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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  August 13, 2021 12:00am-1:00am EDT

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♪ larry: ronald reagan was the most consequential president in the second larry: ronald bragg was most consequential president of the h century, strength at home equal strength abroad. low taxes, king dollar equals prosperity. i am "kudlow", we will see you. ♪ ♪ >> here is a quote screw your freedom. wow. hollywood superstar former republican governor california, going viral for a rant about masks and vaccines. it is sparking a fierce debate about the balance between individual liberty and the greater good. hello everyone i am guy benson in for kennedy tonight. the terminator start with discussing the coronavirus and ripping into people who resist mandates. he called anti- masters of morons and shamrocks adding that refusing to wear a mask
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or to get vaccinated has nothing to do with freedom, watch. >> screw your freedom because with the freedom becomes obligation you cannot say i have the right when you affect other people. that is when it gets serious. you have to come together according to my principles if he has the freedom to wear a mask. you do not end up wearing a mask. >> okay there's a lot to unpack there, arnold has admitted he's an actor not a doctor. his critics are up in arms going him a communist and a traitor because we dial everything up to 11 here, don't we? was it screw your freedom rant fundamentally correct? or should he get to the chopper and fly away for good. let's meet tonight's party panel started with former
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republican congressman from wisconsin fox news contributor sean duffy. democratic pollster jessica tarlov and partners present author of persuasion, lee carter. lee i want to start with you. a lot of people understandably will just recoil immediately at anyone saying screw your freedom. so let's set that aside for a moment. does he have a point on personal responsibility? >> he has a point many people agree with. i think two thirds of americans agree with him. i think the reason this is getting so much attention is people on the right are people who are unlikely to want to mask up right now, feel that they have been ashamed, they are told are uneducated, they are morons. the point about the mask a mandate, more people have a right to be safe or to make the decision for themselves at this point. part of the problem here some
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back and forth so many times this rhetoric adds to the tension escalates to 11 and doesn't help the course at all you want to try to persuade people, i feel like a yelling screw your freedom to a bunch of americans may not land the way you hoped it might. >> especially the americans he is trying to change the minds. if he was yelling screw your freedom to a group of vaccine at loving liberals like myself we might be like yes actually could you please just maxed up, get the vaccine we can all go back to our lives people are concerned about what side effects may become the long-term effects of this.
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people who are long-term communities. one of the largest groups that are unvaccinated tend to vote democratic. not just a partyline game here. it does not necessarily help us spread the venting of that frustration is something that is really top of mind for many americans on both sides of this debate. i think people have the vaccine and have not had the vaccine, everybody is frustrated at this point they are being out in every which way. and frankly were couple weeks away from kids going back to school. we don't know what's going to happen. fights about mask mandate in states like florida and texas and people generally scared for most vulnerable who are now our children, now that the seniors have been vaccinated. guy: think you're right on frustration preached on some of that frustration arises from a fundamental lack of trust that exist among many americans right now. part of that can be traced back i think two people being told that certain things are
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misinformation. and then those things turn out to be viable or in factory. this is the story that broke earlier. there is a scientist at the w.h.o. who is now admitting that the lab leak theory that was dismissed, banned and censored as misinformation is now a probable hypothesis pretty also admitted the chinese and government, the ccp pressured the w.h.o. to ignore this theory. we aren't looking at misinformation and debates over that and all of this frustration and the whole world has been turned upside down for your health, this really is quite relevant too. >> the information we have grown from our government. that tells us listen we were pressured by the chinese to disregard the lab leak theory. we actually succumbed to that pressure. to dismiss the theory as well just like w.h.o.
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what pressure did they cave to to the chinese as well? we don't trust the information. arnold schwarzenegger the terminator was an immigrant to this country. use that freedom in america to become incredibly wealthy. for the rest of cases screw our freedom? screw you arnold. reminds me of a quote to those who give up their essential to put up their temporary safety deserve neither liberty or safety. that's what so many americans are fighting for their liberty and saying listen i want to give up a little bit of safety for. >> these battles are not over. the screw your freedom minus little harsher than what we've heard from fauci panel, stick around. covered cases in children, now
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rising among the current delta surge. children's hospitals are feeling the impact. hospitals admitted 1400 children nationwide with covid-19 this past week. medical workers in places like louisiana and texas are warning some kids hospitals might run out of beds. all of this playing out as the aforementioned doctor fauci saying covid booster shots for adults could be coming soon, listen here. >> inevitably there will be a time we will have to give boost. right this time other than the immune compromise were not going to giving boosters to people. but we will be following them very carefully. they shall in fact the degree of protection has gone down below critical level when you're going to be hearing about the implementation of boosters. >> fair enough some countries are moving in that direction, israel in the uk. kids, we mention them before. kids particular under 12 cannot get the shot yet their
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calls going for the government to fast-track approval on that front. what's the best way fox news contributor author of panic attack dr. nicole saphier doctor have to thank you iou a drink you're very fantastic thank you for that guidance a few weeks ago. >> absolutely. and here we are together again because those breakthrough cases and folate vaccinated are overwhelmingly like an annoying summer cold which you can attest too. >> was talk about children. based on the medical evidence that what you have seen, is the delta variant more dangerous for children than proved previous iterations are variants of covid?
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what guys this is important to get rights. we have to know by looking at the data not just the u.s. data looking at the data from other countries, israel, uk and more there are rising cases of sars covid two in children but because they are cases it's leading to more illness more hospitalizations. the number of children have been hospitalized has increased. we look at the rate of hospitalization that has actually gone down. it's about a 2% hospitalization rate in children that is now down to 1%. if you turn on the headlines you think children from covid-19. here's the thing the children less than 18 still make up the smallest percentage of people who are hospitalized right now but with covid-19. that has not changed. the feeling was coming out of texas children's hospital they
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have 45 children hospitalized with covid-19. over half of them have confirmed rsv infections. rsv's and other respiratory virus. every parent knows what rsv is. rsv and young children has a six time higher rate of hospitalization than sars covid two. it would behoove the cdc, these hospitals to determine are these children actually being admitted because of covid-19, for his covid-19 or sars covid to an incidental finding in children being hospitalized. for some reason the cdc is incapable of telling us this. kat: though the whole mask debate of children in schools really look abroad about where it's going really well. have a get nasty fight among us here in the u.s. doctor woody think about these booster shots and who should be eligible for them first if they are necessary at all. >> we are seeing specifically
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in our older population is over 55. specifically with organ transplant, israel has already started boosting so is the uk as you've seen a booster shot and those two are the higher risk is probably the right way to go. as far as the general population i think that the sea were the fall and winter come. while antibody may drop there will be t cells but provides them immunity for as long as our break cases are milder booster shots not warranted for the general population review starts and more severe break this afternoon starts on my booster shots by. >> will watch the data very carefully. doctor safire appreciated. coming up, the taliban on the verge of taking over afghanistan. now the pentagon sitting thousands of u.s. troops back to the country. is this so called forever war coming to an end? and at what cost? plus huge news to the free britney movement.
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guy: that did not take the dog with the pentagon announcing an impartial about-face in afghanistan for 3000 troops argued at the airport in kabul to help evacuate embassy personnel and special immigrants from the country. pentagon spokesman john kirby said this is a limited mission and nothing more. >> isn't this ironic that in order to get out at 2500 you're having to ramp up significantly? >> no i don't share your view of the irony. this is a very temporary admission for very specific purpose. that is a big difference in saying you are deploying 48, nine, 12 months, forces to stabilize afghanistan which we've been doing for the last
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20 years but this is a very narrowly defined mission for. >> all the while taliban forces and captured a dozen cities and roughly a week. locals report beheadings and kidnappings young girls to provide forced brides to tell bad fighters. all this of the 20th anniversary of 911 is just about a month away. could there be a taliban flag flying over the u.s. embassy by september 11, 2021 question would join a former cia officer radio host buck sexton. but, as you watch these images this reporting late in the day the second largest is now under control you see these pictures and videos. watch these reports coming across the wire. what do americans at home who might be grappling with perhaps mixed emotion, what do they need to know?
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>> are so much that's in conflict with each other. at one guy, i was in afghanistan a month ago. if you would have asked me then i would've told you the moment the u.s. pulls out the surprise is not how rapid it has been. people would have expected a trillion dollars, countless tens of billions of dollars of mentoring and a chilean in the overall war effort we would expect to the afghan allies to last a bit longer than this. i think this has to be remembered was something the trump administration wanted to do. there is a bipartisan sense it was time to go. but the withdrawal is about as awful and messy it seems right now as it could possibly be from the perspective of security in afghanistan. what an absolute debacle. we have to think about the possibility, i note no one wants to hear this we are all
12:19 am
thinking about it, is this going to get so bad is the taliban are they going to bring in al qaeda again? >> it's like the cycle begins again which is why we were in there in the first place. but to your point about how quickly it looks like the afghan forces and the government have melted away and been completely overrun, is that perhaps an indication after 20 years this was never going to work? there is a humanitarian catastrophe underway. this feels like humiliation for us. it does given so much blood and treasure that has been spent there. never the less the results are speaking for themselves basis adding fuel to the argument we should have gotten out a long time ago? all of the extra years apparently did not achieve it very much which is a horrible thing to say but here we are. >> as i said, the assessment even at the start of the first obama term which is when i was handling afghanistan issues at
12:20 am
the ci afghanistan desk, those assessments with the throughout the government intelligence community we all knew there were tremendous problems. afghan national police people are wondering how was it we get so many cycles of military leadership in a few thousand hold us together. but does not translate into the afghan army. her coming in saying we figured out we are making progress. they obviously weren't making progress. we need to look at that as well. and the possibility of having to go back into no one wants to hear that something we have to consider per.
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>> it is gut wrenching. people have sacrificed so much, americans and that country think about the people in afghanistan. >> buck i appreciate you coming on thank you. coming on the outgoing border patrol chief conceit situation on the southern order a national security crisis. legally crossed into america last month alone. will the white house ever change course as their policy crash and burn? sounding alarm bells about his final days in office but what could go wrong in just 12 days? days? that is ahead yeah, i mean the thing is, people like geico because it's just easy. bundling for example. you've got car insurance here. and home insurance here. why not... schuuuuzp.. put them together. save even more. some things are just better together, aren't they? like tea and crumpets.
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>> the crisis at the borders.slowing down, just the opposite effect. this despite record summer
12:26 am
heat. july's migrant encounters at the border increased 13% over june. these are numbers that usually drop as summer sizzles, not this year end not under this president. outgoing border patrol chief rodney scott said the crisis is officially a danger to the nation, watch this. >> over and over again i see other people talk about our mission, your mission in the context of it being immigration or the current crisis today being an immigration crisis. i challenge you, i firmly believe it is a national security crisis request even joe biden's cannot spin this debacle. >> the situation at the border is one of the toughest challenges we face. it is complicated, changing, and involves of vulnerable people at a time of a global pandemic too. >> what is it going to take if anything for joe biden kamala harris to admit failure and
12:27 am
shift gears, are they even capable of that? sean, they told us this would be seasonal. when it got really hot outside the numbers would come down, that is not happen. 212,000 encounters and detentions at the border in july alone. tens of thousands more that we know if that got away. xes has report out indicating 50000 illegal immigrants were simply released into the united states with no court date which is unprecedented. this message keeps getting worse and it seems like the biden administration is going to close their eyes and wish this thing away. >> i don't think they want to wish it away. this was the intent of the policy. it is not complicated as you put donald trump had policies that secured the board up or they could go back to those policies and it gets really simple again. we talked in the last segments have to have vaccine passports. we have people coming across
12:28 am
the border who don't have vaccines at all they have covid. we are sending them around the country with covidovidovidovidof remomomo acariri we d d know k iwfou y yrugav traffickerckor hs an sumggleumlm tsts tstsin c int tcoun y. ity.yas to biden st ill wo d t thao tt. ne n >> y c tce un picnhenn inutf l texasastohingtontoam %%fs they sent them to another city worried about the hospitals overflowing. we do not want to blame immigrants for covid, that is not what is happening here. it's a bit much to see the biden white house wagging the finger at texas and blaming
12:29 am
the governor down there when this is happening at the southern border. this is the biden policy at work. >> i appreciate you started with we don't want to blame immigrants for the covid crisis. it is certainly not -- we should be helping as many people as we can when it comes to this illness obviously for immunocompromised groups and elderly people have a higher chance of passing away from it. it is undoubtedly a problem. if we also have to limit locked out like in new york city and in northern virginia for instance we need to have facilities that are covid facilities where people can go there and be separated from healthy populations from other immigrants will they await their court date or wherever they are to go. in terms of the biden administration is not your fault this crisis i do not buy that. there are a few policies, many of which i disagree with i hope will be back like the remain in mexico policy. i think that was a really useful one.
12:30 am
>> and the mexican president was all for it. went to vice president harris to be perfectly happy to reinstate that. i think we should start there, make sure everyone or as many people as possible we are receiving is healthy will may get here. and find some way. guy: we know that's not the case. you are right this is also a source of concerns with legitimate concerns, lee, briefly through a wooded site but the politics of this for the new fox poll shows present biden's approval rating on immigration massively underwater priest got 35% approval on this issue. is not a problem for democrats politically as we start looking towards next year? >> democrats have a number of problems. it's a 20 points lower than donald trump's approval rating was on immigration. across the board democrats
12:31 am
have remained two points ahead. while these specific issues are a real concern to americans, three quarters of americans are saying the immigration issue is a crisis. it's not translate an advantage for the republicans. this is bad, we are saying no. that is enough but also point out democrats under inform their pole. as a long way to go between now and next fall. with this as a nation for quite some time especially since the white house when it comes to policy and fixing something. in the meantime stay with us, and or, has 12 days left his gubernatorial tenure here in new york read some of his fellow partisans now claim he could do a lot of damage between now and then.
12:32 am
new york city mayor bill de blasio who hates, with the fire of a thousand is loving every minute of this. morning today new yorker should take eight keep eye on cuomo. the state is ready to move on now. former governor david paterson said it is suspicious that cuomo is hanging around for two more weeks. patterson added heat never trusted cuomo. it's wonderful they're all willing to finally say the step out loud. i guess it's safe now. at the same type new york republican congressman candidate for governor lee is eldon claims chris cuomo's in-laws attended one of his fundraisers. awkward. so many bad looks, so little time but here to break it down this fox news contributor and media reporter for the hill, joe concho. quickly on this thing from de blasio in patterson, i don't trust cuomo as far as i could throw them i have a very dim and cynical view of him. what is the theory about what is going to do and 12 days un- resigned? i am still confused.
12:33 am
>> with your bad knee you should not throw anybody. he said quote harrison buehler. a spokesperson playing the delay was to ensure an orderly transition at this critical time where key decisions still remain on covid-19, the delta variant and other significant challenges facing the state. , was stripped of his executive power uncovered six months ago. can people ever stop lying? was it written this particular statement by cuomo's top advisor chris cuomo? is he telling him to go down this route? >> by the way chris cuomo's on a paid vacation right never quit let's talk about chris and cnn. i am trying to figure out how they're going to push through this quagmire. they have created an ethical problem. they are now saying chris cuomo the chief of the
12:34 am
pandemic for hypocrisy or abuse of office or whatever have you, guests can bring up the hole in your cuomo scandal. the lease a part of it how do you get beyond this. i feel chris won't be able to respond to this criticism he is barred from talking about the issue. it just seems untenable. >> the chris cuomo stick every night 9:00 p.m. is to be as pious as possible and lecturing other people and what they are doing wrong and how he knows better. said >> people were not wearing masks with her outside in parks gathering together. meanwhile this guy was cited by his new york city apartment
12:35 am
complex for not wearing a mask while in an elevator. not even outside. or he faked his own quarantine like we talked before. even the police report was taken out against him by a 60 something-year-old guy who psalm 38 minutes from his home he lived in. he said what he doing outside and cuomo gets into verbal confrontation with embry goes on the air i don't know how he advised, this is not political advice he was giving. guy: it was specific on this issue. it was a damage control advice on me too staff. the idea this whole issue is going to go away is ludicrous. we will see how those adventures play out at cnn. job conscience thank you very much for coming up here on the program, prices going up at a record pace. as the economy because out of covid, might inflation kick us back into the ditch? jonas max ferris breaks it all
12:36 am
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guy: are currently paying more for nearly everything, you know this but according to the producer price index which said prices rose an average of 7.8% from july 2022 this year. it is the largest jump ever recorded on that metric. the prices in july of this year rose 1% almost double what analysts have predicted. but, the number of americans seeking unemployment benefits help for the third straight week. is the economy looking up or are these rising prices going to slow things back down? here with me in studio, which i'm very excited fund is max fox news contributor jonas max ferris. jonas it's been so lonely in this big studio. implied up summit with me here at the desk. let's talk about that benchmark, that metric 7.8%
12:41 am
price growth. is the biggest one on record. we keep hearing from the white house that inflation is transitory and mild. does this statistics perhaps complicate that narrative? >> in the old days, i was a lad the inflation would creep up on you over years but now stress overnight. it could mean we are coming -- looked nice to stop going up very soon for the transitory theory. there's a good theory behind that we were in this super crashed recession no one was buying anything. they gave everybody money there is a lot of spending going on from the government they created my they are still doing it which is why it's in a problem now it's not weak like it was last year but in theory of the federal reserve is right it's just going to level off now. i jumped off that is it. it keeps going, this already should have happened actually. it is a little nerve-racking investors still think it's going to level out. the expectation is about two
12:42 am
and half percent and see next five years is significantly lower than what we're seeing right now. this number particularly is the cost of being in business, like steel. you have to pass on to the consumer when you make a car or something else. not raise prices as much and have bad earnings that could happen as well but. >> job growth getting better, the markets roaring. there are dissonant notes in the economy right now for it yet in her new fox news poll the president is underwater and job approval on the economy. are you surprised he's taken that hit that fast? >> yes it is an improving job market. in general that's the main difference between the 80s and now, it is a good economy base it is improving. we would not want to see his prices going up like this and a sluggish job market. you have stagflation where the prices are going up to almost double digits.
12:43 am
we don't have that people are trying to hire there's not enough people for the jobs, some of that is there extending unemployment benefits and then the consumer is acting a little nuts in some ways. if used car prices go up rather than sit back they will buy more. they're going to bite before goes up even more read that can yield an ongoing price increase. you could see lumber go way up and crash it broke. everything is almost become like a stock market thing. i don't know when the consumer is going to ease back, when more people are going to come into work. more production is going to happen, what's going on with covid is not going to help either. it leads to a slowdown in your productivity which is more stuff -- left stuff made pre- >> all this is going up the door with more to come which is an inflation concern. look, the economy was fantastic in 2019. got hit by covid. you think biden could preside over a roaring recovery. so far it is mixed.
12:44 am
we'll be keeping an eye on it, quickly last word but. >> a big slide in the obama years they did not spend this much money coming out of the prices did not go way up the next year. guy: this is different pretty. >> nobody really knows with going to happen this is uncharted territory to be hope it settles down spout if it doesn't break. >> jonas thank you very much. coming up a breakthrough victory for britney spears tonight as she fights to end the conservatorship that has controlled her life for 13 years. is this new legal win with the free britney movement has been waiting for? we will discuss that next experience our advance standards safety technology on a full line of vehicles. at the lexus golden opportunity sales event. get 1.9% apr financing on the 2021 rx 350. experience amazing at your lexus dealer.
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guy: breaking tonight a major legal victory for britney spears her father jamie spears has agreed to step down as conservator of her estate. mr. spears has effectively controlled the singer's every move since 2008. he and his lawyer insists there are no actual grounds for removing him. that he believes he was just saving his daughter's life. but he now says a public battle with britney spears is not in her best interest. during britney's emotional testimony last month the popstar said she wants to press charges against her father.
12:49 am
the conservatorship allowed him to ruin her life. in response to mr. spears announcement today the singer's attorney fired 'looking for the vigorous investigation of the conduct over the past 13 years. he reaped millions of dollars from his daughter's estate. and i look forward to taking mr. spears a sworn deposition sean, jesse and lee. jessica if we did not cover that story tonight i was going to have my gay car suspended yet again. when you make sure we got to it in the final block of highly watch case is public opinion do this? >> think it absolute played a factor in this. i was one of the, before it came out about eight months ago at this point did not know
12:50 am
just how serious and extreme this case was at this point. i knew she was under conservatorship i thought everything was fine for her. not one of those people that looks at her instagram post for like the secrets behind what she is actually saying and what she's trying to signal to her fan base. i did not know about the pre-britney movement. this is undoubtedly a big deal. it was swayed by the fact of thousands of people those coming in with tv on the side of britney spears pretty specially once we heard harrowing detail she was not allowed to take out her own iud i don't think she'll be without a conservator. his father seems to have effect on her life. at her mental health. >> lee we don't know it's happening behind closed doors we don't have intricate details some of it seems
12:51 am
pretty messed up. >> it seems really messed up. this is one of those stories we can celebrate journalism. the documentary exposed to so much and told her story. so many people gave attention to this. she is getting freed. i think it is going to be interesting to see what happens from here. as there's a lot of damage that has been done to her. it's not like i think she's going to go on and live a completely normal life right now. but unbelievable what she's been through. i'm sure there's so much we don't know. >> shone quickly are you on # free britney that team? >> your gate card is in good standing, laminated. >> thank you. >> the woman is out there making millions of dollars it has caused mental anguish. give her her life back. you talk about mr. spears he stacking away from that.
12:52 am
he's known her best interest that he do so. speaking of questionable men, hunter biden back in the news. shockingly is not first saving puppies or charity drives. video service of hunter suspected drug dealer stole his laptop while he was passed out in a las vegas hotel room in 2018. according to the presidents on the laptop contain videos of him engaged in sexual acts and that he was concerned the alleged thieves would use those videos to blackmail him. if what hunter says in the video is true and accurate, this would be the third at laptop he is known to have lost containing sensitive personal information. regardless of the sexual content here, is it at national security concern that the president of the united states sun is apparently by his own admission eight target for blackmail. i guess follow up here, lee, is a hunter mailable at this point?
12:53 am
[laughter] i don't think so. what more can come out? the worst of it is out there it's really a terrible story, what a sad, sad story this man's life is. somebody needs to teach them to keep his hands on a laptop. i'm sure there's things you want to know about hunter biden. think this is a terrible story. >> i don't care about his life. i don't care about the stuff i do care about business dealings overseas and the knowledge or involvement of his father. sean, i am so old i member the conversation at the beginning of the show, miss information over the powers that be. turned out that laptop was legit. here it is another laptop and the president send back in the news. >> first so i don't know anyone who has lost one laptop
12:54 am
let alone three laptops. it's not just the stuff on the computers. what kind of dealings did hunter have with russia and china? if he's compromised joe biden can be compromised. meaning the president cannot cut good deals with america's bad deals with china and russia have real impact on people that live in my communities that need good trade deals pray they need good policy to make sure they keep their jobs, their wages and their families intact in rural america. this is really meaningful stuff. i think we should get to the bottom of it too. it is not a laughing matter. >> at one of the white house has considered calling it russian disinformation with no evidence to support it and hope the media again and big tech goes along with it. jesse, last question goes to you on this. are you willing to concede as a democrat that if this fact pattern applied to let's say don junior, the media appetite, the interest in this
12:55 am
story might be substantially higher, let's put it that way. >> i don't know. i am thinking about tapes for both of them i don't want to see either. [laughter] you can do it. >> i cannot do it, sean. listen, i have said this since the beginning. hunter biden's name is never been on a ballot. it will never be on a ballot. the american public decided knowing full well joe biden had a son who had a drug problem who abused prostitutes, had a child out of wedlock, et cetera. it was not enough to make it that they did not want to vote for joe biden. there's also deep investigations into it joe biden did in terms of going after burisma that country hunter biden was on the board of. >> there was ukraine, there was china, i don't think we ever got the bottom of it. one of the newspapers that covered it got suspended from
12:56 am
twitter, their entire account for even covering it. i do remember some of this stuff is not relevant and should not be to the president. some of that might be. the business dealings have always interest me far more than the personal issues. >> i would just add the only trade war that went on was donald trump versus try to break that is what hurt rural america. nothing joe biden has done. thirty-seven okay, snuck in that comment at the very end, panel we've got to run, sean, jessica, lee, they are (can crack) ♪ nothing on this planet compares to it ♪ ♪ don't you agree? ♪ (dog barking) ♪ don't you agree? ♪ ♪ lights out, follow the noise ♪ ♪ baby, keep on dancing like you ain't got a choice ♪ ♪ so come on, come on, come on ♪ ♪ let's get physical ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ let's get physical ♪ no one is just one flavor
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