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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  July 31, 2021 1:00am-2:00am EDT

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report suspicious activity to local authorities. if you see something, say something. larry: ♪♪ jackie: good evening, everybody. the $1 trillion bipartisan infr >> the 1 trillion-dollar bipartisan infrastructure bill has passed another hurdle in the senate and the democrats say that they have the votes needed to pass the $3.5 trillion budget resolution leading way to more massive spending but a lot still has to go right for thes democrats to get both bills one in the senate could derail the graham plan joining me tonight former white house chief of staff karl rove, brandon arnold
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from the taxpayer union, sean duffy, doctor mortimer carey, joe concha and texas attorney general ken paxton meantime americanan taxpayers could be stuck with the bill for all the democrats big spending plan for generations to come will show you how we can hit your wallet plus china putting up roadblocks to an investigation into the origins of the coronavirus the communist country given the world health organization a counterproposal for how a study should be done and wait until you hear one of the major demands they have when it comes to the wuhan lab at the centeral of all of us the cdc mask recommendation a room for those vaccinated confusion grows from businesses to schools of what the upcoming months will look like as a delta variant spreads we look at what is driving the decision-making. also we willoi tell you what the experts are same about hunter
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biden's pride and untrimmed pricey artwork from 75000 to have a million dollars we until you hear what hunter himself has to say about that. onto the border crisis and the threat of covid greg abbott has taken action this time to restrict the movement of illegal suppose a risk of carrying the virus attorney general merrick garland threatening a lawsuit to stop him i'm jackie deangelis and for elizabeth macdonald "the evening edit" starts right now. good evening and welcome 1.2 trillion infrastructure bill 2700 plus pages is being debated by the senate democrats say they have the votes needed to pass the three and half trillion dollar budget resolution they will push that there without any
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republican support to a massive spending package chock-full of priorities i migration reform and climate change joining me too discuss former white house deputy chief of staff karl rove good evening always great to see you. let's start with the op-ed in the title was the american jobs plan is a call to arms for the gop lay out what your argument is.lf >> is the administration social welfare bill items packed with every left-wing agenda item from pre-community college to free childcare and eldercare and so forth the price tag is said to be $3.5 trillion but if you look at the template they had a number of programs which mysteriously hid in three or five years that they want permanent and we look at the true cost was $5.52 trillion in
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debt total debt there's no way they makee recovering about. this is something we've got to stop but in order to stop we have to be for something good and to reauthorize the highway the surface highway will which is up for reauthorization and put additional infrastructure spending the so-called bipartisan researchers framework and get that pass through the senate so there's something we can compare real infrastructure roads, bridges, highway, water treatment plants, ports, airports is an american jobs plan and social worker planning that the country cannot afford. jackie: even if weie do the rigt thing the textbook definition which seems to be with one point to training dollars saying that
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they pushed the three and half trillion through budget resolution what can the republicans do about that? >> first of all they don't have the vote of the of the vote to take up the measure for example we are kirsten cinema of arizona saying i can go for 3.5 trillion what happens when we realize it's 5.5 trillion joe mansions as i have real doubts and now if you have john saying although to proceed but i deserve the right to do with anything on the final vote m the bill has anticipatedt makes it virtually impossible for farming range families to pasture land onto the kids and the grandkids if your jon tester from my tina you want to be on the hook for a bill that makes it hard for montana farmers and ranchers to pass on to the lien to the kids let's be clear what they saidhe they'd done the vots to proceed to a discussion they
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don't have the votes for the 3.5 because it's not 3.5 it's 5.5 and that bill is not made or discussed widely among members of the housee and senate rememr the democrats have a three vote margin in the house and uniform state democrats will they make that difficult. you have representatives from state like new jersey that's got a lot of pharma companies, pharmaceutical company, the administrations going to take a whack you have centrist democrats on companies and provide jobs in the district this is up in the air. jackie: it is explained to her viewers it seems like nancy pelosi isn playing chicken she saying i will not pass the 1 trillion infrastructure plan unless i can push through the three and half trillion also in the wall y street journal senate
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republicans are taking a victory lap for striking infrastructure deal with the white house we can retreat to the sidelines and lee chuck schumer and bernie sanders negotiated bart untrimmed bipartisan entitlement is painted that they have made easier to pass. how does this play out? >> i disagree with my editors and i do that in great peril but here's the deal if the info structure deal passes the senate them biden and republicans both get credit and they can say we did a good thing republicans get a great contrast between what they don't which is reauthorize the highway which is $600 billion already paid for by the gas tax and $550 of new spending paid for by the unspent covid money that we already approved under president trump lot is not been spent but
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letting biden's abundant on social welfare we put into infrastructure wave great contrast were for this good bill but not that bill pelosi if they killed the bipartisan for structure bill which she claimed she will do she said we will not bow untilil we passed the chuck schumer bill or to even better contrast because the holding of the good stuff to get bad stuff think about this you think the american people will be excitedh about 5 trillion real lots of polls that show not there's a new pool from labels that did 20 swing congressional districts and three quarters of the people in those districts do not want the american jobs bill passed if it's passed on a partyline vote only three out of every four that is beside the control and congress say we don't want our member to vote for if only democrats are voting for that
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bill. jackie: every latter scenario plays out there will be serious help to pay in midterm elections. >> absolutely you have demo huts onel the line in nevada and senator john arizona, jordan new hampshire and if they vote wrong it will come back to haunt them. jackie: always great to see a thank you for breaking it down this is difficult to understand and you make it easier. jackie: we spoke about the massive spending democrats are trying tog push their american taxpayers could be stuck with the bill for generations to come we have that story next brandon arnold reveals how the spending plan could hit your wallet right here on "the evening edit". >> at this rate will spend morei on biden's first few months then
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joining me now is brandon arnold from the national taxpayers union to help us break this down. good evening, sir. let's start with this. the plan claims to spend the plain claims to spend $9 billion but you say not so fast, not so easy >> yeah. it's unbelievable some of the offsets, the pay-fors that they've inserted into this bill to try to make it deficit-neutral. they are saying they're going to cut $9 billion from medicare, but those cuts won't take place for nine or ten years. so they want to spend money immediately and then pretend to cut money in the future when many of these politicians won't even be in office anymore. it's absolutely ridiculous. it's just paper cuts for actual spending that will drive up deficits. jackie: all right. next it claims to spend money by selling off spectrum broadband that could be used for better telecommunications. so the question is what's the problem there? >> well, on its face that's a good policy. the problem is it's already part
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of law. it's already happening. in fact, we sold $67 billion worth of spectrum back in february. it's already took place. so pretending like that money is some sort of offset, it's already coming to the federal government. there's an additional clash 20 billion they can squeeze out, that's fantastic, but that is already scheduled to take place, so it's not a real offset. it's just a paper switch. doesn't make sense. jackie: how do they actually do that in counting purposes? if the money has already been booked to a certain extent, like, you can't claim you're going to receive it later. how do they get away with this? >> well, they shouldn't be able to. if they want to make cuts, and they ought to make cuts, they a ought to make this a deficit-neutral percentage, package. what they're doing now is pointing to certain revenue streams that are already come anything and saying, guess what? these are now earmarked for our infrastructure package. it's just a paper switch. they actually have no legal effect and at the bottom line it's just nonsense.
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>> all right, that's a serious problem. i'm going to get to another one that people are going to be outraged about, i think. it claims to scale back the unemployment benefits that were expanded due to covid-19. >> right. so 26 governors have already taken action to cut off those expanded unemployment benefits. that was a wise move because we need to get people back working, and small businesses shouldn't have to compete with the government to try to secure these employees, but that generated a lot of savings. those savings could be used for deficit reduction. they're saying they're an offset, but that money is already saved and the governors deserve a lot of credit for doing so. they're inherently trying to take a bit of credit and use that money saying they've come up with a clever offset. they've come with nothing, they're just trying to grab some of that money not being spent and pretending like it's a legitimate way to offset the cost of this package. jackie: wow. there's also this new $13 billion tax on chemical
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companies. ultimately, that's going to be a serious problem when it comes to jobs. >> yeah, absolutely. and they said they would do this without a tax increase. people think, well, it's just on these large chemical companies. of course those costs get a passed down to consumers eventually, and it has the unfortunate effect of killing jobs. there's a study out there that said 7500 fewer jobs because of this tax. that's really problematic, again, as we're trying the climb out of this recession, as we're trying to recover as a nation to be raising taxes on american businesses is a bad idea. jackie: in the last 15 seconds that we have the together, brandon, is there anything good in here? >> well, i think that it's good that they're clawing back some of the covid dollars. they're claiming $205 billion from the covid expenditures will be used for infrastructure. i think that's a good thing. unfortunately, there's about a trillion dollars still floating out there, so i think they should be able to get a lot closer to trillion instead of this meager $205 billion.
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jackie: i hear what you're saying. it's a help but it's not enough. have a great weekend, sir. up next, sean duffy on china still putting up roadblocks on the communist country giving the w.h.o. a counterproposal for how a study should be done, and just wait until you hear what one of the major demands that they have is when it comes to the wuhan lab. keep it here on "the evening edit." >> the solution would be to have an actual public hearing on the origins of covid. when you talk to doctors and medical experts, everyone believes that it started in the lab in wuhan. this past year has felt like a long, long norwegian winter. but eventually, with spring comes rebirth. everything begins anew. and many of us realize a fundamental human need to connect with other like-minded people. welcome back to the world.
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♪i believe, i believe♪ jackie: china says it's submitted an alternate proposal for the world health organization's phase ii study into the origins of covid. well, it durant -- it includes not reinvestigating the wuhan lab leak theory. the question, of course, is what the biden administration's strategy on dealing with china will be. mark meredith is at the white house with those details for us. mark, good evening. >> reporter: good evening, jackie. the united states is urging china to be more cooperative with the world health organization as it tries to investigate how this pandemic first began. but china is flat out refusing those efforts. china has long deny canned that its lab in wuhan had anything to do with the pandemic, it's accusing the u.s. of hyping theories for political purposes.
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the w.h.o. wants to lodge a second deep dive into the origins, but china says the plan disregards common sense and, quote, defies science. china even wants investigators to look into an army medical center in maryland as a possible source for the virus. critics are accusing china of deflecting. president biden has already ordered his intelligence agencies to piece together what analysts know, a report on what the government has figured out is expected to be completed next month, but there's no guarantee we're going to get definitive answers. a bipartisan group of senators urged president biden to keep the pressure on china for answers and go on to say, quote, we expect that congress will be remained fully informed of and consulted on your efforts to reach definitive conclusions regarding the origins of this pandemic as well as any concrete policy recommendations. the white house insists it's in china's best interest to cooperate on the world stage but that they also believe this is not just about the current pandemic, but preventing future
1:24 am
ones. jackie: mark meredith, thank you so much for that. let's bring in fox news contributor sean duffy to discuss this further. let's start with the report there, this counterproposal from the chinese communist party essentially, to me, it's more than just -- it appears that it's gaslighting in one of its forms. it's saying, oh, no, no, no, don't look over here, telling us we're the problem, we're where it to originated. >> good to see you too, jackie. this is clearly gaslighting and deflection. they actually came out and said that the u.s. should act in a transparent and responsible way, right? as if anybody in the world believes that the coronavirus came from an american lab. so this is, this is what communists do, right? they go on offense, they blame everybody else and say, hey, hey, don't look at our lab where it probably came from. if anything, it came from the united states or a wet market that was right next to the lab where we studied coronaviruses. i'm sick of communists lying and cheating.
1:25 am
and just, by the way, jackie, we should take note of this. this is what happens when you shut down free speech, when you implement communism. you get the state version of facts, and that's what the country is forced into as opposed to an america where we still have free debate and dialogue or we did before the coronavirus came into effect and shut down by big tech. jackie: that's right. and there are people in this country who need to wake up and open their eyes and look at what's happening here and sort of rethink the directions that we are going. i just want to read this though, to your point from an op-ed in "the wall street journal" regarding china specifically and their approach to this issue. quote, no one should expect the chinese communist party to cooperate with a real inquiry into the origins of covid-19. more disappointing is the lack of candor from american scientists and officials whose conflicts of interest deserve more scrutiny. your thoughts. >> well, 100%. so peter daszak was from ecohealth alliance who was part of the funding of gain of
1:26 am
function research which is research on these very dangerous viruses, and he was sent in the initial ebb envoy to do the first investigation. he was completely compromised and had a viewpoint that he didn't want the lab leak theory to come out. so, yeah, american scientists, i think, have been part of the problem, i think dr. fauci's been part of the problem, but if you care about the health of the world, if you make a mistake, we might be angry about it, but that's objection. we just don't -- that's okay. we just don't want it to happen again. jackie: oh, absolutely. >> the people around the globe that have died, let's find out what went wrong so we can implement procedures so it doesn't happen again. jackie: absolutely. there's a learning lesson no matter where this came from. this is really interesting to your point about the conflict with the scientists and dr. fauci specifically. i want you to watch him in 2013 say don't be restrictive with scientists, and in 2018 talk about lifting the ban on funding superviruses. watch this. >> you have to have some
1:27 am
restrictions in the sense of you don't do work that could actually hurt people in the sense of if you have a laboratory accident, you have to have the right containment. once you start being too restrict we've, i -- restrictive, you then impede creativity for so many of the good things that can come out of the same type of work. so let me just go on about nih funding pool on gain of function research. so a framework has been now established to guide funding decisions on proposed research that might be anticipated to create, transfer or use enhanced potential pandemic pathogens. jackie: what do you think of america's beloved doctor? >> i've got to tell you, it makes me so angry to watch that. that dr. fauci still has a job
1:28 am
is outrageous. donald trump should have fired him. joe biden should have fired him. he's still making recommendations to the american people on how we should deal with this pandemic and the delta variant. so this guy is out of control. he's been wrong on so many things. on the fox news network peter a navarro four months ago said dr. fauci is the father of the coronavirus. he got a lot of blowback from that. as you watch these videos and they've come to light, dr. fauci has been at the center of so much of this bad science and bad funding of gain of function research which i think in the end we're going to learn that's how we got the coronavirus and the pandemic. jackie: it's really, i mean, it's mind-blowing when you think about what happened here, and it's also just crazy to think about the fact that we've got an administration that's not going to pushback against china. >> can i make one other point, jackie? if biden is unwelcome to go
1:29 am
after -- unwilling to go after the china when they hacked microsoft, there's no way he's going to pressure them to actually give transparency and access to the lab. this is -- we're going to make a few statements in the press, and this is going to slide away, and we're never going to know the truth about where it came from because joe biden is weak on china. jackie: it's a huge issue and, obviously, so much more to discuss. sean duffy, thank you. all right. to cdc updated mask recommendations even for those who are vaccinated, meanwhile, confusion is growing from businesses to schools over what the upcoming months will look like as this delta variant is spreading. up next, dr. marty makary joins us. you're watching "the evening edit" on fox business. >> this whole idea of letting the scientists make decisions for us is wrong. we have to listen to science, we have to take the input from the scientists, but they don't get to make the decisions. ♪ ♪
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♪ jackie: there's a new report citing an internal cdc document that claims that the war has changed in the fight against covid. the document rt reportedly warns infection from the covid delta variant are likely to be more severe and spread more quickly than the common cold. let's bring in fox news contributor dr. marty makary to sort it all out. let's bring in fox news contributor doctor marty makary sorted out great to see you i'm not going to dispute with the cdc is saying regarding the delta variant we know is highly contagious highly contagious, but within this document as well two things that the cdc notes. one, risk of severe disease or death reduced tenfold or greater in vaccinated people. risk of infection reduced three fold in vaccinated people. the issue clearly is vaccinated or unvaccinated, not necessarily about put the maaing on the face of the guy -- mask on the face of the guy who did get the shot in the arm. your thoughts. >> that's right, jackie. we've got two entirely different things happening right now in
1:35 am
america. one is the 10-20% of folks in america who to the no have immunity, right now the delta that variant is ripping through that population very quickly, and it's putting those at risk in the hospital, and it's doing so very quickly as well. the other phenomena in the united states is that those with vaccinated or natural immunity, those who are protected are getting a very min call common cold-like virus, and it's called covid-19. that is the future of covid-19. it will circulate season to season as a very mild virus. that the not something we should be alarmed about, that is something we need to accept. jackie: and it's something that we need to, to an extent, learn to live with, right? we've got more information about the virus 15 months later, we've got several vaccines that we know are competent against the coronavirus in its original form and the delta variant, it will help you with it. still the cdc is looking at this pocket, for example, cape cod where vaccinated people were infected with the virus, and
1:36 am
they're using that small, tiny microcosm for the rest of the country. >> so what we've learned recently is that the delta virus spreads among the fully vaccinated. but they're also protected, so this is the first anytime history where we're taking tremendous measures instituting restrictions and mandates on those who got the vaccine to try to protect the small subset who have made the deliberate, conscious choice at their own individual risk to not get the vaccine. so it's a very paternalistic approach right now, and i think people are forgetting the basics of why we decided to go and do restrictive and precaution their modes altogether, and that was to prevent hospitals from getting overrun. jackie: right. and i want you to take a look at today's new york post cover because i think it lays it out pret is those squares equal 150 million vaxxed u.s. residents. of those, a tiny -- little bit
1:37 am
more than 5,000 -- caught breakthrough covid and were hospitalized and just a little bit more than 1,000 died or .0007%. so why the panic? if why the new mask mandates? why no common sense? doctor, i'll ask you. >> well, i'll even tell you those numbers you cited are inflated numbers of those who get hospitalized or die who are fully vaccinated, and that's because the pcr test can pick up an incidental virus particle in somebody who comes to the hospital for another reason, and they're often getting labeled as a hospitalization for can covid. now, if you go to the hospital today, you will get a pcr test regardless of the reason that you come in there for. and if you go out in the community be it in cape cod or any one of a number of communities and test a hundred fully vaccinated people, you will find at least one dead virus particle in about 20 or 30 of them. so if we start attributing covid as the reason for these deaths
1:38 am
and reasons for hospitalizations, we are looking at inflated numbers. so the numbers you cite shows just how rare it is to have any medical problems if you're fully vaccinated. guess what? even those numbers are higher than reality. jackie: okay, that's a great point. meantime, how own peter doocy asked president biden about the mask guidance flip-flop, and the president got a little defensive. i want you to take a look and react on the other side. >> the other day you made it sound like -- [inaudible conversations] the ticket to losing the mask forever. >> that was true at the time. i thought people were going to understand that getting vaccinated made a difference. and what happened was a new variant came along, they didn't get vaccinated, it was spread more rapidly and people, more people were getting sick. jackie: all right. the president a little rattled there, let's say, maybe even a little angry. i know you don't want to get political here but, you know,
1:39 am
dr. walensky is making this case too, jen psaki. look, we might have said one thing, but now we have to react because the delta that variant is here. some are saying, no, no, no, it's a political agenda that is spurring that reaction, not the science that these folks said they wanted to follow. >> yeah, the president didn't like that question. there's really two different mandates that the federal government is talking about. one is mandating masks and the other is mandating the vaccine. now, on the mask thing, i actually side with the cdc and the president here. things change and we have to evolve our strategy, and it may be time to recommend masks in areas of outbreaks where there's a serious threat and there's indoor congregant settings with a lot of unvaccinated people. that's very different from a mandate. the mandating politicize ises it. and they did say that they were not going to mandate vaccines and here we are with a situation that's really not, they're not that much different. we always knew this remaining unvaccinated non-immune population was eventually going
1:40 am
to get the virus. we thought it was going to be in the fall and winter, delta accelerated that. that is a true change in position, and that's a philosophical change. jackie: dr. marty makary, always great to have your insight. this is complicated, it's hard for people to understand. you really help us just sort of lay it out there. thank you. >> thanks, jackie. jackie: all right. experts say hunter biden's artwork with prices that range from $75,000 to, yeah, half a million dollars is massively overpriced and is just being sold on the biden name. just wait until you hear what hunter himself has to say about that. we have the tape. joe concha fired up, joining us next. you're watching "the evening edit" on fox business. >> his dad is the most powerful person in the world, therefore, that -- these paintings are selling for ridiculous a amounts of money. ♪
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jackie: president biden's embattled sonr has been embroiled in scandal after scandal, hunter has been embroiled in scandal b after scandal but that is not stopping him fromar embarking on an budding career as an artist not everyone is convinced he is a modern-day picasso some experts say his work is wildly overpriced with estimates as high as half a million dollars for painting others say hunter is selling on the biden name let's take it up e with joe concha. side because this is going to be interesting. i want you to listen to hunter biden on his art career and the prices and what he thinks about all of this. >> need to have good spirits about this crazed narrative around your painting. how do you -- what's your response to if people are coming
1:46 am
after the prices of the work finish. >> other than [bleep] 'em? i never said my art, what it was going to cost or how much it was going to be priced at. i'd be amazed if my art sold for, you know, for $10. jackie: seriously? what kind of language is that,ting joe? [laughter] >> right? i love the host, by the way. what do you think about this whole crazed narrative around this? yeah, because basically everybody from the -- jackie: yeah, we're crazy. >> it's a huge disaster. exactly. and maybe president biden can drive his 18-wheeler over to hunter's gallery, jackie, deliver the art to those first-time buyers. one of the critics here is former white house ethics chief under the obama/biden biden add. he said, quote, finish white house has outsized government ethics to an art dealer. there's no standards in that industry. and, again, what nurse-time artist -- first-time artist gets
1:47 am
$500,000 -- jackie: i don't know of a single one. if it were me, i wouldn't command that kind of price tag, and you're right, a lot of people are questioning this and saying it's not about art at all. >> no, no, this is about selling off the family name as hunter biden has done time and again to enrich himself and his family. and he knows he can get away with it because as you saw during that interview, this is an apathetic or even cheerleading media yawning as it happens. imagine if this were donald trump jr. or eric trump -- jackie: oh, forget it. >> and the hubris, as you said is, to be speaking in that way or to be writing books or selling art. it's like he has protection from the mob, he can't be whacked. his dad will make sure of that, believe me. jackie: listen, you know you've got a problem when even the folks at cnn are catching up. >> yeah, a panel talked about that recently and said, well, this could be a problem for
1:48 am
hunter biden. you think so? jackie: i actually want to play a clip of that panel so the viewers can see this. it's too good. >> oh, great. let's do it. >> i am not an art critic. i don't know anything about art. obviously, this is a problem, an ethical problem, one of optics but also just from a practical perspective. >> this is a huge optics and ethics problem and making it more challenging is that it is art, and the value is assigned. jackie: all right. so even they're saying it. >> yeah. you know what's missing there? the whole this is a chilling threat to democracy at that the trump family is taking advantage of their name in order to -- you remember -- jackie: oh, yeah. >> [laughter] the trumps way back when. that was a friendly kind of create schism, but that's the way that worked. again, i just feel so sorry for a da vinci who's probably looking down and saying i got five lira for my first painting. and then where's the money going
1:49 am
to go, by the way, right? if i guess you've got to make a living, i suppose. but again, this guy gets away with it time and again, and you just get the feeling that even everything that happened with burisma and his dealings with the chinese, it's going to be looked into and it's going to be nothing to see here and we move on, and that's a shame now, isn't it? jackie: you talk about those issues that have been found on the laptop, if that was don jr.'s laptop, we would be doing a whole other impeachment trial here. >> that's a good point. instead, "the new york post" who actually has the e-mails, the goods, and facebook censors the story. if you shared the story on facebook, your account was suspended. and then only months later facebook says, hey, maybe we made a mistake and, oh, yeah, hunter biden is under investigation by the fbi for what they call tax issues. only after the election did anything do anything resembling a mea culpa because hunter's father got over the finish line,
1:50 am
and that was the only thing that mattered. when that story was censored in october, that was one of the low points for media because we've never seen anything like that, actual censorship of a story that actually had e-mails. it wasn't even anonymous source type of thing, jackie. jackie: joe concha, always great to see you. >> you have have a great weekend. jackie: i will, you too. all right, the border crisis adding to the spread of covid. once again texas governor greg abbott taking action, this time to restrict the illegals who pose the risk of carrying the virus but now the department of justice filing a lawsuit against the lone star state. texas attorney general ken paxton on the latest battle right here on "the evening edit." >> people across the country have a drug epidemic that's fueled by what's going on at the border, especially in the texas area with a tremendous spike in covid cases. people coming across are testing positive in record numbers. ♪
1:51 am
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1:55 am
on a daily basis, he took action restricting the movement of illegals who pose a risk of carrying the coronavirus around the country. attorney general merrick g merrick garland is putting uputa roadblock the department of justice filing a lawsuit challenging the actions, look sorted out withgi texas attorney general kenen paxton. mr. attorney general, great to see you. evening and great to see you, your reaction. it appears his shot is a little bit frozen. were gonna try to get him back, it is interesting i want you to listen to the sound bite from a police officer from la jolla on this particular problem, we will get back to that in just a moment. watch this. >> if they want to leave and get in a car, we cannot stop them. we don't have no proof that they are positive for the covid-19. and until there is a mandate
1:56 am
that gives us the authority to do that we cannot stop these people from moving wherever they are going to move. jackie: we've been reporting on the story, everything happening at the border in the coronavirus cases, making their way to different states as well, that's been a problem for governor greg abbott, hughes tried to do something about it i want to see if we can get back to the attorney general and see what his take is on the lawsuit being filed. we are continuing to have an audio problem, i want to talk about this letter this bipartisan letter written today sent from lindsey graham and henry to president biden and dhs secretary mayorkas with alarming statistics that speak to the problem that were having here,
1:57 am
in june u.s. customs and border protection recorded 188,000, 829 enforcement counters, the highest monthly total in a decade, this represents a 571% increase over the 33049 encounters reported by cpb in june of 2020, moreover in 2021 alone these numbers have increased by 255% from the 74000 in 19 encounters recorded in 2020 this is a humanitarian and public safety emergency, what is interesting there this is bipartisan several people saying we have a problem, i'm not able to get to the attorney general but i think we have joe concha with us, i want your reaction on all of this, what's happening at the border. >> what's happening at the border is no longer a crisis is a catastrophe and immediate
1:58 am
blackout of the border so you don't see the facilities that are over and run by migrants and overrun by covid from what we're hearing and i have migrants, not just a texas problem but being released into the communities across the country it's a super spreader event, the white house needs to play, let's put our hands in the sand to make sure this problem goes away but even democrats and border states like texas and arizona are now coming forward and saying mr. president, mr. garland in this case, you have to do something about this because the flow is not stopping is only increasing in our see numbers like we have exceeded 20 years, were up to 1.3 million migrants that passed into this country alone this year, it is incredible. jackie: a huge issue of hypocrisy, were letting illegal immigrants into the country who have covid there moving around, at the same time if you're an american citizen you're restricted to a certain extent. listen to the sound bite of steve scalise with larry kudlow.
1:59 am
>> if you're an american citizen in mexico going on vacation you cannot come back home to america and get on a plane unless you show a covid negative test, they will not even let you on a plane, yet you could come across the border illegally in mexico with proof that your covid positive and they will let you win. jackie: he makes a point. >> he makes a great point, what's going on right now you have the speaker of the house, nancy pelosi who is threatening to arrest lawmakers, republican lawmakers stated were vaccinated were not quite aware mask in the people's house, yet you have thousands of people crossing the border illegally without masks testing positive for covid and being released into communities or the speaker doesn't speak about that one bit nor does the president or the vice president who was put in charge of this and yet the hold a press conference in talking about root cause is when the real problem is not being addressed.
2:00 am
jackie: she still worried about the root causes that we have given so much taxpayer attention to and have not solved them yet, always great to get your insight, thank you so much pretty good we continue. i am jackie deangelis and for elizabeth macdonald you're watching "the evening edit" on fox business that does it for us, thank you for watching, have a good >> it stands in the way. >> it's just her house in the middle of the block. >> she won't sell out. >> the 84-year-old seen here turned down $1 million payout. >> he's caught in the middle. >> i promised her that i wouldn't let them take her away. >> that's a really big promise. >> what's "up" with that? >> people from all over the country and even around the world have stopped by this house. >> they put balloons on the house, and that's how it became the "up" house. >> it is amazing. i can't believe that she held out. [ door creaks ] [ wind howls ]


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