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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  August 25, 2021 9:00am-12:00pm EDT

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maria: thank you today can mcdowell and kt mcfarland. wonderful to be with you. have a great day. "varney and company" begins right now. take it away. stuart: 24 hours ago we were breaking the news president biden would obey the taliban and withdraw from afghanistan fully by next tuesday. the presidency went down from there. we wait for hours for the president to speak. jen psaki held a press conference, she was pushed out playing for time while the president figured out what to say. then he appeared and started
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with a celebration of speaker pelosi's spending plan, masterful pelosi called her. for five minutes he tried to put us positive spin on a disastrous day when he finally addressed afghanistan it was a speech about betrayal, abandonment of friends and allies and american citizens. he used a teleprompter but still stumbled, lost his place and finally walked away refusing to answer questions. that was tuesday afternoon. wednesday morning there are more dreadful seems at the kabul airport, the gates have been shut, massive crowd left waiting, this out and say they won't let afghans out, women are told not to go to work, the taliban can't handle seeing women out of the house, troops starting to leave. two congressman, one democrat, one republican flew into couple to check the evacuation. they are saying we cannot get everyone out by august 30 first. it is 6 days to the deadline. the taliban are running the
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show. we are dealing with the world, money and politics and afghanistan. there is no impact i can see from the afghan debacle and stock market. it will go up a little bit, s&p same story, closed at a record high, the nasdaq above the 15,$000 level, the cryptos giving back their recent gains, bitcoin at 47-8. going back to the office, mask and vaccine mandates spreading rapidly. goldman sachs brought its workers back in june. now it says everyone who goes into the building must wear a mask and if employees are not vaccinated you've got to work from home. even more extreme the governor of oregon is mandating masks outdoors. clearly there is a lot to get
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into, "varney and company" is about to begin. >> before i update you on the meeting i had with leaders of the g7 i want to talk about the progress we are making on the build back better agenda at home. let me turn to afghanistan. thank you. >> can you guarantee every american will be out before the troops leave? stuart: very interesting editing we did. president biden talking up his bills back better plan, spent five minutes on that before he got to afghanistan and 7 minutes on afghanistan. he walked away from the podium without taking a single
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question. it was a short speech but clearly delayed for several hours. >> 12:00 pm to 3:00 pm and 4:00 pm and appeared at roughly 5:00 pm, and when it did happen, only 12 minutes total, no questions but he did stick to the august 30 first withdrawal deadline but he did leave himself some leeway saying the timeline could adjust if necessary meaning it could go past august 30 first. stuart: it is dependent upon the talent band. >> we have 19,000 evacuated from afghanistan, latest update from the white house overnight, 82,000 evacuated since august 14th, the pentagon says 4000 were american passport holders and families in that
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80,000 but we are dealing with a lot of interpreters, american forces over the last 24 hours. >> those people cannot get to the airport. the gates to the airport have been closed. they are left outside. what are we going to do? >> i'm american passport holders and afghanistan. if we have 4000 being evacuated 7000 are left in kabul. stuart: they can't get to the airport. >> american passport holders -- stuart: they can't get to the airport. the taliban won't let them through. for some time we've been asking if the president is up to the job. that's a reasonable question to ask bearing in mind the president's recent performance. let's bring in a frequent guest to the program, christian, i ask you the question is the president up to the job?
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>> i don't think he's up to the job. a further question whether you want to invoke the 20 fifth amendment and potentially remove him. he can process information in think and speak, not take questions from the press but speak to the press, the american people seem to have concluded there's a problem. if you look at opinion polls which are always skewed in favor of democrats and susceptible to favorable coverage from the media up to this point those polls are in freefall, the american people have concluded his performance in this crisis and more broadly on the economy are not good. he is in deep trouble. usually at this point he would lose a lot of power on capitol hill but nancy pelosi and the other democrats decided to circle the wagons, brought congress back from august recess to pass this $3.5 trillion bill on top of an infrastructure bill on top of a
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federal budget that is extremely bloated, trying to rally the progressive base. stuart: an ugly 6 days to go. susan has done the math, 7000 american passport holders outside the perimeter of the airport, they can't get to the airport, who knows what will happen but speculate for me. what happens over the next week, what will biden do? >> hopefully worst-case doesn't happen, the taliban already knows the american position is vulnerable, that's why biden is probably not extending it. oliver take are a couple pickup trucks with mortar tubes or artillery or anything you put firearms on airport with, flight operations except for the most daring and risky helicopter evacuation this but he should say. >> we are at the mercy of the talent band for the next 6 days and that is the way it is.
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the the americans there. sorry i'm out of time we will bring you back soon. i want to play a clip from fox news national security correspondent jennifer griffin responding to the president's speech saying our troops are traumatized. >> the president set the deadline the military has to scramble to meet. people haven't gotten out are the people they promised to get out. americans and those translating their homes, we are getting videos of their family members being killed as the telegram close in on them. the president reads those statements and starts with a domestic agenda and then says here's what is happening in afghanistan, so detached from reality and those poor american
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troops or doing what they can being given an impossible task. i didn't hear him addressing our troops, i didn't hear him addressing veterans, i didn't hear any empathy as we did not keep our promise and it is a national shame. stuart: two congressman made a secret trip to afghanistan. >> seth moulton and peter major, military veterans and members of the household services committee, arrived on a military flight by the united arab emirates justifying their ship issuing this statement, you can imagine the administration came into this visit wanting to push the president to extend the august 30 first deadline after talking to commanders on the ground, it is obvious that because we started the evacuation so late we won't get everybody out on time even by september 11th.
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stuart: that's not good news. that is afghanistan, we will deal with it throughout the show. i want to turn to the markets. democrats are pushing a total of $5 trillion worth of spending. is that a problem for the stock market. >> it might be. investors may look at what happens if the fed doesn't agree to monetize a monumental debt load, interest rates will rise, taxes have to rise because democrats will push them higher to pay for some of it and it will start to rise and investors won't like that scenario. that could be the thing, a monumental rally. >> apart from the fed than the spending of all that you think the rally continues. >> yes. i think it can continue. we've got plenty of legs. investors are brushing aside every wall of worry whether it is afghanistan or potential for
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rising rates. and moving markets forward. markets are moving forward and upward in stealth mode. we don't see the big caps meeting, numbers on headlines in terms of the general news media. we are seeing gentle rotation and the market is ratcheting higher all along. investors are picking up cheap stocks, bidding those up and going back into the tech stocks so it is a rally hiring no reason it can't continue. stuart: see you again soon. if you look how the market is likely to open you see modest gains across the board. vaccinated in oregon, the governor wants you to wear a mask outdoors. on the get laura trump's take on the mask mandate later in the show. a boiling point with the administration's handling of
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how many are going to die because they have to fight their way through our own equipment, our own damn equipment. >> there's a lot to be expression no soldier left behind, not just soldiers, americans and those that stand with america but we don't leave behind. stuart: a group of republicans blasting the handling of afghanistan. congressman, we are being told that not all of our friends or even american citizens will be out by august 30 first. >> i agree with that assessment it is virtually impossible he because of the dynamics on the ground. the problem is we've done things in reverse. this should have started in april and we have a bipartisan group of members who served in the middle east and we warned
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the administration, pass laws to make it easier to get our afghan allies out. stuart: can i interrupt you for a second? i want to look to the future. we have 7000 estimated 7000 american citizens who can't get to the airport. what are we going to do about this? president biden says he has a contingency plan. do you think he would go back in to get people out? >> i was getting to that. the intelligence community throughout this entire several months, the decision to been wrong. the military always has contingency plans. you set up any possible environment, extrapolate out what your contingencies are.
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the question is what is the mission? he may have contingency plans but i hope the mission is to get the afghan people out who support us whose lives are in danger. we can talk about water under the bridge and what are we doing going forward? i don't know what those plans are but closing doors at the airport, how are people getting out? do we have special forces? will we do this covertly? it seems unfortunate we are leaving people behind and there's frustration at the congressional level, across the board, we are hearing it out of the cia and the pentagon it self. my concern is does this president trust the taliban and more than our intelligence community or military capabilities or is this just a ploy saying we are going along with the taliban but they are not going along with us? they've not been complying but i hope we have a contingency plan.
9:20 am
our contingency plan is saying we are not leaving, we are staying and we are going to make you pay for it desperately and it doesn't seem like that is the call coming out of the white house at this time. i would be curious what the contingency plan is. i understand the need to not reveal that and i know the military plans for those. it is a matter of whether or not they get the okay. our military can do great things. you see the press secretary and i, this is the most successfully lift ever. it didn't have to be this way for one but i will tell you our military thrives during desperate times. we are in desperate times and i hope we have the opportunity to do the right thing. stuart: will the commander-in-chief do the right thing of americans are stuck behind their lines was a pleasure, thank you very much, always appreciate it. the story on goldman sachs quite a story. one of the many businesses that
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require employees to get the jab but they are going a step further. lauren: clients have to be vaccinated, not just employees. right after labor day those who aren't vaccinated stay home. they will require masks in common areas. lobbies, always, gyms, cafeterias, masks required at all times in washington and san francisco except when eating or drinking in your own office. stuart: morgan stanley. >> morgan stanley and citigroup requiring workers to be vaccinated but the latest is credit suites which said don't bother coming into work if you are an vaccinated and that policy starts after labor day, dealing return to the office and a lot sober. stuart: the squeeze is on. goldman sachs, jpmorgan. >> back into the offices. stuart: got to get vaccinated.
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show me the stock, johnson & johnson, a booster shot for their single shot vaccine will generate a strong immune response was researchers found antibody levels increase ninefold. futures show modest gain across the board with markets open this morning, we will take you to wall street for "the opening bell" next.
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stuart: opening the markets in foreign a half minutes, ever so slightly down for the dow. it he go bore is -- eddie go bore is with us. the fed may be close to tapering. what do you see as the biggest risk to my money in the stock market? >> i don't think delta is a risk to the market, geopolitical because of the mess in afghanistan. in the near-term to miss that by the fed, this is not popular statement i'm going to make but they have a golden opportunity this week to announce a plan to
9:27 am
start tapering in the market may sell off when they hear that but the longer they continue to kick the can down the road this bubble will get bigger and bigger and when it pops it will be ugly. i believe if they taper they will go from 120 22,000,000, the market will say that's very favorable, the market still rallies hard but if they bypass this opportunity they will put themselves in a tough spot where they will have to start tightening next year when things will not be as good and people cause a major drop. >> a big positive for the market is the pace of the delta infection pace of new cases is beginning to slow down. the pace at which they are rising is slowing down. we can see the other side of
9:28 am
the delta surgeon that's a huge plus for the market. what say you? >> i thought the setup was purpose once we get past the fed, september could have a huge rally. there's 13 states the numbers are rolling over so the set up for september has huge upside in the cyclical plays that have taken a been because of the fears of delta slowing the economy down. i hope we're in the leading meanings of delta. announce the tapering plan, won't change much and we are off to the races for the rest of this year. >> can't remember if you dabble in bitcoin or not. >> now that bitcoin is over 40,000 seems to be holding that. bitcoin has trajectory, the first risk asset to take a big
9:29 am
selloff, we found the bottom near-term in bitcoin. >> i asked an advisor who handles ordinary people's money, what proportion of your clients are in bitcoin or some kind of crypto. i was expecting him to say 10% or 20%, no, 50%. what's it like with your clients? >> my clients are 0%. i work with a lot of retirees. they don't need that much volatility and risk in their life for their children and grandchildren have 10% of crypto, more the younger generation buying into crypto you will see the largest percentage of assets. >> susan is vigorously nodding her head. you are all right, thanks for joining us, see you again soon. 30 seconds to go.
9:30 am
it is wednesday morning. we will be opening higher across the board but you are not looking at major league price movement at "the opening bell". it is wednesday august 20 fifth. that guy will reach down and ring the bell any moment. right on q, you have to take a q. 9:30 eastern time wednesday morning and we are off and running, we will see how we do. right from the start whereupon the dow, 35,389 is a fractional gain, pretty much flat but slightly higher. the s&p 500 in with a modest gain at points tire, the nasdaq is up very modest gain across the board. nasdaq record high. >> 60 record closes, the fact
9:31 am
that we are in this slow summer month within trading volume they go up. stuart: i've never seen a market go up so steadily over such a long time. >> when you print $150 million in monthly bond purchases that is boosting markets. stuart: look at microsoft. $304 a share. some of the ceos our meeting with the president. cyber security. >> 500,000 cyber security jobs, some educational leaders into as well. firepower think of apple, amazon, off of it ceos talking about cybersecurity, that was one of the victims. stuart: if i was a ceo of a big corporation i would want to
9:32 am
know what are you going to do for us? some russian is over there screwing around with our systems what are you going to do? >> are you going to knock them out. to private sensitive information. stuart: we keep getting asked 9 times out of 10, constantly being hacked. stuart: i talked to these advisers whereas, a man of the people. >> microsoft position is pretty big. >> what is with chinese tech stocks. >> your favorite pdd was 25% on those and this morning getting
9:33 am
an upgrade for the investment bank worth $80 in their viewer. stuart: i wouldn't touch it with a 10 foot pole because i don't know what will happen in the future. down 57 on the dow industrials, let's get to the meme stocks. >> 25%. stuart: game stop down a little bit this morning. >> the most talked about stock this morning. stuart: i the meme stocks that? >> especially in the environment know news. it is a meme stocks trade, most actively strip traded stock, bed, bath and beyond, blackberry and can you believe this? 28% of the flow, stain 10% with the flow. both of these stocks, short-sellers lost $1 billion
9:34 am
in these stocks, $1 billion in one session. >> before the bell today. >> record profit and surprise 550 shares, a lot of money. stuart: the fundamentals to back it up, surprised profit instead of a loss. stuart: i used to go into department stores. nordstrom did not do well. at 2019 levels and jpmorgan downgrading the stock to $34. stuart: urban outfitters same
9:35 am
story? >> something you haven't walked into a turban outfitter, they will impact digital sales. show me toll brothers, they benefited from higher prices they can charge their homes because inventory is low, 3% mortgages helped as well, stock has climbed 13% in the last 6 months and up again today. we are into the session, goldman sachs is up one.7%. >> did you see what is in your yield. the value plays doing well. stuart: s&p winners headed by norwegian cruise line. under armour on the list too.
9:36 am
nasdaq winners, any tech at long last? or whatever, nvidia made the list. >> four of the five are chip stocks chip services and into it send earnings yesterday. stuart: upgrades and downgrades. it has got to be an upgrade. >> they showed how to use it for a few hours giving access to computer software network from home, upgraded by raymond james, a strong by because it is here to stay. downgraded to underperform worth $400, they could go down 25% -- stuart: campbell soup. >> downgraded, neutral worth $43 and the reason rising
9:37 am
commodity costs, making soups will hurt their bottom line. stuart: they can really screw you up. there you go. check the big boards, we are 6 minutes into the session and down 55 points on the dow industrials, 35,300, the 10 year treasury bond, one.30%. bitcoin, 1794 on the price of gold, below 1800, key level recently and all your, can't even guess, $67 a barrel. the average price of a gallon of regular gas $3.15. california is $3.45 per gallon of regular gasoline and they are all driving cars that use premium which is $5 a gallon.
9:38 am
the polls showing how unhappy people are with this president. his approval rating has crashed. all the way down to 41%, that poll was taken before yesterday's debacle. afghanistan in total chaos, that's not stopping speaker pelosi, she spent the day ramming through the $3 trillion budget plan. larry kudlow is here to react after this. [sfx: radio being tuned] welcome to allstate. ♪ [band plays] ♪ a place where everyone lives life well-protected. ♪♪ and even when things go a bit wrong, we've got your back.
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stuart: we are clearly not happy with this president. his job approval rating has crashed. the poll numbers please. >> it shows americans are not happy with the way the president handled this, taken thursday through monday from usa today puts the president's job approval rating at 41%
9:43 am
among independents 32% say the president is doing a good job. majority people supported decisions pull out of afghanistan because two thirds disapprove of how was handled. 73% believe it will become a hotbed from terrorism. the majority of people believe the war in afghanistan was not worth it but 6 and 10 also blame george w. bush for the afghanistan war in general. president biden said we will finish the drawdown by august 3, '01, we are keeping eyes on the deadline but he seemed to be keeping the door to pushing that day telling g7 leaders the mission will end based on achievement of our objectives that depends on if the telegram with people through the gate. >> the completion depends on the taliban and allowing access to the airport for contingency plans to adjust the timetable
9:44 am
should that become necessary. >> what those contingency plans like the question. jen psaki confirmed to adhere to that withdrawal date the military would need to start pulling out before the 30 first. it is unclear how many americans are left in the country. 4000 passport holders plus their families have been evacuated, less than half of those estimated to be in the country as of last week. the president's announcement comes after the taliban warned they would not extend the deadline at all and also telling afghans not to leave the country telling people who are at the gates to turn around and go home and encouraging the us not to encourage afghans to the come to the country saying they want doctors and engineers and educated elites to stay in afghanistan. stuart: thank you very much. come in larry kudlow. i will start with a difficult question that i'm going to ask. do you think president biden is up to the job?
9:45 am
>> i don't right now based on his performance, his some performance. what you are seeing here, polls are collapsing because of his reckless policies abroad in afghanistan, which is a disaster. we should be fighting for american honor and we are not. also i regard his policies at home to be quite reckless. what happened in the house are they going to pass essentially a $6 trillion package of new spending and at least $3 trillion in tax across the board, illegal amnesty, green new deal in there, federal takeover of voting rights in their. i don't think he is up to the job and i think he is showing that almost on a daily basis right now, people everywhere are asking who is in charge and
9:46 am
there's a lot of talk among political professionals in washington, that is to say the biden administration is divided in turn the and can't mount unifying policy to the public and foreign public. stuart: you know washington, the city, how it works and here we are with the president who never or rarely speaks off-the-cuff, he always speaks to a script on teleprompter and we want to know who's writing that script, that is not the president himself which means we are asking who is exercising presidential power, ron coin, who is it? who is pulling the levers here? >> i don't think it is former president obama, he has to stop
9:47 am
people. my old job at the national economic, mister sullivan, those are the major players in terms of policy and scripting, you have presidential white house operators. i can't say, to let the taliban dictate to us, a terrorist group, dictate to us our policies is insane. you can leave behind afghans who helped america and those
9:48 am
votes couldn't even pass a budget resolution was what they passed was a procedural vote which deems the budget resolution passes which opens the door for reconciliation of what will be a bill that damages the american economy with massive entitlement and taxes, there's not a single growth measure, not a single prosperity measure, not a single job creating measure in that entire $6 trillion budget. i don't know which is worse, afghanistan or the economic policy. i suspect it is afghanistan because we cannot dishonor those people who fought for us, that is insane. we can't be holding to the taliban. who are we heading here, this is america's military might.
9:49 am
this is america's city on the hill. >> i want to hear more of this. 4:00 pm eastern on foxbusiness, see you real soon. over and over we witnessed president biden reading off the teleprompter, looks almost robotic and didn't take questions, we need real leadership. i will editorialize, his performance yesterday suggests he is not up to the job. that is my taken that is next. air b&b providing free housing for 20,000 afghan refugees. air b&b joins me next. n more. some things are just better together, aren't they? like tea and crumpets. but you wouldn't bundle just anything. like, say... a porcupine in a balloon factory. no. that'd be a mess.
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stuart: we reported air b&b is having 20,000 afghan refugees all around the world free of charge escaping the caliban. christopher, who is paying for this? >> we are working with air b&b and our partners, the international rescue committee to house these 20,000 refugees, air b&b are funding these, it is important to make sure folks
9:54 am
have a safe place to land in the united states or wherever else of a may be ending up in a permanent home. stuart: do people volunteer their homes? >> we've been so lucky the past decade to have the generosity of our host community. people opened their homes during hurricanes. the last four years we house 25,000 refugees globally as they resettled in new countries. although we are paying for these states, so many hopes that i really like to open my home and we heard from many veterans who served in the armed services, i would like to open my home to someone in the united states for the first time. stuart: that homeowner who volunteers to taken an afghan refugee family don't get paid. they are doing it voluntarily. >> we are paying for these,
9:55 am
working with partners on the ground to identify where the need exists. the international rescue committee is important to them and where the need is, they say it is important for someone in cleveland, we are identifying a place in cleveland and paying for that but we have been overwhelmed by the outpouring of folks who said i want to open my home for free but right now we are focused on getting as many people into safe spaces as possible. stuart: that is a great effort. a fine thing you are doing and we appreciate it. thanks for joining us. check the market real fast. it is a mixed picture. we have the dow down 50, the nasdaq up 13. not much price movement. the story is afghanistan and
9:56 am
the aftermath of yesterday's debacle. liz peaks, army ranger and u.s. senate candidate jay beckett, martha maccallum is coming on and texas congressman and rear admiral ronnie jackson, the second our of varney is next. . . with more certainty.
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10:00 am
♪. stuart: the rolling stones. we mourn charlie watts who at age 80 passed away yesterday. great drummer. good morning, everyone, 10:00 eastern. get straight to the money. that is not where the action is today. we don't have that much price movement for stocks. down for the dow up for the nasdaq that is the story treasury yield at 1.30%. it is back to 1.30. bitcoin just under, no, at 47,000 bucks a coin, down from the 50,000 where it was yesterday. that's money. now this. is the president up to the job? by that i mean is he sharp, on top of things, capable of running the show, capable of commanding with authority? his performance in the last seven months has not inspired confidence. his performance yesterday suggests he is not up to the
10:01 am
job. frankly i found it painful to watch. the president sent out jen psaki to answer questions. that was excruciating because she had no answers. then the president appeared. he launched into a celebration, a celebration of the giant spending plan on the day he surrendered to the taliban, he starts with self-congratulations. i think you would call that a lack of situational awareness. then, still reading from the teleprompter. he addressed afghanistan. here was the president of the united states barely able to spring sentences together. he stumbled. lost his place. his delivery was dull monotone despite momentous events. he didn't seem to take in what he was reading. this is where cognitive ability comes in. it didn't seem like he was all there. he walked out. no questions. that in itself signals danger. his handlers can't let them out on his own. he can't think on his feet. someone else has to put words in
10:02 am
his mouth, write his scripts. when he walked away, he walked away from leadership. america has got a problem here. the president is note up to the job and there are 3 1/2 years of this to go. second hour of "varney" just getting started. ♪. stuart: all right. liz peek with me this morning. let's get straight at it. it is a difficult subject, a difficult question but i'm asking it, do you think the president is up to the job? >> stuart, the simple answer is no, i do not. but let's both concede this is a tragedy for the united states. stuart: yes. >> it is unconscionable that we have elected a man who clearly is not able to fulfill the duties of his office. let's take a look at his schedule. typically joe biden has morning brief at aren't 10:00 a.m. that in itself is unusual. most presidents get going around
10:03 am
6:00 a.m. he maybe has one meeting scheduled. maybe two. then a lid is called, the day has ended often by 2:00 or 3:00. often his appearances are in the middle of the day. he almost never appears at night. americans have to be asking themselves what is all this about? what does this schedule tell us about the president? also as you point out his handlers, the people who know him best are terrified of him engaging with the media, often he doesn't even take questions. he walks away, particularly if somebody seems to ask a question that hasn't already been prescripted or a topic that hasn't been included on his cue cards. this is horrifying. and by the way, it isn't just you and me and, of americans who are looking at this and kind of judging what it means for our country. the presidents and heads of other countries, our adversaries in iran, china, russia, have taken note of this. they are pressing ever more
10:04 am
urgently forward with their own self-interest knowing that the united states will do nothing to stand in their way. this is truly dangerous and as you point out, 3 1/2 more years, i can't even imagine what those years are going to look like. stuart: i can't imagine how it would improve. i don't see how the president's performance suddenly become energetic and focus, livewire kind of stuff. i can't see how he gets back to that. i can't see how he restores credibility in himself and his administration? >> i don't know and i got to think that the democrat leadership is just horrified that they don't have someone who can be a cheerleader for what they all concede is a grandiose agenda. by the way, stuart, it is worth noting there are two polls out now show that the majority of americans do not think that biden is in charge, that he is not running the show at the white house. that is an incredible thing. in my lifetime i have never seen voters basically decide that the
10:05 am
president is not only incapable but he is actually not running the show. the question of course that looms really large, who is, who is making these decisions? if it is biden that is a scary thought but if it is people we don't even know and recognize, that we are not aware of their agenda, i don't know where that leads us really but this is going to be the subject of endless speculation at some point. i think joe biden has to step aside. stuart: liz, thank you very much for an honest response. we appreciate that. we'll see you again real soon. >> thanks, stuart. stuart: i would normally segue straight to the markets at this point and i will, let's bring in david bahnsen, who is a market analyst but at the same time david bahnsen occasionally expresses an opinion on politics. forgive me, david, i don't want to spring this on but do you think president biden is up to the job? >> you know stuart, i was listening to liz's comments. liz is a friend. i agree basically with
10:06 am
everything she said. i think my feeling on this whole issue we knew what we were electing. there is a certain portion of the country elected him. he doesn't seem to me to still have his fastball. there is almost everything he is doing idealogically i disagree with. i don't believe in growing the size of government. i don't believe in taxing our way to prosperity or to social justice for that matter. i want an opportunity society and i don't think he sees it the same way i do but at the same time there is a part of me just is so sick of it all. like his first day of school yesterday, i enjoyed a walk in the park this morning here in new york, i think so many americans are tired of all this and yet it matters. it's real. this thing in afghanistan is an embarassment but there is a part of me i almost kind of want to ignore it for a little while at times but i'm a political junkie. it is hard to do. stuart: i'm in the news business, you can't walk away,
10:07 am
that is the truth. you're our dividend guy. you do great service in that respect. take me through a couple stocks you like which pay large and growing dividends. first off, chevron. >> yeah. chevron i really want to put out in front of listeners now because the viewers have to understand it is down four or five bucks where it was from couple weeks ago. it is up four or five bucks from its low point. i just don't think you will buy the 5 1/2% dividend yield very much longer. the reality, right now at the current price, the yield is 5 1/2% and this stock belongs 20, 30, 40% higher. i can't say when. i'm not a short-term trader nor should anyone else try to be with this thing but chevron is deeply undervalued and offering a 5 1/2% yield. they maintained the dividend and grew the dividend over the last couple years when we've gone through this awful time. stuart: 5 1/2% gets my attention. how about 3m, what do you say
10:08 am
about them? >> you know, we bought 3m for $145 in the middle of covid. it came up over 200. we liked our timing. this is the longest running dividend grower in the country. this company which makes scotch tape and other things like that has been growing the dividend for almost 100 years every single year. and it has come back a little bit here in the last week or so. 3m is just a great leader in consumer, industrial, health care type products. we really like the difference vend growth they offer. stuart: what dividend does it pay now? i buy 193, what do i get? >> 3%. current dividend. stuart: it will hold and go higher. american electric power, what do they pay? >> they pay about 3 1/2%. it is the only utility company we own. they have 10 or 11 states. texas, arkansas, indiana, and look, the infrastructure bill, there is a lot of it i don't
10:09 am
like but some things i do like but i do believe it will become law and that's going to require about $70 billion going into the power grid. this is a regulated utility. it is pretty easy money. utilities are just now finding a little life. they have not been rallying all year. we like american electric power. stuart: i really like chevron at 5 1/2%. david, good stuff. thanks very much for joining us today. see you real soon. lauren is with us. good morning. toll brothers is moving. lauren: look at that, their profit doubled. signed contracts in dollars and number of units records in the quarter. they will deliver more than 10,000 homes this year the average selling price. 830,000. stuart: they will deliver 10,000 homes at average price of 830,000? lauren: you will like this
10:10 am
story, record sales, record profits. how is this stock down 9%? the margins are getting squeezed. the ceo says on the call we need product imported to our stores however we need. that includes importing by air. that is the most expensive way. they're spending a lot of money to get product in stores. stuart: that is gamble. spend it on airfreight and. lauren: consumer and holiday season. stuart: you have the story on boston beer, that hard sellers not selling very well, at all? >> sales of the truly hard selzer declined. this company hit a new low moments ago. i want to bring your attention to conoco cut them to underperform and slashed the price target to 400 that is a wall street low. the stock is well above that now. the maker of sam adams and truly seltzer, it is going way down.
10:11 am
stuart: goldman sachs, we know they require the employees to get the jab before coming to the office, but lauren, the story is it doesn't end there. what else is required? lauren: everybody else needs to get the jab by september 7th. you must wear a mask in common elevator like the or cafeteria. if you live in san francisco or washington you have to wear a mask all the time. it raises the question, if you remain unvaccinated you can work from home. a lot of workers might say, we haven't gotten the shot. why bother if it is going to be such a hassle to go back into the office. stuart: i have something more extreme for that for you. you know what this is. the governor of oregon mandating masks outdoors even if you are fully vaccinated. just out of interest when does this start? lauren: on friday. you're going to have to wear a mask when you're outside, when you can't socially distance. if at an outdoor concert wear a mask, crowded park, wear a mask. if you're hiking happen to pass somebody that is okay.
10:12 am
you don't need a mask. if you're sitting in someone else's backyard you don't need one either. it applies to vaccinated and unvaccinated. it is a mess. i just look what my kids do. we bring a mask to everything. but hardly anyone ever wears a mask. so i think these places like oregon which are seeing a huge uptick in infections and hospitalizations are saying make the rules so everybody listens. stuart: okay. i just wonder if you can get a ticket for not wearing a mask? lauren: that is next. starting saturday. stuart: watch out, lauren. thanks very much. add cvs to the list of companies going woke. they're training employees to hold each other accountable for non-inclusive acts. how divisive can you get? we'll discuss this. we've got details for you. six days to go before president biden's self-imposed deadline to get out of afghanistan. is that enough time to get americans and afghans out? we have a live report on that for you. how do veterans who served in
10:13 am
afghanistan feel about the president's withdrawal date? take a listen. >> we don't run from these people. we make our own timelines. it is over when we say it's every, if they don't like that too bad, we'll kill you. that is exactly what we do to people who get in the wade of us saving americans. stuart: our next guest, jake bequett, he served in the middle east. i will get his take on this debacle after this. ♪. liberty mutual customizes car insurance so you only pay for what you need. how much money can liberty mutual save you? one! two! three! four! five! 72,807! 72,808... dollars. yep... everything hurts. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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the more rewards you can get. like sharpening your cooking skills with a top chef. join for free on the xfinity app and watch all the rewards float in. our thanks. your rewards. stuart: the markets are not doing that much but we'll tell you what they are doing. dow is up 25. nasdaq is up 25. show me johnson & johnson. people who got their one shot vaccine could see a big benefit
10:18 am
of a booster stock six months after they got the jab. they are 73 cents lower. just getting this to us. delta air lines says they will raise health care premiums by $200 every month for employees who don't get the jab. the push is on, get that jab. now this, president biden defending his august 31st withdrawal deadline despite european leaders pleas for extra time, an extension. trey yingst is in qatar. trey, some leaders say they will keep evacuating beyond the deadline, that accurate? reporter: stuart, that is exactly right. with less than a week to go there are real concerns that not only u.s. citizens but also citizens of our european allies won't be able to make it out of the country. now today i did speak with a taliban spokesman here in doha. he said that the group will insure safe passage for americans in other parts of afghanistan as long as they have
10:19 am
a valid u.s. passport. now in recent days the taliban did announce afghans would no longer be permitted as the situation outside of kabul's airport remen's tense. here is what the taliban had to say to fox news today. >> there are thousands of americans stranded in other parts of afghanistan and harat and kandahar. not just in kabul. will the taliban insure their safety to get out of the country? >> yes, yes. this is a policy. it is not for only kabul. for kandahar or anywhere in afghanistan. those who are intending to leave afghanistan they can leave. so but of course they should have passports and visas. reporter: these words come as g7 leaders are urging president biden to extend the august 31st deadline to withdraw troops from the country. today german chancellor angela merkel expressed concern afghanistan will once again become a breeding ground for terrorism. she said her country will
10:20 am
continue evacuations but needs the u.s. there. remember back in february president biden told america's european allies this. >> america is back. diplomacy is back at the center of our foreign policy. reporter: just days to go, stuart, and no clear answers how those european allies and u.s. citizens are going to make it out of afghanistan if they can't make it to the airport. stuart? stuart: exactly. they can't make it to the airport. how the devil do they get out? trey, good stuff. thanks for being here. bring in arkansas senate candidate jake bequett. you served in the middle east. what are you hearing about the morale in the military? i ask because our own jennifer griffin who reported on this subject extensively that morale is at rock bottom. >> i'm hearing the same, stu. some of my best friends just returned from afghanistan. if you were over there with the 82nd airborne with the apart
10:21 am
as we speak. morale is low because our commander-in-chief is absolutely incompetent. if joe biden were trying to undermine american credibility i don't know what he would be doing any differently. he allowed the taliban, the taliban, to dictate an arbitrary deadline to the u.s. military to, u.s. citizens. joe biden abandoned thousands of americans behind taliban enemy lines in kabul. this is totally unacceptable. we have to get every single american out of the country on our timeline, not the taliban's. stuart: okay if americans cannot get out would you approve of going back in to get them out? >> yes because the british sa. s, french special forces they have been already doing that over the past several weeks. if other countries can go get their citizens so can we. we're the u.s. military. we still have the best military force in the entire world. we have to project american strength. there is no better use of that force and that strength to rescue strapped, stranded
10:22 am
american citizens. absolutely, get them all out, get our equipment. get them home. stuart: i will ask you the same question i asked many of our gets this morning, do you think the commander-in-chief, president biden is up to the job? >> absolutely not. he is totally incompetent. he is not worthy of the american presidency. he has betrayed american citizens, stranded in kabul. he is showing weakness and incompetence on the international stage. this is so much bigger than afghanistan in my opinion. the chinese are watching this as they look towards taiwan. iranian mullahs see this as they look to develop tactical nuclear war herds. the russians see this to make territorial expansion in eastern europe. ramifications of the afghanistan debach well will be from years to come. we're not getting leadership from joe biden and his administration. stuart: jake bequett, thank you very much. now this, the world bank suspended aid to afghanistan.
10:23 am
how much money are we talking about there? they have an economic crisis in afghanistan. lauren: it is such a sad story. for the world bank, more than five billion dollars since 2002. 800 million for this year. they're concerned about the taliban takeover, it is impact on development of the country and on women especially. the focus now is getting the americans and our allies out but soon the focus is going to have to be getting help and aid in. if you look at gdp of afghanistan, it is 80% funded from foreign sources f you're a government worker or teacher, you haven't been paid. you try to get money out of the atms, you can't. money transfers are suspended. there is a huge humanitarian situation on the ground that isn't going to dissipate once everybody gets out which we know that will not be the case. everybody won't get out. stuart: the question is though, what about the aid money congress already voted for afghanistan before this debacle? will president biden say, you're in trouble, here is the money?
10:24 am
lauren: it should have conditions on it. stuart: conditions now. let our people go. for heaven's sakes. on our southern border, they are using fake border patrol vehicles to smuggle my grants into this country. we have a report. the second largest mortgage lender in the country will now take payments in crypto. why? how will that work. i will ask the company's ceo. he is on the show next. as we go to the break we'll play you some rolling stones in honor of drummer charlie watts who passed at the age of 80. ♪ at usaa, we've been called too exclusive.
10:25 am
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stuart: as you can see we're waiting a briefing from the pentagon on afghanistan of course. the first of two scheduled for today. if we get any headlines you get them real fast. check the markets. we don't have much movement. that is the story this morning. we're up across the board but not by much. take a look at ford, they're delaying the return to work program for employees who have not yet returned to the offers. ford as an estimated 86,000
10:29 am
employees globally who have not yet returned to the office. seems like a further delay before they do come back to the office. despite rising home prices at record levels, buying is still cheaper than renting believe it or not in some cities. grady trimble is with us from chicago. grady, tell me the difference between the price of a home rental and a home purchase where you are now? reporter: in chicago, stuart, the typical mortgage payment is $250 less than a typical rent according to a new zillow report. which is good news for property owners who might be renting their property out. that is not so good for the rentals. in 33 of the 50 largest cities around the country, zillow found mortgage payments are quite less than rental payments. it is anywhere between 400 to $4550 less for a mortgage payment than a typical rent.
10:30 am
this zillow report comes as new home prices hit an all-time high in july. new data shows mortgage applications increased 1.% in the past week as mortgage rates fell slightly. first-time home buyers, we've been talking a lot about them getting priced out of this market but there is some good news for them according to this new data from the mortgage bankers association. the potential opportunity to enter the market and to buy a house for the first time. the mortgage bankers association says there was some easing in average loan sizes which is potentially a sign that more first-time buyers looking for lower priced homes are being helped by recent uptick in for sale inventory. that is an uptick in new homes as well as existing homes, stuart. so potentially an opportunity for those who have been holding out because of the high prices to enter the market, even though like i said, prices still at all-time high for new homes. i know they are. stuart: grady, see you later. bring in the ceo of united
10:31 am
wholesale mortgage. matt, welcome to the program. good to see you again. you are the second largest mortgage lender in the united states and you're going to accept bitcoin i guess for mortgage payments. can you tell me in 30 seconds how is this going to work? >> yeah, so we're looking into the feasibility of doing it right now. we're planning on the third or fourth quarter. not completely done. we're leader in innovation and technology. works how think it will work. people pay in cash, check, or bitcoin and other opportunities. we're giving options. we have a million consumers pay us every single month. how we make it easy for them and that is how we're looking at it. stuart: how do you price the monthly payments? if i have a payment normally $250 a month, how do i price that in bitcoin? what happens to the value of that bitcoin after couple days? it changes. >> we're not looking to be
10:32 am
bitcoin investors or hold on to it. when we take the payment, can we convert it into a normal cash payment? how do we do it so it is easy for consumers. we're not taking the extra risk. we're not going through the process where we hold on to bitcoin and ethereum all these different things. we're a successful profitable company. we don't need extra risk on our balance sheet. how to make it easier for consumers. that is it what we're always looking for. how to make it easier cheaper faster. that is what we're leaking at. stuart: what is in it for you? >> happier clients. we work with mortgage brokers. how do they make it better. how to give the mortgage brokers a way i have the best lender in the country, they can do x, y, or z. we want to make it easier. stuart: is this coming from the ground up? are you listening to demand coming up at you from your clients? or is this something you're pushing from the top down? where is it coming from? >> you know, so we are getting demand for it, but i wouldn't say immense amount of demand.
10:33 am
we have a lot of requests. since i announced it we have more than expected. people do want this. how do we do it in a safe, positive way for consumers what we're looking at, partnering with the regulators agencies. someone has to lead the way. we're leader in the technology in the mortgage business. we have been for a long time. we do it. others follow. it will be good for consumers at the end. day. stuart: you ever not introduced it yet, i will ask you which cryptos will you except? for example, i can't imagine paying the mortgage in a dogecoin or safemoon coin. it has to be one of the big names, doesn't it, bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin, it has got to be? >> absolutely. we'll walk before we run. it is an evolution, not a revolution. so we're looking at bitcoin. we're looking to ethereum. we're not doing this all tomorrow, right? we'll do it the right way tore consumers and for our business and we think it's a positive move in the right direction. it is not happening tomorrow.
10:34 am
we'll not do every single coin. we'll look at it slowly but surely. stuart: but you're getting into it. that is interesting. matt from united mortgage. we do appreciate it. sir. thank you. >> thank you. stuart: lauren is with me. she is looking at earnings that came out earlier this morning before the bell. sales force. lauren: after the bell today. stuart: sorry. lauren: after the bell. stuart: i'm sorry, i'm sorry. after the bell. lauren: sales force, sales force, big driver in the cloud. stuart: yep. lauren: business very profitable. they're closing that 28 billion-dollar slack deal in july that will better help them compete with their competitors, zoom and microsoft teams. first time they cracked 20 billion sales. that is last year. that is one to watch. snowflake -- stuart: what do they do? lauren: a cloud warehouse. they ipo'd last year. very popular. they doubled growth in a few quarters. wall street is expecting that to continue. 80 to 90% jump is expected in sales. they also like the customer
10:35 am
retention. they keep most of their customers which is a big deal in that industry. that means they're happy. stuart: in the old days when you reach $200 a share you would split. now you get to 281, don't even think about it. lauren: we'll see. we'll see. stuart: i know this next company, ulta, ulta beauty. i have know what i'm talking about. lauren: i'm surprised this company done so well, because people staying home wearing masks, do you need as much makeup. they have done well. that is one to watch. they got positive comments from a couple brokerages. finally williams-sonoma. stuart: what do you got? lauren: expensive cookware and expensive home furnishings. stuart: yes. lauren: the stoke has done well, will people continue investing in their homes as they buy homes? i say yes. stuart: one of our producers who left us sometime ago, he made fun of williams-sonoma, because they charged $40 spore a spatula. this was five years ago. lauren: i do say the spatulas
10:36 am
work better than the competitors. on the few occasions i splurged, i said this was worth the money. stuart: get out of the here. weekly oil inventories are breaking. we got the numbers. slightly larger than expected drawdown of those using 2.9 million barrels. so you use a lot more. i would normally express the price of oil to go up but it is not. it is dead flat. cvs goes woke. they're training employees to hold each other accountable for non-inclusive acts. i said it before, say it again, how divisive can you get? we've got a report on that. we'll tell you about the school requiring the student athletes to wear ankle monitors to track covid. parents are not happy. we've got that story too. ♪.
10:37 am
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10:41 am
stuart: fox business has learned that cvs hold workshops which tell employees to hold each other accountable for noninclusive acts. this is for ashley webster. tell me what this is all about? ashley: let's get right to it, stu. cvs calls it conscious inclusion workshop designed to teach employees basically how to hold each other accountable for non-inclusive behaviors. fox business obtained an internal company email that details the difficult skills that cvs wants its employees to learn. these include identifying unconscious bias in day-to-day interactions, being brave enough to speak up and have difficult conversations when witnessing noninclusive behaviors, and to embrace diversity of all kinds. fox business spoke with a cvs
10:42 am
health employee who wished to remain anonymous who takes offense at the implications behind the training. saying, quote, here is this quote, i'm mad about the assumption being made that i judge people just based on looks offer where they are from and that i need fixing. cvs says it is committing nearly $600 million to address, to address what it calls racial inequality. executives and managers have already undergone bias training. now in that company email cvs says it will take swift action against non-inclusive behaviors but it is unclear how employees would be held accountable. let's be honest, cvs just one of many large corporations that embraced diversity and inclusion training. johnson & johnson, mastercard, coca-cola, marriott hotels, they all have programs for their employees. don't forget earlier this year a whistle-blower at coca-cola
10:43 am
leaked slides from a company training course that said in part to be less white is to be less oppressive, less arrogant, less certain. ah, but dr. frank dobin, a professor of social sciences at harvard university, he says that bias and diversity train something basically ineffective. even when it has a positive effective it is usually quickly forgotten. companies will respond to public pressure by simply putting details about training on website, release a pr statement to be done with it. not only, stu, is it divisive in my opinion, telling people how to think. perhaps the better question, does this inclusion include conservative voices? are conservative voices tolerated? i would argue not one bit. stuart: 73-year-old white christian males, are we okay? i don't know. ashley: no. stuart: watch out, watch out. good stuff, ashley, great report. thank you very much, sir. ashley: sure, thank you.
10:44 am
stuart: the dow is moving up a bit. could that be a new all-time high, intraday high, 35,446? you're up 80 points now. nasdaq up just three, 15,000. we have a few modest gains today. we do have some stocks that are moving. first off, lauren, intuit. lauren: it is only up a dollar but it is hitting a new high today. so this a play on the small business recovery because they use intuit's tax and accounting services. also a play on people checking their credit scores because intuit owns credit karma. revenue in that unit hit a record. intuit is firing on all cylinders. they raise the outlook, expanded the stock buyback program. they boosted the dividend. stuart: tell me about dick's sporting goods, i asked sometime ago they stopped selling guns to the consternation of people in rural areas. how are they doing now financially? lauren: new high. the shares are more than doubled this year. i don't think that decision is
10:45 am
affecting their share price at all. record quarter for profit around revenue. same-store sales were up 19%. this is people going out to do stuff again, getting kids ready for after-school activities for the fall. stuart: nordstrom reporting. lauren: oh, boy. stuart: shaking your head. lauren: this is such a sad story for the department store. they gave all their numbers. they gave their outlook. then they said our sales were down 6% from 2019. stuart: ouch. lauren: levels. they are not back to normal. they are certainly, if you look at all the other retailers they are lagging their rivals. jpmorgan cut them to underweight and basically what jpmorgan said if you can't make it in this environment where people are rich with estimate less checks, there is lot of pent-up demand when are you going to make it? stuart: down 18% at 30 bucks a share. unbelievable. let's talk meme stocks. gamestop and amc way up
10:46 am
yesterday, up this morning. has the momentum come back? lauren: i think so. the rest of the market habitually hitting new highs has gotten so boring. waiting on a catalyst. that catalyst this week is the federal reserve. i think investors willing to take on risk as well. you know what this is good for? not just meme stocks but robinhood. they said trading slowed because the meme stock frenzy slowed down. if it is back, that is good for robinhood. stuart: i'm sorry. i think they're gambling chips. i will leave it at that i'm cutting it short because the pentagon briefing is underway. they're talking about afghanistan of course. first of two schedule briefings today. here are the headlines so far. more than 10,000 at the airport, 10,000 afghans and americans awaiting departure, 10,000 at the airport. the mission remains unchanged. i guess that is get everybody out by august 31st. 19,000 have been evacuated in the last 24 hours. that is a big number. there is a flight every 29
10:47 am
minutes, 24 hours a day. they're getting them out in very large numbers. the mission remains the same. everybody out august 31st. all right, coming up who is to blame for the situation in afghanistan? president biden pointing the finger at his predecessor, roll tape. >> when i came into office i inherited a deal the president trump negotiated with the taliban. stuart: i wonder what lara trump thinks? i will ask her. she is back on the show next hour. what happens to all the high-tech military gear we left behind? i will ask former special forces officer andrew mcneil. we could be attacked with our own weapons. he is on after this. ♪. ♪ ♪ it's a wishlist on wheels. a choice that requires no explanation. it's where safe and daring seamlessly intersect.
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♪. stuart: the taliban getting their hands on u.s. intelligence apparently it's intelligence embedded in the hardware, the weapons that we left behind in afghanistan. edward lawrence is with us. edward, can you explain this? , intelligence embedded in hardware? explain. reporter: talking about scanners, fingerprint scanners, databases left behind, facial
10:52 am
recognition, iris scanners as well as fingerprint scanners. as the military folded in afghanistan the tribal leaders started handing over u.s. equipment in exchange for their lives we heard from military analysts. u.s. contractors and u.s. military denied access started destroying some access points on critical technology. drones, for example, were grounded. some of the equipment is now in the hands of the taliban. they contain critical data according to representative jim banks. listen. >> but it is not just weapons. they have night vision goggles, body armor, and, unbelievably, the taliban now has biometric devices which have the fingerprints, eye scans and biographical information of all of the afghans who helped us and were on our side over the last 0 years. reporter: human rights first, grassroots group, they are actually hearing anecdotal evidence from the ground there
10:53 am
that taliban is going door-to-door with some sort of scanner checking people. now the group says taliban likely has access to vast surveillance cameras and facial-recognition technology to find supporters. they recommend these things if afghanis are in fear, look down, stay looking down to avoid facial recognition at checkpoints, in an emergency, the group recommends trying to distort your face. we talked to the executive director after group that tracked illegal money around the globe and they say the lost data here could be life or death for those afghan anies that are left who helped u.s. in the afghanistan. listen. >> i would be more concerned about some of the intelligence databases and intelligence assets that have been potentially not destroyed and left operational. reporter: yeah. at this point is what is left is left. the u.s. is focused on the the evacuation. it is unclear how they can go back to get some of this stuff.
10:54 am
back to you. stuart: thank you, edward. this is the military equipment we have given to the afghans over the years. 600,000 infantry weapons. 200,000 pieces of communication equipment. 16,000 night vision goggles and a whole lot more. andrew mcneil is a former u.s. army special forces officer and he joins me now. andrew, why doesn't we go in to bomb all of that stuff so it doesn't get into their hands? why can't we do that? >> first off, thank you for having me. my deepest thoughts go out to those still stranded. this is nothing short of a travesty of epic proportions. the challenge now that the taliban are very closely integrated throughout the entire city of kabul and other highly populated and dense areas of the city. so we don't even know who is who from an aerial perspective. let alone do we capabilities in the country to do that at this point. we have 6,000 troops who are completely dedicated to evacuating folks out of the
10:55 am
country. no offensive capabilities focused on finding weapons. stuart: it was a catastrophic mistake in the first place to allow this stuff to fall into the enemy's hands, wasn't it? how did it happen? >> to put it lightly i think that is accurate. there has been a series of inept decision making. we effectively manufactured a large humanitarian crisis on epic proportions. it doesn't take a military mastermind to come up with a better plan than this. you don't pull out your combatants before the non-combatants before a plan to get that done. the biggest reason this is coming to light, this isn't the first time our enemy had our weapons systems. the problem we're still there, they're using them against us and our partners. americans are still trapped in kabul and the taliban are driving around in humvees. we could be attacked with the weapons we left behind outside of the perimeter around the
10:56 am
airport? that is actually happening, isn't it? >> i don't know that is happening specifically right now. my concern actually is, i think the taliban you know from all indications is probably going to let the u.s. leave. what happens next? what happens comes september first and beyond when we're not there? but we haven't got our afghan allies out, we haven't got our partners out. we haven't got the people that helped us establish safety there. what will we do to protect these folks? you look at we're essentially leaving the folks to the wolves. that is no what i signed up to do business like. stuart: it's a disgrace. we thank you and appreciate your service, thank you for being on the show. coming up we have martha maccallum, lara trump, texas congressman ronny jackson. while president biden was surrendering to the taliban democrats in washington were ignoring his betrayal. that is my opinion. more on it after this.
10:57 am
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11:00 am
.. is this is a tragedy for the united states. we have elected a man who is not able to fulfill the duties of his office. >> this president trust the taliban more than he does our intelligence community. i hope we have the opportunity to do the right thing. >> clearly the american people concluded his performance in
11:01 am
this crisis at more broadly on the economy are not good. >> i don't think he is up to the job and his showing that almost on a daily basis. the biden administration is so divided internally that they can't map unified policy to the public. stuart: the initiative 11:00 eastern, wednesday august 2, '05, pentagon briefing is underway for the first of two schedule briefings for today. some headlines we've gotten so far. more than 10,000 people are at the airport waiting to get out. the mission according to the pentagon remains unchanged, everybody out august 30 first. 19,000 evacuated in the last 24 hours, that's a big number. there's a flight out every 39 minutes. in the last couple days the us will prioritize moving our troops and military women from the kabul airport. when the mission is over once
11:02 am
we leave the airport it will not be the us responsibly. no military assets guarding the us embassy compound in kabul and the pentagon says we are in daily communication with how we expect them to lead into the airport. i am going to briefly look at the markets. the nasdaq hit a new time high earlier. the 10 year treasury yield is at a tight level in two weeks, up one.33%. now this. as president biden was surrendering to the taliban and the democrats ignore that betrayal and tried to change the subject, it was pure politics but leaves a bad taste. speaker pelosi celebrated the yes vote on $5 trillion worth
11:03 am
of spending saying today's a great d of pride for our country and for democrats. pride at a socialist win while our president shames our country. while the president spoke yesterday he called the speaker masterful and that was before the catastrophe in afghanistan was mentioned. it seems wrong. all smiles from democrats, the gates are shut at the kabul airports. the administration that brought us disgrace in afghanistan is charged with transforming america into a socialist paradise, political escapism. the president's approval rating has fallen through the floor and his party knows it is in trouble in the elections next year so they throw a hail mary socialist past hoping to distract the discussed electorate with free stuff. how low can you go? i'm getting emotional so i will bring in martha maccallum who is a more solid and stable person than i am, welcome to
11:04 am
the show. you are doing this yesterday on fox news, watched this unfold. i will ask the same question i've asked everybody. you think this president is up to the job? >> here's what i will say about that. it is obvious that they are trying to minimize his exposure to the greatest extent possible. i was surprised yesterday as we waited for the president to come out it was supposed to be 1:00, he didn't come out until 10:00 ultimately and in that time period they sent jen psaki out to talk to the press. generally when the president is about to speak all the other spokesmen fall back. people don't come out ahead of the president in order to speak but there is no other way to interpret this other than to have all these other people taking the plaque on the front lines, the spokespeople, we are going to hear from the state department today. president biden speaks for
11:05 am
about 15 minutes and hightailed it out without answering questions. it is very clear they understand that this is a very bad story for them, his approval numbers and been declining dramatically and a big part of that is questions arising in american minds whether he's up to handling this because when he doesn't come out and field questions in an open way and say i am the president of the united states, this is what america stands for and explain and articulate it to the american people there is an argument for leaving, the question is how this has been handled. how do you stand there and not take questions about the fact the press is sitting down, access and freedom for women is shutting down for this has been a messy difficult 20 years in afghanistan. there have been huge mistakes, wins and losses but there have been gains in those gains are felt by a generation of afghan women. they understand the difference between what they are going to get now and what they have
11:06 am
before and having american presence on the ground was one of the reasons, to live the way they live, when i heard john kirby at the pentagon say the airport on the 30 first, we will give up response ability. we are gone and these people who we made a lot of promises to are going to be in a difficult situation and i will say one last thing. i spoke with a member of the 9/11 family who said to me this is such a slap in the face because we can never forget not only those who died on 9/11 but the people who killed them. stuart: terrible stuff and to watch it unfold as you did yesterday and you are going to do again this afternoon. you are on fox news this afternoon, breaking news as it happens you are going to be
11:07 am
covering it. i shudder to think what will come out of kabul and the airport surrounded by the taliban and. >> imagine what the last 24 hours are going to look like. good to see you. stuart: i will segue away from afghanistan, quick look at the markets, not much action. mark tepper, what he has to say about what is going on. what concerns me is this push for $5 trillion worth of spending, an enormous amount of money. $5 trillion, good heavens. if that gets passed i think that is a problem for the economy and the market. what say you? >> i think it is as well. a ton of unnecessary spending if you consider what happened to the economy in the last 18 months or so. the economy is doing well but we need an additional
11:08 am
$5 trillion of stimulus was what we've seen happen is inflation continuing to rise month after month, rising faster and faster and faster and if you dump another $5 trillion into the economy you are going to see inflation start to choke off economic growth and you are left with a pretty ugly situation. hopefully not like the 1970s but could be a situation of high inflation and slower economic growth. stuart: i want to put out a positive, the pace of delta infections is slowing. were not at the peak but we are slowing down. plateauing very soon. that is a positive for the market. >> without a doubt. at the end of the day this is about keeping our economy open so as new covid cases come
11:09 am
down, more people are vaccinated it will lead to more consumer confidence, that's good for the economy and the stock market. we want to make sure people want to go out and eat at restaurants and work out at planet fitness, we want people to go out, spend money because our economy is 70% or so consumer spending and if delta arrears at ugly head and covid cases go up then that could be a problem. it is great we see those cases trend down. stuart: you are not pulling out of any stocks or sections of the market, still invested even if it plateaus is not going to crash or correct in the immediate future. >> exactly true. i mentioned inflation, inflation can be benign up to the 2% to 4% level for stocks. once we go above 4%, multiples
11:10 am
on stocks contract 25%, that is where it becomes a problem and that's the number we need to pay attention to and we need to make decisions as investors, is this inflation transitory? i don't think that is the case at always it more permanent, if it is more permanent you need to readjust your position a little bit but still there is no better way to invest your money. will you invest in a bond and get one%? stuart: dogecoin? not for me. we have some price movement, looking at movers after we got two sports betting companies doing well indeed. >> the news is on draft kings, rising, etf, bottom million shares and yesterday they clinched a deal that allows
11:11 am
betting within a game. football season is upon us. stuart: i was in a bar, the guy next to me was gambling on his phone and placing bets on the soccer game we were watching. drinking at the bar, making bets, the odds were changing is bidding all kinds of different things who would score the next goal. >> same kind of thing. stuart: i use it here and look like they are doing well. >> put in a code and have access to corporate software, a strange by, and in a
11:12 am
cybersecurity summit. >> the krispy kreme doughnut people are down. >> don't know if you will hate or love the story but the incentive, it used to be one but you like free things. stuart: i would like $100 cash in ohio. let's get serious, public high school putting ankle monitors on student athletes to track covid outbreaks. some say these kids are being treated like criminals. more than $1 million worth of cocaine washed up on a florida beach. drug smuggling is a big problem for border patrol in florida. mcshane has the story. the house just advance the president's spending plan. they say he should be focused
11:13 am
on afghanistan. >> he wasted time trying to pressure to get a tax and spend bill instead of getting every american out. stuart: congressman ryan jackson takes that on. he is our guest next. ten-x does the same thing, but with buildings. sweet. oh no, he wasn't... oh, actually... that looks pretty good. see it. want it. ten-x it. yum!
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11:18 am
there at this moment. lives, said the pentagon, will always be a priority. as of now they say no american civilian casualties of been reported. all of that from the pentagon. the house just past that $3 trillion budget plan, but we have new data showing the economic expansion is beginning to slow down. hillary vaughan on capitol hill, will spending that extra money if we did it, would it boost our expansion rates or could it backfire? >> it could backfire and on top of that they think we are not getting a lot of bang for our buck. looking at the $1 trillion congress set aside for hard infrastructure, the most federal spending on roads, bridges and other hard infrastructure priorities, the budget model estimates it will have no significant effect on
11:19 am
gdp in the next decade or the next 30 years. looking at the benefits from that $3.5 trillion in social spending the congress is putting could do more damage, the top republican on the house budget committee had an ominous warning for his democratic colleagues. and and on taxpayers, $17 trillion of that would be directly added to the vet. rising debt at this level. and with the extra government spending, and going to social programs like universal pre-k, subsidized child care and climate change initiatives. and this echoes the economic
11:20 am
climate, since the 1960s, and this spending is sustained at this rate could turn a transitory problem with inflation right now into a permanent problem. stuart: now this. kevin mccarthy, house minority leader calling on democrats to stop pushing their spending plan until every american is out of afghanistan. >> they should drop that. our entire focus, republican, democrat and independent should be nothing else than bringing our americans home. stuart: congressman ronnie jackson the republican from the great state of texas joins us now. sounds like a good idea to me, get the people out and figure out the spending later. >> absolutely right. that should be our only focus, the only thing we are focusing
11:21 am
on. nancy pelosi should be ashamed she brought us back to talk about this massive spending bill that has nothing to do with infrastructure, just a socialist wish list they are finding here. trillions of dollars. stuart: it is a -- they are changing the subject, doing so badly on the border in afghanistan and crime and all the rest of it they need to buy some votes, checking out the $3 trillion spending program, spending the subject. >> changing the subject in the middle of i am telling you about to be the biggest hostage situation we've ever seen, i think it already is. we have thousands of americans still trapped in afghanistan. we will roll up the carpets and leave in a few days, leave these people behind, this will be an absolute disaster and they are trying to change the subject hoping the mainstream media will stop talking about what is going on in afghanistan and move on and get past this, this actual disaster they created but it is going to get
11:22 am
worse and we are about to see isis orange jumpsuits come back. on the horizon for this country for those people trapped over there is a terrific. stuart: i will change the subject for a second because i know you are doctor. oregon, i'm sure you've heard of this, oregon is imposing an outdoor mask mandate even for vaccinated people. what do you make of that? >> if this isn't all the evidence you need to show that masks are about control, democrats in particular some of the democrats in blue states and blue city like to exert over their constituents that is going on here, this -- no reason to be doing that and it is unbelievable that they are that stupid in oregon but you see other stuff going on with safe zones and drugs and homelessness, this is not part of the country we need to take our direction from. they are on the wrong base
11:23 am
again. stuart: what is it about oregon? it is a beautiful state. you got to wear a mask, it is unbelievable really. congressman jackson, glad we ended on a light note, we were pleased to get your opinions on afghanistan. again soon. then we have the governor of hawaii begging tourists to stay home, don't come to hawaii. what is the problem in hawaii. >> it is not a good time because of the covid variant and don't visit the island right now, don't hear that very often. covid cases jumped 37% in the last two weeks, in addition to urging tourists to stay away
11:24 am
the governor says restaurant capacity is being restricted and is limited access to rental cars, stop short of banning nonresident, the mayor of honolulu is strictly and or gatherings to 10 people, out of gatherings to 25 and those apply to weddings and other events. the city set up cots as hospitals have no beds left to handle the influx of covid patients. good time to give hawaii a miss for now. stuart: i see a passenger on a carnival cruise ship died from covid. was the passenger vaccinated. >> we are not sure. according to the new york post she was 77-year-old great grandmother from oklahoma reportedly died august 14th, it is the first reported deaths and cruises restarted in the
11:25 am
caribbean and the united states in june. the unidentified woman was aboard the carnival vista cruise ship, on july 3, '01, she tested positive for covid and admitted to the hospital in belize, put on a ventilator and was evacuated back to tulsa, oklahoma. vulnerable people should avoid going on cruises regardless of vaccination status. stuart: you know what i would like? i would like to look into whether someone died with covid or died from covid, there's an important -- i don't think the statistics make that distinction but we should have. thanks a lot. i will show you what looks like an suv, looks like border patrol but it is a fake, how relations tractor down and what they found inside. president biden won't take the blame for the crisis in afghanistan.
11:26 am
role tape. >> when i came into office i inherited a deal donald trump negotiated with the taliban. stuart: sounds like he is blaming trump. we will ask what lara trump is on the show, let's see what she has to say about that. (naj) at fisher investments, our clients know we have their backs. (other money manager) how do your clients know that? (naj) because as a fiduciary, it's our responsibility to always put clients first. (other money manager) so you do it because you have to? (naj) no, we do it because it's the right thing to do. we help clients enjoy a comfortable retirement. (other money manager) sounds like a big responsibility. (naj) one that we don't take lightly. it's why our fees are structured so we do better when our clients do better. fisher investments is clearly different.
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stuart: updates from the pentagon briefing, there are they say credible threats to ground operations in afghanistan. separately the pentagon ordered all troops to get the vaccine immediately. anymore headlines he would get real fast. let's check the market. we are gradually moving up on a down-to-earth drills, close to 35,500 with a gain of 80 points, s&p up 9. president biden and his team are trying to blame donald trump for the chaos in afghanistan. >> when i came into office i inherited a deal donald trump negotiated with the taliban. >> a deal this administration
11:31 am
probably would not have made. that is a deal we inherited. >> in prior negotiations made in the trump administration there were thousands of individuals who were released. stuart: lara trump is with us, good to see you. let's get right at it. what do you say to what they are saying, the trump is to blame? >> a pretty convenient thing to say for them but never stopped them before from reversing everything a decision they could that the trump administration put in place. look at the border for starters, thank goodness we have a few adults in the room when it comes to the democrat president biden's attempt to destroy america because the supreme court finally ruled this day in mexico policy had to be reinstated. they decided to reverse that and you see the result on the southern border, over 1 million illegal immigrants apprehended so far this year on the southern border.
11:32 am
look at the iran nuclear deal, the paris climate accord, all the things they had no problem as soon as president biden got in office reversing course on, now they want to blame donald trump for this catastrophe of a situation in afghanistan. what a ridiculous notion, president biden last time i checked, maybe he's not sure about this but he's the president of the united states. he gets to call the shots and it doesn't mean you get to blame the former president for something that happened on your watch so i think it is a ridiculous idea but i got to give them credit for trying to blame donald trump. everybody can clearly see this happened under president biden. stuart: they are desperate. i want to talk about a women's movement. we've seen this brutality exercise on women in afghanistan now that we've gone. where is the outrage from the women's movement in america?
11:33 am
>> great question. they have a problem on their hands. the women's movement, the women marching through washington dc and pink hats, they hated donald trump and loved president biden, and it is because of president biden that every afghan woman and girl has now lost their fundamental basic human rights in afghanistan, their lives would never be the same from now on. women as young as 9 years old girls being forced into marriage, women are brutalized, tortured, treated second class citizens and what are these women supposed to do? one person to blame for this and it is president biden. they've been silent on this, but the hypocrisy, if this had happened under donald trump
11:34 am
which i did point out it never would have happened nor would donald trump be legitimizing a terrorist organization like the biden administration is suggesting we do with the taliban and. the women's movement, would be mind-boggling to see what it would do. they are conveniently silent on this and it speaks volumes, they only care about women's rights apparently when it is under the trump administration and biden gets a pass. stuart: i save 30 seconds for this story. the governor of oregon putting an outdoor mask mandate. what have you got to say? >> when we going to have a little bit of common sense? people are sick of this. a message for people in oregon.
11:35 am
if nobody does it they can't enforce it. . credits lease is a message for an vaccinated workers. >> you have to work from home. the swiss bank is willing a full return to the office now until october 18th. goldman sachs announced only vaccinated people can enter its buildings, that begins september 7th. goldman requiring mask wearing and all common areas, lobbies, hallways, gems and cafeterias. morgan stanley and citigroup making employee vaccinations
11:36 am
mandatory for entry into offices in the united states. some banks implement a mandatory weekly testing program for vaccinated workers. stuart: a high school is using ankle monitors to track covid outbreaks among student athletes. where does that happen? ashley: eatonville high school in washington state, parents are furious about this policy, to wear ankle bracelets with covid 19 tracking and tracing operation. ankle bracelets are for criminals, not students and they say they were not aware of the devices and would never give their consent but the school claims it did inform parents and obtained their approval to use surveillance devices. the school district so students
11:37 am
are not tracked, the device can quickly alert contract with someone who has tested positive for covid. the school board will hold a special meeting to discuss the concerns and whether they will continue with this program. stuart: good stuff, you can ride in a driverless car for free. we can tell you where to get that free ride. what was supposed to be a report on drug smuggling turned into a rescue program, a boatload of migrants off the coast of miami. here with his report next. ♪♪
11:38 am
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stuart: the first pentagon briefing of the day has ended.
11:42 am
the pentagon says there are credible threats to ground operations in afghanistan. all special immigrant visa applicants who make it to the airport will get out. that's questionable because they can't get to the airport. the taliban are blocking the way. the deadline to withdraw is 6 days away to get out. the pentagon says they will spend the last couple days getting troops and equipment out. not sure what that means for evacuations. connell mcshane went to miami beach to work on drug struggling. when he got there things to quite a turn. what happened? >> a lot more happened than we thought would happen. there's a lot of activity in this area, drug smuggling, human smuggling, so the idea is to tag along with customs and border protection, absorbing their training, there was a
11:43 am
turn and we ended up seeing much more than that. there is a boat full of migrants from haiti, you were out with federal agents and open water just outside, started on a black hawk helicopter, wrote along the beach on a tvs to stop drug smuggling and that kind of thing and we were wrapping up the training exercise when a real call came in, a boat ran aground in a foot of water just offshore and we arrived, local law enforcement on the scene and you can see a lot of young people, the federal agent is holding in his arms right now, that is what these agents have been dealing with in south
11:44 am
florida here today. as part of this operation 42 haitian couples, asked what happened next. >> the ones border patrol takes, coast guard will probably repatriated to haiti. >> those women and children were in the us, some receiving medical treatment, the men made it to shore, quite an experience to see this in real time, agents making decisions about what to do in real time. stuart: after the tragedies in haiti here, the boat people, thanks for joining us, see you later. i will turn to the southern border, agents found fake border patrol vehicle. give me the story.
11:45 am
>> another example what border patrol agents go through in the battle against illegal immigrants and human smugglers, that looks real. smugglers were not only using a fake uniform but a fake border patrol vehicle, that when there could full people near the tucson border, tucson -- they took the driver and 10 migrants into custody with one of those agents posting this photo of a fake vehicle on twitter. last month more than 18,000 apprehensions were made in the tucson sector alone. stuart: 18,000 in one month, thanks. check the dow 30, give you a sense of the market, a dead even split by the looks of it, half the dow 30 up, half of them down. the now has moved up to a triple digit gain, the dow is
11:46 am
at 35,462. state department official warns the taliban could sell us military data to china. a drone expert who served in iraq and afghanistan, i will ask what happens of china gets a hold of one of our drones. ♪ ♪ when technology is easier to use... ♪
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11:50 am
>> the biden administration's withdrawal from afghanistan is a foreign policy delegation unlike anything we have endured since the iran hostage crisis. stuart: vice president pence slamming afghanistan. tell us how you really feel and there is this. the taliban and captured us military weapons including a number of drones. the author of the book the drone warrior. are we to understand the taliban captured drones, why don't we blow them off? >> these kept getting worse every single day, influence around the world diminished further because of this mess. the taliban has become the they facto industry standard, this
11:51 am
will be president biden's legacy. he will go down in history as the president not just responsible for leaving the was vulnerable and this drone technology is still there. to effectively prepare when veterans like myself have been from and screaming at the top of our lungs about the exact scenario and this isn't going to work. my concern as relates to the use is i don't think we know the full extent of what has been left behind. we are getting our intel from amazing reporters on the ground but we lost eyes and ears on the battlefield, very little until to understand and getting information from taliban social media posts showing cachet weaponry in the most likely scenario is drone technology left behind will be sold to the highest bidder. this technology the state department restricts from
11:52 am
giving to foreign countries is out there for the highest bidder to purchase. stuart: is it the best technology for drones in the world and what can these drones do? >> i'm not concerned that the taliban will start flying around the drones, a predator drone being phoned by the taliban around afghanistan, a large military apparatus and technical framework with massive communication networks to control it but this is sophisticated technology takes a level of expertise, holding a handheld drone up and able to slide but one example of that shows the bin laden raid, we had a us still -- before the news outlet knew it had
11:53 am
crashed, given access to that helicopter and they will take it back and re-create it in the same a happen, they will see it in future battlefields especially as we go to the cyberdigital warfare that will be the next wave of the future, we will see this again, that we will not have to go into afghanistan and fix this mess, they are crazy. >> 30 seconds left. anything we can do about this. >> the administration can save face. this is a humanitarian mission now, i spent my 21st birthday in afghanistan, early in the war, one of our priorities at the time was to recover stinger missiles that we gave the mujahedin in the 80s, in the future we are not going to go
11:54 am
back and get this technology and take it out of the hands of adversaries is a total mess and we will see more of it. stuart: thanks for being with us, you have expertise we need. appreciate it. we have a story of air b&b, temporary housing up to 20,000 afghan refugees, public affairs director joined me earlier. watch this. >> they are funding these because we think it is important to make sure folks have a safe place when they arrive in the united states. we've been overwhelmed by the outpouring of folks who want to open my home for free but right now we are focused on getting as many people into safe spaces as possible. stuart: a number of that are and have been trying to offer help to afghan refugees. alphabet also known as google will let you hail in the street a driver's abolish taxi and it
11:55 am
will be free. where will this happen? ashley: in san francisco, a notorious difficult place to test autonomous vehicles with all the twists and turns but alphabet has been testing its autonomous trips in phoenix but now people in san francisco can haley ride in an old electric jaguar case for free. the test rides will have a safety driver behind the wheel that will take over as necessary. riders will have to sign a nondisclosure agreement if something goes wrong and if it isn't your style how about the 27 foot wienermobile? riders in chicago, new york, los angeles and atlanta can use the lift ride share apps to get around the city for free, one of those things. it is being described as a
11:56 am
once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. stuart: thank heavens for that. thanks. look at what we've got now. the trivia question. which movie was the first to use synchronized sound. i got this right. i got the answer, the right answer when we come back. it. y. you ten-x it. it's that fast. if i could, i'd ten-x everything. . . but with buildings. sweet. oh no, he wasn't... oh, actually... that looks pretty good. see it. want it. ten-x it. yum! we did it again. verizon has been named america's most reliable network by rootmetrics. and our customers rated us #1 for network quality in america according to j.d. power. number one in reliability, 16 times in a row. most awarded for network quality, 27 times in a row.
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stuart: here's the question, which movie was the first to use synchronized sound? the answer, the jazz singer.
12:00 pm
this film debuted in october 1927. there were no academy awards back then. but in 1929 the a academy gave the film's producer warner brothers, a honorary award for outstanding. al jolson was the star of the jazz singer. got that. go to neil cavuto. neil, just don't say i was there for al jolson. don't go there, neil. neil: i was. neil: that means if i was, well just saying. stuart, thank you very, very much you're not old. i am. you're not old. dealing with the older thing far better than i, my friend. stuart, thank you. corner of wall and broad right now. maybe some relief we're seeing in the latest info we're getting out of afghanistan. there has been really no connection with the markets what is going onre


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