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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  August 18, 2021 6:00am-9:00am EDT

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>> the gold to start families thank you. for 20 years we've had nothing about 911 part of those 20 years under our watch under your heroes watch we stayed stake. every time you get frustrated about some silly headline, note that it's because we were so safe we are fooled enough to argue about petty things. we did not have to argue about stayayayayayay maria: good wednesday morning, thank you so much for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo, wednesday august 18th, top stories 6:00 a.m. on the east coast. the crisis in afghanistan reaches a is fever pinch. thousands of americans left behind as militants surround the airport making it virtually impossible for safe passage home.
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this morning 8:00 a.m. eastern i will be joined with donald j trump with his reaction with this and more. what was the plan in place, where did president biden go wrong? markets meanwhile on the downside this morning. we are expecting law e opening for the broader averages, dow industrials down 90 points, s&p down 6 and a quarter and nasdaq lower by 3 and a half. we are standing by for earnings this morning from retailers, lowes and target, we will get you those numbers before they hit the tape. of course, yesterday's close down sharply on the heels of weaker, major hit after weak july retail sales and major indices finished in the red, nasdaq was down 137 and the s&p lower by 31. european market this is morning are also lower, take a look. euro zone indices under pressure, ftse 100 down 25, the cac quarante 26 and the dax index lower by 28. in asia overnight groan across the board. asian markets were higher, best performer overnight china.
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mornings with maria is live right now. ♪ ♪ maria: top stories that we are watching this morning. president biden cutting his vacation short amid growing backlash over his handling of ofthe crisis in afghanistan. many seek to enter kabul. meanwhile the biden administration says it's negotiating with the taliban on evacuations. there's new reports this morning of people who are trying to make their way to the airport getting beaten by the taliban despite the taliban's promise to provide safe passage for anyone who wants to leave. taliban militants reportedly shot and killed a woman for going in public without a burka this after publicly pledging to respect women's rights.
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the federal government extending mask mandate for transportation until january 18th. this includes on bus, train and buses and to expire next month. we are seeing that stay in place. tropical storm grace, meanwhile washing out a camp for haitians left homeless after saturday's deadly earthquake. the storm raising the risk of floods and mud slides as rescue crews keep up search for survivors. the death toll in katy rising to 1900 people. hops remain overwhelmed as they treat the nearly 10,000 people injured from the earthquake. and lowes earnings are hitting the tape. we are looking at the numbers right now. beat on revenue. cheryl casone has a the details right now. cheryl, over to you. cheryl: it is a beat on renew, that's correct. essentially the revenue is lower than a year ago, this is the first time we've seen revenue fall. everybody was doing home improvement projects, stock is
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up almost 1% and raised the outlook in 2021, they are expecting for the entire fiscal year 2021 revenue at 92 billion, that's what the stock is actually reacting to now. as for earnings per share, we were looking for 401, came at 425, really strong beat on the earnings per share and the revenue 27.6 billion was a beat on the estimates, 26.85 billion. again, stock not reacting to the same-store sales number which was a drop of 1.6% because the drop was actually better than expected from the analyst community, so it looks like the ceo is going to have a win versus what we saw yesterday, maria, with home depot, the dow component that took the stock down, lowes lost 5 and a half percent yesterday on the home depot news, but we are seeing a little bit of a rebound this morning for lowes. we are waiting on target this morning as well, maria, back to you. cheryl: all right, well, it's a good number especially in the face of what we saw this week from retail sales, cheryl, so we
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will see what the next report tells us. thanks very much. joining me right now is case capital advising manager and joining the conversation all morning long fox business dagen mcdowell and pollster and the president of maslansky + partners lee carter. great to see everybody this morning, thank you so much for being here. kenny, great to have you. let me get your take on the afghanistan news and whether or not that is impacting the investor class, what's happening in terms of impact on market, do you connect the dots at all? >> i do connect the dots. look, we know the political situations don't necessarily price stocks in the long-term but they absolutely have the ability to create some disruption and angst and nervousnesses in the short-term and i absolutely think that's kind of what's happening with the taliban. i think what happened yesterday in the markets is a combination of issues but that's absolutely part of the story. it's not all just about the delta variant. maria: i guess one element of
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all of this, kenny, whether or not this represent a stop or a halt or some trouble for the biden economic agenda. we know that president biden wants to massive spending deal to go through that will include 5 trillion in spending as well as much higher taxes such as capital gains tax, 43.4%. if this situation in afghanistan worsens, will this create a problem for biden to get through economic agenda, are you hearing any of that out there from clients? >> i'm hearing chatter about that that people are concerned about it, but, look, people are concerned about that $3.5 trillion plan anyway, before the taliban, right. it was running into some resistance. i think this afghanistan issue and kind all the angst surrounding it is going to make that an additional problem for his policy, but ultimately the policy was doom today begin with. i don't think they will get the
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3.5 because i think there's division and it doesn't help it. maria: what are you expecting fed chief jay powell yesterday said there's no returning to pre-pandemic economy and the central bank must adapt to it. powell said that some things will not change. we will live the way we have been living. powell also noted the economic impact of the delta variant surge is unclear. your take and will that have an impact on stocks? >> i think he's right. we all have to live with some variant of covid. but i think that the fed, you know, nailed it on monday. the minutes are going to show the division amongst the paparazzi on the committee about people pushing time to take your
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foot off the gas pedal and the monday morning surprise where they're weighing, close to weighing the tapering and when it's going to begin and start in november, end by mid-july, i think they get out in front of what the minutes are going to show today but i think they want today try to control the narrative, control the reaction and if they didn't get out in front of it, today when it came out, it would have created more of a reaction. i don't think we will find anything new. i think what we are going to hear is exactly what they told us on monday, that the majority in the group is beginning to think we need to pick up, exactly when, right. we know that a bunch of them wanted to start in november and december. i don't think it's in the middle of what is also a seasonally weak period of time. september and october can cause volatility in the markets any way so to add the beginning of the taper during that time i don't think is the smartest decision. i don't think we will learn anything new today and i think
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it's already out there. maria: kenny, real quick, where are you seeing interest, where is the interest in terms of specific stocks or trend in terms of industry? we are focused, of course, on retail lowes better than expected, it's lifting its guidance and the same-store sales while down were not as bad as the estimates on the comp-store sales. what's your take on retail and where else, if not retail are you seeing interest from investors? >> so they punish that stock yesterday when they punished home depot. today we are getting bounce off of that and make some sense. they react today that yesterday ahead of earnings. in terms of where we are going toward the end of the year, i'm in the value camp versus the growth camp because i do think there's going to be a correction and i do think the fed policy is going to change the narrative and therefore i'm looking at financials, consumer staples, while they're not sexy and not high growth, they are big americana stocks and they do
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offer, high dividend payers and in a nervous anxious environment it makes sense the money will flow there. it will look at health care and would look at finance. maria: all right, we will leave it there. financials certainly were trying to rally back for a little while and with these interest rates where they are. it's just incredible to see -- to see what's happening there. we will watch to see if we get any movement on the ten-year but once again, we are pretty rock bottom. kenny, good to see you, thank you very much for weighing in. kenny polcari joining us on investing. we are just getting started this morning, president donald trump is here once again with me to talk about afghanistan this morning. we will talk about spending, border and china and a lot more. don't miss my exclusive with president trump and his reaction to where we are. 8:00 a.m. eastern. we will be following the ongoing crisis in afghanistan all morning long. hear from -- former defense
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chief of staff patel and honor the veterans the best way he can to discuss his walk from new york city. don't miss mornings with maria. we will be right back. ♪ ♪ ♪
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maria: welcome back, as the taliban controls afghanistan, the white house is relying on the taliban to help evacuating americans get to the airport safely. watch this. >> the taliban have informed us that they are prepared to provide safe passage to civilians to the airport and we intend to hold them to that commitment. maria: this comes just 6 weeks after biden said that he does not trust the taliban. joining me right now congresswoman kat, member of agricultural and homeland securities. congresswoman, good to have you this morning, thanks very much for being here. should we be trusting the taliban to ensure the safety of americans back home? congresswoman: absolutely not. i think it's absolutely ludicrous that just six weeks ago the administration stated very plainly, we do not trust
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the taliban. you know, it is often said that people will tell you what they want you to hear, but their actions speak volumes and we have decades of experience with the taliban and their brutal regime and really what they're all about. now we have upwards of possibly 40,000 americans in country that have been left behind by this administration. and we are to trust the taliban to show mercy? i don't think so. this is absolutely unconscionable and there will be accountability, there will be demands for resignation and possibly impeachment in the future as we navigate forward through this debacle but right now every single american and every leader in u.s. government should be focused on getting our americans out and out safely. the fact that the state department has issued actual language saying that they are not responsible for getting americans safely to the airport and then out is insane. we in our district have been
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fighting back and forth with the state department just to get an accounting of how many our constituents are in country and have been left behind by the administration. under the trump administration, this never would have happened. maria: quite extraordinary that we don't even know the number. is it 10,000, is it 15,000 or is it 40,000 americans on the ground in afghanistan unable to get out? that's in and of itself ridiculous that we don't have total number of head. what went wrong here? president trump want today take troops out at some point but he had conditions only. he will walk us what the plan was. how did president biden go off the rails here, what did he
6:18 am
miss? >> i don't think we have a program long enough to discuss what went wrong in afghanistan and by in large everyone agreed that they needed to get out. multiple administrations, republican and democrat that we agreed that we needed to get out of afghanistan. this has been debacle of leadership at the highest level. commander in chief means that you are the chief decision maker and no contingency plans and they can say that they had them but they clearly didn't. maria: no. >> we gave away our primary logistics in bagram. there's one runway and accommodate two c17's and you're basically sitting duck. this is the worst case scenario that no one should have ever --
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maria: we've been there 20 years. how is it possible that we didn't know this? we have been there 20 years? i'm worried and wondering if these wide-open borders will pretty much invite bad guys into the country. border patrol agents in texas have arrested 2 ms13 members. one of them is a convicted murderer as the number of migrant encounters in july was at a record high, 21-year high of 210,000. congresswoman, you're talking about, do the math, 210,000 -- 212,000 people apprehended in the month of july, 7,000 people a day apprehended just in july, okay, and that's not including the tens of thousands of got aways. we don't know what their intentions were. 40,000 of them seen or surveillance video. >> just in the month of july and, you know, i've talked with
6:20 am
so many border patrol agents just yesterday. they were sending me information about dhs's latest e-mail and called to action that they are not pulling additional border patrol oughts off the lined to help with afghan refugee. we already know 60% are off the line baby sitting and processing thousands of apprehensions that we are seeing. we know that to date we have seen 15 individuals that are on the known international terrorist watch list. you hit right on it. that's just who we caught. how many of the got aways were actually terrorists that are planning to do god knows what and no accountability. president biden is hiding somewhere in a basement. he's had no communication with the international community and the leadership. this is a total ultimate failure of leadership at the highest levels but for right now we need to be focused on getting americans out because in america we do not leave people behind.
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maria: yeah, i was just looking at the white house daily guidance and press schedule for today. not a word about afghanistan. it's -- it's pretty extraordinary, actually. no word out of afghanistan in the guidance. we will be keeping a spotlight and talking about this with president trump coming up in the program kat cammack. we will see you soon, congresswoman. why the terrorist group gets to stay on social media? the head of the taliban good to go to tweet on twitter. hear what president trump has to say all of this as he remains banned from twitter, all start at 8:00 a.m. eastern this morning. stay with us. president trump coming up live. ♪ ♪
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>> i don't think in all of the years our country has ever been
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humiliated. i don't know, would you call it a military defeat or psychological defeat? he should have gotten civilians out first. take the equipment out and then take the soldiers out. maria: that was president trump slamming president biden's handling of the crisis in afghanistan. president trump will be joining me live this morning at 8:00 a.m. eastern. we will talk more about the taliban take over and how big tech is handling the extremist group rise to power. twitter in a statement saying, accounts owned by the taliban can stay on twitter as long as they obey the rules despite the media form banning trump from owning an account, other platforms like facebook, youtube and tiktok have said that they plan to remove the taliban account and content praising the group. dagen mcdowell, this is -- this is pretty unbelievable and it's
6:26 am
true that americans should be outraged by this. i was talking to newt gingrich about it and he wants to see -- he wants to see some bill out there talking about getting the taliban down from twitter. it's just outrageous that president trump and republicans are censored on twitter and yet you've got this taliban page run by the head of taliban on twitter just like you've got all of the propaganda accounts from the chinese communist party like the global times recommending the ccp bomb australia. all this stuff is on twitter every day. dagen: this is to be expected from twitter for a very long time twitter allowed content from isis used for recruitment purposes. i investigated this myself. there were videos all over twitter for a long time of beheadings and other atrocities by members of the islamic state
6:27 am
so the fact that they would be more concerned about censoring articles true about hunter biden, the now president's son but they don't worry about propaganda from the taliban. question really quickly that you keep raising, joe biden knew what would happen if he -- if the united states withdrew from afghanistan in the way that we did with haste and no planning. he was told to keep a force there, he ignored it, he did his own -- pursued his own path and this is what we have happen. there's 15,000 people in afghanistan now that it's been overrun by the taliban that help the united states who would qualify for special visas to come to the country. again, biden and the administration was told for
6:28 am
months that they needed a plan to get the individuals out of the country and to get them visas and that was ignored. again, this is abandonment and betrayal by biden. he owns it. it's unimaginable what is happening. the wall street journal is reporting that very few people are able to get into the airport in kabul because of the taliban, that they are trickling in but they are blocking routes to the airport right now. maria: yeah, and why would we trust that they would not do that and it's absolutely outrageous that you're saying 50,000, somebody is saying 40,000, the white house yesterday said 10,000. you know, it's absolutely ridiculous that we do not know the actual number of americans that are still stuck on the ground in afghanistan. dagen: i'm not even including the americans. gist just talking about the afghan individuals --
6:29 am
maria: outside contractors. dagen: people who have helped the united states. we have abandoned them frankly. maria: unbelievable. when we come back we are following the growing crisis in afghanistan all morning long. i will be joined by former state department kash patel when we come right back. ♪ ♪ ♪ did 20 years of clinical studies
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maria: welcome back. target earnings have hit the tape. the stock is down right now. cheryl casone with more on the target quarter. looks like same-store sales were up but what about the numbers? cheryl: well, the numbers are actually pretty decent and coming in align with estimates. earnings per share is 3.49 and adjustment at 4.64. comp sales at 8.9%, revenue slight beat here. the revenue was 25.2, we were looking for 25.8, stock is down more than 3 and a quarter percent. let's look at a couple of things here because it looks like transactions were down 3.4%.
6:33 am
digital sales were up 10% but that's actually weaker than what analysts were looking for, maria, also the company is saying that they have a 15 billion-dollar purchase program and a lot of companies have been rewarding cash, maria. target is saying they will do a bye-back which would help the stock. it's down 3% right now. but again, looking through the numbers and i'm looking at the stock down, yeah, 3 and a quarter percent right now. anyway, the 15 billion-dollar purchase program pretty strong and they say they are seeing foot traffic from the stores but the same-store sales hurting a little bit and second half comp sales will be in single digits. we are watching retailers this week and watching what is happening with hurricane fred. flash floodings can reach
6:34 am
upstate new york later today. tornado touching down in north carolina, just one of several causing damage across the south, some areas reportedly getting up to 10 inches of rain and tropical storm grace drenching haiti, the caribbean nation is still reeling, remember, from saturday's earthquake that killed nearly 1900 people. well, keeping mass out of schools. florida board of education hit two schools with sanctions for defying the no mask policy, they include alucha county and punishments withholding salaries of school leaders to possibly removing from office. texas greg abbott testing positive for covid-19 and sharing update. >> i tested positive for covid-19. the good news is that my wife
6:35 am
continues to test negative. i have no fever or aches or pains. cheryl: currently isolating in the governor's mansion and receiving antibody treatment. he says he plans to stay in touch with official to keep government operation running. and then there is this, members of the family, remember, the owners of oxycodone, they are not agreeing to a bankruptcy settlement. heirs are demanding liability protection from future lawsuits regarding the opioid epidemic. but the justice department and nine states are not in agreement, maria, with that plan and those are some of your headlines and earnings coming from here. back over to you. maria: all right, cheryl, thanks very much. the biden administration making arrangements to the taliban to give the thousands of american left in afghanistan safe passage as taliban fighters surround the premises. the president making decision only 6 weeks after expressing
6:36 am
that he does not trust the terrorist organization. joining me right now former defense department and chief of staff, he's the former deputy assistant to president for counter terrorism kash patel. kash, great to have you this morning, thank you very much for being here. i want to ask you about the taliban and trusting the taliban but first take us back to your time at the white house because there was a plan in place and it had to do with promises kept in terms of getting our troops out of there. what went wrong with president biden's plan? >> yeah, thanks so much for having me, maria. we had a simple and conditions base plan under president trump and that is the afghans and the taliban would come together to form an interim government but backed by security measures and requirements such as total rejection and repudiation of al-qaeda and promise to allow americans to have a seat at the table and also a lasting impact that if one american was harmed,
6:37 am
president trump would order the defense department to unleash in afghanistan and they respected that and that's why we were able to successfully issue a condition's base withdrawal. we left that plan in place for the transition team at the department of defense and they refused to probably even read it and they didn't want to abide by it because it's president trump's plan. now had they abided by the plan and had they the respect that president trump had from the taliban and the afghan government and the fear that they had, the team is thinking we should have looked at president trump's plan because that's not a political issue. that's the safety of americans and now we are seeing the cost of not following an actual plan with merit. and thousands of americans are stranded. maria: exactly. and it's a very steep and
6:38 am
significant cost, kash. i don't understand how it is possible that you have a plan to remove troops from a country that we've been for 20 years and there's no plan to ensure that we get all of our armament, the guns and armament that were on the ground that now can be inspected by everybody from the taliban to the chinese communist party as well as leave these tens of thousands of people on the ground, how does that happen? >> it happens because -- this is what happens when you politicize the national security apparatus of the united states. look, the defense department creates things called concept of operation and create for planning purpose and contingency purpose and we plan for an emergency purpose. that was dope under president trump. and the only way that it does not happen is if a commander in chief and his cabinet secretary refuse today acknowledge the situation on the ground because of political headwinds they are getting and just because president trump succeeded so
6:39 am
they didn't want to adopt his plan. let me just give you an example to put this in perspective. imagine a home owner moving his home. now times that by 1 trillion, that's the amount of logistical planning and requirements that need to go into place for months and months on end to remove, manning, equipment and machinery and weapons in afghanistan. we had planes, buses by the thousands prepare today remove not just equipment and machinery but more importantly american citizens. the other thing is and i was shock today hear jake sullivan, they were being asked to call number in embassy and wait a message and then instructed those americans to get to kabul. that's not what the department of defense does. we don't ask american who is are in trouble to come to us. we plan to go get them. we put carriers on the ground with our troops with overhead assets and rotary wind and we go get americans and bring them home like we did under president
6:40 am
trump. that was shocking failure of leadership. maria: unbelievable. well, i agree. that is an incredible statement and now we are supposed to trust the taliban? they have gone back on their word, they are a terrorist organization, president trump two weeks ago said that he doesn't trust the taliban and yet the safety of americans on the ground there is being entrusted with the taliban, really? >> i mean, it's unfortunately another tragedy compounding this tragic situation. how are we to rely on a group of as you said likely terrorists to safeguard the -- transport american people when right now they are too busy being led by former terrorists from guantanamo bay and brutalizing women and country. how can president biden who said 4 weeks ago that the taliban takeover of afghanistan was not inevitable and he was dead wrong. how can he possibly go out to
6:41 am
the media and say we are relying on the taliban? what happened to an american leadership plan based upon our military and our allies on the ground because we are not the only ones unfortunately who have left citizens on the ground there. the europeans have done the same and they don't have a plan because this administration has failed to follow the plan that president trump had laid out and had they, you and i would not be having a conversation about americans left behind. maria: well, you talk about women, taliban fighters shot and killed a woman yesterday because she wasn't wearing a burka right after the group pledge today respect women's rights and there's all of that happening. it's unlikely women are going to be able to show their faces anymore and then there's the social media aspect of it. you've got twitter continuing to have a -- a twitter page, the taliban has a twitter page. twitter refusing to ban it saying that the terrorist group can stay active as long as they
6:42 am
follow the rules. oh, yes, they are going to follow the rules all right and as facebook says that the taliban is sanctioned as a terrorist organization under u.s. law, they banned them from their services. all of this, of course, as we know donald trump is banned. this loophole, facebook end to end encrypting messaging service, whatsapp which the taliban has been use to go communicate directly with afghans despite the company forbidding it under the rules against dangerous organizations. the whole thing, it's extraordinary. >> it's unfortunate height of hypocrisy and big tech who want to see trump national security trump and put anything that trump succeed. this highlight it is issue of the day with big tech. as you said, they are allowing known terrorists to utilize twitter and facebook's messaging platform to reach thousands and millions of people in
6:43 am
afghanistan and in the middle eastern region to do -- to plan attacks, to brutalize women and to prevent americans from being rescued and what do you have twitter and facebook and the like saying, it's a different matter, we are going to continue to allow the animals, the criminals to use our american infrastructure system to terrorize women in afghanistan and to conduct further and prevent americans from being rescued in afghanistan. it is just something that you cannot even imagine on your worst day. maria: i mean, you would think that there was some plan at least give them a lifeline, those americans that are stranded in afghanistan so they can communicate. instead they prioritize, well, the leader of the taliban can still have the page as long as he follows the rules. it's just incredible. kash, great to see you, thanks very much and thank you for your service to this great country. we will talk soon. we appreciate you joining thus morning. >> thanks, maria. >> kash patel. thank you very much, when we
6:44 am
come back i will be speaking with president trump at the 8:0s reaction on what went wrong in afghanistan, president trump joining me live in about an hurry's time, you're watching mornings with maria live on fox business. ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪
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maria: welcome backing, honoring our heroes, tunnels to tower foundation chairman frank stiller as he walks from washington, d.c. to new york city, we will catch up with him. we will hear how he finished his track. we will be right back. couraged: kindness, honesty and hard work. over time, i've come to add a fourth: be curious. be curious about the world around us, and then go. go with an open heart and you will find inspiration anew. viking. exploring the world in comfort.
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maria: welcome back, just amazing that the 20th mark from the september 11th attacks is approaching. our next guest set out on a 501 50-- 500-mile walking journey in order to honor brother steven, a firefighter and others who died in the september 11th attacks, frank stiller, chairman to the tunnel to towers foundation and joins us live on the road in rural pennsylvania, frank, good to see you this morning. thank you very much if before here. my condolences to you and to so many who lost so many, we lost so many of our loved ones and friends on the day of september 11th, how are you feeling as we approach 20 years before telling me about your walk, i want to get your take on where we are, it's incredible that it's been 20 years.
6:49 am
>> it is incredible 20 years had passed since my brother, new york city firefighter. he ran through the tunnel with 60 pounds of gear on his back and while saving others gave up his own life and like all first responders, running towards the danger. so we want to make sure that we don't forget what happened and it's so sad to see what's going on in afghanistan. i've been talking to gold star widows the last few days because i have a relationship with them because of what we do for the foundation does, gold star families, we pay off mortgages, building a mortgage-free home and it's just heartbreaking to watch what's going on and i fear for american lives over there and i also fear for the afghanys that helped us on the war on terror and how we just left them there and it's just very, very sad. maria: i mean, after 20 years being there and now cutting and running like this in such an
6:50 am
organized fashion, leaving equipment on the ground, thousands of americans on the ground. i want to ask you about this walk that you're doing. you're in pennsylvania right now, you're walking from washington to new york, tell me about the walk, what do you hope to achieve? >> well, i started at the pentagon, layed a wreath and set a prayer with my family. we have a large give up with us and then i continued my walk. i'm actually -- i'm going to be in shanksfield, pennsylvania on saturday august 21st and i'll be doing the same there, laying the wreath and prayer. these guys were heros, men and women were heros and took that down and saved lives on the ground. so i want to make sure that we recognize those heros at shanksfield and heading back, i'm walking back towards new york city. i will be on ground zero on the
6:51 am
20th anniversary where i will retrace my brother's heroic footsteps except i will ran with sneakers and he ran with gear and two buildings on fire and people were left with choices. i want to make sure that we shine a big light what happened 20 years ago because i want the youth of america, hey, this guy is walking because of what happened 20 years ago, later on when they grow up they will continue. maria: yeah. that's right. we will never forget. we can never forget what took place, thank you for educating our young people about that and also for all that you're doing, frank. the gold families need your help, our help and we have to be there for them. frank, thank you very much. we will catch up again on your walk, quite the walk from washington to new york. we will see you soon. final word, go ahead, sir, real quick? >> go to tto and help gold
6:52 am
star families. maria: thank you to fdny, they are going in as we are coming out. never forget that. frank siller, good to see you, we will be right back. ♪ ♪ ♪, around you.
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6:56 am
the company's owner says the handler was opening the enclosure to feed the alligator as usual but this time the reptile got a little extra spunky, i'd say, dagen. dagen: i would question the handler's expertise in dealing with alligators or any reptile. one thing you can count on, a gator is going to be a gator and a snake is going to be a snake. maria: yeah, that's true. lee, how do you like this video? lee: amazed by the dad that rescues the woman. you feel sorry for the kids, how traumatic was. kind of a crazy thing to watch. it's really jarring. maria: oh, my god. you know what, thank god dad jumped in to help. dagen: the kids are there to
6:57 am
watch the gaiters to eat the raw meat. they watch to enclosures that snakes eat dead rats. it's not exactly a trip to disneyland. maria, no it wasn't. luxury on wheels, we are getting a first look on fox sneak peak of the 2022 lincoln navigator. wait till you see this. this is a car that won best car a couple of ago, they will unveil the 2022. we will have it to you first. don't miss it. it all start next hour. mornings with maria live on fox business. business. ♪ ♪ ♪ n customer satisfaction. .. g.
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maria: thanks for joining us. i am maria bartiroma and it is august 18th. it is 7:00 on the button on the east coast. the crisis in afghanistan reaches of fever pitch, president biden cutting his vacation short is the taliban's
7:01 am
take over since the region spiraling into chaos. despite claiming a lot of women's rights the taliban has already killed a woman for not wearing a burqa. donald trump will join me to react to this. he's live at 8 am eastern with reaction to what is taking place and more. don't miss donald trump live at 8:00. markets are mixed off of the lows of the morning searching for direction, dow industrials down 30 points, the s&p 500 down half of a point. the nasdaq is hiring 21. it is largely about retail today, a number of retailers reporting earnings already. market stop about retail sales number, the down the s&p snapped the 5-day winning streak following week sales, down this is closing 280 points, the nasdaq and 187 and he is in the lower by 31. european markets fractionally
7:02 am
lower. look at the euro zone with the s&p down 15, the cac quarante down 20, the dax index lower by 15. it was green across the board, china the best performer, shanghai composite better than one%. lincoln going electric, the president of the lincoln brand is here this morning with the company's plans. a sneak peek at the latest newest luxury suv, the lincoln navigator 2022 model. "mornings with maria" is live right now. some of the top stories we are watching, president biden cutting his vacation short of a growing backlash over his handling of the crisis in afghanistan but the drawdown should not have been this way were thousands of americans are still there as our our weaponry and armaments. many top taliban leaders are returning to couple as they seek to govern after 2 decades
7:03 am
of fighting in the shadows. the state department telling americans trapped their to, quote, shelter in place. the biden administration says it is negotiating on evacuations. there are new reports of people trying to make their way to the airport getting beaten because of the taliban and despite the promise to provide safe passage for anyone who wants to leave the country. taliban militants shot and killed a woman for going in public without a burqa after publicly pledging to respect women's rights. not happening. the federal government is extending the mask mandate until january 18th. this includes on board planes, trains and buses. this was set to expire next month. it will now continue. tropical storm grace washing out of camp for haitians left after homeless -- saturday's deadly earthquake. the storm raising the risk of floods and mudslides as rescue
7:04 am
crews keep up their search for survivors. this terrible story and 80, the death toll is 1900 people dead as a result of that earthquake. hospitals are overwhelmed in haiti as a treat 10,000 people injured in the quake. time for the word on wall street, top investors watching the money. first american chief economist mark fleming, morgan stanley, senior vice president of investment jim mccann at fitzgerald group principal keith fitzgerald. thank you for being here. another big dave earnings with retail taking center stage, lowe's beat revenue expectations and target the expectations as well. stocks are lower. we got retail sales number yesterday which was week. your take on the retail space and what we are expecting going forward. >> the retail space will be split. i'm excited by what i have seen
7:05 am
with lowe's and home depot and walmart and target because it is coming out of hibernation. they raise guidance on the top and bottom line. exciting and compelling because the rest of the retail environment i'm concerned about but i'm watching for nvidia because it could be an indirect barometer later today. maria: target stock is down to present, lowe's is off at this point. you think we've seen peak growth or will we continue to see good numbers on economic growth and the backdrop. >> we have seen the peak diy numbers in terms of future growth as fast as it has been but target and walmart may be coming into their stride because consumers want to get out and a lot of people have got to get out. maria: then there's housing.
7:06 am
let's talk about housing, standing by for the july housing start and building permits number at 8:30 a.m. eastern. how do you characterize this story and how is that dictating how you allocate capital or recommend investors and locate? >> for homebuilders the story, the existing housing market is social inventory shifting a lot of demands to new homes. for homebuilders, the growth isn't as strong as home depot and lowe's but plenty of demand for housing related goods. it is getting expensive, affordability is declining as rates move up a little bit but so short on supply and they will buy it. maria: it is a great point. we are looking at an economy that shows real growth and you
7:07 am
have a crisis in afghanistan to layer on top of that. are you expecting this crisis to impact the investing world and markets and what do you think this means for the biden administration's economic agenda, the potential for higher taxes and spending. does that get impacted by the quagmire in afghanistan. >> there's a big impact on the biden administration because they are losing political capital. next week the news is coming on this. there were certain parts of his agenda, a $3 trillion infrastructure package which isn't defined in the first place. what it means for the markets
7:08 am
is a double-edged sword, not a bad praise to use in this environment but is a double aged sword in that the wall street investment community is not crazy about a $3 trillion spending package when they don't know what is in it yet and when you look at the history of over indebted countries, we are one right now, you look at the multiplier of government spending it is a negative multiplier over time. too much boost in the punch polling you look like japan. this negative impacts president biden's political capital but in terms of wall street it may not be a bad thing because it is too much wall street on this. maria: that is what i am getting at. that could have represented a head wins for investors. if he loses political capital and the ability to get this economic plan through that would be positive for the market and focused on the fed, what are your expectations, the
7:09 am
minutes from the federal reserve. when do you expect the taper to begin and will that come with a taper tantrum, a selloff in stocks when we do start to understand the fed's timetable in terms of pulling back the $120 trillion in bond purchases every month? >> of the fallout from this gets any worse it may give the fed -- we've seen peak policy from the fed, fiscal policy and economic data is starting to roll over a little bit, it is decelerating a little bit. the fed is not in position to be ready to start tapering and looking at possibly tapering in december, the bond purchases, no change in interest rate but if the diffusion indices show
7:10 am
deceleration and we don't have a clear grip on the delta variant and the number of cases coming in at hospitalizations that could slow the economy, you talk about extending mask mandate that could slow down travel. it is too early to tell and the 10 year treasury saying as much with one.27% yield the didn't go up at all. maria: you are right, the yields are in the bottom rock-bottom levels. great to see you all, really uncertain times. mark fleming, keith fitzgerald, thank you, see you soon and appreciate your time. on wall street much more ahead coming up. donald trump will be here, he is slamming the biden administration for the growing crisis in afghanistan. he will join me live this morning and less than an hour at 8 am eastern, don't miss his reaction and relying on the taliban to get americans out of kabul. ohio congressman brad wednesday
7:11 am
ms. here with a warning, the state-of-the-art industry today, the president of lincoln is here to discuss the chip shortage, how it is affecting production and a sneak peek at the company's debut of the latest luxury suv, the 2022 model, join the conversation, dagan mcdowell and lee carter, back to the fantastic panel when we come back, you're watching "mornings with maria" on foxbusiness, stay with us. (vo) singing, or speaking. reason, or fun. daring, or thoughtful. sensitive, or strong. progress isn't either or progress is everything.
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7:15 am
said he did not trust the taliban. white house press secretary jen psaki double down when she was asked. >> you accept assurances that the taliban is clearing safe passage to airports and what are the consequences if they do not? >> the consequences are the full weight and force of the united states military and i think we've made that clear. but right now, we are not trusting, we are not taking their word for it, we are watching closely. honoring promises working group started pressing the white house for expedited us refugees back in april. joining his ohio congressman iraq war veteran brad and strip. thank you for your service to our country. you are part of this group, you send the president three letters. what are you looking for? >> we are looking for the
7:16 am
president to act on behalf of those who served us well. very familiar with this process. i supported several of our interpreters that i worked with in iraq and they've become productive us citizens. we knew this was going to be a problem. didn't seem to be addressed by the administration. if we were leaving we were leaving suddenly and without notice except very short notice at times without reforming the afghan government or the afghan military so a recent letter of august 13th. a recent letter of august 13th came after what secretary blinken put in place, refugee admissions program allows afghans that have worked as journalists, civil servants on behalf of our efforts in
7:17 am
afghanistan. the problem with it is they can only apply for this outside of afghanistan. currently and as of last week they could not get to this to do this and they can't go by road. i don't trust the taliban to say that is what you're going to do. this is a problem for us personnel trying to get to the airport so we asked the administration to open things up, to allow people to come in, go back to a third country and maybe take them to guam and process them. that the intent of the afghan allies protection act. we have a moral obligation here. i received a text from one of the interpreters and he said the image of american morality is being tested and not doing so well. maria: how did this go wrong?
7:18 am
we spoke a little while ago to forward the permit of defense chief of staff who talked to us about the conditions based plan the trump administration put in place with the taliban and. what happened in terms of president biden and following that plan how is it possible we have 40,000 in afghanistan, i'm outraged we don't have the actual number of americans but how does it happen when you have so many people trying to get out and all the armament, weaponry left behind to inspect? >> i serve on the intelligence committee, and assessment of all we are leaving behind as far as military equipment etc..
7:19 am
the number of people, don't know the accurate number but i think it is interesting that president biden who reversed so many things that donald trump did has said he inherited this problem. if he had stuck to what the trump administration had done we wouldn't be in this position today i am convinced because of conditions within that and he ignored the conditions. we were going to leave slowly gradually. we were going to do it methodically and as long as the taliban and was doing what they were supposed to do it as mike pompeo said if they didn't do it we crushed them. that is the difference. maria: let me ask about the implications of all of this because there is conversation taking place this mistake on the part of president biden and his administration may be the major thing that stops the democrats spending spree. we have inviting continuing in
7:20 am
the house, 9 democrats calling on house speaker nancy pelosi to take up the infrastructure deal before the budget resolution but on a call with democrat leadership on monday pelosi pushed back saying it is not time for amateur hour. she's calling it amateur hour, to ensure the passage of both bills they have to stick with the original plan which introduces the reconciliation package first. does the afghanistan quagmire blowup the president's economic agenda? >> it may do that. that may be one of the positive things that comes out of all this. if that is what happens then for the better. to call this amateur hour is insulting to her own members but as we know we have seen what is going on. the senate has taken a budget resolution with $60 trillion over ten years.
7:21 am
increases in taxes up to $3.5 trillion started the process for amnesty. the problem is inflation is kicking in was americans are feeling it. it is a tax on them. you see the situation in the house with her progressives want the reconciliation package past first before they do infrastructure the moderates are feeling pressure at home and they can't vote for the $3 trillion package so she has a quandary on her hands. i'm not sure how it will play out. we will see it when we return on monday. maria: we are supposed to be talking and recognizing the taliban now. was this a coup that the taliban went in and forced the afghan government out and so now they achieved a coup? isn't that what it is and we are supposed to be recognizing
7:22 am
them? >> it sure seems like a coup to me and this is the same group that harbored terrorists that attacked the united states of america. george bush that if you are a terrorist we are coming after you. if you harbor terrorists we are coming after you as well. that was the mission from the beginning. to say that we accomplished our mission, that is false because this is the group that harbored terrorists that killed thousands of americans on 9/11, that anniversary is coming up in a few weeks. maria: and of course the chinese communist party is recognizing the taliban. they are watching this closely and ready to get in there. i know this is a situation you think is incredibly dire. the ccp will take that for next time we chat. thank you. >> the chinese are leaving.
7:23 am
maria: coming up, no vaccine, no internet. when university takes measures to make sure students get the shot. stay with us. [tires squealing] just think, he'll be driving for real soon. every new chevy equinox comes standard with chevy safety assist including automatic emergency braking. ♪♪ ♪♪
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7:26 am
maria: ask mandate and vaccine mandates are getting higher. students who choose not to get the covid 19 vaccine is quinnipiac university in connecticut will face consequences. unvaccinated students will be fined $100 a week for the first two weeks. that number will increase by $25 every two weeks after that to a maximum of $200 a week. on top of that they could lose it will lose access to their wi-fi. what do you make of this? dagen: they could give their students there money back and
7:27 am
tell them if you're not vaccinated you can't go to school here but they are not going to do that because of the vast amount of money students pay intuition. they are trying to use these small sticks to enforce this vaccine mandate. amy barrett took up at least looked at a lawsuit by students against the university of indiana over the vaccine mandate. these mandates are going to stand. quinnipiac is doing its best to get students vaccinated but if you tell them to hit the road they won't do that because there's money involved. maria: that's incredible. once we get full approval, this will be widespread. we are still in the emergency use approval stage. >> no doubt about it. all the research i have done we
7:28 am
will have a new wave of folks who get vaccinated after fda approval but companies and universities -- full fda approval gets rolled out this fall and how do they do that? will they ask students to leave or do things like this and give them an inability to access the internet. if you're going to have a mandate, enforce it. these measures where you charge $100 a week or $125 a week and not allowing them to succeed in school is ridiculous. it doesn't set anybody up for success. if you believe the right thing to do is have get vaccinated so they are safe make sure they are safe, don't do these measures. dagen: quinnipiac costs 70,$000 a year. they are not going to send kids home if they refuse to get vaccinated.
7:29 am
they will use these little sticks and rulers to smack them with figuratively. maria: i want to learn what you did dials on president biden's speech. we want your take on how the public viewed that. we have that coming up but next lincoln is going electric. lincoln company president is here with the plans and a sneak peek at the newest luxury suv, lincoln navigator 2022. stay with us. it's where safe and daring seamlessly intersect. it's understated, yet over-delivers. it is truly the mercedes-benz of sports sedans. visit your local mercedes-benz dealer today for exceptional lease and financing offers. ♪ ♪
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tailor made or one size fits all? made to order or ready to go? with a hybrid, you don't have to choose. that's why insurers are going hybrid with ibm. with watson on a hybrid cloud they can use ai to help predict client needs and get the data they need to quickly design coverage for each one. businesses that want personalization and speed are going with a smarter hybrid cloud using the technology and expertise of ibm. nice bumping into you.
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why choose proven quality sleep from sleep number? because every new day starts the night before. and a quality night's sleep is scientifically proven to help boost performance. the new sleep number 360 smart bed is temperature balancing. and it helps keep you asleep by sensing your movement and automatically adjusts to keep you both effortlessly comfortable. the sleep number 360 smart bed is on sale now during our biggest sale of the year. maria: good wednesday morning. thanks for joining us. it is august 18th. look at markets. we have retail earnings this mo investors are reacting to but futures are searching for direction, dow industrials are lower, the nasdaq is up.
7:33 am
the dow down 79, the s&p down for the quarter with the nasdaq higher by 12 and a quarter after market stumbled after the weaker than expected retail sales number. the dow in the s&p snapped the 5-day winning streak following retail sales numbers for july, dow industrials down 282 as opposed to the nasdaq down 137, by 31. look at the euro zone where the s&p is down 22. the cac quarante in paris is down 27, the dax index in germany lower by 10 points, fractional moves with a negative tell. in asia overnight green across the board, china the best performer, shanghai composite up one% overnight. bacon the us, andrew cuomo spending his final days in office to grant clemency to felons. cheryl: governor cuomo pardoning 5 people and
7:34 am
commuting the sentences of 5 more convicted of everything from attended robbery to murder. cuomo will step down from office on monday. sexually harassed 11 women. cuomo refiling for retirement benefits. you will receive a 50,$000 annual lifetime pension. morgan stanley requiring vaccination for any staffer returning to the office. they have until october 1st to comply. officials could say he got the shot without providing any documentation. wall street giants says proof of vaccination will create a, quote, comfortable and safe work environment. back to the friendly skies. airlines carried 66.4 million passengers in june, three times the number of those who flew during the same period last year. it is a good sign but data shows domestic passenger
7:35 am
traffic is down 17% and international down 45%. i have been flying. those planes are packed. back to you. maria: lincoln has a new ride. the company revealing a 2022 navigator this morning. we are bringing you the first look at the lincoln navigator from 2022. the vehicle has new features to meet the needs of attorney-client including hands-free drive versus technology among other things. they are collaborating for luxury a letter to create an aviator suv concept. joining me is the president of lincoln motor, great to see you again. exciting day for you at lincoln with a new vehicle. tell me about the new vehicles your unveiling today. >> it is an exciting day as we
7:36 am
reveal our flagship suv, the new navigator with more effortless technology. we are excited about our hands-free technology that we call active glide and we are launching lincoln and hands which allows updates on this the current embedded alexa from amazon to help our clients for edxcitbo the exte exorrind afeiourfeesaturat tvehis clcl ith arsuso we sovee soo e exterr err we hav hthis h e ature l paure edpait toojprher s he aorree re sldk modn odd ov less glass g.. t b tk end wnd 3-d tailgh continue nue n olbre you e u fronfrofhe vlehe vndleheet orprtionors.on interiinfos and
7:37 am
we up our game here. we have 13.2 inch thinner stream and amazing technology that allows more connectivity with a calm interface on it allows more personalization. you are familiar with our massage seats in the front row. we are taking massage seats to the second row. that is a segment first. i'm excited about that as well. maria: that is very good. this is such a beautiful vehicle. it really is. we have been talking a lot about the shortages so many automakers are facing, the chip shortages in particular post pandemic. where are we on that? will you be able to deliver this vehicle in time and what about the shortages? what has that done in terms of impact to those wanting a new car this year or next? >> it has been a fluid
7:38 am
situation with semiconductor shortages across the industry. this is a 22 mile your vehicle. it will come to dealers in the first part of next year so we see the situation getting better, improving although still very fluid, and for clients what we've done is a lot of ordering of vehicles. that is something we are proud of our progress. we are up a double year-over-year taking orders for vehicles. really helping clients stay in their vehicle and get them out as soon as we can when this chip shortages improves so we look forward to having a better second half but it is a fluid situation. maria: we talked about inflation on this program. one of the key areas we are seeing inflation is the price of a car particularly the price of used cars which i thought was fascinating in the last inflation report.
7:39 am
where are we on that. what is behind that increase? is it the shortage of cars or something else and in terms of your expectations on pricing over the coming years do you see the price moving higher? >> i think the pricing and inflation is simply supply and demand equation, new vehicles has impacted the pricing. it's built into the used-car space with that shortage making demand higher for used vehicle. you imagine the supply returns, we will be willing to 22 with a lower supply so it will take time. from the pricing perspective we will always be competitive in the market. our navigator is an incredible vehicle with high price points. we have very discerning clients that pay a lot for these beautiful vehicles so we will make sure we are competitive in the segment and fulfill the orders we have coming in as
7:40 am
soon as possible. maria: your competitive on the electric part of the market, your debuting your first fully electric people next year, the first step toward electrifying the portfolio vehicles by 2030. tell me this brand transformation what goes into that and what is different in terms of the drive in an electric car versus fuel? >> we are really excited next year to debut our first battery electric vehicle and it will be our hundredth anniversary for the lincoln brand so we can think of a better time. the drive is a fantastic drive. it is the gliding field, one thing we focus on is that whisper quiet cabin and it is a quiet drive so once someone drives them they love it so we are excited over time to electrify the entire lineup.
7:41 am
we think by 2030 we will have the lineup electrified and it is part of our commitment to invest $30 billion with the ford motor company to really electrify the lineup into our part for the environment but they are great vehicles and we are super excited. maria: i love that whisper quiet. the journal this morning reporting a shift in the way forward is selling vehicles, planning permanent reductions in vehicles carried on dealership lots hoping for more sales from buyers. tell us how things change with regard to selling or buying vehicles. >> we are leaning into the order bank. it was forced by the lower supply but this allows clients to order the vehicle they want and we don't need inventory on the lot anymore. we are learning to turn cars
7:42 am
quicker out of necessity so it is good for the dealers not to carry that inventory, keep the product more fresh and it is good for clients because they get what they want. we are leaning into that. as i mentioned earlier our orders are double year-over-year and we see this as a modernization approach so we plan to continue building this and keep using it as we go forward. maria: we will leave it there. great to catch up with you. thanks for the info. thank you so much, see you soon. quick break and then looking to the past for answers to the future. how a prediction from 1982 led to a bull market and what we can learn from it today and losing weight with videogames. how gaming can burn the calories, making a buzz this morning. you are watching "mornings with maria" on foxbusiness. so you only pay for what you need.
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7:46 am
maria: in 1982 my next guest spot a global bull market when he predicted interest rates with the following. henry kaufman talks about the day the markets record and lessons for today they can be learned from it. thanks for being here and congratulations on the book. tell me what spurred you to
7:47 am
understand what would take place with interest rates and why you knew it would spark a rally that it did. >> what third me is i was with a very prominent firm at the time, salomon brothers. we were at the center of the financial markets and more important we've been talking the markets for a long time. interest rate analysis and related to the economy. that led me to conclude the federal reserve said we continue to ease substantially. and it did occur. maria: so what do you see in terms of the backdrop and apply the same sentiments in terms, i ask what is the bond market telling us given the huge drop
7:48 am
in yields as we know the federal reserve is ready to raise interest rates at some point soon, your thoughts. >> what the situation is telling you today, there is a substantial abundance of credit available to the markets. a juxtaposition to 1982 and today interest rates are low. credit is readily available, the central bank is very accommodating which it wasn't back in 1982 and at the same time we are having a pandemic which we didn't have in 1982 as you know. maria: if you are looking for long-term gains in stocks i remember back in the day you were specializing in economic
7:49 am
financial consulting you got the name doctor doom. your thoughts on the backdrop and whether or not we've seen peak growth. >> policy is very much dominated not by the fed but by fiscal policy. the dominance of the government today compared to the dominance of the government in 1982 is far far greater. overcoming the pandemic is difficult for any economist to forecast the this is a period in which government involvement is increasingly prominent and that means there are from time to time restraints on the economic and financial system. the tie between the federal reserve and us treasury is
7:50 am
closer than ever at the present time. the desire of the federal reserve to do what it can to get over this pandemic but in that desire is making credit abundantly available and creating future credit conditions where many participants would be heavily indebted rather than readily available for the economic recovery. maria: not to mention the incredible debt your taking on with the spending going on in washington so how would you allocate capital today when we have these head winds coming at us, whether the potential for more spending and higher taxes coming. if we see capital gains to 43% i don't know what you think the stock market will do but your thoughts on what is coming? >> i believe what is coming is
7:51 am
governmental and the monetary intervention into the financial system and the economic system. the big driver for the period ahead will be fiscal policy where an expansion will take place that is rather unprecedented in the postwar period. having said that we are in a situation where the economic recovery taking place will not have the vigor of past cyclical economic expansions which we had in the post-world war ii period. maria: we will leave it there, a lot of information to take in and we will look at the impact on investing over the long-term. we will keep watching that, doctor henry kaufman. stay with us, we will be right back, donald trump will join me
7:52 am
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all while controlling stress and emotional eating. at last, a diet pill that actually works. go to to get yours. maria: this week on "mornings with maria" the border patrol calling the surge of the biggest crisis in 30 years. mark burnohvic here and robert kaplan's response to skyrocketing members of inflation on "mornings with maria". dagen: time for morning buzz, creative way to burn calories. a new study showed 2 hours of gaming, playing video games can burn 200 calories, the equivalent doing 1000 setups,
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maria: welcome back. good wednesday morning. thanks so much for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo. it is wednesday, august 18 top stories right now 8:00 a.m. on the east coast, crisis in the afghanistan reaches a fever you pitch president biden cutting vacation short as the taliban take over sends region spiraling into chaos thousands americans are left behind as militants surround airport making it virtually ambassadorship for safe
8:01 am
passage home between 10 and 40,000 estimated americans still there in afghanistan. president donald j. trump here will join me coming up with reaction to what has taken place in afghanistan and reaction to president biden's agenda. markets this morning are searching for some direction take a look, the dow industrials right now under selling pressure down 54 points s&p 500 down 2 3/4 nasdaq up 12 1/4 this after yesterday's tumble, the dow s&p 500 both snap a 5-day winning streak yesterday following weak jewel retail sales dow industrials down 282 at the close nasdaq down 137 s&p 500 weaker by 31 european markets this morning are also ticking lower, take a look at the eurozone, indices ft 100 down 21 cac quarante down 22 dax lower by a fraction, here the markets are off worst levels of the morning in asia overnighted green across the board, china was best performer overnight off better than 1% shanghai composite,
8:02 am
"mornings with maria" is live right now. . now some top stories that we are watching this morning, president biden says he will cut his vacation short, amid growing backlash over handling of the crisis in afghanistan, many top taliban leaders ringer to kabul seek to govern after two decades fighting in shadows. state department telling americans trapped there to quote shelter in place. the biden administration, says its negotiating with taliban on safe evacuations, there are reports however this morning new reports that people are trying to headache their way to the airport getting beaten up, despite taliban's promise to provide safe passage for anyone who wants to leave. taliban militants reportedly shot killed a woman for going out in public without a burqa on her headed this after punl pledging to respect women's rights. >> back in u.s. the government
8:03 am
is extending the mask mandate for transportation until january 18 includes onboard all planes trains buses requirement originally to expire next month will now, be extended. and reverberation of haiti, tropical storm grace washing out a camp for haitians after saturday's deadly quake raising riching floods mudslides rescue crews keep up search for survivors delta toll in haiti more than 1900 people dead hospitals overwhelmed as they treat nearly 10,000 people injured in that earthquake. we want to look at crisis in afghanistan discuss president biden's speech lee he carter dagen mcdowell with us this morning, lee i know you did after president's speech he
8:04 am
talked, of course, about the afghanistan situation, where he defended his moves amidst growing criticism of handling of this worsening saying whats are you learned from dial that you have done in terms of the public specification of president biden. >> he did not do a good job kwing american people his decision was the right decision, in fact, i would say that even democrats were disappointed in his response and independents and republicans in many ways horrified what they heard expedient majority of time defending the decision to withdraw from iraq withdraw from afghanistan most people didn't agree with that wanted to understand how did this happen don't tell us why you did it tell us why it happened this way horrifying, they wanted to hear that and really people overall disappointed that he didn't take
8:05 am
responsibility instead blaming afghanistan -- >> i think you make all very good points, we are going to talk about that, with the 45th president of the united states right now president donald j. trump on phone mr. president thanks very much for being here. >> thank you, maria. maria: mr. president you heard what lee found from her dials, i guess you had a conditions based plan, to take the troops out of afghanistan, now the government is down taliban has taken over completely. your thoughts on what went wrong. >> well first of all, i watched lee for a long time and she is fantastic, usually gives good numbers but when she doesn't i don't like her as much that is okay. i think a great job very interesting to watch it is a mess it is a mess like nobody has ever seen the most embarrassing moment in our --
8:06 am
u.s. a military defeat a psychological defeat russia, china kim jong-un, north korea watching this disaster laughing at us having a good time. europe is laughing europe has been very tough to deal with, europe is as bad as china in many ways in terms of trade, certainly in terms of ripping us off on military and europe is watching this, and they are laughing, they are all laughing. not funny for us but funny for them so badly handled. >> a very serious situation, for those people left behind mr. president. >> maria you don't take military out -- that is -- >> people there. >> maria you don't take military -- first take military out last like captain jumping off the ship as ship is you sinking crazy he says i am getting out of here just to get you take people off first
8:07 am
always americans first as far as i am concerned i don't know maybe i am old-fashioned always americans first, then we will take some people that helped us, but, you know, we can't take hundreds of thousands of people and then have their families, this -- highly paid people knew what they were doing whoever heard of this you are in the a war then take everybody with you? this is crazy what they are doing what they are suggesting, but you got to get people out. you got to get them out first. then tick your equipment out after the equipment is out, you bomb the hell out of the fort so nobody else can use them i was going to do that i said i want every port that will takeplane two hours bomb the hell out of them now being used by -- the taliban, not even believable. but we took the -- now we are trying to put soldiers back in maria, fighters great fighters look they made the soviet
8:08 am
union russia, you know that they made the soviet union russia. meaning, smaller. and we can't have this. so we have to take -- too late now but you have to take the soldiers out first, and then out, out first into the field. you have to take them back so that everybody is protected. the people have to come out of the country first. then you got to get all your equipment we have billions of dollars of equipment brand-new black hawk helicopters, everything, last to come out has to be the soldiers and i frankly would have bombed every won of the ports, because you knew they weren't going to -- if you go back to my statement from five or six years ago, i said ghani is a crook one hundred percent magnificent palace -- look leaving with all the cash. ghani is a crook one hundred percent will never last but had a tremendous control over
8:09 am
the united states senate. his sole power for office was he controls us through u.s. senate. he made a living off the united states senate i will tell you what i have never seen anything like it every time you wanted to do something you get a call from five senators ghani was a crook -- we will talk about it some day but the level of -- power he had over united states senate had more power than anybody that is all he did focused on the senate. too bad. maria: a i mean, i want to ask you about the global implications for this mr. president, because one of china's official newspapers the global times monday questioned whether united states would can have taiwan in conflict after collapse of afghanistan obviously, many people looking at this trying to understand what this means for the future. of the u.s.'s foreign policy. given the messy american
8:10 am
exited from kabul, do you expect that the u.s. would be there to defend taiwan should ccp decide to use this moment and -- -- taiwan? >> when i was president -- first very first meeting i had with them when i was president i told him you cannot do anything with respect to the taiwan. it is taboo you cannot do it nothing it will be met with force i said much tougher, by the way, i don't want to do that on the phone i want to be respectful i had a good relationship with president xi i said do you understand he said i understand we had understanding never a threat in four years did taiwan never a threat you never heard about taiwan, with china going in -- as soon as we have rigged election, then they go all of a sudden, flying 28 are bombers over taiwan, two weeks
8:11 am
ago 28 bombers flying, today i heard they had bombers flying over taiwan i mean you know doing that for health? i don't think so i think taiwan in serious trouble they have no respect for biden they have no respect for this administration now no respect for the country they respected is again like never respected us before i took billions and billions of dollars out in tariffs i charged them money, they always used to say no more tariff i he they gave up used to be they would be cool say we don't mind tariffs want -- then, no more tariffs you can't do this no more tariffs i took tens of billions of dollars out of tariffs. no president ever took anything out i made south korea pay for their military i did things i did things nobody ever did nobody wants to write about it, because ee but we did south korea was paying for their military i was going to
8:12 am
get japan to pay for their military, we were doing things, you know about it, you know about things i would tell you about things we did things nobody ever did, hey, we had greatest wall the greatest, by the way, wall could be finished in a month they don't want to finish it, it would have been built sooner i had to defend two 1/2 years worth of lawsuits you know on the wall, congress. -- >> i am going to get to the wall, but i want to stay on china i want to stay on china for a moment. i know that you had a very tough stance on the chinese communist party bad behavior. and you put rules in place, you even supported a bill to ban investing in chinese companies but, you know, it is a different story today mr. president you you've got a number of financial service companies have been given licenses as a result of the trade deal, that you engineered, with beijing, now you've got blackrock for one telling its investors they need to up their investing in
8:13 am
chinese companies by three times i spoke with jamie dimon about national security threat china poses listen to what jamie dimon about two weeks ago on this program watch. >> the national security issue, i think is real. and when i said you are jamie dimon i meant i know you for a long time you are not in it just for money or is it just about money. >> o, of course, not i am patriot before i worry about money jpmorgan per se you should imagine that he foreign policy, of united states, is set by the government of the united states. if you start telling companies they should be own foreign policies you are making -- 49 states. maria: what are your thoughts mr. president, in terms of operating in china, we foe that investors just lost a trillion dollars at the worst in month of july.
8:14 am
because those chinese companies do not adhere to american standards, in terms of accounting so we really don't know if earnings are real or if they are subsidized by ccp. >> many companies like huawei i wouldn't get come into this country got other countries not to do it jamie dimon is not a patriot not to me he is not he is out to make a buck for his company i have seen him i know him well he is no patriot he not to me he is not he is a patriot to stockl holders you have to do what you have to do, china is not our friend, all right? they are not our friend. and they were coming into line niles i was tariffing like you wouldn't believe and sanioning like you wouldn't believe frankly europe if you think europe our friend jamie dimon is good compared to europe europe is not a friend of
8:15 am
ours, europe takes advantage of us don't apply our product don't buy our cars we buy are mercedes-benz by million they don't buy when was last time you saw chevrolet or ford in by a joining, could you -- beijing when was last time you saw them barrel in last time you see them in france they don't buy our products our foreign products we have a tremendous deficit with europe 180 billion dollars think of that. nobody ever talks about europe they say oh, wonderful europe they want to do the tax all sorts of taxes, i met one tax with a very -- i said that is fine, i will just put a tax on your wine, and going to put -- all people failed in government they were doing tremendous internet for them i said no, we want to tax those companies they are our companies i said you know what i am going to do i am going to put a wine tax a champagne tax
8:16 am
on, and as soon as i did that we -- now they are going to put back because nobody to buy them these guys don't -- there is something wrong disgrace. >> a do you still believe that investors should avoid investing in chinese companies these changes you talked about could be tied to chinese military the goal is to overtake united states as number one superpower. >> -- relations with china, covid hurt very bad i had a great republican with president xi as good as anybody ever had, really a good relationship. i spent a lot of time with him. i was over there, he toured me in china places unbelievable i said, are would be efficiently if we ever fought a terrible thing if beautiful places were ever blown up i said that to him he looked at me said we are dealing with a different character here but toured me all over china with
8:17 am
first lady it was beautiful we had a great relationship, and then -- i made great that is why bombers are making so much money, manufacturers a great deal i don't talk about it when it covid came in chinese virus when chinese virus came in that was so much bigger than anything else, i mean they owe us 20 trillion dollars, we could never recapture the debt. they owe us 20 trillion dollars, frankly they owe the world another 25 billion dollars, of course, they can't afford. but so it is -- >> they covered -- >> probably by accident probably by incompetence did you know chinese are incompetent too like biden is incompetent the way he did that afghan situation that was so income pently handled i was with john last night discussed it in great detail. >> i want to ask you about that presidentp you know the
8:18 am
biden administration is blaming you and your administration, for they said inherited the situation with whether went wrong where he went wrong? he went wrong when born as far as i am concerned look at what he has done foreign policy has been a disaster for everything he ever done the secretary of defense and i guess secretary of state some point knew him better than anybody said he never made a good decision on foreign policy everything was a disaster no, he is a disaster, his people don't know what they are doing. they need help. they need help. if you think this ends yesterday night that is just the beginning. the taliban are tough and great negotiators you ought to get people out of there can you imagine having military go home, and leaving all those people? that is called lamb being led to slaughter your military --
8:19 am
he forgot to let civilians out forgot to protect comle embassy spent a billion dollars battleground the really -- embassy now guys occupying our embassy they took everything. >> are we supposed to recognize are we supposed to recognize the taliban even though this looks like a coup was this a coup? and we are supposed to recognize them? >> to recognize, the taliban as leadership of afghanistan. >> this was was a coup of incompetent people unfortunately our leadership was incompetent people they took over a country in one day, in one day. no. i had a very hard deal with them it was conditioned, i spoke to the i spoke to the boss i spoke to the head man, and, frankly, i got along with
8:20 am
him great but i also told him first just like i got along with kim jong-un if it wasn't for me you would have been in nuclear war with kim jong-un, obama expected it okay he said there is no way you are going to stop it, i said have you called him? have you spoken to him. >> no i haven't, you are going to war you never spoke to him? let me till maria great -- kim jong-un stopped nuclear war no problems now didn't like biden here we go again biden is not going to be able to handle it. he is too smart. >> we are about 20 years from september 11, amazing 20 years i was there you were there we watched this fatal attack the worst on our country, are we safer today or less safe going into this 20-year anniversary of 9/11? >> we'll now you are less safe, because what happened is there is no respect for our country, biden in six months
8:21 am
has destroyed the respect. you know. the border is incompetent totally incompetent we had strongest border now weakest border drugs pouring in people pouring in unchecked all you had to do was go to beach don't do anything we had best border ever had, so i looked at that, how incompetent it is, i mean criminals pouring into our country through border now you have afghanistan. this is worse. this makes the border look like baby food this is much worse situation, you know again taliban is naturally tough fighting 2000 years that is what they do you go to hairdresser make yourself beautiful other people do other things all they do is fight that is all they do that is what they want to do this is what -- >> do you recognize them as new leadership are we supposed to recognize the taliban as new -- leader of afghanistan now? that is a coup. >> if we had a president who
8:22 am
knew because the president has the power through the presidency, to do something, very good. but we've let them gain you know 19 steps out of 20 they took over the country in one day! because we moved our soldiers out we didn't have to move, so i was going to do it i was going i want to be out these guys say stay there like i was listening to mitch last night said only one percent of military, that is so wrong. we spent 40 billion dollars a year over, 40 billion 42 billion dollars a year big percentage of military russia sends 50 billion dollars a year on military. we spend 42 billion dollars a year just little afghanistan. okay? but we wasted it. maria: really good point, that is really good point raising i want to bring it forward. because. >> people like -- >> -- >> -- mr. president just -- put together a budget mr. president it doesn't have
8:23 am
any increase in spending on defense spending doesn't have any increase in spending for to the homeland security, and i'm wondering if he is going to be able to get his economic plans through given the -- disaster that has taken place in afghanistan. your thoughts on -- really bernie sanders' budget much spending on green economy but no increases in defense inspecting or on the homeland. >> we are spending on a ridiculous green newly deal china is not spending on that china is opening up their -- burning coal burning plants all over the place one a week. china is not doing it russia is not doing it india is not doing it india must have a lot of -- great relationship with the president 37 great, great. but i tell you india not doing it none of them -- look, we are cleaning america but no other country is doing it.
8:24 am
you know you have a big planet out there we are one little small piece of land, if it is clean good but if china is still convincedians russia all others see what is coming out of africa you see what comes over to los angeles, and he 10 foot thick garbage we clean up all the time i think -- pacific ocean floats over lands on beaches of los angeles, and then we talk about the environment. we are -- we are such fools in this country. such fools, so bad. maria: i want to ask you about the republicans i am glad you mentioned mitch mcconnell because, the republicans i believe 18 or 19 republicans agreed to this infrastructure plan mr. president. each though the biden administration has yet to acknowledge the crisis at the border, we are talking about 7,000 people being apprehended every day, if you look at july numbers 212,000 people apprehended in month of july
8:25 am
and these 19 gop senators agreed to spend money on infrastructure, and open the door to a 3 1/2 trillion, really 5 1/2 trillion dollars reconciliation package even though they got no promises on border no comments swaefr be fentanyl into this country 93,000 doses of fentanyl you're thoughts what republicans got us into with infrastructure vote. >> it is a shame that the republicans did it, it was led by mitch mcconnell, note a leader you know that known that for a long time, i have i have known for the a long time i am the one got him elected with when i endorsed him, i endorsed him went up 20 points in kentucky, i love kentucky if they like me, i shouldn't have done it i should have taken him out in primary i could have done we had a guy could have absolutely beat him easily much mitch doesn't know i heard yesterday he said less than 1% our budget in that --
8:26 am
we spent 40 billion dollars in afghanistan, it is a fortune for our country those like 20 say liz cheney doesn't know she is alive, mitch mcconnell say there forever you can't say that here is a problem withdrawing is the right thing to do, but the way they withdrew will go down in infamy, there has never been a worse withdrawal there has never been a more super stupid group of people doing a withdrawal this is unbelievable military leaves first then they say oh, we have to go back civilians talking about very, very hostile people people that are now saying we have 40,000 american hostages what are we going to do with them if you think this ended yesterday? you haven't seen anything, this is going to be nothing
8:27 am
compared to, jimmy carter with hostages he lost because of it, jimmy karter with hostages is a peanut. a good term when talking about jimmy karter is a peanut compared to what is happening here they have 40,000 people, not to mention all the other of a gaps supposed to help, and you know our country can't take in hundreds of thousands of people can't do that physically now letting in half 6 afghanistan when you go into afghanistan you hire people you pay them. if it doesn't work out it is you take everybody, wants to come to america, you know doesn't work that way, if you look -- at this immensely and have very, very expensive mr. president 1.1 million praens at southern border year-to-date judge overturned
8:28 am
the remain in mexico policy ub do you believe mexico will comply what about return to mexico federal judge ruling biden administration already applied for appeal to this, but you the they are supposed to put back in place the remain in mexico, don't we need the mexican authorities to agree to that? will they comply. >> i doubt members -- my relationship with president a great job outstanding i got him to do it i don't think biden is going to get him to do it he has no respect for biden they have no respect for biden i got them to put 28,000 soldiers while building the wall so people don't come in. we had best numbers in the history of the border stopped drugs by 78% weren't coming in it was amazing nobody ever seen anything like it, then thee rigged election we have a different president all you have to do so rigged shows how important elections are this was election we won every one of those states it was a disgrace what happened.
8:29 am
so they rigged the election now we will see what happens but people are really angry they are really angry, it is ashame, but -- he is killing our country. maria: now -- >> he is killing our country. maria: i'm wondering if we are going to live in feather until midterm elects so mail-in ballots are standard i want your take needing proof the to go into restaurants oppose of vaccine to go into certain stores your thoughts whether we are with new mask mandates coming back, and now the fda has approved a booster shot administration getting set to recommend third shot for fully vaccinated would you get a booster shot. >> let me tell you i'm very proud of the vaccines vaccines weren't supposed to happen three to five years i brought fda in, nobody talked to fda like i did don't like me very much we have a vaccine saving
8:30 am
millions of lives throughout the world i think we've a spanish flu situation like 1917. i really do, i believe that, maybe 100 million people, 50 million a hundred million people like that, so i'm very proud of the vaccine i have taken vaccine very, very proud of it at the same time some people don't want to take it, you know when i was president, you didn't have this problem with people not wanting to take it they don't take it because they don't trust biden they don't trust the biden administration. when i was president, you didn't have people protesting the vaccine if you just think back everybody wanted to get it we were giving out over a billion shots a day we had that rocking, he is now president, and doing a lousy job with coronavirus, coronavirus is back. if that happened to me came back -- i tell you when i left it watts virtually gone over, a past now coming back through the delta and i don't know if you even want to call it that
8:31 am
all you call it is china virus is back why doing this did a bab jobs with sars h1n1 very bad job joke of a job horrible job all of a sudden they said oh, he is doing so well i am the one did well got all equipment got vaccine i am the one that did well if it came back can you imagine if i were president it came back level where just as bad right now? in some cases? the press could decimate me. they don't even talk about it. >> look you've got breakthrough cases a white house not telling us if 2 pfizer shot or the moderna shot that people got that still getting covid let's face it, governor abbott in texas announced he has covid he was fully vaccinated now has covid. so what is going on with these breakthrough cases that we can't get any information about out of the white house? .
8:32 am
>> yeah they are going to have to issue it because there is one vaccine that works better, i will say this, some of these companies i won't use the name but i will at some point, they own the fda it is not johnson & johnson when they put maus on with johnson & johnson said going to pause it that set the vaccines back in terms of getting the shots as soon as they did that i said, what a bunch of fools, they put a pause on no reason, and the people don't know johnson & johnson, and all they know a pause that needs a vaccine maybe hurts, and that is when you started with thank you know the lack of people wanting to take it. i recommend to people take it i also recommend that you have your freedoms to do what you want to do. but it is -- it is a disgraceful situation one thing when you have vaccine, people that do and very small number relatively but people that do get it get better much quicker very important to know
8:33 am
don't get nearly as sick get better, lindsey graham is an example said if i didn't have this vaccine i would have died. maria: a great point i still come back to the idea i come back to the idea of a booster shot you are right vaccines work we have seen that. >> you know what that sounds like a money making operation, for for pfizer. >> how good a business if you are a businessman you say you know what let's give them another shot that is another 10 billion dollars. money coming in whole thing is crazy. doesn't -- you wouldn't think you would need a booster you know when first came out they were good for life. then they were good for a year or two i could see writing on wall i said the dollar signs in their eyes the guy that runs pfizer that announced day after election that he had the vaccine, we knew that, i knew
8:34 am
that. and people knew that. >> november 9, you are right a few days after election, mr. president i got to get your take on economic matters, i got to get your take on economic matters federal reserve, expected to start unwinding some easy money next few months, what kind of impact is this going to have on markets at the same time massive spend and tabs plans nancy pelosi pushing that a vote comes together, on infrastructure as well as 3 1/2, 5 1/2 trillion-dollar reconciliation plan give your take what this is going to do to the economy and stock market. >> well mitch mcconnell made a horrible miscalculation with 19 people on that plan it is 19 including mitch a horrible as usual a horrible -- he reminds me very much of biden, he made a horrible miscalculation on that deal. he wanted to be bipartisan,
8:35 am
people don't care if bipartisan they want good deals he got 19 people including himself to vote and to give them a victory they didn't have a victory a long time they were diceglie at border dying in afghanistan, they are dying all over the place the democrats. he wanted to give them a victory. why he wanted to before i them a victory? i don't know built he gave them a bad deal son-in-law 11%, infrastructure not infrastructure plan a green new deal plan, because they signed that going to be easy to get real beauty the one they really want 3 1/2 trillion based on offer this deal mitch mcconnell should be ashamed of himself he is a stupid man he said for a long time they gave biden victory he hasn't had a vick people can't believe it was reported great victory for the democrats, mitch mcconnell should be over thrown and --
8:36 am
and over thrown fast because senators -- he is leading them down a bad path we have -- to take back senate a big kit a lot of it because of me i get on do telephone calls teleconference calls i haven't lost one yet we won last night a congressional race in ohio, i have i think 122, and 2 mitch mcconnell is -- is hurting our party, very badly, that 19 person vote and those people and some of them are friends of mine those people have hurt her party very much hurt their nation shouldn't have done it. and they know it. maria: who is running things mr. president? i mean look you've got massive tax and spending plans, joe biden says he wants the capital gains update 33.4% -- >> he wants it to go to 43 to
8:37 am
finance green new deal by of aoc young woman would knows less about environment than five-year-old child okay a five-year-old child putting tremendous expense on companies companies not able to compete with china i had them competing with china because of -- they won't be able to compete with china, they won't be able to compete with europe, because we're going to be so screwed up with the green new deal stuff creating energy that costs 25 times more, you know how expensive wind is compared to what we have with natural gas other things? number one doesn't have power, number two intermittent, do you know how expensive wind is compared to natural gas when we essentially get for free, you know we have so much of it. they burn it at the top of the well we burn it we give it away, get it for nothing, it is clean.
8:38 am
it is great yet building windmills ruining land windmills all over the country going up all subsidized you can't build a windmill but subsidies the government is subsidizing ul this crap. >> is there a chance this massive misstep in afghanistan gets in the way of biden's economic agenda getting through? do you think now people will think twice about -- voting for this. >> there is a chance because i think he lost such credibility but he is not running government neighboring they have a kabul that runs government group 6 people. >> who is where you think it who is in charge. >> i don't want to say right now but they use their prosecutors, their people prosecutor people yet son doesn't get prosecuted take a look what he has done, how about the -- tapes a scandal most haven't seen it tapes came out on hunter a natural
8:39 am
scandal extremely illegal nobody is doing anything about it. they go after people that are republicans, they they go after republicans using -- >> you are talking about the most recent tape of hunter biden where he says his laptop was actually stolen from him -- the tape -- >> -- all he was sitting there with so many woman i don't know how the hell should he didn't have clothes on net did he would have been five years ago 10 years ago biggest scandal in history now they don't they don't put it on i am telling you this is communism, what they do they don't put things on, it is -- it is like something bad about biden don't put it on if something bad about me make it 10 times worse, are something good about me -- >> we know is that right, we know that, and i want to bring this up.
8:40 am
this is one of the issues i want to bring up with you, because look at this tweet that devin nunes posted yesterday showing the official twitter account of spokesman for us almost aic emirate of afghanistan we've got san actual twitter page for the spokesman for the taliban, allowed on twitter good to go the tweet all day long you are not you are the 45th president of the united states, and you you've been banned from twitter yet got propaganda from chinese chinese up there as well. global times xinhua recommending ccp -- they are fine they are all on twitter but you are not. >> i am on save america and doing great pb but they took me off twitter because i am right, hydroxy, they took me
8:41 am
off for innocent statement incredible they leave dictators on stone col killers we are going to win i am going to alabama this week making a speech, they said i said how big is the crowd they said anything you want, sir you can have 50,000, 100,000, 150. ul alabama wants to go to it i said keep it down to whatever we can have, you know like, we have the fairgrounds, holds a lot of people, the police are saying never seen anything like it, you know why? people are desperate foster help they say a man did not get elected legally they see this man who is president destroying our country. destroying our country. and know that better in an watched your show all the time i watch those numbers, and
8:42 am
what is happening we were energy independent six months ago today they are negotiating with opec opec just told them no. we were energy i filled up national oil reserve when oil was cheap i filled them up for almost nothing now they want the use that oil because they don't have oil want to take out oil that i just put in, it was empty 20 years i filled it in i got a great deal in oil when oil went down i said let's fill them up we did, some cheapest nobody ever talking about. in you they want to use oil that i just bought to make bring down price my price was 1.87 per gasoline now going to be over 5 dollars bigger. >> it has changed -- everything has changed mr. president, i don't think you would be going around the country doing rallies the not intending on throwing your hat in the resigning again mr. president are you going to
8:43 am
run in 2024? >> the campaign finance laws which are antiquated, and stupid, okay stupid, corrupt in a way but stupid doesn't allow me to tell you that, okay? 23 i tell that you a hole host of things happens when are bad i can't tell you i can tell you this i love our country, you are going to be very happy. [laughter]. >> mr. president we so appreciate you joining us this morning, we are certainly watching, and witnesses very serious dangerous situations in the america, right now, and good to tet your take on all of this very active six months. >> what you saw last two days is just the beginning of a long slaut they have us tough negotiators tough people good fighters even 7,000 soldiers we sent over there read about valley of death in
8:44 am
afghanistan. w. what they did to the british those 7,000 soldiers are in big danger. they should have gotten everybody out before we moved our military out, the most incompetent group of people i have ever seen, the dumbest thing i have ever seen the border was dumb but now this is this is 10 times dumber than the border even i didn't think anything could be more our country going to hell being run by incompetent people. >> mr. president thanks very much for being with me this morning we so appreciate it we hope you come back soon. president donald j. trump joining me this morning on the phone the president just talked about everything from the afghanistan, to china, to spending, and this upcoming big vote on the two spending and tax plans i want to now talk with fox news correspondent peter doocy before your action, to what we
8:45 am
heard from president trump let me commend you you are doing a hell of a job a fantastic job in white house pressroom every day moon willing pu people who have kourm leadership to call out hypocrisy, thank you from so many americans for the job you are doing. your reaction to what is taking place today. >> thank you for that maria, and i think the first reaction would be fascinating to hear president talk in great detail about president biden's foreign policy because the campaign and the transition were not about foreign policy at all. biden wanted the whole thing to be just about covid, and about donald trump, president trump was reacting in real time when he -- the social media account especially to all of that we have never really had exchange ofs vdz
8:46 am
why i had yaz between president biden and donald trump two debates one canceled when president trump many staff got sick being with coronavirus, but it is something now, nine months later, people are having a chance to go back and think and hear the way president trump wanted to do things, and especially enlightening president biden is trying to blame all this on him. maria: that is right, and the -- the president talked about his conditions based plans to get troops out and he made a point of saying, of course, you don't take military out first. you take the civilians out first now we are talking about the white house yesterday said how many peter 15,000 americans still on the ground in afghanistan? because there are estimate even higher than that. but the white house told you 15,000? >> yes, and they are saying they've got thousands american troops over there, in
8:47 am
afghanistan but they are just securing the air field, 15,000 americans are not at the air field right now sullivan national security adviser saying we're going to rely on taliban, taliban speaking to through back chaenels assuring us americans are going to have safe package that is entirely unclear right now, if that is going to be the case, because for the last 20 years, it hasn't been, and president biden returned late last night has been back-and-forth delaware camp david white house came back last night earlier than expected from the camp david, then we find out about toing to give -- today not about you afghanistan about the vaccinations effort, so white house is trying to control the message they want people to look over here while there is this uncontrollable situation happening over here that has world's attention. maria: that is right, and the
8:48 am
president president biden will not acknowledge any successes of the former administration he refuses to take blame for current state ofings afghanistan, yesterday yaefrl, they said that they are negotiating with taliban to get thousands of americans left in afghanistan safe passage but he he were inherited this situation your thoughts why this administration refuses to acknowledge policies under trump were working i am talking about border talking about you afghanistan talking about vaccines don't the noonl president trump rallied the pharma industry to ensure a vaccine win 10 months. >> that is something i know a lot of allies spending a about this more frequently want president biden to come out think would with help with vaccine hesitancy if biden would say thank you so much to
8:49 am
efforted of the previous administration to operation warp speed that has not materialized, and so, with vaccines with border, the -- president part of pitch and kamala harris as well saying it is so inhumane what is happening at border, throughout campaign they promised they were going to make things more humane what you see there more humane policies -- for everyone to see and decide if that is the case. and so, they made a point political point last year, just to -- offer a 180 degree change from the trump administration, and they are following through on their promises to do everything differently. no matter what the reality is at a mace -- with vacuum in
8:50 am
aviations i was talking with a border source tells me take resources from the other borders from northern border longest land border in the world u.s. to canada we are also taking resources from the coastal borders florida louisiana needing resources at southern border we know covid spiked at the border we also know that we're talking about 7,000 apprehensions a day petered. look at numbers 212,000 in july means 7,000 a day not including gotaways do they ignore your questions when you raise about crisis worsening at border when you are in that pressroom. >> luckily they still containing questions but i know last week or we can 1/2 ago or so i did ask jen psaki why it is that all these -- anybody that wants to travel to the united states
8:51 am
internationally by airplane has from two places, has to approve vaccination status or negative test whereas, there are however many you thousands people a day that up to southern border just walking into the country, and they are only tested we hear from border patrol sources, and they showed symptoms and then kind of just honor system they are released to ngo put at motel somewhere nobody is monitoring these folks. to see what goes on, and as we know for the first couple months a lot apprehended not given notices to paraphrase officials at border so overwhelmed, so the border is not just an immigration issue. it is also a covid issue. and that is one of the administration's has not had any -- real concrete solutions to yet, they have been putting
8:52 am
everything off covid related to nongovernmentalal organizations. maria: i mean look, i was told that they only test people who are they are testing a prgs of the people but those people who they've given ntr frngs notice of to report not tested reminds only testing a portion showing up adborder you raise issues every day what is it like being in white house pressroom with mainstream media may very well disagree with questions you are coming up, up you are holds power to fire that is why i complimented you beginning i know that repairs courage not easys how do you do it every day? what is it look being in that room every day. >> not always easy i try to have funny with it been on biden beat more than two years while a lot of the people at
8:53 am
-- covering last president i was with the president, now president, so, i do try to draw upon things that i heard him say even very early in the campaign like april of 2019. and presented to the press secretary make a sheet with backup material, because she is a great -- jen psaki always calls on us she will challenge the premise of some questions so you've got to have backup material or old quote or something, to present to her. and hopefully back-and-forth that we have are -- productive and people learn something about what this administration is trying to do that is kind of what we are hoping for every day. >> absolutely, well, look peter we we want you to get back at it congratulations thanks very much for being there, and ensuring that the questions are asked. to hold feet to the fire peter
8:54 am
doocy thank you so much peter doocy on lawn at the white house this morning, headed back into pressroom, dagen mcdowell, lee carter with us this morning, dagen your reaction to all that you've year-old er from the president and peter doocy. dagen: just listening to peter talk, i was, i had to remember that joe biden has intentionally broken things that were if i could by president trump. and i will start with the border. but, again, this is what you get when you vote fore personality i saw headline after headline get after quote remember the adults back in charge, the grown ups are back in charge, i guess being a septuagenarian president doesn't make you a grown-up because what -- what president biden has done, is has -- i mean he brought on this
8:55 am
reckless incompetent chaotic withdrawal from afghanistan from day one they have acted like american people are just stupid. and that they can lie to them, over and over and over again. again, vice president kamala harris talking about constitute rouses of this immigration crisis at the border, the cause is the policy coming out of the biden white house. and it just comes down to again in terms of how they view american people look over here what peter was talking about they are going to talk about the vaccine that is what they want to focus on, and the american people have seen what was going fron day one, you have to believe everything that joe biden said on the campaign trail remember transition away from oil industry he started that day one. in terms of handling -- president empathy turns out has known if this is what
8:56 am
people voted or? this is the behavior in terms of what is happening in you you go afghanistan and treatment of of our afghan allies and americans stuck there, this is the behavior of a sociopath. >> i looked at press schedule out of white house not a mention of afghanistan, it is all you know, daily guidance in the morning president will receive the presidential daily brief then in afternoon v.p. and president will receive a briefing from members white house covid response team make comments about it lee you've done dials what is most important to the people out there what are you getting from your polling? >> a right now all i've done afghanistan people want to know what is going on over there how we are going to fix the situation, it is absolutely a tragedy, when you look at joe biden's polling right now, he on friday
8:57 am
approval rating according to -- 53% on monday three days later dropped to 46% he lost 7 points over weekend before we saw the chilling images of people running after the plane, the plane filled with people coming over here people following from plane, even we had an't heard from joe biden himself that wasn't going to do favors i expect worse numbers in the coming days and weeks not just because of afghanistan, it is growing concern about inflation, increasingly concerned about the economy kreegly concerned about covid again. maria: we've got to jump i am having a hard time finding any policy that is positive for american people let's just say the elephant in the room stay with us. we'll be right back. . ctor.
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