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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  October 5, 2021 2:00pm-3:00pm EDT

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a comeback today. interesting news out of johnson & johnson, saying it will ask fda to approve its own booster shots to join pfizer. moderna is looking to work on a boos sherr shot on its own. matter of weeks we'll have quite a number of booster shots for you. charles payne to take you through the next hour. charles: good afternoon, i'm charles payne. this is "making money." this is turn around tuesday and the buy on the dip crowd is here in force. but who will make the laws in this new digital world? i'm spying some huge potential long moves in the reopening trade, particularly airlines as declining covid cases could spark big time gains there. grab a pen and paper. we're covering two universes of opportunities for you. the pain-free solution to end
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the debt debate. it's a coin. some say it's a fairytale. some say it is a serious solution. i will ask larry kudlow. it wasn't enough for krysten sinema to be followed in a bathroom and accosted on a plane. far left media calling for more on that type of stuff. rebecca walser is here. she will sound off on all of that stuff. that and much more on "making money". ♪. charles: all right i know i said it a zillion times but i continue to marvel at the resolve of this stock market which i think buy the dip has to be the strategy you go with until it stops working. you know today it is the 737th turnaround tuesday since 1990. so what's the difference, right? what is different about today than yesterday? why could this move have greater meaning? for starters stocks are cheaper. i'm not just talking about pricewise. key valuation metrics and current advantage over investing
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vehicles remain in place. all the stuff gnawing at the economy showing signs of hitting inflection points. investors have to be worried about inflation, supply chains and this administration's debt getting something monumental done that maybe something bad happens. to help hash it out we have three of the best. david nelson, jim awad, mark tepper. jim, start with you. i like to go with your sage wisdom during periods of turmoil. by the way i think you've been around for every turnaround tuesday, for the record, so have i. what is the moral of that story? >> the moral of this story in the long run the u.s. economy prevails and the stock market follows the u.s. economy. so if you have anything, any sort of a reasonable time horizon, when things get weak as long as the economic fundamentals look sound as they do now, you have to buy them, just be patient as you said. they were cheaper this morning
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than they were certainly, cheaper than they were last month and yesterday. so it is really a, it was a pretty attractive opportunity, particularly what went on in september. charles: absolutely. mark, what nobody has seen in this country is a default on our debts. president biden sounding more he is going there, roll the dice, gambit to blame the gop. just for a moment, imagine if it would happen, what would it mean for the market? >> yeah. well, look, charles, if the u.s. defaults the market will crash 20% in probably a few days. so that tina strategy that has been working completely goes out the window i think we need to pump brakes a little bit tell you why it won't happen and it's a non-event. u.s. makes $4 trillion in cash flow, the debt is 3 trillion. there is no need for us to default. it is all political posturing. beyond that the debt ceiling can be in the reconciliation
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process. that eats into the progressives 3.5 green new deal and human infrastructure deal which they don't want. if you're an investor market spooks over this, you do what has been working what you said at top of the show, you buy the dip. charles: david, i love you're always invested because that means you always got skin in the game. my question to you where is that skin now? >> i have skin in the game and some places i'm bleeding. i suppose the biggest overweight i have right now is financials. nobody likes these pies, the sector is outperformer on three month, six month, even one year basis. if you believe like i do the yield curve will continue to steepen and that speaks to net interest margins. companies like jpmorgan close to all-time highs, 50% discount to the market. some are trading in single digits. i don't care what you own but own something. charles: financials don't have the swagger they had like 10 years ago but to your point. the market today, we had this
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bounce a garden-variety bounce at 9:30 it, became a strong rebound after the ism service report came out, substantially better than expected. jim, as much as we talked about the resolve of the markets it is really the economy. you kind of got to this earlier, right? our economy finds a way to remain strong, doesn't it? >> yes, absolutely over time. whenever there is a problem companies find solutions to the problem and they find solutions that are profitable to them and good for society so i think we'll work our way through all the issues the markets are worried about. the government will take care of itself. inflation some will subside, some will stay, interest rates will go up somewhat but not enough to hurt the markets. i think when companies report third quarter earnings in october, the fourth quarter outlook will be gangbusters. third quarter results may be mixed because of supply chain issues i think the forward-looking guidance will be very good and lift the market through the end of the year. charles: mark, i want to stay on the supply chain thing because
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in this report, one thing was noticeable, they had a list, long list of commodities in short supply and you also saw truck drivers on the list. fedex, their stock was slammed a couple weeks ago because of this. near term how much of a problem will it be particularly for individual companies? >> it is a big problem. so i actually, i talked to the buddy who owns a logistics company in jacksonville, florida, i think it was friday, oh, man, you are exactly the guy i need to be talking to. tell me how business is for you right now? he says look there is no shortage of demand but i have six semis in my yard with nobody to drive them. i don't care what business you're in, you have growth plans but can't hire the people to execute the growth plans your growth is going to stall and slow. labor shortages are talked about in nearly every industry right now. i got to tell you, from my perspective driving a truck is one of the easiest paths to make a good living for yourself.
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i don't know why people don't get ire cdls to make the good buck. charles: google searches for cdl licenses are starting to spike in the last week the tell your friend i love to drive one of those trucks. i won't deliver anything but i would love to take it on the road. start about staying on the road for the reopening trade. it looks like it is poised to take off. david what is the best way to play this? >> probably the best way was energy but it is pretty tough to chase some of these names out there. charles, i'm always invested i will find a place for investor capital. one of the concerns i have you have completely dysfunctional washington. if some of inplaying goes through i'm concerned about estimates next year. gdp numbers will be down each successive quarter. i'm starting to see estimates for next year below 2%. that is what we lived for the most of the last decade. we can and must do better than that. charles: mark, do you have anything on the reopening side?
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>> yeah, man. i want to share with everyone a way to play the reopening trade that hasn't really participated in the reopening trade, aramark. they provide concessions, food, beer, among other things for all live events. watch any nfl game across this week, good luck finding an empty seat. go to country music concert, tell me you don't see anyone drinking a beer. you won't. live nation is up 35% that is the concert producer. aramark is down 7%. it's a derivative play on live events. we bought more two weeks ago. charles: love it. i love the way you laid that out. that is exactly what the audience loves as well. truck driving issue, but the supply chain thing is a global problem. i'm reading today, vietnam might be turning the corner on covid-19. that could help ease the supply chain. jim, is there a sector that maybe benefits more than others once the supply chain eases up here, all the bottlenecking and
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frustration eases up? >> everybody wins because vietnam has become very important but particularly people who produce and sell goods because you have got to make the goods in vietnam, ship them here, get them on the shelves and in the stores. so i would say that although the economy, there is a demand for services and goods, goods will benefit more about it reopening of vietnam but also that will alleviate supply chain inflation issues which should help growth stocks because people will be a little bit less afraid of inflation. so i think everybody wins as vietnam comes back online. charles: david, jim, mark, couldn't ask for three better guys to help us out here. thanks a lot. turnaround tuesday with three of the best. it is the biggest gambit to prevent a potential catastrophe of this debt default. platinum coin, folks. just one coin. i will ask larry kudlow what he thinks of this idea. president biden can't rally his
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party to pass his agenda, he has gone out to the heartland in michigan to rally the american people. congressman ken buck says biden already surrendered to the socialist left and it is too late. he is next. ♪. as an independent financial advisor, i stand by these promises: i promise to be a careful steward of the things that matter to you most. i promise to bring you advice that fits your values. i promise our relationship will be one of trust and transparency. as a fiduciary, i promise to put your interests first, always. charles schwab is proud to support the independent financial advisors who are passionately dedicated to helping people achieve their financial goals. visit
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charles: president biden hitting the road while washington, d.c., remain as beehive of activity, much of it in the emergency kind of nature. now facebook meanwhile under the microscope in the senate. taiwan under pressure as china ramps up its provocations. a lot boeing on, folks. so let's bring in republican congressman ken buck of colorado. congressman, start with president biden, went to howell township, michigan, population of 7200. he went there to build back better plan. you went you were born in ossony, new york, that is why president biden went to small town, why should small towns be worried about this? >> i represent a lot the of small towns on eastern plains of
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colorado. go talk to the mom going to the grocery store and with two kids, buying milk, meat, eggs and prices are going up and goes to the gas station and prices are going up. the idea we pump $2 trillion already seeing inflation is scaring a people in small towns than supposed benefits coming out of these bills. >> i did some research on the township. it was interesting to me from 2010 to 2015 their household income went down 13%. that was another era of big spending, big government spending. people got to be very, very careful to your point. i want to shift back to d.c. because i got to tell you, i watched a little bit of these hearings today, there is great sense of kumbayah in the senate where whistle-blower, frances haugen is giving a detailed account of her experiences at facebook and all their misdeeds. she says the best action congress could take is reform
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section 230? do you agree with that? >> i don't agree with that. that is one of the actions we need to take. when we talk about a term as broad as otherwise objectionable in terms of what the platforms can censor we have to tight enthat term up. it does no good to give an individual at facebook the authority to decide what goes on, doesn't go on, based on congressional language if we don't have five or six different facebooks, if we don't give people a choice in terms of what platform they choose to use. we cede some dangerous out comes from facebook and the fact that human traffickers and drug cartels and are using facebook and the effect on teenage girls and their self-image through instagram, that's not going to change with section 230. what we need to make sure we have various competition in the marketplace so that people have a choice. charles: is it too late for that though? have we crossed the rubicon on
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anything? listen i know capitalism. we thought no retailer could ever compete with sears. we've seen creative destruction but a handful of names seem to have their hooks into this thing so deeply, so embedded, can we eventually see an alternative? >> we have to see an alternative. we can't give up on this effort. i agree with you that there are times during the obama administration where they didn't scrutinize any mergers and these four companies, amazon, apple, facebook and google became so big that they are really crushing competition. we've got to find ways of leveling the playing field and allowing competition to compete in the marketplace but what we can't give up, we've got to make sure those things happen. charles: speaking of scrutiny, talk about what is happening over in asia. a record 56 chinese aircraft entered taiwan airspace yesterday. it was all kinds of aircraft, right? felt like the kind of dry run for not just you know, not just
2:18 pm
for an attack, but for a sustained military operation. what can we do? because these sort of provocative actions are getting more and more embarrassing and threatening, i think the world needs to pay attention particularly in the united states? >> the united states needs to pay attention, i absolutely agree with you. it is important for to us make sure we have highly publicized arms sales to taiwan. i think it is important we train with training exercises with taiwan naval as well as land. one of the things china is doing gathering intelligence where the radar installations are in china and how, in taiwan and how taiwan is tracking airplanes coming across. so we need to make sure that we are doing our very best to give taiwan the flexibility to, really, china just needs to, ultimately will make a decision whether it is a cost benefit analysis of whether it is in their interests to invade taiwan or not. we need to make sure the cost is so high that china decides
2:19 pm
otherwise. charles: right. also they don't feel emboldened that we'll push back. congressman buck, thanks so much. i appreciate it. >> thank you. charles: so janet yellen rejecting the idea of a trillion dollar coin to save us from a potential catastrophe with debt default. she actually called it a gimmick but a lot of folks, including some well-known economists on the left say it is the exact right idea. i will ask larry kudlow to break the tie.
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charles: all right. so i'm sure you've seen on social media hashtag minted the coin is gaining traction. more folks are getting behind the idea that the u.s. shut mint a trillion dollar platinum coin, one of them, deposit the at federal reserve. by the way it would not count towards the nation's debt. it is a cool idea at least from one hollywood movie.
2:25 pm
you could do a james bond theme or "pink panther" theme. but would it work for real life? we have larry kudlow. i was watching your show, you and david stockman knew about every trick. >> including this one but i can't recall in those days it might have been silver, not platinum. we always had silver versus gold. reagan had a gold commission. it might have been that. by the way i'm not keen on this idea. it is interesting to me i actually agree with janet yellen on this with at least to some extent. this morning she said on another show that the fed would lose control of the money supply and might damage their independence. let me just say quickly, technically the mint doesn't create money okay? the only the federal reserve legally can create money. charles: okay. >> now the treasury could too but the mint doesn't. the mint follows currency demand. that is all they do. they pass it through the fed's
2:26 pm
supervision. they do not create the money supply. there is only one open market that buys bonds, and injects cash to pay for it. charles: i can't get lucky one day walking down the street and find a trillion dollar coin? [laughter] >> i don't want to rule it out, the coin of your dreams but here is the other thing caught me to thinking when yellen spoke this morning on the subject, said the fed would lose its independence. that is probably true but look, the last 18 months the fed has bought 57% of all the new marketable treasurys. charles: right. >> the fed is awfully close to a latin-style financing of the government spending and borrowing. >> right. >> 57%. charles: but the bank of japan has done that for 20 years. >> yes. charles: they're buying stocks on top of it through the etfs. they have no growth but they're still a pretty vibrant economy? >> you're quite right but japan is not the u.s. and we're the
2:27 pm
world owes reserve currency. to some extent that is at stake with all this debt stuff. with all that at stake, the fed should have stopped buying mortgage-backed bonds with all the housing prices up 20 years year on year. should have stopped buying treasury bonds. the money supply, charles, it grew 35% in the last 18 months. it soared to about 25, then it came down but what is happening recently, m2 is actually growing again at 13% through august year on year. charles: right. >> so it is not really coming down very much and i'm more worried than ever about the inflation story. charles: to that point what i find interesting inflation is up, m2 is up, m2, velocity of money never nudges. it is going straight down. i'm confused about that but i do want to ask you about another story today because i thought of you. chamber of commerce, maybe they're coming around, getting
2:28 pm
to their roots and they endorsed the infrastructure bill and apparently they don't anymore. >> right. charles: i was never really clear where you stood, just the infrastructure bill. is that part of kill the bill save the country, is that part of that package? >> i've been finessing it if you want to know the truth because the infrastructure bill has some -- a third is pretty good, core infrastructure, bridges, roads, tunnels, broadbands, et cetera, rest of it is junk science, green new deal, unionization requirements, social justice requirements. so what's happened now it is one bill. charles: right. >> of course pelosi didn't want that and the president said no but that's where it is and that of course is going to make it much harder. so senator susan collins who will surprise people. she is not some crazy liberal republican. she is a very sound thinker. she made a proposal yesterday. she said in plain english you
2:29 pm
drop your 3.5 trillion, actually 4.3 in the house, probably five trillion if you do it right score it, you drop that, and republicans will come along and increase the debt ceiling with you. but that was her condition. you have to drop it. now that is not going to happen. charles: right. >> i really love having her say that so it establishes a new, just drop the thing. because i believe that bill is dead. we have saved america and with the help of joe manchin and krysten sinema even though illegal immigrants are chasing her into lady's room into arizona state university and airplanes, the fact they killed the bill. you will have to reconstruct it. you will have to reconstruct it. charles: people are being encouraged to go after her which is really scary. wish we had more time. >> my pleasure, charles. the truck. charles: i cannot wait, we're arranging that right now. we'll have a great tour of the city, me and you in the biggest, baddest truck out there. also of course you want to watch the biggest, baddest show on the
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network, there it is, "kudlow," weekdays 4:00 p.m. eastern here on fox business. want to bring in rebecca walser, walser wealth management. rebecca, you are the perfect person to follow behind larry. we brought up senator sinema followed into bathrooms, by aggressive person, got into her face, got into her space in the airport. jezebel magazine, a pro woman's magazine, encouraging bullying. president biden dismissing the whole thing as part of the process. what happened to the thing we're rally around women, protecting them, women are saying go after her? charles: you know it is anything goes with this push to get this change of america through, charles. that includes going into the bathroom. i am surprise they didn't put the phone under the stall to get her that way too. this administration to condone
2:31 pm
this. charles, rules for thee, not for me. you can see that because if you got patriots want to get into the peoples house to see the business on january 6th, those are domestic terrorists. not saying they should have broken in. not justifying violence, people. i'm saying people are being stalked into the bathroom at airports and the president of the united states saying that is part of the process? this is why decent people that are hard-working honest, ethical will never run for public office. this is the kind of stuff we hold up as fine. charles: i agree 100%. listen, it is always about ideas, who can sell them the best, right? we all get frustrated. so often ideas that actual pass and politicians that actually get elected are not necessarily who we think are the best but it's a popularity contest. you have to be able to sell it, not browbeat someone into submission. >> exactly. charles: i got to get your thoughts on the national debt. larry brought that up as well. 28.7 trillion give or take. how much can we handle?
2:32 pm
i remember like a decade ago we thought we were going off the cliff. at some point we will. >> yeah. charles. there is an absolute no-to number. if you listen to the m&t people, spend as much as you can as long as you service it. 300 billion of interest a year we can service indefinitely but that not exactly how it works in reality. that is in the textbook. that is keynesian economic theory but not exactly how it works in reality. i will tell you the overall debt problem is a no-go, it's a non-starter when you get more in debt service, debt interest paid annually then you're spending on the military and social security and medicare combined. that is a no-go number. there is limit. charles: interest rates go up, at least a trillion a year. >> exactly. charles: i want to ask, this audience is focused on building their wealth, most want to pass it on to your children. you wrote the book, wealth
2:33 pm
unbroken. how do we achieve that if some of these tax policies including sky-high estate taxes go through? >> charles, we have to have a different segment because 2021 is a critical estate planning tax year from a tax attorney perspective. if you don't know why, we should have another segment, definitely talk to your audience about it. there are asset classes that are still income tax-free and tax-free if structured properly they are definitely taken away, i see my opportunities coming off the table slowly. we need to take advantage of the code as it is because they are attacking this irs internal revenue code. charles: we'll do that real soon. i'm looking at cash in a shoe box. that is my, that is what i'm focused on right now as they vote on the new tax hikes, cash in the shoe box. rebecca, thank you very much. >> amen. charles: we'll dot segment. it is critical. by the way one of the hottest investing trends is buying into the future.
2:34 pm
coming up we have stocks to consider for the metaverse. you guys love these things. so do i. we have the perfect guest for it. once a sure thing, jay powell's renomination is in serious doubt. why senate republicans are warning not to stray too far away from mr. reliable. ♪.
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a important speech at federal reserve after curbing impact of massive lockdowns during the pandemic last year. february 27th of last year. meantime the inspector general has launched an investigation. none of this helping jay powell in his quest to be reappointed to the job. joining me bianco research president jim bianco. jim, you and i have been talking about this a couple weeks. when you and i talked about it, no one really talked about it as much, becoming a huge story. the betting odds are decreasing dramatically on powell getting the job. what is your latest thoughts where this is going? >> this is getting to be a lot more complicated than anybody thought. before the revelations about rich clarida and his trading the consensus was he was not going to be reappointed and be done at the end of january. so he was kind of a non-entity anyway. now that he has this hanging over his head i think it is going to be hard for him to even make to it january at this point, especially when the fed already set the precedent by
2:40 pm
asking rosengren and kaplan to step down as well. on top of that jay powell already has the progressive wing of the democrat party solidly against him. elizabeth warren bashed him again today on the senate floor saving he is not qualified to be the fed chairman. i know the republicans are for him too. it all really comes down to president biden, what he wants and as we've been speculating, i wonder if jay powell is going to be a bargaining chip? because the talk in washington is, the progressives, you will have to come down on your number for the budget and you're going to accept 2 trillion, not 3 1/2 but we'll give you other things. we'll let you write the bill s jay powell one of those other things, question mark? charles: today, jean pierre, one of the spokespeople at the white house did say for now, here is the quote, biden does have confidence in powell at this time which i thought was a little ominous. >> yes. charles: here's a question for you, jim, say we have brainard
2:41 pm
in charge of the fed, omarova at occ, yellen at treasury, fundamentally could they fundamentally change our economic and banking system? >> banking system for sure because i think open mo rove have and brainard are more progressive, they want to see higher regulations on banks. omarova doesn't want to have banks anymore. monetary policywise, the economic system, they were kind of in line with what the fed wag doing anyway. there is not a radical shift. you don't expect rates to go down or more easing or more quantitative easing. that part of it wouldn't change as much. look, i will be very honest with you at the end of the day if they want to hammer the banks in kind of a progressive type of vision where they're going to go, all the more positive for crypto and decentralized finance world as alternative. charles: you transferred into my last question. we may have to worry about spending rubles but that is different topic.
2:42 pm
opinion on bitcoin and great week for them. all the assets under the gun. bitcoin on fire. crypto on fire. is this their moment, is this their, mr. demille i'm ready for my close upmoment? >> not quite but it is getting close. what is positive about it. china banned it. it didn't sell off on it. jay powell came out last week said i don't want to ban it, meaning i want to regulate it and it seemed like took a little bit of heat off the of it and starting to rally. a bunch of institutions want to get in market. they're moving forward. if you want to crush the banks with regulation, defy and cryptos look all the more attractive. charles: they sure do. thank you, jim. the metaverse, i know it sounds groovy, but it will be a multitrillion dollar reality at some point but who will be in charge of that thing? i want to talk to ray wang.
2:43 pm
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♪. charles: facebook is facing the heat on capitol hill and its shares, they're way off the highs but the company still at the forefront of this evolving metaverse where i admit we're all going to live, work and play at some point. it is going to be a big digital world. my next guest says everybody wants to rule the world. in fact that is the title of his book and why he is coming to us today from dubai. constellation research founder, ray wang. ray, i read there are serious efforts to make a metaverse city where you are, dubai. want blockchain, vr, data storage and this california gold rush thing going on. how is it going out there? >> you know, this is kind of where the zoog and miami meet up in the middle east. this is where the metaverse is forming. you see the different trade
2:48 pm
zones. the government is receptive to crypto. they're encouraging metaverse. they have the first crypto thing going on at the dubai expo. there are a lot of metaverse companies and startups coming here. the environment is here for not just the creative aspect but creating nfts here in the middle east. dubai is one of the places to be if you get a chance to get out there. you see all activity across the board. charles: ray, to that point is our government too resistant? i'm a self-admitted ludite. i have got an excuse. our government feels like they're so inintimidated by these things, blockchain, crypto. all you hear about is regulations and eye recking walls. could we miss out on the biggest thing that will happen in the world over the next decade or two? >> i think we might but i think from the regulatory side, the good news they're not adding regulations at the moment. they're talking about it, which is better than other countries that are actually putting regulations in. but we sometimes need some regulations to actually
2:49 pm
legitimatize the market, right? so here, for example in dubai you see a lot of investment by the government in empowerment zones. these are industrial centers. these development centers where a lot of this is happening. charles: right. >> companies like vu thin, color star, morro, are launching metaverse companies here. it created an environment for people to come out here. we have to create certain areas as well. like silicon valley was for software and miami is for crypto. where is the world of metaverse exist? is it, l.a., seattle or new york? charles: facebook is front and center and they're under serious scrutiny. who will make the rules? who is in charge of that there? will it be mark zuckerberg? >> if you're in the facebook metaverse, yes, it will be mark and his team. if you decide to go somewhere else it will be where people want to be. so for example, we learned a lot of things over the internet over
2:50 pm
the last 30 years, right? in the internet today the seller is completely transparent, the buyer is completely transparent. that information is out there. you might see some changes. in some metaverses the seller is transparent and the buyer is anonymous. you might see the seller is anonymous and the buyer is anonymous. rules like that will be changed across the board. you see that with the desend tallization going on. charles: people talking about the abuses we're hearing about big tech. we have less than a minute to go. always like tapping your brain for some ideas. last time you were on you had some names. what are names that the audience can buy that could be metaverse grand slams? >> metaverse worlds unity. gaming engine. epic privately held. you can't touch them. facebook will play in the metaverse. microsoft will play there. if you watch your kids in the
2:51 pm
roblox world that is one of the universes picking up and zimmerman tack is privately held so you can't get to that -- symantec. a.i. and ships is great play. intel has a great play as well. if you're thinking about other areas around the valley exchange ecosystem, cryptos, algorithms, ethers, car dawn knows are enabling way you pay and open chain systems and open metaverses. >> ray, love talking to you about this stuff. obviously everyone does. why you're in dubai. we'll catch you back state side. thank you, my friend. >> thanks a lot. charles: always send us your question for our new investor revolution townhall, november 9th at 2:00 p.m. go to invested in you at if you're in the new york area come in the statute yo. it is nice in here. we would love to see you. >> we realize the potential of
2:52 pm
quantum computing. it is coming on strong. here is the thing. how do you make money with it? it is complicate sod far. we have the exact person that has the great ideas, etf pioneer sylvia jablonski. we'll be right back. ♪.
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charles: december japan a leapfrog united states with the fastest supercomputer to develop supercomputer achieved 442 pedophiles versus 148 for the supercomputer which is in second place that supercomputer will be used by the japanese automotive industry they want to use it to power a.i. studies of collision that sounds impressive it really does but take about this last year a chinese scientist develop the most powerful quantum computer in the world which is capable of performing tasks 100 trillion times faster than the world's fastest supercomputer. heaven help us all and my second thought how could we make money but that's the right person sylvia. you have a quantum etf i looked at it a few times and then i noticed last week there was a. play design that is come public
2:57 pm
mostly a flop, what is going on this quantum computing thing things like the place to be, when will they start moving. >> great to see you i think they will start moving into the future and now is the ground up, the company that you mention, they essentially use their technology to trap ions from earth's metals supercomputers that will allow us to use artificial intelligence and machine learning in a practical way the supercomputers are talking about for example in the field of medicine the way that they exist now in my ticket after two or three hours to get information from a giant warehouse in the middle of the country where as quantum computing the turnaround time will be seconds which will impact real-time surgeries and things like that i think this is as big as a smart phone the phone that turned into the cool iphones that we have a do
2:58 pm
everything at once that will translate into quantum computing and allow companies to make all sorts of predictions with financing military medicine, the future is endless. liz: i like the bottom lines we can look back five or ten years and say it was a layup, essentially that's what it feels like. >> all the bits and pieces going into 5g and quantum computing this the tech and the next decades of apples in google and microsoft, while there on tv all day arguing about all of the stuff quantum computing is going to change the way that we live our lives and essentially better our practical outcome with data. liz: we have a lot of the names up, they look fantastic i want to shift gears it also has an etf or that in mice be the most recent etf i feel really good about these names in the fall starts with the delta cases going up and down at the
2:59 pm
restrictions how does this look for a near-term move like a breakout. >> i think it's going to be a great short-term trade, the long-term is going to take time to pay off debt but in the short term there is a lot of positive momentum, the u.s. reopened borders internationally cruise ships are picking up 42 on the water carnival hitting this month and airlines and 30% below where they were pre-covid but 10% increases in bookings and occupancy month over month hotels are spiking for thanksgiving and christmas occupancy are shrinking 600% increase in travel around the holiday when the u.s. borders open now and announce that their open between the covid vaccine and international borders reopening 2.5 trillion have to go somewhere, the cruise is a
3:00 pm
great value place i think hotels and airlines are a good diversified. charles: people are out there and excited, again we talk about five or ten years from now, five or ten weeks from now we will say we should got into those big time, i really appreciate talking to your pioneer, i think folks are gonna make a lot of money we will see you again real soon the market holding up good cheryl casone he i can wait for this last hour you are in for liz claman. >> the destination vacation getting booked up for christmas they are playing the role of comeback kid at the dow and s&p 500 wipes out all of monday's losses the dow was up 448 and as you can see the s&p is up 63 and nasdaq up to 37 is the threat of u.s. running out of money could roadblock trajectory of the bull we will talk about how to prepare your portfolio


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