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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  October 7, 2021 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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bureaucratic insight about this. it's good to see you, come back soon. i am elizabeth mcdonald, you've been watching the evening at it. thank you for watching. we hope you have a good evening join us again tomorrow night. ♪♪ ♪♪ kennedy: it was never really about safety, it was always just for show. the whole thing is possible. feel morally superior to you and now we have the proof. more than a year end a half, the left has been on a religious crusade to get everyone to wear a mask all the time and if you don't wear one from work basically jeffrey dahmer and want to kill people. even though it's still unclear how much protection mass provide, there's a lot of
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science settle the newest battlefront from across the nation's schools. teachers unions demanding advocate old enough to sit up and wear a mask. science is as dubious as the moon being made of cheese but we all know that's settled and that's true. progressive number is in boston, the congresswoman was at an event detroit when she said this -- [inaudible] kennedy: property contract -- she's only wearing a mask because there was a republican bear. covid will only eat my lungs if there's a republican here. she's also vaccinated and she said standing outside so the mask is only for the cameras, only for show and seems to be a hallmark of the salon even when it comes to this. remember this? tax the rich dress, wealthy
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celebrities and they will show them. the hypocrisy is nauseating and infuriating because they think they are smarter and better than you trust me, they are not. why does anybody pay attention to these dumb dumb squats party panel, a fox radio host and town political editor my first gay boyfriend. without fox news jupiter, the one and only gorgeous and foundation for economic education policy correspondent. my side hussle, welcome, everyone. >> i knew it. kennedy: i didn't want you to have to find out otherwise. [laughter] it's a big deal. weight for the show to unfold, he will see. sometimes it's good to be the glomar. let's discuss this a little bit. i, are we done with masks officially now?
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>> no because the power is out day, it will force us to continue to wear them or forced children to continue to wear them in schools even if there's no scientific evidence backing that up. we seen so much hypocrisy over and over again, mayors imposing mandates even on the vaccinated, violating the mandates themselves here in d.c., san francisco, whatever their excuses are, it will keep going until the american people collectively say we are not doing it anymore but there are a lot of yurok people happy to keep doing it forever and ever amen no matter what the science shows and it's very frustrating to a lot of people. kennedy: is frustrating because buildings don't know what to do, people don't know how to comply, they want to make other people comfortable but they don't necessarily trust masks are the things that are finding society together. my favorite new thing to do at
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my apartment building is get on the elevator without a mask and find others not wearing masks they are like wait, what? [laughter] >> i'm going to try that in my building and probably for hops the same effect. everyone is at the brink of we are over this there's no more sign on the outside that says this is how you can stop the spread of covid. the one thing we have known consistently throughout all of us are at least a few months in is about outdoor spread of the virus and that's why we are successful keeping kids pretty healthy when they were having outdoor pods, all the kids were in classes, and groups outside and they ended up okay someone i usually -- went to let this go and raise something interesting out of san francisco where it looks like there one of the most liberal cities in the country
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saying we are done with this and they are reevaluating mask mandate. i don't know if it's anything to do with being caught not wearing a mask . kennedy: hallelujah. >> long-overdue but we are heading in that direction and san francisco leading the way, i imagine liberals . kennedy: with all the actual study and data in california, masks were not the deciding factor whether or not there were more hospitalizations and deaths from covid. it was so incredibly arbitrary in terms of mask mandates. now vaccines, that was different but what is receipt of to lead trying to accomplish here? do they think people are dumb and only paying attention to momentary photo op press. >> that must be what they think but the only thing worse than being a mask karen is a mask karen that doesn't even play by
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her own roles and that's what's been done here and it's not even her first offense. she spent really sleep busted at a wedding violating mask role so i'm sick of politicians who don't practice what they preach, they think the rules are for the low people, not the special ones but it's not about covid and safety anymore, it's about control and wanting to keep the infringement into our personal lives they've taken during this pandemic. enough is enough, we are not playing by the rules. >> by the way, that clip she says i'm only wearing this because there's a republican tracker, she says it while the republican tracker is right there filmmaker gives away the whole. it defeats the purpose, she should have whispered it, i don't know what the game plan was, maybe there wasn't one. kennedy: or just leave the mask off. if you don't believe the words when you are outside and think
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you are impervious and just leave it off and stop screwing around. that's the advice i give to joe biden, stop screwing around, nothing is working with the president. a poll shows his job approval rating is down to 38% that's an all-time low for sleepy joe ratings on his handling of the economy. foreign policy and taxation a mere 25% approve of his handling of immigration and full speed ahead for a wrecking ball agenda. this present biden even care that america is unhappy with him? guy, what is most troubling for this president? is down on pretty much all up front. foreign policy, the economy, covid, immigration, underwater everywhere but what is the worst for him? >> i would say trust and favorability being as far down as they are really cuts to the core of his entire brand as a
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national politician. he ran to be the normalizing stabilizing confident adult compared to the last guy, that's the way he presented himself and americans watched this unfold for months and fair thing no, not only on issues but characteristics, we are deeply unimpressed, he's not matching the promise, not even close and if he's not had a rebound from the afghanistan debacle, that might have dark things ahead for him ahead because the numbers have away sometimes of getting stuck. kennedy: this is not unique to the biden administration but communications team jen psaki, they are always trying to in things is way rosier than they are and it's disingenuous because people know inflation is hurting them, people know there's a problem at the border and they know all of this is happening and that afghanistan
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was a total failure and embarrassment but the white house tries to spin it in a certain way, do you think would help his ratings if they were a little bit more honest about things? >> i do, i've been talking about this the last couple weeks on air, i think they should just own it and just say we know the american people aren't happy with xy and z decisions, we think they are in the rest of the interest of the people and this is how we will get us back on track. all people usually a lot smarter than people give him credit for, they know what's going on here and to couple what guy said about the trust and competency issues to the actual issues when they manifest themselves, afghanistan debacle if you would like to call it that, that's expected to rebound and there wasn't and managing of the
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pandemic was the fish big issue he want because of what happened during the pandemic and i don't think people saddleback what president trump so unless those two things, joe biden is going to restore faith in us get along with everybody, he will sit by himself effect made up table and whatever americans -- own hands #that's what it looks like, i'm hungry. i get it. some americans like to eat. but guy jessica touched on competency issues and he's underwater, 55 to 42% of americans polled here find him to be not competent, how do you rebound from that. >> they can only be by keeping him off camera as much as possible because he's not feeling anybody with confidence,
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the president is not when he steps in front of the camera starts saying things like my $3.5 trillion bill costs $0, it's disingenuous, it's obviously wrong, it's gas lighting and the least surprising thing about the approval numbers was a majority of americans did approve of the way joe biden handles the economy. there's just a report today the average american family suffering $175 a month in inflation cost in their housing and fuel, in their food. he's trying to spend trillions of dollars, blow out the budget even more and raise taxes to fall on workers and people earning less than $400,000 like he promised so economy, it's a big thing for a politician, he should be really concerned how he is pulling. kennedy: for our theoretical things like 1 trillion-dollar coin and then the actual thing, ground beef going up by 28% and
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healing cap. most people, that's worse than a tax hike and they don't have an answer for inflation and spending more money we don't have is certainly the wrong answer. as times approval ten, the president decided to visit chicago to push his vaccine mandates on businesses. >> vaccination requirements are a tough medicine. unpopular with some more politics or others but they are lifesaving game changing for our country. we are in a position to leap forward in a way we haven't for a long time economically. businesses have more power than ever before to change the ark of the pandemic save lives and protect and grow our economy so as president, i'm going to continue to do everything i can to get us out of this pandemic. kennedy: an executive order requiring business more than 100 employees to mandate covid vaccinations and will affect 80 million workers once the rules
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into effect but just before he was sworn into office, he had something completely different to say. >> will they be mandatory? >> i think it should be mandatory, i wouldn't demand it to be mandatory but i do everything in my power just like i don't think masks have to be mandatory nationwide. how do everything in my power as president of the united states to encourage people to do the right thing. kennedy: he was so much traffic ten months ago. mr. president, was not just like to get elected alexi was already elected at that time. >> yet but he said that, jen psaki, chief spokesperson said something similar more recently, it's not within the scope or authority of the federal government to require vaccines, we heard back from rochelle at the cdc and doctor fauci. i am super pro vaccine, publicly cap both doses as soon as ours
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possibly eligible to do it. i have an issue with the federal government intervening with mandates and i think a lot of people in particular already distrustful and frustrated with the public health establishment the federal government when you have all these people, time after time saying we are not going to do x and they turn around and surprise, we are doing x and pat themselves on the back a few weeks later saying look, it's working. coercion works if we threaten your job. it deepens mistrust in the gap and credibility and that is a lasting problem. kennedy: there are a lot of independent thing yeah, i'm good with the vaccine, i got the vaccine, stop telling me you will take my job away if i have hesitancy for whatever reason in this administration is not acknowledging natural immunity which is still a big issue. you could make the case of the government reports people to do a lot of things in order to keep
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them healthier in order to maintain the greater good but that's eroding our basic liberties. >> i do not. i am up fan so i'm probably not the right person on this but -- oh yes all you libertarians, this isn't actually . kennedy: i don't want to have any fun, i hate people. >> i love having fun and i love having fun with a huge soda but what president biden has out there is not actually a mandate. you have to get vaccinate or subject yourself testing which is not a big deal if you have natural immunity which i know in some cases like a fountain israel . kennedy: who pays for it? >> the employers pay for it. three or four of us and i love
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you anyway, brad worked at fox and you can either get vaccinate or we are subjected to daily testing and that's even more stringent smart and effective, the mandates are working, united airlines, delta and healthcare systems stories about the troopers and massachusetts get blown out of proportion doesn't resign. it was less than 1% of them who resigned in fact their prerogative, private companies been given a choice. give vaccine or get a swab up your nose, who cares? kennedy: i don't know, they are not going for testing. this is coercion, force. >> a lot of companies responded by saying yes, just get the vaccine, we are not paying for weekly tests and giving you time to do the test and it's not quite a private mandate when the government puts herself on the scale like this.
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the biden is taking credit that he doesn't deserve, he's pointing to the number of people vaccinated an option for mandate ' we achieved. a lot of those people would have gotten vaccinated anyway, it's not as if we would have had zero summary there may have been some success from his view but it doesn't matter to me because it's fundamental infringement people's most basic liberties and autonomy the government has no business in and i also want to note this, how many people had skepticism of the vaccine which i fully support, i recommend people take, i don't buy into the the anti- vax stuff but how do's skepticism deepen widen the government trying to force them to take it? that number is probably a lot bigger than any about. kennedy: one desk kamala harris got from i will not take a vaccine from president trump everyone has got to get the vaccine? [laughter] guy, we have like ten seconds. >> i'm still reacting to your
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jessica and kamala harris impressions over the course of these last two minutes, i'm so impressed, i could watch it may be not an entire hour but most of an hour. kennedy: thank you so much and that's why you are my gate best best. [laughter] i married, guy. a lot of people don't know that. panel sticking around, wait until you hear wild report, cia refugees as afghanistan. fox news correspondent, he just got back from kabul and he joins me in studio studio to discuss. ♪♪
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to hollywood or orlando to attend halloween horror nights. or xfinity rewards members, get the inside scoop on halloween kills. just say "watch with" into your voice remote for an exclusive live stream with jamie lee curtis. a q&a with me! join for free on the xfinity app. our thanks your rewards. is ago was the most terrifying place on earth, chaotic front gate of the kabul airport where thousands of frightened americans afghan refugees gathered as they try to escape how on earth but according to a appraising report be cia had a secret entrance that may have saved many of the people try to escape the country and alabama had no idea about the "wall street journal" claims the agency somehow opened. a secret portal named the quarry gate.
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the back of the airport, agents reportedly used the case to smuggle out vips but they shipped it to vulnerable afghans who could make it through chauvin checkpoints so what else is going it on that we haven't heard about? here with me now, fox news born jupiter, back from afghanistan in one piece, thank god. welcome to the studio and not in a war zone. what you make up a story about the secret cia game? >> there's a lot going on during the evacuation of the end of august people didn't know about and as we reflect on the story and what happened, it is clear the americans have not only pathways to get out that work publicly known but options they didn't take. one option includes keeping the airbase open just outside of kabul that previously thousands of prisoners not only taliban prisoners the isis prisoners. they've been released since the taliban took over afghanistan
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and also if there was an option according to a report that the americans could have maintained security during the evacuations, an offer from the taliban and they said no. kennedy: you guys are totally trustworthy, your partners according to jake sullivan so what has happened to the people in afghanistan left behind? the current tension like in kabul? >> the state department keeps repeating 100 american citizens and u.s. green card holders, legal residence left behind, it's not true. kennedy: how many are there? >> there are thousands of green card holders still on the ground in afghanistan, a handful of american citizens and thousands of american allies, translators and people who worked with the american forces over the past 20 years stuck in the country still. kennedy: what happens to them? are they in jeopardy, our their lives in danger because taliban apparently knows who they are
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and where they are? >> one 100% and they are desperate, they are e-mailing me, we met on the street, empathy workers who have pictures with deputy chief of mission, people still operating under the biden administration's state department and they met these people, they worked with them hand-in-hand on the ground in kabul and they are left behind. many of them will be targeted by the taliban, maybe not today or tomorrow but the coming weeks and months, some of these people will die as a result of the decisions made during the withdrawal. kennedy: you have taliban numbers in your phone? >> yes. kennedy: how do you gain their trust to do a ride along and talk to them and interview them? >> you have to be very clear about why you are there and we did the same questions from the taliban as extremist organizations around the world, groups like hamas and g hot and lebanon and has the law and iraq and malicious they want to know, will you make us look good? my answer is good, if you want
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to cut a piece deal and in the case of taliban, allow americans to freely leave the country and keep them safe, with that if you want to target civilians and hang products from cranes, we will put that in at first, it can be an uncomfortable conversation but i'm not there to keep them feeling countable, i'm there to hold them accountable. kennedy: q were going between afghanistan and cutter, what if you eat? >> it depended on the day. food everyday. kennedy: how did you get? >> it depends, basically when you can eat, you eat and hydrate and try to be ready to go because you don't know when the next meal will be. once you leave the hotel, you are in a secure compound and when i say secure, it's a compound currently being guarded by taliban suicide unit but once you leave the area, you're on your own, threats not only from extreme calicut man but groups like isis so when you have time to sit down and have a meal from you prepare for the day and
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always have to be on alert looking over your shoulder and making sure you are not targeted. kennedy: how many people do you travel with? you have a camera person, either three or six or 29 if you? >> make the cameraman and one or two fixers so local afghans from a people who speak the language can operate freely and are able to guide us to the city because it's agngin t inlny i tnms of of secur sitecn g ,we am am so so gladla ylaou eare heere here,, it'soo td td t d ve you and and we we will w wal. safe se. . comi ng up up it's i ge neand-ig t t ylfeest oyl r th tic althyealtea wackoh shom somngom they've boughough or done. u can play alaloyngla. ♪♪
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welcome to television challenge authority on depravity and debauchery, time for lifestyles of the rich and shameless. a new game for we learn how stars of show business and big business live their lives and fortune. here's how it works, i will read true stories from the lives of the rich and shameless and panelists will guess who i'm talking about and whoever gets the most right windsor gold member lamborghini filled with caviar. are you ready to play? he recall. question number one. which of these rich and shameless bill the dog a two story private manchin with air conditioning, chandelier and balcony? paris hilton, betty white cameron diaz? >> i'm going to guess paris hilton.
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kennedy: you would be right. on the board with one. more valuable than you are, so hot. jesse, here's your first question which of these rich and shameless has a home with a man-made beach? stand imported from the caribbean, is it bill gates, david hoff or ludacris? >> i'm going to go ludacris. kennedy: you be wrong, it's my former neighbor, bill gates. there he is, imported from the caribbean from beautiful sand. >> that shocks me. kennedy: it disgusting, i'm writing him a letter saying hey bill, what are you doing? seriously, if he invites me, i'll take it. brad from a business for you. each of these rich and shameles. as for nipples? joey bertone, harry styles or liz out?
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>> oh my, if you like any of these answers can get me and trouble. i will go with harry styles. kennedy: brad is also on the board. harry styles difficult play june in tokyo with. tune in tokyo, here we go. good job. guy, next question. each of these rich and shameless spent over $40 million to build a 500-foot tall clock inside a mountain that takes just once a year end chimes once a millennium? is it bill gates, jeff beto's or doctor evil? >> doctor evil. kennedy: yes and no. it's actually jeff beto's. he's not technically with a phd but good at sending packages. [laughter] jesse, which of these rich and shameless has a custom-built bathtub and in the shape of their cabinet? elon musk, oprah or michel
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moore? >> it feels like elon musk but i would say oprah. kennedy: i'm going to give jessica back, yes, it's oprah forget. >> she got two guesses? kennedy: she was working through it, that's okay, you can work through it. which of these rich and shameless work as a? was at dr. dre or james lipton? >> dr. dre. kennedy: racist. it's actually james. [laughter] so no, you are all tied with one. let's go to our next round, sneaky link. which of these rich and shameless once bought $81500 first-class plane ticket for his
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hat? so he could meet him in italy? david bowie or dj kalitta? >> cries each name until it dings? that's what jessica basically gets. >> no. >> i will say david bowie or maybe -- david bowie be tooth that would be incorrect. not on his head but it's still on that plane. we are still all tied with one. could move into the lead with this, which rich and shameless lost their middle finger in her car door? matthew perry, or mark anthony? >> rob schneider? kennedy: wrong answer, it was matthew perry. now he can't flip anyone off. all right, brad.
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which of the rich and famous once confessed spending $10000 a month on drinking water? lady gaga, paris hilton or moderna? >> lady gaga. kennedy: no. this is the final round, you are still tied with one. two points. guy, which of these was once a lion tamer? nikki, london or christopher walker? >> mickey rourke. kennedy: no. you either tie with the lamborghini the other two impacts or you lose. which rich and shameless author daughter a 24000-dollar playhouse equipment complete with running water and electricity? cardi b, jv katie holmes? >> jay-z. kennedy: now, brad, this one could be yours. it was katie holmes. she has many homes because --
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rich and famous and teeny scientologists we won't name. which of these rich and shameless once bought their 1-year-old daughter and $80000 diamond encrusted barbie doll? beyoncé, mariah carey or courtney kardashian? >> courtney kardashian. kennedy: if you are not good at this game. >> we don't care about these people so into the issues. all right, you guys can split a trip watching me drive the goal lamborghini because i'm keeping it to myself. i'd like to thank my gay husband, my gay boyfriend and my friend. >> thanks, see you at home. kennedy: independent fact checkers, trumped with power. are they really taking down this information or just censoring people linearly? here to set the record straight.
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♪♪ kennedy: hi, welcome back. facebook messed with the wrong stash. legendary liberty tom stossel suing for social media giant they make a partly false so-called facts check labeled a stop on video about climate change is actually defamation. >> facebook can legally ban people but it does not have the legal right to knowingly lie about what i say. that is defamation and they need to stop. kennedy: so will this perp the corruption of big tech so-called fact checkers? here to discuss, but felt cohost
7:45 pm
catnip and the one and only founder in my mind are, john. hi, john. you want to say hi to john? >> hi, john. [laughter] did you say she's on a ventilator or something? >> on watch? [laughter] kennedy: this is fun. john, why are you suing facebook? i hope you win every penny. >> thank you. facebook does a lot of biased things but that is their right to do. the reason i am suing is they hire so-called fact checkers so-called journalism group and
7:46 pm
they are so biased they just make stuff up and in my case, it did a couple of things. the biggest, they put something" as if i set it that i did not say then they called it misleading second, they rated my story, i forget the label, i think partly false without watching it because i follow-up in contact with their reviewers and the reviewers that oh, if you thought we watched your piece, no, we never did. we just knew the guy you interviewed. >> john, that was interesting. i watched your video think we didn't see it, it's pretty flagrant when they say false information here, it's inaccurate and they don't even dispute any facts at all do think they are able to get away with this because i don't think anyone will sue them?
7:47 pm
>> maybe but they are overwhelmed and i don't blame them for trying to police their space use supposedly respectable established groups to do it for them, i don't think they know what's going on but now they will. kennedy: what does your lawyer say about your case? obviously it's getting some attention but is this something you conceivably could went and how could that change how facebook polices their content? >> i certainly think i could went i would not have sued, it's expensive to sue and my lawyer turned down a bunch of other people who wanted to sue because facebook has rights to put on whoever they want but they don't have the right to defame me and what i hope is that they will fire these facts checkers. kennedy: if they are not actually fact checking or doing the work and if they are not
7:48 pm
providing counterfactual, then they should absolutely be removed, come back soon okay? >> i didn't hear your last question, sorry. kennedy: i love you, i love you -- i know you love me, to somewhere. >> i love you,. [cheering and applauding] kennedy: thank you. >> i love you both be to forever together. ♪♪
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's that's a great moment right there. the ref going to the rule book here. what, wait a minute! harris is off to the races!
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a new study says pfizer's covid vaccine could require an update every two months. why didn't i-5 pfizer stock? it proves once and for all it was made by bill gates. that's a job and a big shot at this is tropical storm. start with hilton, south carolina for incredible video, we see a shark circling and alligator. those are both big creatures,
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godzilla versus comp. trying not to attract attention which is why my mom always told me to never go swimming when the alligator in the water looks nervous. don't go swimming with bowlegged women. this gets worse in a few minutes, bill crosby swims out behind the shark and the dramatic confrontation, watch as the topic number two. calling all boris, it's your time to hit the sauce. you've heard of butter beer and now get ready for mustard one. finally, people enjoy finer things in life but aren't sophisticated to know what they
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her. leonardo can stay on the line all day, no problem canceling cable subscriptions and propel himself on a skateboard steering around obstacles slightly less than lightning speed. robot might enslave us but at least they won't win the game anytime soon. the team says they want high hopes for leonardo but now he just stays under a bridge all day long and smokes pot with back kids. leonardo can fly, caltex has his skills make an ideal. he said he used it to impress donors. topic number four. speaking of disappointing stoners, let's hear what you have to say, kennedy nation acts like a drunk 3-year-old because she doesn't have the clue what she's talking about.
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get me drunk and i make perfect sense. i just watched your program for the first time. you are an immature child. that's a step up, thank you very much. in spice up kennedy nation, i suggest different colors and sizes of glasses. like these? is this what you are talking about? sexy lady. i'll be right back. ♪♪
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