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tv   Cavuto Coast to Coast  FOX Business  August 23, 2021 12:00pm-2:00pm EDT

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6-foot, 11-inches tall. there you have it. very nice rally still in progress. the breaking news of the morning, the fda approved pfizer's covid vaccine. prior to that new york city is mandating vaccine shots for all public school teachers and all school staff. that is new york city. the time is up for me. neil, it is yours. neil: thank you, stuart, very much for that. that by the way many of the factors living the corner of wall and broad. particularly helping cruise line stocks, leisure stocks, airline stocks, drug stocks, you name it. nasdaq, s&p at record territory. not all that far away. we'll keep an eye on that, that despite maybe because of what is going on in afghanistan because things appear to be stablizing, at least in the market's eyes, not getting any worse. that is really in the eye of the beholder.
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there is vision among ranks of those who have people, britain, germany, and the united states all arguing about having to get on the same page but far from that, again the indication is the administration would love to have this all wrapped up by the end of this month, august 31st there is sort of decree by the taliban that they better have it wrapped up by august 31st because they will not let them go beyond that. that begs the question, what if it does go beyond that, what are we looking at? jennifer griffin with the latest from the pentagon. jennifer what if it goes beyond the 31st? reporter: that will be up to the taliban. it is not clear the president will authorize it. that is were why markets always surprise me how they don't reflect what is really happening on the ground. i just came out of the pentagon briefing where we were told the u.s. military has flown out 25 c-1s, three c-130s.
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flights the last 24 hours. 16,000 afghan evacuees were brought out the last 24 hours. that is good news but there is a massive choke point at the kabul international airport. here is my question to john kirby why don't they open up other airbases? >> why not use the pakistanis and at the qataris and you're jt bringing out people from kabul and it's a cheek point. >> i'm not, i don't think it would be a useful except toured of our time to monday morning the quarterback the whole issue with bagram. it was called down as retrograde. >> monday morning quarterbacking? i'm talking about the situation now you need airfields to get people out. i asked major general taylor. >> let me try first, i give it to the general clearly. we're improving our through-put at hamid cars eye international
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airport and we think we'll be able to continue to try to improve that. that's the goal. reporter: neil, it is not even clear that the gates are epright now at kabul international airport. now the state department is saying only americans and siv visa holders should head to the airport. the danger now highlighted by that didn't outside of the airport overnight after an afghan sniper fired at afghan forces at the airport and u.s. and german troops led to a firefight at the airport today. one afghan soldier killed. isis, al qaeda, the taliban, even disgruntled afghan forces angry that the u.s. is abandoning them to certain death at the hands of the taliban could begin firing on the airport. here is jake sullivan. >> the threat is real. it is acute, it is persistent and it is something that we are focused on with every tool in our arsenal. our commanders on the ground have a wide variety of capabilities they are using to
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defend the airfield against a potential terrorist attack. we're working hard with our intelligence community to try to isolate and determine where an attack might come from. reporter: fox news has learned from an internal intelligence document that warns isis, al qaeda plan to begin pressuring u.s. forces in the coming days to leave before the president's announced august 31st deadline by launching attacks on the airport. the u.s. military has to tell them to push back the airport perimeter by 500 yards overnight to make it difficult for attackers to get close. despite the president saying that al qaeda no longer has significant presence in afghanistan, the president's national security team on sunday admitted it does. >> are there, are there al qaeda members and remnants in afghanistan? yes, but what the president was referring to was its capacity to do what it did on 9/11 and that capacity has been very successfully diminished. reporter: a u.n. report this summer said al qaeda had a presence of 15 out of 34
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provinces. the estimate has always been there about 1000 al qaeda in afghanistan. don't forget when the u.s. pulled out of bagram airbase they left a prison of 4800 taliban, 500 isis-k and al qaeda. according to u.s. intelligence officers they were released when the government fell. they are seeking revenge. i received a video of one such execution sent to a afghan intelligence officer showing the taliban killing his lieutenant. it was certainty to him from the dead man's cell phone. it is too brutal to show on air but the revenge killings of u.s. allies have already begun, neil. neil: you have to wonder about the threat from the taliban and the august 31st deadline, quoting him, it's a red line. the answer would be no or there would be consequences. now the administration to your earlier point is a great line of questioning as well, this notion of what constitutes mission
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accomplished not to play off that oil bush line here. if the administration says we got out who we needed to get out, so we're out, that might be the position they're taking but our allies seem to be saying britain and france, germany, others, no, no, we might have to go significantly beyond that, so something is going to fester at the end of the month? >> if it can even last that long. the u.s. government does not even know how many americans are in kabul. they have vowed, the president said all americans will be brought out. the u.s. military will bring them out. how do they do that if they start coming under fire in coming days? it is not just the taliban they have to worry about. it is al qaeda, isis, there are many actors who would like to see the u.s. have to retreat under fire. neil: you know, jennifer, on that point, i'm sorry to belabor this, there is another school of thought that the biden administration doesn't think that the taliban would tempt fate or anything that could keep our presence there longer, that we beef up troops. so it is almost as if they're
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calling the taliban's bluff. that does seem risky at the surface but what do you make of it? >> i think you're assuming that the taliban is a monolithic organization. right now you have the haqqani group, a very famous, vicious commander who is in charge of security in kabul. he has, you know, long had ties to pakistan. what is pakistan doing to help us negotiate with the taliban so that the u.s. can stay longer? what is qatar doing? qatar has the best relationship with the taliban but again not everyone is listening to the taliban on the ground. we already are hearing reports of armed forces from of opposition in the panshir valley starting to arm themselves to prepare for civil war. you have al qaeda hiding amongst the crowd. isis-k, they hate the taliban as much as they hate us. they have an interest making things chaotic and forcing the
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u.s. to retreat. remember all terrorist groups around the world are watching this moment and they feel like the mujahedeen when the soviets pulled out they can embarass a superpower on the way out and trust me, they're all going to try. neil: interesting. and i agree with you, jennifer, on being exasperated trying to figure out wall street and how it reacts to things, their view of things, returning to some stability. more people getting out might be getting a little ahead of things, but jennifer, out standing reporting as always. jennifer griffin, the pentagon on all of this. we're expected to hear from the president but maybe not on what is going on here in afghanistan but what's happening of course with the formal fda approval of pfizer's vaccine deal with covid, whether he takes questions, how that all parcels out is anyone's guess. edward lawrence has more from the white house. will he address, afghanistan, edward, do we know?
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reporter: if he takes questions he will get questions on it. right now the conversation is supposed to be about just coronavirus, just the pfizer vaccine approval by the fda as a full vaccine. sew the president doesn't want to talk about this. the briefing though there will be jake sullivan national security advisor will be there to answer questions about afghanistan. they don't want the president as the face on this one it would seem. president joe biden resolute in the fact that he made the right decision with this withdrawal from afghanistan. it has been complicated by the miscalculation of the speed at which the taliban has taken over the country. so here is vice president kamala harris this morning while in singapore about all of this. listen. >> there is no question there will be activity, roll up analysis of what has happened but right now there is no question that our focus has to be on evacuating american
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citizens, afghans who worked with us and vulnerable afghans. reporter: so they don't want to talk about how this happened, just later. that evacuation moving 37,000 people since august 14th. about 10,400 in the past 24 hours. of the biden administration as you said talked about leaving troops in kabul past the august 31st deadline out to get everyone out who is u.s. citizen and anyone that helped u.s. taliban flexing muscle there would be consequences if that happens. the critics say the chaos shows weakness in president. >> the french, the british, even the dutch military is leaving the airport to identify their citizens and bring them back inside of the wire. that is what we should have been doing all along. what should we start doing today. we should do it for as long as it takes to get every american out of afghanistan. >> my job is to make judgments. my job is to make judgments no one else can or will make.
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i made them. i'm convinced i'm absolutely correct. reporter: the pentagon says there are a few reports of americans being kept away from the airport. there are other reports we're hearing on the ground at the checkpoints the taliban set up to go to the airport, they have been ripping up papers and passports necessary to get out of the country. back to you. neil: edward lawrence thank you very much. if the biden administration does not stick to this order from the taliban or furthermore says the end of august it is done, they're are a lot of people who are frantic, wondering what happens to them as they try to get out of the country. my next guest is very instrumental in what they're calling a digital dunkirk. it comprised of a lot of veterans who are trying to find ways to get those stuck in afghanistan, out of afghanistan, using all sorts of technologies, satellite images to shepherd them out of there, at least provide the way. a key player is that is the truman national security
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president project security fellow, afghan war veteran himself. matt, very good to have you. how does this work, this digital dunkirk group you're involved in, how does it help folks out? >> well, just before we went on i was actually trying to assist somebody. so the idea is this, we all are veterans, we all have phenomenal training. why not put it to good use to do one last mission, sort of a deployment from our living rooms? so if you have an afghan right now who needs to get to the airport we have people on standby know where taliban checkpoints are in real time. we have sources on the ground feeding us that information. we have products we can put together to help them navigate getting from whatever safe house they're in to the airport, hopefully getting around those checkpoints. ideally then, how it was working up until about two days ago is once we got you to the airport we then had somebody in the u.s. military on the ground at the
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airport who could physically identify you in the scrum of people outside of the gate, call out your name and retrieve you to be brought into the base. unfortunately what we've learned in the last 24 to 48 hours, every single afghan that we've attempted to do that for, not american citizens, but afghan war-time alley, meaning interpreters, anyone with a special immigration visa, even if they have been able to get on the airport have gotten to an internal check point from the airport which they are then turned around outside into that hell, into that scrum because at this point it seems we're only taking american citizens and green cardholders. what the white house is saying is an absolute lie. neil: wait a minute, matt. i want to be clear on this. that is a big deal. what you're say something a big deal. they get in actually to the airport grounds. they get beyond that checkpoint. who is physically turning them away? is it our folks? who is telling them --
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>> yes. neil: go back, turning them back because they're not american citizens? they're simply friends of america, that, the group that we say we're helping, we're not helping? >> correct. from our understanding it is state department consular affairs officers who have i think the most thankless tack of all of this. they have to be the ones to tell people no, you're not getting on a plane right now because you're not an american citizen and you're not a green card holder. we simply don't have enough planes to put you on because we don't have enough places to fly those planes because the administration still refuses to use the island of guam, which would be a massive pressure release on the through-put problem that we have. again, the only way we're going to save these people if we keep this beachhead open long enough to accomplish the mission. we tell the taliban to go pound sand. we're going to stay until we get the job done. then we begin actually flying these aircraft to places where
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we can land, unload, turn around and repeat. to do that we need to open up guam and actually start processing the afghans who are at the gate. i get, i am afraid that we are rapidly running out of time and that my fear is that the administration like a game of musical chairs, just suddenly announce that the music has stopped and we'll abandon everyone. to include americans because let's be clear, our u.s. military, i have this from direct people on the ground, our military and only military that is currently allowed not to leave the airport. they're the only military that cannot go out off the airport and rescue people. the french, the british, the canadians, the germans, they're all going and getting their own people because they can't get through the scrum of humanity that is trying to get into the airport at the gates. unless the president orders our military to actually start doing what it is capable of doing, we're going to be leaving not just afghans but likely american citizens behind as well.
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neil: so if you're right on this and people are being turned away, that is a certain death sentence for them, if they have to go back outside of the airport, the taliban sees them they're not long for this world, i would imagine. i am curious what you make of this taliban enforced reminder about that august 31st deadline, you better not broach it, the united states, you better not go beyond that, what do you make of that? what do you think they would do if they did? >> why are we continuing the trump administration policy of negotiating with terrorists? these people are not a legitimate government. if they wanted to be part of the legitimate government of afghanistan they would have stood for election as a political party in the next election. they're thugs. we shouldn't be negotiating with them. we should be dictating to them. we're the united states of america. we're the most powerful country on the planet. we're cloaked in immense power. we should begin using it. if the taliban can push us around what does that say to actual pure adversaries such as
12:17 pm
russia and china? neil: do you think they would act on that, matt. how this end, qatar based taliban spokesperson said it is a red line the august 31st deadline. the answer would be no, about extending the beyond it or there would be consequences. do you think he is just, just bluffing us or do you think? >> yes. neil: what to you think the taliban would do? >> they don't want, let's be clear, they're terrified we're going to stay because they don't have complete control of the country yet. there is a growing insurgency out of the province of ponchar in the north. they want to deal with that. they want us gone. if we told them we're going to stay until we get all of our people out, then we're going to leave i have bet you they don't fight back. this is all brinksmanship. it's a playground bully. they punched us, they're kicking us now in the dirt. unless we punch back and show them we're not going to be pushed around they will get what they want and they will not stop
12:18 pm
kicking. we have to tell these people simply put we're the most powerful nation on the planet. we'll not be dictated to. let's be clear, the american people and our allies want this. "cbs news polled" the american people yesterday. 81% want us to evacuate these to completion. i don't know another issue since americans are united on since maybe 9/11. neil: when they're united on this issue, they're united giving this president low marks for how he is handling it. that aside we talk about the number that have to be rescued or should be rescued, it 20,000, 50,000, 100,000, what is it? >> 250,000 is our rough estimate. neil: who does that include? >> that includes interpreters, family members, human rights activists, aid workers that, the folks throughout which we could
12:19 pm
not have accomplished anything over last 20 years. the president made clear in his remarks to the united states so long as they can pass the security vetting. we need to get them in safe places to continue that security vetting. make sure nobody nefarious gets into the country and welcome these people to our shores. i have to appeal to your audience, these afghans coming to the united states i promise you are some of the most wonderful people that you will ever meet. if you take the opportunity to welcome them in your lives, if you offer to befriend them, they are going to enrich your life in ways unimaginable, i guarranty you. they will be at your thanksgiving dinner table, you will end up breaking fast at ramadan with them. that is how close these people are to become. they will be our newer friends and neighbors. we will be a better country with them here. only if we save their lives. if we don't they will die and no one will evertrust us again.
12:20 pm
we won't have allies going forward. americans will die at much larger numbers in future wars. i don't want to live on that planet. i don't want to live in a world where the united states is not trusted to keep its word. that is a very scary place to be. neil: thank you very much, cellar, digital dunkirk plan to get those stuck beyond the perimeter, to the perimeter, into the airport, out of the airport and out of the country. numbers that might need that rescuing, significantly higher than we've been told by any official source, more than 250,000 individuals. at the rate we're getting people out of the country, 5000 a day, that would take conservatively about 50 days, almost two months after the deadline. we have shall see.
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♪. neil: all right. we told you how the dow and the nasdaq are at records now. buoyed in fact on this good virus news or the vaccine news fda approved for pfizer. that is thought to at least get more people interested in getting a vaccine, safer that it has got the fda nod.
12:25 pm
it has been helping leisure stocks and airline stocks. it has been driving a lot of the cruise players what have but an interesting development we noted as well, what is going on with bitcoin, teasing in and out of $50,000 a coin right now, up about a percent, just a little bit south of 50,000, around $49,500 a share. what to make of this with jonathan hoenig. what do you make of this, jonathan. bitcoin first? >> you said up6% since just july. up 350% in just 1 1/2 years. bitcoin, neil, i look at it, i scratch my head and i feel a little bit like gail dudack from the old rukeyser show, she was famously bearish for years. bitcoin i feel the same thing, the valuations simply don't make sense to me. today the market is as they say risk-on. it is bitcoin, stocks, gold. all that is rushing back into risk this morning with stocks.
12:26 pm
neil: you're way too young to remember that show but touche. let me ask you, jonathan, it is interesting, they're going up at the same time which you don't often see. you have haven kind of issues like gold over $1800 the ounce all of a sudden and bitcoin marching along with traditional averages like the nasdaq and the s&p. usually they don't, they don't do that in lockstep, what are we to make of that? >> it is risk-on, neil. essentially since the fed is pumping in so much money, very often all risk assets go up at the same time. you touched on something pretty important when it comes to stocks. it is not just big cap tech leading the way. nvidia and google are all-time highs and fifth week highs but macy's and nordstrom. a broader rally than few names powering the market so long. i looked at bitcoin, to me it reminds me, i don't know of
12:27 pm, even something like myspace. those were big winners back in the day. that is my fear for bitcoin. the technology could work but is bitcoin really going to 100,000, $200,000 a coin? i just don't see it. neil: that aside because it does have its own momentum, more accepting it as payment in britain, paypal will experiment with that, we'll see how that goes, it is getting more kind of street cred and we'll see how that sorts out. what about afghanistan and how that is factoring in here? i mentioned the idea more people, more of them are getting out, there is more regularity to the flight departures which is seen as stablizing news. our own jennifer griffin wasn't quite buying that notion but if this were to go the other way, all of sudden turn into something very, very worrisome, the end of the month at which point we might want to continue rescuing people, the taliban is saying we better not even try, there is the potential for this to blow up what do you think?
12:28 pm
>> well, terrible human tragedy, neil. these scenes are really subhuman. no human should have to live like this when we see the scenes. unfortunately it could blow up not necessarily short term but longer term. neil, there was a period of time on this network and others we used to talk about the terror threat level on a daily basis t would move the market. we went from blue to red, different colors. if afghanistan becomes once again a haven for terrorists who hate america, chant "death to america," that could hurt our lives and the market as well for the longer term. neil: thank you, my friend, very, very much. following very closely our jonathan hoenig there. it's a bit of a anomaly, bitcoin is doing well, goldman is doing well, oil coming back after seven straight days of losses, oil-related issues, stocks are doing well. cruise line stocks, in tandem you don't often see that, a worthy development as the nasdaq
12:29 pm
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neil: how much could this overall conflagration going on in afghanistan affect things back in this country, especially a pretty aggressive legislative agenda? the house is returning to session right now and they ostensibly have to take up two different infrastructure matters. not only the bipartisan infrastructure plan signed on to by some 19 republicans but the far bigger and for progressives at least, far more important 3.5 million human infrastructure plan. at the same time deal with afghanistan. they say they want walk and chew gum at the same time. history doesn't bear that out. chad pergram knows more than i. he has latest from capitol hill. chad, where is did going? reporter: neil, afghanistan
12:34 pm
debacle as democrats and republicans pour into washington to work on the spending plan, but afghanistan will garner most of the attention. there is bipartisan anger over afghanistan. >> in either administration but the fact of the matter is i'm worried right now, i'm staying focused on. i'm giving americans and every afghan that we have a moral responsibility to get out of that country. reporter: there is classified briefing for the house intelligence committee this afternoon. that is 5:00 eastern time. the gop is using afghanistan to address the confidence of the administration. >> we're demanding answers how much money was wasted, how much weaponry is now in the hands of the taliban. i don't think the pentagon has an inventory. i don't think joe biden knows. not only not know how many americans are left behind in afghanistan, he has no idea how much of our military equipment is now in the hands of taliban.
12:35 pm
reporter: this comes as house speaker nancy pelosi faces an insurrection from moderate democrats. they insist moving the bipartisan infrastructure bill before touching the social spending plan. >> i think we're risking anything. i believe both will move forward to get done. there is no reason to wait four or five months or more sitting on this infrastructure package and risking that or threatening and holding it hostage like some of my colleagues are doing. that just doesn't make sense. reporter: nine moderate democrats are balking advancing a framework for the social spending measure first. democrats can only lose three on their side because of their narrow majority but pelosi has not yet talked to that group. one source says moderates may be looking for a way out. neil? neil: chad, very quickly, some of the buying on wall street are not only notion of packages potentially pushed back or tax increases to pay for them.
12:36 pm
reporter:wer don't know what that will look like what they will try to move in the house of representatives tomorrow, just the framework, the budget resolution for the $3.5 trillion package. over the next three to four weeks that is where they start to put in the meat and potatoes into this package that will be heavy lifting l they get pay-fors or. s.a.l.t., the democrats are split on that issue. this is one of the next steps to get this done but we're a long way away from actually getting details here. neil: got it. chad pergram, thank you very, very much. those tax increases would be part of the 3 1/2 human infrastructure plan. not the one trillion dollar of infrastructure plan. that is one thing we're responding to, congresswoman young kim, sits on the house committee. very good to have you. what is on the take where this is all going, the infrastructure only plan, then the 3 1/2
12:37 pm
trillion dollar human infrastructure plan. it looks like everything is getting pushed back here. you're closer to the fire than i am. >> sure, yes. first of all thank you for having me. i think the american people want to see congress come together. it is really disappointing that instead democrats are once again bypassing bipartisanship and rushing through 3.5 trillion wish-list through this reconciliation process as you said. it is just a framework. this is going to drive up federal spending and debt, raise taxes, increase inflation even more for taxpayers. this bipartisan infrastructure bill also is not perfect and i am watching this process closely to see what changes will be made as it comes to the house. i do hope we can come together to pass a targeted infrastructure bill that addresses our needs without raising taxes and that is not linked to the reconciliation but democrats aren't eastern
12:38 pm
allowing this bill to come to the floor on its own without also throwing this 3.5 trillion reconciliation budget. this undermines all of the work we've done in a bipartisan way and real infrastructure needs impacting communities i represent in southern california and across the country. neil: so, congressman, you're obviously away of the nine more moderate democrats who signed on to a plan to get the bipartisan infrastructure plan that you talk about voted on and presumably approved, that the votes are there, and see what happens on this other stuff down the road. how likely do you think that is? >> well, i have yet to see, i haven't even seen the full details of it. we are just coming back to session so today and tomorrow i'm sure we'll have a discussion. just wait today and tomorrow, we will focus on working on the reconciliation budget that i know i'm going to have a hard
12:39 pm
time supporting it. i know many of my colleagues will not support it either. neil: got it, got it. congressman, thank you very much. congresswoman young kim from california on all of that. again they have a herculean task, to get that going, at least get the process going and decide in the senate what will happen to the $3.5 trillion plan. it is a mess and wedged in between that the hearings they want to have happen in the house looking to decisions that were made that led to the calamity going on in afghanistan. a lot on the agenda, very little time to address it all. more after this. ♪♪ ♪♪
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12:44 pm
approval for it to be used. this stamp of approval is important for people who have been very reluctant to have been vaccinated unless it did have that approval. so that the idea behind the rally, not only in the stock, but a lot of stocks in general, why you're seeing the leisure industry line up cruise players. would benefit from uninterrupted of opening. gerri willis on the significance of this development. gerri? reporter: that's right. the fda moments ago announced they have approved the biontech vaccine for people aged 16 and older. that is an important detail. we're making first full approval of covid-19 vaccine, they said this as they did it while millions of people already safely received covid vaccines. we recognized for some. the fda approval may instill
12:45 pm
additional confidence to get people vaccinated. this puts up one step closer to altering, pardon me, the alter the course of this pandemic in the u.s. as you can see here. this comes four months after the request was submitted. it is the exact same formulation we had on the market for some time. the fda valuation of the pfizer jab was incredibly thorough and thoughtful. the vaccine was given emergency authorization, that is eight months ago now. yesterday surgeon general vivek murphy telling "fox news sunday" that the announcement should reassure people that should be hesitant to get the vaccine. >> there universities putting in vaccine requirements to assure a safer work place or learning environment. this announcement from the fda would likely encourage them and
12:46 pm
make them more comfortable putting requirements in place. reporter: now it appears the pentagon make the covid-19 vaccine mandatory for all 1.3 million active duty servicemembers. likewise, companies and universities are probably going to feel that they need to do the same thing. already more than 700 college campuses locations are requiring vaccines for students or employees for the fall semester, sparking at least half dozen lawsuits. but today's announcement likely doesn't mean those challenges will be thrown out. you can bet this will be a big conversation around the table for the rest of this week. by the way, neil, as i send it back to you, approvals required that pfizer and biontech submit 340,000 pages of data that the fda then went through and in this particular trial, which included 20,000 people who actually got the vaccine, it was
12:47 pm
91.1% effective. neil. neil: wow. a lot of data. thank you very, very much for that. gerri willis. tropical storm henri has gotten a lot of attention and flooding throughout much of the northeast. but let's talk about far more serious indeed catastrophic flooding in tennessee that is already claimed at least 22 lives. the latest right now from charles watson in waverly, tennessee. charles? reporter: neil, this area received up to 1inches of rain. that is about a third of the average rainfall it would receive in about four hours on saturday. when that much water, that leads to the catastrophic floods we saw over the weekend leading to all of the destruction that we're seeing out here today like this awning over here at the exxon gas station really hanging on to a thread. this home that has been lifted up and just smashed into the gas station right now with a lot of debris hanging around it.
12:48 pm
then you see storefronts like this one over here, neil, with the hole blasted through the front of it. if we walk down some over here to think of thety liquors, they're fortunate enough to not have the damage to the front of their story -- story front. when you walk inside you see how much of a mess is here. all products charactered with mud. you see the mud line where water filled up. with seven feet of water in a matter of minutes. we're actually here with the store manager, carrey nix. first of all how are you today, and talk to me what you saw over the weekend? >> when we got here it was a total disaster. all the coolers were upside down on the ceiling. our counter that is outside, it was up at the ceiling. the bottles were everywhere. a lot of good friends came for two days and they helped us get all the mud out. they helped us get all the
12:49 pm
bottles kind of organized out of the boxes they were in because they smelled bad. reporter: i can imagine that this is going to -- pretty significantly. >> definitely. i don't know what we'll do for a little bit. it will be hard. reporter: thank you, carrie. the tennessee management agency says search-and-rescue teams are out there looking for folks unaccounted for. 22 people are confirmed dead. the red cross is on of the ground to help some flood survivors and the victims with clothing and food as well. for a lot of the property owners, business owners, it is up in the air right now what happens next with their properties and businesses, neil. neil: charles watson, thank you very much. we'll have more after this that's why they customize your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need.
12:50 pm
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12:54 pm
>> what i like to tell people, neil, instead of sizzling hot it is still hot. we're on pace for this country to sell 7 million homes this year which is an all-time high since the financial crisis, so still very, very good. neil: so supply seems to be opening up a little bit here. that can help a little bit, prices dip from record levels, even though still up there. how does the next few months look to you? >> we're up 7% month over month but we're still down 12% year-over-year. although it is going the right direction, but certainly with the slight increase in interest rates and certainly 18, 19% appreciation in real estate year-over-year. that has some buyers on the sidelines evaluating whether this is the right time to jump in. i think we're at the end of the buying season a bit. that is the spring shoppers and summer buyers getting to the
12:55 pm
fall months now. currently with the world events, pandemic, new virus strain, it would be interesting to see whether or not this is a temporary stall on loan practices get hot again. nevertheless the market is still strong. neil: you raise a very good point, anthony, as you usually do, talking about other dynamics in play here and virus, spikes in cases might give people pause, certainly does when it comes to buying cars or traditional retail activity, i imagine it would apply to looking to those to buy a house. there is encouraging news on that front with the fda approval of the pfizer vaccine and the fact that we are seeing maybe folks are scared but we are seeing more of the unvaccinated getting vaccinated. that has to be a good backdrop i would think for housing, but what do you think? >> it is. but certainly if you know look at equities, look at some of the
12:56 pm
other economic signs it is pointing to quite a bit of uncertainty. certainly 60 days ago i think there is a lot more positive sentiment than there is today. and you know, i'm not an economist. i run a very large financial services firm and we're watching that carefully. our forbearance as well as our defaults are well in check, so the underlying consumer is still very strong. i think right now, the homebuyers are being very selective. i think they are very diligent about whether or not they want to jump in at this point. interest rates are up slightly. still historical low interest rates, certainly the 18% year-over-year appreciation. certainly has a lot of people thinking. neil: got it, anthony shea, loan depot chairman and ceo. for now i might point out, very good for stocks period. we'll have a lot more on that after this.
12:57 pm
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12:59 pm
1:00 pm
neil: all right we have a little bit more than a week to go before we earlier indicated we would be out of afghanistan and then came the collapse in afghanistan and try to get everybody out and by some
1:01 pm
measures 50, 60, 70000 people still have to get out including the president of the united states upwards to 250,000 of them in the taliban is say no august 31 is when you have to be out threatening something for not, let's get the latest on where we stand with trey yingst and guitar where things are standing right now. schumate good afternoon the taliban is drawing a redline for the united states staying they will not extend the deadline or it could be consequences earlier today we saw a firefight with nato troops against an unknown gunman but there are concerns and the situation could get worse in the coming days and weeks if the deadline is extended we were on the ground yesterday as a evacuation of civilians continue. take a look.
1:02 pm
>> the guitar government is find a number of rescue missions to get afghans out of harm's way, they are headed right now directly to kabul to pick up 112 civilians. we just arrived in kabul afghanistan a week ago, the taliban took control of the city and there are thousands of americans and afghans waiting to flee the airport is surrounded by the taliban taken an extremely difficult for people to get here and get to safety this comes as new intelligence indicates groups like isis may try to attack americans as they make their way to the airport the chaos that we call play out of the past seven days continuing once again today as u.s. forces try to keep a line between their soldiers and the taliban, i want to show you there are still planes landing and still thousands of afghans and americans trying to get to safety many having immense
1:03 pm
difficulty but you see the faces of these women and children a feeling of relief for many, how do you feel making a way out of afghanistan. >> i feel so good and so happy now. >> for many people on this flight is the first time they have eight or drink in days, they have been sitting on the runway waiting to be picked up after working their way through taliban checkpoints into the actual airport, you see a range of emotion on people's faces, some people relieved to be headed to safety and others reality is setting in they may never see the family again. >> 37000 people a bit evacuated from afghanistan since the middle of august, august 14 press secretary john kirby of the department of defense would not indicate exactly how many americans are included in that number. neil: thank you very much for
1:04 pm
that great reporting, trey yingst on all of that, in the meantime we are expected to hear from the president of the united states a half-hour a little bit less or a little bit more to talk about the fda approval of a vaccine, the fact of the matter is if he does take questions this will invariably be coming up what's happening on that front and the white house from their commercial airline to help with these evacuations including those from united and delta and southwest edward lawrence has much more from the white house. >> in addition to the questions of the reporting the trait was doing the fantastic reporting and there's also questions about aid and requested aid that has been made by this administration for example in the fiscal year the biden administration has now requested $3.6 billion for aid for afghanistan this is the taliban has named an acting head of the central bank after taking the capital city there are
1:05 pm
questions why this much money was requested when the administration knew it would see a surge from the taliban did not know that this would be the end result, and the same budget administration is asking for $89 million for neighboring pakistan over the 20 year conflict they have given pakistan $16 billion in the former afghan government has accused pakistan of finding the taliban given the chaos of the pictures and the story the taliban ripping up passports and papers needed to leave the country checkpoint they resolute that they're doing the right thing. >> my job is to make government under judgments no one else can or will make. i made them and i'm convinced i'm absolutely correct. >> you heard trey yingst talk about the taliban there will be consequences if they remain in afghanistan after august 31 they confirmed there in contact with the taliban republican lawmakers say all of this has damaged the u.s. reputation.
1:06 pm
>> it's like the back afghanistan and you doing everything that you possibly can to help save americans and savor afghan allies and what it shows government will always be there for you, divided administration has certainly shown they're not going to be there for the record people whether at the border elsewhere. >> representative gonzalez served in afghanistan the pentagon says 37000 people have been evacuated from afghanistan since august 14 of the past 24 hours the first plane landed at dallas airport in the d.c. area 1300 people were on the plane on a rarely used order above the pentagon six major u.s. air carriers to provide 18 planes to help with the evacuation this is only been asked for three other times, two other times this is the third time that the pentagon has asked for the help. back to you. neil: not to david spunt, who is
1:07 pm
getting there from afghanistan and what hurdles did they have to climb david's been looking into that at the justice department, what can you tell us. >> what it comes to betting it's an all hands on deck approach between the justice department and the fbi, the department of foam and security, the department of defense and the department of state and the everybody that touches on american soil must be completely vetted that writing process happens before they touch down on american soil and in some cases betting begin months ago when president biden first announced the troop drawdown, afghans on special immigrant visas were embedded weeks and months ago, they were in many cases already known to the united states as translators even confidential sources who worked alongside the sources betting in the past week has
1:08 pm
significantly picked up as thousands who are not special immigrant visa holders are also coming to the united states. >> we want to welcome those that are fully vetted that is extremely important that we make sure they are bedded before they touch down on american soil, that is why it's so important that we continue working with the third country nations providing them whatever support we can within those countries and this is where president biden unfortunately has really messed it up. >> over the weekend playing with afghan refugees landed at the dallas international airport, several planes outside of d.c. they will take place at the expo center in northern virginia they entered into an agreement to house afghans of a layover stopped to give them shelter and food until they find something more permanent in the special immigrant visa holders will be out for different military installations we mentioned fort mccoy in wisconsin, fort bliss in texas, there's also joint base mcguire and lakers new
1:09 pm
jersey and not far from where you are now, that the fourth military installation and there may be more to house these folks temporarily why they get on their feet. neil: thank you very much for that, we have heard the warning from the taliban that we better not go beyond august 31 deadline to get troops out, the administration hinted it'll take as long as it is necessary to get those folks out right from the taliban spokesman the augusa good idea it's a redline the answer would be no or there would be consequences, the former cia among many more fox news contributor a very good reader what's going on, again the taliban right now, what do they mean that there will be repercussions and consequences. >> the taliban spanned the
1:10 pm
internet in the late '90s now what they're doing very effectively is using the internet and social media for propaganda they are very well aware that they have humbled another superpower and this is part of it, they're making demands of the united states and they're gonna see whether we back down or not, we obviously will need to stay as long as we need to stay, the fact that were even having this disagreement with the taliban i think enhances their stature which is not good for us, frankly we do need to get our people out as soon as possible we talked about the threats, persistent acute threats according to the administration from isis as well as i al-qaeda the longer people are there trying to get to the chokepoint to the airport the more at risk that they are we need to get them out my colleague jennifer griffin had really good questions during the dod press briefing i why not open up bagram air base and maybe other facilities as well so we can increase the number of flights arriving and departing with our citizens and that is
1:11 pm
not something dod plans on doing unfortunately. neil: you mentioned jennifer griffin she reported as well, i did not realize this you probably did there was a lot of al-qaeda elements imprisoned near and at this facility, they're all out now and they have gone on a retribution of wave of going after their former captures, i'm just wondering what were in store for? >> it's a three-pronged assault on us, the first as you mentioned al-qaeda, isis being the second, they were imprisoned throughout the country including in bagram air base in the taliban release them, the third when the head of security for couple which is responsible for conducting lethal suicide attacks against innocent civilians and coalition forces and they are notorious for allowing al-qaeda to homestay on their territory. that is a very significant threat to her people right now
1:12 pm
and couple. neil: what about the idea that they're not all in sync not all of them, whatever you want to call them to get along with taliban they didn't and we put them into the same violent pot but they're very different and have very different aspirations, play this out for me, how do you think this goes long after we're gone. >> that is true i consider this a petri dish growing terrorist threats to our nation in the region and here in the homeland, friendly we don't have the intelligence capability to protect those that were the military to finish those threats before they visit our shores. isis in the taliban for sure have been at odds with each other and have attacked one another, al-qaeda and the taliban historically and currently get along quite well, i would question whether isis might be seeking to attack
1:13 pm
partners of the taliban including iran to stir up discontent but make no mistakes those three the taliban, al-qaeda and isis all have the united states in the crosshairs and that's what we need to be concerned about. neil: thank you very, very much were keeping a close eye on this also waiting to see what the president will have to say on the subject this remarks that address the fact that the fda has given a stamp of approval to the most popular vaccine on the planet and that is pfizer biontech in a joint effort but if he takes questions undoubtedly will have to address was going on in afghanistan. we'll see if that even happens. ♪
1:14 pm
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1:17 pm
neil: moments away from fda approval of the pfizer vaccine, that is a green light on the return to work that is the hope at least but there has been significant delays getting people back to work, charlie gasparino has been following that closely with regards to the big financial players. >> wall street was very heavily
1:18 pm
regulated industry, lots of compliance rules for brokerages and these of the financial advisors that deal with customers and customer orders and customer information this is very confidential stuff, your social security numbers, your net worth is with your broker and many, many cases in the wall street firms are worried about brokers essentially working from home and access to that information not being secured what i've been doing is throwing people at merrill lynch, morgan stanley, ubs, bank of america, the major brokerage firms here's what i'm getting except for ubs i'll get to that in a minute. they are looking to bring back their personnel, their brokers, sometime after labor day, it's not set in stone and this is where it becomes interesting and made the covid outbreak, they are saying we need you back, they haven't set a specific date, i don't expect it to be the day after labor day, at
1:19 pm
morgan stanley brokers in the new york city office have been given the word that management would like them back october 4 instead of september 4 right after labor day, this is flexible but they want the back of the reason they want them back if i'm at home and my screen is up and i'm neil cavuto gazillion dollar brokerage account open it is not secure anybody can walk around and take that information it's an issue that they have to deal with so brokers are going to essentially be required to come back at some point, the question is when morgan stanley wants everybody back after labor day the date i'm hearing in your particular is october 4, the one firm that the outlier is ubs nursing do whatever you want work from home, the office, do whatever you want and are using as a recruiting tool but brokers are
1:20 pm
self-starters, entrepreneurs and many way they work for firms, i spoke with a lot of them who love the office and left to go when and some of them say they like working from home but the problem is it's a heavy duty compliance and i'll tell you if brokers, somehow a ubs broker misuses or exposes data from working from home it's going to be a real problem for the firm, that's where we are right now post labor day but as always the situation is fluent. back to you. neil: thank you very much, former investment banker in the war on small business, as a former investment banker you here was going on with her old colleagues on deciding when to go and some of them may be feeling stranded but so many other businesses are delaying their in-person return, what you make of this.
1:21 pm
>> i certainly think in so many ways investment banking and wall street is outlier and if you look at the broader economy a lot of this is going to be reliant on getting kids back in school because that's been a big block. have to take care of the kids and if the kids can get back to school that's an issue i just got an e-mail that chicago public schools who are supposed to be going back next week all of a sudden the city councils are concerned about protocol, i think that is one of the biggest years that we have as well as a lot of people in power that don't want this pandemic to end i think that's another issue to contend with. neil: how much do you think this approval from the fda of the pfizer vaccine will change reluctant minds to go ahead and get the shot. >> i think there is definitely
1:22 pm
some different accounts of people who are resistant some wanted to wait for fda approval and there's another group gutfeld that they had covid recently and have an antibody of a natural immunity and i don't think that's necessarily going to change their minds and certainly there is going to be a group who doesn't trust it and will not get it no matter what. i do think this is a lot of government entities and businesses and is a little bit for cover in terms of mandating that as a requirement for people coming back to work to say maybe we didn't push it before and now that it's fda approval i think that is going to potentially move the needle somewhat but again there are all the special interest that are pushing to extend this and create an ongoing fear cycle and ob an ongoing battle in the next
1:23 pm
couple months. >> in the meantime the working relationships will continue even the jackson hole central-bank summit is going to be a virtual affair, we are learning right now that the federal reserve might give us a better clue as when the tapering will start and when it will buy fewer treasury securities, there are rumors that could start as soon later this year, november at the latest, what do you make of that? >> i think that the fact that all of a sudden it's a last minute and went virtual and we have this concern that they have to show that they're concerned about the delta variant in order to use that as an excuse, i feel like they are feeling a little bit of a playbook from their friends in new zealand, new zealand has been ahead of the curve and titan bond purchases and planning to raise rates and right before the central-bank meeting, covid pops up, words can hold it steady, i think
1:24 pm
that's going to give the fed a little bit of cover and making the street go crazy there was a treasury report out of bank of america last week and you can literally drive a truck to the spread on their projection of a ten year yield, their same by the end of the year it could be below 1% and as high as 2%, it doesn't give you sense that everyone doesn't know what's going on, it's amazing. neil: that's a wide area you're covering your heinie. thank you very, very much were following all of this development right now were looking at a ten year one and a quarter percent, some of the things that you're looking at was getting close to record territory for the dow, the s&p and the nasdaq, bitcoin up out of 50000 bucks a coin, all of the safe place in traditional plays are benefiting at the same time, even gold over $1800 an
1:25 pm
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1:29 pm
>> the vaccines are remarkably effective in keeping people out of the hospital and saving lives, the safety profile remains remarkably strong you'll see more universities and workplaces that were considering putting in requirements for vaccines for safer places to learn and work you'll see them moving forward on their plans to require vaccines in the workplace in school. neil: he was accurate about that the surgeon general making it clear get fda approval for visors vaccine, you're gonna see a lot more mandates and companies and institutions requiring as their workers and those who visit their
1:30 pm
establishment to be vaccinated or test negative for the virus the director of st. joseph's institute for diseases with us right now, doctor you're probably right about that, i would imagine you would welcome such a development. >> i welcome the development to a degree i don't think we should forcibly mandate these vaccines to anybody but essential workers like healthcare workers, school teachers, bus drivers, conductors, airline pilots, flight attendants, that sort of thing, we needed the fda approval to legally be allowed to mandate this vaccine although personally i think it's an infringement on your freedom to have it mandated but i think it's a public health measure we should encourage as much as possible. neil: is encouraging over the weekend i don't know if you caught this president trump was at a rally with his fans and
1:31 pm
among that group and when he mentioned you should get the vaccine you got some booze, i'm just wondering there is a stubborn i don't mean to characterize it at that way but a hard-core group of americans who do not want to be told, advised or otherwise to get the vaccine, does the needle change with the fda approval if the fda is saying it's okay. >> i think the group that booed trump and i did see that i don't think they're going to change the matter what and confidence in the vaccine, this should provide extra confidence, i've a lot of patience to tell me is not fda approved, that goes out the window now, the second thing is complacency why should i get the vaccine because people with
1:32 pm
the vaccine are being infected but they're not dying and winding up in icu on ventilators that the most important thing is very convenient to get it's free most places and you can get in drugstores, i don't think it's a big problem but i think the boomers are not going to get it no matter what happens. neil: i think you're probably right what you make of the breakthrough cases people who have been fully vaccinated and were learning the jesse jackson and his wife are in the hospital dealing with that and both have been vaccinated and you see the four senators who have also been vaccinated, i think in the case of the senators i'm not up to date on the reverend jackson but the cases are relatively mild but nevertheless your hearing more of this, should we be worried. >> we should probably be worried, this is epidemic of the pandemic of the unvaccinated, the vaccinated people are still able to be infected with these variants, these variants are
1:33 pm
very able to bypass almost the immune system in many ways, the vaccine is very effective it's 90 - 95% almost that 5 - 10% who do not respond, however, you will see people who are vaccinated who can carry the virus and transmit the virus and some will obviously get sick, that has to do with what we talked about before called immuno genetics, everybody is inherited a different kind of immune system from their ancestors, i think that theory is in here. neil: what do you think of the need for a booster shot. >> from my mnu suppressed patients those on cancer chemotherapy, those who have immunodeficiency, so we don't know who they are will find that once they get infected, those are the people who need booster shots and the people who are immunodeficiency and autoimmune
1:34 pm
is at risk if there on medications that suppress the immune system and after that everybody including myself who got it over eight months ago will probably need to get a booster shot because i'm working in the hospital with all these infected people. neil: you have to wait eight months after the second shot, what is the reason for that. >> pretty much that is the time that the company says your neutralizing antibodies begin to waive, what nobody talks about this is really important cellular immunity continues, i'm not so concerned about the booster shot whether you should or shouldn't have it i think it's appropriate for the immune deficient suppressed but i don't think it's important for those of us were pretty healthy. neil: you're a good man and a good doctor, i appreciate all your help and guidance, doctor bob following all the developments were waiting for the president of the united states on all of this we are to push back a little bit and it will keep you posted on that,
1:35 pm
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neil: we were just mentioning about the mandates requirements that will take effect that we have the fda approval of the pfizer vaccine with teachers and staff in new jersey will now be required to give vaccinated by october 18 were undergo testing this is governor phil murphy's office, the minute requirements are in suing right now we have seen similar directives in new york and l.a. county and these other places where they going to make that the rule not just a suggestion but a requirement, will keep you posted on that,
1:40 pm
also keeping you posted on a risk developing on the democratic party on nine moderates who are urging nancy pelosi to go ahead and allow this bipartisan infrastructure, the trillion dollar was not the three half trillion dollar human infrastructure that progresses are keen on but what they interpreted to be out-of-the-way and move on, easier said than done, we have douglas and the former congressional budget office director with us, obviously this opened up a divide among democrats, some of whom had it on a human infrastructure plan and bipartisan support versus something else that can drag on forever. what you make of this customer. >> it just depends on the district that the democrats are going to run an extra both sides
1:41 pm
like infrastructure, that's a much safer vote for you if you look at the polling of the big three to have trillion dollar reconciliation bill that is far less clear-cut big tech increases, a lot of the spending doesn't look related to the problems that we have that's not as popular in a much more problematic vote i think people were landing looking what do you really want. neil: you know what, when you were there running the cbl and all of this did you ever see something like this where they are timing very different issues and packages and the house is forcing the issue on the senate which is a fellow democrat run institution if you think about it, i don't recall something like this but maybe you do. >> there is three interesting pieces to this, we've seen big
1:42 pm
spending bills with all sort of things thrown in there were related to one another but there is annual appropriation this is the first time we've seen large permanent programs child tax credit, paid family leave and things like that put together in this fashion that's making people nervous, the second thing nancy pelosi tied one vote to another and essentially trying to jam the senate a goes the other way around where the house has to take whatever the senate does in the thing of been most interested the white house has been essentially quiet and i'm sure they're talking every day but the president is not drawing any lines in the sand publicly he's letting it play out so we doesn't own whatever happens. neil: he could probably get it on the infrastructure package that would be a big bipartisan when i'm wondering whether the white house would try to make this more of a strong arm issue in a cease-and-desist on this so
1:43 pm
we can claim victory on a bipartisan front. >> they may very well decide to do that, the president's numbers are not great on the economy right now the economy is struggling and the president doesn't blame the economy doesn't do as well as it should and on the merits they deserved the blame the american rescue plan of portraying dollar bill did not move the needle on growth the second quarter look like the first but it did move it on inflation in their hearing about that from their constituents and seen in the polls the white house might want to get up bipartisan when to prop up the standing. neil: always great chatting with you, the former c.b.o. director congressional budget office, they want to tally all the numbers on all of the spending in various administration republican and democrat of all these years, let's go to jeff flock another issue that has been getting a great deal of attention in a good luck on that
1:44 pm
front a chip shortage that is dragging on and on a lot of manufacturers are saying pretty much her manufacture, the delay persist jeff what is the latest on the front. >> talk about inflation, by golly the price of a new car, the ford explorer behind me in chicago, one of the plants has been affected by the chip shortage, the big news today the f150 ford truck plant in kansas city there shutting down for the third time this week starting this week for a week they don't have enough chips worth noting dearborn plants is still making tracks but not as many as they would like to that's the most important vehicle for any automaker out there, speaking of automakers toyota has joined the chip shortage and they had stockpiled chips because of their experience of the tsunami, they now say in september to get a cup 40% of the production across 14 plants, 80000 fewer
1:45 pm
vehicles to be made in the u.s. globally it's even worse the prediction between six and 7 million fewer vehicles to be made this year, they just don't have the chips to put in them, more bad news, i got it, transaction prices, way up there for the first time over $40000 for the average vehicle to be purchased up 17%, all-time record and how long are vehicles on the lots, not that long typically a couple of months before kirk installed sold on average now it's one month and the prophets, you wonder sometimes, how much does the dealer make on the vehicle that i bought, obviously varies but the typical profit is two grand on average of the vehicle, right now $4000 plus per vehicle because the demand outstrips the supply if you want one final piece of bad news, this is a quote from ihs market the folks
1:46 pm
that foresee the future they say low vaccination rates and rising infection rates in southeast asia are prompting shutdowns that make the semi conductors and it may be to the second quarter of next year before we get past all of this, if you've got a car, keep it, if you have more than one car, solid, make some money. neil: knowing that i have you on we get a lot of e-mails in one person, it's always very complementary, this one person said can you tell me is jeff flock as nice as he seems to be on the air so i immediately said no he's very fun to work with, but you have a lot of fans out there. >> you might notice above my eye, you see that scar, that is a bar fight. actually i just fell, thank you for the encouragement.
1:47 pm
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neil: the taliban is saying august 31 deadline is hard and fast is not just a nice idea or something that is a moving target mr. president you have to stick to that to hear a spokesman tell it it's a redline the answer would be no that is the adoption of michigan back or there would be consequences. what would those consequences be ambassador the former state department coordinator for counterterrorism senior fellow state department civilian security undersecretary, you do not mess with this guy, it's very good to have you, thank you very much, what do you make of what the taliban is saying, don't even think about pushing it beyond the end of the month. >> we have to get all of our people out, we have up to 50000 american citizens who are still in afghanistan we cannot leave them behind, it's necessary to
1:52 pm
extend the deadline beyond august 31 arbitrary deadline, so be it if we the people behind we are going to be seeing them in hostage videos that will make the iran hostage crisis look like a child's play, i am sure the taliban are well aware of what the u.s. military is capable of doing to them and i think we need to be messaging quietly you don't really want to put us to the test while were getting our people out. neil: let's say we don't meet that deadline is sound like it's a threat and nothing more, they won't do anything but other groups could, there are other pockets of extremists certainly al-qaeda and what have you and we do know all of them that even galvanized on the social media extremists sites, what you see happening? >> i think the terrorists in afghanistan see what is happened with the president's withdrawal as a great victory for them, i
1:53 pm
think were going to be seeing thousands of jihadists from around the world inspired by this victory as they see it flowing into afghanistan the fight for groups for al-qaeda, isis and others, it becomes critical in the top priority for the biden administration going forward, we need to find a way to collect intelligence on these threats that are going to be growing in afghanistan and to take action against them that is hard to do once we pulled out all of our diplomats in our soldiers. neil: what do you make of these reports it could turn into a civil war and parts of the country were other former government backed groups are now going to make things difficult for the taliban, that it could lead to mass confusion. >> it really could and i think that speaks to the fact that the taliban has never been popular among the afghan people if the taliban had to run an election
1:54 pm
they would lose and it would be a landslide, i think we can expect to see other resistance grow up around the countryside to try to hold onto the american values in the american democratic institutions that they have been exposed to over the last 20 years, i think the biden administration really cares about human rights and promoting democracy and needs to do what it can to support these groups as they try to resist the taliban takeover. neil: the president has been saying things are going more smoothly that more people are getting out of regular basis like resuming and you mentioned earlier the notion that we don't leave until all the people are out, not only americans but those helped us out in the ongoing 20 years of being in afghanistan i had one guest say that number is closer to 250,000
1:55 pm
individuals, cannot be right? >> i don't think we have a great fix on the exact numbers that's one of the problems with the withdrawal that the white house has put into motion the plan doesn't seem to be well-thought-out or well executed, i do think it's imperative for us to get out are american citizens who were there and by the way this is not on americans to try to find their way to the airport, there in the situation because of the calamitous planning and execution by the white house, i think it's up to our military to go out there, find our folks and bring them to the airport and believe me i'm talking to folks on the ground that's exactly what they want to do in their waiting for the white house permission to go do it. neil: ambassador thank you very much on these development. again many at the white house have said were very optimistic and that's our goal to be out of there by the 31st of this
1:56 pm
month, the taliban is saying you better be and now the question is if were not done doing everything we said we would do and then everybody has to get out of there then what we just don't know, at this point we just don't know. stay with us. ♪ ♪ it's a wishlist on wheels. a choice that requires no explanation. it's where safe and daring seamlessly intersect. it's understated, yet over-delivers. it is truly the mercedes-benz of sports sedans. visit your local mercedes-benz dealer today for exceptional lease and financing offers. ♪ ♪ . .
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as i observe investors balance risk and reward, i see one element securing portfolios, time after time. gold. your strategic advantage. ♪. neil: all right, almost right on cue the president is talking addressing the nation on the fda approval of pfizer vaccine. also on cue, other states and municipalities reinforcing mandates required now
2:00 pm
vaccinations, for new jersey teachers and staff and in new york requiring all educational staff members, teachers, principals to be fully vaccinated. expect more to follow. leave you with the dow jones industrials up 261 points. those drug makers and a lot of those coming out of the pandemic, at least smoothly up, up and away. now to charles payne. hey, charles. charles: neil, thank you very much, my friend. good afternoon, everyone, i'm charles payne. this is "making money." breaking right now, economy slowing, check. confidence falling, check. virus spreading big time, check, the fed will keep printing, check. how much longer can we hit new highs despite higher inflation and economy? after friday fed saying maybe he won't, maybe he won't go for early tightening? meanwhile the buy on dips crowd they are winning yet again. spea


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