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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  July 30, 2021 8:00pm-9:00pm EDT

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larry: u.s. borders, u.s. citizens in u.s. voters, how about america first.
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>> house minority leader kevin mccarthy said has nothing to do with science, tall political he
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called mccarthy a moron then they asked her about that, watch. is kevin mccarthy a moron, if so why? >> to say wearing a mask is not based on science is not wise and that was my comment. larry: there's a difference from not being wise and being a moron, the reporters have questioned carthy and he politely asked if she is so brilliant, can she tell me where the science of the building changes between the house and the senate, that is a valid point because there is no mask mandate on the senate floor and as you may recall this isn't the first time pelosi has done this past spring she would find any member who did not wear a mask in the chamber three republicans are suing pelosi to get their money back, ralph moreland marjorie taylor green in our friend thomas massie here to
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discuss house judiciary committee member, thomas massie himself. author of the lawsuit, you sued goldberg, didn't you. >> this is kind of delicious, a year ago she called me and dangerous nations on television, not a moron but a dangerous nuisance we filed in washington, d.c., is unconstitutional what she did she's trying to use her salary to modify our behavior in the 27th amendment says you cannot do that you cannot bury a member salary and there's another part of the constitution that says you can only very the salary based based on the law the law has to pass the senate to be signed by the president, she is queen pelosi and doing whatever she wants, she goes in there without a mask in the speaker's chair, it's only the venture republican the have to wear a mask or pay the fine,
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this is an about us this is about what's going on and rest of america thought about $500 for three congressmen it willmbe standing up for them in this lawsuit. kennedy: were talking about vastly different america, northern california from when queen nancy arrived in the commonwealth of kentucky very different parts of the country and people viewed the virus differently they also viewed the mandate differently. >> the virus doesn't view a cloth mask any differently in california or kentucky or washington, d.c. kennedy: or the senate and the house. >> that's right this is the same doctor giving advice for the senate and the house yet how did we end up with masks find in them house. were ready to take this away to the supreme court i don't know if we will win or lose but i think we will win and if we do this will have in the power of the speaker to control members using their salary.
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kennedy: you do have a point it's one thing to issue a fine which i think she's in her right to do that, these can be arbitrary rules but how are you supposed to pay the fine traditionally should it come out of your paycheck? >> she could send me a bill to kentucky but good luck trying to collect it she's not going to get it another prong of our lawsuit which is really important is the first amendment she is compelling speech, do you realize the only place that they find you in the house of representatives is in the chamber as soon as we walk out and leave the chamber and go in the hallways or office there is no fine it's about theater and if you're on tv you can get fined but if you're not on tv you don't, we had a first amendment case she's trying to compel our speech the mask is a symbol she's trying to wear. kennedy:
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in the race for craziest congressman and i would lead a few laughs if he would go get a set of tires. now i'm struggling to stay on and i am drafting behind a lot. >> hey man as long as you're on the side of liberty and irrationality i will allow it. there are some weirdos where you are but. >> crazy is an endearing term to meet up here in washington, d.c. were everyone that normal is not good for america. >> do you think it's problematic half of republican congress people will not disclose whether or not they've been vaccinated? >> no, it is nobody's business. but it also think it's crazy is they think i should ritually take a needle in my arm on a tv show and demonstrate to people i am
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willing to take the sacrament. it is almost a religion. should be a personal choice it should be a private choice i am not anti- vax i am a baxa choice. before i choose to not curtail my life because chosen them not to not be vaccinated. i am sick of the blanket lockdowns and mandates because there are so many people who won't get the jab. i got the job overcome and overcome it over get i'm not going to talk about that oracle had last word congressman. >> natural immunity should count for something we are saying it's more resistant to the variance. don't go out and get infected but of a party survives it andfs the consideration whether the jab or not. before i quit licking doorknobs about a year end a half ago. i am pretty happy where much. >> meanwhile the vaccine pushers are getting desperate. to date next video build the blush to a new bribery scheme
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to lure the unvaccinated or taking the jab, watch this. >> starting on friday when you get your first dose you will get a 100-dollar incentive. one hundred dollars for any new yorker who goes to a city run site to get vaccinated. they will say thank you you're really glad you got vaccinated for yourself, for your family fun, for your community. and here is $100. kennedy: $100, what is this "the price is right"? so where is my money? i already took the shot all i got was free donuts, a rum and coke, a fireball shot, a home gym and a brand-new car. shouldn't those of us of already vaccinated get that to quest market cities giving away $100 for giving the first dose what's gonna bring them back to take dose number two? $200? will be broke before we know
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but let's get into's party panel attorney republican strategist alexander wicks we have the cohost of gut filled, and democrat strategist and former biotin campaign surrogates kevin walling, welcome one and all. a man ♪ ♪ so alexandria, here we are seeing another flavor of social engineering, so much of that. what is the casualty of all the social engineering? >> what we have done years we have completely out rated personal responsibility coming from a progressive like bill de blasio. i would give him credit so finally they have chosen an incentive for getting this vaccine that aligns with human behavior as opposed to for example get the vaccine so you can mask up again. it seems like a money would be a much better incentive for people. but at a certain point we are going to have to accept there
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is a portion of the population that will not get the vaccine prepare high risk would not go into the backseat it's on them what happens to them. the rest of us are protected as a result of the vaccination. i encourage the vaccinations it's a good thing the government is incentivizing the vaccination. i think these programs are going to come a little too late they sell where people are at at this point. kennedy: for something you choose to not do than stay home. take yourself out of the game. the rest of the country should not be held hostage for those choices. but cat i am a little upset. for those of us who tried to be as responsible as possible, wait in line and get the jab when it was available to our little group, where is our money? >> where's my money i asked that all the time. he took a lot of my money probably to pay for this to give its other people. that is what taxation is.
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but, at least he is focusing on vaccines as the solution. which is what they are. i do not win to hear again about me needing to wear a mask insight as a vaccinated person but i do not want hear talk about lockdowns again for me as a vaccinated person. and i've been talking of this on twitter and a lot of people are saying there's a chance if you could save one life. no, okay, way higher chance of killing someone every time you get behind the car that if mia vaccinate person going somewhere without a mask, getting covid, giving it to someone who is also not vaccinated by their choice. and then them dying. are these people going to stop driving? it is absurd. what we are giving up is the right to live in a society which humans kind of like to do. for some minuscule tiny risk. the vaccine to people are it. kennedy: they have to
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acknowledge the risk is small. the risk you're going to get sick if you been vaccinated, that is even smaller. the crazy thing is they are undermining their own urgent message. >> that's already true kennedy. i'm always terrified when cat is behind the wheel anyway. >> i haven't been in seven years. kennedy: she and her husband borrowed my car and we have a blood pack. >> i am encouraged by some of the numbers we are seeing. the highest rate of doses in three weeks so clearly some of this messages is breaking through into alexander's point, is it a $100 benefit from new york we will see if that changes the course in new york city. but also the realization this delta variant is very serious. we have 60000 new infections just this past day. this is a serious variance going around it is the disease of the unvaccinated printed
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caps appoint the easy way to stop it is to get vaccinated in this country. kennedy: but some of her not going get vaccinated those people can shove it. election officials have to acknowledge, unvaccinated people, we are no longer helping a predeath fine were not unfortunate to do anything because you want to play this game. that is fine. but having everyone else change their behavior for a group of dumb domes is no longer acceptable. coming up twitter in amazon showing interest in crypto currency like this one. >> 's going legit and how can you get rich in the crypto game finally? i will break it down for you, next.
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slicks for customers shopping on amazon. meanwhile twitter ceo jack dorsey said bitcoin could be a big part of his business in the future as well. heavyweights like amazon and twitter jump and does that mean crypto's back in action party people? i hope so. joining me too discuss venture capitalist, brock pierson. brock you know this better than anyone look at your hat is fantastic. so tell me, what does amazon's exploration of bitcoin and other crypto currency do to our world? how does it benefit me? >> it is a signal that we have seen many times. this is not new. we saw academic and capitol interest than acceptance and sought in the big tech in amazon it being one of those. we saw in the financial services and banking sectors and out governance. this is another step forward for the industry.
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ultimately crypto currency does have interesting application and payments. in el salvador they are rolling out to and under the new law that takes. every merchant and el salvador has to accept bitcoin for all goods and services with some exceptions for generally that is the case. it is a great thing. it's unclear whether amazon will actually implement this. but glad to see them continuing to focus on innovation and how we can improve the experiences for customers. kennedy: twitter has been there for quite a while. jack dorsey certainly has had early interest in and bitcoin for some time his company square utilizes a bitcoin. if you have got twitter and amazon both here, does that somehow stabilize the market? and is that necessary? >> i think it grows the market. not sure it stabilizes it. it grows the market.
8:20 pm
jack dorsey has done a lot for bitcoin. square has done a lot for bitcoin. and to his credit glad to see him continuing to be a pioneer, helping to propel and push society forward to create a more equitable world. four -- ford have billion people on the planet and under banks. they lack the financial services for these technologies are going to create financial inclusion for everyone. life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness. this is essential for everyone to pursue that happiness that is the american dream. >> hopefully that something that will take el salvador out of the economic gutter that it's neighbors have been embroiled in for so long because of the drug war. most people, a vast majority of people and el salvador use cash they do not have bank accounts. everything is done via cash. how did they switch from that to bitcoin?
8:21 pm
and raise their mobility and life as well? >> it will be bitcoin as well as effectively a digital dollar. 70% of the population of el salvador is on bank. they do not have banks, they do not have credit cards. if you order and uber and el salvador to get to your destination you paid cash. it is achish -based economy. in achish -based economies lacking in credit facilities. a lot of things that have enabled us as americans to have such wonderful life. i think this is an incredible thing. i let a delegation down, the first formal delegation to visit el salvador since covid to meet with various ministers. i commend to everything that government is doing a think it's great they're truly attempting to serve the people in a very entre nous real fashion. >> i think it's fantastic. i hope they clean it up so el salvador becomes a real destination at all possibly because of crypto, brock thank you so much for your time.
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kennedy: toilet paper. all they did the california governor has raincoats a 10 million out youth for his foes. counter efferent's have raked in more than double that. it is a growing throng of angry voters that are the most concerning. a march survey showed 38% of california's favor the recall that was back then. now that number has blossomed to 47% according to los angeles times pole. despite mr. piano t keith, the
8:27 pm
whole thing is a power grab, only 25% estates registered voters are republican. so why is everyone else in the state so pissed? shall i count the ways customer, sign the golden state are up 31%, higher than the national average for the deadliest year last year since 2007. one san francisco precinct car break-ins are up over 750%. even former senator barbara boxer was most broad daylight. organized mobs are organized retail crime account for 85% of losses and big pharmacies like walgreens and cvs. the state will not clear brush and handsome pants blames wildfire on climate change but not the power cartels with the crappy equipment that sparks the biggest blazes. homelessness is already off the charts. there's one there 51001 house californians come up from 40 cages ten years ago with the
8:28 pm
pandemic mismanagement the current number is expected to shoot up another 86% in the next four years. his gavin newsom worked with this way to cut regulations or rework zoning laws to make housing more affordable and accessible? there will be too practical. costing to head for greener pastures in texas, if the batter where they are not robbing the frustrated citizens of their hard earned tax money. for the first time in a century california lost population had to give up a congressional seat. combine all that was shuttered businesses, schools and houses of worship the pandemic shadow it is no wonder the legions of people are at their wits end with the hypocritically gruesome newsom. that is truly a bipartisan effort for talkshow host larry elder leads the pack of sacramento bound wolves. kevin wagner tenant caitlyn jenner, and kevin our friend are stalled 3% for this whole thing is gavin's to lose with all of his failures tossing
8:29 pm
his out might be the only big win for the golden state. and that is the memo. remember when governor newsom got busted at a mass close dinner party at the french laundry restaurant in the height of the pandemic? it seems he finally learned his lesson sort of. today the governor reportedly yanked his kids from summer camp after photos appeared of his son playing indoors without a mask. which is what all kids should be doing this summer, good job and punish the kids just like you did everyone else in the state. will voters see past his lame attempts at leadership? the man panel's >>, guy benson, michael starr hopkins and sean. these numbers have to be a little bit concerning for the governor. for a while it looked like he had a double-digit lead over the recall effort in terms of california not wanting to toss him out. but that has changed. and now throwing him out with they are within three
8:30 pm
percentage points of having a majority of voters think should be tossed. >> yes, most angry and not just hanging back they might determine this race. it is the one -- to step they have to decide yes or no and getting rid of him. and then if they decide yes it goes to the top vote-getter of the rest comes in and becomes governor. on that front there is a debate coming up, caitlyn jenner has been plagued by accusations she is not a serious candidate. she'll be skipping this debate allegedly to go to some reality tv thing and australia. probably not going to help jumpstart that 3% support level. kennedy: she is skipping it and larry elder is skipping it too. larry only wants to debate the governor i would like to see a debate between those two. even if larry elder is wearing his talk radio hat.
8:31 pm
he has got some important questions. i don't think the governor is pushing that in the state, michael. >> look, i am not going to deny it is been a tough year for gavin newsom. now it's really hard to recall a governor. the most recent one. but i think it is going to be really hard for republicans to pull this off. kennedy: not just republican's i'm going to stop you right there. it's not just republicans. they are very few republicans left in california for if you've got half the stately 25% of the state is made up of republicans, that other chunk of angry voters are coming from somewhere else. someone has to acknowledge that at some point. >> absolutely. you have orange county voting disproportionate to where the regular average state is. so the average in california is somewhere around 15%, orange county turns out at
8:32 pm
35 -- 40%. but i get your points. i think at the end of the day gavin newsom is going to be wounded. it looked like he is going to be a presidential contender and you're going to end up having a political career that looks like ashes. kennedy: there are a lot of things working against him. he cannot blame everything on climate change. he cannot say climate change is causing the while fires and he cannot say homelessness is a federal problem when has been growing and ballooning under aspect of his leadership from when he was mayor of san francisco. i think the numbers are going to close up even more sean themea. >> absolutely. i laugh when they said the recall is an illegitimate power grab. this is the same guy that illegitimately shut down the state, made it illegal for working californians to put food on the table, shredded the constitution.
8:33 pm
and then went and broke all of their own rules. people do not like people who lack integrity with a democrat, republican, independent, green party whatever. i say let's get the recall a go. let's have the voters show them what they want in california which is someone who can stand for the constitution and for the people. i believe in miracles that see it happen. kennedy: i would love to see it happen. certainly was not a miracle of the summer games, big shocker in fact u.s. gymnastic star simona biles today withdrawing from the team competition. the u.s. taking us over to the russians gold, that sucks. biles is self-described she was wearing a goat on hurley of the most decorated gymnast in the world that she pulled out over mental health concerns after stumbling during saturday's qualifying round, watch. >> i took a step back because i did not to do some thing silly out there and get injured. it is been really stressful these olympic games. i say put mental health first because if you don't then you're not going to enjoy your
8:34 pm
sport you're not going to succeed as much as you want too. so it is okay sometimes a sit out the big competitions to focus on yourself. it shows how strong of a competitor in person that you really are. rather than just battle through. kennedy: that his agendas he and annette shall present stress and pressure part of competing in the olympics? i was bowing out virtual or other teammates? guys? >> what candidate, i am eight women's gymnastic expert by which means i watch it about seven minutes every four years. i think it was a huge shock. it was of course a disappointed somebody fans. i imagine it roiled her teammates at the end up in second place. you are the gymnastic mama will does for you on protocol and etiquette. look, we do not know tapping her life. i don't think we have a full picture of what exactly precisely led to this. when you do or a goat on your leotard and say i am the greatest of all time and then
8:35 pm
for non- physical reasons pull out of a physical competition, bid competition with teammates counting on you of course is going to raise eyebrows. it is going to draw criticism. let's see if she can recover. i hope she gets us back together for the individual events coming up later in the week. but it was stunning and the number one story in america on the olympics for sure today. it should have been by the way the girl from alaska for the 17-year-old who won a gold. kennedy: i love that comment less that i was screaming i sobbed like a baby when she got a gold medal. her parents and her classmates in stuart, alaska and love that so much. that was an incredible win. there are so many athletes at the olympics who love their country and are proud of their flag. they rise to the occasion for they are all under pressure, michael port i have to say i don't know what to say it because we have to say how brave she is but this generation is soft.
8:36 pm
>> who the hell are we to judge her mental health? she is the most decorated gymnast of all-time. she clearly is head and shoulders above everyone else. if she felt like she did to withdraw from this for mental health reasons, god bless her help whatever's going on she gives health, gets treatment and comes out on the other side. i really just have a problem with the criticisms with her, osaka the tennis player, just let people be. kennedy: let them be, let them be soft. it truly is. due to what comic greatness is doing your best when your best is required. that is what makes you great. and i think about michael jordan, i think about all of the athletes in all of the sports that have faced all of the adversity and still they managed to find a way to compete, sean go ahead. >> i am a big curt schilling amp i remember the blood game
8:37 pm
of zero four. and yes kennedy, jen is he is soft. we got to remind ourselves we have no idea what simone biles is going through. remember she was abused by gymnastics coach larry nasser who watched the olympic committee cover that up. she's got the pride of the entire nation weighing on her shoulders print she's been the center of attention for a while, that's more than any of us can say but let's be sympathetic, let's leave her alone let's undertake care of yourself. kennedy: absolutely, after the lip axes when you do it. alright thank you so much van eck paddle it is going to talk of it all of you. , sean, only the only intelligent life in the cosmos? absolutely not part of my next launched a new project to prove we are not alone, i'll talk alien hunting with astronomy professor and expert plus it is a brand-new canada dogs. here's the # to make your pup a star. just like lulu hi pretty lulu, stay with me.
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kennedy: attention all aventura astronomers, take up the tinfoil hats because we may not -- may not be the only intelligent life in the universe. scientists are trying a unique approach to find out the newly launched galileo project will use a network of the smaller artificial intelligence is seeking telescopes to try to find evidence of alien civilization. both in our solar system and beyond for the guard he collected $2 million in private donations to realize the dream. between alien hunting and the billionaire rocket race is the private sector, the future of space but here to discuss harvard university astronomy front professor chairman of the galileo project it is avi loeb, welcome back server. >> thanks for having me. kennedy: this sounds pretty amazing we talked about a
8:43 pm
collection of telescopes that are usually giant telescopes searching deep, deep into the known universe. this is actually using smaller to medium sized telescopes how do you think that will help you in your quest? >> we are looking for nearby objects. the search is quite different. it is like a fishing expedition we are looking for different fish than the usual search origin. what we planned to do is scan the sky and record a video of this guy and look for a neutral objects. this study was of course triggered by the report to congress a month ago indicating there are objects whose nature we understand. that is where the subject should move away for nick talking points of politicians and military personnel to the realm of science. kennedy: that is where you are pretty do not have military involvement, you're not shielding the government.
8:44 pm
they are not politicians have a vested interest in their district. so who are these people? are they civilian astronomers? are they armchair lovers of the night sky? or are they academics like you? >> after a few individuals approached me and provided me with funds, close to $2 billion i decided to publish this project where i assembled a team of astronomers and scientists that would build telescopes that we will deploy in various locations and collect data. it will be open data. none of this will be transparent. we do not want to look at classify data because it was not collected by the best instruments science can provide. it also limit our ability to speak freely. this way the sky is not classified we can collect the data look for unusual things and report back to the public. the public is very interested in what we might find for.
8:45 pm
>> more than ever. now that her appetite's been wetted by the federal government there may in fact be something out there, we want to know the truth. the government has not been acting with transparency for it how does harvard feel about this? >> my colleagues at harvard are very supportive. i should say we very much hope to release everything we know. there is the transparency and what we hope to do is identify the nature of these unidentified objects irrespective if they are natural in origin or artificial from another civilization out there. what ever we find it is a fishing expedition. i do not know what kind of fish we might find for. >> i don't know but if you find a wormhole i will go down there with you. i trust you we will come back safe and sound. doctor avi loeb thank you so much. >> thanks for having me.
8:46 pm
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that is a recipe for boredom and this is a topical storm. topic number one. lucky there it is that time again when sports fan get to watch the best of the best, get everything they can in beats of athletic greatness. you know i am talking about the diaper dandies raise. there they are. today's toddlers are tomorrow olympians break a sister they say about kids these days they grow up so fast. they are already more auteur than gwen berry paid the event was held in georgia and sponsored by usa track and field. sure they're doing it short sprint here but they're arty pooping and peeing on themselves like the marathon runners. i actually heard what had these athletes has been juicing. mostly apple but sometimes cranberry. there's a huge controversy this year end why the kids took a knee for bob black sheep. some of these girls have been trading their whole lives for this. unfortunately they all end up losing to a 30-year-old to identified as a 2-year-old.
8:51 pm
then second-place winner invited them all back to party at her crib. shaken and stirred, topic number two. let's go to australia shall we? for a little bit of unconventional jewelry, guys were there's a jeweler there creating custom necklaces and rings from the teeth of dead loved ones. perhaps you like a fine toothed comb. these are the works of jackie williams who integrates the remands of the dead into commemorative accessories. [laughter] what a great way to stay in touch with your families routes. jackie surrounds the teeth with gold, platinum, diamonds and other gems to create a little crown jewel purging came up with the idea when she was working as a gardener at a cemetery after studying jewelry design in college. with the breaking into the coffins at night? what a weirdo. and i thought i was in a dead end at major braid the jewelry
8:52 pm
start as a hobby about men into a full-time business due to popular demand. other words her customers were enabled with her work. i thought selling the stuff would be like pulling teeth. she is wearing dead peoples teeth that is creepy. topic number three. an asteroid let's go to washington state a man wearing a yellow dress was arrested a few stole a school bus and later drove a bulldozer to the home he shared with his estranged wife. that will win her back, what happened to sending flowers? or a necklace made from dead grandma's teeth? the multi- day crimes breed began the 39-year-old allegedly stole a school bus from a rafting company as you do paid police caught up with and refuse to pull the bus over but were forced to give up the chase because of washington state's new police reform laws. the next day and it was arrested in a different county for hyde jacking a bulldozer and driving it into his own
8:53 pm
home. luckily his wife was out there should be as flat as a saturday night live sketch. anders taken into custody by the fashion police and charged with theft of a motor vehicle first-degree malicious mischief, demise to violence and attempting to elude police. or is known as legal circles as the full florida. good job buddy, love the dress. topic number four. the city of san francisco is considering replacing its waste bins with high-tech trash cans, they cost $20000 apiece for the other way a trashcan can be worth that price is if they threw gavin newsom and his handsome hair in it. these are the luxury truck receptacle san francisco says they will withstand a vandalism and encourage recycling, right. as you can see the compass separate compartments for all of san francisco's most common ways like used drug needles, and homeless pp. the garbage cans include sensors that send alerts to
8:54 pm
city official who may need to be empty. that weight san francisco's can continue walking around their eyes closed to the escape how it comes pretty i heard also the grouch owns three of these in malibu. he really hang onto that sesame street money good job. plus he's got an incredible accountant. [laughter] i will be right back. houston. this is sam with usaa. do you see the tow truck? yes, thank you, that was fast. sgt. houston never expected this to happen. or that her grandpa's dog tags would be left behind. but that one call got her a tow and rental... ...paid her claim... ...and we even pulled a few strings. making it easy to make things right: that's what we're made for. usaa. what you're made of, we're made for. get a quote today. with voltaren arthritis pain gel my husband's got his moves back. we're made for.
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it's time for my monthly book club! it's an opportunity for us girls to connect and remind each other who's on mute. and this is how we have to meet. because when we spend time indoors with people, we can still spread covid faster than nancy's gossip. that's why i'm still masking wherever i go. because until i'm vaccinated, a mask helps slow the spread. which means the sooner i can get back to a friend's house to judge their interior design. we can't hear you, dolores!
8:58 pm
kennedy: are you in your pack of puppies ready for tonight, brand-new amazing canner dogs a session, do your canines keep sending in, # and tell me something about your dog, let's get to it this is chopper, known as chop a potter ms. he was sent in by angela, happy birth to this amazing girl holly, who is a good dog, look at you and here is another one, i love wiener dogs. hi you're the cutest one i've seen all day by .5. katie scented katie is the dog
8:59 pm
irish 467, katie loves to play catch and promises to bring it right back, who is a girl, you are just the prettiest, there we go, this is noah scented, she loves my show, thank you i love you too beanie is a mutt she lives in michigan and she loves to snuggle, it is a boy dog she identifies as a boy karen scented rosie what a beautiful post and you know i have a soft spot for the bullies lynn sent her in, your wrinkles are perfect, these two good boys are
9:00 pm
omar the rock and wrought wyler's, here she is waiting to go, lastly in english springer spaniel, good boy thank you so much for watching the countdown every day. >> from the fox studio in new york city, this is "maria bartiromo wall street". maria: welcome to the program that analyzes the week that was in helps position you for the week ahead i am jackie deangelis and for maria bartiromo stocks closing out in a while july mark masten on where things go from here. gop results, republican congressman protesting the mask mandate based on politics and not science, i am talking with florida congressman byron donald


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