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tv   WSJ at Large With Gerry Baker  FOX Business  September 3, 2021 9:30pm-10:00pm EDT

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"fox business" program at american dream home. i'll be falling families as they hunt for their perfect house. turn in tuesdays starting september 21 at 8:00 p.m. eastern time and that will do it for s.b. thank you for watching. have a great labor day weekend. ♪♪ gerry: hello i'm welcome to "the wall street journal at large." coming up america's ongoing -- in afghanistan the president thinks it's been an extraordinary success for no speaking with general jack keane about the damage to the nation's security and also about what might come next. also supreme court declines to strike down one of the most restrictive laws in the country.
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is it the end of roe v. wade and job market stalls in august. is the recovery at risk under fears about the delta variant undermining confidence? happy labor day. labor day weekend and welcome. some think the joe biden's problem is he's just too old and cognitively impaired to do the most important job in the world it's true at times his bumbling performance has left his aides concerned that they may have kept him off past his bedtime on too many occasions. he does seem to be reminiscing with other retirees. biden critics believed the declining mental acuity is what's responsible for the disaster unfolding in afghanistan the last month. the president said he hasn't been paying attention to the deteriorating situation in the country and the threat posed to american security by the
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taliban. it's clear on his performance that this is wrong. it's not what joe biden hasn't been focused on the crisis is if anything he's been too focused. absentmindedly losing the country in the nation's allies but doing so out of a stubborn insistence that his way is the only way even as catastrophe unfolds are owned and bred on tuesday just after the last u.s. forces left afghanistan leaving behind an unknown number of americans and tens of thousands of afghans we promise to protect biden was in a combative mood expressing no contrition for the disaster the last month and actually celebrating the event. >> the extraordinary success of this mission was due to the incredible skill, bravery and selfless courage of the united states military and our diplomats and intelligence professionals. gerry: an extraordinary success? if this is a success mr. president like to see what
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you think failure looks like that everything that's gone wrong in afghanistan is somebody else's fault. donald trump's original deal with the taliban, afghans were not defending themselves and americans left there were not getting out soon enough. it amounts to the most dishonest and dishonorable accounting by a president in the recent history of american foreign-policy and it has disastrous consequences for our national security. you can believe indeed most americans knew was time to end america's engagement in afghanistan. the collapse of the afghan government suggests 20 years and more than 2000 american lives and a trillion dollars have not been able to build a stable country but getting out this way leaving americans friends and allies at the mercy of the terrorist organization we defeated 20 years ago is truly shameful. also because it seems the president's decision to rush to
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the exits was driven by a desire to make a political point by saying the war was over on the anniversary of 9/11. the problem though is that the war isn't over. it's not over the for those left behind and not for those in uniform who is recently last week gave their lives for freedom and sadly not for the rest of us. america's shameful withdrawal leaves terrorist resurgence and america's enemies every where triumphant. this is sadly the ultimate cost and joe biden's cognitive failure in addition or arrogance and hubris. the ultimate tragedy as we will all be punished for it. here to discuss what's happened in afghanistan and a look at how many might repair the damage is four-star general senior strategic analyst general jack keane. general thank you for joining us. >> delighted to be here.
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gerry: president said this was an extraordinary success. what do you think? >> well far from it. i believe it's one of the most significant foreign-policy and national security failures we have since post-world war ii. it is quite extraordinary because it clearly has advanced our adversaries. they will be considerably more emboldened than the direct beneficiaries are most significant adversaries china, russia and iran. think of it we just pulled out of afghanistan seven military bases and multiple cia bases that were on the border of china and the border of iran and the country away from russia. they are absolutely thrilled that the united states is out and most -- much to their surprise the united states got themselves involved in an ill-conceived withdrawal that
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led to an emergency retreat right before our eyes that was chaotic is a generous term to describe what was taking place and the second thing was which was equally disturbing is how it hasn't. our allies. our allies who were in afghanistan with those nato the european allies. they didn't want president biden to withdraw those forces and part of those forces were theirs. we had 2500 they had seven or 8000. they couldn't stay without air support that they believed it was in their national security interest to be in afghanistan to prevent another 9/11 and certainly if you are going to prevent the 9/11 you have to prevent the taliban taking over. gerry: there are a lot of people who wanted to end this war in president trump a year ago
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talked with the taliban to get the u.s. out. is it your view when you decide to end awards always messy and it's not going to look good. was there a better way to do this and was there an alternative from what we have seen? >> reasonable people on both sides of the issue should we stay or should we not and there are good arguments on both sides. i happen to be one of those who advocated that we should stay for the security of the american people but if you are going to do that if you are going to pull out you have to have conditions for that pullout and the number one condition should be revamped the taliban from taking over. once the taliban takes over the very thing you are trying to prevent his going to happen a resurgence of al qaeda and a resurgence of isis and that's happening before our eyes. that should have been condition wanted to achieve condition one make certain we keep our air support and robust intelligence
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coming. we know for a fact when the president announced the withdrawal in april with a day certain of august 31 clearly china -- trying to get this done before 9/11 that so we started moving down the road of disaster. we had to pull our forces out in the middle of the fighting season and not at the end of the fighting season when all fighting stops in the wintertime which would have been a better time and that would have bought us more time. how are we going to be able to continue your support for the ground forces the afghan security forces when we are gone and? just that position clearly has to be established and it was not. gerry: very quickly because we have to go unfortunately what can we do now to repair the damage and use their allies are horrified by this and our enemies are emboldened by this. what needs to be done right now to restore some sense, to shore
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up our security? >> first of all a number of our allies have citizens that were left behind because of our pullout. the president has to be all in with his national security foreign-policy officials to get american citizens out in the so-called app -- sib, afghan friends. we didn't even get the majority owl. there are likely hundreds of american citizens at a minimum and tens of thousands of sib plus tens of thousands from european countries. we have to make a firm commitment return our honor. we have left the american citizens behind. that stains america's honor in my judgment. we have to fix that immediately. we have to deal with their allies and shore up the lack of trust they have with us.
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united states is the protector of allies in the far east and in the middle east and also in europe. they need us but they need to know we will be there for them. gerry: general jack keane thank you so much for joining us break coming up to top political allies break down the biggest stories from the afghanistan withdrawal and texas' new abortion ban. that's next. ♪ shaka-laka! shaka! scoop!. ♪ ♪ choco-laka! choco-laka!...♪ geico. switch today and see all the ways you could save. ♪ sprinkles! ♪ time.
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oh, hi i invested in invesco qqq a fund that invests in the innovators of the nasdaq 100 like you you don't have to be circuit design engineer to help push progress forward can i hold the chip? become an agent of innovation with invesco qqq gerry: welcome back. our panel discussion to ongoing casualty in afghanistan is the big news of the week of course and how it might affect joe biden's residence in american politics and also later was it a supreme court declined to strike down in blue law in texas that bars abortion after six weeks of pregnancy. the 5-4 decision which chief justice john roberts sided with the progressive wing the court allowed it to stand. the first big test for the majority created by president trump's three-quarters nominees.
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could that signaled the court is ready to strike down roe v. wade to legalize abortion and? and possible trouble for the u.s. economy. american employees added only 235,000 payrolls in august. as a nation bids farewell to summer and returns to restrictions on school kids in public places escalating vaccination requirements and new fears about the spread of the delta variant is covid going to kill off the nascent economic recovery? join me to discuss his "fox news" contributor brandy divine and sean duffy. thank you both for joining me. miranda let me start with you with afghanistan. president biden told us it was an extraordinary success this week and i just discussed with general jack keane why that's obviously completely insane but tell us if you would what are
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the vanzo last month in what is it due to joe biden's presidency and his credibility? >> look i mean just look at the polls and see it's been disastrous for him. it was presented during the campaign as this empathetic person with great foreign-policy experience a steady set of hands after the chaos of trump and someone who he said would restore america and bring unity and stability to the country in the opposite has happened in fact. we see nothing but chaos and incompetence and that was really crystallized in the pullout in afghanistan which was badly watched but also at the southern border and we see it in his attitude towards inflation. the triumph and of the reality has been he could preen on this stage of september 11 is the first president to end the
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forever war and from that vanity it fell forward. gerry: miranda raises a good topic and let's take a look at that story and is miranda said reuters has a story this week that reported that president biden spoke as miranda said with afghan president ghani and asked president ghani no lie about the situation in afghanistan or whether or not it's true the taliban is making progress we don't want that out there. can you give us the perception that it's not true? president trump was impeached for a phonecall with a foreign president in which he supposedly asked him to lie. what does this tell us about president biden and about his credibility? >> that goes to miranda's point that the president is concerned about his time on september 11.
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the problem with that is it's not reality on the ground and not addressing what president ghani said which is 15,000 international terrorist and his country fighting against afghan forces. that failure to address reality led to 13 servicemen and women dying last week and billions of dollars of american tanks and humvees and helicopters on the ground. i think americans understand the power of the american military and they understand what we can do in this thread or lack thereof of the taliban and they understand we could have had withdrawal and we could done it in an honorable way. we could have taken all of our equipment and people that they blame this on joe biden and again foreign-policy expert not
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so much and generals agree with none of it. gerry: we have to take a quick rate but when we come back we have to talk about more events especially the supreme court decision not to strike down that texas abortion law. stay with us.
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gerry: "fox news" contributors miranda divine and sean duffy. miranda that stuck about the supreme court decision or lack of decision this week. it's the end of roe v. wade and this has been one of the most assigning issues of social policy for the last 50 years the united states. are we going to see the supreme court donald trump's majority on the supreme court finally strike down roe v. wade do you think? >> will look this isn't about
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roe v. wade. it's just a way around roe v. wade and their other cases that will come before the supreme court and this is an attack by the right end for the first time you are seeing some creative legal weapons being utilized by the right instead of them always playing defense to the left and the eroding social marmots and taboos. i think it's a good sign that there is a renewed vigor to aggressively use the law to renew conservative positions but also joe biden places double game where he's catholic and being in abortion enthusiasts he pretends he's not really a catholic president he's just a
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catholic who happens to be president but in this case he has weighed in actively against it. in that case -- and the other case it's reinvigorated the left. gerry: again and we don't know there's another case before the court this year if the court does strike down roe v. wade does that fundamentally change the politics of this issue or as miranda says in bold and progressive's? >> i don't think the court will ever strike down roe v. wade per se. but what they will do is send the issue back to the state which will be a partial strike that what's happening here gerry i was one of the sponsors of the house. those are tough when we had them challenged judicially. as you mentioned they craftily
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navigated this legislation to say we are going to ban abortion as six weeks that we will allow people to sue abortion providers and those who participate in the abortion so there's a financial consequence to it and that's why the supreme court allow this. you see for deal or sound and a lot of parents can see what your child looks like and a parent has a relationship with that child so i think technology is on the side but also let states and legislatures make this decision as opposed to in 1973 unelected justices who made the decision for america but let the people decide and that's what's motivating the energy behind this action from the supreme court on the right. gerry: will take one more quick break but i want to talk to our guests about the inevitable topic of covid. don't go away.
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without trade-offs. unconventional thinking. it's better for business. gerry: i'm back with miranda divine and sean duffy. we had disappointing jobs numbers on friday and we are back from the summer break this week. is the economy headed for another rest period because of the covid restrictions and vaccination requirements? >> let's be clear economists expected 300,000 to 1 million new jobs created in august and there were only 235. i think what is weighing on this
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is covid in the delta variant but also you have 10 million jobs available right now but you have this 235,000 number. what's happening is we have too many people staying home. we have enhanced unemployment benefits and food stamp payouts and we have done rental forgiveness. so you have this government supporting people to not go back to work which is not creating jobs so i think we are going to have several months left and if biden pays attention to this -- these policies never worked for job growth. gerry: president biden promised a peaceful withdrawal from afghanistan and promised the country would heal and come together and nothing is going right right now, is it? >> no and i think this very
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anemic recovery is not what truly expected and consumer confidence is down. it's hard. the psychology of the country is not great in that translates to the economy. gerry: miranda devine and sean duffy thank you for being with us. that's it for this week. i'll be back next week on "the wall street journal at large." thanks for joining me. jack: welcome to "barron's roundtable" where we get behind the headlines and prepare you for the week ahead. i'm jack otter bitcoin a bubble that's about to burst pipes will ask seau and later sara maleate joins the roundtable with our outlook for the top stock picks and we begin with a what we think are the three most important thin


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