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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  October 21, 2021 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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i'm elizabeth donald, you been watching the evening edit on foxbusiness. we appreciate you watching, hope you have a good evening and join us again tomorrow night. ♪♪ kennedy: breaking news, the manhunt is officially over. brian laundrie is dead. especially in hell. the bony fit in florida yesterday found were in fact his but one thing is for sure, there's still a lot of unanswered questions here, did he kill gabby? if so, why? who screwed up the investigation? rise parents reportedly helped police locate his remains in the swampy nature reserve near their florida home. cops say they also found a backpack and a notebook from up the whole thing is raising
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eyebrows because investigators had been searching the area more than a month and the parents found the body in the belongings right be by the park entrance. brian has been wanted in the connection of his former fiancé gabby petito, her body found in wyoming last month. the cause of death? manual strangulation but back to brian, today the laundries attorney claimed his client told police about the bodies locations months ago. >> i can't say for certain there was this particular area showed to police at that time but i can take this is an area we initially notified the fbi. kennedy: why would anyone give that hacked airtime? why didn't the cops find anything sooner? if they have the information a month ago, it turns out there was a lot of water and there still are a lot of dangerous wild animals. >> today when i walked back there, i got to see firsthand the treacherous conditions they
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were working in. we are talking water club above almost the chest area, rattlesnakes, moccasins, alligators. kennedy: oh my. now the body may have been skeletal and multiple pieces and reportedly had to use dental records to identify him and not why they did it so quickly. they had forensic dentist on hand. who's to blame? running me now, in pursuit with john walsh, wednesday 10:00 p.m. callahan walsh is back with me so callahan, obviously your family has been through something very similar. what is going on? >> the manhunt is finally over. gabby petito's family can finally rest easy knowing the alleged killer of their daughter is not out there hurting anybody else. the news brian's remains were found is great news in my opinion.
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very suspicious it happens to be right when the parents joined the search, apparently according to the lawyer they stated state already given the information to law enforcement but their lawyer has been an untrustworthy narrator of the story to say the least are not sure if i buy that the fact remains brian's body has been found, his remains have been found and the manhunt is over. kennedy: what happens to the investigation? what does the fbi say who likely killed gabby petito? >> the investigation will continue because there are person of interest was found, doesn't mean the fbi or law enforcement is going to stop the investigation. they need justice, they need to know who killed their daughter. the fbi can prove it was brian, it will answer a lot of questions and will close a chapter for the petito family. the investigation will continue and we'll see if brian is charged with the murder and the
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american public has make up their mind but law enforcement will need to do their due diligence. kennedy: who screwed this up? you look at this case and all the people who claimed to have seen brian laundrie from canada to cuba, all law enforcement agencies, federal and local botched leaves didn't appropriately deal with the abuse when it was obvious. brian laundrie got away clearly. his parents have been entirely unhelpful so whose fault is this? the whole thing seems to grow more and more cool every day for gabby's family. >> hindsight is always 2020 sort easy to be pointing fingers looking back but there were many mistakes made on both law enforcement and the general public as well. however, the tips that came from the general public, i wouldn't say it's a problem, that was a
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great thing. the fact that america embraced gabby and her family and did everything they could to try to locate brian, many tips, the vast majority, almost all of them probably want him. however, it shows the vigilance of the u.s. public and they wanted to catch brian just as much as law enforcement did. now that he's gone, was a despot law-enforcement search? i know they'd been there for days and days but tons of resources out there, i know the area was flooded in the past but there's a lot of things we can look back on and say mistakes were made. that's typical with putative cases, that's what we do. my father and i pursuit, who tracked down wanted fugitives and looking at almost all cases, there are similarities, there's issues in the investigation, things going through cracks, investigators to note at the time that's why they were able to get out there. kennedy: based on what we've
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seen from public interest, how do you and your dad use this tool going forward to apprehend more people? how to use the public and how does the fbi and local law enforcement do the same thing? how does this change what you do and what cops do? they are withs one, you will get tons and tons of tips. we've always asked the public to get any tip they have even if they think it might be in consequent or. the public doesn't have their whole eye on the investigation, they don't know every piece of it, law enforcement does so sometimes a piece of information the public has, they don't know that it could be the key that unlocks the door to justice for these investigations so it's important. we've seen countless captures
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because of incredible tips from the public. this case with brian monger, he wasn't captured because of the public but that doesn't mean the public should rest. the public is incredible tool for law enforcement and we use in pursuit as an investigative tool for law enforcement to catch the bad guys. kennedy: we have about ten seconds, how do you think he died? >> i think he killed himself. i didn't think he was going to, i thought he was going to play out but there's the theory he cut off a finger or hand 241 enforcement but obviously we've seen dental remains that id ten so you don't get dental remains without a scroll. kennedy: he pulled out his own teeth. thank you so much. >> thank you. kennedy: bryant death come up gabby petito's family is still very desperate for answers and they deserve them. they are apparently think the laundries knew more than they admit it's all along for let's theorize laundries recently started cooperating with the fbi
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in exchange for legal immunity on a off the hook with the feds? or do they have more to tell investigators and does the trail truly cope quote with brian steph? hurt here with me now, how to become a federal criminal mike chase. parents being in trouble and what strikes you but what you've seen from them? >> there's nothing about the death of the person of interest in a murder case that absolves folks who may have been responsible for obstruction of justice so if there really is evident beyond reasonable doubt his parents insisted in his flight from being held accountable or impeded the investigation in any way, why do investigators to buy their son time, there's nothing preventing them from being prosecuted. i will say if there's anything i've seen in their behavior that raises questions from the truth is americans have been asking that whole time to everybody's
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untrained eye but that got sent is it's not normal behavior and what's most important, from a criminal defense you and what a lawyer representing the family needs to be worried about most is they have spoken with authorities. if there's an immunity deal and a promise in the background, we know that, that wouldn't be published but they spoken a fair amount so if there's any objective evidence outside of what they've told them that refutes what they've said, they could face liability for obstruction of justice. kennedy: you think it's weird parents finally go to nature preserves and dad wanders off the trail, mom is on the main trail and he says he's in the bramble and all of a sudden you find a driveway? >> it's bizarre for a lot of reasons. anytime somebody seems to have knowledge of the precise location of somebody's body in a huge unrelenting nature
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preserve, it's suspicious for folks. also the fact that there is this dry bag with a notebook in it, we'll see what it is, if they ever publish the details from a we'll see what it is but if anybody tries to absolve is principally or a note absolving responsibly for him, that will be interesting for anytime somebody presents unique knowledge of the location of a body, it does raise eyebrows people have been wondering whether or not parents were helping him especially in the beginning if they were communicating with him, even his sister said i haven't talked to my brother, i think he probably did it, i haven't talked to my parents, i think they probably helped him so people want answers and her parents even today, they were so upset and they've basically begged his parents tell us something. do you believe there half lawyer
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when steve bertolino says telling them to be quiet. that's on me? >> if you're representing a family that could be in the crosshairs front section of justice or impeding investigation, the think you want to do is play lay groundwork, is not obstruction of justice, they've been over the top cooperative. the authorities are going to know how cooperative they were. i think the best news, for balding guys with weird facial hair across the country are not going to get pointed out now but for the family they have to be nervous and they are going to need adequate representation. kennedy: not the sky. he needs to get out of your. he reminds me of josé bias, a total 12. no one has ever said that about you, they think you are stunning and remarkable and one of the brightest legal minds in the entire country.
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>> that's true. kennedy: i rest my case. thank you very much. kennedy: coming up, standing up to china calling xi jinping the dictator. good for you. with the mba have his back or cave in? let's see. ♪♪ plus meghan markle. once again, proving she's a phony and meddling in u.s. politics. get out of here, you turncoat. the panel joins me next. ♪♪
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china firing a warning shot the mba, this time over free speech. the boston celtics promised the broadcast after his cancer president xi jinping. they called him a brutal dictator and voiced support for independence. even more sneakers, china was serious so they pulled the plug on the game script cancer from all social media. guess what? he's still there.
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of course it's his first political rodeo, he spoke out against his home country, turkey pretty much the entire family has been in prison just get back at him when the mba probably do the right thing and take a stand here? how long until lebron james takes china's side? it's okay, john sena can translate. tonight's party panel, podcast host and spectator usa country bidding editor was the guy who got stabbed in the heart by the stingray? steve irwin. it's steven l irwin miller. that's a compliment, by the way. democrat strategist and warmer biden campaign surrogate, kevin comedian, she's fantastic, l.a., markham, everyone. >> which is the. kennedy: i know, this is great this is quite a stand cancer is
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making and he's done this before, he's not afraid to back down from a real fight. he knows what the repercussions are, he knows the enemies he's making and he still has than that to stand up and do it. how does it compare to some other athletes in this country who have engaged in other forms? >> i can't wait for lebron james, not understanding these issues like you did. we talk a lot about stunning and brave activism they can take a knee in the stadium interparticle $15 million mike nike contract. see that coming cancers way for the stand up. he's but the mba and a real comfortable decision as long as the mba continues to market to china's population, money while ignoring fees human rights abuses, the mba deserves to be
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in an uncomfortable position. it should be noted the sneakers you mentioned he worked, custom thinkers was done by a chinese dissident artist currently in australia for the same reason he out against the chinese, he speaks out against the cracking town of hong kong and he's also in exile over these things so he's but the mba in a comfortable position and mba deserves to be there until the mba start raising their voices over these issues. kennedy: it was nice to see him team up with this. he was surprised his wanted, his art on his shoes and they caught him last night. what a bunch of tools. number one, you stand with his cancer? should the winter on the bricks be held in beijing in 2022? >> one 100%.
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it's important to see these athletes speak out, they should have the support of the nda. you won't see deterrent one money is involved. so many eyeballs in china so obviously business will trump anything when it comes to profit. again, cancer shines a light on him but he needs to go further and shine the light on the weaker situation where there is a serious site going on. that's a keeping unsupported from the previous trump of penetration, they had the gall to call out the china regime for what they are doing. i think we need to take a serious look at the olympics as well. kennedy: a lot of people are starting to talk about that. obviously they put off the tokyo olympics by year because of covid so they could take it away from beijing. in 2008, they don't need them i can but at least about money, that's the thing that drives me crazy because in this country, you can have freedom and you can
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have money. it's not mutually exclusive but there are a lot of people incredibly selfish turning a blind eye to some of these horrific acts. they make it seemed like it's one or the other. >> absolutely. mba and lebron james r the locust people and they go after the u.s. for the atrocities they think they've committed but when it comes to china and people putting money in their pocket, bought and paid for by, it's a whole different story. it's crazy and also when i seek stories that go viral about china, when i see china and final in the same headline, i don't think mba. i'm thinking oh god, here comes a covid 20. [laughter] kennedy: meanwhile -- >> i'm a huge boston span and support him. kennedy: you just do it. michael jordan once said to me he went from sugar to sh -- into
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seconds. meghan markle -- it's okay. you can stop talking. meghan markle nudging her way into american politics, really elbowing her way and. she published an open letter to nancy pelosi and senate majority leader chuck schumer calling for all parents to receive paid family leave, she's the perfect spokesperson for this her whole life paid for by this. she tried to brag about her humble beginnings writing i grew up on $4.99 salad, i waited tables, it took multiple jobs to cover odds and ends and still no personal style. she failed to mention her nearly $10000 private school tuition, 30,000 dollars a year college tuition or the fact that her dad literally one lottery, 750 thousand dollars when she was a
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kid on top of $200,000 a year union fighting job in hollywood so what is meghan trying to do here? >> i can't believe we are not respecting her privacy #in her family's privacy. don't knock on that buffet. if i won the lottery, i'd still be hitting got up at 3:00 a.m. if i had to predict it's interesting because the democrat party base catering to celebrities and stuff, we saw paris hilton on the hill today. you can take the printers out of the reality show but you can't take the reality tv show out of the process. if she's advocating for this penalty grave intervention into family leave, i think family leave is fine for should be regulated and if employees are happy, they can go somewhere else. that's what we are kind of being told here.
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like you mentioned, her whole life is one big family leave so respect the struggle, meghan. kennedy: i was laughing when i read that because we are so privileged, harry and i got to take time off from work. i'm like what? work? when did you take time off work, when did you go back? everyone should just get $150 million from netflix and we'd all be fine. go ahead, kevin. >> growing up in central new jersey, is a huge fan of actually coming, i don't know if she actually went, will fall back up but listen, that's exactly right, i think these two we were talking about prince harry on your show attacking the first amendment? i think are trying to find some semblance of something in society to talk about for attention. i'm all of paid family leave, i
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think were out of place we are seeing competitiveness, private business step up and provide extra benefits to be more competitive and higher folks because we do have that shortage but it's got to be a business focus even as democrats, a business and not necessarily from the government. kennedy: i think it rich that she's talking about keeping families together she's torn his family apart and ripped him away from them and caused so much damage, do people even like her? >> no, she's unpopular. she hates the royal family her loss, her dad and the whole family. she's advocating for family specs like taking race relations advice from paula deen or an obituary from donald trump. it makes no sense. she thinks people elect chain restaurants like they need government help us people want
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to the blooming onions, we are doing that with money, it's not a matter of being too poor to exist. kennedy: thank you. well said. >> maybe she was just being super federal, maybe she just met leave her family. kennedy: by the way, you are not better than us because you think you can name drop sister. panel will stick around, it's thursday night here and we are playing pin the tail on the donkey. i'll give you an unbelievable story, you have to ask which democrats did it. play along at home and see if you are smarter and better than our panel, next. ♪♪
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time for america's favorite
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political game, and the tail on the donkey. having your kind and hard earned cash, some could also be criminal occultist and actual space cadet so how well do you know if your democrats? i'm going to read a fun fact or scandalous story about a democrat from a panel has to choose which donkey to pin the tail on whoever points the most tales wins a romantic trip to havana with aoc. oh my gosh. are you all ready to play? [laughter] >> i am so fired up for this. >> i have my sunscreen. kennedy: okay, very good. stephen, we could feed donkeys on 11 ethics charges after a two-year investigation into personal finances. former new york congressman charlie rangel, new york congressman -- or new york congresswoman, aoc? >> indict all of them. it's rangel.
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kennedy: you are right. stephen l miller is on the board with one. kevin, this is your first question, which of these donkeys was want roommates with big little star laura dern? is a vermont senator patrick leahy, marianne williamson or michigan congresswoman rashida to leap? >> was it williamson? kennedy: it was williamson, you got that right. drunken control room had hot dark fingers and pushed the wrong button. it's a tight game. here we go, this one is for you. which of these donkeys in the civil war movie gods and generals stirring robert duvall and jeff daniels? massachusetts senator ed markey, chuck schumer or vice president kamala harris?
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>> god, i'm going to go with kamala harris? kennedy: no, ed markey. [laughter] >> i have no idea. kennedy: he looks like montgomery. here we go, question number 24 stephen. which of these donkeys had a restraining order filed against him by an ex-wife who claimed he attacked her? michigan congressman don, new jersey senator cory booker or ohio senator sherrod brown? >> i'd like to offer an audit on the last one for them on the panel, that was wrong, by the way. kennedy: you are right. stephen miller can't be beat tonight. he's got to. kevin, which of these donkeys went to space while in congress? virginia senator tim kaine, west virginia senator joe manchin or former florida senator -- me tell you something.
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>> for senator. kennedy: you are so right. you are so good at this. l.a., you have zero. who could get on the board with this. which of these donkeys settle a 150,000-dollar lawsuit against the house of representatives cafeteria for serving pay in all of who cracked his tooth? chuck schumer, dennis or marilyn congressman jeannie raskin? >> i'll go with dennis? >> b2 she's on the board with one 150,000 big one. stephen, were next question, which of these donkeys admits she never learned how to drive? massachusetts congresswoman iona presley, new york congresswoman aoc or california senator dianne feinstein?
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>> all women can't drive one, that's cliché. [laughter] i'm just pulling this one out, i think it's feinstein. kennedy: you are wrong could pull into the lead here, kevin. which of these donkeys once had their own tv showed that peter elon musk, oliver stone and lance armstrong? was arizona senator kyrsten sinema, speaker of the house nancy pelosi or california governor gavin newsom? this ourt question, control room? okay, it's not. come on, party people. stay in the game. which of these donkeys once
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wrote a letter asking the judge to show leniency to a man convicted to beating his wife so brutally she required facial reconstruction surgery and then went on to kill her when he got out of prison? was it minnesota congresswoman omar? secretary marcia fudge or atlanta mayor lance? >> i'll go with omar. kennedy: no. kennedy: stephen and canon kevin, you're still tied for the lead. it's worth two points. this is a speed run, we got to go past. which of these donkeys lived in israel? chuck schumer, debbie schulte or bernie sanders? >> going with debbie . kennedy: wrong.
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what am i doing in this real? this is not russia, is a special? this is not russia. kevin from which of these donkeys have an affair with a 60-year-old married man which was 29 johan omar, kamala harris or nancy pelosi? >> the vice president b2 that's right. she was gone with them and he started her career and she eventually gave him the finger because she's a big jerk. you can't win but you can still be even, which of these donkeys resigned from congress after accused of having sexual relations with two of their staffers? wasn't al franken, howard dean or katie hill? >> i think this one is a trick question, i think this was katie hill. kennedy: it was. look at this, you can't see it. were going to havana with aoc. >> i can't wait, let's do it. kennedy: get your passport and
7:39 pm
black-market because you can't buy anything there. i want to thank you all. >> i know my donkeys. kennedy: i want that jersey. >> oh yes. kennedy: okay, very good. nicely done, panel. coming up, furious they are being compared to domestic terrorists and attorney general try to explain his way out of it all right. what will it mean for things like school twice and charter schools? that's next. ♪♪
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cory deangelis is back, cory, what did you take away from today's ruling of the ag? >> this is just another attempt to bully parents into submission for pushing back school board meetings and rightfully so but this is only going to be involving parents to fight for their parents to get the type of education they prefer and runway is to push back the school board meetings but another way is to push for policies that provide true accountability from the bottom up having the money all of the child with to get the education and that way they can vote the public school incentives to focus on the basics and that of the politics. kennedy: they are trying to intimidate the parents because you have so many forces aligning
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against parents here. cap the national school board association with direct line to the white house contacts the d.o.j. sends out this memo essentially saying parents were acting like domestic terrorists are going to prosecute and attract those on the left asking for those in congress to use elements of the patriot act spy on these parents when no one is asking hey parents, why are you frustrated the first place? which at some time it's going to reach a tip and there are going to be enough parents to stand up and say i'm sorry but my kids education is just as important as the economy. is that what we are seeing in virginia? >> and to be clear, it's disgusting federal overreach when it comes to this entire controversy with the national school board association and yes, parents are being
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emboldened by the pushback in virginia for example, the governor's race, the number two issue right now according to the latest poll came out yesterday is education second only to the economy and it jumped more than any other issue the last poll in september that jumped by ten percentage points of the amount of voters is that the education was one of the top two issues from 31% in september to 41% in october and now for the first time, duncan is the candidate that has more support over all when it comes to education yet 39% support as opposed to 38% support for the issue of education and that's the first time that's happened so is a five percentage.jump in education support and i think a lot of it has to do debate comments where he set i think parents should be telling schools what they should teach
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and that doesn't sit well with a lot of parents right now especially after the past 18 months and the failures of the traditional government run school system, parents aren't having it in their pushing back of the school board meetings but they will show up at the ballot box as well and they are going to push for educational freedom in every way they can. kennedy: absolutely right and i'm glad manifesting in the virginia governor's race but at some time democrats will realize they are in trouble and say we love school twice. thank you so much for the great work you do. >> thanks, kennedy. kennedy: tropical storm is next. ♪♪
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hugh grant is selling the party, love actually. it's also where he used to bring women who turned out to be men actually. thou took a bow wow. that's a hollywood twist. i don't judge you. topic number one. escobar cocaine must be given the same rights as people. in other words, they could be injecting's experiments of drugs if they refuse to put profits over their faces.
7:53 pm
escobar said hippos famously terrorized colombian ecosystem ever since the drug court was killed and hippos were released into the wild. great idea. officials debated whether or not to kill them or forced sterilization but now public it matters by recognizing them as legal persons. the first time animals have been given humane rights aside from the people in new jersey. it could mean officials must sterilize them and in more humane ways like forcing them to listen to political podcasts until they completely forget they were once sexual beings. topic number one. the city of christchurch new zealand, i don't sounds like activism but a slightly different faith the to take the town wizard off the payroll but i'm sure they will find a different way to whiz on the taxpayers since 1998, chanel
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served as wizard of new zealand drawing a salary of $11000 a year to provide acts of wizardry for christchurch. the duties include performing rain dances during droughts and casting spells to keep children happy dreams. city council decided the job is no longer necessary. the wizard said he will not curse the city council for firing him but he will continue to show up to tourist attractions dressed as a wizard. in other words, he will continue to be homeless and not shave and he will shrivel testicles raw mail politicos. i said it. topic number three. here's a video beat him from watch what happens in australia when a labrador retriever became friends with a whale shark. so cute, i haven't seen and intercedes relationship like
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this michael douglas got married. the whale shark is not going to eat the dog could actually, whale sharks are the options gentle giants because they pose no threat to large animals or humans. sadly, the new york giants come to be known as gentle giants, for the exact same reason. well sharks live up to 150 years, the largest fish on the planet. at least according to my optimist teacher. [laughter] so handy. i'm going to have to cancel him. speaking of interspecies communication -- time again to hear from the bunch of dumb animals, viewer mail, you guys can all collectively suck it. gabriel starts us with kennedy nation, while your simple? gabriel, why is your -- a giant pimple? very complex. suzanne tweets, we can't understand hugh.
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oh suzanne, there aren't enough hours in the day. chiming in with kennedy nation. mike leaves us with, you are the sexiest ugliest i've ever seen. my real name is tom brady. i don't like you anymore, tom brady. i'll be right back. ♪♪
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