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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  August 3, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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david: so for the third consecutive day spirit airlines had more than half its schedule disrupted, canceling hundreds of flights, leaving furious passengers stuck in airports all over the country. spirit blaming weather, system outages and staffing shortages. we'll see you tomorrow. elizabeth: new york governor andrew cuomo today accused of shocking sexual harassment in a graphic bombshell report from the new york attorney general alleging he violated federal and state law, sexually harassing 11 women including state workers over a seven-year period. the president says he should resign. so do top democrats nancy pelosi, senator chuck schumer, the entire new york congressional delegation says he should resign. a new york district attorney now has the report. could bring criminal charges but cuomo remains defiant.
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critics say this is about maximum power and no accountability. joining us tonight former deputy independent counsel sol wisenberg, angela santa barbara, senator rick scott, congressman michael mccaul, mike huckabee, vince collagnese, and former act acting dhs secretary chad wolf. we have more details on the charges brought against governor cuomo. governor cuomo attacked investigators and his accusers. we've got that. this story a growing number of government worker unions and teachers unions say no to a vaccine mandate. that is setting up a battle between president biden and his allies. we've got more on the disturbing, mysterious findings from house republicans about what exactly was going on at the wuhan lab in china before the outbreak. may have occurred much earlier
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than thought. pressure growing on congressional democrats to investigate the origins of the pandemic. the deadline is fast approaching. far left democrats remain defiant. is this putting in "jeopardy" their 3 1/2 trillion dollar reconciliation bill, what members of their own party call their extreme demands that they want. we'll tell but the new website that tracks stock trades by d.c. politicians and their families like nancy pelosi, so you can profit too. this is putting a spotlight how politicians go to washington and come out multimillionaires. then president biden feeling backlash from his own party for keeping the trump era rule that turns backboarder crossers during the pandemic. we have a dangerous new variant exploding in south and central america. looks like the government is not tracking that yet. we're on it. thanks for joining us. i'm elizabeth macdonald. "the evening edit" starts right now.
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♪. elizabeth: okay. look who is back with us now. we have new york state assemblyman angelo santabarbara, former independent deputy counsel sol wise sendburg. great to have you on. first to you, sol, the albany county district attorney has the new york ag's report with the sexual harassment allegations against governor cuomo. he can bring criminal charges, do you expect that? he says any victim should contact his office with additional information. do you expect criminal charges, sol? what do you think? >> i don't know enough about the workings of that particular office but i can tell you if there are any criminal charges out of this it will be at the district attorney level, going to be at at state level there is nothing federal criminal here. that is where the danger is for governor cuomo. there will be an incredible amount of political pressure for that to happen. elizabeth: okay. let's turn to you, assemblyman
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santa barbara. the report alleges he violated pell state and federal laws including title vii of the civil rights act. we have the new york assembly speaker saying they're trying to close the impeachment probe now as fast as they can. what do you say is going on with impeachment? >> well the, as far as i'm concerned impeachment was on the table a long time ago. i called for the governor's resignation last year and this report just confirms what we were saying all along. the governor is a serial essential all harasser and intimidator. the legislature should put forward with impeachment as still as possible. there are still woman working in the executive chamber that go to speak in fear. this press conference speaks volumes. he intends to go after his accusers. leverage public resources to redeem himself, to gain support. he is using his office, using his power to try and intimidate
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people. we can't let him do that. we have to put a stop to that. this has gone on long enough. this report, for people on the fence, we're not sure whether or not they should call for his impeachment, joined calls for his people impeachment. there are more people calling for saying the governor needs to go and needs to go now. elizabeth: got it. sol, i like your reaction to what attorney general letitia james said today. watch this. >> these interviews and pieces of evidence reveal a deeply disturbing yet clear picture. governor cuomo sexually harassed current and former state employees in violation of both federal and state laws. elizabeth: what's your reaction, sol? >> well, power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely and he has been there a long time. he has acted with impunity. i think it is finally catching up with him. to be clear just because you say
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something is unlawful doesn't mean that it is criminal. again his vulnerability there is at the state level but he seems very vulnerable and it is just -- look we've seen a trend in recent years of politicians doubling down. it happened in virginia a few years ago where several top state officials were accused of some pretty bad things and they just have been hunkering down and hanging in. i just don't think he is going to be able to here. elizabeth: we hear you loud and clear. let's also listen to the investigator and the attorney who worked on this probe, june kim, describe what the victims allegedly went through. assemblyman santa barbara, i like your reaction to this sound bite. >> all of them experienced harassing conduct from the governor. some suffered through unwanted touching and grabbing of their most intimate body parts. others suffered through repeated, offensive, sexually suggestive or gender-based
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comments. a number of them endured both. elizabeth: let's, first, let's go to this assemblyman. the report alleges that governor assaulted and growed multiple women inappropriately touching a state trooper, preying upon her, retaliating against an accuser, bullying that woman. the governor is trying to play this off, that his interest in the state trooper was push for more diversity in his own personal police squad. he asked allegedly that woman to help him find a girlfriend who can quote, handle pain. this is really graphic stuff. he ran his finger from her neck to down her spine to the middle of her right leg. accused of grabbing under women's blouses and more. how can he survive this. >> the fact that he grabbed a state trooper, people charged
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with his safety, the fact he think he can get away with it, the fact that he thinks these laws apply to other people but don't apply to him. the crimes are egregious, disgusting, the report is very believable. i'm sure other victims have not come forward. there are people who may be keeping quiet, quite frankly they're afraid of him. what you only have to get to page 3 of the report, disgusted by the disgusting acts that he abused hits power. i don't think he will resign. the only way to gem hit out of the office is start the impeachment trial. i challenge you to find a single vote in the senate about impeachment. there probably it not one. elizabeth: prerecorded script to the allegations. like sol to respond to this. >> remember where we are. today we're in a super-heated if
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not toxic political environment. that shouldn't be lost on anyone. politics and bias are interwoven throughout every aspect of this situation. elizabeth: sol, sit tight. many of his accusers are democrats. democrats investigated him. listen to ag james on this. sit tight, sol. watch this. >> intend to undermine and politicize this investigation and there were attacks on me as well as members of the team, which i find offensive. elizabeth: what do you say, sol? >> well, you're, let's start with your most recent comment. you may not like it, he is allowed to publicly attack a prosecutor who i feels is going after him. that is his right.
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his claim this is super heated in a political atmosphere is ridiculous when you consider many of his victims were people who worked for him, who were democratic including one woman i saw today who worked for him when he was hud secretary, almost 20 years ago. so that just simply won't wash. everybody can look at this know it is not true. elizabeth: right. let's talk -- sol is making a great point there, so are you, assemblyman. this is about maximum power and no responsibility. cuomo is accused of having a history of blaming everyone else but himself. he blamed nursing home deaths tied to his detective order putting patients back into nursing homes. he blamed the cdc he blamed trump. blamed the biden administration. blamed europe, god and media. what is striking the leader of a state is trying to say this is acceptable behavior. that this is cultural. other politicians hugged and kissed people. he did a slide show showing that
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assemblyman. where is the slide show on his family members or any other politician grabbing women's rear ends, globing them under blouses, touching back and necks of state troopers, forcibly kissing them, asking people to play strip poker with them, how is this cultural? how is this acceptable behavior for a politician if these allegations are true? >> it is not acceptable. if you watch the press conference today you can see he is becoming unhinged. he is mentally unstable. he lost his reality. these are facts in the report. watching the press conference today i doubt even read the report. i think he prepared these statements ahead of time. he simply tried to discredit, minimize his actions. he is at the point he is beginning to believe his own lies. it is embarassment the state has to put off and deal with his irresponsible behavior. you mentioned nursing home deaths. what we saw he sent people to die in these nursing homes. you saw he was capable of doing that with his back up against the wall. the question what is he capable
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of doing now? that is why we have to move swiftly remove him from office, remove him from power. we don't know what he is capable of doing now. what he is not capable of doing, leading this state and he is unfit for office. elizabeth: the other thing came up too, a couple things, sol, as we wrap this up, the special investigators found that governor cuomo drafted a letter, shared it with the press to smear state worker lindsay boylan was an accuser. took her job records, sent it out to the associated press, "new york daily news," "new york times," new york one. so that was a smear job. that was accusation is that this is retaliatory. that that happened. that he and hits team are attacking the accusers. then we have chris cuomo involved in a pr squad to clean up these charges. so there is so many angles here that the draft statement coming out of the pr team with chris cuomo weighing in is identical to what the governor was saying. take on the idea that more
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people, is it possible more people could be charged for interfering? not saying chris cuomo, talking about the retaliatory action interfering with the investigation and attacking the accusers and intimidating them? >> there are two different things. one you're absolutely right, retaliation is a civil cause of action. in some instances it can be criminal. that is usually how they get these people. it is easier to get people on retaliation than on actual harrassment. i think is a big part of this from what i'm reading, i don't know anything about it personally apparently there has been a culture in albany for years, particularly in the governor's office, a good ol' boy network, which reinforces the idea that we can do anything we want here in albany and hopefully those days will be over. elizabeth: wow. great stuff from both of you. sol wisenberg and angelo santa barbara. great to have you back on.
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that was terrific panel. appreciate your insights. up next, senator rick scott, growing number of government workers and teachers unions are say being no to a vaccine mandate. is this setting up battle between president biden and his allies. is there pushback for need to shut down growing delta variant? is that a serious risk? we're taking it all on next on "the evening edit". new parodontax active gum repair toothpaste. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ hey google, turn up the heat.
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elizabeth: joining us now, look who is here, florida senator rick scott. senator, always great to have you on. so this growing number of government worker union members and teachers unions they're saying no to vaccine mandates. what do you say to that? these are biden's allies. >> first off government shouldn't be mandating masks or mandating vaccines f a private company wants to do something that is their prerogative but government shouldn't be doing this. i think americans are fed up with the government basically telling them what to do. this is fear-mongering among the democrats. i'm worried next thing democratic governors will do shut down schools. it will hurt the kids and small businesses they say they're not essential, that means small businesses will get hurt again
6:19 pm
and workers get hurt again. i will fight against this stuff. it is just wrong. elizabeth: we hear you, we're bringing it up because the white house coronavirus response team is now talking about vaccine mandates. they're talking about, the cdc is reporting half of workers in nursing homes are not vaccinated. places, a lot of union workers in new york are not vaccinated. there is that site going on too. then the florida, this is happening also in florida, the white house press secretary is claiming the florida governor desantis is not letting kids wear masks, can you take that on? >> i think parents should be making these choices f the parents want to make a choice the child wears a mask or doesn't wear a mask that is their choice. shouldn't be schools or government making decisions. i got the vaccine. i had covid. i recommend people get a vaccine. everybody makes a decision for themselves. families want to be safe. parents are not saying oh, i want my child unsafe. they will make the decision for
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their child. that is what should happen. government shouldn't be doing this. it is not government responsibility telling us how to lead our lives. i think we're all fed up government telling us to lead our lives. elizabeth: that is what florida governor desantis's executive order is b let parents decide whether or not their parents should wear mask. florida governor says the white house and democrats are playing politics with the pandemic. don't politicize the pandemic get people safe and vaccinated. that is what critics say. stop with the hysteria about the delta variant. more than 99.9% of people vaccinated don't get sick or, rather don't get hospitalized with the delta variant. senator, you brought up something about lockdowns. show what the white house press secretary had to say about lockdowns. listen to this. >> you heard dr. fauci and dr. collins reiterate this weekend. we've been clear we're not going back to the shutdowns of march of 2020. we are not going back to the
6:21 pm
economy shutting down. we have made too much progress. too many people are vaccinated. there has been too much progress on the economic front but again he has said from the beginning that we are going to be guided by the science, guided by our public health experts and we'll not take options off the table. >> that's right. they're not taking options off the table. elizabeth: not ruling it out. go ahead. >> they're not taking options off the table. today we're not going to do it because maybe we're getting too much pushback. these democrats want to control your life. they're using fear to control our lives. we have got to say, we'll make good decisions. give us good information. everyone at state, local level, tell us the facts, families want to be safe. i grew up with parents didn't have much of an education but they weren't dumb. they wanted me to be safe as a kid. they will make good decisions. parents all across the country will make good decisions. elizabeth: we also have this, dr. michael osterholm, top member of the president's covid-19 advisory board, he says
6:22 pm
face masks, masks are not effective in stopping the spread but the cdc director says both adults and children even if vaccinated should be masked. you can see the confusion on part of the american people, right? >> think what they have done. they have said if you had the vaccine then you ought to wear a mask. telling people what is the benefit of getting the vaccine again? there is benefit to getting the vaccine. we know with the vaccine your chance of getting, in the hospital or dying of delta covid is very low. so the, so they're so inconsistent but this is all, democrats want to control our life. we have to stand up and say we're sick of that. elizabeth: is the first thing that people should do is take a deep breath and just turn off the tv his tariqs? because media companies, they're idealogically predisposed to a certain narrative. they profit off hysteria. yes, cases are on the rise. delta variant is contagious.
6:23 pm
the point, get vaccinated. stop with the fear-mongering. stop with the misinformation about vaccines too. i mean, just, people just need to calm down and just get it done right. don't be plugged into the wall-to-wall fear-mongering on other networks. what do you say. >> i agree. give us good information. as americans, if we have good information we'll make good decisions. trust americans they will make good decisions. quit mandating things. we're sick and tired told what to do. i loved my mom. i hated being told what to do. government, quit telling us what to do. we can make good decisions on our own. elizabeth: senator rick scott, good to see you, come back soon. >> bye-bye. elizabeth: same here. up next the congressman behind that house republican report, he is congressman michael mccaul. this is the gop report detailing what they say is evidence that covid-19 did leak from the wuhan lab. we have got more on the disturbing and mysterious
6:24 pm
findings what was going on at that lab right before the outbreak. keep it here on "the evening edit." >> there's no way this, you know, happened in the population naturally. it came from the lab. ♪. we love our new apartment. plenty of parking, big closets- there's too much pressure in the bathroom. hey... good luck with the future in-laws tonight. don't overthink it. but don't underthink it. don't talk about your cover band. don't talk about your fantasy team. don't talk about your cats. you're gonna do great! at least geico makes bundling our renters and car insurance easy. we do save a lot of money. oh no no no... oh boy... where are you going for dinner? 1987? for bundling made easy, go to
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what is the proof that chinese scientists genetically created covid-19 and it did leak from the wuhan lab? >> first of all it is the coverup. we have the chinese cdc and the head, the chief of the wuhan lab warned in the summer of 2019 that the safety conditions were very poor and not adequate. in september of 2019 they had their genetic databases online. they took them off-line in the middle of the night and then brought a million dollars of security in the system. at that point in time we have satellite image ray shows the hospitals and vehicles going into the hospitals intensify at that time. they're all located around the wuhan lab. on october of 2019, they had the world athletic military games where 9,000 athletes come into wuhan. they described it as a ghost town, basically locked down.
6:29 pm
then many of them returned to their home countries with flu-like symptom, consistent with covid. liz, this is the first superspreader event which happened in october. to make things worse, they send in the top chemical biological general from the pla military to take over the lab. you don't cover things up unless you're trying to hide something. not to mention what was happening at the lab itself which i would be happy to get into. elizabeth: yeah, your report points out and the house foreign affairs gop report says the wuhan lab was basically spending, put out a million dollars worth of bids for new security guards, new video surveillance for the lab. new hazardous waste system, wanted a bit for that and new air disinfectant system. this is new evidence.
6:30 pm
so why is, why is the biden administration and why are the democrats stonewalling probes into this? why not declassify all of the evidence on this that the u.s. government has? why the stonewalling? >> why not? i hope when the ic comes forward with its report and presented to congress and declassified. why don't we hold hearings on this? we haven't had one hearing on the origins of covid-19. you talk about commissions, let's have a commission on this issue. the international community should be crying out. liz, it is important to know what happened and why so we can stop it from ever happening again. four 1/2 million people are dead right now because of this virus. and when you look at what they were doing at the lab, you have the dr. xi the bat lady working with dr. peter daszak. they took specimens from the
6:31 pm
sars cave 1000 miles away and brought them into the lab. they began genetic manipulation to create a super sars virus in hopes they could create a vaccine for that. the problem they were operating in labs insufficient very irresponsible playing with fire this dangerous to create a virus so deadly, so virulent and so contagious. they succeeded in that but under really reckless operations and that's why we believe it did leak out of the lab and you know, the world has never been the same. elizabeth: you know dni ratcliff is pointing out, former dni ratcliff is saying that you know the coronavirus is not naturally occurring to wuhan. that it is naturally occurring, as you point out to these bat caves hundreds of miles away. he is saying bats can only fly 30 miles. not hundreds of miles. that is the bat range. that they were openly studying
6:32 pm
bat coronaviruses inside of the lab. final question, how do we know that this may have leaked out in the late summer of 2019? >> because it got the attention of the chinese cdc and the director of the wuhan lab warning about the conditions of safety protocols. one more thing to add, liz, they also created what is called, it is a technology where they can, even though it is manmade they can take the fingerprints off it so it looks like it is naturally occurring. this is a very sinister operation. dr. daszak is the author of the lan set medical journal -- the lan set medical journal. at the request of the prc by the way asked them to debunk the conspiracy theories from trump and others that it came from the lab. he is the one that debunked it under the prc payroll. now i think we'll debunk him. elizabeth: we hear you. it is "the lancet" letter he
6:33 pm
spearheaded. thanks for coming on. we'll have you back soon. thanks for joining us. >> thank you, liz. elizabeth: same here. we're coming out of the bottom of the hour. you're watching the fox business network. the deadline is fast approaching but the far left democrats are being accused putting in jeopardy their 3 1/2 trillion dollar reconciliation bill. even members of their own part call their demands extreme. look who is back with us next. he is mike huckabee. he will take it on. stay right there. >> will it pass? i don't know. we'll have to see what kind of amendments that gets passed in the senate. we'll see what happens to it when it comes to the floor of the house.
6:34 pm
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6:38 pm
can you talk to us about this? why do the democrats act like a mandate when they don't? they have maybe only net three votes of margin of control in the house? "the squad," maybe they won their seats with a net one million to two million votes but they're trying to steamroll republicans with infrastructure and a 3 1/2 trillion dollar reconciliation bill. even house moderate democrats are saying we don't want to steamroll republicans. we want to fix potholes. what do you think? >> that is a lot of potholes, 3 1/2 trillion dollars. liz, this is way more than a infrastructure bill. you could have an earthquake that would take out most of america and still fix it for less than 3 1/2 trillion. this is an absurd amount of money but it is not about infrastructure and i hope the republicans don't get fooled and go ahead and join in this absolute clown car of nonsense and basically indebt the american people for generations to come. infrastructure is a great thing.
6:39 pm
gosh we need it, we want it. republicans pushed for it even more than democrats but it ought to be true infrastructure, roads, bridges, highways, sewer systems, waterways, airports, things that form the skeletal system of the economy but this isn't skeletal system. this is big chunks of lard and fat that would go on the skeleton and we can't afford it and republicans need to stand up, speak up and say, no. we're not going to support that. elizabeth: you know, "politico" reporting that the 3 1/2 trillion in new spending, this is a budget reconciliation bill, would, surmount, eclipse the total gdp of spain, as australi, switzerland and combined. they're talking about taxing iras worth more than five million dollars. raising corporate tax rate, individual tax rates, those are deal breakers for moderate democrats. president trump could not get through the 1 1/2 trillion
6:40 pm
dollar infrastructure bill even though republicans controlled both chambers. so they're talking of one trillion infrastructure and then 3 1/2 trillion. we're talking five trillion in new spending. really? is this going to happen? will it all backfire? will it fall apart? >> i think it absolutely fall apart around i believe it will backfire. the dems better hope this doesn't go through because if it does, it is only going to turn up the heat in the oven that will cook them next year in the american elections. the american people are not as stupid as democrats think they are. maybe they don't do the math of trillions of dollars every day. they understand this is utter nonsense. they also understand that to pay for it, there is going to have to be huge tax increases even after president biden said there won't be any big tax increases. you start raising the corporate tax rate and capital-gains tax, you start shrinking the economy, you hold back investment, you stop hiring, companies are going
6:41 pm
back into a cash hold position which they did in the latter part of the obama years and the net result is the economy starts falling apart. we're already seeing inflation. this is going to add to an economic disaster but it will be a boon for the republicans in the midterm elections and in 2024. elizabeth: we hear you loud and clear. the fiscal gymnastics, pay-fors are really pay laters as you might point out. taxing retirement accounts would be a bridge too far. i don't mean to be facetious about it. here is the question, do republicans need infrastructure to take back control of both the house and the senate in 2022? a lot of republican voters do want to fix you know, bridges an roads but do the republicans need the infrastructure bill? >> well that is like saying i'm hungry i would like a hamburger in order to get one quarter -pounder i have to buy a side of beef, 300-pounds worth.
6:42 pm
people say no, they want one hamburger. republicans want infrastructure but don't want to indebt the american people through their grandchildren's future and when they start talking about things like taxing people's retirement, what's the point of saving for retirement if the government is going to come in and steal it from you after you have saved? you might as well blow every penny like a lot of the democrats advocated, not have anything left. just let old uncle sugar take care of you in your old age. this is exactly disasterous approach to the economy that the democrats i guess promote but republicans have to stand against it and explain why. if they can't do it, they don't deserve to be in office either. i think they can. elizabeth: okay. governor mike huckabee, great to see you, come back soon. >> all right, liz, thank you. elizabeth: sure. up next, vince colanese on this story. a new website. it tracks stock trades made by politicians and their families like nancy pelosi's family.
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♪. elizabeth: let's welcome back to the show talk show host and "daily caller"'s top editor, he is vince coglianese. vince, this new website from a data company, called two i.q. it is free. it shows investors what politicians in washington and their families are trading. pulled off their financial disclosures. so regular investors can win big and profit too like nancy pelosi and her family. this is pretty interesting stuff. puts a spotlight how people go to washington and come out millionaires. what do you say? >> it's a fascinating tool to sort through. look at lawmakers like nancy pelosi. she is now worth, nearly
6:48 pm
$100 million more than she was about 15 years ago. how did that happen? well she has got lots of investments in all these big tech companies for instance, which she constantly and her colleagues among the democrat party, they claim they want to regulate these companies, they want to break them apart, tear them down, that is all lip service. do you think nancy pelosi will behead her golden goose? no way. google, facebook, twitter, apple. she is constantly trading, making money off the companies. she has cushy relationship with them. somehow they end up with gigantic government contracts. it's a self licking ice cream cone that keeps going. tools like this how lawmakers take advantage what is supposed to be public service. elizabeth: nancy pelosi saying she is within the letter of the law. she is disclosing it. she is doing it in accordance with the stock act how they're making trades but we're talking tens of millions of dollars in
6:49 pm
tech company trades. in her backyard of her district. we're talking google, apple, facebook. you know, google has donated to nancy pelosi. it just seems, people out there are going to say really? what is really going on? we can talk about being within the letter of the law but we're talking also about you know, conversations or phone calls like with the apple ceo tim cook that nancy pelosi had. you know, there is, there is information, insider information that you can profit from in d.c. how can you nail that down, that there is any malfeasance there? >> it is on display. it is in the letter of the law, but it is by every sense of any normal person's perception just sort of the casual corruption of washington, d.c. how is it that people elected, become members of congress, go in with middle class salaries and become some of the richest people in the united states? nancy pelosi is the sixth richest member of congress.
6:50 pm
how did that happen? no wonder when you watch the relationships they have with giant companies, oligarchs are doing bidding of democrats who hold power in the white house or congress that are conjoined at the hip, really what you have is, people who are using their positions of power to enrich themselves and it's a real tragedy. because the united states congress is supposed to serve the interests of the people and not the people inside the building. elizabeth: got it. again the website is called 2 i.q. number 2 i.q. interesting story. we'll stay on the story. vince, good story. >> thank you, liz. elizabeth: up next former dhs secretary chad wolf talking about president biden getting backlash from his own party about keeping trump era rule that keeps border-crossers away during a pandemic. we have dangerous variant coming from south america.
6:51 pm
we'll talk about it next. you're watching "the evening edit" on fox business. >> remember march was the worst month on record for illegal crossings. march was the worst month until april. april was the first month until may and may was the worst month until june. that is it what you call a bad trend. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ summer is a state of mind, you can visit anytime. savor your summer with lincoln. so then i said to him, you oughta customize your car insurance with liberty mutual, summer is a state of mind, you can visit anytime. so you only pay for what you need.
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elizabeth: back with us former acting dhs secretary, chad wolf great to have you back on, far left progressives are saying that the biden administration is wrong to keep in place title 42 which allows the administration to basically not accept border crossers during a pandemic, what do they want, we have a historic number of hit legal crossings this time 210,000 in july that the highest monthly figure into decades, what is your reaction. >> absolutely, the administration is right in keeping title 42 in place i don't think the other satisfy the far left groups until they have a completely open border and amnesty at the end of the day but the issue with the administration and title 42 they're not applying it in the manner in which they should to be really effective, family units and all minors from title
6:56 pm
42, there dealing with single adults which is why you continue to see a crisis and the numbers that you cited at the border they effectively use title 42, they would be in much better shape than they are today. elizabeth: americans want immigration, the polls show that the majority of americans want that, they're saying come here legally if you number illegally you'll get exposed to covid-19, salted, you'll be abused by companies in the u.s. the abuse the illegal immigrants, we see casing case after that, here's the other thing, the cdc warning americans say don't travel out of the country like greece or the u.s. virgin islands because of the rising delta variant covid cases, we have the land variant exploding in south america more contagious, it's scary stuff with you administration is not tracking or testing for that or the delta variant, what do you say.
6:57 pm
>> is equally as concerning as a lack of measures taking place at the border, and you have 210,000 individuals coming across the board every day, what does that mean, you will have mass releases of these individuals into american communities and we know without many people, they cannot do the required security checks and you cannot test everyone, as the biden administration is asking folks to reinstitute mask mandates for indoor facilities in certain states, you're letting a large number of individuals illegal aliens come into this country every day, every week and every month and spread out to communities without being vaccinated in the required test, it's a very hazard policy that they have in place, one for americans and one for those that break the law and choose to break the law to come into the country illegally. elizabeth: president biden said this is a pandemic of the unvaccinated, he is saying this is a dangerous time where people
6:58 pm
are vaccinated, republicans are saying the border is a super spreader event your allowing people who are not vaccinated and not tracking them that the major super spreader event listen to what president obama said about the border into thousand five, watch this. >> we all agree on the need to better secure the border, were a generous and welcoming people of the united states but those into the country illegally and those who employ them disrespect the rule of law and they are showing disregard for those who are following the law. we simply cannot allow people to pour into the united states undetected, undocumented, unchecked and circumventing the line of people who are waiting patiently, diligently and lawfully to become immigrants in this country. elizabeth: what happened why are
6:59 pm
democrats changing their tune, what change? >> that's a great question i think the biden administration has become beholden to the left wing of their party when we talk about the immigration measures the messaging for president obama is exactly right but you have to back that up with policies and programs that adhere to the rule of law, the implement these things and apply consequence to illegal behavior and we know the biden administration month after month has not done this, you see the numbers increased, every month is worse than the previous month we are now at historic numbers that this country has ever seen before in the system is broken it's overwhelmed that's why you see thousands of individuals are aliens underneath the bridge this is a humanitarian disaster is a national embarrassment and something needs to occur, a new strategy in place, new leadership in place, this is overwhelming the system at the end of the day. elizabeth: chad wolf, thank you for joining us, it's good to see you. >> thank you.
7:00 pm
elizabeth: thank you for watching i'm elizabeth macdonald you been watching "the evening edit" on fox business that does it for us, have a good evening. ♪ ♪ ♪. larry: hello everyone welcome to "kudlow" i'm larry kudlow. in washington the conversation about infrastructure and budget reconciliation is running hot and heavy, the good, the bad and the ugly, right now nothing is completely clear, not the outcomes, not the spending, not the scoring not even the taxing, let me tell you there will be plenty of spending, plenty of taxing and unfortunately plenty of weird scoring to go along with


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