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tv   Sunday Morning Futures With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  October 17, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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with us a. rachel: goodbye, everyone. have a great sunday. maria: good sunday morning. welcome to sunday morning future security today, a complete shift show, 60 ships lined up in the pacific unable to deliver goods because of that is why disruption causing energy store-- empty store shelves everywhere. what is on the shelves is now 10 to 20% more expensive than one year ago as the biden administration policy slams american families with soaring inflation
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and unconstitutional vaccine mandates, but don't worry nancy pelosi is thinking about what else she wants to control. >> if you rule the world what one thing would you do, i think about that a lot. maria: i'm sure she does and coming up we will talk with senator ron johnson on the forced resignation from nurses, pilots, teachers, border agents, military men and women as they refused to accept a forced vaccine and other communist moves of this administration. plus,. >> where are you going now? >> boston. >> what's in boston? maria: my encounter with the southern border where havoc is thrown at texas borders and got away illegals harass and threaten their land.
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i just got back from the border with a message from one of those farmers for president biden. >> i feel like he has a banded us. he has no care for the people of this area and we are extremely disappointed in him and i think he should be ashamed of himself. maria: coming up, more from texas rancher on why he can no longer leave his home without carrying his gun. and then texas governor greg abbott on fighting back and what his administration is doing about the federal vaccine mandate and biden's open border policy. plus, trading on joe biden's name and position, conflict seemed to be never ending as joe biden shared a bank account with his son hunter as hunter rolls in the cash from foreign governments while joe was vice vice president. at no wonder joe is feeling rich these days. >> i'm a capitalist, but guess what, i make big
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money now. on the president. maria: then the road ahead, well the democrats be able to pull off the most expensive tax and spend ever with bernie sanders massive spending plan expected to be voted on by october 31 if you could do the democrats have the votes to get it over the finish line? california congressman ro khanna is here and he will bring up the latest. all of that right here, right now on sunday morning future severe. ♪♪ maria: first, this morning is exclusive, sources tell sunday morning futures there is a speculation is swirling in washington that house speaker nancy pelosi may step down after getting the massive spending package through, so all those democrat members who had their arms twisted to vote on the multitrillion dollar package and put their own reelection in
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jeopardy may be fuming to learn that the speaker could be planning a cut and run. to join me right now to discuss the spending package and vaccine mandates is wisconsin senator ron johnson who sits on the senate homeland security and foreign relations committee. senator, good to see you and thank you for being here. first, i want to talk about the breaking news we have in terms of this a speculation. we do not know if this is true, let me be clear, but the rumor has been heard by many that nancy pelosi wants to get the spending through and step down creating a special election appeared here is kevin mccarthy on this program last week here. >> she's a lame-duck speaker. she's on a farewell it to work. where was you last month when the democrats were working on reconciliation, the uk, where she today? she's back in europe. she's on her farewell to her and that's why in the reconciliation bill she put $200 million from our hard-working
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taxpayers for a park in her district. maria: senator, thank you for being here. your thoughts? are you hearing this? what can you tell us? >> good morning. i have no further insight at the democrats -- i would be the last person they would confide in, but we all know nancy pelosi was willing to sacrifice her majority for obamacare and bernie's budget this 3.5 which is really about a five to 5.5 20-dollar reconciliation package with a laundry list of entitlements to make more americans dependent on government, explode the debt, and of course make more americans dependent on democrats like nancy pelosi or her successors to keep them in power. this is about democrats wanting to continue to provide benefits that we can't afford that eventually the middle-class people in the four parts of our country will end up picking up the tab, but
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it seems popular. everyone likes to get free government benefits and so this is what democrats do. this is who they are. maria: it's pretty incredible because there are so many unintended consequences. i assume it's unintended, the fact that people don't want to go back to work because they are counting on further checks whether it's childcare checks or all of the other money in this bill. do you think we will see about october 31, and let me put up the retweet of jason furman saying most of the economic problems we are facing including inflation, supply chain are high-class problems, senator. this is what they say is high class problems. we will show a graphic in a moment of some of those quote high-class problems where you see spikes in many items. >> democrats are living in a fantasy world and deny reality. the reality is high inflation primarily affects retirees in the
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working poor or any poor person. the rich, people can handle inflation. it they will figure out the right places to put their money. their assets will inflate with the rest of inflation, but it's the poor and people on fixed incomes that are incredibly heard by inflation. people need to understand that. unfortunately, it always sounds good when the federal government's sprinkling around benefits like free college and free childcare and free pre-k, all of the stuff is not free as margaret thatcher famously said the problem with socialism-- that's what democrats are putting on this path-- the problem with socialism is sooner or later you run out of other peoples money which means you come after money from the middle-class. maria: a look at the numbers we are showing on the screen, gasoline and 42% year-over-year. used cars and trucks 24% , food, for a half percent, clothing, transportation services and it goes on and on.
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we also have some of the food is specifically broken out here, things like meat and poultry, fish and age-- eggs up 10.5%, new cars, it's just incredible, hotel prices 18%. what are your thoughts on the federal reserve is saying these are all temporary? >> doesn't feel that way. i was in business for 30 some years and it was like pulling teeth to get through a price increase and i talked to businesses now and price increases are just expected now and they are accepted so the expectation and let's face it we have all of the ingredients for stagflation. you had the supply dislocations, you have labor shortages and now you have inflation, this is a really bad sign of things to come, but again the democrats are looking-- living in a fantasy world denying reality. they want to push through this a big bernie budget, the entitlement package and make more americans dependent on them, on
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the government and this is not going to work. it will hurt the very same people. maria: so, there are reports today that joe manchin is a saying get all the climate out of this bill, all of the climate items. alexandria ocasio-cortez i imagine won't go for that. what are your thoughts in terms of a vote on october 31? >> i hope for the democrat gridlock. often times you watch and see gridlock is a better alternative, but when it's democrat gridlock, pray for it. i hope that's what happens. maria: okay, so i went to ask you the impact of all of this and what you think in terms of the oil and gas situation because i think this is an area that's really hitting all of us quite hard to hear you are feeling it as well tear the president canceled the keystone pipeline on day one. he banned oil production on federal land. he reversed trumps alaska drilling. i mean, i remember a time when it was the national goal to be
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energy independent. we are no longer energy independent as this president begs opec to do something about it. >> to call president biden and his administration in confidence is accurate and it's too kind. of these are their policies. they want to drive up the price of fossil fuel to your they want to drive up the price of energy so apparently we use less of it. again, energy prices affect the price of every good and commodity. again, this is exactly what they want. and they want open borders. they want massive spending and increase debt to make americans more dependent on government. they want increase in energy prices. they want inflation. this is what they want, and what has been so disappointing in the last election, i wanted to walk-- i warned americans don't like people that will fundamentally transform america. i said this routinely appeared.
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so, they have put america on a disastrous path. we need to stand up and yell stop and ween to the two sweet democrats from power in the november, 2022 election to stop the madness. maria: it's all quite extraordinary, but probably the most extraordinary of all is this forced mandate coming out of this white house. you got resignations up and down corporate america. i want to take a break but when we come back we will talk about biden's flip-flop on a vaccine mandate last year he promised he would not mandate a vaccine. what changed and then a new report that joe and hunter biden assured a bank account as hunter was rolling in the dell from ukrainian and chinese oligarch. we'll be right back.
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maria: welcome back. we are back with senator ron johnson. i know you have been against mandating a vaccine from day one. of president biden claimed he was initially against it also, why the flip-flop? >> i would not demand it be mandatory but i would do everything in my power just like i don't think masks have to be made mandatory nationwide. we have to do more to vaccinate the 66 and vaccinated people in america. every day we see more businesses implementing vaccination requirements. the mounting data shows that they work. maria: and that, of course, was after he put the rule in that any company with 100 employees or more mandate that employees get the vaccine. your thoughts, senator? >> first of all data shows they aren't working as safe as we all hoped and prayed they would be. the mandates are pointless. now that we know fully vaccinated individuals are getting infected and
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they can transmit the disease and they are being hospitalized and dying, there's no point to the mandate whatsoever. the fact this administration won't recognize natural immunity in these mandates and of course they are completely ignoring the vaccine injuries and maria, people need to understand this because it's not being reported. it's being been suppressed. for over 25 years the flu vaccine, there are about-- a little less than 1700 deaths reported on the vaccine adverse reporting. that's cdc early surveillance system, less than 1700 over 25 years and with the covid vaccine we have 16,766 deaths in 10 months administering this vaccine. now, i realize it doesn't prove causation, but when you have over 5400 of the deaths occurring at a zero, one or two it was certainly cause me serious concern, i mean, the
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other stat is we now have 798,000 adverse events reported in just 10 months, 798,000. dramatically underreporting of the vaccine injuries, so it's not an irrational decision for people to say i don't want to take this experimental vaccine and another point is the fact that the only fda approved drug version of the pfizer drug i do not believe is widely available. we have on the nih own website pfizer saying they won't be fact-- manufacturing the fda version and how they use up all the other versions that it's only under emergency use and of course the fda won't answer my letter when i asked them what are you doing here. you authorized one and not the other, what's going on here? the agencies aren't being transparent or honest with the american public. maria: unfortunately there's a
6:18 pm
lot of polarization going on in every agency. i have been asking the question, is the fda in bed with big pharma, i mean, look, you are one of the first to say let's try this market drug that's been used on billions of people for other disease and merck makes it now and we see that it's only a couple of dollars a dose and yet they have a new drug now that's $700 a dose. they have to be making big money on these vaccines and drugs, pfizer and moderna and merck on this drug as well. >> there is not money in it so you have the drug companies, you have the fda, yet the health agencies denigrating and scaring people about iver mack them, but here those stats, the early warning system, 339 deaths associated with that drug over 25 years, 379 versus 16,766 from a
6:19 pm
covid vaccine. what's going on? maria: i don't know, senator. >> 1600 deaths, so again there's something going on here and i believe it's sinister. i can't explain it, but hopefully the truth will come out. maria: senator, quick before you go we have to talk about hunter biden because you've been investigating this situation along with chuck grassley. was the deal in terms of hunter and joe sharing a bank account when he was vice president while hunter was traveling the world meeting with chinese oligarchs and chinese government officials and getting paid for it, we still cannot get confirmation from the white house that hunter still has a piece of that private-- private equity firm in china. is that why this administration is so soft on the ccp? >> it's a possibility and the other thing we don't know-- we do know joe biden used a private e-mail account and he was passing government
6:20 pm
information along to hunter, but we can't get information out of that as well so there is a lot of things we don't know. you know who knows, china, russia, north korea, iran, i mean, these intelligence agencies probably know exactly the financial entanglements and corruption of biden inc. including joe biden so yeah i think it's very possible. tony said joe biden is compromised, i believe he is and we may never find out, but again the chinese government knows exactly what type of money laundering it was occurring, what type of financial problems-- entitlements joe biden and hunter biden have and it's entirely possible they are hanging that over this administration's head. it's what chuck grassley and i were trying to warn americans before the election, but the news media wanted joe biden elected and they suppress to this and now, we have the rolling disaster that's called the biden administration. maria: and unfortunately that is one of the issues that we focus on, the fact that joe biden
6:21 pm
refuses to raise the origins of covid 19, every phone call when he speaks to xi jinping, the subject never comes up and unfortunately these new reports of conflicts around our attorney general marek garland, his son-in-law, his wife pushing the very things that he is also pushing-- seeking the fbi on folks. senator, we will keep watching it. we will take a quick break, mexican cartels are advertising services on tiktok. american citizens are responding and they went to get paid to be a getaway car in texas. one texas rancher feeling the impact as he will not leave his ranch without his pistol. without his pistol. we will talk with him without his pistol. we will talk with him i earn 3% cash back at drugstores with chase freedom unlimited. so i got cards for birthdays, holidays, graduations, i'm covered for everything. which reminds me,
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all the time. i have to carry a pistol every time i leave the house. can even throw out the trash without a pistol. maria: you can shoot them and then what? >> i hope not. maria: then what happens to i will be the victim. maria: you will? >> yes. >> that's my greatest fear. >> the way this thing is shaking down from this administration is where the big-- victims-- [bleep] maria: i'm sorry, sir. >> we are not heartless and we understand. maria: i'm so sorry. >> with this open border policy it's not working and we understand there are people coming in that want a better life, but there's a better way to do it than the way that it's happening down here and we shouldn't be afraid in our own home. we live in the united states of america.
6:26 pm
maria: that was texas rancher don and john paul schuster in rockville, texas. john paul in tears explained to me the number of got a ways that trespass on their property every day causing property damage and causing fear for their lives. we traveled back to the southern border last week on morning with maria on foxbusiness, the third time i went to the border and i witnessed firsthand how things have gotten worse since this administration ignores the destruction of joe biden's wide-open borders. we are right now awaiting a new caravan of some 60,000 migrants on their way to the border on top of the one and a half million apprehended this year. of course, that number does not include the illegal migrants who got away. estimated in the hundreds of thousands of this year that we do not know their intentions, why they intentionally did not want to be apprehended and i spoke with tim ward who also carries his gun everywhere he goes and he's spent $150,000 to
6:27 pm
fix what the illegal got away spoke on his property. he has a message for joe biden. watch it disappear tell us a little bit about what you have endured into arms of a migrants coming your property, assess the situation. >> i'm a fourth generation kenny county and we have through the years experience what would be described a light amount of illegals that come through. in the last eight to nine months it's been an invasion of our area and what comes with that is their desire to cut fences, to disturb the wells we have. their reason for disturbing the wealth is to actually try to get charge for their cell phone. they come well-equipped. they come with new clothes and they come with a desire to get what they can get from us. we are on the border on the cutting edge, but what we find is that they are on the way to
6:28 pm
the cities. we have endured quite a deal. it's not unusual for every night to hear knocking on the doors and windows and we make an attempt to get up and answer the call and a certain way to ask them to leave. it is disturbing and our lifestyle has changed completely. it's no longer a peaceful life. it has changed a. maria: what have you gleaned from these exchanges and encounters? >> one recent incident was there were four that appeared at our back door about this time of day and they were well clothed, all had cell phones and they asked me where san antonio was and i told them to the east and pointed in that direction. they immediately said well, you are going to give us a ride right now and so i had kept a distance and i was still seated in my vehicle and i answered them by saying no, i'm not taking you anywhere and then they began to approach the vehicle and
6:29 pm
when they did i had a pistol on the-- and i reached for it and when they noticed that they said okay, we have had enough, we are leaving and so i asked them to depart from the property. maria: do you fear for your life? >> no, not at all. the freedom we wants to -- once enjoyed we are no longer able to cherish and enjoy. it's a different lifestyle. maria: do you carry your pistol everywhere you go? >> yes. maria: why? >> there was a time i did not, but now i do. maria: how often are you encountering strangers on your property and having to defend yourself? >> i would say they are here on a daily basis now, say we encounter them every day, no, but we know they are here. we see that debris they leave, the footprints, the fences cut and so we know they are here. maria: what kind of cost is that to you that you have to fix your fence?
6:30 pm
>> a tremendous expense. we recently in the last five years placed offenses and it was right at 150,000 and once the fences are cut we have right now about 23 cut. at the fences their attention. they are no longer what one would describe as durable as they were to begin with and so what i have had to do is move my livestock to another location because i couldn't risk them escaping getting on the highway and perhaps causing problems. maria: have you had any support from the government? have you told leadership and what kind of response have you gotten? >> we are basically working on it. we are trying to do something now. we've been blessed with local law enforcement, sheriff's department and dps have all been very responsive. maria: is there anything you want to say to president biden right now? >> i would like to say i think president biden should become the
6:31 pm
president of the united states. if this was happening in delaware, i know he would do something about it. if it was done in new york or illinois, there would be those that would call on him and he would respond to those areas, but i feel like he has abandoned. he has no care for the people in this state of this area and we are extremely disappointed in him. i think he should be ashamed of himself. i think he should be the one to go and hide which i understand he does often because to think he's been contracted-- entrusted with the highest office of this land and to think he would abandon his citizens just for political favoritism is a very serious critical error on his part. maria: my thanks to tim ward and the schuster support sharing their story with us. we'll be right back with
6:32 pm
texas governor greg abbott on who's funding this massive migrant caravan headed towards our southern border and why he decided to ban covid 19 vaccine mandates in texas. the new sensodyne repair and protect with deep repair has the science to show that the toothpaste goes deep inside the
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maria: welcome back. we traveled to the texas border last week for the third time in the last two years and i was able to see firsthand how this crisis has expanded
6:36 pm
throughout texas. from el paso to mcallen to del rio and now border agents tell me migrants are expanding into arizona. watch it. >> just between september 19, and a september 25, we had over 5000, 5400 arrests in a very small sector. this is not a big area. maria: he's referring to human arizona and join me right now the man who is fighting to stop this surge texas governor greg abbott. governor, great to see in this is morning. thank you for being here. before we get to what your administration is doing to stop all of this, assess where we are. are you seeing this crisis expand beyond what we saw a year ago? >> absolutely. listen, a year ago, of course, was still during the trump administration and they had put in place the policies that led it to the greatest reduction in border crossings, but now, we are seeing the highest
6:37 pm
number of order crossing because of the catastrophic open border policies by the biden administration and we are seeing more and more people come in, but i have to tell you there's something getting even worse and that's the cartels are getting even more aggressive and the cartels on the mexican side of the border are beginning to open fire on the national guard that texas has down on the border to secure the border. this is escalating into a firing more on each side of the border where texas and air national guard are having to defend themselves and the fed the state of texas-- defended that state of texas. maria: to be clear, we were in del rio and you said it's getting worse in other areas of texas? >> everyone saw what happened in del rio with regard to the haitians that came in there, but right now the hottest point is in roma, texas, in the stark county area
6:38 pm
and that's the area where the cartels on the mexican side of the border are shooting at the national guard on the texas side of the border. what texas has to do is to step up and guard multiple points across the entire border. maria: unbelievable, and i know the mexican cartel are very smart and they know how to flood one area so it opens up another area so they can get through smuggling humans and drugs across. we have new unofficial numbers from one of our border sources that says in the last month we saw 187,000 apprehensions, but of course, the number of got a ways is higher. 42,649 doctor waste, 91 people died in the u.s. in the desert. what do you want to say about these got a ways, we just heard some ranchers that said they are watching their property damage every day and they have to carry their guns everywhere they go including to throw away the trash.
6:39 pm
>> those ranchers were spot on in their assessment and that is the biden administration has completely abandoned those ranchers. in the biden administration has abandoned all the people who live on the border. they have abandoned people in the state of texas and these are counties and people who traditionally have voted democrat. the biden administration is ignoring them putting them in danger and you heard that ranchers talk about the need to carry a gun, remember biden said there is no need for anyone to ever have a gun, six rounds whatever the case may be. these are people who need the firepower to be able to deal with the cartels who may be coming across the borders of this is exactly why people need their second amendment rights to protected their own safety and defend themselves on the border. it's also exactly why texas is doing more than any state is ever done to secure this region so we can help ranchers like that, it's why texas has devoted more
6:40 pm
than $3 billion to secure the border and it's why we have the national guard and the texas department of public safety on the border, its why texas itself is building a border wall to make sure that we will be able to better secure our borders. maria: how can you do that, i mean, you are doing that just on state land i know because the biden administration last week said it's canceling all the remaining border wall construction contracts in that area, so i was there witnessing laws that were half done and the other half is wide open, i mean, it's quite easy to just get-- just coming from the rio grande, jump over and get in a got away car and i want to point out we understand-- another thing i learned last week is that these getaway cars are driven by americans, so the cartels are advertising their services on tiktok and snapchat i'm told so look at this graphic where we show cartels charging the migrants from the northern tribal eight to $10,000 but then
6:41 pm
they are paying american citizens a thousand dollars to be the getaway car and 90% of the cars stopped with illegals are driven by americans. what can you tell us about this? >> well, first of all it's true. a second, it's something the texas department of public safety has been working on and we just made it far easier for the texas department of public safety to tell the rest and be able to prosecute these people who are assisting in smuggling. this is an accomplice to a tell-- felony in the state of texas and so i signed a new law making it easier to crackdown on smugglers in texas and we are going after these people who are responding to these tiktok requests who are assisting the cartels and smuggling people into the u.s. that is a crime and we looked up at these people behind bars. maria: just extraordinary. governor, i want to switch gears and asked before you go about these axing mandates. texas and florida banning floor-- covid vaccine mandates in the
6:42 pm
white house is accusing you of putting politics ahead of health. why did you decide to ban it and set the record straight for us, does federal law override state law on what you can do with regard to mandating a vaccine? look at all of the people resigning right now. >> well, you make a good point about the people resigning because that's one problem with regard to the supply chain because so many people being forced to get a vaccine don't want to do that hence they are leaving their jobs, but to answer your question, clearly what president biden is doing is unconstitutional. there's a zero authority in the constitution that gives the president or his administration the authority to mandate anyone take a vaccine and that's why we feel very confident that these estate executive orders supersede the federal executive order because the federal executive order is completely unconstitutional. we want to make sure that our fellow texans who have been forced
6:43 pm
into this impossible situation about providing for their livelihood versus that being forced to take into their body something they do not want that it will be the state stepping up and protecting the individual liberty of our fellow texans from being forced to take a vaccine that could cause them harm, that doesn't take into effect the prior immunity they may otherwise have, doesn't take into effect at the severe reactions that some people are having to the shot. i have to raise with you something else people having considered and that is where does this end? we are talking about a federal mandate for a shot. as you know there's waning effectiveness of the shot. are people required by the federal government to take a shot every single year for the rest of their life? americans need to come to grips with the overreach by the biden administration. maria: it's an issue and a point that is well taken. a lot of people are worried about that and that's why we see all
6:44 pm
these resignations from nurses and military. that's going to have an impact on the economy as well because already businesses can hire the people may need. governor, thank you. thanks for all your efforts and for joining us this morning. governor greg abbott. we will take a break and then talk about is it a deal or no deal, and democratic congressman ro khanna is here on whether the house can agree on the spending agree on the spending bill by october 31. dad, we got this. we got this. we got this. we got this. we got this. yay! we got this. we got this! life is for living. we got this! let's partner for all of it. edward jones it's another day. let's partner for all of it. and anything could happen. it could be the day you welcome 1,200 guests
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>> to be honest we probably won't get 3.5 trillion. we will get something less than that, but i'm going to negotiate and get it done. maria: welcome back. that was president biden in connecticut friday on his tax and spend economic agenda that it perhaps won't pass as is and joining me right now to break it down and tell us the realistic place we are is california congressman ro khanna. he is also the author of
6:48 pm
this upcoming book. congressman, good to have you. thank you for being here. you have heard a lot this morning in terms of the pushback on vaccine mandates, on the suspending package, tell us where we are. >> maria, we are going to get something done and here's why it's so important. there are two parts of the president's party that-- policy that are critical. first with a rising crisis, working class needs more money in their pocket in this presidents bill with the child tax credit and the earned income tax credit will be a huge tax cut for the working middle class and second we need to expand the economic capacity of our economy, the investment in infrastructure and the productive capacity of our workforce are going to actually deal with the inflation crisis and that's why i'm confident progressive, moderates, democrats will unify and pass the president's agenda. maria: miami guinness from the committee for a responsible budget says there is no way that
6:49 pm
just raising taxes on corporations and on the rich will be able to pay for this, congressman, and that you will have to breach the 400,000-dollar promise that no one gets taxed that if you are making less than 400,000. >> i respectfully disagree with that. the cb o said you can do it. you have to raise taxes on corporations, i mean, the idea some of the big corporations and some big tech companies paid zero in tax is wrong so we need a minimum tax that they pay. you have to raise taxes on the very wealthy that the president does and if you do that you can raise between two to 3 trillion in even senator manchin acknowledges that and you can pay for this. maria: what about these farms that are saying this is a business, the farm has been passed down generation to generation and you are giving them much higher expenses and also congressman, we have talked all show this morning about this amazing inflation we are seeing
6:50 pm
with fuel up 40% year-over-year, the price of eggs, chicken, beef, i mean, all of this inflation as a result of the free money that's been coming at the economy. i was just at a hotel recently and they told me they can't get the workers back on the job because they are saying why would i go back to work when i'm making more from the government are you pursuing a welfare state? >> no. i acknowledge inflation is a concern and it's hurting working families and middle class as prices have gone up but what is the solution to inflation. there are two things that are the solution, we have to get people back into the workforce. what's going to get people back into the workforce? providing them with childcare. we saw economic studies show when you ended the unemployment benefits it didn't lead to people going back to the workforce because of childcare and the concern about covid so those are the things we have to address to tackle inflation. we also have to build manufacturing supply
6:51 pm
chain and our infrastructure. the bill is tackling inflation. maria: i went to talk about that, but do you think you will get a vote on october 31, for this? >> we will get a vote for the end of the year end i'm hopeful it's by october 31. maria: quick break and then more with ro khanna when we come back. back. i want to get into the back. i want to get into the back. i want to get into the back. i want to get into the i'm gonna earn 3% on dining including takeout with chase freedom unlimited. that's a lot of cash back. are you gonna stop me? uh-oh... i'm almost there... too late! boom! earn big time with chase freedom unlimited with no annual fee. how do you cashback? chase. make more of what's yours. age-related macular degeneration may lead to severe vision loss, so the national eye institute did 20 years of clinical studies on a formula found in preservision. if it were my vision, i'd ask my doctor about preservision. it's the most studied eye vitamin brand. if it were my vision, i'd look into preservision preservision areds 2 contains the exact nutrient formula recommended by the nei to help reduce the risk of moderate to advanced amd progression.
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>> it is an incredible invasion of privacy. it allows the asic lately requires banks to forward information with transactions of $600. they talked about raising it to $10,000 but it's a political consequence and would be incredibly intrusive and it's a massive search
6:55 pm
warrant. maria: and that was the former president of the kansas city federal reserve. i am back with congressman ro khanna hooch chairs the house oversight subcommittee on the environment. congressman, you just heard what he said. is this bank surveillance still in the suspending bill? >> let me put some facts out there. first of all, the bill does not in any way survey all individual transactions. and there is oversight of individual transactions. all it does is ask the banks to give the total amount that was deposited and the total amount that was spent and the reason is because there's a lot of businesses in this country that aren't paying the taxes that you and i pay so if the banks have to give a statement on interest, why can't they give the total net outflow and inflow so people pay their taxes a? maria: you say it's not transactions, but you just said total deposit and what people
6:56 pm
take out and what people are taking in, i mean, $600 or even $10,000 affects most americans. >> it would be over $10,000, but it won't look at okay here is what you spent it on, it will just say did you make money and if you made money pay your tax just like banks tell you if you've made interest you have to pay your tax and if you get a double two-- the idea is that businesses should pay their tax and i don't think it's going to surveilled or snooped into people's privacy in any way because banks won't have the ability to go after the individual transaction. maria: but, it is a surveillance because the banks have to report that. a look, i don't want to get into the weeds without asking about your upcoming hearing. you have october 28, ceos from six major fossil fuel oil companies coming to testify in front of your committee. what are you trying to learn, what do you want to ask them? >> the truth. we want to learn the
6:57 pm
truth. we want to understand whether they are engaged in any spending on climate disinformation or if they recognize we are in a climate crisis and if they recognize that what are they doing to tackle the climate crisis. maria: congressman, great to have you. we really need to hear more from you more often and we hope you will come back soon. congressman ro khanna joining us this morning. ♪ ♪ ♪
6:58 pm
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