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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  August 4, 2021 9:00am-12:00pm EDT

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and if the democrats are serious, they need to step up and call for his impeachment, period, full stop. maria: lee carter. lee: i mean, i'm concerned about him. i'm also really concerned about the conversations we are having about inflation and the jobs numbers, we need to get people back to work in more meaningful ways and address that. maria: thank you so much, everybody. varney & company begins right now. stu, take it away. and good morning, everyone. governor andrew cuomo sexually harassed women and the governor said he will not resign. the obamas will scale down their big birthday party, instead of 500 guests, it would be family
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and close friends. the former president does not want to be accused of hosting a super-spreader event. the push is onto get the unvaccinated to get the jab. vaccine passport is spreading. walgreens is saying, they are seeing a surge in vaccinations. the treasury secretary wants it all, that is janet yellen wants all of biden's spending. she says we have to spend over $4 trillion more to keep america on top. bernie sanders agrees in an editorial in the wall street of all places, he grails against the greedy companies, rich, the billionaire and, of course, the wicked capitalist corporations. nothing new from bernie. impact of labor shortage, hundreds of canceled flights at spirit and american airlines, chaos at several airports. stock prices slipping this morning. private sector hiring fell sharply in july only 330,000
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hires, down from 680,000 in june. the dow is going to be down about triple -- digits. fcc is talking crypto regulation and crypto taxation. maybe investors think a little administrator respectability will help because bitcoin is holding around 38,000 bucks this morning. the ten-year treasury yield, staying at low levels. look at that, please. 1.14% very low, indeed. you will see more of this. american gold at the olympics and more than that american athletes proudly wrapped in american flag. how about that? big day, august 4th, varney & company is about to begin. ♪ ♪
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♪ stuart: stevey wonder. how could you do that? susan: so early. stuart: it's 9:00 o'clock. let's get to the good news today. it's good stuff here. u.s. olympian tamayra stock put patriotism on full display when winning gold and when asked how it felt to represent the united states, i'm quoting, i can't get the tape, i'm going to say it, i love representing the u.s. i freaking living here. susan: congratulations for the first u.s. wrestling gold for an african-american. isn't that great? sidney one 400-meter. i was glued to the tv set last
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night. stuart: it's just wonderful thing to see. i think that's pushback to the activists who try to dominate with their protests against america. susan: i think we are seeing mess of that and more patriotism. stuart: isn't that wonderful. my take at the 11:00 o'clock hour. let's get to robinhood. why not, surged ipo price yesterday, look at it, up against this morning big times 3%. susan, that looks to me like a meme stock? susan: yes, interesting transition that you made from olympics to robinhood. number 1 talked stock, so you know retail traders are getting bo it and bought nearly
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$20 million yesterday, 11th most traded on retail platforms. total volume was up tenfold from monday because you have kathy wood, endorsements, 65 million worth in robinhood, interesting ipo allocation of a third of the shares to the retail. that's helping boost interest and chitchats on these reddit boards. stuart: has gone up enormously. susan: up 15% in premarket and don't forget the ipo to 38 bucks. they finished below that level. now at $53. stuart: the meme stock, i'm telling you, that's a meme stock. look at that, general motors, down 4%. what is the problem? susan: well, they made less money than anticipated, most of that, $1.3 billion goes back to recall costs. they are still raising sales guidance for the year which is a
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great thing. we have gm shutting down the 3 north american plants next week because of the chip shortage but i guess heard on the earnings call that: exempt ecs say the chip situation is fluid in their words. stuart: 3 plants closed to chip shortage? susan: yes. stuart: cvs? >> administered 13 million vaccines, boosted sales and they're raising minimum wage to $15 by july next year. hourly pay start going up next month and you don't need a high school diploma to work there anymore. there might be built-in expectation, they didn't raise entire full-year guidance, can we focus on the positives here instead? stuart: just looking at the stock. susan: you don't need a high school diploma, i think it's great to make $15. stuart: susan adlib new york times. susan: the reason the stock is up it all goes back to online --
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stuart: i thought they come with a socialist editorial. it's a stock. susan: it's a stock, a business, 8 and a half million online subscribers. stuart: we are having too much fun susan concentrating on the positives, why not? here is shah galani, do you see any real threat to the stock market shah galani? >> nothing systematic, the stock market has forward momentum. it's been gentle in terms of appreciation and we don't see any dramatic crazy moves. it's almost like a stealth rally. we are making higher highs regularly. that bodes very well. the narrative that interest rates have spiked and then come back down and that the ten-year treasury yield at 1.14% is indicative of slow growth in the future and peak earnings as a nonsense narrative. the only reason that the treasury yield has come down is there's been short-selling and
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covering. that's what's driven it down. we will start to see interest rates rise again and sign of positive economic growth and the market is in the right place and will go higher. stuart: if you really want today make a splash and analyst, you'd come out and say here comes a nasty correction, we have to sell everything that you have, but nobody, nobody is saying that, are they? >> no, and there's no reason to say that. to me the only threat to the market rally is an existential one which we know is out there and that's covid. if we see the delta variant or another variant behind that caused slowdowns, lockdowns, things that we are afraid of then we might see correction in the market. investors have the playbook. we know what happens. you buy the dips. stuart: last one, real fast, what did you buy yesterday, what did you -- what are you going to buy today? >> i'm actually backing into some of the chinese tech stocks that we got taken out of, niel,
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alibaba being one of them. a lot of them in terms of value right now look absolutely fantastic. so we are moving back into the chinese tech stocks and some of the chinese eb makers. stuart: we will have you back soon to account for yourself for getting back to chinese stocks. thanks, shah, good to you. the fda aiming to give final approval or pfizer covid vaccine, i think it's gone to 45, when is the final approval? susan: possibly next month. start of september according to reports and that's just in time, of course, for the start of school and college. so the fda unofficial deadline, they have this in place, they are looking for labor day or sooner for this final official approval and with the pfizer vaccine does get final approval, that means a number of universities and hospitals including the defense department as well at the government and the city of san francisco can likely mandate vaccinations. now -- right, they're going to force people to get the vaccines. now vaccination rates we know
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have been going up because of the delta-covid spread. moderna is the other vaccine and they already applied for fda approval and they are still submitting data. that might drag past -- >> stuart: they've had a huge run-up in the market. let's talk about new york city. it became the first major city to require proof of vaccination for restaurants, gyms, indoor settings generally, susan, what is the president saying about -- >> susan: he supports the more cities and states doing exactly the same thing with new york city vaccine passport. first of its kind in the u.s. because they are following the example from europe, italy and spain kind of did the same thing last month and really europe, have you been -- you haven't been to europe for a while. you go to hotels, tourist attractions, museums, venues, you have to show your vaccine passport, right? stuart: you know china is
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locking down, severely restricting 33 cities. susan: wuhan once again. stuart: testing everybody there. susan: break out 1 to 5 cases. [laughter] stuart: we are wrapping up in what's called 9a, first block of the show. show me futures, there they are. we are going down but not that much in the overall great scheme of things, down 100 for the dow industrials. next, do you remember the media's love fest with andrew cuomo? we are going to remind, roll tape. >> governor cuomo who as politicians go is the most sophisticated. >> his state from epicenter to perhaps the biggest success story. >> god, there's a leader. >> you see spectacular political leader. [laughter] stuart: god, there's a leader. we will repeat that one for sure. now the president is calling on cuomo to resign.
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i've got my take at top of the hour. bernie sanders new op-ed in the wall street journal and surprise he wants more big-time spending, a lot more spending, trillions more, we have the details for you. varney & company just getting started. ♪ ♪ ♪ ive, or strong. progress isn't either or progress is everything. as i observe investors balance risk and reward, i see one element securing portfolios, time after time.
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know what she's going to say because you have seen the script. what is she going to say? susan: i read the leaked remarks to the press. i don't think she's saying anything different. we know there are 14 cabinet secretary that is will hit the road that will try to sell not only 1 and a half trillion dollar infrastructure but 3 and a half trillion dollars in spending on top of that. so what yellen is trying to say, she's trying to rally and appeal to the nationalistic side of americans. i will give you her comments and you can react back to me. stuart: you're on. susan: she says we have -- we are destined to stay that way but with the investments i believe we will. so we are talking about broadband, roads, infrastructure, airports and she says the largest concern that she has are what are the risks of not spending for these big investments is that we fall behind, falling behind china and the rest of the world. stuart: she's arguing in favoring of spending 3 and a
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half trillion -- susan: antipoverty, climate change. stuart: plus what we have on the books but proposed. susan: infrastructure plan. stuart: 4 and a half trillion dollars, what about inflation, any thought of that? what about the shift in our society? that transforms us into a socialist society virtually? thank you. susan: you want to hear what bernie sanders says in the wall street journal? stuart: i think so. susan: i would love to hear your view on this. it was a 4-page op-ed, bernie sanders making the same case. i will go point by point. he talked about income disparity as you can imagine. he says that 3 people own more wealth than the bottom 50% and real wages haven't gone up in about what half a century or so. he wants, yes, he wants them to pay their fair share in taxes, the greed of the pharmaceutical industry, childhood poverty, i can see stu going --
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>> stuart: eye roll. susan: paid family medical leave on top of infrastructure plan. stuart: what i'm astonished is this man is the chairman of the senate budget committee and he's got an editorial in the wall street journal calling for socialist. basically that's what the man is calling. susan: i was paraphrasing, it's 3 pages long. stuart: well done. susan: i don't think we have heard anything new, though. stuart: nothing new at all. why don't we bring in senator mike braun, republican -- he's laughing already. senator from indiana. let's deal first of all with the 1 trillion-dollar infrastructure package. we may get a vote on that this week, are you in favor? >> i've been one of the most outspoken about it, stu, because we have been signaled early from pelosi who really runs the show in the democratic scheme of government said we are not doing an infrastructure unless it's
9:20 am
linked to soft infrastructure which is 3.5 trillion. and that discussion of bernie sanders and hyping it, you should have about a month ago i debated him on the senate floor, youtube about the modern monetary that underpins all of this deficits and debt don't make any difference. look it up. that would be an entertaining thing to see how they justify this but, yes, this is linked. we are in the throws of it happening. i think they've got a deadline that they need to adhere to. you know, ii call it the inflation bomb that's about ready to hit and they will get this done probably before the july numbers are released in august, so use that as a focal point of when this thing wraps up and they're going to throw everything in the kitchen sink in it between now and then. stuart: got it. now the eviction moratorium is back, that's another two months. tenants are safe if you want to put it that way for another 2
9:21 am
months. we got that. my question is who is looking out for the landlords? senator: i mean, that should have been a two-sided discussion from the beginning and obviously those are many small investors that own multifamily housing where a lot of this rent moratorium is applicable and, yes, it should be a balanced equation. i didn't hear anything about that side of it. i also heard biden talking out of both sides of his mouth again, let the states and local governments deal with it and then just yesterday we see it shoved through the cdc and i'm sure biden had a discussion with the cdc before they went out with extending it. so typical, again, the productive economy, main street entrepreneurs, that side of it, they just think it's a given that you'll keep busting your butt to pay the bills that they're putting out there that now look like who knows where it
9:22 am
ends. it's adding to our debt from when i got 18 trillion, 28 trillion, that's the debt bomb that comes along with it. we will fully understand that sadly after they get through this flurry of spending. stuart: the death bomb. it's on the horizon, you don't know when it's going to hit. senator braun, thank you. take a look at futures, we are going down, down about 100 for the dow. the opening bell is next. ♪ ♪ ♪
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stuart: let's start with robinhood up 15% premarket this morning and look who is here to comment, that will be mark tepper. he gets an hour of the show yesterday, back in the 9:00 o'clock hour this morning. this guy has got energy. will robinhood continue to surge? ryan: it may, stu, i have to tell you, overall i'm bearish on robinhood. personally i can't vest in any company if i don't believe in the management team, growth story and valuation and i have to believe in all three and when
9:27 am
it comes to management, look, vlad and his team are great at running video game company because that's basically what it is because they don't know much about managing a brokerage firm and i think they were exposed during the meme stock frenzy last year. these guys are software developers with no financial background and when it comes to growth story, stu, they have no competitive advantage in the brokerage space and whenever you're run a company with no competitive advantage it's called churn, you start to lose customers. it might make sense for them to look at a different brokerage firm. stuart: yeah, but i don't think investors care about all of the fundamentals that you just mentioned. it's a meme stock. ryan: you're right. stuart: it's a gambling chip. ryan: just like the app. stu, that's the concerning part here, right. the stock was up big yesterday. it's up premarket today. it was up big yesterday after
9:28 am
ward it came out that kathy etf owned about 200 million or so of robinhood, etf, arc innovation, etf. the greatest investors of all time don't move stock 20% in a day after it's announced that they took a position. warren buffet, carl icahn, i think it's dangerous, stu, that retail investors are infact waited with a certain investor that they will blindly follow someone's position. i think that's very dangerous. stuart: okay, real fast question here. let's suppose there's a vote this week or next week on this small 1 trillion-dollar infrastructure bill and it passes, let's suppose, what do you think the market reaction would be? ryan: at first i think it's going to be pretty positive but then it could be a by the rumor sell the news kind of situation. you look at a lot of the stocks
9:29 am
that are part of the infrastructure package, caterpillar, they've had great runs over the course of the last year, year and a half. but they are kind of starting to level out, maybe sell off. i think the market pops and then it might sell off a little bit after that. stuart: are you enjoying your summer on the market? ryan: i'm having a good time. my daughter, when are we going to do a vacation, i go back to school in a few weeks. stu, at some point i'm going to have to take a weekend off and hang out with the family. but as for the market, i'm enjoying it. it's been sideways. i think the fourth quarter will be better. i have to get vacation time in, buddy. stuart: come to new york and bring your vaccine passport. be prepared. [laughter] ryan: see you there. stuart: tepper, you are all right. see you soon. we are expecting a downside move at the opening bell but it's not going to be severe, let me put it like that. right now with 25 seconds to go
9:30 am
we are down about 140 on the dow. look at the level. you're still pretty close to 35,000. all right, susan, anything to add? susan: adp reports half of what was expected. stuart: 330 private sector jobs, down from 680,000 in june. i call that a negative for the economy. let's see if there's any market impact. maybe there is a little on the downside. trading has begun wednesday morning. right from the start down 110 points, half percentage point.
9:31 am
>> s&p 500, where is that, down a third of 1%. the nasdaq, where is is that, down a tinny fraction, that's it? let me have a look at big tech because presumably they are helping the nasdaq. amazon is up, facebook is up,
9:32 am
apple, google down just fractionally.
9:33 am
9:34 am
p. susan: they are losing 5 cents. not bad. they lost 5 cents per share. you lost 5 cents. stuart: i'm looking, up nearly 11%. susan: ride-hailing is up 125%. the recovery is here from covid when covid decimated the business and finally profit outside of expenses. people knew going into it that that was going to happen and guidance is a little bit light. i would say there's a lot of positives. as you know, as you look at the earnings, i mean, 80% in earning
9:35 am
i don't think is sustainable for the rest of the year. fantastic. stuart: lyft is down 6%. i will leave it right there. ceasar's entertainment, online gambling, they will launch a new mobile sports betting app. live right now in 8 states. stock is up. all right, let's take a look at the dow winners. they'll be some even though dow is down 150. right now we have united health at the top of the list and proctor and gamble and intel all big winners. s&p 500, i don't know any of these except live nation. they are up 4%. mgm, vegas. activation blizzard. nasdaq winners. activation blizzard.
9:36 am
there you go. microchip sp. big demand. big gains there. tesla, they've announced price increases, the stock is not doing very much. price increases on model s for the x. susan: model s is going up by $5,000. i would argue -- $5,000. i think the base model is closer to 45, closer to 50. you can afford it. the point is model s is an older model for tesla. best selling car is model 3 which is cheaper. stuart: if you can afford it with the charging stations. 7.11 on tesla. general motors, they are planning to shut down 3 assembly plants next week.
9:37 am
this is due to global chip shortage. that's why they are closing. the stock is down 7%. the closure is part of the problem. general motors disappointing a lot and they are way down. susan: 1.3 million of recall. stuart: nvidia, arn, maybe in jeopardy, why do i care? >> the chip landscape. four out of 5 performing stocks are chip stocks and that includes nvidia split, 100-dollar before july 19th. now the deal saying that might be too big. stuart: okay that is the market. we have opened lower after 7 minutes. now president biden calling on the governor andrew cuomo to
9:38 am
resign. >> i think he should resign. i'm sure some embraces that were totally innocent but apparently the attorney general decided there were things that weren't. stuart: governor cuomo denies the harassment claims. can he survive? a lot of people want him gone. my take on that coming up at the top of the 10:00 o'clock hour. former president obama scaling backth birthday bash. he has to scale back, it won't be 500 people. it will be just family and close friends.
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with voltaren arthritis pain gel my husband's got his moves back. an alternative to pain pills voltaren is the first full prescription strength gel for powerful arthritis pain relief... voltaren the joy of movement stuart: i have to tell you, this is the stock of the day, robinhood and it's been halted. tell me more? susan: restarted now. 64%, have you looked at that.
9:43 am
that brings the advance so far this week in 3 days, 3 sessions close to 100%. that's doubling in -- >> stuart: i was thinking of buying it when it dropped to 34 or something, 35. susan: you would have doubled your money. there's a lot of volatility. stuart: you have to trade it, you don't stick with it. here is another stock that's doing extremely well this morning. victoria secret. susan: yeah. 27% in debut as stand-alone company and then we just had bank of america initiating coverage on it calling 75-dollar stock. great turnaround story according to morgan stanley. stuart: for sure. jack dorsey, crypto tax inside the infrastructure package. the 1 trillion-dollar package. what is he saying?
9:44 am
susan: he's applauding senator toomey to relax tax requirements. if you can bring back the jack dorsey tweet if we have time. we are supporting this. jack dorsey is a bitcoin evangelist. and you heard from new fcc head. etf bitcoin, etf is in the work but we need to regulate the wild, wild west crypto environment. stuart: regulation can bring respectability. susan: i think so. imagine how positive that would be for bitcoin prices if they relax especially tax recording. stuart: absolutely. 39 grand. we have to check big tech. we have been open for 14 minutes. it's a mixed picture. no big moves for any of the
9:45 am
big-tech giants. here is ray wong who say tech giants are proof. >> tech giants at 2 trillion in 2017.
9:46 am
>> 2% of gdp. 2 million drivers on the back end. they are doing and they are worth 30 million in terms of valuation. they did 22 billion in order transactions. that's a lot. dominate the market. >> they're done ipo in the united states, right. they are out the public. >> dual listing, yes. stuart: not upcoming ipo. it's there
9:47 am
should do pretty well. we have the food delivery to back up the ride-hailing. lift saying ride-hailing has improved by 125%. doubled from last year. that is a great thing. i'm interested in profitability outside of expenses. if lyft said they got there uber has to match that. lyft was down big this morning.
9:48 am
uber down 2.3%. market not looking favorably at this moment. that's for sure. susan: yes. stuart: costco, they're up a quarter of a percent, 436 bucks a share. susan: reporting results tonight. your favorite place to greet your fans. we'll see how well foot traffic was. they saw record pandemic sales. >> i'm not surprised. you ever go into costco store? difficult for you in new york city. susan: is it packed? stuart: absolutely packed. susan: roku is interesting. that stock nearly tripled. tens of billions ofhours streamed. over the top streaming boxes. they should continue to do well. stuart: etsy i call them tchotke sellers. susan: why do you call them that? they they sell masks, jewelry. stuart: tchotke very much a new york expression. i'm familiar with it. we have to check robinhood again
9:49 am
please. now it is up 54%. i will call that the stock of the day. we'll concentrate on that thing throughout our three hour long show. next case, you want to know what new yorkers and tourists think about the city's required vaccine passport? listen to this. >> let the city open up. it's a great idea. >> i don't think it is necessary at this point. >> i think it is my business. >> if you're not vaccinated -- stuart: mixed bag of responses. owner of bobby vann's steakhouses will be on the show. he thinks this is the kiss of death for some restaurants. been watching olympics? i like what i see. i like the athletes who drape themselves in our flag. love it. my take on that, top of the hour. ♪♪
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♪. stuart: you are looking at orlando, florida. disney world by the way. crowded day there. 7 degrees. that is disney world. that is in florida. susan: seeing pockets of low pressure here. stuart: the weather guy! i would like to be a weather guy in san diego because it is always2 72 and sunny, 300 days a year. disneyland in california. you have new features for park guests. tough wear your mask but nonetheless new features. susan: you unlock the hotel room door with the disneyland app. stuart: i thought it was rides or octopus rides coming up? susan: have you ever used an app before? stuart: what that has to do with new features. susan: that is very convenient. stuart: that's it. susan: digital check in as well. start the online check-in process five days before arriving. stuart: open my hotel room with
9:55 am
my phone. couldn't that be just great. god, almighty. susan: john, the manager laughing along with you. whose side on you on? stuart: we have to new feature because you can open your hotel room with a phone. i'll hold me back, boys, hold me back. let's get serious. john is still laughing. >> disappointed in you. stuart: royal caribbean, what do you got on that? can i open my cabin door with my phone on royal caribbean cruise? susan: royal caribbean, 80% of fleets will be back in service by year-end. trying to ignore stu here. maybe you can open the door with your phone? that may be an idea. they expect a net loss for the summertime and also for the entire 2021. stuart: just let you open your cabin door with your phone the stock would go up. susan: 2021 sailings, occupancy is ramping up.
9:56 am
that is pretty good news. prices are higher than 2019 already. stuart: is wonderful. can't wait. hold me back. susan: you're tough, tough. stuart: just realistic. still ahead, lara trump, victor david hanson, kennedy, new york congressman lee zeldin he is running to be the governor of new york. i will get his thoughts on the cuomo fallout. can't wait for it. second hour of "varney" next. yeah, i mean the thing is, people like geico because it's just easy. bundling for example. you've got car insurance here. and home insurance here. why not... schuuuuzp.. put them together. save even more. some things are just better together, aren't they? like tea and crumpets. but you wouldn't bundle just anything. like, say...
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10:00 am
♪. stuart: all right. there you have new york city. good morning, everyone, 10:00 eastern, straight to your money. it is a selloff for the dow, down 163 points at this point but we've got the nasdaq turning around and going higher. it is up 16 as we speak. 14,700 your nasdaq level. there you have it. look at that. that is the 10-year treasury yield. we have 1.15% as we speak. i keep saying this historically that is a very low level. bitcoin actually moving higher. you're above the 39,140-dollar level as weigh speak. check robinhood again. i keep calling it the stock of
10:01 am
the day. i think that's legitimate. it is up 37% now at 64. a few moments ago it was at 71. that is called volatility. we have the latest read on the service sector on the economy. what have you got? susan: record numbers. american economy booming. looking at a read in the month of july for non-manufacturing, which is services makes entirety of the u.s. economy, 61.1, higher than 60.5 economists forecast. again record high in july. digging through the details this is very interesting. talking about inflation, prices paid highest since september 2005. stuart: that is a positive read on that services sector but there is a warning in it about inflation. susan: yeah. stuart: that is how you summarize that. it has not had much effect on the market. the dow is down 130. nasdaq up nine or 10. now, everyone, now this. surely it's time for the governor to go.
10:02 am
andrew cuomo harassed 11 women. he broke state and federal laws. he has lost the support of every leading democrat including the president but he says he is staying. sorry, i just don't see it. if he stays, and tries for re-election he will paralyze new york's government. even worse, from the democrats point of view he will open the door for a serious republican challenge. ironic, isn't it, that the governors of two giant states, new york and california are both in trouble at the same time. gavin newsom is in trouble for fist failed policies. como in trouble for his behavior. let's not get the conserve if i have hopes up. a real political shift will not happen. in both states, unions, greens, minorities, elites, they rule statewide elections. they're on the left, wouldn't it be good, wouldn't it be great to see the coastal giants make economic growth a priority.
10:03 am
cut taxes, cut the red tape, cut poverty with capitalism. i guess i'm just dreaming but you know i do live in hope. the second hour of "varney" just getting started. ♪. stuart: yeah. let's listen to what president biden said when asked about governor cuomo and the resignation. roll tape. >> i think he should resign. i'm sure there are some embraces that were totally innocent but apparently the attorney general decided there were things that weren't. stuart: lara trump is with me now. there she is, lady on the right-hand side of the screen. do you think governor cuomo can hold on? >> i don't quite frankly. i think from both sides of the aisle you heard people call for his resignation. i think he will do every single thing he can here but if you want the truth i think there are
10:04 am
a lot of democrats in the state of new york who ought to go ahead and resign, because of those people new york has been destroyed. it has been run into the ground. people are fleeing the state by the thousands. it is really sad to see but really the true destruction of new york also needs to be remembered here. i don't ultimately know what happens with andrew cuomo but the interesting part of this story, stuart, that i really haven't heard anyone talk about is the fact that if you talk to the political sphere in new york state, it is pretty well-known that letitia james, the attorney general, would like to become governor won day. wouldn't it be interesting if this was the person who pursued this investigation, who pushed so hard for it, and runs for governor one day. i would like to keep my eye on that. stuart: that is fascinating, lara. i had not thought of that before but that is a very good political angle to bring up. with just a second or two,
10:05 am
speculate for me, what would happen if it was a republican a governor of new york, and harassed 11 women? what would happen? >> dare i even think of it. they would have people camped outside of their houses. people would be calling for more than their resignation i assume. we know the double standard that exists between republicans and democrats. stuart: sure we do. >> i'm sure our audience knows. stuart: you had a lot of experience of that. lara this one for you. former president trump built a war chest more than $100 million. will spend it on the 202 elections or use it to run in 2024? what do you think? >> i will ultimately let them make any announcements on that but i think 22 is a very important year. i think it will be a really big year for republicans. there have been fund-raising operations well underway for so much of the republican party already for 22. things are ramping up for it.
10:06 am
isn't it interesting timing we need to mask up again. maybe we need to shut down again. maybe we need to keep in place all those laws illegally changed under the guise of covid last year for the 22 election. a little bit of sneaky stuff going on here. i think maybe we'll see some of that money spent in 22. maybe some or most of it in 24. we'll see. stuart: when you get a chance ask your father-in-law what he plans to do in 22 or 24. casually is him and call us. >> will do. stuart: lara you're all right. thank you very much for being with us today. appreciate it very much. >> thank you. stuart: have to get back to those markets. we're down 127 on the dow industrials despite a good reading on the service sector. nasdaq down one point. s&p a fractional loss. anthony chan with us right now. you're an economist and i want to know what you think is the delta, is delta a real threat to our economy what do you think? >> well certainly stuart, what
10:07 am
we do know as economists is to look at the data and what the data shows the delta variant goes through like a forest wildfire, it goes very quickly. you saw cases in india went from 10,000 to over 400,000 per day. now they're back down to 30,000. it is very, very quick. uk the best example. stuart: hold on a second, let me jump in for a second, anthony, i'm sorry to interrupt but i got news this morning in china 33 cities are in severe lockdown mode and israel is bringing back masks, not ruling out lockdowns in september. i call that a significant developments which could affect economies worldwide? >> well if we had lockdowns here in the united states i think we've learned that lockdowns are the last resort. i don't think we'll actually go to that. but in china, what we've seen, i've actually talked to some of
10:08 am
my contacts in china. they have said that when they have had less than 10 cases they're ready to do testing massive. why, certainly lockdowns. three cases in the united states. we don't even blink. not that one case is not serious but i think probability is much lower. so in the uk that dropped real gdp by 9.8%. they will probably grow at 7% this year. even india, that actually had a severe drop in real gdp this year will also grow. keep in mind, one thing the economic data shows us, stuart, if you have a country that is it highly vaccinated, not making any judgment whether people should take the vaccine or not, that is a personal judgment, but the economic statistics show, when a country is highly vaccinated and there are less deaths and less deaths consumers will be less nervous conducting economic activity. i look for the u.s. economy this year to give me 6 1/2% economic growth delta or no delta. of course we would rather have
10:09 am
no delta but even with the delta spreading by and spreading at a rapid pace which probably goes away in the next four to six weeks we should still see 6% economic growth this year. stuart: we will take that, 6% growth will be very handsome indeed. anthony chan, thanks for being with us this morning. always appreciate it. robinhood want to look at it now. it is up 36%. it was up over 60% a mere few minutes ago. i call that a meme stock. it was halted because of volatility t has resumed. anything more on robinhood? susan: halted for volatility around 15 minutes ago. up for the week, look at it, three days, you're up, 85, 90, 100%. isn't that great? i checked wall street bets, reddit page, last 24 hours, bring up the graphic to show how how much interest on retail
10:10 am
side. number one on wall street bets and number one on twitch. tenfold trading volume increase on tuesday, tenfold, from monday. people are file piling in. you got that endorsement from cathie wood from arc invest. stuart: does that make it a meme stock? susan: when you talk about social media retail boards that is what you call a meme stock. we knew this was coming, 30% of ipo stock and allocation to retail average joe's. stuart: do you know who robinhood was? susan: i believe he fought the sheriff of nottingham. stuart: that's right. he was a freedom fighter. susan: he robbed from the rich to give to the poor? stuart: you're good. you didn't know i was going to ask you that. that is pretty good, susan. susan: more concerned about how to pronounce nottingham. stuart: nottingham. that is the american version. i used to live close to nottingham. susan: sherwood forest. stuart: correct. man, you're good. lincoln green. they all dressed in green, the
10:11 am
freedom fighters. other movers. tupperware. 6 1/2%. what's the story. susan: good earnings for tupperware, when it comes to top and bottom line. people are still packing food in plastic containers. check on lyft, going the opposite direction. i was looking for it. you ask why the stock is down. i looked really literally. analysts are bullish on the stock. profitability and ride-hailing expenses doubling from last year. this may be a case of profit-taking. stuart: hard to explain, it is down 7.7%. susan: still way below the ipo price, went out at 72 bucks, you remember? stuart: 72? susan: 72. stuart: i take your word for it. it is 51 now. pacom software. never heard of them. susan: payment services. wow, the stock is up big. raised guidance for the full year way above wall street predictions on top of making more money in the quarter. eight investment banks raised price targets on the stock.
10:12 am
stuart: all investment payment services doing well. susan: fintech, financial services a change in habits. even you and i are banking online. stuart: up 15%, novavax. susan: vaccine maker. sealed a deal for the european union for 200 million more doses to provide. stuart: that will help. thank you, susan. very good on robinhood. susan: on the spot trivia. stuart: yes it was. it is pretty good. hold that for the trivia question at the end of the show. no we won't. critical race theory a capitalists, what is u.s. wokeness really about? victor david hanson is here and answers the question he posed in the headline. he is on the show shortly. new york city set to require vaccine passports to eat inside of a restaurant. the owner of bob any vann's steakhouse, says it will close more restaurant close us.
10:13 am
he is on the show. the best of america, inspiring us all with the embrace of the united states all the way from tokyo. we have her amazing story. it is a good one right after this. ♪ it's been set in motion. ♪ ♪ ♪ power can't be tempered, ♪ ♪ silenced or caged. ♪ bad things. ♪ ♪ ♪ it can only be set free. ♪ ♪ ♪ i want to make you yell. ♪ i'm searching for info on options trading, and look, it feels like i'm just wasting time. that's why td ameritrade designed a first-of-its-kind, personalized education center. oh. their award-winning content is tailored to fit your investing goals and interests.
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10:18 am
the author of that piece is the very well-known, very well-respected victor david hanson who joins us now. would it be true to say that the woke folk now run america's major corporations, america's media and america's colleges? would it be true to say that they have that power and impact? >> yes. i would add wall street, academia, k-12, hollywood, entertainment, professional sports. yeah. stuart: you made your point. they dominate. now what's the impact of that domination? >> it's hard to say but i think they feel woke insurance they take out, they being people run the institutions and that it serves as either cover for them or it's a reason why they're becoming mediocre, i don't know which. i got on a flight the other day, stuart.
10:19 am
it went 180 miles in the wrong direction because it had no fuel, american airlines. i noticed while i was on the flight, that mr. parker, the american airlines ceo, had weighed in on the texas voting law and said it was illiberal. he admitted he never read it. two days before we had tried, my assistant and i tried to call delta to clear up a billing mistake. took seven hours to get on to their consumer line. i know, that ceo compensated 17 million a year, had weighed in on the georgia. then i noticed a pattern, general milley is going through the ranks to audit supposed alt-right suspects, recommending various radical books on his recommended reading list, i don't remember we had such inspired strategy in afghanistan, iraq, libya. i'm wondering whether it was cost effective to buy the f-35 or the littoral ships that are in doubt. so i think a lot of the problem
10:20 am
that we're having our these ceo's or these college presidents that can't turn out people that can read and write and think analytically or either diverting their time to sort of a commissar system where they internally audit everybody, everybody is looking over their back or they use this to deflect criticism from a job by any accounts is pretty mediocrely done. stuart: that is a pretty full list, victor, my question, where is the pushback going to come from? this wokeness is not wildly popular in many, many parts of america. so where's the pushback? where will it come from? will we have to just vote this thing out? >> yeah. i think it has to come from the people that tolerated it, contextize it or appease it. people in portland, suburbs, voted for this sort of stuff can't go into their own downtown and they're worried. i think when stockholders start to see their companies are making decisions not on market
10:21 am
realities but on fear of being accused of being illiberal. that doesn't turn out very well for the bottom line, they will start to object. i think when people get in planes, it is happening, they go in the wrong direction in search of gasoline, i hadn't had that happen to me since, 15 years ago in mexico. then i think they're going to tell the ceo's, you put your mind on the business and not on this other stuff. it is starting to affect the fabric of the united states and every aspect, whether it is the open border or crime or inflation, people are saying, all of these best and brightest people are supposed to be in charge but they're diverting their attention or they're worried about covering their rear end and they're not paying attention to what affects us. now we are being affected. when barbara boxer is mugged in downtown oakland she might say to the oakland mayor, start worry about crime rather than
10:22 am
appropriating oakland municipal funds on the basis of race. so i think that has to come from them because the conservative and independent side are already seeing what is going on, they're opposed to it as you say. all of these issues do not warrant 51% in the polls, open borders, inflation, critical race theory, defund the police, they have no popular support. it's a top-down, elite revolution and it is is not a grassroots up revolution. stuart: victor david hanson, thank you very much for your analysis. let's bring on the pushback, shall we? thanks for being with us, sir. we appreciate it. really do. >> thank you for having me. stuart: olympic hammer thrower gwen berry made waves for turning her back on the american flag. she is bringing politics back to the games again. what did she do this time? ashley: good morning. this time berry protested raising a fist twice before she began the hammer throw competition. the athlete says that gesture was her way of bringing attention to social and racial
10:23 am
injustice. and she says to represent those who are too scared to speak out for them several. now berry ended up finishing in 11th place out of 12 competitors. a long way from the medal podium. but the athlete also had a message for her critics saying this, quote, all those people that is happy that i failed, they're sitting on their couch watching me fail. what does that tell you about them? stu. stuart: however, ashley, there is one olympian who is putting her patriotism on full display, we love it. tamera mensa stock. took goold in women's wrestling. give me her story and her patriotic statement. >> winning a gold, it was her pride, enthusiasm, patriotism made her one of the most likeable athletes at games.
10:24 am
no fists of protests, no turning her back on the american flag. when she was asked how it feels to represent her country at olympics, her answer said it all, i love representing the u.s. i freakin' love living there. what a refreshing point of view. what a nice rebuttal to the social justice warriors who have tried to use these games to put politics ahead of spirited competition. good for her. stuart: well-said, ashley webster, you sir, are all right. full agreement with you, 100%. by the way i have a "my take" on this very topic, the olympics coming up at the top of the 11:00 hour. also coming up, change of plans. president obama scaling back his birthday bash. we'll tell you why he is doing that. from inflation to the border, to time, president biden facing a series of crises. what will he do about it all? michael goodwin is here with an answer.
10:25 am
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10:29 am
♪. stuart: i knew that was john denver, and you didn't. there you go, john denver. song, take me home to the country or whatever it is, you're looking at country, demming, new mexico, beautiful sunny day. it will be 94 degrees later on and that is the country. the cdc has extended the eviction ban. i didn't nope the cdc had that authority but they have done it. they have extended this eviction ban through october the 3rd. edward lawrence at white house, first of all, edward, i didn't know the cdc had that authority, secondly, what does it mean for landlords who are being asked to hold out even longer. they don't have the authority. they created a new temporary ban that is a targeted ban on this. landlords are left holding the bag a little bit longer. at least some landlords. the president is banking on the backlog in the court system. basically constitutional scholars, most are telling him it will not stand up in court.
10:30 am
still the administration did it anyway. >> there are a few scholars who say it will and others say it is not likely to but at a minimum, by the time it gets litigated, it will probably give some additional time while we're getting that $45 billion out to people who are in fact behind in the rent and don't have the money. reporter: so the thinking at the white house by the time the courts get to it we'll be in the fall, it won't matter anyway. that is because the extra unemployment benefits will end and some people might be more likely to go back to get a job. it is estimated renters owe landlords in the u.s. $21.3 billion in back rent. of the last stimulus package only 6% of money is heading out the door. the white house is crediting texas giving money to the
10:31 am
landlords. they're avoiding reners and documentation to go back and forth with renters. they're highlighting that as a example for the nation. senate minority leader mitch mcconnell says the entire problem is the administration's fault. >> the money is there and it is either still in washington or it is down in the state and local government or somewhere in between. it doesn't seem to me require any additional legislative action. they need to get the money out there that is already been made available so it can solve the problem. reporter: as i said the cdc is a targeted temporary ban. only for those areas with substantial or high rates of covid which does cover most of the country. stuart: covers 90% of the country. edward, thank you very much for that sir. headline for everyone. biden in the middle of his first crisis and even "the new york times" is getting restless. michael goodwin wrote that and he is with me now.
10:32 am
michael, president biden is facing a series of crises from my point, inflation, border, crime, how is he doing in those three areas? >> good morning, stuart. well look, i see all those and a couple of others and, i think it all amounts to one crisis. it is just a martie how you phrase it. but my view is, this is a threat to his presidency in a sense you have got this poll abc published where 55% of the respondents now say they are pessimistic about the next 12 months. that is a huge swing from just may when 2/3 said they were optimistic. now you have a majority that is pessimistic. biden's personal approval ratings are falling. so you add up all of these problems and i think that the whole confluence creates the crisis, the first crisis of his administration. i mean you can add too that what
10:33 am
is going on overseas as well where there is just a sense that the president is somewhat stagnant and not moving quickly enough to address any of these problems. some cases making them worse such as the border. so i think it is a real test of the president. if he overcomes it, then this event it will be forgot en, but if not, i think it's a bad omen for the rest of his presidency, certainly for the 22 midterms. stuart: you're a new yorker. you have got to have an opinion on governor cuomo. i believe you say heartless cuomo an insult to new york and his name. okay. is he going, he says he is not going to resign but you think he will be pushed out anyway? >> i do. i, i think he will resign when he becomes, convinced, stuart, there is no constituency for him. the impeachment process has been grinding very slowlily. i think the release of the
10:34 am
attorney general's report yesterday, it was not review. it was an investigation. it corroborated the claims of 11 women that cuomo sexually harassed them and created a toxic work place, that the investigators say run afoul of both state and federal laws. so i don't think there is any support for the governor. president biden yesterday agreed that cuomo should resign. the democrats who control albany, don't forget, this is not a republican push. this is a democrats themselves pushing out their own governor. and i think that cuomo like richard nixon, when nixon became convinced that there were no senate votes to support him in watergate he resigned. i think cuomo will follow a similar trajectory. when he becomes convinced that there is no hope, that he will be impeached, i think he would resign to avoid being forced out. stuart: i hear you.
10:35 am
michael, thanks for joining us. we'll hear you again soon. >> thank you, stuart. stuart: just observe the market please. we're down over 200 points for the dow industrials. that is a slide after one hour's worth of business. treasury secretary janet yellen says there is one key thing keeping america as the world's preeminent economic power. ashley, come back in again and tell us what that key thing is? ashley. the key that would be the passage of president biden's massive economic agenda. yellen going on basically a messaging blitz to sell the public on president biden's trillion dollar infrastructure bill. of course his massive 3 1/2 trillion dollar spending plan. the treasury secretary also touting the biden administration's policies for an economic rebound, and she supports the administrations expansive investments in so-called human capital. now all of this of course comes as the senate still negotiating
10:36 am
over the final details of that infrastructure bill while democrats are trying to find consensus on the much larger spending package but janet yellen, towing the line of the administration, stu. stuart: she wants to spend $4 trillion, all of that spending chucked into the economy. really quite amazing. ashley hold on a second, we got the weekly oil inventory number. it's a surprise build in supplies. now when the supply level goes up, that means that the demand level is not so strong. you've got crude oil on that basis, had a build of what, 3.6 million barrels. you're at $68 per barrel, all the way down, 2% off for the price of oil. talk about mixed messaging? one top biden health official said parents and kids should mask up together in their own homes. you got to watch this. >> parents of unvaccinated kids should be thoughtful about this and recommendation is to wear masks there as well.
10:37 am
>> let me follow up on that. >> i know it seems weird but it is the best way to protect your kids. stuart: it is really weird. he is walking back the comments. we'll tell but the story. first, minivans, they are cool again. they are selling for above sticker price. grady trimble is on that story. he will join us after this. ♪ ♪ limu emu & doug ♪ oh! are you using liberty mutual's coverage customizer tool?
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♪. stuart: ladies and gentlemen, here is your weather forecast for detroit, michigan, beautiful sunny day coming up for you people. 73 degrees right there now.
10:42 am
not bad? susan: not bad. stuart: do i make it as a werth forecaster. i don't know? general motors is taking a hit to production as the global chip shortage affects auto industry. the stock is down 7%. susan: despite great earnings. idling three pickup factories in the u.s. next week because they have a lack of chips, shortage of chips to put in them. that was dragged by $1.3 billion in recall costs, going to the chevrolet bolt. chip shortage impacts production of this year and rest of next year. will not affect the hummer, lyric or the e v-6 hundred van launch. they introduced two new models you like the hummer, that is why i brought it up, the new model they're introducing. they will produce a intermediate duty hydrogen powered truck in the future. stuart: any idea when the
10:43 am
hydrogen-powered car? susan: not next year but next few years. that is it what they're pointing out. stuart: all right, susan. minivans, which you know nothing about. susan: i might. stuart: no you don't. they're making a comeback. grady trimble in aurora, illinois, why is the soccer mom vehicle, the minivan, why is it so hot right now? reporter: i guess it is the space and utility, stuart. we were going to show you a new minivan for the report. this dealership doesn't have new minivans, only used ones. chrysler pacifica top selling minivan, along with the honda odyssey and toyota sienna. i'm with the manager of river front chrysler-jeep where we are. you are surprised how popular minivans have become. >> we are. inventory is hard to get. the price for new ones are selling more than they were originally. reporter: cox says minivans are
10:44 am
selling 8% above the sticker price across the country, compared to other types of vehicles. just the used car market in general is extremely hot. you were telling me, you're selling used cars for more than ashamed -- sold them when they were new? >> i never seen anything like that. the market is craze i. last couple months it has been that way. reporter: stuart,, released numbers from june. they say used car prices are up 33% compared to a year ago. so used cars still selling and still selling for a lot. stuart: got that right, grady trimble. up 33%, my goodness, me. great report, grady. thank you very much indeed. see you soon. now this, with delta cases rising some companies are pushing back their office return dates to next year, get that? next year. which companies are we talking about. susan: quite a lot. january is the new september is when it comes to return to office and a lot of silicon
10:45 am
valley names. doordash is starting hybrid work starting in january 2022. indeed, a job listing site, january 3rd is the return date of next year. kids videogame maker roblox, also pushing return from september to january. overstock, they're not bringing back workers until january as well. same thing for airbnb and lyft. isn't that interesting. stuart: it is. because this is becoming widespread. push back the return to work date. susan: but the big silicon valley giants, googles, apples, facebooking are still sticking to october. tim cook told me at least until october which might be pushed back even further. stuart: setting it up for maybe further pushback. susan, thank you. coming up the governor of florida looking to start his own food fight with ben & jerry's over the israel boycott. we have that story for you. we'll tell it. new york city set to require vaccine passports to eat inside of restaurants. the owner of bobby vann's
10:46 am
steakhouse says that will only cause more restaurant closures. he joins us as well. ♪.
10:47 am
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10:50 am
♪ stuart: yeah. obviously playing that music because we're going to bring you a story about theaters in new york city, as you look at new york city, 75 degrees and sunny. and broadway, that is what we're talking about, broadway is back, almost. there are a few restrictions though that could be put in place that could hurt them badly. lydia hu in new york, what are these restrictions that we're talking about on theaters? reporter: you know, stuart, patrons will have to show proof of vaccination and wear a mask to gain entry into the theaters. it is not just here at the august wilson theater here tonight what the play, passover, reopens for the first time in 16 months but the restrictions apply to all 41 theaters across new york city. the bruce springsteen performance had similar
10:51 am
protocols in place. vaccines were required but masks were not. the reopening mandates will test ticket sales, a particular challenge for broadway is tourism. 65% of broad audience is made up of tourism w tourism down whether local will make up the sales. broadway league says you need 75% of seats to be sold for a performance to stay open. if you don't have that much over a continued period of time, that could jeopardize a production, but there is added pressure, stuart of the cost of reopenings under these restrictions which is estimated to be one and four million dollars per production. stuart, another complicating factor to add, mayor bill de blasio's order mandate at that restaurants are required for vaccinations to dine out. soon enough, dinner out and broadway play will be reserved only for the vaccinated, stuart.
10:52 am
stuart: i can't see sitting through a long play or a show in a mask. i will not be keen on that. lydia, thank you very much indeed. great report there, new york indeed the first major city to require proof of vaccinations to get inside of a restaurant and eat indoors. look who is here, look who is back with us. joseph smith who owns bob any vann's steakhouses. joseph, always good to see you back on the show. do you expect the restaurant rules, what will happen to restaurants when you have this vaccine passport in place? >> well we spent the last year together, yourself and i. we spoke about it many times. i said it would not come back until mid-september. now i don't think it is coming back until maybe next year. these rules will kill another 5000 restaurants. stuart: whoa, whoa. that is a huge statement, joseph. going to kill another 5000 restaurants? that is not new york, that is everywhere, right? >> no, that is new york state. that is what it is going to kill
10:53 am
because we've been hanging on for 15 months by our fingernails. we're getting help from our landlords, from our few patrons that were coming. everyone is either in florida or the hamptons. there is only 20% back in the offices still like we spoke about and i spoke to a lot of the ceo's. they're not coming back. they set up offices in long island, westchester, new jersey and there is not going to be anymore. we've lost a lot of customers through this and if we start to mask them we'll start to lose a lot more. john adams and the founding fathers said fear is the foundation of most governments. this is what this is, this is fear-mongering. nobody died from delta. nobody died from it. it is loo a bad cold. you will mask people up coming into the restaurant they will not want to come in. stuart: could it work the other way around, joe? if you can just walk into a restaurant, just flash a green
10:54 am
pass, you know, i'm vaccinated i can walk in, isn't that to some people attractive? when you have got what, 50, 60, 70% of the population vaccinated in new york or the surroundings, that could help, couldn't it? >> i disagree with you. no, it will not. we will have the to hire someone really knows what they're doing to check these vaccinations. if it is on a card. it is on a app, we don't know how it will be. it has to be checked. like taxes, if we don't collect the taxes on the check we'll be responsible for them an we'll being responsible if anything happens, whether we up our insurance or whatever, we don't know. this is purely, in my opinion political. you have the biggest clown in the world, de blasio and he will keep these masks on until you leaves office. hopefully then eric adams will come in and take them off but we
10:55 am
know de blasio is looking to be governor. yesterday he got very good news that the governor might be retiring soon. so it's a political pawn once again. the restaurants are. fear-mongering. i don't see it helping at all. i see it really killing a lot of restaurants. stuart: joseph, we're sorry to hear such bad news coming from you because you've been in a frequent guest on the program. you helped us out past couple years and we appreciate that come back to tell us how things are working out, joseph. >> thank you, stuart. stuart: thank you. google approved 85% of employees remote work applications. susan, you with me? susan: i'm right here. stuart: is this the way of future at google? susan: you know they pushed back the return to the office from september to october and if you're coming back on to campus you have to be vaccinated. so they say they have approved 85% of those that want to work remotely. 15% that were rejected because
10:56 am
they have specialized equipment or clients facing but is this the future? 10,000 employees were approved to work remotely. 10,000 isn't that big after 160,000 workforce globally for google. i think a lot of people are coming back on campus in person. stuart: you heard from joseph smith of bobby van's steakhouses. he is talking about ceos setting up shop in the hamptons, new jersey, upstate new york, florida. they are not coming back. that is it. susan: it is human nature to talk in person, stuart, as you know. stuart: that is very true. big hour coming up for you. new york congressman lee zeldin he is running for governor. the superintendent of miami public schools, alberto carvalo, what is he doing about masks? kennedy will be with us too. then there is this, you love to see it, don't you, a proud display of patriotism from mensa
10:57 am
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11:00 am
>> call it the inflation bomb. it's about ready to hit. >> the data shows that the delta variant goes through like a wildfire. it goes very quickly. lockdowns are the last resort, and i don't think we'll actually go to that. >> you're seeing growth of 40-50% across the big tech
11:01 am
world. >> overall, i am a bearish on robinhood. they're good at running a video game company, but they don't know much about managing a brokerage. >> the stock market has forward momentum. we're going to see interest rates rise again, and that's a positive sign for economic growth. the market is going to go a lot higher. ♪ ♪ stuart: thomas roett, i feel good. kennedy is with me, have you ever heard of thomas roett in. >> i've heard of him because i have children who listen to this gash badge. [laughter] stuart: 11:00 eastern time, we're in new york city. oh, something's going on with the dow, it is down 267 points. we had a weak employment report first thing this morning. but we had a positive consumer sentiment report. the service sector report.
11:02 am
so i don't know what's going on, but the dow is sharply lower. you're back to 34,800. modest gain for the nasdaq. robin hollywood, i'm going to call it the stock of the day -- robin hollywood, it was halted briefly for volatility. it's since reassumed, now it's up 33%. i'm going to call robinhood a meme stock is, $62 a share. now this. i've been watching the olympics, and i like what i see. in particular, the athletes who drape themselves in the american flag. have you noticed? it's happening a lot. who is one gold medal winner, she said, on winning the gold, i love representing the u.s. i freaking love living there, and i'm so happy i get to represent the usa. how about that? we cannot show you the tape, it belongs to nbc, but you get the point. i think she made us all proud. and, by the way, she gets $37,000 for winning gold, and
11:03 am
she will give $30,000 of that to her mom who always wanted a food truck. i think tamara is part of the pushback. we've heard a lot from a couple of activist athletes who don't much care for america. they wanted to make america look bad. they tried to shame us in the eyes of the world. forget it, please. when our winning athletes receive their medals on podium or when they do a victory lap around the track, they've been showing respect for our country. this is pushback. this is a shout-out for america. i don't think it's organized, i don't think they all got together and coordinated the flag flying. i think it's spontaneous. it's exuberant joy at winning, participating and representing america. the activists insist, oh, they have the right to insult america. okay, maybe so. but those who respect our country are exercising their rights too and, frankly, their pushback is overwhelming. they are winning.
11:04 am
long may it be so. third hour of "varney" just getting started. ♪ ♪ stuart: now we've got a lot of things to talk about with our colleague, kennedy, sitting right here, but i want to start with the to him picks. did you like what i had to say? >> i absolutely loved what you had to say. and every time i see someone on the podium and when i hear the national anthem and they choke up, it's one of my favorite things in all of sports. because you work so hard, and we forget that they don't get to compete every weekend. they have to wait four years to be on this grandest stage. and i think, you know, that's what the olympics is about. it's about having pride in your country, but also an international celebration, and it's infectious. when you see other people draped in their colors, you're like, wait a second, our flag stands for something pretty phenomenal. in sport it really is a
11:05 am
meritocracy, and you see that hard work pay off, and people that have to take a single moment and achieve the greatness of their lives. stuart: and they can celebrate who they are and what they've done. it really is a wonderful thing. i'm going to keep watching til the end, and that's a fact. now, here's another subject for you. today is president obama's 60th birth9 day. we have learned that he's scaling back the size of his birth birthday party. got a statement for you. a spokeswoman for the former president says due to the spread of the delta variant over the past week, the president and mrs. obama have decided to senate9ly scale back the event to include only family and close friends. did obama cave? >> yes, absolutely. because he knows how bad it has looked for people like chicago mayor lori lightfoot and d.c. mayor muriel bowser who have flouted their own mask mandates, and they've been seen in public with a lot of people mask-free surrounded by people who also have bare faces, and he knows it's a bad look.
11:06 am
obviously, parking lot9 of this is a big fundraising bash, and you're sending a message that we don't believe the science that says you have to wear a mask indoors even if you're vaccinated if they're all running around partying and celebrating like everyone wants to do this summer. and i think, i think so much of this is being driven by the teachers' unions because they need politicians to fall in lockstep with the cdc guidance with the new masking -- stuart: well, randi weingarten, the teachers union leader, she's turned around and said she's hoping to get the schools reopening -- >> yeah, she's waffling. stuart: she wants kids to be masked. that's appalling. >> because it sends a signal we're not safe from the virus. if we're not safe from the virus, then teachers collectively will saying, well, maybe we should just teach from home for another year. totally unacceptable. our stuart do you think that's one of the reasons why obama's backed away from his 500-guest birthday bash?
11:07 am
>> you know, he's probably scaling it down to 200. i want to go. stuart: vaccine passports are coming to new york city. you've seen the report. do you think there's going to be a pushback to that? >> yes, i do. yeah, because what happens if you had the virus and you're not really sure whether or not your body can take or handle the vaccine? if you don't have proof that you still have antibodies, that means that you are shut out from, you know, the social activities that make new york what it is. and, you know, you are creating a bifurcation. you're creating two commitments, and if you have specifically communities of color who have not been entirely serviced with accurate information and they still have a great deal of skepticism against the government in terms of vaccines, so you're just telling those people, oh, you don't matter and you can't participate in any of this stuff. stuart: i think those vaccine passports are going to spread -- >> they absolutely will. they're going to say sugar's bad for you, sedentary lifestyle's
11:08 am
bad for you, we're going to dictate what you have to do with your body. stuart: you're way out on that one -- [laughter] i will watch your show tonight, 9:00 eastern -- >> 8:00 eastern. stuart: 8:00. >> yes, can you believe it? stuart: i didn't make that mistake. >> how dare you, i'll find you. stuart: kennedy on fbn. good stuff. thanks. to the markets. dow is down 225 points. nasdaq eking out an 18-point gain. david nicklaus, come on in. what do you mean by scared money doesn't make money? i read your stuff, that's what you're saying. what's that all about? >> stuart, absolutely, scared money don't make money, and what i mean by that we're starting to see some fear around the delta variant, and i think we see some of that in the markets today. i've heard analysts all year say, well, you've got to be careful, the big fall is coming, the big dip is coming this year. i've been telling you we need to be buying these dips. i think today's a perfect
11:09 am
example because if you wait on the sideline, investors have lost more money waiting for the correction than the actual correction itself. so we're telling our clients these are the moments where you want to be confident. i don't think the u.s., americans are going to accept going into another lockdown situation like we saw last year. i think americans are tired of it. we take this variant serious, but we're not going to see the types of lockdowns that are going to affect the economy like last year, so we want to be buyers when we see weakness in the market. stuart: has there been any time in the last couple of years when you've been a seller? >> during -- 2020 was fearful, we did take some gains off the table just as insurance, but i'll tell you, it didn't really work out. those that stayed invested really came out better at the end. stuart: okay. i'm looking at the screen right now, and i see general motors down 8%. you say that ford motor company is a screaming buy. i've got it down 2.6%. what's the screaming buy in ford? >> stu, i love the stock.
11:10 am
and i'll tell you why, this was a $20 stock in 2022. if you look at where it's trading today, that's a 40% slide up, and ford trades at 8.6 times forward earning, but, stu, that was before they came out with their lineup of electric vehicles. i think, and correct me if i'm wrong, a company that's now offering electric vehicles, maybe that multiple will go up to possibly 10 times earnings at $2 a share, 2022 earnings, if that's trading at 10 times earnings, you get a $20 stock. stuart: okay. david, i'm terribly sorry, i've got to leave it there, i've got a hard break. david nicholas. thank you, david. robinhood, again, i'm calling it the stock of the day. brief halt because of volatility, it's up 30% now. what's going on, susan? >> twice so far, stu. we're looking at the fourth straight day of gains, up almost
11:11 am
close to 90% so far this week, and it's only wednesday, and you're already doubling from that ipo offer price of $38. and i just checked wall street bet, the reddit page, and it's still the number one talked-about stock amongst the retail investors. and i would give some credit to kathy wood, she bought another $65 million worth, and i think people will look back on that ipo with 30% of the stock being allocated to investors and say maybe that was a smart move at the end. stuart: okay. robinhood is up 30%, what are the other big movers you're watching? >> i want to sew you victoria's -- show you victoria's secret, a big jump of 27% on day one of its own, and apparently bank of america says it's a $75 stock and morgan stanley says you could get 65% more. i want to slow you acti havevisn blizzard as well. really good jumps for the
11:12 am
gamesmaker. two executives are leaving on a gender bias lawsuit, and that took a lot of the headlines. cvs, this is another earnings story, 17 million stopping by to get their vaccine, and they're also a raising minimum wage to $15 an hour for next year, and you don't need a high school diploma to work there anymore. isn't that great? and finally love, can i show you match group quickly? stuart: real fast. >> here you go. apparently people aren't looking for that pandemic love just yet. [laughter] stuart: that was a nice line. sorry i had to cut it short, susan, but we've got a short -- a commercial coming up. >> yes. stuart: big show still to come, former football player and u.s. senate candidate is here. i'll ask him about the new vaccine mandates for nfl employees. the governor of florida banned mask mandates in schools. some districts pushing back. what's miami going to do about it? i'll ask the superintendent of schools there. governor cuomo refusing to resign. roll tape.
11:13 am
>> i want you to know directly from me that i never touched anyone inappropriately or made inappropriate sexual -- stuart: congressman lee zeldin is with us, and he says it's time to impeach governor cuomo. lee zeldin is next. ♪ get out right now, it's the end of you and me ♪♪ (other money manager) how do your clients know that? finish finish do it because you have to? (naj) no, we do it because it's the right thing to do. we help clients enjoy a comfortable retirement. (other money manager) sounds like a big responsibility. (naj) one that we don't take lightly. it's why our fees are structured so we do better when our clients do better. fisher investments is clearly different. (vo) singing, or speaking.
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spraying flonase daily stops your body from overreacting to allergens all season long. psst! psst! all good
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why choose proven quality sleep from sleep number? because a quality night's sleep is scientifically proven to help increase energy and improve recovery. and it keeps you at your best all day long. the new sleep number 360 smart bed is temperature balancing. and it helps keep you asleep by sensing your movement and automatically adjusts to keep you both effortlessly comfortable. proven quality sleep is life-changing sleep. only from sleep number. ♪ >> i am sure there are some embraces that were totally innocent. but apparently, the attorney general has decides there are things that weren't. stuart: the president wants the new york governor to resign is. cuomo is facing an impeachment push after the sexual harassment findings. congressman lee zeldin, republican from new york state,
11:18 am
joinses us now. congressman, governor cuomo says he will not resign. you are running for the governorship. do you want to run against governor cuomo? do you relish the thought of running against him? >> we have been running against andrew cuomo since we announced on april 8th, we're still running against andrew cuomo today. i do believe that he should resign. i actually thought that he should resign for the deadly nursing home order and cover-up before we even saw this a.g.'s report. i believe that now that he's refusing to resign and he put out that crazy pre-produced video yesterday that was continuing to attack his accusers and the investigators, i believe that the assembly democrats should be moving forward with impeachment. if they don't move forward with impeachment, then when they're running for re-election, they're going to have it on their hands, well, they will be accused of a cover-up. at the end of the day, if it comes down to voters november 8, 2022, new yorkers, millions of
11:19 am
them, are ready to give him the boot. a new poll came out this morning that said 59% of new yorkers thought that he should resign and if he refuses, he should be impeached. his key allies, an erosion today of union support. yesterday allies like president biden feel like he should resign. to answer your question, i'd be happy to be the one on november 8, 2022, to take him out if somehow he miracles himself onto that ballot. stuart: but this is, new york state is a very democrat state from top to bottom. can you beat that? >> yeah. so going into a midterm, when you go into a midterm, you look to see who's in the white house. the party that's not in the white house wins the midterm every single time. the only exception was 2002 after 9/11, republicans held their own. in this case not only is there a democrat in the white house, but it's one-party democrat rule. for the first time in hi lifetime -- my lifetime, in d.c., albany and new york city.
11:20 am
it's never happened at the same time before. pendulums swing. their policies in new york city, in albany, in d.c. are causing a whole lot of new yorkers -- not just republicans, but unaffiliated voters, inning dependent voters and democratic voters -- they're hitting their breaking point for the attacks on their wallets, their safety, their freedoms, their kids' education. so, yes, new york state has been a blue state, and no republican has won statewide in a while. but pendulums swing, the 2022 midterm is going to be a good year for republicans, and these democrats are big begging for that correction with their failed policies. stuart: real fast, congressman, new york city's going to require proof of vaccinations for indoor activities. if you were to be elected governor, how would you have handled it? >> i oppose vaccine mandates, i oppose the vaccine passport, i oppose the mask mandates and lockdowns. you have small business owners who barely survived this pandemic. i think it's crazy for the government, in this case mayor
11:21 am
de blasio, to say that that business owner can't allow in a paying customer. that business owner is barely alive right now. so you have a restriction of individual liberty that doesn't make sense. you're not following all of the science. and, by the way, on top of it the new york state exe else your pass, the vaccine passport, you can't even submit your information for a passport if you were vaccinated out of new york. so for so many different reasons, bad policy, i don't support it. stuart that's crazy. i got vaccinated in florida. i got -- so i couldn't get that passport in new york? >> you cannot get, you cannot get the excelsior vaccine passport. stuart: i'm glad you informed us of that, congressman. lee seld. en, thank you very much for being with us. we'll see you again soon. that's a promise. all right, check the planters. look at that -- markets. look at that, dow is down 260 points. in percentage terms, it's down about three-quarters of 1%.
11:22 am
show me pfizer, please. the fda's aiming to give final approval for their covid vaccine, final approval, by early next month. that will be the first vaccine to receive that full approval. the stock has reached $45 a share. san francisco offering doses of the pfizer and moderna vaccines to people who got the j&j jab. the j&j shot is highly effective, but new data suggests9 that the moderna and pfizer vaccines because they're mrna vaccines are better than j&j. now you know. a new report says -- i could see this coming -- college students are bringing fake vaccine cards to school to get around restrictions, of course. todd piro joining me for the whole hour yet again. todd, welcome back. >> great to be here. stuart: this reminds me of kids getting fake id to get a drink in the bar. >> i've got to interrupt you because kids in america, yes. but in england don't you start drinking at, like, 5 years old -- stuart: 15-16. >> nevertheless -- stuart: there's no carding in an
11:23 am
english pub, by the way. >> well, there is in the states, and it leads to this. obviously, the next logical consequencing from a vaccine proof requirement, college students are paying big bucks to get their hands on them, duke and uny students -- unc students are paying up to $500. students say it's easier, to our point earlier, than getting a fake id to buy booze and that vendors have made cards available on line. and i think that makes sense. the government has figured out how to avoid the fake id for booze, they've made the ids complicated. these vaccine passesports, i have one in my wallet, it's a card. stuart: it's easy. got it. this one's for you -- >> yes. stuart: i don't know why. jennifer aniston says she's -- got that right -- she says she's losing friends. why? >> rachel's on a break. do you get that reference? stuart: no. >> i did that for sue. stuart: as in friends?
11:24 am
>> she and ross broke up, they were on a break. stuart: okay. >> stuart's got nothing on that. [laughter] stuart: what's going on? >> rachel's on a break from people who aren't vaccinated telling "in style" magazine that she has lost a few people in her weekly routine who refused to get vaccinate adding that it is a moral and professional obligation to inform but acknowledging that people have their own beliefs. she has also urged her instagram followers to, and i apologize for cursing, this was in her instagram story, wear a damn mask. stuart: i know. >> she's coming from. >> i wrote that rachel line for all of your producer. i probably should have written it for you. [laughter] stuart: you're all right, todd. i don't care what they said. now this, passengers are left stranded as spirit airlines can feels hundreds -- cancels hundreds for flights. watch this. >> i'm here for vacation, and we're just trying to get home, and it's just gotten canceled, no reason for why.
11:25 am
>> we have to work so, hopefully, within a few days at least we can get home. stuart: chaos in airports across the country. spirit and america, they're blaming -- actually, they're blaming staff shortages and the weather. we'll tell you how they're going to try to get back on track. a lot of people suffering in those airports. gun sales surging. the fbi's processed more than 22 million background checks this year. good lord. there's an ammo shortage though. we'll bring in the cochair of brown el's to talk about the ammo shortage and the surge in gun background checks. we'll be back. ♪ -- already gone, and i'm feeling strong ♪♪
11:26 am
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11:30 am
very small loss for the s&p, down nearly half a percentage there. how about royal caribbean, of course, bringing back their full fleet of ships. they plan to be ready to sail by the spring of next year. so they're look out until next year. stock's down. american and spirit airlines canceled hundreds of flights. chaos at the airports. what's going on? >> arable -- a national disaster, american canceling 367 flights yesterday after canceling almost 900 the previous two days in total. spirit canceling a whopping 60% of its flights yesterday. the budget carrier blaming the weather, their systems and not having enough workers. we've said that before, haven't we? today not looking much better, hundreds more flights canceled so far. stuart: we're all worried about the impact on the economy. if you can't get a flight that takes off, can't get workers, you slow the economy. it may be a concern today. down 280 -- >> it is like a virus, and it
11:31 am
spreads throughout -- stuart: that's exactly right. now, i think there's bad news for amazon's drone delivery program. >> we kind of thought this was going to be the wave of the future a couple years ago. haven't heard much about it lately, here's why. we don't usually have have a report of amazon failing at something, but we could be heading that way. the company's goal to use drones not going well with 100 employees removed so far. turnover and unqualified workers proving to be a nightmare for the british prime air team. one former employee going so far as to say it's never gonna get off the ground. that's a bold statement. stuart: but that's over there, that's in britain. >> right, but that's gown to affect us here because we're not trying it out because the air space is controlled by the faa. they do not allow unmanned drones at this point to do this type of work, that's why amazon tried to experiment overseas. they're not figuring it out -- stuart: you can't get enough people to know how a drone works. >> can't get anybody to do anything. that's why i'm here. you couldn't find anybody else.
11:32 am
stuart: that is not true. how about this? we wrought you this number -- brought you this number earlier, 22 million people having background checks for future purchases. pete brownell is the cochair of a major gun company, if i can put it like that. pete, there is an ammo shortage, a chronic shortage. i know for a fact. is that affecting gun sales? >> stuart, yeah, thanks for having me back on. when there's not ammo on the shelf in the kind of amounts we've seen in the past, which it's not right now, it does cause firearm sales to slow down. so people are buying ammo and guns at the same time. and they're just not seeing the kind of ammo on the shelf that we'd like to see as an industry and as americans. stuart: well, pete, i've known about this ammo shortage for some time. it's getting worse. why is it getting worse? why can't we produce more bullets when we really need 'em? >> right, good question.
11:33 am
we're in our 18th month of a hyper-market. we all thought that we would be through this market from the initial 10-12 million new gun owners. what we're seeing is a supply chain constraint in copper, brass and lead, the main components of ammunition. when the world is growing and using up those types of commodities, we have less of those here to make into -- ammunition is a worldwide supply chain, and it's being used up in other countries right now. so we still have some constraints in the supply chain. stuart: okay. break down the market for me, will you? men and women. what's the proportion on each group that are buying firearms today? >> oh, stuart, great question. we are seeing an incredible pace of women entering the marketplace. traditionally, it's been years ago used to be dominated by men. it's really about a 45-55 men split right now to women split. so we have a big group of
11:34 am
individuals worrying about security and safety for the first time in their lives going out there and buying firearms, and those are predominantly women. stuart: what about the split between majority population and minority groups? what's the breakdown there? >> yeah, good question. we're looking to see -- we don't know for sure. we have seen that african-american and the other demographics that have traditionally not been in firearm ownership coming in for the first time. i would say it's in the less than 20% but growing much faster than any population we have seen. and that predominantly comes from the ability to now have a concealed-carry permit in the cities and statements they traditionally -- states they traditionally have been rejected in the past. getting permission allowing them to own a firearm, they're going out and voting with their second amendment rights by buying a firearm and going to the range and doing some practice. stuart: last one, pistol versus long guns. the breakdown. >> yeah.
11:35 am
firearms, the adjusted nix check will tell you that the concealed-carry pistol, we're interpreting this, is far outdriving demand, so much so 20% above its traditional mark with the rifle which is the other mark falling right into norms. so it's definitely been a spike in concealed-carry pistols by roughly 20-25%. stuart: you are a font of very good and useful information, and we always appreciate you being here. thanks for coming by. >> thank you, stuart. thank you. stuart: all right. a look at the markets overall, 270 down for the dow, nasdaq up a fraction, s&p down 16. show me the dow winners. there are some even when you're down 269. american express is the number one leader. it's up but just a quarter percent. that's what gets you qualified as the leading dow winner. s&p 500 winners, paycom software, and the nasdaq
11:36 am
winners, none of the big techs. amd is top of that list at a 5% gain. did you hear what the national institutes of health director said about masks at home? whoa, watch this. >> the recommendations are for kids under 12 that they avoid being in places where they might get infected which means recommendations of mask wearing in schools and at home. stuart: at home in -- at home? he is now walking that back, and we've got an update on this for you, believe me. an olympic god medal wearer proudly wears her american flag. i call that pushback against the activists. a former football player and u.s. senate candidate takes it on. jake is with us next. ♪ made in the usa ♪♪
11:37 am
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♪ stuart: interesting stuff from united airlines. it's launching -- i should say it's adding 74 new flights. they'll be for college and professional football games. i think that's a pretty good idea. stock's down 1%. i still think it's a good idea. the nfl giving an ultimatum to employees, you get vaccinated or get off the field. jake bequette, former nfl player and u.s. senate candidate, joins me now. jake, welcome back. always good to see you. what do you make of the league forcing vaccinations? >> well, i think the nfl's covid policies have not made much sense from the very beginning. look, you have an inherently young and healthy demographic among nfl football players. these reheat athletes. in my view, i think it's important for everyone to note since the beginning of the pandemic there have been zero cases to my knowledge, zero serious cases of covid-19 among college and professional
11:42 am
football players. so essentially, these nfl players are in zero danger from the virus. and so these nfl draconian testing policies, they make no sense, and i think they're just trying to bully and coerce players who are unvaccinated to get these vaccines against their will -- stuart: but, jake, will it work? this is heavy duty pressure. get vaccinated or get off the field. i mean, how many people will actually walk away, walk away from football because they don't want to get vaccinated? >> well, there are a few players standing strong, and i applaud players like cole beasley and a few others who have stood their ground. those are players who have been in the league for a long time, and if they get cut, you know, they're going to be fine financially, but i really feel for a lot of these players down the roster. i get messages and dms almost every single day, they're scared, they're worried, they feel like they'll be cut. there are two assistant coaches, one with the9 saking, went with the patriots, who have been
11:43 am
fired over refusing to take the vaccine. that is wrong and an evidence of this creeping authoritarianism that is reflected across the country. stuart: you don't like that, and that's why you're running for the senate. is that right? >> that is exactly right. this bullying and coercion has to stop. that's one of the reasons why i'm running. stuart: let's talk about the olympics. i love this. have you seen these olympic athletes, americans draping themselves in the american flag? have you seen olympian tamyra mensah-stock, what she said? i love representing the u.s. i freaking love living there. she won the gold medal if wrestling. in wrestling. i call that pushback against the woke, the protesting athletes, and i i think they're winning. the ladies and gentlemen who wear the american flag, i think they're winning. what a say you? >> look, i absolutely love it. i stand up and applaud that young woman and, obviously, she is a woman of faith, a woman who
11:44 am
loves her country. her energy was contagious. i think the reason why that video went viral is because americans are sick and tired of these woke athletes who are disrespecting our flag and disrespecting our anthem. they love to see american athletes show just a little bit of gratitude, a little bit of patriotism. and people rally behind that. that's why we've always loved sports in this country, always loved the olympics because we see patriotic athletes standing up and proudly representing their country. i loved to see that. that was amazing. stuart: yeah, we all did. i really loved that young wrestler there. that was fantastic. jake, best of luck to you, and i hope we see you again soon. appreciate it. thank you very much. see ya. stuart: show me the dow 30. let me press upon you what that means, there are 30 stocks in the dow industrial average, all of them are down, and that's why the dow is down itself, the average, 307 points. you're back to 34,800. that's a selloff in the dow jones industrial average.
11:45 am
all right, just saw one of them pop to the upside. 29 of the 30 are down. the governor of florida says school is districts could lose -- school districts could lose funding if they require students to wear masks. i'll ask the superof miami-dade schools -- superintendent. of miami-dade schools what he plans to do about that. he's on the show. ♪ ♪ i'm so glad you're ok, sgt. houston. this is sam with usaa. do you see the tow truck? yes, thank you, that was fast. sgt. houston never expected this to happen. or that her grandpa's dog tags would be left behind. but that one call got her a tow and rental... ...paid her claim... ...and we even pulled a few strings. making it easy to make things right: that's what we're made for.
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♪ ♪ stuart: governor ron desantis threatens to withhold funding from florida schools that require masks for students. alberto car value low is the superintendent of miami-dade county public schools, and he joins us now. superintendent, you make your students wear a masks? >> good morning, stuart, and thank you for having me on your show. number one, we have an advantage over most districts in the state of florida, our start date for the school year is quite a bit later. we don't start until august 23rd. so we are consulting with our
11:50 am
medical experts and public health professionals in terms of making a final decision. obviously, we're hoping for a set of protocols that are crafted that insure, number one, full funding for miami-dade public schools and their students while simultaneously maintaining some degree of protocols that insure the safety and the health and well-being of our students and -- stuart: mr. superintendent, that sounds like you're holding out. it sounds like you're saying we're not sure about these masks, but we'll wait and see if we get some more money. is that it? >> no, not at all. i mean, we have guaranteed funding from the state of florida that the legislative session has already appropriated. stuart: okay. >> we have a terrific working relationship with the governor, and we have the time to make a rational decision. stuart: okay. >> that insures both full funding as well as protection of the health and well-being of our students and -- stuart: okay, the health and well-being of the students, do you think kids can learn in a classroom for heaven knows how many hours a day with a mask on?
11:51 am
young children? what, what are you going the teach them? how are you going the teach them? what's that got to do with the health and well-being of students? >> precisely to your point, stuart, that is why we're going to take this issue as part of our process, it is a process that we established in miami-dade over a year ago. that's why we're going to take all these issues to our health and medical and public health task force to help us arrive at a decision. stuart: well -- [inaudible conversations] you're going back to school august the 23rd, what is that, less than three weeks away. >> it's about three weeks. stuart: and you haven't consulted with your health people and the teachers union and all the rest of it yet? >> we maintain an ongoing dialogue. our next scheduled meeting with the task force is within a week which gives us plenty of time to make a decision prior to opening of our school year. look, stuart, last time i was on your show, look, we are a system of choice, and we are a system
11:52 am
that takes pride in the fact that last year we opened our schools earlier than -- stuart: yeah. >> -- [inaudible] stuart: sir, with all due respect, this is different. you may impose a mandate on young children to wear a mask in school. and that's not going to go down very well. and i really would like a clearer answer. if you think that mask wearing for young kids in school is a good idea, i want to hear it now. >> no, stuart, i think every expert would agree that it's less than ideal. but we have a process established in miami-dade where prior to making these decisions we consult with medical experts appointed by our board and other entities that helps us make these decisions. stuart: okay. >> so i think it's a bit early to arrive at a conclusion as to what we will do because we have time in our hands, and i want our community to be assured that we take into account the positions of parents, their ability to choose simultaneously
11:53 am
consider the potential impacts that the decision that we make in terms of health and well-being as well as the funding for our students. stuart: okay, sir -- >> and that would -- [inaudible conversations] stuart: we do hear you. thanks for joining us, sir, i appreciate it. and i'd love to hear back from you when you decide whether your going to mask -- you're going to mask up kids or not. alberto, thank you very much, sir. the director at the national institutes for health, francis collins, says parents should wear masks in their own homes. listen to this. >> the recommendations are for kids under 12 that they avoid being in places where they might get infected which means recommendations of mask wearing in schools and at home. parents of unvaccinated kids should be thoughtful about this, and the recommendation is to wear masks there as well. stuart: i believe, todd, he's backtracking a little. >> he later tweeted tuesday that he garbled his own message.
11:54 am
this is the quote, vaccinated parents should mask when out in public indoor settings to minimize risk to their kids. cdc, it should be noted, does not call for masks to be worn at home unless a person is sick. two follow-ups, why are we continuously getting the messaging wrong? that's the serious comment. the nonserious comment, you've been in a house with a wife. wives can't get their husbands to wear pants, much less a mask. [laughter] do you think this is going to happen? come on. stuart: no, it's not going to happen. i like this story, and it's yours. florida's taking action against ben and jerry's. yeah, please. >> placing them and the parent company, unilever, on a list of scrutinized companies. governor desantis saying florida is, quote, sending a message to corporate america that we will defend our strong relationship with the jewish state. ben and jer write's came -- jerry's came under fire for stopping selling its product in east jerusalem. the company has 90 days to stop
11:55 am
the boycott or florida will not contract with unilever. stuart: go get 'em, governor. >> they've had talks so far is, no word on, no progress on the talks, so this could happen. stuart: it could. i hope it does. trivia question, it's that time. the u.s. cored guard's birthday is -- coast guard's birthday is august the 4th. i got that. but what year did they start out? todd and i are going to guess the answer when we come back. i really haven't got a clue. we'll be back. ♪♪ we did it again. verizon has been named america's most reliable network by rootmetrics. and our customers rated us #1 for network quality in america according to j.d. power. number one in reliability, 16 times in a row. most awarded for network quality, 27 times in a row.
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stuart: here was the question. the u.s. coast guard's birthday is august 4. got that. what year were they founded? when did they start in what did you best? >> we both guessed 1832. a great rationale. revolved around the war of 1812. need to protect the u.s. homeland. completely wrong. stuart: show the answer. we were both wrong. 1790. how about that? that is when congress authorized the construction of 10 vessels, originally used to enforce tariff and trade laws as well as prevent smuggling. the arms service was initially named revenue marine service. it was not until 1915 until it received the current name, the u.s. coast guard. you like the trivia questions? >> i do. coast guard academy in our great state of connecticut. i know you have ties to the great state of connecticut. >> that somewhere it started.
12:00 pm
>> i know the academy is there. stuart: todd, great to have you there. market check. dow down nearly 289 points. please show me robinhood. that really is the stock of the day. it was halted a couple times earlier for volatility. it is behaving like a meme stock. it is up 32%. 62 bucks a share. it has doubled in a couple days. it's a meme stock in my opinion. neil, it is yours. take it, sir. neil: thank you very much, stuart. we're following all the meme stocks, you're right i think robinhood would have to be in that category right now but most of the selling going on the street right now seems to be focused well, virtually all the dow stocks. we have you covered with hillary vaughn covering treasury secretary janet yellen. she is sort of pushing for the biden economic agenda passed. if we don't we could risk our preeminent status as a world power. edward lawrence on the administration plan to push back


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