizabeth: we hear you loud and clear but everyone knows about the importance of vaccines we get it what they are trying but as the government pushing them around to do that. we get the smallpox vaccine begin about the polio vaccine. but what they are talked about as a vaccine with a protein and think it hit their organs hard. how about talking to them and set of bullying them. now with got supply chain chaos created with the american medical association is calling an urgent public health crisis. the fda citing a shortage of 115 prescription drugs needed for covid, cancer and diabetes. the cargo carriers fedex and ups the atlanta better talk about labor shortages prediction about people walking off the job at that port come thanksgiving because the president is pushing the mandate for this inc. delay it, delayed until after the holidays but say it again it's important to get vaccinated this is a deadly disease. but are they doing it correctly? is he ramming it through in
6:30 pm
tone deaf ways just like you did the exit out of afghanistan? >> somehow this president and this administration is making what should be part of the chore worse than the disease is hard is that is to believe. we are a free country. we have freedom of speech, we have freedom of faith and religion for freedom of education i hope still. we also should have freedom of how we deal with our healthcare. i am not anti- vaccine i have had the vaccine. i encourage people to get it. but it is their right to make that judgment and to make that decision. we are a free country. so much of what he is doing is wrong. especially with the mandates because americans want to have their freedom. regardless of how they feel about the issue of the vaccine. they are quitting their jobs when they are being forced not joining the labor force when they should be just paid to state more to stay home and go
6:31 pm
out and work. it's a real issue, it's hurting our future as you heard from the ama these are real issues we have a president and an administration that is so out of touch it really should scare people but if it doesn't that should really think about it. >> the issue again, and again, and again and we set it repeatedly on the show is this. the supreme court ruling in 1905 said states, the power about vaccines belong to local officials in the states. not in a centralized government in washington d.c. that is what it is about. the standards they have been exciting up and overturned in court. your pushing through a vaccine mandate that could be overturned in court so final word but you say? >> even in jersey we give
6:32 pm
people the option is religious exemptions are health exemptions people should have the freedom to make a choice and then we should encourage them to do the right thing. and how about if you have a natural antibiotic that you have developed because you had the virus they won't even deal with that. we have sent letters on the doctor's caucus to the dentist, to the cdc they will not even show us the courtesy for united states congressman to get a return answer. elizabeth: we do not know about antibiotics we don't how long they last. nobody knows that something that deserves exploration to, we hear you congressman. final word go ahead. >> if i could jump in real quick, there is a difference by the smallpox vaccine you get vaccinated and then you've built up the resistance for the rest of your life. this vaccine we are already finding out literally does not last as long as they thought. it's more like a flu vaccine and it really does not necessarily keep us safe for the future. elizabeth: of got a ticket of your it sounds like rhetoric congressman van drew thank you for coming out this hour.
6:33 pm
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we got this. we got this. life is for living. we got this. let's partner for all of it. edward jones elizabeth: focus back to help mediate call messes a great writer, joe concha. he probably sells her publican ken buck asked attorney general mayor garden to appoint special counsel to investigate hunter biden pretty saying it's about his artwork there's conflicts about hunter. now he's selling paintings worth more than a value of the house when he cannot get an art gallery to look at it before 2020, what do you say? >> i say listen to the ethics
6:38 pm
chief under the obama/biden administration his name is walter. this is somebody in that administration but he says this thing is rancid, it stinks to high heaven. it puts the president at risk of money laundering and everything else you do not want to be dealing in the art world that is a bad place and honestly hunter biden selling off the family name if you account for inflation could not get what he is getting for painting and again this is his first time into it. and then you have these reports, elizabeth about e-mails that linked president biden to hunter biden's bank account. he says he wasn't aware he wasn't involved in the past dealings of his son why hasn't merrick harlan's a justice department pursue a special counsel with possible money laundering? thirty-six show the e-mail from the post. he is saying e-mails from
6:39 pm
hunter biden's laptop indicated bank accounts and finances were intertwined with the president. the e-mail from 2018 is saying the bank account my dad has been using most lines on his wells fargo account. hunter biden is never disputed the e-mails and their veracity when you say? >> or the people on those e-mails. some will come forward and say hey wait a minute that is not me or i was not involved in that. the e-mails are clearly a little late to the game eight months after the post report from last october finally comes out and said these appear to be authentic. but merrick garland is supposed be completely independent, nonpolitical he's proving to be another political hack in the spirits of james comey, jon brennan, they were all in government they are all supposed to be apolitical to go to cnn and nbc to offer partisan opinions that seem to target one side. that's what we appear to be dealing with clearly the
6:40 pm
justice department is serving at the pleasure of the administration and not the american people. >> there's a senate probe into hunter biden. they say hunter biden was using a bank account set up with the chinese conglomerate the energy conglomerate executive that finance 100,000 global spending spree for his uncle and his aunt. hunter biden was moving up millions of dollars from his law firm to his uncle's law firm buried there seems to be a bit of a biden family inc. feel to this, right? the senate probe found they were using a lot of off-balance-sheet shell companies to hide the cash flow from the dealings in china and russia. we do not know how much the president said he was basically 42000 a year. he was heavily in debt. now is a multimillionaire from his speeches and books, right? there still questions about what is going on behind the scenes here, your final word.
6:41 pm
>> there are a lot of questions but no it in the media, except for us talking about this right now. but this is donald trump junior it would be a media apocalypse. hunter actually has protection from the mob because he cannot be whacked is the third rail in journalism the biden justice department will make damn sure of that. elizabeth: alright joe concha good to see you, come back soon. still come this hour the border crisis secretary of state lincoln on camera the record shattering number of illegal crossing is unprecedented forget the president said he has no time to visit the border as drug and human traffickers control the border. where is the urgency from the white house? up next of got the hill colonists mediate silence on the drop in florida covid cases after multiple attacks on governor desantis for pushing back against mandate and the sunshine state, stay right there.
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it is like half of what new york state in washington are reporting what you say? >> that is exactly right. for years these left wingers said ron desantis handling of covid was reckless but they screamed he was a dangerous criminal that is responsible for widespread death. and now of course the same talking heads are basically silent as florida leads the nation and lowest per capita covid rates. we are seeing states with much more draconian measures and placing a much faster spread of the virus in florida is. for example new york is having a rate of new cases that double that of florida over the past week. what this comes down to is
6:47 pm
that left wingers cannot accept a state like florida has been so successful at beating and continuing to manage this virus will not caving to democrat demand to crush small businesses and close down churches. they cannot accept florida has been successful at this without handing over vast amounts of powers over citizens lives to this unelected erratic class and the elite that's what it comes down too. >> what comes back to the in tolerant supposedly tolerant left. they have the moral virtue the moral vanguard of the country look to us. you see the attacks so below the belt. a dangerous criminal, charles the "new york times", since desantis is letting you choose death so that he can have a greater political life. why should anybody listen to these people ever again when they are so vicious, nasty and they do not listen.
6:48 pm
i thought there but listen to the other side, they are so tolerant. we are going to hear you out and they are not they personally attacking people they are eviscerating people. they are awful. >> they have destroyed their own credibility and have shown their number one priority is not public health it is politics. >> you know what it is? the numberr one priority is verbal abuse they are bullies go ahead i'm sorry but. >> you are right not only do they not file the science when it's politically inconvenient like ron desantis he's anti- vaccine will actually ron desantis is blanketed a state with a pro- vaccine he's made dozens of appearance they're
6:49 pm
pushing the vaccine conspiracy theories and pushing doubt about the vaccine before they were in office. kamala harris said she would not take the shot if trump told us to do it. now they get an office and is totally different. elizabeth: we will stay on it with you, it's great to have you on. good to see it you are a great writer but she is terrific. up next former national security officials casey mcfarlane on the border crisis. now secretary of state anthony blanket admits on camera the record shattering number of illegal crossings is unprecedented for the president says he has no time to visit the border as drug and humic traffickers control it. where is the urgency from the white house the story is next. when you're driving a lincoln, stress seems to evaporate into thin air. which leaves us to wonder,
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♪ elizabeth: okay, a dhs source tells fox that 30,000 migrants could try to cross the border starting next week. we have 1.7 million illegals since the biden presidency. the president last night made a claim that he'd been to the border. he hasn't. he hasn't been since 2008. he said he's not had a whole lot of time to get down there.
6:54 pm
let's get to bill melugin, he is in la are hoya, texas. la joya, texas. >> reporter: when some of these migrants get to the united states, some of them willing to do whatever it takes, and unfortunately for some of them that can sometimes turn deadly. this morning in mission, texas, take a looked at these photos, about 15 minutes away from where we are. the aftermath of a suspected human smuggling pursuit crash. texas dps telling us the driver of this vehicle had his car loaded up with suspected illegal immigrants, lost control during a pursuit, rolled over in front of a house. two men were ejected, both of them died on scene. we've blurred the bodies in these photos here. five others were hospitalized. dps investigating this as a human smuggling-related crash. take a look at video earlier this morning, you're looking at a group of single adult migrants being taken into custody by border profit some of the men in
6:55 pm
the group were zip tied together, typically those are runners trying to get away from border patrol and do not want to be apprehended. to that note, what you'll notice is criminal elements are always trying to come as cross the border. just out here on wednesday alone border patrol says just in a matter of hours they arrested three active gang members including two ms-13 gang members, one with homicide charges out of the state of new york, the other with a homicide arrest out of el salvador. we'll send it back to you. elizabeth: bill melugin thanks for your journalism. with me now, kt mcfarland. your reaction to all that you just herald. >> look, it's like the wheels are coming off the rollie on the biden administration -- trolley. president biden's too busy to do. the secretary of state says it's unprecedented, but what's he going to do about it? and the attorney general acted like he
6:56 pm
didn't know thinking about it. he said i don't know how many illegals are crossing the border as if it's somebody else's problem. he's the chief law enforcement officer of the united states, and he's not aware of this situation? it's either complete willful blindness on their part or total incompetence, or maybe what they're trying to do is just let lots of new voters in who they think they can resettle in republican states and somehow turn those statements to the democrats. -- states to the democrats. there's nothing else to explain it because the fix is so clear. it's not even -- elizabeth: kt, critics are saying the president did sound cavalier last night. we have human and drug trafficking crimes out of control, making our cities unrecognizable, so the white house should be on a forward footing. and to your point, attorney general said he doesn't know how many illegal aliens have been prosecuted. well, it's been cut in half since 2019. i think it's now 47,000
6:57 pm
prosecuted for crossing illegally. it was more than 106,000 under trump. >> yeah. i mean, and is now we're up to, what, 1.7 million people that they know have crossed the border? there are probably another 400,000 people who they know have cross but not checked in and who knows how many, quote, gotaways. there's probably at least 2 million people who havecrossed so far this year -- elizabeth: that's the size of nebraska. it's the size of nebraska. yeah, go ahead. go ahead. >> yeah. it's the size of nebraska, right. they're adding another state to the united states by the people who are coming in, and as governor desantis says, planes aarriving at military bases in the middle of the night, he's not been notify pd, none of the local officials have been notified, and the biden administration is just sort of scattering them around the country with no real idea of
6:58 pm
what's coming -- they're not vetted, they're not even given covid tests. and yet they're somehow just walking across the border. i don't understand it unless there's some really sinner the thing going on that -- sinister thing going on that i don't get. it's so obvious to anybody with a set of eyes. elizabeth: let's watch the secretary of state admit on camera what's going on is historic. >> in this moment, you know, in our own hemisphere we're seeing unprecedented migration. >> -- to your campaign, why haven't you been to the southern border of our country, and why did your stance suddenly revert to trump-era policies? >> well -- [applause] >> do you have plans to visit the southern border? >> i've been there before, and i haven't -- i go it well. i guess i should go down, but the whole point of it is i haven't had a whole hell of a
6:59 pm
lot of time to get down. elizabeth: vacation days and camp david, delaware house, month and a half. go ahead. >> yeah. they seem so passive, you know? they're this there zeal -- in their zeal to undo anything donald trump did. now they're with a predictable disaster. and yet they all act like somehow they don't have any role in this or they don't have any ability to change this. it's something that's happening to them, not something they caused. and i think that sense of hopelessness and passivity whether it's about the supply chain crisis, whether it's about the border, whether it's about afghanistan, whether about the russian -- i mean, the chinese hypersonic missiles, who are these guys? we elect them to take action, not to just sort of be passive observer of events. elizabeth: immigration is the second most important in the quinnipiac poll. voters care about the border.
7:00 pm
>> they don't care about the border, they don't care about the american people, they care about the socialist agenda. elizabeth: okay, kt finish. >> popularity is down in the dumps. elizabeth: thank you so much for joining us. i'm elizabeth macdonald. we hope you have a good weekend, join us again monday night. ♪ ♪ larry: hello, everyone, welcome to "kudlow," i'm larry kudlow. save america, kill the bill. of all the latest goings-on in the washington swamp, we've got hillary vaughn live at the white house. hello, hillary. >> reporter: hi, larry. the white house is clearly feeling confident i because aftr speaker pelosi was here at the white house this morning, the house announced that next week they will hold a vote on both the hard infrastructure bill and president biden's social spending package. but this is happening


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