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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  August 24, 2021 9:00am-12:00pm EDT

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maria: thank you today can mcdowell and christian whiteman. have a great day. we will see you again tomorrow, same time same place. "varney and company" begins now. stuart: good morning, fast-moving news day. look what is coming at us, the president meets g7 leaders, boris johnson chairs the meeting, he wants an extension of the deadline to get everyone out of afghanistan. of america leaves on that date the brits, french, germans and dutch have to leave as well and that is not popular with our european allies.
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12 noon eastern president biden speaks on afghanistan, the taliban declared the deadline a redline, no extension was if we stay longer we may have to fight. if we leave one week from today it looks like we are running. 3 hours ago fox confirmed cia director william burns met with taliban leaders secretly in kabul monday. what is the deal on the deadline? we don't know but we should find out. throughout the afghan crisis investors have been pushing stock prices higher, kabul has yet to affect wall street directly, optimize them about the rising vaccination rate and the slowing rate of delta in sections. and investors see the other side of the surge, the s&p and the nasdaq closed at record highs, a little bit this morning. another event of importance, the fight about the trillion
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dollar infrastructure plan or the $3 trillion socialist plan. a procedure rule vote today but a sense of how this massive spending will play out. this is a big day, we can expect breaking news of importance, august 20 fourth 2021. "varney and company" is about to begin. right to it, president biden fullys from reporters before they could ask any questions about afghanistan. >> the redline -- stuart: no answers, biden has dodged questions and will deliver remarks at 12:00 noon today. we will watch to see if he takes questions.
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the us struggles to say how many citizens are in afghanistan as jen psaki claims no american is stranded. >> most of the criticism is not leaving afghanistan but the way that he has ordered it to happen by pooling troops before getting americans who are now stranded. >> it is irresponsible saying americans are stranded. we are committed to bringing americans home. stuart: irresponsible to say they are stranded. let's get the latest money evacuation. lauren: jennifer griffin and the team confirming roughly 21,600 people have been evacuated from kabul so from 3 am, pentagon reporting says 58,700 have been evacuated since august 14th that a senior us official telling fox news
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but a week ago nobody thought 50,000 would be possible so it is a historic operation from the defense side. general stephen lyons says a c-17 is taking off every 48 minutes from kabul, cia director nicholas birds monday, this could be extending the 30 first deadline because you heard president biden say it could be extended. the taliban spokesperson said this would violate the deal. stuart: do we invade the taliban, yes or no? let's bring in peter hegseth. this is a moment. do we leave entirely one week from today or do we stayed to get everyone else, submit to the taliban or fight, what would you do? >> what i would do is say the taliban in one hour we are pushing up a perimeter and anyone who tries to stop us will get shot on the taliban
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side and in 24 hours every american better be given safe passage otherwise the bombing commences a very taliban target we have identified. it is not hard. that's not what biden is going to do. i'm getting every indication he wants to go to the television timeline. they are abscessed by getting out because they are at the behest of the taliban which is amazing considering 21 years ago, that is where we've done. we are on our heels, that americans are not stranded. we should reframe it. not their strength or not stranded, the question is how many hostages will he get out of kabul. they worked with us, already a hostage taliban.
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they can't get to the airport, what -- how many people will be left behind, if we leave no one behind you can't say august 30 first a bust but that sounds like what the president wants to do. stuart: a lot of commentary whether the president is up for the job. a lot of people take issue for the way he delivers his must message, no answering questions, do you think this president is up for the job, serious question and a difficult question to ask in the first place. what have you got? >> i do not which means he can easily be dug in on the statement of i said we believe, we are leaving, no questions, no changes. no one disagrees we need to leave, that is a bipartisan consensus. how we leave will reverberate for years and decades how our
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enemies and our allies the us in this is with the permission of the taliban and. whether believe on the 30 first of september, history will remember, that is not something president biden at this moment is capable of doing. donald trump would've absorbed this information in real time, made adjustments, bent up with taliban, feels like he walked into the oval office. he says i'm do what i have to do. they may not like it, that is not the right position when conditions on the ground change. stuart: thanks for being with us. democrats, another huge issue, democrats postponed a vote that would advance the $3 trillion spending plan.
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>> the $3 trillion spending, that is instead of voting first on the bipartisan infrastructure plan, can't afford to lose more than 3 democratic votes. to strike a deal, if they agree with nancy pelosi of strategy to get $3 trillion first and the infrastructure deal which i found surprising. stuart: that vote today will tell us if you get the $1 trillion plan with the $3 trillion plan. which direction are we going, this will tell us where moderate stand and socialists stand. >> to readjust, to add in and add out. stuart: how much are they
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supposed to spend? the market shows a gain at "the opening bell," the s&p and nasdaq, david nicholas with us. wise the market up in the middle of these crises? >> the market loves stimulus. in the short-term the amount of spending the comes out of this administration. the market knows that, the market this morning. stuart: what about the vaccine mandates, the pace of infection slowdown, some investors looking to the other side of the delta panic so that is a plus. >> there's a lot the american people have concerns about, but
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i thought we would see by now, this comes down to what the government will do in the short-term. it is focused on what the feds will be doing, there's talk about taper, in november, it is self-interested over what is happening in the next 6 to 12 months. you don't spend trillions of dollars and not get markets that are supported. high off of the trillions. stuart: thanks for being with us, always appreciate it. the ceos of apple, amazon and microsoft head to the white house for a meeting with president biden. was the meeting about? >> fibersecurity, the pipeline pack and solar wind, tim cook, microsoft, jamie dimon has been
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invited along with ceos for approval infrastructure to attend so you had hackers identifying and targeting the microsoft exchange and solar wind at the colonial pipeline and the state department reported a severe hack attack so this needs to be brought up and they are bringing in the big guns. stuart: what are they going to do about it. going up at "the opening bell," i see green this tuesday morning. other headlines we are watching, president biden wants more businesses to mandate the job. >> president biden: if your business leader, state or local leader, to require vaccinations do what i did, require employees to get vaccinated or pay strict requirements.
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stuart: the pace of vaccination is increasing, in 15 minutes, they are talking about the withdrawal deadline in afghanistan that would then deliver reports at 12:00 noon. the question, will we pull out august 30 first and will the president take questions? next we talk, who served in afghanistan, fighter get anyone out or obey the taliban and deadline. we will be back. ♪♪
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>> stay with us for the next 3 hours. i will quote the 10 year treasury yield, one.26%, not much movement, price of gold around $1,800 an ounce, bitcoin last time i checked was 49 grand. the price of oil at $66 a barrel just as the price of gas came down $0.03 in the past week. the national average is $3.15. >> a bargain. stuart: president biden urges businesses to mandate the jab after the fda gave approval to pfizer's vaccination. what the president saying? >> he's hurting businesses and private enterprise to force their employees to get the vaccine mandating it after pfizer got full fda approval.
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we've seen a pickup in vaccinations. 1 million shot teach, the highest june, 56% uptick in vaccination rates because of the spread of the delta variance but if companies force employees to get the jabber you don't get paid or get fired that will motivate more people to get the vaccine. stuart: i think it is happening already. 1 million new vaccinations, people being pushed into it like it or not. it is happening. disney world reached a deal with unions about getting a jab for unionized employees, 40,000 people. if it is a mandate you've got to have the jab. >> these are the unionized hourly hourly workers at disney world, 43,000. the union will host the on-site vaccine event over the next few weeks to get these hourly staff back vaccinated so the headquarters, those that are
9:19 am
salaried, nonunionized meaning you need to get your vaccine by september, comes back into the office. we don't have a deal in terms of disneyland on the west coast but in paris, euro disney, you have to show your vaccination status or negative test. stuart: get vaccinated, get the jab or stay home. i can see it coming. president biden will deliver remarks on afghanistan a few hours from now. congressman don bacon from nebraska joins me now. you served in afghanistan. what do you want to hear from the president later today? >> i would like to hear him take responsibility for this failure. what happened in afghanistan was avoidable. we had a residual presence that was working with combat airpower. i would like to hear him take response ability and lay out a plan going forward. we need to get out 10,000
9:20 am
americans roughly who are stuck, afraid to go through the taliban checkpoint, this will be challenging. we have americans all over afghanistan, we need to hear how the president will hold out qaeda -- we don't have airpower or forces on the ground in the country. it will be virtually impossible and he's not being honest when he says we can use over the horizon airpower to hold terrorists at check. i'm an air force guy, it's not going to happen. stuart: one week from today is the deadline, august 3, '01, the troops, americans, everybody out one week from today. that does not seem likely to happen. looks like an impossible task that if we do try to get out we believe people behind. >> it is a political deadline. american citizens in afghanistan should come first. we have to -- the number one
9:21 am
objective, not a deadline that he put on this, no other reason for doing it. this whole thing has been political. yesterday the dod in the intelligence community advised against this rapid withdrawal. president biden did it anyway because of a political promise. we are suffering the consequences. thing with this deadline. stuart: politically do you think america is prepared to fight in afghanistan? >> we are prepared to save our 10,000 people. i don't think we are prepared to go back in like we did before. we had a residual force that was working, he took those out. i don't see us going back into the long-term but americans will do what we need to do to rescue 10,000 citizens. stuart: thanks for joining us, see what the president says at
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12:00 noon. in a few moments the president will meet virtually with g7 leaders talking afghanistan moments from now. futures point to a small gain for wall street at "the opening bell". maybe the dow is up 50 points. we will take you to wall street after this. ♪♪ ♪ ♪ it's a wishlist on wheels. a choice that requires no explanation. it's where safe and daring seamlessly intersect. it's understated, yet over-delivers. it is truly the mercedes-benz of sports sedans. visit your local mercedes-benz dealer today for exceptional lease and financing offers. ♪ ♪
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you're in good hands with allstate. click or call for a lower auto rate today. stuart: happening right now, president biden is about to start his virtual meeting with g7 leaders. they will discuss afghanistan. the brits do not want to withdraw entirely on the august 30 first deadline, same with the french and the germans. many of the leaders in europe are not on the same page with biden. there's sure to be news out of this meeting and we will bring it to you as it is released. i see green, not a huge amount but the dow is up 60, 70 points, cryptos holding their own, bitcoin at 48-8. they are down a bit, pretty much across the board.
9:27 am
robin hood extremely active recently, this morning $46 a share up 2.3%. ray wong is with us. good to see you again. i know you like robin hood. why do you like it and where do you think the stock price is going? >> i like the stock, it is going to 60. it is more than just the trading. that is the beginning, about the account control with financial institutions, 22 million people that have the option to get to credit and banking accounts, 50% of all retail accounts are being taken by robin hood and that means they will be the replacement for banks going forward and that is what is happening in the decentralization market defying crypto where a lot of action is happening and that is
9:28 am
powering the robin hood stock. stuart: looking at $60, 46, what is your timeframe? >> it will happen within the next eight months. stuart: i am going to move on. talking about a 30% increase in eight months. i think i got the math right. coin base $256 as we speak. i know you think it is going up. where is it going? >> 350, part of the reason is $56 million, the best place to go right now in terms of getting wide range of crypto currency's out there. the other one we are looking at going forward, what coin base showed is $2.3 billion versus $1.5 billion in revenue for reported earnings. that is the increase, we are seeing a lot of capital flows where begin is begin with coin base and diversify from there is people get more sophisticated.
9:29 am
stuart: 256 on coin base going to 350 in 12 months, that is the game forecast. tell me about amazon, seems to me it is the laggard of the big saying tech stocks. it's not gained as much or come down from its high of 3700. what the problem? >> people are misunderstanding the investments. we side go up in terms of dna and $80 billion cash on hand doubling down on investments, 10 x efficient the from the number of robotic distribution centers, what they are trying to do in terms of cost efficiency so a lot of investment going on, building out of the stores, what they are realizing is they have to double down in this investment cycle to get to the next one but the performance is being dragged down and that is causing stock to be lower than
9:30 am
microsoft or facebook or google but the interesting thing is the cloud business is still growing and i see the continued growth where you see the contract in the public sector and financial services and manufacturing. 70% year-over-year. stuart: let's see if you are right again. a couple seconds to go, futures picked up a little ground in the last few minutes. we are off and running, it is 9:30 on tuesday morning. the dow, relatively small gain, 60 points, 35,400 and the dow 30 evenly split, winners and losers, the s&p 500 is up 0.17% adding to its record high of closing yesterday, same with the nasdaq the just hit an all-time high. 14,982. we are up across the board, look like technology doing
9:31 am
well. there is big tech. all of them up except apple which is $149 a share. microsoft $305 a share. minuscule. i am happy. i never thought it was going to 300 -- neil: how did you predict the s&p to finish this year? do you care to hit 5000? do you care for it 4900? wells fargo raise the production by 7%, 4800, at least by the end of 2021? stuart: i like to hear these productions the market will keep on going up. let's move on to the vaccinemakers. where are they this morning? on down. the fda gave approval to pfizer's vaccines and a lot of sectors of the economy, airlines, cruise lines, that has got to be -- reopening
9:32 am
trade. >> did it surprise you the reaction was striking after the news came out yesterday around 10:00 am? you knew it was going to happen friday so why all of a sudden did we see the spy, uber and lift came back because of the prop 22 being ruled unconstitutional and finishing decision to present each, the airlines, the americans, deltas and united and cruise lines continuing the rally so the market dynamics are funny, every newspaper knew this was going to happen, full fda approval heading into the monday session. i want to ask about the taper because goldman sachs said the taper will happen in november instead of december. the probability of cutting back 120 billion years in the bond purchases, starting $15 billion each and every fed meeting. stuart: that is goldman sachs. to the casino stocks, mc cow,
9:33 am
the world's gambling center easing restrictions for some visitors. >> mattel four times bigger than las vegas of the vegas strip the reducing testing requirements, visitors going to the mainland, you only have to show up 7-day test instead of a 48-hour test so this is very bullish as we head into the holiday season. stuart: look at them go, 70%, 2%. >> they are decimated as well. stuart: next case some movement, palo alto networks, this movement up 15%. cybersecurity, made a ton of money because of cyber attacks. >> cyber security business business, palo alto has seen a spike in ransom attacks for the first half of this year, making more money, even hardware sales
9:34 am
are recovering. this is an under performer, up double digits on the s&p. stuart: another bunch of winners, china technology stocks doing well this morning, up across the board by a significant percentage, what's the story. >> there is an endorsement, kathy would bought 157,000 and the fact that they have been beaten down, look at ali baba under $170, the lowest we've seen since 2019 and they are putting in the numbers, yesterday they added 32 million new users in three months. i like the way you pronounce this name, the ali baba competitor. lower than expected sales but growth you are looking at. stuart: didi is up 8%. >> $14, still below the ipo
9:35 am
price. stuart: glad you reminded me. let's look at the dow winners, the 30 stocks in the dow industrial average, the top performer is caterpillar, chevron, walt disney and goldman sachs, s&p winners the top of the list. we got to it eventually. low earnings. >> the transition to remote, they are raising their guidance for the rest of the year, sales doing phenomenally well. stuart: best buy up 5%. nasdaq winners, how will i see the big tech names on the nasdaq? >> look at all the travel stocks. marriott, as well, reopening vaccine trade we are talking about. stuart: the pace of vaccination going up to him incidents of new cases beginning to level off. you can see the other side of it, back to work, reopening trade looking good. you are looking at -- telethon
9:36 am
up 4%. >> so excited. are you a bike buyer, the treadmill thing. they are releasing less expensive treadmill next week meaning $24.95. stuart: what is the top-of-the-line? >> more than that, 3 grant. lower cost treadmills on sale in the us, canada, monday. stuart: you have to pay on a monthly basis? >> this is also a recovery play because they have to voluntarily recall the tread and tread plus and go after safety concerns. stuart: i never understood $3,000 for a bike, sit on it, pay a monthly fee and have a guy shout at you to work harder. >> some people get motivated that way. stuart: ford motor company, put it on screen, stock price will dollars. >> you buy the f 150 lightning,
9:37 am
they are doubling production because it is so popular according to reuters. looks like 120,000 reserves for the f 150 lightning, they will double production, looking at that, 15,000 vehicles up to 80,000 in three years. stuart: maybe i look at them seriously. right now the president is meeting virtually with g7 leaders. at 12:00 noon we will hear from him about afghanistan. will he take questions? will be deadline for our exit be extended? some other stories, new home sale numbers breaking a 10:00 the 20 minutes from now. the housing market is a boom and not a bubble and there is a big difference. first talking to a crypto investor who went from bankrupt to millionaire. how he did and what prize did he getting?
9:38 am
which cryptos did he buy? he is on the show next. ♪♪ ♪♪ jason, did you know geico could save you hundreds on car insurance and a whole lot more? cool. so what are you waiting for? mckayla maroney to get your frisbee off the roof? i'll get it. ♪ (upbeat music) ♪ ♪ ♪ whoa. here you go. (in unison) thank you mckayla! dude, get it. i'm not getting it, you get it. you threw it. it's your frisbee. geico. switch today and see all the ways you could save. (struggling vehicle sounds) think premium can't be capable?
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stuart: we have green across the board, the dow up 60, the nasdaq up 50. look at shopify up 3% after announcing partnership with tick-tock to add in apps shopping. walmart launched a new delivery service going local. stocks down a fraction. what is going local? >> new white label service that will deliver goods from other local retailers to customers. go local is the name of it. walmart says the delivery slate will be very high-tech, self driving cars into drones get
9:43 am
you the goods from local places in your supermarket and competitively priced, haven't given up in terms of shipping rates but it will happen within 2 hours to get to our delivery and two day delivery is an option in these deliveries will be handled by associates and might use other delivery companies. this is uber. stuart: walmart is using its delivery service. they are not selling stuff from walmart stores but from local stores using their delivery service. >> which i think is a smart thing. stuart: another one for you. what is this about more companies having covid related supply chains. i am thinking christmas. >> locker and adidas if you want your shoes. vietnam shook down their low-cost country part of me and in the next few months it looks like you are at risk of
9:44 am
production. be unaccounted for 40% of these imports this july. coming to america. low-cost country has shifted the production from china to vietnam and a lot of shoes like nike, adidas, footlocker will be impacted. i'm more concerned about poor congestion because a lot of these containers stop reports and if there is nobody to a loaded, it is an issue. stuart: 10 bucks they are viewers are more concerned about their shoe delivery than port congestion. >> port congestion -- it is true. stuart: let's get to crypto. we have a guy with us who went from bankrupt to millionaire because he invested in cryptos. rest davis is our guest and joins us now. i want to go through this from the beginning. when did you get into cryptos,
9:45 am
which could dos did you buy and at what price? change didn't get in until 2015-16. crypto started 2009, bitcoin and i heard these people making so much money with crypto currency i had no idea what it was so i started doing research and investing in ethereum and the well-known ones and i realized the margins were way better during the penny stocks but in coins so i tried doing stock market penny trading the didn't have 20,$000 and that is what you need to start day trading but with crypto you don't need 25,$000, you can do it with 100. stuart: what price did you buy ethereum?
9:46 am
>> $90. stuart: did you hold it or did you trade in and out? >> lesson learned. holding is the name of the game. i had paper handss in the crypto world. i would sell in a couple hours. i would lose $50 and immediately sell and i realized if you hold on these things can be lucrative. stuart: you started out in 2015-16, how much did you put in and how much are you worth now? >> in the last six years, 30,000 in a range of 5 million. stuart: you are worth $5 million and made it all. that is a great performer, the -- now tell me about your own coin, you're introducing something called peoples coin. what is going on?
9:47 am
>> it has been a vision of mine to come up to help with charity and crypto currency, the peoples is a website you can buy, you can get to and a half billion coins for hundred dollars. it is extremely reasonable. anybody can get it and we want to be the go to for all charities to accept donations. if i were to donate to a charity they would have to pay 3% credit. and the peoples coin of what is called a reflection so 2% of every transaction goes to existing holders so your gaining more coins by everyday beholding. stuart: this has been a fascinating interview and congratulations on your cumulation of wealth and the peoples coin, not sure i understand it but maybe we will have you back and talk about it
9:48 am
again. susan, no comment on that. >> you have diamond hands when it comes to microsoft. stuart: better tell me about earnings after the bell today. >> we start with a software developer, 36,000 shares, the organization type of companies into the software development. it should do pretty well. i to talk about nordstrom, we've seen retailers do incredible in the springtime compared to last year, same thing happens at nordstrom and hike dividends and reinstate stock buybacks. stuart: toll brothers. i live in and all brothers house. >> the housing boom will do well for toll brothers. that will continue in the springtime and spring is the
9:49 am
hottest selling season. another retailer, this is a recovery play we've seen benefiting from the covid vaccine and the pfizer vaccine. stuart: listen to this. the labor department in washington state forcing antiwhite diversity training on their employees asking white employees you got to attest to your privilege. the exclusive report will tell us how does this thing work, what do they say to people? next the company that has created the conservative values etf directing investors away from woke companies like the ones on your screen? which stocks will be ctf by? we will talk to the man who runs that after this. ♪♪
9:50 am
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when i was diagnosed with dupuytren's contracture, i waited to get treated. thought surgery was my only option. but then i found out about nonsurgical treatments. it was a total game changer. learn more about the condition at stuart: any tf direct conservative investor the way from woke companies. it will not invest in the companies on your screen, google, apple, starbucks, nike. the president of the american
9:54 am
conservative values etf is tom carter and he joined me now. if you won't by all those woke stocks, what are your three top holdings that you will by? >> thank you for having me, what we are trying to do is building etf that gets large-cap exposure without having securities we consider woke. we look a lot like the s&p 500 without the companies you mentioned, the companies that are taking away conservatives first amendment rights, our top holdings look a lot like the s&p 500 because we are attempting to meet s&p 500 type returns while eliminating woke companies in our portfolio. stuart: what are your top 3 holdings? >> microsoft is the number one holding and that's the one i know off the top of my head and a lot of conservatives do not like microsoft but we look at
9:55 am
them as a software developer, they do a good job. a lot of people don't like bill gates but we don't see him being much influence on the company anymore so that is our largest holding. stuart: it is an actively managed etf? >> it is, and actively managed etf. the way we take out securities is subjective based on news cycles, conservative views, commentators we talk to regarding policies and politics at companies. we ultimately believe companies are better off being out of politics altogether but if they are going to be in politics we want conservatives to have the billing to invest alongside people who are holding their values. stuart: i put money in as long as you get me a great return. tom carter, american conservative values etf, we appreciate it.
9:56 am
check those markets, i see green. not a lot of it but there is green on your screen. big show ahead. brian kilmeade spoke with mike pence. i will ask what that was all about. mike huckabee, andrew mccarthy all coming up on the show and this. great event taking shape as we speak that will define the biden presidency. that is my take next. ♪♪ knows everyone's unique. that's why they customize your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. [ nautical horn blows ] i mean just because you look like someone else doesn't mean you eat off the floor, or yell at the vacuum, or need flea medication.
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♪. stuart: good morning, everyone, it is 10:00 eastern. let's get straight to the morning. deal with that the dow industrials at this moment are up 71 points. the nasdaq up a strong 45 points. new high for the nasdaq earlier this morning. the yield on the 10-year treasury holding in the mid 20s, i can put it like that, 1.27% to put it precise. big tech, interesting day, mostly higher, except for microsoft which is reaching 90 cents. amazon is up 16 bucks. still at the 3200 level. as for bitcoin it was actually
10:01 am
heading lower. it was holding its own earlier. now at 48,495. it is 10:00 eastern we got latest read on new home sales. lauren, good morning. lauren: good morning. new home sales coming in 708,000 units on seasonally adjusted basis. a stronger than expected increase from the month of june. june was a 14-month low, we know the reason why, the unrelenting supply issue. for july, stronger than expected. builders breaking ground on new homes, giving us more inventory that we desperately need. i know you like comparisons. the recent high, the highest since december of 2006 happened at the start of the year in january, 930,000. we've come down a bit from that high. stuart: 708,000, that is not one month annual pace of new home sales? lauren: seennally adjusted. stuart: 708,000 a year, brand new homes.
10:02 am
not bad. lauren: no. stronger than we thought. stuart: no response from market whatsoever. we're still up 50 points on the dow industrials. now this. great events are taking place as we speak. they will define biden's presidency. afghanistan, do we pull out entirely on august 31st, deadline day, one week from today? the taliban says there will be consequences if we stay. our cia director met the taliban leader secretly in kabul monday. we don't know what the president's decision will be. leave in a week as the taliban demands or stay and fight and get everyone out. international relations, the europeans are unhappy with biden's handling of the crisis. they detested trump but biden makes them nervous. china senses the president's weakness and threatens taiwan. the president is meeting virtually with the g7 right now. another great event that shapes the presidency and our economy,
10:03 am
to spend a trillion building roads and bridges or 3 1/2 trillion building a socialist society. there is an important vote on that today. back to school, a major concern for parents. there are now vaccine and mask mandates in many school districts. and there is intense resistance to that as well. so for a third-year, covid disrupts our children's education. back to work? more and more companies announce vaccines are a must for their workforce. there is plenty of resistance to that as well. if you have to get the jab to go back to the office, many workers will stay on remote. the pandemic has changed work and the workplace. one more. the market, stocks keep hitting record highs. could this be because investors see the other side of the delta surge? the pace of infections is slowing. the pace of vaccinations is picking up. check your 401(k) and smile. the news is coming thick and fast. two hours from now the president speaks on afghanistan.
10:04 am
it is the making of history. you are watching it. second hour of "varney & company" just getting started. ♪. stuart: let's get right to this, the president is now meeting virtually with g7 leaders. they're talking and discussing afghanistan. sean duffy joins me. the president has made them angry by setting this deadline for withdrawal, august 31st. this is going to be a contentious meeting and i don't know which way it is going to go because the europeans will be mad as hell if we cut and run on august 31st. i don't know which way it will go, what do you think? >> i hope joe biden is wearing the mask stuart during the virtual meeting so he doesn't infect anybody. that is always a great message to the world. the g7, france, germany, uk, they have been all cheering the
10:05 am
presidency of joe biden. they hated donald trump as you mentioned in the monologue, and they hated him for all the right reasons, donald trump told them to build military according to the nato agreement, getting fair trade deals for american workers. they hated him because he was fighting for america. they wanted joe biden, right? now they see weakness looks like with america. joe biden withdrawn troops. given up the bagram airbase. we have no presence to navigate in afghanistan any more. these countries have their people behind enemy lines in afghanistan. of course they're frustrated with the weakness projected by the biden administration and the haphazard, chaotic withdrawal from afghanistan because their people are in danger. stuart: now at 12 noon the president will make an address on afghanistan. he will go, go to the podium. he will read from a teleprompter. i want to know if he is going to take questions. he has to take questions,
10:06 am
doesn't he? he can't just walk away as he has on the past couple of occasions? >> listen, i think the policy is what joe biden wants to accomplish but i don't think joe biden has the mental capacity to take tough questions from reporters. stuart: are you saying that president biden is not up to the job? >> 100%, stuart. i msnbc look at joe biden from three years ago or five years ago. the guy is an alley cat. he is a fighter. he is smart. he is quick witted. he can't answer questions. he can't get his words right right now. i don't think this is affecting the policy. this is liberal woke progressive policy that is projecting weakness in the world. that is totally joe biden. but being able to answer questions from the press that will push him on answers? he doesn't have that capability. he has to read a statement, walk away, let his press secretaries or cabinet officials answer questions for him because he can't do it. by the way, his staff is protecting him. i get staff protecting members
10:07 am
of congress and elected leaders. they tried to do that to me, stuart. they will protect him. put him out there to have news stories how he is incompetent. stuart: sean, there will be hell to pay if the president doesn't answer questions today? >> you think the media will push him too hard? i'm no the so certain. give him breaks all over the map. joe biden is wonderful. stuart: only time will tell. you're not supposed to say that in journalism. i think it is truth. thank you, sean. we have another story we're following. president biden wants more businesses to mandate the jab, following fda approval of the covid vaccine. here is the president, what he wants to do. watch this. >> if you're a business leader, non-profit leader, state and local leader waiting for fda approval to require vaccinations i call on you now to do that, require it. do what i did last month, require your employees to get vaccinated or face strict requirements. stuart: all right.
10:08 am
we need commentary on this. look who we have got. the man himself, scott shellady. i'm wondering if i can take the other side of this for a second. we often argued whether you should be mandatory get the jab or not. let me take the other side. it looks like more and more companies will insist you get the jab and the jabs are spreading. i think we can therefore see the other side of this surge. the other side of delta. that to me is a positive. what say you? >> well i think we would have gotten there sooner or later anyway. it is just whether or not the vaccines get up to that 70 or0% herd immunity before everybody else catching the virus, right? we'll get there at some point in time. it is just how fast. i think with the vaccines, and by the way, stuart, folks that have already survived covid, they don't get enough, they're never talked about. there is a lot of people out there i think are classified as unvaccinated that have survived
10:09 am
covid and have antibodies which arguably are stronger than the vaccine. i wonder when cdc will give those people a card, huh? we'll get there. we'll be on the other side of it. it is just how fast, how much time, how long people can really handle it. the government, this is not surprising. he won't make a decision. he won't make a decision mandating 15 bucks an hour. he will stand back. we're not the bad guy. we didn't mandate the vaccine and didn't mandate 15 bucks an hour. to that fact, stuart. okay. stuart: no, go ahead. >> here's the deal i said in april on this show, i have written about it in my op-ed may 2nd, this was a vote against somebody, not a vote for somebody, okay? now some of the talking heads are talking about that today. i talked about it four months ago. so i'm going to take it one step further. afghanistan is the direct culmination of joe biden having nothing else to undo from
10:10 am
donald trump and having to make his own decision. this is the first one. now he won't make a decision on the vaccine. he is asking businesses to mandate. he won't make a decision on 5 bucks an hour. he is asking businesses to do that for him. he spent the first seven months of his presidency undoing donald trump things. he has been the anti-trump. now he has done it all. he is done being the anti-trump, the first decision that he has to make is afghanistan. so now going forward, america, he is making all these decisions on his own because there is nothing more to undo. he basically undone everything trump did. going forward these are all hiss decisions, buckle up. stuart: that is original thinking, scott, we appreciate it. i have not heard that before, i like it. >> all right. stuart: scott, i'm out of time regrettably, see you real soon. that is a fact. >> all righty. stuart: back on the markets we have green pretty much across the board.
10:11 am
i'm looking at palo alto, a cybersecurity company. good morning lauren. they made a ton of money with the cyber attacks. lauren: so many people working at home a risk for corporate america and palo alto is here to help. they're up 14% for the day. you have at least a dozen brokerages coming out today like with what they heard about palo alto and hiking their price targets. stuart: do you have anything on camping world. i see the stock up 4%. are they another pandemic outdoor winner. lauren: yeah, because they can face the headwinds of all the variants better than some of the other travel-related companies can. think about it in your own space, your own rv. they doubled the dividend to 50 cents. investors like that. stuart: they rent out rvs. lauren: correct. stuart: i thought for a moment they rent campsites. they don't. las vegas sands, wynn resorts,
10:12 am
both are up whoa. this is macau. lauren: this is macau when pfizer got the fda approval. as macau is doing easing back covid testing requirements the situation there is better. these casino hotel operators will do better. stuart: macau is the world gambling mecca. lauren: any of ben. on my list. stuart: very different from las vegas. producers are saying get on with it, stu. chinese tech stocks rallying, i mean big time rallying. lauren: 11%. there is clarity. on friday beijing passed a comprehensive set of privacy rules how its tech companies collect and use data. what investors are saying, that could signal a pause, not a stop, but a pause in the crackdown that we're seeing from the communist party there. so you can see these names are all sharply higher this morning but i do want to talk about versus alibaba even though both are higher. jd reported earnings, a record
10:13 am
number of subscribers, 32 million were added. they say the regulations from china not going to infect our business whereas alibaba is now the newest target of an anti-corruption probe. authorities are investigating a potential conflict of interest with the top communist party official influencing how they do business. stuart: top communist, watch out sports fans. very reluctant about any china stock. lauren: so many risks but they're up for the most part three days in a row now. stuart: call this one a sign of the times. dollar stores see their business booming as inflation rises. will the trend last? we have live report on that. how many americans stuck in afghanistan, the pentagon still can't offer specifics. roll tape. >> that's the most important number here, number of americans so if it is just a matter of checking the number can you do that, if you're being deliberately vague, tell me why you're being deliberately vague.
10:14 am
stuart: demand for answers coming up. what is life like under the taliban? what is it actually like right now? my next guest has family trapped over there, she will tell us the horrors they're facing after this. ♪. when traders tell us how to make thinkorswim even better, we listen. like jack. he wanted a streamlined version he could access anywhere, no download necessary. and kim. she wanted to execute a pre-set trade strategy in seconds. so we gave 'em thinkorswim web. because platforms this innovative, aren't just made for traders - they're made by them. thinkorswim trading. from td ameritrade. that building you're trying to buy, - you should ten-x it. - ten-x it? ten-x is the world's largest online commercial real estate exchange. you see it. you want it.
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our thanks. your rewards. stuart: with all these crease crises all over the place, guess what? the s&p 500 hit all-time high. the nasdaq hit an all-time high earlier this morning. they're all still up. show me planet fitness. morgan stanley raised the price target. they say the stock will hit 93. in-person fitness operations are
10:19 am
recovering, up 3 1/2% on that. the administration says over 58,000 people have been evacuated from afghanistan since august 14th. 21,000 of them came out in the past 24 hours. that is the evacuation situation. i want to bring in trey yingst. he is in qatar. fox confirmed that our cia director met the leader of the taliban on monday. do we know anything more about that meeting? reporter: stuart, good morning, fox news confirmed that cia director william burns met yesterday with the leader of the taliban bardei. they met the situation on the ground. we learned more with the leader of the 2589 ban. he was arrested 11 years ago in a joint operation with the pakistanis. he spent eight years in prison before being released before coming one of the lead negotiators in tall pan peace
10:20 am
talks. this come as week away from u.s. imposed deadline to withdraw american troops from taliban and today the taliban says they will not allow an extension of the deadline. u.s. allies are concerned it will not get them time to evacuate all vulnerable afghan citizens from the country. as you said in the past 24 hours thousands of people were evacuated from afghanistan. the number from the department of defense is 21,000 people. this means most of the people that have been evacuated happen the last few days. we show a charter and one civilian airline landing at airport. despite the progress, stuart, messages all day we're receiving from families on the ground who don't know how to get their loved ones out of harm's way. still a lot of confusion in kabul. as we saw when we were there this weekend there are military planes around the world trying to land as quickly as possible to get those people out. stuart. stuart: trey, thank you very much for that report. i got more precisely on the
10:21 am
subject what we're hearing from people inside of afghanistan. my next student at virginia tech who says her relatives are stuck over there. she joins me now. miriam, describe what happened to your family when the taliban took over, please. >> good morning, stuart. thank you for having me. when the taliban first took over, i remember i was moving in my college apartment. next morning i wake up i have a missed call from a family member with a couple of messages. looking at messages, him begging for help. can you please help me any way you can or i'm stuck here. the taliban went to his house, smashed through the windows, and they are terrified in place. every day they wake up in afghanistan they don't know what is to come. they don't know if they wake up the next day. that is upsetting to see it unfold from here. there is not very much i can do. stuart: are you worrying about you appearing in tv america like
10:22 am
this, pleading for help of your relatives when the taliban might be seeing this in afghanistan? does that concern you? >> yes. it's a very big concern i have. a lot of my family members in america advised me not to go to the media especially in this public setting but i feel like due to the fact that i have the opportunity to raise my voice and be a voice for the voiceless i feel i have to take it and i have to allow my voice to be heard and hopefully amplify the voice in afghanistan because there is no way they can get on the media. they will soon be killed. i have a security blanket. i like to use that to my advantage to help the people who don't have one. stuart: when did you live in afghanistan? how long ago? >> i have never lived in afghanistan. my parents both emigrated here when the soviet union invaded. i never had the chance to visit because it always has been deemed unsafe. now that the taliban has officially taken over, i feel it will never be safe for me to go back unfortunately. stuart: is it a complete sea
10:23 am
change from what weeks ago before the taliban arrived to now where the taliban occupy kabul? is it a complete change? >> from what i heard it definitely is a complete change. for me as a woman, woman's rights, have been extremely violated by the taliban taking over. for example, women will not be able to go to school. women will be married and sold off as slaves to the taliban. they are also not allowed to leave their house without a male present. before the taliban completely taken over women were able to do those things but now unfortunately those rights have been stripped away from them. stuart: how do you think america will receive these refugees being evacuated when they fly to america? how will, what kind of reception do you think we'll give them? >> i really hope that you know, we come together as a whole. put politics aside, stand together for the refugees because it is unfair they're being put into this situation. and i really hope we open them,
10:24 am
we welcome them with opening arms because they would do the same for us if we were in that situation. they have the means to help. stuart: miriam, thank you very much for joining us this morning. we feel for you. we wish you well and your relatives there. >> thank you so much. stuart: now this, a cbs reporter calling out pentagon spokesman john kirby over the afghan evacuations. lauren, what happened. lauren: it was cbs's national security reporter. he asked simply how many americans are in afghanistan? he could not get a straight answer from the pentagon. >> that's the most important number here, the number of americans. so if it is just a matter of checking the number can you do that and give it to us or if you're being deliberately vague, tell me why you're being deliberately vague? >> i think i'm going to leave it at several thousand right now. >> well then, tell us why. >> because i think the number is very fluid. lauren: for days the same question has yielded no response
10:25 am
from anybody in the administration. how come they can't even estimate how many american sit recognize in harm's way at risk after taliban reprisal. as they evacuate unknown number. they're telling us how many americans and allies have been evacuated but how many are there. stuart: perhaps we don't want to establish a number which would give the taliban a target number? maybe there is that there. lauren: that is what that reporter was getting us, tell us why you're not giving us this number? is there a reason and the pentagon didn't even intimate there could be a national security reason. stuart: afghanistan is the news of the day. that is a fact. we have more on it. house gop veterans are speaking out about afghanistan, let's listen to this, please. >> going on over there. we betrayed these people now. when i say we, i mean the biden administration betrayed these people. we betray all they worked so hard for. i will speak as a doctor now, a doctor that served on the armed
10:26 am
services committee, a doctor that served in the war with iraq and afghanistan, we need a commander-in-chief. we do not have a commander-in-chief. we have nod hat one in the beginning. there will be time for fingerpointing later. we need to figure out what happens next right now. i agree with that. you know we're at the beginning of this crisis biden created. he cannot handle it. he is not cognitively fit for our commander-in-chief that is being he haved every single day more and more. we need and his team resign. let somebody else step up to the plate to lead this operation. somebody who has the will an cognitive ability to make this happen and competent in doing so. we need a commander-in-chief, thank you. [applause] >> i stand amongst wires hind me and i know there are many of you listening today. you have heard where we are articulated much more eloquently
10:27 am
than i could but i would like to my message today to be to all of the veterans and their families who are listening to this, all of you who served, those of you who served in world war ii. you saved the world from fascism. those of you who served in korea and vietnam slowed, stymied, stunted the growth of communism in southeast asia. those of you who served in desert shield, desert storm eventually slowed and took out a ruthless dictator. and those of you have served since 9/11 understand that number one, the mission is not over. we, as a country and as a world, you could say we might have been asleep at the switch or we had hour priorities misplaced and the threat evolved around us. we had to respond after 9/11 and
10:28 am
that's why we went to afghanistan. good leadership understands that no matter how much you plan for a fight no plan survives first contact on the battlefield and then you make the adjustments necessary to win and when you win you also leave no one behind. leadership shows but leadership only shows when it is put to the test. well, folks, we're being put to the test right now. the world is watching. our afghan partners and their families are praying, we are praying. mr. president step up or step out. stuart: gop veterans sounding off on the feelings about afghanistan. meanwhile "the new york times" is reporting that the taliban reject any delay in u.s. withdrawal. furthermore the taliban are urging afghans not to travel to kabul airport. issue, front and center, america
10:29 am
going to leave august the 31st as the at thatban want us to do, or are we going to stay and fight to get everybody out? that decision will probably be made today. we're right on top of it. that is the issue of the day. want to check the markets what is going on in afghanistan has no impact on the market that i can see at this point. we still have green across the board especially the nasdaq which is up 70 odd points, half a percentage point. new home sales reported at 10:00, half an hour ago, new home sales for the month of july on a annual basis of 708,000. existing home sales continuing at a pace of nearly six million. our real estate guy is mitch roschelle and he joins us now. mitch, paint me a picture of the real estate market as of now, august 2021. >> you know i was thinking that this boom would last and it wasn't a bubble and i still am
10:30 am
with that 100%. we saw a little bit of slowing in a couple of markets. the good news is more inventory. we saw existing home sales numbers yesterday. more inventory came on the market. sellers that are putting their homes for sale are getting a bit more realistic. i think right now it is smooth sailing for the housing market and with demand greatly outpacing supply, we'll continue to see prices go up. stuart: what everybody is worried about of course is the repeat of the crash in real estate 2006, 2007, 2008. that was a crash. it came because of a housing bubble. i guess you say it's a boom, not a bubble, it is a boom, there will be no crash, is that accurate? >> yeah, although boom is exactly not not the right -- for a crash.
10:31 am
a decade ago, that was a bubble created by excess financing. if you're listening to the program, applying for a loan to purchase or refinance, you know howardous that is. it is baked into the system and preventing ezzie money from flowing. rates are low, stuart, you can't get a mortgage as you could 20 years ago with no money down and no verification. stuart: that is true. new home sales, 9.9 million, that i think is on annualized basis, almost six million. that sounded pretty strong to me? >> it did. we saw, you know a couple of little nuggets in there with homes being on the market a little bit longer, asking prices getting lowered and as i mentioned the uptick in inventory which is really important. i always do my informal survey of realtors, what i'm hearing
10:32 am
sellers sitting on the sidelines, i'll not going to sell this month, the price will go up another 10 or 15%, they're looking at it, i want to sell for the personal reasons i want to sell. you know what? now is as good a time as any. more and more people are putting homes on the market. that is what we really need for the housing market. stuart: on the survey of realtors are you still getting reports of bidding wars? >> you know, it is very, very regional. so it is going to be market specific. there are bidding wars but you know what is the difference? if five people showed up for the bidding war last time, now three people are showing up for the bidding war. on the margin that is good news. you know what? when only two houses on the market in a specific community and five families that want them you will still get bidding wars. stuart: the median price of existing homes sold this year has gone up to $359,000. again, that sounds strong and expensive to me?
10:33 am
>> and the number dan out new home sales, that is approaching 400,000. i think that was 390,500 if my memory serves plea correctly. think about where that was a year ago. on the flipside if you want to buy a home it has gotten very pricey. but if you're the homeowner, you know what? a lot of wealth got accumulated. that is the american dream right there. you buy a home. pay off the mortgage, you have all the equity. to me that is more than the silver lining here. stuart: mitch roschelle, congratulations, you're obviously in the right business. always good to see you. come again soon. >> you bet, stu. stuart: a crucial vote likely today on how the house moves forward on the $3.5 trillion spending package. lauren, what's the latest in this standoff, i guess between speaker pelosi and the moderate democrats? it is a stand off between them. any sign of a deal. lauren: they're reconvening at noon. i don't know what the path
10:34 am
forward is. pelosi wants the democrats to vote for the free-for-all package, spending plan and then the bri partisan infrastructure bill. moderates want it other way around. that is the power of the progressive left. not only is speaker pelosi listening to it, she is using to it cement her legacy right now. that legacy might be the dramatic expansion of the social safety net. what will be if we have another 3 1/2 trillion dollars of spending on social programs, our relationship to the state and to the government going forward. i don't know where they land on this but she is facing a lot of opposition from the more centrist democrats in her party. stuart: one trillion, 3 1/2 trillion. lauren: that is like five trillion dollars all at once. stuart: exactly. >> as we're looking at afghanistan. that might be the roadblock getting the spending done. stuart: exactly. it is a huge issue coming on top of the afghan issue as well.
10:35 am
it is really shaping our society in the future just as afghanistan is. hold on a second. another one for you. chief executive officers of apple, microsoft, amazon, meet the president tomorrow. do we know what this is about? lauren: cybersecurity, how to protect u.s. infrastructure and data from foreign criminals after a series of ransomware attacks. the meeting is expected tomorrow with banks and utility executives because they hold infrastructure that is increasingly vulnerable. we might see more public and private partnerships to protect the system. stuart: it's a summit by the sound of it on the cyberattacks. we need it. we showed you moments ago the house gop veterans speaking out against mr. biden's afghanistan plans. happening any moment, housewide briefing on afghanistan. okay? we'll bring you that as soon as we've got it. a pentagon briefing just got underway. stay with us, the news is coming thick and fast. we've got more of it after this.
10:36 am
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♪. stuart: new york, 24 miles south of rochester. currently 79 degrees. it's a real nice day upstate new york. discount dollar stores absolutely booming. you see people are squeezed from inflation. so you head to the dollar store to get a good price. jeff flock is at a dollar general store in indiana. i'm intrigued about this. are you going to tell me some of these stores are doing so well that cities want to limit their growth, is that happening? reporter: and they are limiting their growth, stuart. as a matter of fact, yeah, i'm
10:41 am
at a dollar general in gary, indiana, what the charge is, because of the low prices, they are forcing drugstores and grocery stores with fresh foods out of business because they can't compete on price. this was a a a walgreens drugstore, when it was built. if you tell by the shape of the general. dollar general came in. one organization says dollar stores are the number undriver of food deserts at this point because the regular grocery stores can't compete. it has led communities as far and wide as cleveland, new orleans, fort worth, kansas city, kansas to put a limit the number of these stores. you think that might not make sense or a bad thing. you would be surprised number of dollar stores out there right now. take a look at these numbers. if you total up all the walmarts, the mcdonald's starbucks locations in the country, total them up does not
10:42 am
hit the number of dollar tree and dollar stores in the u.s. some are on multiple blocks in the same city. the charge is, that because they are so, you know, you get a great price on toilet paper other things in there, but you don't get fresh foods and that sort of thing, grocery stores can't compete. they go out of business and you have got a food desert. at least that is the charge. i know you're a man who likes to save a dollar. so i wouldn't doubt you're a patron, mr. varney. stuart: i am as a matter of fact, mr. flock. reporter: you and my mom. lauren: me too. kids want a gift. stuart: it's a good story, restricting the growth of a very competitive chain of stores when they're trying to with low prices. that is intriguing story. on what grounds do you stop those. reporter: i like those. stuart: see you real soon, jeff. markets showing green across the board, especially nasdaq, a new high up 80 points.
10:43 am
above 15,000. let me show you best buy. earlier up 6%. still up 6%. lauren: new "paw patrol" movie came out on friday. did we go to the theater to watch it? no. we stayed at home with a good home theater system. benefiting best buy. they raised out look. ceo says don't worry about christmas. we brought as much inventory as possible now. our stocks will be on the shelves. stuart: "paw patrol," i used to watch that with my grandchildren. lauren: we watched it at home. stuart: with equipment from best buy, i got it. i got it. crowdstrike is a a cybersecurity firm. it is up 8%. being added to the nasdaq 100 thursday. that always means fund managers have to buy it. do you have the victoria secret story? lauren: i do. it is up 6 1/2%, even though morgan stanley downgraded them
10:44 am
to equal weight. they say look, the stock has come sofar from last month when they separated from l brands, investors disagreeing up to 70 bucks. stuart: 70 bucks a share, there you go. walmart, interesting story, they will help other, other local retailers with delivery. lauren: yes. you will not see a walmart truck like you see the amazon prime vans that deliver. that is not the case but walmart is going to deliver goods from local stores, and they're going to use drones, gig workers, even autonomous vehicles, you name it to do that. this is a new revenue stream that they're creating using all gee-whiz technology they have been perfecting for their own customers for the past couple of years. now they're selling those services to other businesses. the program starts later this year. it is called go local. they're not saying what the clients are going to have to pay but you know, if you have walmart delivering for you and not ups or fedex that is nice
10:45 am
revenue stream for this company. stuart: just delivery service for walmart. very interesting. oh, no, here is where we give starbucks an unwarranted commercial. they have added a new item to their fall menu. we being who we are, we always tell everybody what is this new item? lauren: pumpkin got old. so they moved on to apple. apple crisp maciado. available today hot or iced. will there be the apple craze like the pumpkin craze? psl, thought of maybe -- stuart: how much is this thing? lauren: i don't know. hot or iced, what is starbucks you're in which city but it's a lot. i'm guessing five or six bucks. lauren: exactly. stuart: i'm moving on. thank you, lauren. that is great. lauren: i'm actually excited because the psl is a little bit old for me. stuart: coming up officials in washington state forcing
10:46 am
antiwhite diversity training on their staff. jason rantz has the exclusive report just ahead. brian kilmeade just spoke to former vice-president mike pence. brian has the highlights for us. we're talking afghanistan. i know brian is hot under the collar about this. be sure to tune in when he appears momentarily.
10:47 am
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you're right. don't give up. get golo. go to and get your life back, with golo. (chorus) golo! stuart: we have a significant development coming out of this pentagon briefing on afghanistan of the pentagon believes they have the ability to get all americans who want to leave afghanistan out by the end of this month. there is real significance here. that means no change to the timeline of the mission. the president has said out by august 31st. of the taliban say if you're not out by august 31st, there will be consequences that means we are bowing to the taliban. we are accepting their deadline, august 31st. i don't know if that is what the president just told the g7 meeting. if he said that to them, they will be roily upset.
10:51 am
because they don't want to be out by august 31st. if america leaves by august 31st the europeans have to as well. this is a very significant development. it is coming up on 10:51. we're about to be joined by brian kilmeade. i will spring this news on him to see what he thinks about it. i believe this is of great significance. here it is, 10:51, that means brian kilmeade is about to appear. i brian, i don't know if you heard what i had to say but this pentagon briefing reveals there is no change to our exit timeline. we will be out by august 31st, that is according to this pentagon briefing. i think that is major news because it looks like we are bowing to the taliban. what say you? >> i'm trying to do the show like you are and listen in. yesterday they were very vague on this and today that means the g7 summit concluded. we know all our allies are
10:52 am
trying to convince us to stay longer. british need more time. french need more times. germans need more time. they're going outside of the wire on the kabul airport. we're doing a couple, two or three times in different areas but not officially. now we need more time. then we have to get our 5700 or 800 out let alone who has come in the last day or two. we can't. today is the day the military said we need to get the 5,800,000. they said mr. president, you got to tell us today we're not getting out on the deadline. it is flat-out impossible. you know what we're saying stuart, they gave us the out yesterday. well, not everybody when they came to afghanistan registered at the embassy like they were supposed to. it is their right. we told them to do that, sign out when they did. many did, many didn't. we don't know what is going on that. is their out. we had no record you located in kandahar. we had no record you were located in sharif. we had no record you were and the bagram airfield.
10:53 am
if we move on august 31st around we shouldn't, there are too many people there, they will say we had no record, you can't blame me. we will never forget if a president leaves civilians behind. stuart: it will look like we have been run out of town like the taliban. that is exactly what it will look like. we have a banner on the bottom of the screen, brian. pentagon, no plans to change afghan exit by august 31st. we're leaveing that dated by the sound of it. no change. you spoke to former vice president mike pence, what had he to say about afghanistan. >> i don't know what sound bite you will run. stuart: tell me what he said. >> thing strength we showed was clear message we would never allowed this to happen. affiliation with al qaeda, that is violation of the original agreement. we would have never left bagram airport flat-out. he knows the president. would have allowed our people, if something like this did
10:54 am
happen to go out and bring our civilians home. think about what the president's already done with syria, the 59 strikes into syria when they violated the red line. think about the taking out of suleman nip. the message that was sent when we pulled this guy out of prison. the president did speak to him who is now technically the leader of afghanistan, when the president spoke to him directly, he had killed soleimani a few before. they knew the president meant what he said. he does not believe they would have taken kabul with him in power. this is not the plan the president would have signed off on. stuart: i don't know how to say this but, this to me is shaping up as a disaster. >> worst in my lifetime. stuart: and i'm a lot older than you, i think the worst in my lifetime too. i can't imagine being run out of town by the taliban. i just can't imagine that, because we will be leaving people behind. we can't get everybody out at that wants to get out in the
10:55 am
next seven days. we just can't do that. we'll leave people behind to the tender mercies of the taliban. and that will, if i say it will live in infamy, i am drawing a parallel perhaps i shouldn't draw but it's a big deal, brian, a really big deal and america stands -- i don't know how to put it. in america in my opinion in disgrace. >> we're sitting there with all the muscle and pretending like we don't. you go in there, joe biden is afraid of another "black hawk down" situation. he is afraid of a saigon situation. you gave us worst. trust this military. they learned from, they didn't have to watch the movie to find out what went wrong in somalia. this isn't somalia. we've been there 20 years. we know roads like back of our hands. we'll find people. we're in communication with people. we'll pull them out. you can't live your life like a coward. the advisors give him the worst advice possible or he is not listening to them.
10:56 am
don't say it is because he is old. this is the same idiocy he shoved down our throats with iraq. almost cost us baghdad. he was against the surge in afghanistan. he was against the strike on bin laden. he has been wrong on everything and we're saddled with him and his ridiculous decisions and can still get semblance of honor, go get the people and ignore the deadline. stuart: we should. brian, we're out of time. thanks for being with us this morning. great stuff. >> thanks, stuart. stuart: big hour still to come. we'll hear all about afghanistan, the plan to exit. mike huckabee is here. an drew mccarthy is here. president biden set to deliver the speech on afghanistan at 12 noon. he will be using his teleprompter. he will be reading from notes. if he answers any questions, who writes his script? who is running this show? that is.
10:57 am
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11:00 am
>> what happened in afghanistan was avoidable. how is the president going to hold our qaeda in check? is not going to happen. >> with the permission of the taliban history will remember whether we got our people out and stare down the taliban and.
11:01 am
that's not something president biden is capable of doing. >> he can't get his words right now. his staff is going to protect them, they don't want to put him out and have new stories about how he is on competent. >> afghanistan is the direct culmination of president biden having nothing to undo from donald trump and having to make his own decisions. >> democrats will get the spending bill done. this market is high off of the trillions they will see coming out of it. stuart: it is tuesday august 20 fourth and this is a big day. president biden's remarks to the g7 leaders have concluded. he spoke for 7 minutes. we are waiting for readout of what he had to say. we told you the pentagon has no plans to change the with our all date. the president could overrule that and make a different
11:02 am
decision. we don't know what the decision is at this point but the pentagon is saying no plans to change afghan exit by august 30 first. the s&p and nasdaq it all-time highs the second day in a row earlier and a rally going though the steam has come out of it. the nasdaq 71 points, now this. one hour from now the president walk up to the podium and make remarks on afghanistan. he will be reading from a teleprompter. who writes that script? after the presentation he may take a few questions was when he answers he looks at his pre-scripted notes. who writes the notes? we are really asking just who is exercising presidential power? it doesn't look like the president is in charge or even able to take charge. his handlers keep him away from the media as much as possible
11:03 am
so the president can go off the script someone else has written for him. on his own he looks lost, can't manage his spots, forgets names, gets facts wrong. in the middle crisis that's not good. our military people are trying to break through the protective gordon around him. they told him listen to us, tell us today if you want everyone out on the august 30 first deadline. don't know if they got through to whoever is calling the shots. europeans telling them we don't want to leave, they want to stay to get them out. fox news confirmed the cia director met secretly in kabul on monday with the taliban and leader. they discussed the august 30 first exit deadline, don't know the result of the meeting but looks like we are dancing to the caliban drum with american lives at stake, this is a crisis of the president's own
11:04 am
making, he doesn't have a firm grip what is going on, his unfocused performance brings up the question is he up for the job? this three years of this to go. third hour of varney continues. governor huckabee joined me now. this is a difficult subject. do you think this president is up to the job? >> he obviously is not up to the job and it ought to scare the daylights out of americans, we are not talking a political issue, this is life-and-death for the people in afghanistan and the white house in defense department, we don't know how many are there. yesterday jen psaki repeated what biden has said in the joint chiefs said, we don't know how many americans are there but saying we are
11:05 am
emailing, texting, phone calling the americans who are there to tell them to get to the airport. if you have their email, phone numbers and can text them don't you know how many are there, how many american passports are registered, it's an outright lie to say you have no idea the other thing is they said all the americans who want to come out, can you imagine someone who doesn't want to get out of that hellhole, like someone saying to someone in the exit of a plane are you willing to open the door when the plane crashes and is on fire, pretty sure you are willing to get out of. stuart: the pentagon says no plans to change the afghan exit of august 3, '01, one week from today, the pentagon saying no
11:06 am
plans to change that exit date, we are dancing to the caliban drummer. we can't have that. >> we absolutely are. we should never say we will be on a certain date. that tells us if you haven't made it to kabul airport you are finished. we ought to say to the taliban we are not leaving until we get every last american and every afghan who helped us and shed blood for us and put their lives on the line for us out of there and if it takes until christmas we will do it and even though they don't celebrate christmas we will tell them it will be hell freezing over before we leave if we have americans that need to get out of there so they better clear a pathway and provide vehicles to get them to the airport or we will be there from now on. stuart: i am not sure how to put this or where to go with
11:07 am
this but listening to what the pentagon is saying no change in the exit date and i am trying to think president biden has the final decision, he can say i disagree with that but if we go through with this, if we run on august 30 first it will not look good, we will be leaving people behind and have dismayed our closest allies. i can't believe this is going to happen. >> the frightening thing is the white house seems completely unaware of the universal condemnation they are getting from every world power. they keep pretending and saying our allies are with us on this. even the belgians have stood up and condemned us for the manner in which we botched this, some of them are saying it to our face so this nonsense about how our allies think we've done a great job we have destroyed our credibility with nato and we have emboldened the chinese,
11:08 am
russians, cubans and the north koreans. you've unify the world against us and unify the country and finally believing you are incompetent for the job. stuart: we will be watching at 12:00 noon to see what the president has to say. got to get back to the market because it is in rally mode. i want to bring in mike murphy. afghanistan has no impact on the market at all so it seems. what say you? >> so it seems right now. i don't think this can bubble over or get worse without it coming home to the us market. the markets are focused on the economic recovery, and what is going on in afghanistan. i would love to keep it that
11:09 am
way but i agree with you this situation look so bad for america as the superpower of the world that if this continues and the president is deemed week by other global leaders it will end of having a trickle-down effect on our economy and stock market. stuart: let's put afghanistan on one side, the market keeps hitting record highs up. apart from afghanistan do you see anything that could bring that constant movement up in stock prices to a end? >> the one thing would be the fed. if the fed comes out and surprises the market we know some of the bond buying, super easy money on the heels of covid, we know that will end and the market has come to grips with that but if the fed did something that spooked the market it could cause a taper tantrum, the one thing that
11:10 am
would concern me but i don't see that happening. the fed is doing a good job telling the markets are signaling to the markets what they are going to do. i believe you will get your pull back from time to time but we have new highs today and more highs coming. stuart: mike murphy, all good, thanks for joining us, see you again soon. on the left-hand side of the screen we keep showing you all kinds of stocks which are moving today that include ford motor company which is close to $13 a share up to present. >> they double their production target for the electric f150 lightning, strong early demand, the truck doesn't launch until next year but boosting that production from 40 to 80,000 units and spending an additional $850 million to do so. stuart: i have a ford f 150. i would think about you are
11:11 am
right, 100,000 people put in an order. >> maybe you will be ready to upgrade soon. stuart: planet fitness. >> morgan stanley started coverage overweight benefit, up 4%. they say planet fitness is better positioned than their rivals to recover as people start going to the gym again and it is cheap for that membership. stuart: you got that. palo alto network cybersecurity. >> they expect record revenue, starting to refresh their hardware so corporate customers spending money and doing so with palo alto raising prices because they have to because of supply constraints and have these arrangements for their security, hardware and software up 17%, new high from palo alto. 4:38, 70% higher.
11:12 am
we are less than an hour from the president's remarks on afghanistan was two you biden's remarks to g7 leaders have concluded and the pentagon says it has no plans to change the withdrawal date. the news is coming in thick and fast. follow it with us. fisher investments is different than other money managers. (other money manager) different how? don't you just ride the wave? (judith) no - we actively manage client portfolios based on our forward-looking views of the market. (other money manager) but you still sell investments that generate high commissions, right? (judith) no, we don't sell commission products. we're a fiduciary, obligated to act in our client's best interest. (other money manager) so when do you make more money? only when your clients make more money? (judith) yep, we do better when our clients do better. at fisher investments we're clearly different. go on... put yourselves through all that pain. don't be silly ... nothing's tougher on pain than advil.
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(announcer) the core is key to losing weight, getting back in shape, and feeling good. introducing the aero trainer, designed to strengthen your core, flatten your stomach, and relieve stress and back pain. it conforms to your body and increases muscle activity. abs, back, obliques, hips, and glutes. get incredible results in just five to ten minutes a day. the aero trainer supports over 500 pounds, and inflates and deflates in seconds. check it out at that's a-e-r-o stuart: the pentagon has no plans to change the withdrawal date. pentagon press secretary says it will take several days for us forces to get out, and dozens of us armored vehicles
11:17 am
and gunships. edward lawrence is at the white house, the president just wrapped up his remarks with g7 leaders. we know the other leaders wanted to extend the withdrawal date is what are you hearing? >> publicly france, united kingdom said they would like to see the president push the august 30 first date back because of operations they have going on and the president hurt a lot about that was the virtual meeting ended at the top of this hour at 11:00 so the president, we don't know what he said to them yet but we know the pentagon saying they have no plans to move the deadline. when it comes to money and operating, the power man -- the taliban will realize that,
11:18 am
right now the taliban makes $1.6 billion per year mainly through criminal activities and drug trafficking. the group until he works in the ob and poppy production business. in areas it controls the telegram can collect taxes and does mineral exploration. they've been known to kidnap people for ransom so the administration says they are talking directly to the taliban which is designated a terrorist entity. the administration's laser focused on getting americans out and everything else will come after the deadline. >> we are laser focused on the task at hand and we are extremely grateful to our men and women in uniform and embassy staff who are on the ground as we speak making this historic airlift happen in an incredibly difficult and dangerous environment. >> no mention how the environment was created. after august 30 first you may start to see the united states
11:19 am
go after the money the taliban has come the afghan central bank has $10 billion in assets, $7 billion of that with the new york federal reserve bank in the united states. sera administration official told me within the last hour and a half the us will not give access to the taliban and for that money and make sure they don't -- can't lose so to speak the government's fund, the government has collect, the imf threatening to withhold some emergency financial assistance that it offered access to the original. stuart: we've got that, thanks, as we've been reporting, the pentagon has said there are no plans to change the exit date, august 3, '01, no plans the pentagon has to change the exit date. that is a very big deal. james carafanoh. in my opinion if we do withdraw on august 3, '01, if we get out
11:20 am
on that date, one week from today, we are obeying the taliban and i don't like it. what say you? >> this date was not established by the taliban and but by the us government. here's the problem. right now we don't have a throughput problem. the problem is people getting to the airport. you're making assumptions about the ability of people to get to the airport between now and the 30 first. once you decide to withdraw you can't really reverse that decision because you are drying down the assets and capabilities of the airfield. of it is august 30 first and you find a bunch of people still outside the wire there is no way back. so it is a very risky decision to say we believe on the 30 first because what you may wind up doing is leaving behind the largest hostage crisis in
11:21 am
modern history. the alternative is stick it out and the taliban won't be happy and there are things they can do including trying to shut the whole thing down. you have to choose between those. stuart: the pentagon is saying we have no plans to change the exit date. we've not heard directly from the president about whether he will accept the withdrawal date of august 30 first but we should make it clear because we don't exactly at this point know what the president is going to do. >> the key point is if the president doesn't decide in the near future to extend the date or make it open-ended the 30 first is going to be the date because the military won't be able to turn the clock back. stuart: how do you think the president is doing?
11:22 am
is he up to the job? >> of course not. it is not open secret. everyone has known for years that biden has terrible decision-making and foreign policy, every government around the world knows that. nobody expected this catastrophic but i did. these are the same people that were here in the obama administration. this is no rookie mistake, this is a seasoned veteran team that makes the same mistake over and over again and the greatest concern is not they are bad but they are so bad at managing a crisis. the president of the united states parachutes in, does something of leaves to recuperate. the vice president was working bankers hours before she left on her trip, she didn't work during the height of the crisis, federal agencies were told to stand down and do nothing and not try to get people out. there was very poor coordination with the international community. not all government effort and to be fair they put more energy into explaining away the failure than they did in dealing with the crisis. but this is so consistent with how the obama administration did it is a continuation of the policy we had under obama.
11:23 am
stuart: i'm sure you will be watching with the rest of us at 12:00 noon when the president is due to speak on afghanistan. see you again soon. more on the refugees coming out of afghanistan. putting air b&b on the screen, sharply higher and ashley, how is air b&b helping the afghan refugees? ashley: the company is planning to start housing afghan refugees around the world free of charge housed in properties listed on air b&b's platform and those will be funded by air b&b but it is not clear how much the company plans to spend and how long as refugees will be housed. the upheaval in afghanistan represents the biggest humanitarian crisis of our time and challenging other business leaders to step up and help
11:24 am
out. stuart: people are using an apps to evade the taliban in afghanistan. ashley: a crowd sourced public safety apps, checkpoints and other threats in kabul. it translates into accountability, on any emergencies reported in the city. mostly women working from home combing through social media to verify those emergency reports, but to avoid attracting attention it does not directly reference the taliban and but there are fears that the taliban and is looking to shut it down.
11:25 am
stuart: thank you very much. we have 40 minutes before we hear from the president on afghanistan. the markets not paying much attention to that announcement. we are in rally motocross board. pellets on is releasing a less expensive treadmill following a month-long delay. this treadmill is priced at $2,494. they recalled its tread and more expensive tread plus machines over safety concerns. and there is this. paul mccartney about to release never before seen beetles lyrics. we will tell you where he found them. the state department in washington state developing antiwhite diversity training. jason has the exclusive report, what is that all about? ♪♪ what's going on ♪♪ what's going on
11:26 am
♪♪ what's going on ♪♪
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11:30 am
i really need our president to really consider this serious. we are in danger, mister president, please help us. stuart: you heard it, and american government worker and mother begging the president to get her out of afghanistan. jack car is with us, former navy seal, joins us right now. the pentagon has no plans to change the august 30 first exit date. that to me, the president take the final decision on this but it looks like we are cutting and running on august 30 first. doing the wishes of the taliban and. what say you? >> we are at a stage after being in afghanistan for 20 years almost -- we fail to go back into pages of history early on when we had initial
11:31 am
successes in 2001-2002 but had 20 years since then to prepare for this moment, this eventuality and we have evacuation plans for every embassy has them as things start to crumble, they spin up those plans, find out where everybody is, confirm the location of american citizens and we seem to do everything the worst way we could. we couldn't have done it in a worse way had we been actively trying to mess this up. to see those people stranded and have the taliban dictating what we can or can't do after 20 years of war is frustrating and heartbreaking. stuart: this is a difficult question to ask but do you think this commander in chief is up to the job? >> not just the
11:32 am
commander-in-chief but everyone that surrounds him, the national security team and senior-level generals, they've gotten past the last 20 years since 1947 onward and haven't been holy our senior-level people accountable, but that whole team, hard-pressed to say just look at anything out of afghanistan how can anyone say they are doing a good job at the senior levels. they are failing miserably. they will succeed on the ground, those that have been dealing with policy decisions of senior-level leaders the last 20 years ago into the meatgrinder once again like they have the last 20 years and they will get it done in spite of those people who are making policy decisions and temperature control offices from the pentagon and washington dc so they will get it done but that whole team at
11:33 am
the top including senior-level generals has got to go, there's got to be accountability. president lincoln fired general after general during the civil war until he got to grant. our senior level -- stuart: would it be if i use the word easy that is the wrong word, would it be possible to retake bagram airfield for example and put a lot of people in there, go to other cities in afghanistan and get our american people out, could we do that militarily? >> my information is a little dated but that is what the military does. we did it after september 11th, '20 years ago, we've only gotten better since then, the most powerful military on earth, having the taliban dictate these terms we can go back and re-cake, the hard part is the psychological side of
11:34 am
giving up that ground, having given up bagram, this key terrain that you would never want to give up until the last second. we give those things up so early so you have american troops to go back in, put their lives on the line to give up ground we just gave up. heads need to roll but we can do that and should do that to protect american citizens. stuart: you were a navy seal sniper. where you in afghanistan? >> i was in afghanistan in 2003 and my focus shifted to iraq because that's where i went for the next few deployment that is very telling because in 2001-2002 before i got there that is where we had initial victories, culminating point of victory, if you push you turn successes into failure.
11:35 am
i went to iraq where the focus of the united states shifted. stuart: were you one of the guys who was in afghanistan from the get-go? special forces moved in from the start, some of them rode horses to battle. were you one of those guys? >> i got there in 2003. they went in in 2001, special forces with our cia on the ground, retook kabul in weeks rather than months, some people just years right off the bat but they got the job done and we snatched defeat from the hands of victory and tough to watch and see what has happened over the last 20 years and botching these last few months. stuart: you have written a book, the devil's hand. what is it about? >> the fourth novel in a series
11:36 am
and put myself in the shoes of the enemy, iran, china, and superpowered individual terrorist organization. what what i have learned watching the united states on the field of battle for the last 20 years. stuart: i better read that book, the devil's hand by former navy seal, a pleasure, got to get back to the markets paying no attention to afghanistan at all, green across the screen, nasdaq up 50. we are 20 minutes from the president, he will appear at 12:00 noon to talk about afghanistan. the pentagon said there are no plans to change the august 30 first withdrawal date. that is a big deal. more varney after this.
11:37 am
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stuart: this is breaking right now it is a big deal, president biden has agreed with the pentagon's recommendation to stick with the august 30 first withdrawal deadline. ashley, give me whatever details you've got. ashley: that decision was made on monday based on concerns about security risks to american forces. it will take several days for all us forces to leave afghanistan. 6000 us troops at the kabul airport and president biden reportedly asked the pentagon for contingency plans to stay longer if, quote, necessary. that's from an anonymous source but that's interesting.
11:42 am
the united states telling the taliban the us withdrawal by august 30 first is contingent on the cooperation of the taliban in facilitating the evacuations. how does that look to the rest of the world? >> the president said we are getting out august 30 first. i don't know whether he told g7 leaders that or not. we are getting out on august 30 first. is that contingent on the taliban letting people get to the airport freely? is there a contingency there? ashley: it is contingent on the cooperation of the taliban and. you let us, we will get out. stuart: great stuff. more of this, they are sitting on $1 trillion worth, lithium used to make chips. does this have any impact on
11:43 am
the global chip shortage? >> it is not good. the taliban is talking with china. that's not a coincidence. the chip shortage may not be resolved so quickly because chinese in the drivers seat, lithium is crucial because is not just used in chips but also technology for clean energy. we are talking rechargeable batteries which is fueling our future. that is how the ceo described it. >> an increase in demand in the next 20 or 25 years. how is this possible? >> countries like the united states want to more without consequences. what the pandemic started, the world's top lithium producers australia, chile, 20%, china just under 10% but even though china doesn't have the most
11:44 am
lithium it mines the most because it is manufacturing the batteries, prices of lithium have skyrocketed, this is global supply greater handyman but start ramping up electric car production and you will need the chips, batteries, the prices are going to go up. the ceo mentioned chile was a great place for us to get more lithium because they don't necessarily have an agenda but $1 trillion is a lot. stuart: the chinese would love to get their hands on $1 trillion of stuff like that and they are trying. take a look at alaska airlines was one of their flights had to make an emergency evacuation. tell me the story. ashley: never good when you hear about emergency evacuation flight arising from new orleans, had to evacuate after
11:45 am
landing in seattle after a cell phone fire. it happen as the plane was waiting for a gate. atlanta looking for a gate. passengers took pictures of the snow filled cabin and the crews used a battery containment back to put out the fire but then you can see this video, passengers evacuated the plane using slides, just a few minor injuries but the investigation as to how this happened is still ongoing and everyone is okay. stuart: it is a breaking news day, developing all the time. to the market, the rally holds, half of the dow 30 on the upside, evenly split. the dow is up 43 points. the big deal today, president biden will address the nation on afghanistan. andrew mccarthy says the president is putting too much trust in the taliban and.
11:46 am
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stuart: to be clear john kirby at the defense department to saying the pentagon has no plans to change the august 30
11:50 am
first withdrawal date. we are waiting to see what the president's decision on that withdrawal date is. more on afghanistan. he led the prosecution against terrorists in america. andrew mccarthy is with us. i've been asking this question the morning. difficult subjects. is the president up for the job? >> i'm not as concerned about his capacity though that is something to be concerned about as i am about his ideological orientation which i don't think has changed since the obama days. the problem with president biden is he has always been somebody who is both weak and wrong and now he is weak and wrong and lost a few miles an hour off his fastball. that's the least of the problem in my mind. stuart: you have an editorial
11:51 am
which says biden's appalling trust in the taliban and. back that up please. stuart: it is there for us to see. the position we are in is we have a minimal number of us forces which are only able at best to do security at the airport and can't get the people or places in afghanistan controlled by the taliban and to get them out of the country and the way we got to this point is that the biden administration to things like completely give up bagram airport which has been our base of operations for 20 years. they gave it up without even letting our partners in the afghan armed forces know that we were leaving, they snuck out our people in the dead of night and the signal you convey when
11:52 am
you do these things is the administration has given up hope the afghan armed forces could hold and they resigned themselves that the taliban would take over the country and that is under circumstances the reason we were there is the taliban, the regime controlling the country gave sanctuary to outside and had operational partnership, 9/11, al qaeda was headquartered in afghanistan from 1996 through the 9/11 attacks in 2001 and repeatedly hit the united states including bombing embassies in east africa and nearly sinking an american destroyer. stuart: is your opinion that we are doing the bidding of the taliban and? >> we are doing what they want. i don't know whether i would say it is doing the bidding. what they want is to take
11:53 am
control of the country and completely got not only the government but the military forces we spent 20 years building and what they want to eviscerate that is most eccentric to us. i've never been a fan of the sharia democracy project but we have oppressing counterterrorism means in afghanistan but we can't allow jihadist groups that would use it as a platform for attacks on the united states to have not only sanctuary where they can plan and train but also operational partnership with a friendly jihadist government which they will have in afghanistan. this isn't speculation. past experience with this is united states installation this around the world and our homeland are vulnerable.
11:54 am
stuart: what would you like to hear from the president? >> that he changed his mind and thinks we have a counterterrorism mission that requires modest american presence, the we are going to stay in afghanistan at the least until we get every single person out that we need out but we have to do it mindful of the fact that regardless what happens to the afghan government we have a counterterrorism mission that needs to be accomplished and it can't be accomplished in the over the horizon way. no one on the ground and flights from thousands of kilometers away. stuart: is it likely we will keep people on the ground? >> know. it looks to me like the last administration was hell-bent on getting out of this administration is hell-bent on getting out and there's been a
11:55 am
lot of talk about forever wars but there hasn't been any talk about the continuing counterterrorism mission that we need accomplished in afghanistan. they have abandoned that. stuart: good to see you on an important day and appreciate you being here. i will leave the afghan subject, there is a rally in progress despite all the crises we face. the dow is at 30,300, the nasdaq at 15,000 and the s&p at 4400. all the indicators in the green on the upside. more varney after this. . .
11:56 am
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stuart: the news this morning is all about afghanistan. that is not affecting the markets. the markets are in fact rallying. we have got more vaccinations. a million new vaccinations a day. that is the current pace. we have a slowing pace of infection. that is very encouraging because a lot of investors can see maybe the other side of the delta surge. we've got that wall of money that keeps on flowing into the economy and into wall street. that's why the dow is up 40 odd points at 35,383. the nasdaq above the 15,000 level and the s&p is at 4488. that is a rally. of course we are watching the white house. president biden will address the nation on afghanistan later on
12:00 pm
today. elsewhere the pentagon says they got no plans to change the august 31st deadline for withdrawal. they believe they can get all americans who want to leave out by that date and that is the date which the taliban has laid down, or the mr. biden laid it down and taliban picked it up. they want out by august 31st. will we go with the taliban? neil, it's yours. neil: that's a week, a week from today, right? seems like a pretty generous timeline. we'll see what happens, my friend, stuart. the devil in the details sticking with the august 31st deadline. the administration seems to make it clear that it is contingent on the taliban not doing anything for people blocking those who want to leave the country, a taliban spokesman said, americans can leave,


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