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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  October 4, 2021 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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to a whole another level. good to see you, you've been watching for evening edit on foxbusiness, thank you for watching. we hope you have a good evening, enjoy this again for the night of the ♪ ♪ ♪♪ >> doctor fauci strikes again among the nations top virologist getting hate for suggesting christmas may be canceled, but job, sir, have fun but now he claims he never said that. why should anybody listen to cap if all he does is flip flops? after plaintiff was on cbs talking about vaccines in the middle of the interview is asked about upcoming holiday season. >> we can gather for christmas
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or it's too soon to tell? >> it's just too soon to tell, to concentrate on continuing to get the numbers down and not try to jump ahead weeks or months and say what we will do in a particular time. >> today after being bombarded on social media, fauci did a 180 and blamed us for not understanding what he said. >> the best way to ensure will be in good shape into the winter will be to get more people vaccinated. that was miss interpreted by saying you can't spend christmas with families which was not the case. i will be spending christmas with my family and encourage people, particularly vaccinated people were protected to have a good normal christmas with your family. kennedy: the only way you can have hanukkah is if the menorah has eight surrenders. which is it, tony? everyone wants to make plans
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from of the biden administration covid response seems to be confusion so it fits perfectly but why would fauci suggest christmas could be canceled? vaccinations on the rise and delta seems to be on the decline. let's meet tonight manhandle. george w. bush, presidential speechwriter and american majority ceo, ned ryan is back. you know who's excited? mcat strategist former vice campaign, you think tweeting about being back together with that all day and we have libertarian party got, spike cowans. welcome, everyone. >> good to be with you, hey, ned. to see you. >> hey, kevin. >> we love spike, too. kennedy: yes, we do. we'll all go out for strawberry margaritas later. i don't like what he has to say because he feels the need to
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chime in on everything and he's at his worst free styling and the only reason they keep watch is to see if he said, makes a major edict they can turn into news and then he blames us, he provided the context and said comments were taking out of context. >> there is reality and then there is fauci and the good news is nobody is listening to him anyway. go back the last six weeks and look at the college football season and the nfl and nascar season, literally millions of people are packing stands every weekend and what fauci called super spreader of funds which have not turned into that and we see declines in the areas with big sporting events so the good news is, nobody is listening to doctor scrooge on anything which is pleasantly surprising and the american people have decided we'll go back to reality and live in a world in which will
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probably have to deal with covid moving forward and we are fine with that. we will take precautions but live our lives and that is refreshing. kennedy: and at this time, that's what we have to do and that's where the science is headed, people have to make their own decisions for their families but if he's saying there might even be a hint of a possible scenario where we are not having full-blown christmas and hanukkah and he sang halloween and thanksgiving can't exist at all and no one will buy that because most people have been vaccinated, they are not owing to withhold a cherished holiday from the kids again. >> i think you're right, doctor fauci sometimes place to lowest common denominators but i think the key thing coming out of these conversations over the weekend today is focused on
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vaccination. nearly double monday then this previous monday, some of that is booster dosages for some is first dose was so the only way look at out of the current pandemic is through vaccination, i think you are seeing whether it teachers frontline healthcare workers, folks responding to vaccine mandates rolling up their sleeves getting the shot, that will be the easiest quickest way to end the pandemic into the holiday season. kennedy: spike, i know you plan around doctor fauci's recommendations, is not truth this year as well? >> i was apparently ignoring doctor fauci before it was popular. i'd like to apologize for crashing facebook earlier with means we are not going to talk about anymore but i want to say this shows, i recently this weekend was in minneapolis in a
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progressive restaurant cap with people not wearing masks. we were safe because we were sitting down in any covid will only not attack you went eating dinner. reality is many people who care about doctor fauci is saying they just want to live their lives. they are taking cautions based on their relative risk which is what we should have been doing all along, we are seeing the buyers following common viral patterns and there's very little government policies going to do to affect that other than shutting down hospitals and firing undocumented staff but there's not anything they can do and most of us have shrugged our shoulders and said whatever fauci says is fine, we are going to live our lives. he's making us talk about christmas in october and at that to gain of function research in china and a list of things i'm upset with him about. kennedy: completely
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inappropriate. here on this show, we have # but the turkey cool, we don't even begin talking about christmas decorations until the friday after thanksgiving when we've all been trampled in pursuit of giant tv. the man panel returns later. first as workers across america are forced out of their jobs, vice president vaccines mandates offering hope. red balloon, job search for employers and employees who want to work free of politics and medical tyranny. is this a free market solution to government overreach or while the democrats squash this lifeline, too? here to discuss, founder ceo -- andrew -- how you say your last name? [laughter] joining me to talk about his cute company so andrew, there are a lot of people frustrated
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if they have to have exemptions and questions and concerns when they already had covid and don't want to get the shot, their employment is being pretty drastically curtailed, what you have to say to those people? they are not irrational anti- vaxing, they may be belong to a different category. >> maybe category of thinking americans who want more freedom and less fauci as a rule. i guess pieces of our board, we believe people should make a decision about what they put in their body not based on a conversation with the hr department or their medical professional so what if we left this out of the workplace and let people work and bring value to the employer and not do all the right social signaling telling everyone i know all the right things, the focus is on doing work and it called, because that's the communist -- i'm kidding.
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kennedy: i see so many dot-coms and everything. [laughter] it red, maybe i red how are people responding? if you find employers and employees, potential employers are meeting up with each other? how many matches have you made? >> is a great question. i've been attacked ceo for 25 years and have never been part of a business market unsolicited advice everyday from people across the country saying thank you for standing up for freedom and reminding me that i'm not the only one who thinks the way i do and i'm not crazy so we have a mere two months gone almost 500 employers who have signed up and said i want to stand for freedom and higher the types of people focus on freedom and not focus on what is him in
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the workplace so we have been pleased with results and we kind of struck a nerve because there's a lot of americans who don't want to be the only one in the want to focus on freedom and getting the work done. kennedy: it's interesting because jennifer attended, a pregnant jennifer lawrence attended a rally fight for body autonomy but the same people will not allow the same autonomy for people who want to make up their own mind about the vaccine and i'm curious, it's hypocritical. andrew, thank you. >> thank you for having me. kennedy: red, codes are not especially if you're looking for people who are not total -- thank you. >> terrible, i'm sorry. [laughter] kennedy: is china about to invade taiwan? getting cross fire, caught in the crossfire. bringing you the truth, next. ♪♪
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welcome back, china exciting fears of world war iii by flexing military muscles on the democratic island of taiwan.
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red bully, see what i did there? 149 inside taiwan's air defense sound in the past four days, 56 today alone. u.s. state department urged china, foreign ministry spokesperson turned around and blamed america etc. laughing for provocative actions and promised to take necessary countermeasures. talk about gas lighting. are we on the brink of war between china and taiwan and could involve another devastating global conflict nobody wants or needs? here with me to discuss cato institute director of defense policy, eric gomez, what you think about this in situation x. >> i'm doing well and i often say a mixed bag when my interests were areas of interest on the news because don't usually study very happy things but it means people are paying attention to stuff like this so
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i'm not worried about media conflict partly because this has been happening for a while. my friend gerald brown, if you go to his twitter account, he's been tracking activities of these data incursions since last september . kennedy: that's when they started working up? >> what's most interesting is they were staying steady at a relatively low level and the last few weeks or days, it's gone up suddenly so i think it's a cause of concern right now, why are they growing up so quickly so recently? kennedy: doesn't have anything to do with china's real estate problems global market? is at our reaction to that? facebook has a whistleblower on 60 minutes and the next day facebook isn't working and that's all we talk about? >> i think that might be part of
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the explanation so my own theory is that is a few potential explanations. number one, operational and training, china is doing military training exercises and the exercises are starting to go in, it's not necessarily an indication of chinese intent to start a conflict rather them doing drills and probing emphases have a taiwanese and react to gain intelligence and data. the other aspect, economic problems in china right now, but also right now is a period of intense national sentiment both in china and taiwan. china celebrates anniversary of the founding of the people's republic of china on october 1 taiwan celebrate the founding of the republic of china october 10 and in that time, if you have national base close to one another, i think that is part of
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the signaling saying we are china, where big and strong and do something like this. kennedy: if i cannot if they is july 1 at america independence day is july 4 so if you have someone in washington screwing around, it's going to be then so how does this end? is china going to invade taiwan? the u.s. can't jump into a hot war with china, cap sat for everybody but if china invades taiwan, they are going to fall like afghanistan the curative forces. >> right and i hope -- my hope is the united states can provide some assistance to help taiwan where taiwan can get to where it doesn't fall like the afghan national security forces. i agree with you, personally i
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am not on board with the idea of the united states and china fighting a war for taiwan but washington right now, this is the big question and security when it comes to china how do you handle taiwan issue because it's a long-standing problem for u.s. china and taiwan relationship ended geographically and operationally one of the hardest things for the united states to try to defend i think taiwan could have a good chance having a strong self-defense capability but part of that is getting motivated to do that and they have been increasing investments in self defense forces which is a welcoming sign but this will be the big question. kennedy: i wonder if they will vote on a taiwanese iron dome and cry upon it that could happen in the near future. thank you so much. you're welcome, k5. democrat senator kyrsten sinema on the toilet and they may have
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opened the law plus democrat getting worse and president biden pointing fingers over the spending plan, breaking that down in a moment. ♪♪
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the lunatic mobilizing against her own team. saturday a group of out-of-control activists followed arizona democrat kyrsten sinema into a public restroom and found themselves harassing her about her opposition to joe biden, massive spending agenda. watch. >> i want to talk to you real quick. >> actually, i am heading out. >> the bill back better plan needs solutions. we knocked on doors for you to get you elected and we can get you out of office if you don't support what you promise us.
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kennedy: what up bernie emotional list wingnut. gross. have some self respect. according to arizona law, is illegal dump someone without their consent not to mention it's pathetic and revolting. president biden called it part of the process. [laughter] no one watches you empty your catheter in the bathroom and yells at you, joe so is this a new normal for political discourse? how much lower can this go? ned, i will start with you and i long? >> exactly. completely disgusting. the think that's amazing, on friday there were reports out of d.c. that she's prepared to walk away from the biden agenda. she's frustrated and saturday they bullied her in the bathroom letting fascist vermont to bully
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her into changing her mind when she has legitimate concerned which she has made known for if she doesn't want to see small business tax rates go up or the tax rates for individuals go up, she has legitimate concerns and instead their responses to bully her into changing her mind and when she landed in our oracle in d.c., she was met by more people trying to bully her into changing her mind. i don't think it will work because in arizona, she's even more popular than market kelly, i think will backfire on the democrat. kennedy: but he's about as popular as a wet sandwich. [laughter] what happened to stability? i think this is up mention garside has lost in this is what you are resorting to because you are no longer talking about ideas, just trying to bully and humiliate someone. what happened to build back better in terms of emotional well-being as americans?
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>> is a good question, i'm all about political protesting, we saw massive protests this weekend in support of abortion rights in texas, here in d.c. but this is fundamentally wrong and disgusting following but into bathroom and speaks to the larger narrative about evolution of our political engagement in this country. i'm old enough to remember if someone crazy shot up a congressional baseball game or slumped the capitol or tried to kidnap governor witmer and it speaks to a larger narrative about lack of stability and seeing each other especially folks on the other side and folks within our own party, supposedly no one should be treated like this. there's a time for peaceful protests to make your voice heard in protest in front of congress or office buildings for following somebody into a bathroom is disgusting and wrong. kennedy: get you do it every day, why is that? [laughter] first of all, i have to correct and say it's increasingly looking like an fbi set up,
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entrapment, yes. -- will get to the bottom as much as we can as much as the next guy, this was done poorly. following somebody into the bathroom have the opposite of the intended effect but speaks to the fact that you have people -- the bill back better agenda, advocating for themselves and future generations in the form of taxation and inflation to pay off trillions of dollars for multibillionaire's but they do it because they want immigration part out of, they attached emotionally charged issues. kennedy: that is great -- yes and if you believe in the issue, write a separate piece of legislation and vote on just that. don't make it something else and when someone raises their objection to the price of the bill, don't say it's because you
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hate children. no. i give them candy on halloween. hold on, we've got to move on. kyrsten sinema doesn't end with protesters, now she's got president biden on her back and he is a wiry little fella. the president pointing fingers today at those he finds responsible for embarrassing spending bills. joe. >> wiry unable to close the deal with members of your own party on key parts of your legislative agenda? >> i was able to close on 99% of my party. two people, still underway. kennedy: two people. biden referring to follow democratic senator joe manchin
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matter about patrolling dollar price tag, too high. auntie set 1.5 trillion, an alternative for democrat. congresswoman who runs the progressive caucus, she said that not happening, you guys. >> what we've said from the beginning it's it's never about the price tag, it's what we want to deliver, the price tag comes out about. >> we are not looking at numbers, what about 1.5? >> that won't happen because that's too small to get priority sent so it will be somewhere between 1.5 -- 3.5. kennedy: how about minus 1.5? all the inciting take biden's agenda? too much money, ned. >> i hope so. one of the things that's interesting to me, biden has made an error by letting progressive's demand the infrastructure bill was the gateway to the green new deal. the spending bill so not about
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3.541.2, it's 1.7 in the infrastructure bill had been a standalone, she said she would vote for. you could pass it as a separate bill and dealt with 3.5 but i think you've got a problem now because progressives are demanding we want our wish list and if you don't give it to us, the bills are linked, i hope they tear each other to pieces and they stand firm because 3.5 trillion which they say doesn't cost anything is insane. it feels like you're dealing with children and adult bodies who refuse to accept reality. kennedy: little children, what a pervert. kevin, what has happened to your party? i think ned is right, they are pacifying progressives way too much and you are creating a chasm in your party that will be unprofitable that's not a word.
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>> president obama's desk there was a sign that said hard things are hard and to practice what we see playing out between the parties but i am hopeful we will come together and past the infrastructure bill let's talk about and arrange a compromise between 1.9 and 2.3 is the present set on capitol hill for this infra structure built faith and pay for little more. >> that's what we are calling it, the media called that. funding college education for community colleges, whatever you want to call it one government over in laughter but we are going to get it done to i'm not here to pay for your community college. not for me. they're never going to overhaul
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college and university systems in the country and therefore, i am not paying for it. spike, it's only $2.5 trillion. >> maybe i am the oldest one, i remember when the $0.8 billion bailout bill in 2008 was seen as an insane unprecedented amount of money to spend and now we have conservatives and moderates pushing for the $1.5 trillion as the so-called lobar. meanwhile the average american struggles to make ends meet and watching claims of dollars being printed out of nothing to be handed off to the corporations. the people are incorporations choosing to pay their fair share, how about privatizing to pay for it directly instead of taxing all of us in the form of us paying for their goods and services keeping all the money to do all this? this goes to show republicans and democrats will give more and more spending and my completely unbiased opinion, we should elect them to every office.
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kennedy: republicans and democrats meant of them have serious and necessary spending cuts. >> we have been merged you heard it here first. [laughter] thank you so much. >> let's do it. by 2024, we have the smart. kennedy: # we have the nurse. betty, kevin and spike, it's been great. my laundrie and went entering its third week. where is the rat pastor? people claiming to see him and tennessee. brian's parents not talking, i don't like them either. are they in trouble? they could be. emily campagna, that's next. ♪♪
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brian laundrie,, wherever you are. jerk. a man hiking on the tennessee north carolina for claims he saw him driving a white pickup truck saturday night. listen to what he told police. >> was talking wild, he said his girlfriend loved him he had to go out to california to see her and he was asking me how to get to california. i pulled up a photograph of him and i'm 99.99% sure that was him. kennedy: that's very sure, more effective than a condom. the sheriff's office in north carolina, they say they've received multiple calls from people fleeing to a scene, brian laundrie in the area, should fbi
7:41 pm
switch from florida to north carolina? how many more to do they need retired fbi agent from welcome to the show, maureen. >> thank you, kennedy. kennedy: how believable is this person who claims to have interacted with brian laundrie? >> he sounds credible and reports say he's an engineer and engineers are detail oriented as we all know and if you are going to group them together, they are linear thinkers so he came off as being very credible. kennedy: what you think the fbi is going to do with this information because they are focusing a lot in florida, three weeks is a long time. i could be anywhere. >> three weeks is a long time and the manpower and resources on the endeavor are mind blowing. we see the final number, it's going to be huge and the police
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and combined effort of federal and local state law enforcement, they are going to look at this seriously as they would any other credible lead in the fact that there are i've heard as many as ten people who have said they've seen him on the appalachian trail, they are definitely going to look at that and one thing that is interesting about that is there's a lot of people who hike this trail and there are a number of depots along the way and you could theoretically, a lot of people do, they ship boxes of supplies to these depots to gather them and continue so they are not carrying 200 pounds in the beginning but you do need an id to retrieve your items and you have to either go in himself with an id he stole from someone or have someone help him. kennedy: or he's been communicating and planning this
7:43 pm
all along. i'd be surprised about that. dog the bounty hunter, is he being helpful in this? i know he's turned some evidence he's gathered over to law enforcement. >> we don't even know if it's evidence. i think it is a can of red bull or something and something else but it could have been used by anyone out there in an area where people cap. the proof will be in the putting when they find something either actionable or not. kennedy: i know -- >> so dog could be helpful but i guess . kennedy: it's not covid, i've been tested 14 times. it's annoying. everyone has a cold now, do you have a cold? >> it's very strange, i have three friends with colds it makes everyone very jumpy these days. kennedy: that and the red bull together, not a good morning but
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i like your input. when we come back. >> thanks, kennedy. kennedy: brian laundrie's parents still not cooperating with police. still chris and roberta laundrie, is that their real name? they claim they have not seen or heard from their son since september 14. i don't buy that for a second. investigators have not accused them officially of any wrongdoing but they haven't helped in the search at all so quick they one day face charters? cohost and -- host of change america not available exclusively on fox nation. emily compagno, this is a crazy story. i don't trust his parents as far as i can tell them. >> i blame them even worse because of the fact that they are helping him but number one, here are the two crimes i see in play here. first, it's federal so under federal law, obstruction of
7:45 pm
justice and accessory after the fact the thing about obstruction of justice, you just need to corruptly influence, impede or obstruct judicial proceeding or endeavor to impede, influence. kennedy: mike flynn. >> exactly but the difference, there's a judicial proceeding get, they have a specific intent as they aided him and that's a 20 year sentence bounty, that's a big deal but the accessory after the fact is what i love more because in that case, if you know someone to have committed an offense against the u.s. and you receive, or comfort or assist them in preventing apprehension, back in be even a small amount, even then you are on the hook for half of the sentence or life, 15 years so that's an easier charged to prove and also a lot broader. you could put a lot of things
7:46 pm
under that container of accessory after the fact to me that's exactly what they are doing simply by existing every day in their skin and not helping, they have a lot to answer for. kennedy: let's say they find brian laundrie, would it be hard fbi investigators to prove his parents lied to them and proof they were aiding their son and he's alive and using a burner phone to talk to their mom? >> it determines it depends if they are saying if it's i'm sorry, it's my fault but when you look at the three adults versus a son pleading with his parents, it becomes more clear they decided callously and clearly 28 him and put authorities in the wrong direction about his whereabouts. this is absolutely disgusting so even in a conversation to their credibility and shot by one thank fine, yes, i did, that's an easy thing to prove one 100%. kennedy: you think he's pretending to be insane so people he runs into, to provide insanity defense for himself by saying things like got to get to
7:47 pm
california? >> i think everybody tries to do that and watches too much tv. that being said, he is crazy in general for doing this. kennedy: if you look sharp. >> thank you. there's a lot of things coming out of his mouth and indicated by his behavior that are questionable clearly in his state right now, panic is an understatement and a lot of what he's doing is not rational or analytical or thought-out or preplanned, he's losing his mind and i mean that not in it diagnostic medical way. kennedy: but as maureen o'connell pointed out, if a sentence -- packages dropped along the road, i don't think he's smart enough to do something like that. >> i think he thinks he's smart and cunning and those in relationships and engage in those violent abusive controlling mechanisms, they think they're god's gift and the smartest person in the room but they found report sources being deployed, eventually .
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kennedy: he might in fact brought in hell. fox tropical storm is next. ♪♪
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former disney parks employee who used to dress up disney characters, she said she was hit on by married men tried to slip her their hotel keys that's whal is back after pausing for the pandemic and apparently new mexico only allows one airborne monstrosity at a time. this was the scene had a nice start to the fiesta, nice juicy new mexicans finally getting high on something besides math. [laughter] organizers expecting 540 balloons to launch in total, many with unique names like the devil, darth vader and of course every balloon shares the same thing which is recently divorced dads. the festival will include
7:53 pm
fireworks and skydivers, they aren't hired skydivers but divorced dads, it's only a matter of time. there will be a roaming mariachi ban on the festival ground in case the balloonist have second thoughts about wanting themselves into the sky. topic number two. mug shot monday and tonight we need a man to snooze and blues. 37-year-old -- hi, matthew. matthew williams despite his apparent, he's not afraid. he was allegedly found sleeping in the sports stadium in a pile of stolen chicken fingers can be canned math or as i call it in alabama, sunday brunch. the concession stand up and into the night before, chicken fingers still unaccounted for but likely dog the bounty hunter is on the case and people say matthew drove to a stadium in a
7:54 pm
stolen car which he took a few hours after being let out of jail for another crime which also means is about to spend serious time in alabama . yeah girl. topic number three. here's a video, check out this birthday party organized by kitty cat in taiwan. or eastern china as john sina calls it. ♪♪ singh. ♪♪ ♪♪ kennedy: cap me a handful of pills -- [laughter] birthday bash where no one was elected to the party, she blew out her candles and wished for the death of humankind. doesn't normally dress up like this but it was her birthday and she was really be aligning herself. this was the most humiliating
7:55 pm
moment with combined 45 lives. think leave the entire party will soon be firebombed by the cpp. so sweet. topic number four. alaska national park launching celebration, although i think we've had enough of james order. seven-day march madness competition where factors are pitted against each other for internet vote, barkley the easiest way to get internet votes is to shake their belly bear but for the camera. the bears are packing on pounds hibernation on fox nation and in a few weeks, the fact bears will enter, they will not eat or drink the entire season just like paris hilton filming. during this time, bears can lose up to a third of their body weight so they can only survive eating food and six-month. so succulent. log on and vote for your favorite fact there now and
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don't spoil everyone's fun by voting -- or deal. it's monday. [applause] 's
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