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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  August 7, 2021 8:00pm-9:01pm EDT

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thanks for watching. that god love. have a great weekend. >> mariposa volume had good intentions to reopen the baked apple and restart the economy but as usual, the big dumb giraffe screwed everything up and plans to only allow vaccinated people to go to restaurants, bars, gems and shows not only dividing the city, it dividing the country and now one player is comparing it to slavery. typical liberal leader. the right ideas in society but the problem is, the timeline is it leaves them.
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repression and hypocrisy, this is what he is down to. >> you want to participate in our society, you've got to get vaccinated. workers and customers an indoor dining, indoor fitness facilities, indoor entertainment facilities. this will be a requirement. the only way to patronize these establishments indoors will be if you are vaccinated, at least one dose. kennedy: the backlash is growing by the hour. he even democrat mayor of boston was quick trash the idea, her name is kim and she said there's a long history in this country a people need to show their papers during slavery, post- slavery as recent as you know what immigrant population. we heard trump with the birth certificate nonsense, here we want to make sure that we are not doing anything that would further create a barrier for residents of boston or disproportionally impact the communities. probably should have just said
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it was a bad idea because now she's getting blowback from the left. the sentiment remains. vaccine mandate is rubbing people the wrong way today on caboodle, a restaurant owner set in addition to all the other news, he has to jump through to survive, the new vaccine roles will support him to have police at the front door. >> to find out to begin with now is like an extra job we have to make sure people when they come in, we have to guard the gate to make sure they turn them away so it's an obstacle for us we've already been struggling to begin with. kennedy: 20 create a multi- vaccinated series of speaking. i can't wait for it. if somebody sinks in with a fake card, the restaurant owner could be on the hook for a fine so what would have been a better strategy?
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what talk about this because it's not settled scientists yet. , an attorney podcast host of the law junkie show and democratic strategy show and senior editor, author of panic attack, the one and only robbie, welcome, everyone. >> thanks for having us. kennedy: all right, 70% of the african-american community in new york city not vaccinated. this is problematic for 70%. >> it is problematic for anybody unvaccinated to a lot of people who are vaccinated. i'm not sure why this past for the city although i would applaud one aspect which is i think the way forward is to encourage people to get vaccinated, not return to lockdown and for those who are
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vaccinated so that us a train of thought that i agree with but i think it's to universal and heavy-handed and i think frankly, people who are not vaccinated, they are largely skeptical of institutions that have squandered a lot of the credibility over the course of the pandemic and the way to convince them is not to segregate them into their own segment of society where the only first of all socialize with each other which could not be good for transmission as well but also that shame and having handedness from the government is probably counterproductive convincing people on the fence to go ahead and get the vaccine. kennedy: also, you could easily see l de blasio concerning a member of additions. if you want to fully participate in society you have to ... enter anything from an infinite list there but it raises some great points and the mayor said its
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access, it not forcing proof so what can people in power do better in terms of credibility getting the shot into arms of skeptical community members? >> it is easy. first, it's a fallacious argument because since the founding of the country was enforced quarantines and mandatory vaccines, subject to criminal penalty were upheld by the supreme court and not liberal supreme court in 1905. the best way is to make sure there is free vaccine everywhere they have to be everywhere. kennedy: they are everywhere. >> we require kids to be vaccinated to go to school, we've been doing that for decades. you and i both had to have vaccines when we were kids when went to school so spin around a couple of years now. kennedy: so here are saying for the greater good we should force people to take vaccines, how
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will you tell 70% of the african-american community in new york to take the vaccine because you think it's better for them than they do? >> literally line up in the community for the go to work, article and go to mass transit and needs to be everywhere and then enforce the vaccine roles if you can't prove it, we say no sure, no shoes, no service so restaurant can easily enforce this as well. we seen it in places like san francisco. kennedy: that is an incredibly condescending. >> that is so absurd. we are going to make restaurants be the vaccine police. they don't want that job, if they do, that's fine. but i am really -- i am for the vaccine and want everybody to get it and i think you should, encouraging people to get it is a good idea but how can the government force people to get something haven't actually even
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have fda approval yet to? i think they should, the fda is dragging its feet and why isn't the government and requiring its employees to get first? teachers unions and other public sectors have actually fought mandatory vaccination. i would say people who work for the government which means they actually work for us, the taxpayers, let's force them to get vaccinated, let's start with that and see if we have to do anything else. case numbers maybe they are rising, it doesn't matter, hospitalization is not rising, all the tools at our disposal, we don't need to colors or force restaurants and gyms and etc. to do it, it a horrible approach. >> hospitals are overwhelmed. kennedy: come on. relax. i am overwhelmed by the propaganda. the mayor doesn't have an answer for what to do with our children if they are under 12 years old, can they go out? he doesn't know that. why is one shot okay and not to? there are all sorts of
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open-ended issues with this but the glaring one is racial disparity that's not racism but it's being honest about a high degree of skepticism within certain communities that this heavy-handed this is exacerbating the situation and meanwhile, one friend is about to be rambus. jennifer aniston enter revealed she lost friends who refused to get the vaccine or will not be close whether or not they are vaccinated and urged followers to wear masks. you guys, she revealed she's probably vaccinated in may and is tricky because everyone is entitled to their own opinion but a lot of opinions don't feel based in anything except fear propaganda. our fear and propaganda the only thing driving people skeptical to the vaccine?
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oh god, or words. >> as i said before, the largest driver of skepticism is the way institutions themselves have thrown away credibly over the course of the pandemic by issuing conflicting mandates, blatant politicking like for example, endorsing the riots and protests summer 2020 while still telling people he couldn't gather to mourn the death of muslim actions thruway credibility and deal with it i am with robbie it's important people get the vaccine, i am vaccinated myself and i was vaccine and explained to get out of pandemic and back to normal life it helps when people are suspicious of the institutions for being honest in the past it doesn't help with this blanket
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policy that doesn't address what happened with kids or prior natural immunity. kennedy: those are some good points, there's a lot of people saying how my supposed to prove this? part of the vaccine passport especially in new york city there is no natural immunity certificate that now jennifer aniston didn't interview, install asked what you mean if you're stressed? she said a chip, crunch, crunch, crunch. just one chip? her response, usually i'm good at that. i can have one m&m, one chip. i know, it's annoying. >> i can't just eat one m&m. that's my vaccine passport, it is easy, by the way. if you have a problem with an institution, if you are one who spent bashing the institution because data changes on a weekly
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basis and scientists taken new data, change the advice like it's raining, i'm holding out my own brother, it stopped rally raining -- >> let me ask this, what if you have one data interpreted in two completely different ways? >> such as? kennedy: such as how the virus spreads to and from vaccinated people. >> we know about this is why masked mandates are effective, why also i have not chronicled the last year end a half because virus transmitted through aerosol, respiratory illnesses transmit through aerosols we breathe out. that's why masked mandates work so well. kennedy: what about bacteria found on masks is harmful to children to drag them around all day? i'm going to bring in probably. >> change the mask -- >> masks and mandates are two different things. if a mask in some circumstances
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helps limit the spread of the disease, particularly with no better options and now we have a much better option. kennedy: end up better understanding of the virus. you don't get to interrupt me, but listen to robbie. >> there are studies the mandate aspect of masking did little additional court, people mostly voluntarily wore masks and that's past. we need to not vaccinate and there's no reason for mass now, it's the inferior mitigation measure and it's annoying and no present mass vaccinated people should have to. encouraged vaccination, we don't need to do lockdowns or mandates or any of that ever again. kennedy: if you want to wear a mask, wear a mask. if it makes you feel secure, go eat a chip. coming up, such a good story. a group of nuns in california
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want to heal the world with cannabis. a sisterhood on a marijuana commission. we will talk about this secret in a moment. ♪♪
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california, one group of nuns is spreading the good word of lead. the sisters of the valley are looking to spread the power of pot living on a canvas farm and selling over $1 million in cbd products, 2019 though they aren't a christian order, they live together, pray together and take lifetime vows very much like traditional nuns so how are they bringing the light? the founder of the sisters of the valley, sister kate. welcome to the show. >> thank you, it is an honor to be on here with you. thank you so much. kennedy: this is a fascinating story because people here nuns and assume the catholic church so how are you like traditional nuns and how are you on like traditional nuns? >> one thing i found interesting, i didn't know when i set out to form this that we would end up just being nuns :
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haven't is people were outraged about me being self ordained or self-declared month and declared order so they forgot about canvas plan so in some ways we were like a decoy. with take the hit and how we are like them is what you said, we take vows and make a lifetime commitment and live and work together and pray together but how we are different, is our vows and everything we do has to pass the test whether it empowers women or doesn't so one of them is celibacy but we choose the definition that's more empowering which is privatizing actuality and keeping it private and acting in a modest manner so we have codes for everything and the fire code so we are much like catholic nuns and i'm amused when people get outraged on behalf of the
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catholic nuns when we have quite a few of them that give encouragement, those of you catholic nuns that will coach us or coach me when i needed. so they are not hostile towards us at all and we are not trying to take away from them. this is our uniform, we reach back to when was the last time it was legal on this land and in europe where my ancestors came from for mother earth to be at the center of spiritual practices? we targeted 800 and form beliefs based on the beliefs of thene o wwhe ter firhest eur he y tr 8 t.0000 the ne ts t t lnd lalalahe twn. own o kennedy:nny:hink t tovyel and er ierdsthehave ve srh snd forack
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ofette b t bomcatenica tauy kauw k oire thrnggh aou kndwnd d iar iso tedic t lf afe oervicece d livdetl you you and isrs d eautifuthinghi a e' great g of o plsonaso saeif biciflso a a m aherheaim,o serve humanity. how has the pandemic affected the bottom line of your canvas sales? >> besides depressing the hell out of all of this is just? sales were low as they have been but the lockdown like for everybody else, we were already wasted so to take away our once a month time to shoot pool or go bowling or do something in town, even that was hard for us but sales have been low and steady, we've never had a zero sales day but we operate at about half what we did in 2019 and we do
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that only because we do promotions all the time. we started a two week promotion today with 16% off everything in the store and that's how we are staying alive but we furlough people and then bring up the back. we've had to do a dance like a lot of small businesses. kennedy: you are finding your way, your drink your best to use your ideology and systems to cultivate the best place possible. you utilize the cycles of the moon which is phenomenal and you know exactly what you are growing and selling, you cannot say that about every cbd product out there so help a sister out, help the weed nuns. you want to give cbd as a gift this year? help the sisters. i like your idea of you totally love the idea of private property ownership and anarchy, two great things like chocolate and punitive dart peanut butter.
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while done. [laughter] >> exactly, yes. we are still operating without permit. they still haven't given us a permit. that is the anarchy but when we do $1 million in sales, we pay 140,000 in taxes so it's better we do well and sales. kennedy: do well and to do good at the same time. do you smoke? >> yes, not so much as i'm getting older. [laughter] but i do. more cbd and so do the other sisters. we went with phd once in a while but we are good with the relaxation of a cbd joint when we need one. kennedy: do it your way, thank you so much, sister kate. >> thank you because you are an awesome advocate for legalization and i appreciate all of us, appreciate the work you're doing and if you get a chance. kennedy: i would love to. and show people your operations.
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thanks again. >> thank you, kennedy. kennedy: coming up, and while most legal issues are about to get a lot more serious and now is dumb dumb for brother chris have problems of his own? rightly so. back with the panel, next. ♪♪
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d.a. up-and-down new york state investigating criminal acts of sexual assault and harassment by governor andrew cuomo and state lawmakers say they are speeding up impeachment investigation, a very rude awakening as the governor months ago was a democrat darling. >> even lifelong republicans tell me they look at cuomo and they are like there's a leader. >> you see spectacular political leader emerging from this. >> governor cuomo is one of the heroes on the front line.
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>> you spoke to national guard troops in a speech that if i wasn't listening carefully i thought he was sending soldiers off to work. kennedy: get a room. maybe all the media may the governor feel untouchable. he's refusing to design stuff is supposed show majority of new yorkers want him gone, especially democrats. can the government survive this, how and why? the panel is back. robbie, is clearly not resigning today. everyone wants him to resign. 50% democrats want him to resign. six in ten say he should be impeached, why is he sticking around? >> it's incredible he has not resigned, he should obviously. we live in an era where the political class feels more emboldened just to stay in
8:29 pm
office despite screwing up to the extent he did. i'll just say he should absolutely resign. we should not forget in the midst of all this sexual harassment stuff is bad but his biggest crime is getting senior citizens killed and then covering it up, he should resign and possibly face criminal charges for that. he's her face because it wasn't for everything but especially that, much worse than sexual harassment. kennedy: how do you hang on? have to look at it as a strategy, what would you say to him if you could speak to him? >> resign, that's what i would say. kennedy: are people in his inner circle being honest or has he been so insulated for so long, you say you will be governor forever? >> just do with the 45th president did, just deny, deny, deny. we has a we had president who did that that nobody did
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anything about. anybody who's accused and evidence is strong, you should not be governor and robbie and i totally agree on this and the nursing home scandal is an absolute horrible horrific piece of failure on his part on both counts and democrats are equal here calling for governor, but in terms of the strategy, deny, deny, deny. the only strategy left for him, he really should resign. kennedy: the problem with that strategy, he is fully engaging in victim blaming. thank i thought the ag did a good job laying out what they had and said these instances were cooperated incredible, 179 people they talk to throughout this investigation so what is your take?
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>> i have been flaw on record for being on this issue of sexual harassment is increasingly a weapon of politicization and back store political weapon and some evidence even though these allegations are credible, i read the report and think the allegations are credible. the reason they are coming out now but overall i agree andrew cuomo needs to resign primarily because of his actions on the nursing home and frankly, it's a little rich for him not to given that he's already endorsed accusation as standard when talking about brett kavanaugh so he's on the record think if anyone accuses you then we will treat that statement is true, believe all women, #. that same standard should be applied to him but functionally, i agree with you and think the comparison is probably
8:32 pm
unfortunately the directed it's going to go up, he's going to wait out the new cycle and sooner or later we will forget about this and move on and he'll stay governor and keep his parents. kennedy: any other sociopathic sicko who happens to be in power who gets caught, they are going to do the same thing. it's a horrible precedent, he's not the one who said it but certainly he is following it and i know larry craig is in there somewhere saying why don't i just stay? meanwhile, the governor's brother he feeling the heat even from his liberal media friends. chris cuomo should resign from current politics or be fired after it came out becky helped craft andrews even cnn saffer says report be turned against cuomo calling his conflict of interest a disgrace to journalism so obviously chris cuomo addressed this on his show last night, right?
8:33 pm
>> i am chris, welcome to prime time. we are focused on code here especially into the delta variant is under control. for now, it's getting worse as you know. >> delta variant, go back to the basement. now he wants a whole hour, the governor of new york officially accused of sexual harassment by 11 women but colleagues were not so generous. watch this handoff at the end of the show from a fellow cnn. >> i love you, brother. this is done tonight, the calls are getting louder and louder. this is what i'm talking about. top democrats from new york to the white house calling on governor andrew cuomo to resign. kennedy: love you, brother. your other brother is a piece oo report on it. robbie. >> yes, he absolutely is. i don't blame him i don't think it's surprising he stuck by his
8:34 pm
brother, family loyalty is a thing. it makes sense he talked it over with andrew cuomo but he also should not be an anchor at cns, passive conflict of interest and never made sense to have a brother of such an important political figure current politics for an important central cable news channel so yes, he should absolutely have a job anymore, he's not particularly good at it anyway. kennedy: everyone understand family loyalty and being protective of someone you love and i don't fault him for that at all, is the fact that he was on official e-mails where they were crafting the narrative of shaming the women and blaming cancer culture completely skirting the body so he was acting as an official advisor with other official advisors.
8:35 pm
>> chris cuomo really doesn't have a problem but you cannot ignore what happened in the last administration. we have a lot of people in media have connection and participate in messaging so if we go down that path, there's a whole lot of people that need to be talked about and i don't think you want to open that door so risk level is way too close to his brother to have that conversation and being on air talking about and there's a lot of other people who should be cautious if we are going to start going there. kennedy: like chelsea clinton? >> no, that's not what i'm talking about. kennedy: trump, trump, trump. trump, trump, trump. see you. >> you kind of stole my joke that i was going to comment on the fact that we don't seem to be able to cover any major store in the u.s. today without referencing donald j trump and
8:36 pm
every sickle debate we have in this country but of course chris cuomo . kennedy: let me stop you there. what andrew cuomo did was that by january 6 is worse than 9/11. [laughter] >> we are all going to discuss trump until we are gray and die long after he's dead, we are still going to discuss trump on every political issue in this country for the rest of our lives. chris cuomo, i think all three of our panels you've acknowledged that we perfectly well understand why he stood with his brother and help him out in crafting this messaging but as robbie said, this is why he shouldn't be reporting on the stories and eventually vary completely when the stories were positive about his brother, he did not see conflict of interest having his brother on his show and covering stories related to
8:37 pm
the governor but now that the stories are negative, he sees the conflict of interest which is why he's not going to mention them on his shelf. even the is the case of two brothers, it's symbolic of the relationship with the media and democratic party and many mainstream news outlets in the democratic party is appropriate and especially inappropriate here. kennedy: you can't go there and can't decide together when it's convenient holding up a giant q-tip. a couple of laughs between. thank you so much. you are all great. in your own very special way. >> thank you. kennedy: after months of violent crime, finally taking action to take homeless off the boardwalk. i didn't think i would ever see the day.
8:38 pm
how long will it last and where will they turn up? act in a moment to discuss. ♪♪
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maximum, eric garcetti seems to think so, he changed his tone, he signed an order criminalizing homelessness in hs city. it's a crime to sit, lie, sleep or set up cameras present 10002 the street sidewalk or other public runway and within 500 feet of tunnels and other used properties. individuals who violate the law face a fine up, up to $1000, good luck getting not money. the mayor has been trying to pleaded up. blossoming homeless population
8:43 pm
resident said business artist blame the government in action that's allowed in chemistry from the first place, for this do anything? welcome to the show. >> thank you for having me tonight. kennedy: i discussed over the weekend talking to sheriff deputies lapd officers which is up to three and there were a lot of them this weekend, i was like what's going on? we just want people to feel safe. what they feel safer now that these people are going to be fined $1000. violation? >> probably not because if there's one thing mayor garcetti has effectively done before his passage to india, is to create this underclass, this class of untouchables help myself, i could be fined but not the
8:44 pm
homeless. you can't find the homeless because there and snow where to send the ticket they would just be thrown out but you can only find taxpaying law-abiding citizens such as myself so it's not going to do anything. kennedy: what does law enforcement have to say? i go early in the morning and see a lot of cops going door to door, what do cops say when they talk about their job? >> my heart goes out for lapd officers, their hands are tied and when you look at them going door to door, that's because they need to treat tense as private property even if they are chasing a suspect if they go into their tent and simply zip it up, they need a want to go inside.
8:45 pm
they wouldn't be traded the same as me myself, a homeowner. their hands are tied and have to treat every tent as private property. kennedy: that's true and aclu has effectively been backing them. look at businesses in downtown l.a., business owners are frustrated as the resident in venice because they have shops, restaurants, all sorts of facilities you can't access because of the tense so it's a $1000 fine won't do it, what will do it? but will take care of homelessness in los angeles? so far, it's not going billing dollars added because that seems to be incentivizing. >> we have seen the more money you spend on homeless services, the bigger the problem get show more money means more problems. the homeless encampment and neighborhoods in new york, our states are very different. new york has a different mandate and california.
8:46 pm
new york has a right to self act. california does not but i think what unites the two is we are both living under one high mandate and that policy is first so what does that mean? it means housing first, questions later. nothing really make sense and that's one reason i joined a statewide coalition in california so we are advocating for shelter first, housing earned. kennedy: i keep coming back to the great work on this, i would love to do a walking tour with you when you are back in california. >> i would love to show you around. when i tell people as i am a homeowner living within a homeless encampment. kennedy: we will take cameras and see what you are dealing with and see how to tackle it. thanks for coming by, appreciate it. tropical storms next.
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grab your on bella. ♪♪ he was asleep
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the naughty parent. shake your booty, shake your butt. you thought meghan sally was just parenting cardi b. watch this. >> shake your booty, shake your butts. shake your but. shake it. shake your booty. [laughter] shake your booty. kennedy: what flp curve. shake your tail feather. sixty-three years young and set the word must be copy lyrics from elvis presley, shake, rattle and roll. to cover the for the fact that she's 63 and torquing file singing teenage girl music. social media profile with around 100 million followers.
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i guess they figured out sex cells. the smartest of the parent family, some of them have been shown to perform at the cognitive level like einstein voting democrat. topic number two. marine expedition found a look-alike you are on spongebob squarepants and patrick star hanging out together in the atlantic ocean, a lot better than finding a mr. krebs look-alike the bikini bottom. here they are. bright yellow sponge and pink sea star found together more than a mile under the ocean surface to talk about friendship. the lead signs on the project that they are spending time together according to the starfish, most likely to feet on the sponge, chemical defense, i don't know what started this but behind the computer. he says he welcomes spongebob
8:53 pm
because they are helping promote awareness, underwater habitat. i'm ready, i'm ready. topic number three. a lot of spongebob. reportedly seeing 4 pounds disguised as a cake. hunter biden's unhappiest birthday. this happened in maine for officials say the drugs are transported for distribution throughout the state. cocaine is extremely popular and buckles like to get hopped up on party drugs. antiquing for hours. sometimes days. they enjoy tons of ecstasy which is what they call my house and shopping at out of b. i street value of 200 ground and in other words, this was a big
8:54 pm
dark color. convicted of people smuggling could face 40 here's an prison, extremely harsh drug laws passed by hunter biden's father. the irony. topic number four. tonight we meet a man who got way too animated over tony schlup. the 58-year-old is accused of attacking his roommate at the assisted living facility because he went to watch and his roommate went to, wanted to watch cartoons. as usual in florida, not one of them spending the afternoon reading a book or calling a family member, the argument over funk, the roommate over the head. it really is a jungle out there. he's now in jail while his roommate is recovering in the future, a happy medium between the cartoon and tony by watching the real-life spongebob sitting
8:55 pm
on a rock together. all right, i'll be right back.
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welcome back, time for the best segment of the week every wednesday we showcase a new pack of amazing properties we call kenneth dogs. keep sending in pictures of your dogs. here we go, let's get this week's winners. missus sahara, from dubai now
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living in california. her mom is a huge fan. a 19-year-old purple hair. hi, mom. a rescue dog, he like to partake in here he is, and official kenneth dog. enjoying a day on the beach. such a good. bernard sent and his pup rottweiler and set but forgot him last week and can a dog. we can never forget you this is a husky. lover of lamb chop. limu the e-mail and walks in negative temperatures. a big happy birthday, all dressed up for a special day. we love you odysseus.
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seventy sent in this picture of her dog, captain america. bunnies and squirrels, good boy, baby. rosie, smokey and honked. mom is a huge fan of the child. coach, this picture of emma.u a. thank you for watching. have a great rest of your day. t powerful political ideas in history, a new faith for a skeptical age. it promised a world of harmony and abundance if only property were shared by all and distributed equally. the idea was called socialism and it spread farther and faster than any religion in history. then, and almost the blink of an eye, it all collapsed. >> mr. gorbachev, tear downhis


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