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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  October 8, 2021 9:00am-12:00pm EDT

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let me point out that the labor participation rate was at 61.7% in august, down from 63.3% in february 2020. thanks, everybody, great conversation. lisa is erickson, stephanie pom boy, john lonski, joanie bily, steve moore and james freeman. great show. have a wonderful weekend, everybody, and thanks so much for joining me. that'll do it for us, i will andrew yang. "varney and company" begins right now. ashley webster in for stuart varney. take away. ashley: i and ashley webster in for stuart varney. the senate has approved a short-term deal to lift the debt ceiling is a pushes off worries of the default, only a temporary band-aid until december and then there is the labor market only adding 194,000 jobs, a big miss, the
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lowest monthly totals this year. futures initially dropping on the news, now pushing positive. the nasdaq up half of one%. 30 minutes from now labor secretary marty walsh will join us to react to the jobs report, a first on foxbusiness interview. sue talks about the vaccine mandate that will be in place in los angeles county. you must show your vaccine card if you want to eat, drink, exercise indoors, go to a sporting event or shopping mall. the county sheriff said he won't and force that mandate as we will get into that. tesla saying goodbye to california, elon musk moving to austin, texas. this move does not come as a big surprise, during the spring musk called out california politicians for their, quote, fascist covid policies. gas prices jump $0.07 in a week. california closing in on 4 and
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half dollars. where is the administration's plan to deal with it? how long can they keep silent? we have a big show ahead as always. rachel campos duffy, tammy bruce, rick grinnell dennis ric grenell, friday october 8th, "varney and company" is about to begin. ♪♪ shape it up ♪♪ get straight ♪♪ ashley: there you have it, the state capital, all the way back to the early 80s. let's get to the debt ceiling fight on capitol hill. good morning to lauren simonetti. the senate voted to lift the debt ceiling but not without some drama. lauren: does it ever happen
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without drama and the senate voting to raise the debt ceiling by half $1 trillion to keep the lights on for eight weeks, then they get to do the debt ceiling and budget dance all over again for the double deadline of december 3rd. they extended the chaos was the house meets tuesday before the bill goes to the president's desk. what is the strategy? dems avoided using reconciliation for now and put a number on how high they would let the debt go. some republicans say republicans caved. democrats say that too but chuck schumer showed no gratitude. used partisan attacked language against the gop who helped him. take a look at this. senator joe manchin putting his hands over his face visibly disappointed by what the majority leader is saying in front of him and that video describes the democratic party and has gone viral.
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ashley: haven't we done that when chuck schumer speaks. don't say it is true. rachel campos duffy joins me now. do you think republicans caved? did they cave? >> of course they caved. a betrayal to their voters, and betrayal to our children and our future, $8 trillion in debt. democrats want to add $1 trillion, this is the green new deal, absolutely - what they told the republicans is we are going to spend this money, we are not going to consult with you, don't worry what we are doing, just signed the check. this is wrong and it makes the republicans go we are sorry we did this but we are going to have another eight weeks and i am sorry a lot of republicans
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don't have confidence the republicans in the senate, mcconnell, will hold the line. our currency is in jeopardy, children's futures in jeopardy essentially, the american dream is in jeopardy. ashley: it is very serious was we've got to move on to another issue. democrats have been trying to backtrack on their calls to defund the police but the rnc is calling them out. listen to this. >> not only do we need to invest in police but completely dismantle the minneapolis police department. >> defund. >> i support the reallocation of resources. >> we will be moving funding from the nypd to use initiatives and social services. >> talking about reducing the allocation of resources in the department. ashley: how do you backtrack from that? your reaction.
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>> reporter: in july they tried to say it was the republicans fault. now the media is helping them and the media is saying in the new york times and other big legacy papers and outlets, the pandemic, the lockdowns given to us by the democrats but that is not what happened. it is the policies, reimagining the police. corey. the woman saying defund the police wants her own private security. they all do. this is what happens in latin america. when you defund police and police don't have the resources only the rich and those connected to the government have private security. they are turning this country into a third world country. in chicago more children died of gunshot wounds than coronavirus. this is the real crisis. children are dying, poor and vulnerable living in those communities are suffering and these are the people who claim to represent them. they should be held responsible. we need to keep playing the
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tape and making them be accountable for the policies that are killing our children. ashley: and the last one now that you're really fired up, look at this headline from new yorker magazine, trump's republican party is an authoritarian project, for the time being there is no form of republican politics that is consistent with democracy. >> a complete reversal of the truth, the democrats are taking the doj and using it to turn parents into domestic terrorists. they are the ones who have political prisoners for january 6th sitting in jail right now. the leaders of this party, and barack obama who was behind on
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this cobol running this administration all fans of the western hemisphere's worst authoritarian dictators, hugo chavez, castros they are squashing their political enemies, this is all the marxist communist socialist playbook and this is what we are facing and if americans don't wake up and see that this is what is happening in america and start fighting back we are going to lose this country. this is a crucial time. everybody i talk to in america parents all over the country giving speeches all since there is something very strange happening and that sense of you are not crazy. the conspiracy theories they tell you are believing are starting to look a little bit more like spoiler alerts to me. ashley: i hear it as well. thank you so much for getting fired up on friday morning,
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really appreciate it. >> america is worth saving. ashley: it is. let's get to the breaking jobs report. 194,000 jobs added in december, the lowest monthly total this year missing the estimates of around half 1 million by quite a number. good morning to you. let's get your reaction to the jobs report and talk about the market as a whole. >> i thought i was worked up. i'm happy to follow rachel because she got me worked up. the number is a disappointment. we did see revised last month that made up for a little bit but this number is a disappointment. difficult to see what the fed says next. are they going to announce the taper? i will say if jay powell can hold the narrative that the taper is not equivalent he may
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just get away with it if he maintains it usually exclusive then we may see the announcement of a tapering but that is on the table because i think this is a fairly weak report. whipping around the unchanged line it feels like the path of least resistance is lower through the month of october. ashley: every day we look at the yields on the treasury if it is going down money going into tech and it will be exactly the opposite but feels like the bond market is driving the overall market. is that true? >> it is for now. we are kissing one.6% this morning. earlier this morning one.594%, we are kissing one 6. it will be interesting to see if we go through one 6, your end target by a lot of big banks are one.8% but feels like
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the bond market is driving the action and whatever way yields go, the broader market certainly tech will come under pressure if we see the some spike a deal. if we see it gradually make its way and investors have a chance to work with that we may not see more of a dramatic pull back but if we see the spike expect tech for sure to make it. ashley: we have to leave it there. he was fired up too. show me tesla and get back here, lauren, elon musk is moving his headquarters out of california. >> reporter: the fremont factory is jammed like spam in a can. what he is talking about limits
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on how big california would let you grow, you got red tape, covid restrictions, expensive housing and long commutes. it doesn't close but the headquarters goes to texas and that is where he plans to build the cyber truck hopefully next year. ashley: i used to eat a lot of spam as a child. i kind of cringe when i think about it now. look at futures if we can, started to head lower, modestly higher, nasdaq was up half of one%. thousands of non-masked
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screaming fans across the country but look at the headline. no apparent covid outbreaks arise despite packed college football stadiums in florida. the orlando sentinel. does this mean we can get back to normal? i will ask congressman byron donald. marty walsh will join us on a fox interview to break down the september job numbers. why were they so disappointing? ♪♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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degrees heading to nearly 80. we can work it out, say the beatles, someone in washington can. 11 republican senators voting with democrats to advance the short-term debt extension. congressman byron donald joined me now. do you think republicans caved? >> i do. no need to make this move, everybody knows where we are with the debt ceiling and $20 billion a month. we can make those payments, and try to figure out how to fund the rest of the activities on a short-term basis.
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stuart: are you not happy with mitch mcconnell this morning? >> not this morning but one thing to remember is in the background, democrats trying to pack the multi-trillion dollar bill and doing this move on the debt ceiling alleviates the pressure. i met the -- not the biggest fan this morning. ashley: another issue and democrats held a private meeting on the northern border, take a turn at albuquerque. what about the southern border. >> they don't care about the southern border. if they were concerned they would hold open hearings, the humanitarian crisis, sorry about that, under president biden they ignore all that, they don't care about the border or the humanitarian
9:20 am
crisis and had a closed hearing in the oversight committee because representative tlaib wanted to hold a hearing about enforcement, it is happening in michigan and what was happening at the northern border. members of the comedy are like why we talking about the northern border? it hasn't been a crisis anywhere but that is what democrats want to talk about. the reason it was done in a closed hearing, everybody would be beside themselves, immigration issues on the northern border, the real problem is the southern border. ashley: college football stadiums packed with tens of thousands or unmasked, there hasn't been any covid outbreaks, is it safe to return to a normal life? >> it has been safe for quite some time.
9:21 am
vaccine rate in the united states are between 55% to 60%. you could make the argument 20% of the country, has natural immunity because it went through covid 19 and has necessary antibodies, you see it on college football where young people found back to life despite what president biden and democrats want to say, at college football games, they decided covid is over, time for the politicians and big media to realize the same. ashley: a lot of criticism going in the opposite direction. do you prove them wrong? >> to have a spike in delta variance? we did. we had a governor who led on the way, brought regenerate and to know what they are.
9:22 am
we've been able to keep our economy running, while managing the pandemic, something blue states refused to figure out or allow. and they continue to thrive here. ashley: like a different planet. we really appreciate it. the florida board of education voted to sanction eight school districts. is this over masks? >> the board of education says these eight districts violated state law by making students mask up without the option to opt out florida governor desantis signed a lawmaking mask mandate illegal so what is
9:23 am
the penalty proposed here? withholding funding to board member salaries and withholding federal grant money, the white house has reimbursed some of these district and school board members so the debate continues. the bottom line is with all the bickering, the students lose in the end. ashley: taking a quick look at the markets we've been modestly higher ahead of "the opening bell" and that stays the same. labor secretary marty walsh coming up next. ♪♪
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ashley: let's look at facebook. let's bring in mark mahaney, still looking at facebook despite the controversy and negative headlines. make your case. >> investors will ask two
9:28 am
questions. one, is this controversy going to cause users -- is a going to cause advertisers to pull budgets away? i think that is unlikely to happen. not like this company is a stranger to controversy. you had cambridge analytical, political boycotts last year. facebook has shown value proposition to consumers and advertisers is enough to offset that. if that is the case, investors will too. ashley: what about regulation and that threat? capitol hill wants to be all over social media. >> there will be increased regulation on the antitrust side. the privacy protection act, something like that can be
9:29 am
strengthened, they are enormously influential as a platform. they impact adults and kids, their need to be greater regulation and oversight of how they handle that delicate part of the population. ashley: let's move on. look at netflix. a $695 price target, $31, do you feel the same way. - ashley: we are losing market. and $61, not 31. and he liked netflix. kickoff on friday. jobs friday week, it was a
9:30 am
disappointing report on jobs gaining a lot less than we thought under 5000. the dow up slightly in the premarket, s&p up a 12:45%. the yield on the 10 year drop a little bit, the same gain, same strategy every day, equities go up and vice versa. they are waving, cheering, happy, about to get friday's session underway, we are off and running, hit the bell. look at the big board as we get underway, a lot more green than red on the dow. home depot or american express on the bottom end but has you can see, up 38 points, still waiting for them to come in, a lot more green than red.
9:31 am
about a quarter a 12:45%, a little more than 10 points for the s&p but let's look at nasdaq, going into tech stocks because of the drop in the yield on the treasury and their it is, up 42%, 14,691. look at the big tech numbers, up half of one%. amazon up, microsoft and apple on the upside. let's look at tesla, elon musk making headlines. what is he saying? >> moving tesla headquarters to austin, texas and it seemed shareholders liked it. he's not leaving california, and he wants to extend fremont
9:32 am
production capacity by 60%. shanghai has starling, very bullish and they are overcoming global chip shortage. others were hard to find, they are pushed to late next year and musk says cybertruck deliveries may not happen. you get along deal and a revamped version of roadsters in 2023. ashley: not really dumping callie. >> not when oil is 50%. ashley: oil up again today, closing in on 80 bucks. what is going on with oil stocks? >> the us is not going to tap the us petroleum reserves. we are up 4% this week, it is expensive to fill up the gas tank, $80 a barrel and look at exxon, chevrons of the world,
9:33 am
they have enjoyed a great rally with the price of oil. ashley: bitcoin rallied 56,000, give me some of the crypto plays. >> with higher inflation with oil prices cost the most in 7 used to fill up at the gas pump, the jobs report shows wages going up, bitcoin, we are seeing gains today so a bad jobs report means the fed keeps stimulus bigots on you can get bitcoin prices might be lifting the price. marathon up in the back of this news. ashley: 194,000 jobs were added in september but that is a huge miss, the lowest monthly total is this year, we are expecting half 1 million jobs.
9:34 am
labor secretary marky walsh joining us. we have nearly 11 million job openings. why is this number so low? >> there is a lot going on in the economy. we are dealing with the pandemic. the delta very it. one of the numbers in this report, the hospitality number, 74,000 jobs, the direct correlation was expected to be much higher, and and and unemployment rate is below 5%. it took until 2016 to get to that number in the great recession. there are opportunities in front of us and we continue to move forward one step at a time. we are living in unprecedented
9:35 am
times and this is a worldwide pandemic. we are not the only country to see these concerns in the job market. ashley: this is the first report since the extra federal and implement benefits ended in all states on september 6th. we've not seen a real uptick with more people being brought back into the job market. will we see more of that in october? >> a lot of people reclaiming extended unemployment benefit is going to keep people out of the job market. i didn't think that was the reason. i was hoping as we go forward in the next month we get more people into the job market, but some particular things going on if you look at public education sector, people not going back
9:36 am
to work. the forecast will see higher numbers and we probably hit the 500,000 job number but there's a lot going on here. president biden's economic plan, look at 194,000 jobs this month, there are 317,000 in the private sector. the plan is working, we added 5 million jobs since president biden took office, working to get the vaccine mandates working, the more people get vaccinated the more participation we see in the workplace so we need to move forward here. we can't stop our work, we have a lot of important work to do it need to keep moving forward. ashley: showing a graphic now of labor force participation rate dropped from august, that translates 183,000 people dropping out of the labor force. how do you account for that?
9:37 am
>> that is the perfect question. there's a lot going on. if people talk about their work life balance, a lot of people, when i'm traveling around the country, talking about what is happening, i talk to businesses all the time, restaurants and workers all the time and lots of people are thinking wait a second. i'm looking at something new and that is white important to double down on our efforts at job training, continue to work with states around the country and cities around the country to make sure we have program set up and have to promote more and i did it last month, american job centers, people looking for work, contact american job centers, we have 2800 job centers around the country, please get connected to us. we will help you find a job, reevaluate through training and what you want to do with your career. no question we have work to do. ashley: i want to talk about the president's vaccine mandate, we have no word from osha on that mandate or even
9:38 am
weekly testing. how does that play into the labor market? there are those who don't want to be vaccinated and are being let go from their jobs or not looking for jobs? >> one of the things, the more people get vaccinated the more ability we have to make people feel they are safe in society. we are working now, looking at a vaccine testing, you can see areas you have unemployment numbers lower in certain states i look at the correlation to the vaccine rate in those states and cities. go back to hospitality, 74,000 jobs gained in hospitality, the number would have been higher if we were not dealing with the delta variant. the number was under projected there because of people's fear of going out to dinner and fear working in restaurants and hospitality and tourism of the
9:39 am
virus. ashley: businesses are still having a hard time. skilled and unskilled workers, and wise is hard to hire in this country. >> living in unprecedented times. and and hiring for the holiday season. we continue to get vaccinated. ashley: mister secretary, thank you for taking the time to talk with us this morning, appreciate it. we didn't tell you.
9:40 am
it is requiring all of its employees to get the jabber. the la sheriff is having none of it. >> i'm not forcing anyone, the issue has become so politicized i don't want to be in position to lose 5% or 10% of my workforce overnight and the vaccine mandate - ashley: we will have more on that, we have bill mulligan on the border where he witnessed cartels smuggling hundreds of illegal immigrants across the rio grande overnight. a live report coming up, the latest on the border. we will introduce you to athletes who are paid equally regardless of gender. two of the league up stars, we are talking rugby here live coming up. ♪♪
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ashley: let's look at these markets bouncing about a little bit, the dow is essentially flat, the s&p, the nasdaq also up about it is a go nowhere friday, what this jobs report means and what it means for the fed and what it means to their portfolio. let's bring in larry kudlow. we've got to get your reaction to this disappointing jobs report, the labor secretary doesn't think the vaccine mandate is impacting the job market at all. what do you say? >> i don't think it was such a bad report. if you take out all the crazy seasonals from education going
9:46 am
back to school, private payrolls do very well including almost 100,000 upward revisions in private payrolls for july and august. you have 317,000 for september so you're at 414,000 which was only 20,000 some odd less then expectations. private payrolls were right in line with expectations and unemployment rate drops to 5.8. household jobs, this is where it comes from, household jobs are up 526,000. those are big numbers. we are now 4.1 million private jobs short of february of 2020
9:47 am
before the pandemic closed the economy. civilian labor force is 153.7 million. at the peak it was 158. you are 4 or 5 million short and we have more work to do, the administration policies are discouraging work, i agree with the generic point. but this was not a bad report at all. i say it to all my research for you. ashley: you are glass half full kind of guy. it is good to be optimistic. democrats working to lower the cost of the enormous $3 trillion spending bill, they want to tax for 10 years but only fund for five years, you can get the programs in the world, what say you? >> first of all, save america,
9:48 am
kill the bill. it is a $4.3 trillion bill in the house budget committee and joe manchin, said to his far left progressive colleagues, they are going to cut back on entitlements. means testing, time limits and work requirements and the left doesn't want to do that, the lead editorial, child allowances and child tax credits will cost 1 million or 2 million jobs because there is no work incentive whatsoever. that plus the hyde amendment to prevent federal funding for
9:49 am
abortions on new programs those are going to be the biggest sticking points, try to make gimmicks. the whole world sees right through that and right now, almost -- all kinds of polling data we are reviewing on our show, the public doesn't want this. the inflation rate is too high, the public doesn't want higher taxes because it will cost jobs. the public doesn't want european-style entitlement states. they don't want it. biden's polls are plunging like a rock. i think it is not going to fly. i think there's a 40% chance right now, 40% chance that this bill will not go through. i want you to remember this.
9:50 am
ashley: i remember, kill the bill. that's a good bumper sticker. i don't know if people have bumper stickers anymore but it is a good one. great as always, see you at 4:00 pm eastern but thank you for jumping in early for us. look at the handsome man there. would you pay $25 to get a movie ticket and unlimited snacks was one movie theater struggling through the pandemic decided to try it out. the owner is here to tell us how it panned out in the next hour. new york comic con is back, it has been two years in the making. we will tell you, we are going to take you there, in a live report coming up after this. ♪♪
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a5 comic con is back in new york city after going virtual last year but there are strict covid guidelines in place. anyone over 12 need the jabber. anyone under that age needs to show proof of the negative test. lydia, what do fans think of the new rules?
9:55 am
>> reporter: fans that are here are not deterred. a couple of them tell me they got vaccinated just so they could be here at comic con this weekend. this event opens up to the fans at 10 am but there is already a long line of them waiting to get in and a sneak peek, some of the features, collectible artwork, costumes, everyone must wear a mask, usually you would expect to see 250,000 people. the president of the events that will cut into profits. >> probably 30 or 40% less in the ballpark. we are focused on the community bringing people together. that is what the show is about. >> reporter: only two months
9:56 am
ago you remember the international auto show was canceled. that would have happened in august but comic con is that with the rising vaccination rates and declining cases and not just fans entering that position that are excited. it is also the celebrities that are here, william shatner took the stage yesterday to discuss his upcoming trip to space and i'm told professional wrestler and actor john sina is expected to draw thousands. ashley: darth vader wasn't wearing a mask but who would tell him. tammy bruce, ric grenell, britt bozo, so many more on the 10 am hour of varney and company coming up next. it's beautiful out here. it sure is. and i earn 5% cash back on travel purchased through chase with chase freedom unlimited. that means that i earn 5% on our rental car,
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10:01 am
slightly by a tenth of a percent, having a lot of trouble finding some footing on the markets. the 10-year treasury yield, it's now up 2.4 basis points at 1.6%. earlier it was down to around 1.57 or thereabouts, and we saw more money going back into the equity markets, now coming out. take a look at bitcoin, big story today, up another $357 at $54,252 per bitcoin. if all right. now to the september jobs report. 194,000 jobs created last month, the lowest monthly total this year, very disappointing. edward lawrence is at the white house for us looking into the numbers, breaking them all down for us. good morning, edward. >> reporter: yeah, this jobs report was very disappointing, but if you look inside that, you had the private sector actually creating 317,000 jobs.
10:02 am
the government sector lost 123,000, and that sort of adds to this disappointing report here overall. now, the white house using this as a way to push the president's agenda saying that they need his programs to get the economy back on track. the president will be speaking in about 90 minutes. now, at issue, he will tout the low unemployment rate, 4.8, but that might not be a good thing at this point. 183,000 people left the work force, and you can see that in the labor force participation rate that is dropping down. the labor secretary believes that the administration's programs will be able to turn that around and bring people back. listen to this. >> i think there's a lot going on. i think that a lot of people are thinking about their work/life balance, a lot of people i've spoken to when i've been traveling around the country they're talking about what's happening, i talk to businesses and restaurants all the time the, and i talk to workers all the time, and lots of people i think are thinking, wait a second here, i'm looking at something new, and that's why i
10:03 am
think it's important to double own on our efforts on job training. >> reporter: leisure and hospitality added 126,000, but nursing homes losing 37,600. we talked about government. beyond all of this, the retail trade added 56,000 jobs. we do expect a bump-up for holiday shopping, but if the supply chain crunch comes into that, leisure and hospitality, the administration thought those numbers would be higher, being able to boost them up to that estimate of 500,000. it was not higher. you saw that sector down 1.6 million jobs since february 2020. this is a very tough jobs report for the federal reserve. they're going to see higher inflation, and it puts them in an uncomfortable position. it does justify holding off the rate increases, but it does say that maybe tapering needs to
10:04 am
happen and might be just enough to get the fed out of the way and leapt the economy stand on its own -- let the economy stand on its own. ashley: edward, thank you very much. take a look at this picture. a picture's worth a thousand words, that's senator joe manchin -- [laughter] burying his hand -- his head in his hands during senate leader chuck schumerer's debt ceiling speech last night. let's bring back in lauren. lauren, why was manchining so happy with schumer's speech? >> he just won't listen to him. here's the deal, 11 republicans helped advance this short-term fix to lift the country's debt limit for eight weeks, but no thank you to any of them from senator schumer. he said republicans tried to push democrats over the cliff. senator manchin, a moderate, visibly -- as you just saw -- frustrated. he doesn't want dems to make changes to the filibuster for the reconciliation bill, and
10:05 am
he's very wary of it. aoc on twitter, ah, yes, you can either feed your kid, recover from your c-section or have childcare but not all three. fossil fuel money keeping prescription prices high and not taxing wall street are nonnegotiable. so she really focused on manchin there. the bottom line is, ashley, the dem9 captains are divided as the debt measure must still pass the house x then they've got to figure out their social human infrastructure spend anding bill. ashley: wow. joe manchin has his head in his hands again after reading the tweet from aoc. tammy bruce joins me now. good morning, tammy. >> good morning. ashley: the democrat party, the tuitions in the dem party on -- divisions in the dem party on full display. do you think they're going to
10:06 am
get their $5 trillion in spending through? is. >> i don't think so for a couple of reasons, but let me remind you about aoc. she saw unemployment was low during trump because people had two jobs. [laughter] this is that person. so we have -- it's got to be very frustrating. but what your looking at here -- you're looking at here, of course, is a civil war within the democrat party and different ideas z about what they want to do, major change. this is their opportunity because of a crisis to do a major economic change to this country. but not only is it unacceptable to regular-thinking people, this kind of spending, keep in mind the fight now is about the debt ceiling, right? it's the debt that we were going to collapse if they didn't do it. these are the same people who now are saying let's spend $5 trillion more. americans are looking at this from what i hear on the radio show from people across the country that i hear from is that americans are are beginning to wonder9 if the government and the people in charge know what they're doing.
10:07 am
afghanistan opened that door, it unlocked that door about questioning the nature of what we're being told, if people know what they're talking about, if they're just incompetent and/or lying. these are things we see now in a lot of different places, the border, certainly national security and is now economy. so with all of this fight going on, it's good -- you know, the founders wanted the process to be slow. they wanted there to be this kind of fight. but they also expected representatives who knew what they were doing and wouldn't propose if things that would destroy the country. and so we don't have that benefit right now. so i don't think they'll get it, but people are concerned that the republicans caved on their debt, on the debt ceiling dynamic, allowing the democrats to have more time to manipulate people or to intimidate them. you saw what happened with kyrsten sinema. we've got to keep an eye on this, and the american people need to chime in. we're part of this process, and people have got to make sure
10:08 am
that they're heard. a. ashley: tammy, you just -- that was terrific. unfortunately, we're out of time, but you absolutely nailed it. thank you for jumping in on that issue. thank you so much is, tammy. >> my pleasure. ashley: let's get back to the markets, if we can, and take a look at the cryptocurrencies. greg smith joins me now. greg, good morning to you. you say that the cryptos are here to stay. look at this, bitcoin at 54,000, ethereum up at, what, 3600, litecoin at $180. regardless of what the coin is, you say they are here to stay, right? >> i do. good morning, ashley. look, you don't need to be an expert, and i am certainly not an expert on crypto, but my observations are the following: look, crypto's gone from being in the dark alley where transactions were done out of the trunk of a car to now being done in prime time, right? so all you have to do is look at what's happening in the market.
10:09 am
in the last few months, i've received proposals from no fewer than ten large mainstream funds looking to raise capital to invest in crypto and crypto assets. we've seen money center banks like bank of america launch dedicated teams, they've published research and come out and embraced this product. so i think this product's here to stay. it's only going to get bigger and larger. and if you juxtapose those facts, ashley, for a second against the fact there's only 100 million crypto wallets in the world, right, that's going to get larger and larger. we are just in the early innings of crypto. and another interesting facts, 9% of all teenagers have actually claimed to have traded crypto the, and 70% actually know what it is. so when i was a teenager, i don't think half my friends would know what japanese yen or deutsche marks were. [laughter] so we are at the beginnings of crypto. and again, the biggest thing to focus on is we're seeing these mainstream funds the launch
10:10 am
larger funds focused on crypto, all that money -- ashley: greg, i'm sorry to cut you off, but we've got 40 seconds left, and you still like facebook. why, despite all the negative headlines? >> well, just look at all the tens of billions of dollars being raised in venture capital. we're setting records. there's so much money going into venture capital. most of that money raised is ending up backing networks like facebook and google. 43 cents of every dollar is going to add and attracting customers. i look at my portfolio of more than 200 private companies, i look at companies that consumers know like jack pocket, madison reid and even consumer products like lemon perfect. they raise capital, they take that money, and they're going to customers. ashley: veried good. got it. >> it's all ending up in facebook's pocket. ashley: you going to all in. greg, thank you so much finish. >> have a great friday.
10:11 am
ashley: yes, you too. let's bring back in, lauren, you've got some movers. let's begin with -- >> correct, they say they have an oral covid vaccine is. i'm assuming that's a pill, but it could also be a serum. but they've used it on animals, and it's been shown to reduce airborne transmission, so i think if you do anything that, you know, isn't a shot or treatment that's intravenous, i think that's a game-changer. jpmorgan likes them raising them to overweight, giving them a $21 price target. that's a 42% increase, and they say oat milk will keep taking market share from the almond milk and other varieties. and look at this, united airlines, the airlines are down a bitted today. they had a tough third quarter, they're looking to the holidays, they're looking at the reopenings of the transatlantic routes, but i thought this was interesting. they say they received 20,000 applications for 2,000 flight
10:12 am
attendant positions that were open. that's more than they received before covid. ashley: wow. >> so do americans want to work for companies with advantage is seen requirements -- vaccine requirements, or do americans just need jobs, is the question, but that is good news. ashley: interesting. that's very good. we've got another one for you, lauren. i found this very interesting. ireland has signed on to the deal of the 15% corporate tax rate. it's surprising because ireland has been such a low-tax company. why the heck did they join in? >> because the negotiators took out two words, at least. so the global corporate tax is set at a 15%, not at least 15%. so ireland, a long holdout here, they've had that 12.5% rate since 2003, they're getting onboard. lots of pressure from the u.s. the u.s. wants, you know, to level the playing field. they want to keep more companies, more jobs right here in the u.s., and they want to avoid this idea of double
10:13 am
taxation is. but we don't know yet if france or the u.k., for instance, are going to remove their digital sales tax on american tech companies and other companies that do business there. so there could be double taxation in the end, but it looks like we're going to have this new 15% global tax rate, and it would go into effect in 2023. ashley: janet yellen is smiling, i know that. lauren, thank you very much. yes, she is. officials in seattle are using hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars including covid relief to house homeless people in hotels. jason rantz says city officials are fail dog address the root problem -- failing to address the root problem. ransomware attacks have dramatically increased this year, and now microsoft says one country is to blame for over half of the hack attacks against the united states. we'll get into that. and take a look at, cartel smugglers are seen bringing hundreds of migrants across the rio grande in texas.
10:14 am
yet the president insists, no, we don't have a border crisis on our hands. bill melugin is at the border with the very latest. ♪ ♪ thanks for coming. now when it comes to a financial plan this broker is your man. let's open your binders to page 188... uh carl, are there different planning options in here? options? plans we can build on our own, or with help from a financial consultant? like schwab does. uhhh... could we adjust our plan... ...yeah, like if we buy a new house? mmmm... and our son just started working. oh! do you offer a complimentary retirement plan for him? as in free? just like schwab. schwab! look forward to planning with schwab.
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♪ ashley: welcome back, everybody: let's take a look at the markets, if we can. we are in the positive, but we've been going between slightly positive to slightly negative. right now the dow up about a tenth of a percent, s&p 500 up two-tenths of a percent, same story for the nasdaq. a drifting day after a disappointing jobs report. take a look at oil, it's now topped $80 a barrel. it's been a long time since we've seen it there, up another
10:19 am
2% which means the pain at the pump isn't going anywhere anytime soon. meanwhile, take a look at exclusive footage. we're looking at cartel smugglers transporting hundreds of migrants across the rio grande in boats. bill melugin took that video, and he joins me now. bill, good morning to you. you spoke with one of those families crossing over. what did the they tell you? >> reporter: yeah, good morning to you. the father of one of those families told us he spent $12,000 paying a slugler to bring himself -- smuggler, to bring himself, his wife and young child. we embed with the texas national guard who's been deployed all throughout the area here looking for runners and human smugglers, and they are effectively catching those runners. but while the sun was still up, you can see rafts already started coming across the river. we saw a couple of them coming over while the river was still
10:20 am
up. texas national guard was able to turn one of them back, the other boat picked up by border patrol. they use night vision, all sorts of technological gear to take a look at what they're looking for, and as it got later in the night, human smugglers start bringing raft after raft after raft to the u.s. shoreline, and these boats were full of family units; women, children, parents, little kids. the smugglers very brazen, they were laughing. there was one shirtless guy who was telling us, you know, money, money, money, is what he was saying. he was rubbing his hands together. they're not afraid of getting caught, and these texas national guardsmen are in a tough position because they don't want to risk the safety of the migrants trying to grab one of these guys. thermal images as these families were coming across, this is what was on the other side of the river, hubs more migrants -- hundreds more migrants waiting to be escorted across the river. a second photo showing one of
10:21 am
those smugglers bringing them over with that thermal imaging. and perhaps the craziest thing, take a look at this, this is automatic gunfire from a machine gun, a suspected cartel machine gun being fired from mexico into the united states. you can see those tracer rounds. this was very early this morning. the national guard soldiers we were with reacted to this saying holy [bleep], they don't see that every day. there was a volley before this, i didn't get my phone out in time for, but it's ton clear exactly what was going on here. we don't know if this was a cartel shootout in mexico or indiscriminate firing or maybe even firing above the national guard observation post for intimidation. machine gun rounds were shot into the united states, and it's pretty wild to see that. we'll send it back to you. ashley: it's wild, indeed. it's like a war zone and bordering chaos. bill, thank you very much. let's bring in, if we can, lieutenant christopher oliveras from the texas department of
10:22 am
public safety. lieutenant the, you just heard bill melugin's report. what's your reaction? i'm quite shocked, but for you is this like every other day? >> good morning, thanks for having me. bill's right on point. this has been taking place since march when crisis started and because of the failure of the federal government to step in and secure the border. and also to address the fact that we do have a crisis on our hands. the fact of the matter is that this is taking place daily. thousands and thousands of illegal immigrants are coming across, we have drugs pouring into the country, and now we have these cartels that are getting even more bold. just within this past week we've had several incidents where they have heavily armed groups of men with tactical vests on the u.s. side taunting our national guard. and these are suspected cartel operatives. so this situation, this crisis right now is escalating. it's all because right now the federal government is failing to address the fact that we have a crisis and have not secured the
10:23 am
border, but texas is stepping in, and we will take action. that's what we've been doing since march under the direction of governor greg abbott by launching operation lone star which is a state initiative, launching state resources to the southern border. ashley: well, you know, lieutenant, the governor, you mentioned, sent a letter to the president basically asking him to appeal the denial of help from fema. denial of an emergency disaster deck the la ration. declaration. is the that purely political? because, to me, this is a disaster. >> you know, it is, and i don't like to get too involve with the politics of it, but it is. ashley: sure. >> the fact that you're turning a blind eye to this eye sis right now -- crisis right now and it's continuing to escalate, we're seeing tactics from previous years, i've worked along the border my entire career, i've worked through different administrations, different governors, and i can tell you right now this year we're seeing tactics, we're
10:24 am
seeing trends that we've never seen before because these cartels, these human smuggling organizations are getting even more bold now because they're making billions of dollars a year, just as bill alluded to, $12,000, that's just one family. we're allowing these cartels, these organizations to profit off of these crisis. and that's something we don't understand as a state agency, but we're going to continue to show support and take action. ashley: yeah. well, i'm glad you are, because the add managers sure isn't. -- administration sure isn't. thank you for taking the time to talk with us. we appreciate it and stay safe. all right, a whole different subject now, thank you. one movie theater is offering unlimited food when you buy a movie ticket, but is it enough to get people back to the movies? i'm going to ask the owner of that theater straight ahead. oh, by the way, 007 is back on the silver screen after a
10:25 am
long hiatus. take a look. ♪ [background sounds] >> why would i betray you? >> we all have our secrets. we just didn't get to yours yet. ashley: cool under pressure. mike gunz gunzelman went to see the james bond e quell. he's going to tell us if it was a smash hit after this. ♪ ♪ before we talk about tax-smart investing, what's new? -well, audrey's expecting... -twins! grandparents! we want to put money aside for them, so...change in plans.
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10:29 am
♪ ♪ because i'm happy -- ♪ clap along if you feel like a room without a roof ♪♪ ashley: camden, missouri, beautiful day. they are, indeed, happy on this friday. let's take a look at the market markets. more pensive rather than happy, drifting a little bit after that very disappointing jobs report. the dow essentially flat, the nasdaq up a tenth and the s&p also up about a tenth of a percent. all right, let's bring in susan
10:30 am
li. good morning. you've got some movers. let's begin with spacex. >> yeah. so it's another, i guess, piece of evidence that it's really elon musk's world, and we kind of just live in it. spacex is now worth $100 billion after this insider share sale, has a new agreement with new and existing investors up to three-quarters of a billion dollars worth of stock to company insiders. $100 billion valuation for spacex up from the $75 billion in february. and by the way, you know, tesla itself is already worth $700 billion, and this is an entirely separate company, right? i also want to show you what's happening with amc. i don't know if you're going to watch the new james bond movie this weekend, no time to die. are are you? ashley: ill like to, but i'm not sure i will. >> oh, come on, i'll even buy the popcorn. [laughter] unconventional from amc's ceo, and he's really trash talking
10:31 am
the shorts. take a look at this tweet. some of you have suggest that as ceo of ahc theaters i've -- amc theaters i've been playing chess. james bond's no time to die opens in the u.s., it plays more like amc is playing three-dimensional chess, and i say it out loud, hashtag choke on that. not exactly conventional, right? [laughter] ashley: i love it. >> yeah. okay, also want to show you some upgrades. the hydrogen fuel cell maker, barclays calls it call weight weight with $27, here's where we are, and oatly, is it milk, oat milk? jpmorgan upgrading it, worth $21. the stock is down around 50% from the june peaks. ashley: whatever it is, just don't choke on it. susan is, thank you very much is. talking 007, now this: after
10:32 am
many delays, 007 back on the big screen. roll it. >> james bond. license to kill. history of violence. [background sounds] your skills die with your body. mine will survive long after i'm gone. >> history isn't going to people who play god. ashley: very dramatic, isn't it? james bond, no time to die. released yesterday, it's expected to top $100 million domestically this weekend and, guess what? our good friend mike depends dependingman -- mike gunz gunzelman joins me now. you went to see the movie. how was the theater? was it packed? >> yes, it was definitely crowded. i feel that finally people are
10:33 am
realizing that it's okay to go back out whether it's the theaters, whether it's sports, you know, sporting events, college football tomorrow there's going to be 80,000 people in these stadiums. it's finally okay to take back your lives, and that's what people are are doing especially in the movie theaters. it was crowded yesterday but still, you know, you can pick what time you want to go. you're still a little hesitant, pick what time, but i would definitely urge people to get to the theater and go out because the movie's actually awesome, and we're taking our lives back, ashley. that's what we're doing. ashley: we are. so we're getting back to normal. you said the movie was, quote, awesome. was it good? you know, i mean, i love all bond movies, but this is daniel craig's last. >> this is the 25th anniversary of the james bond film. this movie's been delayed 18 months. daniel craig, i really appreciate him as a bond because
10:34 am
that's, like, the bond that we grew up with. the movie's solid, and it's, i mean, listen, let's talk -- ashley, let's talk some facts, okay? biggest u.k. opening since the pandemic started, james bond last week. the first film to make over $1 is 00 million internationally without china because it's coming out later in china in the month, this film. yesterday, record-setting preview debut yesterday as well. people want to go back, people want the bond -- ashley: they do. the power of bond. james bond. [laughter] gunz, great stuff as always -- >> go to the theater, people, get out! ashley: all right, i'll go. giant tub of popcorn, i'm on it. >> there you go. ashley: thank you, depends. now this, talking of popcorn, one movie theater owner changed his approach in order to survive by creating an unlimited food pass with movie tickets. that movie theater owner, john
10:35 am
goldstein, joins me now. good morning, john. tell me about this pass. how does it work and, i guess more importantly, how much does it cost? >> well, when we launched it, what we were trying to do was do something different. the pandemic -- before the pandemic we never had time to really experiment, and in the movie theater business, it's been the same for about a hundred year, and it's very hard to innovate. thank you, covid, for that. [laughter] we priced it at about $20. we thought that would be the number that people could come in, and then they didn't have to worry about waiting in line, they could just walk up and get whatever they want. as a father, when you're with your kids and everybody wants something different, it can cost a fortune. but if we just put a set price, we thought everybody could come in and have what they want, and it was, it was a good idea, and we still are employing that. we just had to tweak it a little bit last week -- [laughter] ashley: don't you lose money though, john?
10:36 am
because concessions, you know, a big tub of popcorn, a diet coke and some raisinettes and you're looking at $25-30. aren't you losing money? >> no. i mean, it's really about just, you know, it's about frequency really in our business. it's -- your last session isment was about getting off your couch and going to the movies and how do you get people to come more frequently. so if i take a little less money in but you come three or four more times a year, we're going to end up ahead. just like everything, we are innovating, adjusting and finding out the pricing and what it's doing for our bottom line, and is we're tweaking it. ashley: well, we -- i think it's a great idea, wish you lots of success, john. and enjoy the movies. thank you so much for joining us. we appreciate it. >> see bond. it's a great movie. see you soon. ashley: all right. i will see it, i promise. thank you, john. elon musk saying farewell to california, kind of.
10:37 am
he's moving tesla's headquarters to texas. we're going to tell you what he's saying about that move straight ahead. meantime, some americans heading back to work, 1 is 94,000 of them -- 194,000 of them last month, but some women are considering leaving the work force altogether. we've got a report on that coming up. ♪ you don't gotta go to work or works, work, work, work -- ♪ but you gotta go to work, work, work, work. muck muck muck ♪♪ when the only thought on your mind ♪♪ is “finally” ♪♪
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♪ ashley: all right, welcome back. let's take a look at the markets, basically stuck in neutral right now. the dow and the s&p essentially flat, the nasdaq down a tenth or two. all of this, of course, after a very disappointing jobs report for september, only 194,000 jobs created. we were expecting somewhere with around 500,000, so is a big miss. the markets are just pondering that right now. meantime, how about this story? women are having trouble
10:42 am
reentering the job market. jackie deangelis is joining me now with more on this. what's the problem, jackie? >> reporter: good morning to you, ash. women represent about half of the work force, and we know that unintended consequence of the pandemic was many women had to stay on the sidelines to take care of kids that were not going to school. the situation is believe to have eased a bit. schools are reopening, yes, this fall, but the labor shortage in public education and childcare facilities is still an issue. in today's bls report, key stats here. in september employment in government education, 144,000 jobs locally, 17,000 at a state level since february of 2020, employment is down by 310,000 in local government education and by 194,000 in state government education. 172,000 down in private education. meantime, today's report showed that there was an addition of daycare jobs, but only 18,000. this isn't all women, but it is a lot of women.
10:43 am
the impact here, of course, is when these categories don't go back to work, it makes it harder for other women who are not in these industries because they have to stay the home and be primary childcare providers. now, according to a report from the national association for the education of young children, 1 in 3 child centers is also considering shutting down within the next year. that is because of the labor shortage and employment of daycare workers is still down roughly 12% from pre-pandemic levels, so there's definitely room for improvement here. another report revealing that 1 in 3 women have considered changing or leaving their jobs in the past year compared with 1 in 4 surveyed in 2020. with work at home being more of a thing, women might also a want to pause and look for different kinds of employment opportunities that give them more flexibility. there's so many issues here, ash, and of course, that labor participation rate is an issue too. the stats we're talking about are only people looking for
10:44 am
jobs. we don't know how many women just left. ashley: right. and the domino effect it has from there. all right. jackie, fascinating stuff. thank you very much is, appreciate that. now to a very different topic, we're going to talk about the premier rugby 7s league. it launches this weekend on fox news. it's rugby, if you're wondering, the first sports league that pays both men and women athletes equally, and guess what? two of the athletes join me now, abby and perry are. abby, hell -- tell us more about the league. what can you expect? >> expect a 14-minute game, it's super fast, physicality, speed, attacking on one side, turning around and trying to defend this guy on the other. i'm glad i'm not playing against them. four well's teams, six men's teams, 18 matches here in memphis.
10:45 am
ashley: great, great town. perry, is rugby gaining in popularity, and if someone tunes in and doesn't know the rules, can they pick it up quickly? >> definitely. rugby's growing quickly. it's so easy to get ahold of this game because, like abby said, it's a quick two 7-minute halves. it's so easy to pick up. i mean, there's not that many rules in the game, you know? just catch the ball. if you don't catch it -- [laughter] ashley: that's it. not many rules in the game which brings me, abby, to, you know, rugby has a pretty violent reputation. back when i played it in school in the dark ages, i had metal cleats, and it was -- [laughter] i had broken collarbones and all sorts of things. the 7s version of this sport is a little more wide open, but there's still a lot of physicality, right? >> right. it's actually the same rules as union, which is 15 aside, but as
10:46 am
you can see from the clip, there's lots of space. only 7 people on each side, full-sized soccer pitch, 100 meters by 70 meters wide, so you get a lot more tries, there's a lot more space. you see a lot of running back and forth, as you can imagine. it's pretty exhausting, but it's so fun to watch. it's electric -- ashley: it is. >> -- and everyone's going to want to tune in. ashley: i'm just exhausted watching the video. perry, i kind of alluded to it can be pretty physical, rugby. it's been called, you know, american football without the pads and helmets. is it physical? >> yes, definitely it's a physical game, but it's not -- i feel like you're safer without the pads on. it's contact. what game isn't physical when you have a contact game? when you have contact, it's physical. you're trying to tackle someone to stop them, and they don't want you to stop them. that's when you have that good
10:47 am
collision. ashley: good collision. [laughter] let's leave it right there, why don't we? abby and perry, thank you so much for taking time to chat with us. i can't wait to see it. watch it, by the way, this saturday on fox sports. thank you both for joining us. we're going to stick with sports now. now this, one fan was greeted by an unexpected visitor during last night's game between the seattle seahawks and the l.a. rams. lauren, tell us what happened. >> so the seahawks have a live mascot, name is tama, and it landed right there on a man's head, stayed around a while. [laughter] typically, tama leaves the scene out of the tunnel, she works the crowd. been trained for 30 years but went off course yesterday. sea is hawkes/rams game -- seahawks/rams game, she scrapes his talons, poor guy. ashley: ouch! >> you've got to give that seahawks fan free season tickets. ashley: now, that is a foul
10:48 am
ball. that hunters. you hope to get -- that hunters. you hope to get a foul ball, instead you go home with an eagle. >> ashley, you're on fire. ashley: i'm done. quick, turn me off, i'm out of control. now this, the l.a. county sheriff says he will not enforce the statement's politicized vaccine map mandate -- state's politicized state mandate. >> i don't want to lose 5-10% of my work force overnight on a vaccine mandate. ashley: well, ric grenell, he knows california well, and he'll take that on in the next hour. democrats are are trying to flip the script on their own calls to defund the police, but the rnc has tapes to prove otherwise. we've got the video and reaction from media guy brent bozell after this. ♪ double trouble --
10:49 am
♪ you're stuck in my brain. ♪ why does it feel so good but hurt so bad? ♪♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ashley: market's been open for just about an hour and a half, and as you can see, not much movement. the dow now up slightly, the s&p
10:53 am
up about a tenth of a percent, the nasdaq just down slowly, marginally. it's been one of those days. drifting markets, we like to say, no direction. now this, the late national poll shows president biden's approval rating sinking to new allows. it now stands at just 38%. brent bozell, mrc president, joins me now. brent, good morning. this is, obviously, not good news for the president. are you surprised or not? >> no, no, the wheels are coming off. but it's not just on his policies, it's on policies of the left, you know, talking about defunding the police is a key here. and i'm going to be very blunt in what i'm going to say. this is no longer a battle between republicans and democrats. this is no longer between conservatives and liberals. this is between the forces in america that want america destroyed9 and the forces that want it saved. if you look at what's funneling the left today, it's black lives
10:54 am
matter, a marxist organization, it's antifa, an anarchist organization. it is congress with pelosi is, schumer defending marxest organizations and joe biden going along with everything. now, here's the key, ashley. remember the 0. 80% of americans, a full 80% of americans support funding police. they are seeing the consequences of crt, of the 1619 project and now the defunding of the police. they're seeing the chaos all over america. they're seeing gun fire on the streets. we knew this was going to happen. they're seeing this country crumbling. now, so here's my message to the republican party. if you want to win every election imaginable, wrap yourself around the defunding the police. my message to the democrats, if you are joe six-pack, blue collar democrat, the party of joe lieberman, if you want to regain your party, excuse me, you denounce this movement, you
10:55 am
denounce the leadership and joe biden. if you're joe biden, and this gets back to the beginning of this conversation, you want to regain your numbers, you want to regain the support of america, you have got to denounce this movement. ashley: you do. and, brent, you've talked about defunding the police and, you know, now, of course, the democrats are trying to say, no, no, no, it was the republicans. of course, we have the tape that proves it isn't. i mean, it's ridiculous. they blamed trump for the border, they blamed the previous administration for everything when, clearly, it's a bald-faced lie. >> yeah. and the media, we have to cast gate the news media for being silent on this. it is up to the abcs, the nbcs, "the washington "the wash" "the new york times." tell the damn truth about what's happening in this country. ashley: amen. >> explain who's doing it and who's not doing it. just tell the truth. let the chips fall where they may, and i guarantee you the
10:56 am
republicans will win in an absolute landslide. ashley: great place to leave it. brent bozell, great stuff as always. thanks for joining us, much appreciated. still ahead, jason rantz and ric grenell. by the way, california has already got the highest gas prices in the country, and a nice chunk of it is all because of those taxes. we're going to break it down for you next. ♪ ♪ ♪ .. ♪ ♪ some days, you just don't have it. not my uncle, though. he's taking trulicity for his type 2 diabetes and now,
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11:00 am
still have work to do but at the end of the day when i look at this report and we put them together you see the unemployment rate below 5%. >> this number is a disappointment. if jay powell can tell the narrative that paper is not equable and he may get away with it. >> i don't think it was bad. private payrolls did very well. up 526,000. so those are big numbers. >> a lot of republicans don't have confidence the republicans in the senate will hold the line. our currency is in jeopardy, our children's future is in jeopardy, the american dream is in jeopardy. >> people are concerned the republicans caved on the debt ceiling. we have to keep an eye on this and the american people have got to chime in.
11:01 am
♪♪ ashley: new york city on the east coast, it is 11:00 am. i'm ashley webster in for stuart varney. move your feet, markets are not doing much moving at all. stuck in neutral. dow jones and the s&p up slightly, the nasdaq off a tenth of one%. oil topped 80 bucks a barrel, at least it did earlier, just dropped down a little since then but when was the last time we saw $80 a barrel? reit november of 2014. it has been nearly 7 years since we've seen crude oil at $80 a barrel. susan lee, you are looking at the high-tech growth.
11:02 am
>> looking at a rebound, high-tech, high-growth despite the fact you have treasury yields moving up to one.6% and that is the highest june of this year and that might be because we got the disappointing september job numbers. what that says is it doesn't put off a november taper but it might slow down the process every moving stimulus in the market and we have possible inflation fears with oil at its highest since 2014 but that is not stopping high-tech high-growth. i want to show a chinese stock like ali baba, the biggest rebound and come back we've seen since august and that is because charlie monger reportedly increased his stake in ali baba by 80%, confidence from one of the most influential investors in the world and the stocks have been beaten down so much they are at a discount and cheap and ripe
11:03 am
for a rebound. oracle, larry ellison's oracle, we don't talk enough about this, it is up 40% and a sign of a clouds deal with chinese telecom and nouvelle. this is something we should highlight. ashley: especially with those gains. thank you very much. good time to bring in jonathan koenig. i want to talk about the crypto craze. i read your notes which i find entertaining. you say some of these cryptos, you call them pixie dust. >> some sense of history, back then, anything related sword,, or valued at $1 billion and sold for $50 million a few years later. so much of the same environment today but this time something
11:04 am
more insane, dog related. dog related crypto currency is. dog eat dog, baby dog, she but you knew dog coins, a midsized actual company. i think the greater fool should avoid these crypto currency's writ large. ashley: we hear you loud and clear. what about the jobs report and what it does with regard to the fed? what does the fed make of this? do they go ahead with tapering of the bond buying? >> the fed is going to be wrong because central planning is always wrong. the fed assures that they are well in hand and of concern. one of the biggest trends in the market are higher interest rates across the board. if you look at the trend, every
11:05 am
bond fund that follows, trends tends to persist, the franklin primary, higher interest rates on the short end but on the long end as well. the long-term yields is gone from one.5% to almost 2.5%. that is a major attraction and at the point. once you start making money in the bank why don't you own baby doggie coins. 8 track tapes and bracelets and clear pepsi will be a thing of the past. ashley: how can we forget that. thank you so much for bringing us back and giving us a history lesson, much appreciated. now this, tesla moving its headquarters out of california. where? >> moving to austin, texas. not leaving california.
11:06 am
he is going to expand production by 50%. he's not quitting callie, there's just only so much space and there is a limit to what you can do near palo alto when silicon valley is so expensive and very bullish for the stock, shanghai produces more cars than fremont and overcoming the global chip shortage, others are hard to find as you heard from elon musk, cyber truck production being pushed to late next year, 2022 instead of 2021 and they will produce that long delayed trailer, revamped version of the roadster sports car in 2023 but what i found really interesting was no questions about bitcoin and whether or not elon musk and tesla would buy more than what they already own. ashley: interesting.
11:07 am
avoided that question or perhaps not allowed to ask it. if you had the chance i'm sure you would have. seattle spending $50 million to house thousands of homeless people in brand-new apartments with panoramic views. jason rants is a seattle taxpayer and he's not happy about it, california drivers pay the highest gas prices in the country, some state lawmakers want to add a mileage tax and that will hurt. we have the report from los angeles. ♪♪
11:08 am
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11:12 am
the 5 take a look at this. president biden's approval rating falling to 38%. let's bring in kim, you have been reaching out to voters in the inner-city. where does president biden stand among black voters? >> reporter: look at the approval rating so far, divide by two, the number most black people are spending president biden today. you see a lot of unemployment claims on the rise. we've taken note that this funding is out the door and donald trump added funding, dialing that back and another thing at the southern border.
11:13 am
people don't talk about the fact that we have seen a lot of drugs on the southern border and baltimore city and other cities across the country are being affected by that. we are seeing it loud and clear, they are not taking police reform into consideration but that is not what black people want, 81% in a gallup poll wanted police reform and ignoring calls from democrats, promises made but not promises kept. ashley: democrats have been trying to back away from the defend the police rhetoric but the are in c released a 7 minute video of democrats supporting the movement. here is part of it. >> not only do we need to disinvest in police but we need to completely dismantle the minneapolis police department. >> defund your butt. >> i support the reallocation of resources from nypd.
11:14 am
>> we will be moving funding from the nypd to youth initiatives and social services. >> talking about reducing allocation of resources in that department. ashley: crime as we notice surging across the country. people don't want less police. is the defund movement over with. >> people talk about defunding the police but that is not what we want in our neighborhoods. in west baltimore, crime goes up to astronomical rates, you have over 200 murders in baltimore city so this is the deadliest year we've seen in history and this is happening across the country and major cities, progressives on behalf of people who do not have private security, you see that
11:15 am
time ndgandin aga lling for e useron caps it cap ra torilo, inloatce pg at p p a 13 001300hoownershine he ie n rs imodety kisp okin ng of,ngha wwehaha lost.lo >> ususse cin e, soc slism sight, ht at right r >> absolutely, and bernie sanders saying are entitled to pay me. the vaccine mandate, they are telling businesses told what
11:16 am
they can or cannot do. they were not able to reopen because they could not stand with the lockdown, that is not what keeping is employed, not keeping our businesses open. we see a lot of what democrats are doing. people are waking up to this. people are tired of it. ashley: so glad we could touch base with you. check the big board for you. a struggle to find direction today, the dow gaining more momentum up 2 tenths of one%. let's look at the 10 year. we see a correlation, taking a hit, on the 10 year, 6%, up 3
11:17 am
basis points. take a look at gold which is unchanged. it is at $1,759 per troy ounce. looking at bitcoin it has been 160 bucks. take a look at the oil hitting $80 a barrel. one dollar and $0.34, what about natural gas, down by a tenth of one% for natural gas. the natural gas prices jumped another 2% standing at $3.26. and and a regular gallon of gas.
11:18 am
and how much of that price, >> that means every time you go and fill up at the top, 25% in taxes. i was that with the familiar one, 18 since in federal, $0.16 in sales, $0.51 in the state excise tax, $0.85, 50% higher than national average but that is not all. california levied a number of fees aimed at reducing carbon emissions was at another $0.39 on there and that is where your one dollar and $0.24 comes from. californians are frustrated and the state excise task for road repairs in california has the worst road conditions in the nation. i drive on them. electric vehicle tax incentive means gas drivers take on the
11:19 am
repair tax. ashley: they don't pay gas taxes. don't use any of it. as much as traditional vehicles, some mismatch and make sure when you use the road you pay for that use even if you drive an electric vehicle. >> lawmakers floated a mileage tax to address the mismatch that there are concerns about privacy issues of addressing that was if you hope for a break anytime soon it is unlikely you can see $4.99 where i am. gas prices will rise with increasing demand, supply chain issues and further reliance on foreign oil. don't shoot the messenger. ashley: that is pain at the pump. sorry you have to feel that pain in california. let's take a look at this headline from fox news. seattle spends in pricing
11:20 am
hotels and fancy penthouse view studios. that can't be true. the author of that piece joins me now. tell me about these brand-new programs the city spent $50 million on. >> that is in seattle. there are wraparound services, there is an ideological view, causing homelessness, lack of affordable housing, 300,$000 per studio. at the same time, seattle leasing hotel rooms, $3 million to purchase hotels, it will only how the thousand people.
11:21 am
giving them what they want, and it followed a group of folks, 57 homeless out of 78. just care was supposedly the successful program, less then an hour later 20 of them ended up back on the streets, 16 of the homeless we have no data on and got into permanent housing. what that means, how long are they staying in permanent housing, it is covid relief, we haven't seen any results yet. ashley: it is encouraging the homeless population to grow.
11:22 am
if i'm on the streets i'm not going to take whatever services you have. i'm going to stick around and get my penthouse studio apartment with a panoramic view. >> we are trying to see that, unless they get a hotel room or a tiny home, they are choosing that and it is not going to address the problem. you are not under dressing be a cause of homelessness, has nothing to do with housing prices in seattle. a lot of people are addicted in dealing with mental health issues, unless you are doing wraparound services that hold these people accountable. it is never going to go away. everyone around washington state around king county, we will give you a hotel room.
11:23 am
ashley: these hotels that have been bought and turned into homeless shelters were shutdown in many cases because the mandate on covid and the covid mandates mean those businesses couldn't survive. >> we will never get these hotels back. and the all-star game, we will never serve them and god for bid anybody walk around the city, not enough to house the homeless population. running into rampant homelessness getting more aggressive and dangerous. and gammons are seeing murders and attempted rapes and fights all the time. this is not the best place to be and we are still not serving them the way they need to be
11:24 am
served because they never get on the path to self-sufficiency. ashley: i am sure taxpayers are thrilled but it is insane. appreciate your time. now this. the la county sheriff pushing back against vaccine mandates. role tape. >> i don't want to loose 5%, 10% of my workforce overnight and vaccine mandate. ashley: rick grenell will take that on and moment away president biden will speak out about the disappointing jobs report. we will monitor and bring any headlines from that. we will be right back. ♪♪
11:25 am
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11:29 am
the 5190,000 jobs were added in september. that was a big miss. displayed 5 figures stocks are mostly flat. we are expecting 500,000 jobs created. edward lawrence is at the white house where the president is
11:30 am
expected to speak at any moment. labor secretary marty walsh blame the delta variant for the disappointing report. are we expecting the same from the president? >> reporter: a lot of figure pointing. this is a difficult job report to explain. it is difficult for the federal reserve but what we are seeing is a trend going downward the past 3 months. in july the economy added 1.1 million jobs. in august the economy added 366,000 jobs in this report adding a back 194,000 jobs. you see the trend. it appears to be an economy slowing but you have 11 million open jobs and the interview you did first on fox with the labor secretary he struggled to explain this issue. >> the plan is working. we added 5 million jobs since president biden took office but we are working to get the vaccine mandates working, the more people get vaccinated the more participation we see in
11:31 am
the workplace. we need to move forward. >> reporter: on the other side, inflation has are made elevated, 5.3% for cpi over the past 12 months. there were bright spots in this labor report for hiring. leisure and hospitality not even close but hiring 74,000 jobs, manufacturing, trade and transportation up and losses in the report, nursing homes lost jobs and government jobs down 123,000 jobs. the biggest part of those lost in government jobs was a local government education. this report is a difficult one for the federal reserve because on one side and argument to keep rates low, they need to keep coming back to the level we are previously in february of 2020. the argument for the other side of that is asset tapering, tapering of asset purchases of the federal reserve.
11:32 am
this was just enough to justify doing that because you have inflation seeking into this economy. ashley: great stuff. let's bring in susan lee. what have you got? >> talking about grain scales, marathon digital, some of the lock chain minors and that is because you have bitcoin, 55,000 and the tapering isn't going to be as dramatic as wall street anticipated because of the disappointing jobs numbers that is positive for the digital goals like that though and bitcoin. netflix, outperforming today, jpmorgan calling it overweight, $705 because of the success of squid game. don't know if you have seen that. it is the number one for the last few weeks and they are saying this helped boost the
11:33 am
subscriber numbers over in asia over the summer into the fall. gm, general motors and ford, value plays outperforming, the yield going to one.6% said that helped the reopening growth plays like gm ford and very bullish for general motors, double revenue, and self driving, the cruise line will be worth $50 billion in the future. ashley: thank you very much. let's bring in garrett, you are seeing an economic slowdown on the horizon. do you have a timeline? >> anywhere from 6 to 12 months, when you think of supply chain disruption and cost going up whether it is labor or cargo ships going from asia to the united states, california, small businesses feeling the effects at home whether it is hiring workers or
11:34 am
expanding to different market territories, cast of goods and raw materials, it is running full circle and washington has answers on capitol hill. ashley: what about the jobs report, everyone is calling it disappointing. does it affect anything, does it affect the thinking of the fed at all do you think? >> i think so. you have to realize rates might go up. that is inevitable. with inflation running through the roof and the timetable is not exact because we are taking it one day at a time and when i think of clients or small businesses in general they are trying to figure out where they are going to toss to make their businesses survive whether it is buying a home or a car or appliances, inventory is low and inventories low and
11:35 am
affecting people and business owners to sustain and if inflation continues to go up and we don't want stagflation either we have to make sure american workers are taken care of and their families. ashley: you say you are concerned about capital gains taxes. tell me more. >> with the cost of capital increasing, going from the current rate of 20% and you think of the 3.8% surtax but on capitol hill democrats are thinking going from 20% to 25%, 28% overall, sales small business owner who is not a typical millionaire or billionaire wants to sell the business or home it will run their retirement into the ground without having enough cash on hand and people have to
11:36 am
think of the long-term effects. i thought there was political gridlock then. it is more severe now and i think we have to be mindful president biden has to work with moderate democrats, moderate republicans and get people like joe manchin or kristen sinema on the same page. ashley: very good stuff. thank you for joining us, appreciate your comments. thank you. now this, los angeles just approved the strictest vaccine mandates in the country but some groups are starting to revolt and we will get into that story. people who deny climate change can no longer make money on youtube and google ads. the companies are silencing dissent, he will make his case next. ♪♪
11:37 am
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11:41 am
>> hot chocolate, one of my favorite bands back in the day, looking at the picture of chicago, 71 degrees, beautiful fall day in chicago. let's talk about one of chicago's most famous residents, michael jordan. suddenly's is selling a pair of his shoes, the most valuable ever at auction. come on in. >> $1.5 million, these are michael jordan's earliest pair of nike air ship back to 1984 and you are probably asking what is the most expensive so far of these michael jordan warned sneakers that have been sold at auction, not as expensive as that.
11:42 am
michael jordan - 615,000 in august, and one high game, lawrence because from 1985 and here is the kicker, the most expensive sneakers ever sold, guess who? kanye west. his easy prototype from 2008, mind blowing $1.8 million. that wasn't even at auction but an exchange between private hands. who says they are not worth much? ashley: keep them on the shelf, put in a glass cage? >> i'm sure stu would say why would anyone pay $2 million, did they have the stench involved here?
11:43 am
>> and a pretty flat day, pretty volatile week. and and and they will longer allow advertisements of any content that denies climate change is real. and national intelligence, they tried to silence defend. >> no questionnaire trying to silence dissent. this is happening in washington dc. outside of washington dc these types of tactics are being widely mocked. people look at this and they see it as a slide toward fascism. you need first and second
11:44 am
generation americans have a panel discussion with them about what is happening in the united states. you will find first and second generation americans are the canaries in the coal mine, they are screaming that the slide towards fascism which they have seen and they left is what is happening in the united states. our problem is with white wealthy americans, we've been here for four, five, 6 generations and what they are doing is pretending that voting for these progressive policies are helping minorities. meanwhile minorities are screaming you are not helping us. this is a slide toward fascism. ashley: next one for you. the sheriff of los angeles county says he's not going to enforce the county's vaccine mandate on his deputies. role tape and i will get your response. >> i'm not forcing anyone. the issue has become so politicized, entire groups of
11:45 am
employees willing to be fired or laid off rather than get vaccinated. i don't want to be in a position to lose 5%, 10% of my workforce overnight on a vaccine mandate. ashley: there you have it. la county sheriff says i don't care what you say i got to do, i'm not going to do it. >> our los angeles county sheriff is fantastic. i hope he runs for mayor. he is brave and courageous and he knows one thing that the mainstream media and progressives are refusing to tell the public and this is important. if you had a confirmed case of covid you do not need the vaccine. let me say that again. if you had a confirmed case of covid you have natural immunity and no longer need to have a vaccine except we have an entire government bureaucracy that has acted against science and very pig initially, they are telling people that don't need the vaccine because they
11:46 am
had a confirmed case of covid to get a vaccine, meanwhile we have people around the world who didn't have a confirmed case of covid, why are we telling americans to do this when they don't need it? for some reason we -- health officials have refused to be nuanced and to talk intelligently about the science here. they had a black and white strategy of just saying everyone must get vaccinated and not everyone needs to be vaccinated. we are denying science. this is our sheriff who is being nuanced and thoughtful and he's not the type of sheriff we need. we have a great sheriff in riverside county doing the same thing. >> thanks for taking time this morning, appreciate it as
11:47 am
always. let's look at the dow 30 stocks as we head to the break. probably more red than green but it has been one of those days, market stuck in neutral trying to decide which way to go next, see if it picks up as the day goes on and fox is celebrating its 20 fifth anniversary all month long and coming up next we are looking back at our favorite moments. stay right there. ♪♪ i feel good today ♪♪ yeah ♪♪ no bringing me down ♪♪ commercial real estate exchange. you can close with more certainty. and twice as fast. if i could, i'd ten-x everything. like a coffee run... or fedora shopping. talk to your broker. ten-x does the same thing, - but with buildings. - so no more waiting.
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♪♪ i feel good ♪♪ i knew that i would ♪♪ ashley: we all feel good, we look at fox square as fox elevates 25 years on the air. let's look back at what some of our friends said about their time at fox. >> that is what you do, provide another view that is patriotic, unapologetic, that you don't get anywhere else. >> there's something amazing
11:52 am
about this company that they can take a risk on someone like myself who has never done television before and let's see how he does. know world would someone like me have this opportunity. it is a blessing. >> more than a decade i started at this channel, i'm an intern back in college, seems like so long ago and came into my tv presence on "varney and company" and it has quite an amazing decade. >> i walked in the studio and julie said i am julie, i said i am bill and she said that is your seat right there and off we ran which is similar to the way we run things at fox anyway. just go for it. >> it is with a special appreciation and gratitude for you because you are one of the first people who brought me on regularly on your show and believed in what i had to say and how i tried to inform viewers. >> i landed here in 2004 and it
11:53 am
was such an incredible opportunity, because i wanted to be in the middle of the campaign and an election and so i will cover any aspect of this election no matter how small. i will do the overnight or whatever it takes. i want to be in boston and new york of the republican and democrat conventions and they gave me that opportunity. >> fox on the opportunity to launch the business network can you continue to make that thrive and it has been a pleasure to be with you throughout the process. ashley: good stuff. i love watching that because there was so much sniping when fox news went on the air. the new york times called fox news rupert murdoch's imaginary friend and we noted turner said he was going to squash rupert murdoch like a bug. guess who is laughing now, it didn't take long and have been number one for so long and it
11:54 am
is an amazing rise if you like of a company that dared to report the news perhaps with people off the east coast and west coast and in the heartland of america, let me start with you first, when did you first come to fox? >> i was here for the launch of the business network in summer of 2007. as a field producer i came from cnn and produced for you. and sandra smith and fox took a big gamble on me and put me on the affiliates. fox 5 new york, la, did all those and then fox and friends first, the varney show back in the day and they -- that is how a small market, can't see them but fox let me mess up in new york city. ashley: you didn't mess up.
11:55 am
>> you look exactly the same. ashley: it is very, what can i say? come on in. what about your experience? >> i arrived in april of 2018 and found this place to be so welcoming and it has been a great privilege to cover world changing events. the two that stuck out in my mind was going to hong kong in 2019 and cover the protests, young individuals that were trying to fight for their future, fight for democracy, fight for the rights we get to enjoy in the us and that is what fox celebrates come our freedom, our freedom of speech and freedom to enjoy this country. i would say the second event i remember the most is talking to tim cook of apple, first time there was access the world's biggest company and the access fox news hasn't foxbusiness. ashley: great stuff.
11:56 am
thank you very much. guess what? it is not friday feedback but it is trivia question for your friday and the question is how many hours per day does the average americans spend watching television? you've got to throw in the 3 hours of varney every day but the answer when we come back. m. this is my granddaughter...she's cute like her grandpa. voya doesn't just help me get to retirement... ...they're with me all the way through it. voya. be confident to and through retirement. this isn't just freight. these aren't just shipments. they're promises. promises of all shapes and sizes. each with a time and a place they've been promised to be. a promise is everything to old dominion, because it means everything to you. you have the best pizza in town and the worst wait times. you need to hire. i need indeed. indeed you do. indeed instant match instantly delivers quality candidates matching your job description. visit ♪ ♪
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ashley: we asked how many hours a day to the average american
12:00 pm
spend watching tv? the answer is hours. three hours of varney, for everything else. according to the u.s. news & world report watching tv is the most popular leisure activity in america and guess which state watches the most tv? that would be west virginia with an average of 3 hours a day. as we leave you with the latest look at the markets it is a stick in neutral kind of day but it is friday and our time is up. neil cavuto, taken away. >> i don't know if i believe that. are they rely on people telling them how much they watch? ashley: i guess. people never lie. >> don't know how stupid i could have been to doubt it. have a wonderful weekend. we are having a wonderful time with the dow jones industrials appear, we've got a disappointing employment number.


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