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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  July 31, 2021 12:00am-1:00am EDT

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bit different we will see a return to work season and see what they report next week. jack: a return to stores, this is interesting stuff, thank you very much, to read more checkout don't forget to follow us on twitter at barron's online, we will see you nextonol weekend. larry: hello everyone welcome to cut though i'm larry kudlow happy friday folks, a couple of things on my mind this evening a bit later in the show you're gonna see i offered to make bail for senator marsha blackburn just in case the senate goes pelosi and chuck schumer orders a mask mandate subject to arrest if you don't follow it. it has not happened yet but you never know. i'm convinced speaker pelosi's secret sauce to defeat
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republican free enterprise principles is just arrest all republican house members, it's a terrific plan much better than numerical facts, clean them out, lock them up, i'm just kidding it's a joke, is it, no, we'll see. next up the infrastructure bill which we will talk about in just a moment with steve martin liz peek, i want to raise a puzzling question, i can't figure out what the environmental justice review is it is in there is not a permitting review because outside of highways there is no need for permitting reform justice review could probably mean anything that you wanted to mean we are talking tell a regulation of every nook and cranny in the economy and the name of environmental justice, there is no telling how much that is going to cost i doubt the democrats want to define this thing and by the way while
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were on the subject of the environment it is worth reminding that u.s. carbon emissions have fallen 25% since 2005 by far the biggest drop of any major country and we beat the paris climate accord target by five years. now that to me is environmental justice, i do not think that's what the bidens have in mind. i'm going to read to you from the white house summary of the infrastructure deal, it is revealing. this helps us tackle the climate crisis, the climate crisis by making the largest investment in clean energy transmission, electric vehicle infrastructure in history, electrifying thousands of school in transit buses across the country and created a new grid development authority to build a clean 21st century electric grid,
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reading that is no telling where one wants to go off the cliff but my emphasis is on the climate crisis because again we beat the paris climate accord and i don't see this climate crisis, and fact the only crisis that i see possibly the democratic budget reconciliation plan coming down the road which will tax and regulate everything to death. that would be a crisis. final thought tonight. there is a terrific article in the new york times opinion piece, it is called there is no good reason you should have to be a citizen to vote. he is a citizen of switzerland, canada and iran, not yet in the u.s., she has obtained permanent residency my response you been here 15 years, become a citizen so you can vote, what are you waiting for my second response,
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stop whiting turned whining and playing the victim if you don't like like it here go to switchman, candidate or iran or havana or canada i don't care we have sovereign borders in this country, as do most of the countries, can noncitizens vote in iran i rather doubt it, boats and iran don't mean anything anyway. this reminds me a democratic open border policy which are leading in a million illegals this year, while at the same time the democratic high command is violently opposed to photo vote or ids, in order to vote is there a link there, it might well be, i'm not into global citizenship, i'm always so tired of the left-wing whining, like i said if you don't like it here please feel free to leave it's a free country, but then again that's why you came here in the
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first place, just stop whining about it. joining us fox news contributor liz peek and steve moore committing to unleash prosperity the hotline, i need some help because i have an environmental justice review board in this infrastructure and i'll begin with you steve forbes i know you're a big fan of this infrastructure package i'm trying to figure out what environmental justice review is or what is environmental justice. >> i think the liberals understand most of their environmental policies hurt the floor the most because they raise the prices of anything from energy to food so they know their very vulnerable to this attack which is a sensible one because although these policies are going to hurt the very constituent that liberals say
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they were hurt the most about pre-they came up ten years ago with the idea of environmental justice as if somehow the policies are going to help the very people, they will hurt incidentally i have to add i love the america love it or leave it i think it's a great one but i want to point out one other thing i look at the data going back over the last 20 years and i look at infrastructure, roads, bridges, water systems, all of the things that we conventionally think of as brick-and-mortar infrastructure, we have almost doubled the spending on these programs where with the idea come from in the first place that were not spending enough money when they lose these programs. larry: we beat the paris climate accord, nobody's close, the climate crisis in the biden summary sheet and i'm trying to figure out what crisis. >> i want to mention one thing,
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the way that we beat the climate accord and be all these other countries in terms of reducing our admission is in no small part because the fracking and the boom in national gas and biden wants to shut down our national gas i don't understand the logic of that. larry: that will be a climate crisis but they won't admit that. liz peek you are a citizen of the u.s., right? >> sam gladly so. larry: berg proud of it and proud of your contributions. what do you think of this infrastructure package, environmental justice, a green electricity grid, green electric vehicles, green charging stations, green schools, all of this green stuff could be useful or not, i'm not other side but whatever, i'm just saying why do
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you put it in a infrastructure bill, that's the thing is not traditional roads, bridges and tunnels that's what bothers me an open-ended spending entitlement, what is your take. >> they put in infrastructure bill because that's only way they could garner enough votes for the mormons amount of money they want to spend on these projects. we all know these are projects that raise the cost of electricity which is really detrimental to lower income americans, you control all kinds of subsidies in the mix and giveaways to make it invisible, the truth is this is high cost power what are the great advantages is copious amounts of cheap fuel, natural gas is incredibly inexpensive, coal is unbelievably on expensive none of our major rivals have the opportunity to lower costs, particular for companies like chemical manufacturers and companies that rely on
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hydrocarbon, the biden administration wants to throw away i find it so offensive particular as we have seen in recent years how advantageous it is to become basically independent of relying on mideast oil, that is an incredible accomplishment and we should keep it going, not sideline fossil fuel development in this country as biden wants to do. larry: steve moore, very important point, in terms of basic economics, the cost of power is going to go way up whether it's electricity or gasoline, it's all going to go way up, who's going to be hurt the most, middle-class, lower income people, they're not going to hurt rich people because the rich, and will hurt blue-collar people, lower middle income people and poor people. electricity and power will no longer be cheap.
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>> there's one group of people of whom power costs will go down and that's people who by tesla's the hundred thousand dollars teslas and not too many poor people are buying those, under this plan we will have these charging stations for tesla paid for by taxpayers all over the country giving people free power, maybe i'll have to go by what are these cars because all sold up for free, i do remember the united states government building gasoline stations all around the country so people could fill up their fordson chevys and so on. but another point that is really important on this under trump, you know this but a lot of people don't realize under trump in the last month he was in office we imported no oil and no gas from saudi arabia, we finally achieved energy independence that we tried to do for 50 years and now biden is
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shutting down our domestic energy supply i don't understand the logic. larry: back here on your point, they have to, the green democrats which is all democrats, whatever, they have to make the traditional forms of power very expensive in order to open the door to the renewables which are very expensive, the renewables have been priced out for years because her to blood he expensive especially as steve moore mentioned the fracking revolution. this is the backdoor way, they don't say that but it is essential they have to make it as expensive as possible or nobody will buy it. >> that's what you see in california and one of the reasons california has the highest cost of living in the united states because it electricity and power is 30 - 50% higher than any other state and the reason for that, california was a big oil-producing state the reason because they decided to pitch their tent with the renewable
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camp so they had to subsidize renewable energy in the west coast and guess what it's expensive the price of solar has come down, why because we buy cheap solar panels from china there is a terrific solution to our energy problems, wind turbines that biden is all in on very expensive power particular offshore, this is not something that will help the country overall but i want to point out there is an article out critical of the infrastructure bill because it spends too much on motorized transportation whether it's rail, car, electric cars or whatever they want people to ride bicycles and walk i guess we should be happy that at least were not relegating all of america to bypass. larry: we dodged a bullet pete buttigieg the transportation secretary has said we caught it
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many months ago, he said i'm not a rogue guy, they don't want to build roads because roads mean cars and cars mean combustion engine and combustion engine means fossil fuels and that's all horrible. i want to give you the last shot there's two other conditions in the biden summary of this bill beside the climate crisis that we can't find, good paying union jobs and my favorite one economic equity, maybe you can help us on that. >> i have no idea what economic equity means i can't take it out on that one it's interesting because you guys did the research of the trump administration you found according to the analyses that i found is that you could cut the cost of the infrastructure projects, building roads and waterways and airports you can cut these in half by reducing the environmental regulations of the labor regulation and instead
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of doing that biden is adding the labor and environmental regulation which will make them much more expected, bridge, private company for a private purpose can build a bridge or road at half the cost of the federal government. larry: that is way too easy, i thank you very much, do you think the infrastructure bill will pass, liz peek, do you think it'll pass? >> i think it will and it's greatly disappointing because all the things that they just talked about. >> it's a shame on any republican who votes for this bill, you've been a little soft but it's one of the worst bills. larry: do i sound soft? do i sound soft? okay, look donald trump wanted a trillion other infrastructure package, he did not want this one but he wanted to trade and other infrastructure but this is
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not exactly the one liz peek citizen of the united states is wonderful to see you, steve moore another citizen of the united states, i'm larry kudlow and i'm a citizen of the united states ben carson is coming up he'll talk about the science that does not support mask mandates, please stay right here with "kudlow" we are all citizens. ♪ what makes new salonpas arthritis gel so good for arthritis pain? salonpas contains the most prescribed topical pain relief ingredient. it's clinically proven, reduces inflammation and comes in original prescription strength. salonpas. it's good medicine.
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larry: okay big question for larry: a big question for the house to vaccinated folks need to wear masks and virus hotspots? let's askin ben carson former housing and urban development secretary and longtime noted doctor to, welcome back it's great to see you, what do you think about, do vaccinated folks, and hotspots even talking about mandates were all posed to mandates, but medically scientifically if there is a thing what is this mask thing all about? >> the question would be whatnd the hotspot and what defines a hotspot, how many people have to be there before you consider a hotspot. but going back to the general principle if you been vaccinated and if the vaccine is working,
12:20 am
then you should be okay. the question is what about people who fit into the high risk category were not vaccinated can you transmit it to them that's where the question comes in. a lot of people probably have the delta variant in their nostrils and respiratory system even though they're not sick just like you have staphylococcus in your respiratory system and you're not sick from it. we don't know the long-term implications on that. out of an abundance of caution i think some people are saying let's just do it. of course that is a terrible disincentive for people who haven't got the vaccination they will say to one of advantage to getting a vaccination there's no advantage critically now that we know how to treat it, the mortality rate is extremely low
12:21 am
now in places like washington, d.c. it's in the single digits, we were in the hundreds. larry: let me redo some cdc numbers, the rates, recording to cdc july 1916100, 0000 folks are fully vaccinated that means they have both shot, of that group 5601, 5600 got a severe enough infection the b hospitalizing, that is all that comes to 0.035%, it's utterly meniscal, i don't even know whatt that means the number is so tiny. >> it's tiny. >> everything they say thishi is cdc there is 1,141,000 deaths of those who have been vaccinated and that comes to 0.00007%.
12:22 am
again that is so tiny i don't even know what that means. is this issue and is this problem a bit trumped up because it could lead to mischievous things, school closing, things closing, you know that. >> in terms of science back it up, absolutely not in terms of statistics backing up absolutely not. this is emotionally driven and you have to wonder why, these are the same people who are saying little kids should get vaccinated who have virtually nt chance of dying from this, very little chance of contracting it, very little chance of transmitting it and we don't know the long-term implications of this virus of this vaccine. it could cause real significant problems in our population of the future. why would we do that when there's virtually no risk for the kids of not taking the vaccine.
12:23 am
i don't understand that that is really beyond any good scientific explanation, i have not heard one. larry: so far, the worst part of this is k-12 has to wear masks, not only the kids but the teachers in the ministry there's, unfortunately we learned painfully in the last year of the pandemic the teachers do not want to teach we just reopened the schools it was like pulling teeth or worse, this is going to give them and a lot of the blue states and urban unions it will give them an excuse to shut down the schools which i think would be catastrophic. >> which is absolutely catastrophic, education is the key in this country, we have all this talk about america being systemically racist but look at nigerians,er they have black sk, there is no with them and they're doing just fine, i don't think you'll hear very much of
12:24 am
that from left-leaning stations because they don't want to admit that there is not systemic racism. but the importance of education cannot be overstated and in my own situation it was really the key to escaping from poverty. >> it gives everybody an excuse to do the wrong thing, socially, such psychologically, intellectually, education, it is a catastrophe. >> there are good things in medicine going on, immunotherapy for certain types of cancer, there is a company called collect and therapeutics things that are happening in our society, were able to fight when it used to be helpless. that is good and that is scientifically based. there are some good things, don't get discouraged. larry: i get that and i do know the story of the cancer thing. i don't understand what
12:25 am
motivates the cdc walensky, i don't know her she may have credentials, i don't know use the science science applies numbers. quantitative analysis, i had it when i was in graduate school along long time ago, the numbers are so overwhelming i don't know what they're doing, the numbers are saying don't do this. >> i listen to her she is a physician, i know she knows better i know there's a lot of other people twisting arms in the administration she has to comply or leave. i understand where she's coming from but it is certainly not using science and we need to understand that, american people are smart enough if you actually give them the reale ma informat, they will make good decisions along with their healthcare provider we do not need the
12:26 am
government telling us what to do, think about it isn't that the reason america came, people wanted t to escape from the governing bodies that wanted to tell you how you lived your life, we wanted to have freedom deliver our lives, that isin disappearing in the american people are starting to get upset and i'm very glad to see that because if you do not pursue freedom constantly you will lose it. and we have many examples of that around the world. larry: a great message, thank you, sir, wonderful message see you soon, next up on "kudlow" i offered to post bail was set at marsha blackburn if there is a mass arrest, i don't know if there will be, find out stay right here "kudlow" will be at the other side of the brief the other side of the brief [sfx: radio being tuned] welcome to allstate. ♪ [band plays] ♪
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larry: joining us now senator marsha blackburn of tennessee, thank you very much i know you have a busy day and i appreciate your time, i just thought i would pick your brain on the infrastructure bill, it is big news i don't think you voted for on the procedural vote, what are you thinking, what can you tell us. >> tennesseans are for transportation projects, therefore infrastructure but they are not for wasteful spending that is why it concerns them and concerns me billions of dollars that are going too the wish list that is a democrat path that are not going to be there for roads and rivers and highways and runways and railways and broadband. larry: there is a lot of green money in their, green new deal money, it is k hard to know, hasn't been scored officially
12:32 am
just looking at the fact sheets there is 135 billion in solid green new deal type money, is that what infrastructure is supposed to be about? i'm confused. >> no it is not, the keystone pipeline would be infrastructure but subsidies for electric vehicles is not infrastructure, indeed our electric power grid will not support all of an electric fleet for the united states. we don't have the generation capacity, we don't have the distribution capacity, there are things like that that are not going to benefit tennesseans, they will t not benefit the american people. larry: senator blackburn one of my favorites going through the so-called backstreet there will be something called the environmental justice review not just an environmental review
12:33 am
which i suppose i could live without but an environmental justice review what do you think that mightry mean? >> were trying to figure out what the new project will mean and how will you use an environmental or energy or what would the environmental justice review intel what will be your responsibility in the federal government responsibility and were seen those and broadband we don't want the ftc beginning to ratesetting we don't know exactly what they're talking about when they say digital discrimination, were concerned about subsidies that are there the private sector you know a lot of the telcos in electric power co-ops have worked mighty hard to the pandemic to expand access to high-speed internet. larry: you think net neutrality
12:34 am
will creep in before it said and done that blocks investment. >> a dozen were concerned about that we work very hard when i was in the house and we did the raybon's act, we left the internet as a title i and did not move it to title ii to be related related as a information service and we chose not to do net neutrality. larry: net neutrality i want to get it out of the topics but i know your keen on the subject i've been to your office briefing in the administration if you do net neutrality i think that would block 5g conversions that would be a tremendous barrier to 5g. >> that would be a wet blanket on investment into the network and building out to get the
12:35 am
fixed wireless networks with the utilization of 5g that would close that digital divide which is our goal in making certain that there is affordable product for people so they have access to high-speed internet. larry: other subjects, inc. occurs to me the speaker pelosi inner wisdom would like to put most of the house republican jmembers in jail because are nt wearing masks, like she's going to jail the staff in the tourist, the members are thinking about fleeing to the senate, what's going on in the senate about the subject you to go through masking inquisition, are you going to be under arrest senator blackburn all help you with beale money if necessary. >> so far we don't have to wear masks in thete senate. there is nothing that i have seen that says if you are
12:36 am
vaccinated that you need to put onon a mask, if somebody wants o put a mask on that should be their choice but it ought not to be a mandate, just as with vaccines. i believe in vaccines, i am pleased that president trump got operation warp speed up and running and within nine months working with the nih and pharmaceutical companies in the brilliant scientist we had shots and arms. that has l l saved lives peoplee benefiting from having a vaccine, i was to everyone talk to your doctor if you're a candidate for the vaccine, go g get it but to say that you have to wear a mask after you been vaccinated or say let's put children, little children back in mask when we know they are not spreaders when we know there
12:37 am
is psychological emotional mental health issues that have arisen with these masks, not to mention children don't know how to where the masks, so they touch it, turn it upside down, it's a germ spreader. larry: it would be good if we can avoidid school shutdowns, it would be good if we can avoid business shutdowns, i'm worried about that. larry: the lock bands are of concern into think that the teachers union saying we might not go back to the classroom, this is what i'm hearing a lot of moms saying they want their children in class they do not want their children to be masked up, they are quite concerned about what they are hearing from some of these groups that are
12:38 am
saying that you ought to be masking, i think it causes a lot of uncertainty and anxiety for a lot of moms out there. larry: i think you are right on a lot of things. can you stop reconciliation in the senate. >> just know we will be trying our best. senator marsha blackburn, we appreciate it very much, come back soon. coming up on "kudlow" guest columnist of the new york times wants global citizenship, i don't, i think it's about idea, please stay with "kudlow" will talk about it after the break talk about it after the break straight ahead.
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no one is ju♪♪ one flavor. larry: can't really resist this one. a guest journalist writes larry: i can't resist this aghast journalist writes in the new york times, there is no good reason only citizens can vote. she wants global citizenship.
12:43 am
she wants noncitizens to vote in america, really, i don't, joining us to talk about it roma daravi deputy director and tiana lowe washington examiner commentary writer. at rome, there is such a thing of borders and sovereignty, this woman, she has been here 15 years roma, she is legal resident, if you want to vote become a citizen, and quit whining for heaven sakes. >> we canng leave it to the failing new york times to. such an egregious article like this and when it comes to the actual journalist the progressive journalist is not in fact a u.s. citizen herself, maybe she does not understand the way our democracynd works, free and fair elections and as a
12:44 am
daughter of illegal immigrant who became a citizen of this country and loved america more than any place in the world because it truly is the greates, country on earth, it's not only offensive to belittle the citizens right to vote, it is a danger to our election, we really have to think about how to secure our election especially now where there's so much discourse across the country over what happened in 2020, we need to make sure it is clear who can vote, where they're doing it and there needs to be u.s. citizens, it's very, very simple if you want to vote in a u.s. election you should be a u.s. citizen. larry: one of the things i don't like this is where the progressives are going, she could vote in switzerland and she can vote in canada and she can vote in iran, i don't know what that means but she could to the citizen of iran apparently.
12:45 am
but the democratic high command is violently opposed to photo id for voters and you have a million illegal immigrants coming across the border because of the breakdown of biden policy, immigration policy and i suspect, i cannot prove this i don't know this factually but the idea of no voter id which is close to no voteran citizenship, who knows maybe you can vote d that way and i don't want to take those risks at all, we need to secure the elections not to break them up, what do you think? >> absolutely obviously if you're gonna make the case that voter id is to difficult for the black and brown people to get the maybe simplified the dnc and in the bureaucracy of all of that. with regards to what they clearly want to do the writer of the op-ed tried to justify this argument by saying immigrants need more institutional say and
12:46 am
the u.s. government. but statistically saying immigrants both citizen and h noncitizen have higher faith of the u.s. government that they do border citizens. you look at what they're doing right now on thehe southern border, is not just the obama era we do have migrants crossing the southern border at 675% the rate of this time last year and now we know according to axioms that the biden administration has released 50000 migrants pending their asylum appeals into the u.s. without court dates and not to mention that 30% of them reject covid vaccines. the fact they want to make it as easy as possible to let people in and let them vote, the giving the game away. larry: they destroyed eyes, basically they have destroyed i was with chad wolf at a dinner they destroyed the mission of ice for heaven sakes they're not there for custom enforcement, that's what troubles me this
12:47 am
woman wants a global citizenship, i don't get global citizen, your citizen of the united states or great britain or france, we have borders and we have laws and constitutions, each country is different, global citizens, this is like the global imf, the world bank, the g7, the g20 when does america run america i think we should run america, citizens, you have to be civics, history and speak the language, i'll give you the last word. >> absolutely you see democrats stripping patriotism anywhere that they can't they don't want us to raise the flag, they don't have olympians on the other side of the world representing the usa ignoring the american flag, they don't care about our borders, they don't wantt voter id, without any of that we don't have a country, unless we are all of a sudden opening up n evy country with no borders anywhere
12:48 am
which god help us we don't ever do that, this is irrational, it's illegal i hope or should be but it makes no sense and i think this is comical at best. maybe she is jealous and wants to be a u.s. citizen, i would be 15 years to become a citizen, this is a free country that's probably why she's living here but she is free to leave anytime, she is free to exit, bye-bye, stop whining become a citizen. thank you, you are both terrific. up next folks as per usual if it ain't broke, don't fix it, the economic numbers have come in pretty good why not leave it alone mr. president talk about all of it with peter morici next. stay with us we'll be right back. this past year has felt like a long, long norwegian winter. but eventually,
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larry: so, the economy has larry: the economy has broken through above prepend them a levels, i just keep saying if it ain't broke, don't fix us, joining us now is peter marie p. this is not where i wanted to go with you but i got the latebreaking news, treasury
12:53 am
sanctions, cuban police force and its leaders in response to the violence against the peaceful demonstrators, this is office of foreign, this is a good thing i would like to say with biden if you get it right all praise you and if you don't criticize you, this is good were against the whole police force. >> absolutely in cuba we have a repressive regime the last message of the soviet empire, the fact that people are rising up there's another indictmenten against socialism it doesn't work it leaves people in poverty and these people now that their charisma attic leaders are gone, the castro's are gone rising up and say we've had enough. i think he's absolutely right. larry: if g nothing else were nt get a hold him in court or anything but if nothing else is s moraltoric and good support, they did not do this in
12:54 am
the beginning when they called cuba a mismanagement problem. they are toughening up, i will praise them, we yet don't have a socialist economy, i said as yet. this week we got gdp, 6.5% below expectations, the core consumption plus business spending was 9.9%, it was an inventory drop off, it was a strong number. today we have real consumer spending, half a point up, 9% year on year, the core pc in the core inflation number was 4% year on year, private wages of 3.5% over the last 12 months you can put 2.6% productivity number against that. workers are doing okay and the economy has broken through now it's about the prepend epic levels what is biden fixing
12:55 am
exactly. >> i don't nobody's fixing other than he's trying to put salve on the wounds the theoretical and imagine wounds of the woke advisors, they think everything in america is broken they ought to be in the olympics winning metals so they don't have to stand on the podium. the economy is doing very well, very important number today you overlooked the consumer sentiment number for michigan, that was really strong the automobile industry watches that very closely for sales and so forth, people are feeling good about the economy and feeling about america the only people thatt are sour or living in the west wing these days. larry: another one chicago purchasing managers, boom, 734, last month 661, everything is up, you very strong profits coming on of these reporting earnings, low interest rates, i
12:56 am
would ask you is it sensible to remain in the stock market, it was down today stocks are down for the week, but still 35000 and nearly so what is your strategy? >> i'm staying in the market and intoo. something to do timing te market is foolish. right now the economy is growing robustly, money is easy making stocks very, very intractable alternative the price-earnings ratio is coming down as big profit reports come in, even adjusting to the base, these are big profit reports, this economy is doing very, very well, i would say stay with it, turn too pick the winners in this environment. larry: got a ♪ why do you build me up ♪ ♪ build me up ♪ ♪ buttercup baby just to let me down ♪ ♪ and mess me around and then ♪ ♪ worst of all ♪ ♪ you never call ♪ baby daydreaming again? but i love you still
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report suspicious activity to local authorities. if you see something, say something. larry: ♪♪ jackie: good evening, everybody. the $1 trillion bipartisan infr >> the 1 trillion-dollar bipartisan infrastructure bill has passed another hurdle in the senate and the democrats say that they have the votes needed to pass the $3.5 trillion budget resolution leading way to more massive spending but a lot still has to go right for thes democrats to get both bills one in the senate could derail the graham


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