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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  August 9, 2021 6:00am-9:00am EDT

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it turns out that rudy originals are prized collector's items, selling for up to 10,000 bucks a pop. i'm jamie colby. thanks so much for watching "strange inheritance." and remember, you can't take it with you. ♪♪ [ cannon blasts ] dagen: good morning. i'm daggett mcdowell in for maria bartiromo. your top stories at 6:00 a.m. eastern, falling apart at the seams, embattled governor governor cuomo top aid and defender melissa derosa resigning in a shocking move, the women who filed the criminal complaint against him, speaking out for the first time. we are following the developing story all morning long. a massive sophisticated drug tunnel found near the us-mexico border, as we learn the cartels are
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encouraging migrants to take uber and lyft to cross into the united states. the latest ahead. a look at markets as futures are mixed this monday morning, this off a green week for all three major market gauges. the dow jones and s&p 500 notching record closes friday. european markets on the downside. overseas and in asia a mixed story. nikkei in japan close for the mountain day holiday. "mornings with maria" alive right now. ♪♪ dagen: some of the top stories we are watching, president biden 1.2 trillion dollar infrastructure bill clearing a major hurdle in the senate. lauren has more. >> that's right 18
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republicans joining democrats in voting to end the debate sending the package on a path towards the final vote which could come in the next couple of days with economists for taking the infrastructure bill will have a limited impact on short-term economic just because the government has already spent nearly $6 trillion on coronavirus relieved funding and the bills initiatives are spread out over 10 years. happening overnight, taliban forces gain control of three more afghan cities as the u.s. nears complete withdrawal of compat-- combat troops in the region. it was overrun this week by a militant group. asked-- afghan security forces reportedly lost control of key government buildings and a prison housing taliban fighters and at least 11 civilians reported killed during the fighting and 40 more wounded. alibaba firing a manager accused of sexually assaulting one of his workers. the employee writing a
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post over the weekend accusing her supervisor of a forcing her to drink excessively at a business dinner in july, and then a sexually assaulting her. alibaba ceo announced two other executives who failed it to act after the incident have resigned and pledging to change the company's culture as a result. a federal judges siding with norwegian cruise line over vaccine passports as a pass-- passengers will be required to show proof of vaccination before loading-- boarding the ship after the governor signed a bill preventing the practice. norwegian shares are down 1.3%. dagen: thank you. futures are mixed in this morning. we have some green for the nasdaq 100 futures, but the dow jones and s&p futures to the downside, this off a green week for all three major market gauges with
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a dow jones and s&p 500 hitting an all-time high friday after the strong jobs report. that academy-- joining me now global advisor present dominic abella and joining the conversation all morning law former wisconsin wisconsin congressman fox news contributor sean duffy and republican strategists jonathan mattison the gentleman, terrific to see you looking ahead, what is most weighing on your mind about the market and what will drive stocks higher or lower? >> we have had a particularly good year so far, dagan and we watched top line growth earnings, earnings averaging over 19% above what estimates were so we have had a pretty fantastic year, but going forward we are going through a soft time in the market and i think the inflation data
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coming out this week will have some pretty decent effect on what we see going forward. dagen: what will be the reaction to the inflation data? is your concern about what the fed might do in response to that inflation data? >> absolutely. up until now, it's been hot. and no one can argue that. we have seen commodity prices and things like copper and lumber really have extraordinary years and they have started to rollover. those kind of expensive stocks have started to roll down but you look at airlines and used car prices and they have not so inflation has been running really hot. obviously the fed expects that to rollover and be transitory, but labor is averaged over 4% growth, leverage cost averaged over 4% and that tends to be stickier and will be more relaxed so i think the markets are
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focusing-- the combination labor markets have been strong and inflation might be hotter than anticipated i think the fed will be in a position later this year where they have to make a decision and stop their bond buying program or at least slow it down. dagen: they really are in a pickle, if you will, certainly jay powell the chair of the federal reserve where you have now this bipartisan group, senators signing off to spend more than 1.2 trillion dollars to the congressional budget office came out last week and said it will add 256 billion to the federal deficit for 10 years and j powell job is up for renewal potentially in february of next year and you have had the fed is so far monetized the debt is being monetized by the federal reserve and so how can they possibly even think about pulling back on the bond buying
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with these guys and government can't stop spending money? >> a pickle is exactly right and in a perfect world fed cheryl powell would like to let inflation run hotter than normal to get the economy more ahead of steam that it currently has, but the reality is at the end of the day the markets will decide where interest rates go and if the-- the markets interpret inflation will stick around for a really long time and we watched this in the early '80s, they simply committing go i'm not going to buy those bonds knowing inflation will heat up sheet at my earnings and interest rates will go higher, higher and higher. the fed will not have a choice of they will have to play this game and i think there will be a lot of pressure on the fed to at least indicate to the investment community that they are going to start thinking about thinking and eventually they will slow down the bond buying program and i think that happens before the end of the year. dagen: what about at the jackson hole conference, when is that
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later this month is it? >> yeah coming up at the end of the month, but we have an important data coming down on ppi data wednesday and thursday of this week. again, everyone expected to be hotter than normal the question is, will it linger around much longer than what the fed is telling us or will it rollover? we watch the price of lumber come way down again, but when you give someone a 4%, 5% raise to come back to work so they can come back to the office, you can't not to wake up six month later and go to, it's all good and we will take the rays away. at that kind of labor costs sticks around for really long time and i think that in the end will be really the excuse for the fed to go we have to do something here. dagen: any regular person understand higher prices are here to stay. when a someone raises prices like even if it's a race, the lower prices never material-- materialize.
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quickly, how are you allocating your portfolio for the second half of the year, any changes? >> u.s. markets, domestic markets have been fantastic, less so on the international side. the last 30 days i visited europe, and the middle east and africa and i can tell you all three continents are really struggling to try to deal with covid. they are way behind us. i think you have to start nibbling in these areas and start allocating, get there early, you can't wait until the after the remark-- markets react and say that's a great space. this is where you start. u.s. equities can get into the international sectors of. dagen: knowing people who have been traveling overseas, you have no idea what a great shape united states is in. >> one 100% correct. if you look the neighbor
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flow-- force, restaurants open, being able to function, we are so far ahead from at least what i saw we are so far ahead of the rest of the world. it's troubling, but they are catching up so three, six, 12 months down the road they will be where we are so you have to go where the hot market will be not where it is today an international start deliberately-- may be to have 5% you start moving that part of your portfolio from domestic to international and capture the return three and six months down the roads. dagen: great to see you, dominic tavella. we are just getting started. 1.2 trillion dollar infrastructure package clearing a final hurdle in the senate. former george w. bush and senior advisor brad blakeman is here with his take. former arkansas governor weighs in on president obama's not so scaled down birthday week martha's vineyard in the
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deepening border crisis, jackson county sheriff andy louderback talks the struggles texas border town czars facing as a massive new drug tunnel is exposed near california. don't miss a moment of it. you are watching "mornings with maria" live on foxbusiness. ♪♪ (vo) singing, or speaking. reason, or fun. daring, or thoughtful. sensitive, or strong. progress isn't either or progress is everything.
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dagen: governor andrew cuomo's top aide announcing her resignation overnight. melissa derosa was mentioned 187 times in that 168 page report by the new york attorney general, which concluded the governor sexually harassed 11 women and
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created a toxic work environment. the report found melissa derosa played an active role in dismissing accusations from those women. in a statement melissa says the past two years have been emotionally and mentally trying. meantime, lieutenant governor kathy hotel preparing to replace governor, within the next three weeks according to reports. joining me now to discuss democratic strategists kevin walling. kevin, do you think that the governor resigns because again he has dug in and maybe they jettison melissa derosa, she sacrificing herself, but does cuomo get out of there? >> it's a good question, i mean, this governor is the most prideful guy we have ever seen and has no humility. he's lost all ability to govern the empire state and i called for his resignation in march not just on the sexual harassment and assault, but also the nursing home front that we can't not discussed as part of
6:16 am
this because that's as equally if not more probably and so he is a prideful guy and i hope every leading democrat including the president has called for his resignation. democrats are moving forward in albany to introduce articles of impeachment i think as early as today because the writing is all on the wall for the governor and he has no way out except to step down. dagen: kevin, both jonathan and sean duffy are here. sean, jump in. >> hey, kevin, i think it's been challenging as you mentioned with the scandal, i mean, if you are lee's welding you are probably running for governor against cuomo as a republican and zelda and is like this is great, stay there, governor cuomo because i will be even a really blue stay because everyone is sick of cuomo, i mean, shouldn't every democrat call for his resignation? >> amen pick the entire congressional delegation, democrats and called for his resignation because he will be a drain and he's up in 2022.
6:17 am
lee's welding has a great campaign to run against him in terms of not just his handling of the pandemic but the 11 women that have come forward all the allegations have been cooperated, so the governor such a drain on democrats across the state, i don't know if it's necessarily a national implication, but it's not likely relegated to new york at this point, but he will be a drag on this ticket if he doesn't do the right thing a step down. dagen: jonathan? >> you said it, kevin. of the writing is on the wall and to not-- it's not invisible ink. everyone can see. i think what's interesting at this point is that he's facing the prospect of criminal charges at this point. i wonder what would have happened if a back in march he had done the right thing and simply stepped it down, but now we have had a report released by the new york attorney general letitia james. i would actually ask you, kevin, is there any
6:18 am
chance whatsoever that the new york legislature decides not to impeach him and also, is there any chance i guess was the real chance that criminal charges will be waged against him? >> good question. it's two parts and i think this emily has no choice but to move forward. there was a call right after the report came out tuesday with the assembly democrats, no one came forward and supported to the governor, so he's on an island. and because the last you know decade or so in elected alive he's a bully. he has made no allies for the most part in albany so these men and women are cheering for this guy to go both on the republican and democratic side here your point about criminal charges-- charges is a good one. of four separate da offices are now looking about filing a charges and i think dagan mentioned melissa derosa stepping down and i think she could also face criminal prosecution as more comes to light in the ag report about the extent she did to cover this up
6:19 am
and attack these women that have come forward so the governor has not just real aspect of living-- losing office soon but also facing criminal prosecution hopefully. dagen: speaking of that, one of governor cuomo's accusers spoke out over the weekend identifying herself for the first time. britney known as executive assistant number one and the attorney general's report saying the governor groped her on two separate occasions inside the executive mansion and said cuomo must be held accountable. listen to this. >> why did you file that criminal complaint with the sheriff's office? >> the governor needs to be held accountable. >> so i am clear again, being held accountable to you means seeing the governor charged with a crime? >> what he did to me was a crime. he broke the law. dagen: kevin, i'm glad you brought up the nursing home
6:20 am
order that he signed last march, and that led to the death of 815,000 or more elderly people here in new york city because a lot of the grieving relatives including janice and dean feel like that it's being forgotten anyone to remember and they want cuomo to pay for what he did and the fact that he covered it up, lied about it and rotate multimillion dollar book and won an emmy. of the list goes on, but explained to me-- there was a fundraiser that cuomo held just a few weeks ago and i think he raised about a million dollars. who in their right mind would give this man knowing everything-- this is before the attorney general's report, why would anyone give him money for a reelection campaign knowing what they knew about him because they bet on him for so many decades that they had this big investment in him and they were just doubling down or
6:21 am
tripling down, why would a donor hand this man more money? >> that's a good question. he has a cold personality and his family is one of the most established families beside being an immigrant family that has a storied path in the empire state and he's built this network of supporters over decades in support of his father and his work in the '90s and now is attorney general and as governor, so he is an entrenched interest with a lot of powerful friends that i think are backing him, but luckily all of his supposedly friends in elected life have a call for his resignation because to put the vice president, dudes got to go. dagen: i watched-- his own response with photos of him hugging people, that was pretty hard to take, but what was worse were his attorneys and the presser they did at the end of last week where again, it was blame the victim and calling these women liars.
6:22 am
it was hard to watch and it raises the issue of does the democratic party stand up for women and you know believe all women? do they because his lawyers and cuomo, they were throwing these women under the bus. i'm gonna leave it there, but kevin, it was great to see you. thank you for being here. >> thanks. dagen: coming up, the deepening border crisis with a massive drug tunnel discovered near california, cartel members urge migrants to take uber across the border. we are on it next [engine revving] [car horn and collisions] [tires squealing]
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a lump or swelling in your neck, severe stomach pain, changes in vision, or diabetic retinopathy. serious side effects may include pancreatitis. taking trulicity with sulfonylurea or insulin raises low blood sugar risk. side effects include nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea, which can lead to dehydration and may worsen kidney problems. show your world what's truly inside. ask your doctor about once-weekly trulicity. dagen: drugs traffic into the united states underground and undetected. immigration and customs and forstmann officials discovering a 108-foot long tunnel running between mexico and california. agents say these types of tunnels are used to smuggle drugs into the united states. jonathan, again, lacks
6:26 am
the border policy with drugs coming into the u.s. killing americans. >> this is another example of a rollback of the previous administrations border policies that help to so many people and now it's interesting because you have an administration that's implementing what we call border insecurity as opposed to border security and so these are just natural manifestations of what happens when you get week on border security, so unfortunately this is not surprising at all. dagen: sean, migrants coming over the border using a ride sharing services to get around with one new mexico police officer said smugglers tell migrants to order an uber or lift after they cross into the united states. at this is just every day there is something new we find out about the lax border security. it's just outrageous. sean, your reaction? >> dagan, the cartel's
6:27 am
work the american system to say we have a system in place where we will bring you up to the border. cross the border, you will be welcomed by border patrol and then you get a uber, quickly on the tylenol, i will sure that was built over a year ago. right now there is no need for a tunnel, all they have to do is walk across the border and it's completely open. i think the cartels are laughing at the biden administration making huge amounts of money for the this evil purpose. dagen: i have said this over and over, the biden administration broke something that was fixed and broke it on purpose and they laid the foundation for criminals and drug traffickers to profit from human suffering whether it's the trafficking of children, the trafficking of drugs and it is mind-boggling that the people in power in washington think it's good policy. coming up we will talk more about it as the morning moves on. 's super spreader
6:28 am
hypocrisy, dr. fauci slamming the motorcycle rally in sturgis while he's tightlipped on lollapalooza, president obama's birthday party, protests. we will talk about it next plus tokyo 2020 is in the history books. scenes from the closing ceremonies ahead. stay with us. ♪♪ who can come to a stop with barely a bobble. lucia. who announces her intentions even if no one's there. and sgt moore. who leaves room for her room. with usaa safepilot, when you drive safe... can save up to 30% on your auto insurance. get a quote and start saving. usaa. what you're made of, we're made for.
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dagen: welcome back. i'm in port maria. it's monday, august 9. futures are makes this morning. we have a triple digit lost on the dow jones futures at the moment. at this off of a green week for all three major market gauges. dow jones and s&p 500 hit a new tau-- all-time highs friday. european markets to the downside this monday
6:32 am
colossus in england, france and germany. nikkei in japan closed for the mountain day holiday by. some other stories we are watching this morning, a chicago police officer is dead. another is fighting force life. lauren simonetti has more. lauren: here we are again, another monday morning and another officer dead, 29-year old officer was killed during a traffic stop saturday. she joined the department in april, 2018, and another officer remains in critical condition. both her and the injured officer are members of the citywide community safety team that responds to crime hotspots. a gun was recovered at the scene. all three suspects are in custody, but no charges have been filed. california's massive dixie fire is now the largest single wildfire in state history. the blaze raging for 25
6:33 am
days destroying 400 homes and structures in a threatening tens of thousands of more. california fire season on track to surpass last year, which was the worst in recent recorded state history. business news, sanderson farms is reportedly nearing a born half billion dollar deal to sell itself. "wall street journal" is reporting the chicken parmesan talks with two companies. if approved, it could value sanderson at $203 a share. sanderson is the country's third-largest chicken processor and in premarket shares are rallying 7%. tokyo olympics coming to a close with athletes from all nations gathering in the national stadium at the olympics as the flame was put out and fireworks launched. paris will host summer games in 2024 and as you can see fighter jets flying over the city wall forming the french flag in a colored smoking in the end of the out on top 113 total
6:34 am
metals and 39 gold. just one gold ahead of china. back to you. dagen: the artistic swimming was one of my favorite events. it was like so bizarre. anyway, i got it all on dvr and i'm going to watch for the next week. track and the strange artistic swimming. thank you. the senate is moving forward with 1.2 trillion dollar infrastructure package and maria spoke with north dakota senator kevin kramer yesterday about what is included in the bill. >> we in addition to the bill that came out of our committee and then this compromise of the 1.2 trillion, 450 billion, that's over a third of it is not just infrastructure, its roads and bridges specifically. in addition to that, there are ports, waterways, railroads, airports, broadband, all
6:35 am
of which are critical to the movement of goods and services around this country and around the world. now, are there things that democrats like? or shore, are there things missing that we would love, of course there are, but if it's a 50/50 senate you will have to take some of those things to get all the other really good things. dagen: joining me now former bush 43 senior advisor 1600 group principal georgetown professor of public policy and international affairs brad blakeman. brad, explain why in a republican would sign onto this when in the last year during the pandemic that we have spent-- not spent but certainly allocated about $6 trillion before the infrastructure plan, this infrastructure plan that also paved the way for a three and a half, five and half trillion dollar plan coming out of the democrats? >> the reason why republicans are onboard is because because it will get a lot worse after this bill is passed because democrats are looking to
6:36 am
reconciliation in the senate, budget procedure to pass a $3.5 trillion bill which has nothing to do with infrastructure, but to answer your question, look at senator kramer said this is about compromise. this is about getting america what america needs, not what america wants. we need bridges, roads. we need-- need of a structure like water plants. we need the electric grid fixed once and for also we can't let america crumble and remember a lot of these costs are going to be amortized over the life of the investment like we do in buying our home we have to pass on to future americans we will use and have the benefit to use these items today and yes ordinarily we wouldn't want to go into more deficit spending, but it's absolutely necessary for our country. dagen: do you understand what i'm saying is that by splitting off the infrastructure part, if the republicans politically had the forest the democrats to deal
6:37 am
with all of it in one it would make the latter bill the three and half, find it-- five and half trillion dollar bill, it would make it tougher to negotiate in the republicans, the ones who voted for this have left themselves in a situation where they won't be able to say, keep one about inflation. they won't be able to say people want about reckless government spending. tell me why amtrak needs $66 billion. you want to talk about handing money to like the snoot that lives in d.c. and new york. >> look, again senator kramer said it correctly there are things in this bill, 1.2 trillion dollar if a structure the republicans had to hold their nose support and there are other items that are necessary. that republicans could sit back on their hands and say let democrats
6:38 am
spend whatever they want for reconciliation. in my opinion that's not a smart move. we have to compromise in every facet of life the albeit personal life, business, politics should be no different. american people voted in democrats and not only the congress, but the white house, but there will be a day of reckoning in 2022 hopefully when republicans take it back and four points of reckless spending the democrats have done without one republican vote. dagen: that is my point is that there's plenty of reckless spending and infrastructure bill and much of it doesn't make sense, but like talking about the mass transit spending i mentioned just amtrak spending, but in terms of renew-- the need to work on this mass transit receives $70 billion in the pandemic and 20 billion of its back, but they will allocate another 90 billion over five years. doesn't make any sense for your let me move on to this. dr. fauci expressing covid concerns over south dakota's sturges
6:39 am
motorcycle rally yesterday. have a less than. >> i'm very concerned, chaka, that we will see another surge related to that rally. there comes a time when dealing with the public health crisis that could involve you, your family and everyone else that something supersedes that me to delegate exactly what you want to do. dagen: where was dr. fauci when talking about president obama's martha's vineyard birthday party or lollapalooza or about the wide open border? gathering wherever, but he's going to go after sturges the motorcycle rally because guess who is going to that, people who probably don't like him, who don't vote democrat. brad? >> look, this is the democrats do as i say i'm a not as. we are smarter than democrats give american
6:40 am
people credit for and we can see the hypocrisy, it's glaring, the fact that the chicago mayor without a mask can appear at lollapalooza with hundreds of thousands of people without a mask and gathered together not social distancing and democrats say what a great event chicago is back. witness sturges, it's dangerous and people should not be permitted to do that. or president obama on martha's vineyard with the elite of washington and hollywood gathering. again, no social distancing or masks, so exceptions are glaring in the american people get it. just at a time as president biden threatens more lockdowns and kids not going to school, this is hypocrisy at its finest. dagen: sean duffy, i know it's morning tv and i'm trying not to roll my eyes and i'm really trying to correct my resting arrange face when i talk about this because it makes me mad.
6:41 am
>> makes me mad to. if you go to cpac, a trump rally or nascar, those are dangerous events and you mention if you are going to a liberal event or a peaceful protester that seems to be fine and brad, seems like dr. fauci doesn't understand why america doesn't trust him and respect him when he has political science instead of epidemiologist. i think americans are giving him a hand gesture which is the middle finger saying i'm sorry we don't trust you or believe you anymore. am i right on that? >> without a doubt. dr. fauci admitted they are following the science. they are doing assumptions and they are making judgments. they are not at all based on science and the reason being they don't have the science in order to make these conclusions. the american people are fed up. i am in a state now of arizona and people out here with governor ducey
6:42 am
, they have had enough and governor ducey telling kids they got to go to school and telling teachers teach or be removed. businesses are open. you know we are going to take reasonable risk and we are going to protect the most vulnerable and america has got to get back to work and kids back in school. enough is enough. dagen: i had covid in march, i got maxine and i'm ready to party along with all those folks at sturgis even though i don't ride a motorcycle, but i would just go out there and raise you know what. holy came pure brad blakeman, thank you. terrific to see you. coming up, a possible vaccine mandate for teachers ahead of one of the largest teacher union now backs the measure. wisecracks you are watching "mornings with maria" live on foxbusiness. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> a matter of personal conscious. i think we need to work with our employers, not opposing them on vaccine mandates. dagen: that was randi weingarten, the head of the american federation of teachers. seeming to reverse her position, now supporting a vaccine mandate for teachers. she said she changed her
6:47 am
mind because of the delta variant and because pediatric hospitals in florida are becoming overwhelmed and atlanta area school district are reporting days into their school year. this is among children. doctor janette nesheiwat is an emergency medicine physician, a fox news medical contributor. what do you make of that because the argument is why do you make children mask up, is it to protect the unvaccinated adults? >> dagan, good morning. that's a good question. there's a couple reasons. it could help protect, but we need to keep in mind children can carry and spread the disease to one another and when the virus spreads from one person to another, that's when he gets the opportunity to mutate. that's an important, the issue we need to keep in mind and each time it mutates we see new variants like delta, so i don't think the mask is just to protect the unvaccinated think it's
6:48 am
also to prevent spread, but i think we shouldn't put the word in a protection on our children pick we should make anyone who is eligible to be vaccinated who is not allergic to the vaccine who's never had covid takes all necessary measures to be protected so we keep our students and other teachers save in the school as well. dagen: my issue listening to randi weingarten and taking what she says a seriously is the fact that children were not in school and it there was irreparable damage done to them as they were remote learning for much of the last year end a half, emotional, psychological, developmental and educational damage because teachers refused it to be in school and we knew children did not contract covid as easily. they didn't spread it as easily. their cases weren't severe. if they did get infected as severe as adults and
6:49 am
now i feel like anything to do with the teachers union it should be ignored. >> i think our top priority should be our children and getting them back into class safely. whether there is a massive outbreak in the community or not we should do everything in our power to get them back to have in person learning. that will help them mentally, emotionally, physically and you are right, they have lost a year end half of schooling and it will have a detrimental impact on-- in the long run if they continue so i think it's important to look at what's going on in the community and your own personal health and the best decision going forward. dagen: sean duffy, jump in. i want to point out. >> hey, doctor. dagen: i want to point out one statistic because stuart in newark new jersey suffered such extensive learning lost last year according to spring testing, 9% of students in grade two through eight met state
6:50 am
expectations and a map, 11 and reading, 9% of students made state expectations in mathematics, just appalling. >> i have nine kids and i see kids suffering not just a socially but academically with what the states have done with masking mandates and also in person learning, but my question is, doctor, we have not seen a lot of kids get sick from covid over the course of the last year, but it seems like the delta variant we have markets going to the hospital. should kids go back to school and should they be required to wear a mask or should it be a family choice and they can make decisions for themselves whether they've had covid or been vaccinated or the outbreak in their community? >> you are right, sean. delta has changed everything and if you look at for example some states, louisiana, florida, arkansas, the pediatric wards are full because more children are being hospitalized due to coronavirus.
6:51 am
two months ago this wasn't an issue, not a problem, but i still think the schools should remain open. we should do everything in our power to keep them open. if it means the only way to get them in the school right now temporarily is to put on a mask it, let's do that, but i think it's temporary and once we get through the delta way we can move remove the masks. dagen: doctor janette nesheiwat, thank you for being here and i will add florida board of education unanimously approved allowing families to take their children education dollars elsewhere if they disagree with their public schools masking. we'll be right back but if you're a kid with diabetes, it's more. it's the simple act of enjoying time with friends, knowing you understand your glucose levels. ♪♪ this isn't just freight. these aren't just shipments. they're promises. promises of all shapes and sizes.
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6:55 am
first, clean up in the honey i'll pick a baby bear caught on camera roaming through a grocery store in california. the black bear day out was captured by actress tisha campbell martin, love her. she was shopping at the time. the cub customer wandered into the ralph location strolling around the aisle before he was chased out of the store by employees. a jonathan, i think animal control showed up but according to reports, some of the customers were trying to feed the bear which is a no-no. [laughter] >> i would not try to feed the bear but i think what is happening is obvious. there is obviously a bear that's unimpressed with picnic baskets at this point so he's decided to do some shopping of his own, but i'm not feeding him. dagen: i would run and scream. next, hot dogecoin, a single pack of dogecoin hotdog selling on ebay for 15,001-dollar, oscar mayer watching a special
6:56 am
auction with an opening bid of 99 cents with the proceeds of the auction going to feeding america. the winner receiving a special one-of-a-kind hotdog and 20,000 dogecoin, roughly $4000. sean, do you get it? >> well, first off i think it's a great marketing campaign by kraft hines. dogecoin, actually a little pop in the last five days or so. about $5000 of dogecoin, so this little investor may make a long-term player 25 and a half cents. you have this pack of dogecoin hotdogs for free so it could be a really good investment. dagen: yep, maybe. you can eat them like anything that is collectible you cannot open or eat, which i learned the hard way when i was little i opened my grandfather scan of billy bear.
6:57 am
lost all its value for all you old folks that remember billy bell. still ahead earnings season rolls on is the fed opens up the tapering discussion, top investors watching our money in the word on wall street. that all starts next hour on a "mornings with maria" live on foxbusiness. ♪♪ ling performance from our entire line of vehicles at the lexus golden opportunity sales event. lease the 2021 is 300 for $379 a month for 36 months. experience amazing . . . no-no-no-no-no please please no. ♪ i never needed anyone. ♪ front desk. yes, hello... i'm so... please hold. ♪ those days are done. ♪ i got you. ♪ all by yourself. ♪
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dagen: good morning. i'm dagen mcdowell, in for maria bartiromo. it's monday, august 9th. your top stories, 7:00 a.m. eastern. down to the finish line, the $1.2 trillion infrastructure package clearing the final hurdles in the senate, paining the path for passage as early as tomorrow. what you need to know, ahead. meantime, a massive sophisticated drug tunnel found near the u.s./mexico border, this as we learn the cartels are encouraging migrants to take uber's and lyfts to cross into the united states. the very latest ahead. a look at markets, futures are
7:01 am
mixed this monday morning, a slight gain on the nasdaq 100 futures, this comes off a green week for all three major market gauges, the dow and s&p 500 hitting new all-time highs on friday. european markets to the downside this monday morning, losses in england, france and germany. a little different story in asia overnight, mixed markets. the nikkei in japan closed for a holiday. "mornings with maria" live right now. some of the top stories we're watching this morning, embattled new york governor losing his top enforcer overnight. lauren simonetti has more. lauren. >> another ally, dagen. top aide, melissa derosa, resigning after an investigation found that governor cuomo sexually harassed multiple women, derosa was mentioned 187 times in the state attorney general report last week and reportedly took part in retaliation against one of his
7:02 am
accusers. a former assistant who filed a criminal complaint against the governor now speaking out. listen. >> the governor needs to be held accountable. what he did to me was a crime. he broke the law. >> that was britney commisso, this comes as reports that say the lieutenant governor is preparing to replace governor cuomo. dr. anthony fauci coming under fire for condemning the upcoming tour just motorcycle rally -- sturgis motorcycle rally in south dakota. >> i'm concerned that we're going to see another surge related to that rally. there comes a time when you're dealing with a public health crisis that could involve you, your family and everyone else, that something supersedes that need to do exactly what you want to do. >> but what fauci failed to mention was that he along with the media have turned a blind eye to president barack obama's huge 60th birthday bash in
7:03 am
martha's vineyard this past weekends attended by hundreds of close family and friends as well as the lollapalooza music festival last week. a federal judge is siding with norwegian cruise lines. customers will be required to show proof of vaccination before boarding the ship, this is after the governor signed a bill to bar that practice. they are expected to resume activity from miami starting august 15th. dagen: thank you so much. time now for the word on wall street, top investors watching your money. joining me now, founder of michael lee strategy, michael lee, head of amerivet securities, gregory farinollo and rebecca wallser. amc entertainment, cisco, the food company, and walt disney all on the list to report this week. earnings have been strong this
7:04 am
quarter. the wall street journal reporting the share of big u.s. companies beating profit of expectations is on pace for a record. mike, do you think earnings are keeping the markets higher right here? >> absolutely, dagen. and what we have to put in perspective is that the history of wall street analyst estimates for earnings going forward are always too bullish. so january rolls around and as the year progresses the number goes down. this year, we were looking at january 1st for this quarter's earnings, we were looking at about 30%. by march 31st they p creased the estimates to 53%. by june 30th they increased it to 63% and we're tracking 89% growth year over year. it's not so much the 8 #% growth year over of year, it's the fact that a few weeks ago we're coming in almost 30 points higher than estimates. what does that mean for estimates for the rest of the year and then while the stock market is up 18% this year on a price to earnings basis the stock market is actually 6%
7:05 am
cheaper. so so many wildly bullish things are happening all at once. if you think about it, there's nothing more bullish for an asset or a market when it hits an absolute high. no holder has a loss and is forced to sell. unless the fed gets really aggressive i think we're going to see similar stories in the next two quarters of earnings and the market can go much higher than here. dagen: the washington politicians are making it tough for the fed to get aggressive that's for sure. they've been monday advertising the debt -- monetizing the debt since the pandemic began. the oil sliding 4% on china covid-19 returns and stronger u.s. dollar. your reaction to that? >> yeah, dagen, it's actually a mixed bag, just like you said. you know, you've got strong earnings, he's absolutely right, our earnings season is definitely beating expectations, not too hard to expect seeing as
7:06 am
we're comparing it to could of last year when we -- q2 of last year when we were shut down. the unexpected surprises an and beetle are really strong -- beats are really strong. we have the delta variant which the media is lashing onto. i think it's much ado about nothing. it's not because it's not a real thing, it's because it's less deadly. the results of delta variant are what corporations need to look at. do we need to consider another lockdown with such a low hospitalization and death rate. that is an extreme measure that we took, dagen, that should be reserved for bubonic plagues and things of that nature, not a really bad influenza virus which is what the delta variant seems to be. you have a mixed signal about the delta variant raising issues with q3 and q4 and that's
7:07 am
pushing things down, leading to more accomodative structures for the fed. you have a labor number coming out on friday that's pushing the dollar stronger making people think the market will be type. it's too conflicting things. the dollar is stronger because of last week's results, and thus oil and gold are down. we can expect the opec production coming up last july will have an impact on that as well. dagen: greg, the u.s. added 943,000 jobs in july, the unemployment rate ticked down to 5.4%. do you think the strong jobs report will push the federal reserve to taper sooner than expected? the jackson hole meeting is scheduled for later this month, at the end of august. it always comes at a time when a lot of folks are on vacation. and the markets are particularly vulnerable to a little bit of information, so i just wonder if this is going to make for some wild trading at the end of august. >> good morning, dagen. good to he so you again.
7:08 am
listen, the timeline, i don't think one particular number here changes the dynamics of the fed. i mean, friday's number was absolutely fantastic, it was great for the country. but i think if you listen to what the fed is saying, i think they really want to see how the dynamics play out heading boo io the fall. what does september look like for the fed which means october in terms of numbers looking back, so these numbers are great. they're a little backward-looking and i think we have a lot of variables right now. we do have jackson hole. i think we will hear more about tapering. we have a september meeting. it could be in play, certainly. our timeline, it draws out a little bit further into november for some sort of formal announcement with the fed to begin tapering at the beginning of next year. but i would say this much. this is clearly a fed that does not want to surprise the marketplace, so when the chairman comes out and i think he's been very explicit in terms
7:09 am
of how they're going to go about this process, it is going to be very methodical, very clear and i think well telegraphed. dagen: but it would put the democrat lawmakers in a bind to want to keep spending money, would it not? again, the wall street journal has an editorial about joe manchin, he was warning the federal he reserve about inflation risk but these lawmakers are part of the problem. >> i did see that. i mean, certainly the political dynamics are pretty -- they're pretty intense right now and even for the chairman himself, right, he's got -- his job is going to be on the lining the beginning of next year. it's a fine balancing act right now. i would say i think the fed's focus for me -- we see inflationary pressures. i think the fed's faux of cuss is really more -- focus is really more on the job market. i think that's why you saw interest rates react the way they did on friday. dagen: great to see all three
7:10 am
of you. take care. have a great week if we don't see you before then. we're just getting started. coming up, former arkansas governor mike huckabee weighs in on president obama's not so scaled down birthday weekend. the deepening border crisis, andy lauderback talks about the struggles. plus, the return to the office debate, why more companies are delaying getting employees back on-site and joining the conversation all morning long, sean duffy and jonathan madison. you're watching "mornings with maria" live on fox business. ♪ i'm so glad you're ok, sgt. houston. this is sam with usaa. do you see the tow truck?
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comcast business powering possibilities. dagen: little birthday backlash, photos of the giant tent in former president obama's martha's vineyard backyard raises some questions about how scaled down that birthday party really was. beyonce, john legend, steven feel spielberg, some of the celebrities attending. joining me now, former arkansas governor, fox news contributor, hike huckabee. governor, the former president is perfectly allowed to have a birthday party. but using it as a teachable moment, saying hey, we're all vaxed, get out there and have a party but scaled down, doesn't look so scaled down in that world, does it? >> no, it really doesn't. i was very disappointed in the whole thing. i was one of those people that got disinvited. the truth is, dagen, i never got
7:15 am
invited in the first place. i was left off the list. that hurt. i guess i'm not sophisticated enough. i am vaccinated. i thought that would have qualified me for something, but apparently not. i'll be honest with you, i don't care if he has a birthday party, i don't care if it's a huge birthday party. former president, made a lot of friends, he's entitled to have whatever kind of party he wants to have as long as he pays for it and apparently he did and that's fine. the problem is, is that even when anthony fauci is asked about events like sturgis, oh, people are going to die, it's a super spreader event. but we saw those unauthorized photos that were released from inside the tent and there wasn't any social distancing, nobody was wearing a mask, and they were partying hard. and i say fine. go for it. but don't tell the rest of us they that we have to wear masks, stain doors, socially distance, not go outdoors and have activities even if we're vaccinated but somehow we can't do those things but barack obama can.
7:16 am
and there's one other point of great hypocrisy, a lot of the celebrities who were there, they're all climate people. they believe that we ought to not use fossil fuels, but they flew in on private jets that i'm pretty sure were not plugged up to a long extension cord that ran electrically. so another hip pock consider civil we -- hypocrisy. we just are sick of it. if you want to have a rule, apply it to everybody. or don't you apply it at all. dagen: i'm sure they bite, governor. you mentioned dr. tony fauci and one of the viewers thought i referred to him as tiny fauci. i did not. i did not say that. it was tony fauci all the way. he expressed these covid concerns as you mentioned over the sturgis motorcycle rally in south dakota. listen to this. >> i'm very concerned, chuck, that we're going to see another surge related to that rally.
7:17 am
there comes a time when you're dealing with a public health crisis that could involve you, your family, and everyone else, that something supersedes that need to do exactly what you want to do. dagen: he staying silent on president obama's birthday party, the lollapalooza music festival in chicago, how about the illegal border -- the migrant crisis, the flood of people coming across the border. again, where is the outrage over that? or his shame, if you will, governor. >> well, of all the things that you just mentioned, i think the border crisis is the one that is most hypocritical. because that's one where these are not tax paying, law abiding u.s. citizens, they're illegals who have no right to cross the border in the first place. typically, if it's a serious pandemic, you close your borders, you say you can't let people in. countries all over the world are shutting down their borders right now.
7:18 am
i was supposed to go of to israel in two weeks. i'm not going to be able to go because it requires seven day quarantine. now, if we don't believe that there's really a crisis, okay, let's not act like it. but if we tell everybody lock down, wear a mask, stay put, but at the same time you're letting tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of people cross the border, unmasked, unvaccinated, untested, i'm sorry, one of -- something here is not true. either we don't have a covid crisis, but i think we do, or we don't have a border crisis. but in fact, we do. you can't have it both ways. and i just think american people are sick of the hypocrisy, the duplicity and the fact that they just don't trust people from government anymore and when people say how come the vaccination rates aren't higher. because of stuff like this. trust is shattered. they could get it back but it's going to take a long time. dagen: you mentioned the word
7:19 am
sophisticated. that comes from a new york times reporter coming under some fire after saying that president obama's birthday party had a sophisticated vaccinated crowd. the reporter did defend herself on twitter, she said this. the question was what do people on the island think of the party. the answer was me summarizing views of people i spoke with, some are upset, others think the concerns about it are over-blown. sophisticated crowd was from a quote in the story. i want to bring sean duffy in here on this. of course, they're sophisticated. they live by rules that the rest of us red necks, hicks, hay seeds don't -- you know, their rules don't apply -- you know, their way of life doesn't apply to us, sean. sean: as you know all things are equal but some pigs are more equal than others in the animal farm that we live in. what's interesting it, you talk about sophistication, you had wait staff there that were
7:20 am
vaccinated but because they were unsophisticated they had to wear face masks but the obama guests were more sophisticated than the help and they didn't have to wear masks. the hypocrisy is so rich and frustrating and i think governor huckabee looks great in that beard. governor, keep wearing it. i wish i could grow facial hair. dagen: governor, i was thinking the same thing. >> well, you got to understand what this is. i'm expecting the government is going to require masks again so i simply decided to grow my own mask and that way i'm already covered when they come up and say i've got to have one. see, here it is, i've got it right now and it's all set. dagen: not sure it works the same way. but that's a discussion for another day. [laughter] dagen: looks good, though. governor, terrific to see you as always. >> thanks, dagen. dagen: falling apart at the seems, governor andrew cuomo's top aide resigns in a shock move. we're on it.
7:21 am
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hey google, turn up the heat. ♪ ♪ ♪ dagen: new york governor andrew cuomo's top aide, melissa derosa, resigning, this follows the release of the new york attorney general's scathing report confirming that the governor harassed 11 women and created a toxic work environment. in the 168 page report, derosa is mentioned 187 times. the attorney general finding she played an active role in dismissing the accusations against cuomo. we should point out that governor cuomo's attorneys went public on friday to defame and accuse the accusers of lying. jonathan, how long does the love gov hang on? jonathan: you know, i think he should have jumped ship a long
7:25 am
time ago and you know what, i think it's no surprise that derosa resigns now, a day before the judicial -- judiciary committee sets forth a timeframe for the impeachment. there's an old saying where you see a singing ship you'll see -- sinking ship you'll see people jumping. it may be too late for derosa to jump. the report by the attorney general sets forth what they call a toxic work environment that she may have facilitated in some respects. this is going to get very interesting. i think she should have jumped ship a long time ago. we're going to see what happens next year. dagen: sean, i'll point out that governor andy cuomo literally blamed italian americans for his behavior. i like the to hug, i -- i like to hug, i grab people's faces. he blamed his generation. he blamed everybody. he blamed one victim of sexual you assault. and taking -- blaming everybody
7:26 am
rather than taking responsibility himself. sean: yeah, dagen. in politics it's a simple lesson. if you take responsibility, if you apologize, you made mistakes, you're a little too touchy, a little too kissy, you apologize and you move on, people will forgive you. i think this governor has gone too far, in that he's groping people, that's a step too far. he's got real political and maybe legal problems of on his hands. dagen: he had problems ever since he sent all of those elderly individuals in new york to nursing homes and to their deaths and as janice dean has said all along, she worked tirelessly to remember them and get justice for those individuals and the families who lost loved ones including her mother-in-law and her father-in-law. meantime, chris cuomo, who had the governor on his show multiple times during the pandemic is taking a week-long vacation from his cnn prime time show amid his brother's scandal.
7:27 am
it's being described as a previously scheduled absence for his birthday. but cnn management admitting to barring chris cuomo from talking about the governor's situation. they've told the host he can no longer participate in strategy sessions with his brother's aides. brian seltzer, that was an embarrassment for him having to carry water for the management. where they were last year, may 20th, when we already knew for weeks that these elderly individuals had been sent -- look, this is it, sent to their death. let's put a time stamp on it. this was weeks after we knew that that man on your right had sent elderly individuals to their deaths in nursing homes and leading of to the death of at least 15,000 individuals. we were still -- businesses were
7:28 am
still closed down here in new york. where was cnn management then? where was cnn management keeping that guy on the left on the air after it was disclosed that he had helped craft the response to the sexual harassment allegations for his bro which is outlined in the attorney general's report and when that attorney general's report was released, he said nothing about it. oh, but now cnn executives are trying to take the fall for that? there is no responsibility over at that network. again, like maximum support and maximum tolerance for the most odius people including chris cuomo. sean? sean: yeah, first off, i like chris cuomo. he's a left-leaning guy. he's always been fair to me when i was in congress. they cross a line as you mentioned, dagen, with chris cuomo and his brother. there's a conflict of interest. he shouldn't have covered the story and the yuck-up when people were dying is outrageous.
7:29 am
i look at janice dean, she's not political. she's just fighting for some justice for her in-laws who died because of andrew cuomos' policies, putting them in nursing homes with other covid patients. unbelievable. dagen: no standards, none, year in he row, -- zero, zip. we'll be right back.
7:30 am
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>> welcome back, i'm lauren simonetti with top stories we're watching. flash flooding if omaha leading to dangerous conditions, the flooding hit the area of saturday, seven people trapped in elevators. they were able to escape after one of the passengers was able to send a social media post to their roommate while firefighters rescued another group in a separate elevator in the same building. many companies are struggling to fill positions even though there are 8.6 million unemployed but according to there are at least 10 million job
7:33 am
openings, that's one million more openings than the number of people looking for work. companies doing everything they can to lure in new workers, that includes signing bonuses, paying for college tuition, and even pet insurance. movie goers are returning to theaters but hardly in droves. last week cinemark reported $300 million in revenue for the second quarter, up 3,000% from last year but still down 69% from before the pandemic in 2019. amc expected to release similar results later today. theater operators worry that new covid restrictions may keep americans away this fall which is stacked with finally big budget film releases. and the supply chain squeeze is hitting mcy ds. they're running low on pay tearr bags. they're urging customers to use trays instead. they have been using more paper
7:34 am
to go bags for pick-up and drive-through orders that increased. dagen, back to you. dagen: thank you so much, lauren. immigration and customs agent as discovering a massive tunnel connecting mexico to california which may have been used to traffic drugs into the united states. the 183-foot long tunnel was found in a home in mexicali, baja california. officials determined a drug trafficking organization likely dug the tunnel. joining me on the phone, jackson county texas sheriff, andy lauderback. somebody said drug cartels don't need a tunnel like this because they're just pouring over the border. >> well, you know, i certainly you agree with that. pouring over -- right over the border is a great way to term
7:35 am
it. pouring over to the united states with covid is another way to put it as the federal government prepares to shut us down again or the biden administration tries to shut us down again with the ultimate government program from an open border concept and with tunnels so whatever. any of these things law enforcement today is going to have to be prepared for as we endure the chaos and the abhorrent policies of the biden administration. dagen: talk about what some of the local authorities, the mayors are doing in these texas border communities and border communities from texas to new mexico over into arizona to try and grapple with covid among these illegal immigrants and trying to secure and make sure that their own towns are safe. >> well, it's near impossible.
7:36 am
i mean, we're doing all we can just from picking up illegals, quite likely i have several human traffickers in jail here this morning from last week and all of a sudden i have a covid outbreak here in the county jail here. so there's no law enforcement agency here in the united states that won't feel the effects and no community and county here in texas and other states aren't going to feel the effects when you have the type of policies that are in place. covid is on the way back and you need to directly point that directly to the biden administration policies. so all of us are feeling the effects of these policies and they're all negative. dagen: jonathan, jump in. jonathan: yeah, this is an absolute embarrassment, the sheer nature of these tunnels. i mean, these tunnels have ventilation systems, electricity, a rail system with
7:37 am
a cart. i mean, these conditions allow these smugglers to traffic children, to traffic, smuggle weapons, and all kinds of other of things. i mean, this is just an embarrassment. but sheriff, what do you need there on the ground to actually get tough on border security again? what exactly do you see transpiring? what is it going to take this administration to actually get something done and to sort of wake up from whatever dream they're having? >> you know, the vision from the administration is -- it's a great question. i really like it. because the vision from this administration is so terrible, and i don't really know. i struggle, many of us in you law enforcement today have no idea what it would take. is it going to take the american people? the american people could solve
7:38 am
this issue fairly decisively, do we have to wait for another election to do that? i'm not sure. i'm not sure. we are doing all we can here in the law enforcement community to inform the public as to the horrible situation that has been created by the government. and it's by the biden administration. and you know, we talked to dhs secretary, alejandro mayorkas, who is in charge of border security for this nation and this is the example that we have. there's certainly no confidence in secretary mayorkas' plan here and what's happening and is it a political position? because i believe that secretary mayorkas clearly can secure the border. he was able to do that while he was second in command under the obama administration. so we are terribl econ fused -- terribly confused. it's unbelievable what we have
7:39 am
to put up with here as united states citizens here with policies that are so destructive to everything that we stand for in this country. an orderly border was established, a stable border was established under president trump and yet for whatever reason, whether it's the hatred of president trump, that this administration cannot go back and make the necessary changes to protect americans. that's disturbing. dagen: they did keep title 41 in place, sheriff, which is the covid related or pandemic related order. but have they even been following that order all along? if it's in place, does that even make a difference? because under that order, everybody should be -- everyone who comes in illegally should be deported immediately. that hasn't been happening. >> no.
7:40 am
well, title 42 has kept in place and that's a good thing. that's a positive for sure. -- positive note for sure. we definitely need 42. but those only apply to the folks who are coming up and turning their self in and seeking border patrol assistance at the border crossing areas. the other of side of this part, of what we've been talking about for months now, is the smuggling, the human trafficking or just people pouring across the border, we have an overwhelmed cbp because of the policies. when you put the cartel in place and their efficiency in which they are able to do, we talked about the tunnel this morning, it's one of many tunnels over the years. so these things, when you couple that together, when you have mass government created chaos. dagen: and sheriff, i misspoke. it's title 42. thank you for correcting me on that and i really appreciate you being here this morning, sheriff
7:41 am
andy lauderback. >> thank you. dagen: coming up, the return to the office debate, why more companies are delaying getting employees back on-site. we're on it, next. you're watching "mornings with maria" live on fox business. ♪ or it's going to go down in flames. ♪ if you tell me when it's over if the high was worth the pain. ♪ they'll tell you i'm insane. ♪ rself.♪ you look a little lost. i can't find my hotel. oh. oh! ♪♪ this is not normal. no. ♪♪ so? ♪♪ right? go with us and find millions of flexible options, all in our app.
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dagen: fall won't just mean back to school for many, could be back to the office. lasalle network asks businesses back in june when they plan to bring employees back to the office. 74%. so about three quarters said by fall 2021. recently, major companies like am sana, lyft, amazon, indeed, door dash have pushed back office returns until next year. joining me now, lasalle network ceo tom gimb le. how much since you did the survey have companies' plans changed because of the delta variant. >> we've seen two big changes, some companies have pushed back. others have moved to vax only in the office. those have been the two big changes that we've seen and i think that will continue through the end of the year. dagen: are they struggling based on you talking to these corporations, are they really
7:46 am
struggling to put in place plans that make sense with the rise -- again, to test even, you've seen so many people now having testing who had gotten rid of it and they're testing again because of the delta variant. this is testing people who are vaccinated or unvaccinated. >> ceos have really become politicians. what they're trying to do is please everybody. when you try to do that, you usually please nobody. right now, they're in this huge intersection of what they think is best for the company and their people and figure out what the match is. depending where you're located in the country, whether a red state or blue state remarks the laws have been in place, what phase the cities are in is really having more effect on it. now, on the flip side, i think it's great for capitalism and for business. now it's a level playing field. google has never been through this, neither has the small tech
7:47 am
company with five employees. you have to figure out as a leader how to appeal to people both internally and potential candidates and maybe clients and see how you'll come out of this at the end. dagen: it's not a level playing field when it comes to available money and capital to deal with this because the smaller guy or of gal, the smaller business just doesn't have the resources or the money to spend that a big corporation would, whether a google or an apple or amazon. >> i'm not sure -- you know, vaccine tests are free or i mean vaccines are free. and if you want to have people work remote you can do that. and if you want to have people come into the office and make it vaccinated only you can do that. so it is a level playing field from the standpoint of as you go about strategy, listen, there's been remote work before there was covid. and there's been job sharing. there has been a whole bunch of opportunities and challenges that face ceos and corporate
7:48 am
leaders over the test of time. even to open up west and do the lewis and charge thing. there's a challenge that entrepreneurs and leaders are facing. now there's a global pandemic. there's people they are not scared of it. there's people that allow people to work from home and mandating them to come in. i'm not sure there is a cost and capital side in dealing with the pandemic for running a business. dagen: sean duffy, get in here. sean: tom, i want to ask about that. because i hear a lot of people who just really want to get back to the office but there's a lot of people i talked to who like the flexibility of working from home and navigating their kids and work life in a better balance, not going to the office or hybrid of staying home for a couple days and going to the office a couple days. have you seen any pushback with employers that employees don't really want to come back and go back to the lifestyle they had a year and-a-half ago before the pandemic? >> there are most definitely employees who don't want to come back and there's employers who don't want to have people back.
7:49 am
i'll challenge you again, sean, and say this is what's great about where we're at right now from a pure -- not in a global situation, not in a dealing with the pandemic but from a capitalist, separation of companies, giving people an opportunity to grow their businesses, these are real challenges that no one's ever faced before. again, leveling the playing field as a ceo for rolling the dice on what you think is right to grow your business. you may -- some are letting the inmates running the asylum and letting employees mandate what the rules will be. others say i have a vision, saying this is where we see things going and we have a vision for how we need to be together and collaborate. and yes, are there employees that don't want to come back to the office? absolutely. do my kids want to stay up until 2:00 in the morning and eat pizza every night? they do. sometimes you let them do i it, sometimes you don't. that is what leadership is for. dagen: yeah, but i don't think that people see the ceo as their
7:50 am
parent. like i don't -- >> it's not a matter a -- it was an analogy. dagen: i know. my point is is that people -- to your point, that ceos who are saying you all have to be back in the office, to all the people who say you know what, that's not for me, they're going to be able to find an opportunity somewhere else, a company -- >> absolutely. dagen: run by a ceo who will let them work from home part-time, that will give them flexibility. they might be able to live out in wyoming rather than living in new jersey and commuting three hours round-trip every day. >> you're 100% correct. there's a social contract, maybe even more than a social contract, a financial agreement, it's not a legal contract that says i'll hire you and pay you and you abide by the company rules and then you execute your job and then you get bonus if you do a really good job and if
7:51 am
employees don't like it they can quit and if employers don't like the employees they can terminate them for cause, not for racial discrimination or anything like that. that's where it's an even playing field. companies have of to make decisions for you how they want to run companies. right now, unemployment is at record lows so there's a job for almost everybody who wants one and they can find one that fits. um not advocating everybody coming into the office. i'm not advocating everybody working remotely. what i am saying is that there's an opportunity for leaders to lead and for employees to make decisions for what types of companies they want to work for and there's going to be room for both. it's called free choice. it's what makes america great. dagen: tom, thank you so much. we will see you soon. we'll be right back. buzz, next. [engine revving] [car horn and collisions] [tires squealing]
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dagen: time for morning buzz. time to ditch those complex passwords, keeping your computer protected could be simpler than you think. cyber security experts say passwords made up of three random words are more effective than complex variations of letters and numbers and symbols. criminals can often guess complex passwords using special software. sean, will you be updating your passwords? sean: dagen, i have like three or four variations of passwords that i can never remember, i mess them up. i only have to think of three words that are random and remember that, that's more secure. i love this. this will make life easier for me and a lot of americans and more secure dz amen to that. next, victory tastes so sweet. an olympic gold medal wrestler says she plans to spend the majority of her prize money on a
7:56 am
food truck for her mom of. she says her mother loves to cook and she promised to make shareholder food truck dreams come true five years ago. she says her mother already has a name for the truck, the lady bug. jonathan, what do you think of this? i think that there is much fortune in this young woman's future. jonathan: absolutely. it's a beautiful story. i mean, it speaks to the values she was raised with, wasn't enough for her to go down and win a gold medal for her country, but to come back and say i'm going to use my winnings to purchase that food truck that my mother always talked about. if you look at the story even closer, talks about her father passing away some time ago and her mother struggling to make ends meet so hat tip to her. she's an athlete, olympian, on and off the field. dagen: my favorite athlete -- i watched a lot of the olympics -- is osings mo, she won the gold
7:57 am
in the 800 meters. she attends texas a & m, lives in trenton, new jersey. her family immigrated from sudan. she's a wonder and such an inspiration. still ahead, rules for thee, none for me, we weigh in on a big old birthday party that was happening on martha's vineyard over the weekend and the hypocrisy. stay with us. ♪ ♪ ♪ hey google, turn up the heat. ♪ ♪ ♪
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8:00 am
. ask good morning. i'm dagen mcdowell in for maria bartiromo, monday, august 9 top stories 8:00 a.m. eastern. >> the case against cuomo moving forward a, the governor top aide resigning as woman who filed a criminal complaint speaks out. rules for thee, but not for us. president obama 60th birthday
8:01 am
bash showcasing democratic hypocrisy over covid-19 restrictions taking a look at markets futures pointing to a mixed open losses on dow s&p futures, but the dow and s&p did close on friday at new all-time highs. following a better-than-expected jobs' report. markets in europe, mostly lower, to the downside england, france, germany in asia overnight mixed story we have gains hang seng in hong kong and shanghai composite. nikkei in japan closed for the holiday, "mornings with maria" live right now. . some top stories this morning president biden 1.2 trillion-dollar infrastructure bill clearing marriage hurled in the senate with republican help, lauren simonetti has more. lauren: that is correct. dagen 18 republicans joining democrats voting to end debate sending the package on a clear path toward a final vote could come as early as today, of
8:02 am
course, we have it has to go to the house as well economists predicting the from your bill will have limited impact on short-term economic growth because government has already spent nearly six trillion dollars on coronavirus relief funding the initiatives are spread out over a decade, happening, taliban gained control of three more afghan capital cities u.s. nears completely withdrawal of combat troops in the regional konduz overrun afghan security forces reportedly lost control of key buildings a prison housing taliban firefighters at least 11 civilians reported killed during the fighting, 40 more wounded. president of the second largest teachers union callings for vaccine mountains for educators as students head to school randy weingarten saying the vaccine mandates
8:03 am
are necessary to protect students who are too young to get the shot especially with rise in cases of the delta variant added 90% teachers part of the american federation of teachers are indeed vaccinated. federal judge siding with norwegian cries line over vaccine passports passengers will be required to show approach of vaccination before boarding any ships lawsuit comes, after florida governor ron desantis signed a bill barring the practice in his state norwegian expected to resume ship activist from miami starting august 15 back to you. >> thank you so much i was alonging up insisting percentage of teachers vaccinated educators school workers at 90% i point out would be higher than older americans, that fully vaccinated americans over the age of 65. are not 90% fully vaccinated yet so i am raising questions about that percentage.
8:04 am
futures mixed this morning this comes off the green week for three major gauges dow s&p 500 record highs friday, after the strong jobs' report, the economy adding 943,000 jobs in july with unemployment rate down to 5.4%, joining me now wells fargo senior global market strategists scott wren, joining the conversation sean duffy jonathan madison scott what are you watching in the week i know this important reading on inflation, but what else, what have you got your eye on? >> well dagen i think pretty much we know the earnings were absolutely complete blowout i don't think we have to pay all that much attention to earnings, going to be more of a confirmation process if you look at it just for the market as a whole. but i do think cpi number probably the big number on week because really, right now, it is all about, it is all about inflation, delta,
8:05 am
growth scores anything into those themes what market is paying attention to. dagen: but -- in upside down world of wall street if covid a problem not trying to make light of the disease the pandemic, but if covid is still a problem that means you have a federal reserve who will remain extremely accommodative the bond-buying, and security buying will keep on coming and not witch ane at all. is what might be bad in terms of covid development might be good for markets? >> you know, dagen we've seen just a couple of things, here lately over the last few months, where you know what is bad what is bad for the economy potentially -- for the market what federal reserve may or may not do you are
8:06 am
probably right anything that hints that it might cause the fed to wait a little bit, i think the market would probably take that as positive at i think right now safe to say that the market is not worried at least right now about the fed making a mistake headacheing too much or tapering quicklyly a year to taper down before rates i think the market pretty comfortable with that, and really pretty comfortable with this delta variant as well not getting too out of hand causing meaningful lockdowns. >> what makes the market uncomfortable? again we talk about inflation, because we see it hitting regular folks every day individuals we feel it we see it. the markets if you watch the 10-year, not worried about inflation i know that yield on the 10-year went up somewhat, i think closed at 1.288 on
8:07 am
friday. but that is still that is not worrisome, would it be much higher if bond buyers were concerned about inflation on the horizon. >> i think if we tried to think what have the biggest risk is we think inflation it will be 4% this year decelerate to 3% next year above what it was pre-pandemic but the biggest risk in our minds is that a inflation is -- is not transitory as fed says or does not decelerate like we expected so i think that is the biggest fear out there right now. i don't think necessarily the growth sphear is playing out we expect good gdp this year next year i think the world coming around toward end of this year in 2022 better performance out of europe nd a some countries i think china probably -- going to do great deal of stimulus there to make sure that their economy is up and running, so, for us, the
8:08 am
biggest risk right now is inflation. but, as i said, we don't think we are going to see inflation embedded in the economy and we think thank you fed is going to move very, very slowly the next couple years. >> what about the possibility scott in terms of communication the fed making a mistake jackson hole gathering coming up later, in august. and that time of year when -- the -- you know you get people on vacation, one foul-up could just royal the market if not careful the way they speak at that conference. >> august is thin europe on vacation this month even though probably not all that much at the beach probably sitting at home a lot more but prone, august is also a prone to big moves on a little bit of news because, as you said, there is not a lot of voluntarily um i think jackson
8:09 am
raul don't expect taking into consideration announcement we expect at september meeting but if you are off a month or two there that is fine i think the thing you want to keep in mind that is the fed is likely to you start tapering late this year, early next year, and probably is going to be a one-year process. so, you know the fed the fed foot on accelerator going to continue to be on the accelerator might easy up a little bit as we move into the new year but -- you know, federal reserve there is plenty of fiscals stimulus he monetary stimulus plenty fiscal stimulus we certainly think this you partisan spending bill is going to get passed we certainly think there ising going to be reconciliation bill that the total all of it total about four trillion over 10 years, that is that is plenty of fiscal spending out there. dagen: scott why are markets more impersonated what is going on in washington, about new regulations, overregulation the boeblt for
8:10 am
higher taxes even on corporations? the student loan forbearance is that going on forever, in terms of eviction moratorium you had a white house just violated supreme court executive branch literally trampled on the judiciary. >> it certainly seems like that is the case, and really for our clients, dagen i mean i talk to clients all day long, and retail clients, and high net worth clients that is one of the questions is more regulation, and higher taxes why isn't the market paying attention to this? you know setting all time records, for us just this -- fiscal stimulus has overwhelmed everything the old don't fight the fed -- saying, is you know certainly in may here as welcome so when you combine fiscal spending with monetary policy it is
8:11 am
overwhelming everything right now the market is not too concerned at least right now about -- about taxes and regulation, probably will be at some point down the road. but not now. >> not worried until you are not worried until you are. >> that's right. >> lawmakers inching closer to passing, we are talking about 1.2 trillion-dollar failure detail, the top aide for new york governor andrew cuomo resigns amid his sexual harassment scandal you are watching "mornings with maria" live on fox business. . and when it comes to controlling his type 2 diabetes, my dad's got this, too. with the right choices, you have it in you to control your a1c and once-weekly trulicity may help. most people taking trulicity reached an a1c under 7%. and it starts lowering blood sugar from the first dose,
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8:15 am
trillion-dollar infrastructure technology 18 republicans joining democrats to vote ending debate on the bill. giving it a clear path to final vote to takeplace later this week economists predict bill will have limited impact on short-term economic growth due to bill's you initiative spread out over a decade government spending trillions almost six trillion on covid relief funding missouri congressman budget committee ranking member, jason smith joins me now, congressman what is the path ahead for this bill in the house? because nancy pelosi has threatened to hold it up, unless she gets her 3 1/2 trillion-dollar additional spending bill. as well; correct? >> great to be with you this morning. it is all about what does that crystal ball of nancy pelosi's hold she has made it clear from day one, of the negotiations that she will not
8:16 am
move any type of bipartisan infrastructure package unless it also accompanies an additional 3 1/2 to 4 trillion dollars progressive wish list spending that provides, amnesty for millions of americans, increases, taxes, on all farmers small businesses working class items that she says are necessary unless she -- she -- she will not move thank you bipartisan package unless all items are also included. >> where do you stand on 18 republicans joining the democrats on putting together, this -- voting for this infrastructure package? because, again, they want to show the american people that they are working across the i'll but essentially endorsing wasteful spending. >> you know what? as we need to show american people that we truly care about their finances the bottom line on this bill is
8:17 am
the masses do not add up when spending offsets this bill is not paid for nowhere near paid for they claim 500 dollars, 500 billion new spending would be offset. but based on our calculations in budget committee it was also, confirmed by cbo a few days ago less than 200 billion dollars is in fact paid for of the roughly half a trillion dollars in spending. that is incredible. think about our current financial status of this country. you know. we -- we roughly spend -- 8 trillion dollars a year to operate, 3.8 trillion is coming in, yet our credit card macdonald out at 29 trillion expired nine days ago pelosi is doing nothing about that now asking for another five to six trillion dollars in
8:18 am
spending not paying for it? the inflation people are experiencing, i have been traveling all over our state, visiting farmers, small businesses, families, just the last week and half and they are so concerned about washington's reckless spending. we have to put a stop to it. dagen: radio sean duffy, nancy pelosi and ilk can lean on federal reserve to sop up the debt what they've been doing monetizing the debt you essentially print money buy up our debt. >> you know, amazing, a lot of my democrat colleagues i serve with believe the answer to our spending problem is continue to spend more guess what? they believe that we will have never have to pay back our debt. that we can just print more money, let me tell you that is not how it operates. that is what can destroy a great country.
8:19 am
we have to get fiscal restraints put back in put back in, this is the first time in 11 years that a we currently have no spending caps, and the democrats are proving that they don't want them. and that they don't need them. because they can just spend all the money, that they so desire. dagen: sean duffy jump in. sean: sean duffy here good to see you quick question i get we want to build roads and bridges every american wants that you have green new deal pieces in this 2.2 trillion-dollar package they say 3.5 billion dollars not infrastructure through reconciliation i can't imagine democrats if republicans did that would ever go along with this kind of a plan you wouldn't even have 18 democrats joining republicans, on republican plan like this. how can republicans join with democrats with this farce of massive spending for the good saying we are getting 450
8:20 am
billion roads and bridges going to spend almost five trillion dollars. it makes no sense. >> sean great to also be with you, but unless washington democrats take their partisan reconciliation package off the table, the bipartisan infrastructure package is effectively a gateway drug a bill that makes it easier to pass the second 3 1/2, four trillion-dollar reconciliation package which is paying off their political friends allies donors like we said providing millions in the amnesty, implementing the green new deal, putting tax increases on family farmers and working class, different after rows nancy pelosi is as said we will not take up the package without reconciliation 3, 1/2, four trillion dollars spending package to accompany it, it is
8:21 am
a disaster, republicans should take nancy pelosi at her word is that she will not bring forward the infrastructure package unless it has the four trillion-dollar additional reconciliation package and republicans should have stopped that in the united states senate. dagen: thank you congressman, so much for being here this morning, congressman. coming up president obama gets a party pass your reporter faces backlash after calling the crowd sophisticated and vaccinated we discuss oh hypocrisy this monday. stay with us. . ...they're with me all the way through it. voya. be confident to and through retirement.
8:22 am
8:23 am
8:24 am
dagen: birthday backlash photos of the giant tent in former president obama's martha's vineyard backyard, raising questions how scaled back was his birthday party
8:25 am
steven spielberg john legends race don cheadle there i have no problem with president obama, having a big ole time on his 60th birthday it is what kind of condescension from people living their lives having parties -- >> absolutely i mean, we were enloointed by white house correspondent andy carney informed us you are immune to the virus if sophisticated invited to that party we know better than to take that, of course, i am surprised dagen, you know the fact is around this time last year, the before -- the fore -- president obama talked about trump administration made white house a hot zone for covid-19 didn't take virus
8:26 am
seriously enough now we obviously, have seen footage of people not wearing masks, and from what i understand, they were at least two individuals unvaccinated at that party so very surprised unfortunate reminiscent of what happened with governor knew some in my state perhaps recalled september 14 reminiscent. >>, by the way, the party and provincetown near martha's vineyard that led to the breakthrough case there that led to the -- the get your masks back on guys from cdc. no mask in sight at president obama's party, if you are vaccinationed -- vaxxed have at it dr. fauci expressed concerns over motorcycle riding rednecks sturgis the rally in sd. >> i am very concerned that
8:27 am
we're going to see another surge related to that rally, there comes a time when you are dealing with a public health crisis, that that could involve you your family and everyone else, that something supercedes that need to do exactly what you want to do. dagen: he is silent on president obama's birthday party chicago lollapalooza music festival what is going on at border i used the term "redneck" being one myself as term of-bearment the riding on back of a motorcycle out west your neck does get red. >> i am sorry fauci is an idiot if you are not going to call out obama's party not cal out lollapalooza not call out black lives matter huge masses at height you have pandemic are you going to call up sturgis trump rally cpac i am sick of it call it what it is democrats and fauci you using
8:28 am
pandemic as political warfare going after republicans, giving a complete pass to democrats until it is about time we call it for what it is, pushwalk fight back even vaccinated, if you you had covid have antibodies go about your live take off your removing go to work go to a party like obama, otherwise, i am not following it will recommendations of falleni anymore he is a political hack hack. >> i am calling huey the white house randy weingarten saying 90% of educators and school employees are vaccinated, 90%? there have been fact checks done on what randy weingarten said the second largest teachers union in the country that 90% was based on i think a phone survey in which people said they all you would get vaccinated. so 90% isn't even the percentage of americans over the age of 65 who are fully
8:29 am
vaccinated, right now, it is north of 80%, 80.4% people over 65 fully vaccinated white house saying 90% educators school employees are vaccinated but in new york way know among teachers the number is much, much lower than that. i call hogwash on that. i say it is not true. coming up, the kopaid for in issuing governor andy cuomo resigns amid his sexual harassment scandal, what is next in that case. . sp ♪ ♪ ♪ hey google, turn up the heat. ♪ ♪ ♪
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8:33 am
friday european markets lower across the board. and england, france, germany a mixed story overnight in asia we had losses on kospi in south korea nikkei closed for a holiday. some other stories watching this morning, in chicago, police officer is dead another fighting for his life. lauren simonetti has the details. lauren: a 29-year-old officer was killed during a traffic stop in chicago on saturday, she joined the department in april of 2018 another officer remains in critical condition, both -- friends a injured officer members of team that responds to crime hot spots, gun was recovered at the scene all three suspects you whied no charges have been filed. >> the legal battle between disney and, a scarlet johansson over release of "black widow" disney lawyers
8:34 am
call the lawsuit quote orchestrated pr campaign disney has complete control over directors. johannson will alleges contract was breached when disney relieved it and in thshgz claims bonused by a off box office performance, new this morning agreeing to 4 1/2-billion-dollar deal to sell itself to cargo and agricultural investment firm continental grain valuing sanderson 203 dollars a share getting there at 196.69 premarket, up 8% sanderson country's third largest chicken processor, subway franchisees want to cut ties with soccer star one has reportedly showed a handwritten note received calling for a boycotting of his shop so gets the boot she and u.s. women's soccer team
8:35 am
took a knee at tokyo olympics subway doesn't own locations but franchisees are charges 4 1/2% revenue for national advertising so they say that is anti-american, they can boycott. >> anonymous buyer paying for the a video game to break the world one paid one and a half million for supermario 64 command for collectibles you surged as people stuck at home look for ways to spend money, not sure i would spend so much on mario and luigi but i enjoyed playing them as a kid. dagen: monetary stimulus money sloshing around the world nowhere to go so goes into old 1980s unopened video games. >> unreal, thank you lauren, one of governor cuomo's trusted top aides, melissa derosa submitting her
8:36 am
resignation overnight levers following new york attorney general report confirming governor harassed 1u6 women created toxic work environment detailstive role melissa derosa played dismissing cure gains against cuomo said last the two years have pen emotionally mentally trying joining me, guy lewis, guy where is the criminal case go against governor cuomo, and the impeachment process in albany? >> good morning, dagen so the impeachment process has heated up, and most of the legislators including vast majority of the democrats have said they are in favor of impeachment so that is going from bad to worse. same thing with criminal case.
8:37 am
so saturday, executive assistant number one how she is named in the ag report wasa anonymous until this weekend in albany county sheriffs office sworn out a complaint. and that is bad news for the governor. because she description of the cub con dik of the governor outrageous hushing her inappropriately ways inappropriate places she worked for him two years. >> if governor's that one of the governor's accusers is identifying hirs for the first time britney known as executive assistant number one in attorney general report the governor groped her in executive mansion two separate occasions in new interview here is how she described both incidents listen to this guy.
8:38 am
>> these were not hugged -- his mother or his brother these are hugged with intention of getting some personal sexual satisfaction sartd to be hugs kisses on cheek then at one point a hug, and then kissed me on the cheek quickly turned his head and kissed me on the lips. >> she is one who filed the criminal complaint guy what do you think of her case? >> so i think dagen her case is strong for a number of reasons. one, you compare the -- the sort of two interviews that you watched her interview and it seemed on a straightforward, i watched his denials when they came out denials basically prepared by the cnn people, to help him out. they were terrible. just horrible in my view.
8:39 am
so if he ever gets charged and he will be charged, you can bet the house dagen he is going to be charged he can't take the stand, because when he takes the stand, the cross examination is going to be brutal because not just one charge the prosecutor is go is going to bury in on all oez other allegations the first metaphor his ship is sinking. >> sean duffy jump in. sean: guy when i look at even his assistants out there putting out personal information, some kufrs there is some criminal liability there as well? might go to the leaker but also to cuomo? >> that is a great sean we heard over the weekend, that they already, they being cuomo's people, already started attacking this young
8:40 am
lady. and saying hey there are emails that cast a doubt a cloud over her temperature, of course, they don't reefs the emails themselves just come out and say it. then look at background worked for him two years, she herself came from a -- a strong democrat party, and the people who led ags investigation, are democrats as well. i just think that these kind of allegations, and attacks -- attack the attackers are going to fall on deaf ears. he is in big trouble. dagen: he is in big trouble. see how long he hangs on again to everybody never forget, the more than 15 though i elderly people who died in nursing homes because of that governor order the one he tried to cover-up we can go down laundry list of reasons he shouldn't be in governor's
8:41 am
mansion, this -- harassing 11 women the latest reason great to see you driving up calls behind wheels a mileage tax could charge you for hitting the road, how one ball girl is making a big buzz this morning, get 'em. boom. we show you that stay with us to see the final the end result right there. aww, say with us. . >> this girl is on fire ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪ if this girl is on fire ♪♪ . . ♪ ♪
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. . dagen: bipartisan infrastructure bill may end up costing americans more than they realized with provisions to allow research into a mileage tax that added to fine print grady trimble in chicago, with more, hey, grady! . reporter: hi, dagen bill would set aside about 125 million dollars to look into fefkt mile aiming tax at local state and federal he level unclear if nix to or a replacement for at gas tax in states like illinois pennsylvania,
8:46 am
california among highest in the country and we talked to the folks at the national motorist association they say they strongly oppose it for a number of reasons raise questions as well, they say that it is essentially a way for the government to get americans to stop driving cars or at least to drive them less, also raises privacy concerns how do you track the miles that people drive, and they point out if there is a gas tax with multiple mileage taxes at fr and state levels that would be a burden on lower and middle class americans. >> i do believe that states will also assess their vehicle mileage tax if also have heavy gas tax can you imagine how much it is going to cost you? it also comes down to comforts with trucking, we all pay trucking comforts whether you want to believe it or not. reporter: hillary vaughn reached out to biden administration asking whether
8:47 am
this provision goes against president biden's claim while campaigning not to raise taxes on americans making less than 400,000 dollars per year, white house official told hillary there is literally nothing in this bill that is counter to the president's pledge, the administration, will evaluate all legislation including any bills relevant to these pilot principals against the $400,000 pledge you can see how additional tax or even a you replacement tax that tracks miles you drive would be concerning to a lot of americans. dagen: oh, yeah grady, thank you so much for that reporting grady trimble, jonathan your thoughts on this we point out people who drive electric vehicles don't pay gas taxes helps on the -- the highway trust fund. jonathan: dagen i think a good point you made this is a classic game of major by
8:48 am
democrats looking at infrastructure bill good for middle class they don't tell you this mileage tax is being snuck in, really an attack on middle class america, this is going to cause tremendous upset, and negative consequences around the implications for upper drivers lyft drivers people struggling to make ends meet. we're not talking about people who have it together we are talking people at lower end of economic strum in middle class struggling, just trying to pay their own taxes. so, you know, i think this is going to have vast far and wide consequences unacceptable i think republicans need to do a better job of messaging, all we've heard from democrats another from your bill to help middle class. much hypocrisy. >> sean what is your reaction to fine print in that infrastructure bill. sean: first off you an
8:49 am
affront to privacy freedom if you drive in a city you only drive many miles if if wisconsin or minnesota michigan wyoming we have drive a lot right? because that much more dance between towns, and going to work may 30, 40 miles into town that is tax on rural america, and a gift to urban molecular who doesn't drive as much again democrats don't like rural america they voted for trump now going to tax them, with this insane -- um -- tracking device on their cars. dagen: i remember i think -- not google twitter executives we call them flyover state for a reason i can find 2 tweet again disdain, that these elites have for new york and d.c., los angeles for peel who work and drive, and -- and you know take care of families, go
8:50 am
to church, just -- mind-boggling, coming up a fan on the field taken out not by security how one ball girl stepped in to save the day, the dodgers game yesterday, making a buzz this morning, we will show you next. . ♪♪ tried to run tried to hide break on through to the other side, break on through to the other side, break on through to the other side, yeah ♪♪ . sure, it's wireless. what's your buick's wi-fi password? it's buick envision. that's a really tight spot. i used to hate parallel parking. me too! the all-new buick envision. built around you. all of you. pay no interest for 72 months plus current eligible buick owners get $500 purchase allowance on most 2021 buick suv models.
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. . dagen: time for the morning buzz play of the game? made by a ball girl, a ball birl for the dodgers stealing the show watch this, their game against angels see that man ran on to the field getting past security? can we go back show that
8:54 am
again. so when the ball girl stepped in aboutable tackled the fan watch, puts him over 2 stadium wall drops banner so we can see this guy eat dirt, boom there ugg people on social media fans went crazy praising her as a hero suggesting should sign up for football. boom! i love this, i don't want to see the man get hurt but don't run on ball field. jonathan: absolutely. [laughter] i think should be on espn play of the day if anything would be surprised if it weren't very, very promising career in football i haven't seen somebody hit like that since 80s, sean what do you think. sean: i love you have four security guards, chasing this guy on field a while, in his all about girl makes play puts him down lets security grab
8:55 am
him drag him off to the bin. dagen: i just -- fascinated with this, by the way, sean nienl not to change subject i finally got to see rachel, posted video online of you have competing you were the world champion, a professional lumberjack, you were the world champion right? in tree climb. >> yeah, but 1994, 95, 96 was 20 pounds lighter real fast back in the day hosted old school individual lumberjack, last weekend, "fox & friends" -- very cool. >> in terms of time is it tree climb? is that what it is called. >> tree climb, yeah. dagen: how much faster the times today than the time you put up back then are they a lot faster.
8:56 am
>> a little bit, dagen thanks for the question about 17, 15, 17 seconds up, 3, 4 seconds to come down 90-foot pole, almost a second off the times i did 30 years ago. dagen: not bad, not bad fascinating to watch though i love it. everybody should try it once if you don't hurt yourselves more "mornings with maria." jonathan: . >> right. >> more "mornings with maria" live on fox business this. . ♪♪ ♪
8:57 am
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dagen: here's the morning mover, draft king with the company making a deal to buy golden nugget online gaming is for $1.6 billion. all stock deal and draftkings would form a new holding company,
9:00 am
both tracking and golden nugget online went public as a spac and the deal expected to close the first quarter of next year. thank you, sean anna jonathan, a pleasure to see both of you and just as i was doing this when i was talking about the tree climbing because that's kind of how it works. >> that's how it works, degen. stuart: except for the feet and the actual climbing. sean duffy, thank you. jonathan, be well. "varney & co." it starts right now. tak it away, stu. stuart: good morning. it is august 9, and we are supposed to be in summers quiet his own, but far from it as i will go through the drama quickly so you get a sense of what we are dealing with today. first off, a diet-- dire warning from the united nations, the climate houses the future is grim with a devastating weather and humans are to blame. environmentalist will use this to push the green new deal big time. 100,000 new covid cases a day in america now, almost a


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