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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  August 18, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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shoppers also reporting on social media that paper towels, dog food, other household items were in short supply. reminiscent of the days during the early pandemic when shoppers were buying in bulk before lockdowns. let's hope that doesn't happen again. that does it for us on "fox business tonight." "the evening edit" starts right now. elizabeth: u.s. allies around the world now slamming the white house over afghanistan and their false talking points. this is unprecedented. british parliament in an emergency session calls it quote shameful. top german lawmakers calls this, quote, the greatest debacle nato has ever seen. calls for biden's entire foreign policy and defense team to resign. this, multiple democrat led senate committees will investigate what is being called, biden's quote catastrophic failure to evacuate
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up to 15,000 americans trapped behind taliban lines. allies are trapped too. again biden doubles down. the white house tells americans over in afghanistan, we cannot guarranty your security. with us tonight staff sergeant joey jones, senator marsha blackburn, former obama advisor bret bruen, mike huckabee, scott pari, deroy murdock and texas attorney general ken paxton. we have pictures of the taliban brutal crackdown. they are seizing people's passports. they have seized u.s. aircraft. the mounting pushback against the biden team's fault spin. including this, government watchdog data the president and his team inflated actual afghan troop strength by almost double in order to defend biden's exit out of afghanistan. d.c. insiders talk openly that under president biden it has
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been chaos in afghanistan, crime on our streets, border chaos, rising gas prices and inflation. stocks down again today as the fed warns it will stop buying government debt. there is hope. we've got it. now four separate incidents of border patrol getting shots fired at them from across the border from mexico. we have got the story. former president trump is weighing in on everything. we have to show you what he has to say. big tech double standards. they're accused of helping the taliban and its coup while censoring conservatives here. al qaeda mocking president bide on social media. yeah, we're there. we're taking on growing number of democrat led cities reversing their defund the police pushed a mitting they were wrong. i'm elizabeth macdonald. "the evening edit" starts right now. elizabeth: welcome to the show.
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you're watching the fox business network. we begin with graphic images coming out of afghanistan. taliban soldiers firing at crowds in kabul, detaining people in the street, taking passports, blocking people from leaving kabul airport. joining us senator marsha blackburn, armed services and retired marine sergeant joey jones. i'm grateful to have you both on. senator, how can be it thousands of americans were stranded behind taliban lines with no clear to rescue them? how did that happen? >> it is inconceivable this could have happened. this administration has been so ill-prepared for this. we've been asking foreweeks in different hearings. i even put some of it up on my social media today for an exit strategy. how do we make certain we exit all of our u.s. citizens, our nato partners, our afghani partners before you hand this
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over? and of course it didn't have to be this way. if president biden had stayed with the plan that president trump and secretary pompeo had laid out, conditions-based, threat assessment-based, you would not have seen this happen and our allies and partners, our nato allies had agreed to this. but instead as of last night i know the president hadn't talked to any other world leaders. they're frustrated with him just like the american people and a lot of veterans are frustrated with him. a lot of our men and women in uniform who are going to have to redeploy to clean up this mess. elizabeth: we hear you. >> yes. upsetting. elizabeth: it is just, it is shocking and reckless. finish your thought. go ahead, senator. >> it is so reckless and there was an exit strategy but to turn this over to the taliban to let
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them take control of the embassy, to not give warning to all of these ngo employees, people that have served our u.s. embassy, have worked alongside our troops and we have been working tirelessly to get people out. then we hear today that the liaison office for the house and the senate, the department of state liaison office is closed. and we're trying to help people find a way to get to the airport and get out. elizabeth: it is congress stepping in, sergeant, joey jones? what is your reaction when you see what is going on? how can it be we're stranding thousands of americans behind taliban lines. president saying troops will stay, troops will stay after the deadline of august 31st until all americans are out. so we're supposed to trust the taliban who is saying "death to america" and shooting at american and women and children? >> yeah. there is a good chance on the
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20th anniversary of september 11th we'll be in a standoff with the taliban trying to rescue americans that are effectively stranded in a country that is ran by our most effective enemy in the last 20 years. and that is solely lies on the shoulders of joe biden and his administration. not to say that the taliban ultimately controlling afghanistan solely lies on their shoulders but the way we've done this in leaving, these many americans, not just afghans who have helped us but american citizens. we had one on "fox & friends" this morning. that is one of probably thousands right now that just don't know how to get to the airport without intercepting the taliban and possibly losing their life and paperwork along the way. it is a dire situation. when you have the state department and defense department saying two different things about that exactly, what they called the gauntlet to get into the airport? that is a big deal.
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something that president biden needs to reconcile. >> yes. elizabeth: you know, senator, here's the thing, the president was vice president under obama and obama said we're going to go down to 10,000 troops from 100,000 in 2014. he was vice president for eight years. he was on senate foreign relations. he can't play the blame game because he has been for this so long. look at jake sullivan. >> [inaudible]. there are americans and afghan allies who remain there, will u.s. troops stay until everyone is out or will they leave? >> so i'm not going to comment on height calls. i will stay focused on the task at hand which is getting as many people out as rapidlying a possible. we will take that day by day. elizabeth: okay. enough with the blase talking points. this isn't playing with the american people. senator, people are done, they don't want this idiotic,
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patently false talking points pouring out of the administration. you will have a hearing. senate foreign relations will have a hearing. pelosi saying the biden team will testify as early as next week. is that going to happen? >> well what we need right now is action and there are 6,000 troops that are going to be on the ground there. people cannot get to the airport. they need to have a plan to get people to the airport so that they can exit the country. now, i don't know how far they're going to be able to push that perimeter out. i don't know the participation of iran or russia or china in all of this mix that is taking there but i have talked to so many people that are military or veterans and elizabeth, they are saying this entire national security and dod team needs to go because something went terribly wrong here. they did not have an exit
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strategy. they had a date on the calendar. the taliban had said for years. you have the clock, we have the time. and they had an exit strategy planned for us and getting us out of there but we didn't have a plan for how we were going to get our people, our citizens, our partners, our equipment out of the country. this is truly a disgrace. and president biden needs to own this. instead he is out here doing a covid workshop today when we have americans who may be losing their lives at the hands of the taliban and there is no acceptance of responsibility and people are done, so done with these talking points coming from jake sullivan and jen psaki. elizabeth: jake sullivan is the guy who was pushing trump-russia collusion. reports sergeant joey jones the
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biden team ignored cia, intelligence warnings that basically afghanistan was collapsing into a terror strong hold. you will see an abc interview with president biden i didn't make mistakes, i didn't see chaos coming when he has been in the government since the nixon administration. want your thoughts on this, senator biden old comments are coming out to haunt him. mid '70s, i'm getting sick of hearing about our moral obligation in vietnam. "atlantic" magazine is reporting he was asked about the brutalization of girls in afghanistan. he said we don't have to worry about that. nixon and kissinger got away with that. there is a mind-set at play here that people may not have understand or known about with president biden. what do you think? >> i think when someone tells you who they are believe them. president biden has been consistent for 11 years you no on his position in afghanistan. so i'm not surprised he wants to pull out at all costs there. is probably a political decision here if i lose the war let's do
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it for the midterms so i run for re-election. i'm sure that played into this. the optics, we learned optics of keeping kabul letting go of bagram played into that. getting more troops home earlier to fulfill a campaign promise. just understand where we are right now today. there were three press conferences, state department, top of the do and the president himself. no one can sit here with a straight face say to the families of americans in afghanistan or the troops in afghanistan feel any safer or know anymore about the safety of their loved ones. that is malpractice on our top leader. that is malfeasance in the biden administration. i pray for those family members and people over there because their safety is absolutely in jeopardy today because of bad planning if any planning at all. >> yeah. elizabeth: sergeant, do you agree with the senator that their teams, foreign policy and defense teams have to go, they have to step down, do you agree
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with the senator? >> i think the senator would know about i was. i was an e-6 on the ground. i can tell you small unit leaders ones i look for. i never meant a general i believe in enough to go to war for a while. that is the sad part. secretary of defense or chairman of the joint chiefs, what i heard today was a lot of spin. i heard a lot of political speak today. that is not what i want to hear from a general and secretary of defense. i'm disappointed to say the least. >> he misjudged it. we own it. here is the plan for getting everybody out. this is how we're going to do it. god bless these men and women in uniform and may protect all of these american citizens that are out there across, across afghanistan with no way at this point, no information on how to get to the kabul airport. just told to shelter in place or try to make your way to the airport. elizabeth: that they can't guarranty their safety.
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this is shocking. it is disturbing. senator marsha blackburn, staff sergeant joey jones. senator, we appreciate you coming on. sergeant joey jones, thanks for your service to our country. great to have you on. up next former white house official under president obama, he is bret bruin, that biden must fire jake sullivan as mounting pushback from around the world against the biden and administration for putting out false spin and talking points on their role in afghanistan's collapse. you're watching "the evening edit" on fox business. >> you can go back to jimmy carter with the hostages. we all thought that was a great embarassment. we were pulled out of that by ronald reagan. this is many, many times worse and you're dealing with thousands and thousands of americans and others that are stranded and very dangerously, really stranded in afghanistan. ♪.
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6:18 pm
>> absolutely. this is actually something that i pointed out for several months that biden has a process problem on his national securitythe infn from afghanistan is just a illustration a tragic problem ad at the end of the day as i mentioned in the article that decision comes down to the president as national security advisor. he is the one who has got to tell the president, sir, i understand your objective, let me tell you how you get there smartly, strategically, and most importantly safely. elizabeth: okay but you know was vice president under barack obama. in 2014 president barack obama said we will draw down our presence in afghanistan from 100,000 troops to 10,000 troops.
6:19 pm
so does the president, doesn't the president, he has been in office since the nixon administration. he has been on senate foreign relations. he knows what is going on in afghanistan. it collapse into a terror strong hold with 20 terror groups with al qaeda and isis. how does he not know that? >> you know, liz, the world has changed rapidly especially in the last several years and you have to have people in the room, in the situation room who understand the changes, who understand the dynamics on the ground. what we've seen unfortunately in the biden administration, both with the nsc and state de are a lot of political appointees, a lot of people who served with with me on president obama, a lot of people who spent time on the campaign but not folks who have the relevant experience, who have the relationships in some cases with these counterparts and they didn't get heard in this process. elizabeth: you know what it is? reporters are done with the topspin.
6:20 pm
our allies in the uk and germany are done with the topspin. we heard that today. they're done with the self-righteous stubborn vanity of this administration and their talking points. let's listen to this. >> yeah but so there is any protecting power, wide open for anyone wants to go in there, regardless whether built-up barricaded area or not, you basically just took off and left it? >> that is not my question. my question are you planning any transportation for people who need to get to the airport? are you considering a safe zone around the airport, to make it easy for people to get -- >> we have doing everything we can in a challenging and dynamic security environment. >> is that a yes or no question. elizabeth: it's a yes or no question. you know what i mean? it is breathtaking stupid pen does vanity you can do a word salad, everybody will be happy with your world salad.
6:21 pm
at the end of the day people know what is going on in afghanistan. we've been at this for 20 years, bret, what do say? >> liz. jackie: i'm not coming at this for a partisan standpoint. i voted for joe biden. i wish him and his team all the success but they have got to level with the american people. they don't acknowledge what went wrong they're not going to fix it ahead of the next crisis. this is the really the point i've been driving at for several months whether on the border issues, refugees, russia, we just have seen too many unforced errors. they have got to fix the process. elizabeth: you know we hear you. instead of teaching the troops about white privilege and beating up on america all the time, you know, we need an american president who does believe in american idealism and american exceptionalism instead of going negative all the time because now you have former defense secretary leon panetta saying this is a national security threat. we lost our partnerships in afghanistan to get information to protect our country. let's watch senator john kennedy here.
6:22 pm
watch this. >> it was the biggest terrorist victory since 9/11. jihadists who want to hurt this country and its people all over the world are reinvigorated today. president biden chose to withdraw from afghanistan but there is no reason it had to be so chaotic. we all saw it. the panic, the fear, the chaos, the abandonment of equipment, scrambling to, to destroy classified documents and unclassified documents. thousands of americans and our allies trapped behind taliban lines. no plan for the refugees. elizabeth: okay, bret, i'm so grateful you came on but you see after the fact cleaning up that is being done now. now reports that the white house is going after afghanistan's central bank, nearly 10 billion
6:23 pm
in assets. 1.3 billion in gold. trying to shut down imf reserves, half a billion to the taliban. sort of this after the fact kind of cleanup. you've been very good in trying to be honest and come out and come on the show and talk about what is going on but we're in touch with the american people. they're sick of it. >> well i don't find myself on the same side of an issue often with senator kennedy but i do have to agree with him. the consequences, the collateral damage from a reckless retreat from afghanistan is reverberating around the world. i've been on interviews around the world today. this is just going to have catastrophic consequences our standing in the world. our influence. who will want to join the united states on our next mission? elizabeth: yeah. it's a great point. enough about beating up america. we need to project our democratic ideals we're about freedom around the world. this white house has been slamming the u.s. for far too
6:24 pm
long. bret bruen, you've been terrific. thanks for coming on the show. good stuff, you're a great writer too. up next former governor mike huckabee. four separate incidents of border patrol getting shot from mexico. republicans are adding that to growing list of democrat failures, defunding the police, high crime and inflation and afghanistan but there is hope. the story next. >> everyone of them are being worked to death. they're overwhelmed. they're doing jobs they're not really supposed to be doing, being pulled off the line. largee commercial real estate exchange. if i could, i'd ten-x everything. like a coffee run... don't just sell it. ten-x it. [engine revving] [car horn and collisions] [tires squealing]
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♪. elizabeth: okay, we're coming into the bottom of the hour. you're watching the fox business network. let's welcome back to the show, look who is here, former arkansas governor mike huckabee. great to have you back on. governor, we have four separate incidents where border patrol agents were shot at from mexico across the border. it was two before. and now they are using high caliber rifles across the border. we're talking about drug smugglers and human traffickers, what is happening here what do you think? >> we need to understand we're not in control of the border the cartels are and the cartels are not nice people. they're not just running drugs. they're killing a lot of americans with drugs but running human trafficking operations that are taking very young and vulnerable girls and they're turning them into sex toys for
6:29 pm
some very evil people and making money off of them. they're exploiting the them in a way that is disgusting and degrading. our country is better than that. we're not stopping it at the border. we're letting it happen. this is an administration, it has enough problems, i understand in afghanistan and right now that is the full focus and spotlight but i hope we don't forget that in addition to simply having people come across the border unmasked, untested, unvaccinated, filled with covid, we have people once they get here they're going to be used as absolute sex slaves by people who will make money off of some very, very vulnerable young girls and that is just disgusting to me. it ought to be to everybody. elizabeth: and drug coyotes. they turned them into drug coyotes as well. we hear you loud and clear. republicans are talking about
6:30 pm
the failure in afghanistan, the failure at the border. jim jordan is drawing voters attention how they're performing in other areas. giving up energy independence to opec, strong economy to inflation, safe neighborhoods to crime. he takes a shot at dr. fauci there. we have california governor gavin newsom in a recall. new york governor cuomo pushed out. what does this mean for, is there hope here? what does it mean for the midterms, for nancy pelosi holding the gavel, what do you think? >> well i hope it's a real wake-up call. maybe the dems will realize their policies are not only unpopular, that's not big of a deal that they're unpopular, they're dangerous. we have taken away our own pipeline. we've given one to russia. now everybody is paying a dollar or more to gallon for their own fuel all because of this administration. we're seeing inflation of people
6:31 pm
democrats in because they're the ones who are doing it but i'm hoping that newsom is booted out next month. it would be a great reminder to every state capital and city hall that people are elected to be public servants, not tyrants and kings and rulers but rather servants of people. elizabeth: yeah. >> and we're not seeing that from the democrats. elizabeth: they work for us. we don't work for them. you know, on after ofrage 24 seats, 28 seats lost since world war ii for the party in power in the midterms. nancy pelosi has an eight-vote margin. this is what the bright light here is common sense. that is the hope. it is about common sense. now we've got president biden talking about taxing or taking away the tax deductions for our
6:32 pm
401(k) accounts and replacing them with a less valuable tax credit. things like this, talk is nancy pelosi, chuck schumer, they will not get the 51 votes in the senate for the 3 1/2 trillion blockbuster bill. but you know, to your point about inflation, deutsche bank has been warning about andemocr. your final word on that? >> inflation will be one more reason i think the democrats will definitely lose the house and could well lose the senate. it would be to the betterment of america if we had a little balance of power in d.c. these folks are running away with the whole farm and the crops are dying in the field. elizabeth: got it. whoa, government mike huckabee. we'll have you back on for cheerier stories down the road. this news cycle is pretty brutal. it is great you helped us out. governor mike huckabee. congressman scott perry, big tech double standard accused of helping the taliban in its coup while censoring conservatives
6:33 pm
here. al qaeda making fun of and mocking the biden administration on social media with hashtag trendlines, hashtag, running away. the story next. >> just another slap in the face by big tech. their double standard is unbelievable. before we talk about tax-smart investing, what's new? -audrey's expecting... -twins! ♪♪ we'd be closer to the twins. change in plans. at fidelity, a change in plans is always part of the plan. ♪♪
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♪. elizabeth: joining us now, house foreign affairs member, he is congressman scott perry. he served in the army and was deployed to iraq. thank you for your service to our country. congressman, al qaeda on social media mocking the biden administration's botched withdrawal from afghanistan using the hashtag the year of running away? your thought about that? >> look we're obviously not in kansas anymore. you have an american president censored by american media companies. meanwhile you have islamofascist
6:38 pm
propaganda openly allowed on these very same platforms. all the while we have a president who doesn't have the heart, the courage or, you know anything else to deal with this issue and, it lets us all know where big tech is, right? and it also by their action lets us know where our leadership is and what's important to them. you got big tech censoring and having censored many conservatives across the board including the last president of the united states. and of course you've spot the biden administration 10 to 15,000 americans told to shelter in place in a combat zone. now, can't get to the airport because all of the entries are controlled by the -- [inaudible] we should get every single
6:39 pm
american out of that country before one afghan citizen steps foot on an american airplane. elizabeth: you know silicon valley is, critics are saying this is pretty mayor trish schuss stuff. twitter won't shut down the taliban on social media. facebook did it. this is a hit to the brand reputation. social media helping the taliban critics say in its coup. they are tweeting to hundreds of thousands of followers in afghanistan helping al qaeda too as it shuts down conservatives here. who would ever thought it would come to this, right? basically accused of helping the taliban take control of afghanistan. the taliban uses social media to put out, their quote government service announcements. that is what they call it and flex its authority over women and minorities. really, silicon valley really wants to be hooked into that? go ahead. >> let's not sugar coat this. when we say the taliban, let's remind everybody, that taliban
6:40 pm
is a terrorist organization that beheads people and throws acid on faces of little children if they try to attend school. this is big tech companies supporting terrorists. they are showing themselves by their actions every single day. elizabeth: congressman twitter said in a statement the taliban will be allowed to stay on its platform as long pass they don't get overly violent on the platform. that is kind of odd, right? it stopped short of banning the taliban as facebook did. your thought what twitter's stance is here? >> yeah. elizabeth: are they really risk their reputation with this? go ahead. they have been risking it all along. they don't seem to care. when they say overly violent, understand these are words posted on a media platform, yet conservatives across the country elected leaders including the last president of the united states. somehow it was okay to, it has been okay to ban these people. what kind of rhetoric is violence? so i wonder what their standards
6:41 pm
are, just knowing that this is a terrorist organization? just knowing that. this is a terrorist organization that seeks the downfall of the west that beheads people, that chops fingers off. like i said throws acid on the faces of little girls. i'm not sure why they're invited to be on the platform ever to begin with. elizabeth: well, you know, it is exposing it. it is about money, right? it is about money and power. congressman scott perry, thanks for joining us today. thank you for your service to our country. come back soon, good to see you. up next. look at this story, deroy murdoch, he is a terrific writer and columnist. he will talk to us about the growing number of democrat-led cities now reversing their defund the police push as crime rises. they're saying yeah, basically saying we got it wrong. keep it here on fox business. >> the public is waking up. they know the defund the police movement is a complete loser.
6:42 pm
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♪. elizabeth: let's welcome back to the show fox news contributor, he is a terrific writer. he is deroy murdoch. deroy, love having you on. this is a story that hits local economies, its people in their homes and in their wallets. deroy, more and more democrat leaders are now reversing their defund the police push to say, hey, we need to hire more cops after the deadliest crime wave in two decades. this has flattened tax bases in cities around the country, causing taxes to go up and crime to go up. minorities are getting slammed by this, the polls and data show. your reaction to this story? >> elizabeth, great to be with you. this shows that democrats finally are waking up from their beautiful fantasy they could defund the police, demonize the police, rudd kuhl the police and everything would be terrific as congresswoman aoc said if we
6:47 pm
would defund the police america would be like a suburb. it doesn't look that way as a matter of fact. they're able to see as the bodies pile up as crime rates skyward, homicide rates are climbing all of that. it is very hard to pretend this thing is working when you have actually bodies piling up. people are getting beaten up, their property stoleen shoplifting galore. they're looking at polls. the polls show american people take this very seriously. one poll by the american police situation 70% of voters believe crime is out of control. one poll by "washington post" 59% of voters believe crime is serious problem. that poll loss shows that joe biden's job approval on crime is all the way down at 38%. so democrats certainly can read polls. they can read crime statistics. i think they're seeing as a consequence this is a total loser of a policy. now they're going backwards to say we need more cops and get cops back out on the street. i welcome them back to the world
6:48 pm
of reality. elizabeth: deroy, why do the loudest voices in the room get to hurt everybody else? we're talking about the loudest voices said defund the police. they got their way. shown proven they're wrong. effectively admitting they're wrong. washington, d.c. mayor muriel bowser. new york mayor bill de blasio. leaders in atlanta, seattle, portland, oakland, california. why do loudest voices in the room get a fraction of the vote get to dominate here and hurt everybody smells. >> that is the difference between the very loud minority and the silent majority. the silent majority has been pretty quiet about this as all the mayhem has been unfolding. the minority people, not as large of a number, certainly ones out in the streets, screaming, yelling, hollering for defund the police. we saw a year ago after the death of goering george floyd,
6:49 pm
they were in the streets and a lot a lot of politicians buckled under pressure. people want law and order are not in the streets, making noise, yanking down statues. that is reality of political affairs. even the far left can't ignore this any longer. elizabeth: seems like all about, you know, it is going away. critics say demands to defund the police, we're not really hearing that much anymore. it sounds increasingly unhinged when violent crime is rising. you're right to point out the polls. democrat candidates in swing states and districts are now trying to distance themselves from this but you know, remember, you around i talked about this, democrat national convention. they hardly talked about crime and violence and rioting. talked more about defund the police. both president and vice president talked about and supported it. many top democrats supported it too. in the house and in the senate. >> yeah.
6:50 pm
i think that's true. certainly a year ago, when the democrats had their convention, literally was no mention of the rampant crime, the riots, attacks, people killed during the george floyd riots. one thing we have with so many cell phone cameras, security cameras, we have footage of all the things like we're seeing right now. it becomes impossible here in new york city, couple days ago somebody was taking money out of a atm and someone attacked him with a hatchet of all things down on the wall street area. you can't pretend this is not going on when people see with their own eyes that is bloodshed of democrat policies. democrat party, has revealed itself to be the party of crime and i think they're going to pay a serious price at the polls for this and they should. elizabeth: deroy murdoch, come back soon. great to have you on. good to see you. up next former president trump now slamming president biden on both afghanistan and the chaos at the border.
6:51 pm
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6:55 pm
paxton, it's great to have you back on. i would like you to listen first to this from former president trump i would like your reaction to the soundbite, watch. >> you have the worst people in the world their indian their jails into our country, this is like the southern border but it's handled even worse, nobody handled the southern border worst than him we had the most secure border and now we have by far the worst border we've ever had. afghanistan is the exact same thing. to think of this we have a military, i got it reduced to 2500 soldiers and they were doing a good job, it was fine it was a smaller force. elizabeth: i'm not sure it was fine but what you reaction to former president talking about both the border in afghanistan saying the president has botched both, what do you say. >> it's pretty obvious that he's right we never had this many
6:56 pm
people crossing the border and we've never had this much trouble with the cartel and here we are as soon as the president starts changing things in afghanistan, we end up with a disaster on our hands and you can see the video footage of what happened and it is not good. elizabeth: the president's claim that it was highly unlikely the taliban would override afghanistan, the spotlight of and how he has been equally unconfident all along of his handling of the southern border his approval ratings are going down. you see the washington post and abc news only a third approve of his handling of the situation at the border. multiple polls show this. >> i don't think i could've imagined and most americans could've imagined it being handled in the worst and getting as bad as it is, it's not getting better it's getting worse month by month, june we had over 200,000 apprehensions and as time goes on we'll see the consequences of the fentanyl coming in and the human
6:57 pm
trafficking, it'll be all over the country along with the spread of covid. elizabeth: you and i have been talking about the border for five years the president claimed in the spring nothing has changed with what's going on at the border when asked about the search he claims it happens every single solitary year, it does not happen every year the 2 million people try to cross or apprehended, it doesn't happen every year that we have a 21 year high in crossings, that is wrong people are sick of the topspin it's a result of the president canceling trumps border policies like remaining mexico. it is about homeland security had to expand the y axis on his chart to capture the record number of illegal border crossings. your thoughts about the president top spinning this. >> is just not telling the truth. you can talk to border patrol agents in the one they pushed out the door, he told me he has been trying to institute things that work and he had no conversations about things that
6:58 pm
would work, he was told to stop doing things that were effective, clearly divided administration wants this to happen and then they lie about the numbers you have to go back and look at the numbers from one year ago today and they are massively worse, nothing we've overseen before. elizabeth: talk to us about why now for incidents in about a weeks time, this is disturbing stuff where border patrol has been shot out from across the border from mexico, this happened twice in texas and twice in california. what is happening here? >> the cartels are emboldened because there being encouraged by the biden administration. they are making so much money and i predict you will see more and more with more drugs and more crime and we will end up having people die, not just from covid but from being shot. we have tremendous risk on the border but it'll spread
6:59 pm
throughout the united states, that's my prediction if we don't do something drastic to stem the tide of what the biden the administration has done. elizabeth: who was going to get shot? what are you worried about their. >> i'm worried about people living along the border in our border patrol they're not allowed to do their job these days and i think the cartel is making more and more money, billions that there gonna be more emboldened to take chances and to make people pay the price if they don't like what's happening along the border because it certainly not our border anymore. larry: tell us quickly, give us a quick rundown of what's going on with border neighborhoods and communities. >> there being overrun with people coming across the border they don't know what to do with them, root responsible for education, law enforcement, healthcare the whole issue of covid in them being infected with a lot of people being transported to cities all over america including our cities without any knowledge from the public or the media about where there being sent. there being released.
7:00 pm
elizabeth: got it. ken paxton, will have you back on, thank you for coming in. it's good to see you. thank you so much for watching i am elizabeth macdonald and you been watching "the evening edit" on fox business. that doesn't for us we hope you have a good evening and join us again tomorrow night. ♪ ♪ ♪. larry: hello everyone welcome back to "kudlow" i am larry kudlow. the afghanistan contact catastrophe dominates the news as it should. this evening former director of national intelligence john radcliffe, he worked with president trump in the negotiation process for the u.s. pullout with the taliban. mr. ratcliffe is going to tell us as a former insider and somebody still in touch with the intelligence community what he's learning and what his thoughts. right at


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