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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  August 10, 2021 9:00am-12:00pm EDT

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maria: have a great day. "varney & co." begins right now. a take it away, stu. stuart: good morning. two hours from now, the vote begins on the trillion dollar infrastructure package, yes, it's likely to pass. however, the bill does not include the section on crypto regulation or taxation. some republican senators are not happy about that. they say this omission displays a fundamental misunderstanding of the crypto industry. that's for bitcoin and
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the other crypto's today, they are all a bit higher with the reversal. earlier today they were down and now they've gone back up. maybe that crypto language will be included in the house bill, maybe. markets pretty much a sideways as they have for a few days with the dow jones down a fraction, s&p up a fraction and nasdaq up slightly, not much movement. the maxi-- vaccine mandates margin on spreading along with rising covid cases. clashes are coming in some school boards insisting students wear masks while state government threatens the withdrawal of this student funding if they do that. on the show today, doctor marth deck doctor mcgarry is on the show today. we will deal with the eviction moratorium that's just been expanded and landlords are hurting. we will talk to one who says tenants are taking advantage. it's tuesday, august 10, 2021. "varney & co." is about
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to begin. ♪♪ stuart: earth wind and fire, kind of sideways music i call that. susan: we are looking ahead. i like that. stuart: not telling me about our rally in stocks or soft, just kind of middle-of-the-road, earth wind and fire. crypto's, we start there. bitcoin right now very close to $46,000 per coin. good morning, susan. susan: hello stephen let's talk ted cruz because he had a lot to say about regulating crypto. susan: i would say a lot about regulating crypto disappointment in the crypto community as this amendment was blocked by bernie sanders and alabama senator because it shall be wanted $50 billion more in defense and
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bernie said no to both and jack stuart between surprise and really exasperation with politics. he called it d.c. broke in a different tweet. i think a lot of people would agree. at the senator cynthia loomis the author of this crypto amendment along with senator toomey resized senators for their lack of financial knowledge treating we keep moving forward without understanding the implications of our actions. we will fail further and further behind china if -- ted cruz said the same thing in a viral moment. >> let's recognize gathered all 100 senators in this chamber and asked them to stand up and articulate two sentences defining what in the hell a crypto currency is that you would not get greater than five who could answer that question. we shouldn't regulate something we don't yet understand and we should actually take the time
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to understand it. we should hold hearings, consider the consequences. susan: five in a chamber of 100 senators that would know what crypto currency is. stuart: he's probably right. susan: given the questions asked of mark zuckerberg i think that's pretty obvious. despite this bill it will likely pass voted down at 11:00 a.m. and without the crypto amendment to me says they will clarified crypto rules, but some say maybe it will be added in the house, but passing it through the house is more complicated so will this ultimate infrastructure bill be passed anyways? stuart: i'm concerned-- i'm not concerned-- i mean, i'm intrigued that the language which would have been helpful to the crypto people was left out of this infrastructure bill, but the crypto still goes up. susan: again, with the infrastructure bill be passed in
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the house anyways? if it doesn't pass, again where we are, status quo. stuart: true so why is crypto up susan: what is defined as a broker at that point, no one knows a. stuart: way out of my ballpark but that was interesting discussion of crypto's. check the price of gold, all over the place recently. 1730 this morning. it's steady this morning up about $3, but later this week we get the consumer price index and you may see gold react to that inflation indicator. right now 1730 per ounce. quickly checking futures, this is a-- there is some green, but it's not that much and luke lloyd is with us this morning. take a stand back for second, can you be see any reason to sell right now? >> good question. i actually get that question all the time, you know should you buy, should you sell and that's a loaded question as there is many reasons
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to sell. a skyhigh evaluation, the delta variant, higher taxes coming down the road, which i don't think the market is a racing in right now but at the same time there's many reason to buy as well with record earnings, strong demand. we have 10.1 million jobs available so if companies want to grow i think the real question everyone should ask is are there more reasons to buy than are more reasons to sell. generally, the answer is yes. be selected with where you put your money. stuart: that's a roundabout way of saying no, i don't see any catastrophic reason to sell right now. in fact, i would keep my present plan. is that the summary? >> that's a perfect summary. i could not have done any better. stuart: you did it yourself. stay there for a second. i have more information on travel i want out over 2 million people passed through tsa checkpoints monday. that's still not quite back to that 2019 levels
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susan, we have one economists saying air travel is a slowing down. susan: j.p. morgan said that, consumer credit card data that spending on air travel dropped 20% in late july. stuart: compared to what? susan: compared to the peak a few weeks ago. stuart: really? susan: peaks were over that july 4 holiday so july was actually a bigger drop than the severe winter covid this season, but compared to spending that it was not that much in comparison. tsa numbers confirming the drop, 4% in the week of july 19, compared to the july 4 holiday. stuart: i think a lot of people are put off a flying. susan: bank of america confirming that as well that it's come down since july 4. stuart: the debate on the airlines, this is about vaccinate the staff or not. susan: yes. stuart: american is the standout. susan: american is probably the biggest because-- stand out because if you are vaccinated you get an extra day off next
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year at american airlines, $50 payout as well. no mandate according to doug parker, it's more incentivizing as united is mandating vaccine for the 54,000 staff. america is the only one with frontier airlines and you don't have to get vaccinated, but if that is the case you get regular testing a. stuart: hawaiian airlines. susan: the same thing as united, mandating all that staff get vaccinated and only until november 1. stuart: what a split. susan: it is. stuart: confusing split. susan: i agree. stuart: vaccinate yes or no, got it. let's get back to luke lloyd and bringing you back in here because i understand you are planning a cruise in the near future and i want to know what the restrictions are on you. where are you sailing from and what you seek? >> first i want to address the flight, just last night my flight was canceled and i think it's probably because of the vaccine mandates.
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no one wants to get vaccines or people on the right to choose whether or not they want the vaccine, but i'm supposed to go on a cruise because who knows what's going to happen at the end of this week. they are not requiring mask mandates. they require a covid test before. i met vaccinated and i have had covid. 96% of people on the crews will be vaccinated. people have gotten vaccinated so they don't have to wear the mask or get covid vaccines so it's making a ton of people angry and my boots on the ground research for example my family had an 8:00 p.m. dining time but we wanted 6:00 p.m. so we were put on the waitlist. 30 minutes after we got the e-mail that they required masks and covid test before, they bumped us to the 6:00 p.m. slot we wanted, so that tells me a ton of people canceled cruises which isn't necessarily good for the travel stocks. stuart: luke, you are far too young for the early bird special on a cruise, but that's another story. >> i eat every two hours
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and that's why i have put on like 20 pounds over the past two months. stuart: you have confirmed that travel is a slowing down and the resurgence of covid delta variant is the region-- reason. >> people don't like to be restricted. stuart: you are absolutely right. thank you for joining us. the senate is going to vote today around 11:00 a.m. eastern on the instructor bill. it's supposed to pass, susan pickett then what? susan: then goes to the house which we know will be tricky. three and half trillion dollars in climate and anti- poverty spending as well. do you think that will necessarily get an easy pass they are? stuart: i not. that is the one point to trillion dollar infrastructure package and then it goes to the house, that might be tricky there and after that's all resolved, then you go to the three and a half trillion deal? susan: yes. stuart: that's the progress? susan: yes, but as there's going
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to be a lot of caveats saying we will pass the three and half trillion dollar package and the infrastructure built. stuart: and the reconciliation. susan: i just don't see congress with that type of bipartisanship stuart: you are not-- i just don't see how you will get three and half trillion dollars worth of infrastructure, whatever you want to call it just by 50 votes in the senate. you are not going to get that seek to correct and that's why bitcoin and crypto is a rally because they think the infrastructure bill will not pass. stuart: around in circles. how about this, masks for the but not for the -- she is massless in a large wedding crowd. are you catching on to the trend collects its hypocrisy at its worst. looking at draftkings, golden nugget online gaming, did you know they are launching a new marketplace for nft. ceo joins me just a moment.
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stuart: we are going to check futures. this is how the market will open, slightly higher. take a look at etsy, solid earnings reported. moviegoers returning to the theater. it's up 10% this morning. i will make no comment and one if it's a meme stock or not. susan: definitely a mean stock. stuart: i will give you that. what are you going to
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tell me about amc accepting bitcoin. susan: popcorn, concessions, tickets by the end of this year, 2021. amc says they will have a payment system in the transaction system in place by the end of this year to start accepting bitcoin. right now you can use google pay, apple pay which i showed you had to use on your phone recently, but as the fundamentals i would say that amc did well tripling sales in the springtime. they lost less money. all theaters are back up and running and they did the smart thing which is raise cash when their stock price was high and according to the ceo they have $2 billion in cash after raising one and a quarter billion dollars during the spring. stuart: and that is a chunk of money. susan: we will hear what he says to charles payne leroy at 2:00 p.m. stuart: adam aaron from amc. interesting guy. let me check robinhood. where is it going this
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morning, up to $56 per share. in case you missed it, we had bar stool dave portnoy on the show yesterday. listen to what he said about robinhood. >> i didn't invest in it out of principle, but they are killing it. not much you can say right now. i guess he went. stuart: he would not put any money into it because it's a democratized investing. you are into that. >> i am, but i'm still-- still scarred from the gamestop stuff. i think sums weird stuff happen, i like taking money but i still have principles, stuart. stuart: memorable quote. taking a look at the wild ride that thing has been on, actually not that wilde. it's settling down at $56 a share. stuart: let's move on. let's get serious. draftkings will acquire golden nugget online gaming.
9:19 am
$1.56 billion in a stock. today a new announcement it's called draftkings marketplace. this is interesting. let's bring in the ceo of draftkings jason robbins. jason, explained to me what draftkings marketplace is. untold it's all about and ftes. are you going to start in exchange for nft's? >> that's exactly what we are doing, starting a marketplace and we actually announced this morning that we are opening it up by selling the inaugural tom brady nft with a variety of choices ranging from $10 to $1500 for the most premium autographed version. we are doing it with our partner autograph who is been a great addition to our relationship. they included the rights to a number of athletes, not just tom brady, but wayne gretzky, tony hawk , tiger woods, and many, many others.
9:20 am
stuart: what you are doing is providing an exchange where someone can buy and sell these nft's, you are buying and selling them your self are you? >> now is the one guy in the middle taking your peace? >> exactly right. autograph is the one creating them here today on it. we are an exchange and eventually we will allow for other forms of functionality such as auction based selling, secondary markets and other things, but initially autograph has created a series of nft's and we are selling them i believe wednesday. stuart: what makes you so convinced that there really is a vigorous marketplace for nft is? >> well, already this year there's been over two and half billion in sales in and ftes and i think it's still much in the infancy stage. i think we are early. it's a huge number for a market this early. who knows where it ends. it will be great with the customer acquisition standpoint to have these
9:21 am
different athletes out there with their names and hopefully engaging their fans. stuart: seems like it's kind of a sidebar to the online gaming operation, which you are running at draftkings. interesting tie-in which expands your footprint in athletics and sports and gaming; right? >> well, we have ambitions to be a very multi product base because-- company and it's well beyond online gaming. we look for products that we think overlap well with our existing customer demographics and we look for things that will expand as to new audiences and bring new players and customers, but ultimately we want a whole series of products we certainly have ambition to one day be like on amazon who started selling books and now look at them. we would like to take the company long-term. stuart: you have ambition to be like amazon. i think that's great, i mean, we love having people on the show who
9:22 am
are expanding new industries and bringing those new industries to the public so they can invest in them and learn about them. i think it's fascinating. jason, i wish we had more time, but i want to thank you for coming on the show and i wish you the best of luck in your endeavor to be like amazon. there is a dream. well-done tear. >> thank you. stuart: see you soon. later this hour, by the way i will be joined by the ceo of that mgm, adam greenblatt who is doing something similar. susan: online betting is the future. stuart: that is the new industry and glad to be on top of it. checking futures, seven and a half minutes until the opening bell, it's green, but as i said before not much of it at least at the opening bell. we'll be back. ♪♪
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peter vaughters... william lacy... madam c.j.walker. they are the heroes in my family. who are the heroes in yours? stuart: still showing some green, not much as we approach the opening bell. let's bring in mike murphy. i went to talk to you about coinbase as they report "after the bell" today. i'm pretty sure you like them. what are you looking
9:27 am
for? >> good morning, stuart. you had a great interview with jason robbins a minute ago and coinbase is crypto what draftkings was-- is to sports. may be the next amazon. it's a great way for people to belong the crypto space to have exposure without just buying or selling one of the coins, bitcoin or ethereum. however, it's had a big run up from 230 to 280. we don't need to jump in before the earnings. let's see what they announce and what the future looks like and then for the people at home with ways to get exposure if they want exposure to crypto, it's a great way to play it i think. stuart: why are you sticking with uber? i know you bought them probably in the 30s. it went to the 60s and it's back down to 43. why are you sticking with them? >> i think stuart, we talked draftkings and
9:28 am
coinbase, uber has created a whole new category but it's not just a company that takes from point a to point. they are now food delivery and in so many different areas. they now have a business section. uber is a company that has over 100 million monthly active users. this, to me, is similar to facebook when it came down into the teens and people said they won't be able to monetize their user base. you see they obviously have. uber will monetize its user base and i talked about it that they have as well or they will make a whole another line item on their balance sheet where they get money from ads. uber to me is something i won't be a seller when he gets back to 50. i think it's a company that will continue to move through $100 a share and i think long-term it's one of the best of values out there in my opinion. stuart: you just said it, $100 a share on uber which is currently 43. that perked our attention.
9:29 am
your investment strategy at your firm is to look for companies which are in brand-new industries which are likely to expand their footprint just like coinbase unlike the others we have been talking about. that's your investment philosophy; right? >> exactly appear we are investing in the private market and then we went to see it to the public market and then we want to see them expand to create new categories or to break apart these existing categories. it's an overused word, but it's really disruption. something like uber you can compare to anyone else out there. there are people now that are coming after them but uber is the biggest with the first mover advantage and there's a sony different levers that they can pull to generate more levitt-- revenue so i think when the market realizes that, it's more than made 40s. stuart: when do they get to $100 a share? >> put the gun to my head. i'm going to say back to
9:30 am
new highs before the end of the year, so made to 60s, $70 before the end of this year. stuart: not bad. i could make 50% before the end of this year. we will see. >> stuart, we had this discussion when it was 26 so i think it will get back there. stuart: a long-term investor mike murphy. thank you. stuart: they are cheering and ringing the bell. dow futures suggest we will go up as trading begins and here we go as we have begun trading. not much, a modest gain, 40 points, .10% up for the dow industrials. s&p 500, up .09%. nest egg, it's up-- nasdaq is up. a better gain for the tech heavy nasdaq then s&p and the dow jones. let me have a look at big tech. tuesday morning and big tech is mostly higher. and the only loser i see is a facebook, but again
9:31 am
the actual movement of stocks is very limited thus far. we do have a report that softbank is dumping tech stocks. susan: exactly right. alibaba which is one of the best tech traits of all time but they are dumping alphabet, facebook, netflix and they are offloading billions of dollars in fact they did during the spring. they offloaded three billions of a facebook. microsoft around a billion dollars. stuart: they sold microsoft created a billion dollars worth, almost as much as what stuart varney owns. close to half a billion dollars worth of alphabet and the 300-- million dollars, pardon me of netflix, but also amazon they reduced about $600 million in amazon stock as well and when a player life softbank sells off shares it obviously depresses the place. stuart: that's why microsoft went to 290 and they went back to 280.
9:32 am
i want to talk about moderna. now, there is a stock that went way up yesterday. they are up a little bit today, but they are at a $485 a share. with the story? susan: now 200 billion-dollar company for the first time. there's lots of things driving this stock, but the rally lease on monday, was because it proved to be more effective and resilient against the delta variant virus than say pfizer, but also when you think about it moderna quadrupled so far this year and it's been added to the s&p 500 which means these trillions of dollars in index funds had to go into by it. here's how great of a traitor i am, i bought moderna at $80 and i was like 150, and i sold out at 150. stuart: you still made a profit. susan: no one dies from taking profit, but it would have been nice to take it out of 470. stuart: here's a story for you
9:33 am
about smile direct club, the stock is tumbling. not that bad. susan: moderna. stuart: there we go. susan: that is tumbling. stuart: i thought smile direct the white teeth people, but they are not they are the straight teeth. susan: like-- did you have braces growing up? stuart: no. susan: not fun, but now they do it in a high-tech way but they aren't straining as much teeth as anticipated. they had a cyber attack in april and sales fell short. stuart: that's quite a tumble, $5 a share. let's look at the dow jones winners, 22 points higher for the dow jones winners, walmart, chevron, salesforce, coke's on the winners list for the dow jones. s&p 500, kansas city sub -- there something going on with the railroad. susan will get to it later. nasdaq winners, please.
9:34 am
interesting bunch-- costco is on that list about the only one i now. susan: that's interesting, a lot of consumer brands are leading the nasdaq today. stuart: softbank selling my microsoft. tesla, where are they cracks we like to check in frequently, 708, down i understand they got some bad news out of china. susan: disappointing tesla deliveries in july. they only delivered 8600 china made cars in the month and it's down almost 70% from june, so that's a big. also, if you think about what happened in july itself, deliveries and car sales are different because when you deliver that's when you actually get the market down pick tesla's close to 33,000 but the problem with the deliveries, all those local chinese rivals have caught up. x-delivered almost the same number of cars in july but it looks like
9:35 am
tesla's lead has evaporated. stuart: if their lead has evaporated, not good news for tesla appeared. up nearly 20%, morgan stanley says it's a winner and-- in the electric vehicle space and it could rise more than 160% with a target price of $40 a share appeared how about casper sleep. i understand they are the mattress people delivering in a box. susan: right to consumers. stuart: strong growth in retail and direct to consumer sales. what else you got on this? susan: you are asking why it's down so much, when you make a bigger last than anticipated in the spring that's a problem. they had supply chain issues and i don't think it's getting better so that's why the stock is getting hammered today. stuart: casper sleep down 7% pure check the big board. we have been open for five minutes and we are
9:36 am
up. it's kind of go nowhere day thus far. that could change quickly. the 10 year treasury yield, 1.32% and the price of oil has been tumbling recently at $67 per barrel as we speak. up a dollar, $67. it was well over 70 earlier. price of gas for regular unleaded, it's all unleaded these days is not? susan: it should be. stuart: gold, $17.26. 1726. that could change when we get consumer prices later this week. checking bitcoin, $46,100 a share. descriptive says it's not that fair-- far from 50 k, it's a long way. susan: 4000 and it moves about 10,000 in one week so for a volatile asset like bitcoin to
9:37 am
get to 50,000 in a week is not terrible. stuart: why is it in rally mode? susan: because the expected to spend a dime in talking about 1.2 trillion dollars in the infrastructure bill and three and half trillion that anti- poverty climate bill. stuart: why would a lot of spending make bitcoin go up? susan: because it's a digital gold now. stuart: inflation hedge. susan: look at the converse gold price, flash crash from going 1800 to below 1650 in one session overnight. lowers that money going? a lot of people say people were rushing to sell to buy into bitcoin stuart: doctor marty may carry says he's against mask mandates in schools. he goes as far as calling it abusive to force kids to wear masks. he's on the show in our next our. louisiana senator bill cassidy says he disagrees with the governor of florida executive order to ban
9:38 am
mask mandates. i guess he wants mask mandates. did you know the senator is a doctor? he will join me in the 11:00 o'clock our unmatched object. in a few hours the senate votes on the trillion dollar infrastructure bill. looks like it's going to pass. i will get larry kudlow's take on it right after this. ♪♪ our retirement plan with voya, keeps us moving forward. hey, kevin! hey, guys! they have customized solutions to help our family's special needs... hey, graduation selfie! well done! and voya stays by our side, keeping us on track for retirement...
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♪♪ stuart: do you like that? there we go. susan: i like it because you like us. stuart: i preferred the shot, then view of saint pete beach in florida where it's 84 degrees, sunny, but it's florida in august and thunderstorms well,
9:43 am
later. checking the markets. we have been in business for 12 minutes and we are up across the board, but not a huge game. some of the earnings report coming out later today after the close of trading, coinbase. what is the story? susan: it's about verified users because currently 60 million trade on coinbase. i don't think you are a part, but you might be in the future and obviously trading activity will be informed because that's how they make all of their sales from these transaction fees when people buy and sell bitcoin, dogecoin. stuart: did you say they have 60 million? susan: 60 million who trade on it and. stuart: not account holders? susan: you have to be an account holder to trade so yes, they are account holders. stuart: that's the number to look for? susan: and increase because that was the last count. we know it will definitely report a lot but what about
9:44 am
viewership as we know there's a growing audience including you and soccer fans that love the free state-- stranger posh mark and these online retail outlets continue with the pandemic doing we-- boom with people buying on the sides. stuart: the tv is a subscription number player. how many subscribers you got, how many you gain, buy or sell. susan: that's usual. stuart: the senate votes on the infrastructure bill. larry kudlow joins us. larry, great to see you i want to talk this infrastructure bill. like it or not, it's going to pass in the senate. in the house, i don't know, but let's suppose it goes through as is. was the impact of the as is 1.2 trillion dollar infrastructure package if it were in place today? susan: well, the economic impact is minimal. >> these projects will
9:45 am
take, you know, seven, eight, 10 years or more. they didn't get any real permitting reform outside of the highway part of it, so i don't expect any aggregate impact on the economy. i think the bill-- you know, about a third of the bill is pretty good, traditional core infrastructure. i like it. whatever the economic impact it is stuff we need so the bipartisan people did a good job, but so much of this bill is wasted money and green new deal money. here's just the idea, so you-- where's the xl pipeline? that's infrastructure pure drilling is infrastructure. where is the building on the wall down at the mexican border where it's a catastrophe, couple hundred thousand illegals coming in every month. that's infrastructure appeared on the battery driven economy which the government wants to pay for, the government wants to pay for your
9:46 am
cars, your charging stations and batteries. we don't have the resources to do that. china has 95% of the rare earth resources. we are flying into china's hands i mean the idea we are going to get rid of fossil fuels, natural gas, oil, coal is crazy in my opinion. you could have more of the above, all of the above, let the renewables come, let the free enterprise market do it. let the free enterprise technological advances do that. lets not give it over to china. stuart: you have the un climate report out yesterday painting a dire picture of our future last week get on board right now with the climate mitigation measures. and that essentially is a shot in the arm from the united nations to bernie sanders, aoc and the green new deal. >> they will play it that way, but of course tonight on our show we will have a steam cleaning who will debunk
9:47 am
it so much that stuff. when you look into that un report, the actual statistic, not the political rhetoric, by the way very little has changed, very little impact on the american economy has changed. there is no catastrophe. there is no calamity, i mean, some tax cuts md regulations would fix that, but that goes back to the of the structure bill. by the way, before i forget, senator shelby is holding up the crypto currency tax. i don't know what's going to happen but they won't even vote on that and schumer is talking about lighting the build up and i'm not sure what that means. close he doesn't like the bill or she wants to attach it to direct conciliate-- reconciliation and by the way we are in a booming economy, a booming economy with a lot of inflation as part of that boom whether it's temporary or not it exists. do we need a
9:48 am
5 trillion-dollar plus reconciliation package? to some extent-- yeah, where is that coming from? stuart: let me answer that because we are out of time. it now, we don't need $5 trillion spending or any other. sorry, but i'm out of time. we will see you at 4:00 p.m. at the administration's newly revised all kinds of things on your show 4:00 p.m. this afternoon. thank you pure here's what else i have coming up for you. eve action moratorium causing major problems for landlords. no one is sticking up for landlords. in the next hour we will talk to one of them who has a tennant who hasn't paid in more than five years. online betting companies that mgm expanding in arizona teaming up with the cardinals and the ceo explains what he's doing in arizona and with his business. ♪♪
9:49 am
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stuart: that mgm expanding into arizona partnering with i think it's pronounced gila river hotel and casino's and the cardinals. let's bring in adam greenblatt. adam, i'm trying to figure out what you are doing. seems to me you are bringing online sports betting two bricks and mortar operations amalgamating them in one place so i can sit there with my phone and gamble in a bricks and mortar casino. is that what you are doing? >> that's exactly right. that's one element and that's our strategy. what we wanted to connect the physical to digital experiences so it feels as good as i can to our players. stuart: connect the physical and digital experience. how do you do that? >> you bring technology into a retail environment. we lead with our loyalty program so every bit mgm player gets enrolled in
9:54 am
mgm award-winning loyalty program and do so by playing with that mgm in the digital environment you when loyalty points redeemable in the physical world. we will also promote the physical environment tools available only on the digital product, some of our cash out tools, some in the play tools that are really marketable. stuart: seems like it's a whole new industry using a whole new technology. is that right? >> absolutely right. what we are doing is bringing technology into what was a pretty vanilla retail experience and by doing so really enhancing the physical experience and bringing it closer to what we expect in a digital world is. stuart: carry me forward a little bit. i'm new to this. are we moving towards a position where you can bet on anything from anywhere at any time?
9:55 am
>> that's already a possibility in the states that have led with sports betting and allowed for-- put in place regulation allowing for the power to participate in the hands of the players so yes, you will have a sports book, mgm digital sports book in your pocket available whenever the game kicks off wherever you might be. stuart: like i can bet on the game as it's in progress? >> this is the future. it's an important point to make where there are two concepts. theirs before the game kicks off and then a lie that betting in the light betting component is the exciting part and where the future of the betting really exists because that's when our players are most emotionally engaged with the game and that's where betting alongside your opinion while watching the game feels most satisfying a. stuart: adam, that was
9:56 am
enlightening. thank you very much indeed for your adam greenblatt. we will see you again soon. thanks for joining us. >> thanks for having me. stuart: quick check of the markets. we have gained some ground steadily in the last 25 minutes with the dow jones up 54 points. still ahead, scott shellady, brian kilmeade and the senator from louisiana bill cassidy. listen to this, elizabeth warren has a new plan to take your money to help find her socialist paradise. i will take that on in "my take" which is next. ♪♪
9:57 am
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♪. stuart: that will get you going, won't it? the rolling stones, start me up. yes, ladies and gentlemen, 10:00 eastern sometime. let's get straight to your money. start right there. s&p 500 just hit a new intraday all-time high. all of them higher this morning. and the yield on the 10-year treasury moved back up to 1.33%. let's check bitcoin. earlier this morning it was
10:01 am
46,000 and change. now down to 45,500. that is the markets. now this. senator elizabeth warren has an idea how to pay for her socialist paradise. you got money she is going to take it. the senator came up with a new tax. she would take 7% every year from all companies reporting over $100 million in profit. an estimated 1300 companies would be paying that tax every single year. rich, profitable companies, well they don't get much sympathy, do they? i would expect senator warren's proposal to be particularly popular. delivered with a smile, her line is, hey, they can afford it. it would pay for children's health care, free college, free preschool. don't forget senator warren is going after rich individuals as well. she wants the wealthy to give the government a list of all their assets every year. if she thinks you got too much, she would confiscate a
10:02 am
percentage of your wealth every year. all assets would be included in the list. stocks, bonds, real estate, art, land, nfts, cryptos, even your dimons. imagine that your wealth list every year submitted to the government bureaucrats. this will be life in america. again the rich will get no sympathy. senator warren's wealth seizure will be popular among democrats. this is serious stuff. we're being asked to move way beyond the taxation but into the realm of configures case. whether your wealth goes up and down, if you make more than 50 million you pay. if your company makes more than 100 million you pay. this is flat-out un-american and probably an unconstitutional. doesn't matter. you have got it, they want it, they will try to take it. second hour of "varney" begins now.
10:03 am
♪. stuart: well i'm getting hot under the colar here. let's bring in the calm and soothing voice of scott shellady. [laughter]. all right. serious question, scott. do you think the biden administration will embrace senator warren's tax plan? >> yeah, i do. i mean there is definitely parts of that party would love to hear all those things you rattled off. what i want everybody to realize over the last say 18 months during the pandemic, we given away so much of our rights, we've gone from being i said this last week, we're subjects. we'll be subject to these subjects to these ideas. i wish i could be in the room when they kind of come up with these things. i can't believe my ears when i hear you say it. so if you just think, i want them to keep their cotton picking hands off of my stuff. not that i'm in the wealth group. think about it, stuart.
10:04 am
december of 2019, january of 2020 i would have said the economy was doing pretty well. all we want to do is get back to that. but no, they had to put their hands on our energy with keystone pipeline. look what happened with that keep your hands off our energy. they had to put their hands off of our border patrol. look what happened with that. keep your hands on the border. they put their hands on our police force and safety. keep your hands off of our police. that's it if they would have done nothing, would have done nothing we would be in a much better place than we are today. isn't that amazing? stuart: it is true. if they had done nothing we would be in a better place today, that's a fact. let me turn your attention to the stock market. we often talk politics you and i. i think we should talk the market here. suppose for one brief shining moment, we get four trillion bucks of new spending, the first infrastructure package, second infrastructure package, boil it
10:05 am
down to trillion in extra spending, suppose we get it what happens to the market, what happens to the economy? >> it is not good, stuart. four trillion dollars is a lot of money. a trump seconds ago, neanderthals were dragging their hands on the plains of europe. that is how long a trillion seconds is. we're talking about four trillion. i think the fed will probably drag their feet, no pun intended because they're worried what might happen with the delta variant. that ultimately will settle down. they're worried about that, they have to be thinking what the tax hikes will do. what is the economy going to look like this spring this upcoming spring when we get back to normal gdp, stuart, two, 2 1/2%? we have biden's tax plans, maybe interest rate as lot higher, what will that look like in the market? what will that look like in your home with your own economy? that is why the fed they will probably drag their feet, i think they got to be thinking about covid and think about what
10:06 am
the tax hikes will be. we're only 74% back we were pre-pandemic when it comes to jobs. we have work to do. i think the fed will drag their feet because they're worried what this might do for the economy. stuart: doesn't sound like good news for the market, that's a fact, i don't think, and inflation. scott, that was great. coming back to us. good to have you own the markets occasionally. >> good to be back. stuart: look at markets please, it has been a steadily rising tide here. the dow up 74 points, nasdaq up six, s&p is up seven. here is ed yardeni. now i want to ask you about the impact on the market of this expanding delta variant. the mask mandates and the mask wearing that seems to be coming back and the vaccine mandates. when is it going to affect the market if ever? >> well i think if this all leads to another round of lockdowns we're all in trouble.
10:07 am
we'll have the economy will go back into recession, we'll have a bear market again but i don't think we'll go into lockdowns as a result of the delta variant. i think as a result of all the news we're getting on the delta variant, vaccinations are going to go up, have been going up. i think we're learning to live with it. the stork market is certainly learning to live with it. earnings will be up 80% on year-over-year basis during the second quarter. that is best as it will get in a while. that is certainly awesome in the face of a pandemic. stuart: is there anything on your radar screen saying i'm not quite sure i like the look of that, maybe i shut start thinking about selling? anything out there? >> i'm actually writing a piece for tomorrow called headwinds and speed bumps. it will not be as he as it has been over the last year. didn't feel like it was easy over time but the markets
10:08 am
basically doubled since march reflecting a v-shape economy. we're seeing peak growth rates for economy and earnings in the second quarter. which means things will very down. the only question will they slow down to something more normal like what we had before the pandemic or is it going to be abnormal, abormally strong or abormally weak? i do worry about the weak side. parts shortages, labor shortages, they're everywhere. they haven't gone a way which may be a real problem for economic growth. stuart: how about this one trillion dollar package that they're talking about today, that being debated today, voted on today? suppose for a brief shining moment it passes as is, the senate, the house, it is the law, it goes into effect, what impact on the market. >> well as a practical problem here, that is who is going to build all these infrastructures? we have a real labor shortage even in construction. so it is not clear to me that if they pass all this money it will
10:09 am
be that easy to spend it. as you know it takes forever to get these projects going. there is environmental regulations that mead to be met, so on so forth. just because they allocate the money doesn't mean it will be easy to spend it. but clearly the markets are going to be concerned about about having a lot more debt. they haven't been so far because the fed has kept interest rates so low. but look, come on now, we have tremendous substantial progress in the labor markets clearly. we have record job openings, 10 million jobs out there. the fed will have to start tapering pretty soon. more fed officials are going contrary to jay powell's position on that. stuart: magic word, the taper, when it starts, when it is hinted at, watch out. ed thanks for joining us as always. >> thank you. absolutely. stuart: you see the markets. it has crept up nicely here. we got some movers. primarily in the retailers?
10:10 am
what have you got? good morning, susan. lauren: look at leadership on s&p, gap, tjx, owner of tj maxx and etsy. consumers have money. they want to spend it. they are not locked down. stuart: three retailers on the screen doing well. 3-d systems, i remember them from the 3 printing era. lauren: they swung to a quarterly profit. they said they have come through the most challenging 12 months they ever experienced. i think a lot of companies see the same thing and not see -- stuart: we used to have the 3-d people on the show when it was a brand new industry. lauren: anything you want. stuart: they're up 29%. the smile direct club. lauren: smile? stuart: telling the audience earlier, i thought they were the white teeth people. they're not. there the straight teeth people.
10:11 am
lauren: i think they have a whitening kit also. straightening people, direct to the consumer. they are getting kicked in the teeth. new low for the stock down 25%. they missed earnings expectations, lingering effects of a cyberattack in april because of covid. and lower expansion internationally. that's a big loser. stuart: that is a low for the stock five bucks. how about bitcoin, we were around 46, now 45 and change. senator ted cruz he slammed his colleagues in the senate because they didn't know what they were talking about with cryptos. what did he say. lauren: i think he is right. he said don't regulate what you don't understand. >> recognize all 100 senators in the chamber two sentences defining what the hell a cryptocurrency is you could not get greater than five who could
10:12 am
answer that question. we shouldn't destroy peoples lives and livelihoods from complete ignorance. lauren: that is awesome. not being agest, average age of a u.s. senator is 64 years old. they are in charge adding provisions in the infrastructure bill to tax cryptocurrency which would hurt innovation and quote ted cruz, destroy peoples livelihoods. stuart: at my age i don't want to be passing judgment on bitcoin. lauren: exactly. younger people tend to understand this stuff more. they use it more. so you shouldn't give them rules to abide by when they can be very innovative. stuart: enough with the cryptos. lauren: one more actually. stuart: what's that? lauren: amc and crypto. stuart: oh, that's right. they're prepared to accept crypto for popcorn i understand. lauren: is this a game-changer though? i'm think about this. ostensibly by bitcoin or cryptocurrency for investment value.
10:13 am
you want to see it go back up to 65,000. amc will use it for transactional value. it is great it is being integrated into amc systems by the end of the year, right? more acceptance. if gary gensler and the sec eventually come in the etf is good to go, you have broader ownership, that is great to establishing bitcoin but i'm not sure it's a game-changer amc is accepting it. stuart: amc has two billion u.s. dollars in cash. they can ride out any storm in the theater industry. lauren: they're trying new things accepting bitcoin and having concerts in their venues. playing offense as well as defense. stuart: amc, 35 bucks a share. here is what is coming up, cnn helped raise $235,000 for a mother of three facing conviction. only problem she is not a mother. we'll tell you about the major correction the cnn had to issue.
10:14 am
member of "the squad" caught partying maskless an hour after bashing republicans for not taking masks seriously. we'll call out the hypocrisy. dr. fauci says hopes masking up kids won't have a long-term impact. what did dr. marty makary think about that? we'll ask him because he is on the show after this. ♪. that building you're trying to buy, you should ten-x it. ten-x is the world's largest online commercial real estate exchange. and it's fast. if i could, i'd ten-x everything. like our lunch. (laughs) amazing! see it. want it. ten-x it. as i observe investors balance risk and reward, i see one element securing portfolios, time after time. gold.
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♪ stuart: that market is rallying. look at that the now the dow is up 153 points. it has been gaining ground ever since we opened 43 minutes ago.
10:19 am
we're up. that is new intraday high for the dow. the s&p hit a new all time intraday high as well. we have apple preparing for the launch of their new iphone lineup. there are upgrades like filters for photos, a video version of portrait mode. whatever that is. would you use that, lauren? lauren: portait mode. portait mode. you never head of portrait mode on your phone. stuart: i heard it. lauren: you go a little closer. tells you want to stop. it puts your face out of focus and creates a beautiful picture. they will enhance that to bring it to videos. i call it instagram iphone. the social media feed you look beautiful the entire time. stuart: portrait, is that why apple is up a buck at 147? lauren: maybe in part. i wouldn't give this story the full responsibility for that. stuart: we won't see this stuff until the fall anyway.
10:20 am
lauren: possibly. supply chain issues might be a problem here. people like their apple products. they have a lot of money to spend. stuart: we're trying to find reasons for why apple is at 147 and that is one of them i guess. i have a headline in the "wall street journal," i will read it for you, the case against masks for children. quote, it is abusive to force kids who struggle with masks to sacrifice for the sake of unvaccinated adults. dr. marty makary wrote that. he joins us now. you're against kids wearing masks in school. just make your case, doctor. >> well actually i'm for them wearing masks during active outbreak if they're susceptible but we recommended blindly that 56 million children in the united states. k-12 with zero date to support cloth masks, ignoring the fact there is some harm. some kids struggle, some kids do well with masks and some kids
10:21 am
struggle. we're not talking about a temporary measure for couple weeks or months at this point. we're coming on two years of kids losing the human connection, not visual allizing expressions. not visual alizeing how words are pronounced which is important for know net tick development. there is a change to breathing of some kids. we know altered breathe something involved in anxiety in about 40% of kids. these are things need to be explored, stuart, before we blindly put these things on. stuart: i just want you to listen to what dr. fauci said about the long-term effects of masks on kids. roll that tape, please. >> it is going to be a balance that we would feel very badly if we all of sudden said okay, kids, don't wear masks. then you find out retrospectively that this virus in a very, very strange and unusual way is really hitting kids really hard but hopefully
10:22 am
this will be a temporary thing. temporary enough that it doesn't have any lasting negative impact on them. stuart: hopes, repeat hopes there won't be a negative impact. do you, do you share that hope or where do you see this going? >> i appreciate his honesty and if we have research question like that that has such significant implications for the development of 56 million kids how about we study it? let's see the data. the entire nih funding budget spent more money on the wuhan virology lab than dedicated to studying children and masks. the nih last year from our research at hopkins found the nih spent twice as much money last year on aging research than it did on covid research. i would love to see the data and i am concerned some subset of kids right now are significantly struggling with masks including the 5% of kids with a cognitive
10:23 am
or physical disability. stuart: do you think it is a political decision to impose masks on kids in schools? >> look, they decided that every kid need as mask regardless of vaccination, regardless of low levels of infection in their community. you know before they made the announcement these were foregone conclusions, and i hear parents say look i'm okay with the kid wearing masks. i'm okay request wearing masks if they get in-person in schools. that is a reasonable argument. that is political concession. that is not a medical argument we have yet to understand consequences of altered breathing levels, human faces and loss of human connection. stuart: thank you, doctor. i think we'll be seeing you again. >> thanks, varney. stuart: the governor of florida ron desantis is taking action against schools that mandate masks. what is he doing. lauren: making it personal.
10:24 am
threatening to withhold paychecks and school board members who sign off on mask mandates. he wants to protect the right of parents. mask mandates completely prohibited in florida because of an executive order that governor desantis signed last month but florida has seen infection surge 84% in two weeks, more than 170 children now in the hospital. governor desantis says not only are we going to withhold money but we can take your paycheck too if you force masks in schools. stuart: no backing off whatever for ron desantis? lauren: he is not backing off but getting a lot of resistance from those areas where there are very high number of infections. some of these school officials say we won't be intimidated. stuart: tell me about the pentagon which i believe is mandating vaccines for all military people. when does that take effect? lauren: middle of next month. covid vaccines will be added to list of required shots for u.s. servicemembers. military has to defend our country. they stay close together, and
10:25 am
they're used to get vaccinations of all types based on where they're deployed. nothing new. stuart: mandatory. white house press secretary jen psaki says she hates when people call her nice. she claims that is sexist. joe concha will take it on. battle of evictions taking a toll on landlords. my next guest says he has has a tenant that hasn't paid his rent in five years. that landlord is here with his story. ♪.
10:26 am
♪ ♪
10:27 am
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go with us and find millions of flexible options. all in our app. expedia. it matters who you travel with. ♪. stuart: i've been told to stop commenting on the music all the time, just look at the view. that is ocean city, maryland. 76 degrees. lauren: did anyone really tell you that? stuart: no. it is a slow news day. lauren: at least he is honest, he lies. stuart: slow news day. a lot of companies are postponing their return to the office because of the delta variant surging. new data shows 17% of new york
10:30 am
offices are still vacant. lydia hu is with us. this has to be a major hit to commercial landlords? reporter: stuart, it absolutely is. rents are down 8 1/2% over a year ago on average. that is the lowest starting rate for rent we've seen since 2017. commercial landlords are losing tens of thousands of dollars every month. take this commercial space in lower midtown manhattan for example. this landlord said it has been available the entire pandemic and the landlord's broker said you would never would have seen commercial space like this for a year-and-a-half before covid. >> this shouldn't be on the market. this should be in a normal market this would have several offers, big companies are announcing they are speculating on coming back in 2022. that is just nonsense. i would average space like this would be on the market two to
10:31 am
three months. it has been a year-and-a-half. reporter: availability of commercial spaces is growing. you can see here in new york city it has gone up up to 17% from 10 1/2 year ago. san francisco is up to nearly 16%. that means more competition for landlords as they try to attract tenants. this particular landlord tells me before the delta variant he was feeling optimistic, getting a lot of inquiries for this commercial space. now that big major companies are delaying return to the office now that interest seems to be drying up. stuart: ouch. commercial real estate taking it on the chin. lydia, thank you very much for a great report. our next guest is a landlord, a small scale landlord in new york city. the eviction moratorium has been extended. tell me are tenants taking advantage of you? >> yes, they are. they are taking advantage, of
10:32 am
landlords in new york. i don't know, i know some states are more lenient than others but they definitely are taking advantage of the small landlord in new york. there are tenants that i know for a fact could pay the rent, have the means to pay the rent, actually making more money now between the stimulus checks they're getting and unemployment and able too pay the rent, they are not paying rent because they know they can. they're getting okay from the administration and different city agencies. the courts are closed. you can't take them to court. you have no rights as a landlord. you're completely helpless. stuart: you can evict them two months from now, i believe the moratorium is ended, two months from now or when? >> they say two months from now, i think this is the fifth or 6th time already they extended it. stuart: let's suppose two months from now you are able to evict these tenants who have not been paying rent? >> what will happen in two months. look into my fortune ball tell
10:33 am
you what will happen in two months. stuart: okay. >> the courts will be packed. as soon as the tenant walks into court, by the time you actually see a judge, with the tenant that you have a problem with because they're going to keep extending it because the courts are very busy, probably year-and-a-half, two years down the line. that is me being optimistic. when you do finally get in front of the judge, as soon as they say the word covid, the landlord is the bad person, the tenant is the good person, the landlord is the big almighty and the tenant is, you know, the weak one that has to be protected. and we're going to get screwed, landlords will get screwed. that is -- [inaudible]. if this takes another year, no. me and a few other landlords like me are small landlords. we don't own 100 buildings and we don't have commercial spaces that would cushion the blow from the residential.
10:34 am
no, we can't hold out. i will be bankrupt. stuart: did you get money from the government? >> no the government gave us sab, i think sab loan which is a loan. and compared to what we asked for and what we showed as losses and what we got i think we got 7% or 10% what our losses was. that is loan that we have to start paying back. a couple months ago the government offering something called erap, which is supposed to help landlords if the tenant gets on board and fills out the documents. and the landlord you know, fills out their portion of the documents. then the landlord has a good chance of getting it. everybody including me that i know that tried filling this out never got anywhere with it. some landlords were able to do it but haven't received a dollar. the worst thing bit is, you have to commit to keeping this tenant another year or two. so all you're doing you're prolonging the problem, whatever
10:35 am
problem you have now will happen in a year because the tenant is getting free money from the government. if you're lucky to have the landlord get the money that would be great. a year down the line you will have the same problem because the tenant is not going to pay. the tenant is expected for somebody else, another agency to come forward and help them. this is what happens. you're creating a monster. stuart: jeff, i'm sorry i got to bring this to an end because i'm out of time. we really want to thank you for bringing this to our attention. no one puts in a good word for the landlords. you are truly suffering and you might go out of business. that is terrible thing. >> i appreciate your help. stuart: i want you to come back and tell us how you're doing as things progress here. jeff, you're all right. >> have a good morning, thank you. stuart: this is interesting. cnn helped raise $230,000 for a mom facing eviction. turns out she wasn't the mother. cnn had to issue a major correction. take me through this lauren. lauren: dasha kelly was a casino
10:36 am
card dealer in los angeles and part time caregiver to her boyfriend's three children. cnn portrayed her as single mom of three facing eviction. they corrected story. gofundme has not released any money. single dad of three. not been paid for three because of these eviction moratoriums, last to pay the mortgages, taxes, maintenance, anything else. stuart: they have no voice. cnn gave the voice of someone not the mother of those children. got 230,000 bucks. >> in a matter of days. stuart: unbelievable. thank you, lauren very much indeed. psychological price of masking up our kids from a former congressman and father of nine, sean duffy. sounds off on that. not just car prices are surging. cost of fixing your car is on the rise as well.
10:37 am
we'll take you to grady trimble how much it costs nowadays to fix that thing right there. ♪. when traders tell us how to make thinkorswim even better, we listen. like jack. he wanted a streamlined version he could access anywhere, no download necessary. and kim. she wanted to execute a pre-set trade strategy in seconds. so we gave 'em thinkorswim web. because platforms this innovative, aren't just made for traders - they're made by them. thinkorswim trading. from td ameritrade.
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♪. stuart: capitol hill, there you have it, 82 degrees right now. it is going to get hot, probably very humid later. temperature, 95 degrees. all right, house democrats want more money to build charging stations for electric cars. how much are they asking for? lauren: $85 billion that will likely be in the 3 1/2 trillion dollar infrastructure package, in the bipartisan package right now there is seven 1/2 billion. obviously much more than that. there is 28 lawmakers including debbie dingell, peter defazio,
10:42 am
you can't get a nation to adopt electric vehicles without the supporting infrastructure for it. now they're detailing cost of that. of course you have the biden executive order that half of all new cars sold be electric by 2030. stuart: very generous of it, to give the electric vehicle industry free charging stations at the taxpayer expense. what a way to go. lauren: $85 billion when you have allotted 7 1/2 billion. stuart: thank you very much. lauren, thank you very much. costs you more to fix your car these days. got it. grady trimble at a body shop in chicago. give me an example. >> this resistor controls the speed of the ac in your car. before covid this would cost you 60 bucks retail. now it is 82 bucks retail. cost of auto parts going up which causes the cost of repairs to go up. we're with joe bettencourt with joe's expert auto here in chicago. you have yet to pass the extra
10:43 am
cost on to your customers but you're certainly toying with that idea? >> we can only hold out so long because it is eating right out of our profit. reporter: prices across all sorts of parts are up, you said 15 to 18%? >> 15 to 18% is custom that is what we're seeing. we're hoping it returns. we're not holding our breath but eventually will end up getting passed over. reporter: you can't eat the cost forever. >> not with that margin in a small mom-and-pop store we are. reporter: people don't know the cost of a resist sister for example. they might not know what it is. >> correct. reporter: might be a little easier to pass on the cost? >> it is. still dealing with the optical part of it. i know i sold that part 12 months ago, 14 months ago for a certain price and i would be, out of integrity i like to be able to keep the same prices but i don't know how long we can do that for. reporter: that keeps customers
10:44 am
loyal, coming back. we wish you the best of like. we hope prices level out. stuart, as of right now, no signs, no telling when that might happen. >> that is inflation at the grassroots level. grady trimble, good stuff. thanks for joining us. appreciate it. i want to get back to lauren and the marketplace. talk about movers. lauren: yep. stuart: market is up 120. paypal is down. what is the story? lauren: news is positive for cryptocurrencies. it allows customers to buy all sorts of crypto automatically with the cash back from venmo card purchases. crypto is built into the app. open to their 70 million users. that is why broad acceptance of cryptocurrency. stuart: i would have thought that was pretty good news for the cryptos especially bitcoin, if you use your cash back to buy cryptos. i would have thought that was good for the cryptos. maybe we put that up on the screen at some point.
10:45 am
tell me about coinbase anyway. lauren: that is the exchange. they report later today. look at that they're down 5% for the quarter. you have to imagine we see cryptocurrencies fall dramatically in price. starting to come back now. i warrant to show you moderna. earlier today they hit $200 billion in market cap. that is pretty impressive for a stock giving the world a vaccine, right? , a booster shot likely to come. moderna has been a big winner,. stuart: moderna is a big winner. bitcoin is going down. i thought it would get a little help from the venmo story but apparently not. moderna is down five%. it had such a enormous run. lauren: exactly. new high yesterday. i think another one this morning. hitting that 200 billion in market cap. i think that makes it bigger than merck. stuart: i want to hear how much the young bankers are getting as a bonus. because wall street bankers, they're getting a nice bonus
10:46 am
check each year, how much. lauren: i knew i got into the wrong business. up 35%. this is on top, tell your kids, starting salaries of $100,000 at many of the big banks including jpmorgan, citibank. jeffries is paying 110,000 so you no. you have the paycheck. double-digit as much as 35% bonus. do they deserve it? yeah. look at the deal making this year. many of them complaining they're working 100 hour weeks. they don't want to do it. the banks are saying we'll give you more money more palatable? not sleeping as much at night? what about a free peloton? what about this? stuart: they give them that kind of stuff. lauren: yeah. citibank no zoom calls on friday. trying to cut down on the fatigue. stuart: thank you, lauren. the head of the second largest teachers union in the nation, one of the largest teachers unions, she says mandatory vaccines for all educators. there is one school in florida says it will never comply with that. the head of that school coming up on this show.
10:47 am
andrew cuomo's time in office as the governor of new york may be limited. we just learned cuomo's attorney will hold a briefing in about 15 minutes. we're all over it. so is brian kilmeade. he has got the story too right after this. ♪. that building you're trying to buy, - you should ten-x it. - ten-x it? ten-x is the world's largest online commercial real estate exchange. you see it. you want it. you ten-x it. it's that fast. if i could, i'd ten-x everything. like... uh... these salads. or these sandwiches... ten-x does the same thing, but with buildings. sweet. oh no, he wasn't... oh, actually... that looks pretty good. see it. want it. ten-x it. yum! ♪ limu emu & doug ♪
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stuart: all right the markets show a nice rally still in progress for the dow industrials. up 133 points. nasdaq turned south, down 64. it is now, 10:351 eastern time that. means it is time for brian kilmeade. brian, the new york state assembly moving towards a impeachment inquiry against cuomo. in a few moments, 11:00 eastern, we'll hear from the governor's attorney. as i understand it the moment a impeachment proceeding is formalized, cuomo loses power. in comes the lieutenant governor. so my guess, he is not going to be the governor, the real governor very long. what say you? >> they will do an inquiry. he will have to step down while they do the inquiry. they come up to the conclusion,
10:52 am
he will be gone. "new york post" wrote on front page, said a deal with the legislature, let me finish out my term, i don't run for a fourth. they basically balked. carl hasty, ranking member, said i never heard about that deal but it doesn't mean it didn't really happen. one of these scandals would have stopped any politician in my lifetime. one of them, let alone the investigation they're doing on the nursing home that will come forward in 10 days, maybe sooner. the one about him using staffers to write his book, getting his five million dollar advance during work time, let alone the fact he gave his family favored status when very few people had tests including his brother. any one of them should destroy him. along with the 11 accusers. two more stepping forward, one going on national television. he has nowhere to go. he hasn't paid for housing in a long time. he thought he would be there forever. then to the white house. so someone has to get into his head it is over, it is finished, it is through.
10:53 am
his quote this morning was through a staffer. i'm in a fighting mood. good luck with that. no one is standing with you. stuart: what about his brother chris cuomo? "the washington post" says cnn should investigate him because they say he is still advising his brother even after he poll guised on air. should something happen to chris cuomo and cnn. >> in our business, stuart, i'm done. i never feel comfortable saying fire him, relief him or suspend him, that is up to them. i'm stunned, personally stunned, after getting that rebuke, being exposed, on those phone calls, whipping his brother's legal team into shape constantly, the role he played in that report, now it comes out he never stopped advising after he apologized to his entire organization and put everybody in jeopardy? number one, what can you believe anything he says when he says he apologized, he made a mistake. now why would you believe anything at all? stuart: it is a very serious
10:54 am
situation. looks to me like the cuomo brothers are on very limited time but we shall see about that. brian, forgive me, but i will change the subject. we'll talk soccer. lionel messy, you may know this, me not know this. -- messi. he signed a deal reportedly gets $260 million in the two-year deal. the other players on the team, namar, comes messi how do they build a team around three gigantic egos? >> big egos, i understand it. i think they will find a way to coi. you say german. i say germain. that is how we're different. we're always talking soccer. he will continue 34 years old for the club he played with as a teenager. he said he will not stay, he has his press conference there is a
10:55 am
report barcelona came back, we'll have you come back, which time he says forget it, i'm signing with these guys. he has a press conference tomorrow at 11:00 local time to announce it. they have to get it together. this is so much inequity in international soccer right now. some teams don't even roll the ball on the field. at least in american super sports we have salary caps, penalties for going over those caps. stuart: well the soccer world of europe is ruled bit big money that comes out of the persian gulf. qatar manages psg. paris saint germain. they have a bottomless pit of money. they're dominating european soccer. that is real problem. smaller teams can't get in a look-in. a bunch of super clubs rule the roost. not necessarily a great future. >> if you mine al thought, real soccer around soccer stories, ted lasso. that is real soccer.
10:56 am
a foot bowl comes over to coach in england. his team gets relegated that to me is a true soccer story. stuart: i will leave it there, brian. i don't know where to go with that one. lauren: on my list of shows to watch. stuart: i started watch it. i couldn't get into it. >> give a couple episodes. it has romance, i'm warning you. stuart: we have a big hour, louisiana senator bill cassidy, joe concha, steve moore, on deck. how many times do which have to sit by to watch elites break their own rules and nothing happens? congresswoman rashida tlaib is the latest example. "my take" coming up. ♪
10:57 am
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11:00 am
>> about a third of that is pretty good traditional core infrastructure but so much of this bill is wasted money angry new deal money i think that's why the fed will drag their feet they gotta be thinking about what the tech is going to group. >> what that looked like in the market record earning issues, 10.1 million jobs available, are there more reasons to buy then more reasons to sell i think
11:01 am
generally the answer is yes. >> earnings are going to be up 80% year-over-year during the second quarter and that's as good as it's going to get for a while. ♪. stuart: 11:00 o'clock eastern time this is tuesday august the tenth let's get on to it straight with the markets the rally for the dow hit an all-time high earlier so the s&p, both to have faded dow is still about 110 points, not 170 or 80 the s&p that's down 8.6. look at the nasdaq down 85 points the crypto's mixed bag, bitcoin is down but at 45.3 is up a bit to 30137, as of now on capitol hill the senator is about to start vote on the bipartisan infrastructure bill we expect to get the final vote for this hour as soon as it
11:02 am
happens it as soon as we know it you will know what to, also happening right now and attorney for andrew cuomo of new york will hold a briefing and it calls for his resignation, will bring you the headlines as they occur. now this. how many times do we have to sit by and watch the elites break their own rules and nothing happens, here's the latest example congresswoman richey did to leave dancing nest under mask was where the wedding was held and it calls for mass to be worn and attack republicans for not taking appeared to make fiercely. the arrogance of power, it may seem picky sissies on every example of mass grow breaking but when it happened so often, you have to take notice. why for example was there no media outrage or coverage of
11:03 am
president obama's mask was dancing out his massive birthday bash you don't want to single out a president enjoying a birthday but why does it keep happening why is it always a democrats they impose these restrictions and then they're the ones that break their own rules. what about the rest of us how are we supposed to feel when our gatherings are regulated, were now watching masking vaccine mandates appear all over the place and we are subject to those rules. i'll close with this if our children have to wear masks in schools congresswoman rashida tlaib should wear a mask when she's dancing on a wedding. the third hour of "varney & company" is just getting started. ♪. stuart: , and sean duffy i heard you had something to say about this elites break their own rules and nothing happens but my thing is why does it keep
11:04 am
happening. >> i don't think they really believe that covid is not dangerous right now with the vaccine and so many people having been exposed and natural inner bodies when i look at rashida tlaib, who doesn't want to go to a wedding and dance without a mask, that is perfect but why is she part of the movement in the house of representatives trying to force people to wear masks in the house chamber where there's less people but she can go to a wedding with more people that she doesn't know and not have to wear a mask, the hypocrisy is so great and to think it sturgis or cpac or trauma probably, that's a super spreader event but the obama birthday party or rashida to leaves wedding bash, covid doesn't spread their the hypocrisy coming from the left trying to bludgeon us into compliance and they don't follow the same rules i think the answer, were not going to complf
11:05 am
these were strict rules and based on science that would apply to everybody, if this is about politics you only apply to your political enemies which are republicans but you don't apply to your friends which are liberals. stuart: doctor marty macario was on the program earlier and he had this to say about kids wearing masks in schools. >> the entire nih funding budget has spent more money on the wuhan biology lab then it has dedicated to studying children and masks, we've yet to understand all of the consequences of altered breeding levels, covering faces in the loss of human connection. stuart: i know you're a father of nine, do you think kids can should be massed in schools and what would you do with their own children if they're going to school with demanding more from mask wearing. >> racial and i did a podcast with doctor marty macario for 40 minutes where we talked about this and he spot on talks about the physical facial alterations that happened was wearing a mask
11:06 am
for eight hours a day the emotional content or drawback that happens with kids wearing masks not seen facial expressions, he is right on, these bureaucrats, school boards and teachers and unions don't care about her kids like we care about her kids we want to keep them safe, i have nine kids avenue kindergarten going to first kitty garden i don't want him to wear a mask and i want that to be the first experience as parents we have to fight for our kids they can't fight for themselves to have freedom and take their masks off, the signs would say that these kids aren't getting sick or dying from covid and teachers who are older can actually get vaccinated so schools should be fine, take the masks off but parents stand up and fight back against school districts and governors mandated the fact that we have to put our masks on kids at schools. stuart: the way things are going i don't think this pandemic ever ends will never get rid of masks, will never get rid of it, it's here to stay and that's a terrible thing. >> they want to bludgeon us into
11:07 am
compliance, that is state control and what can they get us to do what freedoms can they give us to get give up and it's our job to fight back if they were free people were the parents of our children and we will decide what's best for them not you the bureaucrat or the governor. stuart: i'm 22nd two still holding onto deutsch coin? >> i sold 20% but i still have it i'm ready for all the reddit guys to keep pumping before actually get out, you mentioned the theory is doing well today, bitcoin had a nice run in the last ten days. my portfolio is doing better but this could go to 60 or 20 and looking at a ten or 15 years this is going to be the future of bitcoin. stuart: sean duffy, angry dad, happy investor. thank you very much. more companies are mandating vaccines and masks because of the spread of the delta variant, stephen moore with us his
11:08 am
morning, and economist no less. you said this is a rocketship economy, how do we keep a rocketship economy if were not going back to work and we have these mandates for masks all over the place, can you maintain a rocketship economy in this environment. we will see your exactly right to raise the red flag of alarm because we are seeing somebody more lockdown orders, overseeing more and more restrictions on businesses, i was in one of the three estates and you see more restrictions apply there. i don't think this is going to dismantle or derail this recovery but it will slow it down if this continues. i've always said that the vaccine is a stimulus. by the way the vaccine i was looking at the statistics on this it is been overlooked, if you look at the 20 largest
11:09 am
countries in the world, the vaccine is having an extremely positive effect in terms of the very large reduction in infection rates in the very large reduction in the vaccine is clearly working, i'm disturbed by the lockdown for masks but it may shave some growth but is docketed derail the expansion. stuart: here is what gets to be a small slowdown especially in travel we see not and there is a little bit of a pullback as we have the mandates for masks and vaccines a little bit of a pullback. my concern the fed will look at that and say we can't take the punch pull away, we cannot stop tapering, we have to put that money out there that means inflation, that is my concern, what is yours. >> i agree i think were in full agreement, the biggest danger that the fed continues to pour
11:10 am
money into the economy at this incredibly unprecedented rate and you are going to see higher rates of inflation, by the way the single worst thing that we can do right now, the single dumbest thing that we can do to pass another for trying and dollars of debt as chuck schumer in nancy pelosi are talking about that would be pouring gasoline onto a forest fire we should cut back on government spending as we normally do and not increase it. there was a report out this morning based on the labor report that came out friday which is finding that all of the wage gains that we seen in the last couple of months which are been fairly impressive have been ruled out by inflation. inflation is rising faster than wage gains, they are not increasing, they are shrinking because the value of the dollar shrinking. stuart: as we get to the new consumer price index at the end of this week, i'm out of time,
11:11 am
sorry about that but thank you for joining us as always. back to the markets i see a lot of red ink, the dow is actually down, can we put that on the screen. on the bottom right-hand corner, up 118 points i want to move on to movers google is a mover. stuart: it's a big story although it's not moving the stuff. a policy anyone under 18 or their parents can request the removal of the pictures from google image search and restrict advertisers from targeting. what is a big deal for the stock let's say a year from now is likely that youtube brings in more revenue than netflix and google doesn't have to pay for that content, imagine when and if they cheat that milestone what happens to the stock. youtube is really something.
11:12 am
lauren: online education people, stronger earnings, stronger forecast as much as i hate to say online education here to stay and some which shape or form. stuart: price of oil and energy stocks, what is the story. lauren: energy is winning the market diamondback energy and marathon of the biggest gainers in the s&p 500 a quick point on oil and moves up or down but it hasn't moved the market much, have you noticed that the market is saying whatever. stuart: gas prices are still stable. the white house press secretary jen psaki says she hates when people call her nice. she claims it sexist and diminishing. we will get into that the head of the largest teachers unit wants vaccines mandatory but there's a school in florida that says they will never ever adopt those rules, i believe that school is with us. the senate is about to vote on the infrastructure bill senator bill cassidy will cast his vote and join us he's with us after
11:13 am
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11:17 am
stuart: as we told you an attorney for governor cuomo is holding a briefing and a hope calls for his resignation she says it was biased in the investigators report in the media frenzy can contribute to the spread of misinformation governor cuomo will adjust the people of new york at 1145, half an hour away we will bring you any news from the appearance. happy now also, the senate
11:18 am
voting or about to start voting on the 1.2 trillion dollar infrastructure package, that is happening right now in senator bill cassidy republican from louisiana is with us his morning, where do you stand on the bill are you a yes? >> i'm an absolute yes good for jobs and quality of life in the economy and one of my colleagues said what is not to like. >> is going to win in the senate and it's going to pass but then it'll go to the house that faces an un-future there doesn't it. >> i think it's going to pass good policies good politics. this is excellent policy. if pelosi wants to stand in the way for political reasons that's going to be terrible policy for her in speaking to republicans and democrats on the house side the optimistic that it'll pass. stuart: then what about the three hatchery and other package that comes after, what's going to happen without.
11:19 am
>> the best logic if you pass this it makes it less likely to pass that one of my democratic colleagues says infrastructure is a desert and the 3.5 trillion and other extravaganza that is the spinach. someone who agrees with that is mitch mcconnell mitch mcconnell thinks it's less likely to pass the 3.5 trillion. stuart: you would be a happy senator if you got the 1.2 trillion all the way through but none of the three and half trillion all the way through, am i right? >> even better the american people would be better off it's good to create hundreds of thousands of jobs if not millions and it's going to improve quality of life and is going to make people's lives safer, the 3.5 trillion drive up inflation, drive up the debt and drive up taxes so we hate that one but we do love this one. stuart: i tell, let's get serious louisiana heads the
11:20 am
country in new covid cases 16000 new cases, 15 deaths there is a statewide mask mandate as i understand in the louisiana, is it working? >> if it works it'll be a lag time before we see it working, right now hospitals are inundated with covid and they can't take care of the other patients because if you follow the tractor in your injured is full of covid patients. i will point out something remember joe biden for eight months into the pandemic and donald trump doesn't have a plan to control the virus, i do it turns out it's not working very well, i will say people get vaccinated this all goes away. stuart: we have a cnn host that suggests a travel ban was states with high covid like states like the louisiana would you like to respond to that.
11:21 am
>> was really important that people get vaccinated and try to single out estate or community it is arrogance if you will, i do encourage people to get vaccinated we have in our control to stop this in my state nationwide if we get vaccinated. stuart: would you make them mandatory. >> i don't think they should make them mandatory i will say society is society and hospitals and schools can make certain vaccines mandatory when you join and go to med school and college and start kindergarten your expected to be vaccinated hepatitis b and that's a mandated vaccine but i don't think the federal government should do it unless. stuart: would you do it at the state level would you have made a tory vaccines at the state level for companies or businesses or institutions in louisiana? >> you given me two different scenarios do i think the
11:22 am
hospital on the right demanding more from immunization for its employees to protect the patient to the employees clearly case law and societal laws should and they do do i think the governorship to everybody in the state has to get vaccinated or not, know that should not be the case so you allow the institution to do it, the business to do it but i don't think the governor or the government should be mandating for everybody. stuart: i believe you're wanted on the floor of the senate for a vote, will let you go and we hope to see you again really soon. let's check the markets they don't look great now but the dow and s&p hit intraday record highs the dow is holding up well above 35200, have a look at the moderna they reached a deal with canada to build a state-of-the-art manufacturing plant this should help address the vaccine shortage the stock is up more than 360% this year
11:23 am
but it's backed off a little maybe profit taking down 3.6% this morning 360% up at 2021 we work the office sharing guys teaming up with wakefield, what are they doing together. lauren: cushman is giving them a cash infusion of $150 million ahead of their planned deal later this year but what they want to do is refill offices with workers as adults at various surgeons and employees have been home for a year end half how do you convince bosses and staff that camille is wortht in the originality and creativeness to know how to help them fill the offices the right way. stuart: got that, show me google remote workers -- that says a pay cut for remote workers speaker it doesn't make sense how they figured out there's a
11:24 am
google calculator that their employees can used to justify the cost of their move for instance if you use a calculator someone who lives in connecticut but commutes to google's new york city would have to take a 15% pay cut if they work from home but the same person who lived in new york city and worked in new york city would get the same pay, it doesn't quite make sense is based on the situation but the bottom line is you need to have a conversation with your boss before you make a decision to move about what your compensation is going to be. stuart: well said very interesting, take a look at this into $12000 trashcan on the streets of san francisco, i say that's a sign that cities got off the record give me more about them i take which is coming up shortly one school made headlines last spring they said they would not employ vaccinated people they had to change their position, will find
11:25 am
out the guest on this program coming up. ♪ that building you're trying to buy, - you should ten-x it. - ten-x it? ten-x is the world's largest online commercial real estate exchange. you see it. you want it. you ten-x it. it's that fast. if i could, i'd ten-x everything. like... uh... these salads. or these sandwiches... ten-x does the same thing, but with buildings. sweet. oh no, he wasn't... oh, actually... that looks pretty good. see it. want it. ten-x it. yum!
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stuart: that is box where right outside of fox business headquarters in studios, 79 degrees right there right now it is coming up on 11:30 a.m. will take a quick look at the markets the dow is holding onto the gate and solid gain of 150 points but the nasdaq has turned south a half of 1% down 74 points, that is not much of a move in the s&p 500 although it did hit another high earlier one airline just enough they will not require employees to get the vaccine. lauren: american airlines dangling perks if you would like to get you get an extra day off next year and $50 i don't think that convinces anybody who has a sense of pulling up their sleeves but united frontier, hawaiian requiring the job by october or november. stuart: the vaccine mandate is very much in play in the
11:30 am
airlines, some of the airlines. lauren: they interact with a lot of people. stuart: the white house says 90% of educators and school staff are now fully vaccinated. i think that was the teachers union who actually said that, the ceo of the academy in miami florida and she joins us now. layla, as i recall in the spring of this year, you said that you would not hire any teacher who had been vaccinated. you would not employ vaccinated people in your academy, why did you do that and what's the situation now. >> the situation is phenomenal at the moment because of the media frenzy that happened because of my staff in the vaccine it helped me recruit teachers and parents and faculty all over the country who are leaving the schools that are
11:31 am
forcing and mandating them to get the vaccine which they do not want to get, i'm not sure where the teachers union got her data from but i tell you that there teachers that are quitting the teaching industry for good, there teachers that are requiring, teachers that are homeschooling because they absolutely do not want to be forced to take the covid shot. stuart: is that what you objected to, being forced or persuaded or coerced into getting vaccinated or do you think there's something wrong with the vaccination in the first place. >> if you look at the large database which is the cdc but database they have over 12000 deaths already that have been reported there is a lawsuit that has been filed by a lawyer of tom rain where whistleblower has discussed there are several other adverse databases that are
11:32 am
not shown to the public and there's over 45000 deaths from the covid shot. you cannot force somebody to take a shot where the side effects is a possibility of death, not to mention all of the neurological issues that are clearly stated in the cdc government database, to me it is baffling and baffles my mind that so many people are being forced out of their industry, out of their jobs to take something that should not be mandated at all it should be a choice. stuart: we can argue all day long with deaths from coded vaccinations i'm not sure where your databases, i've not seen it but i want to talk about the parents, what do the parents think about this, no vaccination in school, what do they think. >> that's a great question, i have parents at that have moved from all over the country including canada to come to our
11:33 am
school, i had a parent a few weeks ago that drove 19 hours from maryland each way to come to our schools were attracting parents that are a lot more in alignment with our values and our desire to rely on our immune system and be free and not be forced to be vaccinated and not forced to be in a community where everyone is being forced to be vaccinated. i'm attracting a lot of freedom i'm a nonunion school man my husband sold our company three e years ago and were investing into education to transform education and is about mindfulness, happiness in our communities is extremely happy our children were very happy last year we did not mandate masks for one minute and we did not have any children with emotional issues like many of the other school have suicide for children has been on the
11:34 am
rise, anxiety is significantly on the rise and i've seen it firsthand because i have a school where parents did send their children to our school and masks and i'll tell you what i've seen firsthand the kids that are wearing masks for eight hours a day have a lot more anxiety and a lot more fear our school is based on not living on fear we focus on nutrition and wellness, we focus on the mind, body and soul and were doing pretty well last year we had 300 kids, yes we had covid cases but not one of her students or teachers went to the hospital and the majority of them did not wear masks for one day i'm very proud of that. stuart: that's very interesting and thank you for being with us today will follow up and see how you're doing in the future. now this. this is the story about trash cans $12000 trashcan's in san
11:35 am
francisco, you may think this is trivial not worthy of editorial time, i disagree, it's not just about trash cans it's about a city like many others in america that is gone off the rails the story begins when gavin newsom was the mayor, he's now the governor of california but back in the day he decided to remove 1500 trash cans because it was too much trash getting spilled all over by the homeless, of course if the homeless population continued to grow the trash problem grew getting rid of trash cans does not get rid of trash, the director of the public works department, he is the father of the $12000 trashcan debate, he has since then been arrested from which it emerged that he dated the current breed and given her gifts let's not digress too much
11:36 am
instead of bringing back the old trash cans the city decided it needed new ones which would have to withstand the homeless that how we got to the 12000-dollar cancer was deployed by the thousands can you imagine $12000 each, that won't solve the trash problem all the homeless and the tours problem who wants to visit a homeless camp or the crime problem it's the da and is not going to prosecute the shoplifters who's been working out, i used to live in san francisco, got my start in tv there back in 1975 i bought my first house there, it was a great city and now it's not, it's sinking under the weight of absurd political correctness the $12000 trash cans are the tip of the idiocy iceberg, maybe i'm being a little strong let's see what lauren simonetti thinks about that.
11:37 am
lauren: $400,000 is used to testing those they wanted different prototype and maybe the one that they select should be the new emblem for the city, the city, the issue on the streets of san francisco and the beautiful homes on campuses go high taxes, lawlessness and homelessness. stuart: the city off the rails, after more than a year canada reopened its border to american tourist, earlier the ceo of draftkings says they have ambitions to be like amazon we have the clip to show you next. ♪
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stuart: moments from now
11:42 am
governor cuomo will adjust the people of new york, at this moment his attorney has been speaking and simply saying the investigation was biased and a couple of minutes will hear from the governor himself i want to bring in joe concha, i don't nobody's going to say but i'm pretty sure he's not going to reside. >> were looking at richard nixon 50 years later in terms of the votes against nixon the republicans have turned on nixon and the votes are there to impeach, you can put up this defense as much as he likes but when you have a love and a credible accusers in the attorney general's report that is scathing and overwhelmingly damning i don't see what path he has, there's no talking way out of this at this point. stuart: as i understand that the moment that impeachment begins i don't know how you phrase it that when it's formalized, he steps aside from power and incomes lieutenant governor, that means his time is clearly
11:43 am
very limited i would say. >> i don't think he sees labor day and gets out of this month quite frankly, it be one thing if this was a partisan thing like brett kavanaugh republicans say one thing and democrat state another every democrats is against him being out but the burst into disturbing element bill de blasio is entertaining writing for governor of new york, imagine governor de blasio but the entire state some folks may have some issue with that. i'm going to move on to this, rashida tlaib dancing mask was at a wedding, this happened on the same day she tweeted about senator rand paul throwing a tantrum over the cdc new guidelines, why does this keep happening, the elites make the rules and then they break them and it keeps on happening. >> rules for the not for the, why it keeps happening because we have an apathetic media that
11:44 am
doesn't call them out on this, it's a daily thing at this point the whole democratic leader goes mask was at an indoor event mayor bowser mask was not a wedding the cdc high transition zone alexandria ocasio-cortez was massless in washington and with the photograph started being taken to put the mask back on when the photo stop she takes him back off and barack obama invite hundreds of people to a birthday party and indoor tent the tent was outdoors and that could've been used hosted 2024 olympics and the entire party including the former president mask was, the so-called leaders are flunking this behavior because they know they're not going to be called up by the media so they say i can get away with this because this is the way it goes a super spreader is now only applied to biker rallies, cuban-american protest and large church gatherings but not democratic weddings apparently. stuart: white house press secretary jen psaki as you know
11:45 am
interviewed by vogue she said being called nice is like nails on a chalkboard, she says it's sexist, when is it nice being a bad description of anyone. >> i got the nice last treatment high school i got that point but i don't think it's sexist she was to portray herself as being the tough secretary that can stand up to hostile press that isn't hostile outside of peter doocy, just ask questions. phoning pieces like this in vanity fair and magazines, they're not surprising and they only seem to exist during democratic in administrations, the trump administration when you have literally melania trump a model, a mom was worthy of the same treatment on this level but never received it because her last name is trump and yet sarah huckabee sanders a working mom kayleigh mcenany one of the hardest white-collar jobs you can find anywhere and that's a press secretary for a president
11:46 am
and here we are if you're democratic i administration you get to be on the cover of vogue or vanity fair and if you're republican wait your turn for years are now when you're gone and maybe we'll let you back on again. stuart: that's my personal opinion, will see you again soon i got a break in, this is breaking right now. the senate just passed the infrastructure built that literally just happened on capitol hill. i see the downslope 150, 160 points, show me they're down 30 and we got any input there on the change in the scope of the market or the behavior of the market, there it is the winners are the green and that is still winning the day. lauren: has concrete stuff infrastructure stuff it's up to and a quarter% on the passage of this infrastructure bill but for
11:47 am
the most part a lot of these companies and etf's have seen gains earlier in the year. stuart: it's 1146 and were just about to hear from governor cuomo, he'll be speaking momentarily, will monitor what he has to say in bringing the headlights. will be back. ♪ [sfx: radio being tuned] welcome to allstate. ♪ [band plays] ♪ a place where everyone lives life well-protected. ♪♪ and even when things go a bit wrong, we've got your back. here, things work the way you wish they would. and better protection costs a whole lot less. you're in good hands with allstate. click or call for a lower auto rate today.
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>> already two and half billion in sales who knows, we have ambitions to be a multi product based company and well beyond online gaming recently have the ambition to one day be like amazon who started selling books and now look at them i think that's where we would like to take the company long-term. stuart: that's an ambition and a half, jason robins on this program says he's got ambitions for sports but they're becoming like amazon, lauren, what do you think about draftkings and amazon. lauren: sports betting is where it's at is legal and half the country and now we see an increase in significance and an increase in exposure in different industries into
11:52 am
conversions if you will of marketplaces where you can buy the goods, and games, on games, media, it's worth that streaming. stuart: it's an expanding industry and he wants to expand like amazon, that is interesting. on a related note i spoke with the ceo of bett mgm talking about bringing online sports betting to brick-and-mortar locations, roll that tape. >> were bringing technology to what was a pretty vanilla retail experience and by doing so the physical experience in bringing it closer to what we expected the digital world, a line betting component is exciting part in the future of betting really exist. stuart: i'm going to show you mgm resorts stock and bett mgm as part of the company and the stock is up about 1% as we speak, now show me nike because soccer star christian is trading
11:53 am
in nike for a new brand partnership, who did he sign with. lauren: plume i will give him more freedom to express his ideas he was born in pennsylvania transplanted to europe and he now signed with the german burden in their giving him his own signature logo and probably his own cleats.ea stuartrt: boollllspo daveave po iporywhporywh hry gor hise bsptssp cld c start ba ga s. gaga la: major lrgu lguallebeb mainreamstream barloolooll spo ou can tanhean actct d bet tiond anday may gambngoulinger ing wl w w w causcae usheas aou her her h yoger ageud andhat'st' wshat wantsantsantsee s something happening he has an extraordinary amount of energy. stuart: the man is sharp he
11:54 am
knows how to expand and where he will expand i wish he would lay off the safe moon coin of his. we have more on this, fanatics the sports merchandise company, their valued at $18 billion and they just brought in $325 million from new york investors those investors include softbank, rapper jay-z, fanatics is looking to expand into sports gambling and in fts according to the wall street journal fanatics thanks are on track to bring in $3.4 billion worth of revenue this year, new industry expanding like you wouldn't believe, guess what 11:54 a.m. is trivia time, which mammal has the longest life span, chimpanzee, indian, elephant, blue whale will be back with the answer after this.
11:55 am
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that's why we're building 5g right, that's why there's only one best network.
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11:58 am
stuart: we asked you this. which mammal has the longest lifespan? i didn't know, i guessed one or two of them and got it wrong. i thought it was the turtle, great sea turtles of south pacific, thought they lived 2 or 300 years old. let me give you the correct answer. the bowhead whale. they can live over 200 years old. that is old i would say, very
11:59 am
old. lauren: still look nice and sharp. look at that. stuart: i don't know where we get these questions from. always intriguing in a funny sort of way. lauren: take audience suggestions for topics. here is your chance. stuart: 11 59. s&p 500 backed off a little. you're looking record high less for the dow, s&p, the nasdaq is not that far short, is it? >> governor cuomo still speaking, addressing the people of new york. so far he is doubling down what his attorney had said earlier, claiming there is bias in the report and the investigations. the investigations. he says to me, what he said so far, it does not sound like a resignation is coming.
12:00 pm
now earlier today we found out that once the impeachment articles will be, impeachment process is formalized, at that moment he no longer has the power of the governor. in comes the lieutenant governor. as they prepare impeachment it really looks like governor cuomo's days in office are severely numbered i should say. neil is in today. neil, it is yours. neil: how do you know about the whale thing? who checked? you know what i'm saying? i hear that, wonder sometimes if your staff, stuart, makes up stuff. you would have to check with the whale. the whale might say closing in on 200, whatever. i don't buy it. i just don't buy it. stuart: get your own trivia question. neil: okay. here is trivia. where do they get the trivia for the stuart varney show? stuart: that is a goodne


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