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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  September 9, 2021 12:00am-1:00am EDT

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jeep grand cherokee l jeep. there's only one. ♪ larry: during the trump years, afghan larry: during the trump years afghanistan was more peaceful much calmer the. mentors were bay, president trump knew the difference between friends and enemies and put america first. kennedy: just without the biden administration could not bungle afghanistan evening further, they go ahead and screw the poor pooch. probably left that their two leaked e-mails at the state parmenter the very best to hope a wildly successful evacuation flights out of the country. but if the feds are not going to do it who on earth is? as you know the pentagon stop the official calculations early last week but hundreds if not thousands of u.s. citizens on afghan allies
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reportedly stuck in the country, every day they stay the situation grows more dire but nonetheless nancy pelosi claims the white house is doing a bang up job, nancy. >> the historical evacuation of 120,000 people was remarkable and i commend the adjust ration that. this is never easy but it's not complete right from the start but it was remarkable even though it was off to a hazy start. now we go forward. kennedy: hazy? how do we go forward sister? a number of republican lawmakers claim that is rotten rubbish among them oklahoma
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congressman who spent working tirelessly with vets to try to rescue people he claims the biden administration is lying about everything and he singled out white house press secretary jen psaki, watch this big. >> you cannot believe anything the state department saying i mean that wholeheartedly. there not being honest with the american people. let me go through a couple of things she said she said they already evacuated some people, they did not do anything they do not help or assist any way. in fact the ambassador of the country which we got them out personally told me he was told by d.c. not to assist us in any way. kennedy: who is to blame here or >> for secretary of state tony blinken newspaper causing all the problem but now he says the taliban will not let flights leave afghanistan, really? >> as of now the taliban are not permitted in the charter flights to depart they claim some of the passengers do not have the required documentation. those flights need to be able to depart. and we will work every day to make sure they're able to do
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that. we will continue to press the taliban, to allow the charters to leave. kennedy: he is such a bs artist for the situation is so predictable a 5-year-old could have told you all this is going to happen. the tell but will not u.s. planes leave, why would they actively try to stop private contractors from do everything they can to save every last person who is stranded their questions on me not retired marine corps sgt, medal of honor recipient and fox news contributor, dakota meyer joins me tonight. welcome to coda. >> thank you. kennedy: it's really interesting the bite administration is now deciding to get picky, or is the manifest verification when they shop to 120,000 plus people out of the country most of whom are not american?
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>> listens all about the lies about the light in the money per you follow the money you can follow the truth, right? that is what it is about but where are they holding people? why would the state department give the taliban, sworn enemy or terrorist organization who we've been fighting for the last 20 years, wildly given the names of people were trying to get out? why would we leave without getting everyone out? why would be take u.s. troops often say were kind of surprised the taliban is not going to let these americans leave? it's kind of insane. when you look where the money is, or taking a plane full of cash, take it over and give it to the taliban. the taliban cannot run their government without cash. we had this plan from the beginning. the biden administration's had this plan from the beginning. the state department did not want to look at the iran deal again. so what we are going to do, we are going to set up this hostage crisis a problem they were going to go in and pay ransom make it look like we are rescuing all of these americans while we are shuttling all of this cash over to a terrorist organization. and that is what is happening. >> the tile that has been making money from opium sales for quite some time. but now they've got all of our
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weapons they can sell. why would they need a ransom payment from the biden administration order to let americans out of the country? cannot have it both ways. >> the primary income for the taliban is opium trade. but they do not make enough money to be able to run an entire government for the entire country of afghanistan. look, before we left were shuttling cast to the government of afghanistan for the last 20 some years for them to be able to operate. why do you think were not going to do that now? we are about too. kennedy: this office is something going on. it seems it was intentional the way the u.s. military left all the weapons, planes, tanks , it's like 300,000 rifles, whatever listed there is, whatever material exists in the country seems very intentional it was left
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there. i don't know if that was part of the ransom payment? but also you look at this and you have a lot of friends who are still over there trying to get americans out of the country. you're wondering why wasn't this happening six months ago? >> this is been the plan the whole time. this whole leaving afghanistan as a mechanism to send money over there. with the biden administration did not think was it not that, they never thought the afghan government stand up. they never thought the afghan national army would hold off the taliban. but they did not expect was kabul to fall as fast as it did. they have not been able to get the money there yet. that is the issue per there trying to get that done. look, all of this does add up. the tell that is going to be a government. once they get the money once we get the rest of the americans that they were going
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to start recognizing, how is the administration even talking about possibly recognizing the taliban as a government organization? they are nothing more than animals but they are a terrorist organization should be dealt with accordingly. kennedy: tony blinken said these people are not hostages, ones were trying desperately to get out of the country and secured private flights were not being allowed to leave, not being allowed to land in third countries. he said they are not hostages. when will the u.s. government designate them as such? >> look i think in the next week you're going to see them become hostages. you're going to see them go over and get them out. i've got friends who are personally over her nongovernment organization, always veterans going over trying to get out americans like the government should be doing force. the state department has gone out of their way to stop them, stop them at the front gate. i know for a fact that many
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americans, passports, all the documentation at the front gate of the kabul airport they would not let them in. it is atrocious but how far the state department is going out of their way to try to set this up. kennedy: to set it up and take credit for the work on the not only not doing but obstructing. dakota, last question. you like texas? i love texas texas on the greatest state on the face of a nation pursue for that was gimme, thanks ago a good detective. we will begin to look the new taliban government in afghanistan, boy what a bunch of gems. first up interim interior minister has a 10 million-dollar fbi bounty for planning a terror attack that killed six people including an american. on top of that reportedly already had a least one american hostage. also in senior taliban leadership, for guantanamo bay administers the obama admits
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ration let out in 2014 performer u.s. army. representative said 17 out of the 33 member government, are on that un terrorism blacklist. that is such a shock to me. these guys are different. they are reformed reformers. some are wanted for war crimes. republican congressmen served in afghanistan. he said the whole thing is a disaster, hit me. >> every time i don't think the situation can get any worse, it does. allowing the taliban to pick it most wanted comets top draft picks to now see them but what is quickly is just a slap in the face. to have this in the week of 911 the 20th anniversary, it is just outrageous and frankly unforgivable. kennedy: this just in some breaking news to "foxbusiness
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tonight" the taliban also announcing no women will be allowed to help in government. a complete shock i know, okay brace yourselves. who are the guys running the show? and how can the biden administration possibly even pretend this is a legitimate government question for care discussed former cia governor, chairman and ceo michael baker's back, welcome back baker. lex thank you very much kennedy. happy, happy, happy birthday. kennedy: thank you. >> you do not look a day over 31. kennedy: i am 28, mike,. [inaudible] group work seems like just yesterday. yesterday was 48. [laughter] the 40s are the new 50s unaware of going with that. we got an interesting mix of people in the taliban
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government. kennedy: really? >> is a very diverse group. my favorite stories of our 2021 even with all the pandemic news and the bizarreness of that situation, my favorite is what appears to be genuine bewilderment or surprised by the biden administration, the un and others by the lack of women in the taliban government. i don't know what and that so entertaining. good god that cannot be serious when they talk about they've been discussing this with the taliban leadership in our efforts diplomacy to be more inclusive. it is about as bizarre and so rare as it comes. kennedy: mattel that is going to go, who are the foremost pistol off of people we can task to be the face of our new authoritarian democracy, let's get the guys who are eating oatmeal with their butts and put them as the figureheads of
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government, that will send a message we've really changed our stripes. though they are. kennedy: these guys always, all five of them one is now the government they look familiar some because they are. they were in the taliban governor and 96 we want to pretend they want to be pretend to be kinder and gentler. it is insane i do not know what secretary state lincoln is thinking when he continues this path of talking we're switching to a diplomatic effort here. kennedy: they have put their black flag and the ground and
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say we want to eradicate you and israel, that is our objective. we went to shed blood from the west. these are some guys i can really work with it like diplomacy 101, what do you think question but that's what you have to say every morning when you wake up mike baker. >> every morning you look in the mirror, what is happening here will not be surprised. were talking to folks in the uk in diplomatic terms, i believe the bided ministration is doing everything they can to figure how to make that happen as well. i think a part of it is a bit of a political theater. they are trying to salvage the bad press from the clown show that was the withdrawal from afghanistan. think what they are trying to do is, it is a different time.
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it's not 20 years ago. somehow that's going to make us all forget. kennedy: that is where they want to take the government. they have made no bones about it. they are tick tock terrorists they have the same name to subjugate women and murder infidels. it's not going to change we are not going to change them we are not going to build up their crappy country and make it like southern california. it would be great i love california. >> it would be great we have to worry about this because my national security perspective you have to talk to the taliban government. it is in our best interest to try to get them to do whatever they can to minimize terrorism. they are tied at the hip with al qaeda and the network. and so by definition the taliban is a terrorist organization. what were saying is we want to work with them against the
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worst of the terrorists. all of these characters, they have spent decades of forming relationships with terrorist organizations and including iran. we've got a real problem here. at some point the biden administration is going to have to pivot and demonstrate more pragmatism. kennedy: mike baker brought a money and for everybody, thank you so much baker brick. >> and i say happy birthday by the way? >> thank you i've got a stake with my name on it. coming up doctor fauci, big liar. he is accused of lying about the origins of covid-19. it all has to have new documents on the wuhan lab. can we still trust the nation's top neurologist? he is a virus. he is a virus. plus brand-new, here's
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don't know. in documents released under or the freedom of information extra doctor fauci's national institutes of health and aids and whatever it is,. [laughter] funding coronavirus researcher wuhan try to print a report of the code the kind of research that could yield dangerous outbreaks, let covid-19, that is so weird. it's almost a smoking gun. or a sneezing bat after the information said fauci's been lying to congress stone all along the # fire fauci and invest in and investigate for real. let's meet tonight party panel comedian post a fox across america on fox news radio, jimmy failla, very snappy blazer former state harvey deputy spokesperson fox news contributor, she is very excited about the ohio state buckeyes in the football season, marie harf for it i do know why i am yelling the
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foundation. >> happy birthday daddy brick foundation for economic policy correspondent, brad polumbo as handsome as ever that's my feeling is so attractive jim i will start with you fauci has misled congress he has been lying, he has been pandering nowhere near figure out of covid-19 accountability for china. interest of full disclosure but heard about people getting viruses about had to do with your birthday party. i'm a little behind the eight ball here. >> happy birthday. kennedy: thank you. >> fauci we really should just send him off to dancing with the stars or maybe for him the masked singer. you know it reminds me of. kennedy: we've got our masks on i don't know if you can see
12:22 am
my face. >> it is absurd with this whole semantic debate over whether or not it was gain of function very much reminds me of major league run when the guy hits the home run their debating are not weather is too the trajectory of the ball finally somebody jumped and said who gives an f. it is gone in this incident it doesn't matter how you debated its funding of gain of function research but we know that. why? when you look on the confrontation with rand paul he adhered to the old legal adage when you have the facts you count the facts. when you have nothing to pound the table. rand paul showdown he pounded the table. you don't know what your talk but which looks good for soundbites and a 24 new cycle but is not a reputation of anything rand paul said they should fight on view and i can stop spitting at the camera but. kennedy: i hope you don't we need that kind of energy.
12:23 am
now marie there are plenty of virologists and epidemiologists and microbiologists and researchers, and disagreed with how fauci tried to shave the story in his favor. there has to be comeuppance at some point because he is known for years and years where those research grants are going, who is acting for the money and what they're doing with it he has a revisionist he of anyone knew the risks downplay his involvement have been from the freedom of information act requests, he should be relieved of duty and let someone do it.
12:24 am
>> very good ohio sports movie reference, i like it. kennedy, it was a good reference. the documents he published do not have anything in terms of a smoking gun. over what gain of function means. the broader picture this people going after doctor fauci include rand paul to just do not like doctor fauci stand on culvert where they don't like he advocated after measures have shown they protect us from getting sick. this is about people wanting to go after doctor fauci. on this one issue is backed up by a lot of other scientists. very skeptical on how it came to be now bred both of these
12:25 am
things can be true at the same time, you can diss like doctor fauci's mask mandates and he digs he has issued from his pulpit pretty can also disagree with the way he has run interference they were very, very liberal with gain of function funding. >> it's not as if he has much credibility in the bank at this point. he lied to the public about masks for heat misled the public about schools being safe to reopen. and iran paul's been right at every turn against doctor fauci. this is just the latest example. it is a semantic word games to try to claim what was going on here, what we were finding was not gain a function research. it basically was if not literally it basically was. when he lied to congress and said otherwise, doctor fauci knew what he was doing. he does not have credibility with the public at this point. this is why we cannot just follow the science or listen to the experts because they
12:26 am
say different things every couple of weeks. we cannot just blindly trust these people in washington to plan our lives when they cannot even keep their story straight, kennedy. before they do not know how to interpret their own data. they will have a workarounds when politically convenient. there are people like richard at records who is taking great exception to some of fauci statements. especially some of their past actions and games they have engaged in. i said this on the show before, i have a great deal of respect for francis collins for he is someone whom i have respected and read for a long, long time for the fact they are now changing their stories in order to cya, and putting americans and people around the world at risk because they are more concerned about covering their own tracks than they are getting to the bottom of what it means for how this
12:27 am
virus came to be. so if it in fact it was generated in the lab, there is gain of function on these and viruses were altered to become more transmissible and somehow lab workers got sick and spread it to everyone else and now we have a global pandemic. jimmy what is to keep that from happening again? >> that is the real problem here. getting into the whole side showed debate we have a chinese government that's openly defying us in terms of cooperating with his investigation ensuring their data. right now nothing is being done to get to the bottom of this as a root cause as they prefer to say on the left. i think that is what he has to go. at this stage of the world were done during this field but hate china will take whatever you can give us, that is embarrassing. fauci's been the gig since 1984, they have three lead singer since then.
12:28 am
we deserve at least one semi hagar do we not? kennedy: think sammy hagar would do a better job in charge of her spots of the virus. unfortunately the root cause of all of this, maybe fauci himself. that is a sad and scary reality. vice president kamala harris back home and california, campaigning for none other than that dud gavin newsom. will hail mary save his job? she's got to be better than, left, the panel returns in a left, the panel returns in a
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you know you are in deep trouble when kamala harris is your best hope just as the child migrants wrapped in tin foil her southern borders. vice president traveled to california to campaign for gavin newsom of the final days of its recall election fight. here are of what she had to say. here she is, sorry very boring. >> we broaden our leaders will always be in audrey. >> republican recall will fail. [cheering] [applause] >> they said they can do this in california and they will this in what we will show them they are not going to do this here. >> that is all i hear, literally. it could be a giant seal. and it would make more sense for the white house's sleep beach i was going to go to california next week to campaign for newsom with the president and vice president poll numbers tanking, could their presence due to newsom
12:34 am
more harm than good question at the party panel is back, to be failure, marie harf and brad polumbo. jimmy, i look at these two dingbats and i think to myself, i am a california boater. who is less popular, newsom or harris? >> the coppola thing surprised me but i thought he would've gone for a more respectable california mike ojeh, i did not see this one coming. [laughter] right now i am pretty sure she is pulling behind covid and by like two points this idea that biden is going to campaign for him, biden did not even camping for himself. you think he's going to get out there and have effect on this question it will be cute to see him get here on stage and say it's be here in california -- carolina. it's a good day we have here. i'm serious it's a smart move by him to get them involved because it makes the conversation a national one. it shows a reframing of this.
12:35 am
whether not ran with incompetence everywhere will return got such a petty personal place in our politics a lot of people are going to support him despite the fact he's run the state into the ground. they're not voting against republicans are voting against themselves it is >>. kennedy: it's unreal. it is such a disingenuous campaign, marie, to say these are moderate republicans trying to grab an election. no, republicans are outnumbered in the state two -- one. a lot of democrat parents are super pissed off their kids might go remote again because the teachers unions are so powerful. a woman wearing a gorilla mask through an egg at larry elder today jesus christmas, sorry about the language.
12:36 am
>> if democrats turn out gavin newsom wins. that's why see joe biden, carl harris, a whole host of a popular democrats going to the state. [inaudible] kennedy, the republicans in california made a really big strategic mistake when they did not coalesce, if larry elder out there who was accused of horrible things treating ex- girlfriends, ex- fiancé's terribly. give other people saying crazy, crazy things. look, gavin newsom is not perfect. >> gavin newsom is not anything. he is not even a marginal. >> at the end of the day there's more democrats and republicans i have to turn out. kennedy: j what that means? they should not have had enough signatures to get this thing on the ballot. a lot of those were from latinos and a lot were from democrats who are really upset with the way the state is being run into the ground.
12:37 am
all you have to do is go out there. brad, have you been to california recently? >> no i haven't and i will not be going anytime soon. unless it's become successful and things turn around a little bit. even the fact we've gotten this far in such a thorough and complete rejection of the big government and competence it has really taken what was a wonderful, beautiful and thriving state in california and takes it right down into the dumps. he would not be at this point was calling in the president to save him from this recall efforts for not that a lot of things wrong and were not started to notice. i find it funny kamala harris is there backup. click hagar as a member me when as attorney general i fought to keep true moms imprisoned that exonerated peoples that really is going to help them here? i hope not. >> she's failed her weight
12:38 am
hounded her 2020 campaign go? >> she is not winning if that is what winning looks like, i don't know if losing is bad. >> long story short california look at it this way, they lead the country at u-haul's leaving the state. that is the total commentary. >> the only good thing about california is the ucla bruins are ranked 16th and that is fantastic. ucla in football, there you go for thank you so much great to talk to jimmy, marie, brad. >> happy birthday pray. kennedy: thank you, let's get this started. the alleged architect of 911 attacked in court today at gitmo. will this mean justice at last. mike chase the official attorney of the show breaks on attorney of the show breaks on the case next ♪ music playing. ♪
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kennedy: will we ever see justice for 911? earlier today the pretrial hearings for the alleged architects of the attack began at guantanamo bay. five gizmo detainees appeared in court just days before we mark 20 years since 911. so after a decade of dragged out hearings, is this really the start of some long awaited closure for 911 families? here with me now attorney and author of how to become a current federal criminal or international one, mike chase is back. why is it taking so long, 20 years man come on. >> it is a painfully long period of time.
12:44 am
especially we have crime of this magnitude. you've got 20 years since the offense. really ten years since this whole thing began. unlike many, many, many federal trials you have had so many changes in judges. you hadn't unbelievable amount of process changes to the whole thing for that's painful for the victims you have to watch. we are at a stage right now where a judge who is a richly put on the case was disqualified because he did not have two years of experience. but here we are again because he does have two years of experience for that goes to punctuates how much time has passed. kennedy: it is been really hard for the families because every time they start this up, they try and get over there and have exhausted their resources. here is my question, why did we go through the typical process to prosecute these people and use the constitution as our guide and pick them in super max prisons with el chapo so they would never see the light of day. >> one of the things that happens in these sort of terrorism trials, especially
12:45 am
one like this is the process was not normal from the beginning. one of the key issues that has infected this case is there a significant question about what evidence can even come into the trial. there is argument not whether it was the product of torture. a typical case, we do not have torture in the common sense infecting the trial. no we have torture like solitary confinement, things like that, things that are very agonizing. here are argument some of the best evidence they would say it was elicited by torture. this is anything but usual. plus you have the cia involved in the background here for many years. because of that there be a lot of classified information involved as well put this as anything but the normal case. that is still no excuse for denying justice for the better part of two decades to people who have lived with this agony for 20 years. kennedy: it's also much more expensive, obviously to try them this way. so what happens? we've got about half a minute what happens if a jury does in
12:46 am
fact find them guilty? >> here, like the usual case of a military commission you're going to have factfinder this going to be looking at charges of hijacking, of care terrorism, a whole litany per they do face the death penalty. in this case we do the death penalty is relatively rarely imposed now. this to be one of those cases in which we could very well see executions. will that bring any kind of comfort to the families? maybe a modicum but the loss is so great here, this is a devastating case. i am not sure true adjusted could ever be attained in this case. kennedy: it could end horribly. just like afghanistan, we could be in a worse place when it ends then it was only began. mike chase, thank you so much for. >> thank you. kennedy: i need a shower. kennedy: i need a shower. tropical storm is next [sfx: radio being tuned] welcome to allstate. ♪ [band plays] ♪
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12:51 am
a topical storm. topic number one here we go. mcdonald's manager has revealed what the big purple character grimace really is, shockingly it is not a hemorrhoid. mcdonald's fans has speculated with the giant purple blog might be. 20121 twitter account rep the grimace was a physical embodiment of a milkshake. mcdonald's manager is now revealed it's actually a giant taste bud per the only way a taste bud could get that discolored is from all of the celtic mcdonald's food. grimace was created in 1972, like me he was rich and evil characters told mills shakes from kids is redesigned to be goofy and friendly. and take it for me, it being
12:52 am
goofy and friendly makes it much easier to steal milkshakes from kids. that is the other memo. topic number two, let's journey to the land of oz. check out this video from australian guys. it is a kangaroo fighting a hammock. you can see the kangaroos hopped up mercilessly beating on the hammock like in aussie police officer on a little girl weird you think a hammock would at least take a swing. then again it still putting up more of a fight than connor mcgregor lately. this was filmed by one of also is 25 million prisoners. as of now it is still legal to look out your window and australia but that could change if the coronavirus case numbers rise above 11 or 12. if he keeps affording like this he could end up in a kangaroo court. i have not seen a >> animal jump around like this 80000 dumb dumb wisconsin fans. just kidding. topic number three. here is a video that will make you never want to eat again. it is not chuck schumer dancing. watch what happened at the duke mail classic football game when a clemson fan pulled
12:53 am
down a giant tub of mayonnaise on the jumbotron. here he is spoon feeding himself, harmful garbage like a "new york times" subscriber. i know what you're thinking, this is a neat trick but can he do it while bouncing on a pyramid of milk crates? this could be the most vomit inducing video since the imagine song. imagine this, to be rushed to the mayo clinic boy did have egg on his face to see the young woman next to him jumping out of a shot just in case they activate the kiss cam. i don't know about you but i've not seen anyone develop a tub of lard like this since the series finale of hbo's girls comic here is a another one take it. topic number four. if you thought chugging mayonnaise was flirting with death, you ain't seen nothing yet. check out this video from china of a couple laying in bed suspended almost 1000 feet
12:54 am
in the air. here it is, nothing more risky than going to bed with charlie sheen. i would rather have tiger blood. although typically the women who do that are even higher than this. this is a hammock abed. it is a thrill ride at a chinese adventure theme park. this is so much better than last year's thrill ride. this is the only time your last will and testament is considered pillow top right of first the writer said this was the best air mattress that ever slept on. thanks again ugly turn when the young woman woke up on the wrong side of the bed. in the middle of a canyon, god rest her soul. rest her soul. we'll be right back with your that spin class was brutal. well, you can try using the buick's massaging seat. oh. yeah, that's nice. can i use apple carplay to put some music on? sure, it's wireless. what's your buick's wi-fi password? it's buick envision. that's a really tight spot.
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kennedy: welcome back. it is my favorite part of the week it is time for kennedogs. it is a segment where we love your dog is much as you do. keep on sending your pups # kennedogs to twitter. maybe your dog to be featured on the show like jade, look at jade. she is a service dog and she just turned ten. you know i have a soft spot for english bulldogs. this is gypsy, high gypsy. look at macy, look at macy's
12:59 am
eyes. so cute. next up we have spencer, spencer loves walks off at least, love snaps, dresses up as trump and most only like to sit on the couch to watch the kennedy show. rob sent us his dog lester. lester is a border collie trapped inside a corgi. he thanks the best tennis balls of the ones you find at the park. who is a good boy lester? of course this is millie from philly. she watches the show with her owner jenny was she's hiding under the bed because of the thunder and fireworks, what a sweet girl lover. hey clement, claims can hear government overage coming from a mile away. we need to climb the and those ears. dana sends in her dog whiskey. whiskey is five years old and loves to be out on the boat and swim me too.
1:00 am
we love you jackie. before i go i want to take a second to remember america's dog, our beloved jasper sadly passed away over the weekend but he was nine years old, impacted more years of living than most dogs do. for years we have seen him on fox news with plenty of laughs in our (announcer) the following is a paid advertisement from time life. they were the first family of american television. we got the same blood in us. no wonder i'm so little, david's been using it all up. (announcer) the nelsons were our family, and our friends. (ozzie) when people say, who did that magnificent public spirited job, you tell them it was your neighbor -and friend, ozzie nelson. -wholesome, loving, and destined for stardom. ♪ pretty polynesian baby over the sea ♪ ♪ i remember the night ♪ ♪ when we walked in the sands of waikiki ♪


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