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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  October 1, 2021 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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is a man-made crisis is an invasion and it looks like it's not going to stop. elizabeth: ralph norman thank you for joining us, come back soon. i am elizabeth macdonald you been watching "the evening edit" on fox business. that doesn't for us, have a good weekend and thank you for watching and join us again monday night. ♪ ♪ >> hello everyone welcome back to "kudlow" i'm larry kudlow. the plot thickens in the wee hours of this morning speaker nancy pelosi left the capital just after midnight and when asked about the infrastructure bill, she said, we are not trillions apart she said that at 12:01 a.m. this morning and then she said there will be a vote today. okay let's talk about the first up i'm not sure what she's
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talking about if she meant the 4 trillion-dollar plus audit reconciliation bill, they are trillions of dollars apart, they be in the democratic party which is presently engaged in a circular firing squad operation between the progressive left wing which could be virtually the whole party in the last of the independent blue dog democrats not being senators joe manchin and kyrsten sinema i've been calling this usually assured destruction kind of like the old days of the cold war and frankly it's getting to be fun not just the usual shooters we have all kind of people we have house members jayapal, aoc firing at joe manchin, bernie sanders is high gear slamming losey in her late-night negotiations. last evening the senate budget chair said all of this is
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unacceptable the bipartisan infrastructure bill must be defeated and we can work out a way to pass both pieces of legislation. no, you cannot, you don't understand what happened. here reckless budget reconciliation bill is dead. as in save america, kill the bill. joe manchin and kyrsten sinema have killed your bill and they've also killed the house version of your bill into nancy pelosi's point, you are trillions of dollars apart injured going to have to deal with that right now you're in denial, you may be eligible for therapeutic intervention, you may need a 12 step meeting because of your refusal to accept the new reality, i'm just saying i'm being empirical joe manchin laid down the law yesterday in very clear terms and kyrsten sinema today has fled to phoenix seeking safe haven from the big government
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democratic socialist who are now attacking her. senator joe manchin made it very clear two days ago and his bold statement and the leak of his correspondence with chuck schumer back in july. mr. joe manchin once less spending, worried about inflation will only accept additional entitlement payments restrict income and eligibility limits coupled with workfare requirements none in the bernie sanders bill. andy wants to shut down half or more of the green new deal spending and he wants to preserve fossil fuels and he also wants a federal reserve to end the quantitative easing. he would raise taxes by a less amount and then he said he opposes vengeful taxing for the sake of spending.
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joe biden, nancy pelosi, chuck schumer, bernie sanders, pramila jayapal, ocasio-cortez, all have to come out of denial in the going got to deal with the new reality. there is not going to be any compromise to pass the current version of infrastructure in the 4 trillion-dollar budget, it's not going to happen. joe manchin states his whole political career on this. kyrsten sinema looks rocksolid to me. frankly i'm working for other blue dog democrats in the house and senate especially those running for reelection in trump districts and states to come out of the woodwork and supporting joe manchin kyrsten sinema, there the new reality. as a reminder to mrs. sanders who said two senators are holding up his bill, it's actually two plus 50 which is 52 because i know today's washington is aromatic lead challenge. last night senator marsha
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blackburn said there could be others. a vote today on the reconciliation bill could be 54 - 46. this afternoon president biden has apparently gone up to capitol hill it will try to persuade house democratic conference to vote for trillion dollar infrastructure bill and maybe save some face for his domestic program. that program along with the catastrophe of the southern border in the catastrophe in afghanistan is already dooming his presidency. nancy pelosi is 022 for the infrastructure bills and tennis that would be a double fault but were working towards a baseball player so will say districts in your out. kevin mccarthy and the house republicans are completely opposed to any combine infrastructure and budget reconciliation package and of course they are right. i just say let the therapy
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continue or let it begin there's a new reality in washington and i rather like it save america, kill the bill, kill all the bills. now the fun starts on set my great pal brian kilmeade "fox & friends" cohost brian thank you. >> i would've paid a fee for that up close and personal is fantastic, kill the bill. larry: i don't think they understand them being democratic leaders how serious joe manchin is and he is assisted by kyrsten sinema, he laid on the ball i don't know if you read his memo. >> one page i picked it up very deliberate speed when they have to figure this out my question to you do you think this group
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the socialist group or the progressive left understands the new reality? >> no did you see the way ocasio-cortez said 1 trillion, maybe for three months that she have an idea how much 1 trillion is, it would be different she's 60 years old and done about budgets and omb director may be a trillion would be more real for her, how can she call this bill a trillion and nobody knows better than you in 208,800,000,000,000 was a hard sell to the american people this is unbelievable that were at this point i was heartened to see joe manchin. call me gullible it was like the old days, i am a democrat but i'm not a liberal what do you think i do anything different. someone not running from the label moderate. then we find out he put this in writing in august, my top number is 1.5 the question is can you take two victories, you know how easy it is suspended washington the one point to bipartisan, 1.5 you can sell that as were making
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our policies work. larry: he's a blue dog democrat, he is a throwback, blue dog democrats, yellow dog democrats sometimes called in the 80s and 90s, bull weasel they were sometimes called when i was working for ronald reagan reagan's whole program bigger defense spending and cutting tax and spending he won in the democratic house with the help of blue dog democrats. joe manchin may be the last one. do you think anybody will come out of the woodwork and the democratic party elected officials in support joe manchin. his position on strict limits to spending with work requirements for example and his concerns about inflation and government spending, to me are common sense, anybody can understand the and support including
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myself. >> a couple of things is very respectful but he understands school has issues when it comes to the environment but that's not where it stops in west virginia he looks at senator byrd as a mentor and he said i'm in a seat he liked to make deals and cared about the process i think he feels an allegiance to that. here's what i think is happening kyrsten sinema condenses and from a purple state, she's tougher than anyone thought, my bigger question mark kelly is up in a year end a purple state a lot of people believe it's a republican state, john mccain had that seat, if mark kelly wants to keep that is he making it easier for republicans to take him out because his silence says he's complicit with aoc's. larry: i think that's a really good point i am surprised that he's gotten a free pass, no one is focused on him. >> about the military background with the collapse of asking a stand a chance to show that he
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cares about his country more than his party. who will support him will the left wing of the party in the squad and company say i understand what you're up against nancy pelosi i'm in a put my agenda aside and vote for the one point to to not destroy the biden presidency because the understand 23 democrats are hard no there's republicans who are hard yes for the one point to we will see if they back out into the reconciliation package. larry: no way will the reconciliation package be merged with and for structure package because the reconciliation part is dead, it's been killed you cannot have a combined deal that bernie sanders is talking about or aoc or any of them because the other part of the deal the budget resolution is dead joe manchin killed it. kill all the bills.
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>> i see the larry "kudlow" cuomo's. >> there is a fabulous story out america's public schools in his education leaders are under an immediate threat the national school board association they are writing to president biden and they want to invoke the patriot act they want parents who get involved in the schools to be regarded as domestic terrorist and hate crime people because the parents are fighting critical race theory in this crazy cultural stuff going on in schools even k-12 you may have seen former governor terry mcauliffe of virginia who is running for governor again this time he said the other day in a debate against glenn, parents have no role now innocent d.a.
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is the school board association believes the parents who are trained to get a seat at the table are domestic terrorist what do you think about that. >> you and i agree it doesn't matter what your point is, i want to see the violence, there is most of the violence is appearance being wrestled to the ground by security i don't see correct they feel the school board is threatening to the parents if you look at this the parents are up there and emotional, they care if you talk to her about the kid i don't care who it is or the kid you see emotion but what are they protesting masks, joe biden wants to hear nothing about that, what are they protesting crt joe biden want crt what else the vaccine joe biden wants the vaccine. i ask you this little trust in this administration specifically are they concerned about security or the messaging to these parents are bringing around the country, do you really think donald trump is behind loudoun county in north
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carolina and all across this country in montana these people are acting organically they don't tap into a political organization they see a problem with her kids and they watch them in their zoom instruction and say you're learning what i overheard your teacher, that the curriculum and if there's anything that good that came out of his pandemic parents were hand on what it came to the pandemic speed when they got to watch them when they were being spoonfed. larry: teachers unions don't want the parents involved. >> none. larry: that's a real issue. >> your 100% right they don't like the exposure and don't like to be called on the clock that puts down teachers many of which we can name i don't know anybody who can't name their first through sixth grade teachers. you should be able to defend and this is part of not wanting to defend it. larry: my last one that we can review i think this could be my totally favorite story. the biden administration has
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appointed a woman to become trawler of the currency which oversees and regulates -- >> i did not know that existence. larry: is a big job controller of the currency who is from the soviet union she has her degree from moscow state university she went to moscow state university on a linen scholarship and to top it off she hates banks and was to completely transform the banking system so private banks are extinct. this is the biden appointee. >> i thought this was an episode of impractical jokers. >> it's unbelievable the linen scholarship and she probably got pal grants. she believes it was the superior
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system. she says forget about equal pay between men and women i was horrified by this because the government and the state decided what you were going to be paid. she went to cornell and became a teacher and now she's the best person to handle our currency by the way communism, pretty cool if you're a democrat like joe manchin got rid of a few nominations why don't you just say this is pretty cool a bad rap because the whole collapse went bankrupt. larry: whatever no freedoms. >> she could be chief regulator for all the banks the big national banks that permission and she hates banks and she wants a federal reserve government to take over the banks, deposits loans and
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credit. >> you've done interviews before, how did the interview go you don't love banksy love the soviet union, i think it would be perfect for the number one capitalist country of the world. larry: she had to come in and sit presumably she met with the president and the oval this is a big appointment. i can see looking at the resume moscow state university the prestigious linen scholarship. >> they've a great field hockey team, men play overseas i don't know why they don't let men play here. larry: this is the biden problem. >> i don't know what to say i thought i was reading something from the onion but if this woman gets through, anyone named saule omarova should take years off at the white house, the first one didn't do so well. larry: that was a republican amoroso. >> was very good on the apprentice and ruthless.
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>> moscow state. [laughter] we can't wait for her reunion. larry: i haven't had a chance to promo everything is going to do, first of all on the show brian kelli of florida, mike mulvaney, marc short. >> coming up on 7:00 o'clock on prime time. charleston west virginia and the november 21 in orlando in december 3, may 21 in asbury park new jersey i grew up in deal new jersey on the seashore on the summer and brian kilmeade, the best of the best who tried to give away a scholarship and they denied it. >> it comes with four years and the gulags if you get anything wrong. larry: coming up on "kudlow" president biden wants the irs spying on all your bank accounts that's before we get to moscow,
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we have senator tommy tuberville he's getting to is best to stop this. this is big brother is watching you anything over $600 you have to report to the irs. it sounds like moscow state university. join me next here on "kudlow". ♪
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larry: well, president biden larry: president biden thinks the irs should be snooping into your bank account. why, i don't know you have to pay yourtc fair share and big brother is watching joining us now senator tommy tuberville of the great state of alabama, welcomehi back your all over th, $600 or more you have to report your outflows in your inflows, not all they want you going to use for your money just checks and credit cards but were the money iss coming from is that right? >> yes but it sounds like after your interview we might not need this bill because they don't have any banks with the new
7:24 pm
comptroller. larry: i'm going to get to that in a moment. >> you're right protecting the financial privacy act we put the bill out and were trying to get this from thehe irs, they want everything with oversight with the american people they want to know how much money how much are wedding if you bought a dress or gun there gonna have a list of mile-long that we got that changed a little bit we put so much pressure they've gone from 600 back to 10000 but still 10000 normally go to the treasury now want to go to the irs they want to hire hundreds of thousands of irs agents they don't have enough money to pay for any of the stuff and getting ready to do there gonna have to squeeze small businesses, private citizens thought to squeeze every dime of an american taxpayer with 20 or 30 taxes will put on top of the
7:25 pm
reconciliation. larry: one thing i never understood about the $600 snooping what did they think there gonna find i don't understand irs part, bank account don't tell you much of anything about taxes including if you're trying to hide taxes i would not look in a bank account but there's a lot of places i would look i might look at an offshoreld banking account, they could look at my bank, i'm not going to name it we use one in connecticut and one in new york, they're putting me in past terms, it's straight big brother snooping. >> they want to know what you're doing, they put her on top of republicans five or six years ago and she was releasing
7:26 pm
private e-mails and messages to people so they could be basically looked upon and the wrong way and they're all republicans, they kept a texas religious charity from getting otax exempt status because they were too close to the republican party it's absolutely control city usa the biden administration is all about socialism and sandra getting to this point but hopefully we can slow it down and another nail in the coffin of capitalism and if we don't do it socialism will be around the corner. >> speaking of regulating the banks all come back to this story saule omarova comptroller ofly the currency was a graduate of moscow state university and a winner of the linen personal academic scholarship who hates
7:27 pm
thehe banking system that's the thing, soviet style is what she wants she wants a federal reserve to take over the entire banking system including all the credit functions and all the depository functions, that is socialism or communism, how bad cannot go through. >> you look at all the dominations joe biden put through he probably didn't know many of them or talk to a lot of them but some of them are awful, they don't believe in capitalism and leftot them right which we don't have e enough vos in a lot of areas to block any, we walkeder a few but this is another of a long line of people in the financial section, janet yellen told president biden we don't need her this is janet yellen but supposedly he's going
7:28 pm
to pick reconfirm jerome powell the progressive, socialist like jerome powell the sabia situation where they're going to give them one in there gonna keep going with powell maybe they can keep everybody from getting upset. larry: i'm gonna predict you knocking tohr get through, you just don't want to former soviet college graduate. are you okay with jay powell getting reappointed i thought i would ask you that. >> i think he is fine he has not done a whole lot i think we are in a situation right now where he's going to dig himself whole, you can't go any further down than what we've done in interest rates, but he's been pretty straightforward he's gonna have a tough time coming up because inflation is stepping up more and more each month he's going to spend some of his reconciliation t money, i told u
7:29 pm
a month ago he's going to sign up for 1.5 and kyrsten sinema, may be less but he might go a little bit higher that is still too much but jerome powell is going to have his hands full. larry: alaska, the fed has been financing a lot of the spending, they create new money to do this financing that triggers more inflation and underwrites inflation the banking system has more money than he knows what to do with, the fed needs to stop it i guess should say and others whoever would replace jay powell would be worse, even more dovish if that's possible. >> we know what were dealing with with jerome powell, he understands hopefully the situation sooner or later they will have to quit buying the treasury bonds, they do that, when that happens you know it's getting ready to happen it's gonnaod get tough there gonna
7:30 pm
flood the country with all this money the 3.5 or 2.5 trillion but hopefully we can cut back on that and get people back to work and back to school and get small businesses going again were still hurting in alabama and all over the south and all over the country the blue state mayors and governors have almost put us all under but i think we've got a chance, we gotta do it the american way there tried to make to americas and we cannot survive to americans there can only be one. larry: i love that one from not moscow state university. senator tuberville, thank you for your time i hope to see you soon. >> the media and the left are vilifying kyrsten sinema and joe manchin to save democrats and herself and just try to save the country. were gonna talk about this withm joe concha and remember you can catch "kudlow" monday through friday at 4:00 p.m. every day, every day monday through friday on fox business.
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♪♪ ♪ enter manchin and sinema must be brought to task. [applause] they are the enemies right now of democracy. >> it feels like kirsten sin a ma and joe manchin just want to bank the $1.2 trillion that they negotiated with an all-white, conservative set of friends. >> you also have two republicans mt. democratic party who are making problems for the dem the a accurates, and that's manchin and sinema. larry: actually, they're blue dog democrats. they're old style democrats. that's all these folks don't seem to understand. and i just don't understand why the mainstream media is just
7:36 pm
vilifying joe manchin and kirsten sin ma, giving the left and biden a pass as always. so let's go and get some wisdom from joe concha, columnist at the hill and fox news contributor. you know, joe, i guess it's just never occurred to anybody that $4 c or 5 trillion would could create more inflation or all these transfer payments or entitlements, much of it is going to families earning 3 or 400,000 a year or, you know, i mean, nobody's stepping up to back manchin. that's so interesting to me. >> it is. and, look, i only took econ 101, so i only know a little bit. my dad was an accountant, but that clearly didn't trickle down to me. i'm pretty sure if you print 4 or 5 trillion more dollars, that may weaken the value of dollar. and you saw core inflation, the numbers today, larry. we are at a 30-year high on inflation right now, and that's
7:37 pm
before a spending package like this goes through. so that's amazing. i'm old enough to remember when another senator from arizona, the late john mccain he was hailed by the media and the democrats as a maverick and a hero, but kyrsten sinema is mocked on television and bullied online for being a traitor to democracy. the arguments of manchin and sinema arere very simple because they're based in simple math and logic,ou right? we talked about inflation, but also the 'em distract party, it appears -- democrat party is run by al of course trezzed and squat. -- alexandria ocasio-cortez and the squad. what if bill clinton was president today, the 1996 version,n, who ended the welfare state as we know it, who ended big government asll we know it d is actually compromised with newt gingrich, how would he be embraced with by the joy behars and the don lemons of the world? he'd be impeached and would be a
7:38 pm
right-wing republican at this point. larry: that's the thing, of course, clinton labeled himself a new democrat meaning he wasn't a walter mondale tax and spend democrat. these people are tax and spend democrats to the nth degree. newt gingrich calls it big government socialism. but, joe, go back further than that. reagan passed a allr of his le, i was with him as a child, blue dog democrats or sometimes they were called yellow dog democrats or sometimes they were called bo weevil democrats, from the -- bowl weevil democrats, the trouble is they've become extinct. manchin's not a republican because he would spend more and tax more, but he's not crazy either, and that's what they can't stomach. and i'm waiting to see, now i ask this, where are we going to get house members or senators who will stand up and support
7:39 pm
manchin and sinema publicly? when? >> they won't do it for now, i guess. i'm sure that manchin and sinema look at poll numbers, and they see that the president is polling, washington post/abc, 39% if on the economy, 33% on immigration, in the 20s on afghanistan, in the low 30s on crime. it's not like, hey, the president's popular, he really wants this, so let's jump on his coat tails. the president's coat 25eu8s aren't remotely what they were inte june. quite red in west virginia and i guess you could call it purposing in arizona since biden barely won it in 2020, but obviously, it hadn't been won by a democrat i think you have to goha back to clinton, was the lt time that would. i love all these people on television and these political pundits online who keep screaming they're going to primary sinema and manchin and make them pay, you'll guess who
7:40 pm
will still be in office until 2025, that's sinema and the real powerful joe manchin. it's not for years until they're up for re-election, so why do they care about being yelled at and bullied now? they're in office for three and a half her years whether anybody likes its or not. larry: in a sense, manchin may be trying to save the democrats for themselves, in a sense, manchin may bee trying to save biden's presidency. the afghan catastrophe, the southern border catastrophe, this is why biden is plunging in the polls. now his big budget package is blown out of the water. and manchin's saying we can to this more reasonably. but, joe concha, if biden's budget package is blown out of the water, i think his presidency is doomed. that's a key point here. first year, you know this, first year you gotta get your priorities in. if you don't, you're going to struggle, you lose all your
7:41 pm
political capital. so if they listened the man children, they'd be in better -- manchin, they'd be in better shape. what you think? >> they should do what he says, pause if, wait, pass this first infrastructure bill which everybody likes, bipartisan support because it fixes roads and budgets and power grids, and it does the things that americans are very much behind. do that now and then we'll talk about those to other things at another point. but progressives, it's all or nothing with them. they will blow this up and, obviously, they'll blame manchin and sinema. andnc sinema right now, she's te most hated woman in the country since sarah palin and tonya harding. [laughter] i'vest never seen anything like this before just because she's standing for her principles -- larry: i liked governor palin, i wasig a big fan of hers, and i'a big fan of senator sinema's. i've never met her. i'd love to have her on the show. you're politically incorrect. >> i want to thank you for having me on, because this kind
7:42 pm
of platform allows me to talk to the m folks at moscow state university and say, please, give my kid a scholarship. rublings, i'm not asking for much. [laughter] larry: joe concha, thanks very much. up nextup on "kudlow, "why does fed chair jay powell still believe that more people working causes inflation? he's dead wrong about that. we'll take it up with my great friend michelle jewish regard next on -- michelle gerard next on kudlow. i did not get a eleven inscholarship. at least not yet. got a couple of bogeys on your six, limu. they need customized car insurance from liberty mutual so they only pay for what they need. what do you say we see what this bird can do? woooooooooooooo...
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larry: fed chair ♪ larry: fed chair jerome powell having a relapse, thinks we have to choose between low inflation and low unemployment. oh, my god. back to this. anyway, joining us now to explain it all, as always,
7:47 pm
michelle gerard. hi, michelle. >> hi, larry. tolarry: i'm just going to read you this, and you tell me: almost all the time inflation is low when unemployment is high. so interest rates work on both problems. finish michelle, what's he talking about? what -- huh? >> so i was confused because, you know, as fed chair powell seem to feel like there's in this trade-off between inflation and is employment, and their two mandates are somewhat in conflict, and they're trying to thread a needle. but the truth is, is that the fact of the employment situation isn't back to pre-pandemic levels is much more a function of a o lack of labor supply than it is a lack of lay wore demand. i mean, normally when the fed is focused on employment, it's because they're trying to spur employers to look to hire workers. that really isn't the problem rye now. help -- right now.
7:48 pm
there's more job vacancies than k,there are people that can wor. so i don't see this conflict that the fed, you know, feels exists between the unemployment situation not being as strong as they would like it to be, but yet inflation being somewhat problematic. larry: so in today's numbers, pretty p strong personal income, consumer spending. inflation is about 5.5% above the second quarter, so it's not good, 4.3% the last 12 months. michelle, when do you think the fed is going to start to tighten up? >> i think we're probably not going to see the fed raise rates until 2023. i think this fed has become overly concerned about the mistakes made in the past about moving too quickly. this is such a different set of circumstances now than the post-global financial crisis, but iut think they're looking at the lessons or what they think happened then and mistakes they
7:49 pm
think they made and not appreciating that the situation now is very different rlt so especiallyh with their shift ths mandate with, you know, wanting to act knowledge, to tolerate higher inflation for longer, i think they're going to be too slow. you already see the slowness with which they're moving, and i think they're going to be very disappointed to see that inflation is going to be much more persistent than they think. and i think the longer they wait, the more problematic it becomes. larry: yeah, no, think you're probably right. inflation is hot, and it's gonna get hotter, and basically i think that's what they want, and i think that's what the biden administrationct wants. you had good numbers in manufacturing today though, ism manufacturing was strong, probably above expectations. is the economy that strong in your view? >> i think it's strong on the demand h side. what east really holding us -- what's really holding us back is the supply side. the lack of materials, the lack of labor. if you dig into those ism
7:50 pm
numbers, you can see9 that the output number is much weaker finish or the production number is much weaker than the new orders number. so we've got a lot more demand than these manufacturers are ableth to deliver, and i think that fundamentally is what the problem is. it's supply holding us back, not demand. >> michelle g irk rard, as always, thanks. come back soon. all right, folks, joe biden's vaccine mandates are causing shortages everywhere. what's national guard going to do in the hospital? march key makary, dr. marty ma car ily -- makary when we come back.
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♪ larry: so how are are vaccine mandates affecting hospitals? joining us now, johns hopkins university professor, fox news medical contributor, dr. marty makary. marty, good to see you. one thing of many that i don't understand, these mandates, hospital workers are walking off the job. and in new york they're going to have national guard. now, if i get sick and i want to go to the e.r., am i going to go up to some 23-year-old national guard kid, man, woman and ask for medical advice? i just don't get this. what's the point? >> hi, larry. look, familiarity with a hospital and the emergency
7:55 pm
protocols and the ways of doing thing asks if where the medications are, a all of that impacts the quality of medical care. and any experienced nurse on my team will tell you we're not doing the same operation if we're dealing with a bunch of new people there. you can't just swap people out. it's not that simple. and these are self-inflicted wounds because, remember, 85 plus percent of hospital staff are already vaccinated, and over half those who aren't are already immune with natural immunity. larry: so why are we going through this? that's the point. people are walking off. not only hospitals, as you know, marty, people are leaving assembly lines, they're not working in the ports, so we can't get the containers shipped out for supply shortages. i just think this is a big gol' darn mistake by the government. >> you know, we're too rigid with these immunity requirements. i understand that essential workers who are facing people in the public who could give them covid, it's reasonable to say we
7:56 pm
want you to be immune, but not otan accounting staff person, communications department.t. and so we've gone from reasonable scientific policy to a rigid policy, ignoring natural immunity, no exceptions, and requiring of everybody. that's where we've gone wrong. we need more flexibility. larry: should these young kids in schools, i'm reading about this, should theysc have mask mandates? >> during an active outbreak, it may make sense, but most of the country is now at very low levels. larry: all right. dr. marty makary, thank you, sir. appreciate your advice. that . but this is worth. and that - that's actually worth more than you think. don't open that. wealth is important, and we can help you build it. but it's what you do with it, that makes life worth living.
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larry: ♪ larry: the u.s. government should not undertake a communist takeover of our banking system, oti'm sorry. and this woman who went to moscow state university on a lenin scholarship should not be in control of the currency. it's a serious -- >> from the fox studios in new york city, this is maria bartiromo's "wall street." maria: happy weekend, everyone. welcome to the program that analyzes the week that was and helps position you for the week ahead. i'm maria bartiromo. another wild week for stocks. the month, the quarter for the markets ending lower. former raymond james vice chairman fred lane is here on how to manage your portfolio right now. plus, democrats in disarray as house speaker nancy pelosi struggles to connect her divided party behind a massive tax


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