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tv   The Claman Countdown  FOX Business  October 15, 2021 3:00pm-4:00pm EDT

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up fin-tech. look, there's some controversy surrounding this. it's a chai these-based company -- chinese-based company. take a look at this though, a big move into to give it another shot over the weekend, and i do like netflix. guys, have a great weekend. liz claman, what a way to end the week. you've got an hour to go -- liz: i head it through two episodes. i was forced in a tradeout with my husband and son. they have to watch mare of easttown, and i have to watch squid game. i'm getting there. charles: all right. liz: thanks, charles. it is a friday free-for-allen on wall street. it's the first week of earnings season, the market shooting higher. the dow, s&p and nasdaq are all up dramaticically, but the past two days have been absolutely insane. with the dow up 404 points, that is a larger gain of about 935
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points over just the past 48 hours. but look at bit coish, it's pushing above $61,000 right now, 61,624, as the crypto verse salivates over the possibility of a bitcoin tushes exchange-trade fund. charlie gasparino digging into whether this is just a runup and sell on the news next week or something more. the supply chain crisis showing 40 signs of easing at this hour, but what is the biggest broken link in this chain? the chinese manufacturers? lack of cargo ships? not enough truckers? ibrands deals with every single one of these issues from china to the u.s. store shelves. they're behind sofia vergara's lingerie brand. the ceo is here in a fox business exclusive. and elon husk shakes another sector of stocks with a single tweet that threatens to disrupt yet another business, why his
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starlink satellite could be bad news for go go? the ceo is here to sunday. we've got to go straight to the market alert. disney shares, they are just slightly off session highs, up $2.76 for a 1 is.5 gain after a report hit the tape about an hour ago with the headline, quote: will disney and espn consciously uncouple? disney ceo has asked some of his top deputies to explore the strategic benefits of a spin-off of the sports network from the mother ship. buyers says, in fact, conversations he hears are now happening regularly about whether or not to break off the star sports giant as an independent company/stock. we're watching disney very closely here. the earnings train continuing to cede at high velocity, goldman
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sachs beat significantly on the top and bottom line as quarterly profits driven by deal making soared 60% while revenue chugged higher by 26%. goldman topping 3.5% right now. goldman is just a capping a all of the week of a stellar -- capping off a stellar week for the banks. wow, i mean, think about that. we've got to get you looking ahead to next week. a bevy of companies on tap to report including, i mean, look on your screen here, tesla, w wd40, and the first of the fangs to report, that would be netflix. the streaming giant out with numbers tuesday, vaulting 16% higher this year thanks in part to the massive success of charles' new favorite show, "squid game." it is a runaway hit. copycat merchandise as fans scramble to get those green
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track suits and white van shoes, is it netflix that will set the tone? the -- what would you guys buy ahead of next week or sell? george ball, to you first. >> well, i think the things that i'd buy are going to be the bevy of mid-sized banks that are going to be reporting in the wake of the big six. they're going to have excellent earnings, heir going to beat expectations -- they're going to beat expectations, and i think too they're going to be looking forward to much higher interest area min is gins -- or margins in the future which for the smaller banks is particularlied good. so a whole bunch, bnc and -- pnc and other mid-sized banks should covery well. you're also going to have energy sector, look particularly at valero which is a big refiner. their spreads are 38 cents a gallon now, about twice last
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year, i think that's going to shock people how large it is and how sustainable. liz: would you sell anything ahead of this? >> on the sell side, i might sell union ask or container stores. union pacific supply chain constraints, it's going to hurt them, and container stores, i think same-store revenues are going to be flat to down, and that's going to disappoint many people, i believe. liz: all right. we do have union pacific moving higher, fighting back to session highs at least for the next -- the last three months. scott shellady, i guess george is not a squid fan -- [laughter] but you've got to believe that netflix is the first of the fangs -- not that it sets the tone for the rest of the names in that group, but what do you think is the name here that might really sort of color the rest of the week next week? >> well, you know, i went down a little bit of a rabbit hole here, liz. you know, looking at netflix and what's going to be reporting
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next week, and what we're talking about with sly chains and inflation -- supply chains and inflation and shortages on the shelves, right? we've seen all those pictures, you know, there's an issue with to do. so i kind of went and did a little more research, and there are a few stocks that ill buy going -- that i would buy going into not only next week, but something they haven't been benefiting as a lot of the other stocks has of late, but i think they will, and that is these fertilizer food. we need to produce more. look how empty the shelves are. every year we get more and and more of a demand for fertilizer, some years it's a lot more. and if you go back to, say, the arab spring, remember that? when we had to produce more wheat? if you look at some of these things, for instance, mosaic is trading around $40, but that was well over $100 back then. so i think mow mosaic's one, nts another. keep your eye on those things that are going to help solve the
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supply chain issues. growing more urn pressure. we've got mother nature to worry about, but those type types of things are maybe longer term plays for say a year or two rather than just the numbers next week. liz: okay. you've got to figure that a company like wd-40, and by the way, we will have the ceo next week, is one of those companies that did very well as people did the upgrades to their homes, etc. and needless to say, they have supply if chain focuses, i'm sure, too. george, scott, great to have you guys. thank you. speaking of next week as well as wk-40, you don't want to miss my exclusive interview with general motors' ceo mary barra. what's gh's strategy to usurp the ev throne from tesla? plus, barron's names the new head of the round table, what she thinks of president biden's plan froms to raise the corporate tax rate. breaking news, president joe biden in connecticut today
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admitting his so-called human infrastructure bill will not have a price tag of upwards of $3.5 trillion. looks like he's now wiggling some room at least to meet the republicans at least halfway. he's visiting a hartford childcare built in the last hour. the president is pushing congress to come to an agreement on his build back better plan. meanwhile, the restaurants in the net megastate -- nutmeg state are reeling from higher food costs, supply chain shortages and a lack of workers, and owners are desperate for a lifeline, but the administration is looking at other focuses at this moment. let's go live to south norwalk, connecticut, where connell mcshane has spoke directly with restaurant owners. >> reporter: yeah. a what about us type of situation, liz. you're right, the president today talking about the other priorities. we're at a restaurant that's open for business called match here, open this a little while.
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these issues that liz brought up, inflation's a big one, supply chain issues, worker shortages, those are an issue for you. and i know you said inflation's number one. can you give us some examples of how that's impacting business now? >> every invoice coming through the door is, you know, just a little bit higher each day that it comes in. fry oil is the biggest culprit, up 50%. >> reporter: 50%. >> yeah. >> reporter: do you pass it on to -- >> there's only so much i can go. >> reporter: how much is the average entree? >> 2 the, 2.50 -- >> i want to put up the restaurant revitalization fund, $28.6 billion came out of that, but 72 billion was applied for and requested. so you got some or, right? some restaurant owners didn't -- >> a little bit. >> reporter: should that be a priority for washington, still helping these restaurants? because some people think you guys have turned the corner. >> if you want small businesses and restaurants to survive, yes.
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should be top line, number one -- >> reporter: would that hold you over? >> that puts us back to zero and, hopefully, with the inflation start making money again eventually. >> reporter: right. you know, and that's the thing, liz, that's what they're looking for, kind of a restart. i think there's a perception -- not everywhere, but in some places, everything's crowded, people are out to eat. but because the costs are up, the money's still not being made the way it was, and a lot of these owners, we've talked to a lot of them, they're still struggling. they still need help. liz: very uneven. connell, thank you very much, connell mcshane. the tangles in the supply chain, this has been a theme for so many companies, right? they have trapped consumers leading to hoarding again. and, yes, empty store shelfs. we are going to speak to the ceo of a company whose reach goes all the way back to the source, china, and links it here to the united states. ibrands ceo here next.
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♪ liz: it's fill up the shelves friday. september retail sales and consumer pushing high her and at the same time preliminary consumer sentiment for october saw a surprise dip. and, i mean, what are we seeing heresome shoppers reverting to the preppers that we saw during the lockdowns? is hoarding everything from toilet paper to to canned food? the king of hoarding stocks, amazon popping higher by about 2.9% at this hour. and then, you know, you go to one of the issues here, 61 cargo ships mostly from asia and packed to the brim with goods remain anchored in the bay of long beach just waiting to dock and unload. consumers are bracing for the holiday season with sort of cindy lou who fears. ibrands runs the lengths of the
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supply chain, the cocofounder joins us now in a fox business exclusive. rehm hawaii, you are in a unique position to tell our viewers where the breakdowns are. tell us where you're experiencing the biggest problems. >> well, thank you very much for having me here. so a retail report came out today, i'm sure you saw it, lots to actually be happy about it in the retail record. a lot of broad gains across the economy, but there are some things that keep me up at night. so when we talk about a supply chain, liz, it really is a supply chain. and the if there is a weak link in the chain, the chain can break. what we're starting to see now is that the container crisis is starting to lead to additional crises being created. and it's certainly concerning. so right now we're in a paper crisis, no one's talking about it, it's not getting a lot of media attention, but it is a big problem. and what's happening is by the ship ising container crisis creating a increase in the cost
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of importing the containers, it is impossible to import product that's inexpensive like paper. the cost of importing a container of paper is more expensive than paper inside. now, we import a lot of paper from china, and now it's just simply not viable. so you're talking about taking an entire country and a continent off the table in terms of supply, and at the same time, there's a huge increase in demand for paper. and that's being driven by the behavior of the american consumer. so the american consumer is buying products online. when you buy products online, they come in a box. it's not like when you're shopping in the stores, you go to a grocery store, you buy five little item, put them inside your one bag, you leave the store. amazon is likely coming in five different boxes, and that's really driving up the price of paper. and so what we're doing is we are starting to diversify the supply chain, going down to places like mexico, we're trying
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to work with other latin american countries. and i think it's very important we diversify the supply chain and increase our domestic supply chain, otherwise we're too reliant on one country. liz: and i'm thinking, too, that last-hill delivery, the truckers, the drivers. there's also a shortage in that realm. so how are you dealing with that? and i do want to remind our viewers among all of your brands, it's that sofia vergara lingerie company which, i'm sure, has a lot of asia connections as well. but what happens when they do come and land on our shores? >> yeah, so that is a big problem. we're seeing labor shortages across the entire domestic portion of supply chain. i really wish that we could get that fixed. we didn't have that problem in the past. that's in our warehouses, with our truckers. but there are some bright spots, and some of the -- for example, our food, we have great food service industry in this country, a lot of really great american food service companies
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like sysco, u.s. foods, pfg, and these guys are sending trucks all over the country all the time working day and night. and if you look at the retail report actually, the food service industry is probably the brightest spot of our entire retail report. and we really have a lot to thank for that, so what are the reasons for that? for one, we make oured food ourself, the vast majority of it, at least. you'll remember even in the height of the pandemic, we never had food shortages, they were always fully stocked. a lot of people thought that was going to happen, and it didn't. we have a lot of food service supplies that need to be imported, things like plates, cups, takeaway trays, foam containers, pizza boxes, and we corely on an international supply chain -- liz: and i'm thinking, sorry to interrupt and we're looking at food direction stocks that are mostly moving higher here, i'm thinking, remy, as well, we just put up some of your brands,
3:20 pm
harley davidson, nordstrom and skechers, these are potential christmas give type of -- gift type of stores. will you be able to deliver to the consumers who want those products? >> yeah, those are some of the brands that have been in our portfolio in the past. we have a lot of brands that we handle right now. the reality is that is something that i worry about. so if you look at the consumer report that just came out, sales are up, which is great news for the economy. and why is that? well, on the one hand, we have more sales. we had higher covid infection rates in august and september. i think what happened is you have consumers spending money on goods and merchandise, they're not spending money on experiences like ball games, concerts, travel -- liz: okay. >> and we're definitely seeing people out and about in the stores. we're seeing them shopping online to a great extent. but what's going to happen this q4, that's really what's important. are goods going to stay in the ports or get on the shelves?
3:21 pm
are customers going to keep buying goods and merchandise, or are they going to start spending money on experiences? liz: we know that is definitely the trend. remy, good to see you. good luck. >> thank you for having me. liz: trying to hold it together, right? folks, gold is dropping about $30 an hundreds right now -- ounce right now. the record-shattering prices in aluminum have one company putting a shine on its own earnings record. we are going to show you how investors are melting shares of alcoa. but but the sky falling on virgin galactic, tumbling back to earth in today's fox business brief. closing bell 39 minutes away, we are seeing nice gains for all the major indices with the dow holding on to a pop of about 366 points on this friday. ♪♪
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♪ liz: well, if you could turn back time the, you might have wanted to buy shares of alcoa. the nation's largest aluminum producer blasting nearly a 15% higher in this final hour of trade after reporting record yearly income. the business so strong that alcoa initiated a quarterly cash dividend of 10 cents per share and a share buyback. aluminum prices have hit 13-year highs today, and it's not just that, base metals from copper to zinc are rising alongside crude prices because the metal smelting process is energy intensive so, clearly, costs are rising across the the board. the f in fangs is getting a cms.- or so, madison has that and more in today's fox business brief. >> reporter: hey, liz. facebook around the bottom of the nasdaq 100 after ever corp.
3:28 pm
added the social media giant to the tactical underperform list saying it sees risk, one of those? online advertising. they are expecting it to be down compared to the strong quarter from a year ago. and a rough landing for sir richard branson's virgin galactic after the space tourism company delayed its space flight test to next year. bank of america cutting its price target on the stock to $20 the a share. and supply chain issues are are hurting sales, but demand is there, so the company still expects a strong 2021, that growth is going to be there this year. and coming up in a fox business exclusive, liz talks to the ceo of gogo about elon musk's tweet which sent the shares lower yesterday, back in the green today. "the claman countdown" is coming right back. ♪
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1-800-763-2763. that's 1-800-763-2763 ♪ liz: take a look at hotel stocks. they are poised and in position after the biden administration today set november 8th as the official date restrictions will lift and the u.s. border will open for the fully vaccinated international travelers. hilton, all of these names, intercontinental group, marriott having a great session. airlines mostly up but a few downs on the news here, mixed picture. subsector of the aviation industry hit a pocket of turbulence yesterday right after elon musk of tesla and spacex tweeted, quote: yes, we are talking to airlines about installing starlink. please let them know if you want it on your airliner. elon tweeted that out at 11:13
3:34 pm
a.m., and look what happened two minutes later? shares of in-flight internet provider gogo plummet if about 5%, but today they have erased those losses. just as starlink which is this string of satellites that elon musk has launched into space that will eventually, he says, bring internet to the world, gogo is soaring higher in the private aviation market. to president oakley thorne, tell me what you were doing yesterday when suddenly you see your stock down 5% on an elon tweet? >> yeah. i mean, elon burps and we're down 5% -- [laughter] the only good news, liz, is that he was talking about commercial airlines, and we don't do that anymore, right in as you know, we sold our commercial airlines and connectivity business last year, and we've gone back to our
3:35 pm
roots. we started in the business a aviation market, and that's something we're good at. we're back to what we're good at. liz: well, let's talk about the partnerships that you are setting up, and i would imagine it's not just the private aviation companies, but the airlines that make the jets, these private jets. where does the start begin? >> well, you know, a lot of high net worth individuals during covid thought, well, maybe i'll try private aviation. they'd flown commercial before. well, there's a saying once you go to private aviation, you never go back, and that's kind of what's happened. there's been a huge surge in demand in the business aviation market. you see fractional shares going through the roof, you see new jet sales starting to really pile if up, really good for the oem. and it looks like, you know, those fliers are going to stick, and we're just seeing huge demand this year.
3:36 pm
our equipment revenue has grown 30% more than we've projected s and we're selling a lot of equipment. you sell the service revenue afterwards, and that's booming too. liz: berkshire hathaway, parent of wheels up, the latest effort in private aviation. he's incredible and bidding one after another. i do want to talk about the jetmake hers themselves whether it's lear or embrair, how have those relationships progressed for gogo? >> we have really good relationships with all nine oems. they install us on the line. it's either an option or standard piece of equipment on an aircraft. and today there are 28 models of business aircraft being manufactured, and we're, we are an option on 27 of them. liz: the runway for your company has now also lengthened because,
3:37 pm
as i understand it, you're striking partnerships with companies that are not in aviation, but have private jet fleets such as coca-cola, as i understand it. tell me how your sales pitch goes to groups like that. >> well, we have a really fragment9ed customer base -- fragmented customer base. we've got 3900 customers that represent the other 80% of our business. and corporations like coca-cola, a at&t, etc., are all customers of ours. they would have is us on think of their planes that would fly domestically. the overseas jets, they'll often add a satellite project as well. that market is just coming back now. the corporate flyers, because they really couldn't fly anywhere overseas because everything was closed down, they were really -- they've really been grounded. the other parts of the market have come back a lot stronger. but we're starting to see the
3:38 pm
corporate flying is actually up over 2019, pre-covid, levels. liz: second half of 2022 you're going to launch 5g. i hate to bring it back to elon musk -- [laughter] if he's going for the commercial commercial airlines, he's going to come for the private as well, is he not? >> well, it's a lot harder to get into our market than commercial airlines, to be honest. you know, it has to be very small, the equipment has to be very small to fit on private jets. they're much smaller than commercial airlines. and there's tremendous regular alation in our space, it's just hart to get into it. -- hard to get into it. it'll take several years if they want to get into it. frankly, elon's got much bigger markets than our market. our industry's about $500 million total today, we think it's going to grow to about a billion dollars, but that's peanuts compared to the $325
3:39 pm
billion fixed connectivity business or the $80 billion defense market or, frankly, the $7 billion commercial airlines market. so we think he's got bigger fish to fry than us, and it's hard to get into our business, so why make the investment -- liz: well, you never know with elon musk. let us show one her time what gogo shears are doing because the stock hat just slightly turned -- has just slightly turned negative but certainly not anywhere near where it was yesterday. great to have you, oak. we want to follow this story because who knows where your going to -- you're going to put them next. [laughter] helicopters? you may already be -- >> we're looking at it. liz: okay, all right. there you go. crypto verse abuzz about the possibility of bitcoin futures etf. charlie gasparino working the phones to find out if this is already a done deal. charlie breaks it next. closing bell, we're about 20
3:40 pm
minutes away. the dow is at 35 if,295 -- 35 if,295 for a gain of 383 on this friday. the bulls are still in control. ♪ ♪ flexshares etfs are built with advanced modeling. to fill portfolio gaps and target specific goals. strengthening client confidence in you. before investing consider the fund's investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses. go to for a prospectus containing this information. read it carefully. for a prospectus (sfx: video game vehicle noises, horns beeping,) (engines revving, cars hitting one another.) (sfx: continued vehicle calamity.) just think, he'll be driving for real soon. every new chevy equinox comes standard with chevy safety assist, including automatic emergency braking. find new peace of mind.
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liz: fox business alert, food and drg administration advisers today did endorse the johnson & johnson covid vaccine for use as a booster shot. it was yet another unanimous decision to approve this. the group of independent doctors and experts agreed that people who received the single dose of the j and j shot should get a second dose at least two months later. the fda will still have to vote on the recommendation, but they traditionally have typically
3:45 pm
followed exactly what this panel does. j&j shares up two-thirds of a percent on the news. bitcoin up 7% over the last 24 hours. right now it's back above $61,000, it's at 61,240 at the moment as the cryptosphere goes gaga over the possible of a exchange traded fund which could go live as soon as next week. ethereum and litecoin also moving higher. charlie gasparino's here on the story, but now he's telling me he has to wish some wall street big wig -- who are you sucking up to now? >> let me tell you something, this is a fox news alert right now. it's kenny g.'s birthday, as in ken griffin from citadel, one of the greatest financiers of all time. liz: we really want him on the show, obviously. [laughter] you disappointed some of the music if fans. >> no, this is the guy.
3:46 pm
kenny g, i think he's worth $20 billion -- he's 5 if years young. -- 53 years young. make billions and billions ask billions more. happy birthday. [laughter] all right. got that out of the way. liz: all right. let's get to -- >> and headache your billions -- make your billions off payment for order flow. [laughter] liz: okay, that needs to go on the gag reel. [laughter] pronto. can you get to the et, the that's on bitcoin futures, right? >> and people think this is going to be approved by next week. i mean, that's what we're hearing, bloomberg reporting it. it's kind of interesting, we already reported that bitcoin was ready for it, why is that? because so many people are hoarding it, and the last time they hoarded it on these levels, it tripled in value a few years ago. so the technical factors were in there for a bitcoin breakout. we called it early and, again, i
3:47 pm
think you might have been out, and i think it was lauren. i told her i don't recommend people buy stuff, i'm just saying what people are betting in the market. the bent was it's ready for a breakout. sometimes these need catalysts, this is an interesting catalyst, and i think the reason why is crypto's going come under all sorts of regulation. already people are blame gary gensler, the sec chair, of picking winners and losers, xrp being a loser, saying they violatedded securities law, essentially becoming a security that ripple issued. ripple denied that, they're going to go back and forth. they're fighting it out. but that crushed xrp. gensler, long time liked bitcoin, liked it when he was at the cftc -- liz: well, the sec just approved volt equities etf, and the volt guy was on. he's the one who, out of blue, all these other big fund companies waiting in the wings,
3:48 pm
he's the one who got it. it's going to launch in the next couple of weeks. >> but remember, anything that legitimizes bitcoin, you'll get the runup, and that's what you had here. it's legitimizing bitcoin as something that is essentially sanctioned by regulators while others aren't totally. again, some of this is technical, it's being hoarded by crazy, 85% of it still from what we understand. people are holding it, wanting it to go up in value. last time that happened it tripped in value -- tripled this value. fundamentals sometimes come into play like something like this which gives -- it's more of a fundamental play because -- liz: and we see a bitcoin winter. that's a thing. >> that too. but in the meantime, it's being legitimized, okay? and i think in a world where crypto is in disarray, and i say this a lot because it's true, the regulators are picking winners and losers, this is -- and it's horrible. i don't think they should be doing this, do you?
3:49 pm
i mean, xrp should -- what's the difference between xrp and bitcoin really? liz: there are some fine line differences. >> yeah, fine line. liz: major difference, but regardless -- >> and by the way, coinbase was talking about them yesterday. we're having all these different regulators weighing in, saying off this different stuff -- liz: they wanted to design their own regulator -- >> or design one regulator, one set of rules for crypto so you don't have competing stuff going on. liz: and by the way, my tiktok channel, @redfoxliz, focused directly on this. >> oh, really? liz: yeah. >> you're stealing my stories? [laughter] >> liz: i'm ballooning them. >> you going to talk about kenny's birthday -- liz: happy birthday, kenny. [laughter] >> show his picture. who's better looking, him or the other guy? liz: well, show their wallets, that may be a different thing. i'm going with kenny griffin in
3:50 pm
that one. >> oh, yeah, he's -- there we go. see any resemblance? liz: the apes like this, right? >> no, they hate kenny -- liz: okay. they like your tweet. >> they were saying that i'm -- i can't pronounce, i can't, like, utter the words on tv that they compared me to. we can't go there. filled with ec metives. look, adam aaron's such a nice guy, but he keeps saying he wants to get to know his investors. you've got to see these guys. he should get to know some of the guys that weigh in on my twitter feed. [laughter] liz: there's a difference between you and adam aron. >> he follows some of these guys that use that crass language, and some of those -- liz: if i were wearing pearls, i'd clutch them. >> really? okay. all right. talk to -- liz: thank you very much, charlie gasparino. i-buying is the practice of buying a home sight unseen on
3:51 pm
the internet. today's countdown closer has some disruptive fin-tech picks using that very strategy that could pad your portfolio. closing bell, 10 minutes away. we're coming right back. ♪ ♪ i've spent centuries evolving with the world. some changes made me stronger. others, weaker. that's the nature of being the economy. i've observed investors navigating the unexpected, choosing assets to balance risk and reward. and i've seen how one element has secured their portfolios, time after time. gold. an element so agile and liquid.
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3:55 pm
have j. b. hunt, wells releasing earnings yesterday, halliburton, and goldman, the star of the earnings stage today. with all the chatter about fintechs taking the big banks there are sub sectors in the group that are countdown closer says are disrupting technology even further. joining us now, chairman and cio christopher zuke. christopher, let's talk about this i-buying phenomenon which has really taken off during the pandemic where people have bought houses, sight unseen, simply off a website. these disruptive names are the ones you like zillow and open door. what about them? >> so always great to see you liz but the key is the disruptive technology. the world is expensive, everything is expensive so if you're going to invest with an eye to the future you have to find things truly disrupting in industry or a sector. when you're investing in
3:56 pm
technology so we feel like right now, you have to be investing in those to where even if they're a little bit expensive, the growth is going to far overcome that valuation concern. zillow, not so much. we're a little more concerned about that but open door is a name that we have a lot of familiarity with, we invested in the company, many years ago before they were a public company, and watch them come private via the spac transaction this is a company that has truly the ability to change the way that almost everybody buys and sells homes. liz: e-payments obviously this is a burgoning sector and as we talk about how it plans to grow and how we start to see some perhaps consolidation in the area, do you like certain names here? >> you know, again, it goes to those that are doing something different. so much of fin payments will end up being commoditized like everything else that we do. liz: exactly. >> there are some things changing things very very
3:57 pm
dramatically. you look at grab as an example. grab is known as a ridesharing company. we invest in the company a couple years ago in the private markets again, because of our belief in ridesharing when we did lyft and uber and others but we ultimately now see it more as a financial payments business than actually the ridesharing. there still is both very important parts of their business but they are making it to where in one app, in one thing on your phone you can basically do almost everything in southeast asia, via that one single app and that growth is so dynamic, that it's going to be something that changes dramatically behaviors as well as obviously valuations as we look forward to the future for the company. liz: well, the spac merger, we're going to be watching that very very closely. i have to ask, because we just talked about how tough it is right now, what with the supply chain situation and when we look at the weakness in the length of the supply chain, whether it is who knows, you know, a crisis
3:58 pm
where you've got the trucker issue, you've got a shortage, very specifically, by i-brands pointing it out, just about 40 minutes ago here on the show, of the cargo and the boxes, right? you look at those situations and you say when does this free up? >> you know, the expectations be that within the next 12-24 months, but what may happen is the demand will drop. that obviously is not the way you want to fix the supply constraint is you really want to fix the supply side, not the demand side, but ultimately, what we're probably going to see is the economy will taper off a little bit here, supply will begin to catch up but one of the things as an investor we're focused on right now is investing where that supply chain is much less relevant. a good example again is open door, where all the supply chain issues actually in some ways help it because of the fact that investors want to buy the home, homeowners want to buy their home without having to build because of all of the constraint s on supply, so it actually is a tailwind for some
3:59 pm
sectors, and that's what we're trying to focus. liz: yeah, materials. you're exactly right. that was one of the links there in that supply chain as we look at it. chris, we've got about a minute and 30 left. next week, we have a very packed earnings schedule. tesla is in there. we've got all kinds of names, netflix kicking off the fangs, do you have a name that you're looking at that might set the tone for the entire market? >> you know, i think netflix can absolutely set the tone for the stay-at-home trait, if you will, and i think that you're going to see some of the things whether it be in traditional autos, maybe tesla, others that will demonstrate more what's happening in the not stay-at-home trade. pretty much everybody should blowout numbers this quarter, people have managed expectations well, goldman's numbers showed us that this morning we're looking at an environment to where if you miss, you really really missed bad, so it's something to where i expect most to be good and the only question
4:00 pm
is will people sell the news as opposed to buy that news based on their expectations. liz: christopher please come back. >> [closing bell ringing] liz: there goes the closing bell for the session and the week, two solid days of gains for the dow, the subpoena, the nasdaq, russel slightly down right now, that'll do it for the "clayman countdown." we'll see you on monday. >> welcome to kudlow, i'm sean duffy in for the great larry kudlow. now president trump is pushing his multi trillion dollar spending plan in connecticut earlier today as america's problems continue to mount, from rising gas and food prices to supply chain bottlenecks, and yet, the president continues to promote even more spending, edward lawrence is live from the white house with the latest. edward? reporter: sean, the president could speak actually any minute


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