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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  October 21, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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you get in there. this doesn't have to do with family history or braca gene. that is very important. that happened to me and i didn't any of those. i want to thank my doctors at nyu langone. their care and expertise got me through. that is "fox business tonight." "the evening edit" starts right now. ♪. elizabeth: okay. a new bombshell accusation. the school boards lobby group was talking to the white house weeks ahead of time, weeks ahead of attorney general garland sending out a memo aiming major federal firepower meant for terrorists at parents. they're upset with what school boards are teaching children and the ag testified today he did that memo not based on data or stats, based on one school board letter with no evidence of terror level threats from parents. critics call this frightening. we have more on the video
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democrats suppressed today at the hearing about parents who don't like porn in their schoolkids libraries or telling their kid they're racist. we have the highlights. joining us tonight house judiciary member he did participate in the garland hearing today, he is congressman mike johnson. also attorneys general ken paxton eric schmidt. congressman jay adolfo. ashley hinson. steve hairs and ford o'connell. republicans demanding a ethics violation over ag garland family conflict of interest, whose son-in-law profits off of school boards big time. republicans are demanding a special counsel into hunter biden. also tonight, texas deploying armed national guards to arrest illegal aliens for trespassing. texas, missouri suing the white house to build the border wall. this debate, should california declare a state of emergency as truckers now demand. california the nation's headquarters of dysfunction. it made life a living hell for
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truckers. fueling a trucker shortage and harming the entire coverage. news coming in, first on fox. defense industry rocked. lockheed martin and ge face petests walkouts over vaccine mandates. will dr. fauci be called account for lying to congress. new nih letter that says the nih funded supervirus research contradicting dr. fauci or can you expect more thunderous hair splitting and dissembling from dr. fauci. critics call this a textbook case of bureaucratic stubborn necessary, draining people of common sense to lethal adults. john durham will soon declassify documents in has criminal trump-russia probe. we'll look who could be in hot water. i'm elizabeth macdonald. "the evening edit" starts right now. ♪. elizabeth: welcome to the show. you're watching the fox business
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network. attorney general merrick garland testifying today at an explosive house hearing amid multiple doj controversies. joining us now. he was at the hearing, louisiana congressman mike johnson of house judiciary. congressman, thanks so much for joining us. you were there, tell us what happened and what is going on with the white house knowing ahead of time before ag garland sent out the memo threatening parents with federal firepower meant for terrorists to investigate them for threatening school boards? what is going on with this story? what do you think? >> well there is a lot here. as you said, liz, it was an important hearing. it was explosive. the attorney general sat before us for a number of hours. this is the first time we had an opportunity to question him since he took the helm of the doj seven months ago. the judiciary committee has oversight responsibility. we took it serious today. one of the big headlines came out of it, what you pointed out a lot of questions are being raised about the directive the attorney general, mr. garland sent out to the fbi and u.s.
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attorneys offices wanted to involve them in local school board matters. number of questions raised about, one came out it seems to have been a political decision. it followed just three or four days after the national school board association certainty basically a demand letter to the white house. it appears by mr. garland's testimony today the attorney general relied upon kind of that politicized letter where they characterized as you said parents, concerned parents with domestic terrorists. he used that as the basis for this really unprecedented level of activity to insert the federal government and the doj in the local matters. but the bigger issue -- go ahead. elizabeth: finish your thought. >> bigger issue with me where i focused my questions the apparent conflict of interest. his son reported now, you noted moment ago, is profiting off the critical race theory curricula, sexual identity curricula parents are upset and going to school boards about.
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it seems to us the attorney general has a serious conflict. should not involve himself with his family a financial interest in. elizabeth: his son-in-law the consultancy panorama, quadrupled since the president took office. also, he has 27 million in school board contracts, 1500 school districts. congressman, let's look at the fireworks at that. watch this. >> so -- >> seek recognition for a moment. >> proceed with the opening statement. >> it is not a rule, what you said, i think the term you used it is protocol. >> gentlewoman objected. >> conduct of the committee. rules do. that is not rule. we had a video. we understood you had video. >> subpart e of federal regulation says employee of the executive branch is discouraged from engaging in conduct that is likely to affect the financial interests of someone close to them. your son-in-law, your daughter, clearly meets that definition. and so the question is, did you follow that regulation? did you have the appropriate
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agency ethic official look into this. did you seek guidance as the federal regulation requires? >> this memorandum is aimed at violence and threats of violence. >> i understand that. excuse me did you seek ethics counsel before you issued a letter that directly relates to the financial interests of your family, yes or no? >> this memorandum does not relate to the financial interests of anyone. it is a, it -- >> i take that as a no. i take that as a no. >> when did you first review the data showing this so-called disturbing uptick. >> i read the letter. we have been seeing over time threats. >> whoa, whoa. i didn't ask you, you read the letter, that is your source? >> let me be clear. this is not a prosecution or -- >> is there some study, some effort, some investigation someone did said there is disturbing up tick? or you take the words of the national school board association? elizabeth: that is a pretty low threshold, right? just one letter, to use, let me go through it.
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the fbi, the secret service, the national security division, threat assessment center to go after parents? this is low threshold. this seems bowing to democrat special interests. what do you say? >> that is exactly what it is. the attorney general could not provide no answer dissuade us from drawing that conclusion. that is exactly what happened. they're bringing the full weight of the department of justice on concerned parents for merely going to a school board meeting and exercising their first amendment freedoms. they have a constitutional right, ethical interest, protecting children what they're being exposed to. elizabeth: congressman, let me show more from the video democrat jerry nadler renewed to show today what parents are upset about. see sound bites in typed out form here. it is pretty bad stuff what the parents are really upset about. congressman, first of all, how far will the government ethics probe of ag garland go? secondly, why didn't the white house and the ag, and the
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department of education, why don't they just sit down with parents and listen too what they're talking about? they don't want their children acre alizeed as young as five years old. kids are supposed to be climbing trees at that time, playing with barbie dolls as one parent said. they don't want to talk about their sexual identity for 10-year-olds. they don't want to see porn in their school libraries for their kids. how about stopping that first before you go after parents? >> absolutely. now is the time for concerned parents to really speak up. we should not be deterred by this at all. the department of justice is advancing a political agenda. there is no other way to see this, the attorney general did nothing today to draw, for anybody to draw any other conclusion. this is an unprecedented overreach of the feds and it's a real problem. we'll press for the ethics investigation. the democrats have the majority on our committee right now, liz. some ways are our hands are tied. i tell you what those those fortunes are changed next fall.
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everyone knows we will be majority and there will be a reckoning. >> 95% of statements came from parents, african-american parents and hispanics. they're upset. how far will the government ethics violation ensue of ag garland go over his son-in-law making 27 million bucks of school boards between 2017 and 2020? that is $1500 districts panorama works with. that is the company quadrupled under biden. what will you do with the ethics violation. >> that is a direct violation of the federal ethic violation. we'll pursue that. he refused to submit to over a simple ethic review. looks like he is hiding something. we will push for the oversight. we do not have the votes on the committee right now but as i said we'll soon. there will be a lot of questions to answer. elizabeth: congressman we'll stay on the story. congressman mike johnson thank
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for coming on. still coming up, house republicans send a letter to the president warning his policies will slam thanksgiving and christmas. this debate should california declare a state of emergency as truckers demand? california the headquarters of bad ideas. it made life a living hell for truckers, fueling a trucker shortage. we're behind the crisis on supply chains. attorneys general ken paxton, eric schmidt, suing the white house to force it to build border walls with already appropriated money, to stop the criminality at the border. human and drug trafficking pouring into u.s. cities. they joins us next here on "the evening edit". ♪. when you're driving a lincoln, stress seems to evaporate into thin air. which leaves us to wonder, where does it go? does it get tangled up in knots?
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elizabeth: joining us now attorney generals for texas and missouri, ken paxton. ken, ask you this question about the lawsuit forcing the white house to build the border wall. can you talk about that? >> look, joe biden refused, on purpose really made the southern border a total disaster. 1.7 million people coming across that we know off. another 400,000 this month. missouri and texas took joe biden to court over the
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remain in mexico policy and won at supreme court. we'll do the same on border well. we filed a lawsuit to compel the border administration to spend money $3.8 billion out there for the wall. i spent time with border patrol agent there. there are literally materials sitting there to build this wall. they have a temporary structure. they have no structure at all. it is there, we need to have it built, because cartels, it is big business for the cartels. they're taking advantage of folks. making communities unsafe. human trafficking smuggling makes its way to missouri. we talked about cartels reaching kansas city. it is important for missouri around texas to stand together to make joe biden do his job. elizabeth: it is violating the constitution, because the money was mr. appropriated by congress, right? >> yeah the president of the united states, his obligation is to implement federal law, not ignore it. in this case there was appropriation two different years a bill dollars every year. instead of using money intended
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for congress, we'll waste it. woe not build the wall. that is unfortunate for us because we know walls work. the department of homeland security determine walls work. come to talk to the border agents who work forked federal government, they need the walls. they do work. elizabeth: mr. schmidt, this white house is doing neurotic dysfunctional thing refusing to call it a crisis that the attorney general testified that criminal drug networks are flooding into cities, suburbs, rural communities with fentanyl laced fake pills killed another 700,000 since august, caught nearly two million of the pills. how is this not a humanitarian crisis for the entire country, what is going on the at the border? >> it is. i wish the attorney general and the president were more concerned about securing our southern border than about sicking the doj and fbi on parents objecting to critical race theory and forced masking
6:17 pm
their kids at school board meetings. here we are, this is joe biden's america. it is up to the states now. we see massive drug smuggling across the border. we see human trafficking, human smuggling across the border. it is because joe biden on day one reversed all of the policies that were working underpresident trump. we had a secure border. we don't anymore. again is up to states to force them to do it. we'll win in court like we did with the remain in mexico policy. having a secure border is important for every state in the union. real people caught up in this as i talk to border patrol agents today. there is a humanitarian crisis. we need to tell joe biden to do his job. elizabeth: everybody is pro-immigrant, right? the country is pro-immigrant. they want it done fairly and don't want drugs pouring into the cityies to make them unrecognizable, mr. paxton. new york, los angeles, san francisco, baltimore, chicago with shooting galleries. they are unrecognizable.
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border arrests highest since 1986. now we're seeing 400,000 got wais, now it is 300,000. >> wish president biden would come to the border, republican democrat, law enforcement, ranch owners tell you the same thing. they're scared. their property is being damage the. they are afraid for their lives. they know damage coming in. there is covid spread around. they know about the drug trade. of course it will not stay on the border. the cartels are building a network with the help of our own government basically all over the country. as these people come in they're beholdened to the cartels as the cartels send them over the country. keep track them. down the road they're available for drug practices and crimes. elizabeth: cartels increasingly shooting at u.s. border officials, mr. schmidt. we have transnational gangs at the border hooking up with the likes of china supplying ingredients for fentanyl. president and white house press secretary jen psaki said in the
6:19 pm
spring this will be seasonal. the numbers of crossings will go down in the summer. it didn't. it ratcheted up higher that is the serious issue. latino voters polls show. they don't like it what is it going on with the border at all. they think it is unfair and wrong and slamming their border communities and minority communities and inner cities as well. your final word on that? >> i was with the border patrol agents today, the elementary schools near the border go on lockdown frequently because of the unsecure border. this is about, taking a toll obviously on real human beings. we have to have a secure border. the materials are right there. i was walking by them there. they can literally build the wall with money already appropriated. joe biden is playing politics and led to the biggest border crisis in our nation's history. elizabeth: it is killing people inside the u.s. and killing minorities and latinos and in inner cities and border regions as well. exposing them to crime. ken paxton, your final word?
6:20 pm
>> i think you're right about that. i don't think we can measure how many people will die because of this. covid is spread across the country, because they are secretly sending people across the country with covid without being vaccinated or tested. on top of that the fentanyl kills. who knows down the road what damage will be done. the administration is willing to sacrifice americans for more immigrants coming into the country illegally. elizabeth: illegally. attorney generals eric schmidt, ken paxton. thanks for joining us. come back soon. still to come this hour, vaccine mandates roiling the defense industry. ge and lockheed martin potentially hit by calls for workers with protests and walkouts. we're seeing it happening already. it is happening in the country now. also this, california, congressman jay obernote, will talk to us about whether california should call a state of emergency because california is dysfunction central.
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it is bad policies, slamming truckers, having fuel and supply chain fuel crisis. we'll explain it next. ♪.
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♪. elizabeth: with me now, congressman jay obernolte from california. we keep hearing from truckers, this is what is behind the supply chain crisis in the entire country.
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california hyper regulated and overregulated the company into a trucker shortage of 80,000 truckers and a supply chain crisis. do you see anyone taking this problem on? our imports arrive in lunacy central and bad ideas, california. >> absolutely. you're so right, liz. recently california enact ad new law that made it next to impossible for truckers to be independent contractors. you can be surprised putting more regulation on over regulated industry causes that industry to have a shortage in the state. this is latest in the long line of a bad ideas from california. california already leads the nation in income tax rate. we have the highest sales tax, we have the highest gas tax, and yet we also lead the nation in poverty. we have the highest poverty rate in the country. we have the worst traffic and second word roads. to think we should export those
6:27 pm
ideas to the rest of the counter very is lunacy. elizabeth: we keep hearing that from californians themselves. they share the blame harming the country. that is california. house gop leadership sending a letter to the white house, listen you have to step up. the supply chain crisis will hit the holidays, christmas and thanksgiving. should the president use his executive pen to stop what is going on in california to stop truckers? he probably won't. what do you say? >> we can start by focusing what is going on in washington, d.c. right now, which is a debate about reckless, runaway federal spending. we have dumped $6 trillion into the economy in the last 18 months. i heard an incredible statistic this week. if the reconciliation bill passes congress, the total extra federal spending over the last 18 months will exceed the combined annual wages of every single american. to pretend that doesn't have an inflationary effect on our economy, to pretend it doesn't create bottlenecks in our supply
6:28 pm
chain is crazy. we need to get our fiscal house in order. elizabeth: now we see the senator sinema, krysten sinema, she opposes tax hikes that the white house may back down on the corporate tax hike and also free two year community college and other things that seems like it is disintegrating biden spending push. here is the thing, congressman, the highest record before pandemic had been 17 ships. now it is 100. listen to senator john kennedy here. watch this. >> mr. president, you have just got to try harder not to suck. and the best way to do that in my opinion is stop worrying so much about the wokers. you're never going to make them happy. they hyperventilate on their yoga mats at the slightest provocation. you're never going to make them happy. stop worrying about the wokers and story worrying about
6:29 pm
america's workers. and i'm talking about the people who get up every day, go to work, obey the law and pay their taxes and try to do the right thing by their kids. they made america great. ordinary people doing extraordinary thing. and we're not going to get this country back on track. and the president's not going to be more popular with the american people until he stops worrying about wokers and starts worrying about workers. elizabeth: senator kennedy is like a meme, a meme machine, right? i mean wokers, versus workers, pretty funny. the poll numbers show double-digit drop in democrat approval rating for the president. 28% of swing voters, independents approve of him. democrats are leaving the party, right. they're going to become independent? >> yeah. elizabeth: what did you think of senator kennedy there? >> i completely agree with him. what we need to focus on is what policies at the federal government level can improve the
6:30 pm
lives of the average american and what people are waking up to is the fact that the reckless spending of the federal government over the last 18 months has really destroyed the lives of the average every day american. look at inflation. the average family in my district is paying $20 pertaining more to fill their car to go to work. that comes out of their pocket. in fact if you look at what economists say about wage growth, wage growth in real dollars has been negative over the last 18 months because every dollar workers get in additional wages, they're spending more in the higher prices of goods and economists say it is directly related to our deficit spending. people are waking up, realizing this is what socialism is b this is why socialism fails everywhere it is tried. elizabeth: we're seeing reports of 8-dollar gas in parts of california. socialism is the government taking control of the means of production but people forget,
6:31 pm
but we understand that definition. people forget what people in south america are saying. when you see the government encroaching with taxes, regulation, stepping more into your backyard, then your front stoop, then in your house, then it becomes full-blown socialism. it is done through the tax code and regulation. your final word, congressman. >> i absolutely agree. my definition of socialism is a lack of economic freedom. we should all believe in free markets because freedom is the largest driver of human prosperity in all of history. socialism takes that away. that is the path we're on now unfortunately. >> congressman jay ober nolte. thanks for being here. >> absolutely. elizabeth: coming out of the bottom of the hour, you're watching the fox business network. reports are that special counsel john durham will soon declassify documents in his trump russia criminal probe. we'll see who will be uncovered and in hot water. coming up ashley hinson on the defense industry. it is getting rocked by vaccine
6:32 pm
mandate protests. lockheed martin and ge workers are calling for protests of walkouts over the mandates. the story next. ♪. dad, we got this. we got this. we got this. we got this. we got this. yay! we got this. we got this! life is for living. we got this! let's partner for all of it. edward jones there is a landfill in the ocean. bring your visit to outdated montepisa!
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♪. elizabeth: let's welcome to the show from house homeland security subcommittee, congressman ashley hinson is back with us. we have a first on fox breaking news report. the defense industry hit with vaccine mandate protests. lockheed martin and ge, so we're seeing threats of protests of walkouts. we're seeing it happening in ohio, in south carolina with ge. what is your reaction to this? >> yeah. government mandates are not the answer, liz, and that is what we're seeing across the country. we have a workforce shortage as it is. when you look at safety and security in this country, whether it is the defense industry or law enforcement folks, these mandates are torpedoing our workforce at a time we need people to get back to work, back to health and back to normal. i'm a believer you can be
6:37 pm
pro-vaccine. i received the vaccine myself. i was very public about it and we can be anti-mandate. that is where we should be right now. more government mandates are not answer. we're seeing the direct result of pushing people back on that. elizabeth: watch this terrifying highway video out of atlanta. the atlanta police department released it. cops put their lives on the line every single day to protect the community. an officer hit by a car on a highway gets hit again. he was investigating a car crash. he gets hit. crime spiraling in chicago. the police union asking for a judge for a temporary restraining order against the vaccine mandate there. 2,000 cops reported whether they're vaccinated. how do you square that. polio vaccines. smallpox vaccines, in the past. why the problem with the vaccine mandate? >> i think what it comes down to, this is personal choice,
6:38 pm
liz. we learned a lot about the covid-19 virus and about the vaccines as well. we were headed into the right direction of this country. more and more americans were getting the vaccine. we were seeing fda approval for the vaccine. we were headed into the right direction. you look at everything biden is touching, the border crisis, the inflation crisis, the vaccine mandate, everything is taking our country in the wrong direction. this is another example we were headed in the right direction. more americans were getting back to work, back to health, back to normal. it just completely flies in the face that freedom americans want. i believe vaccines are safe and effective. that is my choice. you shouldn't have to get a jab to keep your job. elizabeth: so there is that. there is also this, the yale school of public health says unvaccinated people should expect to catch covid-19 every 16 months after they first get sick. it is saying that natural immunity from antibodies is somewhat of a short time space,
6:39 pm
time period. you have hundreds of workers, you know, getting pushed out in illinois, health care workers, hospital workers because they weren't vaccinated. many of them were not full-time employees. we're seeing at southern illinois health care and the aurora health care system in illinois. letting people go during a pandemic and worker shortage. you know what i mean? >> absolutely. a one-two punch to the folks that literally served on the front lines of the pandemic, front lines of keeping our communities safe and secure, then you will turn around to say, sorry, see ya, you spend that time, we'll control your lives even more. this comes down to we continue to learn more and more about this virus and about what its implications are, what the vaccines do. i had covid last fall. i chose to get vaccinated. i believe they're safe around effective. i think they can help reduce the severity of the disease. but again, lots of people are doing research, checking with their doctor, having those conversations. that is exactly where we should be on this. instead at the height of a
6:40 pm
workforce shortage, when we need to get people back to work, it is probably the number one issue i hear as i travel through my district, liz. workers, employers, we want to grow and expand but we can't find people. you're saying hey, we'll make it more difficult for you to hire people during this time. i think it is the wrong direction. elizabeth: what scares people is cops, right? it is about cops walking off the job because crime is rising. 30% spike higher in murders according to the fbi. check out the video of san francisco, a brazen thief doing smash an grabs on cars. san francisco is dealing with rising crime, also cops not wanting to deal with mandates for vaccine. we have a lot of stories coming out of the california like the california burger chain in and out, they refuse to check vaccine cards. they're facing shutdowns. the final word. >> again we need to step off the
6:41 pm
government mandates. we respect freedom and opportunity, we can emerge from the pandemic better than ever, stronger than ever. the mandates are not the way to do it. what a slap in the face of law enforcement men and women protecting our community every day. to the health care front line workers protecting our health every day and keeping our communities healthy. this is the complete wrong direction. i will stand against this every step of the way. elizabeth: it is a heck of a fight. congresswoman ashley hinson, thanks for joining us. good to see you. still to come this hour reports that special counsel john durham will declassify documents in the criminal trump-russia probe. we'll see what he uncovered and who could be in hot water. up next the gop chair of the doctor's caucus, andy harris. will dr. fauci be called to account for lying to congress? that the fda funded research at the wuhan lab, directly contradicting dr. fauci's
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elizabeth: joining us now gop doctors caucus co-chair, andy harris. congressman, good to see you. who will hold dr. fauci to account for misleading congress. we have the letter to james comer where the nih admitted they funded dangerous research at wuhan lab in china. so will he be held into account? >> next time before he comes into congress, him or dr. collins will both have to answer why they told congress there was no gain of function research going on. we never funded it. none of our funds ever flowed to it. we found out the wuhan institute of virology was conducting dangerous gain of function research. we were funding the research enterprise even if not the particular project. elizabeth: "the washington post" had reported that dr. fauci and nih come up with their own definitions of what is
6:47 pm
supervirus gain of function research. they are saying you know, this research they claim in this letter wasn't shown to be supervirus research because they didn't prove that the coronavirus could infect humans. all right, is that really the low standard there, low threshold there, you coin prove it just yet, really, that's good enough? >> it is interesting, that the letter said although it was kind of recognized this research could result in a bad out come they left it to the wuhan institute and to ecohealth to report if indeed they had gain of function in the virus and they didn't report it. but they should have known that kind of research could easily lead to gain of function. in fact did lien to gain of function. elizabeth: that's the point. that's the point. how can dr. fauci speak so authoritatively and definitely when he already admit in testimony to senator john kennedy earlier in the career he doesn't conduct oversight what wuhan lab was
6:48 pm
doing? dr. ralph barrick, unc north carolina chapel hill was working with wuhan lab with gain of function research. it was all over the papers. congressman, listen to dr. fauci here. watch this. >> dr. fauci, do you still support funding of the nih funding of the lab in wuhan? >> senator, paul, with all due respect you are entirely and completely incorrect that the nih has not ever, and does not now fund gain of function research in the wuhan institute. >> do they fund dr. baric? elizabeth: yeah they did. the nih letter says it did? >> absolutely are. li, the chinese scientist got n-aid funding and nih funding. what is going on here that he is speaking so definitely like that? >> he is very worried years ago
6:49 pm
he actually endorsed gain of function research. it was important to do. he got his hand in the cookie jar. the nih clearly knew that research, this is what is so significant about this letter. this letter clearly says that the wuhan institute of virology did do gain of function research. they tried to get around it saying well the particular virus that we funded, you know, wasn't coronavirus 2, but it was another virus could easily have become more dangerous than coronavirus. elizabeth: putting spike proteins and frankenstein research, putting spike protein in another bat virus. that is gain of function. that is why people are scared about the vaccine t all traces back to this. we know dr. fauci has served the country. he worked on the aids crisis. a documentary says he was trump advertised by that, we get it. why the stonewalling? why constantly frustrating the american people on this issue? >> well again i think it is because they didn't want to get caught actually funding something that may well have resulted in covid.
6:50 pm
the evidence is now becoming more clear that the wuhan institute of virology was in fact attaching spike proteins to other viruses which make them more effective. that is exactly gain of function. this is what we suspected all along and i think this is another nail in the coffin that just indicates that this virus did in fact originate in wuhan and there is good reason to believe. elizabeth: it is terrifying. it is absolutely frightening for the american people. okay, congressman andy harris. you were terrific. come back soon. up next gop strategist ford o'connell, new reports coming in, special counsel john durham will soon declassify documents in his criminal trump-russia probe. we'll look what could be uncovered and who could be in hot water. the story next
6:51 pm
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6:54 pm
attorney general merrick garland has affected a special counsel john durham is still an action. no threats by the brighton white house to pull his criminal probe of the botched drove russia investigation. joining us now, strategist for o'connell. good to see you. washington examiner reporting special counsel john durham is expected to release to his lawyer democrat lawyer, 81000
6:55 pm
pages of documents and two weeks he could release more than 30 declassified interviews. the probe looks pretty expensive. the scope is pretty fast. what you say? >> i think you need a scorecard to keep track of the players involved type truck to russia and what appears to be john durham right now is moving up the food chain to trick the fbi and media into believing trump was a russian agent and right now the key focus is michael assessment because he is the person who allegedly lied to the fbi on two occasions about the story. liz: please pleaded not guilty to that but firm is at the heart, so this is from grand jury subpoena, 15th separate individuals and entities that looks like durham talking to democrat party officials, a university, university researchers and fusion gps which was paid on behalf of hillary clinton's campaign and the democrats, it's all about working to get the trump russia
6:56 pm
collision theory inside the d.o.j. and fbi so it looks like it might be criminal conspiracy, we don't know. >> you are right, putting on my legal hat, i was a it appears germs using sussman to get to his partner, mark elias and for mark, the biden national security advisor takes over and from there hillary clinton and the clinton campaign mastermind alyssa implied to the fbi continue to push it even after the 2016 election. liz: durham is reportedly going to release the majority and fbi electronic case file on the allegations trump computers talking to russia alpha bank. that was the democrats silver bullet for trump russia collision, hillary clinton tweeted about it, so did jake sullivan was a foreign policy advisor at the time he is now providing. fbi debunked as trump hotel marketing scam e-mail.
6:57 pm
we got cooley, is working with fusion gps and the dossier to pay for that. it's working on the dnc e-mail hacked sussman controlled the narrative on that, you talked about that and working on trump's alpha bank allegations, right? different threads coming in through this one law firm. it sounds like durham -- the charging document, by the way, his indictment michael assessment. you think more charges could be coming? >> i absolutely do but i think durham has to make the case to prove it. i think sussman is the lunch to do it and the lawyers, michael sussman and mark elias with the puppet masters for the trump russia hopes and essentially they were taking direct orders and being paid by the clinton campaign so there's more because they were taking their orders directly from the clinton campaign and in this case, the campaign manager and jake
6:58 pm
sullivan as well which means heather clinton was in on the conspiracy as well. liz: me british court, sussman gave him other claims about alpha bank reporting ties to russia's vladimir putin and alpha bank communicating with trump organization computers again, trump hotel e-mails, that's what the fbi found so christopher steele alpha bank and. you see it circulating, right? is circular. the other thing is, what we seek with the trump russia alpha bank, it's serious because the durham indictments has computer researchers working on behalf of the hillary campaign accessed executive branch to the access the pentagon to get internet connection between trump and russia. your final work? >> he not only tricked the fbi open to seek the fbi on the
6:59 pm
trump campaign and essentially he knew the entire story was false and christopher steele will be a witness to that because sussman told him about that story long before sussman went to the fbi for the entire alpha bank story. liz: fort, would like to talk to you about this, i guess i get to keep you a little longer, how high does this go? >> at least two jake sullivan because robbie in the russia probe admitted he authorized mark elias to do the steel dossier and you know there's an overnight between the alpha bank story and a steel dossier. i believe based on the halloween tweet and hillary clinton knew about it as well and she was in on the conspiracy and she probably directed because the clinton campaign. more than $12 million, i promise you it wasn't with elias and sussman. liz: robert mueller didn't touch it, it's quite a story. it's great to have you on, thank you for joining us, we'll have
7:00 pm
you back on again soon. as a jampacked hour, we'll have another hour like that. i'm elizabeth donald, you been watching the evening edit on foxbusiness. we appreciate you watching, hope you have a good evening and join us again tomorrow night. ♪♪ kennedy: breaking news, the manhunt is officially over. brian laundrie is dead. especially in hell. the bony fit in florida yesterday found were in fact his but one thing is for sure, there's still a lot of unanswered questions here, did he kill gabby? if so, why? who screwed up the investigation? rise parents reportedly helped police locate his remains in the swampy nature reserve near their florida home. cops say they also found a backpack and a notebook from up the whole thing


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