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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  October 11, 2021 6:00am-9:00am EDT

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was a game changer. >> do you know what else was built on the rouge plant? fifty live from the park. call me crazy, i'll take that one dagen: good morning. i'm dagan mcdowell in for maria bartiromo. inside the border crisis , maria is alive from del rio in texas this morning with a firsthand look at the biden administration and how it's again, canceled more border wall contracts. time is running out for democrats. president biden under pressure to get his multi trillion dollars spending plan past and now he's pleading for help as democrats see no
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closer to a deal. looking at markets, futures are edging a lower to start this week with the losses across the board. following a volatile week on wall street with ending the week lower after a choppy trading session friday. european markets seeing a fractional moves with gains in england and france in asia overnight and makes a story with hong kong the best performer on nearly 2%. "mornings with maria" is live right now. is. ♪♪ ♪♪ dagen: some of the top stories we are watching, central american officials sounding the alarm as tens of thousands of
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migrants and are making the track towards the u.s. border. cheryl has the details. cheryl: good morning. panama officials say more than 91,000 migrants have traveled through the darien gap so far this year, the total trip was a previous record of 30,000 in 2016 for the dangerous path is between panama and columbia and is controlled by gangs with more than half of the migrant group patients hoping to reach the u.s. officials say more than 50 people have died cutting across the path just this year. stay tuned for 8:00 a.m. as maria will join us live from the border for a firsthand look at the growing crisis. candidate professional is how the state department is describing a two-day meeting with representatives of the taliban and cutter this is the first such gatherings in the u.s. botched withdrawal from afghanistan at the end of august. at the meetings covered everything from terrorism concerns to
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safe passage for u.s. citizens and others in the country. also discussing the united states providing humanitarian assistance directly to the afghan people. southwest airlines canceling nearly 2000 flights over the weekend deciding whether an air traffic control issues with the 80-- faa contradicted the carrier saying there were not issues this weekend. southwest pilots throwing shade at a statement saying our pilots will overcome southwest airline management for planning as well as any external oppositional challenges. texas senator ted cruz tweeting: joe biden's illegal vaccine mandate at work. settling we are short on pilots and air traffic controllers. looking at southwest in the premarket, stock is down almost 2%. those are some of your headlines. dagen: thank you. futures are pointing lower this morning to start this week with the
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losses across the board and markets looking to come back from losses friday following a much weaker than expected jobs report. third-quarter earnings season kicking out this week with big banks taking center stage or earnings as major companies like j.p. morgan's chase, bank of america and goldman sachs are reporting this week and joining me research director can at leon and also joining the conversation all morning long lee carter informs media chairman former republican presidential candidate steve forbes appeared great to see you one and all. talk about the banks and the earnings this week. what are you watching for? >> great to see you, dagan. third-quarter will be the weakest quarter of the year. we were loaded up to say the economy was recovering strongly in the consumer was there, it will probably take another quarter or two before we see some of the left.
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consumers are reticent with the delta variant and that will affect credit card and other areas. as far as the capital markets, investment banking is a strong. it's interesting, this time we have the six big banks, four of them are crowded into a number two, so kind of tells me they just want to get this over with and talk optimistically for 2022. dagen: speaking of optimism or waning optimism goldman sachs cut economic growth target for 2021 and 2022 citing the decline in fiscal support through next year end a more delayed recovery for consumer spending. changing the target from 5.7% growth in 2021 and 4.4% growth in 2022 to 5.6 this year end just 4% for next year. your reaction to that, kenneth? >> i think the conversation is a shifting to if it is a
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slightly slower economy, it's inflation and could we see instances across all the companies reporting in the market rising oil prices, supply disruption and more robust inflation especially if the doubt will eat away at margins and that will be the forward look really for the third quarter results, you know can we get the strong year-over-year and continued growth. s&p 500 earnings are expected to be up 24% work q3, it was 88% inc. youth to. we will probably see concerns with inflation and what that means for the economy. dagen: speaking of inflation, steve forbes, oil prices jumping again due to this global energy crunch. you take a look at the cost of crude oil and it's about $81 a barrel. steve, jumped in. i like how goldman sachs is talking about we are not going to get more
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fiscal support. if you are worried about inflation, you should pray and hope those liberals in washington don't spend trillions of dollars more of our money or borrowed money. >> that's right and on the energy front a lot of that is self-inflicted as we knelt. production in the u.s. isn't what it should be. that's because the federal government is waging war on oil and natural gas. i'm wondering kenneth, in terms of inflation the federal reserve has $1.4 trillion of it reverse reposed taking money out of the banking system that they put in with their big bond buying. when will that damn break flex i would like 2006 where everyone is dancing until you can't anymore? how long can this continue, this massive money printing and banks trying to keep a lid on inflation in 2022-23, not just from covid, but from massive money printing? >> we have seen bond rates the 10 year
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treasury up significantly in the last week or two. that fed the behind the in tapering well of $120 billion of treasury and mortgage-backed security, has to be the first to tell when the water. it just can't be a slow drip. it's really with rising inflation, how long can you say it's transitory? it's mind-boggling that there isn't stronger action, maybe we see it in the november meeting. dagen: before we go, i have lived long enough and worked long enough and financial journalism to be very bothered by the story in the "wall street journal" of how home prices have forged so much that appraisals, that appraisers when people go to get a loan to buy appraisal coming in well below what the buyer has agreed to pay for these prices and these deals are falling through because of that. it's nice to see that
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maybe some people learn the lessons from the housing boom and bust leading up to the 2008 financial crisis, but again that speaks to how prices whether it's homes, whether it's oil, gasoline, basic food and goods to how they have really gotten away from us. >> steve knows, we remember the era of the 1970s and that was harsh until president reagan came. you know, rising crisis and affordability and both for living and for really everyday living, you know that will be top of mind probably for some time now. it doesn't seem that the biden administration is really putting us front and center. dagen: steve, went to give you the final word on that because they are not. is the number one issue in the latest fox news poll is inflation and everything this administration is doing,
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everything these democrats are doing in washington will make the situation that much worse. >> yeah, this massive spending bill not only is inflationary, but will ultimately wreck america as we know it, wreck the economy in the biden administration has given a hint about how they will react. they are going to scapegoat. they went after meatpackers a few weeks ago and started making rumblings about the federal reserve. they will blame merchants, big corporations and it's going to be making the situation politically more ugly as we look for scapegoats for their disastrous policies. dagen: we are already hearing it, i will never forget a few weeks ago jen psaki said it would be unfair and observe it companies raised prices in response to tax increases. that's kind of the way it works. can leon, thank you so much. great to see you. >> thank you. dagen: we are just getting started in coming up president biden begging for his party to come together. what happens next with
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this economic agenda on the brink of collapse and maria is live at the del rio bridge as thousands of haitian migrants make their way towards the us-mexico border appeared plus, getting your holiday gifts on time could mean bigger price tags and how companies began small are handling the supply chain crisis. you don't want to miss a moment of it. you are watching "mornings with maria" live on foxbusiness. it's another day. and anything could happen. it could be the day you welcome 1,200 guests and all their devices. or it could be the day there's a cyberthreat. only comcast business' secure network solutions give you the power of sd-wan and advanced security integrated on our activecore platform so you can control your network from anywhere, anytime. it's network management redefined.
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can your internet do that? dagen: president biden pleading for his party to come together to pass trillions of dollars in new spending as the democratic national committee saw meeting over the weekend. take a look. >> we need to stay together and bound by the values we hold as a party. we won in 2020 as a
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unified party and we are looking to 2022 as we do that we need to stay unified. dagen: democrats remain divided as ever. senator kiersten cinema holding out over the three and half trillion dollar price tag and she has been harassed for her stance and will likely be targeted again today while running the boston marathon. this is a new poll by cbs news shows only 10% of americans actually know what is in biden's plan. joining me now washington examiner commentary writer. what do you make of this division in the party? is a good for america? >> a good morning. i just do not think it's great for america especially considering when you dig into the polling, it shows more americans are familiar with the price tag then the context. they try to build it you know-writ $3.5 trillion spending package as
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shimming and the structure. no one knows what that means, i mean, we cover this for a living and we barely know what that means because it doesn't actually mean anything, and there's just no political pressure as a result for people to pass it. it's why senator sinema isn't being targeted targeted by regular arizona hands are like actual grassroots democrats, she's being targeted by code pink and professional activists on her public university campus. dagen: lee carter on that note in terms of when you heard these activists accosting kiersten cinema in the bathroom and it sounded like they were reading from some flipbook about a problem with your mattress and they are like reading and answers that don't match the question. that's what it sounded like. lee carter, you do this for living. you craft messages, things that will connect
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and resonate with the public at large. does human infrastructure mean blue to people? >> now-- no it means nothing. i think it was an interesting play on trying to anger-- anchor ourselves on infrastructure which is popular. people like infrastructure and both sides of the aisle people think it will be good for the economy, but a lot of people see what human infrastructure is as they either don't know what it means or they see it as political language trying to get one passed us and i think it's not popular in the long run. when you look at this cbs poll you are talking about, only 10% of americans now what is in it. 31% of americans feel like it will have no impact on them. only 41% of americans feel like it's going to help the economy and less-- just about a third think it's focusing on issues that americans care about, i mean, this is really not
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good to the biden administration polling is dropping so quickly especially among independents. so, you asked earlier if the division among the democratic party is good for america and in some ways it might be good because it's saying we will slow down on getting this policy through. a lot of people aren't sure what is in it. a lot of people don't think there's anything in it for them and are questioning the long term if it will help at all. dagen: that's what i was getting at if there are divisions in the democratic party prevent this new welfare package from going through ultimately, would that be good for the economy. they can handle that much more spending given inflation spiking in wages not even keeping up with inflation. >> this is something i think schumer and biden both forget. senator sam a is taking nike to preserve-- taking the blue wave
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seats that were contingent on a growing economy, contingent on not adopting extremism of modern monetary theory. senator sinema and senator mansion are just doing this out of their own good will come are doing it because of a governing coalition in hopes of 2022. you have to preserve the value of the u.s. dollar, the value of your paycheck and limiting or at least in part constricting how high your bills are getting. dagen: before we go, the department of homeland security is canceling border wall contracts in texas as migrants continue to flood into the united states. nearly 100 u.s. bound haitian migrants were found in a shipping container over the weekend in guatemala and officials in panama are warning 60,000 new migrants are heading towards our border on top of the 91,000 that have already passed through the darien gap
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this year end that's that treacherous area in central america. just your reaction to biden's lack of handling of this crisis? >> we already know for the first time in over 20 years we are crossing over 200,000 migrants crossing the border each month and jen psaki and biden liked to joke the border is not open, but i'm not sure how well she described the border when you remove every single snm for the country-- countries along the way from our southern border to suppress caravans in human trafficking from coming up to us, so, i mean, they want to have this back on them because apparently we have a worker shortage and we would rather have cheap illegal labor than employing regular americans. dagen: thank you for being here. have a terrific week if we don't see you before the end of it stay tuned for the 8:00 a.m. hour as maria will join us
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live from the border for a firsthand look at the growing crisis and coming up trouble for travelers at southwest airlines canceled nearly 2000 flights over the weekend. some say that company vaccine mandate is to blame. we get into it next, pleasure chance to look like a character straight out of the hot new fashion styles that you got to see. that's making a buzz this morning. we will tell you all about it. this isn't just freight. these aren't just shipments. they're promises. promises of all shapes and sizes. each with a time and a place they've been promised to be. a promise is everything to old dominion, because it means everything to you.
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lavender baths always calmed him. so we turned bath time into a business. and building it with my son has been my dream job. at northwestern mutual, our version of financial planning helps you live your dreams today. find a northwestern mutual advisor at dagen: southwest airlines canceling nearly 2000 flights over the weekend deciding whether an air traffic control issues, but the faa contradicted the carrier saying there weren't air traffic issues this weekend. friday yes, but not over the weekend. senator ted cruz is blaming the company's vaccine mandate. steve, what you make of this? again, we have seen problems like this with america, but actually i guess labor supply might be a player as well.
6:25 am
>> certainly. i think there are shortages in terms of labor everywhere. what surprised about southwest is that previous in the covid crisis it had a reputation as being a superb managed airline, but it it seems to have one crisis after another now so i think it's partly labor shortage and management and yes, problems with the faa, but i don't think it would account for saturday and sunday. dagen: lee, what you make of this? >> well, i think this crisis has gone wrong and i think the fact they blame this on air traffic control and the real issue no other airline had the same issue. makes you mistrust southwest airlines. we say anything that is less ambiguous will be interpreted negatively so now that we look at this we say what's going on there and it really allows anyone to make the narrative whatever they wanted to be. it could be mismanagement, that
6:26 am
people will say it's about the vaccine and others will say that the labor shortage and at the end of the day southwest airlines owes it to its customers and shareholders to say what's going on here really because if you don't trust and airline, you will have issues in the long-term. dagen: those aren't two words you often hear uttered in the same sentence, trust and airline. is like we got nothing to lose if you aren't airline people will hate you anyway. steve, before we go, i love twitter for this reason because it allows us all to connect with people who watch what we do and adjust people who are out there working for a living. one of the viewers named janet made the point, she said, why would we pass infrastructure, you know more than 1 trillion-dollar infrastructure plan if we lack labor and materials? what you think that money will go? it will just be thrown into the wind and that is an incredible point
6:27 am
that you don't-- you have so many bottlenecks and problems in the supply chain and with labor, the availability of labor you know that spending more money exacerbates the problems >> well, by authorizing the money is one thing, but as you know in the bill they have a lot of obstacles remaining in terms of approvals. they have an expedited approval of these processes so yes, eventually the supply problems will be taken care of and highways sometimes take months and years to get done and bridges, but they haven't gotten the underlying causes, which is crazy labor laws and crazy approval from extreme environmentalists and everyone else because as you know a bridge that could take two years now takes 10 years in this country and that's self-inflicted, so she has a point. get rid of the obstacles and then the money can flow and by the way, only about one third of
6:28 am
the money is actual infrastructure. dagen: exactly in terms of roads, bridges and airports. it's an even smaller amount. >> yeah, 1.2 trillion only in 110 billion, the amazing these numbers come about 10% is actually for highways and bridges. dagen: i don't think you can see me, but i just rolled my eyes and shook my head at the same time. [laughter] coming up merck make it official filing for emergency use authorization for the covid at 19 treatment tilt. timeline later this hour plus one problem james bond can't seem to shake how the franchise latest film has taking a hit from lingering colored concerns. ♪ ♪
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thanks for coming. now when it comes to a financial plan this broker is your man. let's open your binders to page 188... uh carl, are there different planning options in here? options? plans we can build on our own, or with help from a financial consultant? like schwab does. uhhh... could we adjust our plan... ...yeah, like if we buy a new house? mmmm... and our son just started working. oh! do you offer a complimentary retirement plan for him? as in free? just like schwab. schwab! look forward to planning with schwab. cheryl: some stuff top stories we are following, chaos in minnesota as gunshots rang out leaving one woman dead and 14 others hurt.
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it happened after midnight sunday morning at a crowded bar near downtown st. paul. witnesses describing the hellish scene. >> just people running through the streets and people were bringing people up to the cops saying help me. >> the guy right next to me got shot in the leg. i was like-- cheryl: police say three men are in custody. unclear what charges they will face or possible motive. a navy nuclear engineer and his wife arrested on charges of trying to sell secrets about u.s. nuclear submarines to a foreign government. justice department says jonathan toby dropped out memory cards and secret information for nearly a year end in one incident allegedly wrapped in plastic and put it in a peanut butter sandwich while his wife appeared to act as a lookout, but their contact turned out to be an undercover fbi agent,
6:33 am
not a foreign government. the couple is facing espionage charges. hasbro announcing ceo brian goldner is taking a medical leave of absence effective immediately. he disclosed last august he was undergoing medical treatment for cancer and he had been getting treatment since 2014. he has been the ceo of hasbro sense of 2008. no time to die taking the top spot at the box office with the latest installment in the james bond franchise bringing in over the weekend lower-than-expected. analysts are blame enough slow start on the covid pandemic and say the older audience that the movie attracts is more hesitant to see it in theaters. yes, james bond, older people, guilty. dagen: what do you mean older cracks. cheryl: that's what they said.
6:34 am
dagen: i have seen daniel craig onstage in new york city and he looks like old cheese. thank you. moving on to the u.s., wrapping a two day meeting with the taliban late last night. it marks the first face-to-face interaction since the botched u.s. withdraw from afghanistan and the taliban takeover. state department spokesman ned price called the disc question quote candid and professional reiterating that taliban would be judged on its actions, not only its words. the taliban said the u.s. agreed to provide military and aid to afghanistan's and joining out michigan congressman peter meyer. congressman, you flew to kabul during the u.s. withdraw. what you make of these latest developments and talks? >> it's expected i mean but it also shows the very week hand the u.s. has right now to the
6:35 am
taliban has been surrounded and supported by their traditional allies such as the pakistani government, but we have yet to see any significant impression the u.s. has influence of the ash over this group and we need to maintain something here. you have seen the rise of isis k and continuing attacks and it's a situation that could spiral out. dagen: despite what joe biden is said to the american people, excuse me, when he lied to the american people that i-- al qaeda was gone and we also know al qaeda closely aligned with the taliban and it still operating. of course, steve, the security head is the head of the hook on a network which has a relationship with al qaeda, so why does the future look like in terms of us trying to fight terrorism in that region or prevent its growth? >> as we saw with the strike on august 30, that was meant to be in retribution for the attack that killed 13
6:36 am
u.s. service members, killed seven children. this idea of an over rising capability we have maintained has actually shown its weaknesses and right now that's all we have, we are desperately concerned that al qaeda could continue to reconstitute and other groups could find a safe haven and frankly that initiative and the goal 20 years ago which may temporarily was achieved, but now it's back sliding rapidly. dagen: that's the reason the general told president biden keep some troops on the ground, 2500, keep a listening post in the country because without eyes and ears on the ground, there isn't really no such thing as over the horizon capacity flying drones from the persian gulf taking hours just to do a few hours of reconnaissance work over the country. congressman, how many
6:37 am
people are left in afghanistan cracks? again, how many weeks, there were hundred americans left, 100 americans left that we kept hearing from the biden administration. >> the number 100, 100 and 20 and now 80 was constantly shifted and i think we have over 100 american citizens still left, probably family members in the next, estimated to be thousands of green card holders who are there in addition to 10 or 20,000 local allies that weren't able to get through the crowd to kabul airport with a large number of folks still there at the taliban could take hostage if they came to that and right now, we have seen no plans of the administration to get those folks out. dagen: steve forbes, jump in. >> congressman, clearly
6:38 am
it's another part of the world, taiwan, what should we do to deter xi jinping from making a move on taiwan? what should we be doing now especially in the debacle of afghanistan cracks our credibility is not very good anymore. >> our credibility as a shot so by the biden administration has responded with a series of strongly worded letters that are affirming our testament to prior agreements over taiwan struck with china in the 1970s. right now, again, we need a show of resolve or else we will get run over. i'm reminded of the redline and serious that president obama had and that obama administration what they did when not russians entered into eastern ukraine and ceased crimea. authoritarian countries like china and russia will continue to roll over us until we show we are an actual superpower and stand up and assert
6:39 am
power. >> does that mean hastening arms sales to taiwan, what specifically should we do now that will show we can go beyond mere words >> i think we clearly need to make sure there are political and diplomatic ramifications for those incursions because again strongly worded letters won't do it. i'm open to other ways of accelerating. taiwan is not my expertise having spent three years in iraq and afghanistan, but whether it's sending troops into the region, continuing freedom of navigation operation throughout the south pacific and just asserting again the fact that those incursions aren't just going to be responded to by a letter that's highly insufficient. dagen: congressman, to your point, weakness begets weakness and xi jinping and china can surely see how we are kowtowing to the taliban and how we have
6:40 am
botched that withdraw, not even protecting americans and our allies and our friends and having our closest allies turn their backs on us, so they surely see that the end of the strongest voice on china seems to be john kerry who is more concerned with pleading with china about climate change rather than standing up for the weaker genocide, standing up for uighurs speaking out on the genocide and the other atrocities committed by china like life is full of tough choices when john kerry was asked about it. what are your constituents seeing in terms of inflation and the growing threat for americans? we see worker shortages that are particularly small businesses, supply shortages, the jobs report was a disappointment, what are you hearing from your constituents as they face this tough road ahead? >> they are obviously seeing an increase in
6:41 am
prices whether it's gas or other commodities, specifically building products is something that's been a challenge for a long time, but the labor shortage comes up over and over again. if you are a small business owner it's incredible difficult time. if you are trying to manage a way to the pandemic, you are getting hit with a fundamental challenge of finding workers and this is one of the ironies with president biden's proposal coming in at the infrastructure project, great we have shovel ready projects, but we don't have people to put hands on the shambles that nothing will get built. it comes down to labor and that's before we get to the issues of the supply chain, shipping containers and backlog at the ports on the west coast with also the truck driver shortage. we have seen how fragile this is. dagen: congressman peter mayer, thank you for being here this morning appeared. >> thank you. dagen: coming up, how smoking marijuana could increase the risk of breakthrough covid
6:42 am
infections, a new strut-- a steady straight ahead and don't forget to tune into foxbusiness prime time tonight, how america works with the micro starts at 8:00 p.m. eastern but followed by american belt with stuart varney at 9:00 p.m. you are watching "mornings with maria" live on foxbusiness we are not getting you a helicopter. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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dagen: has smoking marijuana could increase the risk of contracting covid even if you are vaccinated. one doctor's reaction to a new study next. we are back in two minutes. y you welcome 1,200 guests and all their devices. or it could be the day there's a cyberthreat. only comcast business' secure network solutions give you the power of sd-wan and advanced security integrated on our activecore platform so you can control your network from anywhere, anytime. it's network management redefined. every day in business is a big day. we'll keep you ready for what's next. comcast business powering possibilities.
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dagen: breaking this morning, merck applying for emergency use authorization in the united states for its oral drug to treat covid 19. at the drug could cut the chance of hospitalization or death from covid in half. infectious disease expert john hopkins center for health security stylist joins me now. doctor, what you make at this news merck? >> it's really good news. it's an oral antiviral that could change the game when it comes to how we deal with covid 19 because if you can have up for a bill preventing you from dying or needing to be hospitalized, it makes it a more manageable respiratory virus, so i'm eager to see the rest of the data, but everything looks promising and i think this is just the beginning of antivirals that will be available to treat this and it is just part of the return to normalcy, making it
6:47 am
something we can deal with and handle. dagen: do you take this drug after you have confirmation of a positive covid case like once you are diagnosed with covid that's when you take it? >> right. someone would get a diagnostic test and be prescribed this medication and it's a five day course, twice a day, similar to what we do with tamiflu for influenza, but it's kind of this paradigm that we have options coming down the line it to treat this infection. dagen: could potentially replace having antibody infusions? i got an antibody infusion like less than 24 hours after i had a confirmed positive case of covid, but it was difficult to get because it's an actual infusion and takes start to finish a few hours. >> exactly. it might be something that is the preferred way to treat covid 19 as
6:48 am
an outpatient. monoclonal antibodies may still have a role and maybe do both give it the bill and that monoclonal antibodies for people at high risk, but we will have to see what the use cases when we see the data and we want to see data combining it and comparing it with the monoclonal antibodies. dagen: dr. fauci, speaking of you mentioned normalcy in giving the green light for trick-or-treating. listen to this. >> i think that particularly if you are vaccinated, but you can get out there, you are outdoors for the most part at least when my children were doing trick-or-treating and enjoy it, so it's a good time to reflect on why it's important to get vaccinated, but go out there and enjoy halloween as well as the other holidays that will be coming up. dagen: doctor, it's not like 15 -year-olds trick-or-treating. if you are a 16-year old wearing a costume trick-or-treating, that's a little weird at. we are talking about small kids and small
6:49 am
kids are vaccinated at this point, so just your thoughts on that and again, you are outside, get some candy. i don't even think it should be an issue, my personal opinion, but what you say? >> i agree with you and i agree with dr. fauci that it's a low risk activity even for the unvaccinated as we know transmission is unlikely and outdoor settings and we know children have to be spared from severe consequences of disease so for those people that are at risk adverse halloween is an activity that people can partake in as it's a nonpatent to make ear. dagen: we used to wear those horrible plastic mask with the elastic strap and i know they have a hole in the mouth, but it's better than nothing. i want your reaction, there's a new study that's reporting evidence of a link between marijuana use and breakthrough covid cases. your thoughts on this, can you explain it?
6:50 am
>> what the study did is look at associations between substance abuse, not just recreational using drugs, but having a dependency and then kind of correlating that with whether breakthrough infections were common or not and what you found in the study or what they found in the study was that people who met criteria for marijuana use disorder, not just someone who occasionally smoke marijuana, but someone who is a habitual user had a higher risk of covid 19 through-- breakthrough infections so it still correlates, not causation so they have to do more follow-up studies to understand, is that the behavior of the people who have marijuana dependency that put them at risk for covid 19 and maybe they do something else that puts them at risk and they are around other people a lot or something inside the marijuana, is there a chemical that interferes with your immune system, interferes with their ability to prevent a virus from getting
6:51 am
infection, so it's something early on to kind of start hypothesis and develop new studies, but if you have a substance abuse disorder it means you are at higher risk for covid 19 and marijuana seems to be one of the substances when people use it to a high degree or-- degree that could put them at risk for break your infraction is. dagen: thank you for being here this morning. always a pleasure. coming up, chance to look like a character straight out of the squid games, the hot new fashion styles you have to see and how you can get your hands on it making a buzz this morning, next. today, you have to deal with a lot of moving parts. you want everything to be on autopilot. and to be prepared if anything changes. with ibm, you can do both.
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dagen: time for the morning buzz. the world's largest retailer in the world's
6:55 am
largest streaming service teaming up for an online store the netflix hub launch at with merchandise including "squid game" t-shirts and "stranger things" blue tooth cassette player, part of netflix broader strategy developing new revenue stream and there is also, lee carter, a cocoa melon product section. did i say that right, cocoa melon? >> you said it right and if you have a child under the age of eight-- under age of three you have probably heard of this on repeat in the videos. it's amazing how kids get on the phone so early and find this content, but they don't expect the e-commerce to give him a whole lot of revenue stream, but i argue if you are a parent of a young child trying to get them off screen time and into reading books or playing
6:56 am
with dolls, these could be really smart especially the children's content like cocoa melon and others so i think it will be pretty popular out there and pretty good for some of these shows like "squid game" and others to have the awareness generating that people will identify with. dagen: you saw the sweaters like noel fielding wears on the great british bake-off and i would be in for that, like the glasses-- i digress, but you can tell what i have been doing all weekend. steve, a wallet missing from the early 1970s was finally returned to the owner. police officers found several items that expired-- a driver's license also that expired in 1974 and they tracked the owner down who is excited to finally get it back. steve, we used it to make these wallets at like camp where he would so the edges. what do you think? >> i hope the police you might say can cash in on
6:57 am
the goodwill of returning the wallet, but i also hope it doesn't mean we will have a return to the 1970s, which we might have looking today with inflation, crisis, tribal economy, incompetent governments, so i hope it's just a wallet that is returned. dagen: although, the wallet, to me, says two words, leonard skynyrd. i see that wallet and that's all i think about, still ahead rising energy prices with energy-- earnings seasons and the word on wall street next . . .
6:58 am
6:59 am
i looked on ancestry and just started digging and found some really cool stuff... it was just a lot of fun. just to talk to my parents about it and to send it to my grandparents and be like, hey this person we're all related to look at this crazy stuff they did in arizona 100 years ago. it actually gives you a picture of their life, so you get to feel like you're walking the same path they did. ♪ ♪
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7:01 am
canceling nearly 2,000 flights, the fallout as one senator blames vaccine mandates. taking a look at markets, futures are edging lower to start this new week. triple digit loss on the dow futures, the big mover to the plus side, oil. we're looking at the inflation picture as crude tops $81 a barrel. this following a volatile week on wall street last week, all three major market gauges lower friday but up overall for the week after choppy trading sessions but gains across the board last week. european markets seeing fractional moves, the ftse 100 in england to the plus side. asia overnight, a mixed story. hong kong gaining nearly 2%. the kospi in south korea closed for a holiday. "mornings with maria" live right now. some of the top stories we're watching this morning, president biden calling for party unity as the clock ticks down on his spending agenda. cheryl casone has more.
7:02 am
cheryl. cheryl: he needs it, dagen. good morning. over the weekend president biden bleed pleading for his -- pleading for his party to come together. >> we need to stay together and bound by the values that we hold as a party. here's the deal. we won 2020 as a unified party. and we look to 2022 as we do that we need to stay unified. cheryl: well, democrats remain divided on the size and scope of the spending agenda. moderate senator kyrsten sinema, an outspoken critic of the president's $3.5 trillion price has been harassed by liberal activists and will likely be targeted again today while she is running the boston marathon. all of this as a new poll out by cbs news shows 10% of americans actually know what is in the president's plan. well, panama officials say more than 91,000 migrants have
7:03 am
traveled through the dari of on gap so far this year. that total triples the previous record of 30,000 back in 2016. the dangerous path is between panama and colombia. it is controlled by gangs. more than half of the migrant group are haitians hoping to reach the u.s. officials say more than 50 people have died cutting across the path this year. stay tuned for the 8:00 a.m. hour. maria will join us live from the border for a firsthand look at the growing crisis. well, candid and professional, that's how the state department is describing a two day meeting with senior representatives of the taliban, the first gathering since the united states botched withdrawal from afghanistan at the end of august. the meeting covered everything from terrorism concerns to the safe passage for u.s. citizens and others in the country. the two sides discussed the united states providing humanitarian assistance directly to the afghan people, dagen. those are some of your headlines from here. back to you. dagen: thank you so much, cheryl. we'll see you at the bottom of
7:04 am
the hour. time for the word on wall street. top investors watching your money. joining me now payne capital management president, ryan payne, greg swanson and michael lee strategy founder, michael lee. greg, let's kick things off with you. oil extending gains as the global energy crunch shows no signs of slowing. energy prices rising, sitting seven year highs, gas at the pump up about a buck a gallon from last year and heating oil is up 68% on the year ahead of the winter. greg, will this continue to worsen? >> i think so, dagen, because there's really no supply solutions that i can see in the near term. maybe in the long term. but this isn't something that's going to go away. yes, there will be volatility because it's being driven by -- somewhat by demand coming out of china and latin america, for example but it's really a supply issue, a supply side issue and, frankly, it's
7:05 am
going to create some headwinds for the u.s. economy. it's a tax on consumers, that's for sure. but it's really a crisis level issue here in europe, dagen. the u.k. is paying -- in the u.s. we're paying $6 per million btus, in europe it's $40. so this is really at crisis levels. we've seen business failures already here in the u.k. and you're seeing real logistical challenges with delivering lng throughout the continent. it's a headwind for the u.s. but it's a downright crisis here in the u.k. dagen: as the wall street journal editorial page writes today, i know this is the word on wall street, but they point out that vladimir putin is exploiting europe's dependence on russian natural gas. so using it to his advantage as a power grab. >> yeah, absolutely. look, we achieved -- in the u.s., we achieved energy independence a couple years ago and unfortunately the administration is trying to regulate that industry to death
7:06 am
but they don't have that option here in europe in terms of production. they can produce natural gas here in the u.k. it's unfortunately the so-called conservative government here banned fracking in 2019 but, yeah, it's a strategic issue because you're seeing putin pull the strings right now in operating the lever on supply and so it's a real challenge. this means the u.s. has given up some of their strategic advantage in terms of being able to supply lng to europe. so, look, i think these are self-inflicted wounds. it's unfortunate but you're going to see it now in stagflation or at the very least high inflation and anemic gdp growth. dagen: mike, let's talk about earnings season, all eyes will be on the big banks as they kick off third quarter earnings season later this week. what are you expecting here, michael? >> you know, i expect muted earnings from banks. i think this wasn't a particularly good trading quarter. the yield curve really steepening has only happened the
7:07 am
last few weeks since powell spoke and i'll just be clear. i think the shape of the yield curve, so when the difference between short-term and long-term interest rates get bigger, that's what's driving bank stocks for right now. we have seen a ton of m&a activity. loan growth is somewhat muted. although we're in a bit of a housing boom, there's a lack of inventory. so a lot of mortgage re-fies but loan growth has been really slow, like around 1%. and you're not going to have that good of a trading quarter. so that being said, these banks are still producing a ton of cash. so i would expect to hear about increased buyback, increased dividends. what's going to drive these stocks is the yield curve, but all in all i think this is going to be a pretty spectacular earnings season, they're calling for 27 and-a-half percent right now. i think we come in over 30%. this will be the fourth or fifth straight quarter of over 30% earnings growth and as the year has gone on, the pe multiple for
7:08 am
the s&p 500 has gone from a 23 down to a 20 even though the market's up 16 or 17% year-to-date. dagen: ryan, let's talk about growth, economic growth, goldman sachs cutting the u.s. economic growth targets for '21 and '22. the firm changing its targets, you can look on the screen, 5.7% and 4.4% this year, next year, respectively to 5.6 and 4%. your take on this? >> i like it. i like it because it's not front loaded growth. i think that's what goldman's saying here. we've had a lot of delays here. the delta variant definitely slowed down the economy here a little bit. supply chains we know, an absolute mess right now. we're not going to see semiconductor inventory come back to normal until like next year, first half of next year. we know the world runs on semiconductors. if we didn't know it before the shortages, we all know it now. so i think what this speaks to, dagen, is we have a very, very
7:09 am
sustainable economic expansion going on right now and i think this is important because if you look at investor sentiment right now, it's extremely negative and there's been a lot of negative headlines, all fairness. i think that's a dangerous place to be. when sentiment is that negative and you're sitting on cash and mike just said it, we're going to have awesome profits this quarter, you've got to get invested here because when you're starting to see optimism at the low levels here, that's probably indicative of the fact that markets are going to go higher. the other thing i mentioned this and you mentioned lynyrdskynrd on the show, when you look at the cash that's being spent on the economy over the next couple years, that's a lot of rock he'll fuel to keep the -- rocket fuel to keep the economy chugging for a long time. it's not front loaded, not a sugar high. you have to be invoted long-term. you don't want to be sitting on
7:10 am
cash right now. the inflationary pressures will continue. dagen: the 4 trillion you're talking about, is that the excess savings that you're talking about or are you talking about potentially government spending? >> no, that's in the system, never mind additional money. that's a lot of money that consumers can spend or it's going to get into the stock market. that's the other reason we're not seeing a dip, money has to go somewhere. you can't sit on cash, earning nothing. forget the 10, 15% correction. not going to happen. dagen: good to see you all, ryan payne, greg swinson, michael lee. coming up, president biden's massive spending plans on the brink of collapse. what happens next as the president looks to get democrats in line. and biden's border crisis, tens of thousands of migrants making their way through central america, maria is live from the del-rio bridge in texas for a closer look.
7:11 am
getting your holiday gifts on time could mean bigger price tags. how companies big and small are feeling the impact of this supply chain crisis. and joining the conversation all morning long, lee carter and steve forbes. you're watching "mornings with maria" live on fox business. ♪
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dagen: the department of homeland security canceling border wall contracts in texas as haitian migrants make their way toward the u.s. nearly 100 migrants were found in a shipping container over the weekend in guatemala.
7:15 am
joining us now, texas congressman, tony gonzales. congressman, del-rio is in part of your district. tell us what you're seeing at the border and just what you make of these border wall contracts being canceled at this time, when it is a full-blown crisis at our border. >> yeah, as most people have today -- have columbus day off, life on the border is hell for us. you know, in del-rio, i was there last week with a couple members of congress, this was after kind of the peak of what we saw, the 15,000 plus under the bridge and nothing really has changed. border patrol sector chiefs are telling me over 850 migrants are being caught every day. they're also telling me that under that bridge there is remnants of yellow fever, tuberculosis, covid. they're taking samples of the soil there under the bridge. it's pure chaos.
7:16 am
now, 90 miles from there is a little town called sonora. a couple days ago there was a high speed chase. this isn't anything new. sadly, things along the border are getting worse and joe biden is canceling the wall, he's canceling contracts. this administration is doing nothing to help secure this border. dagen: i can't help but think about all the fentanyl that is coming across the border, 90% of the fentanyl that is trafficked into the united states comes from china, but across our border and tens of thousands of people are dying every year from overdoses. greg gutfeld calls them fentanyl poisonings. this is part of the reason that we need a secure border and the biden and company are turning their backs on suffering families, quite frankly. >> no, that's exactly right. you know, the drugs are continuing to pour in and there's a national security threat as well. about a week and-a-half ago, i
7:17 am
met with a foreign minister of panama in my office in d.c. and what she told me was panama apprehended 52 members associated with terrorist organizations this year alone. what does that mean? that means there is a threat on our southern border, drugs, terrorism, not to mention the violence that the cartels offer. meanwhile, it also impacts us financially. our communities along the border rely on that commerce and trade between mexico, the chaos that joe biden has caused is impacting everybody. dagen: steve forbes, jump in. steve: congressman, talking about what's happening at the border, it seems that they're releasing these people all over the country. do you have any information on that? and also, are they really making any attempt about -- you mentioned diseases like covid-19, to do any -- screen any of these people on a system attic basis? >> they're absolutely releasing
7:18 am
people into the country and this is nothing new. the dhs in particular, this has been their strategy kind of from day one. what is kind of new is the fact that they even deported anyone during the crisis we saw a couple weeks ago in del-rio, a little over 2,000 haitians were deported. that's the first time they've done anything like that. as far as covid, i've been through all parts of this -- the border, right, unaccompanied minor facilities, family facilities, detention facilities, you name it. historically throughout there, about 20% of migrants have covid. so when you're talking about 15,000 plus under a bridge, i mean, this is really serious and now you're releasing them into the country without any documentation. i mean, just pure chaos. meanwhile, the biden administration has a goal to try to enforce vaccine mandates to border patrol agents. it's just the absolute wrong
7:19 am
approach at all. we need to be supporting our law enforcement, not enforcing these mandates on them. dagen: this is just evidence that buy done and company are not -- biden and company are not serious about battling the covid crisis. if you're not battling it at the border, then what are you doing? so i want to get your reaction, congressman, to this. vice president kamala harris she was appointed in march by the president to manage the country's response to the border crisis. she's the border czar, if you will. but she skipped out on friday's border security meeting with officials from mexico and instead harris went to new jersey and visited a day-care and vaccination center, she also had time to make this video. >> think about so much that's out there that we still have to learn. like i love that. i love that. and so i'm very excited about space council. we're going to learn so much as we increasingly i think are curious and interested in the potential for the discoveries
7:20 am
and the work we can do in space. so, that's one of the things i'm most excited about. but the other, you guys are going to see -- you're going to literally see the craters on the moon with your own eyes. >> oh, my goodness. >> with your own eyes. i'm telling you. it is going to be unbelievable. dagen: congressman, was that time well spent, given the crisis at the border? >> i mean, this administration is so out of touch. they abandoned americans in afghanistan, before they abandoned americans in afghanistan, they abandoned americans along the southern border. look, president biden yet to make a trip to the border, ever. kamala harris made one stop in months ago. this administration is not serious at all about it. you know, if they were truly serious -- i understand them not wanting to build a wall, i understand they're anti-law enforcement policies, not want to add new agents on the border
7:21 am
but there's other options. they could be adding technology. they could be doing other things to secure our border. bottom line is this administration has done nothing but cause more chaos through its policy decisions and, sadly, as bad as things are now, things are only going to get worse if this administration continues to sit on the sidelines and abandon americans. dagen: gasoline prices at a seven-year high and anybody who drives a car, an automobile with an internal combustion engine knows that pain. congressman tony gonzales, great to see you, sir. please come back very soon. >> thank you. dagen: stay tuned, next hour maria live from the border with a firsthand look at the growing crisis. coming up, bracing for a cold and costly winter, how the biden administration's policies could have you paying more to stay warm. plus man's best friend may be smarter than we even think. what a new study says about your dog's ability to understand words, it's making a buzz this
7:22 am
morning. we'll tell you all about it, coming up.
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7:25 am
dagen: it's gearing up to be a cold and costly winter. homeowners are bracing for rising heating bills as the temperatures drop. jeff flock is in pennsylvania with the story. hey, jeff flock. >> reporter: out in appalachia, i think you would like it out here if you were here, dagen. nat gas drilling rig, maybe you see it back there behind me, that's what nat gas rig looks like here in appalachia. we're at the marcellus shale, if you go down a few hundred feet you get a rich source of natural gas. and of course, that's what most of america uses to heat its home. the problem is the price. take a look at the numbers on this. in the last year alone, up again today in terms of futures, nat gas prices up 119% in the last year and the problem is not production. they are cranking here in
7:26 am
appalachia. take a look at the numbers on what appalachia is turning out in terms of the marcellus and utica shales. in 2011, about 4.7 billion cubic feet of natural gas a day. now, about 35 billion cubic feet. that's a six-fold increase. the problem is getting it out of here. cancellation of pipelines out of the shale to places like new york state, upstate new york, new jersey. those pipelines have been canceled because of problems with environmental concerns and permitting. the people that speak for the marcellus shale, the producers here say they need those pipelines. take a listen. >> what we really see is a lack of infrastructure many lack of infrastructure impacts prices, impacts the availability of natural gas and the ability to get natural gas to where it's needed. >> reporter: and to bring those prices down. as you reported, dagen, earlier in the program, the problem is
7:27 am
worldwide particularly in europe a huge -- a shortage there and the prices just being driven up. they're doing their part here, i'll tell you. the marcellus shale is the richest source of natural gas in the u.s. we are now a natural gas exporter, it's a great thing. problem is, you do need infrastructure to make it happen. some environmentalists say natural gas despite the fact it's much cleaner burning than coal, they're still upset because it's a fossil fuel. dagen. dagen: jeff, i'm not putting words in your mouth but i will also credit the idiot liberal governors of states like new york, cuomo, he's not here anymore but, again, how are new yorkers now going to heat their homes? we're not going to do it with solar and wind. so because we don't have access to the plentiful cheap supplies of natural gas because of the pipelines getting cut off, we're
7:28 am
going to be using, what, oil? heating oil for the winter to keep us warm? i'll leave you with that. >> reporter: or you go back to burning coal. i mean, if you're an environmentalist, you certainly would rather have natural gas than coal or heating oil, right, much better for the environment if you're an environmentalist. dagen: too bad we can't harness their hot air, all that hot air blowing like the wind. jeff flock, thank you so much. great to see you. and i say appalachia. i say appalachia. like appalachian trail. i'm not correcting you. you can say whatever you want. i say appalachia, given where i'm from. >> reporter: i'm out in the country. dagen: yes, you are. you said country right too. be sure to watch tonight, how america works narrated by mike rowe, starts at 8:00 p.m. eastern time on fox business. tonight's episode looks at how the hoover dam workers there bring electricity to the masses.
7:29 am
you don't want to miss it. coming up, president biden again refusing to take questions from reporters, former arkansas governor mike huckabee is here next with his reaction. plus, captain kirk waiting a little longer to travel to the final frontier, when william shatner is expected to take off. ♪
7:30 am
7:31 am
7:32 am
cheryl: welcome back. i'm cheryl casone. some of the top stories we're following for you this morning. an oncology nurse is dead after being knocked to the ground bay homeless mugger in times square. the familiarly taking her -- family taking her off life support over the weekend after she was declared brain dead. jermaine foster was fleeing a robbery when she slammed into her friday afternoon. charges have been upgraded to murder. his family telling the new york post he suffers from mental illness. well, global supply chain delays forcing some companies to take
7:33 am
matters into their own hands. walmart, home depot, costco and target, among others, are resorting to chartering cargo ships ahead of the holiday season. companies are using smaller cargo vessels in order to dock at smaller ports. some of the retailers passing on the added costs to consumers. and what are small businesses going to do, by the way? well, soaring home prices causing headaches for appraisers and buyers. in august, 13% of all appraisals came in under the negotiated price, causing many deals to collapse. still, the amount of appraisals that were lower down from a recent high of nearly 20% in the month of may. case in point, in august, about a quarter of buyers waived the appraisal contingency all together. then there is this. william shatner going to have to wait another day to become the oldest person ever to travel to space. the star trek star's blue origin voyage is being delayed from
7:34 am
tomorrow to answer due to anticipated weather conditions. shatner telling a comic con crowd that he is terrified of the impending trip. so captain kirk is probably okay with the extra day on earth. by the way, tune in for shatner and his fellow passengers' interview, that is today with neil cavuto at noon eastern time right here on fox business. dagen: so i digress, but cavuto's team sits on our floor on the 20th floor and i was walking by and two of his team members were here at like 5:45 when i was coming down to the studio and i walked by for a split second, i was like what time is it, am i late? why are you here? and they're here -- cheryl: they're here for that. neil is here too by the way. dagen: i freaked out. i was like -- cheryl: i saw neil an hour ago. i was like hi, good morning, sir. dagen: never not working. thank you, cheryl. cheryl: you bet. dagen: president biden turns his back on reporters again,
7:35 am
refusing to take questions following the dismal september jobs report. watch this. >> may god protect our troops. thank you very much. dagen: this comes as biden is pleading for unity amid the in-fighting in the democratic party, tensions rising as lawmakers work to pass a massive new century welfare agenda. activists planning to target, again, moderate democrat senator kyrsten sinema while she's running the boston marathon today. joining me now, former arkansas governor and presidential candidate, mike huckabee. governor, of course joe biden not taking questions after that terrible jobs report. but it's what he didn't say. he was bragging down the unemployment rate falling. the unemployment rate fell because nearly 200,000 people dropped out of the workforce. but again, don't let facts and the truth get in the way of this
7:36 am
kind of haphazard message coming from this white house. >> you know, dagen, it was interesting that he closed his remarks before he turned his back on the reporters with god protect our troops and i'm thinking, yeah, god better, because joe's not doing a very good job of it. the whole press conference was surreal. i mean, even major anchors at business channels were gasping when the job numbers came out. they were half of what they were expected. they were dismal. everyone in the entire world said this is terrible. joe comes out nearly breaks his arm patting himself on the back for what a great job he's doing with the economy. the only thing that i could think of -- remember that scene in monty python and the holy grail where king arthur slices off the arms of the black knight and the guy says oh, it's nothing, just a flesh wound. i've had worse. it was like joe biden was the black knight. he gets his arms and legs cut off and he says it's no big
7:37 am
deal, it's just a flesh wound. this is an administration completely detached from reality. dagen: steve forbes, jump in here. but they have to be, when you have people continuing to drop out of the workforce, their entire plan with this $5 trillion bernie sanders spending extravaganza, it's just additional welfare programs, to discourage people from working starting with the child allowance. steve: well, that's right. four new entitlements, not to mention what they're going to do to medicare, try have a one payer system in this country. governor, i'm wondering how do you think this is going to play out in the virginia governor's race, you're interested in the governor's race in a certain state in 2022 which seems to be going well, is this going to -- is that governor's race in virginia going to be a harbinger that we can actually kill this atrocious 3.5, 5.5 trillion
7:38 am
destroyer of america bill? can that be stopped? >> you know, steve, i hope this governor's race in virginia will be a harbinger of that. it really should be. and i think that the fact that terry mcauliffe admitted on a zoom call to his supporters that joe biden is a drag on the ticket, that his presence is not something you want. i said the other day, it's like opening a restaurant and saying jeffrey dahmer is going to be your head chef. biden is not helping if democrats run for election. let's hope the voters in virginia, because of terry mcauliffe's ridiculous comments saying parents should shut up and let the schools do whatever they want with their children. there has got to be a pushback. there has to be a group of americans who stand up and say wait a minute, this is not america. we don't do it like this and let's hope it happens soon. dagen: adding on to what's going on between mcauliffe and
7:39 am
unionkin and virginia, my home state you have merrick garland going to war with parents last week and this is kind of ground zero in northern virginia, places like fairfax and louden county where parents are upset by what their children are being taught or what they're not being taught quite frankly, watered down admission standards to thomas jefferson high school in fairfax county. merrick garland directed federal authorities to address what they call call a disturbing spike in harassment, intimidation against teachers and school board members. they say it doesn't reflect the reality of what we've seen in school boards across the country in recent months. the national school board association in its letter referred to parents as domestic terrorists so this adds to the frustration of parents who now feel like that merrick garland is abusing his power and using the full force of the justice
7:40 am
department to intimidate them and shut them up despite their constitutionally guaranteed right to speech. >> i think, dagen, first of all, a lot of conservatives were upset with mitch mcconnell last week for caving to the democrats on the debt ceiling but we might want to go back and owe him a debt of gratitude that merrick garland didn't make it to the supreme court. what a disaster that would have been. let's remember that when parents show up at a school board meeting they're not advocating violence and they're not saying they're going to harm somebody. that's a crime that could be investigated by locals. when they show up, even if they're shouting, there's no law that says they have to be nice. if they're angry about the way their children are being educated, that's not domestic terrorism. it's called citizenship. and parents or any citizen has a right to express their feelings through free speech. it's a constitutional guaranteed protection.
7:41 am
and i wish the justice department would get their act together and start dealing with justice rather than insanity of trying to accuse parents of something that parents aren't guilty of. terrorism. that's nonsense. dagen: this is what the obama justice department did. obama/biden, it was highly politicized. the irs scandal, i could go on. but it's a repeat of what happened during that eight years. but i want to get your reaction to this before you go. new report says that the -- i'm guessing this is how you say it if you're fancy and french, george bergere gallery in new york city that represents hunter biden saw the federal covid loan more than double after president biden took office. the gallery initially received $150,000 from the small business administration. then in july that loan was revised, the sba approving $350,000 more for the gallery. governor, this comes on the heels of that fancy gallery like
7:42 am
that art display that hunter biden had out in los angeles where eric garcetti was. he showed up. he's in the running to become the ambassador to india. that was curious. the response from the white house was like, what, what, what, didn't have anything to say. but apparently this art show has been now delayed. but what do you make of all of this? >> it's very clear that hunter biden is the forest gump of the art world. this is a guy that ran an energy company with no experience and now he's a renowned worldwide acclaimed artist who has had absolutely no training, no experience, he takes some straws and blows paint. i hope they're paper straws and not plastic. that would certainly be incorrect. then the people who are accommodating this really lucrative art career of his, they end up with half a million dollars in federal guarantees. there's something really that
7:43 am
smells probably worse than hunter biden's apartment. this is really something i hope that the media will not just turn the other way and let go. it's scandalous and let's just remember, that's taxpayer money we're talking about. and if there's an inside deal going on, somebody ought to be curious about it and pursue it. dagen: there is that report that hunter biden sold a few prints for $75,000. prints in the art world are posters. they're not even real paintings. so somebody, you want to talk about stupidity, i think the buyers of those are stupid because you can print as many as you want. so $75,000 for a poster. talk about inflation. governor huckabee, final word. >> great to be with you. i just will say this before i leave. you know, if you can get that kind of money, there's something being done in response to it, somebody's getting a favor done. you don't pay $75,000 for a
7:44 am
poster unless there's something behind that poster other than paper. dagen: bingo. governor mike huckabee, thank you for being here. coming up, a new role for kim kardashian, the reality star poking fun at herself and her family during her saturday night live debut. we take a look at some of the funnier moments, next. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
7:45 am
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7:48 am
dagen: kim kardashian making her debut on saturday night live, cracking a joke about her father's one-time best friend. oj simpson. listen. >> because of him that i met my first black person. [laughter] >> want to take a stab in the dark at who it was? i know it's sort of weird to remember the first black person you met but oj does leave a mark. or several. or none at all. i still don't know. [laughter] dagen: joining me now, former saturday night live cast member, a m-97 0 radio host, joe piscopo. how would you grade her performance. she didn't write that material, apparently a lot of famous comedians worked on it. but her delivery wasn't bad. >> yeah, yeah. i thought she nailed it. i had no idea who she is. i'm so unaware of everything kardashian. dagen, you know me. it's like who is she again? she was great. she was great. she comes out in fuchsia, hot
7:49 am
pink, a fuchsia outfit. her timing was right. don't forget, from me being on saturday night live, when you're the guest host, you're out of your element, cue cards to your left and right, camera there, audience in front of you. it can be disconcerting. she crushed it. i thought she did a great job. did you see the costco sketch, the switch sketch, there was some great stuff this week on snl. dagen: it was. and kanye, her -- she was introduced as kim kardashian west. she filed for divorce but maybe they're together. he was sitting in the front row, right in front of her. >> the whole thing was -- dagen: that's another distraction. >> it was cool. she was making jokes and everything. i'm thinking for those old guys like me, i'm going who is that person. i didn't recognize anybody. but aidy bryant did the best sketch i've seen in years on snl, called the switch, where
7:50 am
aidy becomes kim kardashian and vice versa. and it was so well written. it buttoned at the end. it was just so well done. and then they did with bowan yang they did the costco glittering dancers, whatever it was. you know it's my home. i'm happy to tell you it was pretty darn funny this week. dagen: your home is also the columbus day parade and many of which you've spent on columbus day with maria. yet president biden marked it as indigenous people's day. you will still be participating in the columbus day parade here in new york city, right, joe? >> yeah, we're celebrating it in a big way. we miss maria. she's on assignment with fox down at the border, always doing a great job. dagen, you guys are crushing it in the morning as well. i come here with great respect on "mornings with maria." but i got to -- we have so proud of our heritage. it just stung us, it hurt us when the president of the united states for all of his, you know,
7:51 am
his missteps for him to just disregard the italian american community hurt us so bad. i was the grand marshal in philadelphia yesterday. we had a great time. we celebrated it. the mayor of philadelphia, the mayor of philadelphia boarded up the columbus statue. dagen: i saw that. >> why do they treat us with such respect. dagen: not me. >> the italian american community has given so much to this country and maria bartiromo knows that. she's from brooklyn, what she has done, the path she blazed for italian american women, we're having the parade, new york is back, baby and we are there. dagen: new york is back, baby. i lived here long enough, i can kind of do a good new york accent. i digress. >> that's great. dagen: joe piscopo, thank you, sir. great to see you. coming up, man's best friend may be smarter than you think, what a new study says about your dog's ability to understand what you say, that is the buzz, next. ♪
7:52 am
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7:55 am
dagen: time for the morning buzz. anything is pawsible in the genius dog challenge. six gifted furry friends are chosen to memorize the name of toys and over 12 toys in a week for stage two. some exceeded expectations and learned more than 100 toys. so lee carter, did you think that your dogs could pull this off? it's cocoa and kevin, right? lee: that's right. cocoa and kevin. dagen: coconut, excuse me, coconut and kevin. i apologize. lee: i call them chicken geniuses. they can learn anything if the incentive is there with food. so perhaps they could if we gave
7:56 am
them enough food but i don't know, without the food incentive, my dogs aren't always the best learners. dagen: exactly. like any -- my dogs only know a few words, steve, and they like grub grub, that's how we talk about food, grub grub and treat. that's pretty much it. steve? steve: well, two dogs that we like, kids dogs archie and rocky and i think the fact that dogs can learn words shows maybe we've got to change that phrase the country's going to the dogs, maybe in washington today it should go to the dogs. i think they're smarter than a lot of the people running the show today. dagen: steve, that was a -- which white dog was that with you in the horn-rimmed glasses from i would guess the '90s. what dog was that. steve: that's right. that was whiskey, poodle, and very, very smart. and she at night when she wanted
7:57 am
food would just bang her dish and -- la. [laughter] steve: when she wanted water. she knew how to demand things even if she couldn't speak. i trust her than some of the politicos we see in washington today. i can't get over how bad it is. dagen: just like a woman, demanding things without saying a word. still ahead, maria is live at the del-rio border in texas. you don't want to miss a moment of her coverage. that's coming up next. ♪ new projects means new project managers. you need to hire. i need indeed. indeed you do. when you sponsor a job, you immediately get your shortlist of quality candidates, whose resumes on indeed match your job criteria. visit and get started today.
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struggling with pain, with dental disease. clearchoice dental implants solved her dental issues. [ kimberly ] i feel so much better. i feel energized to go outside and play with my daughter. i can ate anything. like, i don't have to worry. clearchoice changed my life. mcdowell for maria bartiromo mopd oak beer 11 top stories 8:00 a.m. eastern, inside the border crisis maria live from del radio international bridge next with firsthand look at this crisis this is the biden administration cancels more
8:01 am
border wall contracts, taking a look at markets, futures are moving to the downside, to start this new o week losses across the board, nasdaq 100 futures down 8/10 of a percent, big he mover this morning to the plus side oil, we are looking at the inflation picture as crude 82 dollars a barrel on wall street offering major market gauges lower friday up for the whole week, after choppy trading session, european markets, fractional moves ftse 100 england seeing gains in asia overnight a mixed story, hong kong best performer there gaining nearly 2% kospi south korea closed for a holiday. "mornings with maria" is live right now. dagen: a firsthand look at biden border crisis thousands illegal immigrants making this you are way to the u.s. right now, in following stunning images last month from under the del rio bridge in del rio,
8:02 am
texas, one texas paper wondering this you first wave surprised the white house. the latest caravan expected 60,000 strong. joining you now live from the border at del rio international bridge in texas maria bartiromo. take it away. maria: hey dagen thanks very much we are coming to you from right outside you will see behind me del rio international bridge, we are about i am giving 40, 50 yards away from mexico and easy trip to come here, you saw that incredible pictures 15 to 17,000 people under the bridge just a few weeks ago, why did so many people decide to camp under that bridge del rio you have to understand topography of this area del rio nothing around, very different than
8:03 am
mccowen tex infrastructure the mexican cartels getting smarter better at this know, what to do, to distract all agents what they do they flood the area, with people coming in, two weeks ago flooded this area 15, 17,000 people under bridge what has to happen the border agents have to leave posts they have to come and deal with 15,000 people that leaves hundreds of miles of wide open terrain so that cartels can get drugs through the people human trafficking through that is exactly what is happening. so, the mexican cartels smarter charging 10,000 dollars a head, to those people, who is coming into america this is truly a humanitarian crisis i want i have more, info that i received last night from agents i am going to share with you first let me tell you about the scene here it is about a third of the
8:04 am
overall ,000 border u.s. border with mexico texas largely amount del rio about like i said 240 miles, so, that is you flood 15,000 people in one area you got 220 miles wide open because all those border agents have to come here and apprehend detail with people from haiti here a few weeks ago, joining me right now to talk more about that attorney general of texas ken paxton, ken thank you so much for to being here, for you know meeting with us, to walk us through this incredible crisis situation. tell me what is going on you sued 2 administration, several times now, to try to get them to act in this humanitarian crisis what has been their response. >> first of all, welcome to texas. >> thank you. >> so glad you are here the response has been nothing short of amazing there has been an i think actual plan since to make all this happen they knew when they adopted the policies there was in
8:05 am
clear opposition to trump much more like obama did border flooded with people exactly what happened no wall, stay in mexico started allowing release of prisoners from prisons ons iegal to stay in the country title 42 not being vaccinated sent all over the country anything you can think of that was bad for immigration made immigration greater problem they have done on purpose. maria: i could get a sense of how things have gotten worse, because of this trips i have taken to the border in 2019 we went to el paso, there aren't -- wasn't like mcallen a number coming through a year later president trump put "catch and release," different laws in place 45-year low in 2020. earlier this year we went to mcallen incredible in terms of
8:06 am
people across now in del rio i am told that there are more gotaways people just getting through seen on camera got here going into arizona, to tucson yuma what can you tell us about got aways versus people want to get apprehended. >> we know gotaways are increasing because border agents are distracted we don't know how many there are the not only higher numbers three times higher over 300% higher than a year ago in trump administration, now we don't know how to measure hum getaway those numbers are increasing we can't begin to know, exactly how bad this is we just know worse than anything we have seen, and we know the biden administration, as you know, never come here vice president from el paso, they are not trying to stop this, they are encouraging this my guess as long as they can getaway with it. maria: what is the point where is this going when we
8:07 am
were here in april we are averaging 170,000178,000 apprehensions every month in last three months 200,000200 thousand plus apprehensions where is this going. >> numbers keep getting he greater hard to believer worse than it is but has been getting works every month i think that is purpose full i think people know the borders they need to come quick as they can, the biden administration going to try to get as many through as they possibly can as fast as they can. >> you think they want millions next three years. >> i think want to extend through entire four-year term as many people in state to more republican states burden i believe biden administration look what we are doing obvious this is purposeful. >> i spoke would one agent lasted night telling me yuma, arizona making 5,000 arrests a week, 5,000 a week in yuma
8:08 am
what is the story in terms of texas versus arizona is this result of buckle bubbling up more. >> i think good doing flooding zones, then opens up other zones, so it is pretty obvious they are learning from experience, being aided abetdz indirect leby what biden administration is saying and doing for their benefiting directly more than any group of people he the cartels are benefiting from biden administration policies beyond even immigrants immigrants are subject to cartels have to pay to get in, and if they can't pay subject to cartels, if we were to have open borders this is not the best way even for the immigrants not humane way this is the least humane way benefits, only the cartels,
8:09 am
especially financial in mcallen embedded with one of the border patrol groups we were watching them apprehend a family and little girl, i could tell she had been intimidated by somebody. i could tell the way she was moving around the tracks these poor kids are on, what are they facing in terms of mexican are cartels. >> one of the saddest things we have sent so much time in my office trying to protect against human trafficking, educating, and, the biden administration opens up border, young girls, get brought in, by cartels trafficked, abused, and no one saying anything about it, just part of the consequence of thistype of policy. maria: tell me how much paid per head what and, by the way, i have a list of the countries, of that the agents are -- are he apprehending so
8:10 am
i was hold last night that they are make arrests from people from armenia, bangladesh brazil egypt georgia, niger ro main wra rish ukraine uzbekistan venezuela people want to come, this is -- the time. >> costing as low as 4,000, next to 50,000. >> per head they charge you want to get over. >> numbers important people 200,000212,000 -- 220,000 a month plus ones not mask a list him terrorists coming to our country where embedded when will that affect you've got drug issue, fentanyl directly, chinese harming us directly cartels through country harming us through spread of covid, and we are
8:11 am
going to have tremendous opportunities of terrorists to mover all over our country when that is going to be a problem. >> i think 93,000 overdoses in america last year largely due to fentanyl, the drug coming through border quick, after i send back when to you dagen there are six or seven stations stations here del rio where border agents begin their day, that is where surveillance video is that is -- and they have to close down stations when flooded with people, because they have got to apprehend the people so that is what cartels know shut down station, leave the 220-mile border wide-open that is their queue to come in because they just distracted agents with 15,000 people under this bridge reporting throughout the day we will have a show tomorrow live 6:00 to 9 a.m. a lot more kim paxton thank you so much. >> thank you for being here. >> thank you for all of your efforts, to keep america safe, dagen back to you.
8:12 am
dagen: maria i will talk to you next block as well incredible reporting, bringing the real story to the american people why it matters to every american. coming up president biden begging for party to come together, what happens next with his agenda economic financial on brink of collapse, could this be good for this country? plus getting your holiday gifts on time could mean bigger price tags companies big and small handling the supply chain crisis joining the conversation all morning long lee carter steve forbes you are watching "mornings with maria" live on fox business. . they customize my car insurance, so i only pay for what i need. how about a throwback? ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪
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...delegating? oh, good one. move your xfinity services without breaking a sweat. xfinity makes moving easy. go online to transfer your services in about a minute. get started today. . dagen: vice president kamala harris was appointed in march by the president, to manage the country's response to the border crisis, but she skipped
8:16 am
out on friday's border security meeting with officials from mexico, sending secretary of state tony blinken in her instead, took a trip to new jersey, visiting a day care vaccination center, time to stop by a bakery maria this is a joke a dangerous joke. we were talking about kamala harris she was visiting a bakery, a day care center and vaccination center, on friday rather than being part of this conversation with the secretary of state and officials from mexico, as a joke being? maria: it is a joke, i think that you know the fact that she isn't there, i think is willful joe biden said this is my border czar she pushed back earlier in the year said no, i am looking at root causes says looking at root accuses why
8:17 am
did she miss meeting with president of mexico? where he has to send three deputies merrick garland,antónio blinken mayorkas meeting with mexican as opposed to the vice president or, by the way, joe biden. and here in this area this morning del rio, as you know, we had we were in mcallen the most got aways del rio as well as yuma tuscon, arizona we know they are in country because they are seen on surveillance cameras they you know, we are seeing 200,000 people a month, want to get apprehended because they know they will get apprehended for a time legal until they judge some cases is never there is in america, but then a whole group of people just want to get in we don't know with a intentionsr, those got aways in delry moving into arizona yuma a hotbed tucson a hotbed
8:18 am
of gotaways the fact kamala harris can have do that i saw video i thought saturday night you skit the fact missed saying i am not coming to this meeting not going to the border i am not going to be the border czar i don't want any of this on me that is pretty much in my view, what is happening here because otherwise she would be there, don't you think. dagen: yeah if you care about kids, why don't you care with children who are being trafficked into the united states children are this year being dropped over the border wall by human traffickers, if you care about kids and families, why don't you care about stopping all fentanyl across the border killing thousands upon thousands of people every year.
8:19 am
maria: a one step further you are with steve and lee if you care about covid protecting america if you see the covid as disaster health risk it is you testing for covid as soon as these migrants come across no testing i didn't see testing in mcallen we are going to be to see detention centers a helicopter tour to see the entire border, 2000 miles the border between u.s. and mexico, texas is bulk of that this area of del rio 240 miles linear miles when they flood this area with 15,000 haitians all that border agents have to leave posts, 240-mile border and come here deal with this that is when cartels when to get drugs
8:20 am
through more people through over border we are seeing over my shoulders del rio bridge, that the bridge 200017,000 people under cars from mexico behind me going to have a lot of footage information, after all reporting today, to bring you tomorrow morning i want to get you know, your he panel's take on all this as well, because this is hitting home not just a border story people coming across are make their way to new york miami, we were in mcallen i said where are you going we were there embedded with one of the border agents, and talking with migrants carolina north carolina we have friends there going anywhere they want. steve: unfortunately truth administration doesn't see this as crisis they see this as opportunity to get around the law, and spitting on the
8:21 am
constitution, not upholding defending our borders i dlishl allowing hundreds of thousands if not millions next four years of people to enter illegally gods knows what some are going to do an absolute outrage, question what is can we do to stop it what can congress do to stop it? >> right maria. maria: that is the thing, they have you know instituted "catch and release" i spoke with a border agent last night said all they have to do is take the a "catch and release" they know they are going to catch, flood border with people u.s. has to below them during that time catching and processing them releasing them that is opportunity for the cartels to get in everybody they want to get in drugs they want to get in, the attorney general paxton of texas saying-charjdz upwards 50,000 a head against who you are young man, who you know, maybe
8:22 am
40,000 dollars, a child 10,000 dollars a head cartels making billions of dollars they just took gold with administration you hit on something this is going to fundamentally change our country, not just that we are seeing millions of people come from outside other countries but also all money around a welfare state government controlled state with lots of people and lots of benefits overflowing, lee i don't know what you feel in terms of what you've seen in terms of polling what the american people think about this, but people have got to -- at this point understand, what has taken place here. >> -- a question about polling is not -- he favorable for joe biden losing significantly every measure when it comes to immigration, but i think also, important to note that his character polling is declining
8:23 am
as well comes to honesty to leadership about 42% americans think he is not competent to run government right now, so this is a big issue, and goes across the board i think democrats are going to have to answer for it if not just joe biden it is also kamala harris democratic leadership, right now has to address it you. dagen: we can't waitz for coverage tomorrow 6:00 to 9:00 a.m. three hours, you are incredible maria bartiromo. we'll be right back. . are you gonna stop me? uh-oh... i'm almost there... too late! boom! earn big time with chase freedom unlimited with no annual fee. how do you cashback? chase. make more of what's yours. angry intestines make you have interruption times? from science austria, zentestine! create hope for regular go and happiest pants. say no to consume zentestine if toilet lives far away.
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don't like surprises? [ watch vibrates ] proactive notifications from fidelity keep you tuned in all day long. so when something happens that could affect your portfolio, you can act quickly. that's decision tech, only from fidelity. . . . dagen: you futures starting downside losses across the board. off lows of the morning investors eyeing earnings kicks off this week, big banks take center stage jpmorgan chase bank of america goldman sachs more all reporting this week joining me iron ides macro economics managing partner director of research what is the most important
8:27 am
thing you are watching this week? >> well we are watching bond market, even though we were in throes of earning season, the number increasing estimates plus decreasing estimates, fallen fairly sharply suspect this market won't read that favorably at earnings particular now banking as stoofrts we have specter not fully priced slowing, asset prices, bouncing macro microthis week, from microperspective think about bank sector investors get very excited when you have yield curves steepening in the market the fact is translated in bank earnings nearly as quickly as most investors believe composition of portfolio a long time to turn over i think there will be some disappointment you continue get -- the margins some pickup long growth but
8:28 am
not a lot it is you are seeing on consumer side a moderate positive, most earnings upside coming from credit cycle reducing provisions for credit losses, i think investors will probably be disappointed, won't go down much because investing in stocks if you are selling you are selling -- the former issue beyond banks is really industrials, tech, and industrial people obviously, very concerned about costs, energy costs, commodity costs supply chain risks tough to he differentiator between misses are on proper bottom line or consequence of supply chain whether demand or not as there been demand -- i think bar low for that any weakness should probably be -- stroil tech is a different story, so tough numbers so good through the
8:29 am
pandemic, that, hard to see those stocks rallying through even you know earnings upside, so, on balance i am still thinking we are only halfway through the correction and earnings season probably not -- to happen steve forbes? steve: what do you think of federal reserve buying 1.4 trillion dollars in reverse repos from money market funds in banking system prospect of more spending to come? how long before that dam breaks what is it going to mean to future inflation? >> yeah fascinating part of the story this year steve, was we have massive stimulus early, treasury in general account drew down first sending checks been cutting insurance caused deposits to surge banks nowhere to spend
8:30 am
money you have no loan demand piled up in that program but means they will start issuance again will go down a bit shows efficacy treasury purchase program minimal at this point need to get out of purchases, liquidity in system that you point out bottled up a drag on earnings drag on the system, purchases -- the prices secular parts of the market can't stop purchases -- >> are great to see you this morning. thank you so much for insight. we will see you soon coming up president biden pleading for help to get multitrillion-dollar new century welfare plan passed, how many americans don't know what is in it? we get into it next. . when the only thought on your mind is “finally”
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. dagen: breaking news fda emergency-use authorization of covid-19 pill, cheryl casone has details. cheryl: big story good morning again merck announcing a short time ago filed application, with u.s. regulators if approved the drug will be the first oral antiviral treatment on covid the first oral treatment for the flu, data from late stage trial of the drug found found cut of risk with of pg hospitalization death about 50% high-risk people with mild to moderate covid-19 look at merck, it is moving much higher since initial results announced over a week ago, facebook, is rolling out new safety features for kids on instagram, this less than a week after that damning
8:35 am
testimony from former facebook florida it can m mental effect on health of young people in particularly teen girls nudging teenagers away from harmful contact encouraging them to take a break, take a look at facebook down more than half a percent noah california law by gavin newsom will, the sale of gas powered equipment by 2024 raun gas poured leaf more for hour emits pollution as driving 2017 toyota camry from l.a. to denver, rebates given for residents to exchange old machines, the retailer strategic service teaming up on only store netflix walmart
8:36 am
merchandise includes nailed it, he strange things, to develop new revenue streams behind core subbing subscription those are some headlines. dagen: president biden pleading for party to come together to pass trillions of dollars new spending, i newt century welfare at fall meeting over the weekend listen. >> we need to stay together, to bound by the values and whole as a party, to do that we won 2020 as unified party, and looking to 2022 to do that we need to stay in the. dagen: democrats decided moderate center kyrsten sinema holding out over the price tag
8:37 am
harassed for stance followed into a bathroom. ladies bathroom along with other individuals. and likely targeted instruct the boston marathon this as new cbs news poll shows 10% americans actually know what is in the biden's plan joining me ohio congressman energy commerce committee member bill johnson congressman the american people should be grateful if this thing fails. will it? >> well we certainly hope so, you know, this is -- this is reckless spending, dagen. it is social reengineering. is what it really is. it is going to cause taxes to go up on everyone all americans going to cost more tt gas pump at grocery store inflation will continue to rise, this is not good for the american people, and i sure
8:38 am
hope that senator manchin and senator sinema stand their ground. >> steve forbes jump in. steve: congressman in terms of what can be done at the border there i go congress can do hearings whatever? 20 highlight what is happening there? what is with covid, biden has a vaccine mandate but not for people entering the country illegally. >> you know isn't it odd, letting people flow across the border with all kinds of health conditions including covid, and we've got vaccine mandates that are keeping people from working here at home we got ships in ocean can't get to docks dock workers aren't there we've got airlines that we suspect are cancellation flights because pielts are pushing back on
8:39 am
vaccine mandate. and the biden administration, refuses to look at what is happening with he covid coming across our border, look, right now, the -- the democrats hold majority determine hearing agenda certainly we have been calling for a return to policies that will secure our border. let's -- revoke "catch and release" program reinstate the stay in mexico program get back to building the border wall, that will keep us secure. those are the things that that will that will help stopping this -- this surge across our southern border, it is a crisis. dagen: lee carter polling wise what is most damaging effect on biden and company and polls i would argue inflation particularly oil and gasoline prices crude oil was
8:40 am
briefly above 82 dollars a barrel you've got gasoline prices, at seven-year high, lee, how do you see it? lee: i think nation is driving sentiment more than anything you've got 70% americans, more on looking at saying i feel impact in inflation on monthly bills whether groceries, being electric utilities, gas across the board people are feeling it. and on top of that looking at economic numbers that a aren't necessarily good jobs around the as productive shortages across the board supply chain issues all these things i think impacting people in daily lives making them feel less optimistic, a trend people feeling less optimistic about future than in years way worse than it was under trump. and across the board you look at every issue covid economy foreign policy taxes immigration, border every signage one biden administration underwater a
8:41 am
real, real issue for democrats in in midterms, democrats ahead two to three points dechg on ballot you are looking at republicans have work to do i think comes down to republicans need to make the case on what their going to do different than we are seeing is it back to trumpism something else what does future look like republicans need to make a case for themselves. dagen: on that note the final word to you sir. >> yeah, you know i agree i think republicans have made the case, you know. under previous administration we had best economy in 50 years 37 lowest taxes, best border security, best highest degree national security good policies out of previous administration that we need to go back to when have we ever seen any an economy tank in 8 or 9 months like biden administration has done?
8:42 am
this is unbelievable. >> have congressman bill johnson thank you so much for being here this morning we will see you you soon. >> coming up getting your holiday gifts on time could mean bigger price tags how companies big and small are handling the supply chain, catastrophe. that is next, don't forget tune into fox business prime time tonight how america works with mike rowe 8 pm eastern followed by stuart varney at 9:00 you are watching "mornings with maria" live on fox business. . and you could fearlessly face the unknown. (kids playing) you still can. ♪ ♪ (blowing dust) when you have a rock you can depend on for life, you'll be unstoppable. that's why over 5,500 companies rely on prudential's retirement and workplace benefits. who's your rock?
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. dagen: small business struggling ahead of season amid global supply chain crisis joining me founder of luxury knit wear line, what are you doing this the supply chain crisis is no laughing matter, but what are you doing to cope with it make sure that you have enough stock here stateside enough supplies to handle demand over the holidays? >> well, hi, thank you for having me, happy to be here. we definitely have ebb and no like so many, many businesses one thing we have done to ensure that we always have products shop shipping by boat, we started shipping by air. so we definitely can guarantee
8:47 am
we can get our products in on time to our customers can receive it, and that is just one of the expenses we have incurred. dagen: how much more just percentage wise does it cost are you going to have to tack on extra suspense shopping via air to your customers, how are you managing that? it can. >> it can be significant i would say 20% sometimes more. but it is so worth it, because you know, the loss will be so much more if it is stuck at the port for three, four months, we lose accounts lose customers i am fine with i think everybody is fine with a week or two weeks but four months is a detail breaker. dagen: to be able to raise prices did you have to raise prices. >> i mean -- we actually we
8:48 am
actually didn't we are pretty fortunate to drum up some extra accounts done quite well if covid everybody wants to cashmere, we grow customer ate that initial cost we have done that temporarily. >> how is demand in terms of expanding, your sales channels what does if demand look like this holiday season in particular. >> for us it is quite big we are cashmere line so the season first of all for christmas, and all the holidays. and so we have quite a bit of demand we ordered large, our shipment coming in, in end of october, and we anticipate
8:49 am
selling out as well before definitely before the holidays. dagen: best of luck to you, i was looking in the commercial break at your instagram account, so, everything looks spectacular and i don't think that cashmere go out of style, best of luck to you all the best. >> thank you so much. >> and kathryn keep us posted, how you are managing through challenging times to say least. >> the i absolutely will, thank you so much. >> be well coming up a new role for kim kardashian reality star debut, next. ♪♪ ♪ .
8:50 am
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. dagen: morning mover southwest air also stock sliding down more than 3% ahead of open, airline canceled nearly 2000 flights over the weekend. there are reports, of more cancellations this morning, one analyst saying they canceled flights could add to cost pressures hurt labor relacingss a change at the top for one of the largest private equity kirmz kkr, namesake henry kravitz george roberts stepping down stock off 1% premarket more "mornings with maria" live on fox business right after this. . working on a night move ♪♪
8:54 am
♪♪ working on a move ♪♪ ♪ .
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>> this week with more needs with maria tomorrow taking you to the scene with one of president biden's biggest blunders. wednesday janet yellen's to access your bank account, congressman warren davidson says not so fast. thursday earnings season kicks off with the major banks analyst raise the results. and friday one of our favorite millennial millionaires ryan sir, hans unveils his recipe for success. that's all here on "mornings with maria". dagen: time for the big buzz a reality tv star, business mogul prison reform advocate, kim kardashian can cross saturday night live host offer list.
8:58 am
order, order, order in the court, we what is the problem. >> him stole my makeup artist. >> i dated him today. >> your net gala outfit. dagen: she covered it all, we will start with you first, you have always had incredibly positive things to say about kim kardashian from the very first time forbes interviewed her. >> that is right, before you were born i hosted "saturday night live" so i know what she went through, she headed out of the park she is one of the top ten of all time, she got the interview before a group of female executives several years ago, they were very skeptical but by the end of the interview she had shown what she showed on saturday night a different way razor-sharp mind, great entrepreneurial instinct. a popular culture underestimated, she showed again
8:59 am
there is real there there. dagen: how would you grade your performance as snl host and i was already working a job would not happen. how would you view a - f. >> i believe in that instance, great inflation. but they did put my five daughters on in various sketches so even today one of them gets 5 cents a year end royalty a sliding scale. i am down to a dollar 20. dagen: that is fantastic. did you catch kim on snl. >> i did i had very low expectations, a very low estimator. how could she do it, she did a really good job, she went all the places that people would make fun of and i think she hit it out of the park there are lots of memorable moments from
9:00 am
the whole thing, my goodness to wear a bodysuit like that, wow. dagen: i suspect she was maybe not wearing her skins under that but probably not a corset giving her the way her body is. i have some skins and they put everything in the right places. maria will be here three hours from the border tomorrow. ashley webster taken away. ashley: that's a tough fact to follow. thank you very much degen. good morning, no corsets on the show i am ashley webster in for stuart varney. jen psaki played with the president stopping approval ratings on unvaccinated americans. the administration says it will terminate all border wall contracts and areas of texas that saved the highest number of migrant crossings, meanwhile bp
9:01 am
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