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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  August 21, 2021 8:00pm-9:00pm EDT

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always better to be feared not loved for a change. play from strength, not weakness. save america. ♪♪ >> the situation in afghanistan clearly a disaster, thousands of americans and allies perhaps inside no way out. taliban fighters officially and informally setting up checkpoints and randomly been killing innocents as i tried to flip out of hell. the sponsors have ranged from cruelty. who's to blame that apparently wasn't part of the white houses contingency plan? for the afghan security forces and military police whose casualties are 30 times greater
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than the u.s. our casualties from a 2500 military deaths. they've had 69000. money doesn't always by hugh victory all the enough which is why the comparisons to vietnam are fitting. our work with misunderstood colonial remnant and even when it dawned on those in charge, it was always going to end badly, the impulse was threefold. hope for the best and three when you fail, fly. not this should come as a surprise there have been plans to leave afghanistan 2003 when the donald trump stop declared a major combat. in 2008 president bush stated we would build a flourishing democracy, as an alternative to hateful ideology. isn't that well? the problem is, this was called together by the remnant of soviet board was more interested
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in tribalism and islamic law then walmart and avocado toast. no freedom, no tv, certified footloose but no kenny morgan. about intervention as joe biden ran for president in 2008, forcefully reshaping the region he read about the ramp corruption and military capabilities of the force, we were popping up to the tune of $83 billion. that's only sloppy sleepy joe to read criticism failing involvement from general douglas who rightly noted we were devoid of fundamental understanding of afghanistan. we didn't know what we were doing. now what we know we are seeing, the tragic place shaping up to be possibly worse than vietnam. people trapped, which blackhawks are coming to out of the bleak ashes but now the taliban tanks, aircraft and all the guns and
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ammo dirty terrorists could ever wish for. the hack jake sullivan sheepishly admit the taliban has taken control of u.s. weapons. not one less than internalized and potential hostages will remain in fear and they make be forgotten by the administration eager to latch onto the next more favorable news cycle. we will not forget what it is and that's the memo. as i mentioned, white house claims it time for all contingency but about two hours up our president admitted he knew the whole think would get to. watch. >> we've all seen the pictures, hundreds of people packed, afghan battling. >> that was forth from a five physical. >> what did you think when you saw the pictures? >> we have to gain control, we have to move this more quickly.
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we have to move anyway which we can take control of the airport and we did. >> you don't think this could have been handled better in any way, no mistakes? >> no, i don't think it could have been handled in a way -- were going to go back in hindsight and look at the idea that somehow there's a way to have gone out out chaos ensuing, i don't know how. kennedy: i love that, even think it couldn't have been just a little bit differently? no, chocolate chips. what? they knew it would turn into an absolute chaotic disaster and they still went ahead with their plans. so should we be surprised at all that they have no clear plan to mop up this mess? conservative strategist, president one and only, chris barrett and for the first time on this show, we got director
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libertarian institute and author of fools, time to end the war in afghanistan, what person to better have on, host of the richard shelf which happens to be host of rigid valor. we are having a few technical difficulties because he's so handsome and alluring, we can't quite get to him yet, we are going to have a mini man panel for now. let's talk about this, there are democrat all over congress who are very upset about this, this seems to be one of the few things we can agree on like pandas are cute, brittany needs to be free from withdrawal from afghanistan was botched. who should be held accountable? >> a lot of people should be held accountable. by the way, with joe biden and as much as it stops with him, he's never actually admitted that anything was done wrong,
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that's what's so incredulous about this. they actually think we didn't see what happened on tv, we never saw any of the reporting period they are literally trying to gaslight us in real time. a video of biden saying in july if the taliban wouldn't take over, he was completely outraged and annoyed that somebody would even ask him that question and today george stephanopoulos, we always thought this would happen. there's nothing we could do that or. here's the most discouraging, we have consensus in this country it was time to leave afghanistan. now, thanks to joe biden, single-handed debacle exiting this country, we now have a majority of people who weren't sure whether or not we should leave afghanistan. congrats, joe, you've crushed one of the only reasonable consensus built in this country for a very long time, who got to bring our troops home and thanks to you, you've now have people
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questioning that, good job, jump. kennedy: as i look at this obviously many are think this is why you don't get into these things in the first place. this is what happens because getting out, it's as bad as getting an were staying there, it should be a lesson to peter president not to get into these things, do you think the lessons will be internalized? >> certain key american people are going to internalize them after this. i agree with what you said about the bungling here making withdrawal look at but we should not lose sight of the fact that this entire war has been bad. what biden really get drunk here was he should have stuck with them may 1 deadline in the deal and then we would have had so-called a decent interval to get out before the whole country fell to their power but instead they kicked the can down the
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road just long enough to make it look this bad. however, i think people are also their worst fears about what would happen on to what has happened. for example, there's not been a blackhawk down solder and disaster for our embassy officials are machine-gunned on the way to the airport, they are safely out, the flights are continuing in the taliban and respected cease-fire with our site at least during this an people act like it's a worst case scenario but the worst case scenario would be three more bitter hears of fighting in the taliban winning. kennedy: i don't disagree with you about that at all, i agree completely that's why you have for administration's trying to pick up how to get out of there including going as far back to 2003 but i do think it could get much worse because you have 15000 americans still inside you've got jake sullivan saying if you are not the problem, we can't get to you. we are seeing images from all
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over afghanistan, best case scenario is graffiti of women's basis on murals being painted over benckiser being kicked in the head and women and children being shot and god knows what else is happening where there isn't infinite or cell phone reporting but i do think unfortunately, it could get very, very back. it also leaves the door open for hoxie to go back inside and say maybe we need 20000, maybe we need another -- what were you going to say? >> this is actually the worst case scenario. biden wants you to believe -- this other think that no one was talking about is the worst case scenario, this is the worst case scenario exit that could possibly be imagined. you are right, the downside to this like i mentioned before, we have eroding public support with for withdrawing troops which is the right thing to do and it
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will empower a handful of hawks who want to continue to have this endless war. they are going to use this withdrawal as an excuse to put more american lives at risk. so yes, this is worst case scenario. it could not have been executed more poorly, the present life in july, he's lying to make and force somebody to take responsibly. kennedy: password, ten seconds. >> chair, just remember all the generals were the ones who told everyone including the president that they had built up 300,000 man army short a span for at least months, maybe years which is a complete fantasy. it just wasn't true. kennedy: it wasn't true and it goes to the ultimate points, there was not an understanding of how the country functions and how people interfaced with what we call a country. they don't have the same view of it so we control the money in the world, it's not going to
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change their culture or how they defend it. we don't have an understanding of that and no one has bothered to try to figure that out now we are here in a messy breakup. man panel sticking around, richard will be with us. the new york times reporting president biden had intelligence in july i informed him abdul could fall as quickly as has brief this afternoon chairman of the joint chiefs of staff general mark ailey refuted that story. watch. >> the timeframe of the rapid collapse, that was widely estimated and ranged from weeks to months, even years following our departure. there was nothing that i or anyone else saw that indicated a collapse of this army and this government in 11 days. kennedy: fus intelligence or the white house military leaders of an imminent collapse, why did we still get stuck with panties around our ankles? joining me now, group chairman
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and ceo, mike baker is back. i thought. >> wasn't an intelligence failure. general milley with the traditional washington threatening writing of a needle, he had to be careful so he said we didn't have anything that said the government and military could collapse in 11 days, i'm sure there wasn't an intel report that specifically set 11 days so this wasn't an intelligence failure, business failure of president biden and closest advisor and individuals, antony blinken, jake sullivan and others who believe the smartest people in the room, a failure on their part to properly assess, listen and take action on some pragmatic intel assessments. the intel community has been talking about this for years and years. the hospitality of this whole thing falling into chaos in fairly rapid fashion. at the end of the day, this was
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a logistical operation, that's what this was. whether you left afghanistan in 2003 or 2010 or this year, the process is still the same. first, you always plan for worst case scenario, that's what you do. worst case scenario would be the government and military collapse in a matter of days so you make that your first plan and then you do all that you need to do, get the recess and departures plan and schedule and done for u.s. citizens, allies among the afghan citizens, whether this was 2003 or today my thought process is the same. you don't close back because all the enough, because a handy sense of to operate this withdrawal. and eventually the last thing you do is a screen door closes, as the last door but this whole
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thing has been backwards and at the end of its most startling, a couple of things. the fact that president biden you expect response body, i guess i shouldn't be surprised, this ministration owns the afghan set situation that argued for a long time that we should not have stayed, we should have gone you are strikes and left. not trying to do this nationbuilding and maybe build a road or improve literacy rate so that on several administrations but this logistical operation and withdrawal and execution that's on the administration and forgot say, i would like to see somebody, whether in the pentagon or the white house, state department stand up and say yes, we screwed this up. kennedy: you got sick twisted and brushed dismount. people will understand because there have been in normal people for yes, this will end badly.
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as contingencies of the plans and scenarios, none of them were going to end well. none of them what and in an outdoor mall of a pottery barn, it would always end like this and even president bonnie, we don't understand but he's flying off with $160 million in produc. >> it would be surprising if we didn't have a puppetmaster departing the country whether afghanistan for others not leaving with a plane full of cash. they have the reserves in afghanistan pending on who you talk to about the federal bank holding internally in the country to get your hands on it, roughly 360, 370 milli- dollars. most of their other reserves which total nine to ten billing dollar range asset the country, they can't get their hands on it, the taliban want. kennedy: whatever you need to get, he took and put up
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ridiculous explanations, thank you so much. >> of course. thank you. kennedy: coming up, what do we do afghan refugees? and we really sure terrorists won't infiltrate the system? (struggling vehicle sounds) think premium can't be capable? think again. ♪ (energetic music) ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ introducing the first ever at4 lineup. premium and capable. that's professional grade from gmc. as someone who resembles someone else... i appreciate that liberty mutual knows everyone's unique. that's why they customize your car insurance,
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plus, 0% interest for 24 months & free premium delivery when you add a base. ends monday. the taliban keeps their word about being peaceful? no. the answer is growing implications for thousands of u.s. citizens and afghans still trapped in cobble. u.s. maybe here in the airport but the taliban surrounded it they have reported being threatened others trying to leave the country. president biden insist any interference by the taliban will result in a serious military response from the u.s., yeah, we're going to go to your country for another 20 years. it's about to become another terror magnet as well. what can we do this much of the patient to get a foothold? to discuss, the dark secret, go and subscribe over and over again, brian is here, welcome back.
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>> love to be here. kennedy: -- >> not any circumstances. first of all, it's a fairly about the cap secret we are paying the taliban to to provide security at the international airport. it's not a well-kept secret anymore. we do have combat troops and weapons are loaded and the whole thing but this terrorist cabal is about to retake the country 20 years tonight, 20 years ago tonight, who was the minister of the defense of afghanistan? osama bin laden, construction magnet from saudi arabia. yes, of course they are going to welcome in any terrorist organization besides isis who wants to come back to afghanistan and the taliban are inextricably ranked to al qaeda.
8:22 pm
they have history in fact that. kennedy: business one thing i'm so curious about, how the groups operate, are they rivalries? do they work together to bring about the implosion of the west? how do al qaeda, isis and has the law work together, if at all? >> has the law is a sanction of iran. isis k, in afghanistan and iran, they hate the taliban. they ran up taliban leaders and put that court around their necks and behead them on patios. the taliban are inheriting an ongoing civil work with isis and afghanistan plush russia formally from a northern alliance, he's going to carve out his own like he did 20 years ago so they are more concerned with blowing each other up and killing each other-the in
8:23 pm
between blowing up girls close and beating women for showing their faces and things like that. however, that vacuum of authority was exactly what al qaeda needed 20 years ago, 25 years ago so of course -- an incubator for anti- western terrorism. kennedy: that's my question, this is like a bubbling nest of terror so what does the united states do? >> it's a crab magnet and what we have to do is what we should have done 2001, eliminate biting, eliminate, then leave and tell the taliban, please enjoy your medieval state but if that ever happens again, you're going to get 21st century technology right up your poop factory and that's what we should do not. but now we are acting like the taliban are irrational
8:24 pm
government because they've learned our language. you hear them saying well know, we are going to honor women's rights within islam's -- sorry, . kennedy: we are really hopeful we can trust the taliban this time. are you new? what is wrong with you? so is biden completely -- >> i have this bridge. kennedy: is biden incompetent and have to remove from office? >> he's thoroughly incompetent, robert gates, former secretary of defense, thoroughly competent bureaucrat pointed out that joe biden has not made a good foreign policy call in 40 here's. you can add 42 years now. this is a seismic event in american foreign policy and can i get my shot up? kennedy: go ahead. >> sgt. from first battalion in
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infantry, we all need you to get well, you are our heart and soul, get better, bro. were not welcome yet, we need you to get better, you are the king. kennedy: that's right. first round on me. thank you so much. good to talk to you. coming up, facing backlash for refusing to respond the taliban. they continue on conservatives like former president trump. the panel returns to debate big tech media bias next. ♪♪
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president biden failing the country, he's also failing himself. that swimming feeling. new post shut the president's average approval rating below 50% for the first time after his blunders in afghanistan and covid, even dems are starting to
8:30 pm
notice the polls showing nearly one in ten democrats regret the 2020 president joe vote. but that's true every cycle. for they just keep doubling down on failed policies? the main panel is back. richard is here, hi, friends. richard, good to have you on the show. i will start with you because you didn't get to talk before, i was not censoring you but tell me why is he having a hard time? the 538 aggregate number was before afghanistan. >> don't get me wrong, i think the president made a huge misstep and huge blunder this past week. the images of folks holding onto american airplanes as they were trying to leave afghanistan. at that particular time, that's for the president's approval
8:31 pm
rating began to tank because he didn't prepare the american people for what they were witnessing understanding whether or not we left yesterday, today, tomorrow or ten years, the scene might have looked potential with the same so the white house what they have to do now is begin to have real conversations of the american people about what the future of afghanistan looks like, will we be able to get american, born americans living there out will get those who helped our troops, those who worked in journalist organizations, women's rights, off those trying to leave, if they are in other parts of afghanistan, this white house has to make a commitment and get this done to turn the numbers around. kennedy: but if you look listen to his advisors, they are like the president is doing great, he has trillions of dollars in stimulus spending, the unemployment numbers are going in the right direction, things are more expensive, isn't that
8:32 pm
great? >> right and listen, i think afghanistan is not really the issue when it comes to public approval rating from the price inflation, especially in housing which of course is driven by monetary inflation so we have all the chaos from the lockdowns last year and then in my hometown of austin, texas, the price of the house has gone up by $100,000 or more across the board so there are homeless people everywhere, you can't drive a truck without hitting somebody. it's completely out of control and all over the country and that's just one thing. food and all the basic staples, everything from gasoline, everything people need to survive, prices are going crazy at the same time we are still in a recession from the lockdowns and as far as afghanistan, people should really get this straight. leaving afghanistan is the greatest accomplishment of donald trump and joe biden's life.
8:33 pm
donald trump negotiated the exit deal and biden stuck with it despite all the political pressure and of course it's ugly on the way out but they ought to be celebrated for finally doing the right thing after 20 years, previous guest agree, we should not have even gone to kabul, we should have killed bin laden and then we definitely should not have gone to iraq and damascus and now sinnott and yemen, the entire war for 20 years, it didn't have to be this way and biden toward to brighten great the great is responsible for it, especially for iraq but for them to finally bring this to an end should be celebrated even though i agree obviously it's pretty ugly the way they have done and they had fair warning from my book came out four years ago and predicted exactly this would happen. kennedy: yes and you are part of a large force of people saying here are the facts, it's not going to end well and that's why
8:34 pm
there is hesitation from every administration to finally do it for fear that they wouldn't like it and that would target legacy. i hate the idea of governing legacy. meanwhile former president trump stuff and from twitter but the taliban is free to tweet all they want from a social media company under criticism recently banning conservative voices, even the former president who's suing some of the big tech firms for censoring him. twitter says caregroup can stick it in the platform to promote their propaganda as long as they follow rules, application of violence, platform manipulation. other social media companies like facebook and youtube have and the taliban from using their site so what will it take for twitter to suspend its own hypocrisy? chris. >> i mean, nothing. it's never going to stop, the hypocrisy is never going to stop on twitter. the taliban has free range of
8:35 pm
tweets, the genocidal communist party in china has free reign on tweets. the date killing regime in iran has arranged for orange man that, he can't tweet no matter what. i guess maybe if a couple of talleyrand people rush the taliban are the one that and cause a commotion, we can probably an insurrection kicked the taliban off twitter. otherwise i'm not exactly sure, they don't care without even trying. kennedy: scott, i may hold the minority opinion but i think it's better to have more people on twitter because you can see what they are doing. >> absolutely. free speech isn't just the first amendment, it cherished american principal. i think as far as twitter, facebook, any of these organizations, anything but direct threats of violence
8:36 pm
between people should be protected and donald trump should be on the, it's not just donald trump, they are good people and some bad people who have been kicked off off twitter and all of that but thomas jefferson said in open opinion is tolerable as longest it's free to combat it. what the truth tellers have to be afraid of? kennedy: nothing, jack dorsey, covid beard, should we ban everyone who's mildly offensive and possibly murderous? >> it's good for the goose and good for the gander here. kennedy: that communism. [laughter] i don't care about the gander. kennedy: but with that being said, i do think we have to have a larger conversation. when we say free speech, corporations. kennedy: that's why scott set free speech is not just about the first amendment, that's a very good thing. >> it's on washington and congress to figure out how to do it. we were having this conversation
8:37 pm
around applauding both trump and biden so i think it's worth applauding barbara lee, the congresswoman from oakland california, the only vote against a blank check in 2001 which we knew in afghanistan. kennedy: powers not the on the boat, have you forgotten doctor ron paul? >> she wasn't the only one. kennedy: are just going after, i always want paul to be on the right side of everything. he loves gold. [laughter] kennedy: thank you man panel. did you have a good time? >> an excellent time, thank you for having me. kennedy: please come back. you can do my podcast sometime as well. you guys are great, thank you all. coming up, thousands of lives and trillion dollars, many
8:38 pm
making huge sacrifices now wondering if it was all for nothing. afghanistan war vet, joey jones joins me next. ♪♪
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welcome back, right now the taliban is practically in full control of afghanistan hunting down thousands of afghan is who risked their lives to help the u.s. during the 20 year war. they are caught, they will be soldered into it appears the biden administration is not doing anything anytime soon. the veterans have worked for people. these people who brought the war are watching physical. he to discuss, marine sgt. fox news contributor deployed in iraq and afghanistan, joey, how do you process the scene from today and over the weekend? >> is probably a definitive
8:43 pm
moment in my life. two things have defined my life, graduating ring or camp, becoming a bomb tech, losing my legs, having five children and fan today, to see the work i lost my legs and be officially lost. it's tough, it's really tough. i think i've known the day like today would probably happen for a few years now, i think president trump ushered in the idea that leaving afghanistan was what american people wanted to do regardless of the outcome, i think president biden officially today really gave the taliban world legitimacy and domestic empowerment and whether he meant to or not, that's the result. kennedy: how do you feel about politicians who send brave people like you into unwinnable wars like this? >> i call them cowards, i think they are cowards. i think they are self enriching cowards, we have a bunch of them. the one thing i will say, i hate
8:44 pm
main probably give notes fun sometimes when you're mad like i am, politicians like lindsey graham were honest, lindsey graham has set for a while now, 3000 troops in afghanistan if that's what it takes to prevent something, that's what we should do. i'm not saying i agree but at least he's got the courage to be honest. how many politicians have voted for him, and daa that funds a war in anniston and iraq and not filled in questions and as soon as president trump comes office and popularized the idea of bringing troops home, they were on that bandwagon and now just silent, those of the cowards, those are the ones i would like the opportunity to talk to. circumvent their own authority to the president and call it an operation rather than a war and but it go on for 20 years and spend $1 trillion doing and probably going afterwards, some with mike -- i don't want to name military generals who have gone on to make money -- it's
8:45 pm
very disheartening, i'm losing my words a little bit because i'm getting back. kennedy: i don't blame you for getting mad because you look at this and it's as though we have seen the implosion happening in slow motion. you can see the whole thing falling off a cliff, you knew it wasn't going to end well but did it have to end this badly? >> it didn't. what i mean by that is, we have to be able to show the world we can conduct a military operation without embarrassing ourselves and risking a bunch of lives in the meantime. we have 7000 troops that will step foot in or around afghanistan now who were not supposed to be there so i saw kirby take questions today and he did a terrible job at it. to be honest, he's got the hardest job, jen psaki is
8:46 pm
probably glad he's got a job because she honestly hasn't shut up the last few days, but the question, where did the beggar happen? the press was defensive today, no one is saying it wasn't a failure and he has to explain that away. i want to know what the generals were feeling because they were feeling betrayed, i'd love an investigation to know how this happened not just to show blame but because we don't want this to happen again. kennedy: the most import part, we cannot allow this to happen again but it has happened, it's ongoing and i fear that none of these knuckleheads who run for office ever learn from history. joey, thank you so much. appreciate you. >> thank you. kennedy: tropical storm is next. stay with me. oh. yeah, that's nice. can i use apple carplay to put some music on? sure, it's wireless. what's your buick's wi-fi password? it's buick envision. that's a really tight spot. i used to hate parallel parking. me too!
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a new interview, when he dies he won't be leaving a fortune to his children. he left kids shaken and stirred. this is the tropical storm, women's soccer in the news and endangered giant panda in singapore has given birth to a new cub. for once in the history of precious crops, it was not
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immediately traded to the yankees. here it is, the miracle of life. somebody order panda express? talk about chinese delivery, a tropical female gave birth through official insemination, i guess they couldn't find a male who wanted to poke the bear. 7 ounces, gender yet to be determined. that won't be decided until third year at brock university. office panda talk, given birth reminds me of my favorite joke, what's black and white and red all over? a newspaper. no, seriously get a newspaper, the panda is ruining the floor. they will if happily ever after under constant surveillance in captivity, the australian way of life. topic number two. in london from a cocktail bar is open, it caters to canines and encourages humans to bring their dogs. find a place in england or
8:52 pm
meghan can bring harry. the other way around. with. this is after the lemon cocktail part designed especially for booze hounds. this must be a pretty swanky place, patrons are wearing fur coats. the cocktails like bloodhound mary's and bark readers. my dog loves i will humber and it's fit for dogs and humans, just like applebee's. a perfect place for all you need is a little tear in the dark although it's not all cute and cuddly. source one customer who drinks too much and throws up in the corner. non- dog owners welcome to enjoy a full menu of alcoholic cocktails and who knows, maybe he will get totally wasted bring home some strange tale from the bar. never hope to attend but i found five tunes. topic number three. celebrate the end of the
8:53 pm
olympics on earth the astronauts at the international space station organized their very own the pics. thank goodness you can't go on zero gravity. events like the lack of for gymnastics routine in which gymnastics performed aerial cartwheels although it a lot easier when you never have to stick the landing. this the only men's competition from other women's teams all wear bikinis. then there was a round of no handball, soccer like game in which the astronaut blow a ping-pong ball around the cabin to try to score goals on each other. so just like american soccer, players used to math more than fair leg. now, meghan. finally, sharpshooting in which the astronauts shot rubber bands at a target, and exciting athleticism and just like regular olympics, no one on earth knows or cares who one. topic number four.
8:54 pm
100-year-old woman officially has been named the world's oldest repetitive female power lifter and also the only person alive who can impress you by lifting her age. she began powerlifting at 91 years young, the heaviest thing she'd ever carried were her memories and the gospel before then. mondays are for bingo but for edith mondays are for buys and tries. you can hear her grunting at her local gym three times a week and in her living room every time she stands up. unfortunately she had to stop doing squats because she kept making compound movements. where's that newspaper? several trophies for athleticism now a 100-year-old great-grandmother officially becoming world record winning female power lifter. ironically, this is happening one of the world most famous male power lifter is becoming with me.
8:55 pm
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or have multiple endocrine neoplasia syndrome type 2. stop trulicity and call your doctor right away if you have an allergic reaction, a lump or swelling in your neck, severe stomach pain, changes in vision, or diabetic retinopathy. serious side effects may include pancreatitis. taking trulicity with sulfonylurea or insulin raises low blood sugar risk. side effects include nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea, which can lead to dehydration and may worsen kidney problems. show your world what's truly inside. ask your doctor about once-weekly trulicity. here we go, give me a pop. are you ready for tonight amazing pack of dogs? picked the best pack of the week. send your photo and a description. let's do it. where is charlie? there is charlie. he's walking in his backyard ten years ago and now it's home. a great picture of gretchen in
8:59 pm
her pajamas. gretchen is such a good dog, she is so cute. here is river, a sweet natured aussie who loves the car and the beach, i love you, river. her darling dog, this is charlie twyla, she twirls and dances every time her mom breaks into song. she bravely traveled across new mexico to her forever home, you are such a good girl. this is sweet doxey, jedi. the force is with you and these three pups. lulu, sherman and piper. from new jersey. hi, guys. i like you all. the next dog, an eighth grader, hi, molly. i love, gracie and all corgis.
9:00 pm
gracie is loud, bossy and cute like her mama. hi, molly and gracie. missus potato -- i love this name. i'm dying. you are so cute. hi. lastly, we have -- aspen sent in by paul. you are such a good boy. if left monster. thank you for watching. . larry: hello and welcome to "kudlow", america the great. i am larry kudlow were celebrating july 4 through the lens of declaration of independence which is what july 4 is all about. in the late spring of 1776 thomas jefferson was asked by the -- -- think jesus


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